Marill Re-Reads Season 1

Who? The person responsible for this site and everything in it is me, Marill. No it's not my real name. When I first stumbled onto the Internet I wasn't keen on the idea of using my real name. I'm still not (damn Facebook). I was and still am a big fan of the Pokémon games, and Marill was my instant favourite as soon as I saw it. It's cute, I'm not, but hey... details! One day I'll evolve into Azumarill but where's the fun in that? I'll keep pressing B.

What? Season One was written between December 2000 and June 2001 when I was 15 years old (16 for the final ep). Despite my initial idea of an AU series starring the paradox inducing Morgan(Lena) and Kiara, what was written ended up focusing on fourth wall writer cameos, "Damien" showing up to only be thwarted by writers spamming copied Team Rocket mottos, lots of exclaiming and muttering, unfinished and sometimes forgotten storylines, and so much OOC'ness it'd make any fanfiction writer twitch. Comparing something like Muse to any late Season Five episode should immediately show why Season One was chosen to be rebooted (rewritten, edited, deleted, take your pick).

Why? If you are ever going to delve into the original Season One, curious and somewhat skeptical of its awfulness, or perhaps entertained by car crashes in fanfiction like My Immortal, then I beg you to reconsider. Get a taste of them here first. I knew they were bad, that's why I decided to rewrite the majority of them and edit the rest. BUT even with that in mind I was still not prepared for what I read.

The reason I decided on reviewing my own work was simply this; it really feels like someone else wrote it. So without further ado...

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Aggressions Part 1
Aggressions Part 2
Mental Illness
Year of Hell
Once Upon A Time
The Fight
Mirror Universes
Worse Case Scenario 2
Collective Instinct
Holo Q Part 1
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Test of Time Part 1
Test of Time Part 2
The Voyager Conspiracy
Dark Frontier Part 1
Dark Frontier Part 2
Upendi Part 1
Upendi Part 2
Fair Haven 2
Too Q
World Domination
Prepare For Trouble
VTV Live
Voyager's Drinking Game
Thrown Key Part 1

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