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Episode Synopsis
A part of the Voyager crew's past comes back to haunt them when they help a crime free planet solve a murder spree.

11th, 13th & 14th May 2003

Episode Based In
August 2379


Six figures rematerialised on a sunny, desert landscape. Every now and then the wind would blow sand everywhere. A group of stumpy little men waddled over to the awayteam.

"We're so glad you're early. We had an accident," the leader said.

"Accident? What kind of accident?" Craig asked.

"There was an explosion at the site, our team didn't come back," the leader replied.

"Did you expect them to?" Evil C commented, raising his eyebrow.

"Always remember the main rule, be friendly at least until they turn into bad guys," Foster whispered.

"Now what's the point in that?" Evil C asked quietly.

"Ok, some of us better check this out," James said.

"You can't go fully inside, the explosion made some of the cave, cave in. It'll take a few hours for us to make it safe again," the leader said.

"Don't you want any help with that? I mean the older blonde guy could help with heavy things and stuff," Naomi said, everyone glanced over at her. "Did you know he's a Chosen..."

"Naomi, stop talking weird," James said quickly. He turned to the stumpy aliens. "She just means I'm chosen to lead a few teams, she makes a big deal out of everything."

"No I don't," Naomi grumbled.

"Oh, I'm one of those leader guys too. Don't think it means we have super humanoid strength, cos we don't," Craig said.

"We didn't, you don't look like you do," one of the other stumpy aliens said.

"Well that's great," James muttered.

Craig shrugged, "well it'd be a surprise when they did find out."

"I'm bored, can't we just check out this bloody place?" Evil C moaned.

"You're always bored on awayteams," Foster said.

"Yeah because they're all dull awayteam missions," Evil C said.

"Why don't you help these guys dig the cave then, god," Naomi suggested, putting one hand on her hip.

"Um, we don't need any help with that thanks," the leader said.

Evil C ignored him, "well at least I don't strop about every single little THING."

"I do not, you do that. God, everyone picks on me," Naomi said.

"I'm getting a headache, let's just leave them to it," James said.

"Good idea," Craig said.

The little aliens, James, Craig, Foster and a still unnamed crewmember walked, or waddled, towards a dark underground opening.

"Just wondering. If you can dig your way back into the cave, why were you happy to see us?" Craig asked.

"The cave seems to lead to some sort of crypt. It's in the way of our construction, if it is a crypt we've got a bit of a problem on our hands," the leader replied.

The youngest of the aliens picked his nose, he flicked something of his finger afterwards. "There's a lot of alien text, we figured you could translate it."

"Sure," Craig said, not sounding sure about it.

"I dunno, if you think it's a crypt then it probably is one. Which we shouldn't really go near," James said.

"Not all crypts are cursed," Craig said.

"Yeah but all the crypts in movies and stuff turn out to have some dark secret," Foster said.

"What are you two, critics?" Craig muttered.

"No, but wouldn't that be cool?" Foster said, sounding a little hyped.

"Not really," James said.

The aliens continued to waddle along, they went down the dark cave entrance. The remaining members of the team followed.

"Wait, Foster, Arrangatan, you two stay behind. If the critics are right this is not the place for guest stars," Craig said.

"Great, just you and me then," James grumbled.

"And the little cute aliens," Craig said with a grin.

"We're not little, you're just tall," the young alien said. He and the rest of the aliens stopped, James and Craig quickly caught up so they stopped too.

"This is as far as we can go, further ahead the ceiling collapsed," the leader said.

"We found some sort of plaque, it maybe a name but we can't read it," the young alien said. He waddled to the side of the corridor, he shone a torch at a small stone plaque. James and Craig went over to stand at the young alien's side.

James' face went slightly pale, "ok screw this, let's go."

"Why? Does it say the old 'enter and die' message?" Craig said jokingly.

"Kind of, it's in Majain. I'd recognise that style of writing anywhere," James said.

"Don't give me that, I doubt you saw a letter of Majain," Craig said.

"Oh yeah, what does the plaque say Mr Genius?" James asked.

Craig got closer to the plaque, "it says Iinan, I think. Some letters look a little off. I don't see what the problem is," Craig replied. He squinted at the plaque again, he nervously glanced at James. "Oh right, people's names don't get translated."

"Right, we can't stay here," James said.

"Oh come on, maybe it doesn't say Iinan. Maybe it's alien for sale, or maybe Cherry Coke. Ooh, do you think it is?" Craig said.

"I kinda wish it was, then I can smack an empty bottle against your thick skull," James muttered.

"Empty, did I drink that one?" Craig asked.

"Look don't you get it, you moron. It says Iinan, it's as simple as that," James said.

"Whoever this Iinan is, it doesn't matter. We have to reorganise the construction," the young alien said.

"Good idea, is there any other good moons in the area?" James said.

"I don't understand, we have to build on this moon," the leader said.

Craig rolled his eyes, "there could be loads of people called Iinan. Besides he fell through a gate thing."

"Well it isn't impossible that one could be here," James said.

"Um excuse me. If this is just somebodies crypt, why can't we build elsewhere on the moon?" the leader asked.

"Cos Mr 'I don't listen to anyone else' seems to think that the guy, who we met years ago, is going to reek havoc here if we stay," Craig replied.

"I do listen to other people, I just don't listen to the crap you say all the time," James said.

"I'm not talking crap, you're just worrying about nothing," Craig said.

"The crypt is nearly a hundred years old, you met him that long ago?" the leader said in amazement.

"No, probably just an odd few years ago," James said.

"See told you, it's not the same Iinan," Craig said smugly.

Enterprise, the Conference Room:
Most of the senior staff were sitting at the large table. For some reason they were having their discussion while Kathryn stuffed her face with Pringles.

"It probably is Iinan," Lena said.

"Sure, take his side," Craig groaned.

"Think about it, we came through a mini wormhole to get here. It's probably a time wormhole," Lena said.

"That sounds right, we hardly ever go through a useful wormhole," Harry said.

"Yeah, that's the sad truth," Chakotay said.

"Hang on, time wormholes. What kind of idiot made those up?" Craig asked.

"I dunno, I think the writers got the idea from Red Dwarf," Lena replied.

"What kind of time wormhole is it? Did we go back in time like that wormhole in that Season One episode of Voyager?" Kathryn asked, while munching her way through her coffee flavoured Pringles.

"No, this one has taken us to an area of space that's inside a time bubble. We could stay here for years and as far as the other side are concerned, we've only been gone a few minutes, maybe just seconds," B'Elanna said.

"Wow, how did you know that? Engineering people never know where we are," Tom asked. B'Elanna smacked him in the back of the head.

"So what do we do? If it's Iinan we have to destroy him, don't we?" Chakotay asked.

A huge thud made everyone at the table jump out of their seats for a second. Everyone looked around to find the source, Chakotay and a few others groaned. Kathryn was on the floor, trying desperately to find all the coffee Pringles on the floor.

"If we are destroying evil today, I say we should start with her," Harry said.

"She's not evil, she's just clinically insane," Jessie said.

"You'd know about that," Lena said.

"Hey, I'm not as bad as her," Jessie snapped.

"Oh there's a hair on this one, oh what the hell," Kathryn's voice said from under the table.

"See," Jessie said.

"Ok we've established that the Captain is insane, can we go back to the Iinan thing?" Chakotay muttered.

"Why bother, he's one little coward," Craig said.

"Where did you get that idea from?" James asked.

"Wasn't he a little scared of you the last time we saw him?" Craig replied.

"He had red eyes, even I was scared witless of him," Tom said.

"Cool," James said. He moved his chair closer to Jessie's. "Remind me to get some red and or black contact lenses," he whispered to her.

"It's not scary now," Tom muttered.

"It was a totally different story when I attacked you a few months back," Jessie said.

"Yeah but you've always looked scarier than James, he looks like a harmless little wuss all the time," Tom said.

James was about to say something but Chakotay stood up and interrupted him. "Shut up for goodness sake. If that is Iinan down there we must destroy him, he was supposed to die 3000 years ago."

"There's not a chance it's him," Craig said.

"I have to agree," Harry said.

"Ok fine. We'll search for a gate, if there's one we'll check if it's useable," Lena said.

"And we'll check the crypt," Craig said.

"Bravo, good plan," James muttered sarcastically.

"What's he going to do? If he has a crypt that means he died again, and he can't rise again until someone chants that passage," Craig said.

"That's true, I guess," Lena said.

"Ok it's settled. James, you take your team to find a gate. Craig, you take a team with named characters in, to fully inspect that cave. We can't lose anymore unknown crewmembers," Chakotay ordered.

"This day's sounding better already," Jessie said sarcastically.

The moon:
James, Craig, Harry, Jessie, Foster and Evil C rematerialised nearby the cave entrance. The leader and the young alien waddled their way over to them.

"The path's clear, but there's something you should be warned about," the young alien said.

"I hate it when people say stuff like that," Harry muttered.

"One of our team members was found, he was caught in the explosion. The others have disappeared though. All we found were some older bodies shriveled up and stuff like that, not far nearby," the leader said.

"Sounds very Iinany," James commented.

"Yeah," Jessie said.

"Whatever. Jess, Harry you're with me," Craig said, almost groaning the word whatever. He lead Harry and Jessie down the dark cave entrance.

"I wonder who gave Craig the brave yet stuck up tablets today?" Evil C said questioningly.

"Not me, let's find that damn gate," James said.

"Yey, I'm on the fun team," Evil C said sarcastically. The three guys headed passed a large construction site, they continued on into the distance.

Meanwhile Craig, Harry and Jessie made their way through the long dark passage. At the end was a large stone door, with alien writing engraved on it.

"Right, we should get inside. Where's the door handle?" Craig said jokingly.

"Why do we have to open it?" Jessie asked.

"Oh jeez, did your hubbie tell you to stop us?" Craig groaned.

"No, I do have my own will. It's just Iinan, he kidnapped my son, tried to kill me and James several times. I have a bad feeling about this," Jessie said.

"We'll not know what we're facing if we don't open it. We'll close it up afterwards," Harry said.

"What if you wake him up? We'll be in big trouble then," Jessie said.

"Fine, we'll tip toe," Craig said.

"You will, I'm not going to stick around," Jessie said. She turned around, and headed back the way she came. She then tripped over something on the ground and fell into the wall. She glanced back at what she tripped over. "Oh dear god, eew."

"Are you ok?" Harry asked.

"Fine, but you should ask Mr or Miss really old corpse there the same thing," Jessie replied. Craig and Harry glanced over, scattered all around the corridor were parts of what looked like bodies, hundreds of years old.

"Ah, our little alien friends warned us about this, but still eew," Craig said.

"Took the word right out of my mouth," Harry muttered.

"Ok, now do you think we should leave Iinan alone?" Jessie asked.

"Hell no, these people probably died of an earlier cave in. Could be totally unrelated," Craig replied.

"Um I'm not so sure about that. One of our friends here are still more or less in one piece, look how small they are," Harry said nervously.

"Our alien friends," Jessie said, she glanced at Craig.

James, Foster and Evil C were standing around a large, very old gate like the one at Abatua.

"It hasn't been open for years. It looks broken," Foster said.

"Try control alt delete," Evil C muttered.

"Oh yeah, like that ever works," James said.

"Why does it need to work?" Foster asked.

"It doesn't really. Just having the gate here is proof enough," James replied.

The cave:
"We'll do it at the same time," Craig said.

"Right," Harry said.

"You're going to shoot the door down," Jessie muttered, folding her arms.

"Got a better idea?" Craig asked.

"Yeah, don't open the crypt. Our friends might of tried the same thing, and look at what happened to them," Jessie replied.

"Somehow, I knew you'd say something like that," Harry said. Craig smirked, he and Harry aimed their rifles and then fired at the door. The stone door slammed onto the ground, bringing a huge cloud of dust up into the air.

Jessie waved her hand in front of her face, the dust cleared around her a bit. "Great, that could be bits of him on me now."

"What's the difference? You always have his reincarnation all over you," Craig said. He and Harry laughed.

"Ooh, someone's a bitter virgin," Jessie said.

Craig pouted, and folded his arms. Harry tried to keep a straight face, "shall we?" He went through the new hole in the wall, Craig and Jessie followed, Jessie more reluctantly.

The group found themselves inside a small dark room, several small statues were leaning against the walls. A small box was resting on one of the larger statues.

"Strange, no coffin," Harry muttered.

"Maybe the sign meant to say Iinan's stuff, and the stuff part of it got worn off in time," Craig said. He picked up the box.

James, Evil C and Foster joined the other team inside the room. "We've found a gate, looks like you've found some useless crap," James said.

"Don't insult, this was probably Iinan's most treasured things," Harry said.

James looked around the room, "great, I hope I'm not in his will."

"Hmm, I wonder if this is a coffin for a certain treasured part of Iinan's body," Craig said, he handed the box to James.

"Don't give it to me then, I already have one of those," James said.

"Could be a better version just in case yours wears out," Craig said, with a smirk on his face. Jessie folded her arms and rolled her eyes.

Evil C shook his head, "this used to be such an innocent series."

"What are you talking about? I only meant that it could be his brain," Craig said. Everyone but him collapsed Pokémon style.

Enterprise, the Mess Hall:
Faye, Lilly, Jodie and Emma were sitting at a table, in one of those awkward silences. Emma groaned, "for crying out loud, it was four months ago, get over it!"

The other girls glanced at her, all with raised eyebrows. "I agree," Jodie said as she glanced back at Faye and Lilly.

"How can I trust her? She'll probably put another spell on me," Faye said.

"I won't, I've learned my lesson," Lilly said.

"Didn't you put a spell on Emma to sober her up?" Jodie asked.

Lilly narrowed her eyes, she mouthed the words, "shut up."

"Why did you do that? I'm always sober," Emma said.

Jodie coughed, "yeah right."

"Why don't you just get some hologram friends, you can make them anyway you want," Faye said.

"I did that for a reason, Emma was scaring those kids in the nursery," Lilly said.

"I didn't do such a thing," Emma said innocently.

"Fine whatever," Faye muttered. She pushed her chair back, got up and headed for the door.

"I think she's right, you do cast too many spells," Jodie said.

"No I don't," Lilly grumbled.

"Um, Faye's collapsed," Emma said. Jodie and Lilly glanced over to the door, sure enough Faye was lying nearby it.

The moon:
James put the little box back on the statue, "ok let's go."

"So soon? Don't you want to prove that Iinan's here?" Craig asked, sounding too smug for his own good.

"Oh he his, he's in that box," James said.

Craig's eyes widened, he glanced at the box briefly, he then quickly wiped his hands on Harry's uniform.

"Hey, watch it," Harry moaned.

"I take it they put him on the stake for crimes of witchcraft, again," Jessie said.

"Quick, get her out of here," Craig said.

"There's no one else here, moron," Jessie said.

"There must of been at one time, I mean who made this crypt, who killed him?" James said questioningly.

"Doesn't matter, let's just go and leave everything the way they were," Jessie said.

"Actually, I agree," Harry said.

"Oooh scary dust, ooh," Craig said sarcastically. He headed for the hole in the wall.

"Is he stupid, or just well stupid?" Evil C asked.

"Stupid and stupid," Jessie replied.

The Enterprise, the next day:
Craig stuck his head through a quarters' door, glanced side to side, then stepped into the room. He made his way into the bedroom. Lena was lying on her bed, tossing and turning, while the alarm nearby her was going off.

Craig shook his head, he went over to her, and shook her. The next thing he knew he was against the wall with a broken nose.

Lena sat up, rubbing her left eye. She then spotted Craig nursing his nose. "Craig, what on earth are you doing here? Again."

"You're late, again," Craig replied in a muffled voice.

Lena glanced towards the alarm, "oh right." She climbed out of the bed. "What happened to you?"

"I tried to wake you up but you just punched me," Craig replied.

"Oh sorry, I just had a weird dream," Lena said.

"Obviously involving me," Craig muttered as he stood back up.

"Not really. Look, I have to get changed so you can go to Sickbay while I do that," Lena said.

"I didn't think it would take that long," Craig said.

"Ok, but what about this one. Why are you always here to wake me up when I'm late, when you work on Voyager?" Lena asked.

"Well conveniently, you sleep in when there's a security thingy. James contacts me if something's up on the Enterprise, and that's how I know," Craig replied.

"James doesn't work on the bridge though," Lena said.

Craig looked nervous, "really? He must be stalking you, I'll go sort him out now. Bye." He ran out of the room. Lena rolled her eyes, she went over to her cupboard. Craig peeped his head back in. "Oh there was a security thingy, you know."

Lena turned around to face him. "Ok, what is it?"

"Ok maybe not security thingy, but it does interest me. Faye collapsed in the Mess Hall yesterday, she said she saw Iinan and stuff like that," Craig replied.

"Actually, my dream was about Iinan too," Lena said.

"Damn you telepaths, what happened?" Craig asked.

"It was a dream Craig, I don't remember everything. All I know was that he was regenerating or something. If Faye hallucinated it, she'll probably remember it better," Lena replied.

"Well it's harder than you think. She was really traumatised about it, not many of us could understand what she was saying," Craig said.

"Give her time, she'll come around," Lena said.

The moon's planet:
The young alien was standing inside a museum, staring at a small display. The lights had went off, and there were security guards around. One of them came over to the alien.

"Kare, the museum's closed for tonight," the guard said.

Kare glanced up at the tall security guard, "sorry. I didn't notice the time. Do you know if Shony, is waiting outside?"

"He is, yes. I'll show you to the exit," the guard replied. He turned back, and went back the way he came.

Kare rested his hand on the stand to steady himself, he closed his eyes. When he reopened them there was no colour in them. He followed the guard.

The Enterprise, James/Jessie's Quarters:
The main door chimed. James came into the main room, he headed towards the main door.

The door opened to reveal the decomposed corpse of Iinan. James backed off, Iinan quickly grabbed his arm and stuck a dagger into him.

"Stuart, hello?" a familiar voice said.

James woke up, he was in the Security office, sitting on his chair. Evil C was sitting opposite him shaking his head. "Old men do that, you should be like your mum and drink coffee," Evil C said.

"How long was I..." James said.

"A few seconds, I think. Here's another tip, get an old and hard chair," Evil C replied.

"Oh come on I wasn't asleep," James said.

"Don't give me that crap, you're not a telepath. You were asleep old man," Evil C said.

"I'm not old, I'm only two years older than you," James said.

Evil C looked confused. "Oh yeah, I'm my actors real age in B4FV. I get it."

"Look I'm thirty now, I was told I'd develop telekinetic and telepathy," James said.

"I doubt straight away," Evil C said.

"It worked with Lena didn't it?" James said.

"The Love Spell episode, that was nearly two years ago. The writer was, how can I say it..." Evil C said.

"I wouldn't finish that sentence, god knows what'll happen," James said.

In: "Bridge to Stuart. Go to Voyager's transporter room, Craig'll explain when you get there."

"Just me?" James said questioningly.

In: "Ugh, you do this every time. Your team, your team! Paris out."

"It better be more interesting," Evil C said.

"What do you expect us to do everyday, investigate brutal murders? We wouldn't have anyone left if we did," James said.

Voyager's transporter room:
"There's been a brutal murder on the planet," Craig said.

"You were saying," Evil C said smugly.

"That was ten minutes ago, get over it," James grumbled.

"How come both lead teams have to go down?" Foster asked.

"Because the other teams have just unknown crewmembers and..." Craig replied.

"And they'll all get picked off by the murderer, we know," James said.

"I hate murders, there's always blood," Naomi muttered.

"Hey, if I got over my blood thing, you can," James said.

Naomi pulled a face, "gee, sorry. What side of the bed did you wake up on?"

Evil C sniggered, "what side of the chair, that's the question."

"It was an hallucination," James muttered.

"Sure it was," Evil C said in a fake reassuring voice. He turned to Craig and the others, he shook his head.

"Speaking of blood, how did you get that whole blood thing in the first place?" Naomi asked.

"Oh, I just dreamt that lots of people got cut into several pieces," James replied. He and the others went onto the transporter pad. Naomi just stayed where she was, going slightly pale.

"Eeew," she moaned.

"Did I mention it was a vision, it really happened," James said.

"Stop bullying my team members," Craig said.

"I wasn't," James said innocently, as Naomi joined the others on the pad.

"Didn't you see the bodies for real too?" Evil C asked.

"I feel sick," Naomi muttered. Everyone stepped away from her, a few seconds later they all dematerialised.

The planet:
Both security teams rematerialised outside the museum. A group of security men came up to them.

"We hate to bother you like this, but we're not used to anything like this," the lead one said.

"It's ok, we are," Craig said.

"Way to make us sound like psycho's, Craig," James muttered.

"You know what I mean, right?" Craig said.

"I hope I don't. The bodies are inside, follow me," the lead guy said.

"Bodies? I thought there was only one," Naomi said.

"No, we found the suspect for the murder nearby. He committed suicide," the lead guy said.

The security teams and the lead security guy headed inside the museum. A small group of people were carrying a body, they placed it on a stretcher.

Naomi shuddered, "lots of blood, eeew."

"Oh my god, that guy has no eyes," Craig said.

"Well done Sherlock," James said.

The lead doctor went up to the group. "Whoever did this was good, the eyes were taken out very neatly."

"Where's the suspect?" Craig asked.

"Over there, we're going to deal with him now," the doctor replied. He lead the team over to another body, it was Kare with a badly slit throat.

"What makes him a suspect then?" James asked.

"The victim was the security guard who had to look for this man, he was missing from his group," the lead security guard replied.

"Hey wait a minute," Craig said. He knelt down beside Kare, "he's one of the aliens we met on the moon."

"It gets worse," James said. Craig stood up, he looked in the direction James was looking. The box from the crypt was on display, but it was open, nothing was inside.

Enterprise, one of the school rooms:
All of the teenagers, well except Naomi, were sitting at the desks. Doctor Jones was once again teaching medical science, you can guess that no one was really paying attention.

"Why does Naomi get out of this, it's so unfair," Bryan moaned.

"I know, she gets the cool job of seeing dead people and we're stuck in here," Yasmin said with a pout on her face.

"Shh, I need to concentrate," Kiara whispered.

Bryan and Yasmin glanced at each other, they glanced back at Kiara. "Are you feeling alright, K?" Bryan asked.

"Look I want to be like Naomi and have a job around here, let me listen please," Kiara replied.

"Ok sorry. Somebody should tell Nikki to do the same, she's already got a job as a nurse," Bryan said.

Nikki giggled, she was busy reading a PADD. "He's so cute," she giggled.

In: "O'Tani to Kiara. I need to talk to you."

"So you keep saying, I'm in class. Bog off," Kiara snapped. She tapped her commbadge. She then threw it on to the desk.

"Oh yeah that'll stop her," Bryan said.

"Shh," Kiara whispered.

The Enterprise Ready Room:
Lena was sitting behind her desk with her feet up on the desk itself. She was busy... drinking a Cherry Coke bottle.

The door chimed. "Yeah, come in!" she called.

Faye came into the room, looking a complete state. Her hair looked like she had just gotten out of bed, and that she had attacked it with scissors. "Lena, your daughter. I need to talk to her but she ignores me... I, I..."

Lena put her feet back on the ground, she stood up. "Faye sit down," she said softly.

Faye tugged on her hair, she nervously stepped forward. Lena went over to her, she gently made her sit down. "You've got to listen to me. I saw, I saw lots of people dying, being tortured. Iinan will be back, and everyone will die."

"Faye calm down," Lena said. She sat on the side of the desk. "Why do you need to see Kiara? What's that got to do with anything?"

"I saw her, she was there," Faye replied.

"What happened?" Lena asked.

"She was different, dark... it was dark," Faye stuttered.

"Faye look, you shouldn't be out of Sickbay. That hallucination is obviously making you feel scared and stuff, you need to rest," Lena said.

"You... you don't understand. Thursday, 10:55, that's when it happens. I see, I see everything," Faye whispered.

"What happens on Thursday?" Lena asked.

"It'll be the end of this universe," Faye replied.

The planet:
A middle aged woman was innocently walking down a street path, she turned into one of the buildings. She started to make her way up the stairs. A creaky noise echoed through the hall as she got off the last step. She looked around, looking nervous. When she turned back she screamed.

A little while later:
James, Craig, Naomi, Foster and Evil C came through the revolving doors. They were greeted by the woman's body lying on the stairs like she fell backwards. Two doctors were just going over to her.

"Any suspects this time?" Craig asked one of the spare doctors.

"None. We have no witnesses, or suspects," he replied.

"Why does there always have to be blood?" Naomi moaned.

"You should try and get that Captain's Assistant job, missy," Evil C muttered. Naomi pulled a face at him.

"So how did this one die?" James asked as the woman was carried out.

"Somebody took her lung, we'll contact you if we learn more," the doctor replied. He followed the others out.

"Obviously our alien friend didn't do the first one, the deaths are very similar," Craig said.

"Yeah, he must of just walked in on it. The murderer wouldn't have wanted any witnesses," James said.

"Why is this freak taking bits out of these people? Why not just smother them in their sleep, that's nicer," Naomi said questioningly.

"My god, anybody who wants to kill must be sick, so they won't be nice to their victims," Craig said.

"I guess," Naomi said.

"No she has a point. Why are they taking organs?" James said.

"Just a thought, could it be Iinan?" Evil C asked.

"It's not his style," James replied.

"Somebody has his ashes though, maybe Iinan has worshippers we don't know about," Craig said.

"That would explain how he was put into a crypt on a uninhabited moon," James said.

"Ok Foster, you know what to do. Scan for any evidence, anything like hairs or fingerprints," Craig ordered.

"Hey, I boss him around," James said.

"Ok fine, Naomi you do it," Craig ordered.

"I'm not going there, I might get blood on my clothes," Naomi said.

Evil C groaned, "I'll do it."

"Me too," Foster said. He and Evil C went over to the stairs, they both started scanning around.

"I'll check the area," James said. He went back through the revolving doors.

"Ooh, me too," Naomi said. She quickly followed him.

Naomi and James started looking around outside. Naomi spotted what looked like a clothes shop, she sneakily went over to it.

Meanwhile James spotted a girl with messed up ginger hair. She turned around briefly, it was Faye. She noticed James, then quickly ran off.

The Enterprise:
Kiara, Bryan, Nikki and Yasmin left the school room. Nikki and Yasmin went off in one direction, while Kiara and Bryan went the other way.

"There's something I don't get. Why do you want to be a nurse?" Bryan asked.

"I dunno, it seems fun," Kiara replied.

"Fun, maybe. You'd be really handy, you could use your Q powers to help out," Bryan said.

"Is that all I am, a Q?" Kiara asked, sounding upset.

"No, I didn't mean that. You'd be a good nurse," Bryan replied.

Kiara stopped, "just because I'm half Q?"

Bryan stopped too, he stood to face Kiara again. "No, that's not true. I just meant your powers could be an extra. I didn't think you'd be upset."

"No you're right, that's all I'm good at and most of the time I can't even do it," Kiara said.

"Kiara, no. You probably will be a good nurse, I think it's a great idea," Bryan said.

"Oh yeah, ask me a medical question," Kiara said.

"I would but you haven't been trained yet. It wouldn't be fair," Bryan said.

Kiara groaned, "I don't understand anything, and I never will."

"Don't be too hard on yourself, you're only six. I'm sure the doc will take it easy on you," Bryan said.

"Sure whatever," Kiara muttered. She turned around and went off down the corridor. Bryan sighed, he continued down the corridor too. Kiara turned the corner, she bumped into Faye. "Great, just great," Kiara groaned.

"Why won't you talk to me?" Faye asked. Kiara rolled her eyes, she tried to push passed Faye but she grabbed her arm. "Why won't you talk to me?"

"Let go of my arm," Kiara snapped.

"Why won't you talk to me!" Faye yelled.

"My god," Kiara muttered.

Faye calmed down, she let go of Kiara's arm. "Look you've got to understand that you're in danger. You don't care do you, you don't see."

Kiara rolled her eyes, "Faye what you need is one of those white padded rooms."

"Oh come on, we have to stop it. The thing it's going to..." Faye stuttered.

"What thing? Do you mean Iinan, cos all he is dust ok," Kiara said.

"What about the museum, the hotel, three people dead. The missing remains," Faye said.

Kiara folded her arms, "that's not my business."

Faye shook her head, "you just don't see. You see, I see everything." Kiara rolled her eyes again, she pushed passed Faye. Faye turned around. "Come on, just let me be your guide."

"Guide to insanity, no thanks," Kiara muttered. She turned the corner.

"Thursday, 10:55 it'll be the end of the universe," Faye muttered, she turned around and walked off.

The Enterprise:
James and Craig were going down a busy corridor. "I can't believe we're doing this," Craig was saying.

"Neither do I, but I saw her on the planet. She's been a lot more crazier than usual ever since she had that hallucination," James said.

"You really think Faye would do something like this? She's the type who would punch a fly and it would live to tell the tale," Craig said.

"I know, but something is going on and Iinan's involved somehow. We just don't know how," James said.

"You know she's a Betazoid, but I don't know much about them. Are they telekinetic?" Craig asked.

"I wouldn't know either," James replied.

"Well I was thinking, what if the murderer just uses telekinesis to take the organs out," Craig said.

James glanced at him with an eyebrow raised. "What?"

"Well both the eyes and the lungs were taken out very neatly," Craig said.

"Lovely," James muttered.

"I have a good point here, right?" Craig said.

"Nope," James said.

"Well how else could Faye do something like this? She's harmless, so she'll have no experience with knives. How could she cut so neatly?" Craig asked.

"Craig, shut up," James said as he stopped outside one of the doors.

"I'm just trying to do my job," Craig said. He stopped beside James.

"If Faye's in there our cover is blown, get it?" James said.

"Right, I knew you wouldn't be rude for no reason," Craig said quietly.

"Was that sarcasm?" James asked.

"Take it anyway you want," Craig replied.

James shook his head, he pressed the door chime. He and Craig waited a while. "No one's home," James said.

"Cool, so we kick the door down or what?" Craig said questioningly.

"Hack in, I've broken enough doors," James replied. He fiddled with the panel next to the door.

"Why am I not surprised?" Craig asked himself.

The doors opened, James and Craig went inside. The main room was in a right state. There was writing on the walls, a computer was lying on the ground, and there was clothes scattered everywhere. Craig and James went their separate ways. Craig tripped over some clothes almost straight away.

"Damn it," he muttered.

James went over to the computer on the ground, a PADD was lying nearby it. He knelt down to pick it up.

Craig meanwhile had gone inside the bedroom, he started looking through a bunch of stuff on top of some boxes. Faye came up behind him, just as he turned around she grabbed him and pushed him into the nearby cupboard. He hit his head off it, and fell onto the ground.

Faye ran out of the room, she ran straight into James. She kicked him in the leg, and then ran through the main door.

Voyager's Sickbay:
Craig was sitting on the biobed, Doctor Jones was busy treating his head. Kathryn, Lena and James were standing talking nearby.

"Are you talking about Faye O'Tani?" Lena asked.

"Uh yeah, she's gone even more insane," James replied.

"What could she have possibly seen to make her act like this?" Lena said questioningly.

"I don't know, but we can't rule her out of the suspects list," James said.

"Who else is on that?" Kathryn asked.

"Um Faye, and Faye," James replied.

"Faye's on it three times, wow," Lena said.

"I must admit, this all started when we came into orbit. This planet is crime free," Kathryn said.

"It's not Faye. She talked about Iinan, and that he's going to destroy the universe on Thursday night," Lena said.

"Iinan is ashes, but that's never stopped him before," James said.

"Maybe Faye was possessed when she attacked you and Craig," Lena said.

"I don't think so. The last time he was doing something like this he was only possessing guys," James said.

"Well his cover was blown there wasn't it?" Kathryn said.

"Maybe, but if it was him I doubt he would have just kicked me," James said.

"True I guess, the last time we saw him you were trying to kill him," Lena said.

"You were trying to kill him?" Kathryn said in shock.

"I thought he and Unu were working together," James said.

"Thought? When Slayers are evil they don't usually think, they just act," Lena said.

"Exactly, hey wait a minute," James muttered.

Doctor Jones came over to the three. "Mr Anderson will be fine. I'm afraid it's Faye we should be more worried about. Before she escaped she showed signs of depression, and stress."

"What about insanity?" James asked.

"I was trying to tone that down with the depression and stress diagnosis," Doctor Jones replied.

"I still don't think Faye's the one who killed those three people, possessed or not. She was talking to me at the time of the murder," Lena said.

James groaned, "why didn't you mention that before?"

"I thought I did," Lena said sheepishly.

"Well you're back to square one Jamesy," Kathryn said.

"Don't call me that, my god," James said.

"Oops, sorry," Kathryn said.

"I think you were looking in the wrong place. I'll join Craig's team, I'm going to check something. You should take your team to the planet," Lena said.

"Right. What are you going to do?" James asked.

"Something stupid," Lena replied.

The planet:
The sun was setting, so most of the late night shops were closing up. A tall skinny man was busy closing his small shop on the corner. He locked up, and he headed away. He turned the corner, no one else was around yet he could hear other people's footsteps behind him.

The man continually glanced around him, each time seeing nothing. He shrugged, and continued on his way more casually. Suddenly a young girl stepped in front of him.

"Are you following me young lady?" the man asked.

"Maybe, it depends," the young girl replied. She stepped out of the shadows so the man could see her face. "Do you have a spare liver?" Kiara asked sweetly.

Voyager, the Security Office:
Craig was sitting at his desk, Lena was at the replicator. She turned away from it carrying a familiar black book.

"Oh god Lena, are you sure that's a good idea?" Craig asked nervously.

Lena dropped the heavy book on his desk, Craig still jumped in shock. "Innocent people are becoming unwilling organ donors, I don't think we should be doing the old 'is that a good idea' convo," Lena replied.

"What exactly are we looking for?" Craig asked.

Lena sat down opposite him, she turned to the first page of the book. "A curse that can help somebody regenerate."

"You think this is Iinan's handy work? Lena, he's only dust," Craig said.

"Craig do you have any memory cells? Nearly two years ago Iinan managed to possess you and several others, he was just dust then," Lena said.

"Oh yeah, oops," Craig said embarrassingly.

Lena turned another page, she started to read it. "I think we've found our culprit."

"What, tell me," Craig said.

"You can do this spell on any corpse that's come back to life. Unfortunately for Iinan he had to wait exactly a hundred years for it to take effect," Lena said.

"Well, what can we expect?" Craig asked.

"A hundred years ago five people must of ate one of each of the following organs from him," Lena replied.

"Wait I have an important contribution. Eeew," Craig said.

Lena shook her head, "yeah very important. First it was the eyes, then lungs, liver, jawbone and finally the heart."

"How can someone eat a jawbone?" Craig asked.

"You could break it up and just swallow it down I guess. Anyway the rest of his body was burnt and placed in a small box, inside a small crypt. A chain of events always takes place a hundred years later so that he can get free. Then he can possess just anybody who's in the area of the reincarnation who ate the organ he needs at the time, or a follower will get it for him," Lena replied.

"So far we've had the lungs and eyes. He didn't eat them right?" Craig asked.

"No silly. Once he's gotten everything but the heart back, he captures several people to well take their flesh and other organs. He can do this just before he's freed too, but sometimes he can't if there's no one else around to free him," Lena replied.

"That explains the decomposed bodies, huh," Craig said.

"Yeah. When he needs the heart he's already in humanoid form. The heart he needs is not the reincarnation's heart, it's the heart of the reincarnation he was the closest too. Which could mean me, dunno about Jessie," Lena said.

"Don't worry, he's not going to get that far," Craig said boldly.

"The only way to stop him is... oh," Lena said.

"What?" Craig said, sounding worried.

"He has to be in the need the heart stage. At 10:55 on his rebirth day he will put the heart inside him. If it isn't inside him at the end of the 55th minute he'll go back to his shrivelled up form and well die for good," Lena said.

"Great, so more innocent people will die," Craig said.

"We can't stop it, there's nothing we can do. We'll just have to guard Jessie and me until Thursday night," Lena said.

"Why Thursday?" Craig asked.

"Faye said that's the day when the universe ends," Lena replied.

"Great, do you know what day it is?" Craig asked.

"Wednesday," Lena replied.

"It's 0030 hours, it's Thursday," Craig said.

"We haven't got time then. We'd better see Jess, just in case," Lena said.

James/Jessie's Quarters:
Faye was sitting on the sofa while Jessie was standing nearby. "I can't do it, what if I turn evil again?"

"You won't, it's a simple spell. We need this, you need this," Faye said.

"All right fine, but I'm blaming you if I do," Jessie said. She knelt down in front of Faye while taking the spell book from the nearby table. She started chanting from it, as she did Faye closed her own eyes.

"This is weird, I can't see anything," Faye stuttered.

"The spell's not ready. You should be able to feel what they feel though," Jessie said.

"It's cold, I feel like I'm walking," Faye said.

"Ok. Release, open your eyes," Jessie said.

Faye opened her eyes, she couldn't see the quarters anymore. Instead she could see some stairs in a public building, she saw several people go passed her. "We're going down some stairs," Faye said.

"Do you know where?" Jessie asked.

Faye shook her head. "It looks like a building, but I can feel the wind blowing inside. Wait." She glanced to the right, a sign on the wall said Deffa Destable. "Stop it, I know where he's going," Faye said. She stood up, and ran out of the room.

Jessie stood up, "you're welcome."

The planet:
A young teenaged girl was standing with a few others nearby an advanced looking railway line. She heard a strange rustling sound nearby, so she walked towards the source, a bunch of rubbish in the corner. Something moved which knocked a few cans away, the girl backed off.

All of a sudden a strange creature jumped out of the rubbish and jumped on the girl's face. She screamed, and fell down onto the ground. Several people rushed over to her.

Faye rematerialised not far away, she ran over to the girl and the crowd. Several people backed off, one guy fainted. Faye took his place, she gasped in shock. The creature ran back into the rubbish with something in its mouth.

Not long later, elsewhere on the planet:
James, Evil C, Naomi and Foster in separate parts to an empty street. Most of them were scanning away.

Some teenagers came into the street talking loudly. "Yeah some guy got his liver ripped out, and this girl got her jaw pulled off her face by an Jakaras," one girl was saying.

"Ouch," Naomi cringed.

"Yeah sounds about right," James said.

"What's a Jakaras?" Evil C asked.

"God knows, I doubt it was a cuddly kind of animal," James replied.

"Like cats," Naomi said.

"Yeah right, cats are pure evil," James said.

Evil C sniggered, "even kittens?"

"They're worse, oh forget it," James muttered.

"Shouldn't we tell Craig's team?" Foster asked.

"Yeah good idea," James replied.

Enterprise, Lena's Quarters:
Lena stepped into her bedroom holding a bag. She dumped it on the bed, and started to stuff things into it.

"Going somewhere Lena?" Faye's voice said questioningly.

Lena jumped, she turned around to see Faye at the doorway. "Faye, what are you doing in here?"

"I figured I'd wait for you, you know. Just in case," she replied.

"I haven't got time for this Faye, I have to pack some weapons and other stuff. I can't be on my own for a while," Lena said.

"I know, Iinan probably wants you. You don't have to hide away, I have a plan that'll stop Iinan killing more people," Faye said.

"Great, what is it?" Lena asked.

Faye pointed a phaser at her, "it's on vaporise."

"This is your plan?" Lena said nervously.

"If you're dead he can't take your heart, it'll save everyone else's lives. Are you really more important than them?" Faye replied. She stepped closer to Lena.

"No but Iinan's already got everyone he needs, except the heart. He won't kill anyone else," Lena said.

"What if he gets you or Jessie? Everyone will die then, then, this is the only way," Faye stuttered.

"Faye, you don't want to kill me. We can do this without anyone else dying," Lena said.

"I'll do it, I mean it!" Faye screamed.

"This way you're going to kill two people," Lena said.

"On the floor, now!" Faye yelled.

"Or what, you'll shoot? You're going to do that anyway," Lena said.

"Don't make this harder Lena, I don't want to do this," Faye said angrily.

Craig and James quietly came into the room, Craig was about to leap to the rescue but James grabbed his arm. He pulled out a phaser, he fiddled with it and shot Faye in the back. She fell onto the ground.

Craig rushed over to Lena and hugged her tightly. "Thank god, are you ok?" he asked.

"Yeah, how did you know?" Lena replied.

"Iinan's got his liver and jawbone, you were our first stop. Is it safe for me to go to second stop?" James asked.

Lena nodded, "sure."

James tapped his commbadge, "Stuart to Security Team 1, get your lazy butts to Lena's Quarters. Put Faye in the brig."

In: "Um... ok."

In: "There isn't any blood right."

In: "Ugh."

"No there isn't," James said as he headed out of the room.

In: "I'm there."

"Craig can you let me go?" Lena asked.

Craig grinned embarrassingly, he pulled away from Lena.

The brig, later:
Faye was sitting on the bed behind the forcefield. James and Craig were both standing outside the forcefield.

"Why are you here, shouldn't you be protecting your lovely girlfriends?" Faye asked.

"From you, well we're doing that now," James replied.

Faye laughed, "no you're not. I was doing everyone a favour, now I'm here he's going to get them."

"How do we know that you're not on Iinan's side?" Craig said questioningly.

"I'm not possessed, I'm Faye, remember?" Faye said.

"If that's the case why did you try to kill Lena? And why did you make Jessie do a spell for you?" James asked.

"You'd know the answer to the second one if you stuck around a little longer. She'd tell you I needed to see through the eyes of the next victim. Would I do that if I was possessed by Iinan?" Faye replied.

"Why did you try to kill Lena!" Craig yelled which made Faye jump a little.

"Woah, sorry," Faye muttered.

"Craig, let me take care of this," James said.

"No, I want to know," Craig said.

"Well it's either her or Jessie he wants for the heart, you know that already. If they die then Iinan can't regenerate, he'll just die," Faye said.

"So Jessie was your next stop, huh?" James said.

Faye shrugged, "I guess so, yeah. I still think it's Lena though, Iinan really loved Makia. Unu was just a replacement he brainwashed."

"The phaser was on vaporise, if you did that you'd vaporise the temporal implant. If that was vaporised the timeline would change," Craig said.

"Never thought of that," Faye said.

"You don't think of much do you? You just wanted to save your own butt," Craig said angrily.

"No, not exactly. If I just shot her on normal kill the heart would still be useable," Faye said.

"Look we can do this without killing anyone. We just have to protect Jessie and Lena until 10:55," James said.

"Well you're doing a great job of that aren't you, you manly men you," Faye said in a teasing voice.

Craig smacked his hand against the forcefield, "cheeky little bitch, if you hadn't of done this we wouldn't be here!"

"Craig don't turn evil on me here," James muttered.

Craig turned to him, "why aren't you acting more bothered? It's your sister and your wife we're talking about here."

"I'm staying calm cos I know as long as Iinan's ashes are on the planet, they are both safe. He can't possess anybody here," James replied.

"Safe? Didn't you see what this cow was going to do? For all we know there are others like her," Craig said.

"My god, we have an Evil Security Chief," Faye muttered sarcastically.

"This isn't over bitch," Craig grumbled. He stormed out of the room.

"Still here?" Faye said questioningly.

"Look you seemed to know about the whole curse before Lena did, do you know anything else?" James asked.

Faye stood up and she stood nearby the forcefield. "All you need to know is known already."

"You said when he's regenerated it'll be the end of the universe, he's not that powerful right?" James said.

"He will be. As soon as he gets the heart he'll be unstoppable. I heard voices in my hallucination, they said the heart donor is powerful so when he gets the heart he'll get their power," Faye said.

"Jessie's a witch, Lena's a Slayer. That doesn't help," James said.

"It does, Iinan was a warlock so he'll already have what Jessie has," Faye said.

"Ok there's one thing I don't get, how did you see all of this?" James asked.

Faye glanced around, she stepped closer to the forcefield. "I'll tell you, mainly cos this answers the question you've been thinking for a while."

"Do you have to do that?" James muttered.

"Sorry can't help it," Faye said. She touched the forcefield, "I can't tell you, I have to show you. You being a future telepath helps me do that. You just have to lower the forcefield."

"How will it help, I'm not a telepath yet," James asked.

"That's the thing when I do this it'll trigger the telepathy early, I must warn you it's overwhelming at first," Faye replied.

"All right," James said, he pressed the button on the side panel. Faye stepped out of the brig area.

"Give me your hand," Faye said as she held her own hand out. James took her hand.

The conference room:
Craig, Lena, Jessie, Kiara and Naomi were standing around the table. Naomi was busy leaning on the chair and making it turn side to side.

"I really don't like this waiting, it's like waiting for death to come," Lena said.

"Um it kinda is," Kiara said.

"Right, thanks for that," Lena muttered.

"Just trying to help," Kiara said.

"Do you really think Faye could be on Iinan's side? That theory doesn't really fit with what she's doing," Jessie said questioningly.

"Yeah but we have to be safe not sorry. I don't trust her," Craig said.

James came in through the main door, everyone turned to him. "Well, did you get anything?" Lena asked.

"She's not on Iinan's side, but we should keep her in the brig until this is over," James replied.

"Good idea, god knows what everything will be like if Lena's temporal implant was vaporised," Jessie said.

"Um what about me?" Lena said questioningly.

"Same thing," Jessie said.

"Naomi, you should guard Faye. You won't have to worry about blood on your um clothes, where did you buy those?" James said.

Naomi grinned as she looked down at herself. "Aren't they cool, I got them from the planet."

"Brig yeah," Craig muttered.

"Yeah, see ya," Naomi said. She literally skipped out of the room.

"What's she on?" Jessie asked.

"Blonde bimbo tablets," Kiara replied.

"Makes sense, wait I'm blonde," James said.

"Me too," Craig said.

"Bimbo's are girls, but if you insist," Lena said.

"No, all man," Craig said quickly.

"Me too," James said. He glanced at Kiara, "hey!"

"What?" Kiara said innocently.

"You said I sound like a woman," James said.

Kiara glanced around nervously, "no I didn't, I only thought it."

"Ah crap, I forgot about that," James muttered.

Jessie glanced around more nervously than Kiara, "oh god, help me."

"Now you know what it's like," Craig said smugly. Lena glared at him.

The brig:
Naomi skipped through the doors, she spotted Faye passed the forcefield. "What the, who released you?" Naomi asked.

"James forgot to put the forcefield back up, don't worry I'm a good prisoner," Faye replied.

"With no good dress sense," Naomi muttered.

Faye rolled her eyes, she went back inside the brig area. The doors opened again, Kiara came through them and went straight up to Naomi. "Ohno," Faye stuttered.

"What's up Kiara?" Naomi asked casually.

"Not a lot," Kiara replied. She pulled a knife out from behind her back, she stabbed Naomi in chest.

"My new clothes, ow you bitch," Naomi moaned, she collapsed.

Faye ran towards the door but Kiara grabbed her arm. "Where are you going?" Kiara said.

"You're not Kiara, I know who you really are," Faye said.

"Wrong, I am Kiara," Kiara said. She put her hand around Faye's neck. "And you're dead." Faye collapsed onto the ground, Kiara just smiled innocently before walking out.

Voyager, Craig's Quarters:
Craig and Lena went through the main door. "Here let me take that bag," Craig said.

"It's heavy, I can handle it," Lena said.

"I'm strong too," Craig said. Lena handed him the bag, he dropped it onto the ground. He got a hold of the handle again. "See."

Lena shook her head, "why do you always have to try and impress me like that. I'm stronger than you, deal with it."

"Thanks, that helps," Craig muttered.

"Don't tell me, me being stronger than you is ruining your manly ego," Lena said.

"A little yeah," Craig said.

The door chimed, Craig went over to it and opened the door. James came in looking worried. "Faye and Naomi are dead."

"Hi yourself," Craig said sarcastically.

James and Lena glanced at him with the same annoyed look on their faces. Lena turned back to James. "How, do you know who?"

"Naomi was stabbed, Faye was strangled. We have no idea who did it," James replied.

"This only means one thing right?" Craig said questioningly.

"Yeah, Iinan is on the ship after all," James said.

"Or a follower of his is here," Lena said.

"The second one's more likely. We have to protect Lena," Craig said.

"I thought that was what you were doing already," Lena muttered.

"There's still a chance it's not Lena. You stick with Lena, I'll send Kevin and Sandi cos Craig isn't exactly a good bodyguard. I'll keep an eye on Jessie," James said.

"That's not going to be too hard for you, hey, wait a minute," Craig snapped.

"Craig, it's the truth," Lena said.

"I have weapons, that's not really true," Craig said.

"My weapons," Lena said.

"Can you have a lovers quarrel when I'm not around?" James asked.

"We're not lovers, yeesh," Lena muttered.

"It was quicker than saying boyfriend and girlfriend quarrel," James said.

"What's the difference?" Craig asked. James shook his head and he walked out of the room. Craig turned to Lena, "huh?"

"Doesn't matter," Lena muttered.

"I guess. Look Lena, I may not be a Slayer like you and your annoying brother but having me here is better than you being on your own. You nearly got vaporised today," Craig said.

"You weren't the one who saved me, but I get your point," Lena said.

"As long as I'm around I won't let anything happen to you, ever," Craig said.

Voyager's conference room:
Jessie was sitting next to the big table, while Kiara and James were standing around waiting for something. Harry came into the room. "What do you need me for then?" he asked.

"Faye let me see what she saw the other day, you were in the hallucination," James replied.

"Great, got a plan?" Harry said questioningly.

"It's already in motion. Everyone involved in this have to stick together. You know what happens to people when they're alone in these episodes," Jessie replied.

"What about Faye and Naomi, they were together," Kiara pointed out.

"I know but they're not exactly the fighting type," James said.

"What about Lena, who's she with?" Harry asked.

"Craig for now, Kevin and Sandi are on their way to her now," James replied.

Craig's Quarters:
Lena was kneeling on the ground looking through her bag, Craig was sitting nearby pouting for some reason.

"Oh for god's sake Craig, the last time you poked your hand in you nearly got your hand cut off," Lena said angrily.

"Well you didn't tell me you had big knives," Craig muttered.

"It was an axe," Lena said.

"Whatever," Craig said, he pulled himself off the sofa. He headed towards the bedroom.

"Where are you going?" Lena asked.

"You're not the only one with weapons," Craig replied. He disappeared into the bedroom.

Lena stood up with a large axe, she placed it on the table. "It's not like we're short on them." Lena jumped at the sound of a banging noise coming from the bedroom.

Lena picked up the axe and she slowly went inside. She looked around, nobody was there. "Craig? For god's sake." She kicked the bed, "does he ever learn?" Something moved inside the nearby cupboard, she slowly went over to it. She opened the door, "what are you doing, this isn't funny!"

Later, the Conference Room:
"Why don't we play Switch?" Kiara suggested.

"Do you even know what game we play when we're bored?" James muttered.

"That's sad, but I play Tetris on my console when I'm bored, so I shouldn't say anything," Harry commented.

In: "Clarke to Stuart, we have a problem."

"Oh great, what is it now?" James asked.

In: "Lena and Craig are gone."

"Oh s***," James muttered.

"What time is it?" Jessie asked.

Harry looked over at the wall panel, "2010 hours."

"We haven't got much time, what do we do?" Kiara asked.

"Go back to the moon, that's where he'll go," James replied.

The moon:
Lena woke up with a massive headache, she placed her hand on her forehead as she pulled herself up. Lena pulled herself to her feet and looked around the area. She appeared to be in the dark cave leading to the crypt.

"Craig! Can you hear me!" Lena yelled, her voice echoed around the entire corridor. She heard a banging noise coming from the crypt, she slowly went towards it.

Voyager's Transporter Room:
Harry, James, Jessie and Kiara were nearby the transporter pad, each had a different weapon.

"Why do I get the kiddy weapon?" Harry asked as he looked at his small phaser.

"I'm not answering that one," James replied.

Harry pulled a face, "oh yeah, who was the biggest kid in Season One?"

Jessie looked nervous, "that was kinda my fault."

"Huh, how?" James asked.

Jessie looked around the room to avoid the question. "Shouldn't we be rescuing Lena now?"

"You put a spell on me!?" James blurted out.

"It was five years ago, I didn't even know then. It was an accident," Jessie said while looking on the ground. "If it makes you feel any better my mum did it to my dad by accident too. That's how I found out."

Kiara laughed, "well this is nice. My mum's down on the planet about to get a heart operation, can we go?"

"Yeah good idea, let's not talk about this again," Jessie replied.

"Oh but we will," James snapped.

"I bet Tom would love to be a fly on that wall," Harry sniggered.

Everyone but Jessie went onto the transporter pad, she looked at the floor first before stepping onto it.

The moon:
Lena entered the crypt, she shuddered uncontrollably at the sight before her. Several people were lying, all looked like they had been rotting away for hundreds of years. In the centre of the graveyard was the largest statue, it was shaking violently. The front of it fell to the ground, inside it was a very familiar corpse.

"Oh crap," Lena stuttered. She backed off slowly, she tripped over somebody's loose arm and she fell flat on her back.

Iinan stepped out of the statue, he went over to stand over Lena. He knelt down and grabbed her by the hair, he pulled her closer to him. He kissed her, she kicked him away.

Lena sat up coughing, "eew, don't do that again."

Several people came into the crypt looking like zombies. "Tie her up," Iinan commanded.

The servants gathered around Lena, she shuddered as they all grabbed a hold of her. Iinan smiled as they dragged her away.

Harry, James, Jessie and Kiara headed down the dark cave. Kiara tripped over a large stone, she fell into the wall and stumbled onto the ground. Harry helped her to her feet. "Are you ok?" he asked.

"I really hurt my knee," Kiara replied.

"We can't leave you behind. Sorry," James said.

"It's ok, it's not that bad," Kiara said as she limped along behind the others.

"Maybe we should split up," Harry said. Everyone glanced at him with raised eyebrows. "Sorry, it has to be said once."

"He's right, two should stay at the entrance just in case. Iinan might not come back here," Kiara said.

"I know I'm going to regret this but ok. Jess, you stay with Harry. Kiara and I will go into the crypt," James said.

"Hey, I'm higher rank," Harry muttered.

"And why do I have to go with him?" Jessie asked.

"Because I know it'll be safer outside," James replied.

"Hey, I'm your niece," Kiara moaned.

"What do I have to do to get everyone to listen to me around here?" James asked, sounding very annoyed.

"Get one more pip," Harry said smugly.

"Shhh, knowing Janeway he will," Kiara whispered.

"Damn, I wish I was her flesh and blood. Wait actually I don't," Harry muttered. He headed back the way they all came, Jessie shrugged and she followed him.

"Can you walk ok?" James asked.

"For now, why do people always favour somebody else over me," Kiara replied.

"I might need you ok, it's not about safety," James said.

"But you said..." Kiara said.

"I lied. I want Jessie out of the way just in case Lena and Craig are just bait and Iinan wants Jessie instead," James said.

"Ah, I get it. But why didn't you make Harry go with you?" Kiara asked.

"I don't like him," James muttered in response.

Kiara grinned, "you like me? Cool, now that you're my proper uncle, you have to give me presents and stuff."

"Kiara, we're in the middle of a crisis here. Can you wait until after the universe has ended?" James said.

"Fine," Kiara muttered under her breath.

Meanwhile Jessie and Harry were at the surface. "You know this is all your fault," Jessie said.

"What, my fault!?" Harry snapped.

"Yeah, you could of told Craig to stop with the graverobbing, but nooo, you had to ignore the girl. Geese, some men just don't have any respect for us, you know girls are smarter than guys," Jessie said.

"That's not true, it depends on the person. Besides why don't you blame Craig?" Harry said.

"He's not here," Jessie replied.

"Typical. Are you practising your nagging wife routine on me?" Harry asked.

"I don't need to practise," Jessie replied jokingly.

Harry rolled his eyes, "I'm never getting married."

The wind picked up, and it blew sand at Harry and Jessie. They both covered their eyes until the wind stopped, they both backed off when they got their sight back.

"Unu, nice to see you... alive," Iinan said.

"For god's sake, it's Jessie you moron," Jessie groaned.

"Um, shall we run?" Harry asked quietly.

"Yeah we shall run," Jessie replied. She and Harry backed off quicker than before. Iinan reached his hand out towards them.

"No, stay Harry Kim," Iinan said in a soft voice.

"Oh sure, learn his name," Jessie groaned. She grabbed Harry's arm, she tried to pull him away but he wouldn't budge. "Oh god, Harry don't do this to me now."

"Do you believe it Harry Kim, you are one with us," Iinan said.

"What? He's not that stupid," Jessie said.

Harry turned to her, "I do."

"Oh for crying out loud, I'm running," Jessie muttered. Harry grabbed a hold of her by the neck.

"Kneel in worship," Harry said just as Jessie collapsed onto the ground. He turned back to where Iinan was standing before but he had gone.

Meanwhile, near the crypt:
Kiara fell onto the ground, James stopped and went back over to where she was. "I can't go on," Kiara said.

"We haven't got time, it's nearly eleven," James said.

"I know, just go. Save my mum," Kiara said.

"If you can get back to your feet sometime, don't follow me just go to Harry and Jessie, right?" James said.

"Right, good luck," Kiara said.

James continued down the passageway, he took one last look at Kiara before turning the corner. Not far ahead of him was the open crypt, he saw all the bodies scattered around it. Then he spotted Lena tied to the statue.

"Lena, where's Iinan?" James asked as he went over to her.

"He said he had some unfinished business. Can you untie me?" Lena replied.

James was only a metre away from her when Iinan appeared in front of him. James lifted the rifle he had up. "Touch her and you're mummy dust, again!"

Iinan laughed, "you don't scare me, the time has come and I'll crush you like the bug you are."

"Don't let him win James, kill me," Lena said.

"But it won't work, I'm not going to," James said.

"It will, if the heart's not working he won't be able to use it," Lena said.

"It doesn't make any difference to me, do whatever you want," Iinan said.

"That's not what you thought before when you came in," Lena said.

Iinan glanced at Lena, then back at James. "Oh what do you know, it's 10:52," he said.

"James kill me or we'll all die! Killing me now won't make any difference!" Lena yelled.

"You haven't got the guts, you love her too much," Iinan said.

"If you don't kill me, Jessie will die, so will Duncan, Sasha, Yasmin and so will I. This way you'll only kill one person," Lena said.

James closed his eyes, "I'm sorry." He pressed the button on the rifle, it fired in Lena's direction. She closed her eyes and she stopped breathing.

Iinan turned back to James he smiled. "I told you it wouldn't make any difference. Makia was a slutty child who only cared about herself. Unu was just her replacement. Think about it, who's closer to me than my own reincarnation."

Harry was carrying Jessie down the dark passageway, he placed her gently onto the ground. Kiara walked up to them. "Harry, what happened?" she asked.

"Iinan, he made me do it. I can't explain it," Harry stuttered in response.

"Ooh, James is not going to be too happy with you," Kiara said.

Harry looked up at her, "he got to you too didn't he? What did he say to you?"

Kiara slapped him in the face, "who are you to even mention him."

"Kiara, you've got to snap out of it," Harry said.

"Why should I? I like being this way," Kiara said.

"Wait, where's James?" Harry asked.

"At the right place at the right time," Kiara replied. She pulled out her knife and she stabbed Harry in the chest. He fell on the ground nearby Jessie. "Ooopsie."

The crypt:
"Your sister was a nice bait I'll give her that. You know it's weird how her past life was a girlfriend of mine, and now she's technically my sister now. Fate works in strange ways," Iinan said.

"You don't say. Well I hate to say it, actually I lied, I want to say this. You haven't got time left," James said. He slowly stepped backwards.

"No you don't understand, do you? It's 10:55, it's time for you to die for me," Iinan said.

"Not if I kill myself," James said while taking another step back.

Iinan walked forward, he grabbed the rifle off of him. "How are you going to do that then?"

Meanwhile again:
Kiara skipped out of the dark cave, she ran straight into lots of security officers. "Aw shoot," she groaned. One security crewmember fired his rifle, a hole appeared in the desert ground nearby Kiara. "Nice shot."

Kevin stepped forward, "Kiara we know it was you. You're under arrest."

A small shuttle landed nearby, several of the aliens came out pointing their own weapons.

"Gee, everyone wants to see me," Kiara said sweetly.

"We are taking this girl into custody, she killed some of our citizens," one alien said.

"But she's our crewmember," Kevin said.

Two of the aliens went closer to Kiara pointing weapons at her, one of them grabbed her and tied her up. "She's coming with us anyway. Any member of your species caught on our planet will join her, do I make myself clear?" the first alien said.

"Damn it," Kevin muttered.

"I'm so popular," Kiara said as she was dragged into the shuttle.

"Guys, search the cave for the others," Kevin ordered. All of the yellow shirts glanced at each other looking worried, but they all did as they were told. Kevin tapped his own commbadge, "Clarke to Voyager..."

A little while later:
Commander Chakotay's Log Supplemental: Kiara has been arrested on suspicion of murder, several of both the Enterprise and Voyager crews have been murdered but they are recovering in Sickbay. However we still have one severe casualty, I'm not looking forward to telling Janeway.

Chakotay was talking to Kevin nearby the cave entrance, Kathryn walked up to them. "What was it you wanted to show me?" she asked.

"It's not good Kathryn," Chakotay replied. He nodded at Kevin, he walked away from the pair. Chakotay gently took a hold of Kathryn's arm and lead her in a different direction.

"I don't like this at all, my granddaughter has already been arrested for murder, it can't get any worse," Kathryn said.

Chakotay and Kathryn stopped nearby a body bag. Chakotay knelt down and he opened it up. Kathryn gasped and she put her hand over her mouth. Chakotay stood back up. "I'm so sorry," he said.

"It wasn't Lena Iinan wanted, it was James," Kathryn stuttered.

Chakotay put his arm around her shoulders. They both hugged, he kissed her on the forehead.

A dark figure stepped out of the cave entrance, he stayed in the darkness so no one could see him. He looked over to where Kathryn and Chakotay were. He went back inside the cave.



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