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Episode Synopsis
Still on a mission to get revenge for the recent attacks, James and Lena take all the other Slayers to Egypt.

between 5th August and 28th November 2004

Episode Based In
June 2380


Voyager, The Mess Hall:
A lot of people had gathered around tables, most were talking in small groups. Naomi and Neelix were carrying trays of food around, not many were stupid enough to take any.

"Yes yes, she really did do that, it was so... so, help me out," Yasmin said, with tears in her eyes. She looked around the group.

"Noble maybe?" Jodie suggested.

Yasmin grinned, "yes, perfect."

"Cool, who did she take the phaser shot for?" Zare asked.

Yasmin stared at her like she had a "I hate coffee" t-shirt on. "Isn't it obvious, the aliens were trying to kidnap the coffee but they got mad."

The rest of the group took turns glancing at the person next to them, nodding their heads. "Yep, sounds like her," Nikki commented.

Yasmin sniffed, "yeah, she was so great." Zare and Nikki put their arms around her as they were the closest.

"I know it's so sad, we're sorry," Zare said, trying to be comforting.

Jodie settled for patting her on the shoulder, "if it makes you feel any better, I know how you feel. I lost my mum too."

"Thanks, it does," Yasmin said, wiping a tear from her left eye. "Oh, do you remember the time she got up on stage on karoake night, and rewrote the Cheeky Song?"

The rest of the group looked rather uncomfortable. "No, um unfortunately I missed that," Zare muttered.

"Shame, it was funny," Yasmin said. She walked away, passing Lena's group which was just her, Daniel, Tom, Faye and Tani.

"I can't believe he's not here yet," Lena said.

Daniel placed a comforting hand on her arm, "he'll be here, why wouldn't he be?"

"I dunno, maybe cos it's too difficult to go to his new wife's funeral," Tom said. The rest of the group stared at him blankly. "Well it is, what's wrong with... Oh right, everyone's mad cos Tom said it."

"Wow it's took him ten years, but he's finally got it," Faye commented.

"Nah, if I said it someone would glare at me too," Daniel said.

Tani shrugged her shoulders, "oh I don't know, I think saying something worse might get glares as we weren't glaring."

"Weren't we?" Lena muttered, still staring at Tom. He took a step backwards.

Daniel sighed, "forget what he said, he'll be here."

"Right, what did James do at Jessie's anyway?" Tani asked.

Faye stared blankly at her, "you didn't go?"

"No, I was still mad about the engagement," Tani replied meekly.

"Pathetic," Tom grunted. Tani elbowed him in the ribs. "I mean, perfectly reasonable."

"Well?" Tani questioned.

"He was there all right, of course he was. So why isn't my dad here?" Lena snapped.

Daniel put an arm around her shoulders, "he will be, maybe we should sit down." He guided her to the nearest empty table.

"That's chilling," Tani muttered.

"What is?" Faye asked, sipping her drink.

"James was evil at the funeral, did everyone who screwed up their speeches get murdered?" Tani questioned.

Tom sipped at his drink too, "you know what else is chilling?"

"What, that James could come to this one? Remind me not say anything," Tani said.

Tom shook his head, "no, but now that you mention it. Never mind, the chilling thing is that you are even scaring me, talking like that."

"You're not telepathic," Faye muttered, walking away.

Tani pouted, "what, I get nervous and mutter a lot at funerals. That's why I didn't go to Jessie's, I rant too. I wouldn't be alive now if I went."

Tom patted her on the shoulder, "that's not so pathetic."

Meanwhile B'Elanna was talking to Harry, Doctor Jones, Craig and Triah. "I never thought I'd say this but, I'd rather watch Neelix do his drunken act than be at this funeral," she said.

Triah's eyes widened in horror, "you may get your wish after all."

Everyone else looked in the direction she was facing. They all saw Neelix picking up a glass from the middle table, crying his eyes out.

"Aaaw," most of the group sighed. Then it hit them, "oh."

"I'm on it," Doctor Jones said, pulling a hypospray out of his pocket. "I always bring these to social gatherings like these." He rushed over to Neelix, passing Annika and Lilly.

"It's not so much a piece of clothing, but more of a second skin," Annika was saying.

Lilly frowned, "you mean like you're wearing nothing right now."

Annika giggled, "yes exactly, it's freedom and spirit. You should try it."

Lilly looked around for some help, "um, I don't really have the figure for it."

"Yeah that's true. This kind of thing is for the big girls, you know it's restraining for us to where other stuff," Annika said. "Oh oh, I'll tell Lena, Yasmin and maybe Jessie about it."

"Uh huh, you do realise this is a funeral and you shouldn't tell that to any one of them, or anyone for that matter, ever," Lilly muttered.

Annika gasped, "ohno, who died?"

Lilly rolled her eyes while she walked away.

James and Jessie came into the room with all their kids. Duncan's eyes lit up as he caught sight of the food tables. "Oh, sausage rolls." He rushed over to the table.

"Ok um, go get something to eat," Jessie muttered.

Sasha tugged on her leg, "can I too?"

"Sure, go on," Jessie replied.

Sasha giggled, "yey." She rushed over to a different table.

"Yasmin and Lena are over there, why don't you go over," Jessie said in James' direction.

He sighed, "I think I need some alcohol first." Neelix walked passed with two glasses of wine, still crying. James snatched them both off of him.

Doctor Jones stopped following him, "well that's that sorted."

"Is one for me?" Jessie asked.

"Yeah sure," James muttered in response, he handed her one glass. He downed his own while she just watched. "Ok see you later." He walked away, grabbing someone's bottle of vodka as he passed.

"Yeah do you remember the time she jumped onto her chair and sang Coffee Blues," Yasmin questioned to a group with Danny and Ian in it. "She was like trying to dance with everyone."

"Yeah that was..." Danny nodded her head. "Really annoying."

Yasmin pouted, "it was funny."

"I agree," Ian muttered.

Danny stared at him, "you weren't there."

"No, but imagining it is probably better," Ian said.

Meanwhile James walked up to Lena and Daniel. He had a hold of two bottles, but dropped one on the floor.

"Drunk at a funeral, why didn't I think of that?" Daniel commented.

"It takes a lot to get me drunk, most of the time," James said.

"Hmm, you must have got that from your dad's side," Daniel commented.

"No, not really," James muttered.

Lena looked confused, "what's that supposed to mean anyway?"

"It means nothing really," Daniel meekly replied. "I'm going to get another drink want one?"

"Sure," Lena replied.

"Make sure it isn't booze," James said. Lena glared at him. "What, I need as much as I can get."

Daniel headed away carrying two empty glasses.

"So here's a stupid question, how are you?" James asked.

Lena shrugged, "crappy, you?"

"I'm holding a beer bottle, and I haven't touched beer for seven years," James replied.

"Oh yeah, well," Lena muttered, she walked away.

James frowned, "um ok, I can rule out something I said."

Gretchen and Phoebe walked in to the room, with arms around one another, talking. "What time does it start?" Phoebe asked.

"In five minutes," Gretchen replied, glancing around. "Where's Chakotay?"

"I don't know. That's weird, I don't see him anywhere," Phoebe replied.

James meanwhile got approached by Jessie. "Is that beer?" she asked nervously.

"No, it's just a beer bottle," James replied. She stared at him blankly. "All right, but it's just one."

"You said you wouldn't ever touch that stuff," Jessie said.

"It's just one," James said quietly.

"Times that by one hundred and you've got yourself a marital problem," Jessie muttered, folding her arms.

"I'm not going to have that much, and if I did it wouldn't mean that I'd do the exact same thing. Also..." James muttered. He stopped as he caught sight of the icy look on her face. "I'll give it to someone else."

She snatched it off him, "better."

Lena passed them on the way over to Gretchen and Phoebe. "Have either of you seen my dad?"

"No honey we haven't," Phoebe replied.

Gretchen caught sight of James as he headed for the alcohol table, alone this time. "What's he doing?"

"Oh he's taking up beer again, which isn't very wise," Lena replied.

Gretchen sighed, "no, what's he doing here?"

Phoebe stared at her in shock, "because he's Kathy's son, that's why."

"But he's a psycho, and he was responsible for it," Gretchen grumbled.

Lena raised her eyebrow, "no he wasn't, and it is mum's funeral."

"Exactly," Gretchen snapped.

"No I mean, she'd want him to be here," Lena said.

"Drunk?" Phoebe smirked.

"No, apparently he doesn't get drunk that easily," Lena muttered.

Gretchen groaned. She clapped her hands, "ok everyone, it's time to leave for the service."

"But dad's still not here," Lena muttered.

"He's probably late, he'll come by the church," Phoebe said.

"No, he should be here by now," Lena grumbled.

Phoebe put an arm around her shoulders, "come on sweetheart, let's go." She guided her towards the main door. Gretchen followed them as everyone prepared to leave as well.

All of the main cast, most of the regulars and some members of the crew were sitting, walking or standing around in a large cathedral. An odd few crewmembers were still walking in.

Jessie stopped halfway down the aisle, she stood on the side of Sarah-Amy's pram that James was on. "Where do we sit, I've never been to an um, cathedral before."

James stared at her looking confused, "uh Jess, the wedding two months ago."

"Damn, I know," Jessie muttered. She ignored the cough from a nearby priest. "I thought it sounded better than I've never been to a family funeral before."

James slipped an arm around her waist, he kissed her on the forehead, "lucky you."

"What about your sister's?" Lena questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Jessie pouted, "ok, I'm uncomfortable ok, leave me alone. Now where do we sit?"

"At the front," James replied, he picked up Sasha who was carrying something in her little hand.

They all headed down to the front, Jessie pushing the pram again, and Duncan following behind them all fiddling with his jacket.

"Dad, what do we have to do?" he asked.

James stopped to take a hold of his hand, "just sit, and um try to keep calm, you know." He put Sasha down onto the chairs, Duncan sat down beside her. Jessie sat down after placing the pram beside the chairs.

Tani leaned over to Triah beside her, who had a pram beside her in the middle of the aisle. "Somebody should have told him that at Jess' funeral," she whispered.

Triah raised an eyebrow, "um, right?"

"Dad's not coming, why is he not here?" Lena said quietly to James.

He turned to her, "he's probably just late. He's not going to miss this."

"Well, I can't believe him," Lena grumbled.

"Don't be too hard on him, it'll be really difficult for him, believe me," James said.

"So what? You went to Jessie's while bloody evil," Lena snapped. The same priest coughed again. "What, I can't even say bloody in here?"

James took a step backwards as Yasmin made her way over. "He may just have a bad cough," she said.

The priest walked over to them, "excuse me, can you take your seats."

Lena glared at him, "what!?"

James put a hand on her shoulder, "Lena, don't..."

"Yeah, the coffee god will frown on that," Yasmin said. Lena and James stared at her blankly.

"Ok, do you two even give a crap?" Lena snapped.

"About the coffee god or this?" Yasmin questioned.

James took a hold of Lena's arm as her face stiffened up. "Easy, calm down."

Phoebe stood up, "guys, you should all sit down."

"Fine, sorry," Lena sighed, she sat down. James sat down in between her and Jessie. Yasmin sat down next to Lena. The priest went to his place. "We can't start, dad's not here," Lena whispered.

Yasmin looked down at her hands, "neither is my dad."

James groaned, while Lena glanced at her blankly. "Not my fault," he said, Jessie glanced at him trying not to snigger.

"You didn't know him," Lena muttered.

James shrugged, "and that's bad?"

"Shh, have some respect," Gretchen whispered from the other side of the aisle.

"Yeah it's not like Janeway's really gone, look at Yasmin," Tom commented. Everyone turned their heads to stare at him, even people who didn't know him. "Ok I got it," he pouted.

Everyone were now leaving the cathedral, following the six Starfleet crewmembers carrying the coffin.

Tom cleared his throat nervously, "you know, I'm wondering why there are puny ensigns carrying the coffin, when there are two flesh and blood Slayers at this funeral."

Lena and James turned their heads to glare at him. "And I'm wondering who's funeral we're going to next," James muttered.

Tom's eyes widened, he stopped in his tracks forcing B'Elanna, Bryan and Johnathan to as well.

"You really should learn to talk only at appropriate times," B'Elanna said.

"I'm sorry, it's like a disease or something," Tom muttered, he continued walking.

Yasmin and Lena walked beside each other, and linked arms. "Tom did have a point, you know," Yasmin said.

"Right, I can't even go near vampires I don't know," Lena muttered.

"Yes, she's not like you Yassy," Jessie commented, taking a hold of James' hand.

"No no, I know that, I just meant James," Yasmin questioned.

"Yeah, you could really um, show up the puny ensigns," Danny commented from behind them.

"Are any of you even aware of the reason we're here?" James questioned.

Quite a few people looked a little ashamed. "Sorry," several people muttered at different times.

A little while later everyone had gathered around an empty grave. The Ensigns lowered the coffin into it, while the priest guy continued talking. The family stood at the front, everyone else gathered behind them.

"... And we commit her body to the ground. Ashes to ashes. Dust to dust."

Lena turned to James and buried her head in his shoulder. Yasmin put her arms around her, Lena put one of hers around her. James moved around so he could put his arms around the both of them.

Several people started putting bunches of flowers on top of the coffin. Sasha stepped closer to it holding a small jar of coffee, "here you go, grandma Janeway." She placed it next to the gravestone.

A few people watched her, "aaw."

Duncan folded his arms, "you know that she won't be able to drink it, and she won't be happy about it."

Jessie sighed, "she'll love it."

Mostly everyone headed away leaving just the family.

James moved away from Yasmin and Lena, they continued to hug each other. He glanced over at Jessie, "did she give her the coffee?"

She smiled, "yeah." She knelt down to pick up Sasha.

Lena and Yasmin pulled away. "I'm never going to see her sing the coffee version of the YMCA again," Yasmin cried.

Lena pulled a face, "huh?"

"You didn't see that?" Yasmin questioned.

Lena looked over Yasmin's shoulder, her face turned pale, "no um. I'll see you later." She walked passed her.

"Did you see it?" Yasmin asked James.

He stared at her, "noo, but I bet it was great." He watched Lena walk towards a small hill, where Chakotay was standing.

"So you bothered to come after all," she grumbled.

"It was... it was hard," Chakotay muttered.

"And it wasn't hard for me, grandma, Phoebe, James, or Yasmin?" Lena grumbled.

"That's not what I said," Chakotay said.

"But that's what you meant. You're saying that it's hard for you, and don't give a toss about anyone else," Lena said.

"I realise it's hard for you too. You have no idea what it feels like to lose someone you're in love with, so soon after making everything right with them," Chakotay muttered.

"Oh, that's why you didn't come? I'm sure mum will be ok now that you have a s***y reason for not coming to her funeral," Lena muttered.

"She'd understand," Chakotay said.

"No she wouldn't. Aren't you forgetting that James lost Jess not long after getting engaged, she was expecting Sasha then. He was evil but still cared enough to say goodbye to her," Lena snapped.

Chakotay narrowed his eyes, he slapped her across the face, "of course I care!"

Lena's eyes widened in shock. She swung her fist at him, knocking him backwards onto the ground. "Well you better start acting like you do!"

James rushed over to her side, "what, what happened?" He put a hand on her shoulder. She just turned her head to stare coldly at him.

Chakotay sat up, one hand over his nose.

Lena turned her head back towards him, "you touch me like that again, and you'll have something else broken." She stormed off.

James watched her, then turned back to Chakotay. "What is your problem anyway?"

He narrowed his eyes again as he stood up, "right, now I'm getting grief from you." He walked off in another direction.

Voyager, the Mess Hall:
Two people climbed onto the stage at the end of the room. One of them grabbed a microphone. "Hey everyone. We thought that we'd sing a little song to cheer everyone up."

The two cleared their throats, "do be do. Ding dong the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the witch is dead." Two loud bangs surprised the whole room, the guys collapsed moments later.

Lena, who was about two feet from the stage, frowned, "hey, who beat me to it?"

Duncan ran over to the table nearby where the sausage rolls were. James and Jessie were nearby. "I didn't realise you kept those guns you stole from the museum," Jessie said, holding a half eaten sausage roll.

James shrugged as he put away a hand held gun, "well it's a good thing I did. They'll live though." On cue some crewmembers started carrying the two crewmembers away.

"Hey, who ate all the sausage rolls?" Duncan pouted.

"Not me, I only had one," Jessie replied, looking around. "I think Annika has the plate."

"Oh it's that bitch again!" Duncan grumbled. He ran towards Annika.

"Should we do something?" James asked.

Jessie shook her head, she put the rest of the roll into her mouth.

Annika spotted Duncan coming her way, "aaaw, hello cutie."

"What? Ugh, just give me the plate!" Duncan snapped.

"But I love these," Annika said.

"I only had one, you can't hog the plate you greedy cow," Duncan said.

"Sorry, it's first come first serve sweety," Annika said. She messed up his hair with her hand, then walked away.

Duncan started fuming, "mum!"

Jessie walked over, "no, I'm not cleaning anything up."

"She, she touched me," Duncan muttered, pouting.

Jessie sighed, "oh ok, fine." She walked off in Annika's direction.

Nearby Lena sat down next to Daniel at a table. "Stupid question, how are you doing?" he asked.

"Usual, crappy," Lena replied.

"Is there anything I can do?" Daniel asked carefully.

Lena turned to look at him, "you could build a time machine for me."

"I'll give it a go, but chances are I forgot how to do it," Daniel said. Lena smiled weakly. "Ah good, I can do something."

"I wish I'd stayed overnight like I planned," Lena sighed. "My phobia of them would have woke me up. Or maybe they would have went for me instead."

"Lena, you never say stuff like that. It just makes you feel worse," Daniel said.

"I know but..." Lena muttered.

"But nothing. Your mum wouldn't want you to torment yourself like this," Daniel said.

"No, she probably wouldn't," Lena sighed. "This year just sucks. First Kiara leaves, a niece dies, and now this."

Daniel sighed too, "and you broke up with Craig, and went out with me."

"Ohno, that wasn't what I meant," Lena stuttered.

Daniel shrugged, "I know. I was just adding something to your list for you."

"Daniel don't be stupid. I named all the crappy parts of the year," Lena said.

"Well remember, if there's something I can do for you, just let me know. I am serious about that," Daniel said.

"Thanks. For now you can just keep me company," Lena said.

"That I can do," Daniel said, smiling slightly. He leaned over to kiss her on the cheek, then put his arm around her shoulders.

Craig was meanwhile watching the scene from the kitchen. James came over with Duncan. Sandi was working inside the kitchen, she walked over, "what can I get you boys?"

"More sausage rolls please," Duncan replied.

"Ok cutie. James, Craig?" Sandi questioned.

Craig was too busy watching Daniel and Lena to answer. "I'll have two vodka with coke's," James said.

"Jessie's drinking again?" Sandi said as she prepared the drinks. Neelix meanwhile put a tray of sausage rolls onto the bench. Duncan took them and walked off.

"No, why?" James replied.

Sandi looked worried as she left the drinks, "oh right. Well take it easy." She walked over to another group.

Craig finally turned away, he spotted James beside him. He drank from one of the glasses, while holding the other one. "I can't believe this."

"What?" James muttered, not caring.

"Nothing, wrong time and place," Craig muttered.

James rolled his eyes as he turned to face him, "I could do with a distraction. What's up?"

Craig beckoned his head towards Lena and Daniel. "I don't get it. He's a different guy to the one she knew while growing up. They barely know each other."

"Well you dumped her, don't complain," James muttered.

"I know but it was a mistake," Craig said. He turned his head back, "you've got to help me."

James coughed as he was finishing his last drink. He glanced back at Craig looking bewildered. "You want me to help you get my sister back?"

"Just forget it's Lena for a second. It's just you're married, you broke up with Jess once before and got her back. Tell me how," Craig said.

"Ok fine, but you'll be disappointed," James muttered. "Ok, she told me she loved me, and I told her how I felt. You've broken up with the same girlfriend twice for the same reasons. I can't help you."

Craig groaned, "but you..."

"I'm not finished. I can't help you because it's different with you and her. There's been other people and she's told you she doesn't love you. So, sorry," James said.

"You've got to help me. Tom wouldn't so who will?" Craig stuttered.

"I'll help you all right. Get over it," James said, raising his second glass.

Craig stared at him, now looking annoyed. "If someone had took Jess away before you got her back, would you like it if someone said the same to you?"

James put his drink back down, "it's different."

"No it's not, stop saying that. You love Jess, just as much as I love Lena," Craig grumbled.

James shrugged, "then maybe you shouldn't have dumped her because you thought she liked her brother, and went out with Zare to get her jealous." He walked away with his drink.

"I didn't!" Craig snapped. He groaned, "fine, he knows nothing anyway."

Meanwhile Annika was talking to Jessie at the other side of the room. She had her eyebrow raised, while backing away a step every now and then. "So you think I'd suit a catsuit?"

"Yes I do. Your husband will love it," Annika said.

"No, I'm sure he'd divorce me instead," Jessie muttered.

"What? Ohno I'm sorry, when did you find out that he's gay?" Annika gasped.

"Oh he's not," Jessie grumbled. "But I have time for another funeral this week, just barely."

"Ohno, who else died?" Annika gasped.

Jessie groaned, she finally walked away.

Zare, Emma, Sandi, Kevin, Daniel and Wesley were nearby talking quietly.

"The device is supposed to fit in a temple's statue," Sandi was saying.

"And?" Zare and Emma muttered, not sounding interested.

"Research shows that the temple is for Slayers only, and if they find it they can... 'purge all vampire life' on the planet it's on," Wesley said.

"There's obviously temples on a lot of planets including this one. As it's for Slayers only we're having trouble figuring out how to find Earth's," Sandi said.

Zare raised an eyebrow, "purge them how?"

"Dunno. It's only a legend," Kevin shrugged.

"I'm afraid we don't know much about it. We're not even sure if it's been done before," Wesley said.

"We're continuing research later. It's worth all the time if it works," Sandi said.

"Oh I don't know, I have a bad feeling about this," Zare mumbled.

Craig nearby was listening in, he frowned as he headed back over to the kitchen. Lena was standing by it, sipping on a glass of coke. "Hey Lena," he said.

She glanced at him, "oh hi."

"I know this isn't a good time but there's something I want to talk to you about," Craig said.

"Oh, what?" Lena questioned.

"Well I was thinking that I owe you an apology, you know for thinking I could just propose to you," Craig said quietly.

"Forget it, it's fine," Lena said.

"Yeah well, I was just a bit off after Zare dumped me. Actually there's really no good enough excuse," Craig said.

Lena raised an eyebrow, "I said forget it, we all do crazy things."

"Tell me about it," Craig commented. "That reminds me, how is Daniel?"

"Are you trying to say that me seeing him is crazy?" Lena questioned.

"I'm so glad you admitted it," Craig said.

Lena groaned, "Craig, it's not crazy. I do like him you know."

"Sorry, I just think he's a self absorbed ass," Craig said.

"Yeah he was, but you'd be surprised how much he's changed," Lena said.

Craig shrugged, "he's still a self absorbed ass."

"I didn't insult Zare, did I?" Lena muttered.

"No, but in all honesty, this is killing me," Craig muttered.

"Um, what is?" Lena asked.

"You and him. At first I thought you were doing it to spite me, and was only pretending for a short while but," Craig muttered. "It seems to me now that it's the real thing."

"Well it is kinda. Daniel is still more of a friend to me though, that's what I really need now," Lena said.

"Lena, we were friends too. What's different?" Craig asked.

Lena looked confused, "um, we're still friends. What do you mean?"

"I mean we were friends while we were going out. What's different with him?" Craig asked.

Lena looked uncomfortable, "well, he's a different guy. Sorry, don't get what you mean."

Craig stepped closer to her, "Lena we were great together, we were friends and everything. You and Daniel are friends, but is that it?"

"Well, I dunno. We go out, we talk, but that's it. There's been no um, kissing if that's what you mean," Lena muttered.

"He just did though," Craig said.

Lena groaned, "you saw that."

"I did, that's why I figured," Craig said.

Lena sighed, "no I haven't kissed him or anything. I told you, we go out and we still remain friends. We did the same."

"Why haven't you?" Craig asked meekly.

"I don't know, maybe cos I don't want to," Lena replied.

Craig's eyes lit up a little, "ah ha, so you don't want to be his girlfriend then."

Lena raised an eyebrow, "Craig, stop it. You're giving me a headache."

"It's not me. You're the one who's confusing us both. You're going out with this guy, yet you don't want to do girlfriend and boyfriend stuff with him, 'sadly'," Craig said.

"Maybe because that's not what I want. I've never been a fan of those kind of relationships. If I kissed somebody, I'd feel weird about it or disgusted afterwards," Lena said quietly.

Craig pouted, looking a little insulted, "um, gee thanks."

Lena tried not to laugh, "it wasn't you Craig. I'm just weird like that."

"How would you know, you've just kissed me, and ugh, your brother," Craig said.

"Now you can probably understand why I feel like that then. Even when I didn't know it still felt really wrong and gross," Lena commented.

"Yeah but we kissed before that incident on Thairo," Craig said.

"Ok, maybe I can't blame it on James then," Lena said. She shrugged, "maybe cos at heart I'm still a teen, I'll probably feel better when I'm older."

"Right, kids get disgusted after a kiss not teens," Craig said.

"Some do," Lena shrugged.

"So does this mean you're not actually dating Daniel properly?" Craig asked.

"Yes I am. He understands that I don't like kissing, I told him that. He's fine with it," Lena replied.

Craig frowned, "I would be too you know."

"Craig, what are you doing?" Lena asked.

"All right it would bug me a lot. See if Daniel is fine with it, that means he doesn't like you as much as you think," Craig mumbled.

"That's nice," Lena muttered.

Craig sighed, "Lena, I know relationships aren't just about the kissing, but if he's fine with not doing that, then you're not going to have a good relationship. Fine, he kissed you on the cheek, but friends do that too."

"I told you he was more of a friend than anything. We're just friends who go out," Lena said.

"We could be, I'll wait for you, you know that," Craig said.

Lena looked uncomfortable again, "um, wait for what?"

"You said you may feel better when older. Maybe Daniel won't be able to, but I would gladly wait. We can be friends who go out," Craig replied.

"But, you dumped me cos you didn't trust me. We've been through this before, and I can't do it again," Lena muttered.

"Then you tell me this. Did you prefer being with me or Daniel?" Craig asked.

"Well um, I don't know. Daniel's been really nice to me ever since Kiara left, and with mum, we also talk for hours about stuff," Lena replied, looking around the room. "You and I, well you were always really sweet, and it was fun."

"So you don't know," Craig muttered.

"I don't know, I don't like being put on the spot like this," Lena mumbled.

Daniel walked over, "hey you two."

"Oh hey, didn't see you come over," Lena said quietly.

"Oh that reminds me," Craig said. She glanced at him looking worried. "What's this legend thing you lot were talking about before?"

Daniel stared at him, "you were listening in?"

Lena kept glancing between them, "what legend?"

"Something about purging vampire life on Earth," Craig replied.

"It's something we're researching. Now if you'll excuse me," Daniel muttered, he walked away.

Lena stared after him, "what, wait a minute." She rushed after him.

Craig shrugged, "you never keep things like that from her, bad move." He walked away looking smug.

Lena walked in front of Daniel to stop him, "why didn't you tell me about this?"

"Ok, we didn't want to get your hopes up. You wanted revenge, and we thought you'd jump right into it if you knew," Daniel replied.

Lena stared at him, mouth wide open in shock. "I don't believe this. Who is we?"

"Um, the Slayers, Wesley," Daniel muttered.

"What about my brother?" Lena asked.

Daniel shook his head, "he wanted revenge too, and he was evil recently."

"Well that's nice Daniel, but I would like to know about these kind of things. I wouldn't have jumped right into a legend thing until we knew more about it," Lena said.

"I'm sorry, but I was told not to tell you," Daniel muttered.

"Oh right, fine, nobody trusts me, that's nice," Lena grumbled, she walked away.

Later that night
The Enterprise, James/Jessie's Quarters:
"Duncan," Sasha whispered from her crib.

Duncan groaned, he put the cover over his head. "No, there's shields around the ship, a vampire can't be hanging outside the window again."

"No, that's not it," Sasha said, sitting up.

"Then what?" Duncan groaned.

"You know when you said grandma wouldn't be happy about the coffee I gave her?" Sasha asked.

"Yeah," Duncan replied, yawning.

"Do you know where she is?" Sasha asked.

"No, I just meant that if she could see it, she wouldn't be able to get it," Duncan replied, turning his back to her. "Now good night."

Sasha pouted, "Duncan."

He groaned and turned back over, "what?"

"Will we ever see her again?" Sasha asked.

"Ugh, can't you ask in the morning, I'm tired," Duncan groaned.

Sasha stood up, "fine, I'll ask mummy and daddy."

"I'm sure they are too," Duncan muttered, putting the cover back over his head.

Sasha squeezed through the gaps between the wooden bars, she walked out of the room, holding one of her teddies. She walked straight into the other bedroom, "mummy, daddy." She went over to tug on the bed cover.

She heard Jessie groan, moments later she sat up. "Ohno, what is it?"

"Where do we go when we die?" Sasha asked.

"Look just because I've done it several times sweety, doesn't mean I know," Jessie muttered.

"How come?" Sasha asked.

"I don't remember it," Jessie replied, she pulled herself out of the bed.

"So you don't know where grandma Janeway is now?" Sasha questioned.

Jessie knelt down to gather her up into her arms, she stood back up. "We can't talk here," she said, heading into the living room. She sat her down on the sofa, she sat down beside her. "Look honey, you're a little young to be asking questions like that, you've got a good number of decades left yet."

"Somebody said that when you die, you disappear. That isn't true is it?" Sasha asked.

"No I doubt that, or I wouldn't be here really," Jessie replied, yawning slightly.

"So, where do you go?" Sasha asked.

"It's complicated. Nobody knows for sure but we've had ghosts, reincarnations," Jessie replied.

"So you turn into a ghost?" Sasha questioned.

"Supposedly your daddy's dad, he was a ghost then reincarnated," Jessie replied. "But like me, he might remember differently or not remember some of it."

"What does reincarnated mean?" Sasha asked.

"It means the soul is born in someone else, they are someone else, I can't explain it," Jessie replied. "Now, I don't know exactly what happens but I'm sure your grandmother will be ok."

Sasha started pouting again, "you mean she could turn into someone else, I won't see her again then."

Jessie glanced around the room like she wanted some help, "um, no you will. Not everyone reincarnates, maybe..." Sasha started to cry. "Oh god, sorry sweety, I'm not very good at this." She picked her up, and put her on her lap. "Don't cry, I don't know what I'm saying."

James stepped out of the bedroom, "what's going on?"

Jessie looked up at him, "please, you've gotta help me here." He walked over to them. "She's asking about where people go when they die, and of course I answered stupidly."

"Right, like I'd do any better," James muttered. He gently took Sasha from her, "shh, it's ok, nothing to worry about."

"She wants to know if she's going to see her grandma again," Jessie said.

"Oh, there's no doubt about that," James said.

Sasha looked up at him, "but mummy said that she might um, reinca... carna, or something. She'd be different."

"No, only bad people do that," James said. Jessie pulled a face, she mouthed 'what'. "That's what I believe, honey, and it's probably true."

"I don't get it," Sasha muttered.

"Well before Duncan was born I remember getting badly injured, and seeing my step mother and half sister, who are dead. We talked for a bit before I woke up, it's a bit hard to remember it all. They were both good people, so they obviously go straight to an afterlife," James said.

"Is it nice there?" Sasha asked.

"If it was the place I was in during our conversation, then yeah. I'd imagine your grandma would get unlimited coffee there, so she'll always be happy," James replied.

Jessie smiled, shaking her head, "that's not good."

Sasha giggled, "you mean she'd always be hyper."

"Yeah most likely," James said. "You see all the people we know reincarnated were bad people, like murderers. There was Iinan, Makia, Unu, and of course my dad."

"Your dad?" Sasha muttered.

"He was a mean old man," James said. "You will see your grandma again, cos I know you're going to be good, aren't you?"

Sasha nodded, "I'm always good. Will Duncan go too?"

Jessie's eyes widened, "not for a long time."

"But he's always naughty," Sasha said.

"But he passes the afterlife criteria by far. The ones who don't are usually heartless killers, for example. Duncan's not like that," James said.

Sasha shook her head, "no."

"Ok, you don't worry about grandma. She'll be having the time of her um, life. Let's get you back to bed ey," James said. Sasha nodded, he carried her into the other bedroom.

Jessie sighed, "well that's me out." She got up, then walked back towards the other bedroom.

The next day:
James rushed over to the replicator, "it's ok, I'll do it."

"You're already late, so I think I should take him," Jessie said.

"Yeah exactly, I'm already late," James said, fiddling with the replicator.

Jessie walked over to him, "are you getting deja vu?"

"A little yeah," James replied. He picked up two plates from the replicator.

She snatched them right off him, "good, then you'll remember that I won last time. Now get your ass to work mister."

"Why do I get the feeling you're trying to get rid of me," James muttered.

Jessie put the plates onto the table in front of Duncan, who was fiddling with a bag. Sasha climbed onto the sofa beside him. "I'm not, why would I?" she asked.

"I could give you a list if you want," James said, once again fiddling with the replicator. "Are you sure you can do this on your own?"

Jessie groaned, "yes that's something to put on your list."

James turned his head away from the replicator, "what?"

"Sorry, I just want to look after the kids on my own for once, cos I can. There is no need to be like this," Jessie muttered.

"Ok, but this doesn't have anything to do with last night, right?" James carefully asked.

"No, no, it's fine, easy. Take Duncan to school, come back, pick him up at lunch, get food again. How hard can it be?" Jessie said.

"Harder, cos you forgot to take Duncan back to school, and Sasha isn't in the nursery," James replied.

Jessie narrowed her eyes, "don't you have to go to work?"

"I guess so," James said.

"Don't worry about me, I can handle it," Jessie said.

"Yeah I know," James said, he headed over to Duncan and Sasha. "Ok Duncan, you know the drill."

"I know, be good," Duncan said. "I'm always good."

Sasha giggled, "good at being bad, right daddy?"

Duncan pouted as James knelt down in front of them. "At least behave for your mum," he said.

"Hey, I'm always good for mum," Duncan said.

"You too Sash," James said. He kissed them both on the cheek, then stood back up. He headed back over to Jessie. "There, they're all yours." He kissed her on the cheek too, then walked out.

"Ok kids, we're going to have to hurry," Jessie said but was interrupted by Sarah-Amy crying in the next room. "Be right back."

Later, outside Shield Row Primary School:
Jessie stopped outside the metal gates, just managing to carry Sasha with one arm, and hold the pram handle with her other hand. Duncan was standing beside her.

"Ok you behave today Duncan," Jessie said.

Duncan looked up at her, "it's my first day again, I always do."

The bell rang through the yard. A youngish woman walked out of the building while most of the kids headed inside. Duncan groaned, he followed the others inside. The woman passed him, she walked directly towards Jessie.

"All right, we've got ten minutes until beam back time," she said to Sasha, while fiddling with the bag on her shoulder.

The woman stopped in front of her, "excuse me."

Jessie looked up from her bag, "um, what?"

"You're Duncan's mother right?" the woman questioned.

"That's right. He couldn't have done something wrong already," Jessie replied.

"No no, of course not," the woman said. "I'm Mrs Jill Hannigan, the Deputy Head. I'd like to speak to you about your son."

"Um ok, but I'm scheduled for a beam out in ten or so minutes," Jessie said.

"I can contact the transporter officer from my office, this may take longer," Hannigan said.

"I'm going to be late dropping my daughter off at nursery," Jessie muttered.

"I'm sure they won't mind, please," Hannigan said. Jessie sighed.

The Deputy Head's Office:
Hannigan sat down behind her desk, while Jessie sat Sasha down on one of the chairs in front of it.

"I'm just wondering, how old is your oldest daughter?" Hannigan asked.

"Only one, why?" Jessie replied, she sat down on the other chair.

"Ok so we'll just have Duncan until he leaves, then she'll join the year afterwards, right," Hannigan said. She folded her arms on the desk. "I'm going to get straight to the point. I just want to let you know of my concerns about Duncan. A three year old should be in a nursery, not in Year Four in Primary School."

"He is keeping up right, is that what this is about?" Jessie questioned.

"More or less," Hannigan replied. "You see, you took him from a nursery on a starship, to a school in Indiana. Quickly you got him here, after several weeks you kept him off for some weeks. Then brought him back, just to keep him off again. He's already too young for the class, it does not help if you let him have numerous holidays too."

"He had to stay off, besides we took him to the school on the Enterprise so I wouldn't call it a holiday," Jessie said.

"Why did he have to stay off?" Hannigan asked.

"Family crisis," Jessie replied.

"Two of them?" Hannigan questioned.

"Yes," Jessie replied.

"Hmm, what kind of family crisis' are we talking about here?" Hannigan asked.

"First one is a bit complicated. Second his grandmother was murdered. Happy now?" Jessie replied bitterly.

"Murder, on Earth? I doubt it," Hannigan muttered, shaking her head.

Jessie narrowed her eyes, "ok, what is your problem? Duncan was tutored during his time off, other people wouldn't do that."

"No, other parents wouldn't send a three year old to school. Should we expect Sasha here to join next year's Year Three's?" Hannigan said.

Jessie stared blankly at her, "did you always have such a bitchy attitude?"

"Hmm, I see where Duncan gets his smart alacky attitude from," Hannigan grumbled. "All I can see Mrs Stuart, is that the only family crisis your son has is having two irresponsible parents, who are obviously in a hurry to get rid of the children during the day."

"That's not what we're doing," Jessie muttered.

"It seems that way to me. I deal with your type all the time. All three children are similar ages, so I'm guessing all were accidents, at least one has a different father to the others, and you had to marry one of them to keep a father figure around?" Hannigan questioned.

"You couldn't be more wrong," Jessie grumbled as she stood up.

Sasha looked up at her, "is Duncan the one with another daddy?"

"No, all of you have the same dad," Jessie muttered, going slightly red in the cheeks. "It's time to go."

"Well, they're at least accidents. Marry after they were born, did you?" Hannigan muttered.

Jessie picked up Sasha. "You'd better watch your mouth, I don't like people talking to me like that."

"No one's allowed to be honest around you then?" Hannigan questioned.

"Mummy, what does she mean by accidents?" Sasha asked.

"You don't need to know, cos you're not," Jessie grumbled in response. She pushed the pram towards the door.

"I wonder if you're husband is easier to deal with," Hannigan said.

Jessie stopped at the door, "tell me something, does your husband know how you got promoted to Deputy?"

"Hmph, what a pathetic woman you are, Mrs Stuart. I look forward to meeting your husband, who I've instantly started respecting," Hannigan grumbled. She looked back down at her computer.

Jessie turned back to the door, then went through it.

Voyager, Chakotay's Office:
"I'm not sure about this. I heard about the last time she turned evil, it doesn't sound pretty at all," Taiya muttered.

"It'll be worth it," Chakotay said. "I'll let you know when it happens."

"It better be," Taiya muttered.

Lena, Craig, Emma, Kevin, Sandi, Zare, Wesley and Daniel had gathered around the main station.

"We've checked out old maps, scanned all of Earth several times, compared them to old maps and previous scans," Sandi said.

"And no sign of this temple," Daniel finished off.

"It did say only the Slayers would be able to find it. I doubt scans and maps would help us," Lena said.

"Well I analysed the artefact itself, you know to try and translate it, but it's in a language I don't know," Zare said, raising the artefact.

"I say we should check the history books. There's got to be something about it," Craig said.

Lena eyed the artefact, she took it out of Zare's hands. "This looks a little like Majian."

"I doubt it will be though," Zare said.

"Maybe it's an Earth language," Craig said. He looked over Lena's shoulder to see it. "It kinda looks like Egyptian, ancient kind."

"Great, does anyone know any?" Kevin asked.

"The computer will. I'll work on this while you guys research history," Lena said.

"I don't think so," Sandi said.

"Why not?" Lena questioned.

"If our other research is right and it's only Slayers who can find it, the directions won't be written on the side of it," Sandi replied.

"True, but why would we find a certain place while others wouldn't," Kevin said.

"Cos in theory no one else would know about it," Lena muttered. "I think with more time we'll figure this out. Lives depend on it."

"Don't you mean your revenge depends on it," Kevin commented.

Lena glared at him. She was about to respond but Daniel beat her to it. "Get out of your own cowardly ass Clarke, there's no harm in trying."

"I'm not cowardly, you're just sucking up to Lena, like Craig once did, and probably will do next," Kevin snapped back.

"Actually I agree with you and Sandi," Craig nervously said.

Lena turned to him, "and why?"

"Maybe because he's not the current boyfriend," Kevin commented.

"No, it just seems like a waste of time to me," Craig replied.

"Boys and Lena," Zare butted in, in a warning voice.

"You forgot Daniel," Kevin said.

Daniel rolled his eyes, "oh brilliant mate. For a moment there I almost forgot you were a dateless jack ass, but you managed to remind me."

"Think they'll fight?" Emma whispered to Zare.

"Ok, this is enough. I think that we should all gather together and vote on it," Sandi said.

"We are all here," Wesley said.

"Um, my brother isn't here," Lena muttered.

Wesley blushed, "oops, there's always one Slayer I forget about, there are a lot."

"Hmm, somehow I know which side he'll vote for anyway," Kevin said.

"So what if he is on my side, or would be, it's the right one," Lena grumbled.

"Vote guys. Who's for leaving this?" Sandi said. She put her hand up, Kevin, Craig and Wesley did the same, while Lena, Zare, Daniel and Emma left their arms by their sides. "It's a tie," Sandi said.

"Why don't we sleep on it," Craig suggested.

"Or get someone else who is 'part of the gang' to vote, like say, top of my head, Jessie," Lena said.

"Cheater. She's a bigger suck up than both of your boyfriends put together," Zare said.

"I was never a suck up," Craig muttered. Everyone excluding Lena laughed.

"Right," Emma sniggered.

"Ignoring that, I think we should talk about this with James. He has every right to hear about this as much as we do, excluding Wesley," Lena said.

"Hey, I think I'm more involved in this than Craig," Wesley grumbled.

"You've had to have dated a Slayer, obviously that's the rules," Emma commented.

"Craig gets two points there," Kevin sniggered.

Lena glared at him, so did Zare. "I doubt all of Kevin's dumb, deaf and blind hussy's count," Zare muttered.

"Ookay, so according to the um new rules, Jessie is supposed to join us to discuss this, as well as James?" Sandi questioned. Almost everyone nodded. "Brilliant, cos that leaves out Wesley."

Wesley shook his head, "just no respect, none at all."

The Enterprise, James/Jessie's Quarters:
Jessie was busy leaning over a bassinet in the middle of the living room. "Will you let mummy sleep for half an hour today?" All she got for a response was the usual little squeak from inside it. "Take that as a yes."

She headed over to the sofa. The door chimed just then. "Ugh, come in."

Chakotay stepped into the room. "I'm not disturbing you, am I?"

"Actually I was just going to get some sleep," Jessie replied.

"Right sorry, I'll come back later if you want," Chakotay said.

"No," Jessie sighed, collapsing onto the sofa. "What's up?"

"I was just wondering if you're ok," Chakotay replied.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Jessie asked, raising an eyebrow.

Chakotay sat down on the chair nearby, "well for a while you've been a little, how can I say it? Unlike yourself."

"No, I'm still me," Jessie said.

"Well obviously. It's just when I met you, you were fiery and at the same time, full of life. Also you never let anyone push you around. Now you're... no forget it," Chakotay said.

She sat up a little, "I'm still all of those things. What were you going to say?"

"Well you'd always set James straight all the time, now it looks to me like he's the boss of the couple," Chakotay replied.

"One hundred percent wrong, Chak. You make us sound like one of those power hungry, controlling couples. We're not," Jessie snapped.

"I'm sorry but it seems as he's gotten stronger over the years, you're getting, oh I don't know, softer," Chakotay said.

Jessie shook her head, "that's not true."

"Considering what's happened lately, I beg to differ," Chakotay muttered.

"Oh, you think that just because I was weak from having an infection, and recently losing a lung, makes me soft all of a sudden. That isn't fair," Jessie said.

"I'm just observing Jessie, I'm worried about you," Chakotay softly said.

"You don't have to be. I haven't changed one bit in ten years," Jessie said.

"Well Kathryn disagreed with that. She said that you were nastier back then," Chakotay said.

"Ok, I was never really nasty anyway," Jessie grumbled.

"Jess, don't be like that. I just wanted to know if you were ok," Chakotay said.

Jessie looked away from him, "I will be if people would stop talking to me like this all the time."

"What way?" Chakotay questioned.

"Like I'm back at school. I'm sick of being bullied, insulted and shown up in front of people," Jessie muttered in response. "Now leave me alone."

"How long's this been going on?" Chakotay asked.

Jessie groaned, "what?"

"This bullying you speak of," Chakotay replied.

"Please, just leave me alone," Jessie groaned, lying down.

"All right," Chakotay said, heading towards the door. She stared after him.

James stepped into the room to join the others. "You called. What's up?"

Sandi was about to speak but Wesley walked in front of her and butted in. "We've found something that'll help in our battle against the vampires."

"Really? What is it?" James asked, glancing at Sandi.

Sandi smirked as she pushed Wesley back out of the way, "we're not sure exactly yet. That's what we were researching."

"Were. What's the problem?" James questioned.

Lena rolled her eyes, with her arms folded, "they don't want to research as they think it's a waste of time."

"No, we're not researching because it is a waste of time. There's no instructions, no temple thing, and nothing else to go with it," Kevin said.

"Ok, I've just started reading in the middle of the book, haven't I?" James muttered.

"Kevin stole an artefact some vampires, including your step dad, tried to steal," Sandi replied.

"Only because they said it would hurt them," Kevin pouted.

"Turns out the artefact is supposed to be put into a temple, that somehow purges the planet of vampire life," Sandi said.

"There are temples like these all over the galaxy," Wesley butted in.

"So why is it a waste of time?" James asked.

"It's not. All we need is time to check the history books to find anything related and translate the writing on the artefact," Lena replied. "It's not like we're in a hurry for something."

"Well I'm sorry but they're not going to tell us on the artefact how to get there, that's already been said," Sandi said.

"Also, the last human Slayer was dated back to Sandi and Kevin's time, and they're them. It wouldn't be in the history books as there were no Slayers before them. If it happened afterwards we would have known about it," Wesley pointed out.

Daniel glanced at him, frowning, "um, correct me if I'm wrong but didn't vampires only appear after games started landing in the twentieth century or something?"

"Yeah so?" Craig questioned.

"Well then this thing can't be that old then," Daniel pointed out. Everyone looked around at the nearest person, some looking embarrassed.

"My god, he's right," Sandi muttered.

"Doesn't change anything," Kevin said.

Lena turned to smile at Daniel, "but it helps us narrow down the history search. Also we know it's not in ancient Egyptian."

"Didn't you hear what I said?" Wesley groaned.

"Nobody ever does," Zare commented.

Lena put the artefact underneath the attached scanner, "let's find out anyway." She pressed a few buttons, a light shone on the artefact. "Ok, we'll know soon enough."

"I don't see the harm in doing this research, problem is I can't help," James said.

Lena eyed him, "yeah, how did you get out of work?"

James stared back, "it's lunch time."

"Really? How long have we been arguing?" Emma asked.

Zare giggled, "he's about five hours ahead of us."

"Really, well I'm going back to bed then," Emma said.

"How long have you guys been here?" James asked.

"God knows," Kevin muttered.

The scanner started beeping, Lena made her way over to it. "Ok this is weird."

"What is it?" Craig asked.

Lena turned to everyone, "it's in Egyptian, ancient."

"But, vampires weren't even around then," Wesley said.

James shrugged, "maybe they were. We don't know how long Game Cubes have been around, or how long ago stories about vampires were written."

"Yes but the first vampire on record was the first master," Wesley said.

Kevin sniggered, "he mustn't have been one as he was wiped out by Jessie of all people."

James stared at him, "what does that mean?"

Kevin looked nervous, "um, it's just lots of Slayers died trying to fight him and the others. Then in the twenty fourth century one Chosen kills two out of three, and an untrained witch kills the last one."

Lena shook her head, "you're forgetting that Jessie's tougher than she looks, and is stronger than most Slayers, like you Kev. Witches are naturally strong."

"True she is, but I heard she only killed him by spiking her blood. Something's up with that, as he was supposed to be smart," Kevin said.

Lena glanced back at the scanner, "ok, does anyone want to know what it says?"

Sandi looked over, "watchers are never right, so don't listen in future?"

Wesley frowned, "very funny."

"Basically it's directions to the temple," Lena said, looking smug.

"How stupid can you get?" Kevin questioned.

"Not really. If only Slayers can get to it and we can't scan it, then there must be something you have to do when you get to it," Craig replied.

Sandi nodded her head, "most likely. It's still rather strange to me."

"Ok guys, I have to go as I'm already late," James said, he headed back for the door.

"For what?" Zare asked.

James glanced back, "to pick up Duncan and Sasha, obviously. Lena, can you keep me up to date?"

Lena nodded, "I'll send you any info via the computer, or ring you like I did before."

"Thanks," James said as he stepped out of the door.

"What is there left to do?" Craig asked.

"Nothing in your case Craig, you can't go. For all we know the place is guarded by strong things," Zare replied.

Lena turned pale as she glanced at the two of them, "probably mummies or big scorpion things."

Emma's eyes lit up, "oh, does this mean..."

Lena nodded, "yeah, I checked the directions, they lead directly to Egypt, in the middle of nowhere."

"Oh yeah, finally," Emma giggled.

"I doubt we'll find mummies in the desert," Kevin sniggered.

Sandi sighed, "most mummies are in museums anyway. All that's left to do I guess is prepare for the trip. Obviously Wesley and Craig can't come along, it's just us."

"Hey, I have survived in the desert before and I've faced things like mummies," Craig grumbled.

Sandi groaned, "Craig, I think six Slayers will be enough for this little trip."

"Don't you mean five?" Kevin commented. "James can't go, he's got that community service thing."

"Which should have ended by the end of the week," Lena said. She sighed, "now I'm not looking forward to this."

"Well, you had your chance to back out," Zare commented.

Taiya placed a book onto the desk she was sitting at. "I think getting this Jessie to do the ritual won't work you know, it would be like getting your cousin's cousin to do it."

Chakotay paced the room, "there's no other choice. Unless you've got a better idea."

Taiya bit her lip nervously, "I do, don't bother at all."

Chakotay marched over to her, "I don't think so somehow."

Taiya sighed, "Chak, you've already got your only daughter pissed at you because of this. It's time to calm down ok."

Chakotay leaned on the desk, "Lena will appreciate me for this, if I give up she'll continue to hate me."

"She only hates you because you were too busy plotting this pointless ritual, and missed the funeral," Taiya muttered.

"Don't give me that. There was no point in going if I was just going to bring her back anyway," Chakotay said.

"If you say so," Taiya grumbled.

"It'll work ok," Chakotay snapped. "It's just Jessie's taking longer to turn than I thought, that's all."

"What exactly are you doing to her?" Taiya asked.

"Well Jessie was always the easier one to turn evil. She twisted her husband's words and turned for god's sake," Chakotay replied.

"Wasn't she beaten or something?" Taiya questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes but she didn't turn until later," Chakotay groaned.

"Fine, but I think if you want to turn her you'll have to be more drastic than talking to her," Taiya said quietly.

"She's a fragile woman, more so lately. It'll work," Chakotay said.

"Right, what are you going to do? Call her a bitch or something," Taiya said, smirking slightly.

"No, I'm going to continue telling her what she doesn't want to hear," Chakotay said bitterly. He stepped out of the room.

Later, the Enterprise:
Jessie sat down on the sofa, holding a PADD. She read it for a minute before getting back up, heading over to the replicator. The door chimed, she stopped dead and stared at it. "Who is it?"

"It's me, I want to apologise," Chakotay's voice came from outside.

"Fine, apologise behind the door then go," Jessie muttered as she got to the replicator.

For a few minutes it was silent. She sighed in relief and turned to the replicator. The main door opened up on its own, Chakotay walked in. "Can't do that."

Jessie turned around, "what are you doing? You can't just barge in uninvited."

"Why not, it's the theme these days isn't it?" Chakotay said in a cold way.

Jessie stared at him, a shiver went down her back as she watched him walk slowly into the centre of the room. "What does that mean?"

"You should know, you do let a lot of people do that," Chakotay replied.

"I thought you were here to apologise," Jessie said.

"Screw the nice, nice plan," Chakotay muttered, walking slowly towards her. "It's not working with you."

"Ok, you're managing to creep me out," Jessie said, taking a step backwards.

"That's what I was talking about," Chakotay said, closing the gap between them. She backed into the replicator, but he continued to get closer. "Look at you, you've become a soft and weak little girl, haven't you?"

Jessie shook her head nervously, "no, I haven't."

"Right but the old Jessie would have pushed me away by now, swearing abuse or something," Chakotay said.

"Well maybe you're just lucky that I'm not in that mood," Jessie muttered.

"You were always in that mood. Somebody just had to poke you in the back and they'd be in Sickbay," Chakotay said. "To be honest, I don't know which Jessie is worse, both of you are pretty unbearable."

"Ok, just stop it. I haven't done anything to you," Jessie muttered.

"I'm just trying to help you Jess," Chakotay said. He leaned on the replicator. "And I'm trying to figure out where it all went wrong." She tried to move to the other side, but he put his other hand on the replicator to block her escape. "Oh yes that's right, first it was James, lots and lots of babies, then..."

"What are you talking about?" Jessie asked quietly.

"Well you know," Chakotay started to reply. He shook his head, "you don't do you? Do you remember when you got pregnant the first time around?" He tried his best not to laugh, "a few weeks earlier you were swearing bloody vengeance on a group of men on that planet. When you found out you were all like, 'oh I want his baby, he's soo great'. Ugh, I felt nauseous myself then."

"Shut up, just stop it," Jessie muttered.

"You were like all loved up for ages, it was so revolting and pathetic. Of course he attacked you, which should have knocked some sense into you but it didn't," Chakotay said. "Then finally he got to you, and for a while you were yourself again. It wasn't long until you and him were at it again though.

"I think what finally killed you was that attack. You were the powerful witch that everyone was afraid of, then suddenly you were this little piece of sniveling s***. Next thing you know you're getting blood drained by a vamp, getting knocked up again, knocked out by a different vamp, bullied by Angela and her fiance, stabbed and killed again. And now you're scared of me, how sad."

"You're wrong, I'm not..." Jessie stuttered.

Chakotay leaned in so he was only a centimetre away from her, "you know what, the only time you were ever likeable was when you were ripping people apart. I think that's the real you, stop kidding yourself."

Sarah-Amy started crying not far away. Jessie looked over at her, she tried to ignore the look Chakotay was giving her. "I've got to..."

"Forget it, you were never mother material," Chakotay muttered. "Let me help you become who you really are again."



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