Like with Season Two I'm mostly aiming to keep the episode order and whatnot the same. It's the content of them that is the issue with Season Three. This season wasn't well written (for me anyway) due to background issues at the time. Unfortunately though unlike Season Two, the poor quality created bigger problems for later seasons.

Edit: Most of the original episode remains intact, with new and/or longer scenes.

Extension: An edit, but with a lot more new scenes which could outnumber the originals.

Rewrite: The basic idea of the episode remains, but it is rewritten mostly (or all) from scratch.

New: Speaks for itself, a new episode replacing an old one.

Anyway, here's very basically what I have planned for Reboot Season Three, IF I ever get to it.

Fair Chance (Part 2)  REWRITE
Part 2 is a huge waste of potential, it needs wiped clean.

Oasis of Abatua  REWRITE
Unlike Resurrection this unashamedly stole everything but the she stays dead twist from The Mummy Returns.


Here & Now  EDIT

Death of the Night  EDIT

Only In My Dreams  EDIT

The Chain Reaction  EDIT

Friday The Thirteenth  EXTENSION

Dark Mirror  EDIT

Akoonah Matata  EDIT

Future Imperfect  REWRITE

Turn Back Time  REWRITE

Voyager Nights  EDIT

The Games Matrix Saga: Single Crossing  N/A
Already completed. Was an edit of The Games Matrix Part 1.

The Games Matrix Saga: Two Far  N/A
Already completed. Was an edit of The Games Matrix Part 2 and the beginning of Part 3.

The Games Matrix Saga: Alone & Three  N/A
Already completed. Was an edit of most of The Games Matrix Part 3.

The Games Matrix Saga: Fourboding  N/A
Already completed. Opening scenes were a complete rewrite of a few scenes in The Games Matrix Part 3, then brand new for the rest of the episode.

The Games Matrix Saga: Diminished Fifth  N/A
Already completed. Is technically a rewrite of a couple of scenes in The Games Matrix Part 3, while like Fourboding the rest is brand new.

Sweet  EDIT
I don't remember there being much wrong with it. A rare highlight in Season Three. I could be wrong though.

Mars & Venus  EXTENSION
I have a few issues with this one, what with how the premise kicks off and the only constructive feedback being which characters are involved in it.

Around the Nebula  EDIT
Was edited a long time ago so like Sweet I'm not sure there's much to do with it. My current idea is to tie it into a storyline in Season Two, however that was originally meant to be resolved in that season. I'll see when I get there.

Baby Don't Swear & Spread Rumours  EDIT
The only scenes I want fixing are the scenes involving Richard meeting Jessie and James.

Witchcraft  EDIT
Hopefully might only need some minor edits, but we'll see.

Hell Break Out  EDIT
The original is rushed like the old days and needs a lot of fleshing out, so it could end up twice the size.

Holy Matrimony  EDIT
I don't think this'll need much doing to it.

Put The Knife In  REWRITE
Will likely be retitled as the original's is very "Season Three EDGY" and doesn't suit how I want to fix it. I'm quite ashamed of this episode and so there's a lot to fix. I figured the easiest way was to start from scratch and only check where it ends in the original.

*Depends, since I can't remember where Put The Knife In ends and this starts. Somewhere along the way the story stops being terrible, and I'm not sure if it happens in this one or not. If I'm right though the episode will be an extreme edit, the rewrite is mentioned just in case.

The Moving Shadow  EDIT
Despite Put The Knife In and possibly The Deception being claptrap, Moving Shadow is almost flawless for a S3 entry. I know the ending needs fixing thanks to edits made to Jessie's storyline years ago to remove the SEASON THREE EDGE, but I believe that's it.

Scary But True (Part 1)  N/A
Already completed. Was barely an edit done around the time Part 2 was years ago.