Marill Re-Reads "New Earth"


Meanwhile James's own security team tries to respond to the call, but can't figure out where she is cos of the commbadge crushing.

"According to the sensors she's in James' quarters," Harry said.

Tom's eyes widened and he looked to his left to glance at Harry. "Oh god."

He can't get why that's so bad, there's no reason he should...

"I think James has gone Evil Slayer again," Tom said. Everyone looked confused as they glanced at Tom. "What should we do."

I'm going to rename this episode Fiddle With Your Commbadge: Do It Every Time. STOP BRINGING UP PREQUEL S$$$ LIKE THIS

ahem anyway, Tom still shouldn't have any context on this, unless the son news has already spread (I know it hasn't)

In: "S***, I may know why he's gone all evil Slayer. I was wondering why Duncan was sent to me. Don't send any Security, they won't be able to handle it. I'll go."

"Lena, I don't want you..." Chakotay said. The signal was cut off before he got to finish.


"But I want to see daddy all evil," Duncan said.

"Believe me, you don't," Lena said as she stood up. She looked around the room, Peter had gone. "Oh s***, he's the last person who should be helping out."



Lena and Peter are still hanging around in The Mess Hall/Ten Forward, when James has had a chance to go home, tell Duncan, have a nap, then THAT scene with Janeway. Wtf are you two doing? remember when Lena was promoted to Enterprise captain lol

James was wandering around the room, while Kathryn was trying to get up. "Gee, look at the mess of this place. This is where you say something like 'clean up your room, James', and I say something like 'no, I want to go out and play'."



Okay he's completely lost it, fine, but I'm still not getting that murderously furious vibe that's supposed to be here.

"James, you need help. If you do anymore you'll not be able to go back to your normal self," Kathryn muttered.

But Janeway is, so I'll go with that

James knelt down next to Kathryn. "You just don't get it do you. I'm not that James anymore. He used to whine and cry at nearly everything. He was so gullable to believe your little fairy tales."

"You don't want this, I can tell," Kathryn said. She managed to sit up.

James stood back up. "Oh shut up," he said. He kicked her in the stomach, she fell back onto the ground.

Of course this is "seen". He's not himself after all. What was I thinking with that off screen gag.

James turned to the door, he saw Peter coming towards him. "Uhoh, daddy's home.. I'm in big trouble now.

Aaaw man, why did I complain about the recent dialogue? Now we're into copycat territory. Sigh, lets get this over with.

I'm in big trouble now. Tell me are you here to ground me or here to screw my mother again."

WTF YOU SAY? er I mean, hurray original dialogue and s*** it's good and dark. please don't copy anymore Buffy.

"I'm here to help you. What you're doing is childish, not to mention that you're not acting like a man," Peter said.

This guy is either really dumb or has a death wish

THIS is what you've decided to say to save your son from his upcoming killing spree?

James rolled his eyes. "Oh please, make up your mind, old man. First crying and asking for help was being unmanly, now you're saying doing the opposite is unmanly..."

"There's a difference between being a man and being a murderer," Peter said.

oooooooooh snap

I don't like that I agreed with him. can we move on and pretend it never happened

"I haven't killed anyone... at least not yet," James said. He grabbed a hold of the nearest chair, he threw it towards Kathryn. 


(remembers a mattress/bed being used in later seasons, and rightfully made fun of for it. oh this boy)

"See what I did there?


"I bet you're proud of me, your little boy's growing up."

"Stop this, hurting her isn't going to make things better," Peter said.

Neither is randomly stealing Buffy lines in between original dialogue, but HERE WE ARE

OR WERE, I've deleted the stolen lines. Strangely they're not missed, scene still works without them.

"So says the man who thought beating up his three year old kid was the right thing to do," James said.

Well yeah, you pretty much taught James to use violence to solve problems. This is on you chump.

"You've got to stop for your own sake. If you don't you will eventually destroy yourself," Peter said.

"Blah, blah, give it a rest.

Ooph, don't pretend you care Petey

James said as he headed over to Peter. He quickly pushed him into the wall, he held Peter there by putting his hand around his neck.

er I mean...

what do I mean

Hang on, I'll get this right, just give me a moment

 "Aren't you going to tell me to behave and be a good boy. It doesn't matter I guess, I really don't think you're in any position to be telling me what to do anyway, don't you think?"



Lena arrives, and boy is it awkward

"Hey sis, how ya doing?" James asked.

"Not to well, what did you do to my mother?" Lena replied.


"You mean our whore mother," James said.

"Don't correct me, you know I hate being corrected," Lena said.

Sexist Crap Count: +1 You're not supposed to agree with him!? and still line stealing, this time Red Dwarf. Why?

"And I so hate being interrupted," James said. He pushed Peter towards Lena, they both fell onto the floor.

He threw, you mean. Right? He had him against a wall.

Lena was the first to try and get up. "James look, I know you're in pain but this isn't going to make things any easier for you. What happened with our mother was an accident, and I bet she already regrets it. There's no point in making it worse for her."

"An accident? As in a 'oops' accident? I don't think so. This is an 'oops' accident," James said. He pushed the bookcase over, and it landed on Kathryn. "Oops."

Lena pulled herself to her feet. "Please stop this, I really don't want to have to hurt you."

"Is that a threat? I can take threats," James said. He turned his back on her and went over to the replicator.

Has he ran out of chairs?

and book shelves?

Peter stood up, and he stood next to Lena. He went closer to James again. "Tell me, do you feel better now that you've hurt her?"

"Just a little, maybe I'd feel much better after getting rid of you," James replied.


er I mean, no... not the best time

"You don't have the guts," Peter said.

"Peter, shut up," Lena said.


"No, if you had fully changed you would of killed us both by now. What are you waiting for?" Peter asked as he went as close as he could to James.

"Peter, don't be a fool," Lena said.

"Is this your master plan? If it is why didn't you just say 'please kill me', it's not as long," James said. Peter slowly collapsed onto the floor.

okay, so yeah... we're still doing this, ladies and gents, a twofer

James Kill Count: +1

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: +1

God forbid write that James stabbed him, even when he's acting OOC and whatnot. Noooo, Peter just collapses. sigh

Lena glanced down at Peter, he had a knife in his chest. He was still alive though.


James Kill Count: -1

James knelt down beside Peter. "After all those beatings and everything, I bet you never thought it would come to this."

"You've made a big mistake, now you'll never be able to go back," Peter said slowly.

Well you can't say it wasn't deserved

Though I'd prefer being beaten to death, seems karmatic.

"Ohno, what should I do," James said sarcastically.

"You will always be that whiny little baby, there's no turning back from that. You're just a spoilt child who never gets his own way," Peter said.


"You don't know when to stop, do you. Aren't you forgetting, I'm the one with the knife," James said.

"Do you think that having a knife changes anything?" Peter asked slowly.

Really, is this another way of saying James has the power for once in this scene, but Peter says that. Yiiiiiiiikes

"Oh for god's sake, just shut up!" James yelled, he stabbed Peter again. Lena ran forward, she pushed James onto the ground. She tried to pull the knife out of his hand, as she did so it slashed her arm so she was forced to let go. James pushed her off him.


I'll wait

Craig was standing nearby them, pointing a phaser at James. "I'm warning you, I'll shoot if you don't get away from her."

"Don't let me stop you, go ahead," James said.


"If you insist," Craig said and he fired the phaser. The beam hit James but nothing happened. "Holy s***," Craig stuttered.

Hey remember when Iinan tried to magic him away, but it barely shoved him. yep.

"Nice try Brocko," James said, his eyes turned black. "I think there's something wrong with your phaser."

Ohno, James is MeTooing even when Jessie's no longer around. pssst, red eyes are better.

and lol Brocko... poor Craig being referred to as Brock in the first season by people other than me. Nice.

"Craig, stun doesn't work on Slayers turned evil, try a higher level," Lena said quickly.

Ok so Craig doesn't save the day, he has Lena's help.

Good thing Evil Slayers love their talking, or it would've gone pear shaped

Anyway the big scene's over. Time to relax for a bit. maybe.

"Just as I warned everyone, James went all Evil Slayer. This time I doubt he's going to stop," Lena replied.

Sounds like you can keep stunlocking him with phasers, at least.

"Dad, do you know about mum's secret about James?" Lena asked.

"Yeah, I do," Chakotay muttered in response.

Lena takes this very well. Anyone else would be flipping pissed. Oh yeah I knew the guy you hung out with and thought you had a crush on is your brother this whole time. Where's my Best Dad Ever cup, I think I earned it.

Oh don't worry the Worst Parents counter's gonna get a beating at the end. I need to think very hard on how to score it, since now we're including James (and Duncan, cos yeah grandparents).

"No, Peter told me and James. James wasn't that angry actually, it must of happened when she tried to talk to him," Lena said.

Yeahhhh Janeway did not handle that well. Still we shouldn't victim blame here. Psst Peter pushed him over the edge in the end. Is he dead yet, can I give him back the well earned kill point?

Lena groaned. "Long story, let's just say the Natural and Chosen ones are stronger than normal humanoids."

wow, finally we get a proper explanation that doesn't seem like everyone and their grandma can be a slayer if they really want to

"I know the question, Slayers only turn evil when their emotions can't really be controlled. They lose control and they feel the need to get revenge on everyone. Luckily this only happens to Chosen and Natural Slayers like me and James," Lena said.

Yeah that's nice and all, but it doesn't explain the higher endurance or eye colours. I hope that's coming eventually.

"She's in a coma. Her wounds are treatable though, I don't know what he did to her, but it must of been a lot," Doctor Jones replied.

eeek, so bad she's in a coma.


"Lena just suffered a minor knife wound, Craig was unhurt... Mr Taylor is dead," Doctor Jones replied.

James Kill Count: +1

"S***, that means.." Chakotay said.

"Yeah, there's a low chance of James recovering now," Lena said as she stood next to Chakotay.


In: "A ship from the surface is hailing us."

"From the surface? I thought this planet was uninhabited," Chakotay said.

Hey shush, this isn't Here & Now, wait your turn you silly goose!

"Tom, what kind of ships are they?" Lena asked.

In: "Unknown, why?"

"I just thought there might of been some continuity from a previous time episode that's all," Lena replied.

Hu...oh Precise Timings. Yeah I doubt Species 8472 would be hailling them.

"No, this'll be my ship soon. I think I'll go to the Bridge," Lena said.

"Ohno," Chakotay muttered.

Ohno indeeeeeeeeed

Lena folded her arms and pouted. "Stuff you, I'm going to the Bridge. I'm not staying in Sickbay, there's a dead body here."

He's only been dead 5-10 minutes. I remember when it was anything visibly decomposing/ed that scared her.

"My name is Jirlin, welcome again to New Earth," the alien said.

"Again, how did you know we were here before?" Chakotay asked.

"The other ship was here before. We own this planet and we keep track of all our visitors," Jirlin replied.

This really is the twirling your commbadge, the episode.

"Ah you see, that was because our healing planet was in use at that time, and appearing would of disrupted it," Jirlin replied.


"Yes. The planet has a mysterious force that detects when their is problems. It detected a few problems with six of your crewmembers who were on the planet, and the Lirhiu bugs infected you all so you'd stay here," Jirlin said.

What? you were serious? okay

"It would be better to explain in private. Besides I can already sense that you have problems onboard that we can heal," Jirlin replied.

Yeah um, I'm still thinking this is related to Here & Now (plus later episodes' bulls***tery), LETS FIND OUT

"We'll beam you to our transporter room," Chakotay said. He turned to Craig and Lena. "Since you're not any use here, go and meet him there."

"I would be in use if you weren't too busy hogging my job," Lena muttered.

"Just do it," Chakotay said.

GO TEAM CHAKOTAY, keep that Sue away from my precious E

I already told you, I'm not crazy, why don't you believe me voice #2 in my head?

Conference Room:
Chakotay, Lena, and Jirlin were already sitting at the far end of the table. Ian and Lisa walked in.

"Wow, this is a big meeting," Lisa muttered.

Sarcasm? Surely. This is a show that has probably 30 people at the table.

There was a problem with two ex boyfriend and girlfriends that had to be mended," Jirlin said.

Lisa and Ian glanced at each other. "Slut," Ian muttered.

"Freak," Lisa muttered. Chakotay rolled his eyes.

Sexist Crap Count: +1

"There was a relationship that wasn't going anywhere," Jirlin said.

"I know who you're talking about there," Lena muttered.

"Lastly there was the problem between mother and son," Jirlin said.

Yeah, great job guys! *thumbs up*

"Oh my god, I'm not Janeway's son am I?" Ian asked jokingly.

You're way late for that so called joke, Ian

"Yes, that's correct. The planet does it's fair share, obviously some problems can't be fixed by prolonged isolation," Jirlin replied.

Hahahahaha *wipes bitter tears away* this isn't happening, but it is... or something.

Jirlin glanced at Lena last. "You've got a problem that is a good challenge, young lady. Your brother has turned evil."

"Brother, when did that happen?" Lisa asked.


"Not fully evil, at least I hope not. Can you help us with this?" Lena asked.

We need context Lena. Yeah sure killing off Peter Taylor can be argued as a necessary evil, at most. I felt dirty for even thinking that.

"Thanks, but he or she's got to realise that curing a Slayer who's killed under these circumstances isn't easy whatsoever," Lena said.

"Yes, I can sense that. We've had to deal with a Slayer before, we couldn't cure her but that was centuries ago. I'm confidant that'll we'll be able to do it this time," Jirlin said.

I'm not worried. Okay I'm worried. This Resolutions planet heals people isn't as it seems or told so far. I said I'm not worried.

"The Brig?" Denara said questioningly.

"We had to keep him in there, behind a high forcefield," Lena said.

"Ah yes, we're dealing with a Slayer aren't we. Let's go then," Denara said

I think the word brig was tripping her up, but never mind.

Thompson, Foster and Threepwood were all by the console. All three were trying to keep their eyes away from James. He was just staring at them.

"Wanna play a game?" Threepwood asked finally.

"I like games," James replied.

So you should, it's your job description

but seriously, lol and creepy at the same time

The three Security guys turned to him looking nervous. "Er, just the three of us," Foster said.

"Shame, I had a good game in mind," James said.

They keep saying he's not himself, but there's so many elements of him in his evil self. It's off putting cos it keeps making me laugh. in a good way, I like it

Anyway Threepwood gets upset that Foster doesn't want to replay Monkey Island

"There are twenty seven, we've only played five of them," Threepwood muttered.

"I don't care, I'd rather play Pokémon games than see that lead character again," Foster said.

Five you say?

Five's all we have. When this was written it was four, and we thought it was dead. Interesting.

"My name is Denara, what's your name?" Denara asked softly.

"I already told her," Lena muttered. The three Security guards sniggered.

James just shook his head. "Sorry, somebody has already used that approach before."

That's an approach I'd be thinking sarcastically about myself. howdumb

"I see, it's a good thing I knew your name anyway. Lena has told me a lot about what happened. I know you're in pain, but there are better ways to express it..." Denara said.

"Heard it. You people should really get some more original material," James said.

"Who, the writers or the psychiatrists?" Threepwood sniggered.


Of course this summons the writer(s).

Marill appeared and Threepwood screamed like a little girl. "I'd like to see you write better," she growled. She stormed out, dragging Threepwood with her.

"We'll probably not see him again," Thompson said.

"Good thing too," Foster said.

Quick and painlessish.

"I'll need to know more about him before I continue," Denara said.

"Good luck with getting something off him," Lena muttered.

"I do not intend to. I'd like to meet this son of his," Denara said.

Oh yeah, my bulls$$$ metre is flickering. I had a feeling

"If you say so," Lena said. She headed out of the room with Denara behind her. They both passed Marill screaming at Threepwood who was visibly shaken.

"Hmm, she could do with a session herself," Denara said as she looked at Marill.

They don't work, sorry

Marill runs off screaming, claiming she's evil. Couple this with a slightly detailed description of Denara, I'm thinking she's based/played by someone in particular. There's no cast list for some reason so we'll never know

"I guess. So when am I going to meet this twenty eight year old nephew of mine?" Phoebe asked.

Do you like living? If so then no.

"That dumb psychiatrist! She has no idea what she's doing. I dealt with a natural Slayer turning evil when I was on that Borg Sphere. We tried lots of different things that failed. We were forced to kill him. I told that psychiatrist not to do any of the things we did, and what does she go and do?" Lena asked angrily.

"Yeah. The last thing we tried on that guy was tell him what other people thought of him and the person who he'd lost. He killed two of our crew, and we had to kill him. That insane psychiatrist, I'm sure, is trying that technique on James," Lena said.

How interesting *hmmm*

"Oh I know that. I know a way we haven't tried yet. Let me try it on my own," Lena said.

"I know James is behind the highest force field we have, but it still could be dangerous," Chakotay said.

listen to this man, for once he gives a s$$$ about you

"Dangerous? The only reason I got hurt before was because he cheated with a knife. I can take him on if he tries to attack me," Lena said.

lol here we go. Lena knows about evil Slayers, and will know from experience about their power boost. She knows he's been Chosen labelled too. But still she thinks she's better than him. spare me

"What makes you think you can, I thought you're both Chosen Slayers," Chakotay said.

ohyeah, but STILL, he's still gotten a power boost. she must know this

"I've trained more or less my whole life, he's probably trained an odd few times with me and on his own. We may have equal strength, but I have more experience. Besides, if my plan works I may not have to fight him for long," Lena said.

lol I love that naive assumption. She really thinks she's better. sigh

Chakotay sighed. "Fine, but if he does anything to you, I'm going to make sure he is stopped by whatever means possible. That does include killing him."

and how, may I ask? we all know James is invincible.

Though we thought that about Jessie.

"Now, now Monkey boy. She's a Janeway woman, she can handle it," Phoebe said.

"Kathryn couldn't," Chakotay muttered.

:/ yesh but putting Lena's arrogance aside, she is still better suited for the job than her.

"It took everyone by surprise, I know it sounds stupid but I really hope we don't have to kill him. All he is is someone in grief, he really doesn't deserve this," Chakotay said.


That's lovely, Chakotay. Empathy could really help here.

Denara walked in, and she went straight over to the Security Guards who were playing an exciting game of.... Cluedo.

ohmygod, snigger

It was James in the off screen room with the knife

"If you want we can play a real life Cluedo. Let's see, I guess it was me, in the Brig with a chain-saw," James said.


"Stop being rude, you know why I'm here and I'm not going till I achieve something," Denara said.

Mmmhmmm, that vibe, I'm getting it again

"If you say so. I went to speak with your son earlier, he misses you," Denara said.

"That's nice but it's not my fault somebody locked me in here," James said

Oh that technique that Lena mentioned. Yeah nice not knowing you unknown celeb

"Of course it is, you let yourself lose control. What would Jessie think of you?" Denara said.

"Maybe you can ask her yourself," James said, he put his right hand on the forcefield.

Copied line, but I'll allow it

James kept pushing his hand on the forcefield, his hand went straight through it.

Whoops. Lena never mentioned this. James steals more lines that aren't needed, and oopsie they're gone.

"Step away from the forcefield," Thompson said.

"If you say so," James said and he walked straight through the forcefield.


Well done Thompson

It's okay though, James is just in a quoting mood, it's alright

"I've had as much as I can stand putting up with three whiny little dorks everytime I go on a Security shift. Remember when I first joined this Security Team, eight or so years ago

Yeaaaah, I'm gonna cut you off right there *ducks*

It's all too much to edit right now, but trust me its time is coming. Less Buffy-ised and more James like. and make more sense like.


"Oh and boys, don't forget that I killed two and seriously injured ten Cardassians when I was only twenty, if you remember Cardassians are harder to hurt than Humans are. Still think you can take me on," James said.

So when he's evil he quotes, makes jokes, throws chairs and brags like a Lena. It could be better.

Thompson and Threepwood argue over who gets to attack first. Here's an idea... a bit weird and unorthodox but, you are a team with phasers.

"I tell you what, why don't you both go first," James said. He grabbed a hold of Thompson, and literally threw him into Threepwood. They both landed against the wall.

almost what I meant

Foster fiddled with his phaser. "It's on kill, I really don't want to press the button."

James shrugged, he grabbed Denara and pulled her in front of him. "Shoot me and you shoot her."


This my readers is an example of James far gone, a lot more than tossing bookshelves and stabbing his abusive dad. Endangering someone else to save himself from merely being KO'd. Nuh uh, no way.

"I'm a coward am I? Who's the guy that told two other guys to do all the dirty work for him. I guess you and your brother were the cowardly pair," James replied.

"Let go of her," Foster said.

Ouch bring up the dead twin brother. Foster though earns some cred here though.

James does, by tossing her into him cos that's all he really likes doing today apparently. And quipping afterwards. This one's bad (and the same as the forcefield bit) so I'll skippity.

James was going down the corridor. He stopped near the Mess Hall doors, Lena was standing in front of them. He turned around and headed back the way he came. She turned around and went inside.

James went into the Mess Hall through the other door. He stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Lena was a few metres in front of him. She moved her hand as he headed towards the door again. It didn't open. He turned back to Lena.

"What's wrong, James? Afraid to fight me?" Lena asked.

Hmmmmmmmm, he does dodge her quite a bit

"What's wrong, James? Afraid to fight me?" Lena asked.

"No, just don't want to hurt you," James replied.

"That's strange, it didn't stop you before," Lena said.

I think the knife slash was an accident, so yeah, I don't think he does.

"No, it's not really fair hurting people who aren't strong enough to fight you," Lena said.

True, but you're not a good example either

"You don't understand, I'm not here to pick a fight with anyone... I'm looking for the b**ch," James said.

"What, Unu?

Okay this is kinda interesting. There's going to be plenty examples of Evil Slayers in episodes to come, but for now James is the only frame of reference and um... yeah, spoiler alert he doesn't follow the template. Lena hinted as such with her sphere friend (who wasn't real if you remember her backstory, interesting memory you gave her Q). More on that later.

"What, Unu? James, you should know that hurting Unu will hurt Jessie too," Lena said.

"Jessie's dead," James said.

And there it is. Why James couldn't target the person who caused his grief like he's "supposed" to in this state, and instead went for Iinan. Only things escalated, and he had a week to calm down a bit. Yeah you think I'm blabbing, making sense of something that doesn't but I really thought this storyline through. My only complaint really conflicts with this. Again I'll talk about this later.

"I know, that's why you're hurting after all. I think the problem here is that you've never once cried because of it," Lena said.

"I've done enough crying in my life, it's a sign of weakness. I'm sick of people seeing me as some sort of weakling," James said.


Okay, before this goes any further, despite what I said in that last paragraph, I am not taking any credit for how Lena handles this scene. It's "inspired". You'll see.

"I never thought you were weak when I first met you. Remember that day? You cried when Craig called you a baby. You were not afraid to show your feelings then," Lena said.

Oh flashbacks to that Timeline bit. I won't quote or anything, this review's long enough. Linky to Timeline Re-Read itself for a reminder.

"That was the old James. I was only like that for a short amount of time, it was never me," James said.

He's sorta right. He's spent a lot of Season One, all of Two and now Three developing into a different character. He's still not entirely there yet, since he keeps regressing. Thankfully a lot less often.

"Remember when you were accused of murdering Lee? You weren't afraid to cry in front of Jessie and me because of it. A lot of guys wouldn't of done that, what made you unique was that you were never afraid to show your true feelings," Lena said.

Good example. I'm still not giving/taking credit though, she wouldn't have said this if I wasn't inspired.

"No, I won't. You're my best friend James, I won't let you destroy yourself. As your sister I have a duty to help you," Lena said.

aaaaaaaaaw(don't tell Craig, or Tani, she'll get ideas). At least we're edging away from the ripped off ness. This will definitely have been the original plan, and soon you'll see why

"Just because you've suddenly found out doesn't mean that you all of a sudden care about me, so you can drop the charade," James said.


"It isn't a sudden thing," Lena said. Craig and a few other Security officers came in, so did Kathryn, Phoebe and Chakotay.

"Remember when I was going out with Craig? I ended up spending more time with you than with him. Dad told me that it may be that I care more about you than him. I didn't believe him, and you know why? I thought you were just my friend," Lena said.

"Where are you going with this Lena, you're wasting my time," James muttered.

"When I found out about, you know. It made sense at last, I finally believed what dad said. I do love you, James," Lena said.

if that doesn't earn a dawwww, what does?

Craig cursed himself, "s***." He turned away from the scene put he couldn't help listening.

hahahahaha, burn! but he's gonna brag that he was right to distrust her, eugh

But anyway, back to my so called inspiration

"I do. I guess I loved cry baby James, I loved annoying James, I loved odd sense of humour James, I even love evil Slayer James," Lena said.

"No, you don't," James said more forcefully.

Do you, or are you just jumping onto the quoting bandwagon?

"I care about what happens to you, don't destroy yourself. Jessie wouldn't want that," Lena said.

I can make up original lines. Why the hell did I copy so much?

"Whether you like it or not, we care about you. You still have your family, don't do this to yourself. Don't do this to us, don't do this to me," Lena said.

James struggles with hearing this and his desire to quote more Buffy, so this happens

"Shut up!" James yelled. He went over to Lena, he started hitting her not that hard at all. He broke down crying, Lena put her arms around him.

It'd be nice if I had made it up on my own.

"Lena, how did you do that?" Kathryn asked softly.

"Cry baby James was still in there somewhere, I just had to find him. How long have you been awake?" Lena replied.

Oh yeah. Background trivia which might not be appropriate: I saw exerts of a parody of New Earth - at least I don't remember reading the entire thing, and so whenever I see this bit I remember that instead. It ruins it for me. I'm not editing it cos I hate the S1 references, I'm doing it for that reason.

"Can you look after him, I need to see someone," Lena said.

"I don't want anyone to see me like this," Lena heard James say.

bit late for that, bless

"Showing people that you're not afraid to show your feelings shows that you have strength," Kathryn said.

Very good line

But it being delivered by Janeway, after he attacked her so much she went into a coma, it's a bit erm, bad timey

"Here to rub my nose in it. I bet you've liked him since day one," Craig muttered.

"You've got it all wrong," Lena said.

look Lena, he is the ex boyfriend, not current. You don't have to do this.

"Told me what? You were actually seeing him during that time we were going out," Craig replied.

"No. Craig, he's my brother, that's why I love him," Lena said.

Insert Han Solo bemused reaction shot here.

"One question. Did you ever want him when you were going out with me?" Craig asked.

Lena started laughing. "Of course not.

You'd think that'd be the end of it, but no

"None taken. Do you think... think it could still work out, with us?" Craig asked.

Lena sighed. "Not now, Craig. You'll be complaining non stop that I'm spending too much time with James."

As if on cue, Craig asks "you will be?" *rolls eyes*

"Well of course, he needs me. If you want me to go out with you again so badly, just give me some time," Lena replied.

Craig doesn't deserve a second chance, but seems like he's getting one.

"Thanks Lena, you're the best," Craig said.

Lena smiled, "I know I am." Craig grinned at her, he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek. He then turned around and continued down the corridor. Lena turned around and went back the way she came.

Yeah Craig, stop being obvious and stop kissing your ex you creep

Anyway that's it, and the stupid end of episode questions are back!

When will James recover, or will he recover at all?

When he runs out of Buffy lines, I assume.

Will Lena and Craig get back together?

With Jessie gone, we need a new character pairing... so eugh, yeah probably

Is Phoebe just as mad about coffee as Janeway is?

this question is so dull, I can't even be bothered to joke

Why was Doctor Jones trying to make Nichola laugh with unfunny stuff?

Was he? I thought he was recap-expositioning her

Will Harry recover at all?

He'll be pissy as long as James is.

And why did I call Denara evil?



I mean I dunno


Counter Results:

Muttered Count: 49 (180)

Sexist Crap Count: 5 (6)

Lena the Sue Count: 1 (3)

Annika Dies Count: 0 (3)

James Kill Count: 3 (3)

Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 1 (1) lets make this episode about Craig/Lena shall we

James Dies Count: 0 (0)

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 1 (11)

J/C are the worst (grand)parents ever:
This is quite tricky now with James in the picture. I did sneakily add points in S2 wherever I could disguise it as Lena/Kiara ones. But then again we're in a brand new season and I always reset. So we can safely start here. It's still tricky cos of Janeway and James. Also there's the never mentioned issue that she and Chakotay kept this from Lena and Kiara, they deserved to know they had a brother/uncle. I think giving Janeway an even 10 for the whole thing, and a point for the other thing is the least I can do.
11 (11)

Fifth Enterprise E: 0 (3)




1) The first time the readers find out, and that's including what prequel episodes have gone up before this, that Janeway told a fib to her family that she used to "babysit" James when he was little and she'd already told him about it too. It's a bit weird since the actual truth behind this fib was planned before this episode, there's been clues everywhere, so dunno why it's rushed into. Seems like an oops, that should've been in the prequels but forgot, oh its ok I'll just put it in New Earth. *shrug*

If I'm wrong please show me and I MIGHT redact this point. It's still clumsily mentioned in this one and worth a complaint.

2) HEY GUYS remember when this stuff happened in the prequels, and look forward to what's gonna happen in said prequels, btw remember just last week, and that time Annika killed people. Good times. This is already poor storytelling, and the episode already has a "last time on" opening where this crap could've easily gone. Also it's probably not needed anyway.

3) The big ass reveal of James is Janeway's son is forcefully overshadowed by Lena's insistence on knowing about what happened between JJ on New Earth/Resolutions. It's weirder still since she just found out they're siblings, that's exactly the first thing I'd want to know about my brother, where he lost his virginity. So appropriate and so important to the matter at hand.

Said reveal is True Q sloppy anyway, so pfft.

4) I'm really pretty sure it's revealed to be bull later on, but New Earth being a healing planet owned by manipulative healers, and all that twaddle, just nuh uh. I imagine it's the excuse that'll be used in Here & Now as well, but one episode at a time. Even if a later episode confirms my crappy memories and/or denial, it's still left as is here and that brings the episode down.

5) I'm really getting tired of Lena's superiority complex. She cannot admit to being outmatched, but then again she struggled to even accept James being on equal footing to her. Sure he's the same strength, but I'm better for my training on the Borg sphere (that didn't happen remember) and he's likely done nothing WITHOUT Meeeeeee.

6) Have I mentioned ripped off dialogue from the Willow turns evil episodes of Buffy? Yeah, that.

7) This episode's mostly focused on James's breakdown and Lena's saving of him. But sure, lets insert Craig and his insecurity into the ending so it ends on them. James is left behind in grieving tears with the mother who abandoned him, her on and off love interest, and an aunt he has only met via Damien's brainwashing, just because exboyfriend Craig misunderstood and took a huff.

Sub-total: 7


1) It's not perfect by any means but the James and Janeway scenes were on purpose tense, frustrating, creepy and a bit shocking, while some of James' evil quips try to make you laugh uncomfortably. Take out the Buffy quotes and it'd probably be fine. I have, so that'll be up for debate when Marill Re-Re-Reads New Earth is released in the comfort of my nursing home room in 2060. yeahright I'll still be Re-Reading Season Five. (2)

2) Peter Taylor dies and that's always a plus. If the circumstances were different I'd say it was more hilarious than his first death. I'm surprised "what are you going to do, stab me" wasn't in there for double the laughs.

but seriously, he deserved to go out at the hands of the son he abused. karma bitches

3) Once again, remove the Buffy thievery and the interactions between James and his team in the brig was pretty good. James creeping them out with jokey threats. "I like games." Nice.

4) Chakotay's empathy for James' situation despite what he's done already, it got me right in the feels. spoilers maybe because of how things turn out later, I dunno. spoilers

5) I complained at first, but I'd somehow forgotten an important detail or two about this dark-James storyline. Later episodes describe the Evil Slayers as grief stricken, they hunt down the one responsible. Once they're dead they're completely lost in the power and bloodlust, and so can't really be brought back.

James on the otherhand while lashes out in the Janeway scene, seems almost calm sometimes and quipping. It's creepier than him being straight up just angry. Then after he's killed, there's little difference. The only one I see is he's focused on killing Jessie's killer. Lena mentions Jessie and that brought it all back to me. James couldn't kill Unu, doing so would destroy any chances of reviving Jessie and so his anger is redirected. Even then his kill is interrupted, his anger/grief left to fester for a week until Janeway visits.

It kinda makes sense that it messes with his evil schedule, and likely influences how he behaves in his black eye phase. Throwing people around instead of murder, dodging the Lena fight.

That's one of the details that I'm onboard with, I like it. The other comes up in later episodes, and so will be explored then.

6) Lena's original lines to James to convince him to stop. Lovely. Not sorry.

Sub-total: 7

Marill's Rating: 50%

Rankings So Far:

#01 New Earth: 50%
#02 Oasis of Abatua: 44%
#03 Fair Chance Part 2: 23%

I'm not surprised at all. This is exactly the ranking I expected so far. I'm not expecting anything the least bit good until episode 6, so enjoy your time at the top spot New Earth, you've earned it.

Next Time: Marill fancies introducing another main character, someone bets her that there's no way she can make it any weirder than the ones before her, she takes that bet and gets rich.

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