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11:30 Eastern / 16:30 GMT
Voyager, The Mess Hall
Craig and Triah walked into the room, Triah was cradling Scott in her arms. They passed a few groups which were standing around, gossiping.

"I'm telling you, you can never get a decent short break when you work here," Craig said.

"Yeah true," Triah sighed. "What is it all about anyway?"

"Beats me, but it's obviously something serious... seriously interesting," Craig replied.

Triah raised her eyebrow at him. They sat down at a small table not far from one of the gossipy groups. "When is the meeting anyway?"

Craig shrugged, "Andrea said either 1100 or 1200."

Triah rolled her eyes, "oh brilliant Craig."

"Well if it were 1100 then they would have contacted us by now," Craig said.

"I guess. Well we've got half an hour to kill then," Triah sighed. He nodded looking at the group nearby. "Maybe we can get some early lunch, I'm starved."

"I'm ok, you may as well," Craig muttered.

Triah frowned, "right, you hold Scott while I get something."

"Uh huh," Craig muttered.

"Craig!" Triah snapped. He jumped a mile and turned to her. "Hold Scott."

"Oh right, sorry," Craig meekly said. She stood back up, she handed Scott to him then walked over to the replicator.

"No, you're kidding!" one guy in the group gasped.

"I'm not. Supposedly Chakotay and his step son found her," one girl in the group said.

Craig moved his chair closer, "excuse me, what?"

"Um, I said Chakotay and what's his name found her," the girl said, raising an eyebrow.

"Found who?" Craig asked.

"Wow, someone's been hiding in a jeffries tube," another guy in the group muttered.

"Hey I just found out," the first guy grumbled.

"Actually I've just come from Earth," Craig said.

The girl sighed, "some vampires murdered the Captain."

Craig's eyes widened in shock, "you mean Angela?"

"Ohno, rumour has it James would have been happy if that had happened to her," the second guy said.

The girl looked a little relieved, "that's his name, I wasn't sure."

"Ok, so which Captain are you talking about?" Craig asked, uncomfortably.

"Janeway obviously," the girl replied.

"Oh, so is there any word on her recovery yet?" Craig asked.

"No, they were too late. Blood was drained, throat slit... not pretty," the second guy said.

Craig was now white as a sheet, "and James found her... and Chakotay?"

The second guy rolled his eyes, "ignore her, it was James that found her. Chakotay came by later." The girl rolled her eyes.

"Oh crap, we're dead," Craig stuttered.

"We are, why?" the second guy questioned.

"You guys thrive on rumours, you should know," Craig muttered, turning back to the table.

Triah came back over to the table holding a tray, "with all these people around, I expected a queue."

"Right, no one will want to eat at a time like this," the girl said before turning back to her group.

"Oh, you found out what's going on?" Triah questioned. Craig bit his lip nervously.

11:36 Eastern / 16:36 GMT
North Durham Hospital
Jessie turned the corner and rejoined James and the kids. "I found Zoe and Trisha easily, they're coming."

"What about Ali?" James asked.

"Well Zoe was visiting Trish on her ship, so I was able to get them both easily. There's loads of Alisons and well she's married, so I don't know her surname now," Jessie replied.

"So, what are we going to do?" James questioned.

"Well they'll be here soon, so we can go whenever then," Jessie replied.

"I mean about Ali, she should be here too," James said.

"They fought a lot you know, so it wouldn't be a good idea," Jessie said.

"That's exactly why she should be here. When Ali finds out it'll kill her. She needs the chance to make up with her," James said, glancing at the ground. "Believe me, I know."

Jessie sighed, "that's true. Probably Zoe or Trish know how to contact her." She eyed his badly hurt hand, "you really should get that treated."

"No it's ok. The sooner we leave, the sooner we can get the kids home. Lena and Yasmin could babysit, that way they're safe too," James said.

Jessie nodded her head, "good idea. Do they know yet?"

"I don't know. All I know is that I didn't tell them," James replied.

Jessie took a hold of the good hand, "so it's just you that knows?"

James shook his head, "Chakotay came back, he told grandma and Phoebe to go to the hospital so they'll know by now. Lena and Yasmin just got sent home."

"This is awful," Jessie groaned. "He just told them to go to the hospital without even saying why?"

"Yep, then he left. He didn't take it too well so we can cut him some slack," James replied.

"I know but..." Jessie said. Sasha tugged on her trouser leg.

"Mummy, I need the toilet," she said.

"Oh sorry sweety," Jessie said, she took a hold of her hand. "This first, then we go home." They both walked away.

Two women walked down the corridor after she had turned the corner. They stopped talking to one another before stopping nearby James. "Excuse me," the one in a Starfleet uniform said.

James turned to them, "um yeah, what?"

"We're looking for someone, the receptionist said she'd be here," the other girl said. The Starfleet girl elbowed her. "Oh right, she's dark haired, thirty, with three kids."

James nodded, "uh huh, is she called Jessie?"

The other girl smiled, "yeah that's right, how did you know?"

The Starfleet woman ignored her and stared at him in shock. She elbowed the other girl again, "uh Zoe."

"What? Stop doing that!" the other girl snapped.

"Um, if it helps Jessie will be back in a few minutes," James muttered.

"Yeah it does," the Starfleet girl said. "Zoe you idiot, this is obviously Jessie's hubbie."

Zoe nodded her head, "yeah, that makes sense." She turned to him, "hi, I'm Zoe."

"Really?" James sarcastically said. "I'm uh, 'guessing' you're Trisha."

The Starfleet girl smiled, "yes, it's good to meet you, finally. What's your name, I'm not sure if Jessie mentioned it."

"Okay seriously, you don't recognise me?" James questioned, sounding bewildered. The two girls stared at him blankly. "Okay, I'll let you off only because Sarah didn't recognise me either, and you moved out long before I did."

"Oh," Trisha sighed. "Oh, oh... my god, James?"

Zoe's eyes widened, "really, woah. You're not James, he's only eight."

"Well people do get older you know," James muttered.

"Yeah they do," Zoe mumbled, smiling sweetly. "They do, older and cuter... hmm."

Trisha pulled a face at her, "uh Zoe, you're married and he's eight years younger than you."

James looked a little disturbed, "yeah and I'm married too."

"Oh really, cool. Speaking of which, where's Jessie's husband?" Zoe asked.

James groaned, "you're talking to him."

Zoe and Trisha stared, Zoe turned to Trisha, "lucky."

Trisha stared at her in disgust, "I'm telling her and your husband that." She turned back to James. "Ok you and Jessie together? Sorry, that's difficult to imagine. Though the last time I saw you both you were only eight."

Jessie and Sasha turned the corner. "Right, are we ready to go?" she asked.

"Not really, look who's here," James replied, still glancing in Zoe and Trisha's direction.

Jessie's face lit up, "hey, it's great to see you two." She went over to hug the closest, which was Zoe, Trisha soon joined in.

"I did see you on the computer silly," Trisha said.

"I know but still," Jessie said.

"So, um is Ali coming?" James asked, looking a little uncomfortable.

Trisha was the first to break away from the hug, "yeah she is, but she won't be here for a while."

Zoe pulled away, she quickly spotted Sasha standing nearby James. "Aaaw, you're a cutie aren't you," she cooed as she knelt down in front of her.

Duncan walked over, pushing the pram in front of him. "I thought we were going to go."

"Yeah we were," Jessie said. She turned to James, "can you get the pram off him?"

"Sure I'll get it," he replied.

Jessie picked up Sasha, she held out her hand for Duncan. He reluctantly took it, they walked down the corridor.

James carefully brought the pram over to him, "we'll be back, we just need to get babysitters."

"Figured, that's what Ali's doing," Trisha said.

"Wait, aren't you forgetting something mister?" Zoe said.

"Actually yeah, I forgot to wake up this morning," James muttered.

"Oh typical," Zoe said, trying not to laugh. "Seriously, you haven't hugged us yet."

"Um, I didn't think you..." James said, Zoe interrupted him by hugging him. Trisha shook her head but joined in anyway.

11:52 Eastern / 16:52 GMT
New Manchester
Sandi placed three glasses onto the table and sat down on the sofa. "So do you know why you were told to go home?"

Lena shrugged, "nope. Dad called Phoebe, she didn't look too good afterwards. I'm hoping it was coffee related."

Yasmin's eyes lit up, "coffee?"

Lena glanced at her, "yes that's what you drink all the time. Now drink your coke."

"But it's not as nice as coffee," Yasmin pouted.

"Yes it is, just think of it as a cold black coffee with sugar," Lena said.

Yasmin grinned, "mmm sounds good." She picked up the glass.

Sandi quickly downed her coke. "Ok guys, I'm going for a quick shower before patrol. One of you keep an eye on the clothes on the line." She got up just when the computer nearby the window started beeping. "First I'm checking that."

"Right but San, you do realise the washer dries the clothes too," Lena pointed out.

Sandi fiddled with the computer, "yeah, but I prefer the old fashioned way." She stared at the monitor screen for a minute. "Lena, Yasmin... you've both been volunteered for babysitting duty."

"What, Yasmin too?" Lena questioned.

Yasmin looked up from her half full glass, "will there be coffee?"

Lena frowned as she glanced at her, "well if we ever lose mum in a crowd or something, we've always got a backup."

"What does that mean?" Yasmin asked.

Lena sighed, "what's the emergency?"

"That foster mum is in hospital and they both have to be there, but they want the kids home where it's safe," Sandi replied.

"Oh, sounds like we're going to their place then," Lena muttered.

"Obviously you don't remember the last time Duncan and Sasha stayed here," Sandi said.

"No I do, it's just Kevin was here the last time, Yasmin and I, no contest," Lena commented.

Sandi smirked, "don't be too hard on him, there was a lot of them."

"I know. Come on Yasmin," Lena said, standing up. "Now right?"

"Yeah, see you later ey," Sandi replied. She headed into the bathroom.

"Why do they want me there?" Yasmin asked.

"Beats me," Lena replied with a shrug.

Yasmin pouted, "hey, was that an insult?"

12:06 Eastern / 17:06 GMT
North Durham Hospital
"I can't believe you just let your sisters into the house, talked to them for five minutes, without even telling them about your mum," Jessie said, she and James stepped into a lift. "Floor three." The lift went into motion.

"If I'd told them they would have got upset, the kids were around so they would have too," James said.

Jessie shrugged her shoulders, "true but still, I thought you would have said something."

"I'm still hoping that somebody else will tell them," James said as the lift stopped.

Jessie took a hold of his hand as the doors opened, "ok but if nobody does, you'll have to."

"Great, and then we could both go on a date just so we can murder cute little puppies," James muttered.

Jessie pulled a face, "no, that doesn't sound like fun at all."

They turned around the corner, they almost walked into a woman holding a cup of coffee. "Oh sorry, I wasn't... wait," the woman stuttered. Her face lit up, "Jessie?"

"Oh my god, Ali?" Jessie gasped. They both hugged each other.

Alison turned to glance at James, "ok Jess, aren't you going to introduce me to your boyfriend?"

Jessie showed her, her left hand, "actually, husband."

Alison took a hold of her hand, "oh wow, I've got one of those too."

"I know, Sarah said," Jessie said.

Alison grinned, "yes, his name's Sam, and we have two gorgeous little lads called Johnny and Andy. So, does the new boy talk at all?"

James glanced at Jessie looking a little helpless, "help me out here."

She just smiled, "it's ok, you did look different back then." She glanced back at Alison. "Ali, this is James."

"Oh I see, you must like that name a lot," Alison said, nodding her head. She held out her hand, "it's nice to meet you."

"No Ali, I meant this is James, you know the one we both know," Jessie muttered.

Alison blushed a little, putting her hand back by her side, "oh god sorry, that's embarrassing. So who did you marry then?"

James looked at her, looking annoyed, "what is it, am I so unmarriable or something?"

Jessie placed a hand on his arm, "no of course not."

"Oh right, maybe I should leave, come back and start again," Alison muttered to herself. She sighed, "well, this is good news..."

"At an inappropriate time," Jessie said.

Alison nodded, "yeah but still." Her face lit back up quickly, "this is great, if you have any kids we could do a play date thing sometime."

"I don't think this really is the time," James said, eyeing something behind Alison.

She turned around just as a doctor walked up to them. "I'm sorry to interrupt but I'm afraid we were wrong."

"I'm afraid is only used for bad news, how much worse can this get right now?" Alison questioned.

"If it's somebody who doesn't like you, then it's used for good news," James commented. Everyone else stared at him blankly. "I'm sorry, I can't control it."

"Still?" Alison said, raising her eyebrow.

The doctor sighed, "ok, well the doctor who told you it would be a few days, he made a small mistake."

"How small?" Jessie asked.

"We don't know exactly, but if you want to see her I'd go now," the doctor replied, looking uncomfortable. He walked passed them.

"Well that's just great, this day is slowing climbing near the top of the Crappiest Day Ever chart," James grumbled. He walked around Alison, then headed down the corridor.

"Uh huh, tell me about it," Alison said.

Jessie looked uncomfortable, "his real mother died today so, it should be number three or something."

Alison stared at her with wide eyes, "only number three?"

"Well number one would be a tie between two of our kids dying, and number two will be stepmum Susy dying," Jessie muttered, she started to follow James.

"Right, now I'm officially scared," Alison said to herself, she turned around to follow them.

They both stopped outside one of the doors. "Actually move all them up one, yours is number one..." James muttered.

"Ok, that's even creepier," Alison said, she walked through the door.

"Maybe we shouldn't make a chart," Jessie muttered, glancing at the ground. She looked back up, "are you going in now or..."

"Not yet, that doctor who obviously talked to you first will come back sometime," James replied.

Jessie rolled her eyes and sighed, "it's not his fault this happened, don't pick a fight or anything."

"It's either that or make another hole in the wall," James said.

"Listen we don't know how long she has, don't hang around here too long," Jessie said. She stepped into the other room. The other three girls were standing around Sarah's bed, Trisha and Zoe on the side near the window, Alison on the other side.

"He does know this is not the time to do DIY, right?" Zoe said. Everyone stared at her.

"So you still make stupid jokes when you're uncomfortable?" Jessie questioned.

"Oh yeah," Zoe replied, looking a little ashamed.

Sarah tried to sit up a little, "it's ok." She took a hold of Zoe's hand.

"Mum, why didn't you tell us about this?" Trisha asked.

"I don't know, I didn't want to worry you, but at the same time I knew you had to find out anyway," Sarah replied.

"So how long is it, the doc wouldn't say," Jessie asked quietly.

"He wouldn't say cos he doesn't know, somewhere between ten minutes and half an hour," Sarah replied.

Alison shook her head while folding her arms, "how can you be so calm about this?"

"It's kind of a relief," Sarah muttered.

"How is it a relief?" Alison snapped.

Jessie stood beside her, "take it easy."

"And you too," Alison said, rolling her eyes.

Jessie glanced at Sarah, "it hurts, doesn't it?"

"Exactly, pain killers just isn't enough, and you all know how much I hate hospitals," Sarah said.

"Yeah but what about us, it's not a relief for us. Especially Jess and I, we haven't exactly been around for the last thirteen years," Alison grumbled.

"Ali, you're forgetting someone," Jessie said.

Alison glanced at the doorway, "oh yeah."

"Speaking of which, why isn't he coming in?" Sarah asked.

"Because it's obviously harder for him, his mother was murdered this afternoon," Jessie replied, glancing around awkwardly.

"Someone tell me it's Friday the thirteenth," Trisha muttered.

"May 20th actually," Zoe said.

"Well that's just well, dandy," Trisha said sarcastically.

"Dandy, how did you pass the Academy?" Alison asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Ok that's enough, no arguments or insults," Sarah said. "Jessie, can you convince him to come in, please."

"Sure, I'll try," Jessie quietly said, she headed towards the door. After opening it she heard James arguing with someone. "Oh, this'll take a while." She closed the door behind her.

"I'm sorry sir but there's nothing we can do about this now," a doctor said, looking a little worried.

"But there is, my wife had the same problem and she's better now," James said.

"Yes but Miss Rex has had this condition since she was a teenager, there's too much long term damage..." the doctor said.

James rolled his eyes, "don't give me that bull, we're not in the middle ages or something."

"Um James, she wants to see you sometime, you know," Jessie said, placing a hand on his arm.

"We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for stupid doctors making stupid mistakes," James muttered.

"The doctor you're probably speaking of retired five years ago, I'm not the one you should be yelling at," the doctor said. "I really need to see my other patients, excuse me." He turned around to walk away.

"I had a feeling you'd do something like that, I said don't pick a fight," Jessie said.

"Oh please, I wasn't going to hit him or anything," James muttered.

"You probably would have if I hadn't of stopped you," Jessie said.

James turned around to face her, "what makes you think that?"

"Well this is what you do when you're this upset. Sometimes you do the normal thing and cry, but the other times you act violent to make yourself look more, 'manly'," Jessie replied.

James shook his head, "no I'm just angry."

"You can't fool me. Obviously you're angry but you just don't want anyone to see you cry or anything," Jessie said. "Come on, who knows you better than I do?"

James sighed, "fine, I'll take your word for it."

Jessie started to stroke his arm, while she put her other hand onto his shoulder. "She wants to see you one last time, you don't want to be too late again." James took a hold of the hand which was on his shoulder.

12:31 Eastern / 17:31 GMT
New Manchester
Kevin snuck into Sandi and Lena's flat, he looked around. "Sandi, Lena?" He passed the bathroom door just as it opened. "Ok, this is weird."

Sandi pulled a face, "what is?"

Kevin jumped, then turned to face her, "nothing."

"You're here late, what took so long?" Sandi questioned.

"I can't find my favourite axe," Kevin replied.

"Oh, you'll find that it in my room," Sandi sheepishly said.

"Ugh typical," Kevin groaned, he headed back the way he came. "I just got a message from that Picard guy. He said something about an attack, I wasn't really listening when I played it."

"That's ominous," Sandi muttered. She followed him into the opposite flat, he lead her to the computer on the smaller table.

"There was no point in watching it until you were here, and it was beeping all the time so I had to play it," Kevin said, leaning over the table. He pressed one of the buttons.

Picard appeared on the screen, "I have just got a notice from Admiral Walkers who's based in London. Apparently a couple of locals have sighted vampires in several areas around the centre of the city. We've got the whole city on alert until they're sorted out. I want you and the girls to hunt them down. Contact me when you do." He disappeared off the screen.

"Hmm, he's good at answer machine messages," Sandi sarcastically said. "Looks like we're going back home."

15:30 Eastern / 20:30 GMT
Outside one of London's many museums
The high window inside one of the exhibit rooms opened slowly. Kevin stuck his head through it, "no one's here, are you sure?"

"They could have went into another room," Sandi's voice groaned from behind him.

He climbed through leg first, once through he jumped down to the ground. Sandi did the same.

"Why would vampires want to visit a museum anyway?" Kevin muttered.

"I don't know, maybe they're bored," Sandi said. They both headed for the nearest door, loud rough male voices echoed around in that exhibit. "Shh, they're close." They stood beside it, Sandi peeped her head around.

In the next room three guys had their back to them, surrounding a glass box in centre of the room. "This is it guys. What we've been looking for, for years," one of the guys sneered.

"I dunno, it seems pretty crappy to me," the second guy said.

Sandi frowned as she turned back to Kevin, "does one of them sound familiar to you."

"A little, but are you actually listening to what they're saying," Kevin whispered.

Sandi rolled her eyes before turning back.

"This doesn't look like something that could kill us," the third guy said.

"Doesn't matter. Cut the glass and we'll take it," the first guy said.

The second guy groaned, "we have to do all the work around here." He pulled out a small device.

The third guy put a hand on his arm to stop him, "hang on, there's usually alarms on these things."

"Usually, but not on Earth. They're all so gullible, they all think this place is crime free, believe me," the first guy said. He placed a hand on the glass. "See."

"Ok, let's do this thing," the second guy said. He placed the device onto the glass, it started to glow around the edges.

Sandi decided to go into the room, "ok boys, you do realise that the museum closes at eight?"

"That's good, they usually close at seven," the third one commented. The other two stared at him. They all turned around to face Sandi, Kevin stepped into the room just then.

"Oh look, it's the cave-Slayers," the first one sneered.

"Hey, that's... wait," Kevin grumbled. "He is familiar."

Sandi shrugged, "told you."

"What are you waiting for, go get them!" the first one snapped.

"I don't know, it hasn't been a good day for vamps," the third one muttered. The second one rolled his eyes, he dragged him forward. They were both beaten easily.

"Why do I always get stuck with the rejects?" the first one grumbled. He turned to the glass box.

"All right old man, it's your turn," Kevin said.

"Speak for yourself," the first one muttered. He glanced back and forth between the glass box and Sandi & Kevin. "Screw this," he grumbled. He rushed towards the small window, he quickly climbed through it.

"Hmm, he's a feisty pensioner isn't he?" Kevin commented.

Sandi groaned, "he is a vampire Kev. I'll go after him." She followed the first one.

Kevin glanced at the glass box, "what is this thing anyway?" He eyed the object inside it.


Day Two

00:09 GMT
Shield Row, England
The living room door opened. Lena and Yasmin glanced at it from the sofa. "Oh, does this mean we can't watch the rest of the film?" Yasmin moaned.

"You've seen it before," Lena replied with a raised eyebrow.

James, Jessie, Alison, Zoe and an unfamiliar guy walked in. "Ok, Zoe and hubby can have our room, but you're just sleeping in it," Jessie said.

Zoe glanced at the guy standing next to her, "who do you think we are?"

"I guess Lena and Yasmin can stay in Sarah's room," James said.

"Actually," Lena said as she pulled herself off the sofa. "We'd better go. Yasmin didn't tell me that this was a zombie movie."

"It's not real Lena," Yasmin said, pouting slightly.

"You don't have to watch the movie though," James said.

Lena shrugged, "true, but it looks like it's going to get cramped here."

"Not really. Somebody can have the sofa, we have sleeping bags from the, um wedding a month ago," Jessie said.

"It's fine, it's still really early," Lena said.

"No, you're staying here tonight," James muttered.

"Um, ok..." Lena looked confused. "What for, you don't need us here anymore."

"Lena just listen to me this one time, I'll explain..." James said.

Jessie turned to him, "you will?"

"Um, are you guys sure about us staying in your room?" Zoe asked.

"Yeah, just remember," Jessie replied.

"I know, just sleep," Zoe said. She took a hold of her husband's hand, and guided him out of the room.

Alison watched them, "looks like it's going to be one of those nights."

"One of what kind?" Jessie questioned.

"You know, stay up all night," Alison replied.

Lena climbed of the sofa, "well, if it's going to be one of those nights, I'm going to bed." She headed out of the room. James watched her.

"I guess I'll have that sleeping bag, you two can take the sofa. I'm pretty sure it's a fold out one," Alison said, heading over to the sofa.

Yasmin eyed her suspiciously, "don't even think about it." She jumped off. Alison shook her head as she started to work on the sofa.

"I'd watch the movie in the morning or something, if I were you," she muttered. She stood up, "this thing won't fold out."

Yasmin raised an eyebrow, "ok." She looked at James and Jessie. "Who is this woman?"

"She's our foster sister," Jessie replied. Yasmin stared blankly. "She was adopted by the same woman I was adopted by."

"Oh, ok..." Yasmin muttered, staring at Alison who was now buried under the seat cushion. "Whatever, see you tomorrow." She walked out.

"I'll get the sleeping bags," Jessie said, trying not to laugh. She followed her.

"Aargh, this thing won't pull out," Alison's muffled voice grumbled from under the cushion.

"Why don't you let me do it?" James questioned.

Alison's head reappeared, "that could work." He walked over, knelt down in front of the sofa. She stood up, "those were your sisters, ey?"

"The first girl is my half sister, and embarrassingly enough the other is the female clone of me," James replied.

Alison raised her eyebrow, "I see the resemblance."

James looked up at her, "please tell me you're joking."

"I don't know actually," Alison muttered. "By the way you just pull that bar forward and it'll come out, but it's jammed."

James pulled the sofa extension out easily, Alison backed off a little as she wasn't expecting it. He stood back up. "No it's not."

"Well, you always were a bit strong," Alison muttered.

"Are you sure you don't want to sleep on it?" James questioned.

"Are you kidding, where would you and Jess sleep?" Alison replied.

"Well you and Jess can share the sofa, and I'll not sleep. I wasn't planning on doing that anyway," James replied.

Alison sighed, "you should at least try, it's been a rough day for all of us."

"I agree," Jessie added on, she dumped a sleeping bag, a blanket and a pillow onto the ground. She looked proud of herself, "ha, I didn't think I'd make it with all that stuff."

James walked over to her, "I thought you were just getting a sleeping bag."

"Yeah and?" Jessie commented, she knelt down to pick up the sleeping bag again. "This is yours Ali."

Alison walked over to take it off her, "thanks."

"Ok mister..." Jessie muttered as she picked up a pillow, she dumped it on the sofa. "Lie down."

James raised an eyebrow, "um, why?"

"Well normally people sleep while they're lying down, it's more comfortable. Unless the Borg got you again," Jessie replied sarcastically.

"I don't want to sleep though. After all that's happened, I'd rather keep an eye on everything," James said.

"Don't have to. Shield will work as long as I'm alive, and let's face it no vamps can get in here to disable it so..." Jessie said. She carried the blanket over to the sofa. "Get some rest, now."

"But Jess, I don't..." James muttered.

Jessie folded her arms, "one way or another, you're going to sleep tonight."

Alison tried not to laugh, "aaw, you guys are picture perfect aren't you." She put the bag down on to the ground, sat down.

"Was that a threat?" James asked, looking bewildered.

Jessie smiled sweetly, "might have been."

"This is mutiny, but ok. Don't blame me though if I keep you up all night," James grumbled, going over to the sofa.

"Wouldn't be the first time," Jessie commented.

02:13 Eastern / 07:13 GMT
New Manchester
The door to Lena, Yasmin and Sandi's flat opened, letting some light into the main living room. Lena walked in, with Yasmin not far behind her.

"Well it's not my fault you kept kicking me," Lena grumbled.

"You kept going over to my side," Yasmin said.

"No I wasn't," Lena muttered, dumping her coat onto one of the dining table's chairs.

Yasmin looked around the room, "gee, what time is it?"

Lena shrugged, "I don't know, but Sandi either is in bed or patrolling. I'm guessing bed so we'd better be quiet."

Kevin stuck his head around the main door, "hey girls." They both jumped a mile. "Ha, got you that time."

They both turned around to glare at him. "What are you doing Kevin?" Lena snapped.

"Well I've been waiting for you to come back. I've got news," Kevin said.

"Do I want to know?" Lena asked.

"Yeah kinda. Some vamps escaped into London, they were trying to mug a display from a museum," Kevin replied.

Yasmin rolled her eyes, "god, they're running out of ideas." She headed for the sofa.

"London? What were they trying to steal?" Lena asked.

"I dunno, some artifact. Don't tell Sandi, but I took it instead," Kevin replied.

Lena's eyes widened, "what, you can't do that!"

"One vamp said it could kill them, so it might come in handy," Kevin said.

"Whatever," Lena groaned. She headed for the nearest bedroom.

"Um, never mind then," Kevin sighed, he left the flat in a huff. "I'll find out myself," he muttered in the hall.

03:04 Eastern / 08:04 GMT
Shield Row
Alison rolled over in her sleeping bag, eyes half open. The light from the open curtains was shining right on her. She sat up, "crap, everytime."

Jessie looked over from the sofa, "you ok there?"

"No, sun's right in my eyes," Alison moaned in response. She climbed onto her feet, headed over to the curtains and closed them. "It always happens, I always forget to close curtains."

"Shhh, keep your voice down," Jessie whispered.

Alison turned around, "what why?"

Jessie glanced over at James, he was fast asleep and resting his head on her shoulder. He also had his arms tightly around her, she kept stroking one of them with her hand.

"Sorry," Alison said quietly. "I'm usually the last one up."

"It's ok," Jessie said. "It's just he was still awake when I must have fell asleep, last time I looked at the clock it was about five."

Alison smiled as she went over to sit in the chair nearby. "Now you two are picture perfect, you look so cute."

Jessie rolled her eyes, "I'm so glad people are still saying cute to me at thirty years old."

"Yeah but you two are, always were," Alison said.

"I didn't fall asleep like this, I'm sure," Jessie said.

Alison smirked, "aaw, he probably missed you when you did."

Jessie sighed, "I need to get up, so does he... school, work. I don't want to wake him though."

"Well can you get out?" Alison asked.

"I don't wanna. I think after yesterday everyone should stay off anyway," Jessie replied.

"Sounds like a plan. I'm going to get some breakfast, you're welcome to join me if you can tear yourself away," Alison said, getting back off the chair. She headed for the kitchen.

Jessie watched James for a moment, "yeah I will, I might wake him if I don't." She gently moved his arms away from her, she climbed to her feet and followed Alison.

"So, after breakfast can I meet these kids of yours?" Alison asked as she worked at the replicator.

"Sure, I'd better get them up anyway. I can't have breakfast until they've had it," Jessie replied.

Alison smiled, "ok, lead the way."

Jessie raised her eyebrow as she shook her head, she walked back out of the kitchen with Alison right behind her.

They got to the top of the stairs, only to find Zoe and her husband talking in the passageway. "Guys, if you're planning on going downstairs, you'll have to keep it down. James is still asleep so," Jessie said.

"No problem, we were just going to go out the back. We need to get to work," Zoe said.

Alison smirked, "yeah I'm sure."

Zoe groaned, "oh shut up."

"She means our jobs," Zoe's husband said.

"For god's sake, take a day off, everyone else is," Alison commented.

"I wish it were that simple. See you again sometime, yeah?" Zoe questioned.

"Yeah, you know where we are," Jessie replied.

Alison shrugged, "and I'll send directions sometime."

"All right, see ya," Zoe said. She and her husband headed downstairs.

"Oh by the way, we need to talk about something," Alison said.

Jessie looked worried, "about?"

"Well duh, how you two got together and the wedding, you know," Alison replied.

Jessie shook her head in disbelief, "maybe later. I'll tell you what, I'll have time to show you the wedding photos, there's some good ones."

"What do you mean you'll only have time to show photos?" Alison questioned. "Not that I'd gladly pay to see you in a wedding dress, cos that's a rarity."

"It wasn't a wedding dress," Jessie muttered. "Anyway the story of how we got together, and even the wedding are kinda long."

"Oh ok," Alison said, looking disappointed.

Jessie walked into the kids bedroom, Alison followed her. Jessie went over to Duncan's bed first, he was fully under the covers so they could only see a little lump. She pulled away the covers, he started groaning, "no mum, sleep."

"Come on, you've had a little lie in," Jessie said quietly.

"No, don't feel well," Duncan muttered.

Jessie placed her hand across his forehead, "you don't have a temperature. You're not going into school anyway."

Duncan sat up, "in that case, I'm fine."

Jessie smiled as she picked him up, "maybe I should say that every day."

Alison grinned as she walked closer to them, "oh my god, it's James Junior."

Duncan looked over Jessie's shoulder, "mum, who's this?"

"It's another aunt Duncan, last one I swear," Jessie replied. "That's another person who thinks you look exactly like your dad."

"Well then, he must do," Alison commented. She looked around the room, "so there's two others. If you have daughters, I'll be so jealous."

Jessie stared at her, "oh you're going to hate me."

Alison turned back to her, "we've been after a baby girl for a while. Don't get me wrong, we wouldn't swap our two boys for anything in the world, but you know."

"Well, prepare to be jealous," Jessie commented. She put Duncan onto the ground. "Ok, can you give us a moment, I need to get him changed."

Duncan pouted, "I can change myself."

Alison grinned, "I'll take a quick look at the girls if you don't mind."

"Yeah ok, I'll get the photos," Jessie said. She knelt down next to Duncan, "guard your sisters, she might try and steal them." She stood back up and left the room.

"I wouldn't do that," Alison laughed nervously. She walked over to the bassinet, which had Sarah-Amy sleeping inside. She looked inside, "oh dear." Smiling sweetly as she looked over at Duncan, "ok Junior, look away for a second will you?"

Duncan shook his head, "you don't want that one. She cries all the time."

Alison smiled as she went over to Sasha's crib. "Oh god, can I take this one?"

"Eleven ninety five," Duncan said.

"That's a cheap one, cool," Alison commented.

Jessie walked back into the room holding a book. "Ok, they better be where they were before."

Alison walked back over, "it was so tempting. They're both so cute, but for a moment I wanted to take the boy."

Duncan's eyes widened, "uh, that's a few million, billion... twenty six."

"He's priceless," Alison commented, with a smirk.

"Yeah I am, can't take me," Duncan said nervously.

Jessie tried not to laugh, "yes he is." She opened the book, started flipping through it. She pointed at one photo, "that's my dad by the way."

"Your dad? I thought since he nicked off before you were born, he wouldn't turn up," Alison said.

"He didn't, game cube took him," Jessie said. She turned another page. She bit her lip nervously, "oh that's um, James' mother and her sister."

Alison looked at the photo, which had Kathryn and Phoebe standing next to a brown cake, with big grins on their faces. "Well they seem nice, it's a shame about his mother. Which is..."

"Oh, the older one," Jessie replied.

"Oh ok," Alison said, looking down to the next picture. She burst out laughing at it.

"It better not be a picture of me," Duncan muttered as he went over to them.

"No, it's just your grandmother," Alison sniggered.

Jessie titled her head to the side, "I don't remember that." The picture had Kathryn standing next to where the cake was, with brown all over her face, trying to look innocent. "We did have to order a coffee cake especially for her and Phoebe. She claimed they didn't like wedding cakes."

"Coffee cake, ugh. What don't you remember?" Alison asked, still trying to keep a straight face.

"The picture, oh well," Jessie replied, turning the page over. "Oh, this one's a picture of the family at the time. You can probably see Neelix trying to get into it, he loves photos."

"You mean that weird alien right?" Alison nervously said.

Duncan shuddered, "I don't remember him doing that, he does have his clothes on right?"

"Yes, he didn't streak until after we left," Jessie muttered.

Alison's eyes widened, "so glad I wasn't there now."

"He did that a lot when he was drunk," Jessie said. She handed the book to her, "you can look at them downstairs. I've got to get the kids up and changed."

"All right, thanks," Alison said, flipping through the book. She headed for the door.

Downstairs, James was in the kitchen making some coffee. Alison stepped in sniggering at one photo, "oh I wish I met her." She then spotted James, "oh er... uhoh, hey."

"Um, hey. Who are you talking about?" James questioned.

"Um er, your mother. She seems like a funny woman," Alison replied, quickly closing the book.

James eyed the book, "let me guess, the one with coffee around her mouth?"

"Yeah, nice pictures so far by the way. It just looks like somebody dressed up as a bride to make up for Jessie," Alison replied.

James shook his head as he opened a new jar of coffee, "nah, we got married the same day as another couple. Do you want a coffee by the way?"

Alison eyed the few cups on the bench, "yes please. Does it run in the family or something?"

"All the cups aren't for me. They're for everyone, speaking of, where is everyone?" James asked.

"Zoe and hubby have gone, Jess is upstairs, I'm here, and I don't know about your sisters," Alison replied.

"Oh well, I've got to take over from my mother anyway. Phoebe and Yasmin shouldn't," James muttered. He then looked like he realised something, he put one cup away quickly. "No coffee for Yasmin, almost forgot."

"She as bad as her mother?" Alison questioned.

"Just recently yeah," James replied.

There was a loud knock on the front door, that startled them both. "What on earth, isn't it a bit early to do that?"

"A little yeah," James replied. He stepped out of the kitchen and headed for the front door. As soon as he opened it, a tall thin guy barged in, not looking happy. "Oh, hi..."

"Yes hi. Aren't you supposed to be at the site? And where were you yesterday?" the man asked.

"Family issues," James replied.

"More? Jeez, what is it this time?" the man grumbled.

"Ok, I'm not one of your push over workers, so calm down will you," James muttered, trying to keep his cool. "I just lost two family members, ok. Are you happy now?"

The man softened up, "what, two?"

"My mother, and my ex foster mother," James replied.

"Oh, why didn't you call in?" the man asked.

James shrugged, "forgot to, you know how it is."

"Yes I do. As long as you come in tomorrow, I'll keep all this quiet from Starfleet," the man said. He stepped back outside.

James walked back into the living room as Jessie rushed in too. "James don't panic... ok, wait, how did I know you were awake," she stuttered.

Alison watched her from the kitchen doorway, "beats me, I found it strange too."

"Ok I'm not panicking..." James commented.

"Good. Um, Lena and Yasmin aren't in that bedroom. Their stuff's gone so they must have went home," Jessie said.

Duncan followed her into the room, Sasha was right behind her. "Ok, go to the nice lady and she'll pay me."

Sasha looked at him pouting, "I don't wanna."

James meanwhile had rushed over to the computer, and was working on it. Sandi appeared on the screen. "Hey James, what's up?"

"Is Yasmin and Lena ok?" he asked.

"Well Lena's just gone to breakfast with Daniel, Yasmin's asleep," Sandi replied.

"Can you check Yasmin please," James stuttered.

Sandi looked concerned, "James, what's going on?"

"Please, just check to see if she's ok," James said.

Sandi nodded, "ok be right back." She disappeared out of sight.

Jessie walked over to him, she put a hand on his arm. "She's probably ok you know."

"She better be," James muttered.

Sandi appeared back on the screen, "I checked her, she's talking in her sleep again but she's ok."

James sighed in relief, "thanks Sandi."

"No problem, now what's going on?" Sandi asked.

"I'll explain when I come over," James replied. He switched the computer back off.

Jessie raised an eyebrow, "you can't drag them back you know."

"No, I've got a better idea. Do you know where Juna is now?" James asked.

"Probably on Voyager or something," Jessie replied. It then hit her, "oh right... I could do it instead."

"No, it might be too much for you. I have to do the same for Phoebe and grandma," James said.

"Do what, am I missing something?" Alison asked.

Sasha started pouting, "what's going on, I'm hungry."

Jessie sighed, "fine but getting Annika's sister to do the protection spell is asking for trouble." She headed over to the kids. "What do you want for breakfast then?"

"Coco pops," Sasha replied, her eyes lit up. "Oh and orange juice."

"Can I have toast?" Duncan replied.

"You mean a toasted buttie again?" Jessie questioned.

Duncan nodded, "how did you know?"

Jessie groaned, "I wonder." She headed for the kitchen, Alison right behind her.

"They're both so cute," Alison said. Her face turned serious, "protection spell?"

"It keeps out vampires," Jessie replied.

"Oh... still don't get the spell part," Alison said.

Jessie shrugged, "another long story."

03:10 Eastern / 09:10 GMT
New Manchester:
James and Juna were walking up the stairs up to Lena, Yasmin and Sandi's flat.

"I've never like done it before, but it's like important, so I'll like give it a try," Juna was saying.

"Mmm hmm," James mumbled, trying not to open his mouth and say something.

"It's like really sad about your like mother. I've never like met mine," Juna said.

"Yeah, you do remember..." James muttered.

"I know like, don't like mention it to them, like I know," Juna said.

James closed his eyes, "oh god, this is a bad idea."

"Like what is?" Juna innocently asked.

"Never mind," James replied.

They stopped outside one of the flat doors. He pressed the door chime. Moments later Sandi answered. "Wow, you're the first one to use that."

"Like that's strange," Juna commented.

Sandi stared blankly at her, then at James. "What's she doing here?"

"It's about time I get the anti-vampire spell up here," James replied.

"Like I? You don't like do anything," Juna commented, she pushed passed Sandi.

Sandi managed to look annoyed, "yes you can come in."

"Sorry, I should get Lilly. Lots of people would want to kill Juna so..." James muttered.

Sandi nodded, "like me, but as long as she's far away after casting it then I'm good." She stepped out of the way. James walked in, she closed the door behind him.

"I never thought about it until well I met with her. I just figured that no vampires would know about her," he said.

"They wouldn't, no it's a good idea. I just thought that we'd never get one, you know cos Jessie might go evil if she did another one," Sandi said.

James nodded, "yeah... um is Lena and Yasmin around?"

"Yeah they are. What's going on anyway, you seemed really worried about them?" Sandi asked.

Juna gazed around the room before rushing over to them, "this like place is so much like smaller than mine, it's like surreal."

James and Sandi frowned at her. "Why don't you start the spell," he muttered.

"Like sure darling," Juna giggled. She looked around again, "where like would you consider the like centre of the like flat?"

Sandi shrugged, "the sofa maybe."

"Good like call," Juna commented. She headed over to the sofa.

"Well?" Sandi questioned, glancing back at James.

He looked uncomfortable, "um well, Frenit's been threatening to kill off my family. I thought I'd get the shield up to avoid that."

"Yeah but we're not going to be here all the time," Sandi said.

"No but I know Lena and Yasmin would be able to handle an attack outdoors," James said.

Sandi looked confused, "my flat isn't that crowded you know."

James sighed, "look, I'll tell you after I tell Lena and Yasmin, ok."

"Now I'm even more confused. Has he already attacked or something?" Sandi asked.

Yasmin walked into the room yawning, she walked straight passed Juna and sat down. She looked up slowly, frowning. "Ok, what is she doing here?"

"Doing an anti-vampire spell," James replied.

Yasmin stood back up, "ok, whatever." She headed for the kitchen, "I'm sure she could have waited until after the morning cartoons are finished."

Sandi sniggered, "it's afternoon."

Yasmin started to raid the fridge, "no, I watch the American ones. I go by American time."

"Where's Lena then?" James asked.

Sandi sighed, "she's in the shower."

Yasmin giggled as she picked out a bottle of milk, "to probably get the Daniel dirt off her." She started drinking from the bottle.

"Actually that reminds me, I'll warn her that you're here. I don't think she'd appreciate you or Juna seeing her in a towel or something," Sandi said. She headed towards the bathroom.

"Can I ask you something?" Yasmin asked, not noticing the milk mustache she now had. "Was mum mad that I didn't go to her place for her birthday? I would have but I slept in."

"Um well..." James muttered. He then noticed the milk mustache she had, he almost sighed in relief. "You've got milk on your face."

Yasmin pouted as she wiped some of the milk off, "well?"

"Lena for god's sake, I didn't say that you're lame ok, I said James is here," Sandi snapped at the bathroom door. She rolled her eyes, "your brother and like girl is here. Just turn the shower off!"

The door opened, Lena stuck her head through the gap, "what?"

"I said that you should put on a dressing gown too when you leave. Your brother and Juna are here," Sandi replied.

"Oh James right... I thought you said lame, they rhyme kinda don't they," Lena said sheepishly. She disappeared back into the bathroom.

James tried his best not to pout too, folding his arms. Yasmin giggled, "lame James."

"Shut up," he grumbled.

She calmed down, "forget it, I forgot you weren't invited cos you fell out."

Lena walked out of the bathroom, "ok, I understand James being here, but Juna?"

"Anti-vamp spell," Yasmin said.

Lena sighed in relief, "finally, I'd love a personal one too." She disappeared into her bedroom.

"It only does buildings," James said.

"But a personal one would be good for wusses like Lena," Yasmin commented.

Lena stuck her head out of the door, "I'm not a wuss, it's just good sense ok." She disappeared again.

"She's right, that would be good sense," James said.

Sandi sighed, "yeah I bet."

Juna smiled, "like done it. Somebody like throw a dead pet like out the window like, it shouldn't like go through it."

"We don't have any pets," Sandi muttered.

"I'm sure someone in this block has a cat, I'll get one," James said.

"A dead one?" Sandi questioned.

"It will be," James replied.

"Wow, somebody's touchy," Yasmin giggled.

"What, I don't like cats," James muttered.

"I know, it's just you're in a bad mood today," Yasmin said. "And yesterday."

"I haven't broken anything, so I can't be in a bad mood," James commented.

Yasmin held out a jar, "whatever, open please." He took it off her, opened it, and passed it back. "Thanks, now can you give me a lift to mums? I got this coffee set thing for her birthday."

James looked uncomfortable, "um, I'm going there but..."

"Oh yeah like that's where we're going like next, it's like a little late for it like though," Juna commented.

James glared in her direction, "shut up."

Juna giggled nervously, "like sorry, oops."

Yasmin stared at her, "what did she mean? I can give belated birthday presents, right?"

Juna laughed, "right, like you can't give like presents to the dead like." She then realised what she said, "like oops. Can I like have an anti-Slayer like shield?"

Yasmin turned around and stared at her, while James' glare got even stronger. "What, what are you talking about?" She turned back to James, "is this a joke?"

"Well, it looks like we'll have something dead to test the shield after all," Sandi said nervously.

"Nope, she dies, shield goes down," James muttered.

Yasmin stamped her foot, "somebody tell me what's going on!"

James sighed, "fine, but I was going to tell you later. Frenit decided to get revenge on me, and um, sent three vamps to murder her."

Yasmin stared blankly at him, "and?"

"And um, it was too late when I found her," James muttered.

"But... but, she didn't do anything," Yasmin stuttered.

"I know, but this is why the shields are getting set up now. Frenit may strike again and..." James said.

Lena stepped out of her room with a killer look on her face, "well it's a little late for that." She headed in their direction, she pulled a jacket off one chair, the force knocked it onto the ground.

"Wait, you heard?" James questioned, uncomfortably.

Lena stopped while she was passing him, she turned to him, "yes and when were you going to tell me? You had plenty of times."

"I'm sorry but I didn't want to hurt you guys," James muttered.

Despite the situation Lena laughed, "oh really, well if you had told me sooner then I would be less hurt and not angry at you." She continued towards the door, she slammed it open.

James turned around, "wait, where are you going?"

"Where do you think? I'm going to kill him!" Lena snapped back. She stormed off.

Yasmin pouted, "is she evil?"

"No, just pissed, like I was," James muttered in response.

Juna laughed nervously as she walked slowly towards the door, "ok, like I'm so glad that's like all out in the like open and like there's no like pressure. I say like we should get to like Indiana, don't you like?"

"Oh, one thing Juna," James said.

She bit her lip nervously, "like I'm not like Juna... bye." She ran for the door, but he easily grabbed her by the arm. He gave her a gentle slap across the head. Then he dragged her out of the flat.

"Don't kill her, we need her!" Sandi called after them. She closed the door with a sigh, "you know what makes things better?"

"Killing?" Yasmin suggested.

"No, cakes and icecream," Sandi stuttered. She headed for the fridge.

06:15 Eastern / 11:15 GMT
Phoebe headed towards the front door muttering to herself, "if that's another Security officer, I'm going to slap them." She opened the door, "oh, you're Security but that doesn't count does it?"

"Um, count to what?" James asked.

"Never mind," Phoebe sighed.

"I know you probably already hate me, or will even more for not doing this sooner, but I have brought Juna," James said.

Juna waved nervously, "please like tell me she like knows already?"

James rolled his eyes, "yes she does."

Phoebe frowned, "actually I'd love you if you take her back to the toy shop you got her from."

"Like hey, like that's mean," Juna pouted.

"She's a witch Phoebe, and she can put an anti-vampire spell around the house," James said.

Phoebe stared at him, "yeah you're right, I should hate you for not doing this sooner."

"You're like not doing very like well today, are you like?" Juna asked innocently.

James tried to ignore her, "look I'm sorry I didn't, I thought the vampires were just interested in my kids. I didn't know they'd change their plans."

Phoebe sighed, "please stop that, it's ok. I can't ever hate my own flesh and blood. I just said I should."

"Right well I've already got Lena, Yasmin and Chakotay angry at me..." James muttered. "Where would you call the centre of the house?"

Phoebe looked confused, "the living room I think, why?"

"Like I need to be there for the like spell," Juna replied. She pushed passed.

"Ookay, she's nice," Phoebe sarcastically said.

"Yeah well, I don't want to risk Lilly as the vamps may know about her, and Jessie shouldn't do anymore of these spells," James said.

"I don't get it," Phoebe muttered.

"If Juna is murdered then your shield would go down," James said.

Phoebe nodded her head, "right, but she's really annoying. Do you hate us?"

"She doesn't have to live with you," James said.

Phoebe cleared her throat, "ahem, James... she's so annoying a normally gentle person will end up killing her."

"I see your point, but she's the best candidate," James said.

Gretchen appeared at the doorway, "what on earth is that woman doing on my table?" She glanced at the door, her face stiffened, "you? You have some nerve coming here."

"Oh, that's four," James muttered to himself.

Phoebe looked uneasy, "mum, stop it... it's not his fault."

"Yes it is. Everything was fine until I found out about him, and probably was even better before he was even around," Gretchen snapped.

"Ok, that's a bit harsh," James muttered, looking slightly hurt.

"Good, I hope one day you'll know how it feels to have your heart ripped out and cut to shreds, like what happened to us yesterday," Gretchen said.

"Mum, stop it," Phoebe stuttered.

"Ok I do know, I know that feeling all too well," James grumbled.

"Oh really, shame... you'll not get any sympathy here so move along," Gretchen muttered.

"But I'm not here to..." James said.

"You heard me, get out of here you little leech!" Gretchen screamed at him, she slammed the door in his face. Moments later the door opened again, Juna was pushed out and she crashed into James.

"You're like welcome," she pouted.

James sighed, "ok, let's go." He headed away, leaving Juna behind. A few moments later she caught on and followed him.

12:30 Eastern / 17:30 GMT
New Manchester:
Wesley and Kevin had now joined Sandi in her flat, they had all gathered around the dining table.

"That's really awful. I take it they didn't take it well," Kevin said.

Sandi sighed, "Yasmin was trying to pretend that she was ok, but you can tell she's really upset. Lena well she snapped at James and went to find Frenit."

"Well I hope she gets him," Kevin said.

Wesley sighed, "that's not likely. Frenit is almost as old as the Masters, he has killed a lot of Slayers. Lena is too angry to think straight, she'll concentrate on power, not strategy and every one of those Slayers made the same mistake."

"He's that powerful?" Kevin questioned.

"It would take one powerful Slayer to hurt him, let alone kill him with power alone. You won't survive if you don't think or plan your attack," Wesley replied.

Sandi frowned, "but Lena's tough, she can handle it right?"

"No I have no doubt that she'll do well, but in her current state I doubt she'll want to back down when she has to," Wesley said.

"So what do we do, find her?" Kevin asked.

"I somehow doubt that she will even find him. They keep moving hideouts don't they?" Wesley replied.

"Yes but the best time to find a vampire is during the day. Every Slayer knows that," Sandi said, with a raised eyebrow. "They can't escape and they will stay in the same place."

"Well I have a plan," Kevin smugly said.

Sandi and Wesley stared at him looking shocked. "You? Ok let's hear it," Wesley said.

"I'll ignore that," Kevin grumbled. "That thing those vamps were trying to steal from the museum, they said that it would hurt them."

"Yeah it will if we throw it at them," Sandi commented.

Kevin pulled a face at her, "very funny."

Sandi smirked, "I know, what's the plan?"

"Well I say we find out how it hurts them and do it," Kevin replied.

"I doubt the museum would just let us borrow it," Sandi said.

"Not a problem," Kevin smugly said. He pulled a small stone object out from under the table. "Look what I borrowed."

"Kevin, you can't just steal it from the museum!" Sandi snapped.

"Oh that's funny cos I think I already did," Kevin said.

Sandi sighed, "you're taking that back."

"No, this could save lives," Kevin muttered.

"Or it could be just a bit of rock," Sandi grumbled.

Wesley tried to snatch it off Kevin, but he kept a tight hold on it. "May I please?" he asked politely.

Kevin stared at him, "better." He handed it to him.

"We could research it. It could prove to be of some use," Wesley said.

The door slammed open, this time it fell off the hinges and fell down near the table. Lena stormed in looking a bit battered, she stared angrily at the others who were staring at her. "What, it's not my fault the door is so crummy." She headed straight for her bedroom.

"No I agree, how many times has it broke?" Sandi asked.

Lena slammed the bedroom door behind her, that fell to the ground too. All that could be heard were a few swear words as it was pulled back up.

"Ouch, that's not good," Kevin said quietly.

"I think we should get some help," Sandi said as she climbed to her feet.

13:05 Eastern / 18:05 GMT
Daniel walked in eyeing the door on the floor, "ok, another vampire attack?"

"Not exactly," Sandi replied as she walked over to him.

Daniel eyed Kevin and Wesley who were almost buried in books and a few computers. "Oh god, I'm not really good at the books and stuff."

"No we know you don't like them," Sandi said. She glanced towards Lena's bedroom. "Lena needs you."

"Why, what happened?" Daniel asked.

"Some vampires murdered her mother," Sandi replied quietly.

Daniel's eyes widened, "what, really?"

"Yeah, that's obviously why your day out was cancelled," Sandi said.

"But it was her birthday that's... ok that's just sick," Daniel muttered, looking uncomfortable.

"There's not a good enough word to describe it," Sandi muttered. "She's in a really bad mood, I thought you could calm her down."

"Ok I'll try but I'm not promising that I'll come out alive," Daniel said.

"Well we've tried from behind the door, all we got was some yelling and muttering. Well Kevin only got screamed at because he knocked on the door, which is broken so it fell over," Sandi said.

Kevin looked up innocently, "I forgot all right."

"Right so how do I get in without it falling over?" Daniel asked.

"You talk your way in, good luck," Sandi replied, patting him on the arm. She quickly sat down next to the others.

Daniel stared towards the door, "this is where my life ends." He headed towards it.



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