Marill Re-Reads "The Curse of Voyager"

Also Craig and Jessie have disappeared. According to Chakotay, we're facing another threat that's a lot more dangerous than the bugs themselves. That is why I'm sending Security Teams to find the pair before anything happens.

I'm sorry, but I've got to also laugh at this development as well. I didn't even question Craig being a prick, even though he was possessed, that's if I'm right and Unu was instead pretending to be a very doormatty Jessie. Erm yeah, Craig hasn't been in my good books so even though I remembered the plot, I still thought he was the one who called Lena a twit lol.

Vague Spoilers; erm, I thought he'd like Lena better than Jessie? hohum

That's not my problem though. The problem is making me worry about its reboot. I'll not talk about it cos I could've forgotten why this happens. Surely though I wouldn't be the only one wondering why Craig was taken and not James, when he was right there before Lena dragged him off on a leash according to Jessie.

He must have the Disconnected anti-possession plot armour on today *shrug*

"As soon as dad mentioned Iinan & Unu, I thought that explains what is wrong with Craig," Lena said.

Oh well, looks like one sentence later I'm proved right. oh well. Still confused about Craig being involved at all

"I don't think Iinan possessed Craig so he could go out with Lisa," James said.

James and Jessie are really making up for some crappy episodes lately in this one. Bwahaha

"Well, I could understand why Iinan hates you. You did kill him, and Unu," James said.



Come on, I know there's more to it than that, even when this was written.

"So why didn't you tell Chakotay about this? I don't see why we have to look for them on our own," James said.


And come on James, Chakotay would probably order Duncan to go. Best keep him out of the loop

"Just when I thought you were getting braver. Listen, your girlfriend, and my, er, friend, may be in danger, we probably haven't got time to waste," Lena said.

"Yeah, you're right," James said.

Wow, those few lines of dialogue... it managed to be more filler than the love triangle sideplot. Cut the scene after they reach the tube and James' "lawl you Iinan murderer" line, and you'd miss nothing but James having a relapse

Craig pushed a security officer into the wall. He tried to drag an unconscious Jessie into the Cargo Bay, but he just crashed into a forcefield.

Thank god Iinan was never really competant

Lena and James arrived on the scene.

Craig ripped open a panel and he pressed a few controls. The forcefield disappeared, and he ran through the door. The forcefield came back up again as Lena and James tried to get through.

um er. I don't think I'll ever be rich and have my own Cherry Coke factory


no seriously, how does Iinan know how to do that?

And does James have selective amnesia again? A forcefield should be easy to take down, especially if Iinan from thousands of years ago can figure it out

Inside the Cargo Bay, Craig dumped Jessie on the floor. As he headed over to the containers, Jessie woke up. Craig pulled out a rifle, he quickly turned around and he fired.

Dang, it's not Jessie's season. She's gonna beat James' death score no problem

Outside, James managed to break down the forcefield using the console at the side wall. He and Lena then went into the room.

Oh, complained too quickly as usual

Craig aimed his phaser rifle at Lena and James. Jessie got up and she walked over to Craig. Both Lena and James noticed that she had a strange evil glint in her eye.

Ohnoes, an evil eye glint laser... WE SURRENDER

Craig pressed a few controls on his rifle, and he pointed it at Jessie.

"This will kill if I fire. You wouldn't want me to kill Jessie, or Craig, now would you?" Craig said questioningly.

Pfft no problem, Jessie walked that off in a few lines, she can do it again

James lowered his phaser. "What have you done to her?"

"It doesn't matter, my dear incarnation," Craig replied.

Spoilers: see, Iinan's true love was always himself. You thought I was joking back in Resurrection?

"Unu owns this body now, if you don't lower your weapons I'll kill you all," Craig said.

James fired at Craig, he ducked just in time.


"Seems you've made your choice," Craig said. He fired at his rifle towards James, but he missed. The blast hit a container and it disintergrated. "It was a good thing I missed on purpose, I know that disintergration is extremely painful."

*snort* yes, sure Iinan. You did that on purpose. He must be getting infected by Craig's defensiveness and insecurity

"For the moment, I just want my incarnation's body for the time being," Craig replied.

But... you took Craig? James was right there during the "twit" fiasco

"I'm sure we could reach an agreement," Lena said, as she looked at James. She nodded her head slightly. James fired his phaser at Craig again. Craig didn't have time to duck and he fell to the ground. Jessie quickly picked up Craig's rifle, and she aimed it at Lena and James.

I love how Jessie/Unu just stood there until here. But I also love that Iinan ducked a surprise attack from James earlier, but "didn't have time" when Lena gave a very unsubtle hint for James to do it again. Jessie/Unu seems speedy

"I'm not a monster, I won't kill you," she said. She lowered her rifle slightly. "I surrender, what about you?"

I'll keep saying it until even I'm sick, Unu has an actual personality and isn't a 2D villain. Iinan I can't take seriously. Unu for me is the only one to be worried about, she's unpredictable too

"I need her body, sweety, I'm not surrendering it," Jessie said.

Lena took out her phaser and she aimed it at Jessie.

"You're not going to let her kill Jessie, are you?" Jessie said. Lena smiled, she just shook her head, and she shot her. Jessie screamed as she fell to the ground.

Stabbed guy's last words: what are you going to do, stab me?

"What modulation was that!" James snapped.

"Just stun, Unu must be a wimp. What setting did you use on Craig?" Lena replied questioningly.


Phaser beams only ticked Unu (but KO'd Iinan twice I believe). Sure sure it's Jessie's body, so that's why it affects her. That's fine! But Unu was certainly not the wimp of the duo, why this bit about her screaming? Just to flare up Lena/James tension? probably

Kiara and Terry were walking to nowhere in particular, down an empty corridor.

"So why was what you just said in a cut scene?" Terry asked.


"It's simple. Marill's mainly the only one writing episodes, and she's kinda falling behind. So she's kinda left out that episode I mentioned, since she hasn't wrote the ending to it," Kiara replied.

Um, Terry named Slayers and Halloween (NOT TRUE Q, WOOHOO). Which one does Kiara mean? Well, it has to be Slayers but sheesh


"I've finished it, but it's doing a 'Spirits Part 2', it won't upload. That's why I'm thinking of getting rid of two parters, this nearly always happens," Marill replied.

"So why did you say that True Q and The Slayers had been finished?" Kiara asked.

There's a Spirits Part 2? Even the Reboot version is a 1. NEWS TO ME


"People back then still thought the others were still writing the episodes with me. I suppose if they knew it was just me mainly, then I could of told the truth," Marill replied.


Ohno, the only reason the episodes take longer (and snicker, once a month would give past me a Janeway Time Travel headache face) is because they're longer. GOSH what is this witchcraft

"Er, I hate to interrupt, but can't you say all this on the main page, instead of making the episode longer by ranting on," Terry said.

"I wasn't ranting!" Marill snapped.

"I know why, you can't write a long enough episode so you just put a lot of crap about the characters, and rant on about your problems," Terry said.


(Terry's story is the same in every version of Curse, it didn't have to be a frigging fourth wall enfuriation)

"Don't worry, that might not happen since it wouldn't be a surprise to the readers if it did," Kiara said.

"Do you wanna bet your life on it, hehehe!" Marill's voice said.

Yeah Kiara, are you new here?

"Oh dear, that can't be good," Kiara muttered as she turned to look at Terry. His expression changed, and he looked at Kiara in an evil way. He grabbed a hold of her arm. She tried to reach her commbadge, but Terry just grabbed it and he threw it to the ground. Then he stepped on it to crush it.

Seriously Iinan, you suck at possessing people

"We've lost contact with Kiara and Terry," Chakotay said.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Kathryn asked.

Chakotay: That I shouldn't have asked her to pick up my dry cleaning from the Deck Thirteen laundrette

Janeway: LOL what, she knows that deck by the back of her hand. Silly. Why last time she came back with a tail, so cute

Chakotay: aaw

J/C are the worst (grand)parents ever: 2

"Our granddaughter is missing. Lets talk it over as if she's the crewmember that we sometimes pass in the hall we can't remember the name of."

"Get down there, Commander," she ordered.

Tuvok nodded his head and he walked into the turbolift. Lena watched as he walked out. She then ran towards the lift, and she joined him.

Look at that, Lena does actually care about Kiara. No Lena doesn't have a Jessie's Sins style counter, those points are for life

Terry and Kiara reached a forcefield. Terry pushed Kiara against the wall, and she fell onto the floor.

Iinan, get new fighting/KO techniques please. Though this is Kiara, four year old kid. FV isn't going to have villains or anyone brutally hurting any of the kid characters. *sobs*

Terry smiled evilly. "What are you going to do, shoot me? Go ahead."

Tuvok fired, but Terry's Borg shield blocked out the phaser fire.

Quick, show him the Janeway poster

Terry grabbed a hold of Kiara's arm, and he dragged her to her feet. He pulled her to stand in front of him, and he wrapped his arm tightly around her neck.

"Do you want to try that again?" Terry asked, and he smiled again.

Yep, we're already going down that edgy "even kids can get hurt" rabbit hole, I see. Season Three wishes it could be this edgy

Tuvok pressed a few buttons on his phaser.

Tuvok handed her the phaser. "As a Slayer, you may have better aim, try and fire it at Terry," Tuvok replied. Lena nodded.

Lena the Sue Count: 1

Any second now Terry's gonna get randomly shot, Tuvok and Lena will look around, groan as James strolls out to the wah-wah-wah soundbyte

"Kill, it was the only way to get through those shields," Tuvok replied.

OH, I thought you put it on rotating since that tends to work on.... nah only joking, Terry is a guest star, lets not beat around the bush

"Damn, if you'd told me that, I would of missed on purpose," Lena muttered.

Lena (Child)Abuses Her Power: 1


I don't care if Kiara only pouts as if it were a teasy joke, wtffff????????????

Craig answered his door, Lisa was standing there on her own.


"Have you ever thought that maybe Lena doesn't like you?" Lisa asked.

"I suppose I have," Craig replied quietly.


of course this revelation has to happen in the same episode Lena starts to think she does. sigh. Nice Guys finish first.

"But Lena is probably the only girl that even liked me as a friend. Even when you and I were friends, I could tell you hated me," Craig said.

"That's not true," Lisa muttered.

"Plus, I've fancied a lot of girls, but she's the only girl I've properly been in love with," Craig said.

Lol, this is the first time that a Craig and Lisa friendship has been mentioned, hasn't it? I'd check but I'm lazy. I call retcon

"Besides, how am I suppose to move on. All of the girls on this ship either avoid me, or they beat me up," Craig said.

Oh Jessie, you sinful goof

"But I like you," Lisa said.

"Yeah, that's what Lena said," Craig muttered.

"But I bet she didn't mean it the way I did," Lisa said.

Oh poor Lisa, the only character that literally disappears from the series because I de-canonised her stupid death scene. It's not spoilers if it's no longer canon, mwahahaha.

"Well, the reason why I started avoiding you years ago, was really because I had a crush on you," Lisa said quietly.

Now we recall James' earlier OOC comments, right? Clearly very very wrong. If Lisa were that way, Craig and Lisa would probably be married with nice guy kids by now. Small mercies

"Er... I need to get to the Bridge," Craig stuttered.

"What's your problem? I thought you've been waiting for someone to say that about you," Lisa asked.

yep, this is super awkward

"Yeah, but I wasn't waiting for you to say it. I told you, I only like Lena now, so I think you'd better go," Craig said and he headed towards the door. He opened it. Lisa walked up to him.

No, this same scenario didn't pan out well for Jessie. I wonder if Lena is hiding in wait next door while James jams to Steps tracks.

"Face it Craig, she doesn't like you," Lisa said.

"You don't know that," Craig said.

Oh if only you knew

"Where's Harry?" Tom asked.

"Harry said that he needed to check something, so he asked me to look after his station," the guy replied.

Oh dear, I think Iinan's gonna get a touch more homicidal. GORRY BODIES FOR EVERYONE

"Lena, I need to talk to you," he said.

"Go talk to a wall," Lena muttered.


"Leave me alone," Lena said and she started walking faster. Craig stopped in his tracks. He watched Lena turn the corner, and he turned around to walk the other way.

Lena came to another junction. She heard a Jeffries Tube door opening, so she stopped. Suddenly something hit the back of her head, she fell to the ground. She saw somebody walking up to her before everything turned dark.


James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 1

Fortunatley though Craig hears this and goes runing.

"Anderson to Bridge. Captain, I think somebody's been possessed by Iinan again. I think he's took Lena to the Shuttle Bay," he said.

Oh my mistake

Iinan Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 1

Like past life like incarnation

Wait, why shuttle bay? The only location info we get is "deck nine"

But anyway Craig calls for reinforcements instead of doing his Action Man routine... wow he's growing. And then

In: "We're on our way."

A few minutes later, Kathryn and James came along the corridor, and they met up with Craig.

What, did they beam there? Maybe James did off screen Lena... gasp

"That's strange, this Jeffries Tube was suppose to be protected by a forcefield, to stop Sbaracs getting through," Kathryn said.

I seem to remember the made up for this episode (or remembered last minute from the previous versions of Curse) trivia that they can eat electrical things. I doubt that's related at all

"James, try and open that door," Kathryn said.

"I have to do everything around here," he muttered


Jesus, first he wondered why he and Lena alone had to go rescue Jessie from Craig/Iinan, now he's huffing about helping Lena. The second one's a bit wtf on its own. The first, Hunters James would probably be like "wtf dude"

Suddenly it caught fire, and James had to back off. Craig and Kathryn went up to him.

"Are you okay?" Craig asked.


James showed Craig his right hand, it was now severely burned. "Does that answer your question," he replied.

No, not really you sarcastic ninny

And no it doesn't, cos if you weren't okay you'd be grimacing or screaming, or crying. Nope, James is so used to getting hurt and dying he shrugs it off, I see

A shadow ran towards them. Kathryn turned the light on her rifle on. The light shone on the shadow.

"Lena? Are you ok, where's Harry?" Kathryn asked,

Phew, it's a good thing you used the light on her, or she'd be unconscious again.

James: *eyes twitching side to side* why???

"I kinda beat the crap out of him, he started calling me Makia for some reason," Lena replied.

Ah ha, I knew this wasn't an Oasis of Abatua only reveal

"Found you! Come back to me now, Makia," he said. He put his hand out towards them. Lena put her middle finger up at him and she stepped back.

It's not just me, is it? Nah can't be. Iinan is not only a terrible one note villain, he's an utter idiot. He called Lena a twit earlier, but now he recognises "Makia" in her?

"This is getting really tiresome now, Iinan. You're not going to get anywhere if you keep doing this," Kathryn said.


"That's what you think. The longer I take to capture Unu and my incarnation, the more Sbaracs there will be.

Oh, so all you wanted is your incarnation, Unu and now Makia, but not really, you're just wasting our time. No try and pull another one Iinan, and stop it. This episode is huge

So in the end it would be safer for your crew if he, and Unu's incarnation would just join us," Harry said.

OR, here's a wacky suggestion, possess James.


"Well if that's the case, off you go James," Craig said, and he tried to push James towards Harry. James whacked him on the head.

So much for personal growth. Sigh. Although

"Stop being so bloody selfish!" he yelled.

Yeah James, Craig was a bit of a jackass by doing that, but you've just learned that Iinan is unleashing his buggy flesh eating pets around the ship because you won't... um, do the something that lets Iinan take over that Craig, Terry and Harry have so far. Um. Yeah. Um...MOVING ON

"We have ways of blocking your Sbaracs, Iinan, your empty threats don't scare us," Kathryn said, ignoring Craig and James.

"If that's the way you want it, then that's the way you'll have it," Harry said, then he collapsed.

"Why did he do that?" Craig asked.


"I think he may be trying to scare us," Kathryn replied as she turned back towards the door.

"And why do you think that?" Craig asked.

"Why don't you see for yourself," Kathryn replied. Craig, James and Lena quickly turned around. Sbaracs were

Further evidence of Iinan being an utter moron; unleash Sbaracs in room where his only lifeline is (and somebody called Makia). GREAT PLAN IINAN *slow clap*

Lena and Craig headed towards the Jeffries Tube. Lena climbed in first, but Craig didn't follow her in.

"Craig, get in there!" Kathryn yelled.

"I should get Harry out of there," he said as he went back into the Shuttlebay.

Wait, Harry isn't a gorry body yet? BUT THAT'S HIS DREAM

But seriously, one of those Craig isn't so bad moments. I'm not gonna compliment it though, cos he's endangering everyone here

James looked like he thought of something, and he went over to the Shuttle Bay doors.

"What are you doing?" Kathryn asked.

Damn it Janeway, stop it, he's trying to power up his off screen power. It's been a while, stop following him

"We might be able to trap them in the shuttlebay. I could put a forcefield around us, so the Sbaracs can't get to us, and they'll go into the shuttle bay," James replied. He started working at the console. Craig dragged Harry over to the others. "Activating forcefield," James said.

Aaaw poor Harry. I wonder why the bugs ignored him, free meal was right there.

The Sbaracs were nearly at their feet as the forcefield went up. A lot of the Sbaracs died when they hit the forcefield. The Sbaracs ran into the shuttle bay.

"I'll lower the forcefield," James said as he pressed a couple more buttons on the console. The doors slowly closed. Two Sbaracs got through the door though.

I'll write this sentence, I'll take a breath, and another. I'm talking to myself. Mmm coffee

I'm confused, wasn't the purpose to get them into the shuttle bay? Why close the door on them when only two got through

Craig fired his rifle at one, and it died. The other one ran towards the Jeffries Tube. Somehow it managed to open the door.


"Crap, Lena, are you still there? Close the door!" Craig yelled.

It was too late, the Sbarac got in. The other three heard a scream coming from the tube. Craig went inside. He saw the Sbarac on Lena's arm. She quickly picked it off and she threw it out of the tube. It then ran after James instead. He panicked, so he stood on it.

Craig got further into the tube, he noticed that Lena's arm was bleeding heavily.

Okay, I'm gonna have to re-read this bit. BRB

*ten minutes later*

Mmm coffeee... where was I? OH DAMN IT

*ten more minutes later*

Summary of events;

Craig runs into Lena on Deck 9. She tells him to shove off, but she shoves off and he for once doesn't follow

Lena hears a jeffries tube door open, goes to investigate and gets off screened by Harry possessed by Iinan

Craig goes to check this out, notices the weapon and calls for help. He rightfully determines that the culprit took her to the shuttle bay SOMEHOW

James and Janeway arrive within minutes. They go into the jeffries tube and down to Deck 10.

Once there, they find the door leading to the shuttle bay sealed.

They get in, have their encounter with Harry/Iinan who still can't make up his mind what he wants, or he's covering for the fact that he can't jump into the right person. He abandons Harry.

Janeway turns back towards "the" door, so I assume it's where they came in. She spots the bugs running towards them from the far end of a corridor. What corridor? We're in a shuttle bay. So I assume the jeffries tube.

Lena climbs into it though, Craig doesn't to rescue Harry.

Lena changes her mind, probably cos there's bugs in there, and Janeway shuts the door in their faces.

James thinks of a way to kill them, cos who else would? He suggests a forcefield around them so the Sbaracs can't eat them, but they'll go into the bay. One assumes he intends to open the bay doors themselves. One being me, I dunno what you think

The bugs are near their feet when the forcefield comes up. Ones that don't die run into the shuttle bay, even though the group were described as being in the bay still, so if they were at their feet the bugs would already be there.

James becomes suicidal and homicidal and lowers the forcefield. Or so he says, instead he closes "the doors". What door? Janeway has already closed a door! WHAT DOOR AND WHY

Two bugs get through, no explanation how and by this point I haven't a clue what's happening so I don't care

Craig shoots one, the other goes into the Jeffries tube and reveals itself to be a buff Slayer Sbarac and opens the doors with its tiny arms. aaaw.

All of that so Lena can be nibbled on by it, and James finish it off to add to his dusty kill count. Does it count if it's a spirited up bug by Iinan?

By the end of the scene we discover the comm is dead, and Janeway tappers her commbadge. Whatever that means.

Marill ends the re-re-read of this scene as drunk on coffee as she was when she probably wrote this.

Anyone follow? Nope, no me neither.

FYI James, opening the shuttle bay doors would've sorted this problem out. I wouldn't have a headache, Lena wouldn't have a hole in her arm, the scene would be shorter. Everyone but the Sbaracs would be happy

Speaking of them, if he didn't do that, what did he do? Lock them into a room, which btw they can easily get out of unless that Sbarac was the only one capable of doing it.


"Captain, I may have a scientific explanation to how the Sbaracs got onboard the ship," the Doctor said.


"In Kiss of Death I picked up a dead Sbarac from Thairo. In this episode I picked up another dead one. Earlier today when I was going to do some tests on them, I noticed they were gone. I don't know how, but they came back to life. So I think they might of started breeding," the Doctor replied.

The dead Sbaracs bred, like millions of Sbarac babies (or hundreds and they bred as well, eeew incest). Yeah very scientific

Kathryn, Terry and Kiara were walking down the corridor,


"I suppose the only way to get rid of Iinan and the Sbaracs is to give him what he wants," Kiara said.

I trade you one James for some bug stray, extra stength.


"We need the Book of the Living to defeat him, right? In Halloween it was damaged, but it should be in the replicator's logs. Lena told me that you have to be near Iinan for the Book to work, but we'll need a distraction. One way we can do that is to give him what he wants," Terry replied.

Okay, he's once again fourth walling. If he doesn't die here, I call bulls***

And stop beating around the bush, you mean give him James right cos the ninny can't possess him. No one can seem to. We also don't know if he intends to regenerate from the dust the Doctor's likely keeping, or just use the already gifted James as his vessel. I mean either way, you're totally f$$$$$

Fortunately though Janeway and Kiara sorta say the same thing, and Terry repeats the old replicate the ancient book that we somehow have in the replicator's database

"I suppose that'll give us more time to get the book we need," Kathryn said.

She says, when dumbass Iinan from the past and an alien world has figured out how to lower and raise forcefields, use a phaser rifle... I'm sure that him going up to the wall and asking for a Book of Death will be the obstacle here.

Suddenly the sound of Sbaracs started again. They burst out of the nearest Jeffries Tube.


Kathryn, Kiara and Terry backed off quickly as the Sbaracs ran after them. Terry stumbled onto the floor, Kiara and Kathryn stopped. They saw the Sbaracs covering his body. Kathryn took a hold of Kiara's arm and she dragged her down the corridor. Then they dematerialised.


who was that guy again?

All of the main characters, including Evil C, but excluding Lena and Craig, were sitting at the large table.


"Sounds like one hell of a dangerous plan," Chakotay said.

"Ooh yes, chain-saw time!" Emma giggled.


Lena and Craig walked in the room.

"So this was one of your silly tricks!" Lena yelled.

Oh dear lord

but first, the soap opera that is Craig tricking Lena into crushing on him by pretending he's now unavailable, which actually works we assume, but ohnoes the girl he was pretending with likes him too AAAAGGGHHHH

"I don't know who you think you are! Toying with me like that, it sickens me! I don't want anything to do with you anymore!" Lena yelled.

Now if only this was how this subplot ended. Fitting.

"But Lena, I did it because I love you," Craig said.

"So I've f****ng heard!" Lena yelled.


"So if you don't feel the same way, why are you so angry with me?" Craig asked.

Lena looked rather nervous, but the anger took over again, very quickly.

"Because you lied to me!" she yelled.


"When you found out about Lisa asking me out, and when you saw her kiss me you were in a huff with me. Why?" Craig asked.

"Well, er... I don't have to explain myself to you!" Lena yelled.

"Lena, you were acting all jealous," Craig said.

"Why would I be jealous!" Lena yelled.


Janeway interupts way too late and the meeting continues, kinda. She asks Lilly when her Deus Ex Machina Z5 or F9 OR BOTH, I forget, is coming back

"I contacted him like you told me to, but he said he was caught up in something," Lilly replied.

Johnstone was indeed caught up in something, he was caught in a strange web thing on a planet. Carly was there too, she was laughing her head off at the sight of him.


Carly went into hysterics as a giant spider thing arrived on the web.


So yeah that amounted to nothing, in an already bloated by bloat episode. Can we find out what this plan was that's apparently super dangerous

"Ok, Tom, Emma, Tani, Triah & Neelix, you'll be the ones who'll replicate the book. Everyone else, excluding Jessie & James of course, will keep an eye on what's going on. If Iinan and Unu prepare to regenerate, we must go in to stop them. James, Jessie, what you have to do is more dangerous," Kathryn said.

Everyone got that? *squints/glares* GOOD

Tom sniggered, nearly everybody glared at him.

Again, pre-Duncan reveal. Save this for later, good lord

"James, Jessie, I want you to go to Deck Six. Hopefully Iinan and or Unu will possess you, and take you both to where they have to perform the ritual. Hopefully they'll take a long time in trying to work out how to use the replicators so that they can replicate the book they need," Kathryn said.

This episode's gonna need some fixing, good lord that plan. How many things are wrong with it? I'm gonna guess six, and "quickly" count them.

Five people are on replicate something duty (1). The entire cast that aren't Iinan/Unu next gens are to stand around, unless Iinan does something then they must improv (2). James and Jessie go to a random deck and wait for Iinan to get his act together and possess him (3). Unu has not possessed anyone on her own free will, but god damn she will do so during this plan (4). Since Iinan and Unu are so prehistoric, they will spend a good few hours ordering "book of the dead" at every device they see until they chance on the replicator (5). Then the crew does ????? (6) = Profit


"That's guaranteed, Captain. Jessie and James have a hell of a job using the replicators now," Tom said.

worst insult ever

"Is everybody sure about what they're doing?" Kathryn asked.

"No, why am I getting the boring job?" Emma asked.

Yeah that's another problem (DAMN IT, THAT'S SEVEN). Emma is on replicate duty. I'd put her on the front lines, cos damn she's probably the only one who will act in that lot.

"Well, if you're with us, you'll probably start a fight before we even need to," Kathryn replied.


"Aw come on Iinan, get possessing," Lena whispered.

Seriously. If Iinan could willingly hop into James, he would've done it the first time. HE WAS RIGHT BESIDE CRAIG, FFS

They both noticed that James was acting differently.



In: "Janeway to er, Janeway. James is acting kinda possessed now."

Janeway the 1st: Are you sure? What's he doing?

Janeway the 2nd: (ACTUAL QUOTE) "I dunno yet, Iinan's in a yappy mood."

Janeway the 1st: He's not even acting cowardly, whining about doing something dangerous or calling someone a whore. He's just talking a lot. Good lord, call me back when he's actually acting differently.

"Where are they going?" Kathryn asked.

In: "The Cargo Bay on Deck Ten."

Well, this would've been a perfect Annika Dies setup if she wasn't already dead, and then revived to be chucked back into the nut house.

"Someone's shut down the replicators," Tom replied.

"Who?" Tani asked.

"I have no idea, hang on a second. Only one replicator is working, the one in the Cargo Bay on Deck Ten," Tom replied.

Yeah um, my personal canon here is that Iinan only knows how to use forcefields and rifles because of who he possesses. Hence why he knows about Borg shields as well. There's plenty of proof for this. So having him possess James on purpose, you know the hacker, when the plan counts on Iinan being baffled by replicators, sorta has a few flaws. Just ittle ones.

"Sounds a little suspicious, doesn't it?" Tom said.

OKAY, compared to this lot, Iinan's a fricking genius.

Meanwhile, the stand around team go through the Jeffries tubes because that's totally safer than walking around in the corridors, to the Cargo Bay. To the shock of no one, Sbaracs arrive to ruin their day. The power also goes out because I assume Sbaracs eat as they walk, the gluttons

"Mum, the power's down on this deck, how can we get a forcefield up?" Bryan asked.

No comment, it'll be important later

The Sbaracs caught up but they hit a blue forcefield. B'Elanna and Bryan caught up with the others.

"How did you do that?" Kiara asked.

"It's simple, but yet not simple," B'Elanna replied.

Wait a minute. I forgot something

J/C are the worst (grand)parents ever: 2

Kiara (and Bryan) are part of this confront a dead witch duo currently possessing a Slayer and later a Jessie. I see no issues here

"Computer, replicate me the Book of Death," James said.

"So much for not knowing how to use the replicator," Jessie muttered quietly.


Didn't anyone question this plan? Come on

"Only authorised persons may use the replicators. Please state your authorisation code," the computer said.

"How's this for an authorisation code?" James said, he ripped open the access panel on the replicator, and he pulled out some of the wires and stuff.


Tom can't use the replicator because SOMEONE has redirected the only access to Cargo Bay 2, where James/Iinan is going. But that one is cut off as well when Iinan goes to use it. ALSO THE POWER IS OFF. I seriously... for an episode that has been planned at least twice (thrice at most) before it was written, it has an awful lot of plot errors. How can this bloody be?

"Wait and see," Tom replied, he walked down the corridor where the Sbaracs were. He then went down another corridor, the Sbaracs followed him. "NOW!" Tom yelled.

Neelix pressed a few buttons on a nearby wall panel. Tom beamed away just before the Sbaracs reached him. A forcefield went around them, trapping them all in one spot.

I thought the power was out on Deck Te... oh who cares at this point

Lena, Craig, Chakotay, Lilly, & Naomi were watching the scene from the top deck.

Wait, did I miss a third party in that summary above? sigh

"Ouch, that's gotta hurt," Craig muttered as he watched James, or rather Iinan, knocked Jessie out. James seemed like he was sensing something. He went over to a console, and he quickly pressed in some commands.

does it count? It's written like it counts


James/Iinan "Badasses" Off Screen For Our Sins: 1

Craig comments on James/Iinan punching out Jessie before/during when it happens, but I seem to change my mind and write it anyway. Meh.

"Look," Lena replied, as she put her hand out. It hit a forcefield that was in front of them, and was surrounding the centre of the bay.

I'd say this is more proof that Iinan "assimilates" his vessels' knowledge, but we all know that's not true, there's no coherent thought in this episode, so he just does these things for plot convenience. Nothing makes sense. I mean, there's still no power on Deck Ten.

As soon as she said that Jessie woke up again. She quickly sat, and stood up. She walked over to James.

"Iinan?" she said.

"Yes, it's me," James said.


"Eew, gross," Naomi muttered as James and Jessie, er I mean Iinan & Unu started kissing. Lena just rolled her eyes.

Well, whatever floats your boat Unu

Then again, James is super attractive to everyone, so yeah, he doesn't need chat up lines. Those are for chumps.

The crew decide to interrupt Iinan scoring but...

"Luckily I was prepared for this," James said, he picked the Book of Death up. He started reading from it.


The doors opened. Everyone turned to look towards the doors. They all gaped in shock as all the dead crewmembers were now alive again, and they were heading towards them.

It's okay, this is Lena's speciality... remember Resurrection?

Lena was hiding behind Chakotay, shuddering like mad.

"Lena, are you okay?" Chakotay asked.

"Dead bodies, eew!" Lena squealed.

Yeah um, her phobia really went OTT right about here.

Jessie and James just watched, both with identical smug looks on their faces.

"This is entertaining," Jessie said.

"Yep, sure is," James said.


Tom and co, reached the replicator, that is on the higher deck of the cargo bay.

"Ohno, somebody has mucked up the replicator," Tom muttered.

"I'll try to fix it," Triah said.

I was gonna post my lol gif, but then I remembered Triah only became a cast member because she transported herself and a shuttle into a signal and travelled thousands of lightyears through an alien communication network. The woman must be a genius.

"Who knows, lets go down and beat some mummy butt," Emma said and she ran down, Evil C followed her.

They both reached the battlezone.


Harry was attacked from behind my a zombie. He didn't get away in time, and he was stabbed in the back. He fell to the ground, with blood coming from his back.


Tuvok was caught in a fight with two zombie's. One caught a hold of him by the neck, and it used the knife to cut his throat. He fell to the ground.


"Well if we get the replicator working, we can replicate the book, then we get rid of those zombie's," Tom said.

Wait another minute. James/Iinan destroyed the panel to get by the authorisation code to get his book. Why can't Tom and co ask for one, why do they need to fix it?

One zombie came after Lena, she shuddered as she pushed it away from her. One zombie slashed her in the arm. Kiara came over to her.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"No... eew, look behind you," Lena said as she pointed behind Kiara, shuddering as usual. Kiara turned around but it was too late, the zombie stabbed her in the chest, and she collapsed.

Aaw Kiara and Lena getting along and...


"That's it mummy, you attacked the wrong girl!" Lena screamed, and she attacked the zombie with no fear.

Yeah um, there are better ways of doing this.

Kathryn became distracted, and a zombie attacked, and stabbed her.

I bet she wasn't distracted cos her granddaughter has been stabbed. Probably coffee thoughts


"That's the final straw!" Lena screeched and she beat up all the zombie's around her.

Chakotay ran over to Kathryn, and he checked her pulse. Lena ran towards him.

ohno whatever will happen next, this is so random

He got stabbed, straight away. He collapsed.


Okay, I hope you guys are keeping count. I wasn't.

Voyager MC's Snuffed Out: 5

Unless there's something there worth quoting, I won't show every death but I will keep track.



Voyager MC's Snuffed Out: 7

"My face! You'll pay for that!" Triah snapped, and she punched the zombie in the face.

Okay Jessie's no longer vain, so Naomi has worried about her top during a fight scene, Triah's concerned about her beautiful face. Who's going to be the one who complains that her shoes are scuffed or getting eaten by bugs? Had their hair pulled? Answers on a post in the dead forum.

Iinan gets bored of the very easy deathmatch and decides to chat up "Makia" again

"You're good, very good," James said.

"Duh! I'm a Slayer," Lena muttered.

"I bet you won't be able to beat me," James said.

Well, as long as you guys stay on screen she'll be fine

Oh and lol to the disguised "you are strong" line Iinan loves so much. You're not fooling anyone!

"But, I don't want to fight you. In my opinion, you're still James," Lena said.

"If you insist, only cowards back out like that," James said.

Daw Lena... this probably isn't the time to be worried about your equally strong BFF. He's used to this. Another flaw in the plan

"You," James replied. Lena fumed. "If you don't think you can beat me, I understand. I'm sure I can find somebody else to fight with, you know someone's who not a coward."

"I'll fight, you 3000 year old f**k!" Lena yelled.

oh nevermind, that works

She pushed James hard, but he hit her. They both started fighting.

Good stuff *insincere thumbs up*

Jessie smiled, and she looked around the room. She headed straight over to Tani.


"You're not Jessie, but in a way you are," Tani said, and she hit her back. The two got into a cat fight.

Sexist Crap Count: 12

Unu/Jessie remembers that neither of them are wee little girlies who are so delicate, and finishes Tani with yet another stab


Voyager MC's Snuffed Out: 8

Lena was knocked onto the ground, she tried to get up, but James held her down his foot. Just like Jessie, he stole a knife off a zombie.

What is the obsession with these knives? James/Iinan does not need this, I don't think Jessie/Unu did. But hey, Lena's knocked down at the beginning of this transition so...

James/Iinan Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 2

Lena struggled to get away, but it was too late, she got stabbed in the stomach.



"Bingo, the replicator is working," Tom said. He pressed some commands, and the Book of the Living appeared. Neelix went over to the banister.

"Uhoh, our Book reader is hurt!" Neelix muttered.

Oh yeah, Lena's the only one who knows Ancient Egy...Majian cos of that time the Borg assimilated some of them centuries ago. we're boned

Craig and Lilly rushed over to Lena, who was still alive but in a lot of pain.


Iinan stabs her and walks off, leaving any old schmuck to walts in and drag her not yet dead body away. Sheesh, I'll say it again, Iinan's a few braincells short of a Marill.

They both helped her to her feet. Craig struggled all of a sudden, he noticed Lilly had fallen onto the ground. He saw blood coming from her back.


Voyager MC's Snuffed Out: 9

"Ohno, little help!" he yelled. Nobody was available.

Apparently all Slayers are heavy, it's not just James that's a heavy ass who needs to go on a diet. Craig's yeah, he's not potrayed as a particulary strong character, but Lena's a 17 year old girl who I know is quite slim and dainty at this point. He can't carry her without help from another 17 year old teen girl. Okay?

Everyone who was left was fighting a zombie. Emma had somehow got herself into a fight with James.

Oh dear, this could go either way


Emma got pushed against the wall, James was about to stab her with the knife, but somebody stopped him by taking a hold of his arm. It was Evil C.

Oh of course, Emma has to be saved by a guy from another guy. I'm sure it's not intended but... gotta mark it

Sexist Crap Count: 13

James pushed him backwards, and he stumbled backwards.

I'd be more impressed if he stumbled forwards, but fine, WHATEVER



Emma went over to Evil C, luckily he was still alive.

GOD DAMN IT, STOP RUINING MY HUNGER GAMES JOKES. Seriously why is this episode suddenly worried about killing the latest stabees, yeah I get Lena (need her, and really should have better resilience than normal people) but most of the cast, including frigging kids are dead already. We know what's gonna happen

Anyways Lena cuts short the slaughter and we're all relieved by it.

James and Jessie screamed in agony and they collapsed to the ground. All of the zombies collapsed too. Lena collapsed onto Craig, as she fell unconscious.

Yeah while things are calming down, can I once again complain about the EPIC plan of allowing James the Immortal Hacking Slayer to be possessed by a powerful warlock who set flesh eating bugs onto the ship for funsies? No? Well screw you then

Even though Iinan's defeated, the bugs problem persits. Emma channels James earlier and comes up with a convoluted way of saying "suck them into space, mwahahaha"

"We could beam them all in here, open the cargo bay doors, and they'll all be sucked into space," Emma said.



All of the injured dematerialised. And then a huge horde of Sbaracs rematerialised in the bay. They headed towards the doors, they closed, but one Sbarac got through. But nobody noticed.

Oh yes, we can't forget this epic moment from the Kidz Trek version, now can we

"Come on, lets get to Sickbay," Tom said. Suddenly he felt a strange pain in his foot. The pain moved all the way up to chest.


Emma quickly ran over to the console, and she worked on it. Tom beamed away.


"Don't worry about it, if I just have some help I can treat everybody," the Doctor said.



The Ready Room:

wait whut? THERE'S MORE?

"I'm fine, knowing that you are," Chakotay said. Kathryn walked up to him.

"You know I've been thinking about us, and I've reached a conclusion," Kathryn said.

"Really, and what's that?" Chakotay asked. Kathryn stepped closer to him, and she started kissing him.


Okay so these turns of events with their granddaughter, daughter getting stabbed by zombies and James, the bugs, their daughter bickering with Craig, inspires these two to forget their drunken wedding (tbh I think they already did) and get together, because?

"Teehee, this episode is sure beating Disconnected, plus I've finally gotten J/C together. That'll show that dead guest star," Marill said, and she started giggling.

that's why? sigh

I do "like" that past Marill thinks that Disconnected is the example to beat in Season Two and not Resistance. Very interesting.

Craig walked in, he stared in awe at the new Lena. She had short purple hair,




Just A Little Bit More: 2 in one frigging sentence (3)


He thought, "it's about time too."


Will Lisa find out about Lena & Craig?


What will Lena's parents think about her new hairstyle?

They'll look confused and ask who she is, then return to telling Kiara off for wearing gloves when she got that steaming hot bowl of soup from the replicator.

Will we see Iinan and Unu again?

well schucks, this one's a toughie

How will the crew ever get all that blood off the Cargo Bay floor?


Will Marill be able to upload Halloween's second part?


And will Marill ever finish the second part to The Slayers, and True Q?


Find out the answers to maybe some of these questions next time on Fifth Voyager.



Counter Results:

Muttered Count: 83 (1029) good lord, the FV crew mutter more than I do

Sexist Crap Count: 13 (51)

Jessie's Sin Points: earned 2, lost 3 (16)

Lena the Sue Count: 1 (31)

Lena (Child)Abuses Her Power: 1 (4)

Annika Dies Count: 1 (9)

James Dies Count: 0 (3)

James Kill Count: 0 (2) Iinan performs the kills, sorry, and no a bug doesn't count

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 0 (15). If I won't count Iinan's kills, I won't count the 1 off screen attack that knocked Lena over. Fair's fair.

Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: oh gods, um... Lena/Craig's plot deserves so many points, then there's J/C randomness and even a hint about Bryan liking Kiara. Um, I'm gonna award this 10 for taking over a lot of the episode (49)

Just A Little Bit More: 3 (32)

J/C are the worst (grand)parents ever: 6 (6) Yes it was 3, but I have to count earlier offenders. They send Kiara over to the Borg ship with Lena, Janeway tells her traumatised daughter with identiy issues that a man will help her, then the lack of care that Kiara's stabbed.




1) This is a general complaint for the entire episode. If it were heavily cut down, it'd be a firm contender for beating Resistance. No joke. I've laughed at what I'm supposed to laugh at, the story isn't that bad until the bloodbath at the end (which I can't blame on being the edgy Season Two, the Kidz Trek version did the same). The dialogue's mostly good... I could go on but that's for Positives. All of the extra trash in the episode lets it down. It took me ages and so many sessions to re-read this bloated episode. Lets go through those first.

2) While I wouldn't rate it negative or positive because it is right now in Craig's character to do this, his icky pretend he's dating someone else plan to get Lena to fall for him works. Except for Lisa, she's an unfortunate pawn but who cares about her amirite? Not only that but James and Jessie both tell him it's s$$$, so I knew the plan was skivvy when writing it. I know, a later episode um... spoilers contradicts this a bit, but erm I've got to judge the episode on its own.

3) This factors into 2 even though the episode doesn't directly say it, I think; Janeway advises her daughter suffering from a literal identity crisis to date someone, after berating her for trying to make up with her ex best friend (not to mention suggests this afterwards). If that wasn't bad enough, she misjudges Lena's conversation with James and snaps at her for "picking" him, in front of the bridge crew. Sigh.

4) James' really weird and sexist descriptions of Lisa. WTF

5) This one earns a (2), why? The characters "need" to know a lot that they couldn't possibly. Lena knowing about the Sbaracs eating electricity, when that could've been something they found out when it happened. Kiara's expositionathon in Sickbay. Heck Terry knows more about The Resurrection than he should, considering his only interactions are with Kiara who wasn't in it. The Doctor knows about the recent Borg tactics against the resistance, how?

While I worry that Reboot Disconnected doesn't explain a few things and left it up to the reader to interpret, I prefer that to the characters announcing "oh this happened cos blahblah, I know cos I overheard it/bulls$$$" excuse.

6) While I love the little foreshadowing of Tom's phobia of bugs, despite his encounter being nowhere near as dramatic or hardhitting as his Kidz Trek alter ego's, I remember him teasing Jessie by leaving plastic spiders all over her bedroom. Speaking as an arachnidphobic, I wouldn't do this to someone with a similar fear to me, even if I did "hate" them.

7) Why does James bring up his abusive dad and then shame Tom into facing his bug fears, effectively telling him to man up and calling him a chicken? Maybe Iinan did get the right guy, he just couldn't keep a hold of him.

8) "This drone seems to have full Borg implants. This is strange because the drones on the ship have had most of their implants removed. That's why we thought that the ship was a resistance ship." This explanation still confuses me. Was it a resistance ship or not? If not, why are the drones stripped of implants? The Sbaracs don't eat them, do they?

9) I think the story forgets that Lena has the ability to sense Iinan's spirit hovering around just before possession. It doesn't happen again after the Kiara and Terry round.

10) Because ex-Novel Curse of Voyager's "Kiara" was a teen/adult, kid Kiara must escort ex drone Terry around, investigate the most likely Sbarac infestation etc... Even Kidz Trek's version used her older alter ego Roxanne, so why??? It'd give Lena more to do that isn't "love interest" related and seems more appropriate than a kid.

Kiara, as well as Naomi and Bryan are invited to the bloodbath at the end. It's not because they didn't expect it, the first thing that's mentioned about it is "this sounds dangerous."

11) You can't declare "red alert" to up the tension and immediately go into a lame ass discussion about Craig's plan to seduce a 17 year old. Yeahyeah it leads to something plot related but hey, they're on the bridge and it's pretty relaxed there considering.

12) Jessie slags off Craig for being a desperate trickster after he tells her of his plan. Then when Iinan possesses him, she's all trahlala doormat to his "do me a favour" demands/blackmail.

13) Iinan can't decide if he hates Lena or likes her cos she reminds him of Makia. He insults her, then kidnaps her, only to beat the stuffing out of her off screen and stab her. Make up your mind.

14) It's never explained why Iinan couldn't jump into James from the start, when he does so so casually near the end. I don't buy the "lol I'm just wasting time until the bugs are all over your ship, bwahhahaha" excuse.

15) Also, I get the first time when he grabs Jessie and tries to chuck Unu into her, but after that he kidnaps whatever woman his vessel happens to be around. It makes zero sense to me.

16) I have a feeling there actually is a reasonable explanation as to why Iinan can possess but Unu's vessel has to be unconscious for her to take over, all related to how the Resurrection and Kiss of Death finales' went down. And spoilers for later events in Oasis. My problem is nowhere is it implied, wondered about it, so I've got no proof of my thoughts here. I could've wrote it this way to badly hint at later developments (Oasis's first draft was already around then), but I could've just gotten lucky and took advantage of what Curse did. It's not a clue.

I'm not sure whether to count this or not. Just one little bit of proof and I can discount it as an error.

17) Why does James need convincing to look for his girlfriend who's been kidnapped by Iinan? Even in Season One he overcame his cowardice bit to defend her against the purple things who hurt her back (Holo Q), climbed down a mountain to rescue her (Upendi). I could go on, but jesus. Only 10 episodes ago he was assaulting her attempted rapist, even OOC Slayers had him flipping out at her kidnapping. what the fridge

18) Kiara and Terry's chat about the broken episodes.

19) That whole bit in the shuttle bay. At least I think it is. The description of events, everything is so muddled. I read it three times and I still don't know what's happening.

20) So the plan to stop Iinan is to distract him by letting him possess James, then he'll be too busy reviving Unu into Jessie and finding a replicator. One team meanwhile replicates the book of the living to kill them, while another (two) keeps watch by crawling through tubes, when there's flesh eating bugs everywhere. Just in case Iinan figures out which one's the replicator before they've walked up to one and gotten their book, the plan is to throw everyone at him. You know the warlock who's possessing a Slayer. What could go wrong?

Not to mention all the hints that Iinan knows how to do things because of who he has possessed, so of course the replicators are messed with.... BUT

21) James/Iinan didn't mess with the replicator, it screws him over too. Who did it? It wasn't a power issue, the computer responded and gave him the book. SO WHO DID

22) The Sbaracs eat enough to cut the power to Deck Ten (at least I assume that's what happens), but that fact keeps getting forgotten about. The replicator is used again, B'Elanna technobabbles a forcefield, more forcefields etc... yeah. This episode's a mess.

23) Lena's phobia of rotting corpses levels up a lot, and unfortunately I know it continues to be like this for many seasons.

24) While I have to give credit for Curse trying to up the stakes with the bloodbath at the end, we all know everyone will live, and having the kids die makes it painful. At least the Kidz Trek version had the stones to kill off their version of Tom in this. That's why he's attacked at the end, cos there had to be a tribute to it. I'm not saying Tom should've kicked it, he's needed later, but FV's version lacks anything, it's merely an edgy stab fest.

25) And you thought the reset button moment in Saturday Night was "hilarious"

26) J/C randomly get together after being inspired by recent events.... um? And yes I've already marked Lena/Craig much earlier. Fair's fair.

Sub-total: 27


1) James' brutal take down of Craig was glorious. Too bad he's proved "wrong" by the end of the episode.

2) The hutch/hunch mix up gag. Classic.

3) The scene's also a rare cute Lena/James scene. The majority of them have been pretty cringe. Lena's naive and misunderstanding James (even better since he's wrong too), then the later bickering is spot on. Love them like this.

4) Definite foreshadowing in Janeway's overreaction to James and Lena making plans.

5) I was having Annika/Seven dying withdrawals, so that Sbarac death was much appreciated.

6) Jessie's takedown of Craig is also glorious

7) Ok I begrudingly give credit to the episode for tricking me with Craig/Iinan. I dunno how, maybe I'm tired but until I know how I didn't figure it out with the twit line (it's not exactly a hard hitting insult a villain would throw around, so maybe it was that), then I gotta give credit where it's due

8) Makia foreshadowing. It's brief but it's there.

9) I don't like how it's done the second time, but Lena proves twice she cares for Kiara. She just needs to work out her blame/abuse issues. It's a complicated storyline, a one that I do like despite a few abusive bits, yikes.

10) I loved that Lena once again refused to fight James. Too bad she's quickly mind changed *shrug*

11) And yet I continue to be surprised when James seemingly overpowers her. Saturday Night with the Annika bout, Resurrection the faceoff with the book, and even when he's possessed, he wins the fight between them. To be fair to her, she's angry, irrational after Kiara and her parents, AND probably still reluctant to go all out against James, while Iinan won't give a crap about her, Makia lookalike or not.

12) On the same subject, kinda, Iinan as James dominates the battlefield. He's only stopped because of the ritual. Why is this a positive? James' potrayal in this season, well most of the time, is juicy foreshadowing for what's to come in his story. I'm loving every bit.

Sub-total: 12

Marill's Rating: 32%

Rankings So Far:

#01 Resistance: 53%
#02 Disconnected: 40%
#03 Kiss of Death: 38%
#04 Interactions: 37%
#05 The Resurrection: 36%
#06 True Q: 35%
#07 The Curse of Voyager: 32%
#08 Saturday Night & Precise Timings: 31%
#09 Games Resistance: 29%
#10 Thrown Key Part 2: 23%
#11 F9: Control Failure: 21%
#12 Halloween: 15%
#13 Dimension Jump: 14%
#14 The Slayers: 12%
#15 The Love Spell: 10%

Well well, I was off with my earlier guess by a touch. Too bad really. Curse could've been so much better if it were half the length, and maybe the shuttle bay scene wasn't so confusing. Maybe this'll be the first reboot since Secret of the Revenge to be smaller than its original.

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