Welcome to the home of the Star Trek: Voyager fanfiction series Fifth Voyager. It is based on the premise that every time a decision has to be made or time travel alters the past, a new alternate dimension is created for the changes to play out in. The change that separates Fifth Voyager and Star Trek: Voyager lie in the new characters.

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16th February 2020

The following episodes have been edited and formatted: Why oh Why, An Apple A Day and Suicidal. You may notice that I skipped one with a long title for the time being, that's a tougher edit than the latter two. The latest Re-Reads will probably let you know why.

As mentioned "I Know What You've Done This Season" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".

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Recommended Reads

Season Two, Episode 19: Bittersweet

Episode Synopsis
Tensions and rivalries run wild when Voyager passes through a region of space known for their shared love of music.
Why do I recommend it
Firstly, I consider this one my Reboot swansong. There were a few others released after it but nowhere near the quality of Bittersweet. I really enjoyed writing this, and I think for me it's written well.
Random Quote

In the quiet empty foyer, Kathryn walked away from a stand with her tray of coffees. Even she could hear the screechy wails and the nasally shouts from the duo. Still she snickered and remained where she was, slurping one of her drinks through a straw.

A frazzled looking Tom stomped past her, ignoring Neelix's plea's to get souvenirs, grumbling about fascist ticket people and parallel parking. Neelix overheard the noise coming from the arena and decided to ditch him for the souvenir stand.

It didn't take long for Tom to rush back into the foyer with bleeding ears, swaying from side to side as if he had been knocked out.

Word Count
24th December 2018
What will reading it now spoil?
A certain reveal in episode 13 of Season Two is the biggie, though it's not the central focus of the plot. Everything else should be minor.
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Best of February

As it implies, I recommend an episode I love/like released this month.

Season Five, Episode 13: Unforgiving
Episode Synopsis
Kiara isn't at all happy with the changes aboard Voyager and sets out to change that. Meanwhile Craig begins to suffer from disturbing dreams that make him doubt what is reality and what isn't, but what haunts his dreams start to force its way into reality itself.
Why do I recommend it
This one can be creepy, sad, funny, mysterious, and do them all pretty well IMO. The main plot's a meld of two storylines and tbh, I don't think it's noticeable, they work better together. The Annika side story is some good fun, and I always enjoy Nathan's contributions to the season.
Random Quote

Damien shrugged as overdramatised as he could, he even stuck out his bottom lip and widened his eyes. "Beats me. We've gone from pointless parodies of original episodes, exclaimed's and Pokémon battles, to pointless rewrites of those parodies, boring internal monologues and sappiness. Fifth Voyager died years ago, we're dancing on her grave."

"Yet you're still here," Chakotay muttered.

"That happened before it died, but it's still the only good thing she has going for her," Damien sneered.

Word Count
What will reading it now spoil?
So, so much. Season Four episodes 24 to 28, early Season Five up until at most episode 11. Goes without saying, if you're new here, avoid.
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What is Reboot?

Reboot was the name of the massive project I stupidly decided to properly undertake in 2010, after a failed attempt in 2008. Officially started/released in 2012 with a few rewrites, or remakes if you'd prefer, of the first episode Aggressions and a few others. While Aggression(s) was rewritten from scratch, with the exception of a couple of scenes from the original edited in, there are many episodes that were left mostly intact, with new scenes replacing old ones. Several completely new episodes have been written to replace episodes I've deemed replaceable not only because they're awful, but not important to Fifth Voyager's canon.

As of 4th December 2019, this project has come to a close.

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Latest Additions: 16th February 2020

Marill Re-Reads I Know What You've Done This Season

Annika doesn't know as much about Season Two as she thinks, Lena does something bizarre, Damien returns (or makes his debut if you wanna look at it like that) with his latest addiction, and Mewtwo Returns happens. One thing's for sure, we don't owe Seven a ship, she has enough.

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NEXT TIME on Marill Re-Reads Season Two: Lilly feels a bit edgy, James and Emma get some piercings, Jessie forgets where she was stabbed one time and I can't blame her not being able to keep track, Harry has a great day, Tom has some toast, and Triah goes for a swim. Thrilling stuff. In the meantime feel free to cringe at older reviews.

Marill Re-Reads Season 2 || Season 1

Random Trivia

# Did you know that while James and Jessie's initial inspiration in the episode Hunters was Team Rocket, that their characterisation after Hunters was based on two characters I created for a few of my Kidz Trek spinoffs called Stevé (pronounced Stevay, lol) and Tani. Yes Tani. Jessie's surname also came from my Kidz Trek days where I had an Erona/Excelsior character named Jessie Rex.

# The first half of the series finale, Untitled, is the longest episode at 72,282 words. Meanwhile the shortest episode that hasn't been rebooted is a mere 2,800 words long.

# Lena's original name Morgan was meant to be Kiara's middle name only, while in Kidz Trek it was Kiara's surname. Morgan/Lena's Kidz Trek persona was called Roxanne, which I wanted to keep hidden because I feared I'd spoil the similar twist if I ever published it.

# Season Five's big comebacks Queuing Forever and Death of the Soul were originally going to be a three episode saga; Dead or Alive, Queuing Forever and Paradise. The title "Queuing Forever" had previously been a Season Four episode, its storyline was merged with Epilogue.

# The Lillyia F9 (also known as the Dellia F9) was designed and built with Lego when I was a kid, inspired by the Enterprise E which had recently been shown. Despite it being smashed up for years, not by me, I rebuilt it very recently using what remained of its parts and a sole picture I had of it. It's now displayed with a model of the E next to my desktop PC.

Released On (or around) This Date

# The original versions of Mirror Universes and Worse Case Scenario 2 from Season One (2001)

# Season Two's The Atamit and Lea Halalela (2002)

# Prequel episode Paris Camera (2003)

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