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Episode Synopsis
A family is torn apart by a cruel revenge murder and a terminal sickness. They barely have time to grieve as the murderer steps up his game to cause his victim even more anguish.

between 24th July and 22nd August 2004
11th - 22nd September 2004

Episode Based In
May 2380


Day One

08:32 Eastern / 13:32 GMT
A shuttle landed outside the large farmhouse belonging to the Janeway family.

The door on the back opened, James stepped out of it. then headed straight for the front door. He was about to knock on it, but noticed one of the windows above it had a neatly cut hole in the glass. He pushed the handle down hard, it broke off in his hand and the door creaked open.

"Mum... Phoebe!?" James called out, stepping into the house. "Anyone home?"

A few creaks on the floorboards above him caught his attention. He headed into the living room, then immediately stepped into the hallway where the stairs were.

His eyes followed the banister up to the first floor, they caught sight of a scruffy dressed man climbing onto the end of the banister itself, overlooking the ground floor. Obviously not noticing that he had been spotted, he threw himself over it.

James stepped out of the way, the man had enough time to land on his feet nearby. He turned around to throw a punch at him, but he blocked it with his arm, and used his other arm to hit him in the face. A small kick in the leg made the man stumble to the ground. James knelt down to get a hold of him by the front of his shirt, then he pulled him up so he was eye level.

"All right, you have one minute to explain why you're here."

"We're here to borrow some coffee," he sneered.

James pushed him into the wall, "we?"

"There's three of us."

"Thirty seconds, what are you doing here?"

"I'm pretty sure it's forty."

"Now it's twenty," James muttered.

The man laughed, "well wouldn't you like to know."

"That's why I asked," James said.

The man pretended to think about it, "I'm sure it's got something to do with the coffee."

James sighed, "fine." He dragged the intruder into the living room, then into the kitchen. He grabbed the nearest knife.

He attempted to kick his attacker in the leg, but it got him nowhere. James pushed him onto the bench whilst pushing the knife into his chest. The man quickly disappeared into dust. James headed out of the room after brushing the dust off the bench. He sighed again, "great, I wonder where are the other two?"

He noticed a PADD lying on the coffee table in the centre of the room, he went over to pick it up. His eyes widened a little as he read it, and rushed out of the living room.

"Ok vamps, you'd better have already left or staked yourselves," James said quietly, walking up the stairs. Slowly he walked towards the closest door, a little push forced it to open fully. He walked into the dark room, which was dimly lit by the sunlight shining from the small crack in the closed curtains. Next to the window there was a large bed, on one side of it lay a person sized lump under the covers.

James put the padd down on the chest of drawers on the way over to the bed. He gave the lump a gentle shake, "hey time to wake up. Mum?" He lowered the cover to reveal Kathryn's head. "I'm surprised you can sleep after that much coffee," he groaned, shaking her again. His face stiffened and turned a little pale, "mum come on."

00:00 Eastern / 05:00 GMT
New Manchester
The front door to Lena and Sandi's flat flew open, Sandi marched in holding a sword. "You could have just done as you were told for once."

Kevin followed her in, closing the door behind him, "that would be against my nature San."

Lena peeped her head over the back of the sofa, "hey."

Kevin jumped a mile, but Sandi didn't budge an inch. She looked over at her, "you're back, that's good."

Kevin sighed, "yeah it's cool, and I knew you were there."

"Sure you did," Lena said, climbing off the sofa.

"Where's Daniel?" Sandi asked.

"Oh you wouldn't believe me if I told you," Lena muttered.

Meanwhile, a few flats away:
Daniel frowned at the open book he was reading. "Then fold over... what? Who wrote this!?" He dumped the book on the table behind him. He turned back to Scott, who was lying on the other table with what looked like a white carrier bag wrapped around him instead of a nappy. "Meh, that's good enough anyway."

Lena/Sandi's flat:
"So, how's the hunt for our old Trafford residents going?" Lena asked while raiding the fridge.

"Badly. They're not back home, and there's been less around lately. They're obviously up to something," Sandi replied.

"I still don't get how they got out of Manchester," Kevin said.

Lena shrugged as she opened up a bottle, "neither do I, but it's ok, we'll get them. I mean when James and I left you killed a good percentage of them, right?"

Sandi looked over at Kevin, "hmm, about thirty percent. Most decided to nick off when we were killing the others."

"What about the other game sites then?" Lena questioned.

"No... well obviously yeah, a few, not all," Kevin muttered in response.

Lena sighed as she put the bottle back into the fridge. "Fine, I'll cover what's left. We don't want any more surprise visits."

00:10 Eastern / 05:10 GMT
Chakotay walked into Kathryn's bedroom, and closed the door behind him. "Lena came back to Earth this morning."

"So she's coming, good. Now I just need to get James to like me again overnight, and then we'll have the whole family," Kathryn said. She smiled weakly at him, "got any miracle spells?"

Chakotay smiled as he sat down next to her, "no, I'm afraid I don't."

"I don't know," Kathryn said, looking uncomfortable. "Where are we going tomorrow?"

"It's a surprise," Chakotay replied.

"Why does that worry the hell out of me?" Kathryn muttered.

Chakotay slid his arm around her shoulders, "look I know you didn't like the idea of a family trip from day one, but it'll be fun I promise."

"It probably will be, it's just... family trips don't usually go well," Kathryn sighed.

"I guess now's not a good time to mention that Lena's bringing Daniel," Chakotay muttered.

Kathryn's eyes widened, "what!?"

"I know he's not family but she really wants you to get along with him, or at least be ok with them being together," Chakotay replied.

"Not only did he get Triah pregnant, he murdered James' step mother," Kathryn grumbled. "I'm never going to like him."

"That was Ronnie, the confusing and irritating watcher. We're talking about Daniel now," Chakotay said.

"Who's rude and thinks he's the best thing that ever happened in this century," Kathryn grumbled.

Chakotay smiled, "just give him a chance. Remember you judged Jessie just as quick, and now you're fine with her."

"Yes because she eventually became less annoying. Don't you remember what she was like when she first came aboard?" Kathryn questioned. She turned a shade paler, "and do you think she and him will stay together or something?"

Chakotay tried not to laugh, "no, I never saw Lena as the committed type."

"That's what I thought about James, once upon a time," Kathryn sighed.

"True. She's only twenty though, and he didn't start dating until twenty one, right," Chakotay smirked. "Then a year later..."

Kathryn shuddered, "I'm going to make sure she's isolated from all men during her twenty second year."

"She's not going to be exactly like James, is she? Remember she started dating at, what seventeen?" Chakotay said, trying not to laugh.

Kathryn glared in his direction, "who was she with at eighteen?"

Chakotay laughed, "I'm sure she had just broke up with Craig then, don't worry."

Kathryn sighed in relief, "that's good."

"I guess but if she finds out we were talking about her like this, our relationship with her will be just as volatile as yours and James'," Chakotay said.

"We won't ever tell her then," Kathryn said.

00:30 Eastern / 05:30 GMT
Shield Row, England
Jessie was sitting up in her bed, trying her best to read a book and not fall asleep. The door opened slowly as she closed her eyes. James stepped inside, "Jess?"

She opened her eyes, "yeah, I'm awake."

James closed the door quietly behind him, "it's half five, you should be asleep."

Jessie closed the book, "I wanted to wait until you got back."

"If I'd known that I would have come home sooner," James said as headed over to her. He took off the jacket he had on.

Jessie shrugged her shoulders. "I'm not tired, no biggie," she yawned. She watched him get changed. "So, did you kill anything good?"

"Not really, unless you count the drunk vamp who acted like Neelix, you know drunk," James replied. He climbed into the bed, "and he acted rather gay."

"Do I want to hear the rest?" Jessie asked, smirking slightly. She moved over to rest her head on his shoulder, she slid her arm around him.

"Not really. How was your night?" he asked.

Jessie sighed, "dull, Sarah didn't even want to argue or anything."

"I thought that was a good thing," James said.

Jessie raised her head a little so she could shake it and look at him, "not when you're bored."

James tried not to laugh, "now that's a good reason to start an argument."

"You never know, that maybe why she does it," Jessie said, resting her head on his shoulder again.

"Explains my last fight with Janeway," James muttered.

"Hmm, it must be bad if you're calling her Janeway again," Jessie commented.

"Force of habit," James muttered. "Anyway, everytime I think about it, I start to think that she was right."

"About what?" Jessie asked.

"That I was only there for a fight," James replied.

Jessie frowned, "I don't think that's true. You did have a good reason to be mad at her."

"Did I? Everyone yells at their kid at least once. That's all she did," James said.

"I know but you did nothing wrong, right... plus she lied to you again," Jessie said.

James sat up a little, "that's what I said, but hearing it sounds rather desperate."

Jessie sat up fully, resting her back on the wall, "desperate? Now you've lost me."

"You know, I said it to desperately keep the argument going. She was right," James said.

"No, you recently fought with Angela, why would you want to?" Jessie questioned.

"I don't know. We were doing so well too, why did I have to mess it up?" James replied.

Jessie shook her head, "no, you didn't go in looking for a fight, I'm sure. I think you're still upset about her abandoning you."

"You're not mad at your dad, are you?" James asked.

"No but, that's different," Jessie replied.

"No it's not. He had a good excuse, so did my mother," James said.

"Yeah but the difference is she had a choice. I know I wouldn't have done the same as she did, and you're mad cos you know you wouldn't either. That's what all these arguments must come down to in the end," Jessie said.

"That's the thing, I'm not," James muttered.

Jessie looked confused, "not what?"

"Mad at her. Obviously I used to be, who wouldn't be? The thing is if she raised me, I'd be different and I would have probably lived on starships my whole life. Bottom line is, I never would have met you," James replied.

"Yeah but you always said it was the principle of the thing, and you went through a lot to get where you are now," Jessie said.

"So? If I had to choose between an 'easy' Starfleet brat life and the hard one with you in it, then I'd choose the hard one," James said.

Jessie glanced down at her hands, she slowly looked back up, "all right, but the principle's still there."

"No it's not, I'm over it," James said.

"Then tell her that. Maybe then you won't fight so much," Jessie said.

James sighed, "yeah good idea. It's her birthday tomorrow and Lena mentioned something about a family trip. They're going early morning, so I'd have to go during the lunch break."

"Hmm, it's nice of them to invite us," Jessie muttered sarcastically.

"Sorry, my fault," James commented.

Jessie shook her head, "if you say so. You know, you don't have to do this later today."

"Why not?" James questioned.

"Well if she gets mad before you get a chance, the day will be ruined," Jessie replied.

"No that's ok, I'll get her a present for the first time ever," James said.

"What, like a coffee filter machine?" Jessie said, smirking a little. "You're going to bribe her, that's cheating."

"No I'm not, it was your idea," James said. "She really wanted one, didn't she?"

"Yeah. This is a perfect plan. You'll bribe her, get her high and then tell her you want to make up again. Brilliant," Jessie giggled.

"Actually, it sounds like the perfect backup plan," James said. He kissed her on the cheek. "Thanks."

She stared at him, blankly, "uh... you're not serious are you? I was joking."

James shrugged his shoulders, "maybe... maybe not."

"Well at least you won't wreck her birthday," Jessie muttered.

08:45 Eastern / 13:45 GMT
James sat on the edge of the bed right next to where Kathryn lay, he placed a hand on the side of her face but pulled it away. "Cold. No... oh my god." He put two of his fingers on the side of her neck to check her pulse. Shocked, he stumbled back onto his feet, his eyes widening.

Slowly he raised his hand to see dried up blood crumble off his fingers. "No... no way," he stuttered, rushing over to the computer nearby. It switched on with a few commands. A woman close to his age appeared on the screen. "I need some people here now, my mum she's..."

"Try to stay calm, I'll check your address," the woman said. She looked to the side, "right, one shuttle will be with you in five minutes. What is the emergency, maybe I can help now."

"She's dead, I found her... in her bed, cold. I think her throat's been cut," James stuttered, glancing back at Kathryn.

"So you didn't see it happen," the woman said.

James turned back to the woman, "I said I found her. Three vamps are in this house so it must have been them."

"So she was bitten?" the woman asked calmly.

"I don't know, it felt like a cut. It doesn't matter anyway, are you going to help or not?" James snapped in response.

The woman sighed, "no this is important. If she was bitten then it's likely we cannot do anything. Is her neck still bleeding, are there any other injuries?"

"I don't know," James muttered, glancing at his hand. "It's dry."

"What is, the blood?" the woman questioned.

"The wound is, yeah but I backed away, it might be still..." James said.

"Right, have you tried CPR yet?" the woman asked.

"No, but I don't know how without..." James replied. He looked down uneasily. "Hurting her," he mumbled to himself.

"First if the neck's still bleeding, try to cover it and put a little pressure on it. If the blood is dried and she's cold there's nothing you can really do," the woman said.

James pushed the computer off the table, it smashed on impact with the ground. He headed back over to Kathryn while ripping a part of his sleeve off. After folding the material, he covered a part of her neck with it. Blood soaked straight through it and covered his hands. He closed his eyes as tears started coming down his face. After opening them back up, he looked down at his now stained hands, they started shaking. He put them both back down at his sides as he stood up fully.

The door creaked slightly, James glanced quickly at it just in time to see a teenaged girl's head briefly look around it and disappear again. He quickly marched over to it, pulling it open as hard as he could, making it come off a few of its hinges. The girl rushed to the stairway, she turned around before she got to them, "I didn't do it, I swear, it was my bro..." He almost growled at her as he grabbed a hold of her by the neck. "Really, I was covering downstairs. I swear," she stuttered.

"You know, I lost the will to care," James muttered. Then he pushed her through the wooden banister, she rolled down the stairs. He stood in the new gap between the banister and watched her get back up. He pulled a part of the banister away, then jumped down to join her.

"I told you, it wasn't me. I didn't do anything," the girl stuttered. She kicked him in the leg and ran off into the living room. James went after her, he grabbed the knife that he left on the coffee table. The girl took the time to pick up a chair, and throw it at him. He ducked, then threw a punch at her, she stumbled into the wall. He stepped closer to her, raising the knife.

"So, did you come here to kill her, or was this just a random visit?" he asked.

"I uh... we were sent here," the girl stuttered.

"By who and why?" James asked, waving the knife in front of her face.

"Frenit, he wanted to get you back by er, killing family..." the girl replied eyeing the knife. "But I was just covering, I didn't even see her or anything."

James placed the knife against her throat, "why should I believe you?"

"Um that won't kill me," the girl said carefully.

"No I won't, not yet," James muttered. "I just want to see how you like getting a knife slice open your throat." A few strokes of the knife made her gasp and put a hand over a few new cuts. "Now, where's your brother?"

"Screw you," the girl muttered, she tried to push him away. He just pushed her back into the wall.

"Where is he?" he asked more sternly.

"Not telling you even if I knew," the girl muttered.

"Fine, you're just squeaky and useless," James grumbled. He pulled her away from the wall, instead he pushed her through the closest window. All that could be heard after the glass smashing was a painful scream.

Inside a cupboard nearby a voice muttered something. James turned to face it, narrowing his eyes a little as he walked closer to it. He clenched one fist then pushed it through the cupboard door. He pulled a guy through the door with his hand around his neck.

"Well... hi," he muttered. He raised the arm that was holding a blood stained knife, and slashed his face with it. James stumbled back, he placed the palm of his hand on across the cut on his face. The blood on it spread across his face as he pulled it away. The guy snorted, "you killed my sister..."

"You killed my mother, we're nowhere near even," James muttered.

"Yeah she bugged me. She didn't even fight back, but Frenit insisted we'd get her in her sleep. You know, it was all for the effect," the guy smirked. The front door burst open. "Oh you phoned the takeaway, how..." He screamed, and fell backwards onto the floor.

"Oh my god..." one paramedic stuttered from the doorway.

James glanced over at the group, "upstairs, first bedroom door." All but one of the paramedics stared at him looking pale, with wide eyes. "Now people!" They all rushed towards the other door. He picked up the guy's knife, "making a big fuss over a vamp with a knife in his forehead... you're in the wrong line of work." He stood on the guy's neck and put all of his weight on it, he turned to dust.

The last remaining paramedic sighed, "oh vamp, good."

"Why are you still here?" James grumbled.

"Um..." the guy stuttered, he rushed out.

James dropped the knife onto the floor, followed the paramedics out of the room and up the stairs. He slowly walked into Kathryn's bedroom.

One paramedic shook his head, "she's gone, we're too late."

The only woman there sighed, "we would have had a chance if the vampire hadn't feasted."

"Are we sure that's what happened?" the first paramedic asked.

"Obviously, the guy downstairs was one," the last paramedic replied.

"Why am I relieved?" another paramedic asked as he glanced back at James.

"So, are you taking her to hospital?" he asked.

One of the paramedics stood up, he walked over to stand in front of him. "I'm afraid um, this isn't easy telling you this but your... aunt or..."

"Mother," James muttered.

The paramedic looked uncomfortable, "oh, well she must have been attacked half an hour before you found her. Even if you were there at the time, you wouldn't have been able to do anything to help her."

"But you've got to. Just regenerate the cut, get her some blood and then revive..." James stuttered.

The paramedic sighed, "she's been dead too long, I'm very sorry."

The only woman stood up, "I could treat your face for you..." James turned around to leave the room.

"Laura, call the coroner, we'd better go," the first paramedic said. They all headed out of the room, they started going down the stairs. "This is one of the reasons why I hate this job you know," one paramedic muttered.

"Coroners on the way," Laura sighed. "Don't you find it weird that this was a vampire attack."

"I know, especially at this time and place," paramedic two said. They all passed James sitting on the ground near the stairs. Laura stopped while the others continued on.

"I called the coroner. They'll pick up the body. I'm sorry, I know it's not a great comfort but..." she said.

"It was her birthday today... the family left to prepare, Chakotay's coming back for her, she slept in... don't know how..." James muttered, just staring at the ground. "He left her a note to tell her." He looked up at her, "sorry I'm muttering."

"It's ok. Do you have anyone to call like friends, girlfriend, family..." Laura questioned.

"Oh no, Chakotay will come, he's going to freak," James said.

"Who's he?" Laura asked.

"He and mum have been married for over a month," James replied. "This is going to kill him."

"Stepdad right, do you have anyone else to call beside him?" Laura asked.

"Yeah, my wife," James muttered in response.

"Good. Once again, I'm sorry for your loss," Laura sighed, she walked away.

"Thanks," James sighed. He looked down at his hands.

"What on earth!" Chakotay's voice bellowed from the living room. He marched into the hall way, he stared at James with wide eyes. "Did you have to bring your fighting here?" He headed for the stairs.

James quickly stood up, "no, where are you going?"

"Upstairs, is your mum still not up yet?" Chakotay asked. "Clean up and make a coffee for her..."

"Oh, you don't want to go up there," James stuttered.

Chakotay stared at him, "why, what's up there? Is she up there with it?"

"I... uh, you just don't," James stuttered.

Chakotay rushed up the stairs, "why does everything have to happen when you're around."

"You don't want to go, no don't!" James yelled up the stairs, but Chakotay had already disappeared into the bedroom. He swallowed hard, "oh crap."

Chakotay reappeared looking pale, he headed back down the stairs, "what did you do?"

"I didn't, I found her," James replied.

Chakotay got to the bottom of the stairs, "she was your mother, how could you?"

"I didn't do it, I wouldn't," James said.

"Right, like you've never tried to kill her before," Chakotay grumbled.

"I was evil then, and I was still mad at her," James said.

Chakotay back handed him on the side the cut was, "you son of a rat faced b***ard!"

"I didn't hurt her, I really wouldn't... she's my mother," James muttered.

Chakotay groaned, "she always was."

"It didn't always feel that way. She was there for me when I needed her and I slapped her, not literally, in the face..." James said.

Chakotay stared at him, "then why did you come here for, huh, to have another argument with her?"

"Actually I was here to make up with her. I mean she's my mother and I loved her... I didn't get to tell her that," James stuttered. He sat back down, then put his hands over his face.

A few people walked in. "I'm sorry sirs, where is..."

"Upstairs, first door," Chakotay muttered.

"Right," one of the people said, they all headed up the stairs.

Chakotay waited until they walked into the bedroom, "you really love her?"

"Chill, we're related," James replied. "Why is it such a surprise?"

"You... who did this then?" Chakotay asked.

"A vampire, a friend of one who's going to be dust soon," James muttered. He pulled his communicator out his pocket, "you know, I have to tell..."

"Fine, I'll go upstairs," Chakotay said, he walked back up the stairs.

Keeping the communicator in his palm, he pressed it with his thumb. "Jessie?"

In: "James hey, sorry for hanging up before..."

"No it's ok, are you able to pick up Duncan?" he asked.

In: "No, but I called the school, they'll look after him."

"It's ok, I'll probably do it," James said.

In: "Um are you all right?"

He watched as the coroners carried a body bag down the stairs. "No... no I'm not..." he crushed the communicator with his hand.

09:10 Eastern / 14:10 GMT
Daniel and Lena were sitting in front of the consoles at the front of a shuttlecraft. Daniel had his feet up on the console, while Lena just then sat up to look at hers.

"We're nearly there, so let's go through the rules," Lena said.

Daniel raised his eyebrow, "rules?"

"Well I wanted you to come cos I want you and mum to get along," Lena said.

"Right," Daniel said, he put his feet back onto the ground. "Hit me, not literally."

Lena tried not to laugh, "I wouldn't do that."

"Your brother did though," Daniel muttered.

"Well look on the bright side, he took his time," Lena giggled.

Daniel narrowed his eyes mockingly, "I hope you're worth it."

"All right, I'll stop," Lena said, trying to calm down. "Ok, rule number one, don't diss coffee. If she offers you one either take it politely or say she can have it. Two, we shouldn't drink coffee together."

"Yes, I can do that," Daniel said, he took out a cigarette and lit it up. Lena eyed it.

"Oh yeah, number three, no smoking," she said uncomfortably.

"Well it's a good thing I don't do it as often now," Daniel said. "Last one, promise."

Lena watched him, "I don't know if she'd care, I'm just paranoid as Craig didn't, and she didn't like him either."

"Right and he didn't have a kid with another girl," Daniel muttered, he pressed the cigarette against the console to put it out. "Or murder somebody related to your half brother."

"What are you doing, you just lit that," Lena questioned, frowning.

"I'll stop now, it's fine," Daniel replied.

Lena sighed, "no it's ok. Smoke all you want, mum won't give you a chance for another few years anyway."

"Oh... will I still be with you then?" Daniel asked.

"I don't know, I hope so..." Lena replied glancing down at the console. She looked back at him, "I said you can smoke remember. I don't mind as long as you get a doctor to fix you up every now and then."

"I'll get a check up when we get back, then that's it... no more smoking. I know you don't like it," Daniel said.

"So? As long as you like it, you can do it," Lena said.

Daniel reached out and took a hold of her left hand, "I don't if you don't... um." He took his hand back, "sorry."

Lena stared at him, smiling weakly, "sorry?"

"You know, for thinking I could just take your hand whenever I feel like it," Daniel replied.

"Ohno, that's fine," Lena said, she reached over to take a hold of his hand again.

03:00 Eastern / 08:00 GMT
James stepped into the landing, he glanced back at the door he walked out of. "I told you shouldn't have waited."

Jessie appeared at the doorway looking half asleep, "what, I'm fine really." She closed the door. "I'll just get a coffee."

"Since when do you drink that stuff?" James asked.

Jessie shrugged, "since I married a Janeway." She yawned and headed down the stairs.

"Second time I've been called that, not good," James muttered to himself. He walked into the bedroom opposite. He pulled the curtains open a little, the room quickly was lit up with bright sunlight.

A small groan came from the lump underneath the covers on the bed nearby, "no no, still sleep time."

"No sorry, it's get up and eat time," James said, making his way over to it.

Duncan peeped his head out of the covers, "but I'm still tired. Just five more minutes." He buried his head back under the covers.

James pulled the cover back away from his head, "five more minutes will end up being an hour."

"That's good too," Duncan muttered.

"Come on, it's nice outside and how often does that happen?" James said. He pulled the rest of the cover off of him, then gathered him up in his arms.

"They lock us up most of the day, it's not fair," Duncan groaned in response.

James lowered him to the ground, "it won't be so bad. Now get changed."

"Fine," Duncan pouted.

Jessie walked into the room holding a cup, "Janeway lied, this isn't a quick fix."

"She really does lie a lot," James smirked. "It's ok, I'll get Sasha ready if you want."

"Nah, you go on Sarah-Amy duty, she'll probably wake up soon," Jessie said, heading over to the large crib nearby.

"Fine but it's going to have to be your turn sometime," James muttered.

"Not really, I fed her for a month or so we're not even yet," Jessie smiled sweetly.

"That's not my fault though, I couldn't do it," James said as he went back towards the door.

Jessie laughed, "I know, I'm mean."

James glanced over at Duncan, who was struggling inside a jumper. "Oh I don't know, I think I got the better part of the deal." He stepped out.

"Stupid piece of crap," Duncan grumbled from inside the jumper.

Jessie sighed, "Dunc, it's hot today, you don't need that."

"Now you tell me," he muttered. She walked over to him.

"Stay still, I'll get it off," she said, trying not to laugh. She easily pulled the jumper off him. "There is that better?"

"Yeah, does it even have a neck bit?" he asked.

"It does, you just had it on wrong," Jessie replied. "That t-shirt will be enough if you take your jacket, just in case it rains."

"Ok mum, can I have chocolate loops for breakfast again?" Duncan asked, eyes lighting up.

Jessie widened her eyes a little, "no, you're getting something sugar less."

Duncan pulled a face, "but why?"

"You know why," Jessie replied, she headed back over to the crib. "I'll see you downstairs in a minute."

"Oh, did I mention today was a day off?" Duncan said.

Jessie glanced back at him, "no, downstairs."

"But it is," Duncan said.

"Nice try," Jessie shook her head.

Duncan pouted again, "fine." He walked out.

08:00 Eastern / 13:00 GMT
For once it was a bright, sunny day in Shield Row.

Jessie and Sasha were going up a large path in the edge of the village. Jessie was pushing Sarah-Amy's pram while looking in a bag she had hanging from her shoulder.

"What you doing?" Sasha asked.

"Looking for the keys," Jessie replied. She let the bag drop by her side, "I'll tell you what, I'll get you some icecream and that'll give me some time to look for them."

"Ooh, can I have strawberry?" Sasha asked, grinning.

"Great, that'll make me want one too," Jessie said. She stopped outside a shop nearby an old metal bridge, and pushed the door open. Sasha went inside, Jessie followed her in.

The man behind the counter walked around it, "can I help you ladies find anything?"

"Yeah it's been a while since I was here, where's the icecream fre..." Jessie started to ask.

"I got it mum!" Sasha yelled from the end of one of the aisles.

"Never mind," Jessie said with a little smirk on her face. "Actually maybe you could help us, I need to look for something and she can't open the freezer."

The man smiled, "that's no problem, what kind and how many?"

"Just two, the strawberry mini things. You still have them right?" Jessie replied.

"Yes I do, I'll be right back," the man said, he headed in Sasha's direction.

A little while later Jessie and Sasha came back out of the shop. They headed back the way they came, but turned at the next crossroads. "Did you find them mummy?" Sasha asked before putting the little spoon in her mouth.

"No, we'll have to sit in the garden until I do. No doubt Sarah will be out right now," Jessie replied. She opened the little gate at the front of one of the houses, Sasha walked into the garden first, she sat down on the grass nearby the door.

"This is nice, why did you not get any?" Sasha asked.

Jessie smiled as she sat down near her and in front of the pram, "maybe another time." She took the bag off her shoulder, "damn the icecream will melt before I find them..."

Sasha put down the small tub which was now empty, "I can look."

Jessie eyed the tub, "you really do like those. Ok, it's probably on the bottom anyway." She placed the bag in front of Sasha. She started to look inside it. Jessie opened the other tub they got and started feeding it to Sarah-Amy.

"I think I found them," Sasha said, she took her hand out of the bag holding a bunch of keys. "Yep I got them."

"You're a star, Sash. I'll open the door in a minute," Jessie said.

Sasha pouted slightly, "I can open it, I wanna get Duncan's ball."

"Can you reach the keyhole?" Jessie asked.

Sasha looked over at the door, "yeah."

"Do you know how to use the keys?" Jessie asked.

Sasha looked down at the grass, "no."

"Here, don't eat it," Jessie said as she handed the tub to her. She stood up, Sasha handed her the keys. She quickly opened up the door, "there you go."

"Thanks," Sasha said, she handed her the icecream back then ran into the house.

Jessie sat back down on the grass, "ok I hope you're actually allowed icecream after all this." Sarah-Amy replied with a little squeak. "Meh it's milk mainly, and sugarless, don't tell your sister ey." She scooped up some of the icecream, then put it near her mouth.

Sasha ran back outside, "mummy."

"That was quick, what's up?" Jessie asked.

"That Sarah woman, she's on the sofa, she was pale and she hurts, I think..." Sasha stuttered in response.

"Oh," Jessie said, turning a little pale herself. "You stay here, I'll check it out." She handed her the icecream again as she got back onto her feet, then rushed into the house.

In the living room Sarah was lying on the sofa, with a hand on the lower half of her stomach. Jessie came through the main door, "hey, Sasha said..."

"I'm fine, I'm just lying down," Sarah muttered.

Jessie stepped closer to the sofa, "you don't look fine."

"No really, it's nothing," Sarah said.

Jessie sighed, "fine." She walked over to the table, "if it's nothing, you won't mind if I contact a doctor."

"There's no point in doing that," Sarah muttered as she tried to sit up.

"You stay right there," Jessie snapped as she glanced back at her. She turned back to the table which had a computer on it. A woman appeared on the screen. "Hi, can I get a doctor over here on short notice, my mother is really ill."

"I'm fine," Sarah groaned.

Jessie glanced back at her, "shhh." She turned back, "well?"

"There are two doctors available right now. What's her name please?" the woman asked.

"It's Sarah Rex, you do have the address right?" Jessie replied.

The woman nodded, "we can track the signal." She worked on the computer on her side. "I'm afraid her doctor isn't available though, do you know if it's related to the treatment she's getting?"

Jessie looked confused, "what treatment?"

Sarah groaned, "oh god no."

The woman looked confused too, "didn't you know that your mother has been getting weekly injections for years now?"

Jessie turned around to stare at Sarah, "no I didn't, what are they for?"

"Ok, I told her it was nothing and it is that. I just need another injection but I couldn't get up, the doc tried to contact me but I couldn't reach the computer. Happy?" Sarah muttered.

"What are they for?" Jessie repeated.

"They're just painkillers Jessie, don't make a big fuss over it," Sarah said.

"I'll make a house call appointment if you wish, Miss Rex," the woman said.

"Yes thank you," Sarah sighed.

Jessie turned back to the computer, "hang on, nobody's telling me anything here, what's going on?"

"I had the same kind of infection as you did last month Jessie, that's it," Sarah replied.

"For years now, mine's gone," Jessie said.

"I know but they got to treat yours when it was still able to be, I wasn't so lucky. Now when can I have my next appointment?" Sarah asked.

"He can't go on a house call, none of them can at least for a week. You'll have to get your daughter to bring you here, or maybe get a small ambulance," the woman replied.

"Yes let's do that right now, send that ambulance," Jessie muttered.

"It's on it's way," the woman said. The computer went off.

"I thought you didn't like hospitals," Sarah said.

"You're just going for an injection, I'll be ok. I just wish I had a few Slayer babysitters, you know like an army of them," Jessie said.

"Just keep them here," Sarah said.

"No, I'd rather they were somewhere I could watch them," Jessie said. "Speaking of which, will you be ok on your own?"

"Yes, you don't need to come with me," Sarah said.

Jessie narrowed her eyes a little, "maybe one of the doctors will tell me the truth, I just don't get this." She walked out of the living room.

08:20 Eastern / 13:20 GMT
"Computer, auto pilot to the given co-ordinates," James said as he typed something on the console.

"Acknowledged, auto pilot set."

He got off the seat, then went over to the back of the shuttle. A loud beeping noise caught his attention. He turned back to the console, then pressed a couple of buttons. "Hey Jess."

In: "Hey um, are you busy?"

"Not right now, no," he replied.

North Durham Hospital
"All right um, can you do me a big favour," Jessie said, almost stuttering.

In: "What is it, what's wrong?"

"Well I'm kinda out at the moment, so can you pick up Duncan from school?" Jessie asked.

A nurse walked over to her, holding a small bottle of water. "Miss, you ordered a drink?"

"Yes um, it's for her." She pointed at Sasha, who was sitting nearby.

In: "It's oneish, you're really going to be out for that long?"

"I don't know how long I'll be out so, can you?" Jessie replied.

In: "I'll try but I've just got on my lunch break now, we're an hour late."

"Oh, well I'll tell the school to look after him until one of us gets there," Jessie said looking around the waiting room.

In: "What's going on anyway?"

An elderly doctor headed in her direction. "Sorry, I'll call you back later." She pressed her communicator. "Well?"

The doctor sighed, "it's a good thing you contacted us. She was aware that this would happen soon but she didn't want to come here when it did."

"Ok, what's wrong with her?" Jessie asked.

"I see she's been secretive with all her daughters," the doctor sighed. "Ok, Mrs Stuart your mother got an infection like you did, when she was thirteen. She only went to a now closed down doctor's surgery. The doctor she saw didn't treat it properly, or stop what was making it worse. You see every month the infection came back, and again not treated properly. She came to us only a few years ago, but the only thing we could do for her is give her pain killers on a weekly basis."

"I don't get it, mine was life threatening and it was treated," Jessie said.

"Your situation was a little different. Yours was more recent, and it had been treated in the past properly, but only arose because of a pregnancy. Your mother was stabbed at a young age, wasn't treated properly everytime, so it slowly developed over the years. We weren't able to do anything when she came to us," the doctor replied.

Jessie folded her arms, "so what is to be done about it today?"

The doctor sighed, "it's never easier to tell people this sort of news but, she's only got a few days."

"Until an operation, right?" Jessie muttered.

"No, I'm sorry," the doctor sighed.

"Oh please, it's still an infection, it's treatable," Jessie said.

"I'm afraid the only thing I can do for her is give her something for the pain," the doctor said. "If you want, you can see her now."

Jessie looked down at her hands, "I need to contact my son's school."

The doctor nodded, "I understand. She's in room twenty eight." He walked away as her communicator beeped, she quickly tapped it.

"James hey, sorry for hanging up before..."

In: "No it's ok, are you able to pick up Duncan?"

Jessie frowned at the quietness of his voice. "No, but I called the school, they'll look after him."

In: "It's ok, I'll probably do it."

"Um are you all right?" she asked.

In: "No... no I'm not..."

Jessie's face dropped as the communicator seemed to cut him off, "right."

"Mummy," Sasha called from the chair nearby. "When can we go home?"

"Um I don't know," Jessie honestly replied.

10:03 Eastern / 15:03 GMT
Taiya walked out of a kitchen holding two cups. She sat down on the sofa while putting the cups down on the table nearby. "Ok, does your mother in law know yet?"

Chakotay sighed, "she and Phoebe know now, they're at the morgue."

"How did they take it?" Taiya asked.

"Doesn't matter," Chakotay shook his head.

Taiya stared at him, "what, of course it does."

"No it doesn't, everything's going to be just fine," Chakotay said.

"Ookay, you're in denial," Taiya muttered. "Anyway did Yasmin and Lena find out too?"

"No, they never have to," Chakotay replied, standing up.

"I hate to sound blunt, but their mother is dead and they'll find out eventually," Taiya said.

"Not if you help me with something," Chakotay said.

Taiya frowned, "help with what?"

Chakotay groaned, "isn't it obvious? We're going to bring her back."

Taiya turned pale, "what... what?"

"You know, we can perform one of the Lea Halalela's," Chakotay replied.

"Uh no we can't do either of them. First one needs a female member of the family, and I doubt I could do it. Plus I'm sure there's a time limit, and a small percentage of the rituals work," Taiya stuttered.

"I know that, but the second one is more likely to succeed. It can be altered to suit the situation," Chakotay said.

"I doubt it, besides you know that an evil person has to do it," Taiya said.

"Well there's James, I'm sure he'd do it," Chakotay said.

Taiya sighed, "didn't he bring back Jessie via the same ritual? You can only do that once. We're not going to do it anyway, it's crazy."

Chakotay stared stonily at her, "and why not! We've just been married a month and it wasn't her time, it's not fair."

"I know it's not, but this is wrong," Taiya said.

"Right, so when James revived Jessie it was right," Chakotay muttered. "I should have expected that as he's sooo special, he can get away with anything including murder as it's all his upbringing's fault, not his!"

Taiya looked uncomfortable, "um..."

"I mean she could have had a normal kid like everyone else instead of psycho Slayer, who pisses off a vampire who then decides to murder her..." Chakotay grumbled.

"Ok ok, stop it. I didn't mean that when he did it, it was right," Taiya said. "Bringing back your wife is dangerous, plus no one can do the dark one for you. I doubt you being like this counts as evil."

Chakotay sat down again, "wife huh. Oh Taiya, there is someone who can do this." He looked at her, "Jessie can turn evil, its perfect."

"Oh, you've got to be kidding," Taiya groaned.

"No. She is related in a way, she's the wife of the son of my wife so it'll work," Chakotay said. "That helped the last time, although Kathryn and I were divorced when James did it. We do have a shot."

"Ok, how are you going to change the ritual, to allow it to revive someone who's only been dead for a short while? And how are you going to get Jessie evil enough and convince her to do this when you do?" Taiya questioned.

"That's what you're going to help me with. You're a spell whizz after all," Chakotay replied.

Taiya groaned, "oh no no no, this is..."

"Think of this as a favour," Chakotay said. "It won't be dangerous if you help me, and it will be if you don't."

Taiya closed her eyes, "all right, I'll help you if I can, but I hope you change your mind."

10:30 Eastern / 15:30 GMT
Shield Row
The living room door opened, James walked in through it. He looked around the room, his face turned a little pale as he did. "Jess, Sasha... Sarah?" he called out.

The computer next to the door started beeping. He walked over to it, then pressed a few buttons on it. Jessie's voice started coming from it, "I hope you get this before I get back or see you. I couldn't contact you, so I thought I'd try here. I couldn't tell you before, but Sasha and Sarah-Amy are with me and Sarah at North Durham Hospital.

"I don't know why I'm bothering with this as you probably won't be home until fourish, but I really want to see you. Um, I got to go, a doc's coming over. Love you."

"Love you too," James muttered, he headed back out of the living room.

11:02 Eastern / 16:02 GMT
North Durham Hospital
Sasha watched Jessie pace the corridor they were sitting in. "Mum, you're making me dizzy," she said.

Jessie stopped in front of her, "sorry, I can't help it. What time is it?" Sasha stared at her. "Oh right, you can't tell the time."

"You said daddy wouldn't get home until five," Sasha said.

"I know but he should pick up Duncan before then," Jessie said. She placed her hand over her face as she sat down. "It's been ages, it must be nearly four by now."

"Mummy, they're here," Sasha said, glancing down the corridor.

Jessie followed her glance, she saw James coming towards them. He was a little cleaner than before, but still had a massive cut on the side of his face. She stood back up and headed over to him. "What happened to you?"

"You first, what are you doing here?" James asked.

Jessie glanced down at Duncan briefly, looking a little nervous, "um, it's Sarah." She lowered her voice, "she's dying."

James' eyes widened, "what... please mean that she's dying to do something."

"No, Sasha found her. It's something about her being stabbed as a teen," Jessie muttered.

"No no, this can't be happening," James stuttered. He turned to face the wall, Jessie put a hand on his arm.

"That was kinda my reaction," she said.

"This is a nightmare... what did I do?" James grumbled as he leaned on the wall. He looked over at Jessie, "how long?"

"A few days," Jessie replied. She stroked his arm, and held his hand with her other hand. "She's asleep right now, we can see her when she wakes up."

"I can't do this, not today..." James muttered.

Jessie moved over to stand in front of him again, "ok, your turn. What happened to you?"

James glanced around at Duncan and Sasha, then back at her, "let's talk further down here." They both walked further down the corridor. Duncan shrugged his shoulders, he climbed onto a chair next to Sasha.

"Well what happened?" Jessie asked again.

"I had a fight with three vamps," James replied. Jessie looked a little confused. "At Indiana not long before I called you. They must have snuck in and hid overnight."

"You mean at your mum's place?" Jessie questioned. "Was anyone home at the time?"

"I got there too late, it looked like everyone had gone. I noticed a hole in one of the windows, then I found a padd Chakotay left for my mum and..." James replied a little faster than usual.

Jessie stared at him with concern in her eyes, "they left without your mum, what's awfully wrong with this story?"

"He was going to come back for her," James said. "I don't know how to say it..."

Jessie turned a little pale, "I don't think you have to... did they attack her?"

James moved his hand away from the wall, put it back by his side. "They must have got some tips from Ronnie before he lost his memories."

"You can't be serious, you saw one of the vamps trying to cut her?" Jessie stuttered.

"No I didn't see it happen, I didn't stop it..." James muttered.

Jessie couldn't help but gasp as she put her hand over her mouth. "Oh no, please tell me they missed."

James closed his eyes, "how could they, she was asleep and unaware this was happening."

Jessie continued stroking his arm, her other hand moved onto his shoulder. "This really isn't a good day, she will be ok right?"

James slammed his spare hand into the wall, it went through the plaster but he didn't pull it back. "No, was too late."

"Um," Jessie said, staring at the hand that was in the wall. "I really should stop asking stupid questions, but are you ok there?"

James looked at his hand, "no, yes... you know I can't feel it." He cringed as he pulled it out, "well at least it's my own blood this time."

"I... I don't know what to say," Jessie said. She placed the hand that was on his arm before the wall slamming, on to the unhurt side of his face. "I thought my day was crappy."

"It's ok, you don't have to..." James muttered. He stepped closer to put his arms around her. She did the same, while he buried his head in her shoulder. She moved her left arm up to stroke his hair.

"I'm so sorry," she said softly.

Duncan walked over, "uh... mum, dad, what's going on?"

They pulled away from each other, Jessie looked down at him. "James, do you want me to take them all home?"

"No we're all going together. The vamp said Frenit wanted to kill family. I can't leave you all until you're all safe at home," James replied.

"Wasn't Frenit that idiot who kidnapped me?" Duncan asked.

Jessie sighed, "yes. We can't all go, what about Sarah?"

"I have a better question. Why isn't Ali, Zoe and Trish here?" James questioned.

"Oh god, I totally forgot. It'll be easier to contact Trisha as she's part of Starfleet, I'm sure she can tell the other two," Jessie replied. She turned back to James, "I'll be right back. I'm afraid to ask if you want a coffee while I'm gone... "

"No thanks," James muttered.

"All right," Jessie said. She kissed him on the cheek, then headed down the corridor.



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