Marill Re-Reads "Disconnected"

Please be good, please be good.......

Okay there's no use pleading to the hypothetical gods. I remember enough about Disconnected to know that even though around the 3/4 mark the Marill Rush kicks in to ruin everything that's gone before, it's still going to be the best episode of the season so far. Not that there's any competition in Season Two yet.

Disconnected was a half decent story, a one I'd not hesitate to stick into a Top 20 best episode of the series list. But I can't. Disconnected like many before falls victim to the parody/rip off curse. It was clearly inspired by what it ended up ripping off, don't get me wrong, but the story and primarily its starring character's arc in the episode were doing their own thing. Somewhere I either realised the time and started to rush, or lost my mojo and because I'm still hesitant to give up when I'm clearly not in the writing zone, kept going and ended up with an almost word for word copy of its inspiration material.

What did it rip off, you ask? I've mentioned it in many places, but I thought it'd be nice for this review to omit the name of the show/film for once. There's usually a huge tonal shift when a rip off takes over but I don't remember Disconnected doing that. In fact I have this feeling it does the opposite; the tone turns from pretty dang dark to FV silliness with a splash of lolgorrybodies.

So yeah. Please be good.


Before we begin Disconnected, like many goodies of this season, have the Rough Start(tm). Bad episodes tend to start off well so something to keep in mind for later episodes (I suspect Resistance's opening literally punches you in the face - or James does since we're in that era now). Let's get it over with.

Acting Captains Log

"James, that's the year," Jessie said.

"Oh fine, I'll have to use Janeway's trick," James said.

Acting Captains Log Supplemental: the Delta Flyer is heading back to Voyager after an incredibly boring supply trip. Unfortunately Cherry Coke is low.

"That's the last bottle, we're going to have to share it," James replied.

"Who put the dork in charge?" Emma muttered as she slammed the bottle down in the console, causing it to fizz up.

SEE HARRY, IT'S NOT ENOUGH THAT YOU MAKE COMMENTS ABOUT GORRY BODIES, YOU GOTTA MAKE EM YOURSELF, THAT'S HOW YOU GET COMMAND.... AND RESPECT unless it's ironically someone who actually would and did clap about your latest kill, then you're still a dork. Maybe James gotta kill more to level up in her eyes. BUT anyway, who put the Mr Stabs People in charge of a shuttle? HMMMM? I thought he was supposed to be in some discipline class.

"I'm Naomi, duh," the girl replied.

"Huh?" everyone muttered.

"Well the writers thought that Scarlett Pomers was too young to play Naomi now," the girl said.

Orrrrrrr, I wanted to pretend that most of the cast of Buffy were in FV. Ever think of that, huh1?!?!!

I mean yeah I wanted Naomi in the main cast, she ages quickly and so aged her to adult in advance. That's fair enough but... I dunno if you see it in this one but you def do in Resistance, Naomi's gotten more than an actress transplant, she's got a personality one too.

In: "Help, we're under attack.. a pyramid shaped vessel.. need assistance."

lol pyramids, those wacky Borgs........

"Where's it coming from?" James asked.

"Why bother, they have to be just messing us around. Even the Borg don't use dodgy shaped ships like that," Emma said.

"Sounds like the Tolg, we've ran into them before," Jessie said.

My who jokes have long since gotten old. Last Tolg scene/mention was in Timeline, should've been Spirits. It's been a while. Time to vamoose, right?

"Set a bloody course for that planet Lilly mentioned," James said.

Oh yeah Delta Flyer versus Zombie Borgs, this epic match is gonna last a whole 1 second. Can't wait.

Meh not really complaining. James is meant to be the reckless idiot swooping in to save people and dying in the process. Apart from sarcasm it's his thing. Even in Season One there's examples.

It's not his thing to intentionally drag others into it though :/

"Any lifesigns?" James asked.

"Only one, but it's weak," Lilly replied.

Luckily they're far too late, James'll just have to die another day. coughforeshadowing

Jessie, James, Emma and Lee dematerialised in the centre of the city, or what was left of it. The city was in ruins. Buildings were destroyed, or falling apart and the ground was upturned. Bodies scattered the entire area.

Harry: *sobs* they're having fun without me *sniff/gurgle* gorry bodies

Everyone else: *stares, shakes heads*

Jessie looked at her tricorder. She pointed at a damaged building only a few metres away. The awayteam walked towards it. When they got to it the door started to swing open and closed in the wind. Suddenly a man stepped out through it. He jumped in shock when he saw the awayteam.

Gahahahaha, the idiot jump scared himself.

"That's great, but why are two wearing the same kind of clothes. Are you twins?" the man asked. Emma and Lee laughed quietly.

I hate this guy already. If that wasn't enough he's rehearsed his exposition

"Two months ago, an alien ship attacked our colony. Not many of us survived the attack. As far as I know there was only thirty who survived. The aliens came down and they injected each of us with something. Somehow we died and then came back to life. We never saw those aliens again, but other aliens came down and killed everyone else. I've been on my own since," Sotjin replied.

Wait, whut...

"But that distress call," Lee muttered.

"Was sent two months ago, the generator is still functioning but it's only on short range," Sotjin said.

OH nm on one account.

On the second, WHUT. Tolg were always assimilate the dead so why did this guy show up on the lifesigns scan? My head hurts. I can't remember if the Tolg assimilating the dead has been mentioned, other than the "you'll be zombified" line.

I won't ask about the other obvious thing, that gets answered. Something that suspicious always does, even in this. The lifesigns bit seems like an oversight/plot hole.

"This one has a number calved on his forehead," Lee said. The body he was standing over had the number twenty nine calved onto his forehead.

"The aliens who arrived to kill the rest of us did that. They must like numbering the people they kill," Sotjin said. Emma walked away and she stood over another body. Her forehead was clear of a number. Sotjin walked over to her.

"That's L'Arana, she was the last one to be killed," Sotjin said.

"She hasn't got a number, why?" Emma asked.

I dunno guys, this guy seems totes nice and not suspicious, or is it just me?

"The real question is why did the Tolg leave thirty one drones behind?" Craig asked.

"If the amount zombified is under forty, the Tolg consider them irrelevant," Morgan replied.

HMMM interestingly bullsssss.........

I don't remember this little tidbit, Tolg have been around longer than FV, they were my Borg(ripoffs) in Kidz Trek. I'd remember a detail like this, it'd be an annoying quirk they have if it were accurate.

"I don't know, the Tolg have always been a mystery to us," Morgan replied.

Oh look, Timeline Morgan's back.

Maybe just maybe Morgan, you don't know anything about the Tolg, only that they exist. Please stop making stuff up. K, thanks.

Doc has some actual info, let's see if it lines up with what I know/remember:

"The Tolg uses a certain virus to kill the drone but it sustains his body for years. It'll be difficult to do, but I believe that the virus used to sustain him can be used to revive his body completely. Unfortunately some of his organs need to be replaced since they have started to decay," the Doctor replied.

PHEW, some correct Tolg info.

"Depends, what do you need donors for?" Craig asked again.

"I'll need a donor for blood, a lung, and a kidney. Lisa has already volunteered to donate a kidney," the Doctor replied.

Random selfless act from Lisa, interesting. She later seems so self absorbed.

"I suppose I could donate some blood," Craig muttered.

"Why do you want to do that?" Chakotay asked.

"He's probably trying to impress the girls," Triah muttered.

"I'm not, I'm only trying to impress one girl," Craig said.

He says in front of, or rather he answers to dad of said girl

"I'm sure she'll be mighty impressed," Morgan said.

"I hope so," Craig said.

Morgan says this naively thinking he means someone else, or she knows and is either being sarcastic about it, or genuine. Who knows because it's only "said". You know muttered is overused but sometimes it has its usable moments. This could've been one of them. We'll never know.

"Now all I'll need is a donor for a lung," the Doctor said. Tom smirked as he turned to look at James.


Does Voyager harvest organs from the crewmembers who kill people? At least they were nice enough to wait for Suder to die before doing this

"What about you? You're too lazy for two lungs," Tom said.

"Oh yeah, who's the one who sits on his fat arse all day, flying the ship?" James asked.

"At least I go to holodeck programs in my spare time," Tom said.

"Tom is right, Ensign. You barely exercise of any kind anymore. You won't even notice you're missing a lung," the Doctor said.

1) God damn, if Tom knew me I'd have no organs left.

2) Oh snap... not good enough to be all caps, but still true enough/good comeback

3) Lol Tom, you class matchmaking people and boozing it up on the Holodeck as exercise? Hahanope, get in that surgery

4a) Tom is not right

4b) How does Doc know what James does in his spare time? Nobody showed up for the medical/physicals, so he can't know that way.

4c) Anymore? Again, question b

4d) A doctor that's programed to be a doctor says that lazy people don't need two lungs. I'm gonna go ahead and say wtf?

But no, that's all irrelevant because of one tiny smidgy little thing


And here's the kicker. James has to have this surgery for the story to work and I'm sure it wouldn't be so OOC if he did this on his own free will. True he may not be first in line, eagerly volunteering with a scalpel already in his hand, but he's not really a bad guy and can be selfless so this situation could've been written around had some thought been put into it. But no, let's strong arm James into a dangerous surgery... which is even more f$$$$$ up when the story progresses, but we'll get there.

"Look, if he doesn't want to donate a lung, that's his decision not yours," Jessie said.


Jessie's Sin Points: -1

Of course this'll be seen as Jessie sticking up for James. If it were anyone else it might have helped them think twice. But no

"You know I can easily let it slip that the baby B'Elanna's carrying is not really hers," the Doctor whispered in her ear. He said the same thing to James. They both looked terrified.


oh wait, this is our doc? WHAT THE EVER LOVING F$$$

"I'll do it, on one condition. He doesn't go anywhere near me during the operation," James said as he pointed at Tom.

Jesus Christ

Let's sum this situation up so my overreactions can have some over-removal.

+ Tolg survivor needs organ donars

+ Tom volunteers somebody he doesn't like, James, to be the lung donor. Says he's too lazy to need it anymore

+ James responds as anyone would, like it's a joke and mentions how just as lazy he is

+ A doctor weighs in as if the suggestion was serious

+ James, realising they're both serious, snaps at this obvious unethical mad scientist wannabe doctor who wants to take his lung without permission with basically "you are not touching me."

+ The only person who sticks up for him is his best friend who has a romantic history with him, so clearly she's biased and so ignored.

+ The Doctor then figures James isn't going to go willingly. Remembers that a few months ago Jessie was murdered, almost lost her baby she hadn't decided to keep yet, Tom's wife then volunteered to surrogate said baby to save it, James made a heat of the moment comment about Tom finding out and B'Elanna then took it upon herself to never tell Tom ever, or something. Clearly this is some disturbing s$$$ James has done, way worse than him stabbing his exgirlfriend/mother-of-his-kid's killer, and deserved to be used as BLACKMAIL

+ James now has no choice but to go into a risky surgery to donate his lung to a stranger against his will, because? Tom, who has no clue about this baby malarky, doesn't like him and thought it would be funny?

I'm surprised this scene didn't paint James as an awful person for not volunteering, then resisting this. Though if he's being blackmailed into it, maybe it is.

"So, who's the girl you're trying to impress?" Morgan asked.

"Try and guess," Craig replied.

So naivety it is.

"That's a little to hard, you like all girls," Morgan said.

"No I don't, I was just desperate, until I met a certain girl," Craig said.


"Who is this girl anyway?" Morgan asked.


"Well, I'll give you a clue. She's in this room right now. Well I'd better go, the Doctor is expecting me," Craig said.


 He was about to turn around and leave but Morgan took a hold of the front of his uniform and she pulled him in for a kiss. After a few seconds she gently pushed him away.


Oh god, early Morgan/Craig is so fricking weird.


Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 1

Okay okay, it's planned so that's not really fair. Why I'm marking this is for one rather odd reason that I'm worried about still remembering. The kiss scene is actually described, and that's only because I was copying off a picture of their "actors". Yep. There's a screengrab of an Aqua performance where Lene did exactly this to Soren, so OBVIOUSLY Morgan and Craig gotta do it cos Morgan is exactly like Lene in everyway *facepalm*

Obvious note: Morgan isn't anything like Lene. Morgan doesn't go "eeeew that's gross" about shippy stuff because of Jessie like denial. It's legit. She's not interested in this stuff, she's probably classed as asexual to be honest. I mean yeah big spoilers she has relationships, she gets feelings for Craig later, but kissing and more squicks her out. Yep fair enough she'd dare to try a kiss to see if it's as gross as she thinks (and it is for her), but this one's quite um, suggestive. So yeah, I got issues with this one.

But anyway enough about that, plot's kicking off THANK GOD

Suddenly a flash of light overcome the room. Morgan had to shield her eyes from the light. When she moved her arm away from her eyes, she noticed she wasn't in her quarters anymore. She was in a large corridor that was falling apart. She heard a scream. A young woman was running towards her, she ran straight through Morgan.

Then she saw L'Arana coming around the corner holding what looked like a phaser rifle. She aimed it in Morgan's direction. She pressed the trigger and the corridor disappeared again. Morgan found herself back in her quarters.

Well now, this is interesting.

"You were a million lightyears away, what's up?" the Doctor asked.

"Nothing's wrong, I was just thinking," Craig replied.

"Oh really, about what?" the Doctor asked.

"Don't you have a patient to attend to," Craig muttered.

Ooops, there's a huge typo, probably got changed during the spell check. Patient should really be changed to victim.

"Oh fine, I know when I'm not wanted," the Doctor said in a huffy manner. He walked away. Craig stood up and he headed out of the door. He nearly crashed head on into James.

You do? Then sod off you butcher

"You, wanting to be on your own? That's a funny joke, why are you really in a hurry?" James asked. Craig tried to step through the door but James blocked his path.

James just don't care anymore. Craig didn't stick up for him and now he's losing a lung. Bully time

"Fine. I just need to talk to Morgan, that's all," Craig said.

"That sounds interesting," James said.

OMG ME TOO! James' Out Of Character Bulls***: 1

This is Tom in James' skin, isn't it? I'm gonna assume that lung op turned into a everything transplant.

"Oh shut up, or I'll tell Tom the truth about B'Elanna's new kid," Craig said.

"How did you find out about that?" James asked.

"Lee told me, don't ask how he knew," Craig replied.


Okay Craig, I know James is being a very Tom like d$$$ here, probably because he's about to be lungnapped, but this is far far over the line. I'm starting to think this baby story's just a big joke now, and it started off so damn well. We can't have nice things

"Well in that case you can tell me why you are going to see Morgan, since you seem to know my secret," James said.

"But it's embarrassing.. oh fine you win," Craig muttered.


I'm not joking, I'm serious. I have no problem with shippy stuff and characters teasing each other. I thrive on that s£££, I still do it. But this is at the story's expense. ANYWAY

James shoots down Craig's hopes like a boss, some may consider it harsh but I consider it necessary to get on with far more interesting things, like the PLOT:

"That doesn't sound like her. Somebody would have to be desperate to go for you, no offense," James said.


What, at this point it's deserved. Craig was only moments ago saying "I'll tell everyone that you and Jess were drug raped into having a baby, but Jessie died and B'Elanna volunteered to be a surrogate without her say because she was dead, and because you were worried about Tom taking the piss out of this B'Elanna promised she wouldn't tell him, because that s$$$ makes sense and it's all your fault. So shut up or I'll tell Tom."

I'm wasting time here but I honestly thought James actually asked B'Elanna not to tell Tom, and so deserved a lot of the grief he gets for it (except for the lung bit, that's not justified). Jessie later too as she goes along with it. But that didn't happen. James was worried during a tense situation, he had a decision to make quickly, and B'Elanna did it for him and took his worries as keep it a secret FOREVER? If she didn't do something so selfless with the surrogacy, I'd say the bad guy here is B'Elanna. But no, I don't see any bad guys, just a s$$$ situation (AND I'M OKAY WITH THAT, Why oh Why paints it as just that)

Maybe the Doc, what an asshole

"It's about time you arrived, Ensign," the Doctor said.


"Hiya Doc," Tom said in a cheerful manner.

"I thought I said..." James said.

"Don't worry, I don't want to go near you anymore than you want me to," Tom said.

I'm starting to think James was made to kill that guy in Interactions so Disconnected had an excuse to be extremely s$$$$y to him. There's no grey area in FV yet, James killed someone who murdered his ex and baby and that makes him EVIL.

"Best of friends, really," the Doctor said quietly.

Cue 'Best Friends' by All Stars. Everyone screamed and ran away when they heard the band singing. Then they all jumped of a cliff, only kidding.


Just when Disconnected can't get any worse the next scene goes into fourth wall discussions about actors, and Marill notices the episode's nearly a third of the way through.

The scene could be deleted and nothing of value would be lost.

Lee rushed into the room. The Doctor looked like he was trying to revive his patients.

Finally, plot.....

"That's it, I'm stopping the quotes from Five Minute Voyager here and now," Marill said angrily.

"Groan, it's better than saying 'get (insert tech here) stat," Firera groaned.

"Well, why don't you make up your own material," Marill muttered. Firera groaned again.

"No effect. Cortical Stimulator," the Doctor ordered. Tom handed him a small round object. The Doctor placed it onto Sotjin's neck. Tom then rushed over to the nearest console. "Now!" the Doctor yelled.

Wait, rewind.

Lee rushed into the room. The Doctor looked like he was trying to revive his patients.

AND some more

"The Tolg uses a certain virus to kill the drone but it sustains his body for years. It'll be difficult to do, but I believe that the virus used to sustain him[Tolg Dude/Sotjin?] can be used to revive his body completely

Patients, as in plural.

Sotjin or whatever was already dead, he's a zombie Borg. The procedure is to revive him.

Doctor, Tom AND now Lee are focusing on Sotjin. There are no other medical staff.

Is it just me that sees the wrongness with this?

"He's gone, Doc," Tom said.


"What about the lung?" Lee asked.

"We donated it, unfortunately it's been badly damaged. It cannot be used again," the Doctor replied as he scanned Sotjin. One of the consoles on the neighbouring biobed bleeped. Lee walked over to it.


"What is it?" the Doctor asked.

"Well, lets just say you were wrong when you said that he'd get used to only having one lung," Lee said.

"We're losing Ensign Stuart too, cortical stimulator," the Doctor ordered. Lee and Tom stared blankly at him.

For the sake of my headache and lack of sanity, I'm going to pretend that "patients" word was a typo, that the S was a mistake. Done.

"Er.. Doc, it isn't working," Lee said.

"Again," the Doctor ordered.

"Still no effect, he's gone too," Lee said.

Sotjin got more dramatics than James did. He got the probably teary AGAIN over and over, and I'm sure the angry throw something reaction was cut out for time/length. James meanwhile gets a dreary again and a nope.

Five minutes later:
The Doctor was sitting at his desk in his office. He was working on his computer. He heard the door open, but he ignored it.

Hey you know what would be nice? Some guilt. You forced/blackmailed James into giving up his lung and it killed him. Not too much to ask is it from the guy who had a breakdown over not being able to save one of two patients in equally critical conditions.

Nm, exposition Morgan's here and she has to recap her hallucination for everyone.

"Hmm, it might of been just a hallucination, Morgan. It couldn't be flashbacks of the past, you haven't developed that power yet," the Doctor said.

And how would you know anything about that, smart guy? HUH

"Who else is in Sickbay?" Morgan asked.

"Nobody alive, why?" the Doctor replied.

Nope, I already scooped up all the organs and gave them to Tom, since James owes him big time for that secret s$$$

She walked over to one of the biobeds. The Doctor followed her. Morgan was standing over James' biobed. They both noticed that his fingers were moving.

oh, awkward!

"This isn't possible," the Doctor muttered. He picked up a tricorder and he scanned James with it. "He's coming back, I have no idea how, but he's finally gotten used to only having one lung," the Doctor said.


James does this a lot, and there's a neat little canon reason for it.

Which randomly cough reminds me, yeh it's only five minutes later but did anyone report this? Morgan didn't know, I'm gonna assume Jessie didn't know or Tom would be on life support by now.

"No, Sotjin is dead. We nearly lost you too," the Doctor replied. James managed to sit up.

"I don't mean to sound selfish but what happened to my lung?" he asked.

Hmm, not selifsh, seems like something many people would wonder, but something about the line bugs me, dunno why.

"Yes, but go to your quarters and rest. Only having one lung will take some getting used to," the Doctor said.


"Oh and Ensign, don't you get yourself hurt too much. This season you seem to spending more time in Sickbay than anywhere else," the Doctor said.


Lee had his music on full blast, he didn't hear the door chime. But he did hear somebody banging on the door. Lee paused his music and he put his PADD down on the table. He walked up to the door and he opened it.


"Well Craig told me that you told him something about B'Elanna's kid," James said.

"Oh, yeah. I know all about it now. I found the medical report on the Doc's desk," Lee said.

Ho boy, the Doc's really taking the piss

"How much do you know?" James asked. Lee's face lit up and he started hugging James.

"Can I be the god father?" he asked.

"No you bloody can't! Get off me!" James snapped. Lee let go, he looked disappointed.

Of course I can count how many scenes James and Lee share on both hands, so this scene works so well. Am I serious, a tad, Lee's a bit eccentric sometimes.

"Just Craig, I nearly told Claire earlier today. I might tell everyone tomorrow, it's great news. So will you and Jess take the kid back after it's born or something?" Lee replied.

Wtf Lee, what's wrong with you?

"Firstly, it's none of your business what we're going to do about the kid. Secondly, you'd better not tell anybody else or I'll personally rip your head off," James said.

"Oh, somebody's in a bad mood. It must be that come back from the dead thing. I suppose that was quite a funny joke," Lee said.

"I'm not joking, I'm serious," James said.

"It's not very easy to pull off somebody's head you know. Anyway, when's the big day?" Lee asked.

Lee mustn't have read Interactions.

And woah, this is escalating quickly. James needs to chill the f$$$ out and Lee needs to read the room.

James handed the PADD back, Lee looked at it. "What's this?" he asked.

"Oh, just the things I'll do to you if you don't shut up," James said.

Yeah reading them is so much more threatening and doesn't leave any proof or anything, nope, this will be fine

"What's number one on that list?" James asked.

"Er.. punch me in the nose. Why do you ask?" Lee replied.

Because James 2.0 is programmed not to mutilate people until instructed to by someone else. You just played yourself. Enjoy your coma.

Kathryn stood up and she started circling the table.

"There has been a murder on this ship. And we're not talking about an unknown crewmember here. We're talking about a main character," Kathryn said in a serious tone.


"Yes, we are. I was talking about a B4 Fifth Voyager main character," Kathryn said.

Oh, oops

"Someone tampered with the sensor logs. We don't know who did it. We managed to fix them, but the logs are fuzzy at the time of the killing. I found out who was on the deck at that time, I'm excluding crewmembers who were in their quarters at the time," Tuvok said.


Tuvok looked at a PADD.

"Morgan and Ensign Stuart," Tuvok replied.


lol whut Morgan? That seems random, even with her tendency to be like DEATH TO ALIENS. foreshadowing?

"No, I managed to revive him but he went straight into a coma. It doesn't make any sense," the Doctor replied.

LOL the coma line was a joke, I should've remembered since Lee survives this episode and it kinda ruins the story if he's ok immediately afterward, it'd be solved in five minutes.

"2305 hours," Tuvok replied.

"That can't be possible, I last saw him two minutes before then," James said.

That's... oddly specific Jamesy. Way to make yourself look innocent

"I wonder how he died, it's just so cool," Morgan was saying as she stood next to James, who looked rather nervous.

Okay fine, swap places but there's really no need, there's plenty of room in the suspects pool.

"Well, the attack was two minutes after I left Lee on his own. If I'd stayed two minutes longer, it may not have happened," James said.

:( okay, finally, this is the James I know

it's a bit jarring tho since he was so threatening with Lee in the earlier scene. I imagine that yes he is feeling guilty for leaving him just before he was murdered, but did James actually carry out his threats before he did, leaving Lee more vulnerable? Genuine question, I'm not sure.

What I do like about this plot development is that James killed someone in the last episode and because of something to do with Jessie, we last saw him flipping out over her again with Lee, Lee is murdered within minutes of that. There should be little doubt, anybody would suspect James. It's obvious right? But the episode's not even close to being over and there's lots of threads left unchecked.

"Don't think like that, the attacker probably would of waited until you'd left. It wouldn't of made much of a difference," Morgan said.

A voice of reason, and it comes from the girl who thought Lee's murder was neat. Interesting.

"He had a broken nose, broken arm and he had glass cuts on his skin. This obviously all happened when he fell into the table, that's where we found him," Tuvok replied.

Oh that answers my earlier question about whether James did do anything before he left, which is giving me dejavu for some reason. Actually, maybe it doesn't, someone else may have done this... I dunno. I'll wait and see.

"Well, me and a few others have been trying to keep something a secret, and he somehow found out. That's all," James replied.

Nooo, shhh

"I see. Would this give you a reason to kill him?" Tuvok asked.

WARNING: The next line could be hazardous to your health. Please refrain from drinking, eating or swallowing whilst reading it, I am not responsible for choking, hiccups or monitor splashes. I am insured for that s$$$, do your worst sue happy peoples.

"No, of course not. I couldn't kill anybody," James replied.

Bwahahahahaha, go home James, you're drunk

In unrelated news Marill has this statement to share with everyone: Hey guys, I'm not crazy. I got the tests back, I'll share them later after I delete this website. I'm also giving up Cherry Coke, it tastes yucky but I had an image to keep up. Gotta go my romance novel won't write itself. Gosh look at all these reviews! PS Writing jokes in all caps is so lame.

"But you killed somebody in the last episode," Tuvok said.

"I was angry, he'd just killed my best friend," James said.

So couldn't, huh?

I've only just noticed he doesn't say he "wouldn't kill anyone." He couldn't. Either statement would be a lie, still it's funny and I wonder if it was done on purpose. Or edited on purpose lol.

Anyway James continues to dig his own grave by somehow being too honest and secretive at the same time. It's hard to explain and I don't want to quote it all. He has given Tuvok a motive and has no alibi basically, and of course he has a murder record, which he seemed to forget about earlier lol.

"That makes more sense. This is what I think happened. You were angry that Mr Williams had found out about Rex's secret so you murdered him, so he wouldn't tell anybody," Tuvok said.

I think any investigator would come to this conclusion, sorry.

Although Tuvok doesn't theorise, he gathers evidence and says this is what happened. Rookie mistake. Which is probably why James doesn't get cartered to the brig right away to be fair.

"Is it? The sensor logs were tampered with. Only the Captain, Lieutenant Torres and I can access those logs. You have experience with breaking passwords, so you could of done it to cover your tracks," Tuvok said.

Oh now we remember James is a hacker. Bad timing.

"Tuvok to Security," he said as he tapped his commbadge.

In: "Yes, Commander?" Thompson's voice said over the comm.

"Please come to my office, and bring Ensign Foster with you," Tuvok said.

In: "Yes Commander."

Ahha, I didn't realise Thompson first appeared in Disconnected. I always assumed it was Resistance.

"You are restricted to quarters unless you're on duty, until the Doctor can prove your guilt or innocence with the DNA scan he's conducting," Tuvok said.

"But I didn't kill him. The worst I did was hit him, after I did that I left," James said.


yah, James that hole's gotta be in Deck 15 by now. Better stop.

"You didn't mention that before," Tuvok said.

"I didn't see the point," James said


Now everyone's been sucked into space, I told you to stop digging that hole. silly boy.

Dear god James, you're bringing stupid back.

"You think James is responsible?" Kathryn asked.

"There is a lot of evidence against his story," Tuvok replied.

Oh this scene. This is one of few that um, casts doubt on some of my foreshadowing remarks in this season.

Tuvok's lists his evidence, which is stuff we already know. Morgan taught him well, I see. Then to cast doubt on my comment above:

"I would get angry if somebody killed my best friend," Kathryn said.


"This is not the first time he's been on report for violence. Years ago he was punished lots of times for attacking crewmembers who have insulted Miss Rex and himself. Yet if somebody has insulted any of his other friends, he does nothing," Tuvok said.

Oh look everyone, the prequels are getting advertised again. And once more they're doing their bestest to retcon Season One James. beeeeeeeessttttttttest

Nah, James wasn't an angel in Season One by any means. He had more violent moments than I remembered. Still, you can't deny that these revelations of his past feel slightly off, almost like the story's trying to convince everyone that James did do this and it's not like he's ill, possessed or haunted by his near death experience. It's all him.

"Look Tuvok. I've known him longer than you have. I admit, James does have a bit of a temper on him, and it's usually ignited when someone says something about Jessie. It's just because they've been friends a long time. But I doubt that James would kill Lee just because he found out about a secret that he and Jessie's been keeping to themselves. He was probably telling the truth when he said that he just hit him," Chakotay said.

Please stop it with the "says something about Jessie" reasoning. I'm pretty sure even whilst planning/writing this episode, James wasn't supposed to fly off the handle everytime someone said Jessie's top was horrible (Jessie though, that's another matter) and commence the smack a bitch-ing. No. The violence Tuvok's talking about (PREQUEL SPOILERS, DUH) that were planned then were James and Tom fighting over Jessie, and maybe an occasional use of violence to solve/end an already violent situation.

I'm not really defending him. Early B4FV Season One James is a bitter, bad tempered idiot for a reason, he does some stupid things. I won't even talk about B4FV3 as it was still a WIP at the time. But I'm not keen on this, it creates the wrong image of James, past and present, to push the suspect narrative.

Don't get me wrong, I adore this aspect of the story. It's simple and clever at the same time. James kills someone and the next episode there's a murder mystery, a simple idea for a simple writer, but Disconnected does it (eventually) well. Stop talking Marill.

"It is convenient. But has it ever come to mind that the murderer chose that moment to attack Lee so he or she could frame James?" Kathryn said.


I was so sure that Chakotay was on his side, while Janeway was like "lol lock him up". Maybe it's later. I dunno. Not complaining, I'm more than okay with this.

"You two aren't seriously telling me that you think James is guilty? He doesn't have it in him to kill somebody," Chakotay said.

What's wrong with everyone today?

Trivia: I bulls$$$$ a reason why James doesn't act like he does in Season One for the rest of the series; a spell that makes him regress his development/makes him childish and people forgot the stuff he did in the prequels, only it starts to wear off in Season Two. Yep that's a spoiler but it's not worth worrying about. It's a winged it excuse so I wouldn't have to severely edit Season One (that worked swimingly!!).

So why the hell is Disconnected making it look like the spell was a thing all along after all? There's no other explanation for this stupidity?

"Commander, he was responsible for somebody's death in the last episode," Tuvok said.

"Yeah, because he was angry that the guy had murdered Jessie. I would of done the same thing if somebody had murdered somebody I loved.. I mean my best friend," Chakotay said.

Oooh oh, okay I was wrong. There is a so called grey area, but it's clearly the result of a wonky printer blurring black and white together. Someone call the IT department.

seriously though, whuuuuuut?

I mean yeah what James did was understandable, sure, I obviously get behind that. That's the grey area. It was still pretty messed up though, which also makes this a grey situation. James is neither chaotic evil or lawfully good, so stop trying to fit him into these two narrow boxes. Thinking outside them seems to be giving the characters brain freezes. iknowthatfeeling

Anyway Janeway sorta defends him and sorta doesn't, but at least she makes a lick of sense, unlike Chakotay who might have forgotten how to walk at this point.

"That may be the exact problem, Chakotay. He probably can't control himself because he's in love with her. I know exactly how angry people can get if somebody provokes somebody they love," Kathryn said.

Mmmhmm, I like how she basically says she knows this from experience but that experience is SPOILERszz likely something James did as well.

"So what? It doesn't mean that James killed Lee," Chakotay said.

"Love can be a dangerous thing," Kathryn said.

So corny

So right though

I like the intent of the scene. It's not so much about Lee's murder, but the threat they think James has posed for some time and they're only realising now. I THINK I know what Chakotay was getting at but poorly; that the murder last episode was an extreme circumstance, not the norm and so they can't assume James is responsible everytime somebody drops dead of food poisoning or something.

However Tuvok and now Janeway have this paranoia in their heads and have rationalised a reason for what happened to Lee. It's a dangerous line of thinking. Not just for their suspect, but for the crew as well because if they're wrong, then there's a chance others could get hurt. But I digress...

"What I would give to be in your position, Jess," Morgan said.

Um, what?

"Living with a murderer would be so cool," Morgan said.

I dunno why people didn't jump on the HATE SEVEN, MORGAN IS BETTER bandwagon. It's a mystery!

Though something about this scene is more than a little off and looks intentional. Let's take a look:

"Don't tell me you believe Tuvok's accusation," Jessie moaned.

"No, I don't. Remember he killed your killer in the last episode," Morgan said.

Um you don't believe James killed Lee but you have to remind Jessie that James killed someone for her. I er, whut?

"You are sad, do you realise that?" Jessie asked.

"Why? I think murderers are so cool," Morgan said.


"Count yourself lucky. I bet my best friend wouldn't kill the person who'd kill me," Morgan said.

Yep, I'm gonna safely say that there's more to this scene than bad OOC writing. That first Morgan line reminded me of something about the plot, which made me go back and check her previous scene with James. The last line sealed the deal. I'm absolutely sure this is meant to look wrong. Carrying on.

Thompson and Foster were blocking the door.

This is gonna cause a headache or two for prequel and reboot readers, until Disconnected gets its edit/rewrite. Resistance clears it up I believe, still a bit worrying though.

Thompson and Foster are seemingly permament members of Security Team One, who James worked with pre-Season One and will do from Resistance onwards (not really a spoiler since Tuvok mentioned it last ep). But in this episode the Foster here is the paranoid mad twin brother shown briefly in Hunters, not the Foster who reboot/prequel readers will know. That Foster hasn't been introduced yet, his evil twin goes first and that's why there's no distinction between the two. Making it even more confusing is I've put Evil Foster in his place, or more accurately, I made it so Good Foster took over his job in the next ep.

Either that or both Fosters are in this one and this is regular/good Foster working with Thompson. I doubt it though.

Still funny that Thompson would be okay with guarding James knowing full well why he is guarding James, without either cracking wise or s$$$$g himself. I assume his personality isn't introduced until Good Foster is as well.

Jessie and Morgan walked into the room. They both found James lying on the sofa looking sorry for himself. They both walked up to him. He saw them both come in so he sat up. Jessie sat next to him and Morgan sat on the chair near by,

Hahaha random comma instead of fullstop

"Did you really hit Lee? Why?" Morgan asked.

"He found out the truth about the kid. I was angry, I couldn't help it," James replied.

Hahaha, get out of here with that. You were angry but I read that scene, it wasn't a flash of rage, there was plenty of time to calm down namely when you were typing the stuff you'd do to him. Sorry, no sympathy here.

Offtopic, sorta, I get Jessie seeing him. She lives there (and why do they think its a swell idea to house arrest him when he has a roomie?) and they're best mates. Why does Morgan go though? question for you, more than me ;)

"Probably somebody who really hated him, or an alien being," Jessie said.

lol so random (but she's not wrong)

"Maybe, but everyone's going to think it was me," James said.

"Since when do we care about what other people think?" Jessie asked.

"Since I was accused of murder this morning," James replied.

I'd buy this convo if it were a private chat between him and Jessie, as this shows what James really thinks of his murdering ways, yet when he's in public he puts on I don't give a s$$$, they deserved it facade. Morgan's there though and they're not that close.

Still nice to get a glimpse of that so early.

"Don't worry, I'll kill that Spock wannabe myself," Morgan said.

"That would make things worse, Morgan," Jessie said.

Wow, a near death experience has really mellowed Jessie out. I'm not even sure how to mark this one.

"What if that DNA test says it's me. I'll be locked up for years," James asked.

"Why would it say it was you?" Jessie asked.

"Well I hit him, the DNA they probably picked up was probably mine," James said.

"That could actually happen," Morgan muttered.

Not helping Morgan

"They're going to throw me into the Brig for as long as Voyager's in the Delta Quadrant for something I didn't do," James said, and he nearly broke down into tears.

Holy mother of...

I'm speechless, I dunno what to say.

Not because it's bad for once, I want to make that clear. This is what makes James one of my favourite creations, he's got so many layers and not in a LOLmultiple personalities Season One type of way. Out of all of my characters he always seemed the most Human. Of course I'm excluding S1 in this, but when do I ever include it?

"No they're not, I'll make sure of it," Jessie said, she pulled him to her and she wrapped her arms around him.

Jessie's Sin Points: -5 ... daaaaaw

"Don't worry Jess, the Captain is my mother. I could talk some sense into her," Morgan said.

Yeah this line, this line. It's so... suspect.

"How is the DNA test getting along Doctor?" Kathryn asked.

"It should be ready by tomorrow, Captain," the Doctor replied.

Remember the DNA test in the last episode? I told you to, it's only one episode later

"Yes Captain, I am no closer to proving Ensign Stuart's guilt or innocence," Tuvok replied.

"But we do have more evidence against him?" Kathryn asked.

"Yes Captain," Tuvok replied.


"Captain, I'm sure I speak for everybody here that James is not the kind of person who kills.

OH FOR GOD'S SAKE, IF SOMEONE SAYS THIS ONE MORE TIME I'M GONNA REBOOT THIS EPISODE RIGHT NOW. F$$$ GAMES MATRIX PART 5, F$$$ WORLD DOM... oh wait, no that's more annoying than this... *backpeddles into the wall*

"Captain, I believe that Miss Tani is defending him just because of her infatuation with Mr Stuart," Tuvok said.

"Er.. that's not at all true," Tani said.

Er that is so true... at all.

"Shut up Dumbo. And I'm not calling you that because you have big ears, it's also because you're just as dumb as a baby elephant," Morgan said.

OR "dumb" O, get it! That makes more sense. FU

"Morgan, I understand that you're angry about your friend being accused of murder, but the murder was hardly Tuvok's fault," Kathryn said.

Did I miss the scene where James and Morgan exchange friendship bracelets? I reallllly hope we're not skipping over this and making them BFFs with nothing to show for it. PLEASE

Morgan sat back in her chair and she sulked. James saw somebody walk through the door, he could see straight through her. It was L'Arana. She was looking at everyone with an evil look in her eyes. Nobody else seemed to notice that she was there.

IT WAS......................... DUMBLEY

Oh I done this joke already :(

But finally, some stuff is happening. We're only halfway

"Jess, do you see a woman over there?" James said quietly. Jessie looked over to where L'Arana was.

"No," Jessie replied. Annika just happened to be the one who was sitting in front of where L'Arana was.

"I can assure you I am a woman," Annika said. Everyone looked at her funny.

3/10 try harder next time

Why am I not copying and pasting Seven Dies counters? HUH SCENE, WHY TAUNT ME LIKE THIS

Everyone looked and they looked like they couldn't see L'Arana. She walked over to the door. She waved at James and then she walked out.


"Please report to the Conference Room and escort Ensign Stuart to his quarters," Tuvok said.

Wait, I didn't catch this before. Why is James allowed out of his house arrest to go to a meeting, about him being a murder suspect?

And better yet, why does James seeing things fuel Tuvok's paranoia here?

"Captain, I think Ensign Stuart should remain in his quarters until he's proven guilty or non guilty," Tuvok said.

"Very well," Kathryn said.


Thompson walked into the Conference Room. He walked up to James.

"Come on, lets go," Thompson said. James stood up and they both headed out the room.

Ahahahahaha, Thompson really is a blank slate at this point isn't he?

"Wait, I need to talk to Ensign Stuart for a minute," Chakotay said.

"Very well, 


"Very well, everyone but Chakotay, James, Morgan and Jessie dismissed," Kathryn said. Everyone but Morgan, Jessie, James, Chakotay, Kathryn and Thompson left the room.

Kathryn walked up to Morgan and Jessie.




"I'm sorry, Jessie, but you're going to stay in different quarters until we get the results of the DNA scans," Kathryn said.

This does make some sense, but still why is James having hallucinations or something the trigger for this?

"That's a load of crap. He needs his friends to help him," Morgan said.

"Morgan, I don't want you involved," Kathryn said.


"Fine, but this isn't over," Jessie said and she stormed out of the room. Morgan followed her. Kathryn sighed and she left the room through a different door.


"Hiya, I've been looking everywhere for you," O'Hara said. Thompson stopped and he started talking with her.

Oh yeah, Thompson was mentioned in Love Spell along with girlfriend O'Hara who I haven't written in years, and so forgot about her. Not sure if we "saw" him though.

"I'll escort myself, d**k head," James muttered and he continued down the corridor.


He heard a familiar scream and he ran down the corridor. He found an open door and he looked inside. He saw somebody in a black cloak holding a knife while standing over a girl's body. The person stood up and he beamed away.

How do you know it's a he when they're wearing a cloak, I assume he didn't see his face so...

I mean woah, a he and not a she like that ghost girl, or James himself? twisty

James then saw who was lying on the ground. He rushed over to check her pulse, but Lilly was most definitely dead. He heard a couple of voices behind him.

Ok, that was a little mean. :( Ok guilt over, when does the real Lilly show up?

"Oh my god," one of them was saying. James turned to see who it was, it was Claire, Lisa and Faye and they were looking gobsmacked as they stood at the door.

When he turned back to look at Lilly he saw somebody else lying in her place. She had blonde hair, she looked about fourteen, and she had the same colour eyes that he had. He stood up in shock, there was a flash and the body was Lilly again. He headed for the door and he pushed past the girls at the door and he ran down the corridor.


Okay, fine, we all saw the "people only catch James hovering over a dead body and the even more incriminating running away he did" bit coming. It's expected in stories like this, probably.

 She had a slit throat and she had a severe stab wound in her stomach. She had the number thirty one calved on her forehead.

Jeez, literal overkill.

"Three. Claire Lewis, Lisa Lillis and Faye O'Tani. They saw Ensign Stuart near her when they got to her quarters," Tuvok said.


"But he might of just found her," Chakotay said.

Oh shut up Chakotay. That never happens ever, cough

"I want every Security team searching for him, and I want to speak with Thompson. When you find James, put him in the Brig," Kathryn said.

Oh Thompson's gonna get a hiding. Though it occurs to me, why was he left alone to escort a definite killer of at least one person to his home-jail? That's sloppy.

Better question though peeps, if James was the killer why didn't he kill Thompson? Why Lilly? What's the motive? They're not even trying to rationalise this anymore. Paranoia fuels them.

Not complaining, just to be clear

I will about this though:

"Kathryn he couldn't of done it. He probably just ran off because he was scared. He has a thing about blood," Chakotay said.



Morgan was sitting on the couch reading a PADD. She felt a strange wind around her. She stood up from the couch. The feeling was getting stronger until she felt something that she couldn't see hit her. She left the room after dumping the PADD on the table.

Insert fart jokes here

God damn it Marill, this wasn't a bad scene, stop it

Jessie was sitting facing Tuvok. Craig and Foster entered the room and they stood near Tuvok on his side of the desk.

Why is Craig there? This isn't reboot Season One where he is a part of Security. Craig has no job, stop being daft

"You are the one closest to Ensign Stuart, I thought that you might be able to answer a few of my questions," Tuvok said.

This should be good

"How long has Ensign Stuart been violent?" Tuvok asked.

"He's never been violent," Jessie replied.


Previously on Marill Re-Reads Season One

James ran over to Jessie who had hurt her back. He helped her up. The creatures were paralyzed from the glare. One creature ran up to James and Jessie. "Oh get lost!" he yelled, he pushed it off the side. No a car didn't come, a lorry did instead.

"If I was the writer, I would of killed him for that remark," James said.

"Do you think you'll fit in the pram?" Craig asked. James smacked him hard on the head, knocking him out.

"James, Craig, what are you doing here?" Jessie asked. James had to smack Craig on the head again to stop him staring at Jessie.

"You mean all of the girls are in there, oh god I'm in there," Craig muttered. Another smack in the head was in order.

"Ever heard of grassers?" Jessie asked. "Anyway, my sister always defended me if he [James] didn't."

"No, that little sissy [James] was the one who broke my arm," Tom muttered.

Suddenly she felt something hit her arm. She winced in pain, it was a phaser blast. She turned quickly to see who it was, she couldn't see anybody with a phaser rifle because of all the people in the way. "Yeah, she seemed an easy shot," James replied.

James threw a pool ball at Craig and it knocked him out. Everyone cheered. 

Suddenly Pearla fell to the ground. Makinan and Jessie just stared at her in shock. "Er.. who did that?" Makinan asked. He and Jessie looked over to James who was looking rather guilty. "You b****rd! You killed her!" Makinan yelled.

"Victreebell, go and eat Damien's head," James said. "If Victreebell keeps a hold of his head long enough he might run out of air," James said.

"I heard that! You're a dead man," James's voice said over the intercom.

Tom walked into the set, everyone notices that he has a black eye, but B'Elanna pretends not to notice.

"Fine I'll come, as long as I get to help you beat him up if he brings a camera," James said.

"If you don't shut up they won't be the only things that hurt," James said.

"I thought she told you to zip it," Tani said. "I'll do it for him, in the literal sense," James said.

"James, get me a knife," Jessie said. "Okay, as long as you leave some for me," James replied.

And now the conclusion

This isn't a

moment. Season Two/B4FV may have upgraded James a tad, but his violent tendencies haven't come out of thin air. THE FOUNDATION WAS THERE ALL ALONG, STOP TRYING TO MAKE PEOPLE FORGET THAT. I BELIEVED IT FOR YEARS AND I WROTE THE SODDING THING, GOD DAMN IT

"He hasn't got much of a temper compared to me. I really don't see the point of this," Jessie said.

Well, compared to Season One (and Thrown Key Part 2) Jessie anyway.

"The man is violent and destructive. I can sense that his past incarnations were all murderers," Foster said.

I don't need to make a joke here do I? Sometimes I gotta let the quotes speak for themselves.

foreshadowing a future episode or three though, so kudos

"Is that your brilliant proof this time?" Jessie asked. Foster leaned on her chair so he could get closer to her.



Jessie's Sin Points: +1

"Don't you see. He's been deceiving you all these years. He is a killer, he killed his entire family, even his step father was killed because of him. The man is a killer," Foster said.


"For one thing he didn't kill his family. His dad died in a shuttle crash, and I doubt the rest of his family died because of him. Secondly he is not a murderer, I've known him almost my entire life, he's the nicest guy I've ever met," Jessie said.


1) Yes, that was hilarious. Someone ripped that dashcam clip and chucked some appropriate music over it. That's currently the most watched video on Youtube.

2) Well Jessie, you explain why mummy dearest disappeared during the Test of Time flashbacks with no explanation


4) Well when the competition is stalker Craig, I like watching you make out Tom, gorry bodies Harry, can't remember last week Chakotay, lung harvesting blackmailer Doctor, cooks s$$$ Neelix, and social pariah for some reason Tuvok, I guess James would be classed as the nicest. To you anyway, cos damn that recap earlier was bigger than I thought.

"He's been deceiving you. His past incarnations all did the same things. Did you know that one of them was a mass murderer who experimented with witchcraft?" Foster asked.

Okay we've gone from not subtle foreshadowing to spoiler territory here.

Or it's the ramblings of a mad man who thinks he knows people's past lives... sorry incarnations. Take your pick.

yes this is The Resurrection/Iinan foreshadowing but sheesh, there's no explanation as to how he knows this junk

"Ensign, I am the one doing the interview. Both of you please join a security team," Tuvok said. Craig and Foster headed out of the room. Craig left but Foster stopped at the door. He turned to Jessie.

Seriously, when did Craig get a job? It's more off putting than reincarnation Foster

"Did you know that he had a sister?" Foster asked.


"No," Jessie replied.


"Do you know why you didn't know until now? He killed her,


he was three when he killed her. She was fourteen year old


If a man can kill a fourteen year old girl at that age then he could kill anyone



Jessie's lack of reaction is the only thing wrong with it.

"I find it hard to believe that James killed his sister, at three years old. That's just ridiculous," Jessie said.

Yes, yes it is

"I've been talking with Foster and I believe that Ensign Stuart has fooled us all. I checked the federation database. Stuart's sister was killed


>> If you wanna avoid spoilers, skippe to Page 2 >>

Tuvok shouldn't have been able to do this so casually. If I remember Dark Clouds right the entire file is classified, and even when they get into it parts are still blurred out. HOWEVER I doubt this sister was erased completely, so perhaps he found a very basic account of this. I should let this off, especially when it's more of an error with DC than Disconnected. Heh. SPOILERS END

>> This is long, Page 2 time >>