The Games Matrix

Episode Synopsis
Voyager & the Enterprise answer a distress call from a planet that's been taken over by the Softmicron, but they get some help from an old foe

Special Guest Stars
Jeri Ryan as Annika
Gareth Gates as Damien
Johnathan Frakes as Riker

Guest Stars
Kym Marsh

19th - 20th October 2002

20th September 2007

Episode Based In
September 2378


The Mess Hall:
"No, it's nearly lunch time," Neelix replied as he put some cakes into the oven.

"But Neelix, we need to perform to promote our single," Lena said.

"Didn't you just release one last month?" Neelix asked.

"Yeah, so? There are only two bands on the ship," Lena replied.

"Correction, there's only one. You and James are not a band," Neelix said.

"We will be, Jessie's going to join us in a month or so. Please Neelix," Lena said, while putting both of her hands together.

"Hang on a second, what about James' new daughter. Don't you think he should be spending time with her?" Neelix asked.

Lena growled, she put her hands on her hips. "It's just four minutes! It's not like the song is an hour long!"

Kiara came over and stood beside Lena, "god help us if it was."

"Actually this song is different to the ones we've done before. Anyway it's not like we are doing a song that was performed by kids," Lena said.

"Lena.. most of my band are kids," Kiara muttered.

"You don't look like kids though. Oh forget it," Lena said.

"Neelix. Can my band perform?" Kiara asked.

"No! No music!" Neelix snapped.

"Oh but Neelix, do it for the cute little babies," Kiara said softly. Neelix started to think about it.

"Four cute babies and one scary monster more like," Lena corrected.

"I didn't the count the ugly girl's baby," Kiara muttered.

"It's a baby?" Lena said in surprise.

"Just one song," Neelix said.

"That's fine," both girls said.

"Not each, just one song," Neelix said. He went over to the side of the kitchen to chop some carrots.

"I convinced, it should be my band," Kiara said smugly.

"Yeah using the babies. One of those is my niece, she's also my other members daughters, so I think it's only fair that my band performs," Lena said.

"Band? Oh please Claire.. pass the message onto H that you are a duo," Kiara said sarcastically.

"How dare you compare us to H & Claire!" Lena yelled.

"Oh come on, everyone knows that James' actor is H," Kiara muttered.

"So we've heard many times. It's not like I'm played by Claire," Lena said.

"Yeah.. I'm sorry for comparing you to Claire," Kiara said quietly.

"Good.. me and James are performing," Lena said.

"No.. he should be with his kid," Kiara said.

"It's only four minutes. We've never performed this song before," Lena moaned.

"All right, god.. do parents always get their own way?" Kiara asked.

"I want some more coffee now!" Kathryn yelled as she stumbled into the room.

"No, not all of them," Lena replied.

"Luckily I'm prepared for this," Neelix said. He picked up a cup of decaf coffee. He rushed over to Kathryn. She grabbed the cup and she drank some. She immediately turned a little more sober.

"Woah, that stuff is great," Lena said.

"It won't last long, she may slowly turn hyper again," Neelix said. He went back to chopping carrots.

Kathryn went over to the table where James, Jessie, Duncan, Yasmin and of course Sasha were at. "Let's have a look at my granddaughter then!"

"I don't think that's a good idea, she might get scared," Jessie said.

"Of course she will, I'm still scared of Janeway," Yasmin said.

"But.. why would she be scared of me? James wasn't scared of me, neither was Kiara," Kathryn said.

"I must of been born blind," James muttered.

Kathryn put her hands on her hips. "Now that is not very nice. No one should be scared of just mere looks." She turned around, she saw the annoying girl's kid, she turned back around looking freaked out. "Oh my god.."

"I know, she's so beautiful," the annoying girl laughed.

"Where's that kids dad?" Kathryn asked.

"You kidding? He probably killed himself," Yasmin said.

Lena came over to the table, "we can perform our song."

"Good... when should we perform it?" James asked.

"After the meeting when dad comes here, he's going to love it," Lena said with an evil glint in her eye.

"I don't like that look at all," Kathryn muttered.

"Don't you think he should actually see the video when we do it?" James asked.

"Probably," Lena laughed.

"What happens in the video?" Kathryn asked.

"Let's just say there will be a lot of fighting involving holograms of people," Lena replied slyly.

"Does anybody get killed?" Yasmin asked.

"I dunno, it depends on how you look at it," James replied.

"Huh?" Yasmin muttered.

"Well you see Lena beating up someone, she always gets killed but you don't see that happen," James said.

"Maybe we should kill her," Lena said. Nearly everyone at the table groaned.

Meanwhile, at the planet Matshita:
A very familiar Federation ship was in orbit around the planet.

"You are useless, do you realise that?" Damien asked angrily.

"Whar?" Riker muttered as he stuffed his face with burgers.

"Ugh.. at least Annika was a useful recruit," Damien muttered.

"Useful? She's hot," Riker said.

"For crying out loud, is that all you think about?" Damien asked.

"Hey, I haven't had an onscreen romance since Troi," Riker protested. He stood up, bits of bun all fell onto the floor as he did.

"You're cleaning that up," Damien muttered.

"No I'm not," Riker mumbled as he started stuffing his face with crisps.

Annika came into the room, alive and well. Confused yet?

"Ah Annika, do you have good news?" Damien asked.

"Hell no.. Voyager's got all it's power back," Annika replied.

"WHAT!?" Damien exclaimed. Riker jumped, spilling all his crisps onto the floor.

"They must of fixed the problem, you should have given me two for that ship," Annika said.

"Well good going Annika, we'll have to use Plan A now. How come Plan B works worst when you use it first?" Damien grumbled.

"Hey it's not my fault that I fell into that fire. The Enterprise would of been destroyed if I hadn't, don't you think I feel bad enough as it is?" Annika asked huffily.

"No!" Damien yelled. He threw a heavy object at her, she fell unconscious.

"What's Plan A?" Riker asked as he crawled on the floor, eating all of his crisps.

"Plan A is usually the most evillest one, I don't know why Annika suggested doing Plan B," Damien replied.

"What is it?" Riker asked.

"All you need to know is that Voyager and the Enterprise will regret messing with my plans in the past. It ends here," Damien replied.

"What now?" Riker asked.

"Not now you imbecile! You spoilt the mood!" Damien yelled. He threw another heavy object at him. He fell unconscious.

Voyager, the Conference Room:
All of the main cast were sitting at the table. Chakotay was leading the meeting, Kathryn was obviously too hyper again.

"Ok.. we really need to sort out the Enterprise problem," Chakotay said.

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Crewmembers that are supposed to work on one ship keep going over to the other ship to work. I think we should sort out something permanent," Chakotay replied. He glanced at Lena.

"Ok, for the past few months I've been trying to find a first officer for the Enterprise. I've chosen one, and both mum & dad agree with me," Lena said.

Kathryn grinned, she handed a Tom a round object. His eyes lit up in shock when he saw it. "The first officer of the Enterprise will be Lieutenant Commander Paris," Kathryn said.

"Woah.. I don't know what to say," Tom stuttered.

"That's not fair, I should be first officer.. I've had more command experience than he has," Harry moaned.

"You don't even work on the Enterprise, sorry Harry," Chakotay said.

"Bryan will take Tom's place at the helm. Tani, since she knows quite a bit of Engineering stuff, will be Chief Engineer. James, Nikki, Jessie, Triah and Faye will be doing the same as they usually do on the Enterprise," Lena said as she read off a PADD.

"What about Voyager? We still haven't got somebody at Tactical, the helm, or even a Chief of Security," Harry asked.

"We're getting to that," Chakotay said. He picked up a PADD of his own. "Claire will take over helm. Ian will take over Tactical. Voyager and the Enterprise will have the same Chief of Security. Danny, Naomi, Faye and Emma will have to decide between themselves which Engineering they'd rather work in."

"Aaw, I want to work at Tactical," Emma moaned.

"And er.. moving on. Harry, Lena, you both have information on the black out yesterday?" Chakotay said questioningly.

Lena and Harry stood up, they both went over to the side wall panel. Lena fiddled with it, a picture of a small black device came up on the screen. "This was the culprit. It was made by Species 231, it was a weapon used against the Borg. It drains as much power as it can so it can overload and explode. Since it draws power, the explosion always causes a circuit failure. The whole ship becomes useless."

"Why would it be here?" Danny asked.

"There is several possibilities. One is that Annika left it as a parting gift before she left for the mission. You know, that one where that shuttle bus exploded for no reason," Lena replied.

"Why would she do that? She was a little less revenge obsessed when she was killed," Doctor Jones asked.

"She was, but even when she was treated people still refused to warm to her. This probably made her want to get revenge again," Lena replied.

"There is another possibility. Lena and Tani's old Borg Sphere had one of these devices, but they had similar systems to ours that would detect intruders," Harry said.

"But intruders weren't detected," Chakotay muttered.

"That's right. The same thing might of happened here," Lena said.

"If we can prove that it wasn't Annika then we'll have to be on high alert. We don't want this happening again," Kathryn said, sounding sober. Neelix smiled as he took away Kathryn's coffee cup full of decaf.

"Annika had a motive right, but what do these aliens have against us? We're not Borg," Tom asked.

"Some of us are I guess, but these people were peaceful.. they wouldn't do this unless we posed a threat to them. Also Species 231 are another ten thousand lightyears ahead of us," Lena replied.

"Then it must of been Annika," Triah said.

"Yeah.. but where did she get the devices from? She didn't leave the ship before the shuttle incident since.. oh god," Chakotay muttered.

"What?" everyone said questioningly.

"Wasn't she on her own for a while on Mercury? She could of easily been brainwashed without us knowing," Chakotay replied.

"That's right, for all we know she's been plotting against us for months," Kathryn said.

"She had been causing bother with those spells she was doing. First she cast that one that made Faye go power mad. Then she cast that one that made dad.." Lena said.

"I'll just stop you there," Chakotay said.

"What? Everyone will know soon anyway, our new song is all about that," Lena said. She grinned evilly.

"Oh crap," Chakotay muttered.

"Um well, since it must of been Annika then we don't have to worry about it happening again. She's dead after all," Kathryn said.

"Yeah but she always managed to come back," Tom muttered.

"Maybe that's true but she's not been seen on the ship for ages. That either means she's alive somewhere else or she's dead for good," Kathryn said. Everyone but Doctor Jones sighed in relief.

"Is that all for this meeting?" Chakotay asked. No one gave him an answer. "Ok, dismissed."


End of Part I

Part II


The Mess Hall:
Lena and James were standing on the small stage near microphones on stands. Craig came onto the stage carrying his guitar. "Are you sure you don't want to join the band properly, Craig?" Lena asked.

"Nah it's ok, it'll just be Virus again that way," Craig replied.

Lena glanced back at her microphone, she lowered it slighty. She glanced slowly at James, who was just staring at her with a raised eyebrow. "What?"

"You want Craig to join the band," James said.

"No, I was just being polite," Lena said sarcastically. She switched on her microphone, James eventually did the same. "Ok gang, we're going to perform our new song, Objection Tango. We've changed the lyrics slightly because it's dedicated to my dad." She nodded at Craig.

Craig went over to the mixer keyboard thing. He switched it on, it sounded like a violin was playing.

Eventually the music turned very rock style. James started the song off, "it's all her fault that she's so irresistible. But all the damage she's caused is unfixable. Every twenty seconds you repeat her name but when it comes to mum, you don't care. If she's alive or dead, so.."

Lena joined in for the chorus, "Objection, we don't want to be the exception. To get a bit of your attention. Love is for free and my mum's not your mother."

"But you don't even bother," James sang on his own.

"Objection, we're tired of this triangle," both of them sang.

"Got dizzy dancing tango," Lena sang on her own.

"We're falling apart in your hands again. No way, we've got to get away," both of them sang.

"Next to her cheap silicone mum looks minimal. That's why in front of your eyes she's invisible. But you've got to know small things also count. Better put your feet on the ground and see what it's about, so.." Lena sang.

The two of them started singing the chorus again. Meanwhile Chakotay was watching, not looking too happy.

"I wish there was a chance for you and her. I wish you could find your place to be away from here," James sang.

The pair took the microphones off the stands when slower music started. "This is pathetic and sardonic.." Lena said.

James took over quickly, "and sadistic, and psychotic. Tango is not for three.."

Lena took over again, "It was never meant to be. But you can try it, rehearse it, or train like a horse. But don't you count on us, don't you count on us dad!"

The music picked up again, the sang the chorus another two times. The song stopped suddenly. A lot of clapped and cheered at them. Lena, James and Craig started to put away all of the stuff.

"I bet Lena rewrote that song," Chakotay said to Kathryn.

"You don't have to bet, it's easy to tell," Phoebe said.

In: "Kim to Janeway."

Kathryn smiled and she tapped her commbadge. "Yes Harry?"

In: "We're receiving a distress call from a planet, they say that they are being attacked by Softmicron."

"Call for Red Alert and set a course. I'm on my way," Kathryn said. Most of the main cast rushed out of the room.

The Bridge, about five minutes later:
Kathryn, Chakotay, Claire and Ian rushed onto the Bridge. Some crewmembers moved away from the helm and Tactical as Claire and Ian took over.

"We're nearing the planet now," Harry said.

"There's another Federation ship in orbit.. it's the Pegasus," Ian said.

"Ohno.. this is not a good time," Kathryn muttered.

"They're hailing us," Harry said.

"Here we go, put them on screen," Kathryn said. She prepared for the usual camera close up.

The viewscreen came on showing the inside of the Pegasus Bridge.

"What are you doing here?" Kathryn asked angrily.

"We answered the distress call of course," Damien replied.

"You have got to be kidding me, you don't care about these people," Chakotay said.

"Oh but I do.. the Softmicron are a danger to everyone. The sooner we get rid of them the better," Damien said.

"I don't believe you, Damien, what is your plan this time?" Chakotay asked.

"Damn it!" Kathryn snapped. The camera moved in, she pushed it away angrily.

"The Softmicron are a threat to me. I don't want them in my way," Damien said.

"So, as soon as the Softmicron are out of the way you'll move in for the kill?" Harry said questioningly.

"No, these people are useless for goodness sake. I have a way to banish the Softmicron from this whole area, that way they're out of my territory. Now if you're not going to help I suggest you get out of the area," Damien said. The viewscreen went off.

"What do you think?" Chakotay asked.

"It seems like Damien to want to get other villains out of his way. But it doesn't seem like him to want to help another species to do it," Kathryn replied.

"Maybe he is telling the truth, we should help the people on the planet and just leave him to it. If he causes any bother we'll just do something when it comes," Chakotay said.

"Good idea," Kathryn said.

The planet:
Lena, Craig, James, Jessie, Yasmin and Harry rematerialised in a large building. An elderly man came up to them.

"You must be from Voyager. I am Turanga," the man said.

"I'm Lena. This is James, Craig, Jessie, Yasmin and Harry," Lena said as she pointed to each member of the team.

"Nice to meet you. We have been terrorised for the past few weeks by Game Cubes landing in populated areas. Each one dropping off hundreds of Softmicron," Turanga said.

"We've had some dealings with them before," James said.

"That's good, how did you get rid of them?" Turanga asked.

"It's a long story, let's just say it won't work here," James replied.

Everyone jumped when the door behind them opened and quickly closed. Everyone turned around and they saw Damien, Riker and Annika had just come in.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Lena asked.

"We're here to help," Damien replied.

"I know... I mean her!" Lena growled as she pointed at Annika.

"Hi to you too Lena," Annika muttered.

"Do you want to hear the plan or do you want to be uselessly heroic?" Damien asked.

Craig rolled his eyes. "What's the plan?"

"Softmicron come through Game Cubes, they have ships too but they prefer to use the Game Cubes. When one opens up a portal from their matrix opens up briefly. We use the weapon we created to close up the portal then, that way they won't be able to open up Game Cubes in this area.. then we kill all the remaining Softmicron," Damien said.

"That will work, that's a good plan," Harry muttered.

"Are you serious? I've seen Games Cubes emerge before, the portals are only open for a few seconds," Lena said.

"But we have a chance though," Annika said.

"Yeah a slim chance," Lena said.

"I think we should do it," Harry said.

"All right, let's do it. I'll contact Voyager," Lena said.

Captains Log Stardate something something, oh forget it! Anyway we have forged a temporary alliance with Damien as we try to save a planet from the Softmicron. I have a bad feeling about what is going to happen regarding Damien, but his plan could save these people.

The control centre:
Turanga lead Lena and James to a large viewport that showed the city. "The reason why I have asked you both here is I want to show you what you are up against." He pointed towards the viewport. Outside there were thousands of different monsters roaming the streets attacking people.

"We're not going to be able to kill off these Softmicron, there's too many of them," Lena said quietly.

"Yes but I know that you're both the Chosen Slayers. You've got to help us, closing the portal will only stop it getting worse," Turanga said.

"Yeah but we're not invincible. Maybe if there was a few of them we'd have a good chance," James said.

"Hang on, how did you know who we were?" Lena asked.

"Your Captain told me of course," Turanga replied.

Lena sighed as she placed her hand on her forehead. "Look Turanga. We can't fight all these Softmicron on our own, there's too many of them to handle. We could kill a few but that'll mean nothing to them."

"There must be another way, please these things are destroying us," Turanga said.

In: "Oy, Idiot Slayers!"

In: "Gimme back my commbadge, freak!"

"How did that reach us?" Lena muttered questioningly.

James tapped his commbadge, "Jess, what's going on?"

In: "She won't stop asking me stupid questions, that's what is going on!"

"I asked Jessie, Damien. Give her her commbadge back," James muttered.

In: "Look I don't trust him ok, have you seen this weapon of his?"

In: "It is designed to close any kind of portal, including wormholes. God, you stupid witch!"

"Look, I'll come over there. Just beam me aboard," James said. He tapped his commbadge again.

"I take it you don't trust her onboard on her own," Lena said.

"Something like that yeah, see you later," James said just before he dematerialised.

"When is the next Game Cube due?" Lena asked.

Turanga pulled out a small device he looked at it. "Ten minutes."

"Just give us a little while, we'll come up with a plan eventually," Lena said.

"Thank you, my people appreciate it," Turanga said.

Pegasus B, the Bridge:
Jessie was sitting on one of the chairs next to Riker, he kept eyeing her. Damien was standing nearby.

"You're much nicer when you're not evil," Riker said.

"I won't be nice in a minute, keep your eyes on your food," Jessie muttered.

Riker shrugged, he continued to stuff his face with a couple of hot dogs.

"You can have a look at the weapon yourself if you don't trust me. Would I do that if I was hiding something?" Damien said.

"No, but why would you call it a weapon if it only closed portals?" Jessie asked.

"I'd like to see you think of a name," Damien replied.

"What about a device," Jessie said.

"Oh fine, fatso.. you didn't have to embarrass me!" Damien yelled.

"Hey, I just gave birth recently! I'm not fat!" Jessie snapped.

"Same thing," Damien muttered.

Annika and James came out of the turbolift, "I kept an eye on him for you Damien."

"Can you keep an eye on me?" Riker asked in a flirty voice. Annika just shrugged.

"You didn't have to do that, Annika. We're all working together.. just Jessie here doesn't believe that," Damien said.

"Look Damien if you're really sincere you'll treat your guests a little better," James said.

"Are you here to tell me off, is that it? You could of done that over the comm," Damien asked.

"No, we have another problem we need to solve before we do anything," James replied.

"Oh and what's that?" Damien asked with a smug look on his face.

"There's too many Softmicron on the planet already, we won't be able to kill them all," James replied.

"That's easy, as soon as the portal is closed we can destroy the city," Damien said.

"I knew it, you're not interested in helping these people," Jessie said.

"Shut up witch, why are you even here anyway!" Damien yelled.

"That's a good question, why don't you answer it," James said towards Damien.

"I told you, they're in my way," Damien said.

"Apparently so are the people down there," James said.

"You're right.. you said it yourself there is no way to kill them all. This is actually the only way, unless.." Damien said slyly.

"Unless what?" James asked.

"Here we go," Jessie muttered.

"I have it.. those people will survive, I will have the most powerful creatures on my side.." Damien said.

"Oh don't tell me, you're going to brainwash them," Jessie said.

"That's not going to help anyone," James said.

"Oh it will, it'll help the people down there and it'll help me. Not you and your crew of course, I really want to get rid of you," Damien said.

"This makes sense now, you're using their problem for your advantage. We should have worked it out sooner," James said.

"Yes you should have.. well if you people had brains you would of," Damien said.

"Wait a minute, if you keep losing to them then how brainless are you?" Annika asked.

"Shut up you, activate the weapon," Damien ordered. He pulled out a phaser and he went over to James, he held his hand out. "The commbadge, I could do with another one for my collection."

James sighed, he handed the Damien his commbadge. "It's funny... the rest of the crew will never know about this until it's too late. I mean you guys haven't even figured it all out yet."

"What do you mean?" Jessie asked as she stood up. Riker pointed his hotdog at her, he quickly ate it and pointed a phaser. Damien just rolled his eyes.

"It means that finally a Plan A is working," Damien sniggered.

"The Game will be coming in less than a minute," Annika said.

"You know what to do," Damien said.

"I know, I know.. press the button," Annika muttered. She went over to a console, she pressed a single red button.

"I hope you said goodbye to your brats on the ship," Damien said, he burst out laughing.

"Captain, I'm getting some strange readings from the Pegasus," Ian said.

"What is it, this maybe Damien's little trick," Kathryn asked.

"It's the weapon, he's firing too early," Ian replied.

"On screen," Chakotay ordered.

Everyone saw the Pegasus firing on the planet's atmosphere, suddenly a large portal opened nearby all three of the ships.

"It's done the opposite of what it's supposed to do," Ian said.

"More than that, it's pulling us in," Claire said.

"Reverse engines," Kathryn ordered.

"You know that never works," Claire muttered, but she tried anyway.

"Captain, the Enterprise is being pulled in too," Ian said.

"What about the Pegasus?" Chakotay asked.

"The portal opened too far away from it," Claire replied.

"Put a tractor beam on them, I'll be damned if he's going to get away with it," Kathryn said angrily.

"Can't... they're going down to the planet," Ian said.

"We'll be inside the portal in twenty seconds," Claire said.

"Do you have any idea where it leads too?" Chakotay asked.

"My guess is that it leads to the Games Matrix, the portal has the same energy readings as a Game Cube," Ian replied.

The control centre:
The rest of the awayteam were inside a control room with Turanga.

"That weapon opened up a portal in space, that leads to the Softmicron's realm," Turanga said.

"Why's he doing that?" Craig asked.

"Oh god.. Voyager and the Enterprise are being pulled into it," Lena replied.

"That's why," Craig muttered.

"Can we do anything from here?" Lena asked.

"No there isn't, we haven't got anything that could stop it in time," Turanga replied.

"Wait a minute, wasn't James and Jessie on the Pegasus?" Harry asked.

"There's nothing they can do now, both ships are gone," Lena muttered.

"They have.. excuse me a second," Yasmin said. She took a deep breath and then she yelled as loud as she could, "BOB!"

"Who's Bob?" Craig asked.

"I don't know, I have a feeling that was just a skit something line," Yasmin replied.

The Pegasus:
"It's done, Damien," Annika laughed.

"What's done?" Jessie asked.

"Ha, you'll find out," Annika replied.

"No they won't, I've been wanting to kill you two for a while. Riker, get ready to fire," Damien said.

"Aaaw, but she's so hot," Riker moaned.

"Ugh for crying out loud, my actor thinks so but so what," Damien groaned.

"Oh yeah, he has taste," Riker said. He winked at Jessie, she just groaned.

"Just kill her when I give the order," Damien said.

"Riker, just beam us to the control centre," Jessie said.

"Ok, as you long as you go out with me," Riker said.

"No you fool!" Damien growled.

Jessie glanced over at James, she then glanced back over at Riker. She crossed her fingers behind her back. "Ok, I will.. just beam us."

"Ok!" Riker said happily. He quickly pressed some controls on the computer nearby. James and Jessie beamed away straight away.

"You idiot!" Damien snapped. He shot Riker in the stomach, he fell to the ground.

"Don't worry about it, they're going to die down there anyway," Annika said.

"Yes you're right, revenge will be mine soon," Damien said evilly.


End of Part II


What will happen to Voyager and the Enterprise? When did Annika get brainwashed anyway? Does she even have a brain to be washed? Why did the crew trust Damien in the first place? And why did Yasmin scream the name Bob earlier?
Find out the answers to most of these questions in the next installment of Fifth Voyager!



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