Marill Re-Reads "Oasis of Abatua"

Voyager, Bridge
In: "Anderson to Bridge."

Kathryn tapped her commbadge. "What is it Craig?"

Meanwhile on Deck 15

Craig and Lena were standing at a dead end, facing a huge horde of Sbaracs.

I need a "boy that escalated quickly" type gif

*shrug* that'll do for now. RIP sweet prince

Ian looked down at his console. "As far as I can tell they're on Decks Fourteen and Fifteen, and they're spreading."

Oh don't worry, they'll get to Deck Thirteen and find nothing there at all.

Anyways while this is original material, it's just there to get the ships out of the picture. But what about the Enterprise, you wonder?

In: "Enterprise to Voyager, we've just been attacked by a Borg sphere."

Pfft so? The Enterprise has made a sphere its bitch before, why not now?

Most of the crew beam over to the Enterprise, Janeway makes a defiant stand that's almost in character if it weren't so silly

I'm not letting those bugs take over my ship," Kathryn said.

"It's not like they're going to pilot Voyager and attack people with it," Tom muttered.

"Quit it with the smart ass attitude, Tom," Kathryn said.

It doesn't last and they all evacuate, leaving Voyager parked on the planet.

Also there's this that I feel needs quoting so I can sin it appropriately

"Chakotay to Enterprise," Chakotay said.

In: "Lena here."

Wait, what?

So when they evacuated Lena and Craig, they beamed them directly to the Enterprise bridge?

Why were they both on Deck 15 in the first place?

Tom groaned. "Great, she's in charge now... maybe we should have just left her here."

It's not like this was a forgotten mistake ^ Lena either ran, beamed herself to the bridge, or the transporter guy was having a laugh. We all know this is for Lena's future benefit so...

Lena the Sue Count: 1

"I thought somebody said this ship was under attack," Kathryn said.

"It was, they've stopped firing," Lena said.

"But, why?" Harry asked.

"I don't know," Lena muttered.

Why would she, she was hanging around the bottom of Voyager 5 minutes ago.

Janeway orders Team 2 to go down to the planet and look for Faye. So even after my comment earlier about getting rid of the ships, the Enterprise is still in the game. Hmmmm.

Fifth Enterprise E: 1

Meanwhile James and Jessie dry off in a town centre, while Duncan the not even 1 year old carries the chest. It's okay, he's a strong kid. *shrug*

In: "Good. I'm sending an awayteam down to look for Faye, I want you to join them."

"Why?" Duncan asked.

In: "Janeway out."

Duncan forever asking the right questions

The ex-Borg guys arrive and they just happen to be landing nearby so the good guys see them.

While I'm still trying to remember where I am and what's happening, I'll remind you. There's a sphere in orbit who picked a fight, accidentally hit Enterprise (cos ffs a crippled Voyager was right there, but apparently they hit Enterprise), crapped themselves and backed off so quickly I blinked and missed said attack TWICE, I had to read Part 1 and Part 2 so far three times to find out what attack Janeway was talking about (I WISH I WAS JOKING). Plus there's shuttles digging up corpses thousands of lightyears away on Magi world, I wanna say Thairo.

The shuttles are what's arriving. I assume, since this is Mummy Returns. The thugs who were in a mighty battle with Duncan the Great have also been from this planet to Thairo to report the Enteprise meanies getting in the way of them shooting Voyager out of the sky. Oh and JJ stealing some chest.

Yeah they mentioned transwarp in Part 1, but come on, really? Again I'll point out this was a Season Two episode originally. No work has gone into moving it into Season Three other than that. I wanted to just edit this s$$$ but... no it's fine, the thugs can tell the sphere and the sphere could probably tell them, somehow with Borg tech. Look I dunno, it's still better than this super duper transwarp drive these shuttles have.

Back to this clearly still a draft of S2's The Reincarnation mixed in with the S3's Mummy Returns.

Lena, Tom and Craig rematerialised in what looked like a bedroom. They looked around looking very confused.

"Are you sure this is the right place?" Tom asked.

"Do I look sure," Lena replied. She tapped her commbadge. "Lena to Stuart."

In: "Lena? Are you on the team?"

"Yep, where are you?" Lena replied.

"What the hell are you doing in my room?" a posh woman's voice screeched.

The awayteam turned and then saw a fat woman staring at them, with her hands on her fat hips.


Lena tells Team 2 to split up their three person team to look for JJ and Duncan. She's so smart. Tom tries to protest while Craig probably curtseys and yes ma'ams. We all know that doesn't matter.

The commline wasn't mentioned being cut off during the fat shaming and pointless room beaming in, bare that in mind for the next scene

"Fine, I'm on my way," James muttered. He tapped his commbadge, "bossy little bastard."

I'm sure girls can be considered bastards too, right?

"I suppose it's in his nature, give him a thump for me too when you find him," Jessie said

Oookay my head hurts. I need another 8 month break. Wait, what, are JJ splitting up too?

Oh wait I do know the answer to this (yes) and why it's happening (GUESS). Nm. I'll forgive this weird mix up since this mini scene gives us this:

 She and James kissed each other on the lips briefly.

Duncan rolled his eyes. "Don't you two ever stop."

I wanna say "no" but erm this is awkward... I need a distraction

Tom and Craig jumped slightly at a banging sound. They both held up their rifles. Craig lowered his nervously, and pushed Tom's down too.

"What are you doing?" Tom asked. He felt what seemed like a gun being pointed at the back of his head.

A group of five ex-drones came around the corner, then they forced Tom and Craig to the ground. The old guy from Naptwo was among the group.

So if you thought the teams are split up, yes both of them, to get the right characters into their Mummy Returns positions because I had ran out of draft, then you'd be flipping right. Craig and Tom take Johnathan's role for the rest of the movie. Lena's too competant to be with the blundering comic relief.

"Key, what are you talking about?" Tom asked.

Craig sighed. "Don't you ever listen to mission briefings?"

Tom rolled his eyes and he slapped his forehead. "You obviously don't listen to them fully."

Does it matter, neither have it

Lena's soul twin shows up and Craig proposes marriage on the spot.

Meanwhile the Enterprise detects the trouble because its awesome, beams everyone out and skedaddles. The End, what's for supper?

"I can't tell Captain, they must of done something to their shields," Harry said.

"They're leaving orbit," Lee said from the helm.

"Alert Lena, we're leaving orbit," Chakotay said.

"Mr Williams, follow that ship," Kathryn commanded.

Nope, no handy spaceships with transporters and scanners in movies set in the 1930's. See you next week!

Meanwhile James arrives where Tom and Craig are, just as Tom's about to be hickeyed by the snake.

"Er hello," James muttered. Craig waved, Tom rolled his eyes.


Craig knows what's up, everything will be okay now.

*counter on standby*

Back to the meanwhile, Jessie gets the heebies

"Do you feel that?" she asked.

Duncan looked nervous as he hid his hand behind his back. "Feel what mummy."


"I'm here for the chest, give it to me," Lartinan replied.

Duncan picked the chest back up.

"Leave us alone, or you'll regret it," Jessie said.

"Woah mum, not a good idea," Duncan muttered.

It's almost word for word. Thanks Jessie for mixing things up.

And what Duncan, it's just one bloke. He'll be garbaged in two seconds.

Five more ex-drones came up behind Lartinan.

"Told you, think it's time to yell for dad now," Duncan said. Jessie turned back at Duncan with her eyebrow raised, and she turned back.

Jessie reacts how I did before the 5 newbies showed up. Poor kid doesn't know how to deviate from the script yet, but hey I'm just impressed he can read the script at all.

"I don't think so," a familiar voice said. Everyone turned and they saw a man in a dark cloak come up beside Jessie. He took off his hood.

"Arden, how come you're here?" Jessie asked.

Who? Oh that dumb guy from Resurrection and Kiss of Death. Love that guy. Just like his rip off inspiration, he dodges the really good question which is even better in Oasis cos again I'll remind you, this is tens of thousands of lightyears from where we last saw him.

"Arden, the traitor," Lartinan growled.

And he knows the bad guys and has a history with them. The traitor line is new and no I don't know why or how either.


"Look, maybe these two deserve what you're about to do to them," James said.

Aaaw *deletes counter*

Damn Mummy Returns and having Rick's fight scenes shown on screen

"You see this isn't a good time..." James said but he was interrupted by Tanaia throwing the snake at him. Luckily he caught it, it still tried to bite him.

Um okay, I get Rick acting like this in the film. He has no idea about the plot at all. The "key" was some random trinket they found, he has no reason to expect bad guys. But James knows these Borg guys are lurking around and aren't on their side.

Mummy Returns barely a fight scene starts, but for once there's differences. I know right!

Tom and Craig got away from their captives. Craig looked around quickly and he ran through the nearest door.

"Gee, what a coward," Tom muttered. One guy threw a knife at Tom, he ducked quickly, and it went towards James instead. He got out of the way and it landed in the wall. "Oh damn," Tom muttered.


James ignored him. "Do you want the knife?"

"Yeah, actually. Nobody throws knives at me and lives," Tom replied.

"We'll see about that then," James said.

"What do you mean by that?" Tom asked just before he got a knife threw at him. He ducked quickly, and it landed in one of the ex-drones. "When I said I wanted the knife, that's not what I meant."

Okay guys, help me out here:

James Kill Count: ??

Snake in face (guy is still alive to say "oh crap" afterwards) and another knife thrown at, after the "nobody does that and lives" "lets see" exchange. It does not say. It's not concrete.

Meanwhile good old Larty signals the start of the fight, but then buggers off to the side to let his three minions take care of Jessie and Arden. Two of the ex drones have disappeared between scenes, so James must've off screened in the wrong place. Tsk.

Another ex-drone attacked Jessie. She kicked one in the face, and pushed the other one into the wall.

"Woah mum, I didn't know you could do that," Duncan said.

I know, copied line but... has Jessie really never done anything badass in front of him yet?

Jessie kicked the second guy where it hurts. "Neither did I."

Oh ok, I'll give her the kicked someone in the face thing, that's gotta be new, but she says that after one of her signature moves.

The one she kicked in the face caught her by surprise, he pushed her into the wall. She kicked him in the leg, pushed him back a bit, then she punched him right in the face. "I knew I could do that though."

That's more like it

Some more ex-drones came around the corner, they immediately started firing at Tom and James. They quickly went around the next corner. Tom looked towards the door Craig went through, he quickly went through it. James rolled his eyes and he quickly followed.

Why you rolling? Craig had the right idea, and you had two chances to off screen fools. How many times can I tsk here!

One of the ex-drones was playing tug of war with Duncan over the chest. Eventually he pulled the chest off Duncan, he fell to the ground.

Lol this was funny to me in the film with the 8 year old kid. Here I'm imagining some bloke trying to take a big toy from a baby, which is what's happening.

yesyes I know Duncan's special but still funny to imagine

Crotch Kickee comes back for revenge and one shots Jessie, cos Evie still gotta damsel despite knowing some fight moves now. At the same time Lena arrives too late to steal Arden/th's part in the fight, just as he's about to lose. This is funny enough to almost make me deduct a Sue point off her.

Craig turned to James who was trying to open the nearby window. "This is crazy, it's too far down."

"Don't yell at me, it was Tom's idea," James said.

"Was not..." Tom said. He got shot in the arm. "Oh crap, do it faster you idiot!"

Tbh I'm on Tom's side. You're getting shot at and you're faffing about with a window. Normal people could break it.

"Not with my idea," Tom said, he whispered something in Craig's ear. He smiled and nodded. They both went up behind James, then they pushed him as hard as they could. He went straight through the window, and landed hard on the ground in a matter of seconds.

Well that side thing lasted all of thirty seconds.

He raised his head slightly, "you stupid pieces of shit." Tom then immediately fell on James' back, then Craig landed on Tom's.

I laughed mainly for James' reaction but omg, they pushed him out of the window in order to break it. Surely it'd have been easier to throw something at it, or cushion their arm and use that?

"That was a nice soft landing," Craig said cheerfully.

"I'm glad you're safe, Craig... now get off my back!" Tom yelled.

"Will you both get off mine!" James yelled.

Oh, this was for stolen dialogue from something else. Probably Pokemon. I gotcha

Craig glanced at Tom. "How did you know that Slayers land easier?"

"They do? So much for my idea," Tom replied.

James: I'm going to remember this in exactly one episode

Tom/Craig: Why in exactly one episode?

James: :) ;)

Tom/Craig: *sweats*

"Did anyone hear a shuttle?" Craig asked. His answer was one of the nearby Borg shuttles powering up. The three guys saw one of the ex-drones carrying Jessie into the shuttle. They were about to go towards it, when the ex-drones suddenly came out of the building firing at them. They went to the side of the building to avoid the shots.

Long story short, bad guys get away with Jessie and the chest. Rest of the team regroup

"That's not important.


The man who took Jessie is, or was part of the Maji. I know where his hideout is," Arden replied.

Wouldn't that make Larty the traitor and not Arden? These Maji are still dumb.

"We have a ship in orbit, they can..." Tom said.

"No they can't, they've gone to pursue those Borg spheres," Lena said.

See, this film would be easily solved with a ship in orbit. Oopsie daisy.

"Those ex-drones you speak of are actually part of the Borg Resistance. They heard about the gate on this planet, and they want to use it to gain an advantage against the Borg," Arden replied.

Okay you know, I think Oasis would've worked better as the Season Two cliffhanger instead of Fair Chance. The season would've started and ended with the resistance, with the cliffhanger showing the consequences of starting this rebellion. No I don't think it ever was considered one. Oh well.

And I'll reluctantly admit that I like the motives for the bad guys. The original movie's were just bad for the sake of being bad, or wanted power I dunno, while here its a power they think they need. It won't last, the film copies far too much for it to work.

"Jessie is a lure, that's why we have to be careful when we rescue her," Arden said.

"A lure for what?" James asked.

"They want you," Arden replied.

Tom's thrilled with this even after getting his rocks off with the window bit. I suppose we and the gang know what Arden meant by this, and Tom doesn't. Still kinda rude.

"You see, the Resistance can't reach the gate on their own. They're not powerful enough to fight the gate guards..." Arden said.

Craig sniggered quietly, but James still heard him. He got smacked too.

No respect I tell ya

I'm surprised there's no huffy reaction from Lena, or a mention of her at all. She must be fuming by now.

"The Resistance went to Thairo to retrieve Iinan's remains. They have enough to revive him," Arden said.

Craig: so wtf do we have in Sickbay/previously the Cargo Bay then?

Arden: I'm gonna assume he'll be revived with only legs or something. It'll be funny.

"This never would of happened if Lena read that passage right in Kiss of Death," Tom said.

Lena knocked Tom unconscious again. "It's not my fault that I don't have the right accent for that language, dope."

I knew she was quietly stewing, I knew it.

"Still, it still should have worked.. I mean the Kiss of Death was cured," Arden said.

Isn't THAT interesting


"Erm, to go back to the original subject. Will the Resistance be able to use the gate now, with the key and Iinan?" James asked.

"Yes, it is only a matter of time. The gate was originally used to connect this planet with Thairo, but it can be used to open portals on other planets too," Arden replied.

Phew, now that the issue of the distance between Resurrection's planet and Oasis's because of the episode/film being moved into different seasons is sorted, I can complain about other things.

Anyway it's fine, Duncan half inched the key when Jessie was getting badguy vibes earlier.

"The child has put the key on his wrist... do you know what this means?" Arden said.

"He's a girl for putting bracelet things on?" Tom asked as he came into consciousness again. He wasn't awake for long.

Holy moly, a twofer

Sexist Crap Count: +1

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: +1

No it's not an assumption.

Tom came into consciousness again. "What, now I'm totally lost.. James and Lena keep knocking me unconscious."

Earlier it directly says Lena KO'd him. Case closed.

James turned to Duncan, who was sitting in the back. "Duncan, do me a favour.. stay and guard the car."

"But I wanna kick some butt," Duncan moaned.

"Well I'll make Tom stay, and you can kick his," James said.

"Hey," Tom said.

"I don't wanna go near his butt," Duncan said.

I love these two (not Tom, clearly)

Lena volunteers to stay behind with the kid cos yeah, dead guys are gross. Then I wonder something about both this and the movie.

Rick/James tells Alex/Duncan to stay behind to protect the car, but it's a front to keep the kid out of harm's way since they're going into bad guy's lair. While that part's okay they've already seemingly forgotten he has this key the bad guy's were after. So the idea was to leave the kid in the car alone then? Good plan.

James, Arden, Tom and Craig started to get out of the car. Duncan kicked Tom hard in the butt.

"Hey, I thought you didn't want to kick me," Tom said.

"I know, but your butt was just screaming 'kick me'," Duncan said.

Duncan's the best, why can't more people be like him

Tom turned to James. "There's another one coming isn't there."

"Oh yeah," James said and he grinned.

You've just given James the idea of an army of his own kids kicking Tom's butt for all eternity, chasing him etc... the perfect crime. Good job Tom.

"Maybe we should just forget the rescue mission, if we don't I'm going to have two of James' brats hitting me," Tom muttered.

"Don't forget me," James said.

"What?" Tom asked before he got knocked unconscious again.

If you didn't get the badass counter before, you do now right? RIGHT? James can't actually do these things, it has to be implied. Lena smacked Tom versus Tom got knocked unconscious. It can't be more blatant.

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: +1

James and Craig took off their jackets, and dumped them in the boot too. Craig went over to the car window. "Hey Lena," he said.

"Do you think I'm impressed, guess again," Lena said.

Craig sighed, "but I weight lifted with these arms for hours."

Eeew Craig, there's a child around

Lena rolled her eyes. "Duncan, kick him... right there."

Duncan giggled, and he kicked Craig where it hurts. He fell to the ground, crying.

Duncan needs his own counter. How about Duncan Badasses On Screen For Our Daaws/Amusement

"I doubt that he'd impress any girls with those arms," James muttered. All he heard was a groan.


Why on earth is Craig trying to impress Lena, the Slayer who could probably lift HIM, by lifting weights for a few hours? Seriously, he could look like Arnie or The Rock and Lena would still be able to lift him and toss him in the garbage.

I'd Sexist that counter, or something, but it's making fun of him for it so...

Meanwhile Arden eyes up James's arms, and we all worry that he's gonna get molested in 5,4,3...

"Where did you get that bruise from?" Arden asked.

Yeah yeah, that's what you were looking at.

"The shape of it, that means that you're one of the Chosen Slayers," Arden said.


Everyone else: how interesting

Lena: *jumps up and down* HELLOOO??

"I know that some people seem to think that Lena and I are Natural born ones, but Chosen?" James said.

"The Chosen Slayers are usually a brother and a sister. Lena must be a Natural one only," Arden said.

Lena: *SOBS*

"Look, you got the wrong person, it's only a bruise," James said. He walked away from the boot, stepping over Tom and Craig in the process. They were still crying on the floor.

I assume Lena's crying in the car.

Lena took off her jacket, and she looked at her new tattoo. It was the same shape, just more detailed. "Stupid permanent tattoos," she thought.

Waaait a minute.

Previously on Marill Re-Reads Season Two

"So, when did you do that to your upper arm?" Lena was asking as she ordered her food.

James finished ordering his food. "Long story, Lena.

Ok I'd gripe and I probably still will. This is a coincidence expositional chat for sure, but it could've been so much worse. Like James's random comments about his dad in earlier episodes. This is more foreshadowing/set up for a later thing.

Lena sure interrogates him about this bruise he got. I never thought about it, I just assumed it was forced because it was the dad abuse episode. It still could've been but it got me thinking...

Even more previously on Marill Re-Reads Season Two

 "Yeah, don't tell my mum I got a tattoo, she'll go nuts," Lena said.

No actual resolution because I'm out of time, but I have time for Lena to continue mimicking her so called actress.



If you've been reading these a while you know that whenever I saw a picture of her ex-actress with a different hair colour, Lena would dye it the same. An outfit I liked, she'd wear it. The tattoo since it's on the arm is referencing a one that wasn't permanent (there was a permanent one later, I think on the back *shrug*). Since it's the arm it'll be the same with Lena, temporary.

Lena took off her jacket to look at it foreshadowingly, so its on her arm right? Looking at your neck and back aint easy. BUT it does say it's new. Cause & Effect was a few months ago. Hmm.

I dunno, this whole lotta stuff is either:

a) actual proper foreshadowing. Lena gets temp tattoo that she can't get rid of, many episodes later spots the bruise on James' shoulder, since it looks eerily like it she quizzes him. Then Oasis comes along with this scene, and then (spoilers) New Earth.

b) just luck. The tattoo bit was just another "Lena dyed her hair blonde too!!" moment which I took advantage of to provide foreshadowing here.

*shrug* Cause & Effect was the episode before YWF which also had a hint. It could be either way. ANYWAY

Meanwhile, on the other side of the museum
Faye was wandering around, looking around for something. She spotted the museum, and her eyes glowed black again.


Suddenly all of the dead people on exhibit came to life, startling the four guys.

"It's ok, they can't and won't do anything," Arden said. He continued walking. The other three guys followed him.

"I'm so glad Lena ain't here," Craig said.

"First time for everything," Tom muttered.


The jar started shaking violently. It exploded and the ashes blew out of it. They went into a shape of a man, and then it took form. Iinan appeared like he did in the previous movie. He looked around the room.

What does that even mean? He was introduced rotting, regenerated into a James lookalike, started rotting again, incinerated... WHICH IS IT?

ALSO "like he did in the previous movie" is strangely the laziest line in Season Three so far, in a movie rip off that steals 50-70% of its lines. Kudos

To prove my point, enter Twin-Lena

"I am not afraid. I am Makia, half reincarnated," Tanaia said.

"Only in body, but I will bring your soul back from the Underworld, then we can be together again," Iinan said.

Curan rolled his eyes and he walked away.


"Half reincarnated?" James said questioningly.

"I have mentioned Makia before, haven't I?" Arden asked.

Prepare for stupid and make it double, at least

(Motto Counts self)

"It is rare, but not unheard of. If a reincarnation is a twin, sometimes the soul gets separated to go into both of the twins. After hundreds of years of reincarnations, the soul twins will be so far apart that they'll never know each other," Arden said.

What you thought that crap I said in Part 1 was an exageration. Haha, are you new here?

The Makia reincarnation has to be evil, so she can be possessed by Makia later... you know the person who properly reincarnated (ignoring the twin s***) unlike Iinan and Unu. Do you even know what reincarnation means past Marill? So yeah, can't make things interesting and have Lena in danger, have her get possessed and junk. You know, actually be in the movie for a reason. God no, that'd change too much and I got a movie to directly copy.

 She turned to face Jessie, Iinan did the same.

"Her," he said angrily.

"I thought you would like to see her die," Tanaia said.

I'm not doing anymore Previouslys. The last time we saw Iinan and Unu, possessing James and Jessie (see we've done this before, so why not with Lena... SHEESH), they were lovey dovey. Jessie herself never did a thing. Soooo, why is Iinan so so mad at her and/or Unu?

"You bastard!" Jessie screamed, just before somebody jumped down onto the slab,

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: +1

 and pushed her off it. They both landed beside the fire. Jessie looked up to see who pushed her off the slab. "James?" she said in surprise.

Ok, Rick jumps down and picks Eevie up, leaping off away from the fire. I think, I'm super close at least. Jessie though is shoved off the slab, and is still in proximity afterwards.

Why the change? Hell if I know, but I know a

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: +1

Avoidy James doing stuff bit when I see one.

Who cares its shoot out time

"I don't think anyone was expecting that," Jessie said as James untied her hands.

"Well, someone had to do it," James muttered.


James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: +1

Of course James did something reckless and stupid like jump into a fire to rescue his fiancee. If Rick didn't do it, he would've done something like that anyway, it's his character trait.

"You!" Iinan growled, he started to come over. James panicked, and he shot Iinan. He stumbled backwards, but he wasn't hurt.

Why panic, and why is Iinan still so mad? What a cranky corpse(line stealing from a movie series where KOD and Curse didn't happen in between)

Faye came up to James and Jessie. "Need a little help?" she asked. She didn't wait for an answer, she turned around. She raised her arms, and she fired what looked like an electric shock at the whole group. All but Iinan was knocked unconscious.

At least "Faye" brings something new to the table. There's no character like her to copy off, at least until that scene in either Part 3 or 4.

"Faye" is about to take on Mr Cranky when he does his hire random dead bodies to fight for him bit. "Faye" is very unimpressed but escapes anyway.

Faye came up to the group looking a little too calm. "They're not far behind, prepare."

"Fine, I'll prepare. Just give me a blindfold," Lena said.

I dunno why Lena is even in this one. She's not a possible victim (Makia fodder), she wasn't meant to be comic relief but is doing the eew corpses thing, I don't remember her being useful. She's in it like the Sue she can be, but isn't doing anything Sue like apart from trying to hog James's "Chosen" moment earlier.

Faye glared at Lena, she quickly shook it off. "What's her problem?"

you mean "what's her point?"

The army continued despite all the shooting. The remaining suddenly lunged at the group. Jessie instinctly raised her hands to protect herself, when she did so the army froze.

Jessie, stop doing original stuff, that's "Faye"'s job

"Never mind, kill them quickly," Arden ordered.

The other guys did as they were told, the remaining dead people were shot to the ground.

Yeah right, that's not what happened. This is what happened

James: *off screen mode activated again*

Craig/Tom: *blinks*

"How the hell did they freeze like that?" Craig asked.

Faye looked Jessie's way. "I know," she said quietly, no-one heard her.

It's not that much of a secret, do I have to quote Cause & Effect again?

Duncan and Lena got out of the car. Jessie beckoned James over to her, they both hugged each other. Everyone but Arden rolled their eyes. "Oh please," Tom and Craig muttered when they started kissing.

Okay, the last moment I liked. Original and a little funny, not out of place at all. This, er... apart from movie copying it's a bit random.

Duncan walked away, "get a room." Suddenly somebody grabbed him and they ran towards the side of the building. The group recovered from the shock and they all ran after the guy and Duncan.

James!? Why are you grabbing your own son and running off, whilst making out? Bizarre doesn't cover it in the slightest.

Oh wait, suddenly somebody but not James. Iinan did it.

"Jessie, what's happened to your eyes?" Tom asked nervously.

Everyone turned to Jessie, who for some reason now had only black in her eyes. "What are you all looking at?" she asked angrily

Before anyone thinks to point it out, no this isn't retconned later and much later again. Just keep in mind what she just did with the bad guys, and (spoilers) Faye's part in the story. It's still right.

With that Part 2 is over, 2 more to go.

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