4th December
Two years to the day the site was last updated. I wont bore you with the details of why, I don't fully know myself. Instead I do hope to make it up to any longtime readers. First things first the site's been cleaned up and given a new look.

Most of the feedback content (for example voting for episodes) have unfortunately been removed, every single form's been abused by one spammer too many. I'm not too bothered about it anymore, I created FV because I loved to write, not to give my barely there ego a petting. If however you are interested in discussing anything FV or contacting me, the message board is the only way to do so.

Onto the most important part of any updated, the episodes themselves. Writers block can be a bitch, but two years is taking it too far enough. To try to get myself out of it I had decided to rewrite the first prequel episode, Caretaker as I was never happy with it. With the ten year anniversary of the first episode Aggressions I thought that going right back to the beginning would be the most fun.

On my "to do" list are:
 + Death of the Soul (ended on a cliffhanger, and as this is where the season was going to pick up it deserves to be finished.)
 + Aggressions rewrite (the original was wrote in a few days, my ideas for it never really got put into the finished product.)
 + Caretaker rewrite (I wanted to reboot the series 2 years ago, starting with Caretaker seemed like a good idea at the time. I think Aggressions is now, but it's still online and unfinished).

I found Aggression to be the episode I found easier to write to get the feel of the characters again. Death of the Soul will get its deserved continuation when I do. It's only fitting for a 10 year anniversary of the episode Aggressions to start the reboot. Once I do get into the series again, Season Five will get priority as all of you readers must be getting pretty tired of waiting for me to get my act together. Anyway check the Episode Archive for all material, including the remakes and the information about them.

Lastly, happy birthday to Fifth Voyager.