Marill Re-Reads "The Resurrection"

Kathryn sighed as she sat in her chair.

"Captain, we're finally in contact range of the Dellia," Harry said.

Guys, you're late. The Voyager spoiler scene should've happened a scene ago.

But nm, lets see what gets spoilt via Emma this time

"Don't get angry at me, Janeway. I got here as fast as I could," Lilly replied.

"How long until you actually arrive?" Kathryn asked.

"About a minute, I'm sure that isn't too much to bear," Lilly replied.

Oooh, Lilly's trying to compete with the big boys, or rather The Janeway. Ha, not a chance imposter Lilly

"Is it just me or is she perfect captain material, she's so bossy and mean," Tom muttered. Kathryn stood up and she tapped her commbadge.

"Janeway to Clive, can I borrow a brick?" she said quietly.

no. that joke long since ran its course back in F9

"Captain, can I take the helm?" Bryan asked. Everyone became very scared.

"If you're a fast driver, then yes," Kathryn replied.

he's a one year old in a teenager's body, I don't see any harm in it *twitch*

"The Dellia F9 & Z5 have arrived Captain," Harry said.

"Good, Mr Tuvok send them that written message I wrote up, the one with the plan on," Kathryn ordered.

If that message doesn't have "time to take out the garbage" on then so many people are going to be disappointed

"Goldsbrough to Voyager, are we going to beat up some Maji creeps?"

"Yes, of course," Kathryn replied.

"Cool! Guess what, I'm at tactical, and, er... I don't feel very well."

I'm sorry but what is this f$$$ery?

Emma's been on Voyager for this whole damn movie. The Dellia/Lillyia's been around for all of 2 seconds and she's already on their bridge, manning Tactical?

but who cares about that, Emma's already late for her spoiling Morgan's side of the story routine. What's she got for us this time? All I can think of is she'd be annoyed that she's been FV's Sue for a couple of episodes, only to be ousted by the clearly better character James. OHSNAP MARILL

"What did she do?"

"She didn't do anything. It's just Jessie, she..."

"Oh, if it isn't about Morgan, shut it off," Kathryn moaned.

oh right. the Jessie confession. Definitely running late with that bomb.

"Aw, that's so sweet. It's about time," Lilly said.

"But, isn't Jessie going to die?" James 2 (aka Johnstone) asked.

"Shut up!" Lilly yelled.

Jeez, Third of James really tries too hard to be a James, he's even copying the real James' lines.

As for Lilly, you're not fooling anyone FIRERA

"It's not sweet, it's disgusting," Emma moaned.

"It's romantic," Lilly said with a dreamy look in her eye.

I disagree. Jessie only tells James about her love for him when she thinks she's going to die, otherwise she probably never would because "but I don't wanna lose him again". If she dies, no harm right??? Except for James though, who would be broken up about her dying either way but having her admit this only then wouldn't make it any easier.

The moment's also ruined because Craig did this in the exact same fashion earlier and it was presented as a joke. AND again, while sure she'd tell him if she had nothing to lose cos she's about to die, she wouldn't do it because the bad guys told her to and/or in front of Morgan and Craig. It really doesn't feel like a convincing "she's gonna die" moment either. Hapless villains, can't do ritual without James who's still uncaptured etc... yeah. no

"Well there's hope for you and Scot yet," Johnstone muttered. Lilly punched him in the face.

oh don't bring that Nice Guy TM into this.

"Yeah, I can understand that. I have a brother called James as well," Emma said.

"There's too many of them in this universe. Anyway let's go kick some ass!" Lilly ordered.

I know it's a very common name and all, still this James spam is getting to be pretty damn annoying, even the characters acknowledge it. Lilly's brother wasn't ever called that, I know I couldn't use Lister but Dave was perfectly fine. Yes Emma's brother does have that name, still don't see the need to mention it. I've already whined about Dimension Jump's new additions to the James Collective so, moving on.

Finally, cos this next scene looks like gold. Salty crisps gold, yumyum

"Wouldn't it be a better idea if we had a plan before we go barging in there?" Craig asked.

"Craig is right. If we go in there in full force, without a plan, there is a high chance of failure," Morgan said.

"But if we waste time trying to come up with a plan it may be too late when we get there," James said.

Hypocrite Craig. We all know if this were Morgan who was kidnapped, you wouldn't be in this scene and a bit dead/unconscious by now.

Not saying he's wrong, he's not. I'm more tickled that Morgan's being rational, honestly.

"Yeah, but there is an equal chance that it won't be too late. We have to take the chance," Morgan said. James just folded his arms and sulked.

Just A Little Bit More: 1

Jessie's been kidnapped, James wants to barge in Craig-style and rescue her without a plan. True, not the best idea he's had, but false that he should be made to seem childish about it with that just sulking.

Morgan walked over to him, and she placed her hand gently on his shoulder. Craig saw, and he turned his head away. "She'll be ok, I promise," Morgan said calmly.

"How can you promise that?" James asked. Morgan couldn't reply, she walked over to Craig.

"Have you got a problem?" she asked.

"No, I'm sorry I'm here," Craig muttered in response.

oh piss off Craig, we're all sorry you're there

"What happened to the rest of your team?" Morgan asked.

"We were attacked by Sbaracs, they didn't make it," Arden replied.

well isn't that super convenient

"Well, there's nothing to worry about. If Iinan and Unu do not have both of their sacrifices then they can't proceed with the ritual," Arden said.

Which brings that whole "she can be dead for 15 minutes and the ritual will still work" bluff-threat into stupid focus, doesn't it? Also, do we already know this? I feel like we should already know this.

If they did, James' frozen solid cool reaction to the stalemate in part 3 would make a smidgen of sense.

"They couldn't really, maybe they're expecting us to go to them and try and rescue Jessie, fail so they can capture James too," Morgan replied.

LOL with they couldn't capture James. get out of here. Apparently a Slayer's weakness is cheek slicing, unless that only works when they're holding books. Hmmmmmmmm, I'll get back to you on that

and yes, it did seem like they were in full control of the situation in the last part. I buy it


"We do have a chance even if that does happen. I found the Book of the Living," Arden said.

"Then where is it!" James yelled. Morgan and Craig cringed.

WOAH CALM DOWN, Marill mutters

"I have found the home of the book, but it is sealed. And there's no telling that the book is still in there," Arden replied.

"How is it sealed?" Morgan asked.

"It is locked by a combination. I spent ages trying to crack it but I couldn't," Arden replied.

oh look guys, it's another corner, I'd better write into it. That'll make it less The Mummy-ish. I'm a fricking genius

"Have you got any bombs?" Morgan asked.

"Yes, of course we have, why?" Arden asked in response.

"I have a feeling that the door to that room is going to go boom," Morgan replied.

"That may work, but we have another problem. I read an inscription on the wall, if the right passage is read out of the Book of Death, then the dead will arise and become the readers' slaves," Arden said.

OR that just happens and the person who reads it looks on at the zombie army, mumbles "oh boy", then goes off into hiding, leaving the hero to fight them.

you know this is going to happen now, thanks me!

"It shouldn't be our biggest problem until Iinan and Unu find the Book of Death," Arden said. Morgan looked rather nervous, and she tried to smile innocently.

oh my bad, here I thought Arden was talking about the book he found, the one with the cure in, not a book they'd never need and already handed over to the villain cos she got an ouchy. Dunno how I could've gotten mixed up between the two, it's baffling

"Then we have a problem on our hands. As soon as Iinan and Unu sense our presence in the underground tunnels, near the ceremonial shrine, then they will wake the dead to get rid of us," Arden said. Morgan cringed again.

I assume you mean sense James' presence, cos he's linked to Iinan. Hey ho, problem solved. Leave him behind. hahayeahright

"How do they control the dead people?" James asked.

"They can tell them what to do through telepathy, even if they don't usually have telepathy. Most of the time they can give orders verbally without the dead being in the same room," Arden replie

I er... I dunno anymore. It's still better than an undead army buried with the pharoah's treasure that's raised by one of the good guys accidentally reading the wrong passage, being controlled by the villain who was buried and cursed in the same pit belonging to the pharoah he murdered, who only change sides when the book reader flips the book over and reads out the synopsis on the back. That s$$$ makes sense.not

Sure, I buy dead warlocks can use telepathy to control the dead. just. I don't know why I need to, Imhotep barks his orders and leaves them to it while he stands around filing his nails. What? It's been 3000 years, those are pretty damn long OKAAY

tangent marill strikes again, not funny etc, moving on again

"Why was that question so important?" Morgan asked.

"Well I thought that if they're controlling their servants and doing the ritual at the same time their attention will be divided," James replied.

"So the servants will be easier to beat, and the ritual will be slowed down," Morgan said.

"Exactly," James said.

bulls$$$ and you know it James. You just want an excuse to go in there and off screen them. I see right through you, and yeahIshouldcosIwriteyoulol.

Seriously, leave him outside. I'm sure Morgan can stop screwing up on the Sue front long enough to save Jessie, while Craig haplessly tries to hold the book still for Arden to read as mummies try to kill them. Unu and Iinan will never see that coming, that's the point. James can always kill off the "in other room mummies" Arden mentioned, those guys have his name written all over their corpses

"But what you're suggesting is suicide," Morgan pointed out.

"Then let him do it," Craig muttered. Morgan passed him a death glare, Craig visibly winced.

Craig sinks to a new low. Are you so insecure that your former friend has to die...yes, the answer's always yes. he's not worth a paragraph, not yet anyway

high five for Morgan giving him a deserved The Janeway Stare TM. She still has to do a lot more to make up for the victim blaming earlier. This is how you do it though.

"I must remind you all that the Book of the Living has over 30 different passages inside it, finding the correct passage could take a while, especially if the reader only knows the basics of the language," Arden said.

"Yeah, you could of been killed by the time I find the right one, that's a too bigger chance to risk," Morgan said.

This is the only flaw in the plan you can think of? Sure Arden said they'd sense "our presence", but really, you know he really meant sense James. The whole curse depends on Iinan and Unu's reincarnations being close by, how else would they know they were? Even if it is actually all of them they can sense, why take that risk?

Though I'm still with Morgan here, that's a pretty big flaw.

"What about Jessie? She'll be risked if you do this, I thought you cared about her," Craig pointed out. Morgan winced.


Whiny "Macho Man" Craig      VS  Pissed Off "Garbage Taker" James


"What about Jessie? She'll be risked if you do this, I thought you cared about her," Craig pointed out. Morgan winced.


James walked over to Craig, and he punched him in the face. He fell unconscious.


okay then. *DING* Round Two goes to the Garbage Taker.

"He does have a point, James, you're not just risking yourself, you're risking her too," Morgan said.

Actually yes, yes I do agree with Craig on this one. They get James and they'll be able to start the ritual that'll kill both of them. They can't kill her until they do, or 15 minutes before (if it wasn't a bluff) but they won't take that risk. Craig didn't actually deserve that punch, and typically I think this is the only one that KO's him. harsh

still, he had it coming. torn

"I know that. It doesn't matter when and how I get captured, both of us are still at risk. At least if we go by this plan we have a better chance," James said.


I know the real answer, I'll still ask though. Why does James think his capture his inevitable? We all saw the attempt earlier, it was embarrasing for all involved. No one even humours or thinks of going in there without him to retrieve the book. Sure the bombing the door (thanks Morgan, super discreet! *thumbs up*) will alert them to their presence, but the headstart could make all the difference.

if we must do the James=bait plan, have him go alone to a completely different part of the tunnels. Iinan and Unu will raise the dead, attack and retrieve him, and not only will they be too busy, they'll be too far away to go after Morgan and co when they "discreetly" bomb the door open to nab the book. Again, more time to read it.

The real answer is, he doesn't. He let them take Jessie, quite literally, and it's just in his character to impulsively run in to help and make things worse. Sorry, true story bro.

Besides I dunno if I'd trust snotty insecure pushover Craig, used to be a Sue now also a pushover Morgan and the alien redshirt who is stupid enough to shoot down forbidden aliens into the cursed desert and not check if they're dead, to rescue someone I cared about either.

"Well, I did say we'd be better off going in there with a plan. I think we should do it," Morgan said.

We have a plan? damn, I really oughta stop ranting and start reading

"Yeah, let's go and kick some mummy ass," James said. Morgan looked at him oddly. Craig just laughed.


Yeah, way to ruin the James is far too angry to be reasonable image, and the One Liner King rep all in one sentence. No wonder even Craig laughs.... and he shouldn't, this is so his style

"Has Jessie turned into a damsel in distress, or something?" Craig asked. Morgan had to stop James from punching him again.

Yeah James hates that s$$$ (as does Jessie), at least that's in character.

Why did I remember an epic bitch fight round 2, please tell me the earlier one wasn't it. disappointed

Meanwhile on Voyager, blah blah boring space fight, no one really cares

Iinan, Unu and Jessie were inside a large creepy room

Hahaha, omg, that description when Jessie falls through the trap door and encounters Iinan seems like sooooo long ago. I assume I started and stopped trying in that same scene

In the centre of it were two large stone slabs, and one small one. The room had a high rocky ceiling, and there were stone balconies about five metres from the ground.

not one part of that makes me believe that the room is creepy. Large yes.

"Yes, and there's no hurry. We can't start the ritual without the other one," Iinan replied as he turned a few pages. He stopped to look at one. "This one is interesting, it should prove useful," Iinan said.

"What is it exactly?" Unu asked.

I assume it's the secret recipe for Cherry Coke. I really doubt it's the wake the dead for luls passage Arden was talking about, what are the odds of that??

Iinan sat on the edge of the stone slab Jessie was on. He leaned over her. Jessie tried to move away from him but she couldn't, instead she just turned her head away.

"What's wrong, if you're Unu's reincarnation then you must love me too," Iinan said.

AAAHH, now that's creepy. A lot creepier than five metre high balconies, unless you really hate heights I suppose

At that time the side of his face, and the skin on his hand deteriorated in a matter of seconds. He didn't seem to notice or even care. He placed his now damaged hand on the side of Jessie's face. She panicked and she tried to get away but Iinan held her still with his available hand.

You know what would complete this paragraph? A reminder that Iinan looks like James. That can easily be chucked into what's already written. creepfactor achieved

"Oh leave her alone," Unu muttered.

after scenes of giggling and silly remarks, Unu becomes serious and scolds him when he tries to seduce her alter ego. First hint to later trouble. liking that.

Iinan smiled for no reason, and he looked at Unu.

"The fools have arrived," he muttered.

So, no reason?

"I... I think the dead have been awoken," Arden replied.

All of a sudden hundreds of deteriated hands burst from the ground. The holes they burst through grew larger as the hands' bodies climbed out.

Morgan had covered her eyes as more of them came out of the ground.

Oh yeah, another reason James could've used in his excuses so he could go. Craig's useless all the time, Morgan's useless around the undead.

A few of the dead people came up to Morgan. One took a hold of her arm. She screeched and she hit it in the head, it fell off!


Morgan hit all of the other ones around her with her rifle. After she'd got them all she shuddered uncontrollably.

Fine, I knew I was talking crap, she's not that useless around the undead but James wouldn't know that and probably still doesn't. While the narrative's focused on her, he's slaughtered 100 mummies

"Morgan, just shoot them, then they won't come near ya!" Craig yelled before two of the dead people took a hold of him.

Typing ya really grinds my gears, I dunno why

The power cell in James' phaser rifle went down, he hit one dead person with it before looking at it. "Oh shit! The power's gone down!"


More dead people came after him, and they tried to take a hold of him. He hit a few of them with the rifle, but there were too many to fight.

Oh, I was wondering when this was gonna start.

I thought Morgan would be the Sue for quite a while, portrayed as better than James because girl power, he's still Season One'y etc.. Then after only a few episodes he started kicking ass in readable scenes, while she'd get flounced by the same villain in a sentence.

Then I thought James would be the "badasses only off screen" guy until Season Three, at least, but then had that fight with Seven, delivered more punches than sarcastic quips, generally showing up Morgan.

So yeah I was starting to think, especially with the end of Part 3 with how Unu and Iinan dealt with the pair, that I was remembering it all wrong. Morgan stopped being the sue quickly, giving her flaws and making her fail sometimes. And James started doing his violent s$$$ "on screen" pretty quickly. Don't get me erm... wrong, I was still incorrect. I can't ignore the Morgan failures and James smackdown moments. What I was going to write about their power levels later on is still relevant, at least at the moment. However;

A few of the dead people came up to Morgan. One took a hold of her arm. She screeched and she hit it in the head, it fell off! Morgan hit all of the other ones around her with her rifle. After she'd got them all she shuddered uncontrollably.

The power cell in James' phaser rifle went down, he hit one dead person with it before looking at it. "Oh shit! The power's gone down!" More dead people came after him, and they tried to take a hold of him. He hit a few of them with the rifle, but there were too many to fight.

Meanwhile Morgan was beating the crap out of all dead people who approached her.

Eventually the dead people managed to knock James out with a rock that was conveniently on the ground

Morgan's petrified of these things, and yet when swarms of them surround her, they all get KO'd. James doesn't have that problem, but gets the "there's too many of them" line.

I'm still doing the Morgan is awesome, James is a f$$$ up newbie, as evidenced here. I even follow James' issue of having too many to fight with a smug MEANWHILE super awesome Morgan was owning all of these guys, despite fearing them. God she's so amazing, I wish I was her. That James though, f$$$ him, he's gonna get some molesting in the next episode (wish I was joking, but at least he gets revenge so...omgspoilers)

Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees this. And no, no my issue isn't that I prefer James over Morgan (now) and I want him to be owning everything and her to be humiliated by him. Pfft, while I have issues with old school S2 (and Upendi) Morgan, the character she becomes later is actually tied in first place with James. I adore them both, and pfft again please. Any late season readers can't think this with a straight face, look what I do to the guy.

Nope. I wanted these two to work together, to be a team. I also have shown that he actually isn't a newbie at all, he had a whole episode where everyone feared he was going to murder them. It's earlier than I thought, but we're definitely past the Season One James with a power boost era.

I did remember that James' off screen moments were paired with grossly outnumbering him, which is odd cos the first is more "embarrased to have him fight", while the second is a I have a superpowered character, oh s$$$ how do I make him lose without it looking dumb. At least he gets those while Morgan gets cheek slicing. So um yeah, not surprised to see that, but surprised to see Morgan Sue'ing it up in the same exact situation.

Morgan the Sue Count: 1

Most of the dead people followed the two dead people who dragged James out of the room. Morgan passed a death glare to the other two guys.

"Can we at least pretend that we weren't trying for that," she said angrily.

"Oh yeah," Craig muttered

wow, all that blabber and James was only pretending to be overwhelmed. Boy is my face red.

*in true Season One tradition, keeps all that pointless filler anyway* it's still revelant, I'm sure.

The horde of dead people arrived in the large room where Iinan and Unu were.

"Put him on the available slab," Iinan commanded. The two dead people who were dragging James, nodded

please stop calling them dead people. it's putting me right off

"Finally, we can start the ritual," Unu said as she walked over to Iinan. He was still looking through the pages. He stopped at one of the back pages.

"We sure can," Iinan said, and he smiled evilly at Unu, she smiled back.

epic villain dialogue, much shivers

but the scene ends so I assume they're all dead-dead by the time we come back

"Crap! We need something to ignite the fuse!" Morgan muttered. Arden searched around his pockets, and he took out what looked like a box of matches. Morgan quickly took it off him. She opened it and she pulled out a match. She ran over to Craig, and she scratched it against his cheek, it lit.

yeah that cheek lighting bit was so funny

You know what's actually funny? Craig's the one left to guard the door and hold off the mummy zombies while Morgan tags along with the bomb setup. Yeah he does it with phaser fire, but you gotta admit, that s$$$'s hilarious.

"Hirya, yareity isua unli. Yozool relatra maz a weritra," Unu and Iinan chanted in unison

I'm half tempted to put this into google translate. But I can't be bothered to type it onto my work computer

maybe later

Craig and Arden walked onto one of the balconies, Morgan walked onto the neighbouring one. She hid behind the wall, and she opened the gold book. Craig and Arden aimed their rifles at Iinan and Unu.

"Don't fire yet," Arden whispered.

"Why not? The sooner the better?" Craig whispered questioningly.

"Just wait until the following episode, it'll make more sense then," Arden whispered. Craig looked puzzled so he pulled out a Season Two episode guide then he flicked through the pages.

Good lord. Why would you look at those, they're never right. Speaking of which, what was in Bittersweet's slot? I'm genuinely curious.

Iinan picked up the book and he started chanting more words out as he walked over to Jessie. Unu followed him. After he finished chanting from the book he handed it to Unu. He then leaned down like if we was going to kiss Jessie

I'm sorry, what? We're doing what? Don't bring me into your molesting, Iinan

He tried to hold her still as got closer to her. He then started kissing her. Unu tried not to look. James tried to get free from his restraints, which were chains. One of them was starting to snap as he pulled on it.

Damn, whatever those chains are made of, the not-Borg in Resistance need to buy it to make new noses

yeah power levels is still gonna be a subject, look forward to that, not

Iinan's lower face started to deteriate as he was still kissing Jessie. He backed away from her, Jessie started coughing uncontrollably. Iinan stood back up straight.


I'm corrected, this is where you write the reminder that HE LOOKS LIKE JAMES, not during the cheek grope scene. Scarred for life. spoilers Hilarious that she dates him after this though, imagine being reminded of that all the time, voluntarily. aaw see Lilly, that s$$$'s romantic

"Iinan and Unu have to give their lovers' reincarnations the kiss of death, it's part of the ceremony," Arden replied.

Craig: OH, the next episode's called Kiss of...

Arden: Now I understand why James keeps punching you

"Then they have to be stabbed in the heart by a ceremonial knife. The sacrifices deteriate then Iinan and Unu regenerate," Arden replied.

something to be remembered ;)

Unu finished chanting from the book and she handed it to Iinan. She leaned down to kiss James, but the chain he was tied down with finally snapped. Because of the force of it he accidentally hit Unu, and she fell onto her back. Iinan rushed over to her. Everyone who was looking gaped in shock at what happened.



They both started firing their rifles at Iinan, Unu and all of their guards. As before Unu and Iinan were not affected by the phaser blast.

As *twitch* before

Fine. Phaser fire on Unu tickled her, but Iinan was shot twice and it stalled him. I don't remember him giggling "stop, or at least aim lower"

Iinan looked up at the balcony where Morgan was. He then stared at five of the dead people. Like zombies

oh f$$$ you past Marill

"Unu, you go and finish off that girl with the book, I'll take care of these two," Iinan commanded. Unu nodded and she headed for the corridor where the zombies through. Iinan pushed his hand out to do a spell but nothing happened. He looked at his deteriated hand with puzzlement planted on his face.

Oh you Resurrection and your wrong ways to bloat the word count.

"It obviously wasn't that one then," Morgan muttered as she turned the pages.

One zombie attacked Morgan from behind. She screeched like she usually did and she threw it over the balcony

ok, that image was a little funny, I'll admit. Morgan do more of this and I'll stop whining, as much

Another two zombies attacked her. She picked up the book and she whacked them both with it. They fell to pieces before her eyes. She shuddered again.

shuddered is going to be Morgan's "dizziness came over her" and "suddenly somebody was punched, then OMG IT WAS JAMES" isn't it

Two zombies were waiting for her, she hit them with the rifle. One's arm got knocked off in the blast. It fell to pieces onto the ground.

Morgan somehow got the rifle stuck inside one of the zombies.

Look, if you don't know how she got her rifle stuck, don't expect the readers to know or care.

he turned her back to them, and she ended up face to face with Unu. She had a knife with a golden handle, and she pointed it at Morgan's neck.

"Don't try anything," Unu said, she held out her available hand. "The book, or you'll suffer more than a flesh wound," Unu said in an unusually threatening voice

They Said In A Muttered Voice: 1

Typically once I introduce a counter, it stops happening as often. *eyes shifting*

Fifth Voyager Is S$$$ Counter: 35

and now we wait

Morgan slowly handed the book over to her, then she used her rifle to smack against Unu's head. She fell against the wall. Morgan easily took the book back.

Really, she hit her in the head and took the book back AND she isn't left with a scratch on her cheek. come on man, that was so cliche, why didn't I do that?

"Very well, I'll just have to hurt you the old fashioned way," Iinan said. He started walking towards Jessie, but James punched him in the face, and he stumbled backwards a little bit.

RIP Badasses Off Screen counter

Nah, I already learned not to let my guard down.

back to the story, huh Iinan? I thought the goal was to regen via killing them

 Iinan just smiled at him

Just A Little Bit More: 2

"You are strong, but not strong enough to beat me," Iinan said, he looked at some zombies who were behind him. They walked over to Jessie and they held her back.

*snicker* what?

Why the order to hold Jessie back?

Why didn't he at least attempt to even/overwhelm the odds by having them help him fight James?

Why does he think he isn't strong enough? I suffered through that "he's heavy" scene, don't tell me it was for nothing

Seriously, why hold Jessie back?

Has no one warned Iinan of the off screen curse, cos those **** that follow this sentence are going to bite him in the arse.


Craig and Arden were taken by surprise as eight zombies attacked them. They used their rifles to fight them.


Morgan knocked Unu to the ground


Morgan knocked Unu to the ground, the knife she was holding flew out of her hands. Morgan quickly picked it up and she pointed it at Unu. More of her face deteriated, including most of her arms. Morgan tried her best not to cringe. Unu climbed to her feet, as Morgan shuddered a little bit. Unu walked towards her but managed to stab her in the stomach with the knife. Unu stumbled into the wall again, she pulled the knife out of her. Suddenly the rest of her body reverted back to the way it was when she woke up. Morgan picked up the book and her rifle and she rushed down the corridor.


At least this whole paragraph isn't she did this to her, she did that. I stubbornly used names a lot, but this;

Unu walked towards her but managed to stab her in the stomach with the knife. Unu stumbled into the wall again, she pulled the knife out of her

what the f$$$ is this??????????????? EPIC FAILURE is what it is. I'll take it at face value, either Unu stabbed herself or Unu stabbed Morgan in the Justice Zone and got the brunt of it

Iinan stumbled into the wall, for no reason.

I knew I RIP'd too soon

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 1

that for no reason has pissed me off so much, I'm going to put it as a separate mark in the negatives column. Usually the off screen stuff makes me laugh, but this, "no reason". WHAT, GAH, WE KNOW THE REASON

Suddenly his face reverted back to the way it was before regeneration.

I imagine someone out there is thinking, this is why Iinan stumbled back into the wall "for no reason." Nope. Unu's face disintegrated a bit after a blow from Morgan, then was completely reverted to corpse form after a stab from the sacred knife (didn't I say to remember this?). Previous scene Iinan was threatening to pick a fight and when we return to him he's stumbling into a wall, his face disintegrating. Yeah no, I'm not that daft. I know an avoidy James smackdown when I see one.

it's also followed by some more bullcrappery

"James!" Morgan yelled from another balcony. James looked up, and she threw the knife down at him. It landed on the ground next to him. "Get him in the stomach, he'll degenerate!" Morgan yelled. James knelt down and picked up the knife. Iinan took advantage and he knocked James to the ground. The knife came out of his hands, and it flew across the ground.


needless dragging out ism

Unu emerged from a different corridor and she picked up the knife. Suddenly somebody punched in what was left of her face. She fell onto the ground. Jessie took the knife out of Unu's damaged hand.

James: Hey, the suddenly somebody smacked the villain gimmick is my thing!

 Morgan re-opened the book and she scanned through the pages. She stopped at one, and she started reading out one of the passages.


Iinan pushed James into the wall

Let me guess

 Iinan walked closer to him and he put his hand around James' neck. Suddenly Iinan collapsed with a knife in his back. He degenerated.

"Eew, that was gross," Jessie moaned as she picked the knife back up.


it still works but grumble

Okay twice James has needed rescuing during this fight scene, and by the girl he was meant to rescue. I'd laugh if it were intended to be a clever switcheroo and/or a Jessie isn't a damsel reminder slap to Craig, but I'm not clever so I really doubt it.

The for no reason and James' easily getting smacked/thrown around after the being too sturdy/fat/strong etc to move scene in part 3, feels more like peg taking down, ala Morgan versus Seven both rounds 1 and 2. Tip to past Marill, don't build up both your Slayers to seem so invincible/Sue/god like that the plot grinds to a halt because the villains have to win, then have the villains flick them over a few scenes later. It's jarring. They can be strong but still defeatable, flawed, human etc... PLEASE JUST MEET IN THE MIDDLE, THAT'S ALL I ASK, then consistency will follow

"Er, hadera snuta turagi, nalu," Morgan said as she read the book. Suddenly a huge flash of white light engulfed the entire room. Iinan and Unu screamed as their bodies disintegrated. The light faded away. All of the zombies collapsed whereever they were standing. Craig, Arden and Morgan headed back to the main room.

Hurray, the end

 All of a sudden they could all hear the sound of thousands of bugs coming towards them. They looked towards the main doors, in a few seconds thousands of the huge bugs appeared. They came towards the group.

"Maybe not," Morgan muttered.

It's quite facinating how early FV seems rushed and dragged out, at the same time. I can see how Resurrection did it. It skipped stuff like discovering Unu, the Craig/James bickering round 2 I thought there was, showing of the actual threat Unu/Iinan posed. It rushed through the fight scene, skipping a clearly needed James v Iinan scene for both of their sakes, the mythology, again the Unu and the past lives reveal. Though it still had time for Emma/Morgan we all feel sick adventures, drunk scenes, victim blaming, Voyager and the Dellia banter.

Typical FV in a nutshell, good stuff is brief and sometimes rushed. The bad stuff goes on for ages, and not because it's bad in a "time slows when you're being tortured" way, it actually does take bloody ages to get through. So does complaining about it, as you can see.

Voyager entered orbit of the planet. The storms that covered the entire planet disappeared.

oh yeh, Voyager's here. must be due some bad/connection hijinks

"Doctor, can you use the connection with Emma to get Morgan's location?" Chakotay asked.

"I believe so, but Emma will have to come to Sickbay."

No, I don't believe you. This wasn't the intention of this crapfest. F$$$ you

The Doctor placed a strange device on Emma's neck. He then walked over to a console and he began working on it.

"I've found her Captain," the Doctor said eventually.

Well at least there's a bad thing that is rushed, a rare example. HURRAY

"Janeway to Transporter room two, we're sending you the co-ordinates of the away team's whereabouts, get a lock on them," Kathryn commanded.

"We can't Captain, a strange sand storm is surrounding the entire area."

"Faye, that just isn't good enough!" Kathryn snapped.

"We may be able to get a lock on them if we got into a lower orbit."

spoke too bloody soon

you saw it, the storms had disappeared. Iinan and Unu is dead, they caused it, FULL STOP


The viewscreen changed to show behind Voyager. A huge sand cloud was indeed following them. It re-shaped and it changed to look like the front of a man's face.

We've done this bit Resurrection. Seriously.

Also Iinan is supposed to be defeated. Yes I know he's a re-occuring villain but wrmnteigmvepgmnefdgnfd

The cloud hit the back of the ship, and it lurched forward. The cloud surrounded the entire ship, the shields fluctuated and then disappeared.

"Commander, we're going down, and I can't stop it!" Bryan yelled.

Seriously, we've done this already

Everyone looked at the viewscreen, they were heading down towards Naptwo itself.

"Bryan, can you still take us up?" Chakotay asked.

"I think so, but..." Bryan replied.

"Faye beam the away team out of there now!" Chakotay yelled.

"If I do there's a high chance that... "

"Just do it, if you don't we'll all die!" Chakotay yelled.

Huh? Is he yelling that at Faye, cos what? It makes more sense if he was yelling at Bryan.

ohgod I give up, this is Unu stabbing herself all over again

It was too late, Voyager crashed into the taller buildings, causing them to collapse. Voyager flew up out of the cloud. Just as Voyager re-entered the clouds the entire city of Naptwo collapsed.


"The curse has been destroyed, thanks to you. We will smile upon you always, good journey," the Maji man said. The viewscreen changed back to the original view. Everyone looked at each other with a confused expression on their faces.

I know rite, but this is an almost direct quote from The Mummy. "Thanks for killing the mummy, even though you revived him and he killed people, caused fireballs to rain on Thebes or Cairo can't remember, and infected hundreds of people with boils and sores. You guys are the best."

"It certainly is an interesting story," Kathryn said.


It would've been if it were half the size, but my arms and fingers hurt so bad, I started this last year ffs.

"It was an interesting experience. The four members of your crew deserve an award for what they've done for our planet," Arden said.

"I think them being safe is reward enough," Kathryn said.

"We do apologise for all the trouble we have caused you, the least we can do to make up for it is to allow you to trade for supplies," Arden said.

I can't sigh enough. Kill me. just get to the final scene cos I know what to expect there and it's mostly good

"You seem to be in perfect health now, Crewman," the Doctor said and he closed his tricorder. "I'll be in my office if any of you need me," he said. He walked towards his office and he sat down at his desk.

Emma and Craig walked out of Sickbay. Morgan went into the Doctor's office to talk to him.


"So, er, did you mean what you said?" James asked quietly.

"When, or what do you mean?" Jessie asked.



"You know, when you said that you, were in love with me," James replied even quieter than before.


James: TOTALLY though that stealing my gimmick was kinda hot

Jessie: WHAT?


"Oh... that," Jessie muttered and she looked at the floor in embarrassment.

yeah that, stop ruining the moment Marill

"Did you?" James asked.

"Well, er, yeah I think I did," Jessie muttered in response.

CUE THE I mean rousing music

James leaned down and he kissed her briefly.


"Well, I would think it was obvious," James replied.

"No, it isn't, this isn't the first time you've done that," Jessie said.

OH SNAP, she's sorta not wrong, or right. i'm confused.

"Well it's simple, er, I love you too," James said quietly.


Everyone: BOOOO

Jessie smiled slightly. "That's the nicest thing you've ever said to me," she said.

Really, I can think of better examples but hey okay, whatever floats your shipper boat

She then put her arms around his neck and she kissed him. He kissed her back as he put his arms around her.


What they didn't know

wait whut? no

was that Morgan was watching them. She smiled as she walked over to the console.


she deactivated the Doctor and she walked out of Sickbay.

UM... and er, okay, I'm gonna need an expert to make the final verdict. Lilly?


Okay that's settled, moment ruined.


Counter Results:

One-Off Counter They Said In A Muttered Voice: 12 + 1 (13)

Muttered Count: 83 + 25 (750)

Sexist Crap Count: 3 + 0 (26)

Jessie's Sin Points: +10 (28)

Morgan the Sue Count: 1 + 1 (19)

Annika Dies Count: 0 (8)

James Kill Count: 0 (2)

James Dies Count: 0 (3)

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 1 (15)

Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 11 + 1 for the nobody should care discussions about Part 3's love confession (37)

Just A Little Bit More: 4 + 2 (21)




1) The Doctor narrating the prologue to a class of kids.

2) Morgan and Emma are connected together via a random console sparking into flames when they both decide to lean on it at once. I have other problems with this plot which are marked separately, but this... just what? laziness

3) Voyager knows that the Maji don't like aliens visiting but they go anyway, and Janeway sends her teenaged daughter to lead said mission. What?

4) The Maji shoot them down into the desert with the cursed mummies are, clearly don't check if they survived and skedaddle. Not to mention they, like Ardeth in The Mummy, warn them to leave instead of dragging them out or killing them, leave themselves and come back much later after the curse is unleashed. so so stupid

5) Sure I needed to kick off the James/Jessie/Morgan triangle, but did I really need everyone including Jessie to turn on James and blame him for Morgan kissing him. Such victim blaming is more than a little painful. Fine, have Craig be mad at him. He's wrong to be but it fits (see positives). Jessie's jealousy and lack of sympathy hurts my everything, while any likeability Morgan has left is wiped away with these scenes.

On a related note, we're all tired of women forcing themselves on James. Hopefully his new relationship might put the rest of them off.

6) The drunk scenes. So much wrong, so little can be bothered to repeat myself.

7) The Emma and Morgan connection storyline as a whole. I've talked about it at length already. It's so forced, pointless, wrong and pretty damn juvenile. It's also everything wrong with Territory so, I'm gonna blame this movie for that too.

8) Oh we violated some aliens wishes to visit their planet, on purpose with knowledge of this fact AND why they wish it. But the Maji are the super bad guys and screw them cos they shot down the intruding shuttle, MY DAUGHTER IS THERE who i sent instead of an actual officer BUT MY GOD MY DAUGHTER NEEDS ME, RALLY THE TROOPS, F$$$ THE MAJI

9) Morgan stumbing into the tunnels is played off as a sleepwalking joke? She never does this again, so yeah I was always sure that Iinan lured her there because (spoilers he did fancy Makia and only used Unu), but since that's never explained or said the movie leaves the explanation as sleepwalking lol. Do not like. Not funny, not necessary.

10) The Unu randomly showing up, as well as the OMG THEY LOOK LIKE JAMES AND JESSIE, reveals combined both scream "rushed like a Hunters ending". I couldn't be bothered to write in stumbling on Unu in any other way, and writing the regeneration into less zombie state. Clearly it was too hard. That Jessie meeting Iinan scene wore out the descriptive juices for a good few years

11) Forced corner writing into. The movie does this a lot but the biggest one for me is definitely the standoff between Iinan/Unu and stubborn statue James. I'm actually not sure what I was going for in this, and why the struggle. I didn't care about the villains humiliating the Slayer characters since they didn't even use magic to best Morgan, and yet James is too heavy/strong to take Jessie from. I find it ridiculous that Morgan couldn't keep a tight enough hold on a book, but James could clutch a women so hard without hurting her that the villains could not even budge her.

I clearly wanted the love confession at the end, but was faffing about with this really the only way to do this? No, it wasn't even A way. It doesn't flow well at all. It dragged (kinda like my reviews), made little to no sense (again like my reviews), turned an attempt at a tense situation into a not funny laughing stock. Iinan and Unu enter the scene flouncing powerful magics, the "heroes" look doomed for sure. By the end of it they're whiny Seventh Voyager/Damien esque characters who not only don't know what they're doing, but look pathetic doing so. It makes James' furious meltdown and Jessie's "ohnoes I'm gonna die, better tell him" reactions once they leave all the more jarring. His almost bored behaviour seemed more appropriate to the way that scene ended up.

12) While it's perfectly in character for James to lose all reason and want to barge in to rescue Jessie, cos well yeah that's always his biggest weakness and that's not changing anytime soo...ever, Craig and Morgan both agree it's reckless. Craig points out it could backfire and kill Jessie, they're so so right and yet despite the argument, Morgan agrees cos it's the only "plan" they have. I'm starting to think the argument was to spark Craig and James tension, nothing more. If I do reboot and that's pretty damn likely, I may mix it up so they all agree on an actual plan still involving the book liberation and James has to stay behind, at least until Unu/Iinan hear the bomb and send in the zombie troops, but he goes in on his own as bait anyway. Wouldn't need much altering, just have James' convincing outnumbered bout in a different scene to Morgan's Sue battle and this problem solved.

13) While I eventually got that it was a trick eventually, the differences between James and Morgan in the "dead people" fight scene was far too over the top in the ALL HAIL PERFECT MORGAN sense. I'm okay with the James getting outnumbered part. Trap or not that's realistic, he's still one person despite his strength advantage, he can't see everything, deflect and hit everyone, he only has four limbs and two eyes. It's the reason that despite his improvement in the later seasons, he still gets his arse handed to him, cos it's absolutely boring and predictable to have the hero win flawlessly all the time.

Which brings me to the problem I have with this bait and switch scene. James isn't the problem here, that's what I like about him, he's flawed, he can lose and he screws up (ignoring the fact that he got caught on purpose but nm, doesn't detract from my point cos I was tricked into forgetting he was bait). Morgan on the otherhand, follows his loss with not just holding her own, which would be fine, but awesomly owning everything around her (beating the crap out of everything coming at her, I believe the text said) despite her crippling fear. Remember Craig's comment earlier; "as you know, Morgan has no flaws but one of them is fear of the dead." So not only is she effortlessly winning when she's outnumbered, she's conquered her only flaw which has only been public knowledge for 1/2 parts of the episode, to do so. If that isn't blatant Mary Sue pandering, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS

Fine, have Morgan do okay versus the zombies while James loses and is captured. Have her struggle a bit, make her get hit a few times cos she's fearful of her attacker. It doesn't change the scene at all, the trick still works. James is still losing on purpose but making it appear genuine. Morgan yawning off roughly the same amount of attackers not only makes Morgan look perfect, if this kinda stuff didn't happen in older episodes I would've pointed out that the huge difference in skill was fishy and anyone would've realised James was baiting them. Both struggle, one loses and is taken away... I mean ffs Morgan even comments "shouldn't we try to make this look unintentional" and she's the one blowing the cover in the first place. She says it as if James was the one that ruined it. Um no dear, your super saiyan The One routine did that.

Plus yeah it makes James look like a weak chump compared to her. Not really a problem cos again, this is a trick. However I must remind that Morgan was thwarted by a woman walking blatantly over to her brandishing a knife, slicing her and she not only doesn't see it coming, doesn't do anything but hand her the book. The end of Part 3 it is said in gold and black that Morgan uses her whole strength to hold James back, but he breaks away regardless. Then there's the Seven fights in Saturday Night. It seemed like the Sueness of Morgan was spotted and fixed, while James was given a fighting chance to be at least even with her. Part 3 had James be a little Sue-ish with the standoff, and then this comes along to chuck us back where we started in The Love Spell. Remember that, yuck. No thank you!

In a nut shell; James can kick ass sometimes but he can also lose, realistically. That's a "hero" character people can root for, cos it's not always a guarantee that he's gonna save the day. Having a character like Morgan win despite the odds against her is boring and predictable. Her earlier losses also are so full of bulls$$$y, blink and missy, that they don't feel genuine, like they're attempts to say "see, she's not a Sue, she can lose!" They make no sense compared to her winning scenes. She can beat up a zombie army on her own but can't handle Seven slapping her around? James made Seven his bitch with little effort and gets overwhelmed by said army. lolcomeon. It's so jarring cos I've proved I can do this right, James is actually the example. I can write a character who's superpowered lose quite often and have it make sense. Don't get me wrong his aren't perfect, hence my power level remarks, but they're proof I can do this right so why can't I do the same with Morgan? Honest question, cos I'm sure this crap goes on for many more episodes/seasons.

14) Why did Iinan stumble back "for no reason", when it's clear wtf happened. He's about to fight James and the scene shifts to everyone else. James has had readable fight scenes, again SATURDAY NIGHT EXISTS, GOD, so why am I still not only hiding them as if I'm ashamed of him, but lying with this for no reason bollocks?

Have you noticed that the winning part of the James versus Iinan fight was not shown but when Iinan gets the upperhand we see every bit of it. I'm starting to think I wasn't actually being clever and making James flawed, able to lose etc as described above, and just really disliked him and wanted him to suffer. I know it isn't true, I only disliked Season One James but...ugh

At least I still get to make my off screen jokes, which amuse me to no end.

15) Voyager's and the Dellia's hijinks bored the crap out of me, I stopped quoting it. Speaking of, the Voyager versus Iinan's Face Cloud, despite the fact he's defeated and the storms were supposed to be gone, adds nothing to the story but time wasting. It's only there cos I made a poster with Voyager in front of The Mummy's face cloud graphic. That is the reason, you heard it here first and I bet nobody is shocked. Nothing of value would be lost if I had Iinan and Unu defeated, Morgan and co sigh in relief, Voyager shows up and beams them up. It's needless attempt at tension doing the bug chase, Voyager trying to beam them up before crashing, which you know I suck at doing. Skippable and again, we lose nothing so I recommend skipping to the last scene once Iinan and Unu die. Trust me.

16) Morgan totally ruins the moment with what she thinks is a sweet thoughtful gesture so her two friends can make out without being interrupted, but is really quite mean and reduces the Doctor to an object she can just turn off. Imagine if this were someone else. Would she have punched them out? Really, think about it. Or don't, it's still a mood killer regardless. End it on the kiss and its perfect.

Sub-total: 16


1) I do like the changes to the Imhotep/Iinan background story, which includes the love interest as the second villain, as well as foreshadowing the third character's involvement in the sequels. omgspoilers. The half reincarnated thing could be explained better, the rest seems more than fine to me.

2) Part 3's trip into the underground tunnels and the Iinan meeting is as good as FV's gonna get for quite a long time. Jessie's scene after falling through the trap door is damn good, for me... in 2001.

3) I keep complaining about Craig's behaviour in the ReReads, and yet I'm only really going to mention it in Positives. Why? It's not written badly by accident; as in I've tried to make Craig seem right but written it in my 2001-esque manner so anyone with sense would call foul. While he annoyed me during this, I recognised that he's meant to.

Craig is super insecure and when it comes to Morgan, he doesn't think with his brain at all. He wants to impress Morgan and be with her, thinking that only cliche manly types get the girl. BUT he's trying to do this to Morgan, who will always be stronger than him and isn't really that impressed when he's acting tough and later only is during his actual brave moments; when he knows he's in over his head but tries anyway. Genuinely, not when he's trying to impress the girl.

Then there's James, who he has seen as his best friend since meeting him in Season One. For a time he felt on equal ground to him, but he's been seeing him as a love rival for a few episodes now. James is also like Morgan, much stronger than Craig can hope to be, and so is getting increasingly threatened by him. Add an unconsented to kiss which Morgan's instigated, equals a very very insecure Craig who lashes out.

So in a nutshell, Craig's in character, he's following his character arc and while I'll miss the two getting along, I dig the James vs Craig scenes very much (usually, that first was a bit dry).

4) I like the brief Morgan and James moment in the beginning of part 4, where she tries to comfort him. Pretty sweet considering what's gone before, however it's a nice hint as to their relationship for later eps. Craig's huffy jealousy seals the deal.

5) Iinan's really creepy moves on Jessie. Brr, did get chills picturing that. Though to be honest, not all of that is to what's written's credit. As said in the ReRead, remind us of what he looks like and the creepiness of Iinan ramps up a tad. Though to be fair, a reminder might not be wholly necessary since the readers should remember already and it might be too repetative since I'd prefer to do this during the kiss of death scene. Still a positive with or without the lookalike James reminder.

6) The opening narration mentioned that Unu was bewitched by Iinan after her father's murder, by him, and so the Iinan/Unu thing isn't a love affair gone wrong like The Mummy, but a drugrapey nightmare which makes Iinan so much more evil than Imhotep. Anyway I was worried Resurrection wasn't going to do anything with that and instead portray them as only lovey dovey despite clearly knowing that their "love" story is darker than that. The bits were subtle, which is fine; Unu telling Iinan to leave an almost mirror image of herself alone when he's putting the gross creep on. Taking on Morgan (aka Makia, who spoilers for sequels, did have a hand in killing her dad) makes her act differently. While we're not meant to like Unu later, I still think she's the more in depth and better written character of the trio.

7) I complained for several paragraphs, and there's still some merit in it hence the negative version of this. But I have to admit, the James gets outnumbered bit while Morgan beats the s$$$ out of everything despite her paralysing fear of zombies, really fooled me. I thought this was another Morgan is super awesome, James is a hotheaded screwup who should worship her Morganness and kiss her feet. It wasn't. James was bait for Iinan and Unu, and for my ranting habit.

8) I begrudingly like the attempt at doing fight scenes, which in the olden days would've been rushed (far more than it was) cos "action scenes are hard, wah". It has flaws like the dragging things out, the bug chase, poorly timed "meanwhile other character is", Who Stabbed Unu, Iinan getting zero chance to shine as a villain, and Unu's getting to and from the five metre tall balcony in a blink of an eye when again Iinan could've been given a moment instead. It's an attempt though and some of it isn't bad, credit is due here.

9) James and Jessie are together and all is well in the world, woot. But seriously, it's awkward with all the lowered voices and nervous er's, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Of course they're nervous and awkward, their last relationship clearly ended sourly. I'd call foul if they started declaring love for each other in bold voices and cliche speeches, followed by intense making out. That's not James and Jessie, and that's not my writing style even now.

My main compliment though is dat kiss. The second one, not the first peck on the lips. For shifty, eew writing kissing scenes makes me ill (unless I'm making Morgan copy off her actress) Marill of the 2001 era, that's actually a damned fine described kiss. We know what they're doing during the kiss ffs, that's like pron to past Marill, GOD.

So yeah, would've been a 10/10 perfect ending to melt cold hearts... if it weren't for Morgan pretty much knocking someone unconscious so he doesn't see, and it being written as if it was sweet of her to do. Nope. Sorry.

Sub-total: 9

Marill's Rating: 36%

Rankings So Far:

#01 Resistance: 53%
#02 Disconnected: 40%
#03 Interactions: 37%
#04 The Resurrection: 36%
#05 Saturday Night & Precise Timings: 31%
#06 Games Resistance: 29%
#07 Thrown Key Part 2: 23%
#08 F9: Control Failure: 21%
#09 Dimension Jump: 14%
#10 The Love Spell: 10%

Well, I did guess that its chances of catching up to Resistance were almost zero after all the crap Part 2 pulled. I suppose Man Out Of You really is the only threat to Resistance. True Q and Bittersweet might challenge, but both probably have a few too many issues holding them back. We'll see. We'll see.

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