I'm hoping to keep most of this season the same, episode listing wise. The episodes themselves are the ones that need looking at.

Edit: Most of the original episode remains intact, with new and/or longer scenes.

Extension: An edit, but with a lot more new scenes which could outnumber the originals.

Rewrite: The basic idea of the episode remains, but it is rewritten mostly (or all) from scratch.

New: Speaks for itself, a new episode replacing an old one.

Saturday Night  EDIT
The episode does what it sets out to do fine enough. I think it only needs minor changes, like with the first Duncan scenes and Morgan's rather pathetic round 2 with Annika.

F9: Control Failure  EXTENSION
I think the structure of the so called plot needs retuning, badly. There's not really much of the actual plot there anyway, once you remove the so called character drama.

Precise Timings  EDIT
This shouldn't need much doing besides clean up work.

The Resurrection  EXTENSION
Upgraded from minor edit, it needs a bit more done. Some scenes may be fiddled with, the prologue's going to be changed (that was true when it was a minor edit), the ending will get a trim (ditto), all of the Emma connection stuff's going to be redone cos I'd prefer to remove but can't. I'm hoping it doesn't need anymore than 1/2 new scenes, so it shouldn't be more than an edit.

Kiss of Death  EDIT
I think the main storyline is fine, the Tom story is funny. What needs fixing is Tuvok/Naomi's storyline, and perhaps a tweak to the illness discussion scenes.

The Slayers  REWRITE
The original decided to steal Pokémon The Movie 3, when the point of the story was to explore the Game Spheres and their creators. This episode is very important and needs to be done right this time.

True Q  EDIT
I think it only needs a modern day clean up, hopefully.

The Curse of Voyager  EDIT
Same as above.

Cause & Effect  EDIT
I haven't looked at this one in years so it could need more added to it, who knows.

There's a couple of things that need fixing; the death match scenes not only for the Kiara involvement but also because the mc's don't have any incentive to do it.

Why oh Why  REWRITE
Why oh Why is troublesome for the same reasons Dimension Jump is but without the intention to be. Tani's storyline is going to be wiped clean, while Duncan's story I plan to be more fleshed out throughout the entire season.

One thing's for sure, a certain scene is getting the boot and I may delete it in advance anyway. A lot of stuff from the beginning's probably going to be removed and severely edited, so when I say extension I don't mean the usual episode will be longer cos of new scenes. The aim is to keep it the same and replace what I delete.

Bittersweet  REWRITE
I love the concept and I adore the character development. The execution ruins it though. I plan to change the reason why the music happens, I have a new idea that isn't so cringeworthy. Like Disconnected I keep getting tempted to skip where I am to reboot this, so you never know it might show up sooner rather than later.

I Know What You've Done This Season  EDIT
Another one I haven't looked at in yonks.

I am removing the special Halloween which this is a sequel to, and I aim to make this more of a singular episode. How that'll work depends on what Halloween is like, I'm leaning more towards this being a rewrite. It could also be retitled.

Heiress  EDIT
Blah blah could be an edit, haven't read blah.

(New Episode)  NEW
The Atamit will be drop kicked from the series.

Lea Halalela  EDIT
This could be need more doing to it and it's very likely to be renamed.

"Return of First Voyager"  REWRITE/NEW
I badly want to replace Return of Third Voyager with something similar; a Damien influence episode but it depends really on what the original is like. If it's not salvageable it'll be completley new.

Territory  REWRITE
Territory did not do what it was meant to. Enough said.

Deep Under  EDIT
Apart from being a little short, Deep Under has very little wrong with it.

I love this episode but it is rushed and showing its age. I plan to add a lot of new scenes and fix the ending.

Fair Chance (Part 1)  EXTENSION
The edits for this are for Part 2's benefit more than Part 1.