Marill Re-Reads "New Earth"

Hey guys, that day(s) has arrived finally, for me to read this one. The one that I've hinted at so too damn much over the years in these ReReads.

Some trivia, this episode's title was given for the same reason the original series finale was called Untitled (and still sorta is a series finale, just Back To Normal was downmoted from movie to episode): the name gives nothing away to the actual plot. I like Untitled better, even if New Earth's makes just a smidgen more sense. Yep this one was no spoilers allowed, lips or rather fingers sealed firmly.

I have no idea when this storyline came to me, cos originally Season Three was a harmless little character development season only. Lighthearted and fun. LOL. I gotta assume the story was developed when I decided to reduce the series to five main seasons and three prequels, and so changed Three to actually have plot. Though that seems too simplistic, even for me. The entire series was very basically thought out, including its finale, something like Oasis and New Earth had to happen in the original series at some point, right?

Probably, but until I find my notes again which were just episode titles and brief synopsis' laid out in a folder, I guess I won't really know.

One thing's for sure, the detail about eye colours and a lot of the dialogue, one of the later scenes as well, were all ripped off from Buffy's sixth season. It's probably my only regret with this one. That I recall, I'm sure there's more, STAY TUNED, LET'S DO THIS!


Kathryn was sitting on the sofa, next to her sat Phoebe. They both had a cup of coffee each.

"How convenient is it?" Phoebe asked.

"Yeah, I guess Seventh Voyager didn't want to waste time capturing another Phoebe when they could capture the one in our dimension," Kathryn replied.

Oh yeah, I forgot about Phoebe. Back then and again today. So apparently Damien recruited her from this dimension and erm, yeah okay. Moving on.

The two sisters diss Chakotay in earshot and so he leaves, just in time for the ships to arrive in orbit of Resolutions planet, aka New Earth. That's just mean

Phoebe wonders if this is the place with the monkey and some angry warriors, Janeway's like yeah totally, but since I'm already in a catty bitchy mood I'm gonna disrespect the dead

"Yes it is. One of the girl's was a slut on legs, she was only sixteen back then," Kathryn replied.

"You're joking, that's awful," Phoebe said.

"Tell me about it. The other girl was a slut too, but in respect I should be nice now," Kathryn said.

Yeah so erm, that later scene um... I don't feel so bad about it now. I get it. A certain someone must've eavesdropped on this convo. holy moly.

Sexist Crap Count: +2

"She's dead, she died last week," Kathryn replied.

"Oh dear, that's not very nice... so er, what was the other two kids like?" Phoebe asked.

So a week's passed, I see. Judging by how quickly Tuvok and Emma's were, we're to assume Jessie's had her funeral already. I really hope Janeway didn't make a speech 0_0

Nah, it's canon James was there so she couldn't have or erm...yeah.

"One was the younger girl's ex boyfriend. They were constantly arguing, so that was a nightmare on it's own. The other one... I never met such a cheeky boy in my life," Kathryn replied.

I see. That's how it is.

"I don't know, Phoebs. The last one I mentioned, he was that one I used to babysit when he was a baby, remember?" Kathryn said.

"Oh god, I guess he must of been annoying all his life then. If you'd told mum about that babysitting job when you were on leave from the Academy, she would of killed you. Does he know it was you?" Phoebe asked.

Wow I didn't know Janeway babysit Ian, what a twist!!! That came out of the blue nowhere, didn't it?

Okay fine, she meant James but I'm 99.99999999% sure this is the first time the readers have heard this. *sweats in prequel* Okay 99.5%

"Yeah, I had to tell him," Kathryn replied.

Oh damn you New Earth, now I really do have to check B4FV. BRB

Well, I searched the first six episodes for the words baby, sat, sit and babysit and got nothing. Yep, this is news to everyone.

"That's typical isn't it. Anyway, tell me about this daughter of yours," Phoebe said.

"Oh, Lena.. yes. She's just as bad as him I'm afraid. To make matters worse she's friends with him," Kathryn said.


J/C are the worst (grand)parents ever: +1

Gossiping about your kid *cough* like this, you've earned it.

On the Enterprise the Doctor is checking up on the fake Lena replacement, remember all that in Season Two, lol good times

"Then she went on a mad killing spree, just because she wasn't as popular as she was in the original series," Doctor Jones said.

"You say that like it is funny," Nichola said.


"They are always fighting, Tom used to nearly always start the fights but James is one of those Slayers, so he didn't stand a chance," Doctor Jones said.

This episode so far is just recaps of the prequels and Season Two, and I'm unamused, just like Nichola.

"Er, yes. We have people who've trained to be Slayers, and we have the two Natural Slayers Did I tell you about that one time when Tom nearly got murdered by James," Doctor Jones replied.

You're gonna have to narrow it down, Doc

(yeah yeah, this is clearly another prequel bait recap, snore. If this goes on for two more paragraphs of dialogue, this is getting negative pointed.)

"I take that as a no then. The two had been arguing over this one girl for other a year, supposedly Slayers like him can be very dangerous if you anger them enough. Quite recently the dangerous Slayer thing happened again.." Doctor Jones said.

Oh now we're getting Oasis of Abatua recaps.... after already having one at the beginning. That's it New Earth, I did warn you. MINUSED

"Drunk Monkey Man, I never gave that monkey any alcohol," Chakotay said.

"Exactly, Phoebs, that was James," Kathryn said.


Kathryn glared at Chakotay. "Now that is my sister you're talking about... and besides if she did get murdered, then the whole crew would be at risk. You remember what Lena said."


Chakotay glanced back at her. "Harry, James and that Nichola lass aren't here yet. Duncan was grounded by Doctor Jones for trying to set fire to his new office"


Nichola was upgraded to MC in the last scene, after meeting invites went out already. Ignoring the stupidity of every MC being a senior officer, which is hard I know, why would she be expected to be there?

And are you suggesting Duncan has to be there too, or is that the reason James isn't.


Harry: oh yeah burnt bodies. first a decomposed corpse now this, I love this season.

James: o_0

rip Harry

"The child was angry. I was babysitting him, like I've been doing for a week now. He kept asking me to revive his mother, but I kept telling him that reviving Jessie was impossible since we ejected her body into space two days ago. He wouldn't listen, so he tried setting the room alight," Doctor Jones said.


not that I blame Duncan for lashing out after so crudely saying that lolyourmum's dead forever, but starting a fire doesn't seem like something he'd do.

Kathryn sat down in her chair. "Indeed. Maybe it's best if Harry, James and Duncan weren't here anyway."

yes they expected the baby to be at this meeting. okay dokey

"We're organising a new senior staff for the Enterprise. Of course the new staff won't be able to take over until Voyager is back on track," Chakotay said.

"Who's going to Captain this ship?" Tom asked.

Oh is that the excuse we're going with for the gigantic senior staff squeezed into one room, nonotbuyingit

"I'll do it," Lena said. Everyone's eyes widened as they turned to stare at her. "What? I've had command experience."

Janeway: Daaaw so cute, of course you can, here's the keys

I kinda wish I was just joking, or not exaggerating.

"You're not seriously thinking of leaving your eighteen year old daughter in charge of a ship much more advanced than your own, are you?" Chakotay asked.

"Hey, I'm better at Captaining than you are!" Lena snapped.

"Not true, right everyone?" Chakotay asked. He looked around the room. Everyone was either looking nervous, pretending to cough, or shaking their heads.

"Duncan would be a better Captain than you," Tom said.

I'M FOR IT, as long as he's got fire starting out of his system

"If he wasn't too busy setting fire to things," Doctor Jones muttered.

"So it's settled," Kathryn said.


about Duncan, obviously, Lena's nabbed the Enterprise like any good fanfictional Sue would.

Lena the Sue Count: +1

Lena ignored him, "we shouldn't really choose who goes where. Maybe we could send a poll to the crew asking them where they'd rather stay."

"I suppose that's a good idea," Kathryn said.

"I don't give a toss anymore," Harry muttered.

Oh yeah, how could I forget this is the start of the grumpy Harry lolphasers Kim storyline.

It's funny cos there wasn't anything in Oasis, so it's starting just in time to be compared to another certain storyline.

"I know you're all going to laugh at me, but I don't care. I liked Emma, I thought those writers would bring her back, but have they? No!" Harry said angrily.

Harry dear, Jessie's still dead. That's almost close to killing off Lena in scope. Don't be daft

Lilly's still in the Alpha Quadrant.


"Zip it, Janeway, you're boring everyone," a familiar voice said. Everyone looked towards the door, they saw James come in. He took the only available seat, next to Harry.

Kathryn sighed, she stood up. "James, why are you late?"

James just rolled his eyes. "I dunno."

"He was probably too busy bubbling like a little baby," Harry muttered.

Says the guy who's just had his tantrum about a dead character interrupted

"For your information, Kimmy, I haven't cried once since it happened," James said.


That's dark, and certainly not something that we need to worry about

"Yeah, likely story. I guess instead you're settled with biting everyone's head off everytime they speak," Harry said.

Damn it Harry, if you wanted a counter you just had to ask. Lets see, what should I call it? Hypocrite Harry will have to do for the time being.

FOR ONE EPISODE ONLY, for now, Hypocrite Harry: +2

anyways meeting over, and what did we learn boys and girls? That Lena's a spoilt Mary Sue/Marill insert obsessed with the Enterprise E. That Harry's jealous of James's new storyline and so is copycatting him. Babies can be senior officers as long as they're in the main cast. Yes to all, good job everyone!

"Come in," Kathryn said quietly.

The door opened, Kathryn groaned when she saw Peter Taylor walk straight over to her desk.

Oh thank god, plot

I can't believe I'm relieved to see Peter's name. That won't last, I assure you.

"Am I correct in assuming that I'm having a little family trouble and that no one in the family has bothered to tell me?" Peter replied.

I'm sure James told you at the end of Man Out Of You, it ended in F$$$ you and started with a punch. It was gooood

Janeway inhales too much coffee and "last time on FV's" for him anyway, even mentioning the red eyes and apparent urge to kill.

"He is a Natural slayer, Peter... sorry Mr Taylor. Grief, anger and then the desire for vengeance can easily over power them. He was lucky he didn't kill, if he did, he wouldn't of been able to stop," Kathryn said.

just why are we telling him this? Peter's either gonna be thrilled at this news or he's gonna use it against James. Neither are good.

Peter smiled despite the topic of conversation. "I just wanted to know what happened, Janeway, I didn't need an explanation about the 'not being able to stop killing' thing. I also know my son is a Natural slayer, he even has the potential of a Chosen Slayer. I do know more about Slayers than you do," Peter said.

colour me surprised

"I know alright. That's the reason why I beat him, as you call it, in the first place. To train him, I'm a Slayer myself. Of course I wasn't born with the ability, like all other males in my family. We all had to train hard to.." Peter said.

We're in Season Three and I still can't get this Slayer thing right.

One last time. There are volunteers like apparently the whole male side of the Taylor family, and lolFaye and Marill, who fight Pokemon battles and play Tetris in their free time to make sure they're ready for a random Game Cube. Meanwhile there are Naturals and Chosens who are born with the strength to play Tetris without practice. Erm. My head hurts.

and lolwhut, it's why you beat him, he says so casually

"Yes I know. Every male in the family has to train ridiculously hard to become a Slayer. I've heard already," Kathryn said. She then looked uneasy, she turned her head away.

"How have you heard?" Peter asked suspiciously.

This crap should've been in Man Out Of You, but oopsie daisy. It sorta is now, 19 years later

But anyway this so called slip up has Peter all o_0, and he starts digging.

Peter eyed her suspiciously. "You say your name is Kathryn right?"

Kathryn dared not to look up from her computer. "That is right."

"Do people call you Kathy?" Peter asked.

Well it almost sounds like caffeine, so probably

"You always were the little liar, weren't you, Kathryn Janeway. Or should I call you Kathy Williams," Peter said.

Kathryn looked up at him in shock. "What are you talking about?"

Ohnoes, Peter's remembered that old babysitter who he fired for snorting coffee on the kitchen table, then dancing on it. Damn it Janeway had to make up an alias to do this, the scandal!

Peter stood up and he leaned on the the desk. "Stop toying with me Kathy, you know what I'm talking about. Am I the only one who's been left out of this, or have you lied to everyone?"

Apparently not. Phoebe knows, James of course only found out off screen, why break a habit of a lifetime!

"Does James know your little secret?" Peter asked.

"Not all of it,

Ok ok, he didn't witness the breakdancing on the table or the jar sniffing, but do we really have to traumatise him by telling him? Nobody would be surprised anyway.

Kathryn went around the desk and she stood directly in front of Peter. "I told him that his mother asked me to help look after him when he was a newborn up until about two," Kathryn replied. Peter tried his best not to laugh. "I was desperate. I was mad at him for something that I shouldn't of been mad for. I didn't have any idea what his reaction would be if he knew the truth," Kathryn said.

Ah ok, this was always meant to be mentioned in Resolutions. So bringing this crap up in scene 1 as if it were a recap of something that's already happened is still a bit, some word I can think of.

Dumb? Pointless? Not true at the time? Stupid? Coffee? Why?

Yeah I'm struggling here

"That's a nice story, girl. Now tell me, when are you planning to tell him? On your dying bed? In the afterlife? In another reincarnation?" Peter asked.

"Looking for the right time is difficult. He's not exactly the easiest person to talk to," Kathryn replied.

Show of hands, who knew what they were talking about by this point? When the episode was new that is, not with the hindsight of episodes after this (and/or technically before).

"No! Not now, he's just lost someone... his best friend and fiancée. He won't be able to handle it, he may go after someone's blood again... most likely mine," Kathryn said.


"It's about time he did, it'll prove to me that's he not a total screw up," Peter said.

Yep, I told ya Peter would probably be thrilled with a James that murdered all the time. Once or seven times isn't manly enough.

Peter smiled, he did a fake salute, "ok boss, your wish is my command." He walked out of the room.

Kathryn sighed and she sat down on the edge of her desk. "I was wondering where James got that awful sense of humour from."

How very dare you. James is funny, Peter is that hole in my garden the local cats keep pooping in.

So yeah. Janeway pretty much said "this is myyyy ship, so you do as I say, so don't tell James about that time I dropped a jar in his crib, and so I climbed into it and passed out in coffee bliss, and that's really why I was fired and he had to get a new crib." So what does Peter do next?

The Mess Hall, Enterprise:
James was sitting on his own at the far end of the room

*SNIP* then looked up to see Peter. He sat himself down opposite James


Well at least he's honest.

Ok I'm jumping ahead. Lets see what happens before he shows up.

"Oh great, come to lecture me or have you come to just pester me?" James asked.

Lena pulled out a chair, then she sat down beside James. "You should know that I didn't inherit boring lecture skills from my parents. That's why I try to avoid giving them."

Yeah I didn't inherit being crazy from my parents, that's why I try to avoid talking to myself all the time.

Okay enough comedy, it's time for the Peter Ruins Everything Show: starring Peter Shuttleface Taylor, James Too Many Counters Stuart and Lena The Oblivious Liar.

He sat himself down opposite James.

"Janeway told me a little story about you," Peter said.

"A story, I like stories," Lena said.

Can I just remind you all that while Lena never met Peter in Man Out Of You, there was that brief bit in Fair Chance Part 1...

Lena pushed another strand of hair back. "Duh, we're a band and we're going to perform."

"My son's in another band," Peter muttered.


Lena, Craig, Triah, Faye and Naomi ignored her remark, and they sat down at Peter and Tom's table.


"You two act like a bunch of kids," Lena muttered as she chewed on her hair. The rest of the band, and Tom, watched her.

So yeah, I dunno what Lena's doing here.

"Why are you telling me this, I already know. She told me on this planet about seven years ago," James said.

"Wow, look how far we've come in that time," Lena said jokingly.


*eye roll*

At least now I think I know what she's doing, trying to lighten the mood so James doesn't go into any kind of freak the f$$$ out mode.

"I met Janeway months before you were even born. We met in a pub, it's funny cos we were both drunk at the time," Peter said.

That surprises them, as if Janeway never got pissed on just coffee, or drank alcohol at any point.

"Twice? Only once has surprised me," Lena said in disbelief.

"Do you mind butting in young lady!" Peter said angrily.

Lena puts up with this, and I'm like .......... why?

"Anyway, I started talking to her, she thought I was coming onto her.." Peter said.

Ho boy, during my babysit search in the prequels earlier I saw a similar line to this from Janeway. She still thinks this FYI


"Wait a second, how old were the two of you?" James asked.

Lena started to fiddle with a strand of her hair. "Is it relevant?"

No not the hair again!!!£!"$"^"$

Wait, why is James suddenly only concerned about Janeway's age at the time, not that she and his dad met in a bar, drunk as Toms, before he was even born.

"Do the maths, son. I met her twenty nine years ago. She's seven years younger than me, I would of been fifty three today if I hadn't of died and reincarnated," Peter replied.



Okay then. 29 - 7 = 22. 22 what, I don't get it.

Lets try and make sense of what info we have so far. Cos to be fair to Peter even his reincarnation still has brain trauma from that nasty shuttle accident which killed him. lol good times

Episode Date: April 2378
29 years ago: 2349
Ages in current date: Peter 53, Janeway 53-7=46

So that means Janeway was 17 when they met. Him 24

Lena started chewing on her hair, then she started watching James as he thought. She rolled her eyes, "mum was eighteen, he was twenty five."


Okay Lena's probably cheating cos she knows her mum's birthday is in May, and "today" is April, so she's not 46 YET. Of course both of our maths assumes the past dates were in April as well (they weren't).

James stared at Lena in disgust, "oh god."

"What?" Lena said questioningly.

Janeway told me when we first got stuck in this quadrant that she met this guy at eighteen, she got pregnant with him and had a miscarriage."

This was one of the scenes I looked at earlier, so I'm less surprised that this was something James not only knew already, but was told by Janeway herself. Prequel Spoilers: it looks like she was going to tell him this whole story but chickened out. Which I have to admit, I didn't remember doing, so I was like woah wtf

But anyway, lets look at that s$$$ again cos wtfbbq

"I met Janeway months before you were even born. We met in a pub, it's funny cos we were both drunk at the time," Peter said.

Lena started chewing on her hair, then she started watching James as he thought. She rolled her eyes, "mum was eighteen, he was twenty five."

Janeway told me when we first got stuck in this quadrant that she met this guy at eighteen, she got pregnant with him and had a miscarriage."

Looking at this at face value, LMAO, James and Lena almost had a sibling in common. That's hilarious on its own. Lets continue.

"A miscarriage, she is a good liar," Peter said.


Lena glanced at Peter with a disgusted look on her face. "You're a sick pervert. You got two girls pregnant in a matter of months or so," Lena said.

Lena catches this important tidbit: I met Janeway months before you were even born.  And I'm glad she did, it helps.

"Listen to me. My wife was only pregnant twice... once with Debbie, and the second time was when James was about three. Janeway never had a miscarriage," Peter said.


James and Lena glanced at each other with shocked expressions on their faces. "You, you don't mean," James stuttered.


"Yes son, Janeway's your real mother, not Susy. We just didn't want you to know till you were old enough. Obviously Susy never wanted you to find out at all," Peter said.

And of course the first reaction to this news is:

Lena pulled a disgusted face. "Eeew, I.. I kissed my half brother."


It's from a review of a game called Drakengard. The reviewer tends to add extra funny dialogue and alter images. This is still my favourite of his. This character just found out that his sister's into him. He can't talk, so, she has to know some how.

It's probably better to link to the actual joke, enjoy: (PS, scroll halfway down)

"It was an accident, geeze, you should know about accidents," Lena said.

"What are you trying to say?" James asked.

Lena denies it, but we all know what she meant

"Think about it, she wasn't happy when we became friends... she was incredibly pissed when she found out about that kiss. Yet when she found about you and Craig, she didn't care as much," James said.

Also can I remind you all that she pretty much encouraged Lena to date. So yeah, this point is even more damning

"It also explains why she totally blew her top when she caught me and Jessie... on New Earth," James said.

The ... after Jessie. I know why it's there, and I lose my hyper buzz.

"You don't want to know, it's something not many people know about. Besides, I'd rather not talk about Jessie," James said.

"Can't you make the exception, I want to know," Lena asked.

Yeaaaaah no, this is something you probably don't tell your sister or your abusive father. or any father, unless he's one of those dads with his sons. Though Peter probably is.

"Oh sorry, I'm just curious. I mean mum's never been that angry when you two have been together, so it must of been..." Lena said. She slowly glanced back at James with a shocked expression on her face. "You guys didn't..."


James covered his face with his hand. "Yeah, you happy now."

I'm so glad James didn't actually tell them. It's none of their business and the timing's very weird. We're supposed to be still reeling from the James is a Janeway revelation

"Your own mother caught you doing that? No wonder she blew her top," Peter said in a disgusted voice.

"No, it was the morning after," James replied.

sorry I laughed

it'd explain why Janeway's so crazy

"But you always said that the ceremony you both did years ago was the first time," Lena said.

again, this is not the point of the scene, no matter what planet we're in orbit of

"Wow, Ian's married to Danny, yet she still doesn't know about it," Lena said.

Yeah wowee, can we back to the original subject. It's not a one you briefly OMG to, then change the subject and forget about it forever. jesuschrist

In: "Good, please pick him up immediately.... no, Duncan, keep off those hyposprays!"

"I think we should be keeping him away from anything sharp and flammable," Lena said.


"I take it Duncan's upset," Peter said sarcastically.

"Don't joke about it or I'll make you babysit," James said. He stood up, he then headed straight towards the door.


Nothing Duncan does in life, or even stuff he'd never do, means he deserves to be babysat by Peter Abuser Taylor. James of all people would not joke about this, no matter how out of sorts he is. What the helll?

"No he won't, I doubt he'll want me to do the same to Duncan as I did to him," Peter said.

I'm not so sure now, everything's on the cards now. I'm so uncomfortable. Speaking of comfort, I totally have a good feeling about the next scene.

The room was dark and quiet. James was sitting on the sofa, Duncan was asleep in his arms. The door chimed, James didn't answer, but the door opened anyway.

Kathryn stepped inside, after looking around the room she folded her arms and looked at James and Duncan. "Cute," she said quietly.

That is cute, but I dunno if she means it. it looks sarcastic

"What do you want, whore," James asked.

Should I? He is angry and within the context, I er... OK FINE, he didn't call Peter the same thing so

Sexist Crap Count: +1

"Whore? Who do you think you are calling me that?" Kathryn said angrily.

"I don't think I am, I know I am your bloody son," James said.

Well this is going super duper well

Duncan slowly started to wake up. He looked up at James. "What's going on?"

"Nothing, you don't mind going to see Aunt Lena," James replied.

Yes, that's a very good idea. very. and whut, Duncan already knows what that means and understands? ohdear

"He knows too, how did you explain it?" Kathryn asked.

"Why? You want to know how it should have been done at his age?" James replied.

"No, that's not why I asked," Kathryn said.

I dunno how I'm going to get through this scene without making fun of the awkwardness, cos DAMN, it's awkward and it's meant to be, I can't rant/shout all caps it. I've done the James versus argument joke far too many times. Help, I don't have that many jokes.

anyway back on topic. how did James tell his one year old son? especially in this pissy of a mood, which followed a cute little nap with him.

James stood up, "so when were you planning to tell me?"

"It wasn't planned, it was just difficult to find the right time, that's all," Kathryn replied.

Lol, she's known him (as an adult) for 7 years now. This should never fly. And we know from earlier dialogue that she knew as far back as the first prequel season.

"So, why did you stop by?" James asked.

"I came by to see how you were doing, but now I think it'd be better if I came back later," Kathryn replied.

And you did not think for one itty second that Peter would follow up on that threat from earlier the same day? Dayum, you dumb.

Anyway James starts acting a bit... strange to say the least

"Oh no, stay, I might forget what I want to say," James said, he headed over to the nearby bookcase. "They pack these quarters with any old s*** don't they," he muttered as he pulled out a book.

or creepy, creepy is a good word (and he's insulting my E, the audicity)

"I know you mustn't be happy with me, but you've got to understand I was under a lot of pressure. If I went back home with a two year old son both of us wouldn't of had a family to stay with. I did what was best for you," Kathryn said.


Why? You've worded it so the cause of this hypothetical family strife is the child itself. It's not victim blaming but he'll see it as such. Bringing YOU home would've meant we'd be kicked out.

James turned around. "Best for me? You wouldn't be saying that if you knew what my life was like. You didn't care about what happened to me."

We don't know for sure how long Janeway was in the picture. We have the two years she said she babysit him, so lets go with that for the moment. That's a long time for Peter to pretend he's not an abusive prick so, this is quite hard to argue with.

"That is not true at all," Kathryn said.


"I bet you didn't think for a second about me when you were living out your little perfect life," James said, he threw the book to the ground.

well that's not...

"While you were going up ranks, I was getting beaten by my own father."

oh you're not done, my bad 0_0

He dropped another book onto the ground. "Losing members of my family, getting bullied, getting treated like the love rat I am by my 'mother'." He pushed the whole shelf of books onto the floor.

oh s$$$y s$$$

"Attempting suicide after suicide, and you stand there claiming what you did was the best for me."

ok Janeway, you can do this. Don't f$$$ this up. And stay on screen for the love of god

"My life wasn't as perfect as you may think," Kathryn said.


"Oh yeah, I nearly spoilt your perfect life didn't I.

Oooph I'd say there's no rescuing this situation, but er, yeah this is... Janeway was not prepared one bit which tells James and us that she never planned on telling him. If she ever did she'd have her story straight. All she has instead is excuses James can easily throw back at her.

 You figured that the only way to get back to your perfect life was to abandon me at the first opportunity," James said as he went up closer to Kathryn.


"It wasn't like that. I wanted to take you back home, but I couldn't. How could I tell my family and my fiancée that I accidentally slept with a man I'd never met when drunk, and had a son. Do you realise that maybe you would of been better off in England," Kathryn said.


Why? Remind the poor guy that again he's not only the result of a one night stand, but a cheating asshole and a 17 year old hanging out in a bar. This is never the bloody kid's fault. And yet they're the ones that suffer in the end. Janeway once again implies by abandoning him, that's solved the problem and she can go back to normal.

"You mean, you mean you had a fiancée who had no idea about what you'd done. Now wouldn't it have been a shame if he did find out," James said.

Oh buggery hell. This little error was fixed in the prequel episode which mentions the partner at the time (so yes correction, both are cheating arseholes), but not here. A kind person told me in Crying Dying's review that if Janeway did have a child at 17, it wouldn't have been when she was engaged to ew Justin, but dating earlier boyfriend... I wanna say Ched. I could fix it but Janeway expands on this further, mentioning the fiancee's shuttle accident (I'm sensing a pattern) that killed him and her dad. It'll be fixed during its edit, for the moment oopsiedaisy

I won't hide it, lets continue

"He died, he died in an accident that killed my father as well. My life was far from perfect James. My father knew my secret, but my fiancée didn't. You see, you're not the only one who's lost somebody you loved. I know exactly what you're going through.." Kathryn said.


Why? So a member of your family DID know, and he presumably accepted the situation, so where is this OMG MY FAMILY WOULD DISOWN ME crap coming from? Also guilt trips. Also bring up Jessie to compare to, very wrong! XX

Now that James knows he's a Janeway, he's comfortable getting his giant paragraph ranting on. Lets do this thing

"You're talking crap, you have no idea what I'm going through. I lost my sister when I was three, my father at five.

oh dear

 I saw my so called mother lying dead in a public area, I felt like I do now, I wanted to kill who was responsible.

this is where evacuating would be a good idea, but this is James the Off Screen Machine. Oh gods, what DO you do?

I killed two Cardassians that day, they probably didn't even do anything wrong, and I've regretted that for a long time.

Holy moly, I don't remember him ever admitting the regret at any other time. Wow

James Kill Count: +2

Jessie was the only one I had left, and guess what... she's gone..." James said. He pushed the chair nearest to him, it overturned as it fell onto the ground.

"You haven't lost everything.. you have Duncan, Lena, your friends..." Kathryn said, as she backed towards the door.

I hope for your sake the next scene is taking place on the other side, cos nuh uh

"I know, Duncan's the only reason why I'm alive now," James said.

The reason for undoing his hesitance in Oasis. My cold crappy heart, ow

"I know you've lost a lot of people you've cared about, but that's no reason to think like that. There are a lot of people on this ship that care about you.." Kathryn said.

"Including you?" James asked.

"Yes of course," Kathryn replied.

I'm sorry but I gotta do this

Lets have a quick recap, shall we?

"He said that you are a lovely Captain," Lena said.

"He'd better have said that, or he's dead. Isn't that right, Ensign," Kathryn said harshly.


 "He was the only one with me at the time. And what do you mean by what happened?" Lena replied.

"The second question was directed at him," Kathryn said.


"Crewman Rex and Ensign Stuart were found this morning," Tuvok said.

 "That's good, I was really getting worried about them," Kathryn said.

"You were?" Chakotay said questioningly.

"Well Crewman Rex did have a bit of an argument with Lena about the band Jailbreaker," Tuvok said.

"Supposedly Jessie said a little too much. The police think that they could of been attacked by Jailbreaker fans," Chakotay said.

"That figures. Can't we have one shore leave where those two don't cause trouble?" Kathryn asked.


"Oh fine. Do you think this rumour [about Lena crushing on him] is.. true.... ugh, that's a stupid question," James said.

"Of course not, my daughter has taste," Kathryn growled.


"So? He was probably just acting like an idiot as he usually does. I'd yell at him too," Kathryn said.

- one more for the road -

 "I know, that's why I want to make it up to him. Can you convince him to talk to me?" Peter asked.

"I'll see what I can do," Kathryn replied with a smile. Peter smiled back at her.


Kathryn raised her eyebrow and she looked at the child. "I can understand why you don't want to talk to him. You're afraid aren't you?"

I rest my case, and some or maybe all of them were written with this storyline in mind. Don't get me started on the ones where it possibly/definitely wasn't.

"If I didn't care about you, you wouldn't be alive now," Kathryn said.

"Yes really. Susy was so angry when I had you, she wanted you dead. If I hadn't of cared I would of went home straight after you were born, and left you with her," Kathryn said.

I ER...




"Didn't stop you leaving me when I was, what two?" James said.

"Two years is a long time, she grew fond of you during that time. I thought it was safe to leave you," Kathryn said.

Okay, normally I'd be demanding the garbage GIF but I know what's coming, it's not pretty so I'm conflicted here.

"Well obviously it wasn't. I lived in fear for over a year while you were probably laughing it up at that damn Academy," James said. Kathryn backed further to the door, he followed her.


"You know, I think I should come back later when you've calmed down," Kathryn said. She backed into the door, she moved her hand to press the button at the side of the door. James' hand got their first.

Yeah erm, somebody bring another camera, this one isn't enough apparently.

"You're not going anywhere," James said. He smiled slightly, "here we are, a mighty starship Captain, so scared of her son that she's willing to run away from him."

Oh my f$$$$ god

"I'm not scared of you, James. I'm worried about you," Kathryn said. She quickly tapped her commbadge. "Janeway to Security," she just managed to say before James got a hold of her commbadge.

Yeah you should be

(doesn't help I'm being reminded of Simon here too)

"Bad mummy," James said. He grabbed a hold of Kathryn by the arms after crushing the commbadge.

Damn it, this is serious, don't make me laugh

"Security will be on it's way, James, you don't want to get into trouble," Kathryn said.

"Trouble, I thought you wanted trouble.


"Trouble, I thought you wanted trouble. I mean, twenty eight years ago you thought you gave birth to a normal little baby, huh. You were wrong, you gave birth to your worse nightmare," James said.

His eyes turned red again, then he threw her into the glass table. It smashed upon impact.

phew that wasn't a motto reference... I MEAN OH MY GOD

(I'm still conflicted on that nightmare line but dayum, the rest)

"Those tables are useless aren't they. They always get smashed

I'm er...

Starfleet really should make those tables out of unbreakable glass," James said as he went over to what was left of the table.

super uncomfortable again

YIKES so bad

End the scene on the table getting smashed. I get that the point of this is to show how casual he is in his violence, but he's meant to be inconsolably pissed here. It's too early. Getting cut and only preserved here, sorry.


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