This section is devoted to background information, origin stories, and any other information I can remember relating to the series. I've lost many things because of computers hard drives dying, so I'm afraid some of it will be from memory. One of my goals is to eventually go through everything in my house on paper (I do have a lot of notebooks and files, which are buried away) and keep a proper file on anything FV related. This section is a work in progress but there's still quite a bit of information here.

So without further ado, here are the sections available.

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Before Fifth Voyager

I don't mean the prequels, I mean literally before FV. I don't know how much I'll want to share as Season One itself is old enough to be embarrassed about, let alone older stuff. This essentially will be information on what I was going to write before I decided on this series, and if any of it contributed to the series itself in the end. This will likely include all the stuff I got rid of from my novel series as I won't be writing that anymore, there's a reason why FV has a lot of its material in it.

Kidz Trek

This was the Fifth Voyager of its day. It consumed every waking hour that wasn't school or family. I was very young and I wanted to write my own series. It was never going to be published; not because it was clearly a Star Trek type series but because it just ripped everything off. Didn't I say it was the FV of its day, haha. I did have some original ideas of my own and that's why this is mentioned here. I won't go into KT's origins because they're more embarrassing than Hunters existence, it's not necessary either. KT was basically like Star Trek, it branched off into many other series'. The second one was the Voyager ripoff. Almost all of them play a role and like I've said before, this is all from my memory and I haven't rescued my paper notes on the subject yet. This may not be fully accurate.

Original Series aka Kidz Trek

Strangely enough this was the least developed of the lot. It was just random incident of the day episodes (or chapters) and didn't have many plot arcs. It did have a re-occurring gag in it, the ship would be replaced constantly. Yes it's easy to assume that the reason was because "Kidz" were in charge, but it actually wasn't. I mean yeah kids were in charge, it was the only "series" that was. The spin off's not so much. The ships would be destroyed because of other reasons. I'm mentioning all of this because these ships entered Fifth Voyager in Season Two, originally named the Dellia's. My ship naming is terrible at best. In KT they were the Lillyia Fleet, which they were eventually renamed back as mid way I think through Season Two. By that time I had decided KT wasn't going to be a book series or anything, so concealing the fleet name was pointless. The most famous of the fleet was the indestructible F9. After they got to F the joke was they would run out of letters after a few years. The F9 remained the flagship, but they continued making them just in case and they joined the fleet with higher letters/numbers.

The series was going to end with the destruction of the F9 with some of its crew, leaving it one big cliffhanger. More on that later because it's very, very relevant.


Voyage Home

Up until Season Three this was Voyager, with a few names changed. Season/Chapter Four was similar, but with a twist. A new character joined the ranks, a member of the Tolg (yeah, another thing used in FV). Sound familiar? The twist was she was the Lena of the crew. Nobody knew this yet. Then once Voyager itself was in its end of S4 break, I started coming up with new stuff, as well as other stuff to take the pee out of. During this Kiara was born in a chapter entitled Aggressions and the twist became erm... twisty. One of the book's finales was they'd reach the point where Kiara would be assimilated. Like Timeline there was a moment where they thought they'd have to pick between the two versions, as both can't exist at once. KT didn't take the easy way out lets just say. "Lena" still ended up existing but not for the same reasons as FV. But still as you can see that influenced FV a lot. Its entire theme is the Lena and Kiara paradox, and it all came from an even bigger ripoff series than FV.


Excelsior aka Erona

The time travel idiots of the Erona were originally the Game Cube hopping Excelsior crew, trying to find the missing ship in Voyage Home (which I still can't remember the name of). The crew is exactly the same. The ship was a pretty nice idea for me, it was designed to withstand the brutality of the Game Cubes and still exist while it was travelling in whatever I called the Games Matrix back then. It's the crew that lets it down. Typically "Voyager" returns home before they do.



This was based two years after Voyage ended, three/four after the original. "Voyager" was home, the Lillyia crew had added it to their fleet. The point of mentioning this here is that the first chapter was very basically Wrong Direction. Millennium is Season Five. The first thing that happens is someone catches a glimpse of the F9 and it sparks a search. Obviously there are differences, but the basics are there. The Enterprise E is the F9, Voyager and Leda are the current Lillyia and "Voyager", and the finale of the Original Series was basically the final three episodes of Season Four. Where do you think The Final Millennium title came from? I can't say anything else because spoilers, but that's it in a nutshell.


Planetary Quest

This was a tiny, single story that was technically a Voyage side book. I'm mentioning it as it properly introduces the original James and Jessie. They were the villains but they weren't really, they were just being controlled through 90% of the book, the true villain is revealed at the end. They'd join the Voyage crew at the end and would be main characters in Millennium.

Are you keeping up so far? Haha I should still do this, but with less rip offs in it. That was always the only problem. I still write FV so you know I'm capable of evil.


The Future

I'm only mentioning this one for one small FV influence. This series was about the Lillyia Z5, which was the main Lillyia ship in FV. If you remember (probably not, I barely do haha) the F9 was a lost prototype in FV, 400 hundred years old.


To sum up, chronological order was to be something like this: Kidz Trek 1 & 2, Voyage 1, Kidz Trek 3, Voyage 2, Excelsior 1, Planetary Quest, Voyage 3, Excelsior 2, Millennium 1, Excelsior 3 (if I remember right, Excelsior joined the Millennium cast so you have an idea what happens there, if you know Season Five), Millennium 2 & 3, The Future.

The main detail from KT is the species that owns the ships. All of that is the same as FV. Evolved on Earth but were more advanced and isolated. They left Earth before Humans had any clue. Blah blah, it's dumb. They're basically Humans anyway, let's be honest here. Either way their species name was the stupidest name I came up with.

Oh bare in mind that I barely wrote any Kidz Trek. Yes, I'm not kidding. It was planned out more thoroughly than early FV seasons, but I didn't do anything with most of it. I think I started Aggressions, there was a time episode that inspired Phase In Time later on, one of the few arcs in Original but it was just a rip off of something anyway, and an episode I wrote for my English coursework. Getting a C for my overall grade should have been a clue, haha. So yeah, I wrote plenty of notes on it but barely had any stories to show for it.


The Secret of Mercury

This is only the title from the series I remember (or it could've been the name of the series as a whole), although I was very likely going to change it. This was to be based in the Kidz Trek universe, though it could be read without it. The story was focused around a few generations of a royal family as they developed their changing planet. The twist was that I didn't want to reveal it was Mercury until near the end (which puts doubt on the above Mercury title being used for the first book), when what was happening to the world came to light. In essence it was a prequel to any Kidz Trek stories relating to this planet, as for a while the planet's true self was well hidden even to the more advanced Ligers.

Kidz Trek was scrapped because it was too much of a rip off of Star Trek, though with that title I was obviously going for that, heh. Mercury was canned because even though I love astronomy, I'm obviously terrible at it. That hasn't stopped me writing FV and planning a different novelised sci-fi series, I know, but Mercury relies on knowing the true facts about the planet, as well as making the fictional one a tiny bit plausible at least. As a kid I didn't care. Now I do. It's a shame cos I was very fond of this story. I guess it could still be do-able if I did my research. I'm not that clever though, hehe.

Its relation to Fifth Voyager started and ended with the Season Two cliffhanger Fair Chance. I wish I could remember what my true plans for the second half of that were. I imagine I wanted to explore the Mercury I had imagined and have a story of survival. Instead the Season Three curse turned it into a Simpsons parody. Anyway enough about that. My Mercury was imagined into the FV universe just so I could play around with it at long last. The episode was so poor I've tried to forget it, and since the Mercury books were scrapped I've even forgotten some things. All of the planet stuff I've forgot is in the episode, so it's not all bad.

The only thing to really come out of that episode from that origin is Nikki. Nikki was originally a Human character torn from the Tolg. I wanted the Tolg and Borg to have more differences than just the Tolg being a zombie version of them, or the shape of the ships. If a Borg is disconnected after a long while they struggle to cope with independant thought, after a short while they have to cope with the trauma. The only real issue with disconnecting from the Tolg is the revival. To cut that short, Nikki would recover her true self much quicker. Also much of the knowledge from the Tolg would filter to nothing eventually. A very late FV episode explains why, or attempts to. The point is Nikki was to be a brief, maybe a season long, eye to the Tolg. Then she'd just be an airhead, heh. As she was brought in via Fair Chance I changed her to a Mercury native, but neglected to change her obviously Human name. Yeah, it's not the stupidest thing I've done, it's not even high up there, but it's still really careless.


A Tragic Curse of a Resolution

Yeah that wasn't the title, don't worry. It's still miles better than what it would have been, though to be fair I don't think a title for the series was officially decided. My first attempt to write Voyager itself I was going to try to publish, so I temporarily called it the Novel Series. The first one was a draft of a story called Tragedy. It is a superior Aggressions, but pales to its reboot Aggression. The plot is similar, but Q announces what he's done right away, only the whole Lena is the mother thing is omitted (that hadn't been come up with yet).

The second was The Resurrection technically, I did not finish this. That didn't stop me planning the follow up which later became The Curse of Voyager. Last but least is I would have wrote my own take on Resolutions. As the only extra characters would be the Captain's daughter, there wasn't room for anything new in it so I can't remember what I was going to do. All I know is that the opening to the FV version is taken from that. That's it, the first two "paragraphs". Ah well, the biggest contribution to FV was always Tragedy and the Mummy rip offs ^_^


The What If Series

I'm gutted that the only work I did on this is gone, and I don't recall how. The What If Series is a big part in FV's history for a very good reason. First though, what was it? It was basically just going to be original Voyager episodes with one small thing altered, altering the course of the episode and possibly the rest of the series. The first episode planned (but not necessarily the first episode of the series, I don't know) was Scorpion. Janeway's gamble to tell the Borg to choose a Human representative for the Borg like Locutus backfires, and they take her. Sound familiar? Hello Alternate Scorpion.

Even though Janeway wasn't assimilated in FV's premiere, the What If was essential for FV's birth. I do think I chose Scorpion as FV's premiere because for me, that was the start of Voyager. I wasn't invested in it until I saw that cliffhanger in September 1997. Ironically I loved the idea of Seven, so complain about her all I like, she's part of the reason why FV exists. Now I bet a lot of people don't like her now, and I'll enjoy that... yes. Worth it.

I didn't like how they turned her into the Mary Sue of Voyager, and when they screamed character development I rarely saw proof of it. When she joined in S4 I imagined the possibilities of a character like that, her trying to fit in, her memories of her childhood slipping in (I loved the Raven), her character conflicting with the child that never grew up, blah... I looked forward to little things like her getting out of the cat suits (not that way you pervs lol), getting some quarters, stuff like that. By S7 the most she could do was sniffle a bit and complain that she was broken, sigh.

But no matter, the idea was my inspiration for how Lena would be brought into FV (and KT too) so I can't complain that she was ever there. I'm sure my first reader will not be happy with me for saying that. I feel that I have to be honest in a page like this, so here it is.


The Front & Behind The Camera Series

I can't believe I forgot this. I wish that it had stayed that way. I recently found the first "episode" of this. No I'm not sharing it. I'm tempted to delete the f%%%er. I wish I had found the What If episode, sigh. Basically this was a series about the filming of Voyager, but with different actors playing the crew. It was terrible. I'm saying that without reading it. It's older than Season One, it has to be. I refuse to even read it.


Character Origins

I think I started something like this years ago as I remember writing about the main five. I'm not sure if I still have it. It doesn't matter because I do remember. It should include info on all the others, except one. Unfortunately one will always be missing from here.


See Kidz Trek Voyage. To sum up Kiara originally was created in "Kidz Trek: The Voyage Home" as the daughter of the two commanding officers. Kiara Morgan was born properly, no Q interference and not secretly the daughter of their daughter. However there was still a paradox. Years before her birth an ex Tolg drone joined the ship. Nobody knew anything about her life pre the Tolg, and neither did she for a while. Like with Seven, the Captain treat her like a daughter. What they didn't know was that she was her daughter from the future, and that Kiara was destined to be captured later on.

The time comes and they have to decide whether to let her go to keep the timeline right and save "Lena", or stop it and "Lena" is erased, but that would change the timeline too as "Lena" had been with them for many years. They chose to try their best to avoid both, but "Lena" sacrificed herself to keep her younger self alive.

Kiara was later the daughter in the Voyager "novels" I wanted to write, this time she was a mystery pregnancy influenced by Q. The only missing detail was that she still was Chakotay and Janeway's daughter. I'm not sure if I kept the name the same.

Finally she was the first new main character addition to new series Fifth Voyager with "future self" Morgan. The rest is history.



See Kidz Trek Voyage and Kiara ^ . As said above, Lena was originally created to be the more interesting, better developed Seven of Kidz Trek. She actually had character development, and wasn't a perfect little Borg Drone still wearing a cat suit and regenerating after four years. Yeah, I'll get all of my issues with Seven out of me someday. I've said somewhere that I loved the idea of bringing Seven into the show, they did alright with her at first but then they seemed to fall into the same routine with her. Anyway if you read Kiara's, you'll know Lena (who has had three different names in her history) sacrificed her existence so her younger alter ego wouldn't "die" to the Tolg and have the life she had. However that wasn't the end of it.

FYI, that same paradox behind FV did exist in Kidz Trek but it was so much easier to explain and a lot less detailed. HOWEVER to me it made less sense for one reason; "Lena" existed without any kind of implant to keep her there, and the explanation for her not being wiped from the timeline was so bogus I don't even remember the details. Sometimes more complicated is good.

Anyway "Lena" continued to be a part of the series till the end, just like Kiara. This is where the details get a little strange.

In the Voyager novels I planned to write, Kiara would be born thanks to meddling from Q and in later novels would be already growing up to be a teenager. I think the release order was Tragedy (her birth), The Corpse aka Resurrection (she'd be about 8/9) and Curse of Voyager (a young teen). The young teen version of Kiara was the KT Lena. Remember the two were supposed to be the same person at this point in development. Personality changes in KT were explained by different upbringings but still, same person.

Once Lena was added to FV as Morgan things started to change. I really didn't want the same issues as KT Lena. The whole paradox wasn't worked out in a day, or heck even in a season. S1 I hadn't done much to change it from KT other than Lena not giving herself up. I believe it was no earlier than Fugitives and no later than The Love Spell when it started to come together. I have no way of telling you how it was all developed and when, as my memory has trouble with stuff that happened in Season Four sometimes (slight exaggeration but still! lol), so it's a shame. It was not something I wrote down, at least I don't think I did. It's lost in time but it's not like any old ideas involving the paradox are gone, everything I did is there now, and everything it was I've wrote here already.



Originally added as comic relief. He didn't have much else planned for him other than being desperate for a date, and falling for Lena. He developed and grew with the series itself. It went very well.


James and Jessie

Unfortunately their story is long and should be kept together, as even in their original form they were a duo. See Kidz Trek Planetary Quest for some details if you want, but the majority should be here. Note, I've rewritten this as the original text was gibberish, it barely made sense to me let alone anybody else. So here goes...

Honestly their origins begin in the late 90's back when I was planning and not writing Kidz Trek: Voyage Home, Millennium and Planetary Quest. Unfortunately why and how they came to be is a lost memory. Their characters weren't so developed if I'm honest. They were introduced in Voyage, but their origins were PQ as the villains of that book. It would be discovered within that one that they really weren't, and were just puppets of a bigger villain. Whether it was when the villain was unleashed or they began to rebel themselves, I don't remember, but they both recovered their real personalities and fought against it with the "heroes" of PQ. They basically help those characters return to the Voyage Home ship after being lost in Game Cubes for a year, and join the crew.

Not much else was planned for them specifically other than they would join Millennium, which in a different section I explained was the original Season Five. Outside of planning the story arc, not much work went into that one.

It wasn't as simple as Kiara or Lena's move from KT to FV (well simple as it gets with those two), as they were not the two from KT at the start. James and Jessie were originally just parodies of two characters from a well known kids TV show called Pokémon, that's all. I didn't even bother to change their (first) names. It wasn't until Unforgettable was being written and they were added to the main cast, that the Kidz Trek characters started to appear.

Jessie's original traits, stolen from Pokémon, was an extremely violent temper, vanity and a tad eccentric *cough*. James' was a lot more mild mannered at times (there were moments in the show where he lashed out but Jessie was the constantly angry one), a strange mix of intelligent and dumb, a goofball who obsessed over the stupidest things. Out of the two James was more thoughtful and caring, while Jessie was usually batcrap insane. Because they were the villains in a kids show, they had to have numerous cowardly moments next to the "big brave" kid heroes *eye roll*. Lets also not forget their tendency to show off.

Jessie's Kidz Trek persona, named Tani (yes, I'm not joking), wasn't that much different to Pokémon-Jessie. They shared a sometimes violent temper and quirky personality. Tani's differing traits managed to merge into Jessie's easily, and so when she was included in Unforgettable, you'd believe it's the same character that was in Hunters. Everyone was more insane than usual in Hunters, it was a poorly written episode after all when Unforgettable was great for its time, so there were no issues.

James on the other hand was a far bigger challenge. The Kidz Trek character, who had the unfortunate burden of being named Stevé (lol), didn't have anything in common with Pokémon James. I only wanted to use him as I had brought in Tani already, and they were a duo after all. Despite his awful name I was very fond of the character, so why wouldn't I use him?

He was blunt and sarcastic, a little defensive when it came to certain things. Sound familiar? James was given these traits, but that wasn't the problem. KT-James (writing his real name once was bad enough) was only cowardly and sometimes dim witted/had no common sense when he was brainwashed by the main villain. Once he was himself he wasn't the stark opposite of those things sure, just somewhere in the middle. He didn't have Pokémon James' obsession with collecting, or his tendency to show off and perform mottos. I think the only thing he had in common with him was that Pokémon James had his sarcastic moments too. So to sum up, making FV James a mix of Kidz Trek James and the parody in Hunters didn't work.

I think it's the most noticable in Unforgettable. James' personality in the original isn't consistant at all. You can tell I was desperately trying to figure him out in this episode. After that I had reverted back to the Hunters version, or so it seems to me, for a lot of Season One. I had to figure something better out for him. I really couldn't stand him, honestly. I started trying to develop him in the background so I wouldn't have another Unforgettable mishap, there was no point in commiting until I was sure. I have to admit, it's one of the biggest problems with Season One and especially Two, as I wasn't fully sure until near the end of One.

To cut a long story shorter, the James I had in mind was not Hunters James, and KT James was merely a mild inspiration. Some episodes had the new James slipping in for a brief time; Holo Q had a few (overprotectiveness of Jessie, a few comments, 1 fight scene), Test of Time (his reaction to Craig hitting on Jessie), The Fight (references to his back story), either VTV Live or Voyager's Drinking Game (I have vague memories of his irritability towards Tom, I think!). I had wanted to write his personality developing into this new version, but with Season One being written out of order and my poor writing skills nothing of the sort happened. With Disconnected, Interactions and Resistance coming up, this change of personality was going to be sudden or not at all.

Season One James and Season Two James are not the same person. It was a huge problem that I had to fix.

James went from being childish and cowardly, to more sarcastic than childish and brave, in a nut shell. I guess the only thing about him that was right in Hunters was that he was friends with Jessie. Of course the extreme character change created problems when I tackled the prequels as well, but that's another story.

Of course the KT originals were the inspiration for the Slayer/Game Cube stuff to grow as they were responsible for getting KT's Kiara and Lena out of their Game hopping, and back home. Having James as the other Slayer to Lena seemed only natural.

When I decided James and Lena would be related, well that's even a mystery to me. I know it was Season Two... at the latest. I have vague memories of the Fugitives episode, but I could be mistaken. I think it's more realistic that it came about either during the Kes/Lena plot twist in Love Spell or later in Games Resistance when the whole thing was taking shape. James being involved in the Kiara/Lena paradox was definitely before Precise Timings, as that was basically me trying to air out the kinks. I mean read it, and check Lullaby (I think) when Kes explains the paradox, there are similarities to what happens there and what Kes says happened in a previous timeline.



See Kidz Trek as a whole for more information. Lilly was, like in FV, the heir to the throne and as a result got command of her own ship, which she named after herself. FV-Lilly doesn't act much like KT-Lilly does at all. FV is milder, she's a little laid back in a way. Her circumstances and name is all there is. KT Lilly is a different person, she's rash and impulsive, and over excitable. She is a kid in the beginning, hence the name, but she does tone it down as she grows up. FV Lilly was supposed to be her fully grown, how she would have been in Millennium, more or less. I wasn't as keen on FV Lilly, that's why her role died down as FV went on. Her first officer Scot is the same, as is her brother, only his name is different. Then you've got Carly as well. Lilly's really the only one that's different, shame.



Basically she's based on somebody I know, but in true FV "style" an over exaggerated version. I'm surprised she's never offended tbh.



You know what, I have no idea. Really.



Introduced in the first draft of Timeline. I added her so Lena would have someone her age onboard. At the time James and Jessie weren't in the series, so her crush on him was added later. It worked out okay. Her name was used in Kidz Trek for another character who migrated to FV, but the character is miles different.


Danny, Ian, Lisa, Faye, Lee and Claire

All of these were created when B4FV was first decided on. Craig was a little young, Lena and Kiara obviously would not be around, neither would Tani, Triah etc... So I wanted more characters in the prequels. I went a little overboard, I'll be honest. Danny, Ian and Faye ended up being used the most, with Claire on the side thanks to a reader taking a shine to her. Faye unfortunately was based on me, and well for some reason, even though I hate myself I used her a lot. Don't ask me why, maybe I caught actual Mary sue disease, eew.



Apart from his name there's really not much to say here, which will be the same as most of the kid characters in the series. I picked his name from Tom's actor, mainly to vaguely hint in any upcoming episode information that he was Tom's kid, to throw people off. I wasn't keeping Duncan's parentage secret once he was around, but it was back at the time when I was midway through Season One and had listings of up to Season Four haha. I grew to like the name anyway.



Remember her? No. Not surprised. I shouldn't count her as she's Janeway's sister and she is canon. Character wise I had no clue what she was like, so I made it all up. I'd actually have to look up notes because I honestly don't remember why I did everything I did. So for now this is small.



My other writing project back when KT was around was a series about Mercury, and my own silly ideas for it. That stuff got into late Season Two/early Season Three anyway. I just wanted a member of the Tolg to join the crew to give some insight into the species, but I rarely used them afterwards. I figured why not have her Tolg and related to the Mercury side story. However when I named her she was just an Ex Tolg, so that's why she has a Human name. It doesn't fully explain it as I could have just changed it, but you know I'm good at making silly mistakes like that.


Sandi and Kevin

While planning Games Matrix they were added on a whim. No joke. The Games Matrix was a parody of the third Reboot series, which I had not seen the end of thanks to it being cancelled in the UK. I had no clue how the characters that were lost were going to get back and how the other ones stuck "home" were doing, so it was all truthfully done on the fly. Kevin was added to give FV an actual womaniser, now that Craig was 100% Lena now, and Sandi... well, basing this on my memory here but I think I thought it would be amusing to have an extremely mild mannered Slayer. I didn't need to give her that bad backstory to make her that way, but it seemed like Season Three was one of those seasons.



I really haven't got much to say about him, as when he was created in Season Two there were no plans to ever add him to the cast. When he was added in Season Four the only plan was to make him as different to his original persona as possible.



I'm starting to think that all my characters that aren't in the main five had no back story, as this is (I think) the sixth time I've wrote the name down and just went blank. Nope. Both Broken Wreck and her first Season Four episode were written within the same weeks, so my original thought of her just being created for Broken Wreck is completely wrong. It looks like her introduction in BW was so she could join S4. She must have been another whim, or just added to create tension between Craig and Lena in Season Four. I do like doing things like that.



Not a character but a group, but they all count. I wanted Damien to be in the prequels mainly because he had no introduction in Season One's premiere, the characters acted like they knew him or about him. Also I just had to, you know. At the time I was getting more and more irritated by the music biz, and I was angry at Voyager's last season so I thought it would be amusing to have Damien enslave the people I did not like, and make them a joke. It was supposed to help me too by making me less annoyed when these over exposed celebs were around, and more "haha, Justin died like this" instead. As it was not long post-2001 there were a couple of questionable people in there, but I wasn't the only one doing things like that.


Cancelled Episodes

FV has probably more cancelled episodes than uploaded ones. Actually there's no probably about it. When I started the series I had a few seasons planned out. By the time the full Season One cast had been chosen (post Hunters) there were eight. Yes eight. As I was treating the series as a parody by that point, a lot of it had to go once I got to Season Two or Three. In here I will try my best to write some brief information on what it was about and why it was cancelled. I have the original episode listings for the original eight seasons so eventually anything slightly interesting will go here. At the moment I have a few here that are more recent.

Rewind/Time About
Season: Five

Without spoiling too much of the one thing I have already kept, this episode was basically the Damien episode of Season Five. Sick and tired of being stuck with the Voyager crew he decides to go back in time and change what he's done. Unfortunately it goes all wrong and he just keeps messing up. He has to go further back to fix that, and so on and so on. Why it was cancelled? Simple. I felt that it clashed with Three's A Paradox, the other time episode of the season. Go to Episode Trivia for more on that.


Hush Now
Season: Five

Basically Hush Now was Kiara's plot in Unforgiving. When I say basically, I really mean it. The premise of the episode was created, I thought about it enough for it to work and to easily fit in before Unforgiving (I'll get to that in the Trivia section as it's more appropriate), but that was all. Kiara was going to get help from an alien witch (later it was three witches), and she/they would demand something from her as a price. It's taken from her but nothing happens. The witch(es) cons her into thinking that she has to undergo trials for the spell to work, which proves difficult now that she's missing something. Kiara tries to convince Craig to help her, but he talks her out of it like he does in Unforgiving. As for the price, I had different ideas, one of them gave the episode the title. It reminded me too much of a certain film so let's leave it at that.

The merge happened as I figured it would work with what was happening to Craig. It also works so much better not being based before that either. Anyway there is more information about this ex-episode and Unforgiving in the trivia section.


Season: Five

Technically replaced by Lifestyles. I know I said Death of the Soul went through a lot of changes, but a few things that you won't expect were always going to happen, even when it was Dead or Alive and Queuing Forever. Voyager was always going to crash land during the interior attacks. However the towers weren't going to be known to the crew until later, nobody was going to be on the planet before it crashed. The planet was also a lost cause as well, all the plant life was gone and the people that are still alive on it weren't doing so well. Most of the crew think this dying planet is awesome, excluding a few people who do not get why they're packing their bags and abandoning a wrecked Voyager here.

Those few characters soon realise that the towers generated a sphere once they crashed (ahem), trapping them there to die. Only Chosen's are unaffected, but recently arrived Kiara (who was going to arrive right at the end when the ship crashed) also realises something is a miss. So there you go. Why it was cancelled? Dead or Alive/Queuing Forever was changed around. Basically the biggest plot hole to this was the towers were destroyed. There's more than that obviously, but that was the main issue. The whole plot around rescuing this planet from the towers' clutches would be dealt with in this episode, a lot differently. Also a sphere within a sphere. What was I thinking?


Dead Or Alive
Season: Four / Five

A lot of this still exists as Death of the Soul and Queuing Forever, however Jessie wasn't originally going to be kidnapped with Damien. Her plot was just going to be her suffering from a virus while James was away, and Duncan decides to look after her himself. I decided to remove this completely as I was starting to think I was weakening Jessie once again. I was tired of coming up with damsel-ey type plots for her and that's not supposed to be her, at all. Putting her in action with Damien and Kiara proved to be a lot more fun and added to the overall plot. Also for god's sake she's pregnant and she always has issues with that, that's also getting a little old ^_^

Later Note: Thanks to an old news article I found on an old site, I discovered something I'd forgotten about. From what it said I assume the Jessie subplot was originally planned for Season Four. I doubt the other half was as it's Season Five's story arc. It's amazing the things you forget. In the same article there's claims that a few episodes from S5 ended up in S4. Apart from Corporal Form, I cannot for the life of me remember which ones. Oh well.


Home Sweet Holodeck
Season: B4FV Three
Quick Note: The episode with the same title in Reboot One is actually the rebooted Holo Q. It just seemed a shame to lose that title.

This was going to be in B4FV Season Three. I think it was going to be based after the Facing Fears saga. Before I tell you about it, I'll tell you why it was cancelled. It was the Paradise of B4FV3. Literally. At the time I was keeping Paradise. I don't know what I was thinking creating an extremely similar episode. Instead of a Game Sphere the crew would just be stuck in an alien Holodeck and think they're home, not on a neat planet. That's all. Paradise was chosen over it as 1) it had a way to resolve it (the Chosen's would be immune, James wouldn't have been immune to a Holodeck), 2) HSH contributed nothing to the overall storyline of the season, and 3) I liked the sound of Alter Ego a lot more and Paradise at the time didn't have a replacement. If I could see the future Home Sweet Holodeck may have still existed as Lifestyles is completely different. I still wouldn't know how to get them out of it, probably something daft like Janeway noticing that the coffee is wrong lol.

Thanks to finding a certain page on an old site, I discovered I had another reason I had forgotten or I had just shamelessly lied to avoid spoiling Paradise (either is just as likely lol). I basically said that it was too similar to original Season Three's Displaced... it's not.


Where Is Everyone?
Season: Five

Another Season Five casualty. This was a silly episode where the grown ups were kidnapped, leaving the kids alone on the ship. It was probably inspired long ago by Rascals and delayed to Season Five so there would be more kids. I'm not fully sure. Virtual Fairytale already existed, and the original version of it (that was lost in a file corruption of all things, I think) already had the kids alone in danger, and only have themselves to get out of it. It was removed and the new Virtual Fairytale had no conflicts in it so... win win I think. It didn't make any sense anyway. Also it was based directly before Parental Advisory. Believe me, that was the stupidest move I made since putting Resistance and Games Resistance next to each other or having two female characters with similar names surnamed Henderson and Anderson. Okay I've made a lot of mistakes in between, but they're very similar mistakes it's laughable.


Distorted Image
Season: Five

This hung in there quite a while as I wasn't accepting my sole reason for its eventual cancellation... I could never write it. I can tell you everything about it as nothing will be used. A Softmicron gets on Voyager and instead of sabotaging the ship or doing something to stop them meddling in their plans or whatever will happen in late S5 (I'm not saying of course), it decides to pretend to be different people and mess with them. Why did I even come up with it? It was supposed to be a comedy episode. I just, no. It's gone and thank god. What was I thinking?


Director's Cut
Season: Three

This was actually released, but I think this counts now that it's gone. One of my earlier projects before FV was a series revolved around the filming of Voyager. It was a bad comedy that had different actors for it. Director's Cut was a homage to it if you like. Since it was filming FV, and a non existent one episode as well, it was completely pointless and unfunny. It was online for a few years before I decided to delete it. Reason for cancellation: crap and pointless. I know what you're probably thinking, why is Hunters still online? Unfortunately it does have a small point, even if it did go way over its head.


Dimension Rewritten
Season: Technically B4FV Three

Originally titled Between Two Worlds.

A "movie" was originally planned to complete the B4FV series. It was basically the reboot before it was even thought of. I wanted to rewrite Season One and Dimension Rewritten was the original plan to do it, only this "movie" would be doing it with the alternate dimension crew from Alternate Scorpion. This is the dimension Lena was born into so you can see the problem with it already. My biggest problem at the time was the ending. There was none. The only possible ending was already written in Do's and Don'ts in B4FV Season Two where the ship is destroyed and Lena escapes. That's a big "movie" and even Season One didn't cover that many years.

What eventually done it in was the writers block. I was starting to slow down near the end of B4FV3 and I remember asking forum go-ers and other readers via polls on the site if they'd prefer this or Season Five. S5 won. It was unofficially cancelled. I don't think I mentioned that anywhere, it was just deleted from coming soon's, episode lists etc... Eventually it was gone for definite when I decided to rewrite Season One properly (though for some reason I decided to start with Caretaker at first) which was back in 2010. Some of the ideas for it ended up in the 200th episode Five and Rebooted Year of Hell.

Check Episode Trivia for some last chunks of information, they're all in the Alternate Scorpion section.


Season: B4FV Three

I'd forgotten all about this. After looking for something else, I noticed this episode in the B4FV3 list of (at the time) upcoming episodes. It was based between Alter Ego and Loved Up. All it says about it is several crewmembers get 10 years younger. Obviously it was removed cos it was just an excuse to do a FV rascals. Yeah again, obviously I really wanted one.


Numerous "Season Five" rejects

There are a few in this section, the reason why they're all together will become clear. Like above these were found during a hunt for something. S5 was severely reduced when the series made a comeback (until episodes got too big for their slots and were split into two, bringing the season back to the originally planned 29 episodes). I thought that it would take me a few years to finish S5 at my current pace, so why fill it with filler? Basically everything that's currently there that you can read, or read about in the appropriate page is necessary for the season's storyline. The other reason was that I never wrote down that much notes. I figured I'd remember everything and the season would be finished come 2007 time (another page I found confirmed that, yikes). I mostly have remembered... the important stuff. The filler, not so much.

So anyway let's have a look at what ended up on the cutting room floor, some even have a synopsis:

Out of Sight, Out of Mind
Official Synopsis: When members of the Leda crew start going missing, Harry thinks that the ghost of the original Leda has caught up with them.
I don't remember this one. Yeah, that's always a good reason for cancelling an episode.

No synopsis but luckily I remember this. Warning, spoilers for late Season Five from Heaven Sent to Closure
This episode was removed around about the time Death of the Soul replaced Dead or Alive; basically when the trainees were decided to be narrowed down, so to speak. There were going to be a few episodes where they would have worked with Ylara as well to build up to this one. By this episode Lena had returned and they would blame her for Ylara's death. Also there was the subplot that a couple of them would dabble in witchcraft too to boost themselves, power wise. I removed this as I just plainly didn't like it and I wanted the trainees to have less scenes, not more.

The episode would have been in Bounds of Illusion and Within Reach's place, or close to it. I imagine if I kept it, the two plots would have merged in some way. Somehow. Lena was the closest to a main character in it after all.

Now that the series is complete, I can safely say that Friction was a prelude, a foreshadowing to the events of Speaking In Riddles, Say It Again With Emotion and Closure. If you haven't read Closure, skip ahead. If you have you may have noticed this anyway. None of the trainees were going to be involved in this episodes, but it would hint that there's a tense history between witches and Slayers.

An Eternal Flame
No synopsis.
From my memory and the notes from the older sites, this was solely character based. I hadn't yet come up with anything else for it. In the end it got replaced by Closure, so when it did the "boring" character stuff mostly went with it. There's still some in it, it has that title for a very good reason, but honestly the episode will be big enough without stuff that can easily go in other episodes if I want it kept.

Phobia Minds
No synopsis.

I have reason to believe this was an empty slot episode, a season five arc one, given a title for some reason. It was in Echoes place, more or less, with Closure/Eternal Flame being before it.


The Killing Game / We Play The Game *updated*
Season: Reboot Season One

I've always loved The Killing Game, but I didn't pick it to be in the original first season for a reason. As it's been many years I had no clue what that was until I put it in the reboot version and started to try and write it. I went from using the original holodeck programs to trying to think of new ones, going back to the original program and then finally to the Hirogen using actual games. Once I finally found a way to write it, I did but I felt it was a little flat. I mean yeah my writing is generally very generic and boring, but this was different. I can't really explain it better than I have.

When I decided to change the programs to games instead, the opening I made for the episode had to be edited and moved into Collective Instinct. In the end though I had the big issue of showing enough of both games' stories so readers who didn't know them could understand what was happening. Most people know about WW2, and the Klingon program all you needed to know were that these Klingons were warring with each other and they were pissed most of the time. It wasn't going to work.

The deleted material is further down in the Deleted Scenes if you're interested on what may have been.


Season: Season Four

I don't know why I'm including this here as I don't remember anything about the episode itself. The stuff I do know is that the episode was in Burnt Out And Falling's place for a while (no Burnt Out And Falling always existed, it was just later). It was replaced by Corporal Form and moved forward to be filler before crap hits the fan in Closing of the Eyes.


Deciding Fate
Season: B4FV Season Three

Since it's in the part of the season where the Facing Fears saga starts (and that is missing from the old release list I'm looking at), I could assume it was the original saga opener. As I'll never be sure of that when anything that may have this info died with my old computers, I'm not putting this in FF's trivia. It's a separate episode until I find otherwise.


Record Breaking
Season: B4FV Season Three

I shouldn't put this here as I know absolutely nothing about this. Yeah even more so than the two above. I guess it's here just in case I ever find any information. Like the above, I found this title in a release schedule made back in April 2004. For any curious it was after the saga and just before Loved Up.


Father's Shadow
Season: B4FV Season Three

I actually have very vague memories of this. I have a feeling that Deck Thirteen replaced this since it "stars" the same two characters. James and Tom don't get along, they're opposites blah blah... but something happens (don't ask me what, it was a loose episode idea) that makes them either see images of their fathers or meet aliens just like the other's father. For example Tom meets somebody who's a sexist pig who tells him to man up. I'm leaning more towards the former. It sounds a bit cheesy but the pair would have something in common and an issue to deal with together. They still bicker and everything, that can't change, it's a prequel haha. Deck Thirteen is far better.


After A Coda
Season: B4FV Season Three

I knew it! I knew I had a Coda episode. True it says After but still! I don't remember it, but I assume from the title and my memories of original Aggressions that it's an aftermath to the Janeway pregnancy discovery. I can see why it's gone.


Deleted Scenes

I think this part will be quite small as I don't delete many scenes, and if I do I rarely keep them.

The Killing Game / We Play The Game (View) *new*
Episode No: N/A originally 1.08

This is technically a deleted episode. A lot of it was written before I decided to give up on it. I've left it mostly as it was. The scenes that made it into other episodes have obviously been removed here. The Collective Instinct scenes were removed before the cancellation anyway, but there was one that nearly made it here until it was edited into Extreme Night. Which one? Wouldn't you like to know... probably not :P

I struggled to come up with a more original way of presenting this Voyager original. I didn't have many new things to offer a repeat of the World War 2 and Klingon war version, so I decided to use actual video games for the Hirogen's program. I seemed to be doing okay with the episode, but I was concerned that I had to spend a lot more time explaining the story behind the two programs, whereas with WW2 a vast majority of people have a good idea what to expect and the Klingon program didn't need much. It also didn't help that one of the games I picked may not be that well known, which made the problem a little bigger.

It's a shame, I think the episode was quite good but again, the stories in both despite my best efforts were a little hard to follow if you didn't know the games. What did I expect, it was bad enough to write the story of one RPG game in the episode, but two? Haha. The two are known for their plot twists, so yeah :/

If you don't want to know which games before reading, skip to the next episode. First, clues. The title We Play was a hint to their original consoles; Play=Playstation, We=Wii. One of the games is the most popular and well known of its series, We Play wasn't the first time I used it for jokes or anything. The other game recently got a spiritual sequel, and had the glorious honour to my amusement of being released in the UK before America, a good year or so (ah good times, it was hilarious watching the tears coming from the other side for once). The game's probably more famous for the memes spawned from it in recent times. Actually, funnily enough the MC's from both games are in the same fighting (I think?) game.

The first game shown, which was to be the primary one to replace WW2, was a "little" game called Xenoblade Chronicles on the Wii (and now the 3DS). The second? Final Fantasy VII/7. How the hell I planned on keeping that as the side game, I really don't know.


Yesteryear (View)
Episode No: B4FV 3.09

Scenes I figured the episode could do without, mainly ones involving Damien and the FVDA (I remember one being the introduction to the Tim character), were removed when the episode was starting to get a bit lengthily.

I managed to find them while looking for something else on my main computer. It was hidden amongst other random files I salvaged from the broken one, so bonus. I didn't find any other deleted scenes I didn't already have, but this is better than none at all.


Virtual Fairytale
Episode No: None. Season Five Special.

I can't remember the full story, but I'll try to explain what I do. Virtual Fairytale was the Christmas episode, and I wanted it up around that time, however I had placed it later in Season Five so the episode was based around Christmas and I hadn't reached that point. As I didn't want to leave it until the following year, I wrote it and tried to release it early.

This is the part where my memory is a bit sketchy. I know I had troubles uploading it but I also know that I lost most of it somehow and I failed to notice the former (at least) for a while. I didn't like what I had done for it anyway and there was a later episode similar to it (which I've cancelled since) so I used the time to change the second half to what it is now. Two scenes survived, well two and a bit did. One of them was edited and put into the new version anyway. The episode was re-released but I honestly don't remember when, hence why the episode archive has the original release date. The new parts were written in July 2006 so probably around then.


Unknown Season Five Episode

I was inspired by a conversation with a member on the forums, so I decided to do a "random" flashback to a character's past. At the time it wasn't in a particular episode, I think I planned for it to be in the Queuing Forever/Dead or Alive (now known as Death of the Soul) saga but I'm not 100% sure on that. Unfortunately these scenes were deleted unintentionally and would have probably fit perfectly in the episode Lifestyles or possibly Three's A Paradox. I think it was on my previous computer which, as I've mentioned already, died in 2012 and I had no idea that my laptop didn't have it. It wasn't backed up before the computer was fully wiped.

For anyone curious it was Damien's flashback to his childhood. I remember the details of it so it may be rewritten someday. It annoys me that I lost it. I haven't a clue what the filename for it was but I'm still certain it's gone.

Updated Information - August 2014

While I was bored I browsed the old forum and found a topic about this very thing. It apparently was released as a sneak peak in 2008, for Three's A Paradox. At the time Paradox was based directly after Dead Or Alive and I had decided to move the scene(s) into Paradox, probably to reduce its potentially mammoth size. -- A/N I assume this was when I had changed it from the DoA/Queuing Forever/Paradise trilogy to the solo Death of the Soul and hadn't changed the title yet --

Maybe someone has read it, maybe not, who can say? The topic had 442 views but that means nothing, the forum was later closed due to excessive spambots. Anyway the file I linked to apparently had scenes about a character I can't remember, I have a feeling it was related to the joke on the forum about Damien meeting his match and falling for her (yeah I twisted that around, didn't I lol). It also had a scene with Kevin talking about the holodeck, which I think still made it into QF (why the hell it was in Paradox, he's not even in it). Then again, the file that was linked was called deadoralive.html.

Yes I searched for it on my old backup hard drive and the new one, nothing. It's gone. If I'm wrong about the 442 views for the most part and someone read it, even saved it, help me out here please. I'll pay you with cookies.


Year of Hell - Rebooted Version
Episode No: 1.03

With the episode approaching Aggression length, a few ideas for scenes were left on the writing board. One of them was written in a notepad. I haven't typed it up yet, but it's not like it'll take very long. The scene was harmless enough, like a few scenes in YOH it was only a character based one, it didn't develop the plot and I was nearing the end at that point. It'll probably appear on a later update so keep an eye out.

The first scene to be cut would have been another tie in to the Season Five episode Three's A Paradox. Again I'll warn you, if you haven't read that, skip this paragraph. It's brief, but there is another one that did make it into the episode. Anyway the one that got skipped was Kes' departure. There's a scene during Three showing it, just like some of Caretaker's Reboot was. The scene was cut mainly because Kes' exit was meant to be abrupt, not as badly as it was in the original Season One mind you. FV Kes is supposed to just disappear without much warning, at the very least in the crew's eyes. There wasn't really any need to see her actually leaving at that moment, especially as it wasn't much different to her original departure. The only difference was the Three's A Paradox stuff, which would have just been a one lined joke in YOH. Not worth it.

Other scenes that weren't written out were character filler, like I mentioned above. I'm disappointed that I felt that I had to leave some of it out. They basically would have filled in the days in Part 2 so there were less giant gaps in between scenes. There's nothing really new there as the scenes were expanding on previous character scenes.

I had planned to have an extra catastrophe fill in the gaps, similar to original YOH (FV Original and Original Voyager) with the meteor shower bombarding the ship. It was cut to reduce the size of the episode, however it would have gave away the temporal anomaly problem ages before they figured it out. Also the asteroids/meteorites etc... wouldn't have been as dangerous if they were hitting the ship in slow motion. The Titanic joke from Part 1 would have come up again, so for those two things it's a good thing it didn't make it.

There's more but they were taken out long before it was the reboot. Originally YOH was a chapter in the B4FV "movie" Dimension Rewritten. I'll probably go into that a lot more elsewhere (Cancelled Episodes and/or Episode Trivia). Basically though the movie was the sequel to Alternate Scorpion and was going to follow the alternate timeline that Lena is born in. It was scrapped before the Reboot, but the Reboot did make it official in the end.


Death of the Soul (View)
Episode No: 5.09

For those who were confused about Voyager's plans in this episode, there's a very good reason for it. The scene explaining it was deleted, or more accurately copied to another file and had parts of it copied & edited into the second scene of Part 3. There were two drafts of this scene as well. Despite everything that happens in this episode, I felt there was still a lot of talking going on and during writing the plan scene I figured this was unnecessary and a little long winded. I figured it would be best to show and not tell for once. The notes in the file explains this better, I hope.


Dead or Alive (coming soon, possibly)
Episode No: N/A originally 5.08

Whilst hunting for something else I discovered a notebook that had a few scenes from the original Queuing Forever/Death of the Soul, originally titled Dead or Alive. DoA changed quite a bit during its name change, and typically the scenes I found were only the changed parts. Two of them were the old scrapped Jessie gets sick plot, while I believe another was an unfinished scene with the trainees and James. Back then the planet was not going to get involved until the cancelled episode Paradise, and the Flyer was just going to be kidnapped by the erm... *cough avoiding spoilers cough* aliens responsible instead like Jessie and Damien were. The other differences were the entire trainee squadron would be there and James didn't get out of it (the original release of Death of the Soul in 2008 backed this up, though it's deleted now heh).

I haven't decided if I'm going to type all of these found scenes out, mainly cos these are from a cancelled episode. I'm mentioning it here to at least acknowledge their existence. I do know there's another notebook somewhere that had the James takes the trainees out and they get captured scenes, which I remember very well being a factor in the writers block. I struggled with those scenes for a while, and at the time I only thought it was cos there were too many "guest star" characters in it. Whether it was one of the reasons or not, it gave me the idea to spread the trainees out once the Voyager gets invaded plot was moved to take place while the Flyer was gone. Also those scenes are to blame for the deaths of many of them, including the other watcher. It's probably why the Delta Flyer gets captured/attacked scenes in Death were so short and to the point as well.

Anyway if I decide to share these, I'll probably wait until I find that other notebook. Might as well keep the scenes all together.


Meets the Eye (View)
Episode No: 5.07

For a while after release Meets the Eye had a completely different opening. I ended up removing the whole thing - and editing an odd few things in the finished version to suit - because it was supposed to be just a joke and it wasn't really that funny. To me anyway. I'll bet nobody finds FV funny anyway ^_^ At the time one of the FV "actors" was in the Big Brother house and the whole thing was basically to make fun of the whole thing. Also there was a guest star that was supposed to make fun of an online game I was playing. The character of Jade was introduced in the deleted scenes, so her introduction had to be moved to that brief scene in the transporter room instead.


Heaven Sent (View)
Episode No: 5.15

Warning this may include spoilers. If you haven't read the episode then avoid this and ESPECIALLY avoid its section in Episode Trivia. You have been warned.

I knew this one would be a tough cookie. No matter how I decided to write it, it was going to be sappy, sad, depressing, not FV style "funny" etc... In other words this one was always going to take me a while. I didn't know though that I'd end up giving up and starting again three times. Apart from Death of the Soul/Dead or Alive, that has never happened before. Yeah I've restarted once by choice or by computer disaster but not thrice.

Scenes got mostly removed, edited to hell, had lines stolen from them to go into new ones, or just halved in some cases. Two scenes that were near the beginning just ended up being shafted completely, which is a shame as they were character developy. They weren't necessary for the plot thought, basically they were just there to show how one of the characters were affected by what was happening.

This one took a while to setup as the original draft(s) of Heaven Sent remained in a separate file, and a lot of it did end up in the finished product. I've had to go through the episode to see what was taken out. Never mind, it's here now.


Five (View)
Episode No: 5.17

Warning this WILL include spoilers. If you haven't read the episode then avoid this. You have been warned.


Strangely enough, Part Two was the hardest part to do and because of that some of it ended up abandoned in a separate html file. If you've read this episode already, you'll know that some of the episode was written in a sort of (bad) first person perspective. The original draft there was a lot more of it to explain what happened between the Peter and Janeway scene and Voyager's trip to the Delta Quadrant. I decided to cut it down for a few reasons;

a) Kathryn had a lot more thoughts to share and I knew the rest of the episode wasn't going to be like this. Well I did, but I hadn't yet decided on Lena's scenes in Part Four, but hey it's still only a short part of the episode.

b) If I remember the order right, there was going to be a flashback within a flashback. After the Peter scene there was a brief monologue and then bam, they're in the Delta Quadrant. Kathryn would then remember the James and her scene that's still there, but edited, which would prompt an even earlier flashback where she talks about quitting Starfleet. I was quite pleased with what I wrote for the most part, so editing it out would have been a pain. In the end that scene got moved to before the Delta scene. That just opened up a can of worms though.

c) Five is supposed to show the differences between the timelines, the scenes in question didn't do this properly. They'd show the later differences, but not what caused them. Fitting in that particular scene meant changing the whole transition to Voyager.

The first deleted scene here is barely a scene as some was kept, just reorganised. What you get here is how it looked before I made the changes.

The second cutscenes I was quite upset about removing. These ones belonged to Part Four. The episode had or was about to overtake Death of the Soul size, and I felt that the scenes I was writing did nothing but hint to the Season Five or technically the Five timeline more than it should. It's not that I wasn't supposed to, there was stuff in each timeline/part that was hinting to it, but that was all it was supposed to do, hint. Part Four was verging on explaining or saying too much, and that's all yet to come. What Part Four was always supposed to be focused on, at least near the end of it, was Lena. She had to be shown growing up, and that was far more important than showing the Season Five storyarc from another timeline's point of view. There's the whole rest of S5 to develop that arc.

Anyway, the scenes I did are untouched and are available to read now. I'm annoyed I talked myself out of keeping them, but I prefer the Lena's point of view scenes a whole lot more.


Bounds of Illusion / Within Reach
Episode No: 5.19 / 5.20

I'm not sure if these will ever make it onto the site. I just want to admit that there are a lot of these. This episode was "developement" hell. It would probably put Heaven Sent's deleted scenes page to shame


Speaking In Riddles
Episode No: 5.21

This episode was, with the exception of the opening scene, written in chronological order. It began with a gathering in the Mess Hall. In the end I thought that even though it's purely character based, it wasn't needed. It basically was just a scene to get the Enterprise crewmembers up to date with some Season Five events. They were all character events though; Jessie's pregnancy, Daniel's coma and Lena's return. It's probably not interesting enough to share but I probably will anyway.