I like music, Fifth Voyager has been abused plenty by this as you probably know. Sometimes I like to alter lyrics of songs I like (or don't!) for a multitude of reasons, most of the time for the "luls". I thought while writing Bittersweet, it'd be nice to keep a record of them all. So here they are, divided into the episodes they debuted in.

You may notice some certain ones haven't made it. Those are mostly the ones that are in the don't like (anymore) pile, and can't stomach even sharing the altered lyrics. Sorry.


Unknown Episodes

Coffee Delicious (original)


The Rhythm (B4FV 3.01)
This list includes some of the songs cut out, since they were done pre-writing the episode. They'll be the ones in italics. A couple are missing, one by mistake as it was super short and I skipped over it, and the other must've been (re)written at the time the episode was as its file was empty.

The Rhythm
Coffee Delicious (J/C version)
Nobody Dance or Sing
There He Goes
It's Illogical To Sing
Wrong With My Head
Left Here All Alone
Love Spell
My Game
Was Overprotect Me
Thirteen (Sun's Down)
The Riddles
Fight You
Can't Fight The Nightlife
Make Believe
Where's My Coffee
Who Are You
Not Gone Long
I'm Lying
We're For The Music
Programme It
Too In Love With You
Kill Me One More Time


The Rhythm (Reboot Replacement Songs)

Caffeine Rush
Gimme You


Muse In Fear Haven

One More Coffee


Live Games

Tragedy (Drunk Season 1 Version)



Tragedy (Sober Season 2 Version)
Special Night
Gotta Be Kidding
Bye Bye My Sister Ex
Feel The Beat
Half A Heart
Sound of the Underground
Here We Go (Kids Version)