4th December

Twenty years ago on the 4th December a wacky immature kid uploaded a brand new website onto Geocities, on it her first publically released Voyager fanfiction entitled Aggressions (Part 1). I never expected I'd even finish Part 2, but here I am 20 years later with eight completed seasons and 200+ episodes. The series has had its ups and downs but overall I'm proud of the work and time I've put into this "little" hobby I started all the way back in 2000.

More episodes have been added onto the PDF pile:
B4FV 2.06: Broken Wreck
B4FV 3.05: Too Far Gone
B4FV 3.07: Blood Oath
B4FV 3.14: Bad Coffee Week
B4FV 3.19: Alter Ego
B4FV 3.21: Worse Case Scenario 1
1.04: Hunters Again
1.05: Unforgettable
1.07: Mirror Universes
1.08: Collective Instinct
1.13: The Seven of Nine Show
1.21: Piece of Conspiracy
1.27: Too Good To Be Q
2.12 Fifth Fantasy
2.16: YWF
3.02: New Earth
4.02: Half of the Heart
4.03: True Memories
4.06: Rites of the Crypt

In the Downloads section Season One is up for grabs. Both of them. Original and Reboot.

A few Season Three episodes have been edited

"Here & Now" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Three".


1st November

"New Earth" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Three".

Episodes "Two Far" and "Fourboding" from Season Three have had some minor spelling errors fixed, and so their PDFs have been redone.

More episodes have been added onto the PDF pile:

B4FV 2.14: Up In Smoke
1.06: Four Out Of Five
1.12: Timeless
1.25: Memories of Fury
2.08: Saturday Night
2.10: Precise Timings
2.11: Kiss of Death
2.14: The Curse of Voyager
2.17: Why oh Why
S4 Special: End of the Line


5th October

More episodes have been added onto the PDF pile:

B4FV 3.10: Q and the Grey
B4FV 3.11: The Grove of H'Taria
B4FV 3.12: The Coming of Time
B4FV 3.16: Phase In Time
1.09: Worse Case Scenario 2
1.14: Timeline
1.15: Spirits
1.18: Secret of the Revenge
1.28: Live Games
2.06: Game Over
2.09: F9: Control Failure
3.15: Alone and Three
4.13: Stop Or Die


25th September

Season Three's The Chain Reaction has been edited in advance, nothing too drastic.

"Oasis of Abatua" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Three".

More episodes have been added onto the PDF pile:

B4FV 1.22: Outside of Time Part 1
B4FV 2.01: Outside of Time Part 2
Outside of Time (Parts 1 and 2)
B4FV 3.13: In The Eye
B4FV 3.15: Facing Fears
B4FV 3.20: Loved Up
1.19: Fugitives
1.23: Muse In Fear Haven
1.29: Resistance Is Futile
3.06: The Chain Reaction
3.28: Scary But True Part 1
4.01: Scary But True Part 2
Scary But True (Parts 1 and 2)
4.04: Dissidia
4.20: Sundown
4.21: Something New
4.22: Tough Love
4.28: Inside of Two Evils


1st September

More episodes have been PDF'd. Take a look:

B4FV 3.02: It's Your Duty
B4FV 3.17: Fantastical
1.11. Extreme Night
2.01: Resistance Isn't Futile
3.14: Two Far
3.16: Fourboding
3.17: Diminished Fifth
5.01: Wrong Direction
5.03: Outbreak
5.05: Programmable You
5.06: One Hundred & One Lies
S5 Special: Virtual Fairytale
5.08: Queuing Forever
5.14: Try Harder Next Time
5.15: Heaven Sent
5.22: Ruins

Since Season Five only had 5 episodes left to convert, they jumped the queue so I could create a new page. Downloads will have the links to the archived zip files for each season, as well as the majority of the originals.

The PDF for Caretaker's been fixed. Again. I swear it keeps renaming itself back to the b4101 file name format.

"Fair Chance Part 2" has been added to the brand new "Marill Re-Reads Season Three" section. If you're curious, I'm only a few episodes ahead. I stopped for months during Oasis of Abatua, not because of the episode/movie itself, but I simply wasn't really feeling it for a while.


1st August

You may know the routine: I've converted a few more episodes into PDF format, going in size order (largest first*). One episode has been skipped over for now as it's an early Season Three entry, due for editing. The next one on my to make PDF list is typically Oasis of Abatua, so erm, I think I know what I'm doing next.

B4FV 3.01: The Rhythm
B4FV 3.08: Deck Thirteen
B4FV 3.09: Yesteryear
B4FV3 Special: Mind Games
1.20: Escape From The Curse
1.22: Upendi
2.02: The Love Spell
2.05: Resistance
2.07: Anarchy
Season 2 Special: The Resurrection
4.15: The Dark Page of the Book
Season 4 Special: Happy Ever After
4.25: Burnt Out And Falling
5.02: Death Corridor
5.04: Responsibility
5.07: Meets the Eye
5.10: Sin Deep
5.11: Lifestyles of the Lost & Helpless
5.13: Unforgiving
5.16: Shadow
5.23: Say It Again With Emotion

Soon Season Five will be available to download as a whole, it seems.

In other barely news, Marill Re-Reads Season Two is over as well. So, what's next?


6th July

Season Two is now complete yet again with the edit of Fair Chance Part 1. My plans for Season Three (and the remainders of B4FV1) should be minor edits like this one. As an added "bonus" each episode after Fair Chance that is edited will get PDF'd straight away as well. FC needs its second half looked at before I can do the same to it though.

Also I've converted a few more episodes into PDF format, going in size order (largest first*).

B4FV 3.18: End of the Day
1.10: Home Sweet Holodeck
1.16: Test of Time
1.17: Dark Frontier
2.03: Interactions
5.20: Within Reach
5.21: Speaking In Riddles
5.26: Out of Mind's Eye

Aggression's file (and More or Less) has also been renamed and made to match the template.


3rd July

I've converted a few more episodes into PDF format, going in size order (largest first*). In addition to the 26th June list, the following episodes are downloadable:

B4FV 1.01: Caretaker
B4FV 3.22: Alternate Scorpion
1.03: Year of Hell
1.24: World Domination
1.26: Tales of Voyager
2.04: Disconnected
4.24: Closing of the Eyes
5.12: Three's A Paradox
5.18: Parental Advisory
5.19: Bounds of Illusion
5.25: Echoes

*The exceptions will be Fair Chance Part 1, the majority of Season Three, and some of B4FV1 since I haven't yet checked through and edited them like everything else. I intend to get back to doing these soon, so they may get edited before their PDF version is due anyway.

**As for the originals, I plan to have them converted as well, but as a whole in a ZIPped package like the other seasons will have eventually. They are low priority though, unless requested.

"Man Out Of You" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".


26th June

I've restarted converting episodes into a downloadable format, this time in a different order and in a simpler template to make it quicker to do. I started with the longest episode, and I'll work backwards. I figured the largest episodes are the one that needs this the most. If you have any specifc requests, feel free to get in touch via Facebook or Twitter. For now, these are the episodes available to download, the first two have been around a while now:

1.01 Aggression
1.02 More or Less
2.19 Bittersweet
5.09 Death of the Soul
5.17 Five
5.24 Dark Clouds
5.27 Closure
5.28 Untitled
5.29 Back To Normal

"Deep Under" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".

I've closed the forum, this time for good. There's no point in having it, it's a relic of the past.


28th May

The following episodes have been edited "Territory" and "Man Out Of You". Only Fair Chance remains out of Season Two. While I will have to do the same to Part 2, I need to decide if Season Three is worth editing too.

"Return of Third Voyager" and "Territory" have been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".


28th April

Well I wanted more time. Be careful what you wish for. I haven't been in much of a creative mood, I've been more going stir crazy in a big house on my own. Could be worse I know. I'll admit, the only times where I have been a touch creative, I thought of a new episode to replace the mess that is Return of Third Voyager. I could not write it, I really struggled with it. I thought it was just me, that I had the dreaded block. When I scrapped that idea and went back to my edit of I Know What You've Done This Season I realised it wasn't a block at all, the rewritten parts of that were dead easy. This so called new episode just wasn't working and I wasted so much time on it. But anyway... lets move on to the updates.

The following episodes have been edited "I Know What You've Done This Season" and "Deep Under". "Return of Third Voyager" has been kicked into the Originals pile. Return is or was a lost cause. Apart from its premise it had nothing going for it, and its premise was previously hijacked by I Know What anyway. Speaking of that edit, Return's "premise" is the focus of 90% of its changes. Territory needed a bit more work, so that's WIP at the moment. So erm, to sum up in order of where they appear in the series this time:

I Know What You've Done This Season: original edited with some tacked on rewritten scenes from Return of Third Voyager.

Territory: It's being patched up, and it's so much shorter and a little less painful as a result.

Deep Under: a nice simple little edit, this one's not a bad one.

"The Atamit" and "Lea Halalela" have been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two". You might be wondering why I've been adding two at a time lately. It's not because I'm miles ahead in these, I stopped during Oasis of Abatua months ago. I'm at the section of Season Two which drags (more than usual) and I think the Re-Reads suffer as a result. I know the next one due definitely does. I'll be doing this at least one more time for Return of Third Voyager and Territory. I may double dip with the Fair Chance two parter, haven't decided on that one yet. With everything that's going on, I'm more in the mood to criticise stuff than fix things so hopefully I won't run out of them doing this.


17th March

I quite suddenly have a lot of a time on my hands, starting this week. I do not think it's a good idea to revive the reboot because of that since I've already made some headway with the simpler editing, so I'll continue with them. And Re-Reads which I paused at the beginning of Oasis of Abatua not long into January.

There is still a problem with doing slight edits instead, because I've got a couple of doozies I've put off that would benefit from a proper rewrite or replacement. I also attempted to sneak in a rebooted Why oh Why with no fanfare, disguising it as a simple edit like the others. That episode was a one time thing because it HAD to be fixed, I couldn't continue to leave it. I think it's gonna be tough to resist with these two, I had to think of someway to fix these two without rewriting half of it like I did with Why.

Anyways, my solution is a barebones one in theory: I Know What etc... detours into Return of Third Voyager's plot, losing its own, while Return just... exists as a reminder of everything I did not like about Season One. So yeah, there's an easy way to fix Return but that leaves I Know What a little empty and neglected. Whatever I decide to do it's obvious that I Know What will have to remain skipped over until both are ready to go.

Today for the time being I edit much simpler episodes. Once I'm done with them, it's either fix what I've talked about or tackle Territory. It's like Sophie's Choice, if the kids were what kind of peas must I eat. yuck

The following episodes have been edited and formatted: Heiress, The Atamit and Lea Halalela.

"Suicidal" and "Heiress" have been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".


16th February

The following episodes have been edited and formatted: Why oh Why, An Apple A Day and Suicidal. You may notice that I skipped one with a long title for the time being, that's a tougher edit than the latter two. The latest Re-Reads will probably let you know why.

As mentioned "I Know What You've Done This Season" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".


31st January

A few glaring errors that I've only just noticed in Fifth Fantasy (aka The Slayers) have been fixed. I assume when copying from the original I wasn't reading it properly, so the result was a character being in two places at once. Oops.

Now that the series is finished and there are no longer any new releases, the home page has been changed around. Instead of new episodes being advertised, I thought it'd be a nice idea to instead recommend particular episodes. History is still headlined by the ReReads but other sections have replaced the Episode Log.

The following episodes have been edited and formatted: Cause & Effect and YWF. Why oh Why's a work in progress cos of course it is.

"Bittersweet" has been added to "Marill Re-Reads Season Two".