Marill Re-Reads Season 3

Who? From the maker of Fifth Voyager, all those rants and some badly made videos on Youtube. What a legacy. She's crazy, spends 90% of the time talking to herself, and still can't write coherently.

What? We're still not out of the bad woods yet. I wrote the majority of Season Three while going through a massive dark patch, started in Season Two. Sometimes it really shows. Sometimes I overcomensate and it still shows. It however does have some good stuff in it from what I remember; Akoonah Matata, The Chain Reaction, The Moving Shadow, Scary But True. I foresee quite a ride.

Why? At this point I'm curious as to how well these oldies fare against Seasons Four and Five, and maybe the prequels. Now in the interest of fairness, at least for now, I'll be looking at the old Season Three with the Monkey Island parodies, the much shorter Games Matrix and grosser Put The Knife In *gag*. If I still have a copy I MIGHT consider the deleted episode Director's Cut, but I'm hoping that was lost either during the hard drive crash yonks ago or the *sniff* laptop drowning of 2017. I need some silver linings. Anyways Season Four will get the same treatment; Flesh Eaters will be read instead of Dissidia, original Half of the Heart, Sibling Rivalry and Happy etc. I must be as fair as I am capable of (I don't have the original Hunters for example) or there's no point in my continued doing this.

So without further ado...

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