Marill Re-Reads "Resistance"

As you may or may have noticed, I love Resistance. HOWEVER I have not read it in years. At least read the whole thing anyway.

I still think if it were not for this episode the series wouldn't be the way it is today. The previous two episodes tried to set the same tone but literally lost the plot. Resistance though follows through. I know it's got some stinkers in like its opening and the Picacard joke theft, I'm not naive in thinking its perfect. FV perfect anyway, no episode is the true meaning of the word ;)

Some trivia before we begin. Gather around kiddies, or more like run away kiddies Marill's already warned you, for the tale of Resistance's origins. The basic plot came to me in a dream where I caught the new episode of Voyager, in a shop window of all things. It was very J/C and I remember being so disappointed when I woke up. Now here's the thing, the dream itself I don't remember anything about it other than it was J/C. It gave me the idea of a third party/love triangle with J/C and some random schmuck though, and that's that.

Once it was developed a bit more and FV had grown a bit, it made more sense for it to be a James/Jessie episode instead of J/C. Why? In a less spoilery nutshell both Janeway and Chakotay's personalities and their relationship did not suit the story. James and Jessie did, and since Resistance was already the fifth episode, it fit better after Interactions and Disconnected. That's all there is to it.

Let's do this then. No pressure Resistance! I'm sure you can beat the top score of the season so far.


Oh gods that old banner is hideous. Phew, problem solved.

Captains Log Supplemental: In order to boost morale, Neelix is preparing auditions for a play he has written.

Wait, this isn't the opening I thought it was? HURR... no I won't let my guard down. It's coming I'm sure of it.

"What kind of crappy story is it?" Morgan asked.

"Firstly, it's not crappy. Secondly it's a love story. The female and male lead fall in love. Their families, however are always fighting each other. Finally the two lovebirds bring both of their families together," Neelix replied.


"That story doesn't sound original, it sounds more like Romeo & Juliet and Lion King 2," Morgan muttered. Neelix pretended not to hear her.

Ooph, gotta give Morgan credit for not only saying LK2.

"Also, whoever gets chosen for the female lead will most likely have lots of male fans," Neelix said.

"Give it up, Neelix. Nobody is going to want the part because of that," Morgan said. Suddenly a lot of girls pushed past of her and rushed onto the stage.

Pffthhahahahaha, didn't know that so many of the girls were desperate.

All guest stars had been rejected. So Tani, Lilly, Emma, Claire and Lisa were the only ones left.

Well DUH. You don't want your lead actress dying (permanently) before the show.

"Okay, now lets see if you can work well with our male lead," Neelix said. Tom pushed Harry onto the stage. "Okay girls. Here's your co-star," Neelix said. Emma giggled hysterically and she ran over to Harry. She started hugging him tightly

Lol, even his own friend. Has Tom ran out of people he can force into things?

"Okay then. Lets see if you can kiss each other. This is essential," Neelix said.

This is Emma's dream isn't it?

Lisa and Claire walked off the stage in disgust. Claire thought, "I don't want to be seen with an old gel guy. I'd rather be seen with a toilet seat."

Lisa thought, "why would I want to kiss him, he's old enough to be my dad."

Ouch and ahem Lisa, Harry's the same age as one of your exes. Just saying.

"Fine, Emma," Neelix commanded. Emma's face lit up. Neelix noticed Lilly walking off the stage. "Lilly, where are you going?" he asked in a frantic way.

"I think playing Harry's sister in the play is a better idea," Lilly replied.

First gripe of the day. What does this have to do with Resistance? I thought Picacard was the only random part.

Two hours later:
"Okay, action!" Neelix commanded. The camera man turned on the camera, it focused on the stage.

I thought this was a play.

Suddenly Tani blocked the camera view.

"Hi, I'd like to thank my fans for making me the universe's most gifted and beautiful Games Slayer," she said in her best flirty voice. Somebody's hands pushed her out of the way and Triah blocked the camera view instead.


Seriously, Games Slayer types haven't been defined yet so for all we know Tani's as super awesome...strong as Morgan is. Then I laugh as I reminded of Marill being one. Hehe

Also, what?

Morgan walked up behind them. She pushed them away easily. "Hi Lene fans! Aqua rules!" she yelled at the top of her voice.

"Beats me," Morgan replied. Harry ran into Neelix's kitchen. Not long after Naomi appeared on the stage.

"Where did Harry go?" she asked in an innocent voice.


Naomi ran after him. "Wait! I only want to be your friend!" she yelled as she disappeared down the corridor.

This is the real reason why Naomi was aged early. Enjoy

"Okay, who stole my chocolate chip cookies?" Neelix asked. He looked around and he saw Kiara and Bryan stuffing their faces with biscuits at the side of the stage.

Yep I was right, this is the part I was dreading and thought was the literal episode opener. But first!!!

Episode Based In: February 2377
The Love Spell/Bryan's birth: September 2376

Okay Kiara yes, but Bryan? Five month olds can eat biscuits?

"No!" Bryan blurted out, spitting crumbs.

And talk

"Steal your own," Kiara said with her mouth full.

"Whatever happened to the sweet and innocent Kiara," Craig muttered.


"She disappeared after two B4FV characters re-joined the main cast and taught her swear words," Neelix replied. Craig immediately knew who he meant and he looked over at Jessie.

HUH? Not only is that wrong cos again Kiara's always been cute but badly behaved, but "re-joined", does that mean Aggressions-Year of Hell (probably)?

"I don't swear," Jessie said in an innocent voice.

"Yeah, and Craig's gay," Tani said as she put on some make up.

"Why does everybody make that comparison?" Craig asked himself.

Cos everyone thinks gay is insulting and so this is funny. Obviously

"Jessie, Morgan, James, go and find out what that was, I'm busy," Neelix said.

"If he bosses me around one more time I'm going to cook him in his own stew," Morgan growled as she, Jessie and James headed over to the source of the noise.


Anyway here comes the ick, courtesy of the Season One habit of stealing Pokémon scenes WORD FOR WORD. Please note: it's getting deleted after I quote it, so enjoy.

They came across the most amusing sight. Kiara and Bryan had somehow got themselves trapped in the cage that was going to be used in the next scene.

"Isn't that the cage you guys replicated for the next scene," Morgan asked.

"Yeah, it seems that we've captured a pair of very roman

Nope can't make it through the whole thing. DELETED

If you wanna know how the whole thing goes, Google Pokémon Orange League, look for the first episode that mentions someone called Tracy, note the episode title before it, and watch that one on Youtube, or skip to the plane crash. Thank me for the deletion later.

"Ensign Stuart, it's time for your duty shift," Tuvok said in his really boring tone of voice.


Oh yeah the series remembered James was being punished for the killing he actually did. Interesting that was forgotten when he was a MURDER SUSPECT in the last episode.

"You will do them until the Captain thinks that you have made sufficient progress," Tuvok replied.

"Takes a long time. I've been on this duty shift for seven years," Foster muttered.

"But Ensign, you are on this duty shift permanently," Tuvok said calmly.

What did Foster do that's so bad he's on permanently, but killer of one *cough* James can still progress his way out of it?

Joke question. Interactions called this a disciplinary class. Resistance pretends that never happens and punishes him by throwing him into a Security Team that happens to have an opening because the last member of it lost his head in the last episode. And I mean that literally. That's assuming both Fosters were on the team at the same time. Good Foster happens to be on Bad Foster's team with no fanfare so....

"Why do I share a shift with really stupid people?" Thompson muttered to himself.

I'd be more concerned about the killer, but okay. Stupid people pfft

Almost everybody groaned and they slowly left the studio leaving Neelix to film an empty stage.

I can't wait to see this "play" at the cinema in a few months time

"Emma, what are you doing here? You're not a Bridge officer," Kathryn asked.

"Everyone used that excuse to get away from the play. Plus Tuvok told me to take his station since he's on his rounds," Emma replied and she headed over to Tactical.

AH A GOOD EXCUSE, IT BURNS... then she blows it by mentioning Tuvok. Nope, nice try.

"Oh for goodness sake. None of you are manning the tactical station, because Crewman Picacard is," Kathryn said. Craig and Emma looked at her funny.

Here we go

Trivia before it begins: In the UK back in the late 90's/early 2000's there was a Saturday morning show called SMTV Live. You may remember it from when VTV Live ripped it off. Anyway. After their Friends parody ended they replaced it with a Star Trek one called SMTV 2099. It was pretty funny, the later spinoff of it (because 2/3 of the main hosts left and were replaced) parodied Voyager and had the Borg in it (known as the Bores), the Captain was eerily Morgan like so I loved it.

Anyway, this stolen joke was from the original series era but I thought the Voyager spinoff was neat enough to mention. In one episode James' "actor" guest starred as the Red Shirt who didn't want to risk doing anything in case he was killed off. However he had a name, Picacard, pronounced Pick A Card. Everytime he was called he had to randomly shout something like Ace of Hearts. It's as funny as I typed it, but I thought it was funny then... probably because of who was playing him more than the actual joke. (tbf I think his red shirt comments are still funny. I'M STILL ALIIYYYVVVEE)

And it only appeared here because well, early FV loves its fourth wall actor jokes. I think you can see where I'm going with this. Let's "watch".

"I've seen him before but I don't know his name," Tom muttered.

She just said his name, you ninny.

"We received a Federation distress call. We're nearing the source now," Kathryn replied.

"But Captain, it could be another trap. Remember 'Manuevers'?" Harry pointed out.

"Remember what?" Kathryn said in a confused tone of voice.


I like that this wasn't edited to suit the episode's name change. I still dunno why I called it Whenever.

"It's a Federation shuttle!" Harry exclaimed.


AN EXCLAIMED, it feels like forever ago     since I noticed one.

"Is it one of ours?" Chakotay asked.

"I doubt it, you crashed all of ours," Tom muttered under his breath.


"It only has a ship's registration number on it. NCC 1701 E," Harry replied.

Marill: omg Enterprise E *fangirl drooling, everyone backs away*

"Picacard..." Chakotay started.

"Ace of hearts," Tom said at the top of his voice.

"Tom, you're jokes are really terrible, nobody finds them funny so shut up," Kathryn ordered.

Yes Tom. You are jokes are really terrible.


This is one of those mistakes I still can't believe I ever made. I can forgive suppose and would of, but this? lol

"I am Lieutenant Simon Ellis of the Starship Enterprise. I'm so glad to see a Federation ship. I haven't seen any since I was attacked by a Borg ship," the guy in the shuttle said.

God damn it, they got the Enterprise again. LEAVE MY E ALONE WAH

But seriously, he throws Borg in so casually, he's not a Voyager peep, what's up with that? And a nice reminder, Thrown Key killed the Borg Queen again. Yep.

"Maybe the Borg captured it, and went into transwarp," Craig replied.

"That may explain how he doesn't know that he's in the Delta Quadrant," Kathryn said.

"See, I'm a genius," Craig boasted. Everyone looked at him in the exact same way. "Why are you looking at me like that?" he asked.

Yes Craig, you're a genius *pinches cheek*


"Now, I want you all to be on your best behaviour. I remember what happened last time and I don't want it to happen again," Tuvok said.

"Hey, he was the one who put that sexual magnetism virus on me," Thompson protested.

"I didn't know it was a sexual magnetism virus, I thought it was the virus that makes all girls throw up on you," James said.

Someone's been watching Red Dwarf again

And James wtf, that's not very nice. Those poor girls

I'm not taking this scene too seriously. It's far too random even for FV.

"I was trying to get a certain girl to like me. I'm hopelessly in love with her," Foster replied as he looked at his feet.

This is never mentioned again. Foster never even dates. AND HE'S ALSO NOT A CREEP WHO'D USE A VIRUS TO GET GIRLS TO LIKE HIM. Thompson maybe? So yeah SKIP

"I'm Lieutenant Simon Ellis. Nice to meet you all," Simon said politely.

"I'll take you to the Ready Room, the Captain wishes to speak to you," Tuvok said.

"Okeydokey," Simon said in a cheerful way.

Aaaw Simon seems nice.

In: "Rex to Stuart. Meet me at the turbolift on deck ten, I need to talk to you for a minute."


"Hmm, that request sounds like Lara has requested of me a couple of times," Thompson muttered and he winked at James.

"Oh sorry, are you meeting O'Hara there for another kissing session?" James asked.

Lol James. That comment either went flying over your head or you're deliberately ignoring it. Either way still funny.

"Later maybe. And you're too stupid to get what I just said," Thompson replied.

"I got what you said, and it wasn't that funny either," James said. Foster groaned, as usual.

Oh my, I honestly thought it flew over his head because he's hopelessly naive. My boy's growing up, bless.

But lookie, Thompson's personality has finally appeared and it doesn't change one little bit. Foster's already groaning at these two arguing, the poor piggy in the middle. I love the Security Team One dynamic, so I'm very happy that barring "positive" viruses from Red Dwarf jokes, it's already begun.

Oh yeah Tuvok reminded Jessie that James is working and we also need to force a meeting between her and Simon, duh.

"Well, B'Elanna wants us to babysit Bryan for an hour tonight. You know, to start paying her back for that favour she's doing for us," Jessie replied.

"Bryan? You're in trouble, I babysitted him last week and he was nothing but trouble," Foster muttered.


Why would B'Elanna and Tom pick Foster to babysit?

"So, who are you?" Simon asked.

"Jessie," Jessie replied as the turbolift stopped at the Bridge

Enjoy the sparkage folks, and the bitter side eye from the third wheel.

lol yeahright

"Picacard is played by the same guy who plays James, I knew he seemed familiar," Tom said.

Thanks Tom. I guess the amount of people who'd know this would be very small. But then again so is FV readers full stop. OHSNAP

"Er, Tuvok, why is Jessie here?" Kathryn asked. Tuvok looked at Jessie.

You've only noticed the James/Jessie chains now? I'm surprised she wasn't on the Security team.

"Ensign, would you please take Crewman Rex to Deck Two. You both can join the security team there," Tuvok ordered.



"Meh, whatever," James muttered. He and Jessie left the room.

"Nice people," Simon said.


James: yay!

Simon: That chick is hot... when's the operation to separate her from her conjoined twin

"Well, they easily damaged the shields. They used a tractor beam to pull us into their ship. They managed to fully assimilate Ian, but they were only just getting to me when their ship was attacked by another Borg ship. I managed to use the attack to my advantage and escape," Simon replied.

"Maybe the Borg entered trans-warp during your time on the Borg ship. If it was a ship connected to the collective that must mean they have a new queen already," Kathryn said.

Okaaaaaaaay. Using the name of another FV character is really off putting.

At least the Borg Resistance haven't been forgotten about AND that a hint the Queen dying didn't necessarily kill off the Borg.

"Well, we're going to have to assign a guide for you, and some quarters," Kathryn muttered.

"What about that girl who was in here earlier?" Simon asked.

Yeah sure, I don't sense any ulterior motive there.

Wait, what's this about a guide? Is this the best I could come up with to get these two to hang out? lol

"Could you please come back in," Kathryn said. A few seconds later Tuvok stepped back into the room. "Simon, just wait outside, I need to talk to Tuvok alone," Kathryn said.

All of this "get out I wanna talk to other person in private" is making me dizzy.

"Nobody, if he wants Jessie, he'll get her. I want you to take him down to deck two after this," Kathryn said.

"Captain, the girl is unreliable, do you think it's a good idea?" Tuvok asked.

Unreliable? Citation needed. It's a bit harsh coming from Tuvok. Maybe he's still bitter about the face drawing in Muse. I know I am.

"Maybe you're right, Captain. It would be a good idea, also, to get her away from her infatuation," Tuvok said.

OH, I see. This is just an excuse for

Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 1

"Ensign Stuart," Tuvok replied.

"Er.. I wasn't aware of this," Kathryn muttered.

Clearly this is massive sarcasm, so huge that it overloaded the counter.

Hey Janeway, may I remind you of a certain storyline in the prequels that was definitely already prepared. The title of the (I think, could've been sooner) first episode has the word fire in it, just in case you need to jog your memory. Psst episode 6.

"It is obvious, Captain," Tuvok said.

"That's maybe your opinion, Commander. Make sure you don't say this to either of them, okay," Kathryn said.

lol whut?

Tuvok's all like "squee, obvious hints, my ship's canon." Yet Janeway tells him to cool his jets and keep it to himself. What's happening here?

Tuvok left the room again. Kathryn looked at her cup, it was empty again so she ordered another cup of coffee from the replicator.

I really miss coffee nut Janeway, so please, please be a hint we're getting her

"To be Simon's guide. He has requested you," Tuvok replied. Simon grinned the biggest grin possible.

Jessie: LOL NO, creepy

"Oh all right, it'll give me something to do while James and everyone else is on duty," Jessie said. Tuvok was about to say something but he decided against it.

God damn it, it's spelled Tom, Marill. Tuvok is the other guy, you know the logical one. I thought you were a Voyager fanatic.

Also Jessie agrees to babysitting male stranger clearly crushing on her, though it won't be clear to her

Jessie's Sin Points: +1

"You wouldn't have to if you hadn't of murdered somebody," Tuvok said.

"Hey cool, you murdered somebody, cool," Simon said.

Um. Why is that cool, Simon? Please be an awkward sarcastic comment.

are we using "omg killing is so cool" as foreshadowing hints in every episode?

Despite being the avid shipper, Tuvok separates James from Jessie (I know, I'd be shocked too if I didn't already know the plot), leaving her alone with the new guy. They bond over Enterprise and Voyager comparisons. Sparks are still on the runway.

Picacard stepped out. Thompson burst out laughing when he saw him.

"Hey, I didn't know you had a twin," Thompson laughed.

"What are you talking about, he looks nothing like me. The hair's all wrong, not to mention the ears," James muttered.

Well, he's not wrong. Picacard had Vulcan like ear(muffs) and a daft wig.

Anyway this scene does nothing but separate the previous one and this:

Simon was looking around the room as Jessie stood at the doorway.

"This place is not too bad. My old quarters were really posh," Simon muttered as he wandered around.

"Just contact me if you want anything," Jessie said.

"Okay, will do," Simon said. Jessie quickly left the room. Simon looked at the computer console.

Simon complained that the Enterprise was too posh before. He really, really hates it. I'm gonna assume I did this to show how truly evil Simon is, how dare he hate the Enterprise E.

I like the ickle touch of Jessie staying at the door and the eagerness to leave.

Two days later:
The Ready Room:
Kathryn was drinking her third cup of coffee when the door chimed.

"Come in," she said in a cheerful manner. 


"I believe a member of the crew has been in contact with aliens in this area," Tuvok said.

"What?" Kathryn snapped.

Oh yeah, I kinda forgot this element to the story. I'll refrain from commenting about it until later.

"Mr Kim reported that there had been an open commlink with a far away alien ship. According to the computer whoever it was was using Crewman Rex's password to gain access to the comm array," Tuvok said.

Couldn't be that hard, bet it's something like gimmealltheclothes or JessluvsJames4eva

"Ask Lilly and Annika to use Astrometrix to find the ship that was contacted. I want you to find out who it was and why," Kathryn ordered.

Oh of course, ask Lilly. She knows everything. I bet Annika's very threatened by this.

"Crewman Thompson has been starting fights between Ensign Stuart, so now he's not reporting for duty anymore," Tuvok replied.

Um what? Even Season One James wouldn't pout in his room because someone was being mean to him. He saved that for when people called out his infantile hiding behind Jessie from the scawy girls.

I'm only noticing another thing wrong with this now. James isn't a Security officer by choice, where skiving without giving a reason would already be a big no no. A slap on the wrist, no rations, I dunno. He was put there because he killed someone and this is his punishment, presumably because a) they can't have the only brig occupied for the rest of the trip (he got off lightly, Suder got house arrest cos of that issue) and b) spoilers they need him free - though I don't think anyone but maybe Jessie knows/remembers this.

It'd be like skiving community service wouldn't it? And I'm no expert but that would be a one way ticket to the brig after all, right? James didn't get it for a minor offense either, this is taking the piss.

This is FV and early FV at that, I'm thinking waaaaay too much.

"I'll ask Morgan to find out what's wrong with Ensign Stuart, she has a nack for things like that," Kathryn said.


And lol since when?

I have a sad that Morgan's relationship with James only properly kicks off because of bulls$$$ reasons. Simon and Jessie hanging out too. Sigh, it's a good thing you eventually gitgud Resistance.

Harry was sitting at a table on his own. He heard somebody walk up to the table so he looked up to see who it was. He screamed like a girl and he ran out of the room.

"Why does he keep doing that?" Naomi asked herself. She sat down in his chair.

I know I'm a bad person, I laughed.

It's not funny though. Harry really should get a restraining order. Though we dunno if Naomi's done anything other than say hello to him.

Morgan walked through the big doors. She stopped and looked around. She spotted what she was looking for. She walked over to one of the tables and she sat down.

"Hiya, Jimmy boy," she said cheerfully.

"Why do you keep calling me that?" James asked.

"I dunno. I don't like your name I suppose," Morgan replied.

I sometimes think James deserves to be in a better series. This is one of those times.

Oh Morgan. If you were like this all the time, I wouldn't be so harsh on you.

"Oh nothing much. Just advice," Morgan replied.

"Go and look somewhere else then," James muttered.

"Oh, dad told me that old people are great at giving out advice," Morgan said quietly.


"Well, you're old enough to have experience with this sort of thing, but not too old I suppose," Morgan replied.

"Experience with what?" James asked.

"Erm, I'll have to tell you my long story first," Morgan muttered.

How long's long? I need to mentally prepare myself

"Well to cut a long story short, it all happened in the last episode. Craig was telling me some kinda mushy stuff. For some reason I felt sorry for him so I, er, kissed him," Morgan muttered.

Wait, that's a long story? Morgan would probably think Hunters was a novel.

Oh my god Morgan. You kissed Craig, or you say you did, because he was acting so mushily pathetic you felt sorry for him???

"I thought Craig was lying about that," James said quietly.

"What? He told you!" Morgan stuttered. She hid her face behind her hands.

I imagine Craig would risk a Warp 10 lizard transformation to go all the way to the Alpha Quadrant and back to tell everyone. Of course he told his only guy friend.

If only he knew it was only a pity kiss.

I don't expect James to call out how weird and disturbing that is, only because I think my past self might not have caught this.

"Well, yeah. He found out about the love spell incident so it was only fair," James said.

Is it? I disagree

"Ohno, I can't believe it," Morgan said in a muffled voice. She moved her hands away from her face. "What are you bloody laughing at?" Morgan said loudly.

"You kissed Craig, that's so funny," James said in a middle of a laugh.

Actually, it kinda is. Pity or not, she did it on her own and her "long" story doesn't do her any favours.

Still not cool to laugh at the 16/17 year old kid over her probably first kiss. Bad James.

S3 spoilers; foreshadowing though. I THINK. James and Morgan's dynamic from here on out is very, um... sibling rivalry esque. They take the piss out of each other 90% of the time, but still hang out even though they don't seem to like each other. You can mistake it for coupley chemistry (you know the two people bicker far too much=potential shipping time, which I've mentioned I'm not keen on as proof on its own), which was always my intention cos I'm a horrible person. As if I'd mix up my two main pairings, lawl.

"Not funny. It was only one of those friendship ones that Lilly told me about," Morgan protested.

Lilly is a writer in a terribly unconvincing disguise, who ships everyone and thing. Rookie mistake.

"If you say so. What do you need advice for then?" James asked.

"Well, he keeps asking about it and I can never explain it to myself. You see, you don't know the whole story," Morgan replied.

Oh my, then you've come to the right guy. Kinda. James is experienced in this crap.

She can't explain it, but she called it a pity and a friend kiss earlier.

Whole story, the long story's still coming?

"Well, it kinda went a little further than I expected, if you know what I mean," Morgan replied.


Morgan, it's lucky you're talking to James here. Luckily he didn't go where anyone else would've with two sentences like that.

"No, I don't," James said.

"Yes you do, you're just trying to make it harder for me," Morgan protested.

"Is it working?" James asked.

Spoilers and whatnot aside, James really shouldn't be giving Morgan this much of a hard time when she's a kid who obviously needs some grown up advice. Not cool. Especially when he knows all too well what it's like to be kissed randomly by the girl he likes, and for her to go all "um, I felt like it" afterwards.

He's really being OOC actually, as evidenced here

"Unfortunately. Well, it was only meant to be a brief kiss, you see and it lasted a lot longer than that," Morgan muttered.

"I see, I take it you had a slip of the tongue, right," James said and he burst out laughing again.


OMG ME TOO! James' Out Of Character Bulls***: 1

She's no more than 17 James, you're ten years older, stop it. I only like this teasing when it's back and forth. Morgan's not giving any back, so that's the cue to stop.

"That's not funny!" Morgan snapped. Everyone in the room turned to look her way, and she turned bright red. "You're suppose to be helping me, not laughing at me," Morgan said.


"How can I help you?" James asked.

"Well, haven't you had experience?" Morgan asked.

"Not really, I've never kissed Craig before," James replied.

This difficult on purpose is wearing thin. Although that line, lawl.

"That's it, I'm going to kill you," Morgan growled.

"I was only kidding, I knew what you meant," James said.

Kudos Morgan, I'd have lost patience many jokes ago.

"I've never had a friendship kiss that lasted long, so no I haven't," James replied.

We're humouring this friendship kiss thing? Okay. Remember this later.

"Whatever you do, don't tell him the truth, somebody did that once and it caused more bother," James said.

Huh? Doesn't that depend on what the truth is, which Morgan clearly doesn't have a clue about? And what are you basing this on? The example I was thinking of Jessie clearly winged her excuse and that caused a few months of not talking to each other.

"I'll not tell who, lets just call them S & R, yeah that'll do. R thought that S was jealous because, er T, had a crush on her. Of course S wasn't. Anyway, for some reason R kissed S to test him. She told him the truth and a full blown argument started," James replied.

Oh ok, we're prequelling. Badly. Okay.

1) The initial thing is stupid. You're stupid. Morgan's stupid for asking who everyone is.

2) S was definitely jealous, try again later.

3) Oh ok fine, the kiss test was correct. I'll give you that one. It's not prequel spoilers if James tells us this here.

"Yeah you can, I can keep friend's secrets. Usually if they don't tell me their secrets I can just try and read their thoughts and find out anyway," Morgan said.


"I'll tell you who T was," James said.

"Okay, that's a start," Morgan said.

"Tom," James said.

Would probably be a bit more shocking if the Tom crush wasn't thought revealed in previous episodes.

"Thanks, I can ask him who he's had a crush on during the years, then I'll find out who R is, unless it's B'Elanna," Morgan said.

Ow, the stupid hurts

"It's not B'Elanna, and if you tell Tom I'll kill you," James said.

"Oh, I'd better not tell him then. You probably would kill me, well try to, murderer," Morgan said.

"If you call me murderer again I'm never going to tell you anything," James said.

1) Now James, I know "I'll kill you" is usually an exaggeration but you using it, so soon after Interactions and Disconnected is a big no no. People may take that seriously, which Morgan sorta does.

2) You're surprisingly touchy about this murderer label despite the shrug off in Interactions. Disconnected influence?

Anyway of course the agonising mystery that is who R and S are is revealed and we can finally move on. More or less

"Well Tani's had this big crush on you ever since she joined the crew. I have a feeling Jessie has too," Morgan replied.

"You can't prove anything," James said.

Oh don't tempt me, that you're definitely violent recap took longer than I thought.

"With Tani it was simple to find out. She keeps talking about you, and she even told me a few times. Jessie's a little more complicated. But here's my explanation. Craig told me you two are like positive and negative magnets, you just can't keep them apart. That's because the two magnets are attracted to one another. You see, it's simple," Morgan said.

Woah such a lengthily explanation for something that can be easily answered with, "just pick any James/Jessie and Tani scene at random. DUH"

I have a question, which one is the negative magnet? Surely both James and Jessie would be.

And lol Jessie's more complicated. HAHAHA

"I don't get it," James muttered.

No, I don't get the magnet s$$$ either.

"It's simpler than the two times table. You.. two.. are.. attracted.. to.. each.. other, get it now?" Morgan asked.

Sorry, must be done.

Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 2

"That can't be right, I would know either way," James said.

"Fine, believe what you want. Anyway, you've been a lot of help to my little dilemma," Morgan said.

Either way of what? 

And how Morgan. "It could be worse."

"Well, I know that you have been through something similar to me, and it's made me feel a lot better. Misery loves company," Morgan replied.

I dunno, I can't imagine my plans for that prequel storyline changed in the time it took to plan it and mention here, and the release of the episode. Yeah the truth caused an argument, but it helped clear the air. And again, the lie in Holo Q resulted in no talking for months. Truth wins over Winged it Lie.

"Oh I just remembered. Mum asked me to talk to you about why you're not going to duty anymore," Morgan said.

So this wasn't a clever ruse or anything to get something out of him? I'm shocked. I'm not shocked

"Everything I suppose. Thompson won't stop bugging me about Jessie's new friend, and Tuvok's just being the usual jerk," James replied.

OMG ME TOO! James' Out Of Character Bulls***: 2


"Simon, Janeway ordered her to be his guide to Voyager, but she's been spending a lot of time with him. I'm sure it doesn't take two days to show Simon around a small ship like Voyager," James replied.

"Sounds to me like you're jealous again," Morgan said.

"You what?" James asked.

"You're jealous that Jessie has a new friend. You're worried that she'll forget about you," Morgan replied.

Finally, the point of the scene. So much could've been cut to save us all some insan...time.

Resistance does get better, IT DOES

"Okay, I think I'm finished here," Morgan said. She stood up. "Maybe if you spend some time with Simon and Jessie, it would help," she said and she walked out the door.

And it's over! Just like that. Okay

Jessie, James and Simon were sitting on the sofa in the main room. Jessie stood up and walked into her room.


"Great. Jess has helped me out a lot. She's a great girl, don't you agree. Well of course you do or you wouldn't be living with her," Simon replied.

I don't see anything wrong here.

"Er, yeah," James muttered.

"I know I shouldn't be telling you this but I think I've fallen in love with her. Do you think I should tell her tomorrow?" Simon asked. He never got an answer since Jessie came back into the room and sat down again.

I only cut out the line where James asks how he's settling in. Nothing else.


I like the way he starts with "I know I shouldn't be telling YOU this, but I will anyway knowing it'll piss you off." Then asks for his advice on when to tell her. I dunno if this guy is stupid or brave.

Yeah James and Jessie aren't together so Simon can ask her out all he wants. It's understandable that James would be jealous (and even more so that he'd deny it), but he can't or shouldn't do anything about it, he doesn't own her. However, later on Simon admits that he knows a lot about him, mainly his temperament and their past. So he thinks he knows how James will react and does it anyway. Again either stupid, or brave enough to poke the bear.

Gee, I can't see why James has a problem with this guy. Nope, none. He seems nice.

"Okay, what do you guys fancy doing tonight, do you wanna go out or stay in?" Jessie asked.

"You guys do what you want, I'm going to bed," James said quickly and he stood up.

Only he doesn't fall for the bait and walks away.

Yeah it looks huffy, but that's totally the right thing to do. Well done.

"No, I wonder what's wrong," Jessie replied.

"Maybe we should go out, give him some peace and quiet," Simon said.

"That's a good idea, but I think I should talk to him first," Jessie said.

See, nothing to worry about. Jess will always put James first.

"No, I'm sure he's ok," Simon said, he stood up and he headed out the door.

"I hope you're right," Jessie muttered as she followed him out the door.

Oh... not good.

"Again?" Kathryn said.

"Yes Captain. This time the culprit used Ensign Stuart's password," Tuvok said.

Yey, lets frame James again. It was so fun the last time.

"Thompson has been causing bother and Tuvok's obviously been a boring old g*t," Morgan replied.

"Er, I see," Kathryn muttered.

This is why you don't send a kid to do a Cap... well anyone's job. Tuvok's his boss, so his job.

"I'll not say anything cos he's my friend and I'm not going to tell the whole of Voyager about his problems," Morgan replied.

That's very considerate of you Morgan. Partially serious.

"If you wish," Kathryn replied. Morgan walked out the door leaving Kathryn with yet another cup of coffee.


"I was bored, I must be desperate if I think that talking to the Captain will relieve my boredom," James replied.


Not long after Morgan and James left the Bridge, Picacard rushed to the Tactical station.

"Reporting for duty sir," he said to Chakotay.

"Er.. ok," Chakotay muttered.

"If I ever complain about James again, remind me of this guy," Tom said quietly.

Why? There's nothing wrong with him. He's doing his job, which is more than I can say for James.

"I think he's going to tell her tonight," James muttered.

"Geez, I wouldn't like to be her right now," Morgan said.

I think I'd be more worried about Simon than Jessie (if I didn't know what happens)

"I don't know what to do," James said.

"What do you mean? This isn't your concern," Morgan asked.

You're damn right Morgan

"She wouldn't tell you this herself but she's been afraid of getting into a relationship for years. It's a long story how it happened. But I have no idea how she'll react to Simon's love confession, that's what I'm worried about," James said.


Still, Morgan's right

Interactions kinda told us this long story, bodged as it were, so you might think James wants to do something because he feels responsible. However I know that Jessie was like this before their prequel relationship, not that the relationship didn't contribute to her insecurities. It did, it's just not the only reason. I assume James is blaming himself for more than he oughta, which he does a lot.

The interesting bit is him admitting he doesn't know how she will react, even though he knows all that, and it worries him. That can mean absolutely anything, which doesn't make him look any better.

But I know what he knows, obviously, Jessie's not going to react to a few days old friend's love confession with "omg me too, lets have babies." Who would, besides Disney princesses.

Whether or not the series has convinced you that he isn't worried she's gonna hook up with this guy, because it's Jessie and lawl, is on me. I just hope I have or James does look like a possessive prat here if I haven't.

"You two are as bad as each other. Anyway there's nothing we can do, unless we actually tell her before he does," Morgan said.

This is a bad idea

"Fine, but I think you should tell her," James said.

"Why should I? She's your best friend," Morgan asked.

"Various reasons," James replied.

Is one of them "this is a dumb idea?" Nah I doubt it.

"Oh is jealousy rearing it's ugly head again?" Morgan asked.

"No of course not, why would it be?" James replied.

I would say that if this wasn't one of the reasons, Jessie's gonna think it's why he's telling her. She's not gonna believe it. Hence why if you must do this stupid idea, Morgan should do the honours.

"Were you asleep when I explained the magnets theory yesterday? I don't know anybody who wouldn't be jealous in your position, if you know what I mean," Morgan said.

I dunno, someone who is a bit more secure. ohsnap

I mean come on. I've admitted James is not worried one bit that Jessie's gonna date this other guy. But Morgan's right, he is jealous of him. Why? Issues. James has enough to fill a large shopping trolley. He knows or he should that Jessie sees him as irreplaceable, the best friend, but he's too self conscious to admit it. Yeah he knows Simon is not a threat, friendship wise or romantically, but at the same time he feels threatened by him because of his self loathing, Simon looks better than him.

I can't explain it well, I hope that makes sense. I do this myself, so I know. There are times where I love FV and am proud of it, but I'll still make comments about it being s$$$ and apologise to people who've read it so I don't look braggy. PS I'm sorry

"Why not, I'll spare you the heartbreak if she's actually happy about the news," Morgan said and she stood up. She posed in front of the camera in use for a few seconds, Neelix tried to pull her away from it. She finally left the room.

So yes Morgan agrees to tell her by punching James in his insecurities. I'm a little flummoxed the camera is still around, whilst no play/film is being done. I chuckled though.

Simon walked through the main doors a few seconds later. He went in front of the camera for a little while before Neelix pushed him away too. Simon headed over to James' table and he just sat straight down.

Everyone's so vain lol

And gosh, the nerve or ignorance of this guy. He just sits down at James' table as if they're friends. I'm not sure if he's being naive or is trying to piss him off (yet)

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