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The Final Millennium

Episode Synopsis
James has a vision of Newcastle City being mostly destroyed by a Game Cube, but Starfleet make the mistake of ignoring him.

Between 15th May and 5th December 2004

Episode Based In
June 2380


The Enterprise:
Several Security crewmembers were hanging around the office, chatting quietly amongst themselves.

"I know, it's really worrying. Who knows who's going to be next, and when," Foster said.

"Surely that's enough though, I mean is Death working over time for Christmas money?" one Security guy questioned.

"Maybe," Foster shrugged.

Craig walked through the doors, he stopped nearby the group who were watching him. "Hi sir," one Security guy said nervously.

"Whatever," he muttered, shaking his head. He headed for the desk which had stacks of PADDs piled on it.

"So, are we doing the usual night shift rounds or..." Foster asked.

Craig turned back around, "what?"

"Well you don't usually come to night shift or the Enterprise for that matter," Foster nervously said.

"Do what you want, I don't care," Craig muttered as he went over to sit in the chair. He picked up one of the PADDs and stared at it.

"Ok we'll just get on with it then," Foster mumbled. He headed for the doors, the others followed slowly.

Craig sighed, putting down the PADD. He folded his arms across the desk, then rested his head on them.

James/Jessie's Quarters:
Jessie was lying on her side, on one side of the bed. She narrowly opened her eyes, then rolled onto her back, glancing over at James. He was still asleep, but was tossing and turning.

She sat up slightly and moved closer. She placed on hand on his chest, and another on his arm and gently shook him. "James, wake up." She shook him roughly this time. She sighed, lying back down on her back.

Not long later he woke up, and sat up. He glanced over at Jessie, who turned to look at him. "Bad dream?" she questioned groggily.

"You could say that," he replied. "Wait, I didn't wake you, did I?"

Jessie shrugged, "not sure actually. What happened?"

The next day
Voyager's Sickbay:
B'Elanna walked in clutching her stomach, and looking a little pale. Doctor Jones turned to her with a frown on his face, "B'Elanna, state the nature of the medical emergency."

She walked over to the nearest biobed, while he headed over to her holding a tricorder. "It's probably nothing. I woke up this morning feeling sick. I don't feel any better at all."

"Have you been sick?" Doctor Jones asked, he started to scan her.

"Countless times," B'Elanna muttered in response.

Doctor Jones smiled, "I wouldn't worry about it. You're not sick, you're pregnant."

B'Elanna stared blankly at him, "what?"

"About two weeks along now. Were you trying or..." Doctor Jones said.

"No. We weren't going to try for another year," B'Elanna replied.

"Oh well, it's still good news," Doctor Jones said.

B'Elanna sighed, "I suppose it is."

"I wouldn't worry about it, you've got two boys already," Doctor Jones said.

"Yes but I don't think we're ready for three kids just yet," B'Elanna said.

"You've got eight months and two weeks, and besides three can't be that hard," Doctor Jones said.

The Enterprise
James/Jessie's Quarters:
"What's the plan of action then?" Jessie asked, picking up a plate from the table.

James had Sarah-Amy in one arm, and a milk bottle in his spare hand. "The only thing I can do is warn Starfleet, and stick around Newcastle I guess."

"Aren't you forgetting something?" Jessie asked, eyebrow raised. She put the plate into the replicator.

"No, I am supposed to go in these games right, and my dream visions hardly ever are fully accurate," James replied.

"That's not what I meant," Jessie said. She picked up another plate and put that one into the replicator too. "You're not alone in this. I'm not saying all of the Slayers should hang around the city at the same time though."

"You mean we should have shifts or something?" James questioned.

"You read my mind," Jessie muttered.

"Actually I didn't," James said.

Jessie sat down in between Sasha and Duncan on the sofa. "Do you think you'll have time to drop Duncan off back at school?"

"Yeah maybe, why?" James questioned.

"I've got an appointment with Jones in ten minutes," Jessie replied, getting back up.

"Ok, first I've heard of it," James muttered.

"Last minute one, it's just a check up, for you know," Jessie said.

"Yeah that's good you're going to a doctor's appointment," James said. "What did you do with Jessie?"

Jessie frowned, "that's not funny, I do go to appointments, sometimes. I'll be a while so do you think you'll be able to take Sarah and Sasha too?"

"I can take Sasha. But don't you think it would be a good idea for Sarah to have her check up early, while you're there?" James questioned.

Jessie sighed, "maybe but..." She walked over to stand right in front of him. "I just want an hour or so break away, even if it is the docs for most of it."

"Ok, but I don't think Starfleet Command is very child friendly," James said.

"Can't you send them a message?" Jessie asked.

"I did, twice," James replied.

Jessie shrugged, "well in that case I doubt they'd let you talk to an admiral."

"I have to try, don't I?" James said.

"Yeah," Jessie nodded. She headed for the door, "good luck with that, see you later." She stepped out. James stared at the door looking a little bewildered. He quickly shook it off as he turned to Sasha and Duncan.

"Mum's acting a bit weird," Duncan commented.

"Nah, she's probably just angry with me for waking her up early," James said.

"No, it's not just today," Duncan said, glancing at Sasha. She nodded her head.

"Ok, but it's been a weird couple of weeks so we'll let her off. She does deserve some out time," James said.

"Just saying," Duncan said with a pout.

"It's ok, I wasn't telling you off or anything," James said. "Why don't you two get ready to go, and we'll go in five minutes."

"I'm ready," Sasha said.

Duncan looked at her, "ok but even in June, it's a little cold to have no shoes on."

James looked at her too, "you had them on when we picked up your brother." He put Sarah-Amy into a baby carrier on one of the chairs.

Sasha tried to look innocent, "I didn't like them."

"You should have said before," James sighed, kneeling down to pick her up. He stood back up, "let's get some new ones."

"Take your time," Duncan said with a grin.

James glanced at him, "back in five, we've got plenty of time." He walked into one of the bedrooms.

Duncan pouted again, "gotta fake an illness." He looked around at the carrier and pulled himself towards it, "got any ideas?" All he got was the usual squeak. "Come on, bail your big brother out of maths." She giggled and poked him in the face. "Look if you're going to do that, do it in the eye."

"I wouldn't do that," James said from the doorway.

Duncan glanced around slowly, "I was just playing with her."

"Yeah yeah," James muttered. "It's either maths or boring admirals, I think you've got it better."

Duncan turned back to the carrier, "maths sounds good."

Starfleet Command, San Francisco:
A few officers were waiting around nearby a reception, one or two officers kept passing through every now and then.

James came through one of the doors, carrying the carrier with one hand and holding Sasha in his other arm. He stopped at reception, the woman there gave him a puzzled look.

"I'm sorry sir, but unless you have an appointment with an Admiral or you're off duty, this area is off limits to civilians," she said.

"Actually, I'm the chief of Security on the Enterprise," James said.

The woman nodded, looking worried, "we keep getting different ones for that ship. I'm also going to need a rank, name and clearance code."

"What is this, the admirals keep getting nearly assassinated or something?" James muttered.

Sasha giggled, "assasa... assa, oh... can't say it."

"Do you have an appointment at all?" the woman asked.

"No, but I've sent a few of them urgent messages and got no response," James replied.

"I don't know how they must do it on the Enterprise, but here you can't just send a message and expect a response straight away," the woman said.

"I get that, this is urgent," James said.

"Rank, name and clearance please," the woman said.

Sasha tugged on his sleeve, "daddy, need toilet."

"Is that off limits too?" James asked.

"I guess not, but don't let her go on her own," the woman replied. She pointed down the corridor which was opposite the one he just came down.

"Ok, we'll sort this out when I come back," James said. He headed down that corridor.

Meanwhile, Voyager:
"What should I do about this?" Jodie asked nervously.

Andrea shrugged, "just let her aboard, Chakotay spends all his time in his office anyway."

"I know but he's been acting all, eeeh, lately," Jodie said.

Andrea eyed her funny, "eeeh?"

"Yeah, you know creepy," Jodie replied.

"Can't say I blame him considering," Andrea said. "First his wife, then his daughter, it can do that to people."

"I know, you should have been on duty when James went evil," Jodie said.

"You were on duty that night, that's odd," Andrea muttered.

"For half the time anyway. First I heard James had turned, then I heard about Jessie so I was allowed to leave," Jodie said. She sighed, "she was lucky compared to the others, not that I'm not grateful. So should I tell Foster to let her come onboard then?"

"Yes I said you could," Andrea replied.

"Right, but the last thing we need is things turning 'interesting' again," Jodie said.

Starfleet Command:
The receptionist was talking to a woman when James came back. He stood beside her.

"This is the second time I've tried," the woman said.

"And this is the second time I'll tell you this, Admiral Paris doesn't just see anybody. He is a busy man," the receptionist said.

"Speaking of busy," James said.

The receptionist turned to him, "if you're not an officer, how did you even get this far?"

"Pretty easily actually. I am an officer, a captain promoted me twice so I figured I was," James replied.

"So you just walked in," the receptionist questioned.

"No someone stopped me, but I used to be his 'boss' so he let me in," James replied.

The receptionist sighed, "if you are refusing to give your name and everything, I'm just going to assume that..."

"For god's sake. Lieutenant James Taylor-Stuart, code Gamma 4112. Happy now?" James grumbled.

The receptionist looked nervous, "ok, excuse me a second." She walked into the room behind the reception.

"See, that's why I didn't tell her before," James muttered.

The other woman glanced at him oddly, "Stuart, oh yes you're that Slayer who went berserk a few weeks ago."

James glanced at her, "what?"

"Oh you did. Everyone got warnings on Earth cos they didn't know where you were," the woman said.

"Great, I'm famous," James muttered.

"Infamous more like," the woman said with a smirk.

The receptionist returned. "Admiral Paris has agreed to meet with you," she said.

"Really?" the woman said.

"No, him," the receptionist replied. "He apparently got your message."

"Can't it be someone else? I used to beat up his son on a regular basis," James asked.

The receptionist raised her eyebrow, "um, no he insists on seeing you."

"That's probably why," the woman giggled.

"Now?" James questioned. The receptionist nodded. "It's better than nothing, which is..."

"I'll take you. Miss, can you sit down and I'll get back to you," the receptionist said. The woman sighed and took a seat nearby.

Admiral Paris' Office:
Paris had his eyebrow raised as James came in to his office. He put the carrier onto one chair, and Sasha onto the other one.

"What can I do for you, I hope it isn't babysitting," Paris questioned.

"No," James said, rolling his eyes. "That receptionist told me you got that message I sent."

Paris smirked, "yes I did, I found it an amusing read."

"What? People dying or getting taken away by a game is amusing?" James muttered.

"No of course not. You see ever since that game in Manchester, all major cities have been updated to withstand a game," Paris said.

"But a game destroys everything it lands on, and usually it causes other buildings to collapse depending on where," James said.

"Yes exactly. We can't prevent the damage the game itself will cause, but we have already protected all the cities so other buildings wouldn't come down afterwards. That's including Newcastle," Paris said.

"You don't know where it lands, it doesn't seem very stable to me," James said.

Paris nodded as he folded his arms on the desk, "correct me if I'm wrong, but your visions are never accurate. This game of yours could land somewhere else in Newcastle, or somewhere on the other side of the galaxy, or not at all."

"I still don't get how this is amusing," James said.

"I believe it's 'not at all' you see. In the past few months you have caused more trouble on this planet than anything else. Why should we listen to you?" Paris questioned.

"Just this once you should, that's all I'm asking," James said.

"I'm not going to risk a city wide panic just because you think the whole city will be destroyed," Paris said. "There are other Slayers and I haven't heard a peep from them. Did you even think for a second that this was just a crazy dream of yours?"

"I know it was a vision, I can tell the difference now. I'm not evil anymore, so you can't just..." James stuttered.

"Give it a rest," Paris snapped. "I wouldn't have even let you in here if you weren't Kathryn's flesh and blood."

"So you're just going to risk everyone in that city because you don't like me, or don't trust me?" James questioned.

Paris smiled, "I don't think I'm the only one. We are prepared for a game, any sign of trouble the landing area will be evacuated."

"But it won't be enough, it'll cause a mini quake and most of the city will go down. It's got bridges and double levels and everything, the city's a death trap," James muttered.

"That's enough," Paris snapped again. He stood up, "tell me, have you ever thought of retiring from this job, it seems to be getting to your head. You've already disgraced your family enough."

"Fine, if you won't do it, I'll do it myself," James muttered, he picked up Sasha and the carrier.

"I wonder what your mother would think of you now," Paris muttered.

James stopped at the door, "what?"

"I bet she was already disappointed when you started your evil spree, but after what happened with your sister, she must be disgusted," Paris said.

James glanced back, "that's where you're wrong."

"Really? Why would I be?" Paris questioned.

"Cos she told me lots of times that she was proud," James replied, turning around. "And what happened with her and Lena wasn't my fault."

"I bet that's your wife talking," Paris said.

"No it's me, get used to it," James muttered. He managed to open the door and walked out.

Newcastle, Danny/Ian's club:
Jessie was sitting at the bar talking to Danny, who was cleaning glasses.

"Am I the only one you've told?" Danny asked.

"Yes, but that's only because I know how James would react if I told him," Jessie replied.

Danny shook her head, "he isn't right you know. You haven't changed since the day I met you. True you're not shy anymore and you can fight back, but to me you're still Jessie."

"Then why do I feel weaker?" Jessie asked.

Danny put down a glass, she picked up one to put it under one of the taps. "Probably cos for the last few months you've been recovering from an infection, being pregnant with twins, and a lung removal operation."

"No, I get that. I feel weaker as a person, and it started when I turned evil," Jessie said.

"You mean cos of the, you know," Danny questioned.

"It's ok you can say it. I was killed, big deal. It shouldn't have done this to me," Jessie replied.

"Jess it is a big deal. I think you must have thought that you had recovered quickly, when you hadn't. It's ok if you feel vulnerable after something like that, even for years," Danny said.

"That's all it is?" Jessie questioned.

"Probably. It doesn't help that vampires have been giving you some trouble," Danny replied. She put a glass of coke in front of her. "Tell me, if you were so weak inside, how come you were able to fight off that Slayer inside you?"

Jessie shrugged, "I dunno."

Danny smiled, "see, you did it. You're not weak, you never were. Still, I'd talk to James about this."

"Oh right. I'm going to tell my volatile husband that his father in law was taunting me, and for a moment it seemed like he was going to rape me too," Jessie muttered.

"No don't bother. Just tell him how you've been feeling, he'll probably say the same thing," Danny said.

Jessie sighed, she rested her chin on her folded arms. "You know, I thought it was all over, then Lena."

"I still can't believe it myself," Danny said.

"James told me she was in a lot of pain, Ylara sensed it, she could have been lying," Jessie said. "But after all that's happened, can you blame her?"

"What for letting Ylara take over her or being miserable?" Danny asked.

"Second," Jessie replied meekly.

"No I can't, but giving up like that isn't like her. That's what surprised me," Danny said.

Jessie shook her head, "no, but we don't know what it was like, we can't judge." She sat up again, "you know I haven't seen Daniel or Craig since we all found out. Both of them will be devastated."

"No kidding, especially Craig as he loved her," Danny said.

"Well," Jessie muttered, she shook her head. "No, it's not my business to say stuff like that."

Danny folded her arms on the bar, "say what?"

"Yeah maybe Craig will be in pain for longer and stuff, but Daniel, he, no I can't," Jessie mumbled.

"Oh, he was in love with her too?" Danny questioned. "Boy that girl probably doesn't even know what she gave up."

Jessie raised her eyebrow, "what does that mean?"

"Well you know, she was in pain and gave up, but she still had lots of people that cared about her," Danny replied.

"Don't say it," Jessie muttered.

"No why not? Every time James attempted it, he got a lecture or two didn't he?" Danny questioned.

"Yes because he's still here, she's not," Jessie snapped.

Danny looked down at the floor, embarrassed, "sorry Jess."

"Sorry it's just, it's all too surreal. Lena, Janeway, it's too much," Jessie muttered.

"I know, but you really shouldn't be here. Isn't James free from community service, if he is you should be with him," Danny said. She smiled, "that's a thought, how come he hasn't gotten an extension to that?"

Jessie raised an eyebrow, "Danny?"

"I know, shutting up now," Danny said. She eyed the coke, "that's yours, you know. On me."

"On you? Everything's free on Earth still right?" Jessie questioned.

"All right, you didn't ask for it, it's your treat from me," Danny replied.

"Thanks," Jessie said, taking a hold of the glass. "What are you doing for the next few weeks?"

"Working probably, living actually," Danny replied.

"Well since everything's free and stuff, you can afford to leave the club for that long?" Jessie asked. She frowned, "you've got it insured right?"

"Now you're worrying me in more ways than one. Firstly, no insurance on Earth," Danny said.

"Typical," Jessie muttered.

Danny shook her head, "secondly, why a few weeks? What's going on?"

"Nothing, I just thought a holiday is just what James and the kids need. You, Ian and the kids could do with a change of scenery," Jessie replied.

"Maybe in a month or so, August's the best time for the kids to play with other kids," Danny said. "You're not forgetting that schools are still on until then. Duncan'll be off for three weeks, go then."

"He's a smart kid, a few more weeks off won't kill him," Jessie muttered. "Oh, why don't you guys just come to the ship and stay over? That way Duncan can still go to school."

"Great holiday for the kids Jess," Danny muttered. "What's going on?"

Jessie pouted, "come on Dan, it'll be fun."

"Not for little Duncan," Danny said, shaking her head.

"Danny, I just don't want you, Ian or the kids here, that's all," Jessie said.

"Why not?" Danny asked.

Voyager, Chakotay's Office:
Chakotay walked into the main part of the room, he dumped the PADD onto the desk. He walked around it and sat down in his chair. The computer turned on, "computer, encrypted transmission."

Enterprise, Security Office:
James, Sandi and Zare were standing around like they were waiting for something. Sasha was at the other side of the room playing with dolls, while Sarah-Amy's carrier sat on the chair nearby.

Zare sighed, "where are they?"

"Kevin and Emma are both on duty," Sandi muttered.

Zare raised an eyebrow, "ok, when did they decide to stop skiving work?"

"Skiving, Kevin told me he got leave," Sandi grumbled.

"Girls," James said.

Sandi and Zare glanced at him. "What? We can't start without them anyway," Zare said.

"Technically we can," James said. He sat down on the edge of the desk. "Don't ask me why I always get chosen to get these, cos I don't know. I had one of those dream visions."

"You get them cos you're a Chosen," Zare pointed out, smiling smugly.

"Then why didn't I get it?" Sandi asked, staring blankly.

"Ookay, anyway," James said. "I saw a Game Cube landing right on the edge of Newcastle city. It destroyed the entire city, well I woke up while it was still collapsing so I'm only guessing there."

"Ohno, there's loads of nice clothes shops there," Sandi gasped. James and Zare stared at her with wide eyes. "Kidding, I don't just care about the clothes."

"Maybe that's why you don't get Chosen visions," Zare muttered.

"Yeah, maybe. Jessie suggested that we split into groups of two or three and keep an eye on the city at different times," James said.

"If the game loses, what good is that?" Zare asked. She rolled her eyes, "we can't expect much from Jessie though."

James stared blankly at her, "it's a good idea."

Zare shrugged, "sure, after about five minutes of Jessie love, we'll feel differently too. Not."

Sandi looked disgusted, "no, why say that?"

"Ok, that's not how it happened," James muttered.

"Geez James, where did your sense of humour go?" Zare groaned.

"Listen this is serious. We can joke around afterwards, maybe," James said. "I don't know when this happens, or exactly where cos my visions aren't usually fully accurate. We can't all hang around Newcastle 24/7 until this happens."

"Oh right, well I didn't know that," Zare muttered.

"Where did it land in your vision then?" Sandi asked.

"In the quay side part, so you can stop worrying about the shops," James replied sarcastically.

"But games are huge. Surely the shops are nearby enough," Sandi said. "Not that I care."

"I was joking," James muttered.

"So much for afterwards," Zare commented.

"So the plan is what? Two of us patrol at night, three patrol during the day?" Sandi asked.

"I guess so. The inaccurate part of my vision could be that it happens at night, not day," James replied.

"You really should get more accurate visions," Zare said.

"I really should get them," Sandi said.

"Maybe it doesn't work because you're not this generations Chosens," Zare groaned, rolling her eyes.

Sandi stared at her for a moment, "huh? Good point."

"Maybe you two shouldn't be paired up," James muttered.

"We'll have to, Emma and Kevin work during the day so they'll have to do nights. You work day time too, so it's just us," Sandi said.

Zare shook her head, "ok time out. This planet is run by this Starfleet, you know hundreds of ships right?"

"Kind of," James said.

"Ok so why can't they all come to Earth and evacuate everyone with the transporters? Surely with a few dozen ships in orbit, you wouldn't have to worry about transporting too many at once," Zare asked.

"One, they don't trust me. Two, they don't believe me," James replied.

"Oh that's just great," Zare muttered.

Sandi rolled her eyes, "sometimes I think Earth was better off when there wasn't a Starfleet."

"There's a number three. I doubt that many ships would get here in time," James said.

"Ok we've got Voyager, Enterprise and Leda in orbit anyway. That's enough," Zare said.

"That's a point, why are we always in orbit?" Sandi asked.

"We're not," James muttered.

Sandi frowned, "ok, I wouldn't know it's just the ships always are whenever I ask."

"We're getting side tracked here. Sandi and I will just go down and keep an eye out for the game, and go in it right?" Zare asked.

James sighed, "I really don't know."

Zare stared with wide eyes, "what do you mean, surely."

"I don't see it land or anything, so I don't know if anyone's in it when it loses," James replied.

"Well this is just great. If the people responsible for the visions were smart, they'd give you the full thing and accurately," Zare grumbled, shaking her head.

"There are people involved?" Sandi questioned, raising her eyebrow.

Zare sighed, "I dunno, let's go." They both headed for the door.

"Guys," James said.

"Make your mind up, are we girls or guys?" Zare commented.

"Look, just get everyone out of the way of the game when it comes and stay out of it. Hopefully Voyager and co will transport everyone out of the city, now that we know what'll happen," James said.

Sandi shook her head, "I doubt it James. Starfleet still might not believe your whole story about the city collapsing."

"No probably not. It's up to you, I'm not the boss," James said.

"Finally, I thought for a second that you were," Zare muttered. She and Sandi stepped out. Foster passed them.

"Uh James, you've got a visitor," he said.

James walked around his desk, and sat down behind it. "I'm kinda busy, is it urgent?"

"Yeah, I think it is," Foster replied. He looked nervous, "wait, everyone else has been calling you and Craig sir or Lieutenant, should I be calling you that?"

"Not bothered really, except about sir, I hate being called that," James replied.

Foster smiled, "yeah me too." He glanced back at the door briefly, "so, should I tell her you'll see her?"

"Depends, do you know what it's about? I'm working on something urgent too you know," James replied.

Foster sighed, "she said it was a matter of life and death."

"Isn't everything," James muttered. "Fine, send her in."

"Ok. There's something you should know first though," Foster said.

James looked up at him, "ok what?"

"You're not going to like her, at all," Foster replied nervously. "I wasn't even sure if she should even be on board at all."

"Why, what's wrong with her?" James frowned.

"She's a little, um, different. Plus I know you won't like her," Foster said.

James groaned into his hand, "Foster, you're wasting time. Is she going to be somebody I'm going to hurt or something, cos if it is, she'll have to wait until my daughters are out of the room."

Foster glanced over at Sasha and Sarah-Amy, nervously glanced back. "Hurt is such a weak word. Let's just say she hasn't been 'out' much for a while, and she didn't know what a shuttle was."

"So she's just rude cos she doesn't get out much? Is that what you're trying to say?" James asked. He shook his head, "Foster, I'm not evil anymore, I don't hit random people."

"Um well," Foster stuttered. "She was surprised that we had things that flew in the air, let alone space."

"Um ok, you know that I've got a lot of work to do here, right?" James muttered.

"I'll send her in, but I did warn you," Foster said, backing towards the door. "You've just met her before, and I know you won't like this at all. Maybe you should get your kids in another room." He walked out.

"I'll hold back," James muttered to himself. He heard the doors open again and somebody walk in.

"Hmm, so this is the twenty fourth century huh. It's nice, I like it," a familiar voice said.

James looked up at her with wide eyes, "what the?" He quickly got up, "what are you doing here?"

"Good question. I had a hell of a time working out how to find you," Ylara replied, shrugging. "Then some guy started talking about transporters and particles, scared the hell out of me, and that's saying something."

"No, why are you here?" James asked.

"You saw it, you must have too," Ylara replied. "You're the other Chosen so you must have."

James walked around the desk, staring at her, "your eyes aren't black."

Ylara shrugged again, "yeah you noticed, huh."

"What happened?" James asked.

"Let's just say, I had time to think," Ylara replied. She took a step closer, "and I went to your sisters funeral, that's what did it I think."

James shook his head, "you had no right."

"Please, spare me," Ylara muttered. "I didn't kill her, you should know that better than anyone."

"I guess," James quietly said, glancing away.

"You know I do admire your strength. If it were me instead of you, I would have tried to kill me," Ylara said.

"Don't be too sure," James said. He looked over at Sasha and Sarah-Amy, Ylara followed his glance.

"Oh I see, being a good daddy are you," she said in a teasing voice.

James shook his head, "I don't believe you, why come here?"

"Because this city of yours is going to be destroyed, killing a lot of people. You want to help, don't you?" Ylara questioned.

"And you do?" James said.

"It's my job I guess, or I wouldn't be having the visions," Ylara said. She looked around the room, "not that I understand anything in this century." She turned back to him. "What was that purple cube anyway?"

"It's a weapon, that's all you need to know," James replied.

"Effective, I'll give whoever did it that," Ylara commented.

"Tell me something. You're a Chosen, and you've never heard of Game Cubes. What did you fight exactly?" James asked.

"Vampires obviously," Ylara replied. "Game whatevers, not a clue what you're on about there."

"You never said, what century are you from?" James asked.

"Oh, us girls were never allowed to know about anything so I don't know," Ylara replied.

"So the twenty fourth century means nothing to you?" James questioned.

Ylara shrugged, "somebody explained it on the way up here. It's twenty four centuries after some Christ guy."

"You've never heard of him?" James asked.

"Nope, but like I said, girls were just servants in my land and time. That guy in that flying thing, he said something similar to you. If it were that important I should know about it, obviously it happened after I died," Ylara replied.

"I see," James said, looking uncomfortable. "You do realise that's at least two thousand years, doesn't that bother you?"

Ylara sighed, "no, it's kind of cool actually. As a kid I wanted to see the future, hoping it was better. I was right, but you'd think vampires would have been wiped out by now."

"Hmm, the watchers aren't going to love you," James muttered.

"They never do," Ylara said. "Then again, hardly anybody did. I was too much of a rebel for everyone."

"No. The watchers now think that vampires have only been around for a few centuries," James said.

Ylara smiled, "cool, they always hate to be wrong which they always are. I haven't shown up a one since I killed mine." She looked a little uncomfortable, "anyway."

"Yeah anyway. I guess you could join me when I go down after my shift. All we can do is patrol the area until it arrives," James said.

"Sounds like a plan, but I don't think you and I should team up," Ylara said.

"Why not?" James asked.

"Because, I was technically responsible for killing your little sister. I wouldn't team up with those vampires who killed my brother, if they were alive and soulful that is, even if they paid me lots of gold," Ylara replied.

"Look, I wouldn't for a second hesitate to team you up with someone like Kevin, as he's annoying, normally. But, ever since the last time I turned evil, the only people who have been treating me differently because of it, are people like that Admiral and people who I don't know, but somehow know me," James said. "I don't have the right to bitch at you, or anything as you're no different."

"True, but it's personal with you," Ylara said. "Plus I'm a constant reminder of what you've lost."

"Yeah you are, but that's my problem, not yours," James said.

Ylara smiled, "you're not just saying that as a good example for your kids, are you?"

"Not at all, I've been down that road loads of times," James replied.

"Well I should be grateful I guess, as I doubt that everyone else is going to feel the same way," Ylara said.

"Probably not," James muttered. "Sorry, the 'future' probably isn't any better than your present."

"Are you kidding? I love this place," Ylara said. She walked over to the viewport and stared at it.

James looked confused, "you knew what I meant right?"

"Yeah but my mother always told me to be positive in every situation. Sure a lot of people are probably wanting to choke me to death," Ylara said. She turned around, "but I've got what I always wanted since I was a kid."

"Positive huh, you turned evil, how was that positive?" James asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I didn't say it was," Ylara replied, turning back to the viewport. "I never thought the planet looked like this."

"Yeah, it's round. Makes more sense that way, right?" James sarcastically said.

"Mocking me already, that didn't take long," Ylara muttered. "My watcher told me it was round, ok."

"I didn't know any watchers knew Egyptian," James said.

Ylara laughed, "right, they didn't. He was a human one cos I was too 'primitive' to have an alien one, and he spoke your language. He eventually taught me it."

"Weird, cos I always thought English would have sounded a little different a few thousand years ago," James muttered.

"Is that what you call it?" Ylara asked. "Yeah the watcher had this annoying way of speaking it, he didn't like my way."

"Still, it's more modern than I thought," James said.

"Well somebody did mention something about a translator in this," Ylara said, fiddling with a commbadge. She took it off, "how about now?"

"No, still moderny, it's just the accent," James said.

"Yeah, you still sound the same," Ylara muttered. She put the commbadge in her pocket, "didn't understand what that guy said anyway."

The doors opened, Craig and Daniel walked in arguing.

"No, you can't join Security," Craig said.

"Why not? It's a distraction right, and I don't know how to work some of this crap," Daniel muttered.

"Oh boy, this'll be fun," James muttered.

Ylara turned around, "oh, maybe I should go."

"No you can't. James, tell him," Craig grumbled, turning James' way.

"I don't know, we can train him I suppose. But I have to ask Starfleet," James replied. He groaned, "they'll probably say no to everything I ask though." He walked over to the two, "why don't you give him the tour now."

"He knows the ship James," Craig muttered.

"Yeah, and I don't want him to do it. He shouldn't even be here, it's the Enterprise right?" Daniel muttered, he then noticed Ylara. He turned a slight shade paler, "what, what is she doing here?"

Craig also spotted her, "you!" He started to go forward, but James stopped him. "You have some nerve coming here bitch!"

"Stop it, she's not evil anymore," James said.

"But, she killed Lena," Craig grumbled.

"I think I'll go," Ylara said. She headed towards them, but stopped half way.

"No stay still, I'll transport you to a place I know, I'll find you later," James said. He headed over to his desk quickly. He wasn't fast enough though. Craig marched over to Ylara.

"I don't care if you're evil or not, if you show her face around here again, I'll kill you myself," he snapped.

Ylara tried to keep a straight face, "you? Hardly."

James groaned, "it's ok, she's going."

"Wait, did you say transport?" Ylara said, glancing over at him.

"Got to do it someday," James shrugged. He keyed in a few commands, she dematerialised.

"Ok, why was she here?" Craig asked.

"She had a vision like I did, she wants to help," James replied.

"Oh that's rich, and you believe her?" Craig muttered. He laughed, "oh my god James, do you even care that she killed your sister and then taunted you about it?"

"That was not her Craig, she was evil, she's not now," James said.

"Oh right, you'd know about that. Are you two and Zare going to set up this ex Evil Slayers club, I can see the banners now. 'We're evil, but we're nice really,' or 'misunderstood murderers'," Craig snapped.

Daniel rolled his eyes. He quickly stood in between Craig and James. "For god's sake," he grumbled. He turned to Craig, "give it a rest will you."

"Right, you're both sick. He's hanging out with the bitch like nothing happened and protecting her," Craig said, glancing at James. "And you, you don't give a rat's ass about Lena. No wonder she picked me in the end."

"What are you talking about?" Daniel muttered.

"It's a shame she didn't get a chance to tell you. She wanted me, not you, you were just a friend to her," Craig said.

"Right, you're talking bull," Daniel said.

"If you insist, but before she left for that suicide mission she said she preferred to be with me, and we kissed," Craig said.

Daniel turned around and stepped closer to him, "stop lying about her, you sick son of a bitch!"

"I'm not lying, she did!" Craig yelled.

"Why would she want to be with a little weasel like you," Daniel muttered.

James shook his head, he pulled them further away from each other as gently as he could. "Ok that's enough. If you're going to fight, do it somewhere else. I don't want you to upset my daughters."

"I don't give a toss about your precious daughters!" Craig snapped.

"Fine, you won't go outside," James grumbled. He took a hold of his arm tightly, and pulled him towards the door, it opened. "I'll make you go outside."

"You are just as bad as he is. Both of you don't care about her anymore, I do, I did long before either of you ever did!" Craig yelled.

"Look, I know you loved her. I understand what you're going through..." James said, trying to keep calm.

"No you don't. You didn't have to 'share' Jess with someone else," Craig grumbled. "And you didn't have someone in her body."

"I did remember. Unu used her to regenerate, she looked like her and it was her skin right? I do know what you're going through," James said.

Daniel cleared his throat, "bloody typical."

James glanced back, "you too, kinda."

"Kinda? Craig's no different or better. He treated her like an object, I didn't, I cared about her, he just..." Daniel grumbled.

"I'll stop you there," James muttered.

"I just what? Come on, not all of us have telepathy. What?" Craig demanded.

"Well unlike you, I do care that there are kids in the room. Just go back to the object comment, and you'll get it," Daniel said.

"If I treated her so badly, why did she want me back, twice!" Craig snapped.

"Ok, that's enough. If you're going to continue this," James muttered. He pushed Craig out of the door, then grabbed a hold of Daniel. "Do it elsewhere."

"Why would she want you, she had eyes and a brain," Daniel muttered, ignoring James. He pushed him out of the door too. The door closed after him.

"Yeah she did, which is why I don't get why you think she ever wanted you in a boyfriend way!" Craig's voice yelled.

James shook his head, "guys, move on somewhere else!"

Sasha walked over, still holding one of her dolls, "why are they yelling?"

"Sorry sweetheart," James said, kneeling down. "You shouldn't have had to hear that."

Newcastle, the city centre:
Zare rolled her eyes, with her arms folded. "God, humans."

Sandi stepped out of a shop holding a bag, "I love this century, everything's free."

Zare glared at her, "Sandi, we're not here to shop."

"Why not? This shop might be destroyed, and there's nothing to do until a game arrives," Sandi said.

Zare shook her head, "there is stuff we can do. We can warn people."

"Brilliant. We could cause a panic, or at the very least we can get arrested by nut house people," Sandi muttered.

"Come on, we should check out the quay side area," Zare said.

"Why?" Sandi asked.

"Cos it's mostly shop free, so James says," Zare replied.

"Well what's there then?" Sandi asked.

Ylara paced an alley beside a night club, not looking very happy.

A drunk guy stumbled into the alley, he 'walked' over to her, "hey baby. Want to help me with a little problem?"

Ylara stared at him in disgust, "wow, in two thousand years, guys are still annoying perverts. I'm impressed."

"Impressed ey, that's what I like to hear," the guy said.

"Ugh," Ylara groaned. She kneed him in the balls, he collapsed onto the ground.

James chose that moment to join her, he eyed the guy, "what did he do?"

"Hit on me," Ylara replied. "You know, guys haven't changed much since my time." She walked out of the alley.

James stared after her, "gee thanks." He quickly followed her. They walked down the street, it lead to the road next to the river.

"You didn't warn me that this place is cold," Ylara muttered.

"Cold? This is warm for this country," James said. "Though you are Egyptian."

"You're from here then? God, how can anyone live in this weather?" Ylara muttered.

"We manage, barely," James replied.

"So, this is where it happens," Ylara said, looking back at the large green bridge nearby them. She stopped.

James stopped too, "yeah, next to the green one."

"Really?" Ylara said. She turned to him, "in mine there was only half of the green one, you know the cube was on it."

"I know, said it wrong," James muttered. "I've just got to make a quick stop before we start patrolling, ok."

"All right," Ylara frowned. She followed him towards one of the clubs. "Smells like alcohol. Really, this isn't the time."

"No, I know the people who own this place," James said. He went inside.

Ylara stopped at the door, "huh, you do know the game destroys it right?"

James came back to the doorway, "why do you think I'm here?"

"Oh," Ylara said. She nodded, "oh yeah I remember, I... I mean Lena came here before."

"Yeah, it's probably best if you don't follow me to the bar," James said. He went back inside.

"I'll wait here," Ylara muttered.

Both Danny and Ian were at the bar at the same time, talking. Only a few people were inside with them.

"No, we can't, we've got no one to run it while we're gone," Danny was saying. She turned around just as James got to the bar. "Oh hey you, what can I get you?"

"Nothing, just came to visit," James replied.

"Well it's a good time, it's been really quiet today," Danny said.

Ian stood beside her, "how are you doing?"

"Ok I guess, had a bad day though," James replied.

"Jess came by you know," Danny said. James stared blankly at her. "You didn't know then."

"No I didn't. She had a doctor's appointment," he said.

"Oh, she said you had the kids, where are they?" Danny asked.

"Oh, Jessie picked them up," James replied.

"Ah. What's going on anyway, she tried to get us to go on holiday. She doesn't want us here for some reason," Danny said.

Ian nodded, "I'm guessing that you're going to try and get us away too."

"Wow, I thought I was the telepathic one," James said.

Danny leaned on the bar, "what's going on? We deserve to know."

James sighed, "I'll tell you, but you have to promise me that you'll leave today."

"Depends what it is," Ian said.

"Ok, a Game Cube is going to land right next to the pub. It'll be lost, and it'll destroy the area it landed on. That won't be the end of it, the buildings around it will collapse too," James said quietly.

Danny and Ian glanced at each other. "How do you know this?" Danny asked.

"Another vision," James replied.

"Oh, well it could be wrong," Ian muttered.

"No sorry, I thought so too but another Slayer had the same vision," James said.

"Crap, when is this going to happen?" Ian asked.

A guy nearby the window frowned, "it's getting a little cloudy." The room started getting darker.

"Ohno," James muttered.

Ylara ran over to him, "uh James, is it normal for the clouds to go purple here?"

"Huh, what's she..." Ian muttered.

"Warning, incoming game," the usual voice echoed around.

Everyone in the club rushed outside. They all watched as a cube emerged from the clouds. Mostly everyone started running in different directions.

"No, not now," James muttered. He tapped his commbadge, "Stuart to Zare and Sandi Clarke."

In: "Yeah we know, should we go in or not?"

"Um, let's talk about this, shall we?" Ylara muttered.

Danny glanced at Ian, turning slightly pale, "Ian, the kids are at nursery."

James turned to them, "where is the nursery?"

Danny bit her lip nervously, Ian pointed with a shaky arm down the street.

"But that's where the game..." James muttered. "Crap."

Meanwhile, Voyager:
Andrea stepped out of the Ready Room, "report." The red alert lights and siren were on, and the usual people were at their stations. Wesley was standing with Emma at the station looking a little panicky.

"Game Cube alert," Jodie replied.

"Where?" Andrea asked.

"Newcastle city, England," Jodie replied.

"How long?" Andrea questioned.

Jodie sighed, "two minutes. It's huge and slow, according to the database it's as big as the Manchester one."

Andrea stared at her, turning pale, "you mean the one that wiped out that city?"

Chakotay turned to her, "what's the problem? All the major cities have been updated to withstand that kind of destruction shockwave Manchester had."

"I did tell you, didn't I tell you," Wesley stuttered.

Kevin rolled his eyes, "no you didn't, you said something about it being the final century or something crap like that."

"Final millennium, I saw it. It's happening, you're not ready for it," Wesley stuttered.

"Would you shut up," Emma snapped.

Andrea sighed, "inform the other ships in orbit. We've got to evacuate everyone from the landing area."

Jodie nodded, "that's done, but we're having trouble with the transporters."

"What kind of trouble?" Andrea asked.

"The Game Cube is emitting radiation, it's messing up the transporters. We can beam, just not as many people as usual at a time," Jodie replied.

"Can we get that many people out of the way in time?" Andrea asked. Jodie shook her head.

In: "Stuart to Voyager."

Andrea nodded at Jodie, she keyed in the right commands. "We're already aware of the game."

In: "We've seen some people get transported from the landing site."

James and Danny were going down the street underneath the bridge.

"We have to get some people out, and you beamed away Ian," James said.

In: "If I were you I'd get out of there, we're handling it."

"Have you transported the kids from the nursery?" Danny stuttered.

In: "Checking, Jodie?"

In: "Not yet."

"Why not, they should be the first out?" Danny snapped.

In: "Radiation is blocking our transporters. We can only get a lock on so few at a time, and we can't tell who is who when we do."

"Communications is fine, surely once we get the kids you can lock onto us easily?" James questioned.

In: "What are you going to do, grab every kid in that nursery. There's bound to be at least twenty of them."

They got to a large building, and they rushed inside.

"Dan the teachers may have gotten the kids out by now, you do realise that," James said.

"I have to check," Danny muttered. Down the corridor they could hear loud music, they ran down towards the source which was a hall. All of the kids were there, watching a big screen, obviously unaware to what was happening.

One of the teachers came over, "Mrs Richards, it is not time to pick."

"There's a game coming ok, you've got to get the kids out of here," James butted in.

"Excuse me?" the teacher said in shock. She rushed over to the window, "oh my god." Turning away from it she yelled towards another teacher, "Suzie, cut the video."

Another teacher turned the screen off, most of the kids moaned. The first teacher clapped her hands, "ok children, fire drill." All of the kids stood up, a few started to panic.

Danny looked around the group, "Kyle, Kirsty!" She spotted them and rushed over. "Come on, we're out of here." She picked up Kyle. "James, can you get Kirsty?" James rushed over, he picked up Kirsty. The teachers guided the rest of the kids out of the hall.

James tapped his commbadge with his available hand, "Voyager, can you get a lock on Danny?" He immediately got the sound of static from it.

In: "No, radiation is... transporters.."

"Let's go then," James muttered. Danny nodded, they both followed the kids out of the hall.

"Warning, incoming game," the voice echoed around.

A lot of the kids started screaming as a result, they all ran down the corridors.

"Mummy, where is the game?" Kyle asked.

"Doesn't matter, we're getting out of here," Danny replied.

James stopped, making Danny stop. He beckoned his head to a fire door, "these teachers don't know what they're doing, good thing we're here." He ran towards it, Danny followed him. Once they were outside they were greeted by Ylara.

"Come on, it's really close," she grumbled. She ran in the direction of the white bridge in the distance.

James looked up, the game had now taken over most of the green bridge. Danny ran after Ylara, she stopped when she noticed James wasn't following her. He put down Kirsty, "go with your mum." He went back towards the main entrance.

"Where are you going?" Danny yelled after him.

"Just go!" James yelled back.

The teachers and kids finally got out of the building. Most of the kids ran passed him screaming.

"How did you get out before us?" one teacher asked.

"Duh, fire door," James muttered. He pointed towards the white bridge, "just run towards that, and go across it. You'll be safe there." The teachers nodded, they looked down to find most of the kids had already ran off without them. They ran after them. James looked up to watch the game getting closer.

Meanwhile not far away Zare and Sandi were running downhill towards the game, Sandi was about five metres ahead of Zare.

"Zare, you stay behind and get people out of the way!" Sandi yelled.

"What, why me?" Zare yelled back at her.

"It's probably a hard game, a Chosen should do it plus I'm ahead of you!" Sandi yelled. She just got to the landing area, she stopped dead when she did. Zare stopped nearby. "Only us know that what'll happen if the game loses, you have to get as many people across the river as possible."

Zare stared at her, "ok, good luck." She glanced behind her as more people ran passed her. She turned back but Sandi had gone out of sight. Zare sighed, she turned back around. "All right people, go across the river, it's safe there!" she yelled at the top of her voice.

The game was now only six metres away from the ground. Sandi met up with James who was standing next to the nursery still.

"You going too?" she asked.

"May as well. I know for sure that I wasn't in it, same with Ylara," James replied.

Sandi nodded, "yeah, should make the difference."

A kid ran out of the nursery crying, "what's going on?"

James and Sandi looked back at her. "Oh no, we haven't got time," Sandi stuttered.

James quickly went over to her, he picked her up. She continued crying her eyes out, "I want my mummy."

"It's ok, you'll see her," James said before running. He stopped next to the landing site, "ok sweetheart, see that bridge? Go to it and cross it."

"But," the girl stuttered.

"Sorry, got to go," James muttered, he turned back towards the landing site. The game landed right in front of him, stopping him dead in his tracks. "No, no no."

"It's landed," Jodie said.

"How many is in it?" Andrea asked.

"Not many, about ten," Jodie replied. "Luckily there wasn't any kids, only adult life signs. One kid and one adult got out last second."

In: "Stuart to Voyager."

Chakotay groaned, "f*** off James."

Andrea stared at him, "Jodie."

"Yeah," Jodie muttered, keying in the commands.

"Voyager here," Andrea said.

In: "I know you have no reason to believe me, but this city will collapse if the game ends and is lost. You've got to get everyone out of the city. I know that Gateshead, on the other side of the river will not be affected. Only it's quay side will flood."

Andrea sighed, "we'll try but there are only three ships and two space stations in orbit, even they are not enough to get that many people out."

In: "Ylara and I are directing people towards the other side of the river, Zare may be still around too, probably doing the same."

Chakotay stared at Andrea, "Ylara, what the?"

In: "I haven't got time to explain, she's just not evil anymore all right. Just beam out everyone that are in the centre or something, ones at the quay side area there is no need as they're leaving anyway. Stuart out."

Andrea sighed, "Jodie inform the station and the other ships."

Jodie nodded, "yes ma'am."

"Should we go down and help like the other Slayers?" Emma asked.

Kevin turned his chair around, "how come there was no mention of Sandi?"

Chakotay groaned, "I can't deal with this." He walked towards the turbolift.

Andrea frowned, "nobody is going down, we're saving all transporters for leaving the city."

"Commander, the space station nearest to us won't respond," Jodie said. She raised an eyebrow, "oh they just did, they say there is no reason too."

"Tell them," Andrea said.

"I did, they say it's impossible for the city to collapse as it's shockwave proof," Jodie said.

"Can we get everyone out just with, help me out," Emma questioned.

"One station, three ships," Jodie replied.

Emma stared at her, "well?"

"Oh," Jodie said, blushing slightly. "No way, we'd only get everyone out if the game lasted an hour. I don't think they last that long."

"Not in real time they don't. A game that long would be a week to the people inside," Kevin said.

"What's the maximum time?" Andrea asked.

Kevin glanced up to think about it, "twenty minutes our time."

"Minimum?" Andrea said, dreading the answer.

"Ten," Kevin replied.



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