What is this page?

Basically the Reboot itself is a project I created to try to kill off my writers block. I started FV when I was 15 back in 2000, I then sped through so many seasons in a few years. A lot of the earlier stuff is rushed and for years I've wanted to fix that. This page however is the FAQ/information page about what's been done and what hopefully will be done in the future.


So what's being rebooted?

The biggest change has been to Season One. The full season is over a decade and a half old and it shows, it has aged badly. The very basic idea for this season is to add new scenes, fleshing out the tiny episodes and likely expanding the scenes already there. In some episodes cases the episode could be replaced all together. Also I want to stress that even though Season Five turned rather depressing near the end, that the plan was always to keep Season One's light hearted tone. I worried that Year of Hell might have given readers the wrong idea.

With roughly 2/3's of the season already rebooted you may get a general idea on what's going to happen. Episodes such as Unforgettable and Collective Instinct are perfect examples. I'll go into more detail further down and on the season's specific page.

Other seasons to be changed will be Season Two, Three and the first two prequel seasons. However these won't get the extreme edits like One will.


I like the originals, can I still read them? Will they be deleted some day?

Yes you can, and no they won't be.

As much as I don't like the majority of Season One now, it is still a part of the series' history. FV wouldn't exist if it wasn't for that, that's obvious enough. I've grown up along with the series, hell it is roughly the same age I was when I started it. That's a scary thought, haha. No, I couldn't delete it.

The plan at the moment is when Reboot Season One is completed I'll archive it onto a separate page. Others will join it later, like the Season Three originals of the Monkey Island parodies.

The original Hunters managed to survive its rebooted version's release, I think that alone proves I'm serious about keeping everything.


I'm still unclear as to what exactly is going to happen. Is every episode just going to be written again?

Considering it took me about four/five years to rush the series up until Season Four (as well as most of the prequels), I'm going to say no. The way I write now, I'd never finish if I was going to do that. Unfortunately though Season One's certainly gone down that route in later entries. Below is the remaining plan as basic as possible, each season has their own page with more details in them.

Season One
(view episode list)

1) Two of the smaller episodes will be merged with each other, these then will have points 4 or 5 done to them.

"VTV Live" and "Voyager's Drinking Game" will become "Voyager Live"

2) The episode "Prepare For Trouble will be replaced.

3) The combinations and deletions leaves room for a total of two more new episodes:

"Memories of Fury" is a parody, or FV version if you like, of two original Voyager episodes combined together.

"Tales of Voyager" is the brand new sequel and finale to Secret of the Revenge and Escape From The Curse.

4) Roughly five will remain the same, but will get new scenes and current ones will be edited. It's easier to class the ones with minor changes like this as Edits.

5) However if the new scenes end up outnumbering the original material's, they will be classed as rewrites.

6) The episode World Domination is planned to be redone from scratch, with its very basic concept intact. It is an embarrassment and I'd like to write it close to how its original draft turned out.

If you're still unsure, this is basically what has happened to Reboot Season One so far:
Aggression: Redone
More Or Less: New episode replacing Mental Illness
Year Of Hell: New episode replacing... itself? The original YOH has a completely different disaster in it
Hunters Again: Redone
Unforgettable: Edit
Four Out Of Five: New episode taking Once Upon A Time's place. That oldie has been combined with a later reboot episode
Mirror Universes: Edit
Collective Instinct: Edit
Worse Case Scenario 2: Rewrite of itself and Once Upon A Time
Home Sweet Holodeck: Rewrite of Holo Q
Extreme Night: New episode technically taking Demon²'s place
Timeless: Redone
The Seven of Nine Show: Rewrite of The Fight merged with a new story
Timeline: Rewrite
Spirits: Rewrite
Test of Time: Redone
Dark Frontier: Edit
Secret of the Revenge: Edit
Fugitives: Rewrite
Escape From The Curse: Part 1 is a Rewrite. Part 2 covering Escape From Hell Itself was completely Redone.
Piece of Conspiracy: Edit
Upendi: Redo
Muse In Fear Haven: Three episodes merged into one. Muse was a redone, Fear was edit, while Fair Haven 2 I believe should be classed as an edit (you could class it as a rewrite since scenes were bigger, but the story's order and what scenes it had was the same).

Season Two
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I don't want to plan this too deeply until One is almost or is done. Below are the only definite plans I have for it:

Restore Disconnected to its original plot with little to no film references/parodies/rip offs
Rewrite the dreaded Dimension Jump episode. Basically the whole Ligers storyline needs a reboot of its own.
Re-do the Duncan arc as its potential was completely wasted.
The above means a rewrite of Why oh Why in more ways than one.
Man Out Of You; It is one of my favourites but it could have had so much more.

Season Three
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The Monkey Island parodies needed replacing and The Games Matrix was in dire need of being rewritten, so that's been done in advance. The rest of the episodes themselves ranged from just ok to awful. I'll have a field day with this if I ever get there.

B4FV Season One
(view episode list)

Some episodes may be replaced, but I think this series will just be edited like B4FV2 for the most part. I'd look at what has been done there for an idea.

B4FV Season Two

I'm actually almost finished with this season. I only have the second half of Outside of Time to fix. The only issue with that is it is a lot shorter than the first half.

So what's been done so far?

Quite a bit:


(Only formatted. No work to be done)

(From minor tweaks to new scenes)

Brand New
(Episodes rewritten or replaced)

B4FV Season One


Outside of Time (opening scene edited)


B4FV Season Two

In The Flesh
Whenever (formatted to 1 part)
Broken Wreck
Death Wish
Filled My Dreams
Paper Bag
No Matter What

Crying, Dying (minor edits)
Do's And Don'ts (couple of lines edited to remove its main season spoilers)
Symbiogenesis (two new scenes)
Starships Cannot Run (new/edited scenes)
Into The Darkness (scenes edited)
Is There Something (half rewritten)
Up In Smoke (two "writer" scenes removed)
Run Or Hide (new scenes)
Sweet Sensation (new scenes/old edited)


B4FV Season Three

Episodes 2 to 22

The Rhythm (two scenes replaced)


Season One


Unforgettable (edited/new scenes)
Mirror Universes (edited/new scenes)
Collective Instinct (edited/new scenes)
Spirits (new scenes and edited)
Dark Frontier (edited/new scenes)
Secret of the Revenge (edited and moved from Season Three)
Fugitives (edited/new scenes)
Piece of Conspiracy (edited/new scenes)

More Or Less
Year Of Hell
Hunters Again
Four Out Of Five
Worse Case Scenario 2
Home Sweet Holodeck
Extreme Night
The Seven of Nine Show
Test of Time
Escape From The Curse

Season Two




Season Three


Friday The Thirteenth (one scene edited)
Single Crossing (Games Matrix Part 1)

Two Far (Games Matrix Part 2 & 3's opening scenes)
Alone And Three (GM Part 3)
Fourboding (GM Part 3)
Diminished Fifth (GM Part 3)

Season Four

Scary But True
End of the Line
True Memories
Episodes 5 to 7
Episodes 9 to 21
Episodes 25 to 28

Sibling Rivalry (added scenes)
Happy Ever After (few scenes edited)
Closing of the Eyes (Part 1 structure changed)

Half of the Heart (a lot of new scenes)
Dissidia (Replaced Flesh Eaters)

Season Five

Episodes 1 to 6
Virtual Fairytale

Meets the Eye (date/timeline change, very minor)

Queuing Forever (originally released as Death of the Soul. New scenes, originals changed, new ending).

The series continued normally after this until completion.

Do you think the Reboot will ever be finished?

Right now I feel the answer is no, which is why I'm not planning everything. Season One will make it eventually. I estimate end of 2017 as long as there are no more December 2016-esque disasters. I hope to have made a start on Season Two before the year is up, but we'll see. I assume Games Matrix's final part "Diminished Fifth" will be done as well, temporarily completing Season Three until I get there.

I think the way it'll go is S1 and B42 will be the only ones really done, with Caretaker being the only B41 entry and obviously Season Three's Games Matrix. I'm not really concerned if I don't go any further than that, as long as S1 is finished I'll be more than happy. I really hope to move onto my novels someday, I did start in 2016 so *fingers crossed*.