4th December
Fifth Voyager celebrates its twelfth birthday with a comeback, and it's about time too. Unlike the last failed attempt, this year FV is resurrected with the Reboot. For more information about this, check here for it all. I doubt I'll ever top this amount of content again, especially as a few of the things finished were ready for 2011's anniversary. Long story. If there are still people visiting even after the big writers block, I apologise for the wait. FV is back but it'll never be as fast as the old days. Anything is better than nothing though.

New Episodes

Season Five, Episode 08: Queuing Forever

Reboot Season One, Episode 01: Aggression

Reboot Season Four, Episode 04: Dissidia (replaced Flesh Eaters)

New Material (episodes with new scenes)

B4FV Season Three, Episode 01: The Rhythm Part 2 (two new scenes)

Reboot Season One, Episode 19: Secret of the Revenge (two episodes from Season Three, moved here, changed around a lot, plus many brand new scenes)

Reboot Season Four, Episode 02: Half of the Heart (a third of the episode is new)

Reboot Season Four, Episode 08: Sibling Rivalry (many new/edited scenes)

Reboot Season Four, Special: Happy Ever After (Enterprise's story brand new)

Edited Episodes

B4FV Season One, Episode 22: Outside of Time Part 1 (opening scene changed)

B4FV Season Two, Episode 03: Crying, Dying (one scene changed)

B4FV Season Two, Episode 04: Whenever (formatted to one part)

B4FV Season Two, Episode 14: Up In Smoke (two scenes deleted)

Season Four, Episode 24: Closing of the Eyes Part 1 (structure rearranged)

Season Five, Episode 07: Meets the Eye (date/timeline change)