Reboot Season One
Episode Trivia

Note: This page is dedicated to trivia about the newer, modern day version of Season One written from the year 2012 to 2018. There is a separate page for the original version that was written in the years 2000 and 2001.

Note 2: This page may contain some vague or minor spoilers for later seasons as well. You may see some for the prequels as well but they're even more vague than the main season ones. The spoilers themselves are usually formatted in a darker colour so they don't stand out as much. If you can't read them, highlighting the text usually works. I assume most browsers are set so that still works.

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Title Meaning
Janeway's pregnancy has left her very volatile and reckless, which affects her judgement.

Its initial inspiration had the character involved making all sorts of reckless decisions at the heat of the moment, hence the plural version of the original title.

I realised that since Aggressions only focused on one reckless decision and not numerous, the title Aggression made more sense.

Alternate Titles

The basic idea for the episode alone originally came from a chapter with the same title of my abandoned novel. It then became another abandoned novel titled Tragedy. Elements from both were used for the original version of the episode. Or they should've been.

Original Voyager Episodes Used
Alter Ego

Brief Facts
1) The reboot of this was the second attempt to revive the series after a long hiatus.

2) The 2010 parts of the episode, which there wasn't much of, were mistakenly written as if Aggression was based at the same time as Original Scorpion and Alternate Scorpion in B4FV3. FV's version of these events were meant to be based two months later, and so when I returned to it in 2011, the episode had to be heavily edited.

Note: So it doesn't get confusing with the first few facts, "2010" is the initial draft of the reboot episode, "Aggression" is the finished version, "Original Version" is self explanatory but just in case, it's the 2000 version that's no longer canon.

3) Also, 2010 had a different structure all together. It would still have the flashbacks to "Season Three" but the Scorpion scenes were in mostly* chronological order.

4) Mostly*; Scorpion Part 2's first scene, where Janeway confirms they have an alliance with the Borg, was 2010's opening scene. After that the episode would've been chronological.

5) The reason for changing the order was because I worried that anyone reading the B4FV series first, would have recently read Alternate Scorpion. I didn't want the two to feel like the same episode.

6) The original version showed that Damien was someone the crew already knew when he appeared, as well as thought of as harmless. As. The new scene itself may be different, but the intent is the same.

7) I tried to write Aggression as if it still was the first episode of a new series. That's why the characters all have their odd descriptions before they're named.

8) It's also why the first Voyager scene was changed to be the crew evaluations. I thought what better way to introduce the "newbies" like Jessie, James, Craig, and at a stretch Damien.

9) The original only introduced Craig, then later Kiara was born. James and Jessie didn't originally appear or exist until episode 4, Hunters.

10) I thought about doing the same thing here, at least with Jessie for story reasons, but I badly wanted them to no longer be tied to the awfulness of Hunters. Also James had no story reasons for being missing for the first three.

11) The changes to Year of Hell also were a big reason why.

12) One of the many issues with the original I wanted to fix was the treatment of Kes. She disappeared in between scenes, with someone missing her being the final scene.

13) The reboot removed the writers characters, as I believe it was the biggest reason why the original Season One turned into the mess it was.

Background Information
I created Fifth Voyager with one simple enough premise; one small event can completely change the path Voyager follows. (repeating myself, read more about the episode itself's background info in Aggressions' trivia)

FV had rushed its way to late Season Four and the final prequel season in roughly 4 years. I was finally settling down and committing to telling the stories a little better. That meant episodes were taking longer to release. A small price to pay.

By the time I reached Season Five something started to go wrong. To cut a long tedious story shorter, I put too much pressure on myself to get this season not only right, but perfect. Perfect, as in it had to live up to my imagination of it all. Season Five was the abandoned three novels Millennium, an idea that IMO was my best one yet, until FV was created. I felt I needed to do it justice.

The pressure made it impossible for me to go on. I know I'm a poor, basic writer. I'm still learning after so many years. I judged anything I wrote as rubbish and would delete it again. The series came to a stand still after 8 S5 episodes. 8 and a bit technically.

I decided that the safest way to go about reviving the series was writing something simpler. There was too much at stake with S5. I had wanted to rewrite older episodes for years. I first decided on doing Caretaker again. You can see for yourself how well that went. Two parts out of eight for many years until inspiration this year managed to help spit out three parts in a few weeks.

I never liked Caretaker, mine or Voyager's, and I realised that it wasn't the best place to start. I redirected my energy to Season One itself, my preferred starting point to the series for new readers. At least with that I had an idea how to fix it, whereas with Caretaker and Prequel Season One I had little to work with.

Aggression was born. Unfortunately it wasn't quite as simple as write Aggression=FV returns. Aggression's first draft in 2010 was interrupted by many family troubles, which naturally killed any momentum I'd made with the episode. It also didn't help that I thought to bring Aggression and FV itself back online on its anniversary, and when that date flew by with everything going on, I lost my motivation.

It took many months to pursuade myself to continue. In fact, it wasn't only Aggression that brought FV from its early grave. I thought if I'm going to give Season One its much needed makeover, I'm gonna eventually get to later seasons. I then figured I should pick a season that only had a few problems, and fix them. Season Four was first on the firing line, with three episodes I wasn't happy with. One episode was based on an ancient 2000/2001 idea, and was as expected poor. A new idea to replace it came to mind and so I started writing that.

Aggression certainly was the inspiration, but it was Dissidia that saved the day. I was enjoying writing again. As far as I was concerned, there was no risk involved with Dissidia. If it failed, I could keep its original episode Flesh Eaters, and no one would need to know. I also thought I couldn't really do a worse job than Flesh Eaters, so whatever I managed to finish would be a better replacement by default.

I didn't finish Dissidia in those two months. I was about a third of the way through when I felt Aggression calling back to me. I realised the two biggest problems with the 2010 version immediately. Both of them were linked in some way, so once I noticed them and fixed it, Aggression had new life. I don't remember getting stuck on it ever again. Fingers flew across the keyboard, countless coffee's and Cherry Coke's were drank, and best of all, a smile was on my face for a lot of its creation.

It was simple when it all came down to it. I was taking my hobby far too seriously. I worried about not getting feedback and how simple I was writing, that I forgot why I started writing in the first place. I wanted to share my crazy ideas and have fun doing it. Aggression is definitely one of the post writers block episodes that I think shows perfectly my state of mind while writing it.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
In the old version of this page I wrote the trivia for original and reboot while reading through the episode. Most of what's left to go in here is from that.

1) The original version of Aggressions shows the classic battle between the good way and the lazy way of doing things. I wanted FV to have a serious side but still have room for jokes and silly situations. Part 1 did that fine enough for its age, Part 2 on the other hand simply gave up.

It's probably not that simple though. I remembered that back in this time, my experience in the fiction world was daft comic books, silly slapstick jokes at Voyager and others expense, and rip offs labelled as parodies. I jumped right into FV and was later surprised when it became all of these things. What did I expect?

Even then I don't think that's the sole explanation. I thought picking Aggressions as the pilot was a good idea, and in fairness it was in theory. I didn't think though that having Scorpion as my premiere episode meant that I had to waste a lot of it going through Q and the Grey, Alter Ego, Coda (well any J/C S3 episode) and reluctantly Unity in some way to set it up.

Having these lot before the main event was always a recipe for disaster. It's little wonder that when I finally got to it, the impatient 15 year old wanted to finish the episode. Even if I had hung in there and wrote it how I wanted it, instead of lazily going back to my comicy/parody ways, I think the Scorpion side of the story would've suffered the same way.

The tiny bits of Scorpion were a mess, Aggressions' original point barely got a look in cos of that, and that was my lovely season premiere. It was a miracle I decided to go on after that. Perhaps just finishing anything despite it being awful, was enough to encourage me to do so.

I know this looks more like trivia for the original, but please, bare with me.

I didn't want to fall into that trap again. I didn't rush to the finish line anymore, I was more concerned about the pacing. I still needed some of these earlier scenes though. If I couldn't have them all as a long set up at the beginning, there was only one alternative. Flashbacks.

Figuring out where the flashbacks should go within the episode is always a little tough to do. I know the first one ended up being a long exposition style kind, as I couldn't see how I could split them up safely. Other than that, I felt like it worked out. Scorpion takes centre stage from beginning to end, that's how it should've always been.

2) My biggest concern with new Aggression was that the one of the last things I finished and released before the hiatus was Alternate Scorpion. I had to try not to repeat myself too much, and when I did I had to make some joke out of it. Coming back out of writers block I did think this would cause problems that would put me off, and I believe it did just that as Aggression was left for a year. Nevertheless I think I did it.

3) Comic Sans MS. Everyone hates it, I didn't. I thought its goofy look suited FV at the time. Aggressions and FV I had wanted it to be serious with a few jokes in it, kinda like S5 is now, but I couldn't do it. FV ended up starting as a parody so why not have a font that nobody takes seriously either. I don't remember when I started releasing new episodes in the current font (FYI Verdana's always been my favourite), but it made no sense to have Reboot One keep using Comic Sans. So yes, first change right there.

4) Spoilers - Q and the Grey flashback was exactly the same, except he mentioned Chakotay. There was no difference, so no reason to do that again. B4FV's Q and the Grey did its bit but Aggression itself needed a better scene to leave a hint to what's going on there. There's a difference between giving hints and being vague to being soooo vague that it just looks like a random scene. Sigh.

5) Craig's original intro isn't that bad, so it was mostly kept. The edits were mainly to get rid of the characters I had planned to be regular guest stars which failed immediately. The banter between Tom and Craig is much improved.

6) Remember the two issues I mentioned in 2010's draft, that had to be fixed first before I could write the episode? No. Yes. Who cares? Why am I reading this? Whatever your answer, here goes.

I briefly explained that Aggression's first failure was forgetting that Fifth Voyager's Scorpion events happen later than original Voyager, and the B4FV3 AU finale. Also that I was concerned about Aggression being read directly after Alternate Scorpion, or simply having a very similar episode.

Note: I have good reasons for why the episode is based 2 months later, which aren't meant to be explained in Aggression, so don't worry, I won't blab about that here.

The problems were linked in a way. Once I figured that out, the episode had nothing to get in its way. Well, other than working out dates in this non chronological ordered episode.

Simply: Aggression was never meant to take part at the same time as Scorpion. So really, why would everything happen the same way? It shouldn't. The Borg would've been at war longer and lost far more ships in that time. Voyager wouldn't have stumbled across the Borg graveyard that only days/hours ago overtook them, making the entire Voyager crew collectively crap themselves.

It wasn't something I discovered/thought of then and there. Aggressions was meant to do this at the start. In my rusty still writers block mindset I had forgotten this fact.

I know some things still happen the same way. In my simple mind I determined that once something had happened to get them back on track, that they'd follow the same path.


Once Voyager discovers the North West passage, they'd obviously head for it no matter when they arrived.

The Borg alliance goes the same way as they're a collective mind, they have the same agenda. I'm certain they would've done the exact same things two months later.

It's also the first episode. I had the whole season to show Voyager drifting in another direction to the original. The first episode still had to have similarities.

There are other reasons. They still get overtaken by a Borg armada, only smaller and damaged, because the scene was from the draft 2010 version. I wanted the scene kept and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show that things were different in a subtle way. I didn't want them all to be in your face different.

The other was isolated to the alliance aspect only. I thought it was funny that despite all the changes with Janeway being pregnant and angry, that she'd still do the same thing in this state. Only the crew would think she wouldn't have done it otherwise, we know better. There's a certain fate angle to be considered here.

7) Yeah my cameos as well as my friends of the past, by Season Three maybe end of Two I was sick of it. I had already began to phase it out. However reboot gave me a chance to get rid of it completely. It's definitely one of my bigger problems. The Old Man joke has also gone, but more because of its lack of originality. Of course because he was introduced in B4FV3, before the reboot was decided on, he had to be disposed of first.

8) To the people that prefer B'Elanna deciding to stab Riley in the stomach over her arguing with Tom until they start making out, I fear for you ^_^. What the hell was I thinking? I thought Season Two was my homicidal tendency season, yikes.

9) If anyone actually is curious, I didn't remove the Team Rocket motto's from the reboot cos I hate them now. I do hate the writer ones cos they're writer scenes, just so you know. I just think they're only funny if Damien and his group use them. They were so overused, in almost every episode and were direct rip offs from Pokémon episodes anyway. I only like the ones where Justin, Myleene etc... try to make their own, or rather I make my own up.

10) Last but not least, Kes doesn't leave in a unseen poof of smoke. I wanted her around for Year of Hell and I'll go into that in the right place.

I already knew this, but oh my god her exit is insulting in the original! How my first reader that I knew of and now a dear friend of mine who was a Kes fan, was ok with this I'll never know. How the hell did he overlook such a middle finger flip to the character of Kes, I should ask him someday. I'm sure he'd appreciate the new Year of Hell as it was an all time favourite and treats Kes with the respect she deserves.

Aggressions she doesn't even leave, somebody just mentions her. There's no explanation, nothing. Spoilers I remember wanting it to be abrupt cos of the stuff that happens in Season Two but this is just stupid. Spoilers End Sigh. Instead her story is shown and she gets a cliffhanger to herself, which lasted for quite a few months while I wrote Death of the Soul and Sin Deep. Speaking of which, to be continued.

More Or Less
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Title Meaning
A quote from The Gift where Janeway basically says "Kes wants to be something more, and Seven is afraid to be something less".

Alternate Titles

The Gift

Original Voyager Episodes Used
The Gift

Brief Facts
1) This replaced the really unimportant, no one will miss it episode Mental Illness.

2) The episode was originally the opening scenes to Year Of Hell, which would've been episode 2.

3) The plans for it were too long to merely be an opening few scenes, so became an episode of its own, bringing Year of Hell back to episode 3.

4) More Or Less is not only a character episode for Kes and Seven, it also sets up the Year of Hell arc.

5) Mental Illness was meant to be Craig's episode since he was new. He doesn't really get any focus until episode 6 now.

6) This episode's a bit tricky, as unlike original S1 it tries to show the reader that there's more to the series than it being a "J/C have a kid, lol" fanfiction. I was concerned the episode said too much.

7) The episode also refers to events from the prequels. It isn't there to make people read them (prequel>main, main>prequel, both have their pros and cons). It's there mainly to show that things aren't quite right, that something before Scorpion has changed things.

8) The opening was written directly after Aggression without a break. Then work began on the comeback with reboots from Season Four, B4FV2, and one of the MI parodies. A few scenes were written now and then until work began in mid 2013, nearly 2 years after it was started.

9) Some of the episode was written while it was still Year of Hell.

10) I imagine More or Less raises more questions than it answers, it's intended to intruige but a flaw all the same. Some questions like why do Kes and James remember something differently doesn't get answered for a couple of seasons. Or its already answered/hinted at in the prequels. I'm mean.

11) You can tell where I stopped writing the episode and restarted. The first "new" scene has a continuity error that can be easily explained, but was forgotten about and not mentioned because of the 2 year gap. My only clue is keep an eye on Kes at the beginning.

12) The episode Hunters Again was written before the majority of More Or Less.

Background Information
I think Brief Facts already has this covered. Sometime in the hiatus I discovered that the episode Year of Hell was originally planned to be a season long arc. It was discarded to be a one episode deal because of regular J/C writer Jeri Taylor. It bummed me out a lot as I would've loved to have seen this. I hated the reset button at the end. It also would've passified the anti-Voyager crowd who today still whine about lack of continuity and character development, but still have Seven "I can't cry, love or dream anymore" of Nine as their favourite character.

I also found out that Kes wasn't always going to leave, Harry was. 8472 was meant to kill him. He was only kept over her because he was "pretty". Someone had to leave for Seven, and it ended up being her.

I remembered Before and After where Kes was around for the Year of Hell. It confirmed this information for me. It also got my imagination into a tizzy. What would a season long Year of Hell be like, and what would it be like with Kes around? I think the only bad thing would be hooking her up with Tom, yuck. Oh and poor Harry.

Back to FV, I originally planned to mess around with this in an alternate reality "movie" based after B4FV3's Alternate Scorpion. Don't worry, there's no spoilers here. The movie was delayed in favour of Season Five, which then went into a hiatus of its own for a few years so yeah, the movie was never gonna happen.

I thought there was little point in this now, I had other plans. It seemed like a risky idea to use it in the reboot instead. My only ideas for Season One's reboot was to give the older episodes endings, fill out scenes, get rid of the exclaimed/muttered bots, and rescue the out of character people. If I did this it would alter the canon of the series, something which is a big no no for me.

I realised something though. Season One's version of Voyager's fourth season does very little. You've got Aggressions (Scorpion), a new episode, Year of Hell, Hunters (not really) and Unforgettable. So that's four, which only two actually bothered to use. One of those two is Pokémon crossover with word-for-word copy of Year of Hell anyway, so that leaves Unforgettable. Which gets forgotten about but I digress.

Simply nothing happens that can be retconned by this new idea. The stuff that does happen wouldn't be affected by Voyager being damaged. I also wouldn't have to go as far as Year of Hell eventually did. I needed to clean up the later episodes quite a bit, so there was more slots available to devote to season four.

In a nutshell nothing would have to change in the canon to do this Year of Hell arc. Season One covers three Voyager seasons after all, so it didn't have to be the whole thing, just a third.

It got my interest, and at the time I still really needed some inspiration to write.

More Or Less itself started out as a prologue to Year of Hell, but in the end it was threatening to make an already long episode even longer, so it was made into its own episode as a FV take on The Gift.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) As an infamous hater of Seven of Nine I felt like original Season One made me look petty, and I was determined with the reboot here to write her normally to show why.

I've said elsewhere that I started out liking her, or at least the idea of her. This is why Lena/Morgan was made a Borg character in the first place. I thought it was an excellent idea to have a kid assimilated and then set free as an adult.

I'm probably the only person who thinks the Voyager writers did it all wrong, yet they started out so well. It didn't help that she was forced down our throats as early as Season Four. I know I'm guilty of doing the exact same thing with my characters and I apologise for and regret it, it is something I'm still trying to fix. I say trying but it isn't really that hard, but hey. Anyway as usual I'm off track.

I wanted to write Seven as she came off to me and draw attention to it. Original One she just annoyed the crew before she even did anything, it wasn't that fair and again made me look petty. True Janeway hates her indiscriminantly but that's just an ongoing joke I didn't plan to have go longer than Year of Hell, oops. So yeah, I had to develop Seven normally, Spoilers which I figured writing alongside Season Five's Annika would be tough. It was a bit, it's probably why I have Janeway hating on her, Annika was the comic relief and here she isn't, so someone has to be ^_^ Spoilers End

Coming Soon

Year of Hell
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Title Meaning
The original episode took place over nearly a year. Janeway called the first day as "week of hell". Also Before and After the event was referred to as such. The FV version didn't change the meaning.

Alternate Titles

It was technically inspired by the initial premise for a season long Year of Hell. However I changed the reason for Voyager's damage for a few reasons I'll get into later. Some parts of the new version were loosely inspired by the ending to Final Fantasy XIII-2 (and unintentionally its sequel Lightning Returns).

Original Voyager Episodes Used
Year of Hell

Brief Facts
1) Hunters Again and Unforgettable were completed before the majority of Year of Hell was written.

2) Because of this, Hunters Again was released on the same day.

3) This episode was released for the 4th December anniversary, only just being finished somewhere close to midnight on the 3rd. S4 Dissidia has the record of being finished within 2 hours of the 4th update.

4) The episode was originally planned to be a FV version of Voyager's Year of Hell, with the twist that even when they do the reset button, the ship is still badly damaged for a few episodes.

Background Information
I loved Year of Hell, but I hated its ending as soon as I saw it. I can't imagine I'm alone in that opinion.

I didn't know Voyager was the ugly duckling of the Star Trek series, most people hated it and YOH is one of the good examples why. What I wanted from Voyager was more of Scorpion, Year of Hell minus the ending, Demon (just for the running out of fuel side of the story), Equinox, but still have time for character stuff like Resolutions, Coda, (not my) Hunters, The Raven. I realised then that I loved Voyager but I still shared some of the same opinions as the people who hated it.

Voyager was rarely in any real danger, if they were it would be fixed or undone by the end of the episode.

In all of my plans for YOH, the reset button would still be used but it wouldn't entirely fix it. No matter what, the ship would still be badly damaged. Would it have made the slightest bit of difference to Random Thoughts, Concerning Flight, Mortal Coil etc... if Voyager still had some battle damage during them? In my opinion, not quite. Concerning Flight may be improved as Voyager being crippled would contribute to Voyager being mugged so easily. What about Killing Game? Maybe it would've been interesting that they repaired so much, only for that to happen, and not for that damage to be reset by the next episode (undo it once, shame on me, twice shame on Voyager writers).

Basically, it wouldn't have been that hard to have some lingering YOH consequences. I'm not suggesting the ship be as badly damaged as it was at the end. They were still battling an enemy with temporal weapons. If you really wanna reset and please your fans, only reset some of it.

In my opinion, the reset button should've brought them back to when they activated the temporal shields. Why? Basically, the Krenim at the end have the same warships at the end. Yet they greet Voyager with such neutrality, warning them away from a region in dispute and let them go. Remember the first encounter. They were a bunch of weenies but were still "wah get out of our space, stop talking to the meanies who took our territory, I bet you're conspiracing against us, wah".

What I gathered was they're a paranoid species, egotiscal and territory obsessed. What they've got in their torpedo tubes has no bearing on that. The only difference in their behaviour is with actual weapons, the Krenim are smug. Resetting the timeline apparently not only gives them all of their enemies back like the Rilnar and Zaal, but changes at the very least the personality of the leader Voyager talks to so drastically he even tells them to have a safe journey before they go. True it sounds like he doesn't mean it but still. He's not worried Voyager has arrived to team up with an enemy against them. He's reasonable about the territory violation and politely warns them. He doesn't throw his weight around cos he can shoot temporal torpedoes.

No. In my opinion as soon as the timeline was reset, the Krenim would've attacked like they did before until Voyager built their temporal shields again. Before and After certainly hints that they still would, regardless of the changes. Just my opinion. I'm likely wrong, but hey.

Back to mine, not undoing everything was basically what I wanted to do. I wanted Voyager to be feeling the effects of whatever crippled them for the length of their fourth season. Since Season One covers three of them (4-6), then it would be damaged for a good third of it. Since, as mentioned already, original Season One barely touched the fourth season and when it did it was another forgot it all episode, what happened because of it would be fair game.

The first problem that came to mind was what had already changed before it. Voyager was still in Borg Space because Kes hadn't left yet. They were nowhere near Krenim Space and I sure as hell wasn't going to get rid of her to get them there. I needed another disaster.

I had a few ideas on how to do this. I had the idea of Species 8472 deciding to get one last shot in. Then I thought of the Borg finding them (Season Two spoilers: because when Seven was disconnected they discovered James. This was explored later in S5's Five and R1's Collective Instinct). The last one to come to mind was Deck Thirteen. It wasn't really resolved but it wasn't left hanging either. The problem still remained, the ones taking advantage of it were crippled. It also, because it was a later idea, wouldn't be mentioned for a few seasons. What sealed the deal was that, I needed a why.

In the end two of the ideas combined together, with a slight edit to the Borg idea. Fusing them with the Kes and Seven incident was icing on the cake. Deck Thirteen needed to blow, but it needed to take out the rest of the ship with it. One thing wasn't enough to do this.

While planning I hadn't long since finished the game FF13-2. The story was all about time travel and paradoxes. It ended on a nice cliffhanger where the entire world was consumed by "chaos" which basically froze time itself, while twisting the world into quite the mess. It gave me the slowing things down part of the story.

So, new Year of Hell was born. I needed it to be different without resorting to Pokemon battles. I think it managed just fine.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) I had a few scenes planned that were from my original YOH and technically thee original as well, and that was the meteor shower bombardment. The scene I wanted was Janeway daring to run into the room that was on fire to save the ship, but like in FV's original Kiara would be involved.

With the time issues the ship was going through it wouldn't have been such a dire situation and would have given away what was happening a little too soon, so it had to go. It wasn't going to be that much different anyway.

2) Speaking of the time issues, it gave me a chance to be creative. The first example contains Season Five spoilers I had written Three's A Paradox with this in mind. I had Chakotay and Damien appear to Seven and Kes, also Kes' departure was actually "shown" there instead. It took some working out as I got myself confused with the order of events, it works though.

Damien and Chakotay appear first during the Year of Hell somewhere around the time when the ship's mostly fixed up. Damien tries to trick Kes into getting rid of Seven and spoils some later season events to her in the process. Meanwhile Chakotay appears in the Cargo Bay right when Seven is getting dressed or undressed, which she brings up to him in a later YOH scene. The timeline is reset back to before this and the two appear during Kes' departure to prove a point Chakotay made. Another time jump takes them forward so Damien can manipulate Seven. Meh, the more interesting one is their jump into a timeframe that was erased.

The second one was mostly resolved in a later Reboot One episode, but not to the characters. YOH Seven reported that James had been on Deck Thirteen quite a lot after Kes went down there, yet he claims he never did after rescuing Kes. They're both right.

Four Out Of Five James and his team go to 13 and he sees her. Him seeing her in Four/Five and her seeing him in Year Of Hell, same exact thing. The time issue on Thirteen slowing everything down, the explosion that reset Voyager back to when it first started. That's the only explanation you need. The reason why I did these things? It created a little tension between Janeway and James in YOH, and stirred a little something with James and Seven. I can't say much but I can say the stirring started when he punched her in Aggression. You've probably already guessed where it's going but I'm not gonna spell it out here.

3) Oh and finally if you're wondering about James and Jessie in the parts that were reset, the answer is yes. If you don't know what I'm talking about then tough ^_^

Hunters Again
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Title Meaning
The episode Hunters repeats a few times thanks to the time loop.

Alternate Titles

Not Hunters was its original reboot title when it was going to avoid the topic all together.

The original FV version being so terrible.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
1) Hunters Again was written before More or Less and Year of Hell was completed.

2) The reboot was originally going to ignore Hunters all together in favour of another fourth season episode I hadn't decided on.

3) Not long after getting the idea of making the so called worst episode of the series repeat itself over and over again, I was inspired to write it that way.

4) There's very little of the original in here. The very basic "story" is still there, and a few lines that are immediately made fun of.

5) Since this was James and Jessie's first episode in the original, I decided to keep Jessie and Craig from meeting until here.

6) The previous draft of Hunters Again had to be edited since I hadn't yet decided how badly Voyager would be damaged after Year of Hell. I think only replicator usage was removed.

7) The episode still assumes the reader is aware of Message in a Bottle. Though at least Again makes fun of this missing link.

8) I like Hunters Again, but it relies on readers knowing about the original and why it was so terrible. The storyline should be fine to follow, but without knowledge of the original, some jokes won't make sense.

Background Information
Ah the dreaded worst episode ever. Though after doing this page I'm considering promoting it to second worst episode. Aggressions was truly awful and since it was supposed to be important, it gets more stick from me for it.

It was tough to figure out what to do with it. I had already introduced James and Jessie, so Hunters was no longer needed for that. It did need to be around for Triah. It will be referenced multiple times in future episodes (and prequels) as the fourth wall boogie man. A lets not speak of it again incident that strikes fear into those who were there.

My idea for a "Not Hunters" episode wasn't going to work. And to be perfectly honest, I couldn't think of any other episodes to replace it with. Truth be told, I didn't want to either.

Hunters is laughably bad. Characters would always mention that it made no sense, was embarrasing to all who were in it. So I couldn't reboot it into a normal episode either. It had to keep its ridiculousness. It had to be silly and more importantly, because of the crew's fear of it, they had to have a bad time.

I don't know when or how I came up with the timeloop, but I do remember as soon as I did, I badly wanted to write it. So badly I skipped More or Less and Year of Hell for it.

As mentioned in facts, I did worry while writing it that a lot of the jokes relied on knowing the original. Or at least knowledge of one. That's okay for the moment. But later when Season One Original is put into a separate archive, the original Hunters will only be a terrifying myth, if that.

Some jokes were edited down, or had some explanation added. The story itself should be simple enough to follow without reading original Hunters. A few jokes shouldn't put people off.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
I originally wrote a lot of this trivia while reading through the episode, comparing it to the original. I ended up explaining a lot of the jokes/references. You've been warned.

1) I did plan to have Janeway calm down and be her normal self by the time she was able to drink coffee again. I just enjoy writing Janeway like this and figured out a way to keep up this storyline. Extreme Night and the so far unreleased Piece of Conspiracy explains it.

2) Having Hunters back to following the plot, sort of, brings up the issue that there was no episode before it showing Voyager finally communicating with Starfleet using the Doctor. Meh it still adds to the OMG Hunters is crap jokes that fill up Hunters Again, so it's fine. I could have fixed it by doing that first or have flashbacks, but I didn't.

Season One originally was supposed to have the original Voy episodes still happening behind the scenes, only there wasn't any or enough differences to warrant a FV episode. Well maybe not all of them. The ones parodied were the ones changed. Message in a Bottle happened anyway, it's just not shown and this isn't a good excuse really.

Like Demon, Hunters still should have had the episode it was a sequel to in FV regardless of whether it was changed or not (and I should have thought of a way to change it). Though this is why B4FV1's State of Flux exists, I had nothing to change there but Seska's betrayal needed to be written in. Oh well, can't have it both ways. I think the previous episode happened "off camera" way is the lesser of two evils

3) Heh heh a Beta and VHS joke. In the age of DVD/Blurays, this joke will go over a lot of people's heads. Why not, I imagine most of Hunters Again will.

4) If you're not aware of my original Hunters, I should explain the problem with it.

Since the episode was about the crew getting messages from home, I thought it'd be the best one to have another go at introducing regular characters. The plot also allowed the introduction of new character Triah.

For some reason I don't remember, the regular characters were stolen. One was the MC of the Monkey Island games. Two were the villains from Pokemon; Team Rocket's Jessie and James.

Adding on to stupid things I can't remember doing, I stopped writing Hunters, opting to focus on the two ex-villains befriending Craig, who was lumbered with babysitting Kiara. They all meetup to look after her, when Triah randomly appears, explaining that she used the Hirogen network to beam herself to the Delta. She mentions her and Craig's dad's death and the episode ends.

If you think that's bad enough, skip the next bit cos it gets far worse. Remember when I said Team Rocket Jessie and James. These aren't the James and Jessie you know here. No. The only resemblence is the two being close friends. Both of them act pretty much the same as each other; they're over the top silly and childish, one of their first scenes involves throwing Jessie's bobbles at each other. The problems still don't end there. Janeway mistakenly tells Craig to look after her daughter as she's working late, to pick her up at 800. Not 0800, not 1800, 8pm... no, 800. Kiara learns to talk after four episodes, and of course Janeway's daughter would say Cherry Coke first.

Bad enough for you yet? Good. You understand then.

Well, kinda, I don't understand why I did it. If you do, let me know.

5) I chose Tom to be the one who freaks out the most, mainly because he's usually the one to make some kind of comment on things. He was also not really involved in the original, so its more of an overreaction than anything.

6) Tom tries to stop James and Jessie from entering and then leaving the Mess Hall. He thinks if they did they'd be following the original plot. Leaving they'd "meet" Craig. In the original this is where an already poor episode went spiralling downhill and into a swamp.

7) While formatting this page I decided to add a silly prologue to the episode, which gives you an idea of what the original Hunters was like before you read the reboot. I'm hoping the note will be enough to help readers understand Again.

8) James and Jessie's introduction in the original Hunters is a far cry from their current Season Five personas. The only resemblance is their names, the fact that they're best friends, and that's it. I mentioned it in the Characters section of History, but in Hunters they were only supposed to be guest stars and they were just parodies of Pokémon's Team Rocket. By the time I was trying to decide what to do with Unforgettable I had other ideas, changed a few things, upgraded them to MC's and made Unforgettable their proper debut.

I didn't change that much, throughout Season One the pair were referred to as lazy cowards who, like everyone in S1 to be fair, were hyper and disruptive. Also they were pretty much just the same character, only with different genders, Jessie being obsessed with her looks and being a very very angry person.

Tom comments about both of them drinking Neelix's horrible coffee. I think there are other examples but basically Tom wants Hunters Again to NOT be a rehash of Hunters, at least until he starts thinking that the time loop is caused by them avoiding it, and just wants the episode over with. Those two being high on something, he worried would re-do those awful, awful scenes.

9) Craig's reveal about his step sister was badly forced and badly timed just cos it was her first episode. I make a comment somewhere in Again that a lot of shows do this sort of thing. I haven't seen a TV show that hasn't had a coincidental talk about something or someone that happens/appears/have something happen to them during the plot later.

10) Craig was made a Lieutenant during his original development before Aggressions (or Timeline for that matter) was written. He was the comic relief who'd use his pad to collect info on girls he likes. I didn't plan for him to do much more than that.

Spoiler When I did he was immediately linked to Lena/Morgan later, and End so his age was lowered. It's still not low enough but with him being on Voyager all this time, I couldn't do much about that. I didn't change his rank, I assume by Hunters I realised this and thought "uhoh". Only when I make mistakes like this, I tend to make fun of them/draw attention to them instead of hiding/editing them. Not all the time, but a lot of the time. So yeah both Again and Original do this.

11) As Jessie wasn't developed further than one off joke in Original Hunters, I forgot she received a letter from home when I created her back story. Like a previous trivia point, lets not edit/remove the error, lets draw attention to it and make a joke. I'd be an editors nightmare, I'm sure of it.

12) Once more I'm making fun of an error and drawing attention to it. Craig was only the babysitter in original S1 because I had no job for him, he needed an excuse to be around the main crew. Now that's good writing... haha, I can't believe I was able to type that without really laughing. Craig now has a job in the reboot but I figured the best thing to do was for him to keep the babysitting role, but give him a reason to do it.

13) The final scene everyone mentions is Craig taking Kiara to meet his new friends, Team Rocket James and Jessie. They act like five year olds, Triah appears, she's invited to the "party", she tells them Craig's (step)dad has died, there's a "oh bummer" moment (I wish I was joking) and the party goes on. The cut down version it just ends on the news, it was the only merciful thing I could do without deleting the whole episode.

Craig decides to instead go to the Mess Hall to find somebody to help him with Kiara, James remarks that he isn't the same character so even if he did invite him over, the scene wouldn't have played out the same. I don't think I can explain it better than that.

14) Yeah I kept the original explanation for Triah's appearance in the Delta. It is stupid but it fits the tone of the episode. My only hope is that what she did is a little more clear.

15) Season One's pacing was ridiculous. Original Voyager's Season Four was rushed over, it was basically just five episodes. Even so I had the dates fly by even more so I could have Kiara walking and talking. Of course as I have no kids and are rarely around them I had no clue when they start doing those things (still don't, but I know the earlier FV episodes get this wrong).

Hunters, Kiara learned her first word. This version is based only a few months after her birth so that went. I still prefer the challenge of a younger Kiara in the reboots to a baby barely a year old speaking full sentences. Spoilers Yeah Season Two+ is going to be fun.

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Title Meaning
I assume (as this was named after an original episode) it's a cross between being an ironic title as the aliens are very forgettable, literally, and Chakotay & Kellin's so called love being able to exist despite their memories being erased... which Kellin proves at the end is wrong IMO.

Alternate Titles

The original episode

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
1) This was the first episode of Season One to get a minor reboot. Most of the episode remained intact, with new scenes added to it.

2) I suspected long ago that there was more to Unforgettable than what we're told, which is why both of my versions have Kellin as the villain.

3) Unforgettable was finished before Year of Hell.

4) The opening and final scenes were added in because the rest of the episode is forgotten. I usually do this as I hate episodes like this, they feel pointless.

Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) I had only a few gripes about this episode, which made rebooting it only take a few days. A lot of the episode was kept. It is one of the better Season One's, at least in my opinion it was. The problems I had with it were minor, well all but one was. I'll go through them like ^ Hunters.

2) The opening and epilogue have nothing to do with this episode's plot, but more to do with the season's "arc". I added them so the episode itself wasn't completely pointless, as James says at the end these kinds of episodes don't technically happen so they don't affect anything. This way there's a reason to read it.

3) In a nut shell means something else to me. As soon as Chakotay said this in Unforgettable, I knew it was time to fast forward the tape 40 minutes (yikes I dated myself again). I also didn't know what it meant at the time either. I'm sure he says that twice, and both times the response was a smirk or a smile. The second one he says to Janeway and I remember the smile being very J/C (at least to me), so having him say that in eew Kellin episode... meh. Having it here and having someone else say it, it's just a joke at my expense in a way.

4) Oh and yes that's a Captain Proton reference. It's also a reference to the mixed up way Season One handles the original Voyager seasons.

B4FV1: Season One
B4FV2: Season Two
B4FV3: Season Three
FV1: Seasons Four, Five & Six
FV2: Season Seven & "Eight"
FV3: Based sometime around Nemesis
FV4: 2 years after Endgame
FV5: 4 years after Endgame

Them talking about stuff that happens in Season Five when there is a FV one that's based in the far away future to them (8-9 years, wow), naturally they're confused. I had to make it worse by saying it was Captain Proton's fifth season, but hey, that's just my annoying style.

5) Very minor gripe. Almost everything out of Kellin's mouth had James' name somewhere in it. It was annoying. Yeah she's annoying but that was a step too far.

6) Craig's intermission where he complains about being the joke, there's two things I've got to say to that. One it's a reference to him being the joke character in the first place (how far he's come in five seasons, you wouldn't think that was true). Two it's just a replacement for a writer's scene. Anything is better than that.

7) I'm jumping ahead here but the major gripe with the episode I mentioned can be said about most of Season One; nothing ever happens for a reason, it just does and nothing is done about it. Kellin first boards Voyager, falls for James but can't get him (oh FYI, this is the original not the reboot), notices Jessie's feelings for him, toys with her so they fight (even in the original Kellin's flashback was supposed to be slightly made up), Kellin drugs her with an angry drug that eventually kills, leaves, comes back when Voyager has forgotten, waits for Jessie to drop, tries to chat up James by confessing to him, obviously gets arrested, shuttle randomly blows up when she is sent back to her people, the end.

None of it adds up, does it?

The reboot kinda makes fun of it like Hunters Again, but at the same time I actually tried to make some sense out of it. I don't know if this was what I had in mind all those years ago. Remember this episode was released in 2001, all I remember is Kellin making up that Jessie threatened her and attacked first. For all I know there was explanations for everything but it either wasn't shown intentionally or I just rushed it like almost every other S1 episode.

On the other hand I could have just wanted to bring in Kellin, have her get in the way of another pairing, only to get killed off. I don't remember. It didn't matter, either way the point was lost on me and it couldn't be kept in the rebooted version. I wanted Kellin to have motives other than trying to get the guy and being terrible about it. I still make fun of the plot as I keep the part where she confesses to James, as I've pointed out before I can't fix an error without drawing attention to it. No, I dunno why. Nevertheless the episode has definitely been improved.

8) I do remember one thing about the plot for the original Unforgettable now that I've reached the scene where she goes for Chakotay. I still think there was more to the original Voyager version of it than we were told.

I think Kellin really was looking to flee and she was manipulating the crew, including Chakotay, in the process. Everything about her character felt fake. I think I made Chakotay describe her the best, everything she says in the flashbacks makes her seem like the innocent person, trapped in the middle of a bunch of morons fighting over her (I think I excluded the morons part).

9) The scene does remind me that James wasn't Security until Season Two originally. I should have kept that, but the alternative was him doing nothing and/or for some reason sharing a console with Jessie. That's how it used to be. No, no I shouldn't have kept that.

10) During the fake flashback, James mostly speaks for me when I read through the episode time and time again; why would Jessie be so hostile before she was injected with the angry virus? It's an obvious flaw in the story Kellin tells. Since I don't think it's brought up, I assume it's also a big flaw in the episode itself.

Also: "Because you injected poison into her. Did you really think I was going to date you after this?" tops the original line and sums up Point 7 much better, Original Unforgettable was fine if you didn't think about it.

11) Original Unforgettable was basically about an alien in charge of bringing back a deserter falling for an alien, then deciding to abandon her ideals and life forever to live with the guy she knew for a few days/weeks.

FV Original Unforgettable was about a daft blonde bimbo who fell for a different guy, didn't have a relationship with him, took it out on the girl he did like, came back only to tell him what she did so she could do the same thing as her Original self; run away from everything she believed in, leave her planet behind forever etc... just cos she had a crush.

Reboot Unforgettable I made about a woman who wants to escape the confines of a xenophobic race and be free, so she tricks aliens into believing she's really hunting for a deserter. When she's found out by a member of the crew, she decides to poison her and return when everyone's memories of her are gone to start all over again. By pretending she's interested in the girl's best friend, she believes she can pass it off as self defence and still escape.

I dunno, I rarely pat myself on the back for anything, but I think that's better than some stupid love transcends memory bullcrap of the original Unforgettable (ironically Kellin is never mentioned again and is replaced by the next blonde bimbo that catches Chuckles eye, ew Seven). Just me? I don't care ^_^ I'm just happy that I managed to work all of this out and still use most of the original material.

Four Out Of Five
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Title Meaning
There's multiple.

First, the episode covers five episodes from Voyager's Season Four.

Second, the crew are only witnesses to four of them.

Third, the episode was also created with the idea that the "new" characters are not involved with the original stories, yet they get character development in the background. So far there's five of them; Kiara, James, Jessie, Craig and Damien. Kiara's still a baby so isn't included, leaving four characters.

Alternate Titles
There were a few, I can't remember them all.

Previously On...(the episode was originally going to show these episode parodies as flashbacks)

Fourth Season

Fourth Wall


Fourever. You get the idea.

My only inspiration was the lack of Season Four episodes in my original first season. Obviously the episodes themselves should count too.

Original Voyager Episodes Used
Day of Honour

The Raven

Random Thoughts

Concerning Flight

Waking Moments

There's also references to Revulsion, Nemesis, Prey and Retrospect

Brief Facts
1) The episode was created to show things changing from the original show, and to finally cover some more of Voyager's fourth season.

2) I wanted an episode dedicated to getting to know the characters new readers wouldn't be familiar with. However I also didn't want them taking over the original storylines.

3) While developing this I toyed with the idea of assigning one of each character with an episode, have their interference be quite small but enough to shake things up.

4) By this point in original Season One, the series was set in Voyager's fifth season.

5) An idea for a few later episodes, revolving around one of One's arcs, was setup here. I debated doing it at all as it risked pushing Season One back down its self destructive fourth wall path. And that it wouldn't be explained properly until Season Five.

6) Janeway comments that FV "was never in the right order anyway", referencing Season One's original bizarre order which would have S6's Voyager Conspiracy before Dark Frontier, as one example.

7) A couple of scenes of Jessie's story occured solely for the purpose of developing a possible extension to a storyline in (Reboot) Season Two. I still might scrap the idea, it all depends on how well the setup scenes are.

8) Craig and James' shared scenes needed a few revisions before they were wrote, because of minor continuity problems. In Season Five Craig describes James when they met as "soft as muck, childish..."

Anything James does around him, or he hears about, had to be non violent basically. James' only violent-ish thing he does or rather says is out of Craig's earshot.

9) The episode has brief foreshadowing for the next episode; Mirror Universes, when the Random Thoughts alien mentions another Human ship.

10) Late Season One spoilers It also foreshadows Damien's connection with said ship. Though why I had to spoiler this is lost on me, it's meant to be obvious to everyone. Still, just in case!

Background Information
I added this episode to the roster with the basic premise of covering various Season Four episodes. I complained earlier that I had five episodes based in Season Four's timeline, four based on original episodes, only one that didn't go off the rails and it was the one that was forgotten in the end.

Season Four was the one that made me a fan and it deserved more than that. However I didn't have that many empty slots to work with, even with the numerous episode merges and deletions. I had in the end five empty slots.

Once Upon A Time's plot would be merged into Worse Case 2, leaving the sixth slot open.

Timeless was cancelled. Mirror Universes was moved forward to take its spot. There was still an empty slot, so Killing Game was chosen.

The Fight was also cancelled. I moved that one so it could become Night, which is the first fifth season episode.

Prepare For Trouble was next. I thought it would be better to not move the empty space. For a while it was simply "sixth season episode". It's now Memories of Fury.

The final big change was Demon2. After some messing around the slot ended up remaining where it was, episode 13. Since it was after Night, it was chosen as another fifth season parody titled Chaos.

There are others like what the Monkey Island parodies replaced, but that was decided long before Four Out Of Five's premise. To sum up, because I was a little stubborn about moving things around too much, and for wanting to do my own version of Night, I was left with two possible fourth season episodes. One of which had already been picked.

I think my first idea for it was having the crew tell the episodes in the form of flashbacks, altered depending on who was telling them. Followed by a rather long "previously on" segment before getting to a much shorter new episode idea.

I decided to explore the original intended spirit of Season One. It started as a vast majority of episodes I liked and disliked, that could be affected by stuff like J/C having a baby around. It, like the What If series I planned before FV, had to show things gradually changing starting with one thing. I figured what with Timeless, Fight and Once Upon A Time already gone, I owed the reboot One suitable replacements. Numerous fourth season entries were wrote down, a few were picked out, I think four as the original title was all about the Four and not Five. Waking Moments was the one added later when the entire episode's premise was set in stone.

I realised sometime that I hadn't been treating the reboot as a first season. It should be an option for first time readers. I was treating it as something that only older readers that already read Season One would read. The majority of FV readers should be already aware of the Voyager cast, but if they were starting with Aggression, they'd not know the new characters. I know, there was Unforgettable before this that was the original first episode for James and Jessie (the clowns in Hunters do not count), with James the only one in character for the whole thing.

So yeah, I needed to give new readers a chance to get to know Craig, Jessie, James and even Damien. Kiara was still too young for this. I didn't want them to take other Voyager characters parts in the Season Four eps. I'd done that far too many times in the olden days. I debated which story would be better; a character development episode for the new characters, or another Season Four episode. In the end, there was a simple way to keep both. The new characters have little to no effect on the fourth season episodes changing. Like I said, the changes from original Voyager had to be minor in the beginning, especially in only the sixth episode. They had to have their own things going on to keep them out of the way.

So here we are. This episode is one of my favourites of the season, with good reason.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) I think I mentioned this a few times in Brief Facts, but still, I need to explain it. The original first season had a few arcs going on; Seventh Voyager and its Boss, Damien, the Borg acting weird. The problem was the material revolving around a lot of it went down the fourth wall route. I introduced me and my friends as writers characters, I changed all of the stuff revolving around Damien and the Boss. Instead of simply an evil version of Voyager, which is silly enough on its own, there was villanous plots to take over writing control of FV, stealing the good characters to replace the evil, writers swooping in with Team Rocket motto's to deal with the villains.

Also, James and Jessie were very different characters before Season Two took off. Jessie's favourite thing to say would be something like "oh my god, my make up is fading, my perfect face is ruined", when she wasn't jumping around like a hyper kid. James meanwhile seemed to be an overgrown baby, mostly following her around as the goofy sidekick twin. I'm still surprised it's there but in Timeline he almost, or looks like he's going to cry because someone called him the baby of the crew. This is a thing that happened.

Yes it's as bad as it sounds. Unfortunately it's all still there for your sadistic pleasure ^_^

Since I'm not rebooting Seasons Four and Five, as well as the majority of the prequels, AND keeping the structure of Season Three the same, all of which reference the events of S1, then I'm limited in what I can change. I mean why wouldn't they, they were canon until a few years ago.

Four Out Of Five began to tackle the biggest of the bad. The Boss and his intentions/plans for Voyager. The writers were gone which left no void whatsoever. He had a completely different backstory and character than he did during Season One's initial run, and during the series' planning stages, as well as future material, so I at least had that to work with.

I can't go into too much here, Mirror Universes should at least start that. Basically Four Out Of Five gave me the opportunity to kick off the plan to fix the fourth wall'ness. At first it'll seem like it still is, as you'll see in later episodes like Collective Instinct, but there's a proper in-universe explanation that is related to his "new" backstory.

I'll go into this in a Spoilers section further down. For now, I'll tell you which scene this whole thing kicks off in, and you can judge for yourself.

Near the beginning when dealing with the slow and guilt tripping aliens who steal the warp core and threaten Voyager, but get rewarded for their actions (cos lets face it, if they didn't steal, blackmail and try to kidnap, they wouldn't have gotten the power device from Seven. Even when he got it he still bitched it wasn't enough for his fleet. There's a few choice words I could use to describe this species. Voyager tried to help them, I'd have more sympathy if Janeway flipped a finger at them during first contact). Janeway first has to deal with Neelix. Tuvok tries to assist her, unwittingly becoming a pawn in the Boss' plan. - That's enough I think.

2) Day of Honour has a few things that throw it off course. First the ship still being damaged. Janeway's attitude is still a bit off from earlier events, which affects how she deals with the greedy bast... er, people. Thanks to Tuvok's suggestion at the end of trivia 1^, Janeway knows about the warp core theft and treats them accordingly. They still have a damaged core and are forced to eject anyway, allowing events to fall back into place, but that's because I like to follow the fate angle of these alternate timelines too.

3) The Raven's difference is merely that Janeway has barely any interest in Seven's development. There's a reason for it, apart from their clashing in Aggression, and that's all in good time. Things still end up the same way, Janeway's part in it is just different.

4) Random Thoughts is avoided all together as they reach it later, after Damien. His silly thoughts infect the aliens instead of B'Elanna's. The aliens would not risk letting other non telepathic aliens down. I don't think it's said, but the point of showing that Damien arrived first was to show that Voyager was not on time. They reach this planet at a different time and day because of every incident before. Damien obviously miscalculates. The episode is also avoided by...

5) Concerning Flight. It's more of a joke than an actual deviation to the original timeline. However the smugglers come after Voyager during Random Thoughts, likely around the same time they do in the original. The idea for them to abandon the mission on transporting the Leola Root was for fun. You could argue he picks up some far more potent, awful version of it in this AU version of events.

6) Waking Moments soon follows. The differences here are a bit odd, I'll admit, as besides Janeway and Tuvok, everyone hallucinates instead of dreaming. I may have misremembered, the aliens trick the crew into thinking they're awake, when they're really asleep. Since Voyager is obviously a bit further out of range, I probably went for it not having full effect. Though it's more likely the Waking Moments scenes were just for fun. The continuity of those scenes is delicious though.

7) As mentioned, the episode's other half was dedicated to developing the new cast and their current arcs. Sooo lets take a look at what was going on and see what rubbish I can come up with ^_^

Original Craig was a walking hormone constantly chatting girls up and writing in his padd. I wanted to keep it as it's part of his character growth but not make it all that he was. I basically continued from where he was up to in the prequels; he's shy, unsure of himself at times, but is generally a nice guy who hasn't found that out yet.

Right now he doesn't suit Security. Thompson, who did tease James a lot when he joined, turns his attention to Craig instead but he handles being bullied a lot differently. His story is to show the beginning of his on and off friendship with James, show how different the pair are, and more importantly give Craig a little more confidence.

Spoiler My only issue with his plot was that I still had to do it in a way so Craig and new readers still thinks James isn't bad tempered and just a softie right until the Season Two sudden change that nobody notices - yes that was intentional - and a little childish in how he handles things as well, but that's for his section. End of spoiler

Jessie's storyline has been planned in for a while, I just didn't know when to start it off. Until I get into full spoiler territory, I'll discuss what's there already. The only real differences, besides their gender and names, between James and Jessie in Original One was the fact that Jessie was bad tempered, violent and a "little" vain. Compared to James she was a fully developed character. His only different trait was that he wasn't those things. Anyway I wanted a reason for her behaviour instead of just gradually writing it out, or suddenly in James' case, and I eventually expanded her already canon story.

Right now all that's been said about it is she suffered something that made her need to stay away from everyone for five months. She's come back but her temper has gotten pretty bad. Some people have not noticed that as she had a temper before, but Chakotay has quite often. The counselling scenes make way for another development for Jessie later, but that's probably years away yet if I do it at all.

The counsellor quickly discovers that trying to get her to open up about the why has caused her to focus her rage on one person. Like Craig's, Jessie's story is still ongoing, it's only just started. Why is she focusing her anger on James? The answers are naturally in episodes that have been released already, but I'm not sure what everyone who reads the reboots have read. For all I know someone hasn't looked at the prequels at all, or someone has but not looked at the later seasons, and vice versa. Well you get the idea. I think I'll leave this one as it is. New readers can find out later, older readers already know and don't need it spelt out.

James' story revolves around the scenes that were forgotten in Year of Hell, while at the same time ties in with Craig's as I've mentioned. His is a bit of a mixed bag as he is still commenting about people forgetting stuff about him. YOH had him be accused of not only sneaking around but endangering the ship. Spoiler for prequels which he was accused of in the third prequel season, though to be fair he was a bit secretive at least. End.

He's forgotten those scenes in YOH, if he hadn't he would have found out why it even happened when he ran into Seven on Deck Thirteen. It's left in the air as she obviously doesn't remember being there as that was erased as well. She meanwhile is suspicious of him, at least I hope that's been obvious so far. For the time being she has her reasons, she'll believe her disconnection from the Borg was his fault, but it's a little bit deeper than that. The rebooted Collective Instinct will continue this plot, for now this is all there is.

Spoilers for prequels and I guess main seasons / warning it also includes my attempt at character analysing haha
His inclusion in Craig's story is a tad more subtle, especially if the reboots are the first things you're reading. James went through quite a bit in the previous season, during it he seemed to believe that he had to help in whatever situation. It got him in quite a bit of trouble, putting it mildly.

It got to the point where the crew started to blame him for all the supernatural stuff happening to the ship. He goes onto the night shift after what happened in Loved Up/Worse Case to avoid being around as many people. When he comes back everyone has forgotten his involvement in everything that happened, but still remembers it happening. Not only that but they're forgetting other minor stuff too.

He has a chance to redeem himself as he believes he's responsible in some way as well, especially after Year of Hell. Protecting Craig from his bully is a small thing, but to him it's not. On the other side of things he's wanting to prove that he can deal with stuff like this without using his... talents - but he will if he has to, YOH a good example of that. Why am I being vague in a spoiler section, I'm paranoid people will still look if they don't know.

Damien's is basically just here to remind everyone that he's around. He'll be appearing a little bit more frequently. I figured the best episode to "link" to him would be the episode I think is called Random Thought. I'm probably wrong, it doesn't look right. His scene is so brief I don't know what I can say other than stuff that'll happen in later episodes. Ah well.

It differs, from late Season One to possibly early Two. A one later will go into Season Five territory, which I'll label when I get there.
Getting back to the Boss and Janeway stuff I was rambling about further up. I said Season One was ruined by fourth wall stuff, but at the same time I quite like fourth wall humour... if it's not shoved in your face all the time. I wanted to keep some of it, as evidenced by episodes already online. However I do want to undo the damage fourth wall jokes caused to the Seventh Voyager, Boss and Damien storyline. The question was how without completely changing the canon events mentioned in later seasons?

Janeway's got information about what happens in original Voyager. Chakotay mentions a guide to the fourth season. She uses it to avoid mainly stuff about Seven.

Janeway's knowledge about Hope and Fear is the big one.

There's an in-universe explanation, I merely ruined it by having Chakotay call it a season four guide. The Boss hints to Arturis that he left her a parting gift, after Arturis mentions that she knew about his plans. They talk about changing things, or badly hint to it.

Extreme Night comes along with Arturis changing his methods to get similar results. When she sees him again he admits to working with this Boss, then rats him out with a simple "he's been feeding you information. How else would you know what happens?"

Back to Four Out Of Five, Janeway finds this information thanks to Tuvok's suggestion. The suggestion was mainly to check on logs from months ago, round about the time she was pregnant, to get up to speed. Instead she stumbled on the events from the original timeline.

It's not something to be taken entirely seriously, despite what I write here. I still want to keep some of Season One's wackiness. Even Season Five has its silly moments. I didn't design this Boss knows about Original Voyager storyline to be a clever and shocking arc akin to S5's. The Boss in original and reboot Season One isn't a good villain, surely that's a little obvious with a lot of his lines and actions so far. It's all planned to be in good fun and still have a fourth wall feel to it.

Season Five spoilers for Five and Closure/Untitled. So yeah, don't read unless you've read until the very end of the series.
As mentioned, there is an in-universe explanation for how the Boss, or Damien as you know, can give Janeway this information about the fourth season in the first place.

Episode "Five" revealed that he had memories of the Second Voyager/Timeline Two, where he was forced to join Voyager after a few Game Cube trips with James. He remembers Janeway's decision to land on the surface to battle a Game, only to be destroyed by it. He remembers her lack of respect for him.

I should point out that he doesn't remember Three or Four. There's a brief what looks like a joke explanation for his remembering Two only, when he's first introduced in Part 2 of "Five". Not that it truly matters for this section, I suppose.

His scenes are based in 2374, which I've assumed was the fourth season of Voyager. So far the ship's journey has been the same as original/One, with a few slight changes due to Janeway's deja-vu. When James and him arrive, the course changes slightly until it veers off completley on discovering the Cube. He'll know what happens in the fourth season, since he was there. He won't know what happened in Voyager's fifth, sixth and seventh season, because he wasn't there.

Really, it's not as complicated as I make it sound ^_^

Mirror Universes
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Title Meaning
"Seventh" Voyager is from another universe/dimension very similar to FV's.

Alternate Titles

This was a very long time ago but I believe I was inspired by a Star Trek Next Generation novel.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
1) Mirror Universes was the sixth episode released in the original version of Season One despite being episode 9, so it was put forward in the reboot version.

2) The other reason was I knew it'd be a simple reboot, unlike the following episode which was Killing Game.

3) The fanfiction dimensions joke comes from the original Mirror Universes U-Turn made up on the spot "explanation" for the dimension/AU aspect of FV. It's up there as my biggest mistake of the series.

4) Kiara was a little older in the original version, but still not old enough to be involved in the plot of this episode.

5) I kept Seventh Kiara the same age as both of them were in the original, primarily because of Alex, but it also worked with a later "twist" in the tale revealed in late Season Two, which also explains Phoebe.

6) Craig took Triah's place in the episode as he is a main character, while she no longer is.

7) The opening was inspired by the usage of "My Lullaby" from Lion King 2 later in the episode. Basically it was a pisstake of Circle of Life/He Lives In You.

8) "My Lullaby" was mostly a word for word rip off in the original. The song's lyrics were altered to reference the reboot.

Background Information
Mirror Universes was a simple reboot with huge problems to tackle. However those huge problems would technically come later. MU merely set the fuse.

The fanfiction takes place in other "fifth" dimensions, oh and TV shows do too, should never have happened. I already had an explanation for Voyager being in an AU. Kiara appears, the timeline splits from original Voyager. It wasn't rocket science. You don't even need to understand time travel or paradoxes. It's damn near so simple anyone with reading capability would get it. I came up with it after all, of course it's simple!

The series was never meant to go down this fiction dimension path. Yes at the time I didn't have an actual reason for naming it Fifth, it was a nice callback to my ex-novel's fifth dimension setting. But that's fine. I could have and did develop a reason for the name later, WITHOUT changing the entire premise of the series.

Oh forget Kiara, and Morgan in the future, the reason FV is sooooo different is because it's written by some mad 15 year old kid high on Cherry Coke. Well duh! There was supposed to be more to it than that, I knew that from the moment I wrote the first two episodes in a notebook. One of them being bloody Timeline. Ack!

But anyway, it was easy enough to avoid. Seventh Voyager was simply another Voyager from another dimension, brainwashed into evil by a "Boss" character. The only issue was their name Seventh, which wasn't explained either by the fanfiction dimension theory. It blatantly showed it was a load of crap. If original Voyager was also a fifth dimension ship, because it's fictional, just what the hell is the seventh dimension? See, it was rubbish. I wasn't thinking and probably drunk. Only explanation.

It paved the way for World Domination, which was the real problem. Without MU's "twist", the episode would've been set in Lilly's dimension like it was supposed to, not the "real world".

It gets worse. "It's simple, the Fifth Dimension is a fictional group of galaxies." Galaxies? Dimensions!!!! I couldn't even get the word right. FU past me.

Anyway as you can see it makes me mad, so I'll move on. Ish.

The next thing to change was the allies of Seventh, which I did forget were included here. A lot of work has had to be done to these aliens, but I thought they didn't appear until Season Two. Their backstory, motives and name has been changed. That's all is needed in MU.

It doesn't mean MU had no self contained problems. No, of course not.

The first thing to fix; Kiara's inclusion. Original MU actually put Kiara on the other ship to pretend to be her evil self. A toddler. It's not like she had the adults of the team always at her side in case it went wary, and even then it's really out of line to put her in danger like this.

Second, Triah disappearing after she's volunteered for the infiltration. James and Jessie are the only ones there to rescue Kiara later. Terrible plot error.

It sounds like a lot of things to fix, but really the one that took the longest to fix was Kiara's inclusion. A whole five minutes extra thought about how to fix it.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) The "shields aren't working so we can't do anything yet" line. The original version somebody says something like that even though the plan is to just kidnap people from Fifth Voyager. The shields being down wouldn't be an issue, in fact that would help. Did I mean it how the reboot version did, or was it just one of a million mistakes. Who knows?

Coming Soon

For mid Season Two, no earlier than episode 13
There's actual reasons for why the villains are insistent on kidnapping, when they already have a copy of their own. Half of their targets are legit, while the other was to hide that fact from the reader until much later.

Kiara being half Q, but also the fake double of Morgan. After being brainwashed for evil, and then re-entering the Fifth timeline, the Q's would remove her powers, and the abilities they gave her so she seemed like a younger version of a Slayer, would not be needed either. Their Kiara is a normal kid, while Fifth's is in their eyes a power house.

Then there's James. It's debatable this was thought of this early on, but their James would have his power taken from him because evil Slayers are really bad news. Evil Slayers were very likely not thought of then but if Kiara's power was removed for being evil, why wouldn't James'? So like her, they want the powerful version.

Jessie was picked cos James couldn't have stories on his own. Joined at the hip. I'm joking, I think, I hope. I'm sure the real reason was to make the readers think I was favouring the new characters only, or they're taken because they didn't exist in original Voyager where this didn't happen.

Triah was picked for similar reasons, but I'm sure over Craig because Seventh Voyager was created before her arrival in Hunters. They simply do not have her.

Now that I think about it, it's probably why Triah disappears in the mission. She had no double to replace. Then I stupidly forgot her later. Having her do this would've tipped their hand too. If they tried to kidnap her, they'd find her on their ship. So many flaws in this plan.

Craig took her place in the reboot because they'd have no reason to want her. Are they in dire need of a cleaner? Triah was no longer a MC, so it seemed like an easy decision, especially when her scenes didn't exist.

Collective Instinct
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Title Meaning
My title's were very rarely clever in the old days. It's a Borg episode, and that was the best I could come up with.

Alternate Titles

You know, I'm not sure where I got the idea from.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
1) Originally my own version of The Killing Game was going to be in this slot. When I decided it wasn't working, Collective Instinct was brought forward.

2) I wrote the scene with the rabbits on the Bridge mistakenly thinking it was rabbits Janeway was allergic to, when it's always been cats. I decided to keep it, and think of it as a short fur allergy.

3) The opening scenes were from Killing Game, merged with fixed scenes from Collective Instinct opening.

Background Information
Another episode that only needed minimal work done to it. The story was fine, most of the scenes were fine, it had a resolution that was even planned in, not made up on the spot, which was rare. It was also an original story with hidden foreshadowing to a later plot development. Collective Instinct was fine for a Season One episode.

For it to fit in with the rest of the reboot it needed a few things fixing still but nothing major. The episode was always supposed to have one part of it unexplained, even seasons later. I also decided to explain things that weren't even hinted at in the original but I remember thinking about it while planning it.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) Tom was at Opps with Harry during the "All Stop" moment, yet somebody tells Tom to stop them a little softer next time. He responds to that as if he was responsible. I usually catch mistakes like that, then again I tend to be good at remembering where people are while writing scenes. This one slipped the net. I still had to make a joke about it though. It works though, it doesn't reference the original and the joke still makes sense. Janeway just assumed Tom was there as he's always there, character mistake ^_^ Also Tom's usually blamed for stuff, at least until everyone turns on Seven haha.

2) I dunno why the drones talking about the Queen behind her back were Seven's parents. I didn't make a reference that it was an original episode joke, I still kept it though. It just seems random enough to fit into this silly season that kinda works anyway. It's better than "Drone 1 and 2"

3) The original had the pair fully assimilated. Stupid really as the disconnection was meant to be quick and mostly immediate. I'd watched First Contact dozens of times and I knew the Borg weren't that quick. What a mistake to make. These things happen when episodes are written in a day.

4) Craig was such a wannabe smooth talker in the original first season, and here in the reboot I made him a tad more awkward. Yet I still kept that "you still look as lovely as ever" type chat up line, and the one at the end. They might seem a bit out of place, but now you know why, that's the old Craig ^_^

5) Damien's rabbit invasion was originally intercepted by the writers. It was easily transferred to the bridge crew. There was little point to the writers cameo other than to do another TR motto. Easy change.

6) Since Timeless wasn't originally on the reboot list, Kiara had her Timeless dream in Killing Game's opening which became Collective's opening. "Voyager bang into white stuff".

Original Timeless wasn't clear that it was a dream. I think Kiara, after a future scene, tells the others in the shuttle what will happen. The way it was written if I recall makes it seem like she has an accurate vision of the future, which then happens. What would actually happen in this case would be far more catastrophic, and you may have a good idea if you've read the later seasons.

7) Barely a point but Original Season One Kiara's just a brat who grows up a tad too quickly, she was supposed to be opposite to Naomi. Reboot Kiara is a cute Janeway Junior brat, lol. She isn't yet I guess, but later. I just think she seems more realistic as a kid in the reboot. Original one was a loud mouthed terror. Probably still a more realistic kid than Naomi, sigh.

8) No I will never stop making fun of the pronounciation of "futile". I was raised on the correct way, the Borg's original pronounciation of it. Seven and Data's way of saying it in Scorpion and First Contact threw me right off, it sounds wrong and it sounds much less intimidating with "resistance is" at the beginning.

9) Original Season One Jessie was extremely vain. She had her Team Rocket roots to blame for that. TR Jessie would go batcrap insane if a hair was out of place, she was narcissistic to the max. I slowly developed my Jessie to be her own character, take her away from this. She still does act like this but it's a front.

TR Jessie thinks/knows she's beautiful and will tell everyone. FV Jessie eventually thinks she's hideous but will tell everyone the opposite to make herself feel better. It just made her a bit more likable in my opinion. Collective Instinct had a lot of these moments that needed to be changed. Even FV Jessie still thinks her best feature is her hair, it's probably the only part she doesn't hate (besides her fashion sense lol), so that made the changes a little easier to manage. The "I'm beautiful again" was cringeworthy even if I kept her like that. Yep, so many of her lines were altered in a way so the conversation still mostly flowed the same way as it did before.

10) Not really an issue, just something that was in the original episode that I lucked out with.

Prequel spoilers: After the break up James and Jessie are supposed to be a bit more careful around the other (yeah this hasn't been mentioned directly. I think reboot CI and one other ep does hint to it though). This includes James complimenting her the way he did in both versions. You really shouldn't be telling your ex that you would date her despite having assimilation tubules on her hand, or that you think she looks better than most girls.

James' line was changed cos current Jessie would not whine that boys wouldn't date her if she had them, not because it was clearly far more inappropriate than the reboot comment.

How have I lucked out then? I didn't plan the relationship and break up, at least to that much detail all the way back when the characters had only six episodes ago been one off guest stars. As I developed the pair I made James do this sort of thing all the time. Not cos he's a bloody flirt hitting on her all the time, he's just naive and likes to make her feel better (TBH some of his earlier lines sounds like something you'd tell your girl BFF if you were a girl yourself haha).

Mid S2 spoilers: Don't get me wrong when they are together he'll sometimes do it to flirt, and you can tell when those times are cos they seem a lot more awkward. So yeah this stuff helps as I don't really need to change anything. It helps keep it canon without even trying. I didn't think back to this episode and decide the characters should do this, Season Two was when that started to be planned.

11) The reason for the disconnection was never revealed in either versions. It wasn't a mistake in the original that needed to be fixed. In fact seasons went by without the incident ever being mentioned. James and Jessie are assimilated and the cube that does it is immediately disconnected with no explanation. Episode 14 Voyager runs into a sphere that was also disconnected but survived the confusion, who's on it? Morgan.

It's my earliest clue that the James and Morgan/Lena plot twist was developed pretty early on. Or at least humoured. They were definitely the two Chosen Slayers, why do you think that awful Spirits opening happened *cringe*.

Worse Case Scenario 2
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Title Meaning
Worst Case Scenario spelt wrong, and a sequel to the original third season episode. Now it's a sequel to the prequel episode and I haven't fixed the spelling for nostalgia sake. Yeah, that's not confusing at all.

The original program in the prequel was Tuvok's idea of a worst case scenario so he could train his Security teams.

Alternate Titles
Worse Case Scenario 2: The Lion King 2 Crossover

Naturally the original Voyager episode and now the FV original. I can't say much more without spoiling the jokes.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
1) Once Upon A Time was merged with this, to reduce the amount of Holodeck episodes Season One has.

2) The Enterprise scenes were in the original Once Upon A Time. Well a barebones version of it anyhow.

Background Information
The original episode spent more time making Harry lose his marbles, James lose Battleships (I kinda referenced this in Four Out Of Five) and should have just changed the series name to Fifth Enterprise-E for the other half (insert Season Three/Four jokes here). Ah Season One, you ridiculous rascal, you make no sense.

My point here is there wasn't much to cover a whole episode, there wasn't even enough to pad Worse Case Scenario 2. Unlike the reboots of Unforgettable, Mirror Universes and Collective Instinct, this reboot doesn't use all/most of the original scenes and add new ones. It looks at the scenes, still has them but 99% of it is written from scratch. Think of the Aggressions>Aggression reboot and you'll get the idea of what's happening here. The only difference besides the length is it's so far following the original plots. Aggressions was really a mess if Worse Case and Once Upon A Time get butchered but still get better treatment than it.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
Coming Soon

Home Sweet Holodeck
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Title Meaning
The episode is about a crippled Q trapped for a long time in his own Holodeck. It's obviously a play on the term "home sweet home."

Alternate Titles
Holo Q (original)

Overrun (the original Reboot title)

Well... the original episode which was just the Power Rangers Movie with Pokémon. However the reboot uses the plot but tries to erase all of the er... unoriginal elements. Easier said than done, I know.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
Coming Soon

Background Information
Holo Q is an excellent example, one of many, of why I decided to start this reboot in the first place. FV started out as this bizarre parody of whatever I felt like at the time. Only it was very rarely subtle about it, or funny in fact. Parodies make jokes, they mock the original material, the parody usually has its own story going on. They don't copy them word for word. That is exactly what Holo Q did.

I however didn't think Holo Q was that bad when I picked it out for reboot. Yeah I knew there were Power Ranger lines and a Pokémon fight... near the end. I had forgotten that most of the lines were stolen from the film, probably about 99% of them. Also I'd forgotten there were at the very least three Pokémon fights. There's probably more but I lost hope while reading through Part 2.

In the end after a lengthly battle to reboot the episode exactly like Collective Instinct, Unforgettable, Mirror Universes etc... I decided that it wasn't worth trying to keep the original material. None of it was mine, why bother? Well the ending, that was mine. I think. I haven't checked it yet. Oh dear.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) When FV started the main cast list were the original crew, Craig and Kiara. Only Kiara wouldn't be main character material until she was older. The characters Triah, Morgan, Tani, Lilly and Emma would join later. Triah was pushed into far more of the storylines than she should have been, instead of Craig, who only joined the cast at the last "minute". Obviously this was cos she was the only new MC until Morgan and Tani when Season One was being planned.

Holo Q though? I don't remember honestly. James and Jessie weren't planned in until Hunters... pause for shudder. By then the full season list (excluding possibly Test of Time) was figured out. I may have mentioned this in episodes such as Unforgettable and Collective, which they ended up starring in. 2000/2001 was a long time ago, I honestly don't remember what my plans for these episodes were before shoving these two Kidz Trek characters into FV with new names.

God, I go on and on, don't I? ^_^ My reason for the rambling was Triah shouldn't have been here. Craig must have been considered before James and Jessie appeared. Meh. In the end I've just assumed that Triah was picked to steal the Pink Ranger's role as the "eeew gross" girl and screamer. Whereas Jessie was picked later to become the love interest/damsel, for reasons. Cough.

While planning the reboot of the episode I knew that Triah's wonderful contributions wouldn't be needed. Triah has long since been demoted to guest star, while Craig remains main cast. I still wanted an extra character to be the sixth team member. Craig entered the fray.

2) After writing a novel above I'm finally going to go through some of the changes so far. This episode was a much bigger stinker than I thought, but at the same time it had some nice surprises hidden in it as well.

a) Triah, stop forcing yourself into the P/T moment. She has only known them for eight episodes. Why would Tom pick her to help him propose? Seriously. You might as well ask James. I mean, she'd never see that coming right? So yes, first change. Triah evicted from the first scene.

b) Reading the Holodeck scene really dated everything. The Millennium bridge in Newcastle was new and I had to write about it. Now I can't even remember what it was like before it was built. How's that for time passed? That isn't the issue with the scene though. Tom wouldn't pick a city he's probably never been to, to have his engagement party. I'd bet he's never set foot in England (excluding a certain time episode anyway).

Since the episode is holodeck themed, the episode mostly takes centre stage around what Tom picks for his party. If it was a one off scene I may allow it but in this, no no no. Changing what program he uses gave me an opportunity to really change around this very unoriginal episode.

c) For a holodeck there was very little um... holodeck usage in it. Oooh one program, thrilling.

d) The biggie, the one I remembered so painfully. The future Voyager probe, with its crew and holodeck. How drunk on sugar was I when I wrote Holo Q? Considering this is a Q episode there was a far better explanation for Q's vengeance, that fit with the series premise and style. Saying no more.

e) I think it's obvious which Q lines are new and which aren't. Not just because I was a much worse writer back then. No. I feel that I can write Q now, or at least write him far better. He was a bad parody of himself here. Why break a habit of a lifetime... or rather why break a habit of a few months.

f) "That's the biggest load of twaddle I've heard since Seven thought that fanfics had their own dimension." A reboot should remove stuff I don't like that isn't relevant anymore. I however prefer to make fun of it instead.

g) Three characters introduced for only one episode, in an episode that steals lines from a cheesy kids movie. What the hell do you do with that? Any changes I made to these three would improve them greatly.

h) As mentioned in the original S1 trivia page, Holo Q was the episode I (thought I) remembered starting to develop James' character in. Turned out I was right. Too bad his first sign of change was with a Power Rangers "tough guy" line. I wanted to keep the line there as the proof. However the line just screamed to me as a Harry line more than anything. Or Tom in his Captain Proton program. Hey, I like not fixing things and instead drawing attention to them in fourth wall ways. Joke time.

Dunno what I was thinking giving James that line, even if I was trying to make him tougher. I think even in the old days I gave him far wittier comeback lines than the "pack your bags" threat. Still cute that I tried quite early on though, lol.

i) Same point as h I guess, but Tom and Harry spouting off the Power Ranger threats oddly work well. Too well. I haven't finished the episode yet, so I'm very tempted to keep some of the original episode after all, just assign certain parts to them.

j) Not a change, technically, but I love writing Tom's point of view story/imagination scenes. The best one is still Akoonah Matata though. Dark Page does come quite close.

k) At least James' "pack your bags" threat was quickly overshadowed by his not much later hint there's a better place to fight. Why I went back to coward James in random episodes after this is a mystery.

l) PR's liked to make puns while they were fighting, at least in the film - don't remember, it's been a while. I stupidly thought to make Jessie consider it for a second, but change her mind... instantly killing anymore of these stolen lines. At least, most of them anyway.

m) No change made to James' only shown fighting move that's still used to this day; side step out of the way. Why fix what isn't broken?

n) A holodeck episode that didn't reference Worse Case Scenario, which was only a couple of episodes ago. Shame 15 year old me, shame. Since the two episodes are now side by side, it's a must.

o) Remember point k? James went back to coward mode in a few scenes not episodes. For once it was changed into a joke that didn't draw attention to the original. It felt like cheating honestly.

p) First Pokémon fight is substituted for a much more interesting and/or "funny" fight scene, in my opinion. Unfortunately I can't do this for the two others I remember. At least the new one actually makes some sense, I remember the Pokémon came out of nowhere. If Craig was in the original, his part would make sense but he wasn't (cringe at remembering original Year of Hell).

q) Another point for the Develop James scoreboard. I wasn't going to change this one either. I even kept the lorry.

r) The finale to that fight scene didn't make sense, but then again very little did. The new one is a nice tribute to it, but at least I wrote it confusing on purpose, for a good reason other than it being a tribute.

s) Oh Harry, I feel your pain. Make of that what you will.

t) End of Part 1 was so so rushed, even for me. The only change was fixing that... a bit. There is a reason for its speed, at least I think...

3) Brief intermission here. I failed to mention it here as I did in the original S1 trivia page. Original Holo Q has hints, probably only noticable to me, that I did have a deeper plan in mind for the episode which was overrided by Power Ranger quotes. Some of them will look like mistakes, most of them in fact. The rest are just big question marks.

I am hoping that's what they are, as some of these mistakes look too stupid even for 15 year old me. As a hint one of them is near the end of the episode, where someone mentions either the Shuttle Bay or Cargo Bay. Even I knew better then surely. I didn't know better to explain it though, so jury is still out.

Home Sweet Holodeck has the opportunity to tell the story I think I was aiming for back then, but at the very least the story I feel should have taken place in Holo Q. Anyway back to point 3's changes.

t continued) Phados 1 is just described as dangerous and has power, then the team are chucked there. Yeah I was trying to speed things along to avoid too much exposition, or spoilers for Part 2. There's too fast and this is it. I think I was too young and stupid to think I was trying to show it rather than tell/spoil it in the Engineering scene. Just lazy. It is fixed, for the most part.

u) Why does Q pick the team he wants, and why them? Holo Q never did anything to explain it, except for the "animal spirits" scene I think. Even then I think anyone could have gone. Anyway no one questions the same team going to Phados, and the team themselves just assume they're going. Nice work me. Way to be lazy... cough subtle I mean.

v) It is interesting going through the older episodes and finding things you had forgotten. I had assumed that my hatred of Seven started slipping even in the beginning. So far I haven't seen much evidence of it. Seems like the original series does a better job of the Seven downfall better than the reboot does, but that's another story. That said "Seven of Twelve" is a weak insult.

w) To finish Part 1, another James is really a violent jackass with a secret... I guess, scene. The writer(s) pop in to complain, Tom antagonises them, they retaliate. Is it over? Is it hell. James shows his dark side by saying that his honest and spot on comment about FV turning good ideas into mindless Holo Q pap, is worth being killed over. Oh sorry, no, he says if Tom said that to him, he'd kill him.

I thought I was in early Season Two for a moment.

No writers in the new scene to prompt Tom's fourth wall and very accurate joke, the whole thing means nothing. Tom's hand on fiery console needed to stay, and enough said about that the better, but I still want a line that exposes James' darker side only briefly. With the prequels and his closer to his normal self reboot persona, it's probably not even a blip on the radar. I still wanted it kept though.

x) Part 2 starts with an exact scene from the movie. This is the point where I start to slow down and think "maybe I need to rethink this. No never mind, I can change it enough and keep the flow of the scene the same."

Then the team arrive at Phados 1 and it becomes painfully obvious the episode isn't going to stop this thievery.

y) I'm running out of letters but by god, I can complain about this episode all day. Luckily though I'm almost at the point I stopped to headbutt the keyboard, resulting in a page of gobbledy gook. It would probably be a more interesting story than the original Holo Q.

James and Jessie's scene would be nice enough if it was mine, and cos it isn't mine wasn't so damn cheesily forced. Lets have Tom make fun of it, why not. Heck, why not have Jessie make fun of it too. Yeah! I guess I'm only half being sarcastic. Maybe a quarter if I'm generous. It ends up being a more in character scene for the two of them, I like it. The scene still needed to be there for Part 2's minor subplot, and for Timeline's too.

FYI I started Holo Q's reboot as I thought it would be an easy episode like Unforgettable, Mirror etc... no Timeline is the easy one. It's okay Holo Q, Timeline's only the second oldest episode of FV. Don't be too ashamed.

Tom mostly made fun of the PR scene. I mean how could he not?

z) How I got through the Darcia scene without doing the talked about keyboard slam mentioned above, and without changing much. I think that was the point I temporarily gave up on rescuing Holo Q.

aa) As we restart the alphabet I reach the scene where the Holo Q reboot turned into a rewrite. From here on out the episode should only follow the extreme basic plot. When I say extreme basic, I mean simply; Evil Q scene, Phados 1, Voyager. The flow remains the same, the contents should change with some exceptions that unfortunately need to stay.

All I have to say about the scene in question is even the evil Q is in on the making fun of Holo Q page.

ab) Jessie took on Kimberley's later role in PR as damsel, probably because I couldn't see B'Elanna in that role, and Triah had no (potential) love interest. B'Elanna and Tom were already engaged, so why not chuck in the shipper hints the movie had? This also gave me the opportunity to play around with my ideas for James.

It's not good. Not at all. Unfortunately with Timeline touching on the constant rescues = the Holo Q ending, this stuff must remain. Hopefully there's only one left, that I remember, and I should be changing everything from the scene I mentioned in aa.

ac) The "Game Creatures" still need to be in the episode. I have to be careful with it too, as they're featured in important episodes later.

ad) Spoilers for Season Two+ The original episode makes zero sense as it explains nothing and the things that do happen just do. With the reboot I had the challenge of writing a story that didn't do this again, but at the same time didn't spoil what was to come in the story. The Game Creatures for example is the biggest one. They still had to remain a mystery.

The reasons for Q's vengeance. It is hinted at a lot in the reboot, there should be enough for any reader that knows the premise of FV and has read later episodes to figure it out. It isn't meant to tell you directly, as it is still a Season One episode.

For a new reader it is meant to seem like the Q has researched his enemy, his beef with Voyager is only personal because they're Human, is a bit bonkers and/or there's something deeper going on that will be revealed later. Or they'll just think it's lazy and I suck for leaving it unresolved. A current reader may hopefully figure it out from what Q2 says. No matter what any reader thinks, it is still 100x better than a 22nd/23rd century probe with Holodecks and a crew taking on a Q.

ae) The fact that I never dared to cover anything from Captain Proton, at least off the top of my head anyway, is either a crime or a small mercy. It is pure slapstick and would have fit in with Season One's "style". However I was far more likely to screw it up, so I'm gonna go with small mercy. Home Sweet more than makes up for it.

af) Phados One, a dinosaur graveyard. Tom: "looks like a dinosaur graveyard." I'm the next and female Stephen King... *snicker*. No, but seriously. In the end my not erasing these mistakes and instead making fun of them is going to bite me in the ass. In the future people may just read the reboots and these jokes will not make sense. Oh well.

ag) The following one barely a few paragraphs below that ^ was better. James said something like "welcome to Jurassic Park" in the original. Instead Harry says it and James quips about it being lame, which Harry then comebacks and says that he thought that James would be more likely to say it. I think it gets away with looking like silly banter. I hope. James' "maybe if I was fifteen or another person" may throw that off, which is a reference to how old I was when I wrote it and James' completely different personality during Holo Q. Meh still, every original>reboot joke should be done like this, the fourth wall ones are the jokes that will just make readers scratch their heads... or maybe backspace out of the site.

ah) I mentioned further up that I'd just write Home Sweet with a very basic plot in mind, and yet when I got to the dinosaur bones scene, I ended up changing my mind. The main reason was that it had the only James and Tom work together scene that I remember, though I imagine Death of the Soul kinda counts, and I didn't want to change that too much. Then I thought that it was the best James rescues Jessie, and she gets rightly mad scene in the episode. In fact it was the only one where she should get mad in it, but hey never mind. I came up with a few new ideas to flesh out the original, changing it from the PR exact copy.

ai) The end trial copied PR as well, with the fight against the four statues. Considering the episode focused on spirit animal/guides, personality traits and whatnot, it seemed like a huge mistake to keep it that way. I did notice in the original a few hints that I was keeping to the "animal spirit" assigned to a character idea after all, with Harry pushing one statue into water (he's the frog), Tom's attacks revolve around trees (grass type animal). The episode needed a lot more or otherwise the Pokemon/Game Creatures would remain a pointless addition to an already ruined episode.

4) Janeway's stardate at the beginning. If I have to explain it, I did it wrong. I still will though, cos unless you did what I did you may not know. During the reboot I've been obsessed with stardates, I wanted them right so I knew when certain original episodes were based. I looked up how to convert stardates to dates, after messing around with formulas in Excel, I discovered that there really wasn't any formula for it.

It was simply 4 picked for some random reason. 1 for Season One of The Next Generation. Three random numbers, and another random decimal number. Voyager followed on directly after TNG Season Seven. As Voyager progressed that 4 changed to a 5.

I did assume the second number went up with the year and season, so at least I was right about one of them, but not the other. Which is why all these years I got Voyager's launch date wrong - Voyager Season One and Two take place in a short space of time, not two years... the 48/49 stardates are manipulative.

I don't really have to explain the 47 part, do I? Look it up ^_^

5) There are many days where I wonder if I should be a writer, if I should stop when FV is done, etc... Then I get the days like when I reached the final trial scene, and I briefly believe I still can do it. I'm really proud of that scene. Action is usually very difficult for me, but that scene just flowed out of me like most of the FV conversations do. Next to Within Reach's in the dark finale (I'm avoiding spoilers here), it's my favourite battle scene of mine.

Extreme Night
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Title Meaning
It's a combination of titles Night and Extreme Risk. The episode shares the reasons the two original episodes had their names; the void and B'Elanna's risk taking to feel something.

Alternate Titles

The original episodes

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Extreme Risk

Hope and Fear

Brief Facts
1) The episode began as only a FV version of Night, with FV's fantasy elements.

2) It was soon developed into the Night and Hope & Fear combination, with the Flyer being built on the side.

3) Since Timeless had been brought back and it'd be within an episode or two, I had to introduce the Flyer in this episode, which is why Extreme Risk eventually made it in.

4) The episode was started more than a year before it was eventually released.

5) The previous plan was to have Night before Home Sweet Holodeck. Since I was struggling with my numerous ideas for Night, Holodeck was put forward.

6) The first few scenes were done before Home Sweet Holodeck.

7) As hinted in 1, one of the first storyline ideas was to further develop the Deck Thirteen storyline. There's still some tiny elements of it in the finished version.

8) Another idea focused on the scavengers effect on the area, with the Dauntless only showing up in the later scenes.

9) None of the plans involved the Malon or their victims, since the void isn't meant to be the same one in original Night.

10) The episode was meant to be a 1 parter, but if you merge 3 episodes together, you're not going to get a small story are you?

11) This is the first release since the series's completion.

Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
Coming Soon

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Title Meaning
As it's an original Voyager title I can't really give an answer here, only guesses. Other than it being a time episode, I haven't a clue. Perhaps with the guilt theme being a big thing in the original, the title's hinting to Harry's being never ending, timeless so to speak. Meh, I'm no good at this.

Alternate Titles
A/The Timeless Fight (when it was a Timeless and The Fight crossover)

The original episodes

Original Voyager Episodes Used

The Fight, kinda.

Brief Facts
1) There was a plan to merge Timeless with The Fight, but the Timeless side of things was quite large and I didn't want another two parter after Holodeck and Night.

2) I wasn't going to rewrite either of these two, but with Killing Game not working, something was needed to take its place.

3) A few minor scenes from Timeline were moved into this episode, primarily because of the date it is based in.

4) The opening scenes were written immediately after Dark Clouds was finished while I was on holiday. Interesting clash, writing a very icy scene while you're sitting by a pool trying not to burn.

5) The original Timeless half was a bare bones version of what you got instead. It was planned as present day only, showing the events up until the crash. Then the crash would never happen. The time travel itself would be left to interpretation by the crew and the reader. The Fight would follow.

6) The original plan was based on the fact that FV's Timeless was portrayed very badly/vaguely as a dream. At least the future events were. Any reboot had to do something similar.

7) Extreme Night's development is to blame for Timeless' new look, as well as future episodes I'll leave unnamed for now.

8) My biggest worry with the new Timeless is that it'll look like one big mess with mistakes throughout, when these "mistakes" are intentional hints that the story being shown isn't quite accurate and has been altered.

Background Information
Everything that was wrong with Season One happened in my first stab at Timeless. Main characters were replaced by newbies and they basically did the same things. Kiara was forcibly shoved into the plot for no reason other than the plot demanded it. Nothing was explained and the point of it gets lost in the insanity. Needed scenes are skipped, even ones I liked. Not needed or funny fourth wall scenes. Finally, I'm sure there were some exclaimed's in there. I'm not daft enough to torture myself looking for something so obvious.

It also had the added bonus of these two cringe worthy things; the terribly named Jimmy. Enough said... FOR NOW. And his squick relationship with the older Kiara. The less said the better, but that's not stopped me before.

Timeless was so awful and at the same time couldn't really be used in FV unless it was a dream again, that I originally cancelled it. Killing Game kinda took its spot, until it suffered the same fate for different reasons.

I had already written the one thing needed from Timeless, that barely explained itself in the original anyway, into another episode before making the decision to reboot it.

I can't entirely explain it without spoilers galore and giving myself a headache, let alone you, but simply Timeless' time travel elements would royally screw up the foundations of Fifth Voyager. It simply could not happen. It didn't matter which characters survived the disaster.

Whatever I did to the rebooted version, I had to avoid actually using time travel.

The original plan for bringing Timeless back was a much simplified version of what I did do. Voyager would hop into slipstream, run into trouble, Harry would give them the wrong phase corrections, things get dicey, a mystery second set of phase corrections would appear, and bam... they drop out of slipstream safe and sound. No future scenes, no crash, no time travel. Timeless would end with Janeway blaming Seven, as she did in the finished version.

The Fight side of the story would immediately follow with more than a mini setup scene. But that was because the Timeless half wouldn't be as long, as you probably already noticed.

I imagine you can see the many problems with this idea, and why I spruced it up a fair bit. Apart from scenes being missing and Janeway's anti-Seven joke, there was nothing different about this Timeless to the original Voyager version. It was dull and pointless, and I really didn't want to write it. Timeless' only point seemed to be making its original FV version uncanon and shoving the "everything's changing" premise of the series in your face.

Apart from making it all Kiara's dream again, I didn't know what else to do. Kiara already had her dream when Timeless wasn't a part of Reboot One, so that wasn't going to work either. What I did like about the new idea was the mysterious second phase corrections, since it wasn't to be Harry in my version, it was something else. A few other events in Reboot One helped develop this idea a bit further, which helped develop previous episode Extreme Night as well.

Future events can't happen still? No problem, they can still be a dream but with a twist.

I want to change the conversations a little in the original but use mostly the same characters? No problem, mistaken or rather misleading identity twist.

It was a nice idea that the future scenes showed off a MC or two's child as a teenager, but my god was it written in the worst possible way. It also seemed like erm... that happened while Kiara was around when it wasn't meant to be*. OOC and very gross. No problem, avoid all that by creating a child character from a pairing already together when the drama unfolds. Make it so one parent survived and the other didn't. It explains why this different character goes along with Harry's plan. It writes itself.

*Without the hints in later "Kiara's dream" episodes, this still very young child is assumed to be dreaming about adults randomly making out, ships crashing into ice and killing everyone including her mother (at least, I can't remember if Chakotay made it), some technical jargon about time messages and slipstream phase variances, Borg physiology, and dreams up a future boyfriend who's illegally underaged for her at the time and is so god damn irritating it might make readers wonder if she's insane. She doesn't know he would've been related to her too, so we can't hold that part against her. Still, eeeeugh.

Harry needed a particular arc for this season. No problem, he can keep his Timeless part thanks to the twist.

Voyager's path is changing but I want to keep episodes like Night around, which counts on Voyager being in this huuuuge place at the right time so they can get out of it. Nope. No problem, false flag. The void seems like the same thing but isn't, and make it related to Timeless.

Without the encounter with Arturis and the Dauntless, Voyager has no slipstream drive, making Timeless stupider than Hunters without Message in a Bottle. No problem(o), I've already mixed him up with the Boss to explain the lack of Timeless when it was cancelled, planned for the Night "parody". A few tweaks to the story and it's a-okay.

It seemed like everything fell into place from what I've said. The truth is far from that. The plot made sense, but once I started to write it, problems started to pop up. I have no idea what dates I wrote the episode in March, because I was too busy trying to fix them in already done scenes and ones I was doing at the time. It took a month for a reason.

Without going too in depth, I was concerned about how it was formatted and basically presented. Remember we've got Voyager's Timeless going from present to future so often near the end, and I can't tell you how sick I am of writing things like:

Fifteen years ago (the present)

Present Day

The future

The Flyer


You get the idea. I still use this (Timeless still has its original "ten minutes later" heading from an old scene somewhere) but I'm trying to phase it out. Yes, I know even the Voyager novels tell you what ship they're on and where in a similar style (I think it's different font, with italic caps. It's been a while, can't remember), but this episode is a good example of why I dislike it. It'd be all over the place and worst of all, it'd ruin the twist I was building up to reveal. Without using any of it, I'm concerned as usual that my "show and not tell" isn't up to scratch.

Then there was the meat of the episode itself. Harry and B'Elanna's storyline. Does it make sense, will it make sense, oh god it doesn't make sense, how do I explain it without going all exposition mad, what if someone's forgotten Extreme Night, wait I'll spend a few hours doing some stupid slipstream speed calcs in Excel. That's just a few examples of the paranoid thoughts I had with this particular part of the story.

Slipstream speed calcs, Excel? What are you drinking Marill? I could post the spreadsheet to prove it. I dunno why I bothered. Slipstream seemed to vary even in Hope and Fear. 15 light years in a few minutes, but takes Voyager two days. 300 light years closer to home after a trek to Borg Space and back, yeah, helpful. The actual trek to Borg space where I remember Arturis bumping the speed up, the original trip being quoted as taking "a number of hours", and no way of knowing if he increased speed after a few hours or the few minutes of screen time. If the former, Voyager's pursuit gap makes sense but makes less sense considering they catch up. Latter, a speed increase from hours to minutes after Voyager's already in pursuit, well the catch up makes sense, but Voyager pulling slipstream out of its ass in that time is absurd. Anyway 10,000 light years in the few minutes of Timeless, but a few more minutes would get them to Alpha's borders.

Now you can see why the episode took so long. I wasted too much time on this. More time than it deserved, to be honest.

Nevertheless, I remained stubborn enough to keep to the new idea despite all of this. It's gone through quite a bit of editing to make it work to my liking, which probably took longer than actually writing the damn thing.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) I covered this briefly above, but I absolutely loathed Jimmy and everything involved with him. At the time I obviously didn't with the stupid fourth wall stuff, and the stupid line about being brought back somehow. Thank god that didn't happen. I seriously hope it was an ironic joke, but I doubt it.

a) I know it wasn't meant to be real. I did wonder if I was making excuses for myself considering I did have "lol fanfictions have their own dimensions" earlier. But the fact that as soon as Voyager drops out of slipstream, James and Jessie publically decide to couple up. I know it was intended to be just making out, but god two things are wrong with it before the out of character-ness of it. One Kiara is there. Two Kiara is there and comments after a double take which makes it seem like it was more than that. Then the son who was just the right age for being conceived around the time of the accident. Eugh.

Even for Season One James and Jessie, this was out of character for them. No, this can't be real. The way it is written, even for me then, seems so abrupt on purpose. It feels like someone who doesn't know them that well imagining what they'd do. Almost like a shipper implying that J/C had a make out session after the "I can't imagine a day without you" and Angry Warrior speeches once the screen faded out. Ahem *shifty eyes*

b) His name. Jeez James, I didn't know you were that egotistical. Or is this Jessie's fault and he reluctantly went for it? Who cares, it's not real.

c) So Voyager was destroyed fifteen years ago. James and Jessie apparently hooked up, I'm HOPING conceived a kid once they were alone (seriously, I doubt I intended it to be the other way), no sooner but could've been later. So Jimmy couldn't be anymore than 14 years old in the future scenes. Right? Okay.

The episode was based in March 2374, Kiara was born in 2373. She's one, so she'd be sixteen in the future events. She's got an American parent, the series is based on an American series, so it's fine... Kiara and Jimmy's relationship is fine, they're both still kids. Oh boy, here in the UK the age barrier is 16, not 18. I knew that. I bet since I was 15, I didn't think it was a big deal. They were very likely chaste considering their parents *cough*Lena*cough* . I dunno, it probably isn't but now 15 years later, I don't feel right about it.

But it's okay, it isn't real.

d) Spoilers for Season Three episode 2: I'm willing to bet Timeless was written when James was still an unrelated but still a Slayer partner to Morgan/Lena. Even though it wasn't real, it'd be still really out of my comfort zone to have Kiara and Jimmy dating if they were to be cousins. Or, if I was writing this like Kidz Trek's version of the Kiara/Lena paradox, then it'd be a girl dating her nephew unknowingly. Ew, stop Marill. Not real.

e) Jimmy is so bloody annoying. He's basically the hyper old-school Season One James and Jessie literally combined into one character, with the added "bonus" of being 14 years old. He's no Duncan. Though to be fair, Duncan is too high a standard to be compared with. He's how Jimmy should've been. Timeless wouldn't have seemed so bad if he was. Of course it's not real, so who cares?

2) It's not all bad. The idea to have a kid born after the accident was something I wanted to keep. As the reboot hinted, I didn't like the one off love interest of the week cliche in Timeless. I mean sure, out of the two of them, Chakotay made more sense than Harry. He was obsessed and full of guilt, while Chakotay seemed like himself. But I don't think there was any need for the girlfriend at all. Everytime I watch the episode, the J/C scenes feel like they're put there to tease us, then stab us in the back while we're still reeling from the shippiest scene ever, only topped really IMO by the Muse "kiss" and Shattered's flipping "what if" ending. I'm still bitter they went down the Seven route after that, FU everyone who was involved.

If you really must give Chakotay a love interest in Timeless, don't leave J/C hints and certainly don't have one of the other woman scenes only a few metres from Janeway's frozen corpse. Really? I swear, the same writers behind this must have wrote the Futurama episodes where they forget Leela and Fry were a couple. Voyager gives me more rage shipper related moments, don't worry about that. God, I thought my overdramatic shipper days were behind me. I hope so, my Youtube (lack of) skills are rusty.

Yikes I went way off topic. Fake-Miral beats Tessa any day. You can keep your evasive maneuvERS, you boring knife to my shipper heart. Though, you're still miles ahead of Mind Violator Riley, ZzzzzKellin, ruined Species 8472 I can't remember the name of, Angry because Voyager didn't like her badguy stuff Seska, and Life in Plastic Seven. At least you cared enough about Chuckles to give up your life with him so he could return to "where he belongs".

Jesus, I can't stop. Timeless has reignited the shipper within. To Movie Maker!

3) I wanted Extreme Night to end the way it did, unresolved and its final scene being a silly jokey one, so that it would feel like an old fashioned Season One episode. So when somebody goes into Timeless they'll not think anything of Night's ending. It's unrelated. They obviously got the Flyer back because it's there in the future, B'Elanna too as she's there. She survived instead of Chakotay because FV likes to change things. Janeway and Seven were rescued like they were in Hope and Fear as they're there in the present scenes.

Basically to sum up, I wanted some, maybe all readers to think that Extreme Night was resolved "off screen" exactly as Hope and Fear did, and its only relation to Timeless was the slipstream drive, and at a stretch the Delta Flyer (Home Sweet Holodeck technically introduced it first).

So when that scene happens, hopefully you know which one I mean, some may be left wondering "what the hell happened?"

It's a concern of mine, even if it was intended to do just that. Only at first though. Once the real events kick in, it should start to make sense again. This is where the concern lies.

The "off screen" events of Extreme Night need to be more than implied, and they weren't planned to be in the episode but a later one.

I do hope that someone remembers Extreme Night's unresolved ending at some point. That there wasn't any need to show Janeway and Seven's rescue as it'd probably be the same, but B'Elanna's Flyer theft is new and wasn't explained or resolved. It was random enough to be in original Season One, and it fit the "style" for it to be forgotten about by the next episode. But this is the reboot. Isn't a bit odd that B'Elanna was last seen in Night stealing the Flyer and getting caught in the Dauntless' slipstream, but she's next seen taking Chakotay's place in the Timeless events. Why her? It was always a clue on its own that something wasn't right, the first clue.

I guess the trickiest part of writing this episode was the after twist scenes. How the hell do you show/tell what's happened for the majority of the episode so people understand (and if/when they reread see it in a different light), without saying and doing too much.

4) As mentioned above, the lines people could easily mistake for typical Fifth Voyager errors, but are intentional elbow nudges to the truth. Not to say there aren't any actual mistakes, that's laughable. If you're curious and you don't want to spot them yourself. I'll go through and mention some of them.

B'Elanna's personality shift

Now remember the last time we saw her in the previous episode, she was clearly depressed and secretive, as well as flying the brand new Delta Flyer into the Dauntless' slipstream path. Her behaviour in Timeless is a bit, different and in some cases it could be seen as not.

A few examples; B'Elanna's silly OTT reaction to the stuffed fly thing Neelix gives her. The repeated descriptions of her being unreadable or emotionless. The almost blunt rudeness that she did do in Night, but the clue is in people's reactions toward her when she does. Her future self is probably closer to B'Elanna, as close as I can get her because I suck at writing her *shrug*. The present day scenes are the weird ones. Her behaviour is all over the place, first seen grinning madly when she christens the core. Screaming at a stuffed bug and being squeamish. Then the rest of the episode she's rude and superior.

In summary, she's clearly not one but multiple characters, posing as her, intended to throw off the reader until the twist.

Who's doing what now?

There's a few of these, the bigger ones come near the end when the twist is about to appear. The first one I remember is Harry and B'Elanna updating the Doc in the future. The scene followed the present day ones, showing the day before the flight. One of which was Harry being rudely snubbed by B'Elanna, who thinks she can do the phase corrections faster than him. In the future, Harry reminds the Doctor that he was put in charge of it. This can look like a big FV mistake easily. I change little things as I go if they're not working and sometimes I can forget other mentions of it. These mistakes are usually caught in second full read throughs, after the episode's been released, then are fixed. But anyway, this isn't one of them. It's a hint.

The next is Harry and B'Elanna's positions in the shuttlecraft. Simply, they swap during the flight. I dunno, the way it's presented seems less mistake like and more intentional, but I could be wrong. It's the big example though and yet the one I debated against using for too long, until finally deciding that "I need to show more inconsistencies, so the reader clues in to a problem before the twist scene". Also a big question mark is why would B'Elanna be the pilot in this mission? Shouldn't she be in Engineering? Why would Harry still go if he had been demoted to pilot? It's his plan.

Harry's a bit jokier and "braver" than usual...

Though the fun thing is, he sort of was in original Timeless too. That and Demon he was doing his Ensign Eager routine, where he stands up to authority, airs his ideas without a care, and gets a sometimes bad joke in too. So yeah, his behaviour's not as obviously wrong as B'Elanna's, but there's still something there. His interaction with Tom is the best example. The bit that comes to mind is Tom's comment about sharing a Holodeck with him. Actually the best example is the interactions with Jessie. I won't say anymore. Look at the times she replies to him and vice versa. It's there and plainly obvious who Harry's really supposed to be, at least until the flight and his alter ego is shown on the Bridge. I remember worrying it was too obvious, too soon.

No one refers to them by name

What else can I say? The only times someone calls Harry and B'Elanna by their name, they're either in the future scenes or they're talked about in the third person.

The Seven of Nine Show
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Title Meaning
This was what they were going to rename Star Trek Voyager to, wasn't it? Oh did I hear wrong? Too bad, I'm still using it. That's all I can say seriously.

Alternate Titles
Play Time (The Seven side of the plot's first title)

Chaos (The Seven side of the plot's second title)

The Fight (The Fight's side of the plot's original 2001 title)

A Timeless Fight (The Fight's side of the plot's previous reboot title when it was merged with Timeless)

Four Out Of Five, the original and FV version of The Fight, at least four Voyager fifth season episodes.

Original Voyager Episodes Used
The Fight

Infinite Regress


Latent Image


Brief Facts
1) When the episode was first created as "Play Time", the barebones idea for it was very similar to what was written; Seven would be affected by something, and because of it be the antagonist of the episode. Since she's so perfect at everything, the crew have a hell of a time trying to stop her. More in Background and/or Misc.

2) Play Time was intended to be a Season Five episode at one point with Annika continuing her vampire stalking antics. Once it was moved to Reboot One it was renamed Chaos, then eventually changed again to The Seven of Nine Show.

3) When The Killing Game was cancelled, both Timeless and The Fight were brought back and merged to replace it. It kept getting put back due to its placement (the two "season five" eps were replacing a "season four" episode) and difficulty planning what to change.

4) Timeless ended up being more than self sufficient so The Fight was separated from it, and for a time was almost cancelled again.

5) The Fight and Seven of Nine Show were eventually merged together, but it wasn't made official until I started to write it. I wasn't sure if it was going to work. If only one plot worked and not the other, that episode would be released on its own and the other cancelled.

6) What convinced me to keep the merge was that my The Fight from 2001 tried to mix things up, but eventually chickened out and resolved it the exact same way as Voyager's. It happened all the time, but with Seven Show stealing the spotlight from it kinda made sense to me to do something similar again.

Background Information
Something bothered me, as things tend to often. It started as me messing about, all while thinking this would be a nightmare to write. For a short time I humoured adding a brand new filler episode to Season Five. A filler episode that would be nothing but a frustrating pisstake on certain tropes. The title Play Time was decided, but I'm not entirely sure I found a place for it during its very brief S5 lifetime.

The idea? Everything would go wrong. Imagine this; somebody is murdered on the ship, Security are called to investigate it. So they do. They talk to the people they worked with, lived with etc... and they're all sketchy in their own way. Evasive. Then when they think they've got a handle on one suspect, another murder happens. The victim is the suspect. (This is starting to sound a lot like B4FV3's Blood Oath so far but please bare with me.) Not only that, but the crew is all beginning to act up. Someone completely unrelated, or so they think, decides to cause trouble but every attempt to stop them is thwarted. They try to take the helm, someone redirects, they hijack another console. They try to confront said character, character is too strong for them and wins. The good guys cut the power, but the villain steals a shuttle. They try to tractor beam the shuttle but the person overrides it and flies off into the distance.

Sounds frustrating, doesn't it? That's the opening act. It keeps going until you forget how it all started.

I had a long list of things that could go wrong and how someone would get in the way of the fix, intentionally or otherwise. I still have it somewhere on at least one computer. I imagine if I look at it, it'll get me just as annoyed.

Seven seemed like the ideal candidate for such a story. Seven did this herself a few times. One example that comes to mind, and mainly because its reboot is sitting in my Completed folder ready to be released, and that's Voyager Conspiracy. Try to tractor her, nope targeting sensors are off. Try to beam her back, nope forcefield. I dunno if this happened in Conspiracy but I'm sure every Voyager fan remembers (shuddering optional) "Borg encryption codes". Ffs Harry, learn Borg you fool, this happens way too often.

Seven had many things about her that I disliked, but the infallible super duper clever character who can't be caught is a trope that infuriates me more than any other. If it isn't a trope, it should be. She makes the Voyager crew look like fools. Who remembers the bypassing Security clearance to read someone's personal logs by swapping a sodding computer chip?

I'm spoiling a few lines in my rebooted Conspiracy episode here but it needs repeating here.

"This is why people hate characters that can do anything. They're always the ones to do stuff like this."

"Yes, how hard is it to think up some real obstacles, something related to the plot. Not this character is a genius and out thinks us before we've even done it."

There's no tension, it's only frustrating. The writer wants the character to get away but has no realistic way how, so they make the character outsmart everyone, "oh I did this before I left, you can't catch me ahaha!". I'm constantly reworking scenes to try to avoid doing it myself. It's easily done, don't get me wrong. I've written myself into that corner plenty of times. I've gotten the character in that place, stopped and wondered how they're getting from here to there with no resistance. Sometimes I've gone back to older scenes and edited them so they'd explain it. Sometimes I'd change the scene all together. And sometimes I'll admit to taking the easy way out like Voyager's writers did. I'll freely admit to doing it, feel the shame for it but at least I don't get paid to write crap like that, ahem.

Voyager Conspiracy could be another good example. How about instead of Seven tampering with everything before she left, how about saying the field around the piece of sh... Catapult disrupts transporters earlier in the episode, ideally when they think the alien might be in trouble and offer to beam him to Sickbay. Why not have Seven earlier in the episode learn about a weakness in Voyager's tractor beam targeting array. See, it's easy. It might not be GOOD but it's better than Seven running off metaphorically cackling "I knew you were going to do that so I bugged everything." My idea uses what's happened in the episode, have the episode foreshadow what she'll do later, making the scene a little more effective. And no I didn't do this in Piece in Conspiracy. Conspiracy's job is to keep the Seven issues mostly alike so I can point at them accusingly.

Anyway, Play Time's point was to write what I hated, to see if I was alone in this. To see if it frustrated anyone else like it did me. I'm not criticising stories that have conflict, things that get in a way of an easy resolution. How dumb would that be? I'm criticising stories whose conflict is forced in to keep the story going. That's what Play Time used to be.

In the end, thankfully, I felt that I didn't want to waste anymore time in Season Five. I wanted to keep the filler to a bare minimum. Any supposed filler were important character development episodes, so even then they really weren't. Play Time had no place in Season Five. Seven's development in that season could easily be told in the episodes already there.

I stubbornly decided the episode made more sense during Season One, at the beginning of Seven's arc, not the end. I won't spoil Season Five so I'll leave it as that.

The episode became Chaos for a while, until I decided to make the episode a bit more fun than annoying. It was placed in the fifth season part of Season One, which is where my hatred of Seven started to fester. She was the cause and/or solution to the majority of storylines. Even in ones where she shouldn't have been needed, she was thrown in.

How many episodes were hers as opposed to Chakotay, Tuvok or B'Elanna for example.

Chakotay: Timeless, Fight, In The Flesh (technically 2 and a half, Timeless was more Harry's)

Poor Tuvok: Gravity (1... 0_0)

B'Elanna: Extreme Risk, Nothing Human, Juggernaut (3)

Seven: Drone, Infinite Regress, Bliss, Dark Frontier, Think Tank, Someone To Watch Over Me, Relativity (6. 7 if you separate Dark Frontier into 2 episodes which Star Trek seems to do. I don't, so I'll be fair/consistent and say 6)

... and I didn't even count the ones she still had big scenes that she didn't need to be in. Let's do that then, shall we. She gets a pass if she still needed to be there, fail if she could've easily been replaced by someone else. Be aware I'm basing this on memory, I haven't seen any episode in years. A bit daft writing Timeless and this episode without doing so I know lol, but anyway...

Night (as much as I found it funny, Seven went to Tom's program why? Fanservice. Fail)

Extreme Risk (was on the Flyer launch mission. She was shown aiding in its design. Pass)

In The Flesh (it was a "8472" episode, fair's fair. Pass)

Thirty Days (could easily have taken someone else on the flight. Did Harry even go, I can't remember. Wow. Fail)

Latent Image (was the only crewmember who wasn't around when the memory went down so wouldn't know how bad it was. Pass)

Course Oblivion (she had to be one of the last survivors. I'm surprised she died before Harry. Pedantic yes, but still a Fail)

11:59 (naturally is the one Janeway talks to the most, hmm mother/daughter relationship. Episode showed she could've discussed this with any of her main cast. Fail)

Warhead (had to be the fake injured but points for actually being injured. Or was that a dream? Fail, once again Seven has to have a solution even if it didn't work)

Equinox (most of her stuff is in Part 2, so Pass).

That's 5 more, so 11. Even without them, just look at poor Tuvok in comparison. I wonder why Robert Beltran was the one complaining about this, Tim Russ definitely had it worse in this season.

So yeah. I liked Season Four Seven. She had her fair few episodes there too, but there were signs of character development. The fifth season she has maybe two episodes with growth (Someone and Drone), but her others seem to be rehashes of previous developments like Hope And Fear's I don't want to be Borg anymore realisation (Dark Frontier/Infinite). Otherwise it's a lot of kiss assing...

Dark Frontier the entire collective goes to the trouble of kidnapping her, sparing Voyager for some reason, to get her advice on Humanity. Janeway races to a Borg fortress to rescue her. She and Queeny squabble over her. "Assimilate them!" (lol. It still tickles me). Bliss, um why didn't the beast manipulate Naomi into thinking it was a giant kadiskot tournament or a toy shop, and Seven into thinking it was a giant Omega particle=perfection (ok I'm joking here with the examples but I'm not with the concept). I know, they wouldn't have saved the ship but that's still sorta proves my point. Think Tank revolves around more aliens who want Seven to themselves, of course, why wouldn't you because she's amazing and hot. Harry already fancied her, let's have the Doc join in too.

So yeah, from one annoyance to another, Chaos became Seven of Nine Show... kind of a "fifth season" version of Four Out of Five. Various episodes try to stay the same but fail due to the changes.

The Fight needed a home eventually. I was burned out on writing mostly completely new episodes and I wanted to edit something (yeah that worked out well). The Fight was all that was left pre-Timeline, other than Demon ugh. Why not have one episode trying to develop, but the others, all Seven related try to steal the spotlight. I wasn't sure if it would work, so it wasn't always a sure thing. I made it though, and now we're in Timeline+ territory. Finally.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
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Title Meaning
Simply, this is the episode that truly sets FV in motion and FV itself is in another timeline/dimension to original Voyager.

Alternate Titles

My old Kidz Trek: The Voyage Home

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
1) Timeline's reboot turned from a basic edit job into a full brown rewrite due to its very drafty and Season One style.

2) The banner for the episode used a drawing done by an artist on a writing forum, who took requests from writers to draw their MCs. I asked for Morgan/Lena.

3) One scene references a re-occurring joke that was made in a voiced read through of the "worst fanfiction ever" (oh if only FV were more well known, I'd have that title surely lol), mainly because original Timeline committed the same crime as said fanfic; described Morgan's appearance right down to her clothes and hairstyle.

4) The episode's based in date was altered to fit with Morgan's later preferred birthday (something she chose since she didn't want to share Kiara's for obvious spoiler reasons), as it'd make sense for her to pick the date she joined Voyager. Also it was to make Craig younger when he met her. More on that later.

5) The original didn't name Morgan until the ending. She was referred to as the drone and then Kiara 2.

6) Morgan's name originated from and is a dedication to Kiara's original inspiration; Kiara Morgan from my ex-wannabe-novels Kidz Trek. FV-Kiara was given Morgan as a middle name so her future self could adopt it. Of course there's no reason why Janeway or Chakotay would use it. Kiara is a name I could get away with, but Morgan not so much.

7) The coffee plot was an obvious ploy to get rid of the original cringeworthy James and Morgan meeting, while still keeping future episodes canon. More on that later too.

8) Prequel spoilers: James' bigger part in the episode was intended to seem familiar to anyone who had read Do's and Don'ts. In that he blindly sticks up for Lena without understanding or caring about the facts behind her situation, while Janeway has the difficult burden of making the tougher, almost cruel decisions since she knows it'll eventually be best for Lena. I'll talk about this in Misc, but for now I'll say Do's and Don'ts he fails to save her, while Timeline he succeeds.

9) A lot of Timeline's changes were made not because I disliked the style of the original, or thought the story was confusingly written, but were a personal choice of mine, intended to make it feel a lot more like its Kidz Trek incarnation. Again, more on that below.

10) This is the second episode without Harry and B'Elanna since the incident in Timeless.

11) The plot errors in original Timeline were a result of my 14/15 year old self badly trying to be evasive and not spoiling future twists to the tale. I think in the end only one was removed completely, leaving the error left to interpretation, while the others were expanded on to add to the mystery.

Background Information
Timeline was the second episode ever written. I remember it well. Hastily scribbled on a A5 sized flipbook. When the time came to write it onto the site, a few scenes were edited to include the two newbies James and Jessie, a couple of scenes were added in to follow Holo Q's ending, but the majority of it was typed word for word. For years I've been more than happy with the fact that I stuck with the original draft, unlike first episode World Domination. The problem is Timeline's draft was obviously in need of some work. It was released still in its draft form. That's not good for one of the most important, if not thee most important episode of the series after Aggressions.

The main problem that grabbed me when I quickly skimmed through it for my reboot prep, was how trivial the events in the episode seemed to the crew. There's no real shock, no urgency. It's another day at the office.

Let's run through the basics of Timeline, shall we:

We run into a Borg ship, disconnected from the hive. The drone that contacts them introduces themselves straight away as J/C's two year old daughter.

They beam her aboard into Sickbay. "Kiara" explains what happened, including stuff she wasn't around to witness but that's another separate complaint, that far in the future Voyager's attacked, she's captured while escaping. She even casually mentions "oh yeah, mum and dad, you're dead".

The Doctor takes them aside to say she's in need of having her technology removed. They discuss the problem. If they avoid Kiara's assimilation, the future self would disappear. If they don't, well that's bad clearly, poor two year old Kiara.

Okay, I don't need to go through anymore than that, it's enough to demonstrate my point. These things all happen and no one really reacts to it. Zip, nada. That's the first problem I found in Timeline. It's big enough to change an episode from a simple edit into a rewrite.

The second would obviously be the jump straight in way I decided to handle the reveal. We've gone from Kidz Trek's probably a book length before the truth is discovered, to a couple of lines. Which goes with the fourth problem I had with the episode. We barely know Teen-Kiara, she's just arrived and there, and the whole "omg, which Kiara should we pick" is brought up immediately. Realistically the readers will probably side with baby Kiara, the one they know, the baby. J/C should be torn yep, both are still their daughter, but should inevitably pick baby Kiara as Teen-Kiara will end up having a better childhood with this decision. But anyway, my point here was the "but teen Kiara could be lost if we avoid this" far too soon, before we got to know Teen-Kiara, and said so damn badly it's like I didn't understand my own made up dilemma. It's huge dammit. Write it that way Marill. I don't have to wait an entire "book" length, but half of a scene is ridiculous.

The third problem was Kiara's tale about what happened. Oh I escaped, but I know what happened afterwards. I know you, mum and dad, died *points to make point*. Sigh. I don't need a giant paragraph to explain the problem, right?

Fourth, I've covered that Kiara/Morgan doesn't have time for the reader to get to know her. Sometimes her personality disappears and she becomes an exposition piece.

I'd say this is the fifth problem, but it's one I've known about for a long time so technically it's the first. James' character changing to extremes to suit the joke I wanted to tell, or scene he was in. He did this a lot as I was still working on him. That's no excuse though. There's definitely no excusing the "baby of the ship" scene. I dunno if the guy ever was this soft for the rest of the season. He was a softie yep, but not this bad. It was just there to tell a joke. A really bad one. The worst part is that I never liked to change things back in the old days, so Season Three mentioned it. If you think I'm keeping this scene like this, then you're as mad as me.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) Before there was the reboot Timeline, there was Piece of Conspiracy and some old research to do to prepare for Season Five's final episodes. Tackling them all made me realise something awful. I had badly screwed over Morgan, and in doing so made her a rather hypocritcal character in spirit. Her Season One original arc was to eventually replace always there perfect and dull Seven, with a flawed character with decent development and personality traits. Instead when she took Seven's place in episodes like Dark Frontier, she copied her lines almost word for word. She did the same things. When she wasn't "Seven", she would hang around even when the plot didn't need her, do very little and her personality was pretty one-note. Season Three spoilers: she was given the Enterprise con despite being a teenager. Two spoilers: Despite having the same condition as James, she developed telepathy skills early and nobody would shut up about her being better than him.

The other irony in this is that I worried that James would be considered the Mary Sue of the series. It doesn't deflect the concern all together, as he has his moments. The fact is Morgan got there years before he did.

Then along came the reboot of Timeline. The episode I thought would actually only need a little tweak here and there, even with the dreaded crybaby scene in its midst, went downhill fast. I've talked about it in Background, so I'll try not to repeat myself. The character of Morgan wasn't handled well, and because of her roots I'm not surprised my teen self wrote her as the next coming. Despite her age at the time of assimilation, she knew exactly what happened to Voyager. We're talking of a kid who wouldn't/shouldn't even be on the Bridge or Engineering to know these details, to add insult to injury she was busy being evacuated or assimilated when most of her story went down.

Then the she looks Human now scene. Within a couple of scenes we get the good old fanfiction scene of doom. Something I removed from Thrown Key (or I thought I did, I haven't dared to check) and thought was a one off. Something that a mock audio tape of the infamous My Immortal ripped to shreds deservedly so. If Star Trek Voyager itself was a fanfiction, Seven's catsuit and hair reveal probably would've been written exactly like it. It's important to know what Morgan is wearing now that she's no longer Borg, because she's soooo not like Seven right.

She was wearing... nobody cares. I've always hated writing about clothes. Maybe there was a good reason for that.

2) If I still have Craig/Morgan shippers these days, even after the "Five" fiasco in Season Five then I'm probably gonna ruin it completely here.

I should point out once more, and yes I use it as a reason but not an excuse as I rarely give myself a pass, that I was 15-16 when I wrote the majority of Craig's unrequited crush on Morgan. I'm not sure if it even is a reason good enough. I intentionally lowered Craig's age in preparation for this, but forgot to remove his rank of Lieutenant (and then made a joke in Hunters, oh god the humanity). So I must have been aware of how touchy the subject was to do that. Perhaps I thought his age was low enough and forgot all about it.

The truth is, the beginning of Craig/Morgan is a bit iffy. That's the best or rather worst word I feel comfortable using. Don't get me wrong, their later stuff is cute and at the same time devastating for all the right reasons. Their story worked out pretty well IMO (and no that's a not a spoiler. A story can develop and close without a pairing getting together). It's just a shame that I started it off so soon.

Morgan's 15 at the time of the episode. I moved the episode to February mainly so her chosen birthday of February makes sense, but it was also to lower Craig's age at the time of their meeting. Now he's 19. No matter what country you're from, it doesn't look good, does it? I can't change her situation. She has to join Voyager in 75, she has to be 15 or so many episodes need altering, a Season Four episode makes a big deal out of her being 20 at a certain date... so yes, unmoveable. October to February the same year was the best I could do.

It wasn't meant to be creepy, it never was. Even Craig's PADD habit wasn't invented to make the boy seem weird or predatory, just cluelessly desperate but harmless with it. Craig's crush on Morgan at the beginning was meant to be cheesy "love at first sight" which gradually stops him from chasing other girls now that he's found the "one". With how I imagined Morgan, they'd never go any further than sickly sweet chaste couple if I decided to pair them up. So yeah, it's really sad that a mistake with Craig's age has soured it a lot. I don't think I realised at the time that placing it in late 2375 pushed Craig out of his teens. As a 15 year old myself at the time I probably didn't see the harm in a 19 and 15 year old one sided crush.

I honestly don't know. It's a mess regardless. The new version of Timeline does briefly address this, and has Craig struggle with it. After Timeline spoilers: nothing ever happens between them till Season Two anyway, which she instigates, and by then she's 16 (I've mentioned this already but 16 is classed as an adult in these situations in the UK. Not that it matters, the pairing never really go that far anyway). Their getting together isn't until she's 17, so yeah it's really the crush at first sight and the one sidedness for a few more episodes of Season One that may raise eyebrows unless I tone it down as James suggested :P

3) I've told the story more than enough times, so summing up. Kiara and Morgan's story is a hugely altered version of a story from my cancelled Kidz Trek Voyage novels. Even in the series' early days, the storyline had a massive amount of differences, probably so I didn't give all my KT twists away when the time came to write and publish *snicker*. In Kidz Trek the two girls were named Kiara Morgan and Roxanne.

I'm not sure why I decided to change Roxanne's name, it was probably the same reason I mixed up some of the details. I decided that since Kiara would be Kiara Janeway instead here, that I could use the name Morgan. Sort of like a tribute, or a reference to their KT personas.

In the original version of Timeline, Morgan didn't get her name until the ending. She was simply Kiara 2.

4) "Kiara 2" was one tiny problem in a vast pool of Timeline issues. I read through the first few scenes of the original and thought "I'm right, this'll be a quick reboot" so I made a start early. It wasn't until I got further into it, mainly when Morgan gets to Sickbay, when I realised it wasn't a quick reboot. So much was wrong. Now, this is my personal opinion. The story is told and ended properly, unlike a lot of S1 and probably because it was written before FV decended into madness. In its basic form there's a half decent story there. There was potential in the parts it didn't tell (intentional or otherwise), and thankfully that potential was drawn out nicely over the years until the finale. It worked for what it was.

And yet, the rewrite of Timeline didn't just fill in the gaps, fix grammar and other mistakes, or make sense of its god awful original ending. The order of events were changed. Morgan doesn't flat out say who she is immediately. The story of the future isn't told in its entirety, since the story tellers are unreliable for a good reason. Time travel and the paradoxes caused by it is debated. No one has answers right away.

Morgan's first episode isn't her calling Voyager over so she can join them. She now contacts them to save her past self from the life she had. 2001 Morgan warned them sure, but brings up the solution to save herself immediately so there is little conflict whatsoever. It's a huge contrast to her KT Roxanne persona who on finding out decided to sacrifice her existence entirely to save Kiara from assimilation. It made Morgan look selfish, and well... that wasn't the intention. Yeah she's 15 and still a kid, when Roxanne wasn't, so is quite rightly frightened of being erased. Who wouldn't be? Selfish is a strong word without any context.

Note I didn't do these things because Timeline was awful and all of these changes was necessary (you can see that 1 in particular may be, but that could be fixed by filling up current scenes). Timeline's fine. It introduced Morgan and Tani, briefly touched on the dilemma of Morgan and Kiara existing over the other, had quite a bit of character stuff...

(it's obviously subjective whether that's good character stuff. I liked Craig's insecurities, even if he does forget that he at least has James as a friend by this point. Something the reboot was kind to point out to him. While James seemed to be playing three different people to the point I'm actually concerned he has multiple personality disorder here. And his friendship woes with Jessie doesn't fit into Timeline and you can tell it was added to it much later because it was the first canon episode after Holo Q.)

...As mentioned it had an ending that wasn't as rushed, foreshadowed a Season Two/Three development (or to be more accurate, smacked you in the face with it), and left things open as the story more than continues afterwards.

So yes, Timeline was fine. It could have been rebooted with its current scenes expanded on to fix my biggest gripes (Morgan's instant solution to the episode dilemma and no one cares what she's wearing, James' crybaby scene, the headache inducing ending etc...), a couple of new scenes and a spelling/grammar check. I chose to do more because this storyline and character arc is very important to me. Morgan and Kiara are important. I feel like the beginning should interest the reader so they stick around till the end. What's the point of having a good middle and end if no one's there to see it?

Yeah, it was mainly for me but I hope that others would agree that the improvements to Timeline were a good idea.

5) Spoilers for B4FV Season Two episode 5, and Season Two episode 13. The whole of number 5's entry (oh 5, that was accidental I assure you) are spoilers, so skip if you haven't read either:

As mentioned in Brief Facts, I used Do's and Don'ts to tell the story of Timeline a little better. I thought it would be nice to show that since their memories were erased, that the characters would basically repeat themselves.

James was horrified by what he heard of Q's plan. He didn't care to understand the overall problem. As far as he was concerned, an innocent fifteen year old girl was going to be dragged through time, have her life ruined all for the sake of bringing her to an earlier point in time by an omnipotent species, for basically nothing. To make her a Slayer like him? He was the only one who'd understand that wasn't something to aim for.

Meanwhile Janeway knew that following Q's plan would help Lena in the long run. That she wouldn't remember what she had already been through. Unfortunately that meant enduring the awful burden of letting Q send the Borg after her. True the episode was written in a way that made it look like the coffee bribe was the only reason, but her arguments were more for Lena than that.

The two clash over this, it gets a bit heated and personal. James goes behind her back to fight against her and Q to save Lena, despite the odds of defying Q being extremely low. Janeway struggles with her conscience and tries to help as well. In the end though they both fail and Lena is dragged to her fate.

With their memories of this gone, and Morgan showing up in similar circumstances, Janeway and James both follow the same pattern. James is disgusted that they're trying to completely avoid the Borg attack, which would erase Morgan from the timeline, without a thought about her. He then goes behind their back to help her, as he did in Do's and Don'ts. Janeway's dilemma is more complex. It's either Kiara is assimilated to keep Morgan, or they try to avoid it, risking Morgan disappearing and a paradox forming. Saving Kiara is the better option, since she also won't be traumatised by the event and lose her childhood like Morgan did. Janeway's not one for ultimatums, she'd prefer to save both, but is more likely leaning slightly towards saving Kiara.

Once again, she's got the tough choice to make and James judges her as harsh as he just doesn't see it like she does. He's once again trying to save his teenaged sister (this time unknowingly, it's instinctual) without thinking of the consequences.

6) In Fifth Voyager's days of oldé, as you may already know from reading this page so far, Jessie and especially James were very slowly being weaned from being Team Rocket parodies into original characters. James was the worst offender. Jessie was at least consistent with her fiery violent temper and vanity. These traits were mostly kept when she was developed into the character she is now. James on the otherhand bares little resemblence to his Seasons Two to Five, and B4FV self. In S1 he was all over the place. Some episodes he'd be a coward, always trying to get out of danger. Sometimes he'd be a hyper kid, playing pranks. Other eps he'd be there just to have a new character in the scene, his personality would be molded to fit the moment he was in, regardless of what it was. Then there were the times where he'd show his future potential in Season 2+, with his protective nature, sarcastic comments, and even brave moments.

Timeline however, there were times when I felt like there were multiple James' in the episode. One scene in particular makes me grind my teeth, cringe so much I shudder and/or makes me want to travel back to when I wrote a certain Season Three episode and furiously hammer the delete button until the references to this scene are gone. Then I can happily remove it from the original episode and pretend it never existed, instead of badly editing in a "he's only acting like this because of Neelix's coffee" unsubtle hint at the beginning to "explain" why it happens.

What the hell am I talking about?

James was wildly inconsistent, however his childishness wasn't. That seemed to be the running gag for him. Craig was "desperate", Jessie was "angry", James was the "big kid". Timeline took it to extremes in a story that already had the aftermath to the cheek kiss from Holo Q/Home Sweet Holodeck. It was infantile in its approach, I doubt their backstory to explain their reactions were fully developed then, yet it was still an awkward, adult-ish plot for them. So already you have a clash. James goes from feeling awkward that his friend kissed him but still wants to plan her birthday party in secret, to "hey you meanie, stop being mean to me. Wah!" so fast you'd be suing me for whiplash.

I'm saying a lot about a scene that's now no longer canon thanks to this reboot (hell yeah! *fist bump in the air*) in order to avoid what happens in this scene and I shouldn't in case the sheer awfulness still isn't clear. I'm gonna spoiler colour it. If you understand or already know, skip and return to the white text.

Morgan asks why Craig is being awkward. James or the Doc answers that he's the ship's drooler, as the reboot does. She asks who James is then. Craig or Doc responds that he's the ship's baby, because remember his one personality trait was "big kid". He responds to this wild and obviously untrue accusations not with biting sarcasm that he's known for, but by bursting into tears and more or less saying "why would you say that, it's not true?" I AM NOT JOKING. THAT HAPPENED. GO SEE FOR YOURSELF. NO DON'T, I BEG YOU. I CAN'T DELETE IT OR S3 EPISODE DOESN'T WORK. I should be the one crying.

I obviously was going for the not original ironic joke. "Oh such and such, you have to have the last word." "No I don't." Hilarious. The problem isn't that James was never childish in Season One, or ever. He was. The problem is that he tended to take a lot of insults on the chin. Or he'd agree with them. Even back when he was undeveloped he used sarcasm. Bursting into tears for a lame insult wasn't something he did.

Note, there's nothing wrong with a male character crying. I'm not saying James never cries again because I made him "macho" or some crap like that. I don't believe in that mindset. No. He probably cries more than any of the male characters. He is still sensitive and usually isn't bothered that people may wrongly see it as weak for doing so. If he cries, he usually has a damn good reason to. Everyone cries, this isn't my problem.

The problem is I took an already badly developed one-note character, and made him do something out of character for a joke. That wasn't even funny. In a scene where he's introduced to the character he's meant to share a LOT of scenes with in the seasons to come. Where in my days of vowing never to change anything, I wrote a scene two seasons later where Morgan mentions this incident as a means to remind him of who he is. This meant that I couldn't go back to Timeline in my first attempt at rebooting Season One many years ago and remove it all together, as it was now fixed in my eyes because of this new Season Three episode mentioning it.

So you already have a main character that likely most or all of the readers have difficulty getting to know, because he keeps changing and remains one note, and then he does something completely new, once, and goes back to "normal" afterwards. Don't even get me started with how he is a full season later.

Now excuses time... the majority of Timeline was written in 2000 long before Aggressions was, let alone Hunters which was his debut. He wasn't even a twinkle in my eye then. Any hint of him was in KT and none of that guy's character traits were presented in this scene. Since it was the scene with Morgan and Craig's meeting in, something that would've been part of the draft, it's possible the scene had somebody else embarrassing themselves. It doesn't excuse a damn thing if it's true. Whoever did it in the draft should do it again. If they were one of the Aggressions regulars who were dumped right after their debut scene, then pick someone who would do this. If there isn't one, remove it, it added nothing. Zilch. Nada.

7) In Brief Facts I mentioned that I changed the format of the episode so it would feel more like Kidz Trek. Note I didn't mention that in the previous misc, as I wanted to mention that separately. How fast everything happens was a major complaint I had with Timeline. It's not really fair to compare the two here. FV had a much bigger story to tell after Timeline, while Timeline in KT was essentially the end of it.

KT Voyage took its time to build up to this (I planned a good book and a half before the reveal), and benefited from it as there would have been time to get to know Morgan/Roxanne before the big twist and the resulting dilemma. Once it was resolved that was it. The journey home would continue. Kiara and Roxanne's story was one of many.

In FV's case it's the opposite. Timeline is the start of a much bigger storyline. Everything before that was building up to it. There really isn't much point trying to hide Morgan and Kiara's relation like KT did. You'd get to know Morgan anyway from the four and a half seasons to come. The dilemma of who should we sacrifice wasn't the be all and end of FV's version of this storyline, while Kidz Trek's version was.

To sum up; Kidz Trek Voyage wasn't solely about this twist, while Fifth Voyager is.

So why was I complaining? It still felt a little too rushed. I made a lot of effort into creating this story of how Morgan gets there, but barely showed any of it. It's clear I wanted Morgan de-Borged and saved NOW, so I could get to the "good stuff". It's probably another reason why episodes I was stuck with were skipped till later. The sooner I got to Morgan, the better.

Recently I thought, I'm never going to write Kidz Trek and so I'll never be able to explore this storyline. I was eager to have a go of it. After all, it was one of my favourite storylines to come from KT. The arc in Season Five's inspiration is the other. I figured it would be nice to take my time and give my character the debut episode she deserved.

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Title Meaning
Re-reading the original episode made me think a little too late that it should've been called Spirit not Spirits, what with the lone person doing the possessing.

Alternate Titles

You know, I'm not sure. It'll be something, no doubt about it.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
1) Spirits is the first episode since Timeless that continues Harry and B'Elanna's side story.

2) Their side plot is the replacement for the exposition out of place scene in the original, and the jokes ripped off from another fanfiction.

3) The Tolg were considered to be the villains of the original episode after their introduction in Timeline. At least that's what I vaguely remember. The planet with no bodies, except the few that were possessed, still remained in the story with no explanation. The reboot mentions the Tolg as a possibility, but I decided to leave it to reader interpretation if they had anything to do with it there.

4) Morgan's fear of decomposing bodies is first hinted here in the original and reboot.

5) An earlier episode a Seventh Voyager crewmember complains that they don't appear again until World Domination as a fourth wall joke. Yet they and the Boss are the villains of the Delta Flyer side plot and are involved in the background of Extreme Night and Timeless so far (Test of Time later). This isn't a mistake or a retcon. The character says it in response to the Boss' "Voyager hasn't seen the last of us" remark, and it's true so far that Fifth Voyager and Seventh Voyager haven't had an encounter so far since Mirror Universes, they remain in the background.

Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
Coming Soon

Test of Time
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Title Meaning
The original version was likely given the name to mean "James and Jessie's friendship is still going on strong, it stood the test of time."

The reboot expands the story a little to include a few other people's history for brief moments, but the title still applies to them most of all.

Alternate Titles

The original was inspired by the canon Voyager book Pathways. Note, I think. I'm not entirely sure. The reboot definitely was, with the crew other than Janeway and the Doctor being abandoned in some alien prison. I only added Seven to the Voyager parts to make those scenes a little more fun to write.

Original Voyager Episodes Used
There are technically some scenes from Timeless meshed into one flashback scene.

Brief Facts
1) The reboot was originally going to explore Craig and Morgan's back story, along with James and Jessie's, in a similar setting to the original.

2) Harry and B'Elanna's story helped setup the new background setting for the stories/flashback. I thought about how Test of Time was probably inspired by the book Pathways and the plot grew from there.

3) Morgan's back story was to be explored in Dark Frontier. It seemed pointless and repetitive to do it in Test as well, so that was scrapped.

4) Craig's was reduced to one flashback in favour of some present day character development for him. IMO Craig's story doesn't really get interesting until he joins Voyager and begins to mingle with the senior staff.

5) Test of Time was always James and Jessie's episode, and despite my many issues with the original I really didn't want to change that too much. I'd say they still take up about 75% of the plot, just a rough guess there.

6) I was going to redo all of J/J's flashbacks so they weren't so abrupt and dull, as well as being a lot more obvious that the pair would fabricate and avoid certain parts. However instead the original part 2's flashbacks were scrapped except one, and earlier ones were written in to take their place. I felt that part 2's flashbacks were pointless filler and written terribly. The question that prompted the flashbacks in the original is answered by the end of part 1, and the reboot asks pretty much the same thing anyway.

7) Once again Seventh Voyager makes an appearance despite their comments on not doing so until World Domination, but never has an encounter with Fifth Voyager.

8) Both James and Jessie's past has a few little details inspired by my own past. I try to go through this in Misc, but be aware a lot of it is too painful and/or TMI for this site.

9) The reboot version of this episode is not a special like the original. I did this as there was nothing really "special" about Test of Time once I was done with it. Yeah the original was some rubbish flashback episode where nothing happened, the reboot however is integral to the season's storyarc now.

10) The original either hid it very well or I hadn't decided on it yet, the detail that James was adopted by Jessie's foster family after the abuse went public. It's something I'm sure is very badly brought up randomly in later episodes, so I decided the reboot of Test was still the best place for it.

11) The original introduced Susy Taylor and John Stuart, whereas they're only mentioned in the reboot thanks to the "part 2" removal. A previous episode badly introduced Dannielle Annet, Jessie's twin sister, so Test of Time was her second appearance. Both of them are gone in the reboot, and like Susy and John she's only mentioned by name, but no relation to Jessie is mentioned yet. Jessie's biological mother's (unnamed at this point) appearance is also gone, as are any mentions of her.

Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) As mentioned in Brief Facts #8, a lot of James and Jessie's backstory was inspired by real life events that happened to me. Well all but one, that was inspired by something that happened to a friend of mine. Yeah J/J were last minute entries to the series, however I had this feeling that they could be big characters and so they deserved a meaty background. I really felt that they deserved their backstory completely developed, which would make them seem less out of nowhere and more like real people/characters. I don't think I did anything quite so extensive with any of the others. Even Morgan and Kiara, and they have a lot of development.

Neither characters were relatable to me, I'm nothing like either of them. Or rather I'm nothing like either of them in Hunters. It's probably why I had such affinity for them long before they really earned it (and boy have they), I understood them better, having lived through the same crap.

Anyways, let's have a quick peek at what was true stories, which should leave you with what isn't. I'll make a note of what was Reboot only and Original Unseen, which means it was intended to be apart of the backstory but wasn't written in the original to prove it.

a) Jessie is picked on at school for apparently being ugly, or looking odd. Now there is differences here in that Jessie is played by someone who a lot do consider pretty/beautiful, the narration in later episodes describe her as so, and I'm anything but. I'm still an oddball. Original Unseen

b) A lot of the ways they bully her are similar. I was pushed over a lot, tripped, and I'm not sure if it made the episode but I was pulled off a swing as well by an older boy. The biggie is the sexual bullying she gets later, despite them still calling her ugly. Now this is where things differ a bit (like in A): some of this stems from her naive ignorance leading her to turn them down via silence (present day Jessie still would but hey), and James' relationship with her and his overprotectiveness is another reason they do it, to provoke him.

Mine I believe was because they thought I was/am a weird looking girl, that it'd be funny to make me think I was desirable in anyway. Lucky for me I'm both resistant to that line of thinking AND didn't give a s£££ about my ugliness back then. I think the only time it ever bothered me too much was overhearing random strangers as I passed by saying how hideous I was, that stung.

But anyhoo. Jessie gets this too, albeit meshed with the atypical boy gets rejected so the girl he asked is a whore/fat/ugly now phenomenon. It's weird, scientists should look into this.

The other difference is the effects this type of bullying has on Jessie is quite different to me. I imagine this is the root cause of my insecurities, it's still something I'm working on despite a lot of progress. Jessie meanwhile tried to hide or cover herself up with makeup and nice clothes. The only thing in common we have here is despite that she still think she's ugly (and I know I am), and even then she'll over the top lie to hide that insecurity. Original Unseen - the James/Jessie stuff was in the original though, behind all that Jesse James crap.

c) As hinted earlier one of the incidents wasn't inspired by me but a friend, and that was Jessie finally snapping. It's basically the fork-knife part, and you wanna hear a plot twist? The true story didn't use either, it was scissors.

d) Moving onto James. This one's a bit tricky to air, but here goes. The incident with the two older girls has a lot of elements from my past. Jessie's explanation in the original episode Demon2 paints quite a different picture, and was supposed to be telling of the events that happens to James later when he's something like 9/10 years old via the creepier of the two girls. They seemed to mix together from the two incidents with Jessie's story, which is odd.

Anyway, what's true and what's not? I'd say about 90% of that storyline was true. The untrue stuff to name a few would be that James only just met the two girls, and I can't believe I'm saying this, what happens to him when he's older is actually better than what happened to me. It's not something I'll make public so, yeah. Seen in both, only Reboot went into it further, mainly to make up for that Demon incident, but still leaves the 9/10 year old incident unmentioned in the Reboots.


James befriending of the two older girls - true

The two girls being quite rough and bickering a lot, still friends at the time of the incident - mostly true, only because I still haven't a clue what happened since I'd been told they had fallen out/were rivals, then they were friends, they'd physically fight, then friends again??? All in the space of a few hours.

One girl being really creepy with James, is the one that causes all the trouble, or rather the ringleader - true

James ran off when things got violent. - half true and false. The truth lies in the running away because there was violence, but the false is due to who the violence was directed at. I ran because two older girls were beating the s$$$ out of each other, it was directed toward me because/after I ran, while he ran because it was toward him immediately.

After James ran off that was the end of it. Until he got home anyway, eek. - false. This happened twice, and no I dunno why I went back the second time other than a promise it wouldn't happen again. It did and s$$$ hit the fan. Also James meets the worst of the two girls later on, and I can't remember if any ep other than Demon2 references it, but anyway the incident it was inspired by happened years before instead not after.

I think that's it for that one. If you're "morbidly" curious, check out B4FV episode Paper Bag. I think using James as an outlet for this didn't tame my demons, so made Faye suffer through the gaps in the story that James didn't use.

e) This one could be TMI if you know the series well. While Jessie was the character I picked to have my school day-to-day bullying and eew so ugly backstory, James was picked for the stuff that I don't really care to talk about, some of which I've never told anyone. Which will be why some of it's kept on the downlow. One incident was mentioned earlier, original no longer canon Demon2 talked about it badly and I'm not sure if it was mentioned in anything else, as stated his version was tamer by comparison. However another incident which definitely is mentioned in later episodes "made up for it". I'll not say which or the cat's out of the bag. Original & Reboot

More Coming Soon

Dark Frontier
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Title Meaning
Um, actually I don't know. I only have a theory; frontier is used in the Star Trek tagline "space, the final frontier" and the Borg could be considered dark, especially in its TNG days. I wonder if anyone has figured the real meaning out.

Alternate Titles

The original episode

Original Voyager Episodes Used
Dark Frontier

Brief Facts
Coming Soon

Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
Coming Soon

Secret of the Revenge
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Title Meaning
This is the parody of the two games Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge. Not only that but it's the reboot of the original parodies of them from Season Three; Secret of Malain and The Revenge.

So yeah after the two episodes were merged into one, picking the title was an easy combine two titles together affair. Secret referred to the mystery around Monkey Island and Revenge well... the game's title explains it haha.

Alternate Titles
The Secret of Malain

The Revenge

Already stated but the classic games Monkey Island 1 and 2

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
Coming Soon

Background Information
Coming Soon.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) As said above this episode was (and still is until I fix it) two episodes in Season Three. I don't remember what made me think of it, but I remembered my earlier promise to continue the Monkey Island parodies if another game was released. I wasn't writing at the time of the new game's release, which was either 2008 or 2009, so it wasn't an instant thought. I really wanted to parody the new fifth game, but I was two seasons away from the last one and the fifth season (Season Five spoilers ahead obviously)*

... had its issues with including Tales of Voyager; Craig and Harry would have to swap their roles with Craig being the angry/grievy one, Lena wouldn't be available unless I moved the episode till much later, Lisa was killed off in Escape anyway. The only part that worked would be Voyager could easily run into Buck again, thanks to the sphere. Nikki would also be around too.

I didn't really think too hard about it, Tales of Voyager needed to be much earlier. I was planning to reboot Season One and I thought the parodies, all five of them, would fit in with Season One's style more than the depressing third season. Honestly the MI parodies felt rather jarring being released so close after/before Chain Reaction, Around the Nebula etc... it's probably why Escape ended up the way it did. I had a few slots available after merging some classics into one, but not enough for all five. Secret and Revenge made sense to put together, they were released so close together and I have fond memories of playing them both on my Amiga. Curse and Escape too, but just because I did it to Secret and Revenge. Tales being new and had quite a lot to pack in, deserved a slot to itself.

My biggest issue with this move is obviously the Season Three originals still being around. Warning: Season Three spoilers. Replacing the episode's slots isn't the biggest problem. Secret brought back Emma, though she was needlessly killed off to give Harry his emo arc and can be fixed accordingly. Though ironically it was the reason for the Harry jokes, which until Reboot One catches up makes no sense at the moment. Lisa also was killed off in Escape, one of many casualties thanks to my "holy crap there's too many extra characters" clean up fest. Emma and Lisa were demoted to minor characters anyway but it's still a problem. Until it's fixed the episodes are considered not canon. It's messy and I don't like it, I may have to skip to Season Three someday to clean this up. For now...

Back to Secret. Originally Secret of Malain was my favourite of the parodies. It followed the plot more than the others, it had more only a MI fan would get "jokes" etc... The episode got the least amount of edits and has suffered for it, I see it as the weakest now. It's not really newbie friendly. Any reader who hadn't played MI wouldn't get the jokes and references. I know the other parodies have them, but Secret I feel doesn't explain itself as well. I know I had to explain to my friend about the blind guy, that's never a good thing. The Monkey Island and beyond scenes were also rushed. Until that point the reboot couldn't really do anything new as it took the pee out of everything so far anyway. As soon as Harry was reading through a walkthrough charging his phaser, it was nice to finally write something new. I didn't think the MI reboot was working until I got there, not long after Harry was threatening the MI cannibals with a phaser I knew I made the right choice. I just wish Harry was like that all the time.

Speaking of which, there are many episodes left between what's up now and Secret to make Harry the way he is here. The only thing I didn't think of was the mess I left in Season Three thanks to this... sigh.

Before I move on to the Revenge half, I have to bring up the character changes. To avoid spoilers cos I'm too lazy to change the font colour (am I joking?), Season Three's version did have two different girls, both of which were not around in the first season. Two more joined in later, one of them being Morgan. There was also a guest star who was based on a good friend of mine. Harry and Craig were always the stars, that hasn't changed. The games only had the main hero, the usually kidnapped love interest and the villain re-occurring and in the end I not only added two to my group of five, I had added another MC to play a different villain. In true Season Three style, there were way too many people and very little to share between them. The first thing I wanted to do to the reboots was reduce the cast considerably. Harry and Craig had to stay, I had to keep the villain getting mixed up between the two girls joke. Morgan was picked as she was in the originals and is the closest there is to a love interest, I guess ^_^ Tani seemed to fit the role of the mistaken identity girl, personality wise anyway, that definitely made things easier. Now shall we move on?

Revenge hit a problem right away thanks to the casting change. Morgan had a role in it sure, but only for Craig to see once and to be the one he tells the story to. Luckily changing her part meant I had the opportunity to have some fun with this game. The original parody didn't take advantage of the cross dressing scene - definitely my favourite part of the game, and one of my favourites of another game, I'm sensing a theme 0_0 - It also didn't tear apart the puzzles in that whole chapter/part, but hey.

Original was boring and stupid; Morgan gets the memory chip Craig needs, he had to grovel to get it off her but in the end he said the wrong thing and she beamed it away (instead of throwing it out the window). It missed the part where the MC had to dress up to even get near her. As Morgan was on the ship, there was no way to make it work which was a shame. The reboot meant I could finally do it. I did consider doing it to Harry but he would have just shot his way in anyway, duh.

Like Secret the parody had a rushed ending. The puzzles were mostly glossed over, though to be fair the Harry shoots the shopkeeper part only needed to be edited, it was perfect as it was. I hated that entire puzzle segment, it was as long winded as the reboot version says. Unlike Secret though the ending stays rushed, I only came up with a way to parody the ending while I was writing this. Buck/LeChuck stalks the MC through these tunnels while he tries to solve the puzzles. As a 6/7 year old this scared the crap out of me and I didn't finish it until I had the PC version (not the remake, I'm not that much of a wimp *shudder*). It was random when he would appear and sometimes he'd appear instantly after you. Now it's just frustrating playing it (Tales of Voyager possible spoiler: Tales of Monkey Island had an amazing callback to this). If I was writing the episode now it would be just a simple joke of Buck walking into the wrong screen, getting annoyed, walking on the wrong side etc... Ah well, it's no big loss.

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Title Meaning
The original episode did a Hunters and didn't develop the plot enough to "explain" the title, so I can't say until release. Unless you go into the original Season One trivia page.

Alternate Titles


Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
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Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
Coming Soon

Escape From The Curse
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Title Meaning
Similar to Secret of the Revenge, this episode parodies Curse of Monkey Island and Escape From Monkey Island, which FV parodies had Curse and Escape in their titles as well.

Curse was naturally the curse on the ring, despite the title claiming it was a curse of Monkey Island. Though to be fair poor Guybrush was cursed twice there, he was returning from the last one at the beginning and again in the last chapter.

Escape was named after the final chapter of the game where he has to escape from Monkey Island yet again (like he did in 1 and technically 3 twice), my title probably makes less sense.

Alternate Titles
The Curse of the Ring

Escape From Hell Itself

Already stated but the classic games Monkey Island 3 & 4

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
Coming Soon

Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) Escape From Monkey Island is considered to be the worst game of the series and is generally hated by most fans. I had a few issues with it myself but I generally enjoyed it and find it far more fun than the fan favourite LeChuck's Revenge (see Secret for more on that ha). When I wrote the parody in Season Three, I had probably only played it twice and really had no idea what to do with it. I think the parodies were fizzling out when I wrote Curse, as evidenced by the really rushed ending.

That episode was one of the main reasons for the big move to Season One as I felt it was the best way to get it completely rewritten. I didn't want to reboot Season Three yet, so at the time it made more sense to do this. Once I finally got to writing it a second time I found that the more a game is hated, the easier it is to make jokes about it.

Anyway so the main issues with Escape were made fun of here, the only thing really not was the awful controls. Up until the third game the series was a point and click adventure game, released on computers (I think there is an exception with 1 or 2, but I never had it so...), but 4 took a page from Grim Fandango and made it keyboard controlled. There's also that PS2 version too which I was surprised to find was a lot worse. Either way it was awful to control.

The biggest issue fans bring up with this game, besides the ridiculous puzzles (the body part puzzle, someone was smoking something), is the Herman Toothrot being Elaine's grandfather twist. I stupidly liked it as a dumb kid when I first saw it, but saw the flaws later when replaying the first two games. It's a huge retcon but to me the game hadn't pulled the biggest stinker yet. The monkey robot was taking it too far and I think that alone should make people hate it. I never see it mentioned though, it's strange. Harry describes the monkey head as an opening to the catacombs leading to LeChuck's hideout, but four games later its just the head of a robot. It bothered me back then and it still does now.

Piece of Conspiracy
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Title Meaning
The running gag in the original episode was that people referred to the catapult as a piece of s$$t - or more accurately s***. Don't ask me why, I don't remember. I still find it funny though and once in a blue moon the joke is referenced (A Season Four Equinox episode for example), so I thought it should stick around, even if my censoring system makes it harder to do. So "Piece of" comes from that, "Conspiracy" is from the original as Seven suspects many of these.

Alternate Titles
The Voyager Conspiracy

Original episode

Original Voyager Episodes Used
The Voyager Conspiracy

Brief Facts
1) The episode's been written a while. It was to replace Worse Case 2 as the backup episode when it was released.

Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) As with Hunters Again and Unforgettable this episode seemed like an easy reboot, so it was done far in advance. I desperately needed a new backup episode done before I started releasing episodes, after previous backup Worse Case was uploaded for the anniversary update. This episode is definitely suitable, the only spoiler in it would be Morgan and Tani's inclusion in it. That didn't stop me uploading the two Monkey Island parodies so what the hell? There's no new reboot stuff that's spoilt in this, just old 2001 ones.

It's one of my favourites from Season One but that isn't much of a bragging point. The Voyager episode was insane IMO and even in the series planning stage when FV was as it is now (not a parody in other words), my version was supposed to rip it apart. Don't get me wrong, I love Voyager's version. I thought the reboot should continue to do this using the original FV material and after reminding myself of Voyager's version, make fun of more.

I had several issues with the episode anyway. Don't read unless you're not bothered about spoiling the reboot;

1) I didn't even mention the "half of Deck Five is pregnant" Tom rumour after he sees some "generational projections". How on Earth did that happen? No jokes, no references, no similar jokes. Come on! My Tom is a bigger rumour lover and big mouth than original Tom, how did I not do anything?

2) Since it was a Seven episode I had to bring in Morgan to compare the two. I didn't have to make her drunk. She's fifteen. I had something "funnier" in mind anyway.

3) Despite 2, the two only really face off over their differences at the end, and it's lame.

4) I was too lazy to do the ending, instead there was a Please Note "joke". Considering the last conspiracy Seven belives is that Voyager and Marquis planned to go to the Delta Quadrant just to get her, well... come on there's so much I could have done there.

2) I do like the irony of Morgan complaining about Seven's over exposure during this episode. Morgan was originally going to replace Seven during S1's cliffhanger. In other words, Seven would be killed off during the resistance or just leave. That was soon decided against when I thought I could do something with her. Season Five's Seven is a million miles away, no regrets on that last minute change *snigger*.

Anyway this was added because Conspiracy was supposed to have the Morgan vs Seven fight to hint to this, while airing my gripes with the Mary Sue drone. As like every Season One episode the scene changes while it is written, and it becomes "haha your actress sings Barbie Girl" with a bad "oh no you didn't" retort, with the actual fight not "shown". I probably didn't intend it in the original (15 year old me wasn't that thoughtful, not that I am now) but it was an ironic argument as Morgan was in almost every scene so far, with her appearing in scenes she wasn't needed to make a comment. Her complaint about Chakotay ignoring her for example. The reboot fixes the scene while pointing this out, which makes the argument no longer a one sided hate speech against Seven, the two are even and I'm pleased with how well it works.

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Title Meaning
If a google search or trivia page is to be believed, the word means love. I probably should look it up again. Nevertheless it's actually named after a song from Lion King 2, which the episode parodies/rips off the plot from. Part 2 anyway.

Alternate Titles

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
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Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
Coming Soon

Muse In Fear Haven
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Title Meaning
Season One originals Muse, Fear and Fair Haven 2's titles combined. If you're new to FV and are waiting for the reboot, mild spoilers are within the meaning (though 1 is an original episode parody).

Muse's part of the story is about B'Elanna coming across a playwright inspired by her logs.

Fear was supposed to be about the crew slowly losing Voyager to the aliens (yeah the title meaning has been lost to even me over the years, so I'm just guessing there).

Fair Haven 2 was a sequel to a Voyager episode that wasn't parodied in FV (like Demon2), FH was the stupid Irish Stereotype holodeck program, and I think (it's been a while) the episode focused on Janeway losing interest in the program cos of the changes that created FV - Morgan and Kiara mainly. Meh.

Alternate Titles


Fair Haven 2

Muse was the original episode, Fair Haven 2 the original episode and its own daft but better than it sequel, while Fear was inspired by an old Voyager fanfic trilogy that got me into fanfiction in the first place.

The inspiration to combine these three will spoil the episode, so for now, I'll keep quiet.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

At a stretch, elements from Spirit Folk is used for the flashback at the beginning.

Brief Facts
Coming Soon

Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
Coming Soon

World Domination *updated*
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Title Meaning
The original draft was basically named this because the lead villain wanted to enslave the AU Earth and/or the Ligers. The online version more or less ignored this as The Boss was more interested in revenge on the writers. But then again that version spat on the whole story, so *shrug*

The Reboot version kinda returns to its roots. Damien's aspirations are bigger than AU Earth, he wants to rule over everything. World Domination can be interpreted as one world or plural.

Alternate Titles
World Damienation (the first Reboot title before I decided it'd be too obvious)

The draft; who knows, can't remember

The original; I'd like to say true evil but I know it was the fourth wall theatrics of Season One so far.

The reboot; obviously the draft, but elements of the story were inspired by real events and one part was inspired by a dream.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
1) As mentioned the episode comes full circle, what with the draft being based in the Liger dimension, the original being the so called real world, and the Reboot once more being based on Liger's AU Earth.

2) After the dimension jump, the episode is based in June 2017 which is when I started to write it.

3) A couple of relatively minor things about the episode were toned down because I thought at the time of release it'd be inappropriate, even if they were decided on back in June. 1 was the portal leaving a storm behind, it was originally a hurricane which is why the flights are delayed. Around release hurricanes were plentiful, so definitely a big no no IMO to release the episode with mentions. 2 was the mentions of terrorism. Sure there are still some, I couldn't remove it all. This was removed because at the time there was a recent attack in Spain, and even though the episode mentions Spain and it doesn't have terrorism linked to it, I felt that it was better to remove a few mentions of it. The ones necessary were kept.

Yikes that wasn't brief, I'm out of practice.

3) A lot more elements from Kidz Trek were brought over to Reboot WD that were ever in the series to flesh them out a bit more. It's also part of the new arc revolving around the Sixes.

4) Yes another Newcastle mention, typical Marill. However I felt I needed to choose a place familiar to me so I could picture the scenes better. It's also as one character says; it wouldn't have normally been an eventful place and so was a good spot for gathering info.

5) Damien's party was a parody of a real one, which unfortunately did the same thing as he threatened and succeeded (well except for the brainwashing part). Should've sent Emma to sort their leader out, ey.

6) Damien's party name had a second, or more accurately correct name hidden behind the DUD initials. Unfortunately I didn't create an opening to reveal it, it was either that or the Rabbiens/Six Coalition. It was Damien Unto Destruction.

More Coming Soon

Background Information
This was the first episode ever completed, all on paper. This was before FV was a mad parody series, before James and Jessie existed, I'm not even sure if Craig did. Before Damien was Damien or even his controversial predecessor. The paper draft was an interesting premise, a half decent at the time introductory episode for the character of Lilly (and perhaps Emma, not sure).

FV then officially began and I started to chicken out, become a bit silly. It was a parody first, with thankfully its reason for existing still going on in episodes such as Timeline. The villain of the original WD had been renamed, changed completely and incorporated into almost every episode. Instead of a serious and mysterious villain who for some reason wanted Voyager, despite owning his own, we got the original Damien with his rabbits picking fights with the writers. In the end it worked out, I suppose. The original Damien with no name wouldn't still be around today, I'm confident of that.

The changes were likely the reason WD was changed from the original draft. I've complained about this many times. I hate the official version of World Domination, with a passion. I mean yes the plot was supposed to be based in another dimension, yes it was supposed to introduce Lilly who was from that other dimension. There was a madish villain who had a strange vendetta with Voyager. It was supposed to start the Season Two arc with the Ligers. That's the only positives I can say about it, cos the original still had them.

The other dimension plot (without spoiling the reboot) wasn't meant to be a complicated and/or convoluted mess. The dimension was simply the home of the Ligers. Not the "real world". That's my biggest gripe and that's saying something.

The villain's plot made a bit more sense, still left some stuff hanging (it wasn't a one off, so there's that for similarity with the online version). It wasn't kill off the writers so Voyager could be taken over by a new one. Of course I'm basing that off my memory of it, it's probably worse. I could just be remembering Year of Hell, dunno, I'm not going to check.

The Lilly thing, no, that's my biggest gripe of the episode. The real world replacing the Liger's dimension, which was the bloody point of WD, allowed this to happen so... I dunno. They're equally bad. Lilly appeared only because Voyager appeared in her dimension, and she got stuck there. Online version she's stolen the name of one of the "writers" (aka me and friends who didn't write anything, just pitched ideas or were there), or is posing as one, they're twins, or share the same name=mistaken identity, I dunno... some bulls###.

I'm sorry, but I changed WD to be in the real world for some reason or another, probably because I thought it was better *groan* and had to change how Lilly and Emma joined to suit. It was truly terrible. I doubt anyone will disagree. This crapfest explanation is never mentioned again and rightfully so. World Damienation can easily just ignore the official version, tell the original draft's story how I remembered it, and there would be no continuity issues.

Damien himself would be an interesting tale if I'd let myself tell it. I don't remember if he had a name when WD was first written on paper, he wasn't The Boss yet and there was no joke twist at that point. That was probably decided during Mental Illness. He was just someone who had a grudge on Voyager, no reason why (yet*) and was toying with them with his dimensional antics. *His reasons would be revealed at the end of the episode in typical FV style; as a looping paradox. His death sparks his interest in Voyager, eventually killing him, and to make matters more FV like complicated, aids in his resurrection in the next episode. Since the villain has changed twice after all this, it's not really a good idea to explain it further. Season Five's Three's A Paradox and Five certainly leave plenty of hints though.

Changed twice? The first incarnation was pretty basic, underdeveloped. As I said I don't even remember his name, or if he had one yet. The second one was an impulsive change whilst writing the crap that was Aggressions Part 2. Part 1 started okay, then for some reason I turned insane (and haven't recovered since lol) while doing Part 2. Nevertheless he was changed into a rival for the writers, someone the Voyager crew would just shrug over his appearance; "oh, him again. What were you saying?" It meant you as a reader to a new series were supposed to accept he had been around a while, lazy. There's many reasons why he had a reasonably sized part in the prequels.

Third incarnation appeared in Season Two. It's a long story, a one that I won't go into. What I will say is that he got a name change, his part in the Liger arc was more than expanded, he was included in it (I'll explain that later), and some of his personality traits were changed. I didn't edit older episodes back then, the most I did was go back and do a name change. Again, I'm/I was lazy. Though at that point in time I guess I had a lot on my mind.

I will briefly say that it did look a bit silly that Damien was killed off in WD, brought back cos "lol time travel" only to be killed in the following episode, and THEN brought back as the villain for S2. It only looks that bad cos it wasn't the plan. He was supposed to stay dead.

The Liger arc was supposed to be merely influenced by Damien's previous actions, so he was a threat even though he was dead (ah the irony). His crew and the species he enslaved would cause trouble without him, the people who wanted to take over from him too. When the changes started to occur I had the idea to develop him, keep him around. My reasons for that are lost in time, I'm afraid, I don't remember. All I know is that I had a sense of freedom with him when he was altered, and I'm glad I decided to keep him "alive". S5 wouldn't be the same without him.

Once Dimension Jump and F9 Control are ever rewritten, I'll likely talk about this in a tiny bit more detail there as it's relevant. For here though, his so many deaths and resurrections needed to be explained.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) I started writing World Domination back in June 2017 whilst I was on holiday, and yeah I wrote the plane scene whilst on one. The week I picked was when the election in the UK was happening. Now at this point in time I hadn't really decided what Damien's antics would be. He had already started the Sixes and had Seventh Voyager, screwed over the Ligers, occupied the island and Lilly had escaped from him. I had no plans regarding what he was doing "now", only that I wanted to basically follow what I remembered of the unreleased draft and that it would influence James' separation from everyone so he'd meet Emma.

Now a little context, especially for non UK peeps. I hate our current government party. The last two elections I voted for the main other party (there are other, smaller ones. They just had minute chance of winning. Not that I agreed with them anyway.), but I live in an area that never really vote in majority for anyone else. We were in a safe area. For you Americans I imagine it would be like voting for Clinton in an area that had been Blue for decades. So our vote is basically meaningless, it all depended on everyone else. I'll not go too deeply into this as I invite anger by writing about it.

Now don't get me wrong, I wasn't naive to think we'd have a new government that week. I expected no changes. I paid the ridiculous price for a paper to discover that there was hope after all, exactly how World Domination told it; the current party would need to ally with someone else and most of the bigger ones hated them. A few hours later hopes were dashed when they found an ally after all, which probably wouldn't have pissed me off as much as it did, if they weren't a bunch of bigoted hateful pricks that I hadn't heard about until that day. In a nutshell; yes the government got its arse kicked, rightly so, but IMO it's worse now because of it.

On that day after a good mope about it, and I must stress I probably took it worse because of all the personal drama I was going through, I decided to return to World Domination with some fresh ideas. I knew what to do with Damien. I'd handle my anger as I usually did, take the piss out of what caused it.

#Now if you haven't read World Domination, this'll spoil it. Just saying.

I thought about Damien running for election before the results. This incident helped made it more, I want to say believable. Damien and a new party wouldn't stand a chance. Nobody would have heard of them. There was apparently one candidate in one area that went to the results dressed as a black knight, so why wouldn't a guy in a cloak with his voice hidden show up too? Damien could win a few seats, especially after a public incident with Harry and James, and then be the only ally to save the current government from losing its power.

Damien's a power mad, naive narcissist but even he'd know he wouldn't win this. I figured this would be his intention all along. Even better that his speech in Newcastle would be to convince the people there, who'd hate this party, and so they'd be betrayed by this move. After that it'd be his plan to seize control the same way he controls his minions.

Then there's the name. His is very similar to the inspiration, for the people who knows this incident already.

2) James' part in the episode was devised last year after a couple of dreams. I dunno why I had them, but they consisted of James badly trying to get away from something, in the past, but screwing up by knocking someone out and having to bring them with him in his stolen car so they wouldn't rat out his location. Then he figured they'd do it wherever he dropped them off. Yeah my dreams are weird, or were, I miss them. Now they're just realistic nightmares.

3) I decided ^^2 was the perfect way to (re-)introduce Emma. Of course I wanted her and Lilly's scenes to be completely different to the original, so splitting them up was a start. I can't really explain why or how, but having Emma as James' foil, their dynamic was something I wanted to do for a while. The challenge for me was that Emma was/is based on a real person, a good friend of mine, which understandably I'm not keen on doing anymore as the last thing I want to do is offend her. However she's been established in the series, so I can't remove her or change too much. So I wanted to write her in a way that my friend would like, not that there was anything planned that would be offensive. Even now I'm still worried about it. Nothing in there is me making fun of her, James might question her a bit but she more than gives it back, I dunno. I've asked for her feedback, so if there is anything, it'll go.

4) Speaking of offensive controversy, I didn't want to completely avoid using anything from the original not only because it sucks greatly; I wanted to avoid repeating the same mistakes I made with Damien. Now I'm not sure how much you'll know from what I've written in parts all over the site, so a brief vagueish reminder anyway; the Damien of now (or rather Damien from F9 Control Failure onwards + all prequels and obviously Reboots) wasn't really the same character in the original WD. He was a character like Emma, hence my extra carefulness now so lets leave it at that.

WD wasn't at least known to be apart of the controversy drama of September 2001, but it very easily could've been. In fact it likely contributed to it. Why? Like Emma, "Damien"'s past self was created because I liked them. "Damien" was hilarious to me as the villain you couldn't take seriously, while Emma was/is funny in a dark humour sense (and more but old school FV ignores that for drunk jokes, but that's not too offensive, everyone seemed to be drunk in Season 1/2). FV over exaggerated everyone's quirks anyway. However by the time World Domination came around, "Damien" was suddenly a serious threat, he was also no longer funny. Why? Probably because the draft version's villain was. Suddenly the good guys hated him so much he had to die horribly, only to return in the next episode and die "hilariously" again. You can see the problem, can't you?

Yes Damien is no longer associated with his inspiration, outside of being simply renamed in the remaining non rebooted episode Dimension Jump. He's been Damien for 16 years, almost exactly at time of writing, while he was only this other (I'll keep nameless) guy for nine months. Still, I feel like I must continue my work of separating the two, all while remembering that Damien always worked as the painfully inept, thinks he's brilliant, rabbit & yoghurt obsessed cartoon supervillain wannabe. Sure he has his moments where he actually gets somewhere, even this episode is an example of that, but not at the expense of his character. His point was to never be Voyager's ultimate nemesis, their main antagonist. He's, I'm repeating myself, their foil. Someone who thinks he's ruining their lives, but is more often than not just a fly buzzing around their kitchen. Games Matrix was always his defining villain moment, yes even surpassing Fair Chance (I'd say why that isn't even close but extreme spoilers, so nope!), and even then most of the damage is caused by the series' actual antagonists. Damien's thing, besides RABBITS and bwahahahaha, is that other people do the damage for him.

God I type too much. My point is, yes Damien had to be the villain for the episode and cause Voyager some headaches. But he still couldn't really be taken too seriously. It wasn't as difficult as I make it out to be. Damien's personality flows through my fingers, he's probably the easiest character next to James and Janeway for me to write.

5) Sticking kinda on topic; the Sixes. Ho boy. I definitely won't get into the background on these. I will say though that if I could've gotten rid of them completely, I would've. If my reboots weren't taking long then I still would've done it, even if it would've caused some plotholes in Season Two for a little time, because they're never mentioned again. I wonder why! HMMMMMmmmm. It worked out though. Their backstory, their name, sorta their agenda have all been erased and replaced by the Sixes Coalition. Originally Damien ruled over them until his death, so what's the difference? There's plenty in the episode itself to show the changes, however I didn't want to show too much as that's now a Season Two storyline. The changes to them helped me mix up the Liger arc as well, and re-introduce original ideas for Seventh Voyager that was replaced for the rubbish in Dimension Jump.

I'm happy that I'm not only gradually erasing the copycatting, hateful stink they caused, but also that I've gotten a good story out of it. At least in my opinion. In most people's it's got to be at least better.

6) Lilly is another problem I've had for a while, especially when I went through Season One and beginning of Two during the Re-Reads. Lilly has been a character of mine for years, long before FV existed, as the lead in Kidz Trek. When she did appear in FV her character was bodged/retconned in the original WD as someone who took "writer" Firera's place when her parents thought she was dead (lolwhut? I'm not joking, that's what it said), and then proceeded to act like a writer. She obsessed over shipping, exactly like Firera did, mostly talked in a fourth wall manner. When she wasn't doing either she was obnoxious and rude, like a lot of the FV "newbies" were. Basically she wasn't the Lilly of Kidz Trek, she was Firera but with a Mary Sue tendency to fix impossible situations.

I'm not sure when I stopped writing her like this but I have a feeling it was more like I stopped writing her full stop. The next time she was seen as a one off cameo in the late seasons, which was written in 2016, and she only had a couple of lines.

Lilly needs a major shakeup. She needs to be Kidz Trek Lilly, full stop. It's been a very long time since I've written her, even those two lines in late Five don't really count, and so I'm not only out of practice, my memory of the KT version's hazy, tainted by FV-Lilly/Firera. I know it's awful to forget your own characters but since FV screwed her up, I haven't written or planned anything to do with Lilly since 2000 and I've had an imposter in her place for 17 years. Bare in mind, Lilly herself had only existed for 4 years at most (I think it was 3 though) before FV started.

From what I remember Lilly's intelligent but has barely any real world experience, lacks common sense and has barely any social skills. She's impulsive, prone to not listening to people and doing what she wants, no matter how dangerous. Spoilers for Late Season Two: she's the typical spoilt princess, at least for the first few years. It takes her a while to grow up and develop into the great leader her family (and her) thought she was/should be. A lot of these characteristics still should be used for the FV version, however Kidz Trek starts when she's much younger than she is in World Domination. She should at least be at the point in her arc where she realises she needs to grow up, not just for her sake, but others too. I've written her as I pictured her at that age, only past me will know if it's right.

Memories of Fury
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Title Meaning
Its another merge of multiple titles, you're welcome to guess what they are. I still refuse to say, even if one of them is obvious. The title is also a hint to Damien's "revival" and his need for revenge from the previous episode.

Alternate Titles
Prepare For Trouble

That would be telling.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
Coming Soon

Background Information
Season Six was horribly forgotten about in Season One. I loved Season Four and that had the same problem. Season Five got the majority of the episode parodies. Six was lumbered with the butchering of Muse, a different sequel to Fair Haven which I don't remember, Unimatrix Zero and the only goodie The Voyager Conspiracy. Ok, it still did better than Season Four, but only slightly. Anyway this episode is here to fix that. How it's going to be erm, merged together, I hope people will enjoy it.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
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Tales of Voyager
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Title Meaning
Similar to Secret of the Revenge, this episode parodies the final game of the Monkey Island series. I imagine the game itself was called Tales of (despite having no Monkey Island itself in it - oops spoilers lol) because the company who made the game are called Telltale. The title didn't help me give a different one for FV. There's as much Monkey Island as there is Voyager in this, so it's fitting in its own way.

Alternate Titles

Already stated but Monkey Island "5"

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
1) The episode was started during the pre-comeback years. It helped give me the push to reboot Secret and Escape, but I've barely touched it since.

Background Information
Coming Soon

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
I can't say much about this as it isn't finished and will probably not be released when it is for a while. I've had recent regrets about moving the four previous parodies to Season One, mainly because I think Tales could be a breath of fresh air in the current arc in Five. Tales of Monkey Island is supposed to be based long after Escape, at least it feels like it. The series didn't have anything new for years, most fans (including me) never saw the new game coming. It would have fit to have the fifth game parodied two seasons later. I can't change it again, too much has been changed in the rebooted versions to move them back to Season Three. Then I go back to the issues I had to make the move in the first place. The parodies feel like they belong in Season One, it just fits. Meh I can't win regardless.

At the time of the MI revival I wasn't writing, but wasting my time on video making instead. It has been a while since I played Tales, but my time on the videos is no longer a waste. I had two series's of videos, one was a crossover with MI and I went out of my way to tell the Tales story. The previous videos were just my favourite/funniest scenes from the older games, dubbed over other characters (it wasn't Voyager, so please don't ask ^_^). Tales got to the final part before I got stuck, got video block and finally returned to FV. Oh and my computer broke, taking some of my work and source stuff away (heh). The point is instead of having to go into the game to replay the entire thing, the videos are a quicker reminder and gets me into the game much faster. The reasons for not finishing it is I really didn't want it released like the other two, I wanted it in order (or at least as a backup emergency episode), and other things take priority.

My only issue so far with it is it follows the game too faithfully, no wonder it's long.

Too Good To Be Q
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Title Meaning
I wanted a better title than the original Too Q. Obviously its a play on "too good to be true". Original title was hinting that there were too many Q's. I wouldn't put much thought into the Q titles, I rarely do. I guess True Q maybe.

Alternate Titles
Too Q

Um. Look over there *runs*

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
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Background Information
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Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
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Voyager Live
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Title Meaning
It's kinda title merge, but not. This will be Voyager's Drinking Game and VTV Live combined. VTV Live was going to be called Voyager TV Live and was only changed cos it was next to Drinking Game so... yeah.

You've got Voyager and you got Live, but those two words were in VTV Live originally. Who cares. It's the name of the TV show.

Alternate Titles
Voyager's Drinking Game

VTV Live

Voyager TV Live

Morgan, Tani, Tom, etc... 's Live Show. It was something stupid like that.

An acronym version of the above.

VTV Live was inspired by multiple things; the kids morning show SMTV Live, fanfic(s) with Neelix's TV show, and the episodes with him doing that show. Voyager's Drinking Game was just going to be a joke based on the drinking games for Voyager itself I'd read.

Original Voyager Episodes Used

Brief Facts
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Background Information
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Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
1) The two original episodes are silly and *shock horror* were meant to be before I wrote them. They're also very similar in a way, both next to each other. Why not merge them into one?

Resistance Is Futile

Title Meaning
I've said it before and I'll say it again; why wasn't Unimatrix Zero called this or Resistance Isn't Futile? It's the Borg's infamous line, the episode was about a Borg resistance. Ohno, a place we've never heard of until said episode is a much more eye catching name. It's debatable if my original title Thrown Key was in the same league, heh.

Alternate Titles
Thrown Key (Original)

Throw Away The Key (the original's original title)

Unimatrix "Should have been called Resistance is Futile" Zero. The original premise, which was the lock J/C up in a room while an original undecided episode was happening, was probably inspired by either Kidz Trek or a fanfic. Not sure, just guessing.

Original Voyager Episodes Used
Yeah, this and er... something else. Ahem. When it's out I'll update this.

Brief Facts
Coming Soon

Background Information
I have ideas, big ideas for this episode. As stated in "Original Voy Episodes Used", there's another episode getting thrown into this. That particular episode never really had a FV version. (Never really hints that it did have something though, right, wink). To be honest I don't remember if I've already spoiled which episode it is somewhere else on the site, but I'll just go on like I haven't. Anyway there was so much wrong with it, so many things to make fun of, that it was a wasted opportunity. It'll fit into Unimatrix Zero in my own silly way, but not too silly, I want it to make as much sense as that mystery original episode did.

As for Thrown Key, as I have to remember it's a reboot of that, there is a reason why the title's been changed. I haven't decided how I'm tackling the original point of the episode, with Morgan trying to get J/C to talk by locking them up together. I thought it should have another title, at the very least a temporary one until then. I thought of Unimatrix Zero and "resistance is futile" popped into my head. Thrown Key is history now, I'm afraid. If it ever comes back, I'll likely use the present tense version of the title instead. I'm awkward like that.

Spoilers for Season 2+: The Seven>Annika plot line should still be in it. It's vital for her arc after all.

Miscellaneous (Other Trivia and My Thoughts)
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