Welcome to the home of the Star Trek: Voyager fanfiction series Fifth Voyager. It is based on the premise that every time a decision has to be made or time travel alters the past, a new alternate dimension is created for the changes to play out in. The change that separates Fifth Voyager and Star Trek: Voyager lie in the new characters.

If you're still interested, you'll find the stories/episodes in the Episode Archive. If you're unsure where to start, I recommend having a quick look at the FAQ's.

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"New Earth" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Three".

Episodes "Two Far" and "Fourboding" from Season Three have had some minor spelling errors fixed, and so their PDFs have been redone.

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Recommended Reads

Since the series is finished, with the exception of minor editing, new releases can't really be advertised anymore. Instead I recommend episodes I think are good and/or give any new visitors an idea on what the series is like.

Best of the series Top 5:
(at least according to the Re-Reads, so only contains Season One and Two for now)

1) Worse Case Scenario 2: Reboot | Original
2) Resistance: Reboot | Original
3) Man Out Of You
4) The Voyager Conspiracy: Reboot | Original
5) YWF

Season One, Episodes 18, 20 & 26: The Monkey Island Parody Saga
Secret of the Revenge, Escape From The Curse & Tales of Voyager
Overall Synopsis
Harry, Craig and Morgan meet the quirky and a little stupid ex-Tolg drone, Buck. Their five encounters with him test their patience and ability to solve abstract puzzles, or restraint to use a phaser. How will they ever shake their new undead "friend" off?
Why do I recommend it
After seeing recent sort of news about the Monkey Island series, I've had the urge to replay it all. So why not recommend this bit of fun saga in Reboot Season One, I thought. I can't recommend only one, so here we are. If you know the game series you might enjoy the jokes and the attempts to change the stories to suit the FV setting. If you don't, it's a bit of fourth wall ridiculousness which might entertain. I think Harry and Craig as a duo works in this, and Morgan and Tani replacing Lisa and Nikki in the Season Three versions improves pretty much everything. Also "Tales" was a brand new entry to the saga, several years in the making and while it shows sometimes, it was worth it.
Random Quote

"I knew it," Harry groaned. "What?"

"You could have at least given me your phaser."

Harry glanced over at the station nearby. His phaser was plugged into it. "No, I couldn't."

"Surprisingly there are Tolg drones everywhere. Funny that."

Harry flicked through the book he was reading, "hang on, I'm only at the bit with the sword master. After all the insults and comebacks you learn, she just gives you made up ones. Glad I shot that cheating cow."

"I think this dead guy can hear you."

Harry didn't seem to be listening, he turned the page. "Ah I got it. There's an item to make you invisible on the planet. With this strategy guide, the puzzles to get it will be a breeze."

The planet:
A group of aliens, barely dressed in primitive cloths, stood huddled in a group with their hands in the air.

"Give me the (censored) invisible head, you (censored) fools!" Harry screamed at them, pointing a phaser.

Word Count
Secret: 15,914
Escape: 25,935
Tales: 33,290
Secret: 4th December 2012
Escape: 19th August 2013
Tales: 4th December 2017
What will reading it now spoil?
Nothing much: it'll spoil if you don't know who Morgan (or Lena) is. You might wonder why Harry's in a bit of a mood: both seasons One and Three had their different reasons. The episodes you may need are in Other Links.
Other Links
PDFS: Secret of the Revenge | Escape From The Curse | Tales of Voyager
The Originals: Secret of Malain | The Revenge | Curse of the Ring | Escape From Hell Itself
For (minor) spoilers sake: Extreme Night | Timeless | Timeline

Best of the Month

As it implies, I recommend an episode I love/like released this month.

Season Five, Episode 12: Three's A Paradox

Episode Synopsis
Three problems, three men, one solution.
Why do I recommend it
I love the concept, I love the title, I love the way I chose to write each of the three contained stories in it, and I love the character development. It's one of my favourites in the season. Of course it's spoilery if you're new to the series, or at least part 1 is, so tread lightly.
Random Quote

Thoughts about how to deal with this flew through his head. He didn't want her to recognise him later on and he certainly didn't want to frighten her. He wasn't sure if her original fear of men happened before or after this, and knowing paradoxes he worried that confronting her now may actually cause it. He figured the best way to do this was to give her it without her seeing him, but how?

It came to him, but right at that moment he heard her quietly sniffle. He carefully stepped to the foot of the bed to see how she was. Her curly black hair had stuck to her face, both of which were wet with tears. Even though he was close she didn't seem to sense him. James threw away his original idea, she may not notice it. He instead knelt down and gently placed the doll beside her and quickly straightened back up.

By the time she noticed and looked at it, he had turned his back on her. He obviously didn't see it, but she turned her head slightly back to see who had placed it there. A bittersweet smile spread to her lips as she picked her doll up and gave it a cuddle. James had turned his head back in time to see it, then he continued walking away.

Word Count
2nd November 2013
What will reading it now spoil?
A lot. I wouldn't read this unless you're familiar with Season Four's final five episodes.
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Marill Re-Reads New Earth

James gets some really bad timingly weird news, Enterprise's forcefields don't work either, Lena makes some shippers day, and sweet karma is misplaced.

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NEXT TIME on Marill Re-Reads Season Three: Marill fancies introducing another main character. Someone bets her that there's no way she can make it any weirder than the ones before her, she takes that bet and gets rich. In the meantime feel free to cringe at older reviews.

Marill Re-Reads Season 3 || Two || One

Random Trivia

# The series has just over 200 episodes, excluding the rebooted versions.

# Season Five's concept was based on one of my ideas for a spin off series of books called Millennium. The series finale Back To Normal took some basic stuff from the final spin off called The Future.

# Damien wasn't always considered a main character. He only got promoted to one at the end of Season Four.

# Also, the main cast of the series was a heck of a lot bigger in its earlier years. A lot of characters were demoted to regular guest characters around about the same time. The main cast then was the original cast plus Lena, Kiara, James, Jessie, Craig and Damien.

# The original plan was to have eight seasons (one more than Voyager), briefly twelve, until I settled on doing the prequels. This changed it to five main seasons plus the three prequels, still adding up to eight in total.

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