Marill Re-Reads "True Q"

Oh damn. SPOILERS s$$$'s gonna hit the fan, folks. This is the one. Do not go on unless you have read the episode. I wouldn't recommend reading the Re-Read first. I'm serious. Avoid if you haven't.

First I'll get some negative out of the way. True Q has an annoying little mystery revolving around it. If you've been through The Slayers' Re-Read you'll have been warned about it. During Slayers I got stuck and stopped writing it, releasing Part 1 only. Like I did in the Season One days I kept going and started True Q (episode 13). This is where my memory fails me, so I resort to what the site itself says; I stopped writing that too so close to the end. Since the next episode, a special, was a halloween themed one I wrote that next and released it on time. The series mostly continued until An Apple A Day (episode 18). Bittersweet (episode 19) was started but not finished.

After Christmas and New Year work resumed. First on finishing True Q (13), then a few days later The Slayers Part 2 (12) was completed. Both were released the same day. I Know What's a long title (episode 20) was started a few weeks later, finished and released. Bittersweet (19) was resumed and finally released not long later.

Now if you're here I assume/hope you've listened to my spoiler warning, so you'll probably see what the problem with this whole thing is. Yes Season One was released out of order but big episodes like Timeline wasn't skipped, nor was a Morgan episode ever released before that showed up. If my news pages and episode files (and Bittersweet's fourth wall "jokes") are correct then this is the biggest f$$$ up in FV's history. True Q is thee twist episode, the one which develops the series' main storyline. Who cares that a stupid halloween episode would be late, skipping the big reveal and continuing the series as if the readers have seen it, spoiling the big twist, AND THEN mocking them with fourth wall banter revolving around it is an utter disgrace. Forget Dimension Jump's theatrics, True Q being released after An Apple A Day is an inexcusable mess and I should be ashamed of myself.

The mystery though is my denial that this is true. I refuse to believe I was this stupid. It's not unlike me to release unfinished episodes. The Slayers was, many multiple parters were. I've left broken files online which left episodes unfinished for ages. Virtual Fairytale for example I think I kept because it was better than nothing. Besides, I do remember True Q being unfinished but online before episode 14, not sure about the halloween special. I remember there only being the last scene missing from that version. Thing is, if I did this I'd have kept the original release date in the archive and there'd be a mention of its release in the news page. I didn't and there isn't.

Nowadays I've been accurate about it, Virtual Fairytale shows both of its dates; broken release and full release. I can imagine seeing True Q's "real release date" in the news page, panicking and then changing it in the archive. I remember doing something like that with another episode, not True Q.

So yeah this is a mystery to me. If this was anything other than True Q I'd believe that I skipped over it because it was unfinished. Since it is True Q and there's blatant "lol lets mention the twist" jokes in later episodes that would've been around when True Q wasn't, I loathe to believe in what's written on the news pages and episode archive.

NOW With that out of the way, lets dive in to the big one. Not in the deep end mind, we have to deal with the subplot first and I remember it starts off very awkward. Prepare for cringe (why aren't you ever prepared for cringe????????)


Danny and Jessie are once again hanging out, so we know they're going to talk about boys. Ah, I can't wait. As expected Jessie brings up Danny's missing babies, and the readers are reminded that Danny even had any with this.

"Do you want the realistic explanation, or the Fifth Voyager explanation?" Danny asked.

"Both," Jessie replied.

NO BAD JESSIE, ALWAYS THE REALISTIC ONE. Knowing FV it's still super stupid, so lets start small and work our way up

"The realistic one is, Ian looks after the kids during my day shift. He does the night shift.

and skippity the fourth wall one. no one cares. And wow, that wasn't a stupid explanation. *checks True Q's temperature*

They both sat in silence for a few minutes. Finally Danny broke the silence.

"So, er, have you slept with James yet?" Danny blurted out.

Janeway and Tuvok are pretty much Jessie here

Jessie glared at her, but she immediately started blushing without realising it.

"Danny! You have a disgusting mind! Is that all you ever think about?" Jessie snapped.

Well that's a yes denial if I've ever seen one

Jessie just shook her head in disgust.

Just A Little Bit More: 1

"No, and don't ever ask me again! It's none of your business," Jessie muttered.

But... but...

Marill has an episodely quota. One forced shipping scene an episode, it's the rules!!"£$15

"There's no point in asking anyway. You always tell me when you do. 

Wait what? go home Danny, you're drunk. Oh wait, she is home. Go home Jessie, Danny's drunk.

Well I suppose Danny wouldn't know any better. Jessie may have told her now and then in the prequel years to keep her appeased, and so Danny will think she's fully informed.

but anyways full quote before you start going "wow, you've admitted James and Jessie were often physical in the prequels, sweet!"

"There's no point in asking anyway. You always tell me when you do. You told me about the ceremony incident in that Before Fifth Voyager episode. And you told me about the Love Spell incident a month after it happened," Danny said.

She thought quietly for a few seconds. "I wonder what other kind of bizarre situation will get you two in bed again," Danny said, she burst out laughing. Jessie pouted.

"I've got a bizarre one for ya, Dan," Ian's voice said.

The two girls jumped when they heard him.

"What?" Danny said questioningly.

"They actually decide to do it like normal people do," Ian said.

I'd ohsnap it but they know Jessie's sensitive on this subject. She (usually, fu F9 Control) doesn't like to talk about private matters like this. Just because she screams "I WAS LOVESPELLED" doesn't mean anything other than she's embarrassed. This is a very mean spirited thing to tease her about.

Oh yeah, Danny also lets slip that the ceremony from the prequels was actually consummated despite Jessie claiming she turned James down in her "I'm a virgin, so not pregnant" rant at the Doctor. Small steps people ;)

"I'm glad you think this is funny," Jessie growled, yet she continued to pout.

:( Poor Jessie. I'm going to give you this

Jessie's Sin Points: -1

For the normal for you reaction to this teasing. Try to keep it as long as possible.

It's perfectly in character for her to be denying everything and/or getting embarrassed. I only complain when she's screaming denials from the rooftops, with James around to hear it. I cringe for him everytime.

"I don't remember the ceremony one though Dan," Ian said as he came over to the sofa.

"No, don't tell him. He'll tell everybody," Jessie said.

Do these idiots not know what privacy is? ffs. Danny knows because Jessie was okay with telling her for some strange reason. See folks, that is a legitimate use of "for some reason" for once! Danny's an utter tease and Jessie clearly isn't okay with it, so not a good idea to ever discuss her sex life with her. So yeah, Ian doesn't know and that should be that. Why talk about it

"No I won't. I haven't told a soul about the Love Spell incident," Ian said.

Jessie shot an icy glare towards Danny, she visibly cringed.


"Jess, he's my fiancée, I have to tell him everything," Danny muttered.

"Yeah, yeah, and I bet you two had a good laugh over it to," Jessie said.

I dunno why Jessie's still friends with the woman who insisted she have a baby because she was. That does explain why she still considers these two friends for something like this, cos if that doesn't put you off, nothing will

"No, of course not Jessie. It'll only be funny if you two sleep together at your own free will," Danny said. She and Ian laughed again.

Good lord Jessie, why are you still there?

"Hey, just leave it. At least I'm not a big slut unlike somebody," Jessie said and she stood up.

"That's not very nice," Danny muttered.

"It wasn't meant to be nice," Jessie said, and she headed towards the door.

For once I'm going to let a slut insult go. This was warranted, I'm sorry. I'm ohsnapping her

"She can be very sensitive sometimes," Danny muttered.

"What ceremony?" Ian asked.

"Oh yeah, it all happened five years ago..." Danny replied.

Anyone who laughs at all this, I really hope you're not still laughing when this subplot's over.

"And you've been putting up with this girl for... how long?" Morgan asked.

*nods* it isn't just me, phew

"Well I can't say anything. I've put up with Tani since I was a toddler," Morgan said.

"Yeah, but I bet Tani didn't have a disgusting mind at age ten," Jessie said.

Yeah thanks Morgan for reminding us it could be worse lol

"I have a feeling that girl knew how children came to be when she was three," Jessie said.

"At three my dad didn't even know why I came to be at all," James muttered.

ouch, got multiple paper cuts from all those edges

"He means that his dad didn't know why he had him. James thinks that his dad hated him," Jessie said.

I'm sorry but what's this got to do with True Q? Yeahyeah this is FV, but True Q has a lot of ground to cover and I only "remember" the writers distracting from things in this one.

Everyone saw a brief flash of light in front of the viewscreen. As soon as the light cleared almost everyone groaned and or rolled their eyes.

"Hello everybody! Group hug!" Q yelled, with his arms outstretched.

YAY(I hope you're in character Q, otherwise BOO)

"Well, it would be better if we could have a family meeting in private," Q said.

"Family, none us are..." Kathryn said but she was interrupted.

She, Chakotay, Morgan and Q appeared in the Conference Room.

See, True Q's pretty much jumping in. Lets do this thang

"This will take some explaining so I'll start by saying it the quick way. Kiara is not who you think she is," Q replied.


"Oh great, an alien imposter?" Morgan asked.

Shhhhh, you're ruining the twist!

"Anyway. You all know that her mother got pregnant for unknown reasons, but I know how she came to be," Q said.

J/C: *glares*

Morgan: *cringes*

Danny/Tom: oh yeah, giggity

Everyone: GET OUT

Danny: Pfft, no one ever does the deed without being forced. This series is very rapey and I'M THE BAD GUY for calling attention to it.

"Finally, we've been left hanging for one and a half seasons," Kathryn said.

We have? For the majority of Season One it was barely mentioned. Too Q and Fugitives may have poked a reminder, still, I wouldn't call it hanging

"Well put it simply. Kiara isn't your daughter, but Morgan is," Q said.

Another voice started speaking from nowhere. "Oh come on Q, get to the point." Suddenly another flash of light brought another Q into the room. Kathryn and Chakotay groaned when they saw him.

I'm hesitant to agree with this guy, omgspoilers, but yeah stop beating around the bush.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Kathryn asked.

"I'm here to see my girlfriend of course," Q2 replied, he turned towards Morgan.

"Er... I've never seen you before," Morgan muttered.

Don't worry Morgan, any non prequel readers haven't either. I'm not complaining, it's meant to be prequel bait

"Hang on a second. Can somebody tell me what's going on here?" Kathryn said.

"Listen, it's very simple. You see Kiara..." Q2 said but he was interrupted.

"That story won't make much sense. Just watch this vision," Q said.

This rather important and pretty good flashback ruins itself immediately. See if you can spot why

2388, an alternate timeline:
We see Morgan in her very own quarters. She looks about thirteen though. Anyway she's talking to a young lad, who looks about fifteen.

Yeah, maybe avoid the 2388 and alternate timeline. Labelling that immediately as if the date this twist happens has been stated already when it hasn't is a big noNO.

Lets see what's so "good" about it then. We're introduced to a new character two years older than Morgan. Judging by the date that shouldn't be there yet he was born in either 2372 or 2373.

"I just wish that damn Q would leave me alone," Morgan said.

"He'll get bored eventually, Lena, just give it time," the lad said.

"But Robbie, he's been following me around for weeks, what makes you think he's going to give up now," Morgan, or rather Lena in this timeline, said.

Eugh, I meant pretty good as in what happens in it, not how it's told. I'm okay with him calling her Lena but the "rather Lena in this timeline" part bugs me.

At least we have a name for this unknown newbie

"Erm, what's going on?" Morgan asked.

"It's very simple. In the original timeline, you were born in 2375. The lad you're talking to is erm, the son of two people you know. Anyway this Q has been following you around for a couple of weeks," Q replied.

So your little vision that was meant to explain things because the story didn't make sense also needs explaining. lawl of course

Like I said, this is told poorly(er than I remember).

"He erm, fancied you," Q replied.

"Eeew," Morgan moaned. A large banging noise is heard.

"Ouch," Q2 muttered.

Ha, I'm going to allow this

In: "Stuart to Robbie, the Doc wants to see you now."

"But, what did I do to deserve that?" Robbie moaned.

"Hey, is that James on the commlink?" Morgan asked.


In: "I was thinking that myself, anyway you'd better see the Doc he's pretty mad."

"What's new. I'm on my way dad," Robbie said.

"Oh god, is that another version of Duncan or something?" Morgan asked.

Haha, I guess this is a bit much at once, so her missing the older boy than her coupled with her new birth year of 2375 tidbit, and thinking he's Duncan is forgiveable.

If you're not someone who keeps track of the years, original Voyager or FV wise, True Q is based in 2377, Duncan was born in the same year. This definitely isn't Duncan.

"Fine, I'll give you the brief. Maybe the two can tell you the rest. Robbie is the son that actually died in this timeline. Duncan is still in this timeline," Q said.

Way to ruin a good intruiging twist by revealing it too soon and so trivally.

After Robbie leaves Q decides to end the flashback/forward? o_0

Um. Why? He's gotten confused and revealed the wrong twist. He is old I suppose, these things happen.

"But, that didn't tell us anything," Kathryn said.

"It did, in another reality I'm friends with James' son," Morgan said.

That's not really the part to focus on. Q's so far said Kiara's not Janeway's kid, that you and her aren't the same, that you were really born in 2375 when Kiara was born in 2373 making you younger than her technically, he keeps saying things like "original timeline". That James had a son back in 2372/3 who is apparently dead in this timeline is shocking on its own, not that your friends with him at all since you do hang out with James anyway.

"Well, we thought we'd try to keep this a PG. Anyway, this Q came into the room a few minutes later. He attacked you," Q said.

Yeah this vague fourth wallness doesn't do this reveal any favours

"Wait a minute. Your Slayer strength protected you, so he had to use his powers," Q said.

"Hang on a second, why did he attack her if he fancied her?" Chakotay asked.

Holy naivety close mindedness batman. Someone show Chakotay Resistance, stat!

"I'm getting to that. Do you remember the last time he visited Voyager?" Q asked.

"A little too well," Kathryn replied.

"Oh for god's sake, this episode sure likes it's flashbacks," Morgan muttered.

Good thing I like this flashback from what I recall of it. It's a little clever. Unlike the way Q's doing this god damn reveal.

And so we flashback to July 2372 (B4FV Season Three), and no other comment there so it's not an alternate timeline or whatever.

I'm going to post almost the entire thing cos I want to show off the cleverforme-ness

"Captain, can I kill that damn Q?" Jessie asked angrily.

"Which Q?" Kathryn asked.

"Well the one that's been stalking me for two days," Jessie replied.

"Oh I see, I'm having similar problems with another Q. I know how you feel," Kathryn said.

"Really? Has that Q been following you around every second of the day?" Jessie asked.

"Not every second," Kathryn replied.

"And, has he picked at least two fights with your closest male friend?" Jessie asked.

"He did have a brief run in with Chakotay yesterday," Kathryn replied.

"Did it include punch ups?" Jessie asked.

"No. But if you think about it, Chakotay is just a friend of mine, I'm not pregnant with his child. Maybe that Q who's following you thinks that he's co.." Kathryn replied. At this point, nearly every reader gets confused.

"Stop reminding me about that!" Jessie yelled.

"Calm down, yelling at me isn't going to get you anywhere. Maybe if you ignore that Q, he'll leave you alone," Kathryn said calmly.

"Try telling that to James," Jessie muttered.

Kathryn groaned. "What's he doing this time?" she asked.

"Well everytime Q follows me into our quarters, when he's there, Q always picks a fight with him," Jessie replied.

"I see. I tell you what, I'll talk to the other Q for you. He might be able to persuade him to leave you alone," Kathryn said.

"He'd better, or I'll punch him a few more times myself," Jessie said, and she walked out.

Ho boy. Now this is where I do have to be careful because I asked for you to at least know True Q, I never warned about prequel spoilers and I really should've. To be fair True Q itself reveals said spoilers so *shrug* I'll warn when different ones pop up.

Like now; very minor prequel spoilers which aren't really if you know the original Q and the Grey:

This scene was written with the intention that I'd fill in the not so blanks in the actual episode the flashback belonged to. Basically there's more to this scene that's here to avoid ruining Q and the Grey and spoiling an earlier prequel episode. It's no big deal, the biggest spoilers are what True Q gives you anyway.

But yeah, lets look at the scene as it is. So far the only thing related to the other Q we've never met before is that he attacked a 13 year old Morgan because he crushed on her. The flashback Q feels would explain why and how he attacked her shows Jessie complaining about him 16 years before this.

And yeah Jessie's been pregnant before. Though I assume that's been guessed with the whole James' son being dead in "this timeline". No one's going to think he had a nearbaby with anyone else but Jessie.

I'll bet at this point some readers are wondering why Q's telling J/C and Morgan this big reveal when it's been mostly about James and Jessie.

Moving on... the flashback doesn't explain anything, only reinforces that this Q is an utter creep for making moves on a pregnant woman and a 13 YEAR OLD GIRL. The explanation or rather the hint as to what this Q wanted from both of them happened immediately after this flashback

"Hang on a sec, was Jess pregnant in that scene?" Morgan asked.

Luckily Morgan's more interested in this Robbie stuff, and because of Q's terrible storytelling so am I

Kathryn and Chakotay glanced nervously at each other. "Yes," Kathryn replied.

"Why does that confuse me?" Morgan asked.

Haha wow, proof that J/C knew about this pregnancy.

And it confuses you because Robbie is not hanging out with Kiara or existing in anyway, plus neither James or Jessie have mentioned him

GASP Duncan is currently Tom's "son". Does anyone have a Kiara aged kid? I can't believe they'd pull this crap twice

"Doesn't matter, you can ask her later," Chakotay replied.

Uh Chakotay, you know that's never a good idea with someone who isn't super sensitive about her private life. This is Jessie ffs. Fool.

"Anyway, my point was that Q was obsessed with Jessie, just like he was with you, but with the Jessie incident the Continuum was prepared for it. As punishment the Continuum had took away most of his powers," Q said.

not enough it seems

"Q, you're slow. When are you going to get to the point?" Q2 asked.

"I have to explain it, or people won't get why that lad was in the first vision," Q replied.

OR you could've danced around it and revealed what you actually came to reveal, leaving this missing son twist for later like it's meant to be

"Fine. You were wondering why Q attacked Morgan, I'll tell you. It was an attempted rape," Q said.

Yeah this isn't the worst part

Morgan glared at the other Q. "You're dead meat, pervert," she growled.

"Morgan, leave it till later," Chakotay said.

Good lord you're a terrible dad. How can you hear this and be all calm enough to tell your poor daughter to not beat her wannabe rapist yet

"Like I said, it was only attempted. Instead he just used his powers to get what he wanted," Q said.

"Why do I feel sick," Morgan muttered.


"That's not exactly what I meant. You forced him away with you Slayer strength, before he got anywhere. He clicked his fingers, and he left. You were taken to Sickbay so that Doctor could examine you," Q said.

"I don't like where this is going," Kathryn said.


"To cut a long story shorter, Kiara is Morgan's daughter, not Kathy's," Q said.

"That's a load of bulls**t! It doesn't make any sense, aren't you forgetting episodes like Timeline," Morgan said.

"To make it easier, watch this vision," Q said.


"It's about time you arrived, I want her back to normal," Kathryn said angrily.

"What would be the point in that?" Q2 asked.

"I'm sorry Kathy, but this was suppose to happen," Q said.

RIP the so called immortal Q

"This timeline isn't suppose to be happening. I can now use the child to set things back to the way they should be," Q said.

Poor Janeway, that time travel face has gotta hurt

"Lena isn't suppose to exist this way. It's very hard to explain," Q replied.

"What do you mean by she isn't suppose to exist this way?" Kathryn asked.

"She isn't suppose to exist at all," Q replied.

Five minutes later Janeway's restarted and booted up so we can continue.

"I still don't understand," Kathryn said.

Yeah I'm sensing a theme with Q's flashbacks

"Kathy, I put Kiara into you so you'd think that Kiara is your daughter," Q said.

"What the hell for?" Kathryn asked.

"So Morgan wouldn't be born," Q replied.

Ouch, maybe you could've said that part out of Morgan's earshot

Q's reasoning is pretty blunt but other than that, these three lines I like. Except for the put Kiara into you... sounds weird. I still think this part is pretty simple. Lena was born in 2375, so when Q jumps back to 2372 with Kiara and Janeway gives birth to her in 73, events during and after will change. What are the odds that Morgan would still be born in 75 when J/C have another daughter two years earlier? Not great, because that didn't happen did it? Morgan's effectively erased and via her own daughter beating her to her own birth.

Anyway lets see what long winded crap Q has for us, and I know it's not what I've just said... not really

"What the Continuum didn't realise was that Morgan, or rather Lena was assimilated two years after I took the child out of her. It was the same sphere that you encountered years ago," Q replied.

Interesting that he says Continuum didn't realise.

"That Erona ship had accidentally planted dozens of permanent temporal anomalies in that area. They appear as wormholes. The only thing that the Continuum could do was to alter all of the collective's memories of the 2388 time jump, and all of the sphere's drones' memories as well. We altered Lena's memories so she would think that she was assimilated as Kiara in 2375. Also we altered the bio scanners everytime you scanned Morgan so you would think that she is Kiara," Q said.

Okay, so erasing "Lena" didn't work and the Continuum had to make do with what they had, so erased her by giving her Kiara's identity...

"Why was it so important that she had to think that she was Kiara?" Chakotay asked.

"So we wouldn't have to explain this to you," Q replied.

Yeah that went well *snort*

"But I remember being a kid on that sphere, are you saying those thirteen years on the sphere didn't happen?" Morgan asked.

"Exactly," Q replied.

ho boy

"We didn't take all the careful steps. We didn't know Species 8472 would interfere like they did in Precise Timings. We thought that you would get suspicious. I mean Kiara grew to look about fifteen, she should look exactly like Morgan does, but she doesn't. Didn't you not realise that?" Q asked.

Last time on Marill Re-Reads "Precise Timings"

Tani sighed and she looked around. There were two unfamiliar teenagers in with her. The girl looked about fifteen years old, and the lad looked about seventeen.

"I told you she wouldn't recognise us," the girl whispered. The lad nodded his head.


the foreshadowing is yummy *licks fingers* mmmm beefy Monster Munch

"All right, I want to know who you people are, and I also want to know how you got onto my ship," Kathryn said.

"Mum, you don't recognise me either, this is ridiculous!" the girl groaned.

"Mum?" Tani muttered.


Craig, Morgan and the two security guys walked in. Morgan stared at the girl funny.

"That girl looks like Kiara," Morgan said. The girl jumped up from where she was sitting.

"Finally, somebody recognises me," she said.


And now the conclusion

I love it when I do subtle foreshadowing right. Huzzah

"Well no, we just thought it would cost a lot of money to have Morgan's actress play Kiara at the same time," Kathryn said.


"Ok, fine. Explain this then. How come Morgan is a natural born Slayer, and Kiara isn't," Q said.

"All right, we did have suspicions about that," Kathryn said.

I didn't see any signs you did, but okay, good you noticed this

"And in Timeless and various other episodes there is evidence that Kiara is only partially telepathic, but not fully like Morgan is. Don't tell me you didn't even think about that," Q said.

"Well Kiara was only a child in those telepathic incidents like in Timeless. Usually it takes years to develop telepathic abilities," Chakotay said.

yeah I remember this takes a while to be explained properly. I'm happy to be proven wrong

"Hang on, did Kes know about this?" Morgan asked.

"Yes she did," Q replied.

"So why did she give me telepathic powers to make me seem different to Kiara," Morgan asked.

"Well lets just say that wasn't our idea," Q said.

See, it doesn't explain why Kiara has/d any at all

Anyway Morgan's had enough and storms out, and who can blame her

"So who's going to tell Kiara about this?" Chakotay asked Kathryn.

"I think both of us should," Kathryn replied.

Hold your horses. Kiara's still a kid despite her 15 year old appearance. I'd recommend pacing yourself with a 15 year old, not some poor four year old.

"Well in Timeless, Kiara had a hallucination about Voyager crashing on a planet. She seemed to think it was a telepathic thing," Jessie replied.

So has Timeless been finally decanonised as "just a dream" now? Thank god!

"I suppose so. The only thing I don't understand is why did Kes lie about Q," Morgan said.

"She obviously didn't agree with the Continuum's decision," Jessie said.

Kes clearly lied a lot if you think about it Morgan. She said she chucked blood into Kiara to make YOU telepathic. With these revelations, it's something else you should think about

"Yeah, maybe. But what really gets me, is why on earth did you guys have a son that was two years older than me in the original timeline," Morgan said.

Woooah nelly, jumped right in there Morgan

Fortunately for the sake of this long 'un that still has a lot of ground to cover, James and Jessie don't go into a denial mode.

"Well for some reason, he survived the events in Season Three of Before Fifth Voyager," James said.

Too bad it's fourth wall s$$$ with little heart or care in it. Sheesh past Marill, he's talking about his dead son. Stop making him seem so cold about it.

"That doesn't make any sense. And besides, weren't you two just friends back then," Morgan said.

"We were. We were just chosen for this really screwy alien ritual," Jessie said.


Morgan knows they were dating thanks to Precise Timings, and I dunno why she'd humour that she didn't know this now of all times. And Jessie, really, I get that you like denial but this being friends during the ritual that apparently knocked you up actually looks far worse than a couple during the ritual that apparently knocked you up. Just saying.

"Well I don't know what surprises me more. The fact that very few people don't know about this, or you two actually agreed to a ritual like that," Morgan said.


"No offense, but if I knew how the ritual was suppose to end, I would of backed out of it," James said.

"None taken, I feel the same way," Jessie said.

daw true wuv

but seriously, being told to sleep with each other for an alien ritual is very weird regardless of whether or not you're "just friends" or an already intimate couple. Considering that Jessie's hinted the ritual caused a rift between them, and it wasn't because she and James disagreed about not doing it like she told the Doc, it was something not yet mentioned. It's no wonder they both claim to regret it despite being back together, not because "eew cooties" like this may appear.

"Yeah I know. But couldn't you just back out of that ritual," Morgan said.

"Well if we could, would we of gone through with it?" James asked.

I'm confused

Is he implying he was forced into this, cos that's pretty messed up

"No, but the real question is would you of gone through it at this day and age if you had the choice," Morgan replied.

James and Jessie glanced at each other briefly. They turned back to Morgan. "No," they both said in unison.

Um they already answered that. Or do you mean "if you were asked to do that now, would you?" Either way, stupid question and I'm wondering why Morgan's concerned about this baby twist more than her own. Distraction perhaps?

Morgan burst out laughing. "It couldn't of been that bad," she managed to say.

"You're just as bad as Danny," Jessie said.

"What do you mean by that?" Morgan asked.

"She asked me the other day if I had actually slept with him yet," Jessie replied.

This is so very OOC for Morgan, I agree

In: "Anderson to Rex. Could you give me a hand in Engineering?"

"Yeah, I suppose so," Jessie replied. She stood up.

"Do me a favour Jess, don't tell Triah when you're there. She'll tell Craig," Morgan said.

Um yeah, thanks for telling me it's Triah then. Weird.

"I won't, see you guys later," Jessie said and she headed towards the door. She passed Kiara on the way out.


"So, is it true?" she asked quietly.

"I don't know," Morgan muttered.

and on that note it's way past my bedtime. Night guys.... runsoff

I'm back and ready to tackle whatever this episode throws at me.

"Well I should have been able to work this out earlier than I did. I mean, I look nothing like you, plus I'm not a freak," Kiara said.

Uhhhhhhhhhhh, I beg your pardon?

"I always thought that Slayers were freaks, especially the so called natural born ones. Normal people shouldn't be that strong," Kiara replied.

Huh, especially the naturals? I agree that Pokemon trainers (and knife using kind?) are annoying, but they're not naturally talented at it, they just chose it as a hobby.

*grumble semantics* Ignoring the way it's said, Kiara's just called Morgan and James freaks. I'd let her off cos of her age and she's upset with Morgan (not rightly yeah but it's easy to imagine why), but James is pretty much innocent in this, RUDE

"Being stronger than you doesn't make me a freak. It just makes you a weakling," Morgan said.


Have you forgot you're Slayers again? Or are you seriously so above it all that everyone but James is lesser than you? Oh dear. Sorry gonna give you this

Morgan the Sue Count: 1

I'd be lenient because she's had a massive shock, if she actually acted as such.

"No, that makes me normal. Besides mum or rather grandma, didn't tell me who the father was. So are you going to tell me?" Kiara asked.

Ho boy. I remember this, still, I can't imagine how you'd tell Kiara this story without mentioning any Q's. They must've or she wouldn't be assuming this is a run of a mill teen pregnancy kept a secret by her parents pretending the kid is theirs.

"You don't need to know," Morgan replied.

"Well, freaks usually go for fellow freaks. So, is it James?" Kiara asked

UM, I know you're a kid and all, but WTF? May I remind everyone that James is like 28 years old, Morgan's 16*. Morgan was pregnant at 13, and if she was around when Kiara herself was born, she would've been 13 then too. Forget the age gap for now, Kiara's insuated that James is a pedo. Oh god.

The revealed REAL age difference between James and Morgan makes this even ickier than usual. They were 10-11 years apart (*I think she's a month off 17 judging by the based in dates, she was 15 in 2375, it's now late 2377), but now it's more like 26 years. Yikes

just as both Morgan and James were taking a drink from their Cherry Coke bottles. Morgan tried not to laugh, since she still had some of the pop in her mouth. James nearly choked on his.

Ok she may be faking being ok or I dunno, the news hasn't hit her and she doesn't believe it yet, but being able to laugh at a time like this is really off putting.

No wonder Kiara's mad at her.

"With all those rumours going around it's probably true," Kiara said.

"Don't be stupid, Morgan and I are just friends," James said.

I've heard this before

"That's what you said about you and Jessie, and then I start laughing about it because I remember Duncan," Kiara said.

"What about Duncan?" James said in a nervous voice.

I'm not surprised, I'm only surprised that the entire crew doesn't know by now

"I know about it, mum or grandma told me," Kiara said.

er why?????????????????? I wonder

"She told me that she couldn't really explain all of the temporal stuff about the story. So she just told me that you were my mother," Kiara said.


Good job Janeway

"Yeah, that's why I'm trying to work the rest of it out," Kiara replied.

"And you seem to think that James is your dad," Morgan said, and she laughed slightly.

I find it funny that she never once considers Craig. Poor Craig never stands a chance, lawl. Still would be pedobear gross though.

"It's obvious now," Kiara said.

"It is?" James said.

"Because of the Duncan incident, I think that you're just a big pervert. First Jessie, now Morgan. Who's next?" Kiara said. I guess...she's five years old, and doesn't have much in the way of context with these kind of things. um, and doesn't get what she's just implied. ummmmmmmmmm?

Maybe James sees it as I tried to, as he takes being accused of being a pedophile well

"Kiara, you've got this the wrong way. Firstly Duncan was an accident caused by that Love Spell a while back. Secondly, Jessie and I wouldn't let anybody do 'anything' to us. Thirdly James isn't a pervert," Morgan said.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Kiara muttered, and she walked away.

"Ok, that was strange," James said.

Poor Jessie, don't tell her the same thing, Resistance would beg to differ :(

And oh god, Morgan thought exactly the same thing I did with the pervert insult, and not what I was trying to think. I hoped Kiara was only calling him a pervert cos she's a kid who doesn't know how kids are made and/or thinks relationships are icky, and so that plus more than one woman = pervert. Kid logic. Maybe she did but Morgan went down the rapey road, and eugh, that makes the under legal age thing even worse.

Either way James doesn't react, keeps his cool despite the accusation from technically both sides. Gotta give credit there.

"Hey, Harry, it's poll day," Tom said.

"Tom, most of your rumours are just made up rubbish. I'm not going to take part this week," Harry said.

Oh, so is this how Tani managed to spread the weird James/Morgan ship rumour around so quickly? At least that's solved, the question is why, it doesn't help her.

"Well I heard about the Kiara and Morgan one, that's about it," Harry said.

"Well, what's your bet?" Tom asked.

"What is there to bet on. It's all fact," Harry replied.

Ugh Tom, you piece of s***

You're taking bets on the reveal that a 16 year old girl's had her whole life erased and replaced with her own daughter's, to cover up that they are mother and daughter, which only happened because an asshole Q decided to give her a baby with a click of a finger.

FU, you

piece of s$$$


"You haven't read the rest of it, have you. Kiara told me that bit of news herself," Tom said.

Harry rolled his eyes and he continued reading. His eyes widened in shock as he did so.

"You've got to be joking," Harry stuttered.

Oh dear

"Well she's got the general idea of it, she's a smart kid. I was wondering why those two seemed closer this season," Tom said. He took the PADD back off Harry.

"Erm, if you say so, but according to the Captain all of this took part in another timeline," Harry said.

"Yeah I know that, Harry. I have a feeling that they've both known for a while," Tom said.


piece of s$$$

I'm so glad Why oh Why's coming up, bwahahahaaha, only you'd deserve this

It's bad enough that he believes James knocked up a 13 YEAR OLD, but he also thinks he only did this in an AU when James would've been 41 YEARS OLD

28 is gross enough, but oh my god, please stop making it worse (yes I realise it is worse, the Q is billions of years old)

I told ya, James puts up with a lot of crap in Season Two. I feel sorry for Morgan of course, and Kiara despite her accusation, she's 5 and so doesn't know any better, but now I'm feeling sorry for James being not only accused of sleeping with a kid, but everyone will know about this accusation soon enough if Tom's involved, making BETS ON THE DAMN THING

"Well all those rumours about James and Jessie can't be true," Harry said.

"Oh crap, I didn't hear that, most of my popular polls will be affected," Tom said. He looked at Harry strangely.

"If James is really her dad, then, well, I know what I'd do in her position," Tom replied.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Kill myself," Tom replied.

Words cannot describe my rage right now

"I couldn't kill myself, I wouldn't be able to do it," Harry replied.

Oh god (rest of episode spoilers... why are you still here is this warning applies!!), was that really awful AWFUL thing for Tom to say, somehow beating his James accustations, only there as bad and misleading foreshadowing - since it would be Kiara not Morgan if it was the run of the mill kind.

"Well no, it seems a little silly taking my own life just because I have a problem with my parents," Harry said.

YES, YES IT IS, that's exactly what this part of the conversation's for

"Yeah I know, but I'm really curious about the Kiara one," Harry said.

I'm sure Tuvok would be too. Poor James is gonna be in the brig for the rest of the series if this keeps up

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