After Reboot Season One is finished, I'm quite torn between continuing on with Reboot Season Two and then Three, OR getting this much shorter season out of the way first. If I do the latter then the prequels should be complete, leaving only the main seasons to fix. However I'm a lot more eager to get various Season Two entries fixed than this (Disconnected, Dimension Jump, Why oh Why, Bittersweet, Man Out Of You to name a few). There's plenty of time, Reboot One has 8 more episodes to go while I'm writing this. I'll decide then what I feel like doing.

For now, here's the plan for the season.

Edit: Most of the original episode remains intact, with new and/or longer scenes.

Extension: An edit, but with a lot more new scenes which could outnumber the originals.

Rewrite: The basic idea of the episode remains, but it is rewritten mostly (or all) from scratch.

New: Speaks for itself, a new episode replacing an old one.

Caretaker  N/A
Already completed. Was mostly a rewrite with an odd few scenes edited from the original.

Parallax  REWRITE
I tried badly to do something different with this, and all I could think of was "based after the episode" and keep the same title. Luckily over a decade later I have better ideas.

Time & Again  EDIT
The episode's not bad even if it does follow the original too much. As it's based one episode earlier some scenes will be replaced.

Still not sure on the title, but this should be a different take on The Cloud/some of Light the Fire. LtF itself is later.


Meanwhile  "NEW"/EDIT
It's hard to explain without really spoiling it. Basically the original B4FV1's worst habit was fourth wall adventures mixing with the so called villains the Voyager crew rarely (if they do at all) meet. This episode will take as much of the random scenes all over the place as it can, and rework it here.

Transfigurations  EDIT
Since a couple of episodes have disappeared so far on this list, there will be very slight changes to this episode. Apart from that the episode's only changes should be formatted to the current style and maybe an altered ending scene.

Ex Post Facto  EDIT

Emanations  EXTENSION

Obsession  EXTENSION
This is actually Rules & Regulations, kinda. The title fits better. I'd like nothing more than to remove both episodes but because of events in B4FV2, Rules had to stay. The big issue with both was what they were parodying, that's not happening again.

Light The Fire  EXTENSION
With The Cloud part of this episode separated from it, what's left? Hmm.

Prime Factors  EDIT

State of Flux  EXTENSION

Cathexis  EDIT
The side story that the FV version was named after will go. Hate it with a passion.

Eye of Ramn  EXTENSION
Yes it's a prequel, not an actual first season, but Ramn said way too much. It also has the biggest "omg this is too hard, cut to end" moment since Hunters' deleted ending. The idea is fine, it just needed to be tried again and moved to later.

(Title TBR)  NEW
Tomorrow's Voyager will be rightfully kicked out of the season. Since most of it is forgotten, it's completely useless as well as awful. I have an idea for it, but it's too soon to spoil it, title included.

Learning Curve  EDIT
Maybe a new scene or two will get added when I'm going through it, but I only see a few slight edits being made to it.

Second Chance  EXTENSION
This one was rushed badly. It was important too. Typical of my old attitude really.

Paris Camera  EDIT
Not much to change, a new scene or two.

The 2003's  EDIT
Maybe new scenes will get edited. The episode's only problem is that it's obviously dated.

Twisted Elogium  EXTENSION
The original idea to mix Elogium and Twisted into one will get done here, and that means a rewrite.

Outside of Time (Part 1)  N/A
No changes planned. I loved this episode, and it is the standard I've set for the rest of the season. No pressure ^_^