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The Moving Shadow

Episode Synopsis
During Jessie's recovery several crewmembers discover that the attacker is still aboard the fleet.

Brief Note
There have been some minor changes to this one, but not for the same reasons as Put The Knife In. Without spoiling it I wasn't happy with the original for one "small" reason, and during the reboot I set about trying to fix it. I have rebooted all the episodes involved in this change, but with the reboot now over, it's time to change this to suit earlier than I planned.

3rd December 2019

Original Written
27th, 29th & 30th April 2003

Episode Based In
April 2379


Voyager, the Mess Hall:
The James and Jessie face off was literally at a stand still. Jessie sighed as she started it with a punch in the face.

"Sandi, you know what to do," Lena whispered. Sandi nodded, she stepped backwards and tapped her commbadge. "Kevin, let's back him up."

"Are you sure, he's doing pretty well considering.." Kevin asked.

"Kevin!" Lena yelled.

"Ok ok," Kevin said nervously.

Jessie glanced over at them, she quickly pushed her hand out towards them. Kevin and Lena were both thrown into the wall, they went straight through it. Jessie was about to do the same to Sandi but James pushed her enough to knock her onto a table, the table smashed on impact.

"Gee, so glad this isn't my Mess Hall," Sandi said. She rushed over to the hole in the wall. Lena and Kevin managed to pull themselves onto their feet with Sandi's help.

Jessie sat up from the smashed table. "You really shouldn't have done that."

"No, but I really shouldn't do this either," James mumbled. He held her down as Sandi, Kevin and Lena rushed over, Sandi and Lena grabbed a hold of both of Jessie's arms. She struggled against all of them, but she couldn't move.

Kevin tapped his commbadge, "Clarke to transporter room. Now."

In: "Acknowledged."

"I'm going to turn you all into ash for this!" Jessie screamed.

Nearby Kevin, Lilly and Dannielle rematerialised. Lilly rushed over to the Slayers and Jessie. "One of you need to move," Lilly said.

"Sandi," Lena said.

"Right," Sandi said.

"Don't be stupid Sandi, you and me... Abuse victims should stick together," Jessie said.

"I'd agree if you weren't killing innocent people," Sandi said, she moved away from Jessie. Lilly took her place, she placed her hand on Jessie's stomach.

Lilly stepped away from Jessie, she went over to where Dannielle's body was lying. She placed a hand on her stomach.

"What are you doing?" Jessie asked, she continued to struggle.

"I'm sorry Jess, this is the only way," Lena replied.

"What, killing me?" Jessie said.

"We know from experience you won't listen when you're mad and when you're evil," James said. He glanced at Lena, she nodded and backed off.

"Well what did you expect after what you did to me, how could you hurt someone you love?" Jessie said questioningly.

"Jess it wasn't real, and James is the last guy who'd hurt you," Lena said.

"He's done it before!" Jessie yelled. "He did it in front of you! He'll do it again!"

Everyone glanced over at James who looked a little put out. "I... I'm not going to defend it."

"But that's exactly what you were doing. Defending yourself," Lena snapped. "Like this, she's tougher than any of us."

Jessie scoffed, "see! It could've only been James or Kevin. It was a guy, he stuck his gross tongue down my throat, I slapped him, he punched me to the ground. No one else but them could've."

"But why? I'm a chill guy and he's..." Kevin said, then he hesitated. "Usually has consent to the tongue thing, right?"

James resisted the temptation to hit him, only just. "Jess look, I don't know how or who knocked you out, but what happened after, the dream, we both know who did this."

Lena looked on in shock, "you do? I thought..."

"The guy was really strong, you're just sticking up for him cos he's your brother!" Jessie yelled.

"I'm sorry but it doesn't sound like something James would do." Lena muttered.

"And it's not like he wasn't getting any anyway, right?" Kevin said. Sandi elbowed him in the ribs. "Well they were going out back then!"

"Jessie please calm down for a second and listen to me. One of the last things I'd do is hurt you, except when you're evil and trying to kill me," James said.

"Here here," Kevin said. Sandi rolled her eyes.

Jessie looked up at James. "Then who did this to me!" she cried.

"A figment of your imagination?" Lena replied.

"Oh my god, what have I done," Jessie stuttered.

"You've been through something awful. If you promise not to try and kill me again, I'll help you through it," James said, he stroked the side of her face.

Jessie placed her hand on his, "I promise."

Kevin and Sandi grinned at each other, they put their arms around each other. Ashley, Steve, Neelix and Evil C slowly made their way back in. Ashley and Steve glanced at each other. "Do we hug?" Ashley asked.

"No, we're too manly," Steve replied.

Neelix tried to put his arm around Lilly, she cringed and pushed him away. "Eeew stop that, what's wrong with you?"

"Lil, I think Jessie'll need her powers back," Lena said.

"Right," Lilly said, she went back over to Dannielle after passing Neelix a funny look.

Danny rushed into the room, she pushed Lee out of the way and joined Ian at his bedside. "Ian, I heard.. are you ok?"

"It hurts to sit, that's why I'm lying down," Ian whimpered.

Doctor Jones made his way over to the pair. "He'll be just fine thanks to me."

"Why would Jessie hurt you like that, my poor baby," Danny said.

"I would've fought back but I was too macho to hit a woman," Ian said.

"Well at least you believe that," Lee said, he walked off.

"The other good news is that Jessie has stopped trying to kill people," Doctor Jones said.

"Oh good," Danny said.

James/Jessie's Quarters:
James, Jessie and Lena made their way into one of the bedrooms, Lena and James helped Jessie onto the bed. "She's still a little weak from losing her powers, it'll take a while," Lena said.

"Yeah but it would've been nice if you told me that was your plan," James said.

"I didn't want to worry anyone. Listen I'd better check on, um well something.. any problems just contact me," Lena said. She left the room.

James sat down beside Jessie. "The kids are at nursery, if you want I'll ask Danny and Ian to babysit until you're better," James said.

Jessie looked nervous, "I don't think that's a good idea."

"Why?" James said questioningly.

"Well I think I might've neutered Ian," Jessie replied quietly.

James cringed, "really?"

"Uh huh, I doubt Danny's going to be too friendly now," Jessie said nervously.

"I hope you didn't.." James said.

"No, I used a spell. I didn't use a knife," Jessie said.

"How did you know what I was going to say?" James asked.

"It was kinda obvious," Jessie replied.

"Soo, is it treatable?" James asked.

"The spell is called a lazy spell, and it is treatable. But if they don't get to Sickbay in time then you can't treat it," Jessie replied.

"They?" James said, raising his eyebrow.

"Um, I kinda did it to somebody else," Jessie said nervously.

"I figured you'd save that spell for the suspects," James said.

"No, I just wanted to kill you," Jessie said quietly.

"Oh, that's better than what happened to Ian," James said.

Jessie shook her head, "men."

James laughed nervously, "you'll not do that to me right?"

Jessie looked like she was thinking about it, "well..." James stared at her with a scared look on his face. Jessie smiled at him, she stroked the side of his face. "No I wouldn't, but if you think about it, it would stop us from having more kids."

James looked a little less nervous, "um, wanna drink?"

"Sure," Jessie replied.

James climbed off the bed and he rushed out of the room. When he did he sighed in relief. James then went over to the replicator.

Jessie sat up a little bit, she reached over and picked up something from the table nearby. She turned back around, a guy she never saw before was standing by the bed. "What's wrong, wasn't it good for you?" the man sneered.

James turned away from the replicator with two bottles, he heard a scream coming from the bedroom, he rushed back there. James went over to Jessie, she was still on the bed hugging one of the pillows. James sat next to her, he put his arms around her. "What's wrong?" he asked.

Jessie glanced at him with terror in her eyes. "A guy, he just appeared out of nowhere. I think it was him.. and he said.." she burst out crying, she buried her face in James' shoulder.

A little while later:
Jessie was now asleep on the bed, James was sitting beside her. The door chimed, he rushed over to the main door. Lena came in, "you called, what's up?"

"Lena, is it possible that the alien from the nebula is still here?" James said.

Lena shook her head, "no way, why?"

"Jessie saw the guy who attacked her," James replied.

"Oh my god, is she alright?" Lena asked.

"She's asleep, this is getting worse, she wouldn't let me leave the room for a second," James replied.

"Well she did hallucinate before didn't she, it would've been the same thing again," Lena said.

"I hate this, I don't know what to do," James said.

"Well she really needs you right now, the best thing you can do is stay with her like she wants," Lena said.

"You don't get it Lena, she said she didn't want me leaving her alone, I don't think she means for a few hours," James said.

"Can you blame her? All these events took place when she was on her own, she probably thinks she'll be safe with someone else around," Lena said.

James sighed, "I guess, but how long is she going to be like this? I hate seeing her this way."

"Depends, Jessie can be a strong person but an attack like that can really screw someone up. Look at Sandi, she was once somebody who beat up people for fun. Now look at her," Lena said.

"Look it'll probably make her feel better if we know for sure he isn't on the ship," James said.

"I doubt the alien would be here, but we'll do a scan just in case," Lena said.

"If it helps in anyway, the guy was tall, dark hair.. scruffy. Ring a bell?" James said.

"No but I doubt this guy's a member of the crew, if that's what you're thinking. I'll get Craig to check, just in case," Lena said.

"Thanks Lena," James said.

"No probs. Look don't worry, she'll get over it. At least she's got somebody to help her through it," Lena said. She walked back out of the room.

James went back towards the bedroom, he lay down next to Jessie. She opened her eyes and turned to him. "Who were you talking to?"

"Lena, she says there's nothing to worry about. It was probably an hallucination," James replied. He gently placed his arm around Jessie. "I won't let anything hurt you again, I promise there's nothing to be afraid of."

Jessie placed her hand on his, "I'm not scared, not when you're here."

The next morning:
Jessie woke up in James' arms, she glanced at him, he was now asleep. She got out of his hold on her, and got off the bed. Jessie headed into the main room, and headed towards the other bedroom. She heard some strange yet familiar noises coming from the other side of the room, she turned around.

Jessie just stood and stared in the sofa's direction, shaking and turning a little pale. Repeatedly she mouthed, "stop." She fell onto her knees, and cried into her own hands. As she did the noises stopped, then a fire appeared all around the room. After a few minutes she collapsed.

The Bridge:
"This better be good, I was drinking coffee," Kathryn said as she went up to Harry's station.

"You're still drinking coffee," Chakotay muttered.

Kathryn finished the cup she had, "I shouldn't let any crisis stop me, it's a danger to my health."

"You're a danger to everyone's health," Evil C muttered from the helm.

Kathryn glanced back at him, "what did he say?"

"Um, he said tea's a danger to everyone's health," Chakotay replied.

"That's so true, good point Mr C," Kathryn said.

Harry raised his eyebrow, "um Captain?"

"Yes Kim, what is the emergency that you so had to interrupt my morning coffee for?" Kathryn asked.

"Well there's a massive fire on the Enterprise, and no one's doing anything about it," Harry replied.

"Shouldn't the computer put the fire out on its own?" Chakotay asked.

"Not if there's someone in the fire, getting rid of all the oxygen would kill them," Harry replied.

"The fire will kill them too, I figured that would be more dangerous," Chakotay said.

"You'd think so, wouldn't you?" Harry said.

"Just contact Lena, she can send a team to sort it out," Kathryn said.

Harry glanced at Chakotay, "ok, I'm sure James will really love you for not caring."

Kathryn dropped a cup of coffee onto the floor, "oh my god!"

"Yeah, second fire in one season," Chakotay said.

"No, the coffee is on the floor!" Kathryn screeched.

"Um Kathryn.. son, grandchildren, fire," Chakotay said.

"This is too much, I need.. I need.." Kathryn stuttered, she fainted.

"Thank god for that," Evil C muttered.

James/Jessie's Quarters:
James rushed into the main room, trying his best not to cough and failing mostly. He tapped his commbadge, "Stuart to transporter room."

In: "Yeah, one second.. Ohno, the ball went down the hole!"

"For crying out loud, can you beam everyone out of these quarters straight to Sickbay?" James said.

In: "Sure, I just hope I can get that score again and still have two lives left."

Nothing seemed to happen, James got angry and smacked the wall. "What are you doing, hurry up!"

In: "I got two, that's not you?"

"There's two left, you idiot!" James yelled.

In: "Uh.. ohno I'm going to get a demotion for this, ah son of a b**ch."

"Fine, I'll do it myself," James groaned. He made his way over to where Jessie was, but there was too much fire nearby her. Ignoring it, he went towards her anyway. He gently picked her up, and headed for the main door. He finally got the two of them out, "can you beam us now?"

In: "Oh goodie, no demotion.."

James rolled his eyes just as he and Jessie dematerialised.

"I cannot believe you did that, you could've gotten yourself killed!" Kathryn screamed in James' direction. Doctor Jones groaned, he continued treating him.

"Mum calm down," Lena said.

"Oh my god, I've never needed a coffee as much as I do now," Kathryn said angrily.

"Doc I'm fine, is Jessie and the kids ok?" James asked.

"They're fine, you got the kids out in time and Jessie's breathing on her own again," Doctor Jones replied.

"Where did that fire come from, and why the hell didn't the Enterprise sensors detect it?" Lena asked while glancing around at everyone.

"I dunno, is it out yet?" James replied questioningly.

"Yeah, once we told the computer where to look it found it," Lena said.

"It'll just be a sensor malfunction," Chakotay said.

"Maybe she accidentally cast a spell, that's probably why the sensors didn't detect it," Lena said.

"How could she do that without being evil, or using a spell book?" James asked.

"I don't know, hey maybe it was a side effect of the recovering from being evil thing," Chakotay replied.

"Maybe," Lena muttered.

Kevin, Tani, Faye and Emma came into the room. "It's safe to go back now, it's not looking good in there though," Tani said.

"How bad is it?" James asked.

"Well the entire main room is a blackened charred mess, the other rooms are fine though," Kevin replied.

"I'd better take the kids back then," James said. He headed towards the biobed which Sasha and Duncan were sleeping on.

"What if Jessie wakes up before you get back?" Lena asked.

"We're here, it's not like she'd be on her own," Kathryn replied.

"Actually I have a better idea. Let somebody else look after those two for a few days," Chakotay said.

"Why, do you think I'm not capable of looking after my own kids?" James asked, glancing around at everyone.

"It's not you, Jessie's been through a lot, she might upset them," Chakotay said.

"Yeah good point, plus I don't think you're a good dad to them anyway," Kevin said. Everyone glanced at him looking worried.

"And how would you know?" James snapped as he stepped closer to Kevin.

"Well isn't it obvious. You knew you were a Chosen Slayer yet you still had two kids, totally oblivious to the fact that you are destined to die young, as Slayers sometimes do. You maybe a good dad in other ways, but I doubt it," Kevin said. He stepped a little closer to James.

"Keep talking like that and you'll be dying young," James said just as and Kevin were only an inch or two apart.

Lena rolled her eyes, she pushed them both away from each other. "Break it up, this is not the time."

"Shame, that fight would've been fun to see," Emma said. Faye nodded.

"Come on, we'd better get back to Engineering," Tani said. She walked out, Faye and Emma followed her.

"Kevin don't you have places to go?" James said.

"Yeah, I have to do the job you never do," Kevin said. He walked out.

"I wouldn't call it never," Chakotay said.

Lena sighed, "I wouldn't listen to him James. You had no idea."

James glanced at her, "yeah, but Chakotay has a point. Someone else should look after them until this is over."

"I'll do it, I haven't had much time to spend with my grandchildren," Kathryn said.

"Fine, just don't give them any coffee," James said.

"I wouldn't do that," Kathryn said.

"Yeah, all the coffee's hers to drink," Chakotay said.

"Exactly right," Kathryn said.

James/Jessie's Quarters, a little while later:
James and Jessie came through the main door, with their arms around each other. They both glanced around at the mess of the main room.

"Ooops," Jessie muttered, looking at the floor. She put her other arm by her side.

"Ooops? The fire wasn't your fault," James said.

Jessie looked nervous, she ran her fingers through her hair. "I'm just going to take a bath," she said.

"I take it you're ok on your own then," James said.

Jessie glanced around the room, then back at him. "I changed my mind, a shower would be a lot quicker."

"Good idea," James said.

Jessie looked at the floor, she formed a tight grip on his arm. "Um, will you go in with me?"

"I don't think that would be appropriate," James replied.

"But.. no, I don't need a shower after all," Jessie stuttered.

"All right, look I'll take you in. We'll look around and see if it's safe," James said. He headed towards one of the rooms. Jessie quickly grabbed his hand and followed him.

They went inside the small bathroom, the entire room was quiet and empty. "See it's fine. After a quick shower or bath you'll feel a little better," James said.

"Ok I'll be fine on my own now, I think," Jessie said.

"If you need anything, drink, back scrub, just call me," James said, he smiled at her.

Jessie laughed nervously, "sure."

"Oh sorry, my bad.. not a good comment," James said, he headed for the door.

"James it's ok, really," Jessie said. James glanced back at her briefly, he smiled at her and walked out.

Jessie turned around, she headed towards the sonic shower. Suddenly somebody grabbed her around the waist, she was about to scream but a hand quickly went over her mouth.

"What's wrong sweetheart, not happy to see me?" a familiar voice sneered.

A huge bang on the door made the guy jump, he turned himself and Jessie around. The door suddenly slammed down on the ground, James stepped through the new hole where the door used to be, holding an axe.

The guy laughed, "you don't get it do you. An axe won't work on me, see you around." He the disappeared. James dropped the axe onto the ground.

Jessie went up to James quickly, she hugged him tightly. "Since when do you have an axe?" she asked.

"That's not all I keep, you need to look under the bed more often," James replied.

"Now you tell me," Jessie said.

"Jessie, what's that?" James asked, as they both separated.

Jessie turned away from James, he headed towards the sonic shower. He knelt down and picked up a small device.

"It's a mobile emitter, a copy of the Doc's emitter," Craig said.

James slammed his hand down on the console, it made Craig jump a little. "Are you trying to tell me that I can't beat this creep up?"

"Calm down," Jessie said quietly.

"No, somebody created this guy. Whoever it was obviously wants to torture you, can't you find out who did this?" James questioned.

Lena glanced over at Craig, he nodded and worked faster at the station.

"There are about three images in the emitter if that helps. You're not going to like it," Craig said.

Lena, James and Jessie gathered around him, they looked at the monitor screen on the station. On it were three different pictures of guys.

"Yeah, I saw him in the bedroom," Jessie said.

"That wasn't the guy from the bathroom," James said. He pointed at one of the pictures, "that's him."

"Oh my god Jess, these guys couldn't have gotten any uglier," Lena said.

"Wait a minute. That's Andrew," James said.

Craig nodded, "all of the guys here were copied from dead crewmembers files."

"Why create holograms of dead people, wouldn't alive people be more effective," Jessie asked, she glanced at Craig.

Lena shook her head, "crewmember files are hard to get into. Dead crewmember files don't require any hard access, anybody can access them."

"Can you find out who did this?" James asked.

"We could do a finger print scan of the emitter, find out who's touched it besides you," Craig replied.

"Do it," Lena ordered.

"Right, I'm on it," Craig said. He picked up the emitter and left the room.

"I still don't get why anybody would do this," Lena said.

"I don't care, when I find him he's going to be hanging from my ceiling as a stuffed punch bag," James said.

"Before you kill him and turn evil just try and think for a second, why would anyone want to do this to Jessie? And how do they even know about it, they must do right?" Lena asked.

"I know why somebody would do this, I have been hurting people recently," Jessie replied.

"No, you turned evil after you had that hallucination, which probably wasn't one," James said.

"Probably wasn't? I have a theory, I think it was a hologram the whole time," Lena said. Jessie and James glanced at her.

"Rephrase whole time," James said.

"Well think about it. There was no DNA on Jessie's wounds, or anything. Also the guy managed to get into your quarters unnoticed, and then he disappeared when Duncan came in the room. It makes more sense this way," Lena said.

"And a hologram can be programmed to be really strong," James said.

"Exactly, if someone wanted to they could programme a hologram to be stronger than a Slayer," Lena said.

"So it wasn't just me being weak, he was actually stronger than me," Jessie said.

"Jess I've never considered you weak," Lena said.

"So did the nebula create the hologram, or was it the dirty work of somebody else?" James asked.

"Probably somebody else, we're lightyears away from that nebula and it's still going on," Lena replied.

"Oh my god, there could be more than one of these guys hanging around," Jessie muttered.

"Well you said they just appear out of nowhere each time. Maybe the emitters are in some of your rooms already, the more we have the more safe you'll be," Lena said.

"One was in our room, we can check for the emitter," James said.

"Beam it to me if you find it. I'll work with Craig," Lena said.

"Right," James said.

"Don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this and I'll kick his a**. I'll save some for you two, though," Lena said.

"Thanks," James said. He and Jessie walked out of the room.

A little while later:
James was busy looking around the bedroom, while Jessie was looking under the bed. She pulled out what looked like a stake. "James the Vampire Slayer, really?" she said.

James glanced at her, he quickly snatched the stake off her. "Forget you saw that."

"I knew several parts of Salford were dead but I didn't think of it literally," Jessie said.

"That gym issued me with weapons when I joined, it was actually a Slayer trainee gym. I just didn't know that back then," James said.

"A Vampire Slayer gym, huh," Jessie snickered.

"You have no idea how I spent each night for those three years when you weren't around, do you?" James said, he started looking through a small mess on the floor.

"Slaying Vampires at the old Trafford Centre?" Jessie said, she smiled.

James glanced at her, "no, I saw only two vampires there."

"Well, humour me. What did you do instead of doing homework and hanging out with Danny and Ian?" Jessie asked, she sat on the bed.

"When I joined the gym I was told to protect people, so everytime I was at the Trafford I had to beat up several muggers. You won't believe how many people try to steal shuttlecrafts around there," James said.

"I was just wondering, I don't get why you didn't mention this before," Jessie said.

"Cos I knew you'd make fun of the stake for starters," James said.

Jessie smiled, "did you have your own sidekicks, or a vampire lover?"

James groaned as he stood up, "you're never going to grow tired of that, are you?"

Jessie shrugged, "it may take a while."

"Well I should be glad you can keep your sense of humour at a time like this," James said, he showed her another emitter.

"Who said I was joking?" Jessie asked with a sparkle in her eye.

James picked up a towel, he playfully threw it at her. She caught it and faked a glare. "Go in the bath Jessie," he said.

"I'm not going back in there," Jessie said, she dumped the towel next to her.

"Jessie you have to go back in sometime," James said.

"You kicked the door down," Jessie said.

"Exactly, the guy won't come back that way, will he?" James said.

"No, but he.. I dunno, what if he comes back when I'm in the bath?" Jessie asked quietly.

"What should we do then? Stand guard while you're in there?" James replied.

Jessie smiled nervously, "yes, with the stake."

"Oh dear god, quit it with the stake," James groaned.

"I'm half serious. I can't go in there on my own," Jessie said.

"I just don't think it's a good idea to be there when you're in the bath," James said.

"What's the problem, you're my husband. There's nothing you haven't seen before," Jessie said, she picked up her towel and headed for the door.

"I figured you'd want some space," James said.

Jessie stood by the door, "I'm fine, I'd feel better if you were there."

"All right, but I'm not bringing the stake," James sighed.

"You can't stake a hologram anyway," Jessie said.

"I suppose I could fix the door while you're in there, it'll pass all that time," James said. They both went into the main room.

"Are you trying to say I spend ages in the bath?" Jessie said questioningly.

"That's exactly what I'm saying," James said.

He and Jessie went into the bathroom. "I'll start on the door, shall I?" He pushed the doors back up in their place, then started to fix it. The main door chimed. "S***, bad timing," James muttered. He moved the door, he made it lean on the sonic shower. "Who is it?"

"It's me!" Ian's voice yelled through the door.

"Look this is a bad time," James said.

"Um, ok.. I just want to give Jessie something," Ian's voice said.

Jessie tightened the towel around her, "oh my god, he's come to kill me hasn't he?"

"Not when I'm around, just get in the bath," James said.

"You're not going to let him in are you?" Jessie asked, putting one hand on her hip.

"No of course not," James replied.

"Um can I butt in? I don't wanna kill Jessie, I think it's just Danny who does," Ian's voice said.

"That figures," Jessie said.

"Just wait a few minutes," James said.

"Um ok," Ian's voice muttered.

"I'll fix the door, close it and he can talk from outside. That ok?" James asked.

"Yeah I think," Jessie replied. She went towards the bath.

After a few minutes James finished working on the door, he stepped backwards carefully like he was expecting the door to fall on him. "Hey I can fix things," he said. The door opened, not very well, "Ian, you can come in now." He stepped back in the room so the door closed.

"Um hello, where are you?" Ian's voice asked.

"Bathroom, I have to talk to you behind the door," James replied.

"Ok um, I just want to give Jessie this get well present. She did really hurt me but I know it wasn't her really, so I'll leave it outside the door. My god, this room is totally black," Ian's voice said.

"Yeah I hardly noticed," James said.

"Ok I'm off, have fun," Ian's voice said.

James stepped closer to the door, it opened crookedly again. He picked up a small present, he put it closer to his ear. "Doesn't sound like a bomb, so I think we're safe." James turned around and went back inside.

"Yeah sure," Jessie muttered, trying her best not to cry.

James went over to her, he knelt down near the bath and took her available hand. "Why are you crying?"

"I dunno, hearing Ian reminded me of what I did to him," Jessie replied, using her other hand to wipe away some tears. "Hands wet, that doesn't work."

"Look he's got you a present, he's forgave and forgot.. well he hasn't forgot," James said. He used his other hand to wipe the tears from her eyes.

"What is it, you'll have to open it," Jessie said.

"You can open it later," James said.

"No, you open it. I'm not asking because it's dangerous or anything," Jessie said.

"Ok, but I don't like opening other people's presents," James said. He opened the box, inside were some chocolates. "See nothing too hasty, want one now?"

Jessie took one of the chocolates, she put it in her mouth. "Doesn't taste like poison."

"That's a start," James said.

"I'll have the rest later," Jessie said. She reached over for a sponge, and started to rub her back with it.

"Here let me do that, I did offer before," James said. Jessie handed him the sponge. He gently rubbed her back with it.

"That's enough, I'm fine now," Jessie said. She placed a hand across his face, "I really appreciate you doing this, you know that right?"

"Yeah, it's going to be ok. I promise," James said. Jessie continued to stroke his face, she brought his face closer to her. She started to kiss him, he kissed her back briefly but pulled away. "I don't think that's a good idea," he said quietly.

Jessie glanced away, "pass me a towel."

James picked up a towel, he held it out to her. She got up, and she put the towel around her. "By the way, you didn't fix the door very well," Jessie said as she walked through it. James looked at the crooked door puzzled and followed her out.

Craig's Quarters:
Lena and Craig were sitting on his bed, looking through a huge bunch of PADDS. "We're getting nowhere fast. The only fingerprints on the emitter was James'," Craig said.

"Not exactly, we have two of them and there's no other one. We know that for certain," Lena yawned, she put her hand over her mouth.

"Lena I'll continue, you go to bed. You really need some sleep," Craig said.

"No, I really need to figure this out," Lena said.

Craig put his arm around Lena's shoulders. "I know you're the Captain, but I still order you to go to bed."

"I'm fine, I'm not tired," Lena said. She yawned again, she leaned on Craig's shoulder.

"Yes you are," Craig said.

"No.. I'm not," Lena said with her eyes closed.

"Then what are you doing?" Craig asked.

"Resting my eyes," Lena replied.

"That's an old excuse," Craig said. He didn't get a response, she had fallen asleep on his shoulder. He shook his head, he lay her down on the bed and put the cover around her.

The next day:
Ronnie was wandering down a corridor, humming really off key. He stopped outside one of the doors, and pressed the door chime.

Inside the quarters, James woke up, he glanced over at Jessie, she was asleep. James climbed out of the bed, and picked up a few things.

Ronnie shrugged his shoulders, he fiddled with the side panel and he walked straight inside. "Hello, is anyone home?"

The door opened and James stood in the doorway. "Anyone home? It's 0700 hours."

"And? You should be up a lot earlier than that," Ronnie said.

"You don't tell me what to do, you're not my watcher. Then again I wouldn't listen to him either," James said. He went back into the room. Ronnie followed him to the doorway.

"That's exactly why you're the worst Slayer," Ronnie said.

James groaned, "my god, it's too late for this crap. To be perfectly honest, seven years too late."

"Then you must know the reason why," Ronnie said.

"Look I don't want to talk about this now, I don't want to wake her up," James said.

"Fine, we'll talk out there. You need to understand," Ronnie said.

"Oh I understand," James said.

"If you did then well then you'd be doing something about it now," Ronnie said.

"It doesn't matter. Somebody else gave me a similar lecture, and I'm going to tell you what I told them. Even if I wasn't involved with her, I'd still feel the same way if something happened to her. Either way, it's way too late to do anything now," James said.

"It's never too late," Ronnie said.

"Ok, I'll rephrase that. I don't want to do anything about it," James said.

"Then you will always be the worst," Ronnie said. He walked out.

Meanwhile Jessie woke up, she glanced to her left. She sat up, "James?" She looked to the right, the guy from the bathroom was standing nearby the bed.

He was shaking his head, "wasn't I good enough for you? I feel so hurt."

Jessie moved to the left side of the bed, she tried to pick something up from the floor. The guy went over to the other side of the bed, he grabbed a hold of her left arm.

"You can't stop thinking about him for a second, can you? Well I'm going to have to do something about that, won't I?" the guy sneered. Somebody grabbed him, he was thrown across the room.

"Don't you know when to quit," James said.

The guy quickly pulled himself back up. "Aaw, you always keep coming in. Maybe I wouldn't keep coming for her if you didn't keep leaving her like that." James went up to him, he hit him as hard as he could. The guy just laughed it off. "Oooh, that hurt," he said sarcastically. He hit James back, knocking him to the ground.

The guy went back up to the bed, "now where were we?"

"Round about here," Jessie said, she kneed him where it hurts. He stumbled backwards.

"Ow you b**ch, that's not right... that shouldn't hurt," the guy said.

"Thanks for the tip, I'll have to remember that," Jessie said, she picked up a knife from the floor.

"This isn't over," the guy said. He disappeared, the emitter dropped on the floor nearby James.

Jessie picked up something from the floor, she wrapped it around her and climbed out of the bed. She rushed over to where James was lying, "are you ok?"

"Yeah, I'll live. You alright?" James replied, he pulled himself to his feet.

"Actually, I feel a lot better," Jessie said, she smiled.

"I bet, you must kick hard now.. I mean he's a hologram after all," James said. "That can't be right."

"Maybe I'm just real good at kneeing guys in the balls," Jessie said.

Craig's Quarters:
Lena woke up, she looked around looking confused. She glanced to her right, Craig was lying next to her watching her. "Morning," he said.

"Uh.. I really was resting my eyes, that's not good," Lena said.

"You did rest your eyes, for several hours," Craig said.

Lena sat up, "why didn't you wake me up and.."

"I didn't wake you up cos you need sleep. And I know I should have slept on the sofa or something, but I was too tired to move," Craig said.

"No I wasn't going to say anything like that," Lena said.

"Really, so you're ok. You're not mad at me," Craig said questioningly.

"No.. I was just wondering why you were watching me," Lena said.

"Because you're cute when you sleep, and I knew I wouldn't be able to see it again," Craig said with a grin on his face.

"Remind me to slap that grin off when I'm more awake," Lena said, she climbed out of the bed.

"Will do," Craig said.

Lena looked around the room again, she glanced back at Craig. "Uh Craig, where are the emitters?"

"I put them on the table," Craig replied.

"They're not on the table," Lena said.

"Uhoh," Craig stuttered.

James/Jessie's Quarters:
Jessie was busy looking through her wardrobe, while James was sorting out the stuff under the bed.

"Are you sure you can handle it?" James was asking.

Jessie pulled out something from the wardrobe, "look I was right. Last night made me feel a lot better, and kicking the guy in the balls helped too."

"Glad I was able to help," James said as he stood up.

"You don't have to come with me to duty, you're big shot chief of security now," Jessie said.

"I'll walk you there, I'm not accepting anything less," James said, he put a couple of knives onto the bed.

"I totally held my own before, you saw me. I caused him a lot of pain, on my own," Jessie said, she put on a jacket.

"Yeah I'm so proud you nearly neutered a hologram, but I'd rather make sure you get to duty safely," James said, he stood up.

"All right, you're the boss as usual," Jessie said.

"As usual? I don't boss you around all the time," James said.

"No, no.. I didn't mean it like that. It's ok, I'll explain later," Jessie said, she headed for the door. James followed her.

"You can explain it on the way," he said. Jessie smiled and she shook her head.

The Bridge:
Mostly everyone were in their usual spots, Craig was sitting in the spare chair in the centre of the room. James and Jessie stepped out of the turbolift talking.

"My god, when you put it like that it's quite worrying," James was saying.

"It's ok I'm not complaining," Jessie said.

Lena and Craig stood up, Lena stepped closer to them. "Um guys, I have bad news."

"To spoil my mood, great," Jessie said.

"Somebody stole the emitters from Craig's room," Lena said.

"Yeah we know, here's one," James said. He passed one emitter to Lena.

"Now we just need to find the other one," Craig said.

"Are you guys ok, no one got hurt right?" Lena asked.

"The hologram did. No guys should mess with Jessie in future," James replied.

"You can't hurt holograms," Lena said.

"She did, I don't know how either," James said.

"Keep her away from me," Tom said, he moved to the left of his seat.

"Actually you can hurt holograms, Lena," Craig said.

"You can, really?" Lena said.

"That's right, when Doctor Jones was held by that guy who nicked that time ship, he experienced pain," James said.

"Yeah but that guy was using 29th century technology, I doubt anyone can do that," Tom said.

"Huh?" Lena moaned, placing a hand on her forehead.

"It's ok, you weren't around then," Craig said.

"Wait a minute. Aren't the mobile emitters from the 29th century too?" Jessie asked.

"Obviously whoever is responsible for these guys understand technology from that century," Tom said.

"So we need smart suspects, well we can rule out a lot of the crew," Lena said.

"Not me though, but you can rule out me cos I'm a nice guy," Tom said.

"I'll keep that in mind," Jessie muttered.

"Ok here's the plan. James, Craig, you two look for the missing emitter. Jessie you stay here with lots of people, ok," Lena said.

"I was planning on it," Jessie said.

"What's wrong, is James a crap bodyguard?" Tom asked.

"No he's a very good bodyguard," Jessie replied, she went to her station.

"You would say that," Bryan muttered.

"It would be better if I helped find this emitter anyway. Come on Brockie," James said, he went into the turbolift.

"Brockie?" Craig muttered as he stepped inside the turbolift.

Danny came out of a different turbolift, she headed over to Jessie. "Ah so you're back to normal."

Jessie glanced at her, "yeah I am."

"You wondering why I'm mad at you? Do ya, huh?" Danny asked, folding her arms.

"I know why, I'm sorry ok," Jessie replied.

"Sorry doesn't quite cover it. What would've happened if the Doc couldn't treat it. You could've permanently neutered my husband," Danny said.

Tom sniggered, "oh funny."

"No this isn't funny. I mean if Ian wasn't able to be treated, I don't know what we'd do," Danny said.

"Can you talk a bit quieter, my god," Triah moaned.

"No, I mean you wouldn't like it if I did it to your husband," Danny said angrily.

"True but Dan stop living in the past. If Ian knew what he was doing he wouldn't really need it, unless you wanted more kids of course," Jessie said. Everyone turned to look at Jessie.

"My god, what happened to you overnight?" Danny asked.

Jessie herself looked confused, "my god, I'm turning into you!"

"It's taken me nearly twenty years but I got there in the end," Danny said. She put her arm around Jessie with a big grin on her face.

"I need therapy, right now," Jessie said quietly.

The security office:
Craig was busy reading a PADD, he lost his temper and he threw it away. "We're not getting anywhere!"

"Oh come on, relax. I'm ok, you should be too," James said.

Craig pulled himself off the corner of the table. "It's hard to relax when you're sitting on a really uncomfortable table."

"There's a perfectly good chair," Foster said.

"Yeah and you're sitting on it," Craig grumbled.

"Oh yeah, that's right," Foster said. He span around on his chair.

"Permission to hit him," Craig muttered.

"Go ahead, at least then we'll know if he's human or hologram," James said.

"Human, I'm human," Foster moaned but Craig hit him anyway. "Ow," he moaned, he rubbed his head.

"I'd say that's good proof but he could be faking," Kevin said.

"I assure you that did hurt," Foster grumbled.

The door chimed. "Come in," James called.

Kathryn and Evil C came into the room. "This young man has been flying Voyager for long enough, he is working for you."

"Um, me or him?" James asked while pointing at Craig.

"You, good luck," Kathryn snapped. She stormed back out.

"Let me guess, you insulted her one too many times?" Craig said questioningly.

"Too many times? Please," Evil C replied.

"What did you say?" Kevin asked with a cheeky grin on his face.

"She made me replicate her a coffee, so I gave her a tea," Evil C replied.

"I'm surprised you're still alive," James said.

"I had to go to Sickbay before coming here," Evil C said.

"Sounds about right," Craig said.

"Right? There's nothing right with her or her family," Foster muttered.

"Ahem, I hate to say it but I'm a member of her family," James said.

"Exactly," Foster said.

"Speaking of Sickbay, want to go to it?" James asked in a threatening voice.

"No skin off my nose, this is not my body," Foster replied.

"We really should have seen that one coming," Evil C said.

"Who are you?" Craig asked.

"An old friend, so to speak," Foster replied with a curt smile pointed towards James. He looked back with narrowing eyes. "You never did see anyone about those daddy issues, did you? Shame."

Familiarity flickered in James' eyes. "Andrew."

"Bingo," Foster said, he smiled evilly.

James rolled his eyes, "don't you think we have enough problems as it is?"

"Oh I'm sorry, I didn't realise I was one of your problems. It's not my fault that you killed me," Foster said.

"I didn't kill you," James said.

"Yes you did. Your killing spree while playing host to Iinan. Forgot me, didn't you?" Foster sneered.

"Did you really do that?" Kevin asked.

James groaned, "no I didn't."

"Said I was a pathetic, simpering fool while you cut out my throat. I haven't forgotten," Foster said.

"I wouldn't either, ouch," Kevin whispered to Craig. He nodded his head.

"Hang on, when Iinan took me, all the people who he killed were revived," James stuttered.

Foster's face hardened. "You really don't remember? You chose to forget, or am I one of so many?"

"Oh I remember you, that's not the problem," James bitterly answered.

"So what? Did you think I stopped existing after you told me to, after you took her from me?" Foster snarled.

Kevin and Evil C both exchanged similarly confused faces. Craig meanwhile cringed every now and then.

James shook his head, "at least Iinan and I agree on one thing, you are pathetic. You couldn't handle the rejection, you blamed me for everything. You still do."

"Now two years after my death, I'm finally getting my revenge," Foster said, he laughed maniacally.

"By sitting talking to us, ooh," Craig said sarcastically.

"Hey I don't remember any Andrew, why should I be punished?" Kevin asked.

"I'm doing more than that," Foster said as his form changed into one of the men that showed up in the bathroom. He stood up with a smirk on his face. "That reminds me, how's the wife?"

Meanwhile, the Bridge:
"I am not having a good day," Jessie grumbled.

Lena, who was leaning on her console, "well you kinda did it to yourself."

Danny meanwhile was talking to herself, "I mean this is so great, now we can have those girly talks about our hubbies. I've always wanted to do that with you."

"I really wish she was still mad at me," Jessie muttered.

"Uh huh," Lena said.

The turbolift doors opened, Foster ran out of it. He went over to Lena, Jessie and Danny. "Hey, um James sent me to give you a message."

Lena looked confused, "why would he send Foster, was he not paying attention in the Astrometrics Lab?"

"Huh? I don't understand," Foster said.

"Forget it, what's the message?" Jessie asked.

"Well he's found something, and he wants to talk to you alone about it. I dunno, wasn't really paying attention," Foster replied.

"It might be the hologram Jess," Lena whispered.

"It's ok, I know where to hurt him if he is," Jessie whispered back.

"But you don't have to go, James should know better," Lena whispered.

"Anything's better than this," Jessie whispered. She followed Foster into the turbolift.

Lena looked nervous, she glanced over at Danny who was still talking to herself. "We could compare, you know like I tried to get you to do after that ritual time."

"Please god, shut up," Lena groaned.

Deck Six:
Jessie and Foster got off the turbolift, Foster looked around nervously. "Look Jess, I know about the holograms and stuff," he said.

"Really," Jessie said.

"You've got to take my word for it, that's all I got. Look, the hologram of my brother has took my place," Foster said.

"Got any proof?" Jessie asked.

"Does the bruise on my head mean anything?" Foster asked as he pushed some of his hair out of his face.

"That could be programmed in," Jessie replied.

"All right, you just have my word for it. I'll take you to the office, you know James and the rest of my team are there. The hologram will be there with them," Foster said.

"I know where it is," Jessie said.

"Of course, right. Um, there's something else you should know before we go there," Foster said.

"What then?" Jessie asked.

"Look it's not you he wants to get back at, it's James. Also I know how to get rid of him," Foster said.

The security office, ten minutes later:
Andrew was pacing back and forth. "You know I think back to my petty existence on Voyager, and in a way I thank you for killing me. Oh who am I kidding, floating around a nebula stinks, and I have you to blame for it."

"If you think it was my fault, why do this to Jessie?" James asked.

"Believe me, I spent ages trying to think of the best way to hurt you the way you hurt me. I figured the best way was to either get holograms to attack Jessie or kill your kids, and send the body pieces to you.. one by one," Andrew replied.

Kevin and Craig quickly grabbed James' arms to stop him doing anything. "You're one sick b***ard," Craig muttered.

"Don't be like that, I chose the other scenario since I'm not a monster. And I guess I always had a thing for little Jessie," Andrew said.

"Oh Andrew, I'm not the small one here," Jessie said in a sweet voice. Everyone glanced towards the door, they saw Jessie and the real Foster standing at the door. Jessie had a large bag over her shoulder.

"Oh, I didn't put you out of this miserable existence after all? I guess I'll have to fix that," Andrew sneered.

"You know there is only one thing sicker than a woman beater," Foster said.

Jessie put the bag down, she opened it up. The other guys went over to her. "And what's that?" Andrew asked.

"You," Foster replied. Jessie pulled what looked like a small bazooka out of the bag, she passed it to Foster. He aimed it at Andrew.

"That won't work either. Didn't you learn?" Andrew coldly said.

The rest of the guys were given a weapon each, Jessie stood back up holding a rifle. She whispered something to the others. "Oh I learned alright," Foster said.

Jessie stepped closer to Andrew. She raised the rifle, and hit Andrew right in the mouth. He fell to the ground.

"Now that's how you really use a rifle," Evil C said.

"Remember what she said. Face, hands, legs and groin will do the trick," James said. The rest of the team nodded.

"Just face, legs and hands, the groins mine," Jessie said.

Andrew kicked her in the leg, "bitch!" She stumbled onto the ground. "I told you to move on, I tried to make you better." She kicked back directly into his knee. "You were nothing but a waste of time." A phaser like blast to his face stunned him into a roll, only stopped by hitting the wall.

"You'd know all about that," James said on weapon reload.

Andrew growled as he jumped onto his feet. He attacked the entire team, and a massive fight started.

Craig was straight away thrown across the room, he crashed right into the wall. "Oh, no fair," he moaned. He got up but Evil C was thrown across the room, he crashed right into him.

"That has to be enough right?" Evil C asked as he got back up.

"No, he has to go through a lot more pain before we can use the purger," Foster replied.

"Purger, right, I wish I had a chain-saw," Evil C said. He went back over to the fight, but Craig stopped him.

"I think the Slayers are doing the job fine without us," he said.

Eventually Andrew was knocked back onto the ground. "Back off guys, I'll take over," Jessie said.

"Damn it, I was having fun," James groaned, he and Kevin went over to Craig and Evil C. Jessie knelt down, she pulled out something from the bag and she stood back up. "Ohno, not the stake Jessie."

"It's about time it was used," Jessie said. She went over to Andrew, who was clearly in a lot of pain. She plunged the stake right into a really bad place, you know what I mean. He screamed, and then disappeared. Jessie backed off, she turned to Foster, "now!"

Foster nodded nervously, he fired the weapon. A huge red beam came out of it, it seemed to hit something around the place that Andrew disappeared. There was a bright flash of white light, everyone shielded their eyes as a result. Once it faded, all that seemed to be left behind was red ash scattered on the carpet. "It worked," Foster sighed in relief.

"Ok can someone explain now?" Kevin asked.

"He programmed the hologram to be able to feel proper human sensations, so he could control it directly," Foster replied.

"Lovely," Craig muttered.

"What is that thing?" Evil C asked.

Jessie went over to Foster, she took the weapon off him. "I dunno the name, but it came from Salford's own personal Slayer gym. Prototype for light de-digitalisation, I'm gonna assume for the Games."

"We have to get to Sickbay, the thing emits dangerous radiation. That's why we have to avoid using it," James said.

"We know, that kind of radiation is fatal to the alien being," Jessie said.

"Alien being, or was it really this Andrew?" Craig asked.

"Not sure, he was my brother when he attacked me," Foster said.

"Well that was fun, we really have to do that again," Evil C said.

Jessie laughed, "no thanks." James came over to her side, he put his arm around her.

"I bet you feel better now," he said.

"Definitely. Do you want your stake back?" Jessie asked sweetly.

James pulled a face, "no thanks."

"Keep it as a souvenir," Kevin said.

"Soo, Sickbay?" Craig suggested. Everyone nodded, and they all left the room.



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