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12th March

It's certainly been a while, three months since my last update. A lot of stuff has happened, mostly terrible, that hasn't given me much incentive to do much. It's okay though, I have little to do these days. A minor update is here until I feel up to doing a bigger one.

# IMPORTANT: If you downloaded the Reboot Season One PDF collection, I'd recommend replacing it with the latest version. If you've only got a copy of the episode 1.20 Escape From The Curse then you'll need to redownload it. The point of these PDFs were to finalise my work so I can finally leave them alone, but Escape had a few issues I had to fix. True there were spelling stuff too, but I wouldn't do this for something so small. A few stupid so called jokes I probably wrote years ago (Escape is pretty old at this point, 8 years now!) that I thought were pretty offensive. Gone.

# More episodes have been converted to PDF:

B4FV 2.19: Sweet Sensation
B4FV 3.06: Silent Scream
2.13: True Q
S2 Special: Halloween
3.13: Single Crossing
3.25: Back Stab
4.09: Lullaby
4.11: Shattered Time
4.14: Epilogue
4.27: Illegal Operation

Remember, if you have any specifc requests, feel free to get in touch via Facebook or Twitter.

# "Death of the Night" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Three".

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