Marill Re-Reads "Oasis of Abatua"

Previously on Marill Re-Reads: OMG JESSIE WAS SHOT, SHE'S DEAD, WTF THAT'S DARK, FV CAN'T DO THAT!!!£5^^"1337

and now the conclusion

Tom and Craig were firing their rifles at any ex-drone they could see. Tom glanced further to the left, he saw Lartinan fall into the ground. Then he saw a guy come up behind Jessie. Tom quickly fired the rifle at the guy.

Jessie slowly turned around after hearing only one gunshot. She saw the guy behind her drop to the ground. She looked up at Tom and Craig.

oh boy is my face red

"We should get out of here now, without the key Iinan won't be able to open the gate," Arden said.

"But... that Iinan guy told me that the key will kill me if I don't reach the home of the gate. Sunrise, today," Duncan said in a panicky voice.

Oh dear, what a little bitch that bracelet key is

Anyways off they all go to this gate. Arden splits up from the group because his lack of usefulness has come to an end. Or because his original character should've left already to lead an army *shrug*

Duncan started to slow down, he stumbled a bit. James stopped, he picked Duncan up, then kept on running. Lena wasn't that far behind, she glanced back at Jessie. Lena slowed down to let Jessie catch up. The sun's light wasn't that far behind them all. Tom and Craig were not that far behind them.

Lena, why? Iinan and Makia are still around, and James is taking Duncan pretty much right back to them with the dangerous key. Maybe they need you more than Jessie does.....

Meanwhile James and Duncan reached a large clearing. In the centre of it all was a huge stone building. The sun's light was already a metre behind them, so they went towards it anyway.

With the sunlight nearly on James' back, he jumped through the no door opening, onto the ground. The sunlight just started to shine upon the building.

Wow, James did exactly what Rick did, on his own.

Jessie and Lena ran into the clearing. They both stopped as they saw both James and Duncan just inside of the building.

"Oh thank god, they made it," Jessie said.

Lena, still trying to catch her breath, nodded her head.

Lol Lena, you had a break and she's not super human like you. Funny little detail to include

Faye came into the clearing, she pulled something from behind her back as she went up to Jessie. Before she knew what was going on Faye had plunged a knife into her chest.

Lena was about to react but something threw her a few metres away.

I hate to ruin a moment like this but again I must ask, why is Lena here? It's not to show her off, Sue style, she keeps being useless. Why was there so much effort to make sure it was Lena that was with Jessie when this happened, instead of like the movie the comic relief character(s) Tom and Craig? Again Lena had no reason to slow down to let Jessie catch up (and not even more vulnerable Craig and Tom), Duncan and James were the ones closest to danger. And why is she suddenly out of breath, so she's caught off guard of course. Seriously, WHY

James saw what happened, he quickly got onto his feet then he ran towards the scene. Duncan got up, then he followed.

Faye pulled the knife out, she watched Jessie fall to the ground with an evil smile on her face. She then turned around just in time to get hit right in the face by James. She fell to the ground.

On screened, I suppose s***'s just got serious

James knelt down beside Jessie. Her eyes were closed, and she wasn't breathing.

"Ohno," Tom muttered. Duncan finally arrived, he stood next to James. He was just staring at Jessie's body, unaware to what else was going on.

it's okay Duncan, it's okay, this s*** happens to mummy all the time. just last week actually  we went to Sickbay and were laughing at it over drinks the same night.

Duncan turned their way with tears in his eyes. He went over to Lena, she knelt down and she hugged him.

omg daaaaaaaawww

Faye pulled herself to her feet, when she did so she pulled a small container out of her pocket. "So touching, but so unnecessary. I mean that stupid ship of yours can easily revive her right." She started to open the container, "at least they could of, but not now."


She then opened the container, a strange gust of wind came out of it. A humanoid form, yet decomposed, appeared next to Faye. With that Faye collapsed, and the other form came to life. Before everyone's eyes Jessie decomposed incredibly quickly, and the humanoid regenerated to form Unu.



in front of her baby son, in James's arms, in front of the girl with a dead body phobia


Lena shuddered, she hid her face behind Duncan who looked like he was going to throw up


Unu stretched and sighed. "Oh that feels much better. It's much better to have my own body back."

Unu looked down at what was left of Jessie's body. "I didn't think that Kiss of Death thing would still work, it's a wonderful ceremony isn't it? All I needed to do was stab her in the heart and be done with it."

notice how much in character she is now that she's regenerated. she was possessing Faye, aka me, no wonder she was so crabby

I mean, excuse me!?!

Tom and Craig looked down at James who was still kneeling beside Jessie. They backed off a metre when he finally looked up at Unu. He had a ferocious look on his face, not to mention that his eyes had turned red.

Was the red eye thing also from Buffy, I can't remember.

Remember when this almost exact same thing happened in Interactions and the scene faded out. Well.

Unu smiled nervously. "Oh of course, you're one of the Slayers aren't ya.... I'd better not stick around then." She then disappeared in an instant.

lt's not the same.

What Tom and Craig didn't know was that Iinan and Makia were heading into the building. Only James spotted them, they noticed that he did then they went into the building quicker.

Lol, imagining both Iinan and Makia seeing James upgraded to red eyes mode, panicking and scurrying inside faster. Oh god, oh god, quick get into the building. the fools, no cameras in there.

Oh yeah btw, this is Lena's reaction to being told about the eyes

"Uhoh, I hate it when that happens," Lena muttered

Remember the nonchalantness

Tom and Duncan then saw him going. Lena stood up, with her eyes closed. She opened one eye, then she shuddered. She grabbed a hold of the nearest person, who was Craig, then hid behind him. Tom rolled his eyes.

To be fair to Lena, seeing someone rot that quickly, as well as someone they know, and the corpse still lying nearby would, should freak anyone out. Lena has an actual phobia of this so, sheesh.

Though I'm more concerned about little Duncan :(

"Hey, who hit me? Where the hell am I?" Faye asked as she placed her hand on her face.

Poor Faye, who wants to tell her?

Meanwhile Curan was wandering around the building. Something gold spotted his eye, it was the key. He rushed over to it, then he picked it up.

I think in these circumstances leaving the key behind was a very easy to forgive slip up on James's part. agreed?

"Unu, she's here... she's regenerated," Iinan replied.

"That means.." Makia said.

"Yes, that Slayer will think we helped her regenerate. He'll be after us no doubt, nothing to worry about," Iinan said. Makia didn't look so confidant as Iinan continued going down the corridor. She followed him.

Yeah about that...

Mummy Returns: Anuck Su Namun (Makia/Lena Twin) stabbed Eevie. Rick swears revenge on Imhotep. k??

Oasis of Abatua: Unu stabbed Jessie. Iinan/Makia worry James will get his revenge on them. k?? Spoiler alert, they're right, he goes after Iinan.

Equally baffling

Though sorta James gets explained later, kinda.

Meanwhile Mr Curan uses the key to open the gate, or so he thinks. Instead he just switches on the entire building and gets his arm stuck.

"You're too late, human. I've opened the gate, and I've awoken the army. Iinan will destroy the leader and take command," Curan sneered, despite his position.

James pulled the axe out of the statue's hand. "Not when he's dead," he said quietly.

Oh yeah I keep forgetting that this army is still a thing in Oasis, I thought it was omitted completely cos it's not really the ex-Borg's incentive, they wanted the transwarp gates. meh

For making me think, Curan gets his hand de-gloved. Since James isn't Rick, he doesn't react to it, just keeps on going to leave the guy to it.

"Think of it this way Dunc, she's gone to a better place," Lena said.

"Yeah, like it says in that book thing," Craig said.

Yeah cos James and or Jessie strike me as the kind of parents that bring up the bible to their baby son.

Tom neither.

Duncan raised his head like a lightbulb came on in his head. "Book, that's it."

Lena smiled. "The Book of Death, why didn't I think of that."

Cos you're not on your Sue-game this episode for some reason. Maybe she's saving it

"No, you're carrying her," Tom said.

"But Lena won't want to touch me if she knows that I touched a dead person," Craig said.

Arguing over who gets to carry their dead friend as if she's some icky bit dog poop on their shoes. Gross

"It's time, Makia, you stay here," Iinan said.

"No, you can't take him on your own. Besides what happens if the Slayer interferes.." Makia said.

"I can handle both," Iinan said.


Who's him, has that even been mentioned in Oasis? I might have to check

"But I don't want to lose you again," Makia said.

"You will not," Iinan said. He got his arm out of her grip, then he ran down the wide corridor. Makia started to follow him, but she stopped half way. "No, Iinan!" she screamed.

Yeah I don't remember Unu ever giving this much of a crap about him. telling

Lena looked at the writing on the wall. "I don't know much of this damn language, it'll take a while to figure it out."

"Go right," Duncan said. Lena glanced down at him.

"Why?" Lena asked.

"There's an arrow," Duncan said. He looked up at Lena.

Thank god Duncan doesn't suddenly know how to read an alien language, when he isn't old enough to read his own.

(this is probably an edit, eeuck)

Lena growled. "If you didn't have somebody who was dead in your arms, I would turn around and smack you one."

Stop treating poor Jessie like this

Makia was watching the huge door with a more confident look on her face. She heard footsteps coming up behind her. She turned around. Tom and Craig were in front of her.

"It's time someone taught you a lesson bitch, now come on," Tom said.

Yeah Tom, good plan.

Craig tried to look threatening by raising his fists. "This is for Jessie..... and for Lena too."

Lena picked up the Book of Death, she rolled her eyes at Craig's remark, then she got out of sight.

Makia just stared at Tom and Craig like they were nothing. She then, by surprise, pushed Tom into Craig. They fell onto the ground.

"Geeze, she's stronger than she looks," Tom muttered.

"Remind you of someone," Craig groaned

Yeah but she shouldn't exactly remind you of someone. We'll see, it's only these two she's up against.

Meanwhile James came into a huge room, there was another way in.. the large door Iinan came through. The room had mini valleys in the ground, filled with what looked like lava.

Well ok, lava. I guess that's easier to "describe" than what the film does instead

James walked up to one of the lava valleys, it was over a metre wide. He stepped further back, then he jumped over it. Iinan then saw him, he looked around for something to use as a weapon. He spotted something but it was too late to get it.

James slowly came up to him

I ask again, WHICH IS IT????

And we're meant to believe angry vengeful James runs up, leaps over a valley of lava to confront who he wants to kill, and when he's in arm's reach he walks slowly.


Iinan was about to say something but he got smacked in the face. He fell onto the ground. James then raised the axe he had, Iinan pretended to look defeated and he put his hands up.

"Stop you fool, I had nothing to do with Unu's regeneration," Iinan said.

This is the re-occuring Season Two villain everyone was so fearful of? even James himself in part 2. haha

Oh btw

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: +1

James doesn't smack him in the face, Iinan gets smacked in the face. That's the difference. I can't explain it any better than that!

James didn't do anything more with the axe, he just watched Iinan like he was waiting for him to continue. "Unu is not part of me anymore, she went on her own as soon as I found a way to get Makia back. There's no point in killing me," Iinan said

Oh now we get an explanation for the Iinan and Unu break up!

It still stinks, cos it fails to explain (again) how their curse split apart from each other. Remember Resurrection, each of their fates were shared.

His hand was slowly heading over what looked like a two sided axe's direction. "It was a mistake," Iinan said finally.

"Oh, it was a mistake was it? It was a mistake to kidnap my son, then not only kill my best friend but my fiancée too," James said.

Okay, that's a copied line. This time from Buffy. I'm guessing we're practicing for the next one. Joy.

"Weren't you listening, I had nothing to do with Unu's plans... I thought she was on your side, and..." Iinan said.

"You talk too much," James said, as his eyes turned red again.

Wait, James' eyes were normal again for a time. The red comes and goes?

Spoilers (Yes I know it's something that happens to him in later episodes, but it's when he's struggling with it. Here he's embracing it so it shouldn't).

He then lowered the axe... the two sided axe Iinan was pointing his hand at suddenly flew over into his grasp. He used it to stop the axe coming down any further. He tried to push it back up, both weapons were pushed out of their owners grips. They fell into the lava.

It's finally time for James versus Iinan, (pissed off)Slayer versus Warlock, Off Screener versus his past life. Should be good, right? maybe

Iinan quickly got back onto his feet. He hit James as hard as he could in the face. He just watched in shock as James didn't look hurt at all. "Nice try," he said.

Then we move onto Tom and Craig getting their butts kicked by Makia. So yeah Iinan's screwed.

Lena was reading from the book without looking up from it. Duncan was sitting next to her as Faye hid behind them both. "Asana shokra, er line?" Lena muttered. Duncan looked at the book.

"I don't know, don't you know?" Duncan asked in a panicky voice.

Oh gods. So far Lena has apparently recited the wrong passages in every episode, but still saved the day despite that. Here she's off her Sue game. Is she gonna get it right this time?

"Er, guys..." Faye stuttered from behind them.

"What now Faye, we're stuck here," Lena said.

"It's asana shokra manafie, does that help," a familiar voice said.

Well s***, I forgot about this

"Trying to reverse the Kiss of Death, Lena? Shame on you.. don't you know that you need the book to do that," Unu said, she raised her hand into the air, the book raised into the air as she did so. Lena climbed onto her feet and she pushed Unu to the ground. The book fell back onto the ground too.

Lena stop doing things, you're confusing me

"Faye, get the book," Duncan panicked.

Faye's eyes widened as she looked to see where the book had landed, right next to Jessie's body. "I'm not going near that," she shuddered.

Yeah I'd be wigged too but... seriously!?!

Lena got onto her feet, dragging Unu onto her feet as well. She pushed her against the wall. Unu smiled despite her position.

"Lena, Lena, now you should know that killing me will make it impossible to revive Jessie. Now wouldn't it be a good idea to let me go?" Unu said.

Somehow I doubt Lena was going to kill her, but sure the only alternative is to let her go.

Duncan picked up the book, and he re-opened it. "Lena, I don't know what it says," he said.

Lena looked back at Unu who was still smiling. She looked Faye's way. "Faye, will you do something useful, and make sure she doesn't get away."


And how is Faye supposed to do literally anything to stop a powerful witch? Annoy her to death. Yeah that'll work, she is me

As expected Faye lasts as long as it takes Lena to turn around. I don't blame Faye, wtf was Lena thinking? Deal with Unu first, revive Jessie after.

Lena and Duncan turned and they saw Unu free. She raised both of her arms quickly, she fired a strange electric beam at the two, which froze them on the spot. She headed over to the book. "You guys aren't a challenge anymore. Shame on you," she said as she picked up the book.

lol, I don't remember Lena challenging her at all. Ok maybe with a phaser shot, but that's it.

Tom got punched in the face again, he fell onto the ground. Makia turned to look Unu's way, she started to head over. Unu spotted her, she froze her on the spot too. "Makia, that reminds me I still need to get you back for murdering my father," Unu said.

I'm reminded of their earlier fight in the flashback. Makia won over Unu, so you know what to expect this time.

She threw the book onto the ground, then she fired another electric beam at it.

Lena and Duncan unfroze. They saw the Book of Death go into flames before their very eyes. Unu turned to Lena and Duncan. "I hope you memorised the whole book, Lena," Unu said, then she disappeared.

ok never mind, empty threats it is

Unless getting Makia back means screwing over Lena here, and by extension Iinan/James too. welp, the only means of getting Jessie back is in flames.

Duncan looked up at Lena. "Did you?" he asked.


Makia didn't look too happy, she pushed him hard into the wall. She was just about to punch him when Lena grabbed her wrist. "Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" She then pushed Makia away from Craig.

Ah ok we're back on script now. Only Jessie/Eevie didn't come back to do this fight. Enter Lena, and probably the only reason she's in this "movie" at all, to fight her soul-twin possessed by her past life. yeah makes sense

"It's been destroyed, now go and find James," Lena said.

Tom and Craig glanced at each other. "Why, can't he handle himself?" Craig asked.

"Why do you think I want you to find him. He can't handle himself right now," Lena said.


and what do you think Craig and Tom are gonna do? I don't think making fun of him will help his mood somehow

"No time to explain now Tommy, he's at least a Natural Slayer who's just had a loved one murdered. Believe me, Slayers who have that happen to them are not nice to deal with, I should know," Lena replied. She took knives from a nearby statue as well.

Still in denial Lena dear? lol.

Lena and Makia suddenly started fighting with the knives. Lena pushed Makia against the wall, and she held her there. "Slayers in his situation kill, and they don't stop," Lena said.

 And again I ask, what's two regular joes who annoy him gonna do to stop him? Both get KO'd when he's in a goodish mood

Makia pushed Lena back enough for her to get away. They continued fighting. "Craig go, you idiot! They need all the help they can get!" Lena yelled.

Question. Iinan and James can fight without it really being one sided because Iinan is a warlock. If Jessie and Unu ever fought fair instead of sneak stabbing, that'd be a similar deal as Jessie's more of a fighter and Unu's a witch. Now the question, what exactly does Makia or Tanaia or whatever she was called have that helps her last this long in a fight against Slayer Lena?

Nothing comes to mind. She seemed somewhat normal in both incarnations. Well...

Lena then slashed her in the face with the knife. Makia put her right hand on the cut, she took one look at Lena then she ran down the wide corridor. Lena followed her.

Still. She still pushes Lena, fights for a bit. Lena really is off her game today

Meanwhile in a nearby city

Everything was normal in the city centre. People were going about either selling or buying. Kids played, and animals ran around all the stores. All that could be heard around the corner was ear-piercing screams. E

wait what, what's happening?

Everyone stopped what they were doing, just as they did a huge group of decomposed men with swords and all came around the corner. Nothing came in their way, they slaughtered the whole lot. No-one was left alive

Ok I know, and anyone who remembers Returns might know even though this scene didn't happen (seriously Arden, you are so useless!). No context otherwise. The army mentioned that defends the gate is usually a passing thought, and why on earth are they there and not guarding the gate? Oh Season Three, you edgy so and so, you got a long way to go to earn that reputation after Season Two's edgelordyness

Iinan was pushed into the wall, he raised his hand which pushed James only a few metres away. Iinan looked shocked. "You are annoying me," Iinan growled. He rushed over to a statue, he pulled another axe thing off it.

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: +1

The next episode is gonna be fun!

But anyway, I like the detail that in this state James can endure even magic spells better.

Iinan charged at James with the axe, but the ground started shaking, both of them fell to the ground. James took advantage and he went over to get the axe off Iinan. They both fought over the axe, still on the ground. The ground stopped shaking so suddenly. James eventually got the axe, he then got onto his feet. He was about to raise it when the nearby wall suddenly blew down.

This is a badly written fight scene

Iinan pulled himself to his feet as well. He and James watched as a shadow of a huge man fell on the ground. They both saw a man, six foot tall, that looked like a cross between a human and a scorpion, step through the hole in the wall. The creature's face striked a strange resemblance to the Rock

no it didn't, don't you lie. everyone laughed right?

The creature saw Iinan and James. He slowly headed over to them, as he did so he kept glancing at both of them.

Him: "Oh twins, and they're so pretty. Who do I molest first?"

 Iinan and James both backed off. Iinan turned around and ran to the nearest wall. On instinct the creature followed him.

"I'm your servant, I'm your servant," Iinan said, he got onto his knees. The creature stopped and stared at him. Iinan pointed at James. "But he, he's a Slayer.. who's been sent to kill you."

Yeah, the guy who just woke up and hasn't yet had a coffee yet buys that only one there is a threat to him. The guy that doesn't look like him must be a tourist or something.

"You cowardly little bastard," James muttered. The creature then went for him instead. It quickly grabbed the axe off him, he threw it into the lava.

I was gonna say "fair game" there, but Iinan's the mage. He doesn't need to risk getting close to fight this thing. James does.

Despite being fuelled by anger, and remembering Lena's "they don't stop killing" line, James evades and runs out of harm's way. Interesting.

Iinan watched the display with an evil grin on his face. "Now's my chance to regenerate," he said to himself.

But... that reminds me. In Resurrection if he used anybody to regenerate, it'd be temporary. Only James would make it permanent. Yet he's been fine, or at least not described as rotting, this whole time. Hmmm

Sounds like you don't have to Iinny

James went around a corner, out of sight of the creature. Something drawn on the wall got his attention. It had an illustrated inscription of two people with strange mark's

oh yey my favourite Mummy Returns scene

two people with strange mark's on their arms, killing a half scorpion man. Now I bet you're thinking either, gee that's convenient, or why would there be instructions on how to kill something in a gate room. Hey, it's based on a similar 'Mummy Returns' puzzle, so leave me alone.

Oh, so it bothered me all the way back then too? Interesting.

The creature came out of a dark spot, everyone's eyes widened when they saw it.

"What the hell is that?" Craig stuttered.

cheap ass last minute CGI

The creature spotted them, it then lunged towards them. All four screamed loudly. Faye and Craig went one way, Tom grabbed Duncan and took him the other way.

Makia then Lena ran into the room. They saw the creature going after Tom and Duncan.

Why? He understood what Slayers are, the stupid wall proves as such. But he gives up his search for someone who is prophesised to kill him apparently to attack a random guy and a kid. I was wrong, he's cheap ass last minute dumbarse

Lena was about to go after them when she spotted James coming out from around a nearby corner. Without hesitation he went after the creature. Lena was about to go too but Makia grabbed her arm and pushed her into the wall.

James going to rescue his son, Lena gets thwarted from the action yet again.

Lena tried to get out of Makia's hold on her, but she was surprisingly strong. "James, you idiot, stop him!" Lena yelled.

AAaw, I remember when that description was only used for James. Now he's just an idiot.

James heard her, he turned around... but Iinan had already thrown the spear thing. James easily caught it which surprised Iinan, not to mention irritated him.

But you did mention it, bloody liar

"I grow tired of you!" he yelled. He picked up one of the knives Lena dropped. He threw it towards James, he jumped out of the way of it. He landed nearby the gate, dropping the spear.

Lena finally managed to push Makia back. She kicked her in the leg, then she punched her to the ground. She threw her last knife towards the creature. It went straight into him.

Aaaah, you were saving that Sueness up for the ending. I see. You never had to do that to steal the thunder before.

Bah, it was a team effort. James caught the spear so Lena could kill the CGI. Strange the wall didn't show that.

Lena the Sue Count: 1

"I don't need his army," Iinan muttered. He picked up the spear James dropped. "Using a Slayer to regenerate fully will make me invincible," Iinan said evilly

James was right, he does talk too much. AND HE'D KNOW

He was about to stab James with the spear, but he grabbed it in time.

"You know you really should stop narrating," James said.

The ground started shaking again. Everyone standing lost their balance. Iinan fell into the wall. Then the blue stuff inside the gate turned purple. When it did so the area around the gate became extremely windy, things around it were sucked into the gate. Iinan held onto the wall, James slowly got onto his feet, then he grabbed a hold of one of the statues.

Oh so that dude did switch it on. It sure took a while.

The ground continued to shake violently. Rocks from the ceiling began to fall onto the ground.

Why? It'd be like an airport collapsing everytime a plane took off.

"Right, all of you out of here. One of you get Jessie... I know we can't revive her but we can't leave her here," Lena ordered.

"Good idea, but what about.." Faye said.

"What about dad, put me down!" Duncan yelled as Tom took him away.

aaaw bless him

Lena kept a close eye on the gate and James. She stepped forward slightly but a rock falling down nearby made her step back.

"Lena, get the fuck out of here.. now!" James yelled.

Ok he's or was red eyed, we can forgive the edgy F bombs this time

Craig turned to leave too. "Lena?" he said questioningly. Lena didn't answer him. Iinan and James were both still hanging on. "Lena, don't do what I think you're going to do," Craig said.

Lena turned to Craig. "Go!" she yelled. She pushed him towards the large door. "Go! I'm right behind you!" Craig nodded, he turned around. As soon as he did so Lena ran for the gate.

"Lena!" Craig yelled. Faye ran back, she dragged him with her.

Lol, you fall for that old chestnut Craig?

Lena, still dodging falling rocks, got closer to the gate. Iinan was just watching as he hung on, he glanced at Makia who was getting up near the door.

Oh this should be good

"Take my hand, come on!" Lena yelled. James didn't move from where he was. "Come on! I'm here already, just take my bloody hand!" James hesitated, then he took a hold of her hand.

:( of course he hesitated at first

Iinan watched as Lena pulled James away from the pull of the gate. Once they were free the force made them fall to the ground. Iinan then glanced at Makia.

"Makia, help me, help me!" he yelled.

and there it is

Makia watched him with terrified eyes, she turned and ran away as fast as she could.

"Makia!" Iinan yelled.

Bwahahahaha, true love that lasted through the ages and reside within your reincarnations. Well you weren't entirely wrong

Lena and James got onto their feet, they headed towards the corridor. They both glanced at Iinan. He looked at them too, he smiled for some reason then he let go. He was pulled into the gate.

I get Imhotep doing this, but Iinan? Nah

They eventually caught up with Tom, Craig, Faye and Duncan at the exit.

"I can see why the building kept shaking," Lena muttered.

Not far from them was a huge tornado


Duncan got out of Tom's arms, he quickly went over to James instead.

Duncan stop, awww bless this boy.

"Do you hear that?" Lena asked.

"Hear what?" Faye asked. A sound that could only be a spaceship

I see that Lena finally getting her Sue on summoned the Sue ship. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME on both fronts

Enterprise, Bridge
Kathryn turned to Opps. "Harry?"

"Not yet, we need to go lower," Harry said.


Fifth Enterprise E: +1 (Voyager's right there, sitting somewhere on this planet)

"I got them Captain, but there are eight lifesigns," Harry said.

"There were six on the awayteam, weren't there?" Ian asked.

Kathryn turned to Tactical. "The reason they went down there was to find Faye, so that's seven Mr Richards."


I only just noticed "asked" is back. Has "said questioningly" died a deserving painful death?

Anyway wait, 8 lifesigns, is that right?

James, Lena, Duncan, Tom, Craig and Faye. Six. Iinan's gone so no. Makia's not human but they didn't specify that they were. She probably died like her MR alter ego did so, nope. Unu perhaps would make seven.

Harry nodded. "Er, Captain... the eighth one disappeared, so did the seventh, on transport."

Ok fine. Makia and Unu. FINE, I'll nitpick somewhere else.

Kathryn tapped her commbadge. "Janeway to Sickbay, who's present?"

In: "Paris here Captain. Everyone is present..."

"But I only beamed six up though, Tom," Harry muttered.

This is awkward

In: "You didn't let me finish Harry, Jessie's dead."

Everyone: Again?

Janeway: I gotta ban her from awaymissions

Enterprise Sickbay
"Computer activate the EMH," Faye said.

Tom and Craig looked terrified. "No, don't do that!"

Faye looked puzzled. The Enterprise's EMH appeared.


It was a tall Japanese looking guy with dyed blonde hair.


I mean who?

Apparently there wasn't enough "James" in this series, so to play the new EMH is the guy who voices Kojiro in Pokemon. In the English version he's known as James. I dunno why OKAY

"Faye, this is the Enterprise's Sickbay..... this is their EMH. This one is a freak," Craig said.

"My my, what happened to this poor lass? Looks like she's just been dug up from a grave?" the EMH asked as he looked at Jessie.

I don't remember much about this EMH other than he was programmed to smoke. *shrug*

James went over to the nearest console, he fiddled with it and the EMH disappeared.

and we never knew him, RIP EMH mark 3.

"I see.... what the hell!" Doctor Jones stuttered when he finally noticed Jessie on the biobed. "What happened?"

I see all EMH's are programmed to be restrained and professional. It's impressive.

Doctor Jones turned to Lena. "Do you really expect me to be able to revive her?"

"No," everyone but James and Duncan said.


James left Sickbay, Duncan was about to follow but Lena stopped him. "Stay here Dunc, I'll go." She then followed James out. She ran to catch up with him, then went at his speed.

"Do you want to talk?" Lena asked quietly.

"Hell no, leave me alone," James muttered in response.


Lena grabbed his arm to stop him. "Don't loose your temper with me, I saved your life."

yeah you know what's wrong with him, so you're the last person who'd grab his arm and yet here we are

lol loose

"I know, why? You should have just left me," James said. He continued down the corridor. Lena quickly followed him.


he even says "have" instead of "of", I'm so moved

James turned the corner and he nearly walked straight into Kathryn. "James, are you ok?" Kathryn asked softly.

"Leave me alone, both of you," James replied angrily, he pushed passed Kathryn. Kathryn and Lena continued to follow him.

guys, no means no!

"I don't like your transporters, I prefer mine," Unu said in a sweet voice.

"Unu, you double crossing little bitch," James said angrily, Lena tried to hold him back.

I wouldn't call her double crossing, she never really pretended to be on their side, only in opposition to Iinan. He's mad I'll try to let him have that one.

Kathryn turned to Lena. "Lena, how did she regenerate?"

Lena looked a bit uneasy. "You already know that I didn't read that passage right in Kiss of Death, it's worse than I thought.. the Kiss of Death was still in effect.." Lena said.

James turned to Lena. "I think she already knows that you're useless, Lena. There's no point in trying to explain."

OH MY F****** SNAP


"Jessie was pregnant, he's lost two not one," Kathryn muttered.

but in a different way

"Yeah, that's right... I did see Jessie briefly before I freaked out like I usually do. I didn't see the remains of the baby."

yeah right Lena, you were looking long enough to look there...

and PS Jessie hasn't been pregnant long.

cut to Unu

She caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. She took a good look at herself. "I seem fine, why don't I.... wait a second. Ohno, why didn't anyone warn me that, that Jessie bitch was pregnant!"


yeah this is what's happening

"I don't see how... but it is possible. Unu would take almost everything for regeneration, including the baby. Why do I feel sick," Lena replied.

I'd say no, no she wouldn't cos it's not needed for her regeneration. But I suppose it's better than the alternative.


before I type my last thought for this ReRead, Janeway does it for me

Kathryn sighed, "it's going to be one of those seasons."

...THE END...



Counter Results:

Muttered Count: 92 (131)

Sexist Crap Count: 1 (1)

Lena the Sue Count: 2 (2)

Annika Dies Count: 0 (3)

James Kill Count: 0 (0) EMH survives, it was a joke, STAY TUNED

Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 0 (0)

James Dies Count: 0 (0)

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 7 (10)

J/C are the worst (grand)parents ever: 0 (0)

Fifth Enterprise E: 2 (3)




1) Jessie blames Lena and James for something that happened in her hallucination. I know it must've seemed real enough, but surely once you're awake and no longer in ancient stone corridor you'd, well, wake up and realise it didn't happen. At least not how she thinks it did.

2) I know he must be there for the story to work, and Mummy Returns sorta does it, but why did they bring Duncan at all? James even leaves him on his tod in the first temple. Again Rick does this with his son and James only does what Rick does. Doesn't clear him though.

3) Oasis of Abatua gets so less imaginative with the original's plot after the draft's used up that it is The Mummy Returns but with different names. Sameish dialogue, same interactions regardless of who and what, same sequence of events, same gags (my arse, this place is cursed). It lets down Oasis hard. (2)

4) Sbarac attack out of nowhere at the beginning of part 2 had me wondering if I accidentally skipped a part. Same scene Enterprise calls Voyager to tell them they've been attacked by a sphere off screen. Its all seemingly excuses to use the Enterprise, which is soon chased out for the duration of the movie. And where is Voyager during all this, left behind on Abatua?? idunno

5) Random fat shaming scene meant to be funny? It's random sure, but not funny.

6) So instead of Rick dragging Johnathan with him through the window, breaking it and dropping to the ground, Tom and Craig instead conspire to push James through it so they don't have to worry about the glass. Wtf. Though I think it's only there to steal the pileup landing joke. Craig's excuse afterwards is he thought Tom assumed James would fare better in the landing, but Tom rebutts with the opposite. hownice. I'll be fair though, the interaction between the three was funny

7) Tanaia being Lena's reincarnation "twin", it still makes little sense. Makia would've reincarnated as normal into one of the twins, not split at birth. Even if she did, why the f$$$ did they get separated again in the second incarnation with Lena and Tanaia? Its obvious this has been made up on the fly to avoid using Lena for the bad guy side of the story.

8) Why is Tanaia/Makia strong enough to fight Lena and hold her back? She's not meant to be a Slayer or a witch, I'm sure of it.

9) Edgy unneccesary F bombs cos it's a movie again.

Sub-total: 10


1) Word/description repetition aside, the intro is pretty ace.

2) Flashback fight scene is ripped straight off from Mummy Returns, like most of the plot, but the fight scene itself's described pretty ok

3) The tiny scene with JJ flirting and smooch, Duncan's "don't you ever stop" response. love it when it's like this. IT WASN'T COPIED.

4) "That I learned from your father" changed into "I knew I could do that though", yeah Jess, that's my girl

5) While I did not like Craig and Tom using James to not only break the window for them, but also to provide something to land on, the dialogue and whatnot was pretty funny. And everything but the "I'm glad you're safe but get off me" exchange was new.

6) Oasis hints at the reveal in New Earth, while using Man Out Of You's unhealing bruise foreshadowing. Forgot that was there.

7) Faye as Unu, her involvement is far more creative than what I did with Lena/Tanaia. Mummy Returns only had one lover for Imhotep, so one of the villains was her reincarnation. Simpless. Changing Iinan's love interest to Makia, leaving Unu cast aside is all new and I always dug it. It's not come out of nowhere either, there's been hints throughout the Iinan/Unu saga.

8) I always give credit when things are different in copycats like this, so Oasis killing Jessie and thwarting all attempts to revive her, when Mummy Returns had the 8 year old boy reading Ancient Egyptian to revive his mum. *thumbs up* I should give it extra kudos cos it was planned in advance, and sometime in between writing parts to this I lost my granddad. It would've been easy for me to revive Jessie than write the aftermath of her death. I dunno. I won't give it extra, just think it should be noted.

Sub-total: 8

Marill's Rating: 44%

Rankings So Far:

#01 Oasis of Abatua: 44%
#02 Fair Chance Part 2: 23%

This one wasn't as bad as I made out. Most of its problems are the copying from the Mummy Returns. If it'd done more of the original stuff it'd probably scored better than Worse Case 2. Shame.

Next Time: James gets some really bad timingly weird news, Enterprise's forcefields don't work either, Lena makes some shippers day, and sweet karma is misplaced.

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