Fair Chance
Part Two

In this part there are skits or parodies of the following: the Simpsons episode 'Cape Feare', The Little Shop of Horrors (believe it or not), the Pokémon episode 'Forest Grumps'

Guest Stars
Marill, Raichu and Vulpix as themselves
Jeff Hardy as Ashley
Matt Hardy as Steve
Dwayne Johnson as Mick
Clive Martin as Evil C
Nicolas Brendon as James Johnstone
Johnny Shentall as Damien

Written By
Marill, Raichu & Vulpix

1st - 5th May 2002

Episode Based In
March 2378

Last time on Fifth Voyager
"What is it, Lieutenant?" Tuvok asked.

"It's a Borg transwarp conduit... and it isn't a Borg ship coming towards us," Harry replied.

"Can you tell who's using the transwarp conduit, Lieutenant?" Tuvok asked.

Harry worked at his station.

"Commander," Tom said. Everyone looked up at the viewscreen. They saw a conduit opening, and a pyramid shaped ship flying out of it.

"Tri-cobalt devices ready, Captain," Tuvok said.

Kathryn glared at the ship on the viewscreen. She narrowed her eyes, and she gave the order, "fire!"

Everyone watched as the weapons hit the hull of the Tolg ship, there were a couple of explosions, and the ship was blown in half. A shockwave erupted from the blast.

"Captain, we have to get out of here," Tom said.

"Set a course for the conduit, Lieutenant," Kathryn commanded.

"I don't believe it Captain, but according to our sensors, we're only one hour away from Pluto," Harry replied.

"Weapons fire.. Federation weapons fire," Harry muttered in response.

"Locate the source and put it on screen," Tuvok commanded.

Harry nodded, and he worked at his console. The viewscreen changed to show a very familiar looking ship.

"According to the sensors, it's registry is NCC-1701-E. It's the Enterprise," Harry said.

"Hi, remember me?" Phoebe said evilly. She started laughing, and the rest of the crew laughed with her. Their Chakotay stopped.

"I don't get it," he said. Phoebe smacked him on the head.

"How's this possible, you lot were killed?" Harry asked.

"The originals were. We're all from lots of different Voyagers, but we were given the original's memories and personalities," Phoebe replied.

Voyager fired several torpedoes at the Enterprise, the shields fluctuated, and the torpedoes bounced back towards Voyager. All of the torpedoes hit the shields, and the shields disappeared.

The ship shook violently, and the Tactical station exploded. Tuvok fell to the ground with severe burn wounds on his face and neck.

"We could make it look like we're crash landing on the planet. They may think we've been destroyed, and leave us alone," Chakotay replied.

"With this much damage, we might not have to pretend," Harry pointed out.

"Do it," Kathryn commanded.

"Captain, I'm detecting transporter activity on all decks!" Harry yelled out. Just as he said that Chakotay dematerialised.

In: "Sickbay to Janeway. Captain, Ensign Stuart and Crewman Rex have just disappeared."

Kathryn turned to Harry. "Harry, who else has gone?"

Harry worked at his station. "Captain, all of the Marquis crew are gone. Also Duncan, Kiara and Naomi have been taken too."

"Well the device that hides Mercury from people like us is malfunctioning. It keeps blocking out the sun during the day, it gets rather cold so I'm told," Chakotay replied.

"I only had enough Tolg nanoprobes to revive Lena, I need another drone to revive him, but somebody told me that the Tolg ship has been totally destroyed," Nichola replied.

Kathryn covered her face with her left hand. "This is not happening. Seventh Voyager, or Enterprise, is going to pay."

"Captain!" Harry yelled to get everyone's attention. Everyone looked his way. "Four Liger ships have just came out of the conduit. Three are the Lillyia ships."

"It happened about a month and a half ago, Federation ships kept coming into our Dimension and attacking us. It didn't take us long to realise that it was the Seventh Dimension's dirty work," Scot was saying.

"We're being hailed by the Z4," Faye said.

Kathryn turned to face the viewscreen. "On screen."

On the viewer, the Bridge of the Z4 was shown. Only Commander Haxon was there, and he was smiling evilly.

"Well, well, I knew someday I'd get revenge," Haxon said.

"What are you talking about?" Kathryn asked angrily.

"Those Liger fools thought I was still Commander Haxon, and they left me in charge of one of their ships. Now that wasn't such a good idea, now was it?" Haxon said and he laughed evilly.

"Who are you?" Kathryn asked.

"I always thought you were a stupid woman. You all should know me as Damien, now surrender Voyager and the rest of the Lillyia Fleet to me.. or I'll destroy you," Haxon said evilly.

And now the conclusion
The Enterprise:
The Marquis crewmembers (and kids) were all still hanging around inside their prison. They all felt the ship come out of warp. The doors moved swiftly open as Phoebe and Seventh Chakotay marched into the room.

"We've arrived at your new home," Seventh Chakotay said.

"Is it nice?" Ian asked. Everyone glanced at him.

"Oh yes, it's very nice. In the day it's so hot you burn after two minutes. Whenever that cloak accidentally blocks the sun it's not unusual that someone dies in their sleep," Phoebe cackled. She laughed for a minute, and Seventh Chakotay joined in. He stopped first.

"What's the joke?" Seventh Chakotay asked. Phoebe rolled her eyes.

"Just beam them all to the surface, monkey boy," Phoebe muttered, and she walked out.

In only a few minutes every Marquis crewmember, including the three kids, were on the surface. The area was lushly green, the sky was a pale blue... but the sun was covering most of it. The group could all see what looked like buildings in the far distance.

Danny looked around, she quickly turned away from the sun. "Damn, I wish I'd brought my sunglasses with me."

"This is remarkable, who had thought that Mercury could actually be this way," Chakotay said in awe. Everyone groaned. "Look at that beautiful sky, look at the...." he blabbered on.

"We can't look at the sky, the sun takes up most of it and it's blinding," Jessie said.

"Good thing as well," James muttered.

"Why?" Duncan asked, as usual.

"Yeah, good question. I need to see," Danny said.

"Just look over there," James said.

Everyone looked the way he was looking, and they all groaned. They saw Annika picking flowers and being a prick, generally.

"It's such a beautiful planet, so green and pretty," Annika sang as she twirled around.

"Oh geez, why'd they bring her?" Jessie asked.

Annika ran over to Chakotay and gave him a flower. "This is for you pet, embrace it!"

"Er, thanks," Chakotay muttered.

"If that wasn't bad enough, my skin's going awful.. look at me, I'm a red freak already," Danny moaned.

"I think we should get into some shelter, before we all burn to death," Ian said.

"Or turn insane, it's all the same to me," Jessie said as she watched Annika started picking more flowers then putting them in her hair.

The group headed towards the buildings, leaving Annika with the flowers. She picked one, a rather large one.

"My you're a pretty one," Annika cooed.

"Yep, I'm pretty... now feed me!" the flower said.

"Aaaw, how cute, it can talk.... wow, you're growing fast," Annika said. The flower grew really large, and then it ate Annika. It cringed, and it spat her out.

"Eeew, no meat... only plastic and bones," the flower said.

Annika, in one piece sadly, continued cooing over the insane plant.

"You're so sentient, will you be my friend?" Annika asked.

"Yeah, if you feed me with some real food," the plant replied.

"Oh goody," Annika giggled, and she clapped her hands like a kid.

The group had reached the buildings, it was a small village filled with Humans, Ligers and another unknown species. A group of people rushed over to the new arrivals.

"Erm hi, what are all you doing here?" Chakotay asked.

"We were all brought here by the Seventh Dimension," one Starfleet officer replied.

"How many people are on this so called planet?" Danny asked.

"We're not exactly sure, but the planet isn't big enough for too many people. I'd say a couple hundred thousand," somebody replied. Everyone went inside a large building as they spoke.

"Starfleet Officers, Liger citizens and officers, that's about it," the Starfleet officer said.

"Ok, but who are those other aliens with the strange markings on their cheeks?" Craig asked.

"They're Porséan, this is their home planet," the Starfleet officer replied.

"They're not that advanced, but they welcomed us into their home village anyway," somebody said.

"If they're not advanced, who made this cloak thing we heard about?" Ian asked.

"There was another race that shared this planet with the Porséans. They left after the cloak caused a planetary disaster that flooded most of the planet. The cloak had a leak of some unknown radiation, it isn't harmful to humanoids, but it was harmful to them," the Starfleet officer replied.

"They must of been weird blob things," Jessie said.

"Cool," Duncan said.

"One question?" Craig said as he held up his hand.

"Erm, go ahead," the officer said.

"What does the cloak do?" Craig asked.

"We don't understand it fully. All we know is that a field goes around the night side of the planet, it makes the planet look baron and inhospitable. It rotates with the planet itself, so in an hour or so you'll see it," the officer replied.

"You see the cloak covers the whole planet when it senses a ship, so because of the constant Seventh Dimension visits, the cloak keeps coming on full power. This constant use is causing it to malfunction again, so sometimes it stays down when a ship arrives," the other guy said.

"I still don't understand how it's M-Class, it's far too close to the sun," Chakotay said.

"We don't understand it either. The planet does have a relatively thin ozone layer, 80% of the planet is water, and it's one the smallest planets in the solar system, other than that, it's very similar to Earth," the officer said.

"We believe the cloak also sustains life on this planet. The aliens who were here first were non humanoid, so it must of been hospitable for them until the cloak malfunctioned," the other guy said.

"Yeah but how did these Porséan's come about in the first place?" Chakotay asked.

"They lived underwater originally," the other guy said.

"There shouldn't be any water, being this close to the sun," B'Elanna muttered.

"Yes well this planet is still a big mystery to us, too bad we won't be able to stay here longer to learn more," the officer said.

"What do you mean, I thought we were stuck here," Danny asked.

"We were until we learned enough about the cloak to use it as a means of escape. All we need to know now is the location of the cloak's control centre," the officer said.

Damien was sitting on his command chair, on the viewscreen, twiddling his thumbs impatiently. More or less everything was waiting.

Kathryn started to wake up and she pulled herself to her feet. "You were saying?"

Damien sighed. "Surrender Voyager and the rest of the Lillyia Fleet to me or I'll destroy you."

"Oh yeah.. er.. we will fight to the bitter end," Kathryn said.

"That is a foolish decision," Damien said with no emotion in his voice. The viewscreen went off.

"Is it? I can't tell, that dumb cameraman really hit me hard," Kathryn said. Everyone panicked.

The Z4 fired on Voyager, but the Z5 flew in it's path. The shields withstood the blast. The Z5, Z7 and the second Voyager continued firing at the Seventh Federation ships and Z4.

"Captain, the Z5's hailing," Harry said.

"The Z5's failing? The stupid hopeless idiots," Kathryn muttered.

"I guess I'm in charge now," Harry said. He activated the viewscreen.

"This is no use, we're going to have to try and get into our dimension now," Lilly said.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but won't that leave them a tunnel to your dimension?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, exactly," Lilly replied.

"Eh?" everyone muttered. There was a large thud. Everyone glanced Kathryn's way, she had collapsed again.

"Trust me, I have a plan," Lilly said.

Scot cleared his throat and pointed at himself.

"As I was saying, I have a plan," Lilly said.

"It was my plan," Scot moaned.

Lilly rolled her eyes. "Doesn't matter who's plan it was, let's get on with it."

The viewscreen changed views. The Lillyia Z5 fired a blue beam into empty space, a small portal started opening.

"They're opening the portal," Harry said.

"I'll head in when the others head in," Tom muttered.

"Well you're obviously not going to wait around for us to be blown up, are you," Evil C said.

"Wise guy," Tom muttered under his breath.

Everyone saw the Lillyia Fleet heading inside the portal, and several 7th Federation ships.

"I'm taking us in," Tom said.

Voyager flew into the portal, with the other Voyager straight behind them. A few seconds later both ships emerged from the portal.

"Woah, there wasn't that many ships that went through the portal, so where the hell did those ones come from?" Harry asked.

On the viewscreen there was what looked like hundreds of Liger ships all in battle with the few Federation ships that came through. All of the Federation ships and the Lillyia Z4 went into warp.

"We're being hailed by the Z5," Harry said.

The viewscreen changed view to show the Lillyia bridge again.

"See, I told you I had a plan," Lilly said.

"Ahem, my plan," Scot said.

Lilly rolled her eyes again. "Unfortunately that won't stop them for long."

"Yeah, there are a lot more Seventh Dimension ships in our space than there are of ours," Carly said.

"We need to follow the Enterprise, they have our crew remember," Tom said.

"We told you, they may be on Mercury. Trouble is that's where all those 7th Dimension ships are," Scot said.

Kathryn regained consciousness quickly and she got onto her feet. "Conference people."

Conference Room:
The rest of the crew, the Lillyia crew and the Pokémon crew were all at the table.

"If we are to rescue our crew, we'll have to get to Mercury quietly to avoid another battle," Kathryn said.

"But that's boring, it's not very Season opening-ny," Tom said.

"True, that's why it's impossible to get to Mercury without a fight," James 2 said.

"Unless..." Scot muttered. Everyone glanced at him.

"Unless what?" Lilly asked.

"Unless we use the Liger Fleet as a distraction, lure the Seventh Dimension ships away. Not all will go, one or two will be left behind, but if they think the threat is elsewhere they will leave," Scot replied.

"And another good plan I thought up," Lilly said.

"It was my plan," Scot moaned.

"Doesn't matter, we've made a start to our plan. Now, we just have to figure out how to beam up our crew without making us vulnerable to any Seventh Dimension ships left at Mercury," Kathryn said.

"That'll be harder than you think. That cloak covers the entire planet 80% of the time, it blocks transporters," James 2 said.

"Who are you, Mr Negative?" Jessie (Pokémon one) asked angrily. She glared at James 2. James 2 cowered at her glare.

"Negative or not, he's just given me an idea," Lilly said.

"Oh, you've got an idea of your own this time," Scot said. Lilly glared at him icily.

"Erm, what's your plan then?" Kathryn asked.

"We challenge them to a Pokémon battle!" Ash blurted out.

"We meet all their pretty girls," Brock said dreamily.

"We get something to eat," James (Pokémon one) suggested.

"Wow, a table, I gotta sketch this!" Tracey squealed.

"Wobbuffeeeeeet!" Wobbuffet yelled as it came out of nowhere and did a salute.

"Who invited these freaks to our Conference meeting?" Tom muttered.

"Lilly, your plan?" Kathryn said questioningly.

Lilly had to think for a few seconds to remember it. "Ah yeah, the plan. The cloak can be used to help us get the crew back, and let's just say the more Seventh Dimension ships left behind, the better."

Everyone, well almost everyone, stared at her all confused.

The Marquis crewmembers were still in the large building with the 'natives'.

"We do have a general idea where the cloak control centre is, problem is it'll probably be guarded," the officer said.

Chakotay turned to the rest of the group. "Security team one, I want you to help them find it."

James and Thompson glanced at each other, and they groaned. "I don't want to go with him," they said at the same time.

"Ok, maybe we should have Security team two, the other two members are on Voyager still," Chakotay muttered.

"Can't, that team isn't cast for this episode," B'Elanna said.

"Crap, you'll two will just have to do. B'Elanna, go with them so they don't get into anymore fights," Chakotay said.

"Right," B'Elanna said.

"Aw, can I go with you, sweety pie?" O'Hara asked.

"No," James said quickly. Thompson glared at him.

"You're not her sweety pie, bozo," Thompson said.

"I know, if I was I'd have committed suicide," James said.

"Oh, he's so mean," O'Hara said, and she started crying.

"Now look what you've done. She gets upset easily because of her pregnancy," Thompson said. Everyone panicked.

"Can you please go, they haven't even left yet and they're already arguing," Chakotay muttered.

"Gladly," B'Elanna said.

"But I want to go with you, I can't be away from my Tommy," O'Hara said.

"No, you're staying here, I don't want you to get hurt," Thompson said.

Jessie rolled her eyes. "I'm coming though."

"What for? I thought you'd jump at a chance to get away from me," James asked.

"It's either you or hyperactive Duncan. Somebody gave him some sugar," Jessie replied.

Everyone looked at Duncan. He was jumping around shouting 'why' at the top of his voice.

"For god's sake let's go," B'Elanna said angrily.

"We can split our team into two, we have two vehicles. If one team finds the control centre, they'll have to contact the other team," the officer said.

"Right, let's go," B'Elanna said. She dragged Thompson and James along with her and a few of the Starfleet officers. Jessie shrugged and she followed the group.

Ten minutes later:
The team reached what looked like a garage. They went inside it. Inside were two strange hover cars.

"I hope one of you can pilot these things, it's just like driving a 21st century car," the officer said.

"I'll drive. Probably James & Thompson will crash it," B'Elanna said.

"Why can't I drive?" Jessie asked.

"I'm the higher rank here, I will drive... OK!" B'Elanna said angrily. The OK part sounded like the devil's voice. The rest of the group cowered.

A couple of minutes later the hover car was driving over the ocean. What the people inside didn't know was that Annika was hanging on underneath it.

Thompson picked up a glass of pop, and he looked at it. It was boiling under the heat. "Erm, does anyone want this?"

"No way," everyone replied.

Thompson shrugged, he opened the window, and he emptied the contents of the glass. Nobody heard the resulting scream from underneath the hover car.

The hover car was nearing a desert type island. B'Elanna slowed the hover car down as they became closer to it.

"Wow, look at all those cactus," Jessie said.

"Wanna go through them, it'll save some time?" B'Elanna asked.

"Yeah," was heard from the other three.

"No," Annika's voice said.

"Oh well, three against one," B'Elanna said.

The hover car went straight through the cactus patch, nobody heard the screams coming from underneath the car.

The hover car landed in a clear area a few minutes later. Nobody heard somebody screaming, "my hand!" Everyone got out of the car with home-made rifles. They headed as quickly as they could towards the nearby hills.

Annika climbed out from underneath the hover car, with blood, bruises, you name it, covering her body.

"Why did you leave those rakes and huge hammer things behind, we could of used them as weapons," Jessie asked.

"Too much to carry, it is a little too hot to be carrying much. It's not like they're going to be much bother," B'Elanna replied.

Annika didn't hear them talking and she walked forwards, only to get a rake smacking her in the face. She shuddered, and stepped away only to get yet another rake smacked in her face. This went on for a few minutes. She eventually stepped onto a rather large two sided hammer. She got knocked unconscious as the metal made a huge dent in her face.

"Did somebody hear something?" James asked.

"Yeah actually," Thompson replied.

Everyone turned around and they saw the rakes and everything still on the ground. They didn't see Annika.

"Must of been the sun making erupting sounds," Thompson said.

"Yeah, the sun always makes smacking sounds," James said sarcastically.

"Maybe it does, I don't think any of us have been this close to a sun before," Thompson muttered.

"You'll be even closer to it if you don't shut up," James said.

"Would you two shut the hell up! We've got company!" B'Elanna yelled.

Everyone turned back towards the hills and they saw several figures on them.

"What should we do?" B'Elanna asked.

"Go right around the hill," James said.

"Go left around the hill," Thompson said.

"Go straight towards them and shoot them," Jessie said.

"Yeah, that's sensible," B'Elanna muttered, and she looked at the other three. She groaned. They were all glaring at each other.

"There's only one sensible way to solve this," James said.

"I hear ya," Thompson said.

They all put one hand behind their backs. "Odd hand wins," James said.

"Oh great," B'Elanna muttered.

"One, two, three," the three counted. After three they put their hand out. Both Jessie and James had one finger out, and Thompson had three.

"Odd hand winds, ha! In your face!" Thompson yelled.

Jessie and James glanced at each other, and they pointed their finger in Thompson's direction... yeah it was their middle fingers which were out.

"You're just sore losers. Let's go left around the hill," Thompson said.

"Who put you three in charge anyway. We're supposed to get rid of their defence and get into the control centre, so we're going with Jessie's plan," B'Elanna said.

Thompson sulked, Jessie smiled sweetly at him.

"Let's go children," B'Elanna said.

The four continued towards the hills. Annika wasn't far behind, limping along. Suddenly she smelt something strange, it was like melting plastic. Annika looked down, "uhoh."

"Red Alert," Kathryn commanded.

"Er, Red Alert is already on," Harry pointed out.

"Then switch it off then put it back on," Kathryn said.

"Er, yes ma'am," Harry said. Red Alert switched off and switched back on again.

"Wait, who's at tactical now?" Kathryn asked.

Evil C grinned at Kathryn from the tactical station.

"Is that good or bad?" Kathryn asked.

"We'll see soon, I guess," Tom replied.

"Is the Fleet in position, Mr C?" Kathryn asked.

"Yep," Evil C replied.

"Ready weapons, we're going in as soon as those Seventh Dimension ships move," Kathryn said.

"Fair enough," Evil C said.

Everyone watched the viewscreen. God knows how many Seventh Dimension ships were standing guard near Venus, or what was left of Venus. One ship was the Enterprise E. All but that ship flew away.

"We're getting a message from the Z5," Harry said.

"Let's hear it," Kathryn commanded.

In: "Captain, the Z7 is heading back your way. The rest of the fleet will take care of those ships."

"Very well Lilly, good luck," Kathryn said.

In: "You too. Z5 out."

The ship shook as the Enterprise fired at them.

"Looks like they've detected us," Tom muttered.

"Tom, head Mercury way. Mr C, fire all weapons at the Enterprise.. but make sure you don't blow it up," Kathryn said.

"You're no fun," Evil C muttered.

"Yes ma'am," Tom said while trying to keep a straight face.

Several phaser shots hit the ground, "Guys, I think we're in position, so fire!" B'Elanna ordered.

The team started firing back at the people on the hills as they tried to get closer to it. One shot hit somebody on the hill, and he/she fell down the hill.

"I don't see why we didn't bring the hover car," Jessie said.

B'Elanna fired one more shot before turning to Jessie. "There wasn't enough fuel, I thought I mentioned that." The team reached the hill.

"Ah cool, look who I hit," Thompson said. He was standing over the person who was hit. It was Phoebe.

"What the hell, why would she be here?" B'Elanna asked.

The other people came down the hill, and continued firing. The team continued firing back as they went into cover.

Phoebe started to wake up as the people got closer to her.

"I've got an idea," James said.

"First in a lifetime, go on," B'Elanna said.

"I'll ignore that. Somebody should get Phoebe, and hold her hostage," James said.

"Yeah, like that'll work. I don't think Phoebe's well liked," Thompson said.

"Got a better idea?" James asked.

"Yes, kill them all," Thompson replied.

"We'll try the hostage thing first. It's your plan James, so go get her," B'Elanna said.

"Oh thanks," James muttered. The team continued firing as James got over to Phoebe. The other people stopped, and pointed their phasers James' way. He quickly pointed his phaser at Phoebe. The team stopped firing. "I'll kill her if you don't let us through."

"Like we care about that little witch," one of the people said.

"I knew this wouldn't work," Thompson muttered. He fired at all the Seventh dimension people quickly, and he hit them all. Everyone stared at him as he blew on his phaser. "Who's da man?"

"Hey, if it wasn't for my plan you wouldn't of been able to do that," James said.

"Oh yeah?" Thompson said.

"Yeah," James said.

"Would you two shut up," B'Elanna said as she and the rest of the team came over to James & Phoebe.

Phoebe looked up at the team. "Who the hell are you?"

The team glanced at each other with confused looks on their faces. "Now that's odd," Jessie muttered.

James picked up what looked like a grape sized implant. "So's this."

"What the hell is going on?" Phoebe asked. B'Elanna helped her to her feet.

"What's the last thing you remember?" B'Elanna asked.

"I was at home, in bed. Is this a dream?" Phoebe replied.

"I guess this Phoebe has lost the other Phoebe's memories," James said.

"I guess you should shut up," Thompson said.

"Who asked you," James said, and he put the implant thing in his pocket.

"Come on," B'Elanna muttered. The team headed up the hill.

Annika reached the hill a few minutes later, she was a little smaller if you know what I mean.

"Hmm, surely there's no harm in standing beside a very large hill with rubber trees and rocks on it," Annika muttered to herself.

Suddenly a few rubber trees fell down, and they tumbled down the hill. Annika heard all the noise, and she looked up. "Uhoh." One bounced off her, and then another, and then another. They finally stopped. "Why won't those writers just finish me off," Annika mumbled. Suddenly a very large rock rolled down the hill and landed on top of her.

The team got so far up the hill and they spotted a small building. They headed towards it.

"Shouldn't we contact the other team?" Thompson asked.

"Yeah, good idea," B'Elanna replied. She pulled out a weird communicator. "Torres to Team 1."

In: "Have you found the command centre yet?"

"We sure have, there wasn't that much defence," B'Elanna replied.

In: "Be on alert anyway."

"What are we supposed to do at this command centre anyway?" Jessie asked.

In: "Do whatever you can to turn off that damn cloak. Team One out."

"Well I don't think that'll help us," Thompson said.

"They'll have a plan, we'd better do as they say," B'Elanna said.

They all got up to the door, but it was electronically sealed. "Stand back," B'Elanna commanded. The rest of the team did as she said, then B'Elanna fired upon the door panel. The door opened. The team went inside.

Meanwhile, Voyager:
Another console exploded as another torpedo hit the shields.

"Shields down to 40%!" Harry yelled.

"We're running out of time. Janeway to Engineering, status," Kathryn said.

In: "Triah here Captain. The deflector should be ready in five minutes."

"Triah, that's not good enough. We won't have any shields in five minutes," Kathryn said.

In: "Sorry Captain."

"Captain!" Tom yelled.

"What is it, Tom?" Kathryn asked. She looked at the viewscreen. The cloak that was around half of the planet suddenly disappeared.

"The cloak's gone," Tom muttered.

"Great, we're screwed now," Faye said.

"Not exactly, get our crew aboard," Kathryn ordered.

"But Captain, we have to lower shields to do that," Harry said.

"I'm well aware of that," Kathryn said. She stood up and she stood in the centre of the Bridge. "Janeway to the Z7. Distract the Enterprise, we need to go to the other side of the planet so we can beam our crew up."

In: "Ok, mum. I've got a really nice distraction in mind."

"You do?" Kathryn said questioningly.

In: "Well nothing special, I just said that since it was my first line of the season."

Nearly the entire bridge crew rolled their eyes.

"Tom, get us out of range of the Enterprise," Kathryn ordered.

"Yes ma'am," Tom replied.

The Lillyia Z7:
Lena stood up from her chair. She turned around to look at it. "That things really not comfy."

"Does it matter, we've probably only got two more minutes to live," Ashley said angrily.

"Who asked for your opinion, Mr Angelic Saint," Lena said.

"I asked myself, and thanks for the compliment," Ashley said.

Lena rolled her eyes. "Ok we gotta distract that damn ship, so Tani and Ash, you're with me." She headed towards the lift. Tani and Ashley glanced at each other and they quickly followed her.

"Who's got the Bridge?" Bryan asked.

"Hmm, Steve or Bryan? That's a tough one... I'll leave you two to decide," Lena replied. She and Tani and Ashley left.

"Noughts and Crosses?" Steve asked.

"Meh, whatever," Bryan replied.

In: "Anderson to Bridge. The Deflector's ready."

"Acknowledged," Kathryn said.

On the viewscreen the Enterprise fired a beam into empty space. A small probe looking thing appeared. The cloak started coming back.

"Janeway to Transporter Room, status," Kathryn said.

In: "Claire here. There's still loads to go."

"How, there isn't that many crewmembers missing?" Kathryn asked.

In: "I can't tell which ones to beam up. According to the transporter, there's hundreds of Federation people."

"We're going to have to resort to Lilly's plan still," Kathryn said.

"How, the cloak's off?" Harry asked.

"I've still got a few tricks up my sleeve. Tom, get us back to the cloak. Mr C, fire the Deflector at that thing," Kathryn replied.

"Yes ma'am," Tom said.

"Ok then," Evil C said.

Voyager fired a red beam from the deflector, and it hit the cloak. It exploded releasing a small shockwave that hit the Enterprise and the Z7.

"The Enterprise's shields are down," Harry said.

In: "Lena to Voyager, you didn't even give me a chance to distract them."

Kathryn rolled her eyes. "Maybe it should have been a faster distraction. Beam over to the Enterprise, other people will be joining you in a minute."

In: "Cool, this is my kind of battle."

"Janeway to transporter room, transport the rest to the Enterprise," Kathryn ordered.

In: "But Captain.."

"But nothing, just do it. The Enterprise will be just as surprised," Kathryn said.

In: "Yes ma'am."

The Enterprise Bridge:
"They're beaming people from Mercury here," Seventh Tom said.

"Great, this is all I need. Phoebe will kill me," Seventh Chakotay muttered.

Everyone on the Bridge heard a transporter. Lena, Tani and Ashley rematerialised with rifles.

"Boo," Lena said jokingly. Seventh Chakotay screamed like a sissy and he tried to run into the Ready Room but Lena shot him. "Anyone else want to get shot?"

In: "Stuart to anyone I know, what the hell's going on?"

Lena sighed and she tapped her commbadge. "Lena here James, it's hard to explain just beat up as many Seventh Dimension people as you can."

In: "Ok then."

"You'll never be able to take over this ship," Seventh Tom said.

"Oh yeah, we've already taken over the Bridge. The rest can't be that hard," Ashley said.

Elsewhere on the Enterprise:
"Oh crap," James muttered.

"Hehe, your Seventh Dimension twin looks better than you do," Thompson sniggered.

"Does not," James said.

"Does too," Thompson said.

"Does too," Seventh James said. He was shot and he collapsed. Everyone looked at Jessie.

"What, he was already getting on my nerves," Jessie said.

"Let's go," B'Elanna said and she continued down the corridor.

"If she says that or something similar to that again, I think I'll scream," Jessie muttered.

"Yeah, same here," James said.

In: "Lewis to Bridge, I've got an idea."

"Great, what is it?" Kathryn asked.

In: "When the Enterprise's shields went down, I noticed that their crew's signatures are different. I can just lock onto anyone with that different signature and beam them to Mercury."

"Good idea, do it," Kathryn said.

Enterprise Bridge:
"Gee this is dull, I wish I was elsewhere fighting with someone," Lena muttered.

"I wonder where Seventh James is," Tani said as she looked around the bridge.

"Damn, so much for the plan," Lena muttered.

"I think I'll tell Steve you said that," Ashley said.

"Go ahead, I told you it was just a one off anyway," Tani said.

Everyone but the three Voyager crewmembers dematerialised.

"Ok, that was strange," Tani muttered.

"I call Captain," Lena said and she jumped into the Captain's chair.

Ashley and Tani glanced at each other, and they both sighed.

In: "Janeway to Enterprise, is anyone on the Bridge?"

"Hi mum, er I mean.. this is Captain Janeway, no Lena, of the Enterprise," Lena said.

In: "Ohno."

In: "Shut up Tom. You don't have to worry about Seventh Voyager members anymore, they're on Mercury. Get the shields back up."

In: "Why?"

"About five Seventh Dimension ships are heading our way, so hurry up with those shields," Kathryn replied.

"That means us too, 40% will not last long," Harry said.

"Yeah, that's realistic," Evil C muttered.

"The ships are in visual range," Tom said.

Everyone looked up at the viewscreen which showed the five Federation ships coming towards them.

"Let's see how shocked they'll be when the Enterprise attacks," Harry said.

Annika was wandering around the Enterprise. She reaches a corridor where there's a nice viewport showing Voyager and Mercury.

She trips over a broken bulkhead and she lands smackdown on her face.

She then pulls herself back onto her feet with the most ferocious look on her face ever. "I tried to be a nice character, I tried to be a sensible character, I tried to be interesting, I tried to be funny, but this is the last time I suck up to those damn writers! I'm sick of getting this treatment on end of season cliffhangers!"

She kicks the bulkhead a few times. "Damn you Marill! Take that Raichu! Die Vulpix!" She gets ready to punch something, "die all of you!" She accidentally punches the viewport and it breaks.

"Uhoh," Annika says just before she is sucked through the viewport.

Meanwhile on one of the Federation ships:
"Have you heard about the shop that sells animals which can swim and fly? It's called a fish and cheep shop," the Captain said.

Everyone stared blankly at their Captain. Then they saw on the viewscreen behind the Captain, Annika flying passed. They then burst out laughing.

"Shields are up to 20%, but that's the best I can do," Ashley said from Tactical station.

"That'll do, fire on those creeps," Lena commanded.

The Enterprise fired on one of the five ships, so did Voyager and the Z7.

"Erm, we're getting this strange message from one of the ships," Tani said.

"Let's hear it," Lena said.

In: "You think you are so tough, don't ya. Well we've got a little surprise in store for you. Surrender or we'll destroy Mercury, it'll probably kill all those Ligers and Porséans, but we don't care. You have five minutes to decide."

"Can we beam everyone up in time?" Kathryn asked.

"I doubt it. Also those ships will probably fire at us if the shields are down," Harry replied.

"We'll have to take that risk, tell the Enterprise and Z7 to distract them. Janeway to Lewis. Transport as many people as you can from Mercury to the Enterprise when we lower our shields," Kathryn said.

In: "Yes ma'am."

The Lillyia Z7:
"Yes, I finally beat you," Steve said.

"Woah, I didn't think that we could tie so many times. By the way, who's been running the ship?" Bryan asked.

They both looked around the Bridge, some unknown crewmembers were at the stations.

"Hmm, I was expecting something a little more abnormal than that," Steve muttered.

What Bryan and Steve didn't know was that the crewmembers were all Vampires.

Only kidding.

Five minutes later:
"I wonder why they haven't fired yet..." Kathryn said. A torpedo smashed straight into the lower hull which caused the ship to shake violently. Consoles exploded too. "Raise shields!" Kathryn yelled.

"Already tried, the emitters are offline," Evil C said.

"We're receiving another message," Harry said.

"You know the drill," Kathryn said. Harry nodded and he worked at his station.

In: "I guess you've made your decision."

"That was brief," Tom muttered.

"Captain!" Harry yelled.

All of the Federation ships fired at the same time towards Mercury. All of the torpedoes collided in the same place.

"Tom, get us out of here," Kathryn commanded.

"I doubt we'll get away in time, we only have impulse engines, we can only go at quarter impulse" Tom said.

"Just do it," Kathryn commanded.

The Enterprise:
"Holy s***!" Lena stuttered.

"My thoughts exactly," Tani muttered.

The rest of the Marquis main cast that were on the Enterprise came onto the Bridge.

"What's going on?" Jessie asked.

"Mercury's going to go boom, somebody get to the bloody helm!" Lena ordered.

B'Elanna was the first to move and she sat down at the helm.

"Voyager can only go at low impulse, they'll not make it," Ashley said.

"Put a tractor beam on it," Lena suggested.

"Can't yet," Ashley said.

"Why not?" Lena asked.

"I need time to work out how to," Ashley replied.

"Oh great," Lena groaned.

The Federation ships flew passed Venus' remains. The Lillyia Z7 flew passed seconds later. The Enterprise slowed down so Voyager could keep up. Behind them Mercury imploded which created a massive shockwave.

"We're not going to make it. Janeway to all hands, evacuate to the Enterprise. Repeat evacuate to the Enterprise," Kathryn said. She looked around the Bridge. "You too," she said.

Almost everyone hesitated then left the Bridge. Harry and Tom stayed behind.

"Go, both of you," Kathryn said angrily.

"No, we're staying here.. right Harry," Tom said.

"Yeah, we're not leaving you behind," Harry said.

The ship jerked slightly.

"The Enterprise has put a tractor beam on us, they're increasing speed," Tom said.

"That may not help. Shockwave will hit us in 5, 4, 3, 2..." Harry said. He, Kathryn and Tom rematerialised.

The shockwave collided with Voyager. The Enterprise's tractor beam was released and they quickly got out of range. The shockwave slowly died down.

"All stop," Lena commanded.

"Done," B'Elanna muttered.

"Did you get everyone?" Lena asked.

"Yeah, there was no lifesigns on board when the shockwave hit," James said.

"I bet one of those three was your mum, you know what she's like," Ashley said.

"Yeah. How's Voyager?" Lena asked.

"In pretty bad shape. All power has gone, there are about ten hull breaches, and radiation has filled most of the decks," Tani replied.

"I'll take us back to retrieve it," B'Elanna said.

In: "Z7 to Enterprise. How is everyone?"

"Fine as far as I know. Where the hell did that fleet go?" Lena asked.

In: "They went into brief warp to get out of the way, they're heading back. We've got thirty seconds."

The Enterprise flew back to Voyager's position, and put a tractor beam on it. It then flew back to the Z7's position. The fleet jumped out of warp.

Kathryn and the rest of the Voyager Bridge crew entered.

"Who beamed us here?" Kathryn asked.

"Wasn't me," James said.

"Yes it was," Lena said.

"That's strange, cos you saved Tom," Kathryn said.

"Crap, I wonder if I can beam you back," James said.

"Hey just because I nearly kissed your fiancée doesn't mean you're allowed to kill me!" Tom grumbled. Jessie shuddered uncontrollably, and she stood closer to James.

"No, it means that I'm allowed to kill you," B'Elanna from the helm grumbled.

"I hate to change the subject but those ships are generating some weird readings," Tani said.

"What kind of readings?" Kathryn asked.

Harry went over to Tani's station and he looked over her shoulder. "Captain, those readings are strangely familiar."

"In what way?" Kathryn asked.

Meanwhile, on one of the ships:
"How's the tetrion reactor doing?" the Captain asked.

"Brilliant, it should be working very soon," one guy replied.

"This'll teach them a valuable lesson. I'm so glad we stole it from that array all those years ago," the Captain said.

The Enterprise:
"If I'm right that's a coherent tetrion beam they're doing. Sound familiar," Harry stuttered.

"Oh crap! Get us out of here B'Elanna!" Kathryn ordered.

"Too late, a displacement wave's coming towards us, it'll hit us in twenty seconds," Harry said frantically.

The wave hit the Z7 and it disappeared.

"The Z7's gone Captain," Ashley said.

"Go to warp," Kathryn ordered.

"We can't, warp drives are off line," B'Elanna said.

"8 seconds.... 6, 5, 4..." Harry said.

"All hands brace for impact!" Kathryn ordered. Everyone grabbed a hold of the nearest console. A bright light engulfed the whole Bridge.

A few minutes later:
The Bridge was in shambles. Fires were all over the Bridge.

Kathryn pulled herself to her feet. "Harry, how far are we this time?"

"I don't know I'm not at opps," Harry replied.

Tani sighed and she turned to face everyone on the Bridge. "We're about 74,000 lightyears away."

"You've got to be kidding me," Lena said in disbelief.

Kathryn put her hand on the railings to steady herself. "Can you tell us exactly where we are?"

"About two weeks from a planet called New Earth, and we're a day away from a planet called Abatua," Tani replied.

Kathryn sighed. "Set a course for Abatua, B'Elanna."

"Yes ma'am," B'Elanna muttered.

One day later:
The Enterprise flew into orbit of a beautiful green and blue planet, dragging Voyager with the tractor beam.

Captains Log Stardate 76233.6 - Once again we're in the Delta Quadrant. We don't know how or why the Seventh Dimension ships brought us here, but something tells me we haven't seen the last of them anyway. We've entered orbit of a planet called Abatua. The inhabitants have allowed us to stay until we repair Voyager. In the meantime we have to say goodbye to some old friends.

The Enterprise's Cargobay:
The entire Voyager crew (not any of the new ones) were all inside. Kathryn was talking while standing beside two coffins, well torpedo tube looking things.

"Now we must say goodbye to our lost crewmen. Their service to Voyager will not be forgotten. They will live forever in our hearts," Kathryn said, and she wiped a tear from her eye.

"Wow, I can't believe it, two main characters dying permanently," Bryan whispered.

"Quiet boy, or I'll go into Kick Ass mode and kick your a**," Mick said.

"Ok," Bryan squeaked.

"Eject the pods," Kathryn commanded.

A couple of the unknown crewmembers picked up the coffins and slowly took them away.

"Now that we've said goodbye, we have something to celebrate. The wedding of Thompson and O'Hara," Kathryn said.

Thompson and O'Hara, still in wedding clothes from marrying earlier, were standing with arms around each other. O'Hara still had the bouquet. Somebody whispered to her about it.

"Oh sorry, anyone want to catch it!" O'Hara yelled.

A whole load of girls started fighting. O'Hara threw the bouquet, and even more fighting took place. The bouquet didn't go anywhere near the fighting girls, but they didn't notice.

"Twice in a lifetime? This is annoying," Jessie muttered. One girl ran up to her and stole the bouquet off her. More fighting took place.

"Damn, I was hoping you'd catch it, B'Elanna," Tom said.

"What the hell for?" B'Elanna asked angrily.

Tom got down on his knees. "Will you marry me, again?"

"What?" B'Elanna stuttered.

"I really want to make it up to you. You're the only girl I love, I only went near Jessie cos I was drunk," Tom said.

"Oh thanks for that," Jessie muttered.

"You must still have a thing for her if you went near her. If you didn't you wouldn't of gone for anyone," B'Elanna said.

"If that's true then it must be just a silly crush. I don't want anything off her, the crush will go away, however the love for you won't go away," Tom said.

Everyone, well nearly everyone, said, "aaaw!"

"Oh all right, just one more chance," B'Elanna said.

Tom stood up, and he hugged B'Elanna.

Chakotay turned to Kathryn. "Do you want to renew our vows?"

"Oh I forgot I got married to you when I was drunk, I want a divorce," Kathryn said.

"What?" Chakotay said.

Neelix looked around the room. "Any other couple want to make a scene?"

"Erm, I'm pregnant again..... only kidding," Danny said.

"Phew, you nearly had me going there," Ian sighed.

"Anymore?" Neelix asked.

"Don't look at us," James said.

"Oh come on, do something. We need to finish this episode," Neelix said.

"Erm, I think I'm going into labour," Jessie said.

"That's perfect, make it look like you are," Neelix said.

"Maybe in a few months time," Jessie said.

Annika had somehow gotten back aboard ... Voyager.

"Hmm, it's rather quiet. I wonder why," she thought to herself. She felt all strange, and she started coughing. "It's the end of the episode, nothing else can happen to me."

What she didn't know was that she was slowly dying of radiation poisoning. But that didn't matter...... because a huge piece of the hull started to break away.

"Uhoh," Annika muttered. The piece of hull collapsed and crushed her.

Have Tuvok and Emma died permanently, or will they be back? Will we see Lilly and her crew again? What's going to happen in the movie? Was the Seventh Dimension responsible for the puzzle in 'The Voyager Conspiracy'? Has Annika survived this episode? And if she has will she be getting even more torture?
Find out the answers to most of these questions in the next installment of Fifth Voyager!

****THE END****

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