Marill Re-Reads Man Out Of You

Lets get down to business, to defeat Resistance
Did they send me bulls$$$, when I asked for fine
You're the saddest bunch I've ever read
But you can bet before Two is through
I will enjoy Man Out Of You


Couldn't resist, I'm not sorry. Yes this is another song title ep, but it is not like the others. For a long, long time Man Out Of You was one of my all time favourites, it seemed to be rated well with others as well. I still remember the (I hope not sarcastic) feedback I got on another non-related forum, saying something like James was convincing as a character abused in childhood.

It isn't without its problems, of course. I remember not knowing how to end it, I asked someone in jest but used what was said anyway. It's fine, just rushed. And then there's a couple of minor niggles I have with it as the creator of James and Jessie too, others may not, but I'll get to that then and there.

This is the only one I felt truly capable of achieving a higher score than Resistance. While I said that about Resurrection and YWF, I still had doubts. This, I'd be surprised if it's at least not a close match. It has Resistance's strengths, but a lot less of its weaker parts. At least from what I remember.



January 2364 (fourteen years ago), Manchester, England:

It had been a perfectly normal day for James. He had been sitting around the empty house, doing absolutely nothing but sulk.

teenagers amirite

As usual he hadn't actually eaten anything.

yeh um, I can't remember if the context of this was ever explained. All I remember is another flashback in Season Four I assume based after this one.

At about midnight he headed into his room. It felt strangely cold, and windy. He looked around, the windows were tightly closed, and it looked calm outside. He tried to ignore it, and went to bed. He kept hearing what sounded like a man whispering. It took him about an hour before he actually fell asleep.

The next morning he awoke to the sound of his mum's voice yelling up the stairs. As he sat up he felt a tight pain coming from his upper right arm. He sat up properly and he looked at his arm. There was a large bruise there, that wasn't there the previous night.

if it weren't for the comma abuse I'd be asking who wrote this

AN: I could've complimented this, anything at all but instead I wasted 5 minutes trying to spin this as a jokey insult. This is the first 2020 Re-Read and so I've figured out my first resolution: cut it out. hahayeahright

Back to present day

As usual, the room was busy. Unknown crewmembers were chatting about nothing worth mentioning, and Neelix was cheerfully concocting some bizarre dish.

Lena and James walked into the room, and they went straight to the replicator, avoiding Neelix's recent concoction.

setting the scene *twitch* and it's not bad.

"So, when did you do that to your upper arm?" Lena was asking as she ordered her food.

James finished ordering his food. "Long story, Lena.

Ok I'd gripe and I probably still will. This is a coincidence expositional chat for sure, but it could've been so much worse. Like James's random comments about his dad in earlier episodes. This is more foreshadowing/set up for a later thing.

James explains it happened 14 years ago, yeh we didn't get that from the flashback (STOP IT MARILL). Lena asks the question we'd all ask in a show known for its convenient reset buttons

"Fourteen years, and you didn't get a doctor to heal it?" Lena asked.

"Originally I didn't want my parents to know about it, so getting it healed by the family doctor would of been tricky. By the time I got away from them both, I was used to it. Now can I continue the story?" James replied.

notreallyspoilers: step-dad isn't the family doctor anymore? news to me. Though I suppose it's a conflict of interest after he's married the mum. nm

and also that doesn't answer the question. A bruise would heal on its own without intervention

James recaps the flashback for us. Lena approves so much she toasts it.

"I woke up the next morning with this bruise. After that incident, every three nights I'd get the cold feeling, and an injury the next morning. That went on for a couple of years," James said.

I dunno if you'd remember, but I commented all the way back in episode 5 in Season One that a certain backstory infodump was cut as it were too soon (James's second episode, course it was). This is it. I don't think Test of Time referenced this either.

"Maybe you slept walked," Lena said.

"Explain the cold room, the voice, and the once every three day thing," James said.

maybe you slept walked after some nightmares/terrors


"Well, believe it or not, the voice was my father's voice," James replied.

"Wow, your father was haunting you," Lena said.


gawd I had to get some negativity out, didn't I?

"He obviously wasn't content with all the beatings he gave me as a kid, so he literally came back to finish the job. I don't know why, but it stopped. I think it was when I joined the Marquis eight years ago," James said.

and why would he stop? ooh possible Cardassian murder, that's now ma boy

"So you put up with that, for how long? Six years, right?" Lena said.

"Yeah, luckily half way through the third year everyone found out, and I had to visit the doctor every three days to get my injuries healed. It wasn't as bad after that," James said.

wait what? earlier James said it was a couple years. This 3-6 looks wrong.

"I know this is a silly question, but does Jessie know anything about this?" Lena asked.

"Yeah, she was the first one I told," James replied.

it is, if you've noticed then she would've

and he didn't seem fussed about telling the story

"What about the bruise, does she know about that?" Lena asked.

OH my face is red. You meant the whole daddy ghost arc. Still she asks anyway.

"I didn't tell her, she just noticed it about six years ago," James replied.

Episode based March 2378

Resolutions Saga's Up In Smoke: March 2372

That checks out eerily well. I'm suspicious, I don't usually get dates right

Craig, who was on the neighbouring pulled his chair over. "I hate to ask Lena, but how did you see this bruise on his upper arm?"

Ohno Craig's returned from the dark ages, notices Lena showing skin on her finger and passes out in shock.

Lena and James looked at him. "Always with the eavesdropping," James muttered

garbage time?

"Yeah, but he always covers up. So how come he didn't this time?" Craig asked.

Cos chicks can't resist the giant never healed bruise I got from my dead dad. Not like I need any help luring them in, but hey, won't hurt

Insanely jealous Craig envisions James not wearing a jacket or a jumper, or a uniform, BUT JUST A TSHIRT OR SOMETHING, drools but then dies from the thought of Lena seeing that as well. OHMY

Lena nicely asks him what his point is, cos like us she's stumped

James though is far too nice and expositions the s$$$ out of why he wasn't wearing a jacket over his tshirt at that particular second, that tramp.

Lena and the readers are still WTF. James continues to feel like most girls do when they're told their outfit made them ask for it.

Craig rolled his eyes. "Forget it, I was only joking on but you didn't get it."


you assumed James showing GASP his shoulder to Lena meant they had strawberry time. You confused Lena and put James off wearing just a tshirt even if it's 30+ Celsius out. You're a flipping weirdo.

Meanwhile everyone on the bridge is bored, and really are asking for it on the eve of a series finale. tsk they never learn

A console bleeped and everyone jumped to attention.

"What is it, what is it?" Kathryn asked.

"False alarm," Harry muttered. Everyone groaned.

oh boy, they're gonna regret this when Fair Chance rolls around. We all will *shudder* and then its Oasis of Abatua 0_0 oh god so much regret, so little time

the bridge crew get their so called action

"A ship is approaching. It's hailing us," Tuvok said.

"Finally, open a channel," Kathryn said.

"It's audio only," Tuvok said.


except not, James is not on the bridge and they can still hear the guy's voice. They.

In: "Are you a Federation ship?"

Kathryn looked back at Chakotay. "Yes we are."

In: "Well this is a longshot, but do you have somebody on your crew called James Taylor?"

My curiosity wants to find out just how many James Taylors exist right this moment. I'm willing to bet the odds aren't in this guys favour

buttheyare :(

"We do, but if you're looking for someone called that then there's a low chance that the one we have is the same one you're looking for," Kathryn said.

In: "I'm aware of that. Can I talk to him?"

oh fu, already being an asshat

"Give us five minutes, and we'll ask him up here," Kathryn said.

there's much wrong with this, it's frightening

Jessie reminds everyone of what Janeway said, but noonecares. Janeway calls poor James up, to hell with security protocols

Tuvok meanwhile goes back to his nap, blissfully unaware

"It's an unknown signature, Commander. The lifeform aboard is humanoid," Tuvok replied.

"There is no way that our James could know that guy, we've never encountered his ship before," Chakotay said.

sooo maybe we should think about this without telling the guy anything, or endangering a crewmember. justathought

Janeway points out that an alien they've never met before in the Delta Quadrant wouldn't normally know any James Taylors. yes this is very suspicious

James arrives with Lena on his heel (and I'm surprised Craig isn't on hers). Even Janeway isn't having any of her daughter sueness excuses. woah

"The man aboard that ship claims to be looking for a James Taylor. There's a small chance it's you he's looking for, but we thought you should talk to him to find out if it is you," Kathryn replied.

"Er, ok," James muttered.

Hmm so pre-name change. at least it won't be Simon. also a dude, so can't be the woman he shot in Fear (yes that hasn't been added to the kill count, yet!), surviving Upendi peeps are/is a woman. yes I know who it is, but you gotta wonder who else could it be

"Erm, James here," James said.

In: "Your name's James Taylor, right?"

ok NOW I'm calling bulls$$$ on this

they left out visual communications so he wouldn't be recognised, right, so how come James talks directly to him over the speaker and he well... ISNT

I can't remember if there is a reason, so I'm assuming something as canon. later

Anyway James said he's changed his name, and that gets an audible sigh from the other side. HAHA TAKE THAT SUCKER, STING

He doesn't take the loss though and continues to interrogate, and he really keeps his patience from the trolling James gives him as answers

"Earth," James replied.

In: "Ok, what country and what region?"

"England, the North East," James replied.

In: "We're getting somewhere."

meanwhile *grinds teeth* I'll remember this

"How do you know a James Taylor?" Jessie butted in.

Jessie to the rescue asking the right questions. James shouldn't be answering, this alien guy should.

Jessie's Sin Points: -1

In: "We've met before, but he was very young at the time. That's why I can't recognise the voice."

fine but that doesn't explain why James doesn't recognise his voice

and don't give me "he was so young he'd forget" excuse, THIS voice you wouldn't forget

anyways f$$$$r dodges the question with a white lie. I'm gonna be using this one a lot

In: "Tell me, was your mother named Susy?"

"Yeah, she was," James replied in a nervous way.

In: "You had a sister called Debbie, and a father named Peter."

no his father was called Child Beater Dies in Hilarious Head on shuttlecrash, the most viewed Youtube video of 2354. At least that's how the world remember him

In: "It's hard to explain, basically I think you're the one I'm looking for. Captain, may I come aboard your ship?"

"Yes, but first I want a good explanation for this," Kathryn replied.

In: "It'll be easier to tell it once I'm aboard."

"Very well, stand by for transport," Kathryn said. She glanced at Tuvok, and he cut off the transmission.

oh fu Janeway, grow a spine (back)

"His voice sounded a little familiar, so maybe I have met him before," James replied.

hnnnnnnnngghh if this never gets mentioned and or explained, this is a sin. sorry I MUST BE FAIR

Janeway continues to give no s$$$s about her crew and sends James to meet this guy who may know him and even knows about Debbie. Yeah, this is totally safe

A figure dematerialised on the pad. It was a man that looked like he was in his late forties. He had dark hair, and cold brown eyes.

youtried, it's okay

James backed off a little when he saw the man on the transporter pad. Jessie and Tuvok watched him as he did so.

this is the moment you move the camera away and wait for nature to take its course

"This is impossible.. he's my father," James stuttered.

Jessie stared at him in shock, and she turned to look at James' father.

*copies garbage gif just in case*

"That's right, I am Peter Taylor. Well, actually I'm his reincarnation," James' father said.

pfft, and I don't suppose your voice is different in this incarnation. RIGHT? if it's not said, it's an error

"You b****rd," Jessie said angrily. She tried to storm over to Peter, but Tuvok stopped her.


but Jessie, enjoy:

Jessie's Sin Points: -5

well earned, if it weren't for Tuvok. That would've been so awesome

"I understand James' reaction, but I don't understand what your problem is young lady," Peter said.

ho boy, I'm already getting angry (in a good, meant to be way)

Jessie pulled herself out of Tuvok's grip. "My problem? I don't have a problem. You're the one with the problem. What kind of father beats his three year old son?"


Jessie's Sin Points: -1

"I see he's told you," Peter said.

oh hell, weren't counting on that were you? *holds back piece of...*

Jessie folded her arms, and she growled in disgust.

Jessie so wants to beat him, she's free so why not? I'll let her off, she had her intentions to and she tore into him. notliterally is a start

Peter stepped off the pad, and he walked over to his son. He stepped further back. "There's no reason to fear me. I only possess Peter Taylor's memories. I am not him in anyway."

aaaw bless him

oh you are not him, so why did you confirm you were? jackass.

"Wait a minute, how can you be my dad's reincarnation? I was haunted by his ghost for six years," James asked.

"His spirit didn't reincarnate until twelve years ago," Peter replied.

Jessie laughs at the twelve year old nearing his midlife crisis, then she punches him in the nose. oh wait, that was my imagination

"My species ages four times faster than Humans do. In Human years I am forty eight, about five years younger than what Peter would of been now if he was still alive," Peter said.

hang on

Okay, so..... I roughly guessed earlier (then deleted it cos it was rambles) that James stopped being haunted (or having night terrors) in either 2369 or 70, with 70 the most likely. It's 2378, so -12 is 2366 and I'm even more confused than ever.

I'm not doubting James' side of it, I planned it for him, he was assaulted in his sleep for sure. But at some point he must've been suffering nightmares of what used to happen, and Lena being right as usual he was sleep walking/hurting himself. The dates don't correlate otherwise.

Doing this again, it's not right

2378: Man Out Of You
2366: Peter allegedly reincarnates
2364: The first incident of abusive ghost dad

Nope. James said it was going on for 3 years until it was noticed. It went on another 3. If "Peter" is telling the truth, it was only 2. WTF IS HAPPENING. Again if this isn't revealed to be a lie or something, anything to explain this, its getting the negative point. bloody shame, this background story like Test of Time was figured out way in advance. JUSTHOW

"What is there not to believe," Peter said.

James didn't answer, he walked straight out of the room. Jessie glared at Peter one more time, and she followed James out.

yeahyeah garbage and whatnot, but priorities. Jessie gets a gold star for making sure James is fine first

Jessie's Sin Points: -1

"I will take you to the Captain," Tuvok said.

"I didn't come to talk to her," Peter said.

oooh, did I sense some attitude slippage again

anyway it's time for a very weird scene that might get you wondering just why I thought Man Out Of You was the actual foreshadower to a S3 "twist"

or maybe just WTF? cos it's eugh

"You may find this hard to believe, but some members of my race experience problems if their past lives were aliens. Sometimes they lose their memories, and retrieve their past lives ones instead. That happened to me. In a way, James is the only family I have left," Peter replied.


I'm sure what I'm thinking will be pointed out eventually

"If I understand correctly, he hasn't seen his father since he was five, he's twenty eight now. It may be difficult for both of you," Kathryn said.


*spits feathers*


meanwhile James is probably having a mental breakdown, shaking in the corner with arms wrapped around his legs. The off screen machine nudging him, trying to get his attention

Peter says the line "if you had kids you'd get it" and I already hate him, more

"Actually I know exactly what you're going through," Kathryn said. Peter looked at her with interest. "I have a seventeen year old daughter who I've only known since she was fifteen. No matter how much time you've missed, there's still a chance, if it's fifteen or twenty three years," Kathryn said.

why are you being so nice to him? she knows, right? that's canon right??????

"Yes, but in my case this will be harder. I doubt you hurt your daughter to discipline her," Peter said.


he's not even trying to hide it

fortunately Janeway had her coffee spiked with a drug cocktail before this meeting

"No, if I did she'd probably hit me back," Kathryn said with a chuckle.

WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING its sad i remembered this more than anything

J/C are the worst (grand)parents ever: 1

and just then I remember a promise I made. IT'S TIME, J/C versus PETER TAYLOR. LET THE WORST PARENT(S) CONTEST BEGIN.

Now in the interest of fairness, Peter can only be scored on what happens here and what's mentioned from the past in this episode, not stuff mentioned before in other episodes. THAT COMES LATER, which'll be compared to J/C's current Season Two total.

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face - so far;

1: despite the time discrepancies, it's still implied (and I know he did) beat his son from beyond the grave, when he was sleeping.

2: beat him when he was 3 years old

3: even when he's pretending to not be him, calls what Peter did merely discipline

Anyway back to Janeway laughing at the thought of smacking kids around fighting back

"A three year old couldn't though. Even now I can still see fear in his eyes," Peter said.

I bet you like that you piece of shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

"Yeah, well you can't blame him. From what he's told me, your past life caused him a lot of pain," Kathryn said.

So she does know, and she didn't just find out in this very meeting and believed him when he said he was merely disciplining him. There's no mix up, she doesn't believe for a second it's blown out of proportion, that he only spanked him on the wrist a few times or something. She knows and still..............

"I know, that's why I want to make it up to him. Can you convince him to talk to me?" Peter asked.

"I'll see what I can do," Kathryn replied with a smile. Peter smiled back at her.


GET A ............. BOXING RING? GARBAGE CAN? foreshadowing!?

The next scene is Peter's second funeral, right?

Nah we'd be so lucky

Janeway is really over the top cheery. Stay tuned though, it gets better.

Jessie was sitting on the sofa, watching James pace the room. Duncan was sitting next to her with a bowl of icecream. He had the chocolate icecream all over his mouth.

aaaw Duncan

iwant icecream

"Just when I thought I had gotten rid of him for good, he appears on the ship. Why?" James said.

"Why?" Duncan repeated. He stuffed more chocolate icecream into his mouth.


"It's not really him, it's his incarnation," Jessie said.

"Technically it is him," James said.

Is technically the word to use here? someone help me out

"So what are you saying? Iinan's you?" Jessie asked.

"That's different. Only half of his soul is apart of me," James replied.


Jessie's brazen about this, and yet she is trying to help. She's got a point, but then again there's a huge difference or two that's been mentioned already.

and it's not the half/piece of soul thing

"So what are you suggesting, that I should love him because in a way he isn't my dad," James said.

Yeah if you want, OR because he's nobody to you, he sods off and you live happily ever after (snigger)

"No, I can't stand him either. I'm just trying to say that you shouldn't be afraid of him, he's not the same person," Jessie said.

"I'm not afraid of him!" James snapped.


1) You cant cure fear and lifelong trauma that simply. Oh don't be afraid of him, you're right I'm not, THE END. He might not be Peter and it wouldn't make a difference. He looks like him, cue fear. It's normal, it's human.

2) While I said that, snapping at her isn't a good look. and what's with the denial

Jessie raised her eyebrow. "Yes you are. You've been afraid of him for years."

ok, maybe yes you are and that's okay.

but fine, carry on

"Maybe I was, but it's wore off now," James said.

lol, James is pathetically awkward when he's trying to hide his pain with lying puffed up chestiness. funny stuff. It's ooc and that's why it works, it's hard to explain. A better example is when he was like "I'M FINE, here does it look fine" after burning his hand. Or in the prequels "no it doesn't hurt" through many grimaces.

Silly boy. And Peter thinks there's no (toxic) masculinity in there. There is. He'd be proud.

Jessie shook her head. "You don't have to act brave around me, I thought you knew that."

I'd dawww but ..

James sat down next to Jessie, and she put her arm around his shoulders.

nah I'll dawwww

That's what we wanted. This is what he needs, not you trying to tell him how to feel. You would've got a sin earlier, this bit undoes it.

The door chimed. Duncan jumped off the seat and he ran over to the door. It opened to reveal Kathryn. She looked down to see Duncan's chocolate covered face.

The fact that Janeway pretty much ignores him shows how little humanity my version has left. lol Lena may hit me if I hit her, but no melting at cute Duncan? EVIL, NO SOUL MAN, NO SOUL

"Jessie, can I talk to James alone?" Kathryn asked.

"What's the point, I know what you're going to say," Jessie replied.

"I don't want you to influence his decision though," Kathryn said.

Don't make me piece of s$$$ you

"I don't want to talk to him, I don't want to see him, so there's no point," James said.

case closed, Peter thrown out the airlock, THE END

"James, all he wants is to make up with you. He's not interested in hurting you," Kathryn said.

"I don't care," James said.


Kathryn sighed. "If I were you I would talk to him. I have a feeling there is a lot you want to ask him. Now is a good time."


1) Why is beating on a defenceless baby considered manly, when it really is the most cowardly thing you can do?

2) Why did you wish death on this same baby?

3) Why are you such a piece of s$$$?

4) Was your death long and painful, please say yes


"If he wants to talk to me, he can make the effort instead of sending somebody else to talk me into talking to him," James said.

Pulling the "he's a coward sending a woman to do his dirty work" card on the s$$$man himself? It's ballsy, I give him that

Duncan chimes in with a bog off to Janeway and I love him even more

Kathryn raised her eyebrow and she looked at the child. "I can understand why you don't want to talk to him. You're afraid aren't you?"


why is this such a crime?

"No I'm not," James said.

"Yes you are," Jessie said and she smiled.


Jessie's Sin Points: +1

"There's nothing wrong with being afraid. I thought you of all people knew that. In Season One you weren't afraid to show it," Jessie said.


"Yeah, well I've changed. I can't admit to something like that in front of my fiancee, my son and my Captain," James said.

"What is there to admit to, James?" Jessie asked slyly.

James was about to answer when he realised what he said. He covered his face with his hands.

this isn't the big gotcha moment you think it is Jessie. I think he just got sick of the accusations.

His is a weird line, maybe he was meant to mean something else entirely but says it wrong, then she gotchas him, but it didn't work and had to be rewritten.

"It won't kill you to talk to him. You never know, it might help you," Kathryn said.

This works

And it could kill him. no joke for once.

anyway it's time for THE scene. be ready for uncomfortableness

Peter was standing and staring out the window. He heard a door opening and he turned around. He smiled and he walked over to the table.

ugh getting creepy vibes from that smile

"First things first, what's been going on for the past twenty three years?" Peter asked.

"I'm not going to tell you my life story," James replied.


James gets extra snarky when he's scared. bless

"No, of course not. Generally I just want to know if there are any daughter in law's, or grandchildren?" Peter asked.

yep, he got straight to the agenda

"That's none of your business," James said.

"I think it is, I'm family," Peter said.

"Ok, I'm engaged, but that's it," James said.

Thumbs up to the lying about Duncan, but being engaged wasn't a slip up reveal. I remembered half of it right.

"Engaged? You're bloody twenty eight, you should be married by now with kids," Peter said in disbelief.

wellwell, someone's not even trying anymore


"I should? Since when was it a rule to have a kid at fourteen years old and get married at seventeen?" James asked.

"Your mother and I were different, so don't speak of us like that," Peter replied.

You know what, after all that "you're scared harhar", James goes in there to face his fears and does not hold back. You gotta admit, that's pretty badass.

and um at that image. Peter and Susy had Debbie at 14?? I knew it was young but not this young. Oh btw, that'd make Peter roughly 24/25 when James was born. Just throwing that out there for no reason whatsoever. still keep it in mind though.

"It wasn't an accident like you think, Debbie was intentional," Peter replied.


you know what, I believe you. I doubt Susy felt the same way though

Peter shook his head. "You don't understand, do you? Time is precious, don't waste it."

Heh heh, you'd know something about that, guy who died in a hilarious shuttle smash at a similar age to your son is now.

love that James is pushing and prodding Peter. You'll see why (and how I suppose soon enough)

"Why was Debbie intentional?" James asked.

"We wanted children early so they would grow old with us, obviously that didn't happen," Peter replied.


I'm surprised Peter hasn't blown a couple fuses

"You wanted children, so how come I was so close to being aborted?" James asked.

"That's not true, who told you that?" Peter said questioningly.

well he's not wrong

and good question to ask when I know why Peter made Susy have a kid so young, and WHY they didn't have another for 10 years. This family's history is horrible and yet, I like what I did with it. ANYWAYS

"Ok, maybe I was a bit angry with your mother. She claimed that she didn't know herself, but she was so far along how could she not notice," Peter said.

oh yeah, blame his mother. classy

and what does that even mean? *looks at True Q again* So Susy told James that "we" would've been able to abort had they known sooner, but Peter implies it was only him wanting that in a fit of rage. Even with unrevealed parts of this story yet to come, this is meant to be bulls$$$. Later the episode will very likely say Peter was desperate for a son. If the pregnancy was so late, they'd know already it were male. He wouldn't want to abort him. Susy on the otherhand.

the question is, why lie about it? he doesn't care about hurting James' feelings, why start now

"Be quiet, it'll happen to you someday," Peter replied.


"What I'd like to know is if you wanted children so much, why did you make all that effort to make my life a living hell?" James asked.

bringing up Debbie has touched the nerves, it's time now though

"A living hell? That's a wuss opinion," Peter replied and he folded his arms.

"I thought you just had my dad's memories," James said.

he doesn't mutter, clearly he's not surprised in the slightest. Peter was not really hiding it

Peter smiled and he headed over to the window. "Mainly because Peter's memories have been with me for most of my life, and so his personality has rubbed off on me," he said with his back still on James. He turned around. "I bet you weren't expecting that."

yeah no, he knew all along, this is exactly what he wanted to avoid. oops

"If that's the case I'm going," James said, and he turned to leave.

yep, and now Peter's facade has completely melted, James loses his nerve. see it works

"Don't be a wuss. You're still acting like that bratty little kid who wouldn't stop crying, and moaning on like a little girl. Grow up, and be a man for once in your life," Peter said harshly.

hi there peter, go say hello to the Delta Flyer. Tom start the engines

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 4

James stopped, and he turned around. "Hey, don't give me that lecture. If you hadn't of been all aggressive with me, then I would be a lot braver now."

you go boy, you tell him (he's right)

"Don't be stupid. I was just trying to toughen you up, so I doubt all the training I put you through did the opposite," Peter said.

loltraining f$$$you peter

"Oh yeah? Explain my fear of the dark, or my claustrophobia. They formed because I used to hide in my room to avoid another day of hell. I used to hide in the cupboard, under the bed, in the dark, you name it," James said.

oh s$$$

we all know you're right, and normal folks would feel for you, but Nooooooooo Peter will demean you for this and blame you, not him.

"Only a girl would hide, it's your own fault so don't start blaming me," Peter said.


"I was three years old, what did you expect me to do?" James yelled.

"Stand up for yourself, or at least take it in. Everytime I saw you, you kept running away, and or crying," Peter said calmly.

Yeah he had the right bloody idea. Poor James

"Didn't Debbie cry at that age?" James asked.

"Of course she did, she's a girl," Peter replied.

oh hell, using Debbie against him again backfired. ithink

"Stop being so sexist, being afraid doesn't mean that you're not a man. Maybe if you weren't too busy blaming me for Debbie's death you'd realise that," James said angrily.

Peter smiled. "What makes you think I blamed you for Debbie's death. It was an accident after all."

"I can't believe this. I heard you ranting on to mum about you wanting me dead and everything!" James yelled.


f$$$$ hell, add gaslighting to his growing list

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 5

You know what, I bet Tom's eavesdropping and making all sorts of bets. he'd be loving this

"Keep your voice down. It wasn't like that, why would I want you dead?" Peter asked.

"I can't take this anymore, I'm going," James said and he left the room quickly.

you did very well considering. a round of applause everyone


"As soon as we're alone he starts acting normally. Why does he do it?"

"James, calm down," Jessie said calmly.

see, as soon as we're alone. He knew from the first words out of that prick's mouth

"He thinks that three year olds should be able to defend themselves, and act manly. I mean, this guy needs psychiatric help," James said

what he needs is the Enterprise running him over, shuttles aren't big enough

yes any/all of them

Jessie shook her head. She quickly got a hold of James' arm, and she forced him to sit down next to her.

"If we're not careful, you will again," Jessie said.


"Why did he hate me so much, Jess?" James asked with tears in his eyes. Jessie put her arm around his shoulders, and she pulled him closer to her. She kissed him softly on the forehead.

here have all the positive points, have them all!!

and Jessie, how many sins have you erased here, soo sooo many

seriously, this bit is lovely. My favourite part of the episode, well next to a certain piece of garbagy karma

"I don't know. I wish I could kill him for causing you this much pain," Jessie replied softly.

Jessie's Sin Points: -2 (the comfort and this line, its awesome)

"I tried, I really did try to make him proud of me. But what can a three year old do," James said.

"A three year old shouldn't have to do anything, no child should. A parent should be proud no matter what," Jessie said. She placed her available hand on his left hand. He held it tightly. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours.



Jessie's Sin Points: -10


ahem. sorry I've always loved this scene, it's got to be my favourite of the series so far. And it will be for so very long.

Kathryn was once again sitting at her desk, with her tenth coffee of the day. Tuvok was standing in front of the desk waiting for her to finish her coffee.

YOU FOOL, YOU NEED TO CUT HER OFF, YOU SAW HER YESTERDAY... laughing at child abuse, smiling sweetly at the c$$$, talking the abuse victim into meeting his abuser. NO MORE COFFEE

"Mr Stuart wants to see you, it's about our guest," Tuvok replied.

"Ooh, yey, bring him in. I need something to calm myself down," Kathryn said and she giggled.

yeah somehow I doubt James' turmoil and fear is gonna be calm... oh wait, this episode, you'd probably find it funny. carry on

James slowly walked in. Tuvok stayed by the door. "Hiya sweetie," Kathryn said.

James raised his eyebrow and he looked at Tuvok nervously. "How much coffee has she had?"

only ten, which is nothing

I wonder which drugs were mixed in this time?

"I do not know, Ensign. Why do you think I'm staying here as guard," Tuvok replied.

James looked back at Kathryn who was giggling at nothing in particular.

lol, I apologise for before Tuvok. you good people.

"So what can I do for you, sonny boy," Kathryn said.

"Sonny boy?" James said in a confused tone of voice.

here it comes

"Yeah, I don't think I've ever told you this before," Kathryn said as she stood up. She headed over to James, he backed off slowly. She put her arm around his shoulders. "I've always considered you as the son I never had," she giggled.

pssst you have told him before, omg prequel spoilers

"No, it's ok. I'd rather have her as a parent than my dad," James said nervously.

oh my!

no you don't!

foreshadowing and I'M SORRY

"That's my boy," Kathryn giggled, and she patted James' shoulder.

"Er, ok," James muttered.

how else do you react to this? perfect

Tuvok shook his head slightly. "Maybe you should tell her what you came to say, and leave."

"Ok, erm. I think we should put Peter back on his ship, and leave him on his own. He's no different," James said while trying to ignore Kathryn's annoying giggles.

So erm, has he already told Tuvok this? Maybe tell Chakotay too, though asking Janeway to do it when she's high as an airplane might work in his favour.

"Ok, can I go now?" James asked.

"No, don't go. I get so lonely in here," Kathryn said.

"What about Tuvok?" James asked, he was starting to get scared.

"Oh yeah," Kathryn said and she burst into more hyper giggles. Suddenly she collapsed on the floor.

bwahahaha, I do like this scene too. hyper Janeway is da best

"Don't worry, she always does that when she's had too much coffee," Tuvok said.

"Why would I be worried?" James commented.

EXCUSE ME James is not new here

and lol

"If you don't mind me asking, why do you think we should leave your father on his own?" Tuvok asked.

"I hate him, I just don't understand why he treated me, and still treats me badly," James replied.

oh I don't. The idea is to chuck him and his ship outside, then send a few shuttles, and maybe Voyager for laughs in his path. oh even I'm getting tired of this shuttle gag.

"That's no reason to leave him alone. If you really are unsure about why you were treated in such a way, then I have a solution," Tuvok said.

you're right Tuvok


"You say you were only three years old when the incidents first started, am I correct?" Tuvok asked.

"Well yeah, it went on for over a year," James replied.

"And you have no idea why your father did these things to you?" Tuvok asked.

"You know about the Debbie incident, he blamed me for it," James replied.

"That may be incorrect. Not many human's remember specific events from their childhoods. You may be missing a valuable piece of the puzzle," Tuvok said.

erm he's not wrong, but I don't like him inadvertently confirming Peter's earlier gaslighting. James is also probably intentionally forgetting the BE A MAN droll his dad keeps spouting. This has reminded me that James didn't freak out at his voice, only when he saw him. I still don't buy that he'd forget it easily

"No it isn't. The mind meld I'm suggesting will allow you to witness a day of events that your sub conscious knows is vital. I will be there also, to guide you," Tuvok said.

oh this should end well

"Indeed. You must understand, you can't interfere with the events, and no one will see either of us. Do you want to go through with it?" Tuvok asked.

well duh, mind melds aren't time machines


"Can you do the mind meld without having to do the hands touching face thing. That part really worries me," James replied.

I'd normally say can we do without this obvious homophobia, or probably just James doesn't like to be touchedbia, but in an episode like this, where he's the victim of an abusive father who's very, very toxic... it's fine. It shows despite James' best efforts to not be like him, Peter did do some mental damage.

"Hi. Have you seen James?" Jessie asked.

"I doubt it, I think the writers have forgotten about me," Triah replied.

nah don't be daft, I only want to forget you Tani

"Why are you looking for him?" Triah asked.

"I dunno, I just am," Jessie replied.

um, this is probably why you're forgotten about. justathought

"Just close your eyes and clear your mind, that shouldn't be too hard," Tuvok said.

"Hey, was that a joke?" James asked.

ohhhh that'd be an oh snap but I feel like it's been done before

Tuvok used his right hand to do the meld. James pulled a bit of a disgusted face as he did so, causing Tuvok to raise his eyebrow. "I told you to close your eyes," Tuvok said. James did as he was told eventually.

poor Tuvok, it's nothing personal I'm sure of it

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