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8th April

Not much to report, I'm afraid. I've been very ill the last few weeks. I'm still not better, today's just a better day. Or it was, but sitting at this computer is for some reason making me very dizzy and foggy headed, so it's probably going to be a quick session. This means that I haven't been able to get anything done. I'm trying not to worry about it too much since the 2018 releases so far have been "early" - what with last year's being last minute/day releases at the end of a month - I've still got enough time to get the planned April release out on time. I am a bit miffed, as I wanted to push ahead into the "good arc" of Season Two sooner rather than later. Oh well.

Something I did on other better days was to skip ahead on my Re-Reads project to check out the episode Bittersweet. I've been debating rebooting it early for a few years now to fix a few issues I remembered it had. Why I thought it deserved special treatment, I haven't a clue after checking (most of) it out. I had it up there with Resistance, but figured it was more like Disconnected; a goodie, ruined by the badly written second half. Thing is I never got to those few issues before I had to bail out in anger. I remembered Bittersweet all wrong. I thought it was a clever(for me) character development arc episode; with said character getting too wrapped up in one aspect of her life that was going well, being blinded by success to the point she pisses off fans of other bands, and instead of her, her friends pay the price. She learns a hard lesson and eventually takes the first step to fixing her life. There's also a really poorly timed cover of a song about cheating, instead its lyrics taken literally to be about being too physically weak to fight off a mob *shrug*

Well I was about 80% right. The character does take the band she's in too seriously, is acting pretty damn awful to at least two other characters, and a third in the later I only skimmed half. The success does start to get to her. The fans of the band who are insulted do go way too far and take it out on half of the character's band. The character calms down somewhat and reaches out to an old friend to make amends. And oh yeah I forgot, while the music is written the best it ever will be before or since (I suppose Rhythm has its moments) the rapid pace of single releases is ridiculous (3 in the top 20 lawl).

What I was wrong about? Good news! The out of place and definitely misinterpreted cheating song wasn't quoted (anymore, I probably edited it years ago), so while it was a bit daft to sing anything at that part of the plot, it's not as embarrassing as seeing the lyrics. Bad news! Despite what I said above, the said character doesn't actually cause the trouble which interrupts her downward spiral and later inspires her ickle step to recovery. She tries to stop it. Instead the one attacked (twice! another wrong thing) did, despite spending the entire episode so far being pessimistic about the band's success and otherwise being a bit nonchalant about it. Meanwhile said character, who has been picking fights over everything and is basically living through her band to avoid her craptastic life, spends the scene cool and collect, being reasonable and uncharacteristically mature at this point in her arc. Then after this she goes right back to being rude and selfish, almost as if I couldn't stomach blaming my perfect angel for what happens to the other two characters and chickened out to make the victims to blame.

It pissed me off, so so much. This one bit ruins the entire story for me. It makes little to no sense. Now this isn't unusual for old school FV, so yes it may seem like I'm overreacting. I probably am. The thing is, Season Two is quite a mixed bag for me. It has so many great moments throughout, plus I credit it for developing James and Jessie into what they are now. It however has some of my worst moments (The Atamit/Territory yuck, the Dimension Jump controversy to name a few), as well as really poor, violent and fakeedgy tryhard "16 year old writes her first fanfic" writing, more so than Season One did which is really weird. Even so, Season Two as a whole is a pretty generic, forgettable season. Bittersweet was one of the few episodes I thought I could safely read through with little complaints, since it was a "band" episode that wasn't bad and had pretty decent character development. Those two things made it a highlight for me. I really thought in the Season Two rankings for the Re-Read, it be a competition between this, Resistance and Man Out Of You. I think now Man Out Of You is the only one capable of challenging Resistance, its super rushed ending verses Resistance's slow start? Hmmm. Anyways my memory failed me, and it did try to warn me one day of the truth, so I can't fully blame it.

So yeah, this has angered me enough to consider bumping up the Bittersweet reboot once more. The plot's been ready for a while, the banner's ready, the song choices are ready. I want Bittersweet to be a rare Season Two highlight again. Since it's late season, I dunno if I can wait till next year. This could be me rebelling against rebooting Love Spell, but no worries, I hate that so much more. Whatever I decide, The Love Spell WILL be first. Easyish reboots Interactions and Resistance would be nice to get out of the way too, while Disconnected is a one I'm looking forward to tackling. Time will tell, maybe I'll calm down.

In the meantime. I'll put up the unfinished Bittersweet Re-Read temporarily so you can see for yourself, not that the episode's still there in full or anything *cough*


20th March

Quick update today. Nothing much to tell. It's been a slow week, haven't been well enough to do much. It doesn't help that my next task is The Love Spell rewrite so...yeah. Today's just about bringing anyone here up to speed and fixing a few pages, as so;

Site Updates

Resistance Isn't Futile has had a minor story error corrected. If you've read the episode, here's what's been changed (if you haven't, it's not much of a spoiler so it's probably okay to read): There's an Unimatrix Zero scene about 2/3s through where a drone gets infected by the glitch mid fight and ends up rolling into a ditch while singing the supposed recent JT singles lyrics I went to the trouble of tainting my google search history for (thankfully haven't heard the abomination so...). After this there's a mention of a tree disappearing "again" and the drone's position and circumstances changes to revolve around it, despite the only mention of a tree being that's where James leapt out from. This scene was rewritten since I didn't like the original idea. That was the drone merely gets kicked away, no singing or glitching involved, into a tree which disappears while he's leaning on it. It reappears during his fall and he gets stuck inside it. I thought it was a little ott graphic and not really that "fun", so I changed it to what it is now. Not very well it seems. It's odd, cos I remember editing the tree glitching line to just be the most recent example of it happening, but I mustn't have saved it *shrug* and remained as it was during the tree impaling version. It's been edited (maybe) again, differently cos I figured it being a random example of the glitch infecting Zero wasn't "enough" after all that.

Coming Soon updated with the very little Love Spell progress.


10th March

It's been quiet on the updates front, and for once it's not because bad things are happening. Sorta. I have been busy most of the month on the premiere for Season Two (again). It hasn't been easy. I was spoilt by an incredibly easy reboot of its Season One half, helped by the fact that it was an okay episode that stuck to its story 90% of the time and wasn't bad in places. The Season Two original though was a disaster and I should've expected a reboot of it to be hard. There was very little to work with, and as I promised when I released "Resistance Is Futile" (or before when I talked about it in the reboot section), there were a lot of planned changes for both parts so I could fix the mess that was Thrown Key Part 2. In short, Resistance Isn't Futile is for the most part a whole new episode, completely rewritten barring a few lines and concepts for 1/2 scenes that are canon and couldn't be changed. You'll (maybe) see.

Next is The Love Spell. Wish me luck please, I'm going to need it.

New Episodes

Reboot Season Two, Episode 01: Resistance Isn't Futile

Site Updates

The usual haunts are up to date in History; Episode Sizes and Log.

Coming Soon has some info about The Love Spell's reboot. In there I also mentioned that I aim to bring back the backup system, which was definitely worth doing and saved my skin last year. My plan, or rather the idea is that I hope Interactions won't take long to reboot since the original has been edited over the years and shouldn't in theory need much doing, and so can be chucked into the backup folder on completion. Then I'd start on the reboot of Disconnected, which I think will take the usual month to write. Once that's done, Interactions can go up and I'd be back on track. However if Interactions starts to take too long, I'll release it when finished and try again with Resistance, then Saturday Night if that fails. The point is I've done okay this year, getting ahead of my usual end of the month release dates, and I'd like to not only get a backup again but also not fall into that trap again. Too stressful if I got too close to the end of the month.

"Thrown Key Part 2" has been added to the new section "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".


7th February

Today's been a long time coming. Ten years ago I decided I had enough of the lack of writing I had been doing and decided to rewrite old episodes. Seven years ago after a failed attempt at it, I chose Aggressions to rewrite. Six years ago I tried again with a few Season Four edits on the side. Five years ago Aggression was released and so FV was alive once again after five years of no (completed) releases. Today I release the final episode of Reboot Season One, and I guarantee within a few days I'll be diving straight into Season Two.

Yes I do wonder what I'm doing with my life, haha. Almost every day.

Back on topic, I plan to get Resistance Isn't Futile written ASAP. I'm not too keen on leaving the cliffhanger to be followed by Thrown Key Part 2 for too long, since it wasn't a good cliffhanger resolution even when it was new. The sooner that's resolved, the sooner I get to The Love Spell which'll probably take more time than Is/Isn't Futile combined since I haven't a clue how to fix it. Meh.

New Episodes

Reboot Season One, Episode 29: Resistance Is Futile

Site Updates

With the release of the season finale, the original Season One has been moved into the Originals section of the Episode Archive. Tis a bittersweet day. Well it is for me, heh.

I've been busy updating the History section now that Reboot One is done. I've not finished here yet, but Episode Sizes, Log, and a little bit of Episode Trivia are up to date.

"Thrown Key Part 1" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season One".

Note: If you're new(ish) here, currently making your way through Season One and you manage to reach Futile before I start Season Two, I recommend if you want to continue reading either checking out the prequels in the meantime, OR temporarily skipping Thrown Key Part 2 as well as The Love Spell, and start with Interactions. It's not just me complaining about them being poor, not entirely. There's another reason which isn't subjective and worth mentioning. Vague Spoilers for Resistance Is Futile and The Love Spell: The former uses material from The Love Spell (and a smidgen of Thrown Key Part 2 but that's less spoilerific), so if you read them after you'll see repeated scenes basically. Spoilers End. Once Resistance Isn't Futile and Reboot The Love Spell appear, definitely check them out, if only to see if I'm capable of rescuing The Love Spell without retconning everything, ha. It's gonna be quite a challenge.


26th January

Quick update. Things are *touches wooden desk* going well. The season finale is coming along nicely, although I have had a couple of days rest due to minor *again touching my desk* hand and wrist pain. I say two days break, but it was really one. Today I've been reading through some episodes I haven't in a while, something I do to spot and fix the mistakes. Checking through Five reminded me about the minor changes I wanted to make to a prequel episode I originally skipped over during its season's Reboot. Half an hour later and it's done. It wasn't as bad as I remembered, so yeah, no problem and since there was little to type, my hands are still having a break. Win win.

Edited Episodes

B4FV Season Two, Episode 06: Broken Wreck (one scene extended, another scene edited).

Site Updates

Coming Soon is up to date with the progress for Resistance Is Futile.

I've reformatted Reboot Caretaker to match the other prequels' style and to fix the nasty colour scheme it was using. Season Four will look a little different too, but only slightly. I noticed that unlike the other seasons, the text and headers above each episode were the same colour. Only they weren't, gold apparently looks the same as regular yellow on this computer/monitor and I assume it didn't on my previous computers. So gold's been replaced. That's about it really.


16th January

Apparently today is Voyager's 23rd birthday. Happy anniversary/birthday to one of my favourite shows :)

Well it's already time for the first release of the year. I'll be getting started on the next one, the season finale, sometime around the weekend. I don't wanna let this earlier than usual release get to my complacent head. I definitely can't afford to be complacent now, since my available hours during the weekday to write have been drastically cut down to roughly 40-50 minutes, and TBH I fail to see the point of bringing my new laptop in for that. Especially with the fact that my last one was destroyed in that hellhole, so I don't feel it's worth the risk of that happening again, just for 40 minutes. So what little time I have in the evening, or Sundays, will have to do. It's poor timing, so I can only hope the finale isn't that big of a job and that Season Two doesn't need as much time as One did, cos this job suddenly feels a lot bigger now "strangely" enough.

But hey, can't let productive laptop time get in the way of my sitting around waiting for things to do. Speaking of which, my last break is up and I'm already feeling the 2017 misery tide coming back.

New Episodes

Reboot Season One, Episode 28: Live Games

Site Updates

Home page is finally showing the Resistance Is Futile episode banner that I made back in 2013. Yes. No worries, I didn't make it because I was grossly optimistic and/or naive. I knew it was a few years away when I made it, but I had an image of it in my head and I wanted it done. It's aged okay, though 2013 I spat out some of my best work banner wise (IMO duh) anyway so why wouldn't it?

Live Games' original versions; "VTV Live" and "Voyager's Drinking Game" have been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season One".

The usual History pages have been updated; Episode Release Log and Episode Sizes Ranking. One of these days I need to sink my teeth into the old Episode Trivia for both Season One's, I imagine that's a finale update, bit too late/early now.

Reboot Season One's page has been updated for the (I assume) final time before it's deleted. In there I've written quite a bit about the upcoming finale, so if you're interested please check it out.


10th January

Hey everyone, happy new year. 2017's finally over and I for one am thrilled. Last year was pretty rough but I'm hoping to put that behind me and get on with it. Today is a general update; a few pages here and there, some info.

This time last year, even though things were already pretty crappy, I predicted that I'd have finished Season One by the year end. And that was my worst case scenario prediction. I think if the flood hadn't happened in October I would've made it. Unfortunately this means I have to start the new year with the final two of Reboot Season One first. Long story short, if things go as they usually do and disaster-free, Season One should be finished by the end of February.

After that, well, I've been torn between Season Two and B4FV One. I've been trying to rack my tiny brains to figure out the best way to do them both. However I've been wasting my time. The only reason I wanted to do the prequels was because I assumed it would be a quicker job, like B4FV2, and so I'd get more done. The fact is I really feel Season Two would benefit from the reboot far more than it, and it would solve my self inflicted dilemma of how to handle the cliffhanger of Reboot One and Original Season Two's dreadful premiere (and following episode). So until I change my mind (again), 2018 will focus on the main seasons. For the time being, updates;

Site Updates

Coming Soon

Some pages, like this one, have been edited for the new year. Episode Log primarily.

Reboot Season Two's page naturally has been updated.

The Season Two ex-movie The Resurrection has had some edits done to it. I talked myself out of anymore after part 1, no worries, or I would be still doing it. Shouldn't be too noticeable.

I did promise that S2 wouldn't be as excessive as S1, and I still hope to keep my word but I'm not too confident. While episodes like Resistance, Resurrection, Saturday Night, yes even Kiss of Death, are in my "minor edits" pile so far, trash such as Dimension Jump need redoing from scratch and episodes like Love Spell I haven't a clue how to rescue without doing the same, but can't. It's gonna be tough to know how busy this year will be.

Once again I'm talking too much. I'm curious myself as to what this year's going to look like and since I like wasting time too, try to figure out a bare bones/worst case scenario "schedule". If you are too, feel free to watch me jinx myself.

January - Live Games
February - Resistance Is Futile
March - Resistance Isn't Futile
April - The Love Spell
May - Interactions
June - Disconnected
July - Resistance
August - Game Over
September - Dimension Jump (I'm really not keen on this one getting the honour of being released on its 17th anniversary. Getting ahead, or more likely a delay would be welcome)
October - Saturday Night
November - F9 Control Failure
4th December (Anniversary Episode) - above and/or Precise Timings, which would be fitting.

Worst case scenario judging by previous post comeback years is 8 episodes, which means I'll only get up to Game Over. Best case scenario, and that's assuming that all of the Season Two episodes are Season One esque reboots, not B4FV2 edits which were mostly not counted above, would be 13. That only adds The Resurrection to the list, which I hope is only an edit anyway but my recent read through of it begs to differ. I think I can safely use the release list above as a realistic goal for the year.

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