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Reboot Season Two, Episode 19: Bittersweet (Parts One, Two & Three)

Episode Synopsis
Tensions and rivalries run wild when Voyager passes through a region of space known for their shared love of music.
Part 1 Released: 24th December 2018
Part 2 Released: 31st December 2018
Completed: 30th January 2019

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Last Updated: 30th January 2019

A very belated happy new year everybody. I start the year by releasing the not planned third part of "Xmas holiday episode" Bittersweet many weeks too late. Oh well. Due to my work place getting a little bit strict, I now only scribble in a notebook sometimes while I'm there, when people aren't looking over my shoulder anyway, and type it up on evenings when I'm not too tired/sick. So yeah, until I get into a better routine, it's gonna be slow(er) for a bit. It doesn't help that Bittersweet's a bloated word count heffer. I hope my next project Saturday Night is as light and easy as I think.

Anyways, today I have a few things to update the site with, check 'em out below.

"Kiss of Death" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".

History has a new page for the dreadful parodies of songs I like to bloat episodes with... she says on Bittersweet's finished date, ahem. Note: I have not updated the Episode Sizes section as I'm torn about Bittersweet's ridiculous length.

In the Episode Archive I'm testing out a possible new "feature". I know despite my attempts that the site's still not very mobile friendly, but another problem revolving around its lack of mobile-ness has been bothering me just as long which I haven't tried to fix. It's some feedback I was given a good long while ago, which is extra relevant now that there's a few three parter episodes, and some long solos. There's no way to keep track of a story you've not yet finished; the files are usually not divided, there's no chapter links (anymore), and I repeat 99% of episodes are huge now. I had thought about converting the episodes into a PDF format, far more suitable for tablets and phones. I mean it's not something that's too difficult, only time consuming. I've chosen Reboot Aggression as the guinea pig for this. Obviously I have no clue if this'll be any good for anyone, but it's no harm done. I'll be testing it some more, since I've already tested it behind the scenes. If it works how I want it, I'll steadily release the rest of One. After that it'll be Season Four, Five, B4FV2 & 3, since they're considered done and dusted already.

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Reboot Season Two, Episode 08: Saturday Night
Episode Synopsis
It's Saturday night and the theme is revenge. The crew must discover just who is targeting the women of the crew before the perpetrator goes too far.

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If you're shy and/or don't fancy talking to a mad woman named after a Pokémon who's been writing Voyager fanfiction for 18 years (who can blame you!), but would like to let me know in some fashion what you think of the series, you can do so in the Poll Section.

The main feature at the moment is Episode Battle. All episodes have been mixed up and chucked into 16 rounds where you pick your favourite. To make it easier to keep up with these, four rounds (a league) will go up for an undecided period of time (I will post when I decide). It's just a bit of fun, I hope.

Episode Battle Round #1
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Episode Battle Round #4
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The forums still host the Best Episode of Season Five and Reboot One polls, as well as Reboot Vs Original. So feel free to check those out too.

What is Reboot?

Reboot is the name of the massive project I stupidly decided to properly undertake in 2010, after a failed attempt in 2008. Officially started/released in 2012 with a few rewrites, or remakes if you'd prefer, of the first episode Aggressions and a few others. While Aggression(s) was rewritten from scratch, with the exception of a couple of scenes from the original edited in, there are many episodes that were left mostly intact, with new scenes replacing old ones. Several completely new episodes have been written to replace episodes I've deemed replaceable not only because they're awful, but not important to Fifth Voyager's canon.

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As you've probably seen already, the Reboot project has reached Season Two. Despite a productive first 2/3 months this year which resulted in Season One's completion and the (second) premiere of Two, the season ground to a halt due to my falling very ill. I'm still not well to be perfectly honest, I'm being treated for my illness (I hope) but it's a slow process and I wouldn't be surprised if I got worse before I got better.

For the moment though I've been able to write again, and barring a relapse I should be able to chuck at least 5 more S2 reboots before year end, if my averages are anything to go by. Click/press the link below to find out what is up and coming.

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Latest Additions: 30th January 2018

Marill Re-Reads Kiss of Death

James allegedly grows up, the Doctor doesn't know what that means, while Tom waits for the day to end to get his bigotry on. Join me in the suprisingly okay episode that I ended up enjoying enough I thought it might be a contender for Resistance's throne. Will it take it? Find out.

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NEXT TIME on Marill Re-Reads Season Two; We're being dragged back to the movies kicking and screaming, sort of. This time it's a straight to VCR/DVD/Bluray adventure where a little kid mistakes a giant fire dog for her daddy, we get a one episode of the day villain*cough*, and present day Marill awkwardly reads her first full episode mentioning the A word. In the meantime, feel free to cringe at older reviews.

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Episode Sizes

The latest Reboot episode "Bittersweet" has a word count of 51,949. Yeah. This isn't getting beaten for a while. At least, I'm not going to let anything come close. This is what happens when a long episode gets released little by little, it gets long and I feel previously released parts can't be edited down.

This is where "Bittersweet" currently ranks;

Overall #6 // Previous Position #100 (+)
  Previous #6 position was series finale Back To Normal
Reboot Season Two #1, upgrading it to a god damn three parter, and bumping Disconnected to second.

I'm sorry but no, Bittersweet should not be as longer than one of the series finales, or the important ones like Five, Dark Clouds, Death of the Soul and Closure. If you like the episode, or haven't finished it, make sure you save a copy of it. This sucker's getting edited when I have some time.

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"Bittersweet" was meant to be the tenth and last entry of 2018, and most of it was. Part 3 makes this the first entry of 2019 as well.

No other episode(s) were released on the same date. Series finale Back To Normal was completed on the 31st January three years ago.

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