Shuttle Sacajawea:
"This is weird," Faye said.

Kathryn walked over to her side, "what is?"

Faye frowned, "we're next to that escape pod again."

"We're flying in circles? Which idiot's flying this thing?" Justin questioned.

Kathryn growled, "I assure you, I am flying in a straight line, it shouldn't have brought us back here."

"Well you wanted to rescue him," Faye said.

"Run a diagnostic on the ship's systems," Kathryn ordered.

"Have you got a few weeks to spare or something?" Faye asked.

Kathryn rolled her eyes, "fine I'll do it." She sat down in her chair.

"Maybe it's a space anomaly thingy," Justin said.

Faye glanced back at him, "specifically?"

"No, I've never heard of that anomaly hun," Justin said.

Faye shuddered, "don't ever call me that."

Kathryn shook her head, "she asked if you could narrow it down."

"Oh right," Justin laughed in an annoying way. "One time our ship was going around in circles, it turned out we were stuck inside a bubble thing."

"Faye, can you at least scan for something in this area. If we're in something like that, we'll detect something," Kathryn commanded.

"Yeah I could do that," Faye replied.

"Can I help you cutey?" Justin asked.

Faye shuddered again, "no thanks."

Voyager, James/Jessie's Quarters:
James walked into the main living area, he headed straight into the bathroom. Just then Jessie walked into the room. She looked around, "James, are you here?"

James emerged from the bathroom, "Jess, how long have you been here?"

"About five seconds," Jessie replied, shrugging.

"Oh right," James sighed.

"There's something..." Jessie started to say, but James said something similar at the same time. "You first."

"It's ok, what were you going to say?" James questioned.

Jessie looked a little uncomfortable as she walked over to him. "Um actually, no you go. I lost my nerve."

"Ok," James said. He took a hold of both of her hands. "I um, Jess, you are going to hate me for this but I have to tell you. Zare and I were talking and..."

Jessie looked even more uneasy, "oh right, yeah I know."

"What, huh?" James stuttered, looking confused.

"I know what you're going to say. I saw it," Jessie quietly said.

"Oh, that's never good," James muttered. "I don't know why it happened, but I just want to say that I'm sorry it did. Zare did do it, but I should have realised sooner."

"It's ok James, it wasn't your fault," Jessie said.

"That doesn't make me feel any better though. I still think that I've betrayed you," James muttered.

Jessie smiled, placing the palm of her hand across the side of his face. "Like you'd ever do that."

"Wait, aren't you mad at me?" James questioned.

"No, I was more upset than anything else," Jessie replied.

"You should be mad at me then," James said.

"No I'm not, I'm sure you'll be mad at yourself for the two of us," Jessie said.

James nodded his head, "you're damn right there."

"How did Zare handle rejection?" Jessie asked.

"She claims that I tried to kiss her, so not very well," James replied.

Jessie smirked, "good, she deserved it."

"I would have thought you'd of seen that part," James said.

"Well I ran off before the actual kiss so," Jessie uncomfortably said.

"Oh so you knew what was going to happen long before I did," James muttered. "God, what an idiot you must think I am."

"Nah, I don't think that," Jessie said.

James looked around the room, "so um, do you want anything?"

Jessie looked confused, "want anything?"

"Well you know, I could get you something or do something to make this up to you," James replied, looking back at her.

"You don't have to do that," Jessie said.

"Oh yeah I do. I deserve to be punished, are we agreed?" James said.

"No we're not," Jessie replied.

"There's got to be something I can get, or something I can do to show you how sorry I am. Saying it doesn't feel good enough for me," James said.

"Well I don't think you have to," Jessie muttered.

"You said you were upset when you saw it. I've definitely got to do something to make up for that," James said.

"No that wasn't your fault. Zare got me upset, not you. Seeing other women trying to get their hands on you gets me upset. It's hardly something you can control, is it?" Jessie said, looking a little embarrassed.

"All right but you don't need to get upset over it," James said.

Jessie groaned, "yes I do, stop being like that."

James smiled, "no you got me wrong, at least I think so. There's nothing to get upset over, because no other woman is going to drag me away from you. You don't have to worry about it, I'll be yours as long as you want me to be. Just remember that if there's a next time."

Jessie blushed a little, "see, you don't need to do anything for me."

"I still want to though, I just want to prove to you that you're the only girl that I want," James said.

Jessie sighed, "um well."

Shuttle Sacajawea:
"We're in one of those bubbles," Faye said.

"Cool I was right," Justin said.

Kathryn groaned, "great. How did you get out of it?"

"I don't know. I got killed off during that mission so I missed it," Justin replied.

"Ugh typical," Faye groaned.

"What do you mean?" Justin asked.

"What do I mean, ok I tell you. If you stopped being annoying that won't keep happening, and you'd actually be useful to somebody for once," Faye grumbled.

"No, that's not very nice," Justin pouted.

Faye groaned, "my god, that's what your song was about. You seemed to get why people were doing it, why forget it?"

"Oh I see. Singing my songs is the reason why people would want to kill me, that's shallow," Justin grumbled.

"Oh come on, you can't call that singing. It sounds like somebody keeps kicking you every now and then," Faye muttered.

"That's no reason to hurt me," Justin said.

"No, that just makes people want to hurt you because you're hurting their ears. People want to kill you because you're an annoying jackass," Faye said.

"I've got it!" Kathryn blurted out.

"You're just a shallow, heartless little girl aren't you?" Justin snapped.

"Yes, maybe I am. It's people like you that drive people so crazy that they turn like that," Faye snapped back.

"You two shut up and listen to me!" Kathryn yelled.

Faye and Justin turned to her. "What, you have a plan?" Faye questioned.

"This is just like that temporal rift we were stuck in nearly two years ago. We'll just do the same," Kathryn replied.

"I don't know what you did," Faye sheepishly said.

"That's ok, I've done this before and I can do it again," Kathryn smugly said.

Later, Ligod's Quarters:
The two guys Ligod was with, were sitting in front of their new station, which had a few monitor screens on it.

Ligod was talking to a device, with his back to the others. "Yes sirs, I do believe Zare could do with extra training." He started pacing. "Yes, I saw her, she's attracted to the other one and she tried to kiss him." He sat down on the chair nearby. "That sounds like an excellent solution, as soon as this is over I'll send her to you."

"Uh boss," one of the guys stuttered.

"In a minute," Ligod snapped.

"Oh, how do you turn it off?" the guy who spoke stuttered.

"Are you kidding, this is called science, it's no worse than watching the insect or animal versions we see at school," the other guy said.

"Um yes it is. Those insects or animals won't hunt us down and kill us for watching this," the first guy said.

"Right, how will they know?" the second guy said.

"I still have no idea. Zare is exceptionally trained, obviously as I'm her watcher," Ligod said. He frowned, "hey, that's not my fault. Getting to James."

"Uh huh, that's a very good idea boss," the first guy said.

"Shh, if you tell him he'll shut it off," the second guy whispered.

The first guy stared at him, "you're sick. I'm not watching anymore."

"Yes he is stronger, I've seen it. Zare, thanks to her training is a little bit more accurate than he is, and has better senses. Trouble is without knowing what the paradox is, we won't ever know for certain. There's evidence for both you see," Ligod said.

"Boss, this is very important," the first guy said.

"Why is it more important?" Ligod asked.

"Well um it's about James, he's um, you should just see this," the first guy stuttered.

Ligod sighed, "fine. Sir, I'll talk to you later." He switched off the device, then walked over to the others. "What is it?"

"Just look at Monitor Two sir," the first guy said.

Ligod looked at one of the monitors, he looked a little pale. "I see, that's enough. Switch it off."

"Thank god," the first guy sighed.

The second guy looked disappointed, "aaw man."

"This is a recorded tape, why didn't you tell me when it was actually happening?" Ligod asked.

"We were busy with that weapon sharpening for an hour, then we went back to monitoring," the first guy replied.

"It's recorded? Excellent," the second guy grinned.

"Um right, ok, I'll ignore that," Ligod muttered. "Don't look so worried, this is good."

"How sir?" the first guy stuttered.

"Well it means he's gotten closer to her since our last visit. It won't be long before we'll have our test subject," Ligod said.

"Oh right of course, how silly of me," the first guy laughed nervously.

"Yes well, I can't expect anything better coming from you," Ligod said. "Pretty soon, that pretty girlfriend of his will have an unfortunate accident."

"It's a shame, she's hot," the second guy said. Ligod and the second guy stared at him blankly.

Meanwhile, James/Jessie's Quarters:
James and Jessie were lying in the bed in James' room, he had is arms around her stomach, she had a tight hold of his hands.

"Well, I'm convinced," she said.

"Ok, you weren't before," James said.

Jessie smiled, "well yeah I was, I'm just more convinced."

James kissed her cheek. "I can't believe that I have to leave for that mission soon."

Jessie frowned, "oh, how long?"

James looked around, "I don't know, I don't have my alarm clock anymore."

"I'm sure it's not for a while yet anyway," Jessie said.

"I hope not, I'm not looking forward to seeing Zare again," James said.

"Please don't say that name after all that," Jessie muttered, glancing at him.

"Sorry," James said.

Jessie grinned, "you're forgiven." She kissed him on the cheek. "You're trying to tell me that you're dreading seeing, her again, but you're ok with fighting lots of vamps."

"No, I'm not looking forward to that either," James muttered.

"Well just stay here then, you don't have to go," Jessie said.

"No I have to, it's kinda my job," James said. He sighed, "I wish it wasn't sometimes."

"Why's that?" Jessie asked.

In: "Geenewell to Taylor."

"Oh, that's not good," Jessie muttered.

James sat up a little, "crap, do you have any idea where it is?"

Jessie shook her head, "no sorry."

Ligod's Quarters:
"Give him some time to find the commbadge," Ligod muttered to himself.

"If you do that sir, he might know that you were watching him," the first guy said.

"True," Ligod said. "Geenewell to Taylor, respond." He waited a while, and repeated it again.

In: "Taylor here, what is it?"

"Ah, so glad you can join us. Now I'm heading for the transporter room in a little while, I want to meet you and Zare there," Ligod said.

In: "Ok, I'll be there in ten minutes."

Ligod tapped his commbadge, "good, I'd better prepare."

James/Jessie's Quarters:
"I don't get it, how did the night pass by so quickly," James muttered as he took some weapons out of a small bag.

Jessie pretended to think about it, "well let me think about that, hmm."

"It goes fast for you? That's never good," James muttered to himself.

Jessie tried not to laugh, "in a good way. You know like, I can't believe it's over already way."

"That's good. At least time wasn't dragging unbearably for you," James said, as he organised the weapons he had out.

Jessie sat up, taking the cover with her, "hey, are you trying to say that's what it's like for you?"

James couldn't help but smile, he walked over to the bed, and sat down next to her. "If it is, why would I keep coming back?"

"Well why does it go by slow then?" Jessie asked, not looking happy.

"I didn't say that," James replied, smirking a little.

Jessie looked confused, "um, oh right, yeah you didn't say that."

James leaned in to kiss her. "Sorry I have to go."

"No it's ok. Just get ready to apologise if you get yourself badly hurt or killed, cos I won't be happy with you if you do," Jessie muttered.

"Oh don't worry, I'll try not to," James said, smirking again.

Jessie sighed, "I mean it, be careful."

He leaned in to kiss her again, "I will."

Tendaran Three
In the middle of a desert:
James, Zare and Ligod rematerialised nearby an encampment. A few hundred people were scattered around the area.

Ligod clapped his hands, "everyone, I have returned." All there was heard was a few groans, and disgruntled muttering. They all gathered around anyway.

"I see they're all thrilled to see you again," Zare commented.

"Yes of course they are," Ligod muttered. "Now then, Trainees I'd like you to meet the Potentials. Well some of you will have already met Zare."

"Oh wow, the potentials. I'm so honored," one guy stuttered, grinning a little.

"Yes um. Anyway for all who don't know, this is Zare and James," Ligod said. "Sunrise will be in a few minutes so I've got time to explain the plan, answer a few questions and that's it.

"James and Zare will both lead separate teams down underground. James' team will go down first, and attack the vampire army. Ten minutes later Zare will lead hers down and join in the attack. Now here's the hard part. If the goons start to go after James before Zare's team arrives, if you can try and get him out. Your job would also be to warn Zare's team. If the goons leave him alone, and go for Zare instead then you must at all cost, get her out instead."

"What if they go after both of them?" the guy who spoke before asked.

"Then I'm afraid you can't do anything until you know for sure which one they want. They will know who is who, so they'll go after the Chosen," Ligod replied.

The guy put his hand up, "but sir, you said you would have found out who is who before this."

"I'm afraid there's a lot of evidence for both being the Chosens, we're very unsure at the moment," Ligod said. "Anyway, once the Chosen is outside in the sunlight he or she will be safe. Make sure none of the goons get up to the surface, they can go into sunlight unlike regular vampires. Once the Chosen is outside, you must all kill as many vampires as you can. If you encounter a goon or one of the Masters, you must get away from them. Leave them to the Natural who is left behind. Now, is there any questions?"

"How come we're so unsure who the Chosen is this time around?" the guy asked.

"We're not exactly sure. We just know that there's a temporal paradox at work that's confused everyone," Ligod replied.

The guy put his hand up again, "ok my next question is for the mighty potentials themselves. Which one do you think is the Chosen?"

"Um, I think it's James," Zare replied.

"It's her," James replied, not looking at her.

Zare groaned, "you have some nerve mister."

The guy looked confused, "ok I have another question for them. What's with all the tension?"

"He tried to kiss me," Zare blurted out.

James rolled his eyes, "no it was the other way round."

Ligod pretended to look shocked, "now that's just wrong on so many levels."

The guy put his hand up, "but don't ordinary Slayers have to be single, at all times?"

"I'll answer that. Yes they are, for everyone's safety. If someone they fall for gets murdered or even just injured, they are in danger of turning evil. Zare has been good with that rule until now, but James has just ignored the rule completely," Ligod replied.

"I'm still being good, it was him," Zare grumbled.

The guy put his hand up again, "how are you going to divide up the teams?"

"Easy," Ligod said. "Everyone on my right will be on James' team, everyone on my left will be on Zare's team. Now get your self ready, it's almost time." The teams split up.

James and his team headed down a dark damp tunnel. The annoying guy with all the questions was right behind him.

One guy looked worried, "we're almost there now."

The people at the front stopped, forcing everyone else to stop. One trembled, "oh god, there's a lot more down there than the last time."

James pushed his way to the front, the question guy was right behind him. Right in front of them was a drop of about twenty metres, at the bottom there were what looked like hundreds of vampires.

"Can we take this many?" the question guy asked.

"We'll find out. I think the ones who've had the most training should go down with me. The rest can wait a while before attacking," James replied.

"Great idea. I should have expected that from such a good Slayer," the question guy said.

James frowned as he glanced at the ones on his right, "does he even know who I am?"

"I dunno, he's always this hyper," one of the girls replied.

"Great, sounds like someone I know," James muttered. "Let's go." He and most of the group headed down. Half way down most of them jumped the rest of the way, and started attacking the vampires.

"Should we go?" the question guy asked.

"Jeez, everything's a question with you," one guy groaned. The rest of the team headed down too, quickly joining in the fight.

James and two other Slayers fought with a group of rather tall guys.

One of them picked up one of the girls, "aaaw, you're such a cute little thing." She didn't take very kindly to it, putting it mildly, she kicked him where it hurts making him drop her.

James looked up at one of the taller ones, he was so tall he couldn't even reach his heart. "Oh this is not good," he groaned before getting hit across the face. He kicked him hard in the leg, making him stumble a little. Quickly he kicked him in the other leg, making him fall over. James walked over, knife in hand, he knelt down to stake him.

"Well bigger they come," he muttered to himself.

"The more they hurt," a familiar voice sneered.

James groaned, "oh great." He turned around only to get hit in the face by something very heavy. The force made him fall to the ground.

Frenit smiled deviously, holding a large bit of metal, "well that was fun." The goons walked up behind him. "He's all yours boys."

The goons stepped forward as James stumbled back onto his feet. "Ok, that was annoying."

Frenit smiled, "well you always come prepared for a battle like this."

The goons tried to grab James, he pushed one of them away and pulled himself out of the others grips.

Frenit groaned, "oh, maybe he needs some more of this." He swung the metal at him again, he grabbed it in time. Frenit kicked him in the leg, pulling the metal out of his grip. Before James got a chance to recover he swung the metal towards his face, he fell to the ground again.

Meanwhile Zare's team had arrived on the scene. "Ok, let's get em boys and girls," she said. All, excluding her headed down to the battle zone. She caught sight of Frenit and the goons.

The goons grabbed a hold of James by the arms, Frenit walked over as they did. He hit him again with the metal. "Right, now he's ready." The goons dragged him to his feet.

"What about the other one Frenit?" one goon asked.

"She'll come to his rescue soon enough," Frenit replied.

"Sooner than you think," Zare's voice said from behind him. She used her rifle to hit him across the head. He turned around to face her.

"Well aren't you a fast little girl," Frenit sneered. He swung a fist at her, she ducked and hit him right back, but he wasn't hurt that much. "Oh please," he laughed. He swung another fist at her, this time she grabbed his arm to stop him. He hit her across the head with the bit of metal he had in his other hand. She fell to the ground.

"Excellent," the second goon said.

"Well let's bring our sacrifice and the Masters lunch to them," Frenit said.

"Indeed," the first goon said.

Frenit knelt down to grab Zare by the arm, he dragged her to her feet. James started to struggle against the goons hold on him, one of them pulled out a knife and placed it by his neck. "Now you behave, we can't have you escaping."

"I knew it, it's him you want," Zare muttered, while in a daze.

Frenit smiled, "well that's the thing, we don't know. It's best to take you both."

Zare struggled against him. "I wouldn't do that sweetheart, unless you want this one's throat slashed," the second goon said.

Frenit groaned, "don't be a fool, what if he's the Chosen?"

"That's a good point," the first goon muttered. He got pushed to the ground.

James and the other goon glanced behind them, the question guy smiled. "Thought you could do with a hand."

"Oh thanks," James said. He elbowed the other goon in the stomach, and pushed him away from him.

Zare used the distraction to step on Frenit's foot, she pushed him away enough to get away. She grabbed a hold of James' arm, "come on, we're out of here."

"But he needs killing," James said, glancing at Frenit.

"No, we're going now," Zare grumbled. She raised her voice, "everyone, let's get out of here!" She turned to the question guy, "spread the word to anyone who didn't hear."

"Yes ma'am," the question guy said, he rushed off.

Later, Sickbay:
A lot of the Slayers were crammed into the main part. The Doctor and Kes were having some trouble moving from one patient to the next.

Ligod, James and Zare stood in the office, they didn't notice the question guy sitting on the desk.

"You're saying that the goons didn't know either?" Ligod questioned.

"Yes that's exactly what we're saying," Zare grumbled. "We're no closer to finding out who the Chosen is, and several trainees died needlessly."

"They died defending this planet, I hardly call it needless," Ligod said.

"It wasn't all for nothing. One of the goons was willing to slash my throat to stop you from leaving," James said.

"So, how does that help us?" Zare questioned.

"They were obviously lying when Frenit said they didn't know. Cutting my throat would have made me lose a lot of blood, and not in the right place either," James replied.

Ligod nodded his head, "yes that's true, unless they were just bluffing."

"They were bluffing," Zare muttered.

"Fine I don't care. I say what we do next is just send the Natural down to battle the Masters," James said.

"That's suicide," Ligod said.

"Wasn't that your plan anyway?" Zare asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No, the plan wasn't for them to intentionally attack and on their own," Ligod replied.

"It's not suicide. I could go down, and give myself in. Once they've lead me to the Masters, I fight them," James said.

"And die," Ligod muttered.

"Yes and that's not a good thing, your blood will start off this ritual," Zare said.

James shook his head, "no that's yours Zare."

"They're expecting us to attack now James, what you're planning to do is deliver yourself to the Masters and become a tasty lunch," Ligod said.

"Don't you mean a buffet," Zare said.

Ligod glanced at her, "we're still not certain about that."

James groaned, "fine, I just thought that I'd luck out again like the last time."

"Last time?" Zare questioned.

"Yeah, I pushed one of them into a tree, he fell into a branch in the right place," James replied.

The question guy sat on the edge of the desk, "wow you killed a Master, you must be powerful."

"Didn't you just hear what I said?" James grumbled.

"It was an accident yes but you were able to push him easily," the question guy said.

"Only because he was preoccupied with eating someone," James muttered.

The question guy's face dropped, "oh, but you still killed him."

"So you were the one who killed the third Master? A Natural couldn't do that," Zare said.

James groaned, "for god's sake, it was an accident. We didn't have a mighty battle or anything, that Frenit guy is the one that was hard to fight."

"Believe what you want, but it doesn't change anything. I know I'm right about this, and if you're not willing to accept it, you shouldn't be Chosen at all," Zare said, she walked out of the office.

"Maybe your plan is a good one after all," Ligod said.

James turned to him, "why the change?"

"You took on the Masters and lived. No other Slayer has done that," Ligod replied.

"Yes that's true, nobody has ever lived to see what they look like or anything," the question guy said.

"You're not missing much," James said.

"How did you get away from the other two?" the question guy asked.

"They ran away after their friend died," James replied.

The question guy grinned, "really? You really scared them, that must have felt good."

Ligod sighed, "Mr Rigan, please let us talk alone for a while."

"Aye aye sir," the question guy said, pulling himself off the table. He walked out.

"Your plan though could do with some work, but it's a very good one. This way we won't risk any other lives," Ligod said.

"It could do with a lot of work. I thought for some reason that I'd be able to handle it, but I can't. I can't even beat Frenit in a fight," James said.

Ligod sighed, "that Frenit has been known to cause a lot of trouble. Only a few have escaped from him, but a lot of Slayers he's faced have been killed."

"Yes well I count myself as one of them," James muttered. "There's no way I can do this."

Ligod sighed, "you may not be a Chosen, that I know, but you do have the potential to be a powerful Natural. You've just got to realise that something's always going to hold you back from getting there."

"And what's that?" James asked.

"That would be your pretty little girlfriend," Ligod replied.

James shook his head, "that's where you're wrong."

"Really? If you had to choose from saving her from a vampire, or a large group of people from a vampire gang, who would you choose?" Ligod asked, folding his arms.

"Well the gang cos I'm sure Jessie could handle one vamp," James replied.

Ligod shook his head, "ok if it were Frenit then..."

"She did quite well against him actually," James said.

"Oh fine. The point is if she was in really serious danger at the same time as a large group, like a family, you'd instinctively go to save her," Ligod said.

"You don't understand," James muttered.

"No I think that's you. This is why Slayers should never get involved with others. They have enough people to care about like their family, without adding girlfriends to that," Ligod said.

"No, you're wrong. When Jessie wasn't around when I was in Manchester, I got hurt in an awful lot in fights, and didn't give a damn. If I had kept up that attitude, I probably would have gotten killed," James said.

Ligod interrupted him, "you would have just been careless, you were new to it then."

"Because I'm with Jess now, I do want to return from a fight like before, in one piece. Now I have something to live for, so I try harder, thus making me stronger than before. Without her I'd just be a miserable sod all the time, not giving a damn and be too careless. Maybe that's why all the other Slayers die young, you watchers don't let them live," James said.

Ligod smiled, "interesting theory. Unfortunately, a Slayer in love is a dangerous one. Revenge has such a bitter taste to it, but evil likes it all the same."

"Fortunately it's too late for your speeches. Apart or together, lovers or enemies, I'd still feel the same way about her. You can't say anything that'll change that," James said.

"Then we move on," Ligod said with a slightly evil smile on his face. "Listen to my plan, and it's up to you whether you do it or not."

Later, the bridge:
Everyone but obviously Kathryn were in their usual spots. Zare was standing nearby Chakotay.

"I was surprised too. It is one of Ligod's ideas, amazing isn't it?" Zare was saying.

Chakotay nodded his head, "yes indeed." He stood up and turned to Tuvok. "Mr Tuvok, lock phasers on the co-ordinates of the underground hideout. Stand by once you're ready."

"Aye sir," Tuvok responded.

"What will that do?" Jessie asked.

"The blast should leave a..." Zare started to reply.

"I wasn't talking to you, you Goth whore," Jessie snapped.

"Ooh, meow," Tom laughed.

Zare rolled her eyes, "ugh, I bet James told you his version of events."

"Yes he did but I saw it for myself," Jessie muttered. She glanced over at Tom, "and don't compare me to a cat, James wouldn't come near me then."

"And Janeway wouldn't go near her either, she's allergic," Chakotay said, smirking a little.

"Well, is there anybody that isn't a little vampire look alike slut that can answer me?" Jessie questioned.

Chakotay sighed, "it will make the cavern collapse, exposing them all to um." He whispered the last word, "sunlight."

"Oh I see," Jessie said.

"Unfortunately the goons and Masters will be hiding much deeper underground, and will probably miss out on all the sunbathing," Zare said.

Jessie shrugged, "you'd know about that, wouldn't you."

Zare glared at her, "that's offensive to my race you know. We all have this skin colour."

"All right I'm sorry, I'll just focus on the whore-ness of you instead," Jessie grumbled.

"Ooh, this is a fight I really don't want to miss," Tom said, turning his chair around to watch.

Harry tried not to laugh, "why am I not surprised."

"Oh get over yourself Jessie, it's not my fault that James likes me more than you," Zare muttered.

Jessie looked even more annoyed, "what did you say?"

Tom pulled popcorn out of nowhere, "this is going to be so cool."

"I said he likes me more than you," Zare replied.

"Well I doubt he'll like you now after forcing yourself onto him. He really doesn't like friends doing that," Jessie muttered.

Zare shrugged, "well he must despise you then."

"Oh yeah, go on Jess," Tom giggled.

Jessie glanced at him with a nasty look on her face, "oh I will." She got out of her seat.

"Uh you two, not now or here or at all," Chakotay said, stepping in between the two.

"Oh come on Chakotay, it's some entertainment after all," Tom moaned.

Chakotay groaned, "are you ready Tuvok?"

"Yes Commander," Tuvok replied.

"Good, let's get this over with so we can get Zare off on her mission," Chakotay said.

"I have to go too, to watch the Masters rip her to shreds," Jessie said.

"Now please," Chakotay stuttered.

"Firing phasers," Tuvok said.

"I'm sure Jess could do that herself," Tom said.

Zare shook her head, "I doubt that."

Everyone watched the phaser blast hit the surface. A cloud of dust took over the entire viewscreen. "Status Harry?" Chakotay ordered.

Harry worked at his station, "the cavern's collapsed."

"How long until it's safe to transport?" Chakotay asked.

"The dust'll take a while to clear, I'd say about half an hour," Harry replied.

"Oh yeah, Jessie will have murdered Zare by then," Tom said.

Zare frowned at him, "what on earth did I do to you?"

"Nothing, I just think Jessie's tougher than a lot of people," Tom replied.

Jessie put one hand on her hip, "he's right you know. But just make sure we do this before later in the morning, that's when my mo... Neelix's food kicks in."

Zare smirked, "oh that's just funny."

"Oh yeah, it's not pretty in the morning," Tom commented.

Harry's console started beeping. "Oh god."

Chakotay turned to him, "what is it?"

"Somebody has just beamed down to the crater," Harry replied.

"Well it wasn't me. Whoever would do that is nuts," Zare said.

"Why, it's only dust," Tom questioned.

Harry looked up from his station, "it was James, and because of the dust settling, I can't beam him back."

"Well he suits the nuts description perfectly," Zare muttered.

Jessie pushed passed her and headed over to Harry, "can you beam me down then?"

"No of course not. The transporters cut out in conditions like these, it's a safety procedure," Harry replied.

"Then override them, obviously James got down there fine," Jessie grumbled.

"Let her go, I doubt she'd get very far. All that dust getting in her hair sounds very traumatic," Zare muttered.

Jessie turned around, "if you don't shut up, I'm going to knock that smug look off your face."

Zare rolled her eyes, "well you started it."

"Now girls, let's look at this calm and objectively," Chakotay said.

"Screw that," Jessie grumbled, she headed for the turbolift.

The underground:
Frenit stood by a cave opening, next to two of the goons. "That was a very good move, I never expected that from people like them."

One of the goons nodded his head, "they surprised us all."

"No matter, we'll just create a new army out of this planet's inhabitance," Frenit sneered. "It'll be a lot of fun to do it mostly myself."

The three heard some footsteps coming towards them. "Who on earth could that be?" goon two muttered.

"Maybe it's the Chinese takeaway," Frenit said, sniggering at his own joke. The goons of course didn't get it. "There's a guy on that ship I saw, he's supposedly Chinese, and they have something called Chinese takeaway. Oh forget it."

"The joke was lame anyway," James said's voice said. He appeared from around the corner.

"Oh it's better, it's the English takeaway. No it's not as funny," Frenit muttered.

"It's just not funny," James said.

"What are you doing here anyway? I thought that was considered a victory, what's the point?" Frenit questioned.

"Not really. I'm just here to see what's left of the management," James replied.

Frenit raised his eyebrow, "how generous. Now what have you done with that Slayer, you know the blond human with the bitchy girlfriend?"

"Speaking of bitchy," James muttered.

Frenit narrowed his eyes, "oh really." He stepped forward. "Before you take on the Masters, I say we should see if you can take on me first."

"Let him through Frenit, we haven't got time for this," goon one said.

"You'd better get going anyway Frenit," goon two said.

Frenit groaned, "fine, good luck. It would not be a shame to lose you." He walked off down a different tunnel.

The two goons walked closer to James. "Come with us then," goon two said. They both headed down the third tunnel Frenit was guarding before, James followed them. They led him to a dead end, where there stood two dark figures.

"Masters, we've brought you one of the Slayers," goon one said. Both of them bowed.

Yuji turned around, "you have excellent timing, welcome."

The goons got up. "Unfortunately the other Slayer couldn't make it," goon two said.

"Give her time," Tryce said.

"You may leave," Yuji said.

The two goons bowed slightly, they turned to leave.

"They don't make Slayers like they used to," a girl's voice said. Another vampire came out of the shadows.

Tryce stepped forward, "what makes you think that?"

"Well this one's so, so yummy," she replied.

"Slayers blood has always been a lot better than ordinary blood," Tryce said.

The vampire giggled, "that's not what I meant."

"Can we just get this over with?" James muttered, ignoring the female vampire.

"It's not the time yet," Tryce said.

"Forget it, Zare's not coming. She can't leave for another half an hour, I made sure of that," James said.

"Zare's the other Slayer isn't she, yes that's right," Tryce said, glancing at Yuji.

"Never mind, he's just as good," Yuji said.

"What does that mean?" James asked.

Yuji smiled, "nobody filled you in on the ritual, that's a shame."

Tryce walked over to stand in front of James. "We don't know who is who, but that doesn't matter. We'll easily find out." James pulled out a knife, Tryce grabbed it off him very quickly. Just as quick, he slashed his face with it.

Yuji smiled, "they're never prepared for that."

James put a hand over the side of his face, "how the hell did you..."

"Oh, we can move a lot faster than you," Tryce sneered.

Yuji folded his arms, "you have to if you want to slaughter much stronger Slayers than you."

The girl giggled, "ooh, can I have a taste? I'm starving."

Tryce quickly went behind him, put his arm around his neck. He used his other hand to wipe some blood off his face, he licked his hand. "Hmm, I miss that."

Yuji smiled, "well?"

"It's been a while since I tasted a Chosen, so it's hard to say," Tryce replied.

The girl vamp started fidgeting, "I wanna try."

"Hmm, this is interesting," Tryce mumbled as James struggled to get away from him.

"Oh what, there's nothing that surprises me anymore," Yuji sighed.

"I can smell another on him, a girl," Tryce replied.

Yuji looked interested, "really? That is new."

"Yeah, well so's this," James muttered. He threw Tryce over his shoulder, he took out another knife and quickly stabbed him with it. Yuji and girl vamp stared in shock as he turned to dust.

"That was so cool," girl vamp giggled.

James stood back up, holding his two knives.

Yuji just smiled, "it is true what they say."

James stepped a little closer to him, "yeah, and what's that?"

Vamp girl interrupted Yuji, "he's so tasty looking and strong, can I eat him?"

Yuji snorted, "right, like you could take him on."

"No offense but, you really should go into retirement before you get it too," James said.

Yuji tried not to laugh, "oh please, those two were puny little children in comparison to me. Not one Slayer has managed to beat me. Not even close."

"That's funny, didn't they say that about the other two as well?" James muttered, folding his arms.

"Throw all the insults you want at me, boy, it's not going to save you," Yuji snarled. He stepped up close to him. "I've got a little time to spare, try it."

James sighed, "fine." He tried to hit him but he just grabbed his arm. He twisted it sharply, and pulled him up close to him.

"Time's up," Yuji whispered. In a blink of an eye he snatched one of the knives off of James, and pushed it into his chest. Yuji turned to the vamp girl, "I never get tired of doing that."

She giggled, "oh good, lunch time."

Yuji pulled the knife back out, he pressed it against James' face. "You don't like it do you," he whispered. He pushed him easily to the ground. The entire area started shaking. "It's true after all, I'm so touched," he said.

Harry's eyes widened, "oh Commander."

"What is it now?" Chakotay questioned, making his way over to opps.

"The planet, it's having an earthquake," Harry stuttered.

"Where about's?" Chakotay asked.

Harry glanced at him, "that's the thing, it's happening everywhere."

Zare turned to them, "the ritual."

"That's the ritual?" Harry questioned.

"No, you fool, that's the result," Zare snapped.

Harry laughed nervously, "that's not it."

"Great, what now?" Chakotay groaned.

"Somebody else has managed to override the transporters, they've beamed down to that crater," Harry replied.

Zare sighed, "that'll be Jessie, no doubt." She headed for the turbolift.

Chakotay rushed over to stand in front of her, "ohno, where do you think you're going?"

"Isn't it obvious. James goes down there, and the whole planet gets rocked with earthquakes. The ritual wasn't just a legend, and I have to get him out of there, or the whole planet is at risk," Zare replied.

"I wouldn't recommend it. It was bad enough before all this," Harry said.

"So? I think my life's insignificant to the lives of about fifteen billion people," Zare said.

Tom looked even more worried, "yeah I suppose, but how are you going to get him out? If he's the Chosen and he got over powered by the Masters, how are you going to manage?"

Chakotay raised his eyebrow, "he has a point."

"I have to try don't I?" Zare said.

"We've already got one suicidal girl down there, we don't need another," Chakotay said.

"Yeah and I think Jess can handle it on her own," Harry said.

Zare rolled her eyes, "you don't understand. These guys are rumoured to be fast, very strong and brutal. They'll only fight Slayers, even in a fight no Slayer can defend themselves. A normal person like Jessie will just get her throat slashed or something before she can even say or do anything."

"Ah, only rumoured. I know better than anyone that rumours aren't always the truth," Tom said.

"Then you explain why nobody else but James has even seen these guys," Zare said. Tom stared blankly, he shrugged. "Because everyone who has before James, are either buried or missing."

"So why isn't James dead or missing?" Tom asked.

"He will be if you keep stalling me," Zare muttered.

"Zare, there's nothing you can do. I doubt you'd be able to override the transporters anyway," Chakotay said.

"If Jessie can do it, I'm sure even a newborn baby can so I think I'll have no bother," Zare grumbled. She pushed him out of the way, and went into the turbolift.

"That was harsh, good thing Jess didn't hear it," Tom said.

The underground:
Yuji paced the area, looking pretty amused. The vamp girl had knelt over James.

"Come on cutey, I only wanna play with ya," she giggled, grabbing a hold of his face. "It's better than laying there feeling sorry for yourself isn't it."

"If you really want to play, just cut him or something. Anything else just makes me feel sick," Yuji muttered.

The girl looked back at him, "sure boss." She picked up the knife Yuji had dropped, she sat over James. "You're so cute I could just eat you."

"No eating him!" Yuji snapped.

"I know, shame really," the girl sighed. She put the knife across James' face, he grabbed her arm to try and pull it away, but he was too weak. She giggled, "don't worry, it won't be long now."

Yuji frowned, "what's that?"

"What's what?" the girl asked.

"You can't feel that?" Yuji questioned. He looked around the room, "I sense somebody."

"Oh maybe it's the girl. We can stab her instead and I can eat this one," the girl said.

Yuji shrugged, "if you insist but there will be more to eat if you take her."

James continued to struggle against the girl, "I thought it was Zare, but why am I...?"

The girl frowned, "that's the problem with draining people, they get so weak you can't understand a word they say."

Yuji shook his head, "Yes a Chosen's blood is the key to the ritual, but lucky for us this generation has a few extra candidates, the rejected Chosens. Thanks to the confusion, we had three to choose from, you, Zare and her dead brother. It's funny you should have known that, the watchers have known that for generations."

"Can't you tell who's who by tasting their blood?" the girl asked, whilst cutting James' face with the knife. "I might find out."

"Don't take too much," Yuji groaned.

The girl leaned over to get closer, she jumped a little and gasped. "What the, how did." She then turned to dust.

Yuji turned around to see Jessie standing nearby James, holding a knife in her hands. He just smiled, "aaw, this is so sweet, it's the lover."

"Are we just going to talk or," Jessie grumbled.

James tried to get up, "Jess, get out of here."

Jessie looked down at him, "I'm not leaving without you."

Yuji walked forward towards them, "did you really think that a little girl like you, could interfere?"

"No, didn't really think about it actually," Jessie replied, kneeling down. She gently placed her hand across the cut the vamp girl made.

"Jess please, just get out of here," James said weakly.

Yuji smiled, he quickly went forward and grabbed Jessie by the arm, he roughly pulled her to her feet. "Can't you stay still for a second?" He pushed her to the ground, then stood over her. "You know what, you killed my girlfriend."

Jessie started to get back up, "well we're even then."

Yuji smiled, "not even close." He knelt down nearby her, pushed her back down to the ground. "I do need a replacement you know."

"Ugh, in your dreams," Jessie muttered. She tried to get back up again, but he held her down.

"Well she certainly has a lot of fight in her," Yuji said, glancing over at James. "She's feisty, I like that in a woman. You have good taste." He turned back to Jessie. "What do you say sweetheart, ever wanted to be immortal?"

"No, but I'm sure you aren't anyway," Jessie grumbled in response, struggling to get away from him.

Yuji grabbed a hold of her arms to hold her still. "Ok, what about being involved with the strongest man in the galaxy?"

"Actually it's good, I already am," Jessie replied.

Yuji laughed, glancing over at James again, "you mean him? He doesn't look so tough right now does he? Even if he was, he's going to be dead soon anyway. Not much blood left you know." He jumped back onto his feet.

Jessie pulled herself back onto her feet, "then, how is he?"

"Still alive?" Yuji questioned. "The cave keeps him alive during the whole thing." He kicked him in the stomach, "so I can do whatever I want to him, he'll still be alive. Though I wonder what would happen if I cut his head off."

Jessie took one step closer, "you do that and I..."

"Yeah yeah," Yuji muttered. He turned back to her, "I doubt he'd feel anything that way. This way he'll be in a lot of pain for a few minutes." He kicked James again, but this time in the head. "It's cool isn't it, he stays conscious too."

"Yes it's cool, for cowards like you," Jessie muttered.

Yuji turned to her, "coward, what does that mean?"

"You're beating on him when he can't do anything about it. Only cowards would do that," Jessie replied.

Yuji narrowed his eyes, he quickly walked up to her. "And only a fool would insult me like that."

Jessie shrugged, "I don't care, James only has a few minutes left and I won't be much happier after that. It's probably safer for you if you kill me now."

Yuji smiled, "you want to die, why didn't you say so?"

"I just want to spare you a little embarrassment," Jessie said.

"Right, you're not a Natural or Chosen Slayer, so you won't turn evil if he dies," Yuji laughed. "What will you do when you turn evil, leave the cave to get your hair dyed and then scratch my eyes out?"

"You know what I notice, you're avoiding attacking me," Jessie said.

"That's because I do like you, a little. But not enough," Yuji grumbled. Quickly, he grabbed a hold of her arm, pulled her around so she had her back to him. Before she knew what was happening he dug his teeth into her neck.

James meanwhile tried to get up, he only got as high as an inch before collapsing back onto his back.

Yuji pulled a face, he pulled away from Jessie. "What the, what's...?"

She quickly got away from him, and turned to face him. She placed a hand over the bite on her neck, "what's the matter?"

He just glared at her. "What did you do?"

Jessie smiled sweetly, "oh, I spiked it."

"With what exa..." Yuji grumbled, he went up in flames before he could finish off what he was saying.

"Holy water," Jessie replied. She knelt down next to James, "sorry I took so long, I had to wait about ten minutes for the holy water to get around my system, I think."

"Jess, you shouldn't have come," he said quietly.

"You're welcome," Jessie muttered. She stood back up, "be right back." She rushed out of the cavern, but came straight back in carrying small transporter beacons. She placed them around the area he was lying in. Afterwards she tapped her commbadge, "Rex to Voyager."

In: "Jessie, what on earth do you think you're doing?"

"No time to answer, you should be able to lock onto James and I now. Beam us to Sickbay," Jessie replied.

In: "Ok Jess, this'll take a couple of seconds, standby."

In: "Ugh, you're going to get a telling off when you get back. Chakotay out."

Jessie knelt back down next to James, she gently raised his head so she could rest it on her lap. "Don't worry, this'll be over with soon," she said while brushing some strands of hair to the side of his face. They both dematerialised.

The Doctor rushed passed several people, "Kes, you continue treating the other injured."

Kes nodded her head, "yes Doctor."

James and Jessie rematerialised in one of the few clear spots in the room. Jessie's eyes widened in panic, "doc, Kes!"

The Doctor finally made it over, "ok I'm here." He knelt down, opening the tricorder.

Jessie looked up at him, "he just went unconscious."

The Doctor frowned as he started his scan, "no, he's dead."

"Well do something then!" Jessie screamed at him.

"Um, well there are other patients who need treating now and well if he's dead already, they take pri..." the Doctor stuttered, fearing for his matrix.

Kes pushed through to the scene, "I'll treat him while Doc treats the others."

The Doctor sighed, "I know he's a friend, but," The two girls looked at him, bewildered and or annoyed. "I'll contact Tom, he can help." He quickly got out of the way.

Kes knelt down, "he does have a point Jess, I'll still try though." She opened up a tricorder. "There's barely any blood left in him, one more minute and the ritual would have been completed."

"We can get donors easily enough right?" Jessie stuttered.

"Depends on his type," Kes said, standing back up. She pushed her way through to the station. "No problem, I'll ask around the group as well. Problem is, with him being already dead we'll have some trouble."

"I don't care, just do it," Jessie stuttered.

"It'll take a while though, just keep calm," Kes said.

A little while later:
The Doctor sighed, "if you have minor injuries, please follow Mr Paris to the Holodeck simulation to be treated." Most of the Slayers followed a nervous Tom out of the room. The Doctor looked around at the remaining ones, there was James and two others.

Kes frowned, "we still have a problem. Where are those blue shirts when we really need them?"

Jessie smiled, despite the situation, "oh I called them here for blood donations."

"But all of them can't be the same blood type," Kes muttered.

"They're getting it anyway," Jessie muttered, folding her arms.

The Doctor's eyes widened as he made his way over to one of the patients, "how is that going to help James?"

"Those skiving twits will just have to help us work then, won't they," Jessie replied.

Kes smirked, "they have other jobs, they're not skiving."

"I don't see anyone healing stab wounds, chop chop," Jessie grumbled.

Kes bit her lip nervously, "sorry." She went over to James and started treating him.

The Doctor glanced back, "what about the patient with the bite marks in his neck?"

"You don't see me complaining, do you," Jessie snapped.

"Well he got more blood taken from him than you did," the Doctor muttered.

"Well if we're going by how much blood they've lost, I say James is the clear winner, so shut up or I'll delete your mouth," Jessie grumbled.

"He's alive though," the Doctor said quietly.

"You've stopped the bleeding so he'll live," Jessie said as she made her way over to the station. She rested her hand on it, "now, how long should I delete your mouth for?"

A few blue shirted crewmembers walked in looking nervous. "I thought we had a choice these days, what's the deal?" one crewmember asked.

Sid pushed him out of the way on the way in, "come on, come on, I love blood donations! Let's do it."

Kes' eyes shifted nervously, "um, you're not compatible."

"Well do it anyway, somebody might need my type someday," Sid grinned.

"Um, maybe later thanks," Kes said, heading over to the group.

The Doctor glanced back, "actually Kes, that other one is the same type as Sid."

"Oh yeah, let's do it," Sid giggled.

Kes sighed, "wait your turn." She pushed a hypospray into one guy's arm.

Jessie rolled her eyes, "you're not going to get much blood out with that. Use a big needle."

"Yeah, those are more fun," Sid grinned. The other people turned a little pale.

"We don't use needles, and these can take more than you think," Kes said. She used a hypospray on another crewmember.

"Hey, don't we get a cookie?" one donor asked.

"Yes, Neelix was cooking some Mystery Cookies today," Kes replied sweetly, moving on to the next crewmember.

"No that's fine, it's for a good cause," the same guy muttered, turning paler.

More of the usual blue shirted crewmembers came in, Tom followed them holding a lot of hyposprays. "Kes, some of the Slayers volunteered to donate some blood."

Kes smiled, "great, that should be enough to revive him. Put them all on the last biobed, I'll check the type in a minute."

Sid jumped up and down, "come on, it's my turn."

Kes rolled her eyes, "fine." She pushed the hypospray into his arm roughly. She turned to Jessie, "you can help me scan them all."

"So, can we go?" one new crewmember asked.

"Yeah, you can help me treat people," Tom replied. He walked out, they all groaned and followed.

The Doctor finished treating the patient, he walked over to the girls. "Which ones are for the other patient?"

Kes pointed at the bigger pile, "no offense Doc, but he is stable for now. James needs our help more."

"Just because he's a main character, doesn't mean he gets priority," the Doctor grumbled.

"That's not what you said two seasons ago," Kes muttered.

"Is that guy dying?" Jessie asked.

The Doctor glanced over at the patient, "not now, he's just very weak."

"Then you'd better help James or you'll be programmed to be a Justin Timberlake tribute act!" Jessie snapped.

The Doctor backed off a few steps, "um, yes ma'am."

"Why torture us?" Kes questioned, raising an eyebrow.

"I still would have to delete his mouth, so no torture," Jessie replied.

Kes shrugged, "good, let's do it then." The three started using the hyposprays.

"Just inject enough to revive him, we don't want to waste it," the Doctor carefully said.

While they all finished off using the hyposprays, Sid was refilling the empty ones with his own blood. "This is so cool," he giggled.

The Doctor glared at him, "would you stop that!" Sid just giggled again, then collapsed onto the floor. "Ugh, Kes."

"On it," Kes said, sniggering slightly. She knelt down next to Sid.

The Doctor glanced at Jessie, "get the cortical stimulator."

Jessie looked over at the medical tray, "um, it's the round thing right?" She picked up the stimulator, the Doctor nodded as she handed it over to him. He placed it on James' neck, then walked over to the station.

"Ok, clear," he said, keying in the commands. Nothing happened. He did the same a few more times, but still nothing happened. He shook his head, "sorry, it's not working."

Jessie stared at him, "well keep trying."

"There's no effect, Jessie," the Doctor muttered.

Jessie glanced at James, and then back at the Doctor, tears forming in her eyes, "no, do it again."

Kes stood up, "Jess, he's tried his best."

"No, if he had, James would be alive," Jessie muttered.

"That's not fair," the Doctor said.

Jessie slammed her hand down on the biobed, "it's not going to hurt to do it again!"

The Doctor sighed, "I should treat the other patient." He walked away.

Jessie, looking gobsmacked, started following him. Kes walked in front of her, and put a hand on her arm, "I know it's hard but there's nothing more we can do."

"You don't know anything!" Jessie snapped. "He's my best friend, he just can't die, not now."

Kes sighed, "Jess, try and stay calm. I know it wasn't the best time but..."

The Doctor glanced over, looking uncomfortable. He moved away from the biobed, and headed for his office. He passed Ligod as he walked into the room.

"He wasn't just my best friend Kes, he was my everything. What am I going to do?" Jessie cried, putting her hands over her face.

"I know, I really do. You'll always have a part of him with you, remember," Kes said.

"No, this isn't happening," Jessie muttered, lowering her hands. She turned to the biobed.

"Jess, come on, he wouldn't want you to be like this," Kes said.

"Then he should come back then," Jessie muttered. She leaned over James, and started shaking him. "Come on James, wake up, come on!"

Kes walked over, she tried to pull her away. "Jess, stop it, that's not going to work."

Jessie pushed her hands off her, she placed one of her own hands across the side of his face. "Come on, don't do this, this can be what you can do for me."

Kes closed her eyes as she backed away, she turned around and spotted Ligod. She walked back over to Sid. Ligod just watched Jessie with interest.

"James please, don't do this to me. You said you'd never ever hurt me," Jessie cried. She rested her head on him. "Please, come back," she whispered.

Kes walked over to Ligod, "the rest of your Slayers are on the Holodeck."

"What happened to James?" he just asked.

"He died, that's what. Now stop watching her like a freak," Kes muttered in response, she walked away.

Ligod frowned as the station started beeping, "what's that?"

Kes turned back around, "I don't know."

Jessie lifted her head back up so she could look at James, "what, what's going on?"

Kes rushed over to them, opening up a tricorder. "My god, he's coming back."

"You mean he listened to me?" Jessie stuttered.

"Hang on, I'll get the Doc," Kes said, she rushed into the office.

Jessie stood back up, she stood beside the foot of the bed. She took a hold of one of James' hands.

The Doctor and Kes rushed in, and over to the biobed. "This is not possible," the Doctor said.

"Not really, he responded to the treatment, just a little later than expected," Kes said.

The Doctor leaned over, "it's still very odd."

James started to open his eyes, of course the Doctor was right in his face. Both jumped a little at the same time. "Why must you do that, everytime," James muttered weakly.

The Doctor sighed, "sorry, we're just glad to have you back Mr Taylor." Jessie shoved him out of the way.

"You didn't care at all doc," she grumbled. She sat down on the edge of the biobed.

James frowned, "have you, have you been crying or something?"

Jessie wiped some tears from her left eye, she leaned back over him so she could hug him. The Doctor got his bearings back, "that was very rude."

Kes rolled her eyes, "let's just give them some privacy, doc." She pulled him away with her. He pulled her back.

"Jessie, you should let him get some rest," he said.

"I will in a minute," Jessie mumbled.

James looked confused, but put one arm around her anyway. "Somebody tell me."

Kes shrugged, "you died, again."

"Oh, that makes a little sense," James muttered.

Jessie lifted her head up slightly, "that's the last time you do that to me, right?"

"Um, I'll try," James replied meekly.

Jessie sighed, "but, that will be. You said you'd be careful, then you go and hand yourself over to those Master guys."

James looked a little nervous, "I didn't, I killed one."

Ligod looked a little impressed, "that's two, now just ditch the girl and you could be the best."

"I feel like I talk to a wall sometimes," James muttered.

Jessie glared in Ligod's direction, she pulled herself off the biobed and stormed over to him.

The Doctor quickly rushed to his previous spot, "now get some rest, you're going to need it."

Ligod smiled sneakily, he stepped out of the room just as Jessie reached him. She followed him anyway. "Hey, get back here. What are you afraid?"

He stopped and turned around, "me, afraid of you? No I don't think so."

"You should be. You sent James down there didn't you?" Jessie grumbled.

"He wanted to, I just helped him out with a plan," Ligod replied.

"But you're not supposed to send your Slayers down to get themselves killed," Jessie muttered.

Ligod shook his head, "now now, you can't judge me. You went down yourself, didn't you. And you're only human."

"I had to, what kind of person would I be if I left him?" Jessie snapped.

Ligod smiled sneakily again, "what made you think you could rescue him?"

"I did, didn't I?!" Jessie snapped again. "I had a plan, but even if I didn't, that wouldn't have stopped me."

"Hmm, you must be pretty brave or stupid," Ligod said.

"Bravery or stupidity had nothing to do with it. I had to save him, and nothing could be scarier than losing him," Jessie said.

"I see," Ligod sighed, smiling slightly. "Do you love him?"

Jessie stared blankly, "what?"

"You must do if you were willing to risk your life for him," Ligod replied. "And cry like a little baby over his dead body. It's pathetic really."

Jessie narrowed her eyes, turning slightly red. She punched him in the face, knocking him to the ground. "That's enough, you can keep yourself out of our business."

Ligod smiled again, pulling himself back up, not caring about his now broken nose. "Now when it comes to my Slayers and their personal lives, it is my business. What worries me is that he'd do the same for you, if it were you down there instead of him."

"Why on earth should you worry about that?" Jessie asked.

"Because that's the exact thing I'm meant to prevent. A Slayer cannot love, it will kill them and many others one day, and I'm afraid James will be its next victim," Ligod replied.

Jessie shook her head, rolling her eyes, "who said anything about him being in love with anyone?"

"I did. He has proved already that he is powerful, and could be amongst the best Slayers of them all. Problem is, he has you," Ligod replied.

Jessie tried not to laugh, "oh right, if only things were that perfect. He is not in love with me, and another thing, him having me is not a bad thing."

"Hmm I see, him being in love with you is your idea of perfection, is it? That is sweet," Ligod said mockingly.

Jessie narrowed her eyes again, she again punched him, this time harder.

He pulled himself back up slowly, "don't you see? That state you were in was pretty pathetic, can you imagine what it would be like if it were the other way around?"

"No, enlighten me," Jessie grumbled.

"You said he was your everything, and him dying is obviously painful," Ligod said, he started circling her. "I know he has strong feelings for you, and for a Slayer that is very dangerous. I recall an incident one month ago where he tried to murder somebody, just because he thought you had been using him. Can't you imagine what kind of anger he will have if something happened to you?"

Jessie looked confused, "wait, how exactly do you know about that?"

"It's my job to know a lot of things," Ligod replied, still circling her. "And you're missing my point."

"You're saying that if I died, he'd go evil again," Jessie said.

"That's exactly what I'm saying," Ligod said, stopping behind her. "You wouldn't want him being a total psychopath in front of any children, would you?"

Jessie's eyes widened, "ok, there is no way you should know about that."

Ligod smiled as he walked around to face her again, "yes there is a way. Once he has turned into that state and has killed, do you really think your child will be safe?"

"James would never," Jessie muttered.

"How do you know? Evil Slayers kill anything in their path," Ligod said. "Even if he decided not to hurt it, what kind of life do you think it'll have? Watching daddy kill countless people, replicate him or her some lunch, and then go back to more countless killing. Its going to think it's right to do it, and I can't see a good kid coming from an upbringing like that."

"Fine, I see your point, I'll be more careful in future," Jessie muttered. "Is that what you wanted me to say?"

"Who said I wanted you to say that?" Ligod said, smiling evily. He headed off down the corridor. "Take care Jess."

Jessie watched him go down the corridor, looking bewildered.

Meanwhile, Shuttle Sacajawea:
Kathryn sighed in relief, "well we're free at last."

"Good, there's just one problem," Faye said.

"And what's that?" Kathryn asked.

Faye glanced back at Justin, who was practising his dodgy dance routines. "What do you think?"

"Faye, he is a human just like us," Kathryn muttered.

"I'm only half," Faye said innocently.

Kathryn groaned, "well that's not my point. He maybe annoying, but we can't just dump him in an escape pod."

Faye shrugged, "fine, then you won't mind me telling everyone when we get back, that you and him made out."

"I didn't do that!?" Kathryn snapped.

Faye smiled innocently, "yeah, and who are they going to believe? You, the coffee nut, Justin who'd be glad to be hooked up with anyone. Media whore remember? Or me, the shy and innocent one."

Kathryn stared at her, "you're neither shy or innocent."

"What will it be?" Faye asked, grinning.

Kathryn sighed, "computer put a forcefield around the front of the shuttle. Once that's done, open the shuttle doors."

"Warning, there is a lifesign in the other designated area," the computer's voice said.

"Yeah and? Do another scan and you'll find out who it is," Faye said.

"Running scan," the computer's voice said. "Opening shuttle doors."

Justin stopped and turned to the shuttle doors, "what's that noise?" The doors then opened up slowly, he got dragged towards it and blew out as soon as it was opened far enough.

"Close the doors," Kathryn groaned.

Faye wiped her hands together, "I don't know what you're in a hissy fit about, he's just going to come back."

Kathryn groaned, "that's right, why didn't I remember that?"

"Probably cos you forgot, why do you think?" Faye muttered, shaking her head.

Kathryn frowned as she glanced at her again, "um, ok. What's wrong with you?"

Faye stared at her, "nothing's wrong."

Kathryn glanced back at the doors, "oops, he hadn't got fully blown out when I closed the doors."

Faye also glanced back, she cringed, "eew, is that?"

"Yes, that's his leg. Just great, blood is going to get all over my coffee carpet," Kathryn groaned.

Faye pulled a disgusted face as she looked back at her, "and you asked what was wrong with me!?"

Kathryn turned to her, innocently, "what?"


****THE END****

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