Welcome to the home of the Star Trek: Voyager fanfiction series Fifth Voyager. It is based on the premise that every time a decision has to be made or time travel alters the past, a new alternate dimension is created for the changes to play out in. The change that separates Fifth Voyager and Star Trek: Voyager lie in the new characters.

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Important Announcement: 4th December 2019

For some context please check out the previous announcements before this one.

Today I mark the 19th anniversary of the beginning of the series, and its (second) ending with its last big release. From today I won't be continuing with the reboot of the series due to a number of factors, but I am not abandoning the site entirely. Since I've announced this at the end of October, I've been working on very minor edits to the remainder of Season Two, and I plan to keep this up until the end of Season Three (as well as what's remaining of the prequels, which isn't much). I keep thinking I probably should've done this for the reboot project to begin with, but if I hadn't gone all out with it years back starting with Aggression, I doubt I would've had the renewed drive and inspiration to finish the actual series. It's been worth it, and there's a lot of booted episodes that I'm very proud of.

Reboot Season Two, Episode 12: Fifth Fantasy
Episode Synopsis
Voyager arrives in orbit to meet with their allies, only to instead find their meeting place in the middle of a dangerous anomaly.
Released: 4th December 2019

Reboot B4FV Season One, Episode 14: Cathexis
Episode Synopsis
A shuttle returns to Voyager with Chakotay brain dead inside.
Released: 4th December 2019

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As Of: 31st December 2019

The menu's been altered on the full version of the site to accomodate the changes mentioned on the 4th.

"An Apple A Day" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".

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What is Reboot?

Reboot was the name of the massive project I stupidly decided to properly undertake in 2010, after a failed attempt in 2008. Officially started/released in 2012 with a few rewrites, or remakes if you'd prefer, of the first episode Aggressions and a few others. While Aggression(s) was rewritten from scratch, with the exception of a couple of scenes from the original edited in, there are many episodes that were left mostly intact, with new scenes replacing old ones. Several completely new episodes have been written to replace episodes I've deemed replaceable not only because they're awful, but not important to Fifth Voyager's canon.

As of 4th December 2019, this project has come to a close.

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Latest Additions: 31st December 2019

Marill Re-Reads An Apple A Day

Marill ruins Drunk Tom forever, Jessie secretly wonders if she zeros her Sin Counter will she finally get through one episode unscathed, Duncan continues to be cute despite his bratiness turn, Lena's never seen Indiana Jones and neither has Marill. Oh yeah and it's yet another song title episode.

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NEXT TIME on Marill Re-Reads Season Two: I try again to review Bittersweet without breaking down and/or rambling about how disappointed I am with a certain band. Yeah so, look forward to that!! In the meantime feel free to cringe at older reviews.

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Episode Sizes

The latest Reboot episode "Fifth Fantasy" has a word count of 12,208. My aim for this one was to trim out all the weird fat and demote it from a two parter. That I certainly did.

This is where "Fifth Fantasy" currently ranks;

Overall #108 // Previous Position #102 (-6)
  Previous #108 position was Voyager Nights
Reboot Season Two #13, ending the reboot on yet another smaller than the others 'un. And that I'm actually very pleased about.

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"Fifth Fantasy" is the seventh release this year.

Other episode(s) that were released on this same date were;

Series premiere Aggressions Part 1 (2000)
Facing Fears (2005)
Reboot Caretaker Part 1 (2008)
Reboot Aggression, Dissidia (2012)
Queuing Forever, Reboot Year of Hell and Hunters Again (2013)
Within Reach, Reboot Worse Case Scenario 2 (2014)
Untitled and somr of the series finale Back To Normal (2015)
Alone and Three (2016)
Tales of Voyager and Too Good To Be Q (2017)
Anarchy (2018)

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