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Part Six - Up In Smoke

27th - 30th September 2003

Episode Based In
March 2372 (mid season 2)


The two figures stepped forward, they both grabbed Jessie by the arms.

"Listen, I don't want to have to hurt you," Jessie stuttered. She kicked one in the leg, "ok that was a lie."

The first one pouted, "hey, she kicked me."

The second one pulled a face, "hey, she kicked me. What a wuss."

"I'm not a wuss, she's hit me before," the first one muttered.

"Let me go, or I'll do something to you," Jessie grumbled.

The leader stepped closer, he placed a hand on her forehead.

"What are you doing?" the second one asked.

"That's what I'd like to know," Jessie muttered.

The leader removed his hand, "hmm you're definitely one of a kind aren't you? You must be tough."

"What do you mean by one of a kind? What did you just do?" Jessie asked.

"You're a Slayer's hussy. I'm surprised that you're still alive, all of them do tend to use violence for every situation," the leader sniggered. The other two tried not to laugh.

"How... what did you do?" Jessie asked.

The leader ignored her, "so what do you think boys?"

"We've never had this before, we can't just let the opportunity pass us by," the first one replied.

Jessie stood on the first one's toe, he tried to hold back a scream. "What are you going to do?"

"Oh nothing, you'll just prove valuable to our Masters. I'm sure they'll use you to, oh I don't know, help crush that boyfriend of yours to a bloody pulp," the leader replied.

"Oh well, in that case..." Jessie said. She easily pulled herself out of the guy's grips, and pushed them into each other. They fell to the ground looking pretty dazed. "I've got to go."

The leader grabbed her as she tried to get away, "I don't think so sweetheart."

Jessie kneed him in a sensitive area, he loosened his grip on her as a result. She then ran off.

Frenit paced backwards and forwards, while keeping an eye on the fight going on nearby. One vampire lunged for James, he knocked him away with his arm. Another one that was lying on the ground, jumped to his feet but he was immediately staked. James quickly did the same to the other one, he turned to dust.

Frenit finally stopped pacing, he walked towards James, "I'd say that was impressive but those lot were just young and stupid anyway."

"You talk too much Frenit," James muttered.

"Yes I do, oh well," Frenit said, shrugging his shoulders. He punched James in the face, knocking him to the ground. Frenit pulled out a knife.

James pulled himself up, "that's mine."

Frenit smiled, "yeah well you know the old saying, finders keepers, losers die." He grabbed a hold of James' arm, and twisted it behind his back. Using his available hand, he threw the knife into the lake. "Aaaw, look what I did. Looks like you're going to have to swim out and get it."

"Do you actually realise that you're saying these words?" James said.

Frenit frowned, he pushed James into the shallow part of the lake. "That actually hurt," he muttered as he made his way over to James.

James got onto his feet, the two exchanged a few punches. Frenit kicked him in the leg, making him fall into the water. Frenit leaned down, grabbed a hold of James by his hair, and pushed his head under the water.

"Come on Slayer, I've eaten monkeys that were tougher than you," Frenit sneered. He quickly backed off, he found a knife in his leg.

James came out of the water, "what did I tell you about the monkeys." He smacked him across the face, as he stumbled over James pulled the knife out of his leg. He threw the knife back at Frenit, but he quickly back flipped to avoid it. Of course being in water made him stumbled slightly when he landed.

"Damn water... don't you dare laugh," Frenit grumbled.

Jessie ran into the clearing, James and Frenit both spotted her at the same time. "Jess, what are you doing here!?" James yelled.

"I thought you'd need a hand!" Jessie yelled back.

Frenit grabbed a hold of her, "aaw, you're so sweet." He pulled her in front of him.

Jessie just rolled her eyes, "I didn't mean that I'd give you a hand."

James slowly made his way towards them, "you'd better let her go..."

"Or what, you'll stab me again? You can't do that cos your hussy's kind of in the way," Frenit said.

Jessie groaned, "does everybody on this planet know?"

"I don't think Lisa does," James muttered in response.

"Great," Jessie groaned.

"Excuse me, that is not your biggest problem," Frenit said angrily.

"Oh yeah, I'm sorry," James said. "Jess, just duck."

"What, there's a duck involved?" Frenit said, sounding confused.

Jessie shook her head before ducking slightly, James hit him in the face. Frenit used one of his arms to check his lip, "oh man, you're going to pay for that." Jessie elbowed him in the ribs, he fully let go of her as he fell to the ground.

"Oh one last thing," Jessie said. She kicked Frenit in the sensitive area. "That's for touching me."

She and James walked away, leaving Frenit in a lot of pain. "Ugh... women," he grumbled.

James/Ian/Jessie's shelter:
Ian was pacing backwards and forwards, he stopped when the main door opened. James and Jessie walked through it, Ian rushed over to them. "Are you two ok?" he asked. He glanced at James, who looked like a drowned rat. "Ok, did you go for a swim?"

"For god's sake, I can't swim," James muttered.

"Okeydokey, let's treat those wounds now," Ian said as he raised a regenerator.

James pushed his hands away, "I told you, I don't want to be treated."

Jessie folded her arms, shaking her head, "will you at least do something about his nose."

James looked confused, "what's wrong with it?" He felt under his nose which was bleeding, he glanced at his hand. "Oh, now I know how every guy in my class felt."

"Do you want me to treat it?" Ian asked, waving the regenerator in front of James' face.

"There's probably nothing wrong with it," James replied.

Ian used the regenerator, "well it seemed a little bit broken. It's not now though."

"Thanks whatever," James muttered, he left the shelter again.

"That's it, I'm going to put a collar with a bell around his neck," Jessie said.

"Just leave him, I doubt he'd be doing anymore fighting tonight," Ian said.

James sat down on the sunbed that was left out. Kathryn stepped out of her own shelter, she made her way over to James. She sat down on another left out sunbed.

"What do you want now?" James asked without glancing at her.

Kathryn sighed, "I only wanted some fresh air." She glanced at him looking a bit concerned, "what happened to you?"

James shook his head, "nothing."

"Then why do you look beat up?" Kathryn questioned.

"I'd rather not talk about it right now," James replied.

"Fine, maybe later," Kathryn said.

They both sat in silence for a while, just staring at the area around them.

"Jessie's going to hate me, isn't she?" James said suddenly.

Kathryn glanced at him, "you're still here aren't you. Didn't you say you were going to die tonight?"

"Yeah, those guys didn't come tonight. That's not the point though," James replied.

"Why do I get the feeling that you made it up?" Kathryn said.

"Believe all you want. You were right, I am selfish and when Jessie finds out, she's going to hate me," James muttered.

"That all depends really. You wanted to be with her, she wanted to be with you, you just chose that night because you were scared, maybe because it would be your only chance. Personally I don't get why either of you wanted to, I mean it's not like she loves you, or you love her," Kathryn said.

James looked in Kathryn's direction, "well maybe I do."

"You do what?" Kathryn said questioningly.

"Love her," James muttered.

Kathryn looked shocked, "oh I see."

James stood up, "I thought about it, it would make sense if I did."

"What do you mean?" Kathryn asked.

"You don't want to know," James replied.

"Why did I ask then," Kathryn said.

"Well I've felt this way about her ever since I was a kid. Crushes don't last this long right?" James said.

"I don't think they do, no," Kathryn replied. She stood up, "ever since you were a kid? How old are we talking about here?"

"I dunno ten, maybe eleven. Could be younger than that, I'm not really sure," James replied.

"I don't think you should be the one worrying about this whole thing. There's nothing wrong with what you did, you seem to love her. It's Jessie who should be worried," Kathryn said.

James looked confused, "why should she be worried?"

"Ok, hypothetically. you tell her how you feel, and she tells you she doesn't really have any feelings for you at all. Who do you think used who in that scenario, not that I'm saying she doesn't, it's just hypothetical," Kathryn replied.

"I know she doesn't, but she doesn't have to, there's no rule against it," James said.

"Ok first of all, there isn't a rule against it, but if she only wanted a one night thing from you while you probably want to have something serious with her and she knows that, then she probably would feel the selfish one. Get what I mean?" Kathryn said.

"I guess, what was the second of all?" James questioned.

"Second of all, you said you know she doesn't have feelings for you. Did she tell you, or are you just being modest or something?" Kathryn asked.

"None of those, I'm just being realistic," James replied.

Kathryn nodded her head, "the modest one it is then. You won't know unless she tells you."

"No, I said I was being realistic," James muttered.

Kathryn shook her head, "that's not the way I see it. I know at least she cares a lot about you. After our argument she attacked me verbally for upsetting you."

"That's only because we're still friends, that's all," James said.

"If you say so, but she told me herself that she was happy with you, and I don't mean she's just happy about the whole being friends thing," Kathryn said.

"She did?" James said quietly.

Kathryn smiled, "James you should give yourself more credit, I mean it seems to me like she's the kind of girl who doesn't really trust guys that much."

"Wow, you're good," James said.

"I know, but you do understand what I mean, don't you?" Kathryn questioned.

"Yeah sort of, I mean I never thought we'd get this far. I must admit though, for a year or so we did stand still, if you get what I mean," James replied.

"Let me get this straight, that night, was that your first time? It was obviously Jessie's, I can tell by the way she acted," Kathryn asked.

"Yes, not that it's any business of yours. I'd say don't spread this around cos it's embarrassing, but there's barely anybody to tell," James replied.

"Embarrassing?" Kathryn said, rolling her eyes. "In some ways men are all the same. You shouldn't be ashamed, you should be proud of yourself. Most guys I know just jumped into bed with someone during their 16 - 18 teenage years."

"I kinda am, it's just it gave me a few years of hell cos people thought I was gay," James said.

Kathryn tried not to laugh, "well you'll not have that problem now."

"Oh I would if we got back to Voyager, which we won't. I mean I'm not going to tell everyone so people like Tom will stop calling me that," James said.

"Yes, I can't see that happening. Well I'd better turn in," Kathryn said. She headed back to her shelter, "good night." She disappeared into the shelter.

"Yeah," James muttered. He headed into the other shelter.

Day 47:
Voyager, Sickbay:
The Doctor and Kes were talking in the Doctor's office, Lee was standing nearby a biobed which Tom was lying on. "Um... doc?"

The Doctor and Kes walked into the room. "What is it, Mr Williams?" the Doctor questioned.

"Tom's about to wake up," Lee replied.

Tom opened his eyes, he cringed as the light was in his eyes. He sat up, "doc, what am I doing here?"

"Mr Neelix stabbed you, you've been in a coma for two days," the Doctor replied.

"What, Neelix didn't stab me," Tom said, sounding confused.

"What did happen then?" Kes asked.

"I dunno, I was going home from duty and then I woke up here," Tom replied.

The Doctor picked up a tricorder, he scanned Tom, "hmm, it seems that he's lost about almost a month of his memory."

"He turned crazy around about then," Lee said.

"Crazy, how did I go crazy?" Tom questioned.

Everyone glanced at each other. "I think we'd better keep an eye on him," Kes said. The Doctor nodded his head.

Day 50:
New Earth:
"I don't see why I have to do this job?" Lisa moaned, folding her arms across her chest.

Chakotay groaned as he stepped away from the pipe thing, "because it was your turn to check it. You're taking my next turn."

"The power's not going to get cut off again, why bother?" Lisa muttered.

"It's better be safe than sorry," Chakotay replied.

Lisa pulled a face at him, "well I don't believe in that, so I'm not doing it ever."

"You do know that you won't be able to use things like hair dryers and stuff if the power goes off again," Chakotay said.

Lisa quickly covered her ears, "la la la, I can't hear you."

Chakotay shook his head, "fine I'll tell Kathryn that you don't want to have to do this again."

Lisa uncovered her ears, "that's better."

Chakotay glanced back at her, "why are you still here, we're finished."

Lisa smiled nervously, "oh just wondering something... is there any chance you and Janeway will get together."

Chakotay rolled his eyes, "I thought you betted on the same people as me."

"I did, I was just worried that you'd spoil our chances of getting a day off. You know the other day, you and Janeway talking and stuff," Lisa said.

"You don't have to worry about me spoiling our chances remember? The bet's already been won," Chakotay said.

"It has? Chakotay, how could you!" Lisa yelled. She calmed down, "well you telling me now means I missed the chance to be a servant."

Chakotay glanced at her looking confused, "no... we won, I thought you knew."

Lisa stared at him in shock, she spotted Jessie leaving her shelter. "Hey, hey!"

Jessie jumped in shock, she turned around, "what, what did I do?"

"You owe me a day off missy," Lisa grumbled. She sat down on the deck chair, "now get me a Bacardi, chop chop."

Jessie glared in Chakotay's direction, "I take it Lisa knows now."

"I thought she already did," Chakotay muttered.

"Don't be a moron, if she knew she would have demanded a Bacardi from me days ago," Jessie said.

Lisa glanced around innocently, "er excuse me, I don't see Jessie getting me a Bacardi, oh yes get Chakotay one too."

"Aren't you a little young to be drinking?" Jessie said, raising her eyebrow.

"We're in the middle of the Delta Quadrant, there's only six of us here, why don't we just forget the damn law. Yeesh, I thought British people are allowed to drink at my age anyway," Lisa said.

"Well the legal age is 18 I think, besides you're American," Jessie said.

"No I'm not, I'll prove it. Gad da mate," Lisa said in a really bad Australian accent.

Jessie stared blankly at her, "that's Australian, not British."

"Can they drink at 16?" Lisa said innocently.

"Oh for crying out loud!" Chakotay yelled, making the two girls jump in shock.

"Woah, he really needs a Bacardi," Lisa muttered. Jessie just rolled her eyes.

"This bet was stupid the day it started, I mean Lisa doesn't deserve a day off since she never does anything around here anyway," Chakotay said angrily.

Lisa gasped, "that's not true. I did some clothes cleaning."

"You mean that one little towel you did?" Jessie said questioningly.

"Yeah," Lisa replied.

"The one you spilt Janeway's coffee on cos it was the wrong time of the month?" Jessie said questioningly.

"Yeah," Lisa replied.

"The one she made you wash with your own toothbrush or else she'd butcher you?" Jessie said questioningly.

"Yeah, what are you getting at?" Lisa replied.

Jessie groaned, "I give up."

"I dunno what you were getting at but can I just say, that you have done less work than me," Lisa said.

"That's not true," Jessie grumbled.

"Look of course it is. Just think of today as a 'we are even' event, get it?" Lisa said.

"I'm not doing this ok, I didn't even want to do this in the first place," Jessie muttered.

"Well you shouldn't have made a bet, and you shouldn't have bedded James," Lisa said.

Chakotay punched the wall, leaving a hole in it, "would you both stop arguing! For crying out loud, we all make mistakes. Jessie made two, and Lisa you have done actually nothing to help out around here, so why don't you just call it even, ok!"

Jessie folded her arms, "I only made one mistake, and that was taking part in the bet."

Lisa pulled a disgusted face, "are you sure about that?"

"Ok Lisa, firstly there's nothing really disgusting about me and James, so you can cut that out. Secondly, you are the one that made the mistake of losing Ian, so there," Jessie replied.

Lisa gasped, "oh, he doesn't get that I was doing him a favour. I wouldn't have done it at all if he told me he was a virgin."

"Please, a favour? I'd call that a slap in the face, not a favour and... Ian's a virgin?" Jessie said just as James and Ian came out the shelter.

James stared at Ian, he was just going a little bit red. "She's lying. I'm a hot guy, how could I be a virgin? That's just stupid, I mean how unrealistic is James losing it before me?"

James glared at him, "what's that suppose to mean?"

"Nothing nasty, I mean I was dating before you were," Ian replied nervously.

Chakotay looked like he was going to blow, "oh god damn it, I'm sick of you damn kids!" He stormed into the other shelter.

"Jessie, I told you to give him a Bacardi, yeesh," Lisa said.

Jessie shook her head, and walked back into her shelter. Ian was still going red, "I am not, why are you looking at me like I'm a freak?"

"I'm not looking at you now, besides I don't think you're a freak," James replied.

"Yeah that's just because you're almost as freaky as he is," Lisa commented.

"I'm not a freak, you said it yourself!" Ian yelled.

Lisa stood up, "yeah but I was lying then, I called you a freak before then!"

"I'm outta here," James muttered, he headed towards the trees.

Lisa sighed, "now that he's gone, I'm sorry. I just wanted to insult him."

Ian looked confused, "oh for crying out loud."

Janeway/Chakotay/Lisa's shelter:
Kathryn stepped out of her room, she sat down next to Chakotay looking concerned. "Are you alright?"

"Yes, just at times those lot annoy the hell out of me," Chakotay replied.

Kathryn smiled, "what happened this time?"

"That bet again, Lisa expects a day off because she won. It's not like she does work anyway," Chakotay replied.

"Oh that, I forgot about that," Kathryn muttered.

"Don't worry, I don't want a day off like she does," Chakotay said.

Kathryn frowned, "wait, you betted on James and Jessie too?"

"Yes, I thought you knew," Chakotay replied.

Kathryn stood up, "how could you Chakotay?"

"Kathryn, I'm sorry, I totally regret it now. When you place bets you do have to be realistic," Chakotay replied.

"Ok fine, you were just being realistic. Well you may as well collect your win, a day off must be more important to you than my feelings," Kathryn said. She stormed into her room, slamming the door behind her.

"Kathryn, you are the reason why I don't want the day off!" Chakotay yelled.

"I don't care, go have a day off for all I care!" Kathryn yelled back.

Day 51:
Janeway/Chakotay/Lisa's shelter:
Lisa and Ian were sitting in silence at the table, the sound of Chakotay and Kathryn's yelling came through the bedroom walls.

"I can't take this anymore. What are they arguing about?" Lisa moaned.

Ian shrugged, he stood up to put his ear on the door. "Something about letting on her buns. Maybe the monkey ate some coffee buns."

Lisa groaned, "this is stupid. If we can't even figure out what they're arguing about, we may as well do something about it."

"I just told you," Ian muttered.

"Be realistic Ian. If Chakotay let the monkey eat coffee buns, she would have killed him by now," Lisa said.

Ian sat back down, "that's true, damn half soundproof doors. So what should we do about it?"

"Look we both know that those two should be together, right? I think we should just do something to remind them that they should be, and well they'll forget about their argument," Lisa replied.

"Good plan, there's just one flaw," Ian said.

"And what's that?" Lisa asked.

"How do we do it? I mean whoever talks to Janeway, and possibly Chakotay depending on his mood, will get their head bit off," Ian replied.

Lisa smiled slyly, "just let me think of everything Ian."

Later that night:
Chakotay walked into his shelter, immediately he spotted a PADD lying on the table. He picked it up.

Kathryn was lying on her bed drinking coffee as usual, she saw the monkey standing at her window holding a PADD. She climbed out of bed, "what is this little fella?"

The monkey handed her the PADD, he then jumped down and disappeared into the trees. Kathryn glanced at the PADD looking quite confused.

Meanwhile again:
Lisa and Ian watched from the side of Ian's shelter, as Kathryn stepped out of the shelter holding the PADD. She disappeared into the woods.

Lisa giggled, "it's working, they've both gone to the meeting place."

"What if they don't make up cos of the letters, what if they kill each other?" Ian questioned.

Lisa frowned, "they won't, unless they think the letters are jokes, but I doubt it."

"Well just in case, I think we should follow them," Ian said. Lisa nodded, she started to follow Kathryn. Ian quickly did the same.

Mean... you get the idea:
Some weird instrument started playing a tune, the sound echoed through the trees. Kathryn reached the lake, she watched as some dead leaves fell onto the surface.

She took a deep breath before starting to sing, if you call it that, "in a perfect world, what we've never known. We would never need to face the world alone. They can have the world, we'll create our own. I may not be brave, or strong oh yeah right, but somewhere in my secret heart I know... love will find a way. Anywhere I go I'm home, if you are there beside me."

She sat down next to the lake and stared up at the stars, "like dark turning into day someway we'll come through, now that I've found you." She then headed towards the small cliff side, "love will find a way."

Chakotay came into the clearing, he spotted Kathryn. He took a deep breath and started to sing too, "I was so afraid, now I realise love is never wrong, and so it never dies." He walked towards Kathryn, she turned around, "there's a perfect world shining in your eyes."

The two smiled at each other before running towards each other both singing at the same time, "and if only they could feel it too, the happiness I feel with you they'd know..."

They threw their arms around each other, "love will find a way." They both separated enough to look at each other, and then kiss.

Behind a few trees Lisa and Ian were watching. "Is this a Disney film or what?" Ian whispered.

Lisa shrugged, "with all these dirty comments and adult situations, I don't think so."

Ian sulked, "oh I like Disney films." Lisa glanced at him with a raised eyebrow. "I mean I liked them when I was four, can we go now?"

Lisa nodded her head, "sure."

In the early hours of Day 52:
James/Ian/Jessie's shelter:
James climbed out of his bed already dressed, he glanced back at Ian who was lying on his back snoring quietly. James left the shelter, almost tripping over the monkey in the process.

"Oh it's you, you have some nerve coming to me," he said. The monkey pointed at the other shelter. "What, is somebody else in there?" The monkey continued to point. "I take that as a yes then."

The monkey ran into the shelter through the half open door, James followed him. The monkey pointed at Kathryn's door.

"Ok, the bad guy is after Janeway," James said quietly.

The monkey pointed at the door squealing before running back out of the shelter. James went over to Kathryn's door, he opened it slowly while holding his knife in his other hand. Once the door was open enough for James to see inside the room, he stared at what was in front of him looking freaked out. "I'm going to kill that thing," he muttered, closing the door quickly.

A few hours later:
Jessie emerged from her room still wearing nightwear, "Ian this better be good."

Ian glanced up at her, "I think it is." He turned his attention back to James who was sitting at the table, just staring at nothing in particular. Ian waved his hand in front of his face, but James didn't even blink.

Jessie sat down next to James, "ok, was he like this when you woke up?"

Ian nodded his head, "it's really creepy, I think he's catatonic."

"I have no idea what that means, but if it has something to do with seeing cats then it may explain this," Jessie said.

"I'm not sure either, whenever somebody says someone is catatonic they're usually just staring at nothing," Ian said.

"Hey, maybe we could treat his wounds now that he's not noticing anything," Jessie suggested.

Ian clicked his fingers, "good thinking." He got out of his chair.

There was a knock on the door, straight away Chakotay burst in.

"Ok come in," Jessie muttered.

"Ok which one of you were in Kathryn's room last night? The door closing woke her up... supposedly," Chakotay questioned.

Jessie laughed, "why would I want to go in a room that wreaks of coffee?"

Ian sat back down at the table holding a regenerator, "yeah same here... unless."

Chakotay glanced in James' direction, "what about you?"

"Um he can't answer anyone right now," Ian muttered.

Chakotay shook his head, "great, she's really going to be pleased about this." He left the shelter, slamming the door behind him.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Ian asked.

"No I'm not a lesbian," Jessie replied.

Ian rolled his eyes, "ok just tell me when I'm suppose to laugh. Seriously, it must have been James who went in there, hence the catatonic state."

"Why would James want to go in there?" Jessie asked.

"God knows, but it may explain what's wrong," Ian replied. He started to treat James' face.

"Why would he be like this then, I don't get it," Jessie questioned.

Ian shrugged, "maybe Janeway goes to bed with none or barely any clothes."

Jessie's eyes widened, "eew... don't give me that image."

"See what I mean, that's probably what... oh my god!" Ian gasped.

Jessie looked concerned, "what?"

"Chakotay, Janeway; Lisa and I got them together. They probably were, you know..." Ian replied.

Jessie's eyes went wider, "uh I hope not, he'll be like this forever."

"Well Chakotay said the door woke her up, so they were probably asleep," Ian said.

Jessie sighed in relief, "that's not as bad, but still bad."

"Yeah, problem is I have no idea how we get him out of this state," Ian said.

Jessie stood up, "I have something that will do it."

"It better be something that I can still stick around for. I don't want to be catatonic," Ian said. Jessie smacked him across the head, making him pout.

"No it's clean," Jessie muttered. She went over to the replicator, a Cherry Coke bottle appeared at her command. She sat down on the edge of the table really close to where James was sitting.

Ian raised his eyebrow, "you think that'll work?"

Jessie ignored him, she started to wave the bottle in front of James' face, but nothing happened. She dumped it on the table, "I don't believe this." She leaned in really close to him, "come on, come back to us. Oh Ian, he blinked, that's good right?"

Ian pulled his chair closer by an inch, "good, keep staring in his face."

James blinked, "Jessie?" Jessie jumped in shock, she fell off the table as a result. Ian and James glanced down at her, they both rushed over to help her back up.

"Oh my god, don't ever do that again," Jessie stuttered, placing a hand on her chest.

"Me? What did I do, one second I'm sitting at the table, the next you're in my face," James questioned.

Ian shrugged, "you kinda went catatonic."

James glanced at Jessie looking guilty, "oh sorry, a word with cat in it must be bad."

"You were in a trance, even Cherry Coke wouldn't work," Jessie said.

"Oh, that's weird," James muttered.

Jessie placed her hand on his arm, "maybe you should get some rest, you probably didn't sleep well or something."

"Yeah, the Janeway and Chakotay thing obviously didn't help," Ian said. Jessie elbowed him in the ribs, he fell back into his chair.

"How did you know about that?" James questioned.

"We figured it out," Ian replied.

"Look at it this way, you got her back for what she did to us," Jessie said.

"I guess," James muttered.

"Look Jessie's right, you should just rest today. There's nothing really to do is there?" Ian said.

"Yeah good idea," James said, he headed towards his bed.

"Come on Jess, let's give him some peace and quiet," Ian said. Jessie nodded her head, she followed Ian out of the shelter.

Later that night:
James stepped out of the shelter, he stopped suddenly as Kathryn was standing right in front of the door. "Janeway, hi," James stuttered.

"Hi yourself, now I want to ask you a question," Kathryn said.

"Um, ok shoot," James muttered.

"Thanks, ok here's the question. Did you go in my room last night?" Kathryn asked.

"No I only went for a walk near the lake again, I did see that monkey hanging around," James replied.

"The monkey couldn't have opened my bedroom or the main door," Kathryn said.

"I guess, oh well," James said, he quickly left the clearing. Kathryn followed him.

"I'm serious James, the monkey couldn't have opened the doors," Kathryn said, she increased her pace to catch up with him.

"Well what makes you think I did then?" James questioned as he continued to keep ahead of her.

"You're the only one that goes for a walk in the middle of the night," Kathryn replied.

James stopped, he turned around, "look I didn't, why on earth would I even go in there?"

"I don't know, maybe you wanted to talk to me," Kathryn replied.

"At about what, three in the morning?" James muttered.

"Hey don't give me that, it was you that did it, not me," Kathryn said.

"I didn't, now just go back home ok," James said. He turned back around and continued walking.

Kathryn watched him until he went out of sight. She sighed, "that boy will be the death of me." She looked up at the sky, storm clouds were building up. "I knew it," she muttered, she ran in the direction James went. She quickly caught up with him as he had stopped. "James come on, a storm's coming."

James glanced at her, he beckoned his head to something in front of him. Kathryn turned around. "It looks like the storm's the last thing we should worry about," James muttered.

"You couldn't be more right," one of three dark, tall guys said.

"Who are you?" Kathryn asked.

"Should we do introductions men?" the first guy said as he glanced at the other two. They both nodded. "We are, of course, the originals Masters of the night. I am Yuji. They are known as Tryce and Siltre."

"Masters of the night, what's that suppose to mean exactly?" Kathryn questioned.

"It means we're going to kill you, ok it doesn't, we're just going to kill you," Tryce replied.

James just rolled his eyes, "great, the one time I don't bring weapons."

Kathryn glanced at him, "are these the guys you mentioned?"

Yuji glanced angrily at his companions, "get with the killing, I can't fight on full stomach."

Tryce and Siltre glanced at each other, they turned back to Kathryn and James with different faces. "What the... what are they?" Kathryn stuttered. Tryce and Siltre lunged for the two very quickly, Kathryn was hit, the force of it pushed her into a far away tree.

James punched Tryce away, but he didn't seem very injured at all. He hit him right back, he was knocked to the ground.

"Oh did Frenit mention that no Slayer has survived an attack from us, what makes you think you can even stop us," Yuji sneered. The storm started to build up.

Tryce lunged for James again, he kicked him in the leg, making him stumble to the ground. "I hate it when they do that," Tryce muttered. James picked up a large branch that fell off the tree, he hit it across Tryce's face, knocking him further away.

Meanwhile Siltre grabbed a hold of Kathryn, he pulled her to him. James got back onto his feet. Siltre lowered his head to sink his teeth into Kathryn's neck, James quickly went over, he pushed him into the tree. Both he and Kathryn winced in pain, she managed to get out of Siltre's grip.

"Ok that shouldn't have hurt," Siltre muttered. He looked down, a large lower branch was sticking out of his chest. "That's not right," he said before turning into dust.

Kathryn gasped, "what happened to him?" She went over to James' side.

Yuji and Tryce stared at the tree Siltre died at, they slowly glanced at James and Kathryn. "That was too easy, let's get out of here," Yuji said. He and Tryce ran off into the thick of the forest leaving Kathryn and James looking confused.

"Ok Frenit's minions were harder to beat than them, and that's saying something. Though that guy did punch hard," James said.

Kathryn just nodded, "uh huh... what just happened?"

The wind started to get really strong, Kathryn ducked as a tree branch went flying near her head. "Explain later, we'd better go," James replied. Kathryn nodded her head, she headed back the way they came, James followed her.

Kathryn put her hand over her eyes, "we are going the right way right?"

James didn't answer her, a tree nearby where Kathryn was heading was about to fall. He ran over to push her out of the way, she fell to the ground nearby. The tree fell down, it just managed to knock James to the ground too.

Kathryn pulled herself half way up, "James I know you mean well, but you've got to stop pushing me." She looked behind her, James was lying not far behind her. She pulled herself over to him, she gently turned him over to lie on his back. He was unconscious, and he had a large cut on the corner of his forehead, Kathryn then noticed a stone stuck in the ground nearby where he was lying before.

"Kathryn!" a familiar voice echoed through the wind.

"James!" another familiar voice was heard.

Kathryn stood up, "over here!"

Chakotay and Jessie came into sight, they ran over to Kathryn. Jessie immediately knelt down next to James, "what the hell happened?"

Kathryn shook her head, "let's just get him back."

"I'll carry him back," Chakotay said. He knelt down, he just managed to pick James up. "My god, this lad is heavy for his height."

Jessie stood up with a glare that could freeze metal, "come on, chop chop mister!"

Chakotay tried to avoid Jessie's icy glare, he quickly headed back the way he came. Kathryn and Jessie followed him.

After the storm, Janeway/Chakotay/Lisa's shelter:
"How is he?" Jessie asked.

Chakotay closed his tricorder, "he just hit his head when he fell, he'll be fine. I just need to get the med kit." He stood up.

"Ian was using it, it's probably in our shelter," Jessie said.

Kathryn glanced at Jessie, "it was just a small stone, I doubt it would have hurt him that much."

"It managed to knock him out, didn't it?" Chakotay muttered as he left the shelter.

"Jessie, can you replicate some ice?" Kathryn said questioningly.

"But Chakotay's going to treat him," Jessie said.

"It's not for James, I bumped my head too but I only landed on soft ground," Kathryn said.

"Right," Jessie muttered. She stood up, headed towards the replicator.

Kathryn glanced back down at James, he was now awake. "Jessie, he's awake," Kathryn said.

Jessie rushed back over with the bag of ice, Kathryn took it off her as she knelt down at the side of the bed. "James, are you ok?" Jessie said questioningly.

"Yeah I think so, head hurts a little bit," James replied.

Kathryn sighed in relief, "you'll be fine soon. Look I want to thank you for what you did."

Jessie glanced at her looking confused, "what did you do?"

"It was nothing really," James muttered in response.

"Nothing? You saved my life, twice even," Kathryn said.

"Yeah well the second time, you wouldn't have died anyway," James said.

"No I guess not, but still thanks," Kathryn said.

"No problem," James said.

Day 53:
James/Ian/Jessie's shelter:
Jessie stepped out of her room, she found James sitting on his bed doing nothing really. He looked up at her, "Jess, look can we talk?"

Jessie headed over to him, "I don't like the sound of this." She sat down beside him.

"Yeah well, we haven't really talked about what happened ever since that day, and well we have to talk about it," James said.

"I don't understand that. I mean there's nothing really left to talk about now," Jessie said.

James sighed, "there is. I don't know if you've forgotten this, but I haven't, we only agreed to continue this practise relationship if there was something left to practise. We've done everything we're allowed to do, and one thing we probably aren't allowed to do."

Jessie stood back up, "are you... are you breaking up with me?"

"Yeah kinda but..." James replied quietly.

"No buts. I can't believe you're... you're doing this to me," Jessie stuttered.

James stood up too, "no you don't get it, you didn't let me finish."

"No I don't want to hear it, you... you  jerk," Jessie stuttered, she backed off and rushed back into her room, slamming the door behind her. James sighed, he followed her into her bedroom. Jessie turned around, "hey can't you seem I'm trying not to cry here!"

"Yeah, I take it as a good sign," James said quietly as he stepped closer to her.

"Good sign? You better have a good reason for saying that," Jessie snapped.

"It depends on how you look at it. Look what I was trying to say was that I don't want the practise kind, I want the real kind," James said.

"Well there's only Lisa and me, and you're splitting up with me," Jessie muttered.

"I practised splitting up with you, and I screwed that up. I don't want to do it again. I didn't get a chance to practise asking you out, so here goes... will you go out with me?" James asked.

Jessie stared at him trying not to blush, she placed her hands over her face. "Oh god sorry, how stupid can I get?"

James walked closer to her, he took a hold of one of her hands. "Is that a yes or a no?"

"Now it's your turn to be stupid," Jessie replied, trying not to laugh. She put her arms around his neck, "ps, it's a yes." James smiled, he leaned in and kissed her.

Day 68:
"Now grow quickly so I can get more coffee," Kathryn whispered to the plants in the soil. She started to spread the soil around.

Chakotay stepped out of the shelter, he smiled then he headed over to her. "How are they doing?" he asked as he knelt down next to her.

"Very nicely, we should have lots more coffee in a few weeks," Kathryn replied. She sat up slightly so she could lean on his shoulder, and hold onto his arm.

"Great," Chakotay muttered. He started to spread some of the soil around, "I never thought of you as a gardener."

Kathryn drank some of her coffee as she glanced at him, "I grew up around farmers. My parents insisted we learned some basic gardening skills."

"Did you hate that as much as camping?" Chakotay asked.

"Of course, who would want to muck around in the dirt when you could be studying quantum mechanics?" Kathryn replied, laughing slightly. Chakotay laughed with her. Lisa passed by not far behind them, she shook her head and continued walking. "But I find it very satisfying now, watching them sprout, grow, and then give me coffee beans."

"If your coffee will spare you for a minute, there's something I want your opinion on in the house," Chakotay said as he pulled himself to his feet. He helped Kathryn to her feet.

"Well you've come to the right person, I always have an opinion," she said, brushing herself down.

"Really?" Chakotay teased as they headed towards the shelter. Kathryn laughed, she pushed him playfully.

Janeway/Chakotay/Lisa's shelter:
Chakotay and Kathryn walked in, they both went straight for the computer on the table. Chakotay pressed a button, "what do you think?"

Kathryn gazed at the picture on it, "a boat."

"You said you wanted to explore the river. I think I can build this," Chakotay said.

"We can go on a camping trip," Kathryn said.

Chakotay laughed, "I'm not sure we can fit the bath in the boat." Lisa walked into the room, she headed over to the shelves.

"That's ok I'll use the river," Kathryn laughed.

Lisa looked disgusted, "remind not to go there when you go." She jumped at the sound of a voice coming from the commbadges.

Kathryn and Chakotay glanced in her direction, Chakotay headed over to Lisa. He picked up one of the commbadges, he placed it on the table. Kathryn sat down, and pressed the commbadge. "Janeway here."

In: "Captain, it's good to hear your voice. We have news."

"What is it?" Kathryn questioned.

In: "We have medicine which we believe will effectively treat your condition. We plan to be in orbit in within thirty hours."

Kathryn glanced up at Chakotay and Lisa. "Somebody tell the others," Kathryn said softly.

"I'll do it," Lisa said. She rushed out of the room.

Day 69:
Ian came out of his shelter, "all our stuff's been transported up to our quarters, well not everyone's quarters."

James and Jessie followed him out. "I can't believe they still haven't fixed our quarters," James muttered.

Jessie patted him no the arm, "it's ok, I have to put up with Danny and when she finds out what happened here..."

James went a bit pale, "right, you have it worse unless Harry finds out and he tells Tom."

Chakotay shook his head, "is everybody ready then?"

"Yeah," Lisa replied.

"Sure," Ian replied.

"Whatever," James replied. Jessie just shrugged her shoulders.

Kathryn glanced back at Chakotay, she nodded her head. The monkey came into the clearing, she noticed it. "There you are," she said softly, walking towards it. She put her hand out, "at least I get to say goodbye. You're free to use the house."

Chakotay tapped his commbadge, "Chakotay to Voyager, six to beam up."

In: "Acknowledged."

Kathryn took one last look around the area, she glanced at her the coffee bean plants. "Oh... I need to beam those up to the Airponics Bay."

"Quickly now," James quickly said, everyone else nodded their heads nervously. The six of them dematerialised.


****THE END****

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