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Episode Synopsis
With Kiara behind bars and James seemingly dead at the hands of Iinan, the crew are faced with extra difficulty when they discover the people who helped Iinan.

10th - 12th July 2003

Episode Based In
August 2379


"Ready to die then?" Iinan scowled as he snapped the rifle in half.

"Dunno, it's not as fun as it used to be," James muttered.

"True. I'll just finish picking off this one and then we'll get on with it," Iinan said. He picked up a nearby body by the arm, he regenerated fully but with a few scars on his skin left. "Oh did I tell you that you suited the red eye look?"

"How long is this minute lasting?" James groaned.

"Long enough," Iinan said. He punched him in the face.

"That didn't work," James said, he punched him back. Iinan stumbled into one of the statues. He just smiled as he picked up a small dagger.

"Was not meant to," he said. He jumped on top of the statue, James just raised his eyebrow.

"Nice, want to do some back flips while you're at it?" he said.

Iinan narrowed his eyes, "I never liked you. It's such a shame, oh well." He jumped towards James, he just rolled his eyes. He stepped out of the way in time.

"My god, with a previous life like you I'm surprised I was Chosen after all," James muttered.

Iinan smirked, he kicked him in the leg. He stumbled into another statue, it fell over and cracked. Iinan jumped back up, he punched James again, this time harder. James kicked him in the upper leg, he stumbled.

"Few seconds left Iinan, what you going to do?" James said.

Iinan picked up a small statue and threw it at him, the force pushed him to the ground. Iinan started going closer to him as he pulled himself back onto his feet. Iinan pushed the knife into James' back. "Just wondering, have you had any heart problems?" Iinan said questioningly.

"No, but you will," James replied. He hit Iinan across the head with his left arm, Iinan fell to the ground.

James said as he pulled the knife out of his back. He brought the knife into view, it was covered in blood. "Crap," he stuttered before collapsing, face down onto the ground.

One hundred years previously, the moon:
Riker, a few dozen annoying Pokémon characters and Seventh Lena were sitting inside Iinan's dark crypt, around a table with some not too pleasant things on it.

"I don't have to eat this crap, do I?" Lena said questioningly.

"No dumb whore, just those gullible Pokémon regulars," a ugly looking guy, with barely any hair, snapped.

"What was that about gammon?" Officer Jenny asked angrily.

"Yeah, this sure don't look like gammon," Casey said.

"My plate looks like it has bone on it. I'd better get a picture of it," Todd said. He pulled out his camera.

"Feast my gullible twits, feast!" the ugly man commanded. The regulars did as they were told.

Riker stood next to the ugly man, "this is making me hungry."

Lena rolled her eyes, "can I kill him Damien?"

"No, I need him," the ugly man replied.

Lena pulled a face, "for what, the 'making people violently ill' plan?"

"No slave labour," Damien sniggered.

Lena stared at something behind him, "what, who's that?" Damien looked behind him but saw nothing. "That girl, who is she?"

"I don't see anyone," Damien said.

From Lena's point of view Faye was standing behind Damien, staring in horror.

Sickbay, present day:
Faye opened her eyes, she sat up. Doctor Jones turned towards her, "ah Miss O'Tani." He started scanning her, "how are you feeling now?"

"Weird, better a bit. What about Iinan?" Faye asked.

Doctor Jones looked uncomfortable, "fully regenerated I trust."

Faye glanced up at him with wide eyes, "Lena or Jessie?"

"Neither. It appears Iinan was only close to himself," Doctor Jones replied.

Faye gasped, "James? Crap, I should have known."

"Indeed," Doctor Jones muttered.

"Where is he?" Faye asked.

Doctor Jones raised his eyebrow, "I didn't know you two were friends. He's in the morgue."

"We're not friends really," Faye said quietly.

"I need to run a few tests on you first," Doctor Jones said.

"Fine," Faye said.

About ten minutes earlier:
Shony and two other of the aliens waddled into the crypt, they all gasped at the state of the room.

"You two, check them," Shony commanded.

The two aliens nervously made their way over to James and Iinan, who were still lying either unconscious or dead. "This one's been stabbed, sir," one said.

"Is he alive?" Shony asked.

The alien checked James' pulse, while the other one did the same with Iinan. "Yes sir," the first one replied.

"Dead this one," the second one said.

"Why did you check that one's pulse, if he's like that then he'll have no heart to generate a pulse," Shony muttered.

"Oh, oops," the second one stuttered.

"Never mind, take the alive one to the other one," Shony said. He turned back around and went back the way he came. The two remaining tried their best to drag James along with them.

"God, humans are heavy," the first one said.

Eventually the two aliens caught up with Shony. He was standing nearby Craig, who was tied to the wall. "Can you guys let me go now?" he asked.

"We will when we figure out how," Shony said as the other two used some devices on James.

"We've treated him sir," the second one said.

"Good," Shony said.

James woke up, he looked up from where he was. "Uh, what happened?"

"We found you and treated you. Do not worry, you still managed to fend off this Iinan person," Shony replied.

"You did, great, but my hands are turning blue, probably," Craig said.

James got onto his feet, he glanced over at Craig. "So this is where you've been hiding. What happened to you?"

Craig looked down at himself, he had ripped clothes with blood on them. "I got tortured by Iinan, luckily Shony treated me. I guess Iinan hates me cos I'm dating Lena, or Makia whatever."

"So Iinan and I hate you for the same reason," James said.

"Aw, is that the only reason?" Craig asked cheekily.

James thought about it, "nope, not even close."

"Great, get me out of these restraints," Craig said.

Another alien waddled into the room, "sir, humans and the planet's natives have landed here."

Shony sighed, "this'll be interesting. You two go back and hide Iinan's body."

"Yes sir," the two aliens groaned. They waddled off. James ripped the ropes that were holding Craig to the wall. He stepped away looking happy.

"Finally, I really hate this place," he said.

The two aliens ran back into the room. "Iinan's gone, so has the human girl."

"Lena?" Craig stuttered.

"I'll check it out, you stay here," James said. He headed down the corridor.

Craig groaned, "we're the same bloody rank."

Present time, Sickbay:
Doctor Jones injected a hypospray into Jessie's neck. She woke up but saw Doctor Jones first, she screamed and so did he. Everyone conscious looked at the two of them.

"My goodness, you gave me heart failure. Well you would have if I had a heart," Doctor Jones sighed.

Jessie stared at him with the widest eyes possible, "you heart failure! What about me?"

Jodie rushed over to the biobed and pushed Doctor Jones out of the way. "Jess, you feeling ok now?"

"No, I'm still recovering from a heart attack," Jessie replied.

"But you died cos someone strangled you," Jodie said.

"I died? Oh great," Jessie muttered.

"Yeah for a little while. Scary bald man helped revive you," Jodie said.

"Wait, what time is it? Is Iinan dead or not?" Jessie asked in a stuttery voice.

Jodie glanced behind her for some help, she glanced back at Jessie. "Um, I have no watch and Iinan, well I'm not sure I need the time."

Jessie finally blinked after staring blankly at her sister, then grabbed her wrist. "This is a watch, Jodie."

Jodie looked down at her arm, "um, no it isn't, it's a bracelet."

"Look if Iinan's regenerated and Lena's dead, just tell me," Jessie said.

"Ok, that's true," Jodie said.

Lena woke up on the neighbouring biobed. "Sickbay, good, that was all a dream."

Jessie glanced at Jodie with a raised eyebrow, "she seems fine without that heart."

"Well what do you know, I was lying," Jodie stuttered.

"Ok what's going on?" Jessie asked.

Doctor Jones sighed, "I may as well tell the two of you at the same time."

Lena glanced at Jessie, "we're both alive, what's the prob?"

"Iinan didn't want either of you," Doctor Jones replied.

"Then who?" Jessie asked.

Jodie glared at Doctor Jones, she whispered, "what are you doing. Jessie can be evil witch, remember."

"Hey, what's going on!" Jessie snapped making the two in the know jump a mile.

"It's starting," Jodie stuttered.

"I think she'll notice that her husband isn't around, Miss Harris!" Doctor Jones snapped back.

"What!" Jessie and Lena both yelled.

"Ouch," Jodie moaned while covering her left ear.

"Oops," Doctor Jones muttered.

"James is dead?" Lena said angrily.

"Yes, I'm sorry. Um, should we put up forcefields anytime soon?" Doctor Jones replied, glancing at Jodie.

Lena growled at the pair, she pushed Jodie out of the way and left the room. "She doesn't turn evil does she?" Jodie asked nervously.

"Where is he?" Jessie asked quietly.

"Morgue, we can beam straight there. Can't have you on your own, can we?" Doctor Jones stuttered in response. Jodie fiddled with the nearby console.

Doctor Jones and Jessie rematerialised in the morgue. Doctor Jones took a cover off the only body there. Jessie sighed, "that's not him."

Doctor Jones looked really puzzled, "yes it is."

Jessie groaned, "he hasn't even got that Chosen Slayer mark on his shoulder. Besides from that I can tell the difference between James and Iinan."

"But Iinan was supposed to decompose again after dying, are you sure?" Doctor Jones said questioningly.

"I'm not in denial, it's Iinan," Jessie snapped.

"If that's the case, where is James?" Doctor Jones muttered.

Voyager's Bridge:
"Captain, you're not going to believe this," Chakotay said.

"For crying out loud, I don't care. It can't get any worse," Kathryn cried.

"Are you sure about that, ma'am?" Ian murmured from tactical.

"What?" Kathryn snapped.

"The Pegasus is paying us a visit," Chakotay said.

"And they're hailing," Harry said.

"Hang on, can't let him see me like this," Kathryn muttered. She wiped her face with a brown hanky, obviously it's got some coffee on. "Ok, onscreen."

Damien, Seventh Lena and Riker appeared on the viewscreen. "Ah Janeway, nice to see you again," Damien said.

Ian sniggered, "what ponce head is he possessing now?"

Damien groaned, "ugh I hate this body ok, happy? Do you have any idea why he sounds like a woman most of the time?"

Tom's eyes widened, "he's a girl?"

"May as well be," Damien muttered.

"Tom, Enterprise needs someone in charge," Chakotay muttered.

"Oh yeah," Tom laughed, he ran off the bridge.

"What are you doing here Damien?" Kathryn asked.

"I'd ask you the same thing, but I know the answer. You do need a wormhole to get here," Damien replied.

"You didn't answer my question. Is this a social call?" Kathryn asked.

"Yes, but not for you. I just wanted to catch up," Damien replied.

Seventh Lena smiled, "so which unlucky sod was Iinan's 'soulmate' anyway?"

"Shh, they're not supposed to know," Damien whispered.

Kathryn glared at the viewscreen, "you were the ones who helped him."

"Yes why not, we have similar ambitions," Damien said.

"Ok, this ends right now. Four complete seasons, and nearly nine years of you is just quite enough. Mr Richards, blow up his ship," Kathryn commanded.

Chakotay rolled his eyes, "delay that." He put his hand on Kathryn's arm. "Kathryn, he'll just come back in somebody else. It's not going to bring him back."

"So it was a he, we're getting there," Damien said.

Riker looked scared, "was she trying to kill us?"

"Trying, I'm going to. Damien will come back, but at least we'll get rid of him for a little while," Kathryn growled.

"Now, now Kath, let's be reasonable. Do you really want to become Evil Captain, and kill all these helpless idiots for no reason?" Damien said questioningly.

"The Evil Anybody thing's getting old fast," Harry muttered.

"Yeah sure, it's only old when someone else uses it. Now will you excuse us," Damien said. The viewscreen changed back to normal.

"They're heading for the moon," Harry said.

"What should we do?" Chakotay asked.

"Coffee," Kathryn muttered. She headed for her Ready Room.

"I should have known she'd say that," Chakotay muttered.

The planet:
Kiara was lying on a tatty old bed behind some bars. Lena burst into the room, when she did Kiara sat up and smiled sweetly. "Hi mommy."

"Don't call me that, what did you do?" Lena said.

"I just killed a few people, that's all," Kiara replied.

"What about James? And why, oh god, why are you suddenly killing, it doesn't make any sense," Lena said.

Kiara smiled as she stood up, she stood near the bars. "James, I killed him too. Well kinda. Iinan did but I wanna take the blame. Secondly, I've always been this bad, don't you know?"

"No, I didn't know," Lena muttered.

"Shhh, listen," Kiara whispered.

"To what?" Lena asked.

"Shhhh, you'll never get it this way," Kiara giggled.

Lena narrowed her eyes, "you, where is she?"

Kiara laughed, "I don't know."

Lena put her hand through the gap in the bars and grabbed her arm, "where is she, and I may break you out!"

"No you won't, I helped Iinan kill your big brother. You don't want to let me out," Kiara said.

"Fine, find her myself," Lena grumbled. She turned towards the door.

"Good luck finding her alive," Kiara said as Lena went through the door.

Meanwhile, the Pegasus C:
Another Kiara stared at what was in front of her in pure horror. On the other side of the forcefield Damien was dancing.

"How could you like that body?" Kiara muttered.

"I don't, but it's good torture for you," Damien said. He was about to sing when Seventh Lena walked in, being followed by Riker.

"We've landed, it doesn't look good," Lena said.

"Ha, looks like my uncle and mum were too tough for Iinan," Kiara laughed.

Damien tried to ignore her, "why doesn't it look good?"

"Iinan was Majian, there is no Majian life signs, only two humans and a few unknown ones," Lena replied.

"Only two?" Kiara stuttered.

"Plus the other Kiara's in a prison," Lena said.

Kiara gasped in horror, "there's another me? Why, how?"

Lena rolled her eyes, "there was always another you, Seventh Kiara. Remember you pretended to be her once, right?"

"Right," Damien said.

"But what could Seventh Dimension version of me do?" Kiara asked.

"Easy, you're the stroppy innocent little daughter of the Enterprise Captain. No one would suspect that you'd be collecting organs from 'innocent' Pokémon regulars' reincarnations," Lena replied.

Kiara used her inherited Janeway deathglare, "let me get this straight, everyone on my ship think I'm a brutal murderer, on Iinan's side."

"Yep, so fun isn't it?" Damien said.

"We'll just get her out of there, we can have more fun with her," Lena said.

"Great, you handle that. Riker and I will check out the moon. There's got to be a good explanation," Iinan said.

"There is, Iinan's lost again," Kiara said.

Damien sniggered, "sure he would have if we used the 'good old' original curse thing."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Kiara asked.

"Why would we tell you that?" Lena replied. The three left the room.

Enterprise, the Conference Room:
Some of the remaining main cast, and a few regulars, were at the very large table.

"Well I must say I'm very relieved. I guess there had to be one good thing about my son marrying you," Kathryn said.

Jessie glared at her in the most menacing way possible, "bitch."

"Bitch," a strange voice squawked. Everyone looked around for the source, they then spotted a parrot sitting in a cage near the window.

"A parrot really?" Tom said.

"Yes well, he was funny so it cheered me up. Oh I taught it to say coffee," Kathryn said.

"I hate this bird already," Jodie muttered.

Doctor Jones appeared on the screen on the side panel. "I demand to know who's stolen my mobile emitter!"

Everyone glanced back at the parrot. "Ah, makes sense now," Harry said.

"Coffee sucks," the parrot squawked. Kathryn gasped.

"I like this bird," Jodie said.

In: "Paris to Conference Room, the Lillyia's returning."

"I didn't know it had gone," Tom commented.

"It's been gone a while, the Enterprise bridge crew can leave to deal with that," Kathryn said. Tom, Jessie and Triah got up and left the room.

"Down to business then, right Kathryn?" Chakotay said.

"Yes. Has anyone had any luck in finding Lena's shuttle?" Kathryn asked.

"She had a shuttle!?" Harry stuttered in surprise, he looked rather embarrassed.

"I take that as a no, get busy," Kathryn ordered. Harry quickly got up and left.

"Three more things. Craig's missing still, and so is James. Secondly, Kiara is in prison," Kathryn said.

Yasmin rolled her eyes, "she has to copy off everybody." Everyone glanced at her looking worried. "I haven't killed anyone, yeesh. Actually Kiara didn't either. When someone got killed she was in class actually taking notes."

"Framed, I knew it," Chakotay said.

"Well obviously. Any theories?" Kathryn said questioningly.

"One, someone who looks like Kiara did it. Two, Seventh Lena brought along her Seventh Dimension daughter," Chakotay said.

"No, she was a child when we last saw her. I doubt she would have aged fast like our Kiara did," Kathryn said.

"Think about it for a second. Damien collected his crew from other dimensions and brainwashed them to act like the original Seventh Voyager crew. He probably got Kiara from a similar dimension to ours," B'Elanna said.

"Ok, if this silly idea is actually right then where is our Kiara?" Jodie asked.

Everyone else glanced around at the nearest person. "Well, good question," Chakotay muttered.

The Enterprise Bridge:
Lilly was on the viewscreen, she was inside her own Ready Room. "We did find something but we had no idea how long we would have been gone if we left the area. Luckily those two watcher guys knew where to look anyway."

"I don't get it, what did they find?" Tom asked.

Lilly shrugged, "well believe it or not, another Slayer."

"Another one?" everyone said in unison.

"Yep, another Natural. According to her she's ran into Voyager before," Lilly said.

Jessie stepped away from her station, "ohno, it's not who I think it is, is it?"

Tom looked confused, "who?"

"She's called Zare, if you're wondering," Lilly said.

Jessie groaned, "great, bring a crazy girl into a crazy situation."

"Oh that girl who went to the nut house, I remember," Tom said.

"Good for you, cos I don't," Triah muttered.

"Long time ago," Tom said.

"She didn't seem that crazy to me," Lilly said.

"Well it has been seven years," Jessie said.

Lilly sighed, "oh well, do you still need this Slayer?"

"Yeah we do if Slayers can smell fellow Slayers to help find them," Tom said sarcastically.

"I don't think so," Lilly muttered.

"But we do need you though. We think Lena's on the planet, and well humans aren't allowed there now. You could go down with Emma and Faye," Tom said.

"Problem with that, we're all half human," Lilly said.

"And all three look human," Jessie added on.

"Have you got a better idea?" Tom asked angrily.

"Yes, they didn't say anything about the moon and there's a good chance she's there too. I say we go there," Jessie replied.

Tom looked at the floor and sulked, "fine, better idea."

Lilly tried her best not to laugh, "I'll tell you what. I'll take Emma and Faye down to the planet while you check out the moon."

"Thank you," Tom said as he looked back up.

"That's sorted out finally, I'm leading the team," Jessie said.

Tom folded his arms, "ok crewman you don't make the decisions. I,  the Lieutenant Commander, does."

Jessie rolled her eyes, "I would have been promoted earlier if the Captain didn't hate me."

"Lena doesn't hate you," Tom said.

Jessie smacked him in the back of the head as she passed him. "Lena can't promote anyone, twit."

"Ah right," Tom said.

The moon:
"I spy with my little eye, something beginning with B," Riker's voice echoed down the corridor.

Damien, Riker and Seventh Lena turned a corner. "How about bearded twit," Damien said.

"No! I would have said B and T," Riker moaned.

"Ok bozo then," Lena said.

"No, it's bodies," Riker said.

"We haven't even seen any," Damien said.

Lena pulled a face, "did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Riker said questioningly.

"Shh," Lena hissed. She went ahead of the pair, and entered a different room.

Craig turned around, his face lit up, "Lena!?" He ran over to her, she quickly punched him in the face before he could hug her.

Damien and Riker joined Lena at her side. "Very well done," Damien commented.

Craig backed into James by accident. "That's not Lena, when she means it her punches hurt a lot more than that."

"Duh, I am Lena," Lena muttered.

"Riker, great. Let me guess, that guy who looks like Justin 'Annoying B***ard' Timberlake is Damien," James said.

"Well duh, and good name by the way," Damien said.

"Thanks, I thought so," James said.

"Wait, you're Seventh Lena right?" Craig said.

"Good guess," Lena muttered sarcastically.

"I hate to ruin this moment, but shouldn't we be fighting?" Riker asked slowly.

"Actually yes," Damien said. He cleared his throat, "what happened to Iinan?"

"He kinda ran out of time," James replied.

"Damn, I mean, that's great. Where is he?" Damien said.

"Wait, you said damn. Were you the one who helped him with that curse?" Craig asked.

"Where is he?" Lena asked more forcefully.

"Well dead duh. Voyager and Enterprise thought he was me," James replied.

Lena smiled evilly, "meaning he didn't decompose afterwards."

Damien just burst out laughing, "you're Iinan's reincarnate, how funny."

"Yeah tell me about it, that guy can't fight to save his life, literally," James muttered.

"Screw this," Lena grumbled. She turned around and left the room.

Jessie, Evil C and Yasmin entered the transporter room. A dark haired, pale skinned girl stood on the transporter pad, she stepped down. "Ah Jessie, long time no see."

"Crap, it is you. I mean hi," Jessie grumbled.

"Ooh, still bitter," Zare teased.

Faye, Emma and Lilly joined the others in the room. "Who's first?" Lilly asked cheerfully.

"Our team, can't stay in this team for very long," Jessie muttered in response. She turned to the others, "let's go."

"Yes, let's all go down to the boring old moon," Yasmin moaned.

Jessie stared blankly, "the last time I was there I got killed, hardly boring."

"Cool, I'm there," Yasmin giggled. She jumped onto the transporter pad, "not that I don't like you, cos I do."

"Great," Jessie said. She stepped onto the pad, Evil C and Zare followed. "Why are you coming anyway?"

"Bored, happens a lot," Zare said. The four dematerialised.

"Our turn," Lilly said. She, Emma and Faye stepped onto the pad.

"I hate this, and I hate you," Faye grumbled in Lilly's direction. Emma rolled her eyes just as they all dematerialised.

"Well I kinda wish I was in one of those teams," the unknown crewmember at the controls muttered.

Ronnie ran into the room, he stopped to catch his breath. "Where is Zare and the others?"

"Just beamed them out," the unknown crewmember replied.

"Beam me there," Ronnie ordered.

"Um, yes sir," the unknown crewmember said.

The moon:
"Ok, we really need to make a few things clear here. Iinan is dead, but not dead. Is that what you said?" Craig said questioningly.

"Yes, for the sixtieth time yes!" Damien yelled. He and Riker were now tied up to the wall.

"This is your fault, why didn't you make Lena stay. She could have kicked their arses," Riker moaned.

"I could have danced them to death if I had the chance," Damien muttered.

"Ok, are you going to tell us how Iinan's going to get out of this one?" James asked.

Damien groaned and rolled his eyes, "he needs all your closest friends or family' blood. Only Lena's free to do that anyway, and she's pretty stupid."

"Ok hypothetically, if Lena knew what to do, how many people would she need, and any idea who would be chosen?" Craig asked.

"This is really bad for my evil image, plus I need a yogurt," Damien muttered.

The entire cave shook violently, rocks started falling from the ceiling and one landed on Riker's head. "Owie, no fair," he moaned. Damien laughed but got hit by one too.

"Craig check that out," James ordered.

"Sure, you're the boss now just cos you're stronger, and judging by the look on your face you're going to hit me. I'm gone," Craig muttered. He rushed towards the exit.

"Works everytime. Now can you answer his earlier question for me?" James asked.

Craig reached the entrance to the cave, he gasped in shock at the sight before him. The Delta Flyer was lying in a small crater nearby. Lena was standing next to it, not looking too happy. "So that's what that button does, oh well."

"Lena, is that you you?" Craig asked as he cautiously made his way over to her.

"Er yeah, where have you been anyway?" Lena replied.

"Crypt thing, you?" Craig said.

"Dead, and seeing the Seventh dimension version of my daughter," Lena said.

"Ah," Craig said.

Jessie, Yasmin, Zare and Evil C appeared in the distance as little dots, ok I'm exaggerating there. "Oh come on, I hate the guy now. He didn't help my brother out well enough and he's dead now," Zare was saying.

"Well you weren't exactly a big help either," Jessie said.

"If this made sense to me I still wouldn't be interested," Yasmin muttered.

Lena and Craig looked their way. "Ah more people, great," Craig said cheerfully.

"What are you guys doing here?" Lena asked. She gave Zare an odd stare, "and who's she?"

"A psycho whore," Jessie replied. Zare glared at her. "And we're here to find James."

"I thought he was in the morgue," Lena said.

"Nope, he's in the cave with Damien and that Riker guy," Craig said.

"Damien's involved now, this just gets more confusing by the minute," Lena grumbled.

"And Iinan can still come back, we have to stop Lena," Craig said.

Lena stared blankly at him, she preceded to headbutt the shuttle's hull.

The planet:
Lilly, Emma and Faye were now busy going down one of the busy streets, nearby the prison. Emma stopped, making the other two girls crash into her.

"Why did you stop?" Faye asked.

Emma pointed towards the prison, "there's Lena." The other two girls followed her point, sure enough Seventh Lena was going into the prison.

"She must be visiting Kiara, let's go," Lilly said. She headed towards the prison, Faye and Emma quickly followed.

The morgue:
Doctor Jones hovered near Iinan's body with a tricorder. "Hmm, that's strange." Suddenly Iinan opened his eyes, Doctor Jones jumped a mile and dropped the tricorder.

Iinan sat up, "so how much for the room and bed doc?"

Doctor Jones backed off towards the door, "um it's free but... um." He tapped his commbadge. "Jones to Bridge, we have a problem."

The moon:
Craig, Lena, Jessie, Yasmin, Ronnie, Zare and Evil C made their way back to where James and the others were. They found James just about to punch Damien, he glanced at the new arrivals. "I wasn't doing anything."

"It's ok, Damien has a punchable face now," Craig said.

"That's Damien?" Lena laughed.

"Laugh now pet, Iinan should be awake by now," Damien sniggered.

"What?" James said. He couldn't hold it back anymore, he punched Damien in the face.

"Ow you moron," Damien groaned.

Jessie went over to him, she punched him too. "Anyone else?"

"Ooh ooh me!" Yasmin yelled, she ran over to Jessie's side.

"Wait, I'll tell," Damien quickly said.

"Aaaaw," Yasmin moaned. Lena patted her on the shoulder.

"I didn't get a chance either," she said. "Spill it Damien."

Damien sighed, "we made changes to the curse so if he didn't get the heart in time, he'd still have a chance. He stays dead for a while, when he wakes up he has another hour to well get the heart."

"Great, he's on Voyager now," Jessie said.

"Yeah but I'm here, no problem," James said.

"No you don't get it, he doesn't need your heart. He'll want Duncan's," Damien said.

Jessie and James glanced at each other, they turned back to Damien and punched him at the same time.

Lena tapped her commbadge, "Janeway to Enterprise."

In: "Paris here, Lena where have you been?"

"Not important. You need to protect Duncan, Iinan's awake and he wants Duncan."

"Why Duncan anyway?" James asked angrily.

Damien looked like he was going to fall unconscious, "something about his last encounter with you guys. Duncan had a key or something, now you have to excuse me, gonna go to sleep."

In: "Duncan's on Voyager, in class."

"Tom!" Jessie yelled.

In: "Ok ok, I'll tell them. Paris out."

"We haven't got time for this. Lena, how's that shuttle?" Jessie asked.

"I kinda broke it," Lena said sheepishly.

Jessie sighed, "screw it, there's only one way."

"One way for what?" James said questioningly.

"Duncan can't defend himself, we need a protecting spell just in case we can't get there in time," Jessie said.

Everyone stared at her. "Great, here we go again," Lena muttered.

Voyager, Classroom 2:
An unknown crewmember was busy reading through a register. "Duncan Stuart," she called out. She didn't get a response so she looked around the room. Duncan was heading for the door. "Mr Stuart, get back here!"

"Aw, so close," Duncan muttered. He shrugged his shoulders before running out.

In: "Paris to Classroom 2, can you beam Duncan to our bridge."

"No cos he just ran out," the teacher muttered.

Meanwhile Duncan had turned a corner and he stopped running. He saw Iinan standing right in front of him. "Oh hi da... oh wait, crap!" He turned around and ran off. Iinan followed him.

The moon:
"Are you sure about this?" James asked nervously.

"By the time we beam up there it maybe too late," Jessie said. She sat down on the floor, she started to chant.

"Since when did she know a protecting spell?" Yasmin said questioningly.

"She's been studying," James replied, still looking nervous.

Duncan fell onto the ground, he started to glow. Iinan stopped near him looking confused. "Ah crap this ain't good," Duncan muttered.

"No it ain't," Iinan said.

The moon:
"Is it working?" Yasmin asked.

"Looks like it," Zare replied.

Jessie was also glowing, while still chanting, "balance the power, protect the unprotected." She stopped glowing.

"Cool, can we go now?" Evil C asked.

A little while later, Voyager:
Iinan's eyes widened, he backed off a bit, "just great. This is just great."

Duncan stood back up looking a bit older than he used to, "cool, I'm an adult. I can kick your ass."

"Still a child," Iinan muttered. He stepped forward and hit Duncan across the face.

Duncan hit him right back, he stumbled backwards. He then lunged for him, but he got out of the way. Iinan crashed into the wall. "I love this, so fun," Duncan laughed.

Jessie, James, Lena, and Ronnie arrived on the scene. Zare and Yasmin followed both looking bored, and dragging an unconscious Riker, and Damien by the arms.

"Woah, that's a funny protection spell," Lena muttered.

Jessie and James stared Duncan's way in horror, I think that's the right word. "Oh oops," Jessie stuttered.

"Reverse it, quickly," James stuttered.

"Ok, I'll do that over here," Jessie said. She backed away from the others.

"Well Jamesy, we have another thing in common. Kids who look older than they are," Lena commented.

James groaned, "can we just get on with it please?" Lena nodded, when she did she and James went over to Iinan and took over from Duncan. He pouted and walked off.

"Don't we need Justin Poophead awake?" Yasmin asked.

"Yes we do," Ronnie replied.

Zare shrugged, she knelt down and started slapping Damien across the face. "Wake up moron, I touched your face."

Damien woke up, "hey stop that!"

"Whatever, how do we stop this James lookalike?" Zare asked.

"Just cut his head off. He'll go back to his decomposed form and die for good," Damien replied.

"Right, Ron need weapons," Zare said.

"Already on it," Ronnie said. He knelt down and started looking through a bag he brought. He pulled out an axe. Iinan went flying across the corridor and crashed into Ronnie. They both crashed into the wall.

Zare quickly picked up the axe, she chopped off Iinan's head. In a matter of seconds he decomposed to his usual state. Zare dropped the axe, "well that was gross."

Lena shuddered, she quickly turned around, "yep, too true."

Jessie finished chanting again, she and Duncan stopped glowing. Duncan looked at himself, "um mum, I'm still older."

Jessie looked up, she groaned, "great, he looks about seven years old now."

"Try again later, Ronnie needs to get to Sickbay," James said. He pulled Ronnie away from Iinan's corpse. "Zare, what does he have in that bag? Anything heavy?"

Zare peeked into the bag, she brought out a small mallet, "what about this?"

James replied by taking it off her, he used it to smash Iinan's body to lots of bits. Lena shuddered again, she tried not to look. Jessie stood in Duncan's way so he couldn't see either.

"Well that was just cool," Yasmin giggled.

Meanwhile, the planet:
Lilly, Emma and Faye were in the prison, in the neighbouring cell to Seventh Lena and Kiara. "This is just great, it's all your fault Lilly," Faye muttered.

"Was not," Lilly groaned.

"Shut up the both of you, geez," Emma said.

"Just a thought though, we can still beam out of here," Lilly said. Emma and Faye collapsed, they quickly got back up.

"Do it then," Faye said.

Lilly shook her head, she tapped her own communicator, "Johnstone to the Lillyia, can you beam us back?"

"What about us?" Seventh Lena moaned.

"Neh, we don't like you," Emma said. She, Lilly and Emma dematerialised

Sickbay, Voyager:
Doctor Jones was busy scanning Ronnie, while James, Lena and Zare stood nearby. "He hit his head really hard. He has amnesia."

"Ooh, is this a chance to tell him Ronnie sucks, and his first name's better," Zare said.

"What is his first name?" Lena asked.

"Daniel," Zare replied.

"Ah, he's human then," James said.

"A little bit yeah," Lena said jokingly.

"How's Kiara anyway, Lena?" James asked.

Lena shrugged, "ok. She's a bit traumatised about Damien looking like a freaky guy who can't sing or dance though."

"How did you get her back?" Doctor Jones asked.

"Easy, I pretended Annika's still here and that we were going to make her join his crew again," Lena replied.

"Ah, good move," James said.

Doctor Jones rolled his eyes, "another season of this, god help us."


****THE END****

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