The Games Matrix

Special Guest Stars
Jeri Ryan as Annika
Gareth Gates as Damien
Johnathan Frakes as Riker

Written By
Raichu & Vulpix

8th - 10th November 2002

Episode Based In
September 2378


The Game Cube was about to land just as James arrived on the scene. Lena folded her arms and turned away from him. The Game finally landed. The three appeared in a large arena.

"Good, a fighting game," Lena said as she pulled out a tricorder.

"What's so good about that?" Jessie asked.

"I told you, I get to take my anger out on something," Lena replied.

"Why, what happened?" Jessie asked.

"I don't think it's the time, Jess," James replied.

"Well this is good, the user has to fight and defeat three people to win. He only has to lose once for us to win the game," Lena said.

"Simple enough, right?" Jessie said questioningly.

Lights activated around the entire arena. About eight large plaques surrounded the whole arena, all of them had engravings of people. As more lights came on the people on the plaques became 3D. A huge fiery guy appeared in the centre of the arena.

"Oh.. my.. god.." James muttered.

"What is that thing exactly?" Jessie asked.

"It's history, that's what it is," Lena replied.

"Choose First Opponent," a computer voice said.

A red light shone on one of the plaques, the light moved onto the neighbouring plaque. As it did a figure that looked very similar to the guy on the plaque appeared opposite the big guy.

"Um, now would be a good time to log in," Jessie said.

"It's too late, at least we know how and when to log in," Lena said.

"Begin Round One," the computer voice said.

The two sprites started fighting, the big guy won straight away. The second round was even quicker than the first. The smaller guy fell to the ground. The big guy towered over him, he knelt down and he crushed his head, literally.

"We've got to fight him?" Jessie said questioningly.

"Well me and one of you have to, this will be a good challenge," Lena said.

"Choose Second Opponent," the computer voice said.

"Who's going first?" James asked.

Lena went over to one of the plaques, the red light shone on one of the nearby plaques. It then shone on the one Lena was standing nearby. She double tapped her commbadge, "log in." Lena rematerialised inside the arena, opposite the big guy.

"Begin Round One," the computer voice said. Lena and the big guy began fighting.

"I don't like this at all," Jessie said.

"She'll be fine," James muttered.

The big guy dodged one of Lena's attack, he knocked her to the ground.

"End of Round One," the computer voice said.

"Are you sure?" Jessie asked nervously.

Lena turned to her looking rather annoyed, "of course he's bloody sure. I'm going to kick the guy's a**."

"Does it have one?" James asked. Lena rolled her eyes.

"Begin Round Two," the computer voice said.

Lena and the big guy began fighting again. This time Lena was doing a lot better than she did in the first round. She quickly won the round.

"End of Round Two," the computer voice said.

"Ok Lena you can do this, you're a guardian, a machine..." Lena said as she read off her script. "What is this s***e!" she yelled as she tossed it over her head and it landed near James' feet. He picked it up.

"Dear god, these are supposed to be my lines," James muttered.

"Begin Round Three," the computer voice said.

Lena and the big guy fought for ages. Eventually the big guy knocked her to the ground, he stood over her and he knelt down. He put his hand over Lena's head. She struggled as he formed a tight grip on her head.

"Oh my god he's doing the head crushing thing on her too!" Jessie stuttered.

"You son of a b**ch.." James muttered.

"What's you being a son of a b**ch got to do with this?" Jessie asked, but James just ignored her and logged in. "Ookay, I might of wanted to fight.."

"Begin Round one," the computer said.

"No one gets away with hurting my baby sister," James said just before the big guy attacked him.

"Um.. he can't comment on that. He has no mouth," Jessie mumbled.

James quickly won the first round. But the second round was less than successful, the big guy cheated by using some sort of fire spell.

"End of Round two," the computer voice said.

Round three began. The previous script blew over towards James, he 'accidentally' stepped on it. Just then he was knocked down to the ground, he quickly got back up onto his feet. The big guy raised his hand, as he did his nails grew dangerously long. He then slashed James right in the face, leaving a huge cut right through his left eye.

"Damn it, I should have saw that one coming," James said as he covered his eye. The guy then knocked him to the ground again. He seemed to cheer (remember no mouth). The guy knelt down to do the head crushing thing.

"Son of a..." Jessie muttered. She quickly took off her commbadge and she fiddled with it.

The control centre:
"Game over," everyone heard.

"Oh thank god," Craig muttered.

"User wins," the voice said.

"Oh yeah, here it comes," Yasmin giggled.

Everyone turned to look at her, well except Craig. "Um, you're the sister, you have..." Harry started to say.

"Noooooooo, damn you, nooooooooooooo!" Craig screamed.

"Whatever, it was due someone else's turn anyway," Harry said.

"Mwahahahahahahaha...." Damien laughed but he started choking on his yogurt. Riker patted him on the back, hard. Annika just laughed.

"You can't do anything right, can you?" Annika laughed.

Damien narrowed his eyes. He stuffed a dirty toothbrush into Annika's hand. "Clean the toilets," he ordered.

"But there's no water," Annika moaned, but she went over to the toilets anyway.

"Yeah I know, just keep licking that brush," Damien said in a cruel fashion.

"What? No!" Annika screamed. She left the room.

"That could kill her you know," Riker said.

"Well duh! We'll just revive her again," Damien said.

One week later, on a faraway planet:
A game was standing in what looked like a holographic colony. Some quiet music started. "I come from the net.." a guy's voice said. There was some commotion over the microphone for several seconds. "Mainframe, my home," the guy's voice said. Some louder music began, then there was the sound of a gun firing. The music stopped abruptly.

"Game over," the usual voice said. The game raised and disappeared into the sky, leaving James, Jessie and Lena behind.

Lena pulled out a tricorder, she scanned around. "Well I have no idea where we are this time, but this planet is pretty cool."

"Oh yeah, that'll fix everything," James said sarcastically.

Lena rolled her eyes. "Everything on this planet is holographic," Lena said.

"Yep, even the plants and stuff. This planet is actually a demon class believe it or not. The colony is surrounded by a shield that has holoemmitters at certain points," Lena said.

She was interrupted by what looked like a glowing ball of energy pushing passed her. Two other energy beings flew over the three. They all flew up to a small group of human looking people. Two of them used a strange device to generate a shield around two of the energy beings. The other one flew away.

The group of new arrivals pulled out what looked like phasers. James, Lena and Jessie pulled out rifles too.

"Who are you?" one of the group members asked.

"You first," Lena said.

"You came from the game didn't you? You're all Slayers, right?" the leader said questioningly.

"And they won the game, do you realise that..." one of the guys started to say. One of the girls shushed him.

"Yeah, two of us are Slayers. What's it to you?" Lena said.

"I must apologise for my team. We're not used to visitors here. My name is Birk Jameson, I'm the leader of the Earth Slayers," the leader said as he lowered his rifles. His team did the same.

Jessie and Lena lowered their rifles. "I'm Lena. This is Jessie, and this is my brother James."

"We'd better get out of here, you could be stuck here forever if those idiots notice you're here," Birk said.

"Which idiots?" James asked.

"The Esapils, those energy beings you saw before," one of the girls replied.

"Um ok, what's going on?" Jessie asked.

"We've been here for years, the Esapils won't let us leave. They want us to stay here forever to protect them," Birk replied.

"We'd better get back, here take one of these," the girl said. She handed the three what looked like a floating skateboard (without the wheels of course)

"What the hell are those?" Lena asked in disgust.

"You don't know what they are? Gee for a Reboot skit I'm surprised you've never seen these," Birk said.

"But didn't Reboot have them with.." Jessie said.

"And let's go shall we. Just stand on them, we don't know how but it'll take you where you want to go," Birk quickly interrupted He and his group got onto the flying things and they flew off.

"The Reboot ones looked cooler too," Lena muttered as she stood on the flying thing. Jessie and James reluctantly did the same.

The Earth Slayers Control Centre:
Everyone arrived in the main room. Inside was a couple of control panels, storage containers, comfy chairs and even a bar.

The girl and one of the guys placed the energy beings into two see through storage devices.

"So what did you mean by the Esapils not letting you leave?" Lena asked.

"You see, we all decided to leave Earth for a year or two to protect other worlds. We arrived here over two years ago. The Esapils cannot go inside Game Cubes so we agreed to stay here for a while to fend off Game Cubes. After winning a couple the Games died down," Birk replied.

"That's when we decided to leave. The Esapils blocked our way to the Game Cube, they've been doing that ever since," the girl said.

"But if they want you to protect them, why would they block off Game Cubes. Isn't that making things worse?" Lena asked as she turned to the Esapils.

"It is a Slayers duty to protect people from the Games. By leaving they are escaping their own duties," one of the Esapils said.

"It is right, that is what you're supposed to do," Jessie said.

Birk turned to the girl, "Joanne, show her."

Joanne nodded and she pulled out a pad. She handed it to Jessie. "That is the first analysis we did of this colony. It is entirely holographic, the Games do not affect it in anyway. The Esapils can go straight through Game Cubes unharmed. In other words they are in no danger."

"So why did you kidnap two of them, what's that going to do?" James asked.

"Mainly so we can come to a peaceful agreement," Birk replied.

"I hardly call kidnapping them peaceful," Lena said.

"It will get their attention. In order for them to get back their kind, they have to let us go back to Earth," Birk said.

"You do know that getting to Earth is almost impossible. The Alpha Quadrant get less Game Cubes than the rest of the quadrants," Lena said.

"We're aware of that. But we're not getting anywhere just staying on this planet for no reason," Birk said.

"Huh, no.. they're gone!" one of the other girls yelled.

Everyone turned to the storage devices. The two Esapils had indeed gone, Jessie was standing beside them looking guilty.

"She let them escape!" Joanne screeched.

"That's it, no one messes with us," the big guy said. He marched over towards Jessie but James got in the way.

"Hey if you want her you'll have to come through me," James said.

The guy snorted, "I think I'm more trained than you, little boy."

"Who are you calling a little boy?" James asked angrilly.

Jessie rolled her eyes, "I'll handle it." She backed away and she chanted something under her breathe. Then she disappeared.

"What the.. you have a witch!?" the big guy growled.

"Jovan, calm down. We'll just kidnap two more Esapils. Let's go," Birk said calmly. He and the rest of his team got on the flying thingys again. Lena did the same.

"Lena, where are you going?" James asked.

"I think someone's going to have to get the other side of the story," Lena replied. She followed the Slayer team out of the main room.

Jessie reappeared in the same spot she disappeared. "That was a close one huh? Thanks for sticking up for me."

"Yeah, I'll do that but I'm not going to agree with everything you do," James said.

"What.. what are you talking about?" Jessie asked.

"You let those things escape, is it a rule that we have to make enemies on every planet?" James replied.

"I didn't want to take sides," Jessie said.

"You did more than take sides, you p***ed the other side off," James said.

"Oh come on, these Slayers have obviously gone nuts. Kidnapping innocent beings is not what Slayers should be doing," Jessie said.

"True but why are these things keeping them here? The Games are no threat, as far as I can see they're the ones who are nuts," James said.

"You can't figure out why they're keeping the Slayers here? It's so obvious, their problem is obviously not with the Games themselves. There must be an explanation," Jessie said.

"Well if they're not going to tell the Slayers then there's nothing they can do about it. Like us those guys will want to get back to their families," James said.

"So? These guys chose to be Slayers, they chose to leave their families didn't they? I think we should stay as long as we can to find out what's really going on," Jessie said.

"Look we've got enough problems as it is, we've got to get back to that planet. We can't just stick around and defend the Esapils when they don't need it," James said.

"But they must need it, or they wouldn't want the Slayers to stay! For crying out loud, how simple is it?" Jessie snapped.

"Fine, but we haven't got time to get involved. Is it just me that cares about the kids on the Enterprise?" James said. Jessie narrowed her eyes, she slapped him hard in the face. She stormed out of the room.

Not long later:
Jessie was walking down one of the streets as two Esapils flew over to hover in front of her. "Witch, why did you help us?" one of them asked.

"Cos I get the feeling that something else is going on besides constant Game Cubes," Jessie replied.

"Your feeling is right. The Slayers must stay here or we'll surely perish," Esapil 1 said.

"Then why don't you tell them what's going on. Then they'll help you," Jessie said.

"I'm afraid there's nothing else they can do besides stay here," Esapil 2 said.

"I don't get it, can you explain it a bit better?" Jessie asked.

"We can take you to our command centre," Esapil 2 replied.

Later.. the command centre:
A couple of Esapils were hovering around a control panel Jessie was standing in front of. "One question, how the hell do you work these? You have no hands." Jessie asked.

"Reboot blooper, just leave it," Esapil 1 replied.

"Fine, so what are you going to show me then?" Jessie asked. A picture of the colony came up on the screen, several portals were opening up. "Is it just me or do they look like Game Cube openings?"

"They are actually portals that will eventually leave a couple of openings for Softmicron to attack us," Esapil 2 said.

One other Esapil came over to the others, "why tell her this? She doesn't give a toss about us."

"I know I don't know much about Softmicron, but I heard that Softmicron can't open these portals intentionally without special equipment. They'll probably not be able to here," Jessie said.

"That's right. At least one Softmicron came through a Game Cube, but we don't know which one. They can only come through ones that are won," Esapil 2 said.

"How long have these been around?" Jessie asked.

"Over a year now. We can close them but now too many have been popping up. We can't keep up with them," Esapil 1 replied.

"So is this why you've been stopping the Slayers going in Games?" Jessie asked.

"Well of course... as they leave they'll win another game letting those stupid little creatures here," Esapil 3 replied.

"It would of been fine if you let them leave in the first place, all the won games could of left lots of these things here," Jessie said.

"They insisted on helping us. After a few months of helping us we realised they were doing the opposite," Esapil 1 said.

"Yeah but they can leave by losing the game too, if you tell them that then they'll leave and not bother you again," Jessie said.

"See I told you, she's useless. She's just as bad as the Slayers, they were no help either," Esapil 3 said.

"No wait a minute. Have any of you seen the Softmicron yet?" Jessie asked.

The Esapils were quiet for a couple of seconds. "No, we believe they have mixed in with the Slayers," Esapil 2 replied.

"I doubt that, they only have two forms. Both don't look human enough," Jessie said.

"That's where you're wrong. Softmicron only have one form, they look very much like the Game Creatures known as Togepi," Esapil 1 said.

"But they've turned into dragon things before," Jessie said.

"Yes well Softmicron are shapeshifters. They have to be so they can disguise themselves in Games. One is obviously posing as a human right now," Esapil 2 said.

"Stop telling her everything, she'll betray us," Esapil 3 said.

An alarm went off, as it did a 3D image of the colony appeared in the middle of the room. One of the portals was glowing purple, a red light was shining on it.

"That's the oldest portal, that one should be closed right away," Esapil 2 said.

Most of the Esapils in the room rushed out, Jessie quickly followed them.

Back at Earth Slayers Control Centre:
The Slayers and Lena came back into the main room. James went over to them.

"I take it you didn't get any," James said.

"You take it right. We have a much bigger problem," Birk said.

"What kind of problem?" James asked.

Lena sighed, "there are several Softmicron portals opening up around the whole colony. It seems like the Esapils have been stopping the Slayers from leaving for a very good reason."

"Helping them all those years back let Softmicron into the colony, they must be using the equipment at the command centre to open these portals," Joanne said.

"Jessie was right," James muttered.

Lena looked confused, "she was? What did she say?"

"She said that the Esapils must have another problem other than the Games," James replied.

"She had the nerve to come back here after what she did? Hmph, when I get a hold of that little witch I'm gonna.." Jovan said. He was interrupted by James putting a knife to his throat.

"You're going to do what?" James asked.

Jovan laughed, "all right, I'll tell you. I'll tear her apart, limb by limb..." The guy didn't get to finish, he was pushed to the ground. James leaned over him with the knife at his face instead. As all that happened something fell onto the ground and smashed. Lena knelt down and picked them up.

"Holy s***," Jovan muttered.

Lena looked at what she had in her hands, then she looked at Jovan and James. "What?"

"This Slayer's evil, seen the eyes?" Jovan replied.

Lena pulled James to his feet, "ok, no killing remember. Go over there and have a drink." James rolled his eyes, he went over to sit on a far away chair.

Jovan pulled himself to his feet looking really teed off. "Did you see that?"

"I did. You didn't mention that you and your brother were Chosen Slayers," Birk replied.

"Yeah well, there's not really any point in telling everyone," Lena said.

"You could of warned us that he's evil, you know," Joanne said.

"He's not.. he used to be. After all the recent events he's been a bit edgy. The black eyes usually come back when he gets really angry. Luckily if we stop him from killing anyone they are just temporary," Lena said.

"They weren't just black, one was slightly red," Jovan said.

"Lena.. I need them back," James said loudly.

Lena held up the sunglasses she had, "they're broken."

"Serves him right," Jovan muttered.

"What did you say before?" Lena asked.

Jovan groaned, "I said one eye was slightly red. What's the deal with that?"

James walked over with a new pair of sunglasses on. "Some sprite slashed that eye, ok."

An alarm went off, some red lights started flashing. Joanne rushed over to a console. "One of the portals is about to open fully. The Esapils are going towards it."

"I knew it, there must be Softmicron on their side. Why else would they be going to the portal," Jovan said.

"Softmicron or not we'd better get there just in case Softmicron come through," Birk said. He and the rest of the Slayers rushed out of the room. Lena and James followed them.

The Esapils and Jessie arrived at the purple portal. The Esapils all gathered around it, there was a blinding flash of light then the portal was gone.

"There, the colony is safe. No thanks to you," Esapil 3 said.

"I don't think so, there are lots of other portals opening up like that one. The only place the Softmicron could of opened up these things are at your command centre or the Slayers place," Jessie said.

"It was you that created it. You're the only one that isn't a Slayer, you are the Softmicron," Esapil 3 said.

"No, I'm not a Softmicron," Jessie said.

"Of course you'd say that," Esapil 3 said. He and the other Esapils all ganged up on her.

"These portals started opening up long before I came, you told me that!" Jessie yelled.

The Esapils backed away from her. "She's right, they've been trying to open up for ages," Esapil 1 said.

"That's right, the first one tried to open up over a year ago," Birk said as he and the others arrived on the scene.

"Yeah, seems like there's a Softmicron in your midst," James said.

"That's funny, I was going to say the same thing," Jessie said.

"Hey, I'm the telepathic one," Lena muttered.

"The Softmicron's on your side, humans. You all seemed insistent about defending us from those Games," Esapil 3 said angrilly.

"It's our job, buddy. The Softmicron has to be on your side, why else would you stop us from leaving?" Joanne said.

"Enough talk, let's kick some Esapil butt!" another Slayer bellowed.

A fight scene started, and since we still can't be bothered to describe fight scenes we'll just give you the jist of it. Both sides weren't doing that well, the Esapils just flew straight through the Slayers and the Slayers couldn't hit them.

"This is stupid," Lena muttered. On instinct she ducked as one Esapil flew towards her.

Jessie and James backed into each other, they both quickly turned around. "Oh, you," Jessie muttered.

"Um yeah. You were right, I'm sorry," James said.

"In a way you were right too, but the main part is I was right," Jessie said.

James raised his eyebrow, "um yeah. So, are we cool again?"

"Hmm, what do you think?" Jessie replied. She put her arm around him and kissed him. Yes this is still a fight scene.

"Oh for goodness sake, get a room!" Lena yelled. She ducked again, "um, later."

Birk was attacked by Esapil 1, but Birk didn't fight back. "We have to stop this," Birk said.

"Why should I trust you?" Esapil 1 asked.

"Because Softmicron are clever, if we keep fighting like this we'll never find out who the spy is," Birk replied.

"Hmm, you're right. Esapils stand down," Esapil 1 ordered.

"Slayers, at ease," Birk ordered. Everyone turned to them, even Jessie and James discontinued their activities.

"Um, what's going on?" Jessie asked.

"Well you'd know if you weren't too busy lip wrestling with my brother," Lena replied.

"We have decided to combine forces. We won't get anywhere fighting one another," Esapil 1 said.

"Sounds about right," James said as he glanced briefly at Jessie.

"What are you doing fool, you'll kill us all," Esapil 3 moaned.

"Brother, what is wrong with you?" Esapil 2 asked.

"Is he your natural brother?" James asked.

"No, we just call each other that," Esapil 2 replied.

"Ok then," James said just before shooting Esapil 3. The shot actually hit him, and he fell to the ground. He changed into a Softmicron.

"That must of been the suspicious one," Jessie said.

"He was the Softmicron all along, we should have suspected it," Esapil 1 said.

"Now we can close all the portals, we shouldn't have to worry about anymore appearing," Esapil 2 said.

"So that means we can finally try to go back home," Birk said.

"Us too. When's the next Game Cube?" Jessie asked.

Lena pulled out her tricorder, "conveniently, in a few minutes."

"Yes, conveniently," Joanne said sarcastically.


End of Part V

Part VI


Meanwhile back at the Softmicron infested planet:
"Shields are buckling," Turanga said in panic.

"I told you we shouldn't of attacked, the power wall was working," Harry said.

"Shut up, just keep firing at those arseholes!" Craig yelled.

"Yey, this fun!" Yasmin shouted happily. She continued to press the fire button

The entire room shook violently "Shields are gone, we've also lost the link to the shield," Turanga said.

"Uhoh, now look what you've done," Harry muttered. Craig just rolled his eyes.

"We're firing but no weapons are left," Turanga said. Everyone turned to Yasmin, she was holding her finger down on the fire button.

"Er Yasmin, there's no missiles left," Harry said.

"Oh, damn it!" Yasmin whined.

Just then Damien, Annika and Riker beamed in. "Boo," Damien said.

Everyone stared blankly at him, Harry just yawned. Yasmin spotted Annika and she screamed for real. "What is that thing? It looks like a giant Barbie!"

Annika pouted, "I'm so sick of being called that."

"How do you know what Barbie's are?" Harry asked.

"I had one.. but that one didn't have a head," Yasmin replied.

"Oh shut up you useless girl. This place is mine, welcome to Damien Me," Damien said.

"Don't you mean Pity Me?" Craig said questioningly.

"I would but I don't like you," Harry said.

"No, that's a place near Durham you bozo," Craig said.

"Would you stop comparing my city titles to other ones," Damien grumbled.

"Wait a minute, did you call me useless?" Yasmin asked.

"My god you are slow, no wonder you didn't betray these lot. Maybe I'd better teach you something about being evil," Damien replied.

Yasmin narrowed her eyes and she jumped on top of Damien. She started to beat the crap out of him. "I'm evil damn you! I'll teach you something about being evil!" she screamed as she did.

"Oh look, Damien's plan has literally back fired on him. There's something you don't see every Damien episode," Annika said sarcastically.

"Hey, those rabbits weren't trained enough! Of course they attacked me!" Damien yelled just before Yasmin started smacking him in the face.

"Oh come on, that wasn't the only time it happened," Harry said.

"Aaarggh, shut up! Annika, attack someone!" Damien yelled.

"Who?" Annika asked.

"Anyone!" Damien yelled.

"Good enough for me," Annika said slyly. She turned around and smacked Riker really hard. He fell on the floor, so did the hot dog he was eating.                

"Way to go Annika, finally she's on our side," Harry said.

"Any side is better than his," Annika said angrily.

"Oh yeah! Annika, shoot Yasmin," Damien ordered.

"Damn it!" Annika grunted. She aimed her phaser at Yasmin. She noticed, she pushed Damien in the way and he got shot instead.

"Aaaw, I wasn't finished killing him," Yasmin moaned.

"Don't let us stop you," Craig muttered.

"No, wait. If you kill that host he'll try to take over one of us," Harry said quickly.

"Eeeew!" Yasmin groaned.

"Exactly, we'll just put him in a brig or something," Harry said.

"We have internal shields, will that do?" Turanga asked.

"Yeah, do it," Harry replied.

Turanga fiddled with a nearby console, a shield went around Damien and Riker.

"Wait a minute, how do we know that you won't betray us?" Craig asked.

"I won't, but Damien will make me betray you if he wakes up," Annika replied.

"Is there anything we can destroy that'll break this connection?" Harry asked.

"Just get the remote Damien has, that'll shut the link off," Annika replied.

"I'll do it," Yasmin said slyly. Harry rolled his eyes, he nodded at Turanga. The shield went down, Yasmin went over to Damien and started to search his pockets. She eventually pulled out a remote and a rabbit keyring. As soon as she got out of the way the shield went back up.

"Why did you take that?" Harry asked as Yasmin handed him the remote.

"So I can do this," Yasmin replied. She threw the keyring at Craig, it hit him in the head.

"Ow, what was that for!" Craig moaned, rubbing his now sore head.

"For being you, duh," Yasmin giggled.

Harry shook his head, he pressed the red button on the remote. "Now, do you have any idea how to get Voyager and the Enterprise back?"

"We'll need the Pegasus, that has the device that opens up the portals," Annika replied.

"You're forgetting something. Lena, James and Jessie are trapped in the Games," Craig said.

"So? You're forgetting the most important thing of all, there is still Softmicron around. The brainwashed ones won't do anything once Damien's out of the area, but the others will," Harry said.

"Don't forget Damien's trick plan, that will actually work," Annika said.

"We've still got the whole three crewmembers missing thing," Craig said.

"One thing at a time Craig. We'd better get to the Pegasus. Yasmin, you stay behind and watch Damien & Riker. Oh and make sure the kids don't get up to anything," Harry said.

"Can I kill them if they cause bother?" Yasmin asked.

"Only Riker, not Damien or the kids," Harry replied.

"Aaaaaw," Yasmin moaned.

"Let's go," Craig muttered. He, Harry and Annika headed out.

Riker woke up rubbing his face. He caught sight of Yasmin, he then put on his flirty look. "Hey, wanna go out with me?"

"Hey, wanna die?" Yasmin replied.

"Not really," Riker muttered.

"Then don't say anything," Yasmin said.

Meanwhile on the neighbouring planet:
A Game Cube raised and went up into the sky. Lena, James, Jessie, Birk, Jovan, Joanne and the others were left behind in a quiet street. Lena scanned around. "This is great, we're in the system Voyager and the Enterprise were in."

"Really? That seems a bit suspicious," Jessie said.

"Why suspicious? There's nothing suspicious about that," Joanne asked nervously.

"Yes there is, as soon as we were finished on that other planet a Game arrived. It can't be a coincidence," Lena replied.

"Just be thankful you're here, god," Jovan muttered.

"He's right. Birk don't we need to get extra weapons?" Joanne asked.

"Yes we do, we'd better part then," Birk replied.

"Oh well, good luck," Lena said.

"Don't say that, they'll get home before Voyager and the Enterprise does," James said.

"He doesn't mean that," Lena muttered as she elbowed James in the arm.

"Oh we know that. Well, let's go weapon shopping," Birk said cheerfully. He headed towards the distant market place.

"Yeah, maybe we can get some free weapons," Joanne said to Jovan. She slowly followed Birk. Jovan smiled slyly, he followed her.

"Free weapons? What did she mean by that?" Jessie asked.

Just then all free found themselves with one weapon missing each. "Oh I know what they meant, the thieving b***ards!" James grumbled. He ran after the two who had just ran off in another direction.

"Should we follow him?" Lena asked.

"I can't be bothered to run, we really should find some transport," Jessie replied.

Lena nodded, she and Jessie headed off in the direction Birk went.

Jovan and Joanne met up with a very small alien guy. They handed the weapons they stole to him. What they all didn't know was that James was watching around the corner. Jovan and Joanne went around another corner, the guy went into a nearby pub. James then followed him.

Inside the pub was lots of these little aliens. Most stopped what they were doing when James came in. The guy who took the weapons quickly turned around so he wouldn't see him. When James stepped up behind him he started shaking.

"You have something of mine, don't you?" James asked.

"No, you've gotten me mixed up with someone else," the guy stuttered.

"Well your friends missed out something, you think if I shot every guy in here I'd get him?" James said questioningly, he pulled out a large phaser.

"Um maybe," the guy stuttered.

"Or we could do it the easier way that doesn't result in about fifteen deaths, what do you say?" James said questioningly.

The guy looked around, all of the guys who overheard were glaring at him. "Ok, fine," the guy said. He handed James two of the large phasers, and a knife. The guy then ran out as fast as he could. As soon as he did everyone but the barman followed suit.

"Great, I must be turning into my mum," James muttered. He went over to the bar. The guy there looked up looking nervous. "Oh god, stop being scared of me. It's getting annoying. I just want some water."

"Uh, yes sir," the guy stuttered. He put a small bottle of water on the bar. He then rushed off.

Someone came into the pub, she stopped at the door. "Sooo, the rumours were true," the girl said.

James turned around to face the girl, "I've only been here five minutes. I can't seem to get away from the damn things."

The girl came into the light, she appeared to be human. "If all of the rumours are true you'd better take cover, right now," the girl said.

"What, why?" James asked.

The two heard voices outside the pub, then guns started firing through the window. "That's why!" the girl yelled. She and James quickly got behind the bar.

"What's going on?" James asked over the gun fire.

"That's the Slayer Patrol.. The Softmicron don't want any here," the girl replied loudly.

"Softmicron are here too?" James asked.

"Yeah, this is one of their colonies. Everyone in this pub were Softmicron natives. The natives are scared of Slayers, they can sense them," the girl replied.

"Let me guess, you're a Slayer too," James said.

"You guessed right. I know this isn't the right time, but I'm Sandi," the girl said as she held out her hand. Bottles and glasses smashed above them, causing glass to fall on them.

James took her hand, "I'm James. Nice to meet you, really."

"You too.. we really should fight back when they run out of ammo," Sandi said.

"Why do Softmicron need guns?" James asked.

"Why do they use Game Cubes when they have ships? This race is powerful but not too smart," Sandi replied.

"How much ammo have they got? My sister's out there, she's in danger," James asked.

"You came with more than one. What about them?" Sandi asked.

"As far as I can tell two of them were really Softmicron, all but one were Slayers. You.. don't think the Softmicron would target a witch?" James replied.

"No, I don't think they even know about witches," Sandi replied.

Jessie and Lena were inside a small outdoor marketplace. Everyone who passed the pair looked terrified, they all picked up speed to get away.

"What's up with everyone?" Lena asked.

"I dunno.. this place is really weird," Jessie replied.

Suddenly the sound of a shuttle flying over everyone's heads took over the entire marketplace. Everyone quickly dropped everything and ran for cover, including the salespeople.

Jessie and Lena quickly hid around a corner. They both saw Joanne, Jovan and several Softmicron come out of the shuttles with large rifles. "When you find the other Slayer, get rid of her. Show no mercy, this one's a chosen too," Joanne said to the others.

"Find the other Slayer, ohno.." Lena said.

"They must of got James," Jessie muttered.

"We'd better get that transport quick, at least a ship will have better sensors to help us find him," Lena said.

They rushed down the street which led them to a ship dock. "I don't think that's the kind of ship we want," Jessie said.

"Hmmm, yeah," Lena muttered.

They both went over to a Softmicron standing near a strange looking boat. She turned around, she jumped a mile when she saw the pair. "Slayer, Slayer!" she screamed.

"Shhhh, calm down. We're not going to hurt you," Lena said calmly.

"You're a Slayer, you're supposed to hurt us," the Softmicron said.

"No we're not. We defend people not hurt them," Lena said.

"Not us though, the Slayers have always been defending the Games. You're our enemy," the Softmicron said.

"Wait a minute, are you a Softmicron?" Jessie asked.

"Well of course, this is one of our colonies. If you are here by accident I suggest you leave, the patrols will catch you eventually," the Softmicron said.

"Well we're looking for transport out of here actually. Do you know of a good place to get some?" Lena asked.

"If you promise not to hurt me I'll tell you," the Softmicron said.

"Yeah, I promise we won't hurt you," Lena said.

"Ok.. you'll find that any ship leaving this planet's atmosphere will be attacked by patrols. The only ship pilot that is crazy enough to face the patrols, and already has done, is a Slayer himself," the Softmicron said.

"Great, do you know where he is?" Jessie asked.

"He's in that prison," the Softmicron replied as she pointed at a building on a hill.

"Oh great," Lena and Jessie grumbled.

Back at the pub:
The Softmicron finally ran out of ammo, everything went quiet. Sandi pulled out an old fashioned looking phaser. "Ok, ready?"

"No, but I have no choice, right?" James replied.

"Right," Sandi said. She slowly peered over the bar, she looked back down at James and she nodded. They both quickly got onto their feet and started firing on the Softmicron there. After a minute or so of phaser fire, all of the Softmicron in sight were lying on the ground.

James and Sandi got out from behind the bar. "Hmm, there's nothing like team work huh?" Sandi said cheerfully. She put away her phaser. As she did Jessie and Lena rushed into the pub.

"What the hell happened? We thought you'd been captured," Jessie asked.

"No, what made you think that?" James replied.

"Well that this is a Softmicron colony, and the patrols were after Lena cos she's a Slayer," Jessie said.

"I take it the other ones your sister, huh?" Sandi said questioningly.

Jessie and Lena glanced at Sandi oddly, they glanced back at James. "Oh sorry, Jessie, Lena.. this is Sandi. She's a Slayer too," James said.

"Really?" Lena said.

"Well that's very nice, but we really should get to the Softmicron prison," Jessie said.

"Ah, that's where I was headed before coming here," Sandi said.

"What? Why?" James asked.

"Supposedly the only guy who has a ship which will get away from this planet ok is in that prison," Lena replied.

Sandi smiled, "oh well. I guess we're all going to get my brother out then."

"Oh, should have guessed he was with you," Lena muttered.

"Yeah. I must warn you, I've tried to get him out for weeks with no luck. Security Cameras are everywhere, I'm always spotted before I get in," Sandi said.

"Obviously this operation needs some team work," James said.

The prison:
Inside the camera room were about five male Softmicron. They all stopped at the sound of the door opening and then closing. They all turned to see Jessie had stepped into the room.

Jessie put on her best flirty look, "excuse me. Can you help me?"

All of the Softmicron just stared at her, one bravely stepped in front of the others. "This is a restricted area, we have to ask you to leave."

"But my little sister is missing, I really need to find her," Jessie said.

"Children are not allowed anywhere on the premises and.." the Softmicron muttered.

Jessie ignored him, she turned to the door and she opened it. "I think I hear her. Lena, I'm over here." She stepped out of the door briefly, as she did Lena ran in and started to beat up the Softmicron. Jessie joined in as quickly as she could. The last remaining Softmicron panicked and he switched on the alarm.

"Son of a..." Lena muttered. She and Jessie ran out of the room. The Softmicron turned into a smaller version of the dragon thing and chased after them.

James and Sandi had already snuck into the prison, they both heard the alarm go off. "We'd better hurry, our distractors have done their part of the job," Sandi said.

They reached one cell where a younger guy was sitting inside. He jumped up when he saw Sandi and James. "Oh thank god, it's about time."

"Stop moaning, you're lucky we need you," Sandi said as she tried to break the lock.

"Fine. Who's this guy, your boyfriend?" the lad asked.

Sandi rolled her eyes. "Don't bother with that, the lock isn't going to break that way," James said. He got out his phaser.

"Ok, I was only kidding," the lad stuttered.

"Step back," James said. Sandi did just that. James fired the phaser on the lock, it disintergrated. The doors opened.

"Woah, guns have gotten better since we've been gone," the lad said.

"They've been like this a while, it was a good thing I didn't miss. You would of been dust," James said. He headed back the way they came.

"Charming guy," the lad muttered as he walked out of the cell.

"More charming than you are Kevin, let's go," Sandi said. She and Kevin quickly followed James out.

Lena and Jessie ran behind a tall wall, several Softmicron went straight passed them.

"Do you remember the way to Sandi brother's ship?" Jessie asked.

"Yeah, it's just down here. We'd better be quick," Lena replied. She rushed down the path, Jessie followed her. They both reached a ship yard full of shuttles and ships. They went up to a small primitive ship.

A few minutes later James, Sandi and Kevin arrived on the scene. "Hey, how you doing," Kevin said. Jessie and Lena glanced at each other looking worried.

Sandi grabbed his ear. "Introductions later, Kev. Get in the ship," Sandi said quickly. She let go of Kevin's ear, he pulled out a small remote. He pressed a button and the door to the ship opened. They all rushed in.

Kevin and Sandi rushed to different stations. The ship powered up and lifted off the ground.

"I think they've spotted us. Two shuttles are preparing to take off," Kevin said.

"Then go, we've got a few extra seconds," Sandi said.

Jessie went over to Kevin's side, "just go to the neighbouring planet. Our shipmates are there."

"There are two neighbouring planets pet, which one?" Kevin asked.

"Don't call me pet!" Jessie yelled in his ear. He quickly rubbed it, not looking too happy about it. James and Lena came over to his sides.

"It's the one with the two moons," Lena replied. The ship shook as weapons fire hit the shields.

"Ok hon, let's get this thing a little faster shall we," Kevin said. Lena glanced at him, not looking too happy. Sandi just shook her head nearby. Lena and Jessie both went away from Kevin.

James put his hand on Kevin's shoulder, "don't do that again."

"What.. do what again?" Kevin asked. The only answer he got was James tightening his grip on his shoulder. "Oh bloody hell.. I'm trying to fly the ship here!"

"Fine, just don't hit on my fiancée and sister again," James said as he walked away.

Kevin pulled a face behind his back, no one noticed. He looked down at the console, he panicked. "Uhoh!"

"What do you mean by uhoh?" Lena asked.

"There's these two advanced ships in front of us, let's hope they're not Softmicron," Kevin replied.

"Let's see them, Softmicron ships have a particular design," Sandi ordered.

The viewscreen at the front of the room came on. James, Jessie and Lena sighed in relief. Voyager and the Enterprise were there.

"It's ok, they're not Softmicron," Jessie said.

"Well let's hope they don't attack, we're no match for them," Sandi said.

"Damn, we should have stolen a more advanced ship," Kevin muttered.

"No it's ok, one of them's my ship. The other one is my mum's ship," Lena said.

"Bloody hell, they can not be Federation ships. They're too advanced," Kevin said.

Lena, James and Jessie glanced at each other in confusment. "How long have you been gone?" Lena asked.

"About five years," Sandi replied.

"Not counting the time we were in the Games Matrix," Kevin said.

"How long were you there for?" Jessie asked.

"God knows, months.." Sandi replied.

Lena looked worried, "what year was it when you were home?"

Sandi and Kevin glanced at each other. "2173," Sandi replied.

"Oh my god.. do you have any idea what year it is?" Jessie asked.

"Um, 2178?" Kevin replied.

"Nope, you need to add another 200 years to that," James said.

"That's not possible," Sandi stuttered.

"Don't you know that when you're in the Games Matrix, time has no meaning. You could be in there for five minutes and you would of been actually gone for years, if you're lucky it could only be a few months," Lena said.

"I didn't know that, oh god," Sandi muttered.

"Yeah.. so glad the only family we have is each other," Kevin said.

"I hate to sound nasty but can we hail the larger ship?" Lena asked.

"Yeah sure," Sandi replied quietly. She keyed in some commands.

The viewscreen activated showing the Enterprise bridge. Everyone there looked confused.

"Lena? What are you guys doing onboard that ship?" Tom asked.

"It's a long story. Open the shuttlebay doors, ok," Lena replied.

"Yeah sure. I'll contact Voyager, at least now we can get away from this place," Tom said. The viewscreen changed back to space view.

"Ok pilot, let me take over," Lena said.

"I hope you know what you're doing, and for your information it's Kevin," Kevin said.

"Ok whatever, move over," Lena said. Kevin got off the chair and Lena sat down instead. "I hope Craig does that try to hug me thing again. Throwing him across the room will really cheer me up."

"You can do that?" Sandi said questioningly.

"Yeah, piece of cake," Lena replied.

"You must be naturals then, no trained ones can do that," Sandi said.

"Nope, we're chosen," James said.

Sandi and Kevin glanced at each other, they both smiled nervously. "Well this generation sure is going to be safe then, well at least those two ships will be," Kevin said.

"Erm, thanks," Lena said.

"No you don't get it. We were our generations Chosen Slayers too," Sandi said.

Lena, James and Jessie glanced at each other. "Oh dear god," they all muttered.

"Ok Annika.. I've finally gotten some courage to ask you on a date. Will you go out with me?" Doctor Jones asked.

Annika's eyes widened. "Noo.. who pressed the 'take commands from everyone' button on the remote!?"

"Hehehehe," Duncan giggled and he ran out of the room.

What happened to Damien and Riker? Why did Annika help Fifth Voyager, when she knew she'd get it just as bad on the ships again? Will Sandi & Kevin adjust to 24th century life.. or should I say Fifth Voyager life? How will this generation cope with four Chosen Slayers? How will Lena, Jessie and possibly other girls cope with Kevin being on board? And why do Softmicron use guns and Game Cubes anyway?
Find out the answers to most of these questions in the next installment of Fifth Voyager!


****THE END****

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