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6th May

It's been a while, as well as a weird couple of months. Long story short, I haven't had much time since my last update to do much. Today I finally have some content to release, so take a look;

New Episodes

Reboot Season Two, Episode 09: F9: Control Failure

Edited Episodes

Reboot B4FV Season One, Episode 10: Emanations

Reboot B4FV Season One, Episode 13: State of Flux

Reboot B4FV Season One, Episode 21: The 2003's

Site Updates

Coming Soon has all the updated info on what else I've been up to that I haven't finished yet.

"Halloween" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".

The usual History pages have been updated; Episode Log, Episode Sizes.

A new banner for Precise Timings (and Resurrection) have been made.

New "Episode Battle" polls have replaced the previous ones.


31st March

The original "F9: Control Failure" is a chore and a half to fix, so I'm afraid it'll be a little while longer before it's ready. In the meantime, I've been busy elsewhere to try and make up for it:

Edited Episodes

Reboot B4FV Season One, Episode 09: Ex Post Facto

Reboot B4FV Season One, Episode 12: Prime Factors

Reboot B4FV Season One, Episode 20: Paris Camera

Site Updates

"True Q" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".

"Bittersweet" is finally in the Episode Sizes ranking.

Reboot B4FV Season One's information page has been updated since I've (temporarily) restarted working on it.

A few errors like typos and missing words in recent reboots have been fixed. The biggest one being Saturday Night's "Naomi" leftover from the original. If you don't know what I mean then, yey no one spotted it :P


23rd February

Another reboot joins the ranks and thankfully this one isn't anywhere near as big. The next one might be a bit trickier to fix than this one, just thought I'd warn you. I may go through the mammoth sized Bittersweet inbetween the two. I thought if I do cut that one down A LOT, I'll keep the full version available as a PDF. If only a scene or two goes, they'll go in the Deleted Scenes section, simples.

New Episodes

Reboot Season Two, Episode 08: Saturday Night

Site Updates

"The Slayers" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".

The usual haunts Episode Sizes and Log are up to date.

Resistance's link in the episode archive has been fixed... again. I swear I already did this last year.


30th January

A very belated happy new year everybody. I start the year by releasing the not planned third part of "Xmas holiday episode" Bittersweet many weeks too late. Oh well. Due to my work place getting a little bit strict, I now only scribble in a notebook sometimes while I'm there, when people aren't looking over my shoulder anyway, and type it up on evenings when I'm not too tired/sick. So yeah, until I get into a better routine, it's gonna be slow(er) for a bit. It doesn't help that Bittersweet's a bloated word count heffer. I hope my next project Saturday Night is as light and easy as I think.

Anyways, today I have a few things to update the site with, check 'em out below.

New Episodes

Reboot Season Two, Episode 19: Bittersweet (Part 3)

Site Updates

"Kiss of Death" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".

History has a new page for the dreadful parodies of songs I like to bloat episodes with... she says on Bittersweet's finished date, ahem. Note: I have not updated the Episode Sizes section as I'm torn about Bittersweet's ridiculous length.

In the Episode Archive I'm testing out a possible new "feature". I know despite my attempts that the site's still not very mobile friendly, but another problem revolving around its lack of mobile-ness has been bothering me just as long which I haven't tried to fix. It's some feedback I was given a good long while ago, which is extra relevant now that there's a few three parter episodes, and some long solos. There's no way to keep track of a story you've not yet finished; the files are usually not divided, there's no chapter links (anymore), and I repeat 99% of episodes are huge now. I had thought about converting the episodes into a PDF format, far more suitable for tablets and phones. I mean it's not something that's too difficult, only time consuming. I've chosen Reboot Aggression as the guinea pig for this. Obviously I have no clue if this'll be any good for anyone, but it's no harm done. I'll be testing it some more, since I've already tested it behind the scenes. If it works how I want it, I'll steadily release the rest of One. After that it'll be Season Four, Five, B4FV2 & 3, since they're considered done and dusted already.

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