Voyager Nights
(Parts 1  2  3  4)

Guest Stars
Shinchirou Miki
Kym Marsh
Holly Valance
Peter Ververis

Written By

12th - 13th October 2002

Episode Based In
September 2378


Last time on Fifth Voyager
"Jessie really needs to get to Sickbay. She only has two weeks to go, and you know what usually happens in space... early labour," Doctor Jones said.

"You try and get her out of the quarters then, cos I bloody can't," James said angrily.

"So that means that you and James are brother and sister," Emma giggled.

"Half brother and sister, we've got different dads," Lena said.

"I'm thinking that maybe she can go to Cargo Bay 2 for a girls get together," Doctor Jones said.

"Yes that's nice, I have work to do Doctor," Kathryn said angrily.

"Which is a living creature also. It's been around for over half a year, why are you complaining now?" Chakotay asked.

"Because.. because it keeps going in my quarters," Harry replied, blushing slightly.

"You and Emma nearly.." Chakotay said.

"So, at least I don't love Janeway," Harry said quickly. Ian sniggered.

"I don't love Janeway! Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to give her this complaint of yours," Chakotay said angrily.

"Everything. Duncan spilt my coffee, I accidentally replicated tea, but that's the least of my troubles. All of that has made me realise how unlucky I am," Kathryn replied.

"Kathryn, don't talk like that. I tell you what, we can have dinner in my quarters tonight. That may cheer you up," Chakotay said.

"Hopefully you won't have to worry about hiding for long, I have something for you," B'Elanna said. She handed the PADD to Jessie.

"What is it?" Jessie asked.

"I got it from the database, it's only for woman overdue but I know that the last few weeks are the ones that last the longest. It's tips on how to get into labour," B'Elanna replied.

"Yeah.. she's going to try number 11," Jessie replied.

"Oh well, you're not overdue. If you do get overdue, you'll have to try some of them," James said as he put the PADD onto the table.

"I don't care, this is killing me," Jessie said.

"I guess it's only two weeks, it shouldn't hurt going into labour early," James said.

"Exactly. Which one should I do?" Jessie asked.

James shrugged, "any of them, just not number 11."

"Look this is getting ridiculous! I feel like I'm wasting away in these quarters, everyone else gets early labour but me! I want this kid out of me, I don't care how I do it!" Jessie exclaimed.

"No offense but you are nine months pregnant and.." James said.

"And you've got no excuse, you're a Chosen Slayer for crying out loud! Are you man or a mouse?" Jessie exclaimed. She was about to continue yelling but James quickly started kissing her. She pushed him away from her, "what are you doing!?"

"Getting that kid out of you that's what!" James yelled back.

Duncan chose that moment to walk into the room with Kirsty. He pulled a disgusted face while Kirsty giggled just like her mum would do in her position. "Dad, can't you keep your hands off my mum when she's pregnant!" Duncan yelled.

Lena turned towards Annika's old alcove. She saw a light flashing on it, but the alcove was switched off.

"Tan, Emma... get away from the alcove," Lena said.

"What for?" Tani asked.

"Just do it," Lena replied.

Tani stood up, she and Emma backed away from the alcove. Lena went over to the light, it was coming from a small black device. She took one look at it and she backed away. "Oh my god.." Suddenly whatever it was exploded! Lena, Tani and Emma were thrown backwards. Luckily Tani and Emma weren't hurt, they got up quickly.

Triah rushed over holding a handy tricorder. "We can't stay in here, this room is filling with radiation. I don't know what that thing was but it looks like it was connected to a power conduit."

Tani and Emma went over to Lena who hadn't moved since the explosion. She was unconscious, she also had burns on her face and arms. Nikki rushed over, she checked her pulse.

"I think she's alive," Nikki said.

"Oh that's assuring, you're a really good nurse," Tani said sarcastically.

There was a small explosion in the Cargo Bay, it was right next to a power conduit. The room is filling with radiation," Harry replied.

"Beam everyone out of there!" Tom ordered.

"I can't, the explosion has caused a power overload. It won't be long before the whole power system.." Harry said. The lights suddenly went off, so did all the consoles. "short circuits and makes the whole ship useless."

"How long?" Tom asked.

"About two hours, at least," Harry replied.

"I guess we'll just have to wait for the Enterprise, they're our only hope," Tom said.

"I wonder where everyone is?" Bryan asked.

"Who cares, we have the Bridge to ourselves!" Yasmin yelled. She fell off the chair.

And now the conclusion
Cargo Bay Two:
Nikki and Tani were both in Lena's view when she woke up. She quickly sat up. "Nikki, get that flashlight out of my face!" she yelled.

"It worked didn't it," Nikki said. She handed the torch to Triah who was standing nearby.

"What the hell was that thing anyway, you seemed to know what it was?" Tani asked.

Lena gently placed her hand over her burnt face. "You mustn't of been with me when some of us spotted a similar device on the Borg Sphere."

"Mustn't of been," Tani muttered.

"It's a device that drains power from the ship very slowly. It was used against the Borg because it wasn't easily detected. Eventually the device overloads, explodes and takes out the entire power system," Lena said.

"One of those were on the sphere?" Tani asked.

"Yeh, we managed to detach it before it exploded," Lena replied.

"If it's a weapon against the Borg why is it here?" Triah asked.

"I don't know, we have Borg crewmembers.. and it was next to Annika's old alcove. Then again we thought no one had gotten onto the sphere to place it, probably the same people put it here without detection," Lena replied as she stood up.

"Or Annika left it here as a parting gift," B'Elanna said.

"Maybe... she was intent on getting her own back on us," Triah said.

"No, she was trying to distract us from a plasma fire near the core that would of killed us," Lena said.

"Yeah.. on the Enterprise. This is Voyager," B'Elanna said.

"You're forgetting that Voyager was quite far away when she decided to kill herself," Lena said.

"Am I the only one here who thinks it's more important to get out of here, than find out how that thing got here in the first place?" Jessie asked.

"We can't get out of here. When power goes down the Cargo Bay doors close and they're impossible to open," Triah said.

"Who's smart idea was that anyway?" B'Elanna asked angrily.

"Does it matter? You can't murder them," Triah replied.

"The only thing we can do now is wait for the Enterprise to help out, I guess," Tani said.

"No, the only thing we can do now is find some repair equipment and fix that power conduit," Lena said.

"What in the dark?" Tani asked.

"Yes.. we haven't got a choice have we? It won't stop the radiation leak but if we fix the conduit we'll be able to leave the room," Lena replied.

"Oh yeah, as far as we know there is no repair equipment.." Tani said.

"As far as we know we're the only ones who can help the entire ship. No one will be able to get in here and fix the problem. You can't fix the entire problem elsewhere," Lena said.

Tani pouted, "well you're a Slayer, can't you open the doors?"

"Fine, I'll try.. you guys look for repair equipment," Lena ordered.

"Excuse me, I have the highest rank here, Lena. You only command the Enterprise," B'Elanna said.

"True but I didn't see you coming up with any ideas. Let's get to work," Lena said.

She went over to the main doors and she tried to open them. Most of the other girls went looking around the room, well ones without flash lights had to just feel around.

"Uhoh," Jessie muttered.

Lena looked her way looking teed off, "damn crappy doors. What do you mean by uhoh?"

"I mean uhoh," Jessie replied.

"What's the uhoh for, we're already going to die.. what else can be wrong?" Lena asked.

"I think.. no I have gone into labour," Jessie said quietly.

"You stupid b***h, this is not the time," Tani said angrily.

"I don't control it!" Jessie yelled towards her.

"Ok, don't panic.. we have people who can help her, right?" Lena asked.

"I am a nurse, remember," Nikki said.

"Ok, we can panic," Lena muttered.

"I already have," Tani muttered.

"That's so typical, I'm overdue and she's giving birth early," B'Elanna said.

"Yeah well I'm nine months, you're only six!" Jessie yelled.

"What year old or pregnant?" Nikki asked sounding confused. A few people groaned.

"Yes well you were dead for a few months, in a way I've been pregnant longer!" B'Elanna yelled.

"Being dead is worse than being pregnant, so there!" Jessie yelled.

"Well there's a theory you two can test out in a few hours," Tani said.

"Come on, we have to work faster. The quicker we get out of here, the better," Lena said.

The Bridge:
Tom stumbled over to where Harry & James was, next to the Engineering Station. Craig was standing around doing nothing.

"How's it going?" Tom asked.

Harry and James turned around, James accidentally directed the flash light he had towards Tom.

"Ow, hey watch it!" Tom said angrily

"Sorry.. didn't mean that," James said.

"Yeah, I'm sure you didn't," Tom said sarcastically. He rubbed his eyes for a few seconds. "How's it going?"

"Quite well, there are several power circuits around Voyager. They are all connected like one big circuit. The explosion did cause all of them to short circuit," Harry replied.

"We've found a way for the nearby circuit to the Cargo Bay to disconnect with that one. Once that's done we can get power back," James said.

"Uh huh, do I sense a but coming?" Tom asked.

"Uh yeah. The area around the Cargo Bay will still be powerless, the doors to that bay are more or less impossible to open," Harry replied.

"That's easy, we just use transporters," Craig said.

"No.. it's never a good idea to use transporters in an area full of radiation," Harry said.

"So once we fix the power problem we can then work out the other problem. How long will this take?" Tom asked.

"At least an hour, we need about half an hour to get down there," Harry replied.

"That's not good enough," Tom said.

"Well it's all we can do without the Enterprise. I guess as far as we know a team is over here now fixing the problem," Harry said.

"As far as we know the Enterprise doesn't know what's going on. You and James will have to go and fix the problem, while me and Craig try to find a way to get the girls out," Tom said.

"I like that plan," Craig said.

"I don't," James said.

"Why not?" Tom asked.

"I can see it now, Craig will go to Lena and just concentrate on helping her... if she's hurt or not. You will go to B'Elanna, what about the others?" James asked.

"I won't just go to Lena," Craig said, trying to sound innocent.

"I won't just go for B'Elanna either, I'll get her out first.. she is pregnant after all. You're right about Craig though. Have you got a better plan?" Tom asked.

"Yeah.. I take Craig's place," James replied.

"But.. you'll be just as biased. You'll go straight to Jessie," Harry said.

"Maybe I will, but family members are down there too. Besides Craig would only want to go to show off to Lena," James said.

"That is so not true," Craig said innocently.

"It doesn't matter who comes with me ok. So I'll choose," Tom said.

Craig stuck his tongue out at James, "ha, I'll get chosen and you won't."

"God, people tell me to grow up," James muttered.

Tom rolled his eyes, "right.. James you're with me. Harry, Craig.. you two get that circuit fixed."

James, Harry and Craig stared at him in shock, Tom looked confused.

"You want James to go with you, have you got a death wish?" Harry asked.

"Hey.. killing Tom will slow us down," James muttered.

"Yeah true, but you two arguing would slow you down too," Craig said.

"We haven't got time to debate this now, we have to get to work," Tom said.

Chakotay's Quarters:
"God this is like Thrown Key all over again," Chakotay muttered as he tried to pull open the doors.

"Tell me about it," Kathryn said, shaking like mad.

"Are you ok?" Chakotay asked.

"Sure... I really should cut down on coffee again," Kathryn replied.

"Like that'll ever happen," Chakotay muttered to himself.

"What was that?" Kathryn asked.

"Nothing," Chakotay replied.

He finally got the doors open, like the room they were in.. the corridors were pitch black. "Come on, we'd better get to the Bridge to find out what's going on." He and Kathryn left the room.

James and Tom were both going down one of the jeffries tube. Tom was in front, he was the only one with a flashlight. "We're nearing the ladder down to Deck Three, this ain't going to take long after all."

"Are you kidding, it's been an hour or something just to get here," James said.

Tom looked puzzled, he stopped and turned to James. "Where did you get that idea? We've only been in the tube for five minutes."

"Have we? Doesn't seem like that," James said, he stopped too.

"For some reason I'd doubt that it would take an hour to get to Deck Two from Deck One," Tom said. He started to continue down the tube again, but he stopped when he noticed James wasn't moving. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah.. is the tube getting more cramped?" James asked.

Tom sighed, "don't tell me you're claustrophobic as well as being scared of the dark."

"Ok, I won't tell you," James said.

"Great... why didn't you tell me before?" Tom asked.

"Doesn't matter, that's why," James replied.

"I think it does, but never mind. The faster we get out of here the better," Tom said.

They both continued down the tube, eventually they both reached one of the doors leading to the ladders. The door was fully closed.

"Ohno," Tom muttered as he tried to open the door. "Can you open this?" he asked as he turned to James.

"No way.. I need something to pull it open with," James replied.

"We're near the Mess Hall.. you'd could get a knife from there," Tom said.

"Right.. be right back," James said. He turned around and went the other way.

The Mess Hall:
Neelix was going around the room looking really nervous, he had a tray of food in one of his hands. He kept offering the food to crewmembers. Suddenly there was loud banging on one of the doors that was slightly open. Neelix jumped a mile in fright. The tray landed on the floor, when it did everyone sighed in relief.

Neelix rushed over to the kitchen, he picked up a knife and he went over to the door. "Ok, stop right there! I'm armed!"

"Neelix.. it's only me," James' voice said.

Neelix lowered the knife, as he did the doors were finally pulled apart. James took the knife off Neelix, he immediately pouted. "That was mine."

"I'll bring it back. How is everyone?" James asked.

"I think everyone's fine. What is going on?" Neelix asked.

"There was an explosion in the Cargo Bay, the whole ship has lost power," James replied.

"So there's no aliens intruders then?" Neelix asked.

"Nope, I think next time arm yourself with a pan or something," James replied. He left the room.

"Or his snacks," one crewmember sniggered. Everyone laughed in agreement.

Cargo Bay Two, ten minutes later:
"Ohno," B'Elanna said.

"Ohno.. you'd better not be..." Lena said angrily.

"Sorry Lena, I don't decide it.. I'm going into labour too," B'Elanna said.

"Oh for crying out loud, is there something in the radiations that's causing this?" Tani asked.

"I hope not, even girls who are not pregnant might go into labour," Lena replied. She walked away.

Tani's eyes widened, "oh god!"

Jeffries Tube, Deck Two:
James was busy trying to pull the doors apart using the knife, Tom was sitting nearby. "So, how did you get claustrophobic?"

James stopped what he was doing for a brief second, "I'd rather not talk about it."

"I know it seems dumb, but it may take your mind of where you are," Tom said.

James rolled his eyes, "fine. I was about four when my dad decided to throw me inside a cupboard for four days. Well I'm guessing that was when I first got claustrophobic"

"Gee, I thought I had a bad dad," Tom muttered.

The doors opened up, James handed Tom the knife. "Just in case there's another door like it."

"I take it you don't trust yourself with it," Tom said. He climbed out of the tube, James followed him.


End of Part III

Part IV


Cargo Bay Two, about an hour later:
"Great, there's no repair equipment so there's no escape. Also we've got two people in labour. This is not my day," Lena muttered as she sat next to Tani.

"Stop moaning Lena, I'm the one in pain!" B'Elanna yelled.

"You asked for it though," Jessie pointed out.

"So did you," B'Elanna muttered.

"Yeah but that was before we got trapped in here only," Jessie said.

Tani and Lena rolled their eyes. Emma, Kiara and Triah came over to the pair. "Maybe we should kill them now, it would save us some sanity," Emma said.

"I hope you're joking," Lena muttered.

"Of course I am, I don't even have any sanity," Emma said. She grinned in her usual way.

"Tell me about it," Kiara said.

"You know there's one other girl in here that's pregnant, who bets that she'll go into labour too?" Triah asked. The other four girls put up their hands. The other pregnant girl noticed them, she grinned and waved at them.

"Ookay then," Lena muttered.

Nikki came over to the girls. "Right can someone explain something to me?"

"Pregnant means they have kids inside them," Lena said slowly.

"I know what pregnant means silly. I just want to know why it's taking them so long," Nikki said.

"It's only been an hour and a half," Triah said.

"Yes but my people give birth in five minutes, it's quite painless," Nikki said.

"Well they're human, Nikki.. of course it's different," Triah said.

"Half human!" B'Elanna yelled.

"Whatever," Triah muttered.

"So what am I supposed to do?" Nikki asked.

"You can't really do anything yet, keep them lying down.. keep them calm, and er keep an eye on them I guess," Triah replied.

"They can't stay lying down like that, what happens when it's time?" Nikki asked.

Everyone groaned. "Don't tell me, your species has the babies coming out of the back, right?" Lena asked.

"Duh, that's where it should be," Nikki replied.

"In case you haven't noticed but B'Elanna and Jessie don't have the.. lumps on their backs, they have them on the front," Lena said.

"So where do they come out then?" Nikki asked.

Everyone looked at her with raised eyebrows. "I really hope someone will come and save us soon," Triah muttered.

"Hell yeah," Tani said.

The Bridge:
Kathryn and Chakotay climbed out of the jeffries tube to find an empty Bridge. As they did the power meekly came back on. Kathryn glanced at Chakotay before tapping her commbadge. "Janeway to Paris, come in."

In: "Paris here."

"Tom, where are you. How did you get the power on?" Kathryn asked.

In: "I didn't, Craig and Harry must of got it back. I would avoid using so much of it until the whole thing is fixed."

"So where are you?" Kathryn asked.

In: "We're near the Cargo Bay to get the girls out of the Cargo Bay."

"We can transport them out," Chakotay said as he went over to a console.

In: "No, there's high radiation in the area. If you try to transport them out then it will cause a chain reaction."

"Ok, get them to a safe area and we'll get the Enterprise to transport them to their Sickbay. Janeway out," Kathryn said.

In: "Right."

Cargo Bay Two:
"Oh wow, I love that feeling," the pregnant girl sighed.

"What?" everyone muttered.

"I've gone into labour, isn't that so cool!" the girl grinned.

Everyone who wasn't in labour looked pretty annoyed. "How much did I win?" Triah asked.

"Death, we haven't got long left," Lena muttered in response.

"But.. I don't want to miss labour," the girl said.

"God, is this girl just weird or is it just me," Jessie groaned.

"Of course she's weird, this is my third labour and I know it's not a pleasant experience!" B'Elanna yelled.

Everyone jumped when there was a loud bang against the door. Lena stood up and she went over to it. A knife came through the gap in the door, it started to open slowly.

"Oh finally," Triah sighed.

Lena managed to get her hand through the gap in the door and she started to help pull it open. Eventually the door was opened far enough for James and Tom to get in.

"Is everyone ok here?" Tom asked.

"Well?" Lena said quietly.

"TOM! Get your a** over here now!" B'Elanna yelled.

"I should have guessed that would happen," Tom muttered. He went over to B'Elanna's side.

"You wouldn't believe it but B'Elanna's not the only one," Lena said. She got out of the way so the other girls were able to leave the bay.

"Oh god," James said. He rushed over to where Jessie was. Meanwhile Tom was trying to help B'Elanna onto her feet.

"It's about bloody time, what took you so long?" Jessie asked.

"Sorry but pitch black jeffries tubes are quite hard to get through for me," James replied as helped Jessie onto her feet.

Tom, James, Jessie, B'Elanna and Lena headed out of the bay. "Er.. what about me?" the girl asked. Lena stopped and she groaned. She went over to her, she got her onto her feet a little too quickly. She helped her walk out of the bay.

Enterprise, Sickbay:
Doctor Jones appeared next to Freddie, he looked rather confused. "Dr Garvin, go to Voyager's Sickbay.. there maybe more injured there. I need to go to the Enterprise's Holodeck."

"What for?" Freddie asked.

"Three girls are in labour, I think we need a bigger place just in case anyone else is injured," Doctor Jones replied. He fiddled with the nearby console. He and Freddie disappeared.

Harry and Craig rushed down the corridor, Harry had a tricorder. "The radiation has spread to here," Harry said.

"As soon as everyone's out of the radiation area we should put a forcefield up," Craig said.

"Good idea," Harry said.

Emma, Kiara, Triah, Tani, Nikki, Phoebe and Naomi came down the corridor, Nikki kept looking back as she did.

"Where's Lena?" Craig asked.

"Keep your pants on, she's with Tom and the others," Tani replied.

Harry tapped his commbadge, "Kim to Bridge. Seven of the girls are here, beam them to the Enterprise."

"No wait, I want to see those guys again," Nikki said.

In: "Transporting now."

The girls all dematerialised. Just as they did Tom, B'Elanna, James and Jessie came down the corridor. Craig looked panicky as they did. "Where the hell is Lena?"

"She's helping the other girl," James replied.

"Ok, that's four more directly to Sickbay," Harry said.

In: "Acknowledged."

The four dematerialised also. Craig started walking backwards and forwards, but Harry smacked him on the arm to stop him. He pointed down the corridor. Lena and the other girl was coming.

"Right, beam us all up now," Harry said. He and the others dematerialised

Enterprise, Holodeck One:
Doctor Jones had the holodeck create a small hospital, Lee and Nikki came over to him. "Really nice. If you could do this before why do we even use Sickbay?" Lee asked.

"It would take up too much power having it on 24/7, now we really should get treating patients. Nikki, you treat the patients that are not in labour. Lee and I will handle the three girls," Doctor Jones replied.

He and Lee rushed into another room. Jessie, B'Elanna and the other girl were all lying on beds in a ward. Another guy had joined the pregnant girl.

"Wow.. did you feel that?" the girl asked. The guy had his arms around her, he grinned like a kid.

"Oh yeah, that is so great," the guy replied.

"Oh please," Jessie and B'Elanna groaned.

Doctor Jones rushed over to the girl. "Ruth, what is wrong?"

"Another contraction," the girl replied.

Doctor Jones scanned her. "We'd better get you to the operating room to give birth in ten minutes."

"Really, that's a shame," Ruth said.

Jessie and B'Elanna stared at her, mouths and eyes wide in shock. "Doc? How long have I got?" Jessie asked.

"And me?" B'Elanna said quickly.

Doctor Jones went up to Jessie first, he scanned her. "You've got another two hours."

"That's not fair, I went into labour first!" Jessie yelled.

"Yelling's not going to help and er.. moving on," Doctor Jones stuttered. He moved over to B'Elanna. "You've got another hour." B'Elanna growled at him. "Yes you have.. I have to go over the other patient." He rushed over to Ruth and her boyfriend.

"Are these your first?" Ruth asked.

"No," B'Elanna replied, while trying to keep calm.

"Er Jess.. she was talking to you too," James said. Jessie pulled a fake upset face at him.

"Do I have to talk to her?" Jessie asked quietly.

"Yes you do," Tom replied for James.

Jessie slowly looked over at Ruth. "No," she said.

"Oh.. it's great, labour isn't it?" Ruth asked.

Jessie and B'Elanna glanced at each other, "not really."

Ruth glanced to her boyfriend looking shocked, "I feel sorry for them. I really do."

"I feel sorry for him," B'Elanna muttered.

"Ok, we'd better get you into the operating theatre," Doctor Jones said. He rushed Ruth out of the room, her boyfriend stayed by her side.

"This is so not fair," Jessie groaned. James rubbed her arm.

"It's ok, it'll be over with soon," James said.

"That's a matter of opinion," Jessie muttered.

B'Elanna laughed then she cringed in pain. "Crappin' hell!" She grabbed Tom's hand as she did, he yelled out in pain.

"Crap, she's broke my hand!" Tom yelled. Jessie laughed at him. "James, get that regenerator."

"No, I'm busy," James said.

"No you're not," Tom muttered.

This time Jessie cringed in pain, she grabbed James' hand. "YES HE IS!"

A teenaged guy came in dragging another pregnant teen girl in by the hand. "I don't need you to be with me b***ard!"

"Don't even try and get me away from this, b***h!" the teenaged guy yelled.

"Lovely pet names, right honey," Tom said to B'Elanna.

"If you don't shut up I will use a similar pet name!" B'Elanna yelled.

"Ookay," Tom squeaked.

Lee helped the teenaged girl onto the bed, as the teen guy looked over at B'Elanna and Jessie. B'Elanna only noticed, she glared at him with an evil glint in her eyes. He quickly turned away.

Tom glanced at Jessie, and then at James. "James, can I talk to you?"

James glanced at Jessie, she rolled her eyes and then nodded. James and Tom went a bit further away from the ward beds. "This is going to be hell, do you realise that?" Tom asked.

"For you," James replied.

"Jessie and B'Elanna are the ones on the ship with the lowest tempers. We're not going to survive this," Tom said.

"It won't be that bad, it's not like they're going to be in labour that long," James said.

The teenaged guy looked at Jessie, she slowly glanced at him. He went over to her.

"Hi, I'm Christopher," the guy said.

Jessie looked disgusted and tired at the same time. "Hi, that guy over there is my future husband. James!" James and Tom looked over at Jessie and Christopher. "I can't be bothered to fend him off.."

Christopher burst out laughing as James came over to him. "What are you laughing at?"

"You? I feel sorry for that girl of yours.. are you coming to beat me up?" Christopher asked sarcastically.

"Yeh.. outside," James replied. He headed for the door, Christopher smirked and followed him. He glanced at Tom, Jessie and B'Elanna.

"This is not going to take long," Christopher sniggered. He walked out of the room.

"He's right as well," Tom muttered.

A few seconds later James came back in, he went straight back over to Jessie.

"Told ya," Tom said.

"I think that guy needs a doctor," James said.

"Aaaw sweetie," Jessie said as she stroked his face.

"Sweetie?" Tom sniggered.

"Shut up or you'll need a doctor too," James muttered.

"Oh god.. I think it's time!" the teen girl screamed.

"What, already?" B'Elanna asked angrily.

Doctor Jones rushed in, "who yelled?"

"I did!" the girl yelled.

"Ok, let's have a scan," Doctor Jones said. He scanned her. "Right, we'd better get you to the operating theatre."

"I really don't believe this," Jessie muttered.

Fifty minutes later:
Jessie beckoned James to her. He leaned down, "what is it?"

"I don't want to put up with another hour, can we do something about that?" Jessie asked quietly.

"We can't do anything about it," James replied.

"Yes we can.. we can finish off what we were doing before," Jessie said quietly.

"No Jess.. it won't work," James said.

"Ok honey," Jessie said, looking rather upset.

"Jessie, where did these pet names come from?" James asked.

"I don't know," Jessie replied.

Another pregnant girl came into the room, she saw Jessie and B'Elanna and she gasped. "Oh.. my.. gawd!" she exclaimed in a really annoying accent. She laughed in a really irritating way.

"Oh my god," B'Elanna muttered.

"This is so cool, I've been in labour for five hours and it feels great to be able to share it with you lot," the annoying girl said.

"Five hours and you didn't go to Sickbay," Tom muttered.

Doctor Jones came over to her, he scanned her. "You should have came here earlier, we need to get to the theatre."

"I should be due soon, come on get out!" B'Elanna yelled at her stomach.

"No, I'm first!" Jessie yelled at her.

"No, me!" B'Elanna yelled. She cringed, then she screamed. "Oh crap, it's my turn!"

"If you don't like it, I'll have your turn," Jessie said.

"You can't go now, Doctor Jones is helping that annoying girl give birth," Tom said.

"I am less annoying than her, get him in here now!" B'Elanna screamed with demon sounding voice.

"Ok honey," Tom squeaked. He ran out.

"It's not fair.. I want this kid out of me," Jessie cried.

Christopher stumbled into the room with a bust nose. He stumbled over to a nearby bed and he leaned on it. "I'll get you back, you freak!"

Doctor Jones and Tom rushed back in. Doctor Jones looked gobsmacked when he saw Christopher. "What happened to you, your ex-girlfriend has given birth to a baby boy."

"Oh yippee," Christopher said sarcastically. He stumbled out of the room.

Tom and Doctor Jones glanced at each other. "TOM, DOCTOR!" B'Elanna yelled. They rushed over to her.

"We haven't got time to take her to the theatre. She'll have to have it here," Doctor Jones said.

"Fine, just get it out!" B'Elanna yelled. Tom looked nervous as he took a hold of her hand.

"Ok, B'Elanna.. push," Doctor Jones said.

"I bloody well am!" B'Elanna screamed.

After a few minutes B'Elanna finally gave birth after breaking Tom's other hand. He quickly healed both as Doctor Jones wrapped the baby in a blanket. He handed the baby to B'Elanna.

"Congratulations, it's a boy," Doctor Jones said cheerfully.

"Oh wow, he looks a lot like Bryan doesn't he," B'Elanna said.

"Yeah he does," Tom muttered as he put his arm around B'Elanna.

James and Jessie looked over, B'Elanna smiled. "Here, have a look." She handed the baby over to Tom, he showed the baby to James and Jessie. Jessie looked scared stiff.

"The babies are that big," Jessie stuttered.

"It's ok Jess, it'll be over quick and it'll be worth it," B'Elanna said softly.

The annoying girl ran in, don't ask how she had the strength for that, holding a baby in her arms. The other two girls followed her more slowly. They all started showing off their babies to B'Elanna and Tom.

Jessie glanced at James looking rather annoyed. "I was in labour first," she cried. She started crying, she placed both hands over her face. James put his arm around her, he kissed her on the top of her head.

Tom and B'Elanna looked at the annoying girls baby, they tried to hide their shock. "Isn't she beautiful?" the annoying girl asked.

"Yes she is," B'Elanna stuttered. She didn't look too sure as she glanced at Tom, he just shrugged.

Fifty five minutes later:
Doctor Jones was busy once again, this time it was finally Jessie's turn. Tom was backing away an inch from the bed every time she screamed.

"Come on you can do it, just a few more," Doctor Jones said.

"I can't.. I told you!" Jessie yelled.

Tom went over to B'Elanna's side. She glanced at him, "go and help her."

"How am I going to be able to help her?" Tom asked.

"The only reason I got through my first labour was because I had a few people helping through it. Besides, if you annoy her enough she might get angry enough and push without realising it. It worked for me," B'Elanna said.

"Can't James annoy her, I don't want to break my hand twice in one day," Tom said nervously.

"Go on Tom, for me," B'Elanna said. She smiled at him.

"Oh, how do you do that?" Tom said. He nervously went over to Jessie's left side. He gently took a hold her hand. "Er, Jess?"

"What?" Jessie asked angrily.

"What's the kid going to be called, Cassidy after Butch Cassidy?" Tom asked. He cringed and awaited the crushing bones. He didn't have to wait long. He glared at James. "How can you take that?"

"I can't feel my hand anymore, that's why," James replied.

"That's good, just one more," Doctor Jones said.

Tom looked nervous. "Jesse James," he whispered. He screamed in pain as she crushed his hand again. He collapsed onto the ground. Everyone in the room heard the sound of an extra baby crying.. yes there are a lot of new babies in this episode.

"It's a girl.. congratulations," Doctor Jones said like he was getting sick of saying it. James and Jessie sighed in relief. B'Elanna handed Tom a regenerator, he healed his hand again. He climbed back onto his feet.

Doctor Jones handed the baby to Jessie. Both Tom and James leaned further towards Jessie to have a look. James and Jessie turned to each other, they both kissed. Tom noticed that the baby looked like she wanted a kiss too.

"Seriously, what are you going to call her anyway?" Tom asked when the pair separated.

"That's simple," Jessie replied. She turned to James briefly. "Sasha," the both said.

"Well she suits the name," Tom said. He placed his finger near Sasha, she immediately tried to bite him.

"Er.. Tom, this may sound rude but don't you have your own kid?" James asked.

"Oh yeah," Tom replied, he went over to B'Elanna's side.

"So what are you going to name him?" James asked.

"Well if it was a girl we had a fight over whether we should call her Lynsey or Miral. But we both liked the name Johnathan for a boy," B'Elanna replied.

"That reminds me, I have five birth certificates to do this morning," Doctor Jones said. The annoying girl laughed, as she did everyone cringed.

"What time is it anyway?" Tom asked.

"Time for all of you to get some rest. I'm sorry but all of the dads will have to go to their own quarters. There's not enough room in the ward," Doctor Jones replied.

Lena came into the room, her eyes widened when she saw all the babies. She jumped a mile when she saw the annoying girls kid. "What the hell is that?"

"She's my little princess," the annoying girl laughed.

"Oh you're the mum, that explains everything," Lena muttered.

"Come on guys, please leave the holodeck. Oh you too Lena," Doctor Jones said.

"But, Sasha has just been born," James protested.

"Sorry, there's plenty of time to see her. You all need some rest," Doctor Jones said.

"Oh come on Doc," Tom moaned.

"No, go and get some sleep," Doctor Jones ordered.

Tom kissed B'Elanna and Johnathan on their foreheads. He headed out, followed by the other guy. "Hey Jess, congrats," Lena said.

"Thanks," Jessie said.

"Come on," Doctor Jones said impatiently.

"Ok, we're going.. we're going," James said. He and Lena left the room, they then left the holodeck.

"If you're wondering we got the problem fully fixed," Lena said half way down the corridor.

"I wasn't actually," James said.

"God what deck are we on?" Lena asked.

"Deck Six I think," James replied.

Lena groaned, "my quarters is two decks down."

"Just stay at our quarters, it's just down the corridor," James said.

"Are you sure?" Lena asked.

"Yeah, I know where my quarters are," James replied.

Lena rolled her eyes, "no I mean are you sure I can stay?"

"I knew what you meant. Yeah I am sure. I just hope Duncan still hasn't got Kirsty in there," James replied.

Lena laughed, "when he gets older you'll have to keep a close eye on him and her."

"Why?" James asked, sounding rather nervous.

"Like father like son, he might end up falling for his best friend. I dunno, it was just a joke," Lena replied.

James/Jessie's Quarters:
As soon as James and Lena stepped through the doors, James went over to Duncan's room. He looked inside, surprisingly Duncan was alone and asleep. But he was asleep on the floor. He picked him up and put him in his bed. He then came back into the main room.

"So what's the sofa like for sleeping on?" Lena asked as she sat down on the sofa.

"Lena.. you're the guest, you shouldn't have to sleep on the sofa," James said as he held his head.

"I don't care, there's no where else," Lena said.

"There is, you can sleep in my room," James said.

"No, I'll stay here. Besides you'll have no where to go," Lena said.

"There's enough room in my room," James muttered.

Lena looked puzzled and she stood up. "Let me get this straight. You want me to stay in that room with you tonight? Are you ok?"

"Lena, you're my sister, of course I'm ok. Since Jessie's not around I'll need the company," James replied.

"Fine.. but remember, I'm your sister, not your fiancée," Lena joked as she went into the other room.

"Oh don't worry, I'll remember," James said. He followed her into the room.

Will we see the other three kids again? Will we ever see the parents again? Why am I asking very stupid questions? How did that device get in the Cargo Bay in the first place? Why did all girls who were pregnant go into the labour on the same day? Was the annoying girls daughter really that scary looking? If so is she related to Marill in anyway? (just kidding) And has Annika really gone from our lives? God I hope not, she was fun to kill..
Find out the answers to most of these questions in the next installment of Fifth Voyager!


****THE END****

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