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James and Lena were going down a corridor on the Enterprise.

"I don't understand it, why would he act like that?" Lena was saying.

"I don't know, maybe he's evil," James said.

Lena glanced at him, "that's stupid, he's a normal human."

"Ok, I was joking," James muttered. He walked faster so he could stand in front of her. "Besides humans can be evil you know."

"I know that," Lena grumbled. "I just don't get what's wrong with him."

"You've got to give him a break Lena. Being told about a death is bad enough, but seeing it for yourself is worse. You should have seen him at the house," James said.

Lena frowned, "what, what did he do?"

"He reacted just as bad as I did. Plus he blamed and hit me. He just wasn't himself, that's the point," James replied.

"Oh, why would he blame you?" Lena asked.

"I was only one in the house when he arrived, I had her blood on my hands and I tried to kill her before," James muttered. "Who wouldn't blame me?"

"True, but it's still weird that it isn't just him," Lena said.

"That shield should have gone up ages ago, so it kinda was," James said.

"Are you a witch?" Lena asked, with a raised eyebrow.

"No you know I'm not," James muttered.

"And are you seeing into the future all the time? Or were the kids staying overnight at her place?" Lena asked.

"No and no," James replied.

"Then why are you obsessing? You had no reason to put up a shield as vampires were just after your kids, and there was no sign that they were going to do this," Lena said. She walked around him and continued down the corridor.

"I did say kinda, mainly because Frenit only did it to get back at me," James said, following her.

"Yes but all you ever did to him was defend yourself and rescue your kids from him," Lena said.

"All right, all right, I know when I'm outnumbered and everything," James said, shaking his head.

Lena smirked, "I take it Jess has given you the same lecture. Plus I doubt her and I are the only ones who think this. Obviously the ones who do blame you haven't got anyone else to take it out on."

"Ok I'm sorry for keep saying it. It's just I found her, and I haven't felt right since," James muttered. They stopped by one of the doors.

"Yeah sorry. I hope that's the last one we both get for at the very least, a long time," Lena said.

"So do I," James sighed. "You know, I forgot to thank you."

"For what?" Lena asked, looking confused.

"For bringing Jessie back. You don't know how much that means to me and the kids," James said.

Lena smiled, "forget about it. You would have done the same for me." She headed away.

"You know I wouldn't if it was Craig or Daniel," James said.

Lena turned around, she walked backwards slowly, "yeah you would." She turned around and continued down the corridor. "Don't forget to thank the doc too," she called once she turned the corner.

"Will do," James said. He stepped through the door.

Inside Jessie was again sitting on the sofa. Sasha was beside her playing with a doll.

"Hi girls. Sorry for being too late to help you pick up the kids," James said. Jessie just shrugged.

"Hi daddy," Sasha said sweetly.

"Where's Duncan?" James asked.

"In his room," Jessie replied quietly.

"Are you ok?" James asked as he reached the sofa.

"Yeah why wouldn't I be?" Jessie replied, just as quietly.

"You just seem a bit, distracted by something," James said. He reached out to stroke some of her hair.

"No I'm fine," Jessie said. "Can you do me a favour though?"

"Sure what is it?" James asked.

"It's Sasha's bath time, can you do it?" Jessie asked.

"Holly needs a bath too mummy," Sasha said, looking down at her doll.

"Ok, why do you want me to do it? I thought you liked doing that," James questioned.

Jessie shrugged, "I do it's just I don't feel up to it today."

James sighed, "ok, Jess can we talk over here?" He walked over to one of the bedroom doors.

"Ok," Jessie muttered, getting up. She followed him over. "It's not a crime ok."

"Jess, just because you made a little mistake last night, doesn't mean that you should avoid her," James said as quietly as he could.

"No no, I'm not doing that," Jessie whispered back.

"Then what are you doing? You love doing that," James said.

"Well I'm just trying to help you with your fear of water ok, but whatever," Jessie muttered, glancing away briefly.

"Jess, what's wrong?" James asked.

"Nothing," Jessie groaned.

"The last time you said it was nothing, it really was something," James said.

"That wasn't the last time," Jessie said.

"Stop avoiding the question," James muttered.

"I'm just not feeling myself today," Jessie said.

"Is there anything I can do?" James asked.

"Nah, I'll be ok," Jessie replied, smiling weakly.

"I guess now's not a good time to tell you then," James said, walking back over to the sofa.

"Tell me what?" Jessie asked, following him.

"I'm going to Egypt with the other Slayers," James replied.

Jessie's eyes widened, "what!?"

"What, after the community service ends," James said nervously.

"You're going to Egypt after all the crap we've gone through at Egypt like places," Jessie muttered.

James sighed, "I know, sorry but I have to. This should get rid of the vampire threat and we can finally live on Earth again."

"There's plenty of Slayers, why do you have to go?" Jessie asked.

"We don't know exactly what to expect," James replied.

Jessie rolled her eyes, "that makes me feel better, thanks."

"Jess it's ok, I'll be ok," James said.

"Yeah you will, I'm coming too," Jessie said.

"No you're not," James muttered.

"How exactly are you going to stop me?" Jessie asked, folding her arms.

"But you shouldn't go, from what you said I think you hate Egypt," James said.

"No I don't, I'm just sick of curses," Jessie said.

"All right but you're still not," James muttered.

"Oh yes I am, and you should know me well enough by now, to know that you can't stop me," Jessie said.

James groaned, "fine, but who's going to look after the kids?"

"Well there's Phoebe and Yasmin, they're on board one of the ships," Jessie replied.

"I'm going to regret this, aren't I?" James muttered.

"No, you'd only regret it if I didn't come," Jessie said. "You need some sort of good luck charm on you, right?"

A few days later
The Enterprise:
Lena walked down the corridor, carrying a large bag over her shoulder. Craig ran to catch up with her, she turned around. "Craig, what's up?"

"I just wanted to wish you good luck, and um," Craig said while trying to get his breath back. He pulled a small box out of his pocket, he handed it to her. "Give you this, another good luck thing."

"Thanks, it doesn't have diamonds right?" Lena questioned, smirking a little.

"No it doesn't, don't worry," Craig replied.

Lena smiled as she shook her head, she opened the box. Inside it was a silver necklace, with a large silver cross attached to it.

"I know it'll only keep vampires away but it's a start," Craig said meekly.

"It's great, thanks," Lena said as she took it out of the box. "I'll just have to make sure Daniel doesn't see it."

"Is he the jealous type or is he a vampire secretly?" Craig asked.

"Don't know and really not," Lena replied. She put the necklace around her neck. "Really, thank you."

"No problem. It's one of few presents I got you before we split so..." Craig said.

"I'm going to need all the luck I can get. I doubt there will be mummies walking around everywhere, but we don't know what to expect there," Lena said.

"Well, I'll say it again, good luck. Call me if you need any help," Craig said with a smile. He turned around to go back the way he came.

Lena stared after him, "wait, Craig."

He turned around looking confused, "what?"

She walked over to him. "Don't let this get to Daniel but, I did have more fun with you. I can only be honest with you, right."

"Really, so..." Craig said.

"But he's what I need right now. Maybe someday," Lena said, looking uncomfortable. "I'm crap at this, sorry."

"It's ok, I understand," Craig said meekly.

"I don't think you do," Lena muttered. She stepped closer and kissed him on the cheek. "See you when I get back, if I do," she said nervously. She walked away.

Craig looked bewildered, he started to follow her. "Wait, there's something else."

Lena stopped and turned back around, "ok, I expected that. What is it?"

Before he lost his nerve, Craig quickly put an arm around her to pull her closer, and kissed her. She put one arm around him and kissed him back.

Cairo, inside Shuttle Park:
The automatic doors opened, James and Sandi walked through them holding a large bag each.

"God it's hot here, I hope we've remembered everything," Sandi said. "I've still got a bad feeling about this you know."

"I'm sure we have," James said. "And I'm sure we'll be fine, I mean we have six Slayers and a witch. If something goes wrong we should be ok."

"Yeah true," Sandi said.

Emma rushed out of the doors, "oh oh, I can't believe we're here!" She brought out a camera, "so where are we going first? The pyramids, any tombs?"

Kevin followed her, "forget that, I can't wait to see the hot Egyptian women."

Zare followed holding a large bottle of water, "ok, what living thing can live in this heat? There better be a river somewhere or something, I'm dying already." She drank the rest of the water in the bottle, and snatched one from Kevin's bag.

Lena walked out looking nervous, "no mummies yet? Good, one step down, five million to go."

Jessie was the last one out. "Ok, this better go right. I'm always the one who gets picked on if some curse happens. I don't want some mummy guy kissing me, or one of you getting possessed cos I don't want to be stabbed, yet again!"

Sandi and James glanced at each other looking worried. "I'll have to learn to trust your bad feelings," James muttered.

She nodded, "damn right."

The group were walking away from a salesman guiding four camels.

"I can't believe they only had four camels left in this day and age," Sandi muttered. "Even in my time there should have been more people willing to take other transport."

"Why are we even taking these things anyway," Zare muttered. "You guys have shuttles and everything, they have air conditioning."

"Right. The last time we took a shuttle into the desert, it crashed and we got trapped," Lena said.

"Plus we'd use a lot of power with the air conditioning on full, the hull would attract a lot of heat," James said. "That isn't good when the power runs out in the middle of the desert."

"Ok, so who's going with who?" Kevin asked, looking at a few of the girls in his usual way. "Lena, Zare, Emma, Jess, any of them would be fine. I don't want Sandi or James though."

"You're weird," Zare muttered.

"Well I'm with James," Jessie said.

Lena and Emma quickly stood next to each other. Kevin frowned, then looked at Zare. She looked nervously over at Sandi. "I'll share with you."

"But, that means I'm on my own," Kevin said, pouting. "How come James is the only guy who gets a girl with him?"

"Because you're a pervert and a loser," Lena replied.

"I'm not a pervert," Kevin said.

"Oh yeah, why do you want to share a camel with a girl so badly then?" Sandi asked.

"So we can have a nice chat along the way and everything," Kevin innocently replied. He stood next to James, "you know what I really mean, don't you?" He walked away looking disgusted.

"Let's get going. Who can ride a camel?" Sandi asked.

"It's a good thing I can," Kevin replied, pouting. "Dad forced us to do horse riding, didn't he?"

Sandi nodded, "good thing he did. He must have known you'd be a loser." Nobody else put their hands up. "This is fun."

"It can't be that hard," Emma said. She tried to push herself onto the camel, it however didn't appreciate the sudden weight and tried to shake her off.

"You've got to use these," Sandi said, holding up stirrup looking things. "Once they're on the camel, you can climb on a little easier."

Emma climbed off, "oh right."

Later, somewhere in the desert:
Kevin's camel and Sandi & Zare's camels were going steady, ahead of the others.

Emma & Lena's were walking around in circles every now and then. James & Jessie's kept deciding to have breaks every five minutes by kneeling down in the sand.

Kevin and Sandi stopped there's, turned them around to see what was going on.

"Emma, stop playing around!" Lena snapped.

Emma giggled, "I'm not."

Their camel continued walking until it got to James & Jessie's. They both decided to rest next to each other.

"I give up," Jessie groaned.

Lena climbed off theirs, "ok I'm driving."

Emma pouted, "no it's fun."

"Guys, you've got to be gentle with them, or they get disobedient," Sandi said, guiding her camel over to theirs.

"I am," Jessie innocently said.

"Do you want me to try for a while?" James asked.

Jessie glanced back at him, "would that mean I'd have to move?"

Kevin sniggered nearby, "see, that's why I wanted a girl with me."

Lena pulled a face, "eew, how come you don't ever get eggs and stuff thrown at you. Pervert."

"What, what did he think?" Jessie asked.

Lena shook her head, "something that I'm not going to forget in a hurry."

"Hey, it wasn't that bad," Kevin pouted.

James stared blankly at him, he turned back to Jessie. "I'm sure I can drive while sitting here."

"Ok, but if I'm being too rough with him or her, then I doubt you'll do better," Jessie said.

Sandi sighed, "just ride alongside me, watch what I do and copy. It isn't that hard when you know how."

A little while later, the camels were off again. Kevin and Sandi's were once again ahead. James & Jessie's were a couple of metres behind them. Emma & Lena's were right behind.

"For goodness sake Lena, even if there were mummies, they're not going to attack in broad daylight in the desert," James was saying. He glanced back at her, "haven't you seen any of the movies."

"No, why would I?" Lena snapped back. "Just stop picking on me ok, I can't help it."

Sandi glanced back at Zare, who looked like she was fast asleep, leaning on her back. "How are you doing?"

"Crap. I think my head's burning," Zare replied, lifting her head slightly.

"Where's your hat, we all got hats?" Sandi asked.

"Oh, Emma's camel trampled on it after it fell off," Zare replied.

Sandi took hers off and handed it to her, "here, you need it more than me."

"Thanks. I didn't think it would be this bad," Zare said.

"You're not obviously the desert type, ey Zare," Kevin commented.

"My planet is mostly water and it's cool," Zare grumbled.

"Oh, that's not good," Kevin said. He looked over at Sandi, "can't be as bad as England, right?" She smirked slightly.

"All right, you two pack it in," Jessie groaned.

Lena ignored her, "it could still happen."

"Stop being a wuss," James muttered back.

"Me? I'm the wuss, ok," Lena grumbled. She whispered in Emma's ear, "hey, say there's a big bug climbing up their camel."

"I'm not deaf or stupid Lena," James said.

"Damn it," Lena grumbled. Jessie shook her head. Lena's camel stopped dead, the others continued on. "Ah, I can't do this," she groaned.

Kevin glanced at Sandi. She nodded her head, "you know what to do."

Kevin stopped his camel. "Does any of you guys want to do a little swap around?"

"No we're good," Jessie replied, James nodded in agreement.

Both Lena and Emma looked disgusted. "No, we're good too," Lena muttered.

Kevin shrugged and rolled his eyes, "ok lesbian." He continued on.

Lena's eyes narrowed, "what?"

"Uh oh," James, Jessie and Emma muttered. Emma decided to hold onto Lena tighter than before.

"That's it, get here you lanky ass," Lena grumbled. She made the camel run after him.

"Woah, that worked better than I thought," Kevin stuttered. He made his camel run too.

The sun had just set on the wide horizon. Lena had stopped chasing Kevin so everything was calm for once.

Sandi stopped her camel, Kevin did the same. "What is it?" he asked. The others stopped too. She pointed a finger ahead of them, in the far distance was a little bit of stone or rock sticking out of the sand.

"The directions lead here, and we've found something," Sandi replied.

"That can't be it," Emma said.

"We'll get closer," Sandi said.

"Oh yey, here it comes," Jessie sarcastically said.

It took the group a few minutes to reach the stone, which was a square shape, one metre wide and covered with ancient writing. They stopped their camels, everyone got off them.

Sandi walked over to it, she knelt down to take a closer look. "It looks like one of those old stone doors," she said.

"But there's nothing around it but sand," Lena said.

"What do we do now then?" James asked.

Sandi shrugged, "beats me." She brushed some sand away from it. The ground started shaking, everyone quickly backed off. A sand hill slowly started forming from where the stone slate was. The hill collapsed again to reveal a stone temple, a large door opened on its own.

"Right, what just happened?" Jessie asked nervously.

"It must have been like a hand print thing, it knew who I was so it opened, so to speak," Sandi mumbled.

Lena sighed, "well let's get this over with."

They all headed inside. Once inside, they split up into two groups.

"This is so cool. Do you think there will be a crypt inside?" Emma questioned, giggling again.

"No, this place is to kill the undead not bring them back or whatever," Lena replied.

"Well you know where to go if you get scared girls," Kevin said in a flirty manner.

Emma turned around, "god, don't you ever stop?"

"Nope," Kevin shook his head.

They eventually got to a room. At the other end of it stood a statue.

"This must be where the artefact thing goes," Lena said. She opened her bag up, and pulled the artefact out.

Kevin took a hold of her arm, "wait, let's not rush into this too quickly."

"Why not? This is what we came for," Lena asked.

"He just wanted to touch your arm Lena, don't fall for it," Emma said.

Lena pulled her arm out of his grip, she headed over to the statue.

Meanwhile, the other group got to a similar room. "This must be it," Sandi said, glancing at a similar statue.

"Yeah, we'd better get the artefact off Lena and..." Zare said. She frowned, "wait, why does Lena have it?"

"Good question, I can't remember," Sandi replied.

"Let's go and find her," James said. They all turned to go back the way they came.

Meanwhile, Lena slipped the artefact into a hole in the statue.

Kevin backed away nervously, "I dunno, I have a bad feeling about this."

"Aaaw, is Kevin getting a little scared?" Emma asked mockingly.

Kevin pouted, "no, just worried."

Lena frowned, "nothing's happening."

"Maybe it's too old to work," Kevin said.

The statue started shaking, making the three back off a step or two. Dust started coming out of a small opening in the statue. It stopped shaking, but the dust continued coming out of it.

"Maybe you're right," Emma said, coughing slightly. She tried to get the dust away with her hand.

Kevin did the same, "ok I've seen enough, let's go Lena."

Lena turned around, looking confused. She glanced around the room, "what is this?"

"Lots of dust. I told you not to do anything drastic," Kevin muttered.

Lena turned back to face the statue, she eyed the artefact. "I can't believe it, they pulled it off."

"Who, what?" Emma questioned.

Lena turned back around. "Don't tell me this is the best they have to offer?" She glared at Kevin and then Emma, "one puny looking little man and some slutty looking girl."

"Hey that's harsh, Lena. What's the matter with you?" Emma grumbled.

Kevin's eyes widened, stepping backwards, "uh Emma, we'd better go."

Emma glanced at him, "why?"

Lena walked closer to them, this time Emma stared at her with wide eyes. "She's... she's, this isn't possible," Kevin stuttered.

"Ok Lena, I know you lost your mother but, ok it's a little late now," Emma also stuttered.

"Lena huh? Sweet name," Lena said. She glanced at Kevin, "don't tell me you're the brother. They're obviously giving any old idiot Slayer strength these days."

"Ok, that's enough Lena," Kevin said, stepped forward. "You can't turn evil, you're too well trained for that."

Lena stared at him, now with fully black eyes, "take a nap." She kneed him in a certain area, he collapsed to the ground. "I never thought male Slayers were a good idea anyway," she said, turning to Emma. "Now why isn't it working with you two? That's very strange."

"Ok, I don't get this," Emma muttered.

"Aaaw, poor baby looks scared. Don't worry, it'll be over soon enough," Lena said, in a fake sweet voice.

A little while later:
James, Sandi, Zare and Jessie walked into the room Lena and the others were in. Kevin was back onto his feet, looking ok for somebody who had just been kicked in the groin by a Chosen Slayer. Emma was standing nearby the statue looking perfectly calm.

"Ok, we didn't just go in circles did we?" Sandi asked, looking around the room.

Lena turned to them, "oh look, there's more."

"Holy crap," Jessie stuttered.

James stared at Lena, "what, this isn't possible."

"Oh get over it darling," Lena muttered. She walked closer to the new arrivals. "This isn't right. Four Chosens, that isn't right at all."

Kevin shrugged, "maybe you should get over it."

Lena glanced back at him, "shut your hole."

"Which one sweetheart?" Kevin asked mockingly.

Emma sniggered, "oh for god's sake, get a room." She picked up the artefact.

"Please don't," James muttered. The other members of his group agreed.

Sandi whispered to the others, "guys, all three are evil. What kind of screwy purge vampire ritual is this?"

"A very good one. I think I must have killed about thirty when I was evil," James whispered back.

Lena walked over to him, "hmm, there's evil in you already." She looked over at the others, Zare for the longest. "So's she. Neat, I like them." She turned to Emma.

She nodded, she put the artefact back into the statue. The same thing happened again, dust went everywhere.

"Ok, we don't want to be around when that finishes," Sandi stuttered.

"Especially me," Jessie said.

"It looks to me like it already has," James muttered.

Lena smiled sweetly, "not too smart are you."

"Oh my god!" Sandi suddenly yelled out, startling the others. "This is f***** great!" she screeched, she turned around and hit Zare, who was right beside her, over the head.

She stumbled into Jessie, who wasn't very happy about it. She pushed her back into Sandi. "Get off me you whore," she grumbled.

Zare backed away from both of them, "James, please tell me you're still..."

"Uh huh," James said nervously.

Sandi eyed Jessie in a weird way, then looked at Emma and Lena. "Oh wow, there are some cute ones in here."

"Ugh, there's always one," Lena groaned.

Kevin laughed, "ha, you're in a woman's body, sucks to be you."

"You kidding, it's great," Sandi giggled.

"We'd better get out of here," Zare whispered. James didn't look too sure about it.

"They're not just evil, they're..." he said. Zare turned to him with a confused look on their face, "obviously they're possessed."

The others glanced at the two of them, all with black eyes.

"That would make more sense," Zare muttered.

Lena smirked, "maybe you two should join us, it'll keep you alive."

Jessie looked disgusted, "ok there's been a slight mix up here. How come I got stuck with the reject!"

The others, excluding Jessie, gathered closer to James and Zare. Lena pushed to the front, "which one's going first?"

"Me," Sandi blurted out. Again she smacked Zare in the head, this time she stumbled into James.

"Ok, that's annoying me," she grumbled, getting her balance back.

Suddenly Sandi, Kevin and Emma froze on the spot. Lena stared at them all, "what the?"

Jessie's eyes lit up, "oh cool, this one may not be so bad after all."

"Let's go," James whispered to Zare. She nodded her head, they quickly ran off down the corridor.

Lena turned back around, "they're getting away."

"Oh so what, I think five's good enough," Jessie said.

"We've only got two, you silly bint," Lena grumbled.

Jessie's face turned serious, "who are you calling a bint?"

"You, bitch face," Lena said.

Jessie marched forward, "I shouldn't care as it's not my body, but you never call me..." Lena smacked her hard, she fell to the ground unconscious.

"Sorry honey, you annoy me," Lena muttered. She started to head off in the direction James and Zare went.

Kevin, Sandi and Emma unfroze again. They looked confused.

"Woah, we have witches. They just disappeared," Sandi said in an amazed tone of voice.

Kevin stared at her in disgust, "I'm sure there's been a cock up here."

Emma shrugged, "you're telling me. But where did the other lot go." She spotted Jessie on the ground. "Found one."

"Ok, something doesn't add up here," Zare said.

"You think? I somehow doubt that the purging vampire ritual involves possessing Slayers with evil ones," James said.

"How come it didn't get us, that's what I don't get," Zare questioned.

"Maybe cos you're already evil," Lena's voice said from close by.

James and Zare turned around to see Lena standing nearby them. "We're not, not anymore," Zare said.

"Technically you still are sweetheart," Lena said.

"Ok, that's annoying," Zare grumbled.

"All right, enough's enough," James muttered, stepping closer to Lena. She just watched him with an amused expression on her face. "Whoever you are, get the hell out of my sister before something nasty happens to you."

She laughed, "oh that's sweet." She swung a fist at him, knocking him back a little. "You're no match for me, so that's enough of the cute attempts at threats."

"James, she's evil, I wouldn't pick a fight," Zare said quietly. She backed away guiding one of the camels with her. "Let's go."

James continued to stare at Lena, she just stared back with a cold look on her face. "Fine," he said finally. He hit her back, she stumbled back a little. He quickly went over to Zare and the camel she had. They both got on the same one and rode it away.

Emma, Sandi and Kevin came out, Kevin had a hold of Jessie, who was still unconscious.

"What are you doing? They're getting away," Kevin snapped.

"God, those are ugly aliens," Sandi muttered, eyeing the remaining camels.

Lena stared back at her 'team mates.' "It doesn't matter, they'll come back, when it's too late," she said.

Jessie started to wake up, "ugh, why the witch, why?"

Emma looked over at her, "I'm so glad we have somebody to make all the drinks and everything."

Lena rolled her eyes, "oh my god, you guys are pathetic. You know why we're here right?"

"Because some bozo shot me in the head?" Kevin questioned.

"No," Lena groaned. "But that would have been good to see."

"You fool, we're here because some priests were afraid of us," Emma said. "We're free now and we can do whatever we want."

Jessie looked confused, "what are you talking about?" She glared at Kevin, "ok, put me down you pervert." Kevin did as he was told after a groan. "Last thing I remember my brother was trying to beat me up. Next thing I know I'm here."

"Yeah, I was in the middle of killing," Sandi said.

Emma rolled her eyes and glanced over at Lena. "Are we the only ones who know?"

"It appears so," Lena said. She stepped closer to the others, "we're going to make this dump our own, and do our job at the same time."

"Sounds good, but I really don't like deserts," Kevin muttered.

"The planet isn't just a desert," Lena groaned.

"Really, how would you know?" Jessie asked, staring coldly at her.

"Because, this is my planet and my country. That means you all do as I say," Lena replied. The others looked at her, not looking very happy about it, especially Jessie. "Let's get to it then."

Voyager, Astrometrics Lab:
Daniel and Wesley were waiting by the main stations. Craig walked in looking a little frantic, "did you guys hear?"

"Yes," Wesley groaned.

"Where are they then?" Craig asked.

Daniel turned to stare at him oddly, "Lena's not coming back you know."

"I know, but I want to know what happened to her," Craig muttered. "I can see how much you're concerned."

"Guys, pack it in," Wesley said in a warning voice.

James and Zare joined them, looking a bit wind swept. "Damn deserts, their winds aren't even cold," Zare groaned, brushing her arms.

"Have you found anything?" James asked, ignoring Zare.

"Yes I'm afraid so," Wesley replied, turning back to his station. "We've got the whole country on alert, and everyone's been banned from going into the area they were in."

"That's not what I asked," James said.

"You did on the commlink," Daniel pointed out.

"I'm not in the mood, so shut up unless you have something useful," James grumbled.

Wesley sighed, "do you want to know or not?"

"Yes, I asked didn't I?" James said.

"I did more research on this ritual. It took some digging out, and by the time I found it you had contacted me," Wesley said. "The temple has two statues, one represents the side of the good while the other one represents the sign of evil. The good one is the one you should have put the artefact in, that would have done the purging."

"What does it do exactly?" Zare asked.

Wesley sighed, "I don't know yet, that's what Daniel's researching now." Daniel nodded his head.

"The evil one brings back Evil Slayers?" James questioned.

"Yes, exactly. If a Slayer turned evil, the only cure was to kill them. In the early days they were common, so the watchers at the time came up with a solution. Any Evil Slayers until the late twenty second century were murdered, and their souls were summoned into the statue," Wesley replied. "This was a punishment, and over the centuries the Slayers became more obedient."

"So, no one has had to be punished like this since, oh 2123," Daniel added on.

"Lena mentioned one Natural had to be killed on her sphere, you weren't around then I take it," James questioned.

Wesley shook his head, "he probably was, but you do remember that for this generation the council were secretly trying to find a new cure."

Zare frowned, "personally I prefer what they did to us than what they did to them."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know anything about this until today," Wesley pointed out. "It's obviously something they wanted to keep from some watchers."

"So why did they possess the others?" James asked.

"That statue is to punish any Slayers who are 'fools' and impulsive enough to even go to the temple," Wesley replied.

"I thought the temple was a place we should go though," Zare said.

"Obviously not," Wesley said. "The evil statue was built to store the Evil Slayer souls, and the artefact would release them. They will no doubtingly perform the ritual themselves."

"Well that's not so bad," Zare commented.

"I don't think so. If the watchers went to this much trouble to punish anybody who came, then there must be a huge catch," James said.

"Actually the watchers just wanted to store the souls, a group of priests were the ones who did this. They wanted to get the side of evil on the good side," Wesley said.

"So how do we cure them?" James asked.

Wesley looked uncomfortable, "you can't. The only thing we can do now is stop this ritual, we have no idea what it'll do."

Craig stared blankly, "you mean we can't get Lena back, ever?"

James glanced briefly at him, "yeah, there's got to be something."

"Only the original hosts can get their body back. If they are strong and willing they'll fight for their bodies back, and kill off the evil Slayers permanently. Unfortunately..." Wesley said.

"I don't like that word," Daniel commented.

"Unfortunately," Wesley said again, staring oddly at him. "If the Evil Slayers stay in their hosts for too long, it will kill the host themselves, and they'll have full control."

"How long is too long?" James asked.

"A few hours, maybe less," Wesley replied.

"We need a plan, and fast," Zare said.

Meanwhile, back in Egypt:
"So, we're on a planet called Earth in Egypt. That's good, no help there," Kevin said.

"Yes and since this is my home turf, you're going to do as I say," Lena said.

Jessie rolled her eyes, "so you've already said."

"Watch your mouth," Lena snapped.

"Those other Slayers will come back though. What do we do about them?" Emma asked.

"Well if they don't help us we'll just kill them," Lena replied.

Emma smiled, "ok check."

"Oh finally," Sandi said quietly. The others glanced at her. "What?" she said nervously.

"I'll do the ritual, and you guys just guard the area," Lena said.

"But what more is there to the ritual than putting in a stone? Pretty lazy if you ask me," Kevin said.

Emma jumped slightly, she looked around, "yeah I agree."

Sandi frowned, "phew that was close."

"What?" Lena groaned.

"My 'other self' got back there for a second," Sandi replied. "Nothing to worry about."

Lena stared at her, "I think it is." She turned to Kevin. "Keep an eye on her, I mean him."

"Sure, whatever," Kevin grumbled.

"Ok Ylara, just because this is your home turf, doesn't make you the leader. You're just as or weaker than everyone else here," Jessie said.

"Except you of course," Lena said. "And besides I don't see any of you doing a better job."

"Maybe cos we don't care about this stupid purging. You shouldn't be bothered about vampires killing people on your home world, so why should we?" Jessie muttered.

Emma groaned, "oh god, that girl came back for a minute there." Everyone stared at her.

"All right you, think you could watch her?" Lena said in Jessie's direction.

"Yes I could watch her, but don't count on me to do anything if something happens," Jessie replied.

"Ok, are we all set? Let's get it over with, afterwards you can do whatever you want," Lena said, heading away from everyone. Everyone excluding Jessie followed her.

"We'll see," she said, then followed the rest.

A shuttle flew down from the sky, and landed next to the temple.

The doors opened. James, Zare, Daniel, Craig and Wesley stepped out of it.

"Where will they be?" Craig asked.

"Most probably in the temple, smart ass," Daniel replied.

"Ooh tension," Wesley said, sounding too interested.

"Ok guys, you're the bait," James said.

"We are?" all the other guys questioned. Wesley looked rather worried.

"But I'm important, they aren't," he moaned.

"Well what are you going to do? Give them lectures, actually that'll work good," James said.

Zare smiled sweetly, "go on wormies, we haven't got all day."

Wesley muttered something under his breath as he followed Craig and Daniel into the temple.

James turned to Zare, "ready?"

"Sure, but only Jessie and Emma would be in my league you know," Zare replied.

"Oh I don't know, have you seen Jessie evil?" James asked.

Zare shook her head, looking worried, "no, why?"

"Actually Emma would probably be vicious, but she's not really her so that's ok," James said, ignoring the question.

"Ok, I think we have time to cut something off so shut the hell up," Zare grumbled. She headed into the temple, muttering something rude under her breath.

"Right behind you, always," James muttered. He followed her inside.

Inside the temple:
Sandi walked over to Emma who was looking a little confused. "He's gone," she whispered.

Emma looked at her, "yeah mine too. I don't know how, I kept getting distracted about Harry, you know in that cute tank top."

Sandi looked disgusted, "hmm yeah, I wonder how."

Nearby Kevin was arguing with Lena. Jessie was not with them though, but no one seemed to have noticed.

"What are we going to do? I doubt there's black in our eyes now," Sandi whispered.

"I've got an idea," Emma whispered back, she turned to the door. "I've just heard something outside, I'll check it out." She walked out, Sandi followed her.

"Whatever," Lena groaned. Kevin then decided to smack her in the face. She just looked at him like he was a fly in her coke, she hit him right back. He stumbled to the ground, a little dazed. "There's more to the ritual than that."

Kevin pouted, standing back up. "Damn, wasn't expecting that."

Sandi and Emma stood outside the room, out of sight in the dark corridor. "Now what?" Sandi asked.

Emma shrugged, "I dunno, it's your turn now."

"Maybe they won't see our eye colour out here," Sandi commented.

Lena appeared at the doorway, "when you guys are finished, go find that witch. She's been gone a while and I don't trust her."

"That'll do," Emma said. She headed away.

Sandi stared after her, "will do, should we kill her?"

"May as well, she's useless," Lena replied, stepping back into the room.

Emma sighed, "she didn't notice."

Sandi rushed after her, "nope, let's hope it was Jessie that nicked off, not the Slayer inside her."

Meanwhile inside the room Lena stood next to Kevin. "Keep an eye on those two, the originals keep getting the bodies back," she whispered.

"Why must you boss me around?" Kevin asked.

"Because you're a man," Lena replied. He started squealing, he quickly bit his lip to stop. "Don't make me pull next time."

"Yes ma'am," Kevin squeaked. He limped out of the room.

Meanwhile Wesley had dragged Daniel with him down one corridor, while Craig went off on his own. Sandi and Emma turned the corner and bumped into him nearly.

"Ooh ok um," Craig stuttered. "Come and get me, I'm an easy to kill pedestrian, kinda."

Emma tried not to laugh, "oh that's funny."

Sandi however looked confused, "Craig, what are you doing here?"

Craig stared blankly at them. "You're not possessed anymore. You could have told me before I embarrassed myself."

"Wouldn't have been as fun that way," Emma commented.

"Besides how would we have known that you were going to do that?" Sandi said.

"All right, who else is ok?" Craig asked.

"We don't know. Jessie nicked off somewhere, Lena and Kevin are still possessed though," Sandi replied.

Meanwhile, Wesley and Daniel were now arguing in the empty statue room.

"I thought you knew where you were going," Daniel grumbled.

"I did, it's just you threw me off," Wesley said.

Jessie appeared at the doorway, "hi boys."

They both glanced at her briefly. "Hey," they said, their eyes widened.

"Ok, go and do the bait thing," Wesley whispered.

"No, I have my dignity where as you don't," Daniel muttered.

Jessie walked over to them, "I wouldn't bother." She stood in between them. "You two are watchers aren't you?"

"Uh, no," Wesley stuttered.

Daniel rolled his eyes, "he is."

"No, both of you are," Jessie said. She glanced at Daniel, "hmm, they're making them younger and cuter these days."

"Oh god, you kidding?" Wesley said, trying to keep a straight face. Daniel pulled a face at him.

"No, now you two are going to help me with a little problem," Jessie said. She gently patted them both on the side of the face at the same time. "You will help me right?"

"What is it?" Daniel asked, looking worried.

"This body's a witch, you two are going to tell me what I'm capable of," Jessie replied.

"Uh, we don't want to do that," Wesley muttered.

"Really?" Jessie said, pouting a little. She pushed their heads together, they fell to the ground. "I didn't want to have to do that."

"Ow, you've got a bony head," Daniel groaned. He looked up, he noticed Wesley was unconscious.

Jessie stood next to Daniel, "now, tell me how I can get rid of Ylara once and for all."

"One of the Slayers? Well she'll die if the host fights back too hard," Daniel muttered, sitting up.

"Not likely, she's the only one who hasn't phased out," Jessie said, kneeling down next to him. "I want to know what spells I can do that'll destroy her."

"The one who would know is unconscious. I don't know much," Daniel said.

"Look," Jessie sweetly said, she roughly grabbed a hold of his hair. "Tell me, can I do a spell to destroy the whole body. If I understand right, that'll destroy her soul too."

"Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you," Daniel muttered.

"All right let's see," Jessie said. She put another hand on his forehead.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Shh," Jessie whispered. She closed her eyes. "Oh, now that's interesting." She pulled away and stood up.

"What did you do?" Daniel asked.

Jessie smiled sweetly, "I still have my telepathy, even in a different body, it's all a part of the evil you see. Thanks for the tip cutey."

Daniel pulled himself to his feet, "I don't know anything."

"Oh you know one thing," Jessie said. "It's so cute, you're in love with the real thing and you've just told me how to kill her. Well kill's not the word, eliminate is." She hit him hard in the face, knocking him out. "Thanks again." She walked back out of the room.

James and Zare were going down a steep and damp stairway. "Now this is more like it," Zare commented.

"Yeah, I hope we're close. I'd imagine Wesley is running away from the Evil Slayers, screaming like a baby right about now," James said.

In: "Anderson to Stuart."

James tapped his commbadge, "what is it?"

In: "Sandi and Emma are back, there's just Lena and Kevin, and possibly Jessie."

In: "Lena will probably head down to where you're going now mind. She insisted on doing the rest of the ritual alone."

"Have you heard from the watchers?" Zare asked.

In: "Not yet no."

In: "There's something else. The Slayer in Jessie kept having spats with the one called Ylara."

"Ylara?" James said.

In: "Lena's. She fancies herself as the leader. Jessie's nicked off at some point, as she's evil she could be up to anything."

"Great, that's all we need, somebody being unpredictable," Zare grumbled. "That's typical of Jessie to be awkward."

"If you say so," James said. "We'll keep a look out for her and Ylara."

In: "Kevin might be guarding now, that's what we were supposed to do. Obviously Ylara wasn't expecting you guys to come back so soon."

"Right, you guys take care of Kevin then," James said.

In: "I was hoping you wouldn't say that."

In: "It's not Kevin though, thankfully. Anderson out."

"Well they're going to have fun," Zare said.

"So are you," James said. She turned to him looking confused. "You should look for Jessie."

"Why me? Isn't that your department?" Zare asked angrily. "You know, you and Ylara have too much in common, it's scary."

"Then shouldn't I handle her then?" James asked, smirking slightly.

Zare rolled her eyes, "ugh, this is serious."

"I know that. Just trust me ok," James said. "Look she's in Lena's body and she's powerful, she might be too powerful while evil."

"Right, you're awfully big headed. Jessie's the weakest, so thanks..." Zare muttered.

"No she's not. If that Slayer knew how to control the witchcraft, she'd probably be the toughest to deal with," James said. He walked around her and continued down the steps. "Take it from someone who fought with her like that, twice."

Zare stayed put, watching him, "Jessie's not that tough."

"Fine believe what you want, but watch your back," James said, continuing down the steps.

Zare sighed, she started to make her way up.

Sandi and Emma turned the corner to find Kevin, standing facing them like he was expecting them.

"Hello girls," he said. He raised his arm, and moved it to the side. Both of the girls got thrown into the wall at the same time.

Sandi was the first to recover, "oh god, how did he do that?"

"Maybe cos he's evil and Chosen," Emma groaned, rolling her eyes. She stood back at Sandi's side.

"Are we just going to talk about this or..." Kevin questioned, he stepped forward. He hit Emma hard in the face, she collapsed to the ground.

Sandi stood in front of him, "what are you chicken? She's only a Natural."

"What's a chicken?" Kevin asked, before swinging another fist at her. Sandi blocked it, she hit him back but it didn't hurt him at all. He smirked and hit her right back, she stumbled back.

James reached the bottom of the stairs, and found himself in a large cavern. In the centre of it all stood a large statue, surrounded by a pool of black water.

A familiar voice echoed from the other side of the statue, "for two years now, I have been searching for this place." Lena walked around the edge of the pool so she was now in sight, "now thanks to you and your friends, I have found it."

"Well then you owe us a thank you card and a present. That present can be just you getting out of that body, I'll gladly forget about the card," James said.

Lena smiled as she made her way over to him, "that doesn't really work. The ritual has already begun for one thing, and the only one who can finish it off is the person who put the artefact into the statue."

"You do know what it does, don't you?" James questioned.

"I sure do," Lena replied. She picked up speed until she was on his side of the pool. "It wouldn't be that much of a loss. I always thought this planet was messed up, I can't imagine it changing if you guys are here."

"What happened to you?" James asked.

Lena frowned and stopped in her tracks, "what?"

"Why did you turn evil, there must be a reason?" James asked.

"Why would you even care?" Lena asked.

"You know, I've been there," James replied.

"I take it a 'dont worry, everything will be ok, there's no need for this' speech is coming on," Lena muttered. She rolled her eyes, "don't bother, you wouldn't believe how many people have done that. They're dead now."

James smiled and raised his eyebrow, "why would I do that? I hate those, and quite frankly I can't stand you enough to care."

"Then why ask stupid questions?" Lena asked.

"Well you do have a time limit or something, right?" James replied.

"I've got plenty of time, so I'll humour you," Lena said, she took a step closer. "I killed my brother, that's why I turned evil."

"No, that's not what I meant. What thing happened to even make you want to do that?" James asked.

Lena laughed, shaking her head, "that was what did it. I took my little brother out on his first vampire hunt nearby the Nile. He was quite a gutsy little ten year old, who had just been Chosen. Unfortunately I didn't know those telepathic ones would turn up."

"They murdered him," James muttered.

Lena smiled, "yeah, they grabbed him, tied one of the vampires to him and pushed both of them in the river. That vampire made sure he wouldn't be able to swim to the surface. Then they dragged him onto the shore, and made me watch them drain his blood. Ever since that day, I've killed all the vampires I could find."

"That's why you're doing this," James said.

"Stating the obvious," Lena said. She sighed, "you know, you remind me of my brother. Obviously you're a lot older than he was."

"That's convenient, cos I drowned once too," James commented.

Lena smirked slightly, "really, it's a shame it didn't kill you. But it just means I get to."

"What are you waiting for, try," James said.

"Ooh, you're awfully sure of yourself," Lena said in a teasing voice. She looked down at herself, "this your little sister?"

"You must know by now," James muttered.

Lena smiled, "yeah I do. She saddens me you know. Do you even know what pain she's going through?"

"I have a good idea," James replied.

"I don't think you do. She's so miserable, and so sick of everything. It's no wonder she hasn't tried to fight back," Lena said, trying to keep a straight face. "Why should she, she has got nothing to live for."

"Ok, you're lying, she would fight back," James muttered.

"Why? Her mum's dead, her dad's gone all weird and doesn't care, her daughter won't ever come back, and she's got two dorky guys after her. Also her brother is making her feel even more worse cos he keeps rubbing his life in her face," Lena said.

"What are you talking about?" James asked.

"And he doesn't get it or give a toss," Lena said.

"I care all right, I wouldn't do anything to hurt her," James said.

Lena smiled sweetly, "let's test that, shall we." She punched him hard in the face, knocking back slightly. She just stared coldly at him as he recovered from the blow, he quickly hit her right back.

Zare wandered down a corridor looking a little lost. A whispery voice echoed around her, she followed the source to one of the statue rooms. There she found Jessie sitting on the ground, doing some sort of spell.

"Ok what are you doing?" she asked.

"Shush, I'm busy," Jessie snapped back. She groaned, "great, I have to start again."

"Shame, you can tell me what you're doing," Zare said.

"Nah, don't wanna," Jessie said in a sweet voice. She quickly got onto her feet. "Let me try something first." She raised both hands, Zare quickly ducked a purple lightning strike, which hit the wall behind her. The wall started crumbling, and collapsed on Zare.

"Hmm, now where was I?" Jessie said to herself, kneeling back down.

The underground:
Lena laughed as she dodged a hit, "I'll give you something, it's hard to find somebody worth actually fighting these days."

"Don't you ever shut up?" James grumbled, he hit her with his arm. She stumbled into the pool.

She quickly stood back up, the water was only up to her knees. "That really hurt."

Meanwhile again:
Sandi fell backwards onto the ground, blood was coming down her face. Emma was lying unconscious nearby her with a nasty scar on the side of her head.

Kevin was about to walk closer to them both, but he stopped looking a bit annoyed. "Ok that's enough, leave her..." He looked around, "oh wait."

Sandi looked up at him, "Kevin?"

"I think he's gone," Kevin said. He headed over and held out a hand, "are you all right, I'm sorry I..."

Sandi took it and he helped her to her feet. "It wasn't you, don't apologise."

In: "Anderson to Clarke."

Sandi looked around for her commbadge, it was lying next to where she was lying before. She quickly picked it up, "Craig, did you find the watchers?"

In: "I did, supposedly Jessie made them headbutt each other."

"About time," Kevin commented.

In: "Oh, welcome back Kevin."

"Thanks," Kevin said.

In: "Anyway you'd better find Jessie fast."

"Why, what's up?" Sandi asked.

Emma groaned as she started waking up, "no, they deserved it, no fair."

In: "Jessie's host wants to kill Ylara by doing this spell, it'll destroy the body she's in too."

"Oh god," Sandi muttered.

In: "I mean completely destroy the body, along with that temporal implant. That's what she wants to do, change the timeline."

"Kevin, you get Emma out of here, she needs to be treated. I'll go find Jessie," Sandi said.

"But she's obviously got the hang of the witchcraft, which spells trouble if she defends herself," Kevin said.

Emma giggled from the ground, "spells trouble, witch."

"Kevin, Emma needs help ok. No offense but I think I'd be able to defend myself better. Jessie is infamous for hurting the men permanently," Sandi said.

Kevin turned slightly pale, "I get your point, but please be careful." Sandi nodded and rushed off.

The statue room:
Jessie slowly headed over to where Zare was lying, she knelt down beside her and started pushing some of the rocks away. "Zare, you still, oh crap."

Sandi ran into the room, she jumped in shock when she saw Jessie. "Ok that was fast work," she said.

"It's ok, it's me again," Jessie said. She looked back down at Zare, "but she got hit when the wall collapsed."

Sandi sighed, "right, you should get her out of the temple. There's only Lena left as far as I know, so I'd better help James out."

"Can't I do that?" Jessie asked.

Sandi was about to reply but was interrupted by what felt like an earthquake.

"What's that?" Jessie stuttered.

Sandi looked nervous, "it might be that ritual."

The underground:
"Ah ha, play time's over," Lena said. She tried to kick James in a certain place, he grabbed her leg at the last second and pushed her into the water.

"I wish people would stop trying that," he muttered.

Lena shrugged before getting back up, "well I got the other guy easily enough. I'll get you too."

"Don't you have a ritual to do?" James said.

Lena glanced over at the statue, then back at him, "yeah I do." She turned and headed away. James followed her, he knocked her back into the water.

"What the?" Kevin muttered as he reached the exit. Craig, Wesley and Daniel were already stood against the wall, trying to shield away from the sand storm which circled the temple. "Why are you hanging out here?"

"We can't go back in, we tried but a shield thing blocked us," Craig replied.

Wesley frowned as he looked down at a watch, "we haven't got long."

"For what?" Kevin asked.

"The ritual," Wesley replied.

"But everyone's back, there shouldn't be anybody to do it," Craig said.

"Actually, James and maybe Sandi is with Lena underground, she's probably the only one left," Kevin said.

Craig stared at him, "but I would have thought she'd have beaten it by now, long before you."

"Yeah well, maybe I'm wrong and they're performing it together," Kevin shrugged.

Wesley shook his head, "not possible. While you and the others were possessed we found out what the ritual actually does, even James knows better than that."

"Ok, what does it do?" Kevin questioned.

"Turns the planet into a desert waste land," Wesley replied.

The underground:
Lena pushed James away from her, he fell into the water nearby her. She slowly got up, then headed for the statue. The statue started glowing just as she got to it, she stopped dead in her tracks.

"It's too late now," James said from far behind her. He got back up.

"No," Lena muttered. She took a hold of the hand on the statue, an electric shock went through her and blasted her backwards into the water.

The sand storm started to clear, moments later the desert was perfectly calm.

"What happened?" Kevin asked.

Wesley sighed in relief, "it's over, Lena or rather Ylara was too late to continue it."

The underground:
James dragged Lena's unconscious form out of the water, and lay her on the ground nearby. He knelt down beside her to check her pulse. "Lena?" he said quietly as she started to open her eyes. The fully black eyes greeted him, followed by a weak punch in the face. It was enough to knock him away from her.

"Yeah right, you're too late too," she grumbled, sitting up.

"What are you talking about?" James muttered.

Lena smiled, "what do you think, she won't be bothering us anymore." She climbed to her feet, "that little shock helped with that I'd imagine."

James looked up at her, "what?"

Lena smiled sweetly, "time's up, she lost and now she's left us." She looked around the room, her smile getting a little bigger. "It feels so good to have just have one voice in my head again."

"No, you're lying," James mumbled.

Lena walked over to him, "you're thirty plus, listen in, you'll only hear me in my head."

James stared at her, then glanced at the ground, "no, she wouldn't just..."

Lena knelt down in front of him, "survival of the fittest my friend. So long." She leaned in and kissed his forehead, before jumping to her feet and ran for the stairs.

James placed his hands over his face, shaking his head, "no, this can't be happening."

Several minutes later Jessie, Sandi, Craig, Daniel and Wesley came down the stairs. Jessie spotted James, she pushed Wesley out of the way and rushed down the remaining stairs. She rushed over to him and knelt down beside him, "James, are you ok?"

James moved his hands away, he glanced at her with tears in his eyes. "She's gone Jess, Ylara won," he said quietly. Jessie stared in shock, while he hugged her tightly.

Craig stood nearby, he stared into space for a while before collapsing onto his knees. He put his hands over his face and cried into them.

"Oh my god," Sandi muttered, glancing over at Daniel. He was just staring into space as well. He turned around and headed back up the stairs.

Meanwhile, onboard Voyager:
Chakotay walked into the Ready Room, he dumped a few PADDs onto the table. He turned the computer around on the desk, "computer accept the transmission and encode with code Chakotay Beta One Four Seven."

He keyed in a few more commands, the screen changed. "Well, have you found one?"

A familiar voice started speaking from the computer, "I have. When should we do this?"

"Be patient, I can't just leave un noticed, you'll have to wait until the timing is right," Chakotay snapped.

"Fine, contact me when you have something to tell me," the voice said. The screen changed back to blank. Chakotay stared coldly at it.

One week later
Earth, Indiana:
Inside the same graveyard Kathryn's grave was, a few people started walking away leaving only one or two people behind.

Craig stared at one of the graves, he walked away passing Daniel. He watched him walk away, he stayed behind.

Nearby James and Jessie were standing in front of the same one, Duncan stood in front of them, while Sasha stood nearby Sarah-Amy's pram. Duncan started to cry, he turned around to hug Jessie's leg. She put one of her arms around him.

"That's another person added to the list," James muttered.

Jessie glanced at him, "what list?"

"The list of people I have loved that have died because of me," James replied.

Jessie put her other arm around his shoulders, "don't say that. It wasn't your fault."

"It was. If I had just talked to her, and tried to convince her to fight back, this wouldn't have happened," James said. He glanced at her, "she would have heard me, right?"

"I can't lie to you, yeah she would have. It doesn't make it your fault though," Jessie replied.

Sasha started tugging on James' leg, he looked down at her. "Daddy, you said grandma would be ok where she is now, Aunt Lena will be too."

"I hope so," James quietly said, glancing back at Jessie.

"Come on," she said softly. She knelt down to pick up Duncan. She started walking away. James stared at the gravestone for a few seconds longer, he picked up Sasha then went over to the pram.

Ylara watched from a distance, her eyes now back to a natural colour. She turned around then walked away.


**** THE END ****

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