Marill Re-Reads Season 2

Who? A delirious little nobody who thinks she's funny. That's her above. No wonder she makes all those typos with those no fingers, no excuse for the crappy grammar though. Look at that idiot, can barely hold her coffee straight.

What? The problems with Season One and obviously the series in general didn't disappear overnight. There was what, a month gap between the final episode of Season One and Two's first. It's not like the final episode of One was a masterpiece, it was Upendi. And you should know what horrors were there. Upendi is actually a pretty good example of why Season Two should be treated the same as One. It had potential, had moments of greatness but contains some of the worst FV has to offer. Season Three can't even say that, it'd have to take the greatness part out.

Why? I found it quite interesting, and sometimes horrifying, going through Season One after so many years. I know there's some infamous stinkers here as well which I haven't dared to read for ages (Dimension Jump, Atamit, Territory, Return of Third), but also some goodies. It should be interesting.

The reason I decided on reviewing my own work was simply this; it really feels like someone else wrote it. Season Two might give me that feeling a little less often, but I know it still will. So without further ado...

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