Marill Re-Reads Man Out Of You

now time to flashback to 2354 when James was 4.

The room they were in was in darkness. The curtains were closed, but there was no light on. The room was deserted.

James knelt down to try and pick something up, but his hand went straight through it.

getting Dark Clouds vibes

gee I wonder why

yes it was on purpose

"Doesn't matter anyway. I think this is my room, that's why there's no light in here."

"I do not understand," Tuvok said.

ohh, anyone want to remember James' line from earlier? it's, ugh

The room was a lot larger than the bedroom they were in previously. Another door led to the small kitchen. James and Tuvok noticed a young boy watching a TV like machine, while sitting on the floor. A woman stepped out of the kitchen holding a plate of food.

yeah, the living room being bigger than the youngest kid's bedroom isn't really a shocking detail to include, but ok to the rest.

Tuvok dozes off, then asks who the woman of the house is. sigh

Susy knelt down and she put the plate in front of the young boy. Afterwards she put her hand on his head and she messed up his already messy blonde hair. She stood up and walked back into the kitchen.

aaaw (see this is why Jessie doing this to him in the morning after of the Atamit was so weird)

The boy jumped when the sound of the front door slamming shut echoed through the whole room. He wasted no time in getting up off the floor, and running into the room Tuvok and James were in earlier. What the boy didn't realise was that he ran straight through James.

ooph that's creepy in so many ways. okay two ways

"Peter, why are you home early?" Susy asked with caution.

"Just get me some food you stupid woman," Peter snapped.


Susy nodded, and she rushed back into the kitchen. Peter sat down on the nearest chair, before he did he picked up the plate the young boy had.

"Where's the brat?" Peter asked as he got himself comfortable in the chair.

he's in the chair. OHSNAP

"He's not a brat," Susy said as she came back into the living room holding a plate. She stopped in her tracks and she stared at her husband. "That's not yours," she said, eyeing the plate Peter had.

but you just asked/told her to get you food. whyyy?? prick

"Stuff you woman, I'm starving. Give me that plate," Peter snapped.

"That's James' dinner, this is yours," Susy said. Peter glared at her with his stone cold eyes.

"I don't f***ing care, I think I'm more important than that excuse of a boy," Peter snapped.

oh hey, remember how Peter was in the present day, and Tuvok saying that the mindmeld might de-fog James' awful memories of his dad, and instead show us what really happened. Yeah? He's actually worse. Love that f$$$$ detail, sue me

Peter stood up quickly, while throwing the plate to the floor. "Don't give me that attitude. You're only a woman, I'm the man of this house and you will do as I say!" he yelled.

I bet Tuvok's very embarrassed right now

Tuvok: well shoot, these things usually end up with them figuring out they exaggerated their bad memories cos they were kids, not prove them... to be worse. Boy am I a logical sucker.

"No, you dropped the plate so you clean it up," Susy said. Peter stormed over to her and he slapped her hard in the face. The force made her stumble backwards, and drop the other plate on the floor.

DAMN Susy, respect points. You're a badass too.


Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 6

Yes this abuse is towards his wife and the counter is for child abuse, but he knows his son will hear this (we know he did or James' mindmeld wouldn't show it) and probably has seen much like it. IT COUNTS

"Now be a good girl, and clean up your mess," Peter said calmly.

"I'm not doing anything for you. You clean up your own mess," Susy said with a trembling voice. She quickly went into another bedroom to avoid another hit. Peter threw a piece of the plate at the door, and it smashed against it on impact.

oh Susy, you are tougher than I remembered. what a woman

too bad I know he does ultimately break her... remembers certain parts of Dark Clouds *shudders*

"Do you remember this?" Tuvok asked.

"Well obviously not, I'm in my bedroom," James replied quietly.

"What I meant was, do you remember hearing yelling in your room?" Tuvok asked.

Yep Tuvok's totally not embarrassed he was wrong to suggest this

"I've heard them arguing a couple of times, but I heard nothing like things smashing or anything," James replied.

"Well your subconscious must remember it, or we wouldn't be witnessing anything. What we've just witnessed is probably your subconscious trying to interpret what happened just with the voices and noises you heard," Tuvok said.

yeah erm no, make up your mind and nice try though.

seriously, which is it? Did his subconscious remember this word for word, or did the subconscious fill in the blanks?

"I remember that he started to come home early before I started school, and he used to be even tougher on me. But I don't remember him yelling at my mum," James said.

oh I see, making up for future lost time. what a ^*&(*^&*&(7890

Tuvok was about to respond, but Peter interrupted him. He started muttering on to himself, and he quickly walked straight through Tuvok and James. He went into the room they were in earlier.

Tuvok raised his eyebrow. "Curious."

Wrong C word

notice how the muttering isn't shown. James didn't hear it, it can't be heard in the mind meld. Surely if James were filling the blanks from muffled shouts and mutters, he'd fill those in too

James ignored him, and he followed Peter into the room.

"I don't think you should..." Tuvok started to say, but there was no use in talking to an empty room. He followed James into the room.

well he's right about something. end the meld, seriously

The two watched Peter's shadow as he wandered around the room like he was looking for something. Neither of them could see the younger James anywhere.

"Come out, come out wherever you are," Peter said in a taunting voice.

oh yeah, this guy was so beating his son because he blamed him for his daughter's death. this is a guy who is always angry.

He's f$$$$$$ enjoying this

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 7

 He stopped by the small bed, it was a cross between a normal bed and a crib. It had wooden bars on the side of it. Tuvok raised his eyebrow when he noticed it, and he looked James' way.

Yeah I cut the defensive remark over the crib like bed. Out of all the stuff these two have seen, this is the weird part? he's four, and an abused four year old, it's not that weird he still sleeps in a crib

They watched as Peter quickly grabbed the bed sheets, and pulled them clear off the bed. They both noticed that the younger James was obviously trying to hide under them. Peter smiled, and he quickly picked him up. The younger James started crying as his father started throwing the poor lad up and down.


Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 8

"Oh, stop crying like a girl you wuss," Peter said harshly, but the younger James didn't listen to him. Peter got even more angry, and he literally just dropped him back onto the bed. "I don't know why I even bother," he growled.

Oh but he IS playing with him though, I've never hated my own characters as much as Peter, and there's some doozies

The kid didn't stop crying, and Peter completely lost it. "Shut the f**k up!" he screamed, and he used all his strength to over turn the bed itself.

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 10 (yes I added 2 for this one)

James, and even Tuvok, watched in shock. The wooden bars on the sides stopped the bed from completely landing upside down.

Yeah this might be why he still sleeps in a crib. It saved his life

Peter shook his head, and he pulled the bed back. He picked his son back up and he started shaking him roughly. "Why won't you shut up!" he literally screamed.

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 11

Yeah, it's no bloody wonder James is a very damaged person. Look at this. LOOK AT THIS

I'm getting an anxiety attack just reading this, my own work. I may need a break.

Susy rushed into the room. "What the hell is going on?" she yelled.

Peter picked up the nearest object, which was a lamp, and he threw it at her. She ducked, and it hit the door. "Get out of here, woman!" Peter yelled.

So yeah, he did abuse Susy in front of James and yet he does not remember, until now yeah. What's your excuse now Tuvok?

"Peter, you're scaring him. No wonder he won't stop crying," Susy said.

"Susy, stay out of this. You're just a woman, that's why you think like that. Get out!" Peter yelled.

"No, leave him alone. Don't you think he's been through enough already!" Susy yelled back.

This is where James learned his Badassness from, isn't it? wow

Peter growled, and he went over to the nearest cupboard. With his spare hand, he opened it, and he literally threw his son inside. He slammed the door, and he locked it.

"That should drown out the sound," Peter said in an almost calm way.


Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 12

Susy stared at her drunken husband in disbelief. "Let him out of there," she said. She tried to get over to the cupboard, but Peter grabbed her arm roughly.

oh don't do that. drunken husband. stop giving him excuses. if he does this all the time when he's drunk, this is the true him.

"Don't. A few days in there should toughen him up a little," Peter said.

Susy struggled against his grip, but he was too strong for her. With a smile he pushed his wife out of the room, and slammed the door.

yep a few days, locked in a cupboard. that oughta do it

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 13

Tuvok turned to James, he was walking over to the cupboard where his younger self was. Tuvok followed him.

"Ensign?" Tuvok said.

why do I get the feeling he was walking over to try and save him/self

that'd be just like him, sad sigh

"I always wondered why I started school two days later than the other kids. I was stuck in here," James muttered as he stared at the cupboard.

yep, getting anxious as s$$$ here. I'll continue this tomorrow

it's good though, very good. for once I'm not anxious cos of terrible writing.

"So you don't remember this, at all?" Tuvok asked.

"No, I knew it was bad, but not this bad," James muttered in response.

to be fair to Tuvok, he really hoped it would help. he did not foresee this

"Your father seemed intoxicated, that may explain his irrational behaviour," Tuvok said.

"Does every drunken father do this to his kid, or did it just happen to me?" James asked.

the episode tries to blame the abuse on alcohol, then James is like nope. I'm glad that's immediately tossed aside

"This mind meld isn't helping at all, you said it would help me work out why my father did what he did," James said.

"It will, in time. This is not a quick fix," Tuvok said.

wait what? you did expect this and... nono not buying it

"Screw this, I don't want to see anymore!" James yelled.

"You're acting just as irrational as your father.." Tuvok said.

"Don't compare me to my father, I'm nothing like him. Now get me out of here," James said angrily.

ohno never say this to him, never. an actual good example of a trigger. Peter wanted James to be like him, was cruel because he wasn't. this flashback also explains why James is very defensive when told he's afraid.

"It will end when your sub conscious wants it to end," Tuvok said.

Both of them heard a different woman's voice, but this time it seemed distant.

one, that's bulls$$$

two, that's still bulls$$$. What else does the subconscious want to show, what can it show other than observing two days of uncomfortable whimpers from the cupboard. And second, I'm sure James really would want to end this, sub or normal conscious. It should be over.

third, still bulls$$$ cos the Vulcan overseeing this should have some control. Otherwise it's dangerous with someone who isn't Vulcan.

Anyways the voice is Jessie, and that brings them out of it. so much for sub conscious, huh

They both looked towards the door, Jessie was watching them with her arms folded. She was shaking her head.

uhoh, someone's in trouble

"James, just tell me what are you doing?" Jessie asked.

"Getting away from him," James said as he stood up.

"If you act this way, you will turn out just like your father," Tuvok said.

this makes zero sense. Peter would probably act like he's not afraid, and attempt to throw a punch. or he'd be having the time of his life re-living past "glories"

James walked straight past her, and left the room. Jessie watched him as he did so, and she followed him after giving Tuvok a glare to remember.

Oh poor Tuvok's days are numbered lolforeshadowing

"He said it would help me find out what my father's motive was," James replied.

Jessie stopped him by taking a hold of his arm. "Please don't tell me that you.."

you know what, this is really very sad to me now, more than ever. He's the abused, and yet he's making all this effort to figure out why. And I'll tell you why, Peter Taylor is a monster. my attempts to show a more human side of him and explain why he is this, makes him even more so, it makes him more real. he chose this, and do you think he sits around and wonders what he's done wrong. no. at least not in the same way.

this is probably what that reviewer was talking about. Abused victims do this. They blame themselves, they want a reason, they try to find something. All they get is hurt in return.

"Well that's your own bloody fault. The last thing you should do is see yourself at four or something, getting tortured by your own father. Why the hell did you do it?" Jessie asked angrily.

Jessie's Sin Points: +5

ooph no, just no

"I wanted to know why my father did all those things to me. Yeah, it was a mistake. All I learned was that things were worse than I thought they were," James replied.

my chest hurts


"Well I've never remembered why. Now I know. I was trapped in a cupboard for at least two days. I must of tried my best to forget it, and it worked," James said.

"What are you saying?" Jessie asked.

"The stuff I remember must be all the mild stuff. If I managed to block something like that out of my memory, then a lot more must of happened that I don't remember. Tuvok told me it would help me, but it's made me feel worse," James replied.

Jessie still blames him for this, and I wow. It isn't as harsh as above. I get she's upset and worried, I do. But he's already going to feel like s$$$, he says that, he knows it was a mistake. All he wanted to know was why his father hurt him, and yeah... he still has no real answer.

Promise me you'll never do something stupid like this again," Jessie said. Both of them stopped outside a turbolift.

"I'll try," James said, and he managed a weak smile. Jessie smiled back, she raised her right hand and she gently placed it on the side of his face.

"That's better," Jessie said.

don't try to daw your way out of this one

The turbolift doors opened, and some unknown crewmembers stepped out. As soon as they had walked past somebody said, "get a room."

"Oh, shut up," Jessie said as she put her hand back at her side. They both stepped into the turbolift and the doors closed.

character growth? wow, how do I mark that??????

Jessie's Sin Points: -1

"Oh god, what do you want?" Jessie asked.

Peter looked at her in a confused way. "Am I in the wrong place, I'm pretty sure these were James' quarters."

what time is it? it's time to


Jessie is blindsided though and admits she lives there too. ooph

"Why on earth would he want to share quarters with a girl like you when he's engaged," Peter said, and he let himself into the room.

"He's engaged, gee I didn't know that," Jessie said sarcastically.

Peter still doesn't get it

he's not as bright as I thought

"Excuse me, but why should he move out?" Jessie asked.

"Didn't you hear what I said earlier, you stupid girl," Peter replied.

he doesn't believe Jessie is the fiancee. Read into this anyway you want.

Peter stared at her in disgust. "You? Is this meant to be some kind of joke."

Jessie glared at him. "No it isn't, so shut up."

Peter shook his head as he looked at his future daughter in law. "I don't believe this."

"Oh, deal with it," Jessie groaned.

His future daughter in law should actually say his upcoming murderer.


"I suppose I could, if there wasn't another problem," Peter said.

daaaw, poor Peter was intimidated by the angry woman in the transporter room. He hoped he'd never have to see her again. oh shucks, moron

"If my guess is accurate, you're two months along," Peter replied.

Jessie stared at him with a confused expression on her face. "What are you talking about?"

wait what, this is a problem? earlier he was bitching that James hadn't had kids yet.

Peter adds to his mra list by calling her a feeeeeeeeeemale, and I shudder.

"Don't lie to me. My wife's been pregnant three times, I should know by now," Peter said.

that's not what you said earlier.


"Ok, maybe I was a bit angry with your mother. She claimed that she didn't know herself, but she was so far along how could she not notice," Peter said.

"How could you not notice?" James asked.

"Be quiet, it'll happen to you someday," Peter replied.

but now he can recognise the obvious signs at two months. hypocrite

"It's bad enough that you're getting married to my son, without adding a child to it," Peter said.

Yeah I have no other explanation for this reaction other than these 2

1) What I said above. She's clearly a strong woman, and little insecure boys like him can't stand women that stand up to them like she did. he probably wet himself and won't admit it

2) Bit of 1 so he's trying to bully her too so she's insecure instead

Yeah probably both

"You make me sick, get out," Jessie said angrily.

"Really? I thought it was the other way round," Peter sneered.

no, you make everyone sick you prick

"I said, get out!" Jessie snapped.

"Why should I?" Peter asked.

I'm getting awkward dejavu here

"I hated you when I first met you, I hate you even more since I know more," Jessie replied.

"Know more? What exactly do you know?" Peter asked.

"What kind of sick twisted freak locks a four year old into a cupboard for two days?" Jessie replied.



"You're a woman, you wouldn't understand," Peter said.

well he's not wrong :/

"Ok, I strongly suggest that you tell James about this kid of yours tonight, I can tell he doesn't know already," Peter said.

lol whut, what proof have you got that he doesn't know already. we know he lied about having a son already, he may have lied about this

and again

he's only doing this for laughs, the bloody bully

"Because if you don't, I'll tell him myself tomorrow. I know what it's like to be left in the dark in situations like these," Peter replied.

oh yeah, that whole bit about Susy actually aborting after he started abusing James. Yeah, that never came up in this one, did it.

"Don't even think about it, I want to tell him myself," Jessie said.

OR "he already knows you dumbass, now hold still while I throw you in this bin"

and secondly, what makes Peter think James would believe him?

Jessie unfortunately doesn't call his bluff, later that night:

Jessie stood up and she headed over to the replicator. She replicated two bottles of alcohol, then headed back over to the sofa.

yes we know Jessie is an alcoholic, but she knows she's pregnant and wants to be, with a 0/2 record so far. too much at stake here to take such a risk

"Ok, I have something to tell you," Jessie said as she handed one of the bottles to James.

"Is that why you got me some alcohol?" James asked.

"Er.. not exactly," Jessie replied, and she sat down next to him.

um, what else would it be drunky?

Jessie looked around nervously, and she drank the bottle of vodka all in one. "Well, I.." She quickly stole James' bottle and she drank that down in one as well. "Erm, putting it simply.. I'm er, I'm.."

sorry, I'm gonna mark this. It's a naive kid that thinks she's being funny, not something Jessie would do here and now.

"How's that possible, Jones said that there was hardly any chance of you getting pregnant. Plus he said that you were fine," James said in disbelief.

"I told him to keep it a secret, so I could tell you myself," Jessie muttered.

seems fair

but Peter did say two months along, and we all know Atamit's strawberry incident was an instant er... thing.

James does ask this, since apparently there's been no more fruit fights after this.

"Yeah, I didn't know how to do it," Jessie said.

well to be fair, he didn't react well the last time (or the last last time) and isn't now.

"Just the Doc.. and your father noticed," Jessie replied.

James only mutters sarcastically but this has gotta be a huge panicky moment. Jessie skedaddles to their room to leave him to whatever he's doing. nice

The morning was still young, not many crewmembers were on duty. Some of the night shift people had already gone to bed, and some morning duty people were at their stations early.

B flat

The niiiiiiiiighhht is young, and you're so...

ahem, sorry

James and Jessie show up, which shocks Tom since its like 0700 at night or something.

"Typical, Tom had to be here," Jessie said.

"Actually that's better off, he'll tell the entire crew in minutes.. saving us the hassle," James said.

Oh yeah, here's where the episode starts getting rushed.

No actually, the pregnancy reveal is probably when.


For a rushed ending it's still probably longer than endings that aren't. So... lets read.

"Are we going to tell everyone here now, then?" James asked.

Jessie sighed. "Yeah, lets get it over with."

Yes this has come out of nowhere

but it was in the plot


"We've got something to tell everyone, and feel free to tell everyone you know about it. It saves us from telling everyone ourselves," James said.

Everyone stared oddly at the pair. Everyone turned to Tom.

"Don't look at me," he moaned.

So the engagement news is met with many rations for Tom, duh. Then...

"Erm, the main bit of news we have to tell you is, well. We're going to have another kid," James said.

Tom screamed and he ran into the turbolift. Everyone watched him, and they laughed nervously. Harry seemed happy.

I shouldn't but I did laugh

poor Tom. Come on, if they've told you they can't trick you again. silly

"Ohno, not another Duncan," somebody muttered.


and yes, this is exactly where I was looking around, asking desperately for suggestions on what to write, and writing joke answers down.

which of course means the return of a "character" I'd actually forgotten about

"Who keeps saying all this stuff?" James asked. Everyone looked at a puny little man.

"What? It wasn't me, it was him," the man said and he pointed at the Fat Man.

"Hi everybody," the Fat Man said. Everyone screamed and ran towards the turbolifts, but for some it was too late.

"Oh crap, I can't let it end like this," somebody said, and he collapsed onto the ground.

and it's even a stolen joke, well the "it wasn't me, it was him" part.

It gets better.

Jessie asks James what gender the kid will be. and THANKFULLY despite my memory telling me otherwise, James wants a daughter not another son with his abusive boy hitting father around. I thought it'd seem weird the other way round.


Actually it's not shouty as I thought either (only Jessie snaps but she's pregnant and gets a pass), so I'll rescind the negative about it being like that, it's quite okay/meh. Unfortunately it still steals smutty lines from The Mummy Returns afterwards.

They started kissing again, but they broke apart when they heard somebody coughing. They turned to see that the door was open, and Lena was looking at them with a disgusted look on her face.

Lena should be used to this by now

"Oh, get a room you two," Lena said.

"Ok, we will," Jessie said.

not this though 0_0

good for you Jessie, you own that s$$$, that confession on the bridge helped tonnes

James and Jessie walked in, and they stopped in their tracks. Peter was holding Duncan above his head, with a puzzled expression on his face.


after Duncan's away from him

"That's your grandson," Jessie said.



Peter dropped Duncan onto the floor in shock. "My grandson, oh god! You mean there's two?"


but first

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 14

I thought he wanted grandkids. One is a boy, you'd think he'd be thrilled

"What the f**k are you doing here?" Jessie asked. Duncan ran to hide behind her.

"He made me hurt my bloody arse," Duncan moaned.

lol best FV kid, no, best kid

"Watch your language," Peter said.

Duncan looked up at him. "Is there a TV program called Your Language?"

ohnoes, I thought only Sasha owned this one. shame

Peter isn't impressed in the slightest, which pleases the Stuarts/Rex clan

 Duncan looked up at them with a huge grin on his face.

"That kid's scaring me," Peter said.

yeah um, this is more than rushed, this is weird.

Things Peter would not say for £100. Um er this^^ I WIN

Duncan stuck his tongue out at Peter.

"Don't make me rip that out," Peter growled, he got closer to Duncan. Jessie stood in front of Duncan.

then again, it's better than this

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 15


and for once I'm not complaining about James not being mentioned, let alone doing anything. He'll be freaking out, likely frozen.

"You can't hurt me," Peter sneered.

"You wanna bet, you're just a weak old man," Jessie said.

If you haven't already, I'll rescind all of your remaining sins if you stop barking and start biting.

James then has a stroke and says this

"Jessie, you don't want to mess with a Slayer," James said.

"What!" Jessie stuttered.


Thankfully what James means is the old school FV way. Like Pokemon trainers, anyone can be one, not the super human strength kind. Yikes, can you imagine.

I'll let the episode explain it though, hopefully better (haha)

"Well, in our family. Every generation a Slayer is trained in our family. It's usually the oldest one. Dad told me just recently," James said.


the curse of the rushed finales strikes again, a scene's missing in action and would've been written into a reboot. Now... I still may.

so yeah the word is trained, and it's still not explained well. The Taylors train their eldest to be "the man of the house", the protector etc, hoping that eventually they'd have a natural Slayer in the family. It did work seemingly. "Unfortunately" for Peter his eldest was a girl, and his only son was picked and isn't following the Taylor template. diddums

"I don't care if he's a Slayer, he's not going to touch Duncan," Jessie said.

"Ooh, she's a lot tougher than you'll ever be, James," Peter said.


Duncan started pulling disgusting faces behind Jessie's back, directed at Peter. Peter saw, and he tried to grab Duncan's arm. Jessie kicked him where it hurts.

If she has any left, Jessie's Sins is now no longer a thing. That's my girl

oops, almost forgot.

Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 16

"You stupid little b**ch!" Peter snapped and he slapped Jessie hard in the face. She stumbled backwards from the blow.

now may we kill him?

it's even described similar to how he attacked Susy. That has to be on purpose.

"For that I'll give you a beating you'll never forget," Jessie growled. James took a hold of her arm to stop her.

"No, Jess. He's not worth it. He's stronger than you think," James said.

oh he's very worth it, but fine, James is more than protective of his family, and petrified of the thought of Peter harming them like he did to him. What else would he do

"So I'm just going to let him slap me?" Jessie asked angrily.

Why the hell for so many years did I think she said: "so you're just going to let him slap me?" or something like this, and I was all ready to negative the s$$$ out of it. But no, Jessie is not that woman, she'd do the beating happily.

hurray for no OOC and no sexist crap stuff - oh shoot, how am I going to handle that one. Everything I've seen so far is meant to be Peter being sexist

"Yeah, good point," James said. He punched him in the face and it knocked him to the ground.


and it was on screen and everything. will the off screen counter be retired too?

no, just wait till (if) I get to Season Five. Out of Mind's Eye will nuke it from orbit.

Duncan rotated his arms and cheered, "go daddy, go daddy," at the same time.


Peter sat up a little, and he wiped a tiny drop of blood from his mouth. He started to get up. Once he did so, he headed straight for the door.

"Stay out, and stay away from my family. The next time you come near them, I will kill you myself," James said.

Meanwhile with no relation to this incident whatsoever the entire crew swoon and pass out.

when they wake up its partaay time

"He's a piece of s**t," Duncan said.


To everyone's surprise Peter smiled. "At least I got somewhere in the end." He walked out.

oh he ruined it

and this would be a dark but good place to end it. Yes James overcame his fears but Peter got what he wanted. it's a bittersweet end. sheesh

but no, it continues

"Do you want to get something to drink?" Jessie asked.

"Ohno, what is it this time. Is it twins?" James asked. Duncan stared at them in shock.

"What?" he said in shock.

yeah, I'm just going to go ahead and delete this. I liked the ending as I said it. It'll be getting the spring clean anyway, just like all the others.

Will we see Peter again?

hopefully only as the well used punching bag

Do we really want to?

unless its above, no

Why did Tom scream at the Jessie being pregnant news?

because he's a shipper and he'd left his phone in the toilet, how else would he spread the news first

Is it really going to be twins?

oh boy

Is there actually a TV program called 'Your Language'?


And the ultimate question, is it a boy or a girl?

its both, cos its twins



Counter Results:

Muttered Count: 31 (1696)

Lena the Sue Count: 0 (39)

Annika Dies Count: 0 (11)

James Dies Count: 0 (5)

James Kill Count: 0 (4)

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 0 (17)

Just A Little Bit More: 0 (49)

Sexist Crap Count: 0 (89)

Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 0 (75)

Jessie's Sin Points: Earned 6, Lost 21 (-15) Remember, she had 36 from Season One to erase. She'd still have 20 left but after this one, I'm zero'ing this off. Jessie's Sins has been retired. It only took her two seasons.

J/C are the worst (grand)parents ever: 1 (42)
Lena (Child)Abuses Her Power: 0 (36)
Peter Needs This Many Shuttles In Face: 16

Yeah I forgot Lena. Still, I haven't a clue how to count Peter's legitimately. I'll count what I can remember on top of the episode's reveals, showing majority of my work would be spoilers so...

He allegedly abused him everyday for 2 years so that's 365x2=730 for that alone. Since we saw one, I'll take that off the total, only fair so 729. Spoilerific additional points are: 16.


Third Place: Lena with 36
Second Place: J/C with 42
First with no doubt: Peter with 761

no one else stood a chance




1) The timeline of past events is all wrong. Peter reincarnated 12 years ago, but James says he was being beaten by his spirit between 8 and 14 years ago. Earlier he said it was a couple of years. Which is it? Couple seems right considering.

2) James does not recognise Peter's voice, at least not enough to trigger anything normal in these circumstances. Just oh he's a tad familiar. He'd have panicked the moment the voice would've spoken up RESCINDED, hazy memories due to abuse and trying to forget comes up as a plot point later so it makes sense.

2) Flashback is mostly told again in the present, and that version is very expositionally poor in comparison. wasted.

3) Craig's contribution in the second scene. Why?

4) Considering the episode had those hints in it, actually you don't have to, Janeway's behaviour around Peter in the Ready Room is so super jarring. I really doubt she'd be diplomatic at all with a man like this.

5) The "you are scared" "no I'm not" stuff is just, not helpful. I get Janeway, but Jessie doing this is not good, especially compared to her actual supportive parts. Then she blames him later for the mindmeld, searching for answers.

6) The pregnancy reveal scene is poor in a few ways. Drinking booze, the running off after saying oh btw your abusive to kids dad knows. Yeah there's a few "little" issues.

7) J/J decide to out their getting married and having another baby to the bridge, out of nowhere. There should've been something during the previous scene to show them coming to this decision, but all there was, was James panicking and Jessie drinking away her own.

8) The fat man returns to finish a scene I had no idea how to end for some reason. it's not funny.

9) INSERT MUMMY RETURNS STOLEN ROMANCE LINES, PAUSE FOR DAWS *eeerie silence, tumbleweed blows by* Lena pops up: HEY GUYS, FORGET SOMEONE?

10) The final encounter is really weird at times, it follows the plot but the dialogue suffers from the rushed "its okay, write anything just finish it" issue. Peter saying Duncan scares him, the "he's just like you"/"thanks" exchange, the bit after Peter leaves. Ruins what could've been a great finale. Still good though.

Sub-total: 10


1) The flashback to the first ghostly beating was eerie, nicely done.

2) Peter is convincing as the schemer trying to get close to his son by pretending to be someone he's not, even when he slips up. If he were perfect then I'd be calling foul.

3) James' initial reaction to Peter is first panic, denial, anger, then acceptance. Almost grief stages there. but anyways

4) If Tuvok wasn't there, Jessie would've beaten the s$$$ out of that asshole. It would've been glorious.

5) Most of the time Jessie is incredibly supportive of her friend and fiancee during this time, she deserved the sin reductions. and...

The second scene they're together after James meets Peter alone, that is a lovely scene, a one I can still say I'm proud of (2)

6) I thought it'd be unrealistic, the James arguing with his dad during their encounter. I remembered he did. But when I read it, I was totally onboard. He was really controlling that conversation at the beginning, knowing Peter was trying to pretend to be reincarnated alien guy with no name. Badass is James' middle name. It's canon now.

The entire scene is uncomfortable for all the right reasons.

7) Janeway's coffee high in the Ready Room, uncomfortable Tuvok and James, the sonny boy comments, I get so lonely. sniggered throughout.

8) Dat mind meld flashback was super horrifying, made me anxious and was mostly well written. If its point was solely that, it did its job. However its second point was to thwart Tuvok's attempts to make things better, ie "it might not have been as bad as you think, infants memories aren't accurate, daddy may have had reasons", with showing how awful it really was. It wasn't as bad as James made out, it was worse. (2)

9) While it could be better, as I've already noted, the final encounter with Peter was pretty good. James eventually comes through when his son and fiancee are in trouble, Jessie's ready to take out the garbage 100x over, Duncan's so damn cute and funny annoying the crap out of Peter. The punch, and then the gut punch of Peter's "ah I got there in the end". Nice.

Sub-total: 11

Marill's Rating: 52%

Rankings So Far:

#01 Resistance: 53%
#02 Man Out Of You: 52%
#03 YWF: 45%
#04 Disconnected: 40%
#05 Kiss of Death, Bittersweet, Suicidal: 38%
#06 Interactions: 37%
#07 The Resurrection: 36%
#08 True Q: 35%
#09 Cause & Effect, Lea Halalela, Deep Under: 33%
#10 Saturday Night, Precise Timings, The Curse of Voyager: 31%
#11 Games Resistance: 29%
#12 Thrown Key Part 2: 23%
#13 F9: Control Failure: 21%
#14 Why oh Why: 20%
#15 The Atamit: 19%
#16 An Apple A Day, Heiress, Territory: 17%
#17 I Know What You've Done This Season: 16%
#18 Halloween: 15%
#19 Dimension Jump: 14%
#20 The Slayers: 12%
#21 The Love Spell: 10%
#22 Return of Third Voyager: 7%


this cannot be, Resistance is the victor by a mere smidgen. After a strong start with the ending in mind I never saw this coming.


IT IS TIME...for the last overall episode rankings before Season Three starts. Like last time, I've kept it on a separate page.

Next Time: Season Two ends, Tom completes his DRUNK TOM, BOO!! transition.

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