Marill Re-Reads "Resistance"

"Hello there, today's the big day. Wish me luck," he said cheerfully.

"You'll certainly need it," James muttered.

"What do you mean?" Simon asked.

"She'll not be interested," James replied.

James laying it on thick. Couldn't resist the juicy bait, could ya?

He's not wrong though. The odds are higher for me winning the lottery and living just okay-ever after.

"Ever since something happened in college she's been put off relationships," James replied.



No really, WHAT, WHO, HELP

"I was only kidding, really. That was a real scare, don't ever do it again," Simon said.

"I wasn't kidding," James said.

No, you're lying or retconning. I dunno what you're talking about

"Stop having me on, you're starting to annoy me," Simon said.

"I'm not having you on. I'm telling you the truth so you'd better keep your mouth shut," James said.

The image I'm getting:


Anyone wanna take any bets?

"But, she wasn't scared of having one with you," Simon said.

"What are you talking about?" James asked.

And Round 1 goes to Simon with that blindside attack, his opponent reels from the wtf'ness.

"She told me about what happened six years ago, you know when you got jealous because Tom Paris had a crush on her," Simon said.

Oh my god, the underdog keeps piling on the punches to his dazed opponent!

"What did she tell you exactly?" James asked.

"She said that you two had a brief affair six years ago, not to mention that pretend college affair you had ten years ago," Simon replied.

This guy is unrelenting! Two for one, that's gotta hurt. James just didn't expect the guy who has known Jessie for five minutes to know so much. What is Jessie thinking?

"Great, has she told you everything?" James asked.

"It would seem, she must really trust me, that's a good sign," Simon said.

WOAH, Round 2 goes again to the underdog. That trust comment's gonna leave a mark later.

"It doesn't mean that she's going to just get over her fear and start dating you," James said.

Rebound attack is weak, but "we" suspect here at Marill Re-Reads that he's merely warming up.

"I'm sorry but you are really annoying me now. If she had a phobia of relationships why did she have one with you six years ago? No, wait I see what's happening here. You're in love with her too and you're just trying to get rid of the competition," Simon said.

Ohnoes, first rule of combat; don't give your opponent any ideas. Especially when you know he can do them. RIP Simon

"That's ridiculous, I got over her a long time ago," James said.

OOPH that lie recoiled and smacked him right back in the face

"Look, I'm only trying to protect her, and I'm also trying to stop you from embarrassing yourself," James said.

The crowd's chanting "take out the garbage," they must be getting impatient.

"Stop trying to put me off her. I think what happened between the two of you is long over with now, so get over it and move on," Simon said.

Oh, that blow looked like it would've hurt, but our James dodged that shaky "I think" opening, anyone would've saw that coming.

"That's not what I care about right now. Right now I'm worried about what her reaction will be when you tell her," James said.

"Worried? Are you worried that she might feel the same way about me?" Simon asked.

The feedback from the poll has come back and for some reason it's a magic 8 ball that's stuck on "not bloody likely."

"Are you worried that I might kiss her tonight?" Simon asked.

"All you'll get is resistance, hence the title," James replied.

The jeers are deafening, the fourth wall title explanation did not land well folks! It could've been the shippers, who knows.

"Look, if she does then I'll keep trying until I get there," Simon said.

From jeers to silence. It's awkward as hell in the ring

"Oh really, she'll thank me in the end. It's the only way to get her out of the phobia," Simon said.


Okay it's hard to keep this boxing/wrestling (take your pick) commentary joke up. Wtf? I thought the telling Jessie idea was bad. Simon thinks the best way to get a woman over her phobia of relationships, or rather pushy men, is to kissrape her. UM, WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF

"She'll resist, and if I find out that you've tried to push her into anything she doesn't want to do you'll regret it," James said.

Welp, rest in pieces Simon

"Oh really, what are you going to do?" Simon asked. The next thing he knew he was lying on the floor, with blood pouring down his face.

"Does that answer your question?" James asked.


"Not again," they both said in unison. Morgan tapped her commbadge.

"Janeway to Sickbay, James has hit someone in the face again," Morgan groaned.

At least he has witnesses this time.

Jessie ran to catch up with James.

"Hey! What are you in such a hurry for!" she yelled.

James stopped and turned to face her. "Here to tell me off for hitting your boyfriend?"



"Boyfriend? Where did you get that idea from?" Jessie asked.

Beats me

"I thought Morgan would of told you by now," James replied.

"She has, am I the only one feeling a bit of deja vu?" Jessie asked.

Huh, Jessie's handling this well. Though again she's only known Simon for a few days.

"This isn't the first time you've had a fight with a guy that's fancied me," Jessie replied.

"Your point?" James asked.

I think she made her point, keep up

Stop huffing

"He want's a relationship out of you, I was just trying to protect you," James replied.


Let's have another look at what Simon actually said before smackdown:

"Are you worried that I might kiss her tonight?" Simon asked.

"All you'll get is resistance, hence the title," James replied.

"Look, if she does then I'll keep trying until I get there," Simon said.

"That's what I'm worried about, you're going to be pushing her into doing something she doesn't want to do," James said.

"Oh really, she'll thank me in the end. It's the only way to get her out of the phobia," Simon said.

"She'll resist, and if I find out that you've tried to push her into anything she doesn't want to do you'll regret it," James said.

"Oh really, what are you going to do?" Simon asked. The next thing he knew he was lying on the floor, with blood pouring down his face.

If we didn't see this for ourselves, James' comment looks bloody awful(er)

"You don't get it do you. He said to me that he is going to try and kiss you, and if you resist he's going to keep trying. Saying no to him is not going to be enough, he's going to try anything to get what he wants," James said.

Why didn't you say this before? Some editing may be in order.

"I doubt he would try and hurt me or anything, you don't have to worry about it. I'll be fine," Jessie said.


"I'll be in the next room anyway. Don't tell him that I'm in the quarters. If you need me at least you'll know where I am," James said.

"If it'll make you feel better then ok," Jessie said.

Lol, humouring him. There's no other way this would've happened realistically.

"By the way, why did you tell him about our relationship?" James asked.

"It kinda slipped out, you know I almost saw a tint of jealousy in his eyes, and that's exactly what I see in your eyes now," Jessie said.

There's no denial on Jessie's end. I bet you think I'm gonna sin it.

Nope. Why?

"Don't you start too. First Morgan, then Simon, now you. For the last time it's not jealousy, it's just worry," James said.

"Yeah, that's more realistic. I wonder how the Doc's doing with his patient," Jessie said.

Oh look at her backpedaling. That's why.

"The Borg must have a new way of assimilation. A few of his bones have been replaced by metal ones to decrease breakage," the Doctor said.

"They obviously don't work very well," Morgan muttered.


"I have no idea, no human would be able to break these bones just by punching them," the Doctor replied.

"I knew it, James isn't human," Tom said.


"The only humans who could do this kind of damage are natural born or Chosen Games Slayers," Morgan muttered.

"What the hell is a Games Slayer?" Tom asked.

"Oh for heaven's sake, I'm not going through that again," Morgan moaned.

But but... this Chosen and Natural stuff I'm sure is new. God damn it


"Are you suggesting that Ensign Stuart is a Games Slayer, what ever that is?" the Doctor asked.

"No, it's just a possibility, a rare one. Natural born ones are very rare, they're even more rare than good looking EMH's," Morgan replied.


Still, what a twist. I can stop spoilering the Slayer comments now, yay

"What are you going to do all night?" Jessie asked.

"Don't know, I asked Morgan to beam into my room later, I don't know when she's coming though," James replied.

Wow the wrongness of this line. So wrong

"What is it with you and Morgan, have you all of a sudden become bestest buddies?" Jessie asked.

"Do I detect a hint of jealousy?" James said.

Hahaha nice one

"I'll never be jealous of Morgan, you two just have fun doing nothing, ok," Jessie said.

We can only hope

"Oh come on, lets play Snap again!" Morgan moaned.

"Keep your voice down, he'll hear you," James said.

"Oops, oh yeah, sorry. Another game of snap?" Morgan asked quietly.

"No, I'm sick of that bloody game," James replied.

"Oh that's because you keep losing," Morgan said.

I'm sensing a flaw in this plan

Actually, why is Morgan there? James showed he can handle Simon just fine, we had the Slayer revelation earlier. It's not that he needs her there. Is boredom really that much of a factor?

"I do, there's a Game Boy in there somewhere," James said as pointed at the mess on the floor.

The what? oh the datedness

"I'm not going in there, I'll not come back alive," Morgan said.


"Maybe later," James replied.

"Coward," Morgan muttered. She sat down on the edge of the bed and she started setting out the cards. She picked her walkman back up and she put her headphones on.

Ah that's why she's there, for the luls. Gotcha

Simon and Jessie were sitting on the sofa in total silence. Jessie had a bottle of Cherry Coke in her hands, Simon had a bottle of Dr Pepper.

*cracks knuckles*



ahem anyway, the awkwardness is awkward

"Did I tell you what your ex-boyfriend did to me?" Simon asked to break the silence.

"No you didn't, but I already know. What did you say to him?" Jessie asked.

Stop whinging Simon. You survived, what more do you want?

"We were just talking about how bad Neelix's play was getting along. I don't know what I said to upset him. I don't know how he managed to break my nose though. The Borg had replaced my nose bones with metal ones, along with some others. They're unbreakable," Simon replied.

Ho boy, so much to comment on.

He could've easily sabotaged James without even lying; we were talking about you and he got all aggressive. Hmm easy, so why not? The Neelix play story does make James look even more irrational, psychotic even, but it makes no sense and Jessie would never buy it even if she didn't find out from James what happened.

"Strangely is not a word to describe it," Simon muttered. He put his Dr Pepper on the table. "Listen, there's something I have to tell you."

Jessie thought, "uhoh, here it comes."

It's okay, it'll be fine. The force kiss stuff was just locker room talk between the boys.


"I know I've only known you for a few days but I've never felt this way about anybody else in my life. I just want you to know that, I love you," Simon said. Even thought Jessie already knew she still felt surprised. She put her Cherry Coke down on the table and she stood up.


(AND LOL, ITS BEEN A FEW DAYS, I WUV YOU. What is this, a movie?)

"I want you to leave," Jessie said quietly. Simon stood up.

"Why? What have I done?" Simon asked.

Ho boy, I can feel the nice guy whiny vibes from here.

"Nothing, it's me. I'm useless, if I did feel the same way about you I wouldn't know. I've never understood it," Jessie said and she walked towards the door to open it. Simon walked up to her.

Oh, well James' worries were warranted. Her reaction wasn't what anyone expected. Wow Jess. Here I was expecting/remembering an awkward rejection.

"I'll help you, if you want. I can try and explain it," Simon said. Jessie walked back towards the sofa and she sat down.

OHHHH I do remember this now. Coming of Time references/foreshadows/steals it.

"Lets see. There's lots of times when you can't stop thinking about the person, they're constantly on your mind. When you're with them sometimes you find that you're staring at them like a complete dope. Some people can't seem to talk to the person very easily. Last but not least, if you somehow get into a kiss you'll probably feel a strange sensation in your stomach, and you find that you don't seem to want to pull away. Those are some of the symptoms, are any of them familiar?" Simon said.

I don't see any of these being exclusive to romantic love. Crush/lust can be described like this. Explains why Simon thinks he's head over heels for Jessie. Get over yourself, you fancy her. But this happens;

He didn't seem to get an answer off her, she was just sitting in a daze. Simon gently shook her to get her attention. "Jessie? Are you okay?" he asked.

"No, I'm not. I did actually recognise most of those symptoms," Jessie muttered.

I wonder which ones.

I'm instantly narrowing out dope staring and tongue tied.

"Oh, I don't mean to be nosey but who were you thinking of?" Simon asked.

Translation: Please pick me, its me, better be me

"I'm sorry, it's not you. I'm really sorry," Jessie stuttered and she stood up again. She headed towards the door. Simon also stood up.


"I know who it is, it's that jerk you live with, isn't it?" Simon said as he walked up to her.

"He's not a jerk, and it's not him," Jessie said.

Uncomfortable Level: 20%

"Don't try to fool me, I may have only known you for a few days but I know when you're lying," Simon said.

Uncomfortable Level: 30%

"Please go now," Jessie said.

"No," Simon said.

Uncomfortable Level: 100%

"If you don't go I'll call security," Jessie said. Simon grabbed her commbadge and he threw it away.

Uncomfortable Level: 500%

"Why do you need to do that? I thought we were friends," Simon said.

Uncomfortable Level: 1000%

"We are, it's just I need some time alone, and if you don't go then I have to call security," Jessie said.

"But you don't need to be alone, not when I'm here," Simon said.

Uncomfortable Level: 10000% CRITICAL

"Why are you acting this way? I'm not going to hurt you," Simon asked.

"I don't care, go," Jessie said.

Uncomfortable Level: 20000% SENDHELP

"You don't want to be alone do you? You want to have your boyfriend back, well if I don't get you then he won't," Simon said.

Uncomfortable Level: 100000% RED ALERT WAS BACK AT 100%, WHAT'S TAKING SO LONG

Oh my, so yeah, that happened.

Morgan heard something through her headphones. She stopped the tape and she took off her headphones.

Stopped... the tape. Holy moly, and I thought Game Boy dated the episode.

She looked around the room, James had gone.


"Oh great, where is he," Morgan muttered. She rushed over to the door and it opened automatically. She saw Simon running out the door with a few scratch marks on his arms and face.


The glass table had been smashed. She saw Jessie lying on the sofa. "What the hell happened in here?" Morgan asked.



James was standing near the sofa and he helped Jessie to her feet. As soon as she was up she threw her arms around James and she hugged him tightly.

"Morgan, contact Security, tell them to go after Simon," James replied.

"But?" Morgan muttered.

"Do it!" James snapped.

I remember this well, it's still shocking though that James didn't charge after him himself. Wow. I'll comment later. It's a thing.

"I don't know, but I'm going to find out. Just get Simon," Morgan replied.

In: "There had better be a good explanation, Tuvok out."


wow. These two scenes alone is why I rank Resistance the best of the Season Two bunch. It's not trying to be too cool and edgy like the Disconnected's over the top bloody murders. It's very real, this crap happens all the time and it's not to "poor weak little girls". This happened to Jessie, who along with Morgan is considered to be tough as nails, you don't wanna mess with her. Then we have James who is usually OMG RUSH KILL, PUNCH anyone who even threatens to hurt her, stuck around to comfort her instead.

I love this scene so damn much and I wrote it in 2001, when I was 16. You've seen the rubbish I wrote in that year and that age. It's impressive I didn't OTT violence it or chicken out. The scene came out how I wanted it, which didn't happen a lot then but happens all the time now.

I have one issue with it though. James once more does his badass s$$$ "offscreen". Even the punching of Simon wasn't described, the aftermath was described as a "next thing he knew" sort of way. You get a picture of what he did here, and I'm not sure if a later scene tells you. oh well. Still, this not show but tell James' violent side is already wearing thin and I dunno when I cut it out.

"I was in the next room, I heard something in the main room so I took a look. That's when I saw that pervert Simon standing over Jessie while she was lying on the sofa, she looked like she had been forced onto it," James replied.

Jessie suddenly burst into tears and had to be comforted by Morgan.



You know it's bad when Jessie sobs, I'm sorry but it's true.

Little nitpick though, James really lacks some sensitivity here in his recap. But Morgan! God damn, remember Upendi guys? NO, GOOD

"What was he doing?" Kathryn asked.

Then again, Janeway's no better.

Jessie's clearly not ready to make a statement. James saw the most of it, have him make a statement with Morgan and Jessie outside. Swap with Morgan once he's finished. Having her here for this is wound salting.

"He was trying to kiss her, I think. That's what it looked like," James replied.

I think we all have a pretty good idea what he was doing. I guess this is where the chickening out started to happen. Still, James ain't gonna be keen on making definite statements about this, especially with his family history (and his own, remember Demon/Test of Time?).

"You don't know for certain, that isn't valid proof for an assault," Tuvok said.

"Oh come on, look at her, I've never seen her cry, ever," Morgan said.


Is it because James said it, and he likely injured the attacker so HE'S GOT TO BE LYING TO JUSTIFY VIOLENCE. What the hell Tuvok.

And yes Morgan, exactly. I'd say this is proof enough. I don't remember Jessie crying in S1 or early S2.

"Jessie, what was he doing to you?" Kathryn asked softly. Jessie tried to wipe away the tears from her face.

Just because you said it softly doesn't...sigh, we're gonna have James hurled into the brig and Simon free to attack again if she doesn't testify. WHAT AM I SAYING, Jessie's biased, she's gonna backup James' story. Doh

"He, said something about if he couldn't get me then nobody else can. He, pushed me hard against.. the wall, and he tried to kiss me. I tried to push him away, but I couldn't. He pushed me onto the sofa.. and that's when James helped me out," Jessie stuttered


"Tell me, what did you do to him?" Kathryn asked.

Simon's not dead, I think James deserves a reward for that restraint ESPECIALLY after the sister was raped and murdered reveal in the last episode. But no, James has to defend himself because he may have given the poor attempted rapist booboos.

You know I'm not angry at the episode, it's actually got this right, THIS CRAP HAPPENS. If this was real life; James would be in prison for assault. Jessie would have to relive this in court and have people slutshame her, "you invited him into your house, what did you expect." Then get death threats online for tarnishing the lovely Simon's name. Simon would be the victim, he was obviously misled by Jessie, how dare she be female around him. Friendzoning tramp.

God that was hard to write.


"I just pulled him away from her and pushed him into the table. If he hadn't of run away like a complete coward I would of killed him," James replied.

I believe you. Anyone would.

"I doubt you want another murder on your record, Ensign," Tuvok said.

Somehow I doubt James would be bothered about that. To be honest, it'd probably be the only kill he wouldn't really regret.

"What were you doing in his room?" Kathryn asked.

"Listening to Aqua, weren't you listening?" Morgan replied.

Lol, all this time you were worried about Craig. haha. I can imagine the blinding panic on Janeway's face.

In: "Alien ships have come into contact with us, Captain. They wish to speak to you."

"There isn't enough coffee in the universe," Kathryn muttered

Heh, I think I'd take this over the attempted rape any day.

"Our planet needs help. Our planet is in the middle of a heat wave and we cannot produce much food. Can you give us a few food supplies in exchange for some dilithium?" Surantagen replied.

"A trade would be acceptable. When do you want to make the trade?" Kathryn asked.

Well that was the shortest negotiation, ever. Sounded way too easy.

"Picacard..." Chakotay said.

"Two of clubs," Tom said. Suddenly the lights darkened and a purple light started flashing.

"Oh, that's the new Bad Joke Alert I installed, the Captain ordered me to install it," Claire replied.

"Bad Joke Alert? That wasn't a bad joke," Tom protested.

Okay at least the actual Picacard theft is what's being made fun of, while these jokes are sorta new. Gotta give credit where it's due, good job Resistance. Lose the James lookalike part and it's acceptable.

Tom swallowed hard and he turned his back on everyone. James and Jessie went into the turbolift as Naomi ran out. Harry screamed like a girl again and he ran into the conference room. Naomi ran after him.

"I just want to be your friend!" she yelled 

Does she have any other chat up lines? That's twice.

"Okay, is this episode a romance episode or something? Naomi has a crush on Harry, Simon is head over heels for Jessie, and so on. What's next? Morgan and Craig suddenly get together?" Lee asked.

Fourth wall talk, gtfo out, I want plot

"He taught me what the symptoms of love was, it was rather disturbing if you ask me," Jessie muttered.

"Sounds kinda worrying for a Fifth Voyager episode," James said.


Meh. This scene was meant to be written awkwardly. It does that far too well.

Jessie should be shaken from the attack, and also thrown from the love/crush/lust symptoms she recognised. She's alone with James for the first time after both, and the scene is meant to show the first time they or rather she's been wary of what to say to him. No its not meant to be the tongue tied symptom proof.

Unfortunately the attack takes a back seat a bit. Also the dialogue is Season One-like cringe and because it was edited to be less Season One'y, sounds like nonsense. Jessie's "disturbing" comment fits with what I described above, but it was edited down. James' response was not and now doesn't make sense.

I think he's meant to be saying "huh, this doesn't sound like a regular FV episode." Because I'm sure a lot of people reading this were wondering where the slapstick bad humour's gone. Resistance's tone is a far cry away from what came before.

Anyway for some reason James asks her about these disturbing symptoms. I dunno, if this is his way of distracting her, he needs to have a rethink. Talk about makeup.

"He said that if you get to kiss the person, right, you would have this urge not to pull away, and this strange feeling in your stomach, I mean what kind of clap trap is that," Jessie replied.

I like that she picked this one out of all the others, it's risky. Is it the one(s) she recognised the most and is in full denial, or is it the one she's not too sure about.

I know the answer. It's why I like that she dared to vocalise that one. Let's read.

James' response is a bit, well he's now in the awkward zone with her.

"Yeah, that guy probably has mental problems," James muttered.

LOL yeah what a goof that wannabe rapist is. People who like each other hate kissing each other. Look at Morgan. That's all the proof you need; a 16/17 year old with issues who is easily grossed out.

Again the scene does not treat this as a normal conversation. I'm sure it could do more but it does let you know; this s£££ is awkward

They were in complete silence for a minute.

"Er, how come we haven't arrived at the deck yet?" Jessie asked.

"Crap, I forgot to tell the lift where to go," James replied.

Yup yup. Clearly James cottoned on to the mood before she even said anything. I bet Tom wishes he had a camera setup in the lift (Thompson and O'Hara pron was getting a bit much)

Both ask for different destinations. Jessie's arrives first.

"I forgot to thank you for helping me out before, sorry," Jessie said. The turbolift door opened. She pressed the button at the side to close it again.

You could've opened with this Jess. Would've been far less uncomfortable right now.

"You don't need to thank me, I'm just glad you're ok," James said.

Elsewhere on Deck Six:


Morgan stepped out of the other turbolift. She looked around.

She thought, "this isn't Deck Seven, stupid piece of crap!"

Oh look guys it's Morgan and she's waving a distraction flag.

She tried to step back inside it but the door closed on her and left the deck. She kicked the door and it left a huge dent.

That's coming out of your pocket money, missy

Though nice to get a glimpse of how strong she is after the Slayer reveal for both characters. We've seen James, why not? (next episode should do it, not good enough reason for ya Marill?). Would be interesting to compare the shown power levels of the two until we learn more about them.

Only because I know I tried to make Morgan better than James. I remember that. Let's not get into all the why's of that now though. Next episode though, maybe!

She headed to the other turbolift. She pressed the button to open the door. She nearly burst out laughing, she saw James and Jessie kissing each other. Morgan cleared her throat to get their attention. They stopped and they saw Morgan looking at them.

Clearly Morgan's the guy who comes in.

Guys it happened!!! It wasn't a brief sweet kiss because he was dying for her, which I'm sure Morgan would call the infamous friend kiss. Morgan walked in, laughed and had to cough to get their attention. That's full blown making out, and they're sober.

BUTTTT get your brollies out, Marill's gonna rain on the parade. This is right after Simon tried to sexually assault, maybe rape Jessie. The timing, sheesh.

"This is my stop, bye," Jessie said quickly and she ran out of the turbolift and she disappeared down the corridor. Morgan stepped into the turbolift.

"Don't tell me, that was a friendship kiss," Morgan said as she tried to keep a straight face.

I'm surprised Jessie didn't start shouting, "IT WAS JUST CPR, PRACTICE, I FELL OKAY!"

"It started like that," James said quietly.

"I'm getting deja vu, once again," Morgan said.

You are? Do tell.

Come on Morgan, give him karma for making fun of you earlier. That scene had to be there for a reason. Please.

"Aren't you in the turbolift for a reason?" James asked.

"Deck Seven," Morgan ordered. The ship shook violently and the turbolift stopped for a few seconds. "Make that Deck One," Morgan said.


Ok brief interruption here. Another reason why I rate Resistance highly is the turbolift scenes. Yes that bloody conversation is so god damn infuriatingly awkward. Even if that's the point, it's still weird and needs work. BUT the intention of it.

Jessie obviously recognised what Simon was saying, and linked it with James. Lets not beat around the bush here, she meant him, otherwise her making out with him is a bit random. The fact that she brings this up at all raises eyebrows. James had no clue this conversation happened. If he could hear it, he might have ran in when Jessie was begging Simon to leave so... yeah James has no clue Jessie's had this revelation. Jessie brings this up for a reason, and I doubt it's to relieve the awkward air because that's the last thing that would.

Then when he takes the bait and asks for examples, she chooses the kiss one(s). If she were really saying "haha Simon's love symptoms are so dumb" she'd pick staring or being tongue tied. Heck you'd expect her to bring up anything but the kiss one. May I remind you Disconnected had Tuvok tell her like it was a fact James was in love with her, and she seemed to believe him. So when she says "haha enjoying a kiss and not wanting it to end is sooo obviously not love proof," she means; "prove it," one way or another. I'm not making it up, I remember this was her intentions, she wants to know where they both stand and a kiss is how to do that. She's not going to ask directly (again), there's a lot at stake now.

Funny thing is James wouldn't normally understand this. Not that he's that naive, but he'd think he misunderstood. The only reason he must have done was because this is the test he told Morgan about earlier. Jessie has done this before, it was definitely planned in already for the prequels, the dialogue set it in stone;

"I'll not tell who, lets just call them S & R, yeah that'll do. R thought that S was jealous because, er T, had a crush on her. Of course S wasn't. Anyway, for some reason R kissed S to test him. She told him the truth and a full blown argument started," James replied.

Only this time Jessie's not testing him for a crush. She's testing herself to see if she loves him.

But what about the not wanting to ruin their friendship? They've done this before and it did nearly do that. Why take the risk?

Honestly, speaking as the writer of this. I'll spoiler colour this as it's meant to be, for now, up for interpretation: Jessie does this hoping both of them will fail. She wants James to have moved on, or heck even to not kiss her at all. She doesn't want to have feelings for him of any kind. Jessie hasn't changed her mind, she wants them to be friends forever, nothing more than that. Hinting for or initiating the kiss carries a risk of screwing things up on its own (Holo Q, hello), but she's pretty shaken up after what happened to Simon, so you can't really blame her for this. At the very least it would be comforting, and she can say that's all it was if things go sour.

The answers are not meant to be known yet. At least for the moment. I believe Games Resistance gives you a vague one, an aftermath reaction that might give you an idea. The point is, I like that during the crappy, chicken out if things are tough era, I wrote something like this. Yeah the episode had a slow, boring first half but its second half hits the nail on the head.

Anyway let's move on.

"Our so called friends attacked us," Tom replied.

"Captain, the shields are gone," Tuvok said.

"What!" Kathryn exclaimed. Another phaser blast grazed the hull causing a few big explosions all around the ship.

Damn it Tuvok, we all know why this happened, you had plenty of time to stop it. Haven't you seen Generations? You were kinda in it, god.

"Somebody must have given them our command codes," Chakotay said.

"Something tells me that the person is the same one who's been sending secret messages out using other people's passwords," Kathryn muttered.


In: "The forcefields mustn't be working in the brig, because we were just attacked by Simon. He's heading towards the shuttle bay."

"What the hell is he up to?" Kathryn asked.

Ohnoes, Jessie ran off to write some denial novel. Let's hope there weren't any cameras in the turbolift, Simon doesn't need more excuses.

"Oh god, where has that guy gone this time," Morgan moaned. Everyone looked at her and noticed that James had gone.

Maybe. Just a theory.

"Captain I've got the shields operating but only at 25%," Tuvok said.

"It's better than none," Kathryn said.

I assume you changed the codes and shield modulation. Right??????????????????

Foster, Thompson and O'Hara snuck into the bay. As far as they could see, there was nobody else there. They continued to look around. They got to the Delta Flyer when they heard the bay doors open and close.

Tom really oughta put some better security on his precious baby. It's always the go to for situations like this.

The team opened the Delta Flyer's doors and they say Simon working at one of the consoles. Thompson and Foster aimed their phasers at him. Simon noticed and he headed towards them. Foster shot him, he stumbled backwards and he landed in the chair. The team walked over to him. O'Hara tapped her commbadge.

but but... garbage... taken out? *pouts*

Okay fine, James got him twice, that's fair.

"O'Hara to Tuvok, we got him. He was the one who was sending out secret messages," she said.

OR, he was trying to run away before he got murdered.

"So, you've finally stopped playing truant, it's about bloody time too," Thompson said.

"Oh shut up," James said and he pushed past Thompson and Foster. O'Hara stopped him.

Oooph so close.

"You didn't kill him?" James asked.

"No, why would we?" Foster replied.

Aaaw Foster, bless..... you'd save him for James to do it. You're one of the good ones.

"Look, I heard what happened between him and Jessie but it doesn't mean that we're just going to kill him because he's done something wrong," O'Hara said.

"You have a really boring girlfriend," James said.

um ohsnap?

A woman, the only woman in the room says this. I have a sad.

"Shields are gone again," Tuvok said.

"That's it, we're doomed," Tom said.


"Captain, somebody has beamed aboard the alien ship," Craig said from the opps station.

"Who?" Kathryn asked as another phaser blast grazed against the ship.

"Simon," Craig replied.



On the viewscreen the lead Valarian ship caught fire all of a sudden. It blew up a few seconds later.

"The other ships are retreating," Tuvok said.

He set him on fire first? Damn that's brutal

"A few simple words. Rushed story because of lack of time," Tom said. Instead of one brick landing on his head a couple did.

"Tom, stop annoying the writer," Kathryn said. All she got was a groan in response.

I dunno. The beginning was dragged out fluff, the Morgan remembers she was supposed to talk to James and him hanging out with Simon and Jessie scenes were rushed. The rest though did what they were meant to.

The real reason this story ended like this was because I didn't want another kill on James' resume so soon, and had no idea what to do with Simon.

I think

"Something aboard their ship exploded near the power systems, it caused a chain reaction," Tuvok said.

Omg he planted a bomb inside him before beaming...

Okay I'll stop insinuating that James beamed him. I'm only doing this because we go from Simon being KO'd and being sent to Sickbay, to him suddenly being free to beam over and be the hero. It's very jarring. A scene is missing here and I hope it's explained. It's a pretty huge flaw in an otherwise above average episode.

Everyone was in the conference room. They were all watching the computer screen on the wall. It showed Simon's last log entry that was recorded for everyone to see.

Oh god the following paragraphs. Can we get the cliffnotes?

Just today I found out something disturbing. What attacked my shuttle wasn't Borg, the cube was stolen from a race called the Valarians. They are cyborgs

Actually, that's sorta neat. Too bad we never hear from them again.

they capture members of compatible alien races and they put members of their race into them.

So... still kinda Borg then? I take it back, not that interesting.

Let me get this straight. Somebody is assimilated, then possessed but only partially? Have I got that right? Okay. I only remember the character stuff from this ep.

If you are watching this right now I am most likely dead.

James: *shifty eyes*

at those times I was being controlled by the Valarian. I'm even more sorry to Jessie. I didn't mean to harm her before.

How bulls$$$ Simon.

So this log was written in between the assault and the arrest, or after he escaped during the battle.

The thing is everyone, I didn't officially decide if it were Simon or the alien who attacked Jessie, as I wanted the reader to decide for themselves. I always did lean more to Simon did it though, and I have many reasons for that. The biggies are Simon was the one who seemed to fancy her, and two the alien would've been focused on the password stealing sabotage.

"But wait Marill, you've basically said there's no way the alien was responsible... twice, and yet you said earlier it's not officially decided and the alien could've done it," asked no one ever.

True, that's my POV on it. The alien would've been aware of Simon's life and took it upon him/her/itself to act accordingly so it wasn't discovered. It's a cyborg so likely it didn't understand the rejection or even didn't see what was wrong with the attack. I have arguments for both sides and even a lines are blurred it was bit of both of them version of events. I wrote it to be that way lol, but I personally blame Simon himself for that scene.

Anyway you are probably wondering how that ship exploded. I must of succeeded in injecting myself with one of the Doctor's viruses. 

Hahahahaha, oh you, pretending that the stupid viruses stolen from Red Dwarf were important to the plot

I beamed myself near a vital area so when the Valarian exploded it probably caused serious damage. Since my counterpart lured you into this trap by giving out secret messages I thought that this sacrifice was the least I could do. I wish you all a safe journey home."

I don't see a how he did that after being phasered and sent to Sickbay, anywhere in that claptrap.

It's safe to call it a STINKING PLOTHOLE

And for an episode like Resistance that's unacceptable. This isn't Mirror Universes or even The Love Spell, I don't care if those pisstakes had plotholes coming out of their ears (I cared so little the reboot of Mirror still has them!), Resistance is a good episode that achieved what it set out to do and had a lot of thought behind it. It shouldn't have f$$$$$ up like this.

"He recorded this not longer before he was put into the brig," Tuvok said.



"Not everything. How come the Doctor didn't detect the Valarian inside of Simon?" Kathryn asked.


wait, no that's a good question too

"The species must be advanced to be able to pull this one off," Harry muttered as he looked around the table hoping that Naomi wasn't there.

Yesss that's it, and they mastered transportation while unconscious too.

Nah screw it, James beamed him. Simon may have thought about doing this, but James did it for him, not that he knew, he just thought it'd be hilarious.

"So, did you and Craig work things out?" James asked.

"Yeah, when I told him the truth he wouldn't stop saying sorry. He thought it was all his fault," Morgan replied, she drank some of her Cherry Coke.

Have we settled on what that truth was? Pity, friend smooch, he had something in his teeth.

"I hope you and Jess haven't been having trouble," Morgan said.

"Well, she's been avoiding me. I can understand why," James replied.

oh dear

Question is, who made the actual first move. Jessie hinted enough, but she seemed to have to move on to "thank you for saving me" as that clearly wasn't working. Who kissed who?

This isn't another interpretation one. There is a right answer.    Jessie.

Picacard walked up to the table.

"Hello brother," he said cheerfully.

Oh dear. Is this why Tom thought he was so annoying he preferred James.

"Okay then, see you later," Picacard said. He walked through the door but it closed on him. Somehow he got electrocuted and he fell to the ground, obviously dead.

"Oh dear, I think he's dead," Neelix muttered. Everyone tried their best not to look happy. "I'll just clean up the mess," Neelix muttered. "Should I get rid of that smell?"

"Yes, Neelix, make it go," Tom said. The Bad Joke Alert came on again.

That wasn't completely copied from SMTV 2099 at all. Nope. Nosiree.

Anyways now that that's over, here's Picacard in all his two of clubs glory.

Don't you think these episodes are getting far too long?

No but the reviews are

Who the hell was Picacard?

Marill's uncomfortableness at having a completely serious episode about a love triangle, sexual assault, male entitlement, and heaps of shippy character development. What, not specific enough for you?

Where did Foster's twin come from? You know who I mean.

Probably the same place. I'd hope. WHAT, NO I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU MEAN

Will Jessie and James make up again?

Nope, James and Jessie later have an epic battle to the death in Season Five. Its a tense ride until then, hope you're ready.

Will the Bad Joke Alert be used again or will it disappear like the er.. bones lock, thingy?

Hahaha, you're serious?

Find out the answers to at least a few of these questions next time on Fifth Voyager.

I'm not even sure any of these get answered, but okay. Maybe one if lucky. Oh well, what a weak end to a good episode. Not surprised there was more in Resistance I didn't like, still liked a good majority of it. Let's score this S2 badass.


Counter Results:

Muttered Count: 72 (331)

Sexist Crap Count: 0 (7) Is it really sexist if the episode calls out s$$$y stuff where Jessie is assaulted, but she's doubted cos there's no evidence, or that Simon thinks he owns her cos he likes her. The episode wasn't saying these things were good, they were presented as bad. I'm gonna say no, not sexist.

Jessie's Sin Points: +2 (6)

Morgan the Sue Count: 1 (14) She was planned to have a part so I could develop her and James' friendship, BUT she turned a scene that was meant to be about his jealousy about her.


James Dies Count: 0 (3)

James Kill Count: 0 (2) Actually um, this one is up for debate. Simon beams himself to that ship whilst unconscious, just after James arrives. Suspicious. It's not conclusive, leaving it at 0.

Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 2 (16)

OMG ME TOO! James' Out Of Character Bulls***: 2 (13)

Just A Little Bit More: 0 (7)




1) Bryan has suddenly aged a few years. Seven month olds can't chow down on biscuits and talk like he did (or talk at all, someone confirm this, I'm still dumb). The two kids in the cage scene, completely ripped off from Pokémon is all kinds of gross.

2) Sexual magnetism and barfy causing viruses. Okay? One is from Red Dwarf, and two, the viruses are meant to be good. Luck is a virus for example. Barfing at the sight of Thompson isn't good for anyone.

3) Picacard. Even if the episode does at some point try to be different about it, making fun of the original joke, but the bads greatly outweigh the good.

4) Why does Simon need a guide? We need an excuse for him and Jessie to hang out, that's why

5) Although a ship being Borgnapped across the galaxy makes sense as a reason why the shuttle was there, it's still accepted far too easily. They welcome him aboard and that's that. Even when there's clear signs of someone betraying them, no one ever thinks of him.

6) Janeway "not being aware" that Jessie's crushing on James is so laughable, I thought mentioning Tuvok's shipping of them wasn't worth a point but because of that line, here it is anyway. Not only does it make her stupid, it forgets the previous episode where she, Chakotay and Tuvok talked about this when James was a murder suspect. AND ignores prequel stuff I know was in the works, since either the fourth, fifth, maybe sixth episode of B4FV Season One has moments described in a later scene. I won't get into the why Janeway has anything to do with said scenes, as it's quite spoilery. Trust me, she is very aware of this. And come on, everyone is!

7) I get the idea behind using Jessie and James' passwords to send messages to his people (hanging around with Jessie, then later using James' because he's been quite naughty lately), but I don't get how he got both of them. Maybe one if they weren't careful, he hangs around with Jessie enough she may have let it slip. How did he get James' though? I really hope he doesn't put that in the logs/diaries everyone seems to have read. Are we to assume his cyborg self is clever enough to get them from only getting access to his quarters? It doesn't say so I'm marking it.

8) Morgan's supposed to get the truth out of James about his skiving, kicking off the jealousy plot, or rather kicking off the SimonluvsJessie after 5 minutes plot. Only she hogs 99% of it to talk about Craig. Though some of it lead to prequel baiting, which was James/Jessie stuff of the past, so okay maybe 60%

9) The love confession scene to I assume make James feel threatened happens too damn fast. For a love triangle episode there's little scenes of all three characters in the same room. Showing the tension between them, why James isn't keen on him (because yeah, jealousy isn't his only motivation), anything would make that scene hit harder. It's also not clear if Simon tells him that to get a rise out of him or because he naively thinks James will be cool about it and help him out.

10) Telling Jessie in advance was a bad idea, and didn't really make much difference. James would've hid in his room anyway. I'll chalk that decision up to my own naivety on this. Nowadays I think the idea was a bit intrusive, cos if Jessie was happy about it, they ruined the moment for her.

11) I might have to extend the timeframe for Reboot Resistance, not because of Simon falling for Jessie in short time (I argued it's not love, but a crush so) but because a big part of the James and Simon argument was that James did not expect Simon to know so much about him and Jessie. And he's right to be shocked, Simon shouldn't. I'm adding a point to the Jessie Sins because it's really odd that she'd share something she's denied for years with someone she's known for a week. Most people wouldn't do this, let alone Jessie. True Simon can't be around for months, so it's tricky as to what to do here. For the moment, this is a problem.

12) Please stop avoiding writing James being violent scenes, past Marill. It's never shown, the scene either cuts out or we see the aftermath. You made the effort to change him into this character, so stop living in the bobbles poppy James past, he wasn't that timid anyway.

13) James' conversation with Jessie after he hits Simon has so many problems with it. Why does he huffily refer to Simon as her boyfriend when seconds ago he punched him out for threatening kissrape, you hit him because he was gonna force himself on her, you're not mad at Jessie.

14) Why do the aliens offer a trade to lure Voyager to their planet, when they can ambush them anywhere since they have the shield frequencies?

15) Simon escapes during an attack, is shot down at the last second by the Security team moments before James can get there, they beam him to Sickbay, and then he's in the alien ship? What? Massive plot hole.

16) Simon was pretentious enough to write an exposition log (Morgan must've been pissed) to be watched after his death, saying the alien inside him did all the bad stuff and he heroically saved the day (see 15). No one questions it, it's taken at face value. What a sloppy and quick ending. Not impressed at all. Doesn't help that the already marked Picacard stuff is the ending, but hey.

Sub-total: 16


1) It had nothing to do with the plot (but I believe its brought up in GR) but I had no real issue with the play scenes. Some of it was funny, while rest mildly inoffensive.

2) James is added to a Security Team with Thompson and Good Foster, and I never look back. The dynamic of the three (later four with Craig) is something I always enjoy writing and reading, and the fact that it's already there in their first episode is such a treat for me. Weird viruses aside.

3) Simon actually starts out quite pleasant. He's friendly and cheerful. Throughout the episode he gets more irritable and aggressive, which might show that the alien gains further control over him over the course of the episode, or his facade slipping. It's gradual up until the Jessie attack scene and suddenly this nice guy isn't actually that nice, I think it's well done.

4) I liked how everytime something came up, Janeway reached for the coffee. True I was expecting/hoping for hyper luls, but that's not Resistance's fault. This is later material, primarily prequel and Season Three+ jokes and so I can't judge Resistance for not having something that doesn't exist yet. She only acted up before this because she was downing Cherry Coke, not coffee (OR BOTH), which is sugartastic and caffeine full, double the trouble.

5) Yeah James' teasing goes too far at times, I still love his scenes with Morgan (I know it didn't look it). Once Morgan truly learns to give him proper grief back like the old man comments, good times will be had by most. I also like the foreshadowing for the complications their new friendship brings.

6) The "I shouldn't tell you but I love her" scene's rushed and all, but I like that instead of getting mad or saying anything regrettable, James gets up and leaves. IMO it's a mature move, one of two James makes in this.

7) Despite the fact Janeway sent her to extract reasons from him, Morgan refuses to share the more private details of James' skiving to her. She could've easily said something, even basically, she's still a daft impulsive kid after all. No, she chose to respect her friend's privacy and I couldn't help but smile at that.

8) It was interesting to read about Jessie's dating insecurities, and James all but admitting that he completely blames himself for that, when he really shouldn't. Yes the breakup was his fault and yes that'll have damaged Jessie's ability to trust men, so by all means feel bad about it James, you should. BUT Jessie wasn't a big part of the dating scene before him. Nothing's changed in regards to Jessie dating anyone else. He is responsible for the extra denial and tantrums Jessie's had since Season One, since it's not just people treating their boy/girl friendship as a means to an end anymore, it's a reminder of what she lost and can't have without risking someone very important to her.

It gives the "dating will ruin our friendship" mindset Jessie has an extra oomph the more we, or you rather, find out.

9) James trying to convince Simon not to declare love for Jessie after a few days, to protect her. If this were any other character(s) it would seem so very disrespectful and/or skivvy. I'll admit that he still shouldn't be doing it, even if the payoff is awesome, because it's still none of his business. Then again Simon asked his opinion, so... who am I to nitpick there? Anyway, why is it not creepy or a show of disrespect on James' part? I'm not sure how much is shown before or after (aside from the reboot); Jessie doesn't distrust men for nothing. Simon's not her first sexual assault, though it is the worst. We're talking about aggressive flirting, groping, unwanted near kisses, crude remarks, all because she wasn't interested in any of the boys doing it. In a nutshell if some friend of hers made a confession like this, again after a few days, she'll think he's going to turn on her when she says no, and probably freak out... if she even believes him at all.

And what actually happens? He assaults her. So yeah, James' protectiveness is as usual over, but his heart is in the right place. He knows her history and when the conversation gets more and more heated, the more James is convinced that Simon won't handle rejection well (again he's right) and so doesn't let up until the idiot is bleeding on the floor. His only real mistake is letting Simon turn this around to himself, or did James bring it up first? Not sure. Jessie's fears of rejecting pushy men has nothing to do with James, their relationship woes would only be a factor if she was actually interested in Simon.

So yep in a nutshell, loved the argument scene.

10) Punching Simon hard enough so his not-Borg metal nose smashes deserves a point of its own. Especially with the follow up Slayer reveal.

11) Morgan and James' scene in his quarters should've been the template for how they should chat with each other, not the earlier "omg let me tell you about my nearmiss smooch with Craig". Their banter made me smile.

12) Apart from the love symptoms (there's got to be a better way for Jessie to realise she loves James from what Simon says to her), the confession scene is incredible. It's uncomfortable and disturbing. I'm glad I had the stones to go there, when normally I'd chicken out. And even though I'd have liked to "see" James' rescue, we really didn't need to read the actual attack. Some things are better left alone. (2)

13) I love that after James gets Simon away from Jessie, he doesn't beat the crap out of him and/or chase him. He instead stays to comfort her, leaving the chasing and capture to Security. Some people would do this by default, of course. James though is definitely an overprotective hothead, his temper's already been a big problem. I think it's a big gesture and a sign of character growth for him to do this. He's not there yet. There's still three more seasons to go.

14) Morgan comforting Jessie, oh my god, I was actually surprised. It wasn't long ago these two were at each others throats.

15) I complained and then explained how it wasn't really a complaint; the interview scene is quite realistic IMO when Jessie isn't completely believed due to lack of evidence. Then James gets a tsktsk for violently stopping the attack. It's sadly all true to life. The only people who get off lightly in situations like this are almost always the rapist. It bugs the crap out of me.

16) The turbolift scene, oh my god the turbolift scene. Jessie's hinting that James should kiss her so she can find out her feelings and his, the awkwardness when neither make the first move, so distracted they forget to tell the lift to move, Morgan walking in on them, Jessie hurrying off, Morgan's brief "sooo, was that a friend kiss" karmatic comment for James' teasing earlier. If I changed the earlier awkward lines to still awkward but sense making lines, this scene would be perfect. I still love it though. (2)

Sub-total: 18

Marill's Rating: 53%

Rankings So Far:

#1 Resistance: 53%
#2 Disconnected: 40%
#3 Interactions: 37%
#4 Thrown Key Part 2: 23%
#5 The Love Spell: 10%

That score's actually lower than I thought it would be. I love Resistance but it has too many problems I can't ignore. It'd be interesting to see what (if anything) beats it. I think Man Out Of You and Resurrection may be the ones. We'll see.

No surprises in the ranking order so far.

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