Welcome to the home of the Star Trek: Voyager fanfiction series Fifth Voyager. It is based on the premise that every time a decision has to be made or time travel alters the past, a new alternate dimension is created for the changes to play out in. The change that separates Fifth Voyager and Star Trek: Voyager lie in the new characters.

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"The Chain Reaction" has been edited in advance for two reasons; it was overdue its PDF and I had gotten up to its ReRead, so two/three birds.

"Oasis of Abatua" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Three".

I've added more recommendations below, basing them on my own scores I've been doing in the Re-Reads.

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Recommended Reads

Season Two, Episode 17: Why oh Why
Episode Synopsis
Tom uncovers a shocking secret that pushes him over the edge.
Why do I recommend it
This is quite a cheeky recommend. While Fifth Fantasy/The Slayers was officially the final Reboot episode, Why oh Why was later partially rewritten to focus on its original intended storyline. Why this and not other S2's "classics" like Halloween, Atamit or Territory? While those were pretty bad, with some edits they could still fit in with the rebooted season and yes they're still bad, I can live with that. Why oh Why was a controversial one with its side plot, which of course took over the main story. I couldn't keep it as it was. This version uses the ideas I had come up for its proper reboot to replace the side plot almost completely, plus it ties into Season One's "Muse In Fear Haven" like I originally planned. Long story short, I recommend it because it's technically a Reboot episode that I tried to slip in amongst edited ones, and I like the changes so I do want it to be seen.
Random Quote

Duncan started clapping his hands. "Bish, bish, bish, b**ch, b**ch," he chanted. Everyone looked his way again.

"And he's already learning swear words," Kathryn groaned.

Tom rolled his eyes. "And we're surprised by this? I'm surprised they haven't taught him to kill yet."

Word Count
Originally 13th December 2001
"Rebooted" 16th February 2020
What will reading it now spoil?
Season Two's Interactions, some of Anarchy, and True Q.
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Marill Re-Reads | Muse In Fear Haven

Best of the Month

As it implies, I recommend an episode I love/like released this month.

Season One, Episode 17: Dark Frontier
Episode Synopsis
Morgan has visions and hallucinations about her assimilation, her life as a Borg and the assimilation of Voyager.
Why do I recommend it
Despite its copycat-ness, the original Dark Frontier was a highlight of the first season. It did quite well with Morgan's back story and development for an episode of its time, plus some of the humour mainly in part 1 is pretty good. The reboot's only real changes were to make it matter that a different character was taken other than Seven. Morgan shouldn't have been using her lines, Chakotay should have shown some give a crapness. Of course I added a bit more to it that the original missed out like the trial runs, which were so much fun to write. I think the episode's only real con compared to the original is a certain something happening to Seven is no longer real, but only someone's imagination. This is only because the episode order was switched around, putting Dark Frontier before The Voyager Conspiracy. Anyways...
Random Quote

"I erm... It's true and I don't think I'm... Taylor hits me," Seven stammered.

Everyone looked across the table at James who looked as shocked as they did. Everyone but Jessie and Kathryn, who both shared similar looks of indifference.

"Hey, don't say it like that," James protested.

Tom sniggered, "like how then? Slaps, pushes, tickles?"

"It's exactly like that. You're a monster," Seven snapped whilst point an accusatory finger at James.

Word Count
25th September 2016
What will reading it now spoil?
Almost everything from Timeline. And Collective Instinct.
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Downloadable PDF
The Original | Marill Re-Reads

Best of the series Top 5:
(at least according to the Re-Reads, so only contains Season One and Two for now)

1) Worse Case Scenario 2: Reboot | Original
2) Resistance: Reboot | Original
3) Man Out Of You
4) The Voyager Conspiracy: Reboot | Original
5) YWF

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Marill Re-Reads Oasis of Abatua

The Iinan Returns, the James/Lena thing gets ickier, James and Jessie have a rough day or two, Voyager gets sidelined hard, and Faye picks the short straw.

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NEXT TIME on Marill Re-Reads Season Three: James gets some really bad timingly weird news, Enterprise's forcefields don't work either, Lena makes some shippers day, and sweet karma is misplaced. In the meantime feel free to cringe at older reviews.

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Random Trivia

# The series has just over 200 episodes, excluding the rebooted versions.

# Season Five's concept was based on one of my ideas for a spin off series of books called Millennium. The series finale Back To Normal took some basic stuff from the final spin off called The Future.

# Damien wasn't always considered a main character. He only got promoted to one at the end of Season Four.

# Also, the main cast of the series was a heck of a lot bigger in its earlier years. A lot of characters were demoted to regular guest characters around about the same time. The main cast then was the original cast plus Lena, Kiara, James, Jessie, Craig and Damien.

# The original plan was to have eight seasons (one more than Voyager), briefly twelve, until I settled on doing the prequels. This changed it to five main seasons plus the three prequels, still adding up to eight in total.

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