The light from the two nearby stars reflected their rays onto a beautiful green and blue planet. It also reflected onto the two small moons in orbit of the planet. From a distance this planet seems quiet and peaceful.

Further into the atmosphere are very small white clouds. The land is almost visible. The planet still looks peaceful and quiet.

Out of the clouds, what's occurring on the land is more visible. All that is seen are thousands of men fighting for their lives. A pointless war is raging, and it will rage for years to come.

Little is known about what happened after the war regarding the aggressors army. Legend has it they all perished under the two scorching suns. The leader survived long enough to reign terror upon the planet. After a vicious attack on a city he was never seen again.

The legend also speaks of a gate buried underground that had the power to take people or items to far away worlds. The legend also says that the aggressors army wanted to use it to bring terror upon all worlds, and that their leader would return one day to complete their mission.

But a legend is a legend, no truth has come out of it.... at least not until now.


The stone corridor was dark and stuffy. The only light was coming from the far end. A poorly lit shadow became imprinted on the wall as a figure came around the corner.

Jessie glanced briefly at the walls as she slowly made her way down the corridor. She heard what sounded like voices coming from further down the corridor, so she picked up speed. She turned the next corner then she stopped dead in her tracks.

Lena and James were walking down a corridor on the Enterprise. They stopped as they saw Jessie standing and watching them.

"Jessie? Are you ok?" James asked.

Jessie backed away, she turned around and ran back the way she came. Lena and James were quick to follow her. They turned the corner and found Jessie lying unconscious on the ground. James knelt down beside her as Lena tapped her commbadge.

"Lena to Sickbay."

In: "Doctor Jones here."

"Can you beam Jessie to Sickbay, oh and beam us too," Lena said.

In: "Ok, stand by."

Faye was wandering around the warp core in Engineering.

"Is it just me or is this one fatter than ours?" Faye asked, she didn't take her eyes off the core.

B'Elanna sighed as she worked at one of the stations. "Yes it is, Faye. Now get back to work please." B'Elanna didn't get a response so she looked up from her station.

Faye had stopped yet she was still staring at the core. B'Elanna placed her hand on her shoulder which made her jump a little.

"Are you ok, Faye?" B'Elanna asked.

"Yeah, maybe I should go to Sickbay," Faye muttered. She backed away from the core, she slowly turned around and headed towards the nearest door.

"Ian, what are you doing?" B'Elanna asked.

Ian turned around and he stepped a little to the side. "A Borg Alcove, what a handy little feature."

B'Elanna raised her eyebrow as she walked over to Ian. "Why on earth is one of these in here?"

"Maybe it's decoration," Ian suggested.

"Maybe you should get back to work," B'Elanna said and she walked away.

Medical Lab
Faye stepped through the doors. She nearly tripped over some medical junk that was in there. More or less the entire room was filled with medical equipment from Voyager.

Faye made her way around all the stuff. She stopped in the centre of the room then she picked up a small container. As she did so a strange wind blew passed her. Without realising it she was opening the container, then she screamed.

Doctor Jones pressed a hypospray into Jessie's neck then he backed away from the biobed.

"I guess it's a good thing that the Enterprise Sickbay set is the same one as Voyager's," Lena said.

"If you say so, Lena," Doctor Jones said.

"So do you have any idea what happened to Jessie, Doc?" James asked.

"The new tricorders tell me that she may have had an hallucination, but I have no idea what caused her collapse or the hallucination itself," Doctor Jones replied.

Jessie woke up. Her vision was still a little blurry but when it came into focus all she saw was Doctor Jones. She quickly sat up then Doctor Jones noticed her.

"Glad to see you're awake," Doctor Jones said.

"How did I get back onboard the Enterprise?" Jessie asked.

"Er, you've been on the Enterprise for a few days. You haven't left once," Lena replied.

Jessie glanced at Lena. "You would say that wouldn't you."

"Erm I would?" Lena said questioningly.

"Where were you before?" Doctor Jones asked softly.

"I have no idea, it was this weird creepy tunnel system," Jessie replied.

"Did you see anyone there, what happened?" Doctor Jones asked.

Jessie looked a bit disgusted for a brief second, then she looked at Lena and James. "No, nobody else was there, and nothing happened."

"I'd better go have a look through the medical lab, I need to find my other scanner," Doctor Jones said cheerfully then he walked out of the room.

"What makes me think that something did happen in this corridor?" James asked.

"Yeah, whatever it was it was only an hallucination," Lena said.

"Lena, go away. I can't stand the sight of you," Jessie muttered.

Lena stared in shock. "Excuse me, but what have I done wrong?"

"Lena, I think you should just go," James said.

"Fine, I know when I'm not wanted," Lena huffed, and she stormed into the office.

"So what's Lena done wrong?" James asked. His reply was a very scary glare off Jessie. "Me too, huh."

"What do you were think you were doing with her?" Jessie asked.

"Erm, when and where are we talking about," James replied nervously.

"I saw you in that tunnel, explain it," Jessie said.

"That was the hallucination, we haven't been off the ship in a few days," James said.

"Oh yeah, is that the best you can do. Maybe I should have listened to Craig," Jessie grumbled.

"What did we do in that hallucination?" James asked.

"You should know what happened, you can't blame it on her being connected to Emma again this time," Jessie replied.

The realisation kicked in at long last, James looked rather disgusted. "You have strange dreams, don't you?"

Medical Lab
Doctor Jones arrived in the medical lab, he stopped in his tracks. "Faye, what are you doing in here?"

Faye ignored him as she continued looking through all the junk, messing everything up more in the process.

"Faye, what are you doing!" Doctor Jones said more forcefully.

Faye stopped and she turned around. Doctor Jones backed into the wall when he saw her face. She was staring at him with black eyes.

Lena was sitting on the desk, she looked towards the door. She jumped down from the desk. "Guys!" she yelled. She ran out of the room.

James and Jessie stopped their conversation then followed Lena out. They saw Lena go into the medical lab so they followed her inside.

Doctor Jones was standing watching Faye with his arms folded, and a generally smug look on his face. Faye was doing something with her arms, in his direction. Nothing was happening.

She quickly turned towards the door and she noticed the new arrivals. She waved her arm to the left, Lena, James and Jessie were all thrown into the wall by an invisible force. Faye then ran out.

"Doctor Jones to Bridge," Doctor Jones said, he went over to the other three.

In: "Go ahead Doctor."

"There's something wrong with Faye, she's got some strange powers, and she's on the loose," Doctor Jones said. He searched around for something with his hand. He found a tricorder then he scanned Lena, Jessie and James.

Later, outside the Enterprise's Mess Hall
Jessie looked at the nearest wall panel, a map of the ship appeared on it. She then looked at the Mess Hall doors. She sighed and she headed towards them.

She stepped through the doors but the room wasn't the Mess Hall. She was inside a huge room that seemed like a hall. A group of people were watching her from the side of the room. She saw a girl facing her with a mask on. She had a strange but very basic outfit on, and she had a strange knife in each hand.

Jessie looked down at herself, she was wearing something similar to the girl, also she had a similar mask on her head. She had knives in her hands as well. She continued to look around the room but the girl suddenly attacked her.

They both fought as the group just watched, and clapped at them. Something caught Jessie's eye, she saw James in the group, but something was definitely different about him.

The girl took advantage, and knocked Jessie to the ground. The girl came up closer to her.

The girl spoke in a different language, but for some reason Jessie understood it. She said, "put the mask on, let's not scratch that pretty face of yours."

She shrugged and she pulled her own off. Jessie's mouth dropped when she saw the girl's face. She looked a lot like Lena, except older. She remembered her last vision and she quickly pulled herself back onto her feet. The girl quickly attacked Jessie, and another round started.

The girl knocked one of the knives out of Jessie's hand and she pushed her onto the ground. Jessie quickly got back onto her feet but the girl caught her arm and made her drop her last knife. Jessie knocked the girl to the ground, then she ran to the wall. She pulled what looked like a spear off the wall.

The girl pulled herself up and she ran to the other side of the wall. She threw the knives into a statue, and she pulled another spear off the wall.

Both girls slowly got closer to each other with the spears. They attacked each other with them. Jessie pushed the girl back a bit, but the girl quickly fought back by smacking her with the spear. She stumbled backwards. She got ready to attack again, but the girl grabbed her arm and literally threw her hard onto the ground. She pointed the spear at her neck.

The group started clapping as a result. One man emerged out of the crowd as the girl offered to help Jessie up. Jessie got up on her own. The man stood beside her, and put his arm around her shoulders.

He spoke in the language the girl spoke. "Well done, both of you. Who better to defend the key to the Gate than my daughter. Who better to protect me than my future wife, Makia." His last sentence was directed the girl's way.

The girl smiled and she bowed slightly. The man started hugging Jessie. "Well done, daughter," he said. Jessie wasn't listening, she was watching the girl. The girl was watching her.

The group began to leave the room, including the James lookalike. Makia watched him leave, he was watching her as he left. The girl stared back at Jessie. She narrowed her eyes at the girl.

Lena, James, Neelix and a few others were standing over Jessie. She was lying unconscious on the Mess Hall ground.

"I'm sorry, but it wasn't my fault," Lena said.

"Save it Lena," James said as he knelt down beside Jessie.

Neelix tapped his commbadge. "Neelix to Transporter Room, can you beam Jessie & Lena to Sickbay,"

Kathryn and a man stepped through the doors, they then went straight over to Doctor Jones.

"Report," Kathryn commanded.

"She's had two hallucinations. Her second one ended up with a fight with Lena. I don't know what's causing them," Doctor Jones said.

"Lena, how are you?" Kathryn asked.

Lena climbed off the nearby biobed. "Fine I guess, she put up a good fight."

"What could she be hallucinating about that could make Jessie attack Lena?" Kathryn asked.

Lena looked rather nervous. "I don't like it either, but James told me that in the first one she saw me and James, erm."

"You and James what?" Kathryn asked.

"Er, is there a better term for making out?" Lena muttered.

"What?" Kathryn exclaimed in a devil's voice.

Doctor Jones quickly came to the rescue. "It obviously didn't really happen, Captain. But this may explain why Jessie attacked Lena."

"It better not have happened!" Kathryn growled.

"Mum, I don't think so somehow," Lena said.

"I hate to interfere, but this seems very familiar to me," the man said.

"What does?" Lena asked.

"A friend of mine has had these kind of hallucinations before. Her subconscious was sending her a message. The only way to cure this girl is to find out what's bothering her subconscious and do something about it," the man replied.

"Captain, she's waking up," Doctor Jones said to get everyone's attention. Everyone crowded around the biobed. James and Duncan came through the main doors, then came straight over to the group.

"You took your time," Lena muttered.

"I forgot that Sickbay was no where near Deck Five," James said.

Doctor Jones shook his head, and he looked down at his patient. Once again he was the first Jessie saw. She sat up quickly.

"This is important Jessie, what did you hallucinate?" Doctor Jones asked.

"Hallucinate! What are you talking about, that was no hallucination," Jessie said in disbelief.

"You had a fight with Lena in the Mess Hall," James said.

"I fought a girl that looked like her, Makia or something. It wasn't Lena who was with you, it was this Makia with..." Jessie said.

"Why does that name sound familiar," Lena muttered.

"Guys, that wasn't James, it was Iinan," Jessie said.

Kathryn tapped her commbadge. "Janeway to Bridge, Red Alert!"

In: "What for, Captain?"

"I'll explain soon, Commander. Janeway out," Kathryn said.

"Iinan, he was the man that was cursed over 3000 years ago. How do you know about him?" the man asked.

Everyone else glanced at each other, all with confused expressions. "We could ask you the same thing," Kathryn said.

"He murdered the leader who ruled both this planet and Thairo. Back then the two planets were linked with a hidden gate. Only a few people knew the location," the man said.

"Thairo is thousands of lightyears away, must be some gate," James muttered.

"Let me guess, there was a key to the gate," Jessie said.

"Yes, there was," the man said.

"I must of been in my past life's place, she was the one who guarded the key," Jessie said.

"Then you must find the key," the man said.

"Why?" James asked.

"Why?" Duncan repeated.

"Trust me, your past life guarded that key. The only reason you're getting these hallucinations is that your subconscious knows that someone is going to find the key," the man said.

"Great. Where is this key?" Jessie asked.

"I do not know, no one knows for certain. At least one of your hallucinations should have given you a clue to it's position," the man said.

"I was in an underground tunnel in one. I had a dream last night where I was going into a strange temple or something. It looked like it had been abandoned for centuries," Jessie said.

"The temple of Atini. That place is supposed to be cursed," the man muttered.

"Great," Lena muttered.

"Typical," James said.

"Why?" Duncan said.

"Do you know where it is?" Kathryn asked.

Voyager's Bridge
Kathryn stepped out of the turbolift, she then joined Chakotay in the centre of the still damaged Bridge. Chakotay sighed and he sat down in his chair.

"Any luck on finding Faye?" Kathryn asked.

"Sort of," Harry butted in.

"What do you mean, sort of," Kathryn said questioningly.

"Somebody transported to the surface. We don't know who did, but if Faye was acting strangely then my bets on her," Tom said.

"I wonder if this is connected with what's happening to Jessie," Kathryn said.

"Possibly," Harry said.

"Tom, take an away team time to find her," Kathryn said.

"Right," Tom said. He stood up and he headed for the turbolift.

The lights started to flicker a couple of times, then most of the consoles went off. Tom went back to his station.

"We can't stay in orbit any longer, we'll have to land somewhere. The ship doesn't have enough power to stay up here without losing life support again," Tom said.

"I doubt we'll have enough power to get us down to the surface, Tom, but do it," Kathryn commanded.

"I'll alert the Enterprise," Chakotay muttered, he worked at the console at the side of his chair.

"Should I take an away team when we land?" Tom asked.

"Yes, Lieutenant," Kathryn replied and she sat in her chair.

Abatua, the temple of Atini
It was extremely dark, there was only enough light from the rifle to see the walls. Cobwebs were almost everywhere. James had to push his way through thick cobwebs. All he could hear was rats, creaky noises.

He heard footsteps coming from behind him. He slowly turned around, but he didn't see anything.

"Why?" a voice yelled.

James nearly jumped a mile when he heard the voice. He looked down and saw Duncan.

"Oh god, don't ever do that again," James said.

"Why not?" Duncan asked, and he giggled.

"I thought I asked you to stay near the entrance," James said.

"But I saw your mark, at the entrance," Duncan moaned.

"My mark?" James said questioningly.

"The one on your shoulder. There was a shape just like it on the wall," Duncan said.

"And?" James said.

"You gotta see it, it was actually on a drawing of a guy," Duncan said.

"Ok, I'll check it out soon. For now go back to the entrance," James said.

"But..." Duncan stuttered.

"Now," James ordered.

Duncan started walking backwards. "But it's boring, what can I do?"

"I dunno, anything. Just don't wake up any mummies," James replied.

He continued down the corridor. Jessie was there near the end of it. She was looking at some of the drawings on a wall.

"We need to break that wall down," Jessie said. She turned away from the wall.

"Ok, step back," James said, he raised the rifle.

"Is that really necessary?" Jessie asked.

"You want the wall down?" James asked.

"Well, yeah," Jessie replied.

"Step back then," James said.

Jessie rolled her eyes and she got away from the wall. James fired the rifle at the wall. Sand and dust went everywhere as a result. Once it all cleared, they both saw a gaping hole.

They both climbed through the hole which lead to a huge room... filled with thousands of huge scorpion looking bugs.

Jessie and James glanced at each other nervously. "You first," Jessie muttered.

"No, girls always go first," James said.

Jessie groaned and she pushed him forward. Bugs were already trying to crawl onto their feet. They both made their way quickly. They finally reached the other side of the room, where it was quieter.

"Erm, I think I killed some of them," James said.

"So?" Jessie said. She looked around. The other side of the room was a dead end.

"Did you come here in your dream?" James asked.

Jessie spotted what looked like a lever, she pulled it. A bit of the wall opened up.

"I take that as a yes then," James muttered.

They both went through the newly formed door.

Duncan was sitting on the ground near the entrance, playing with some rocks. He heard a couple of footsteps. He quickly picked up the rocks, and he climbed up onto a higher level.

He saw three men walk in, all holding a weapon.

"You two check out the crap here, I'll sort out those humans," one man said. He headed down the corridor.

Jessie and James entered a small room. There was a large door in front of them. James tried to pull it open, but it wouldn't budge. He walked away.

"There must be a lever around here somewhere," he said to himself.

Jessie felt a strange wind blow through the room. She turned around and turned back again. The room was now lit, and she couldn't see James anywhere.

The door slowly opened and a girl stepped out. She closed the door, turned a round handle a few times and pushed it into the door. She started to walk towards Jessie then she faded away, so did the light.

James came up behind her. "Are you ok?"

"I had another vision thing. Unu opened that door no probs," Jessie said. She walked up to the door, she pulled out the metal handle, turned it a few times and the door opened.

"Ok, now you're starting to scare me," James said.

"I'm starting to scare myself," Jessie said.

Duncan threw one of his rocks at one of the guys. It hit him on the head.

"AHH! What the fuck was that!" the guy yelled.

"Quiet, this place is cursed," the other one said angrily.

"Oh come on, you used to think your ass was cursed," the first guy said.

"Oh shut up," the second guy said.

The other guy had caught up with James and Jessie. He hid behind the door, and watched them.

Jessie was trying to open a large chest.

"Don't you think we should leave this one alone?" James asked.

"The key must be in here, we have to open it," Jessie replied.

"No we don't, I thought we had to protect it," James said.

"If we bring it with us, no one will be able to use it again," Jessie said.

She pulled a spear thing off the nearby statue, then she tried to use it get the chest open.

James looked at the statue on the opposite side to the other one. Hanging on it was a strange chain, he took it off. The object on the chain was the same shape as the lock on the chest.

"Maybe we need a key to get to the key," James said. He handed Jessie the chain. She used it to open the box.

The guy who was watching them aimed his phaser like weapon at them.

Inside the chest was what looked like a golden bracelet. As soon as Jessie picked it up, the ground started shaking uncontrollably. She panicked then threw it back into the box and slammed it shut.

"It's a bit late for that isn't it?" James yelled.

Jessie looked at the lid of the chest. The alien writing on it made sense to her. "Anyone unworthy who takes the key will drink from the ocean. I guess it's not that bad," Jessie said loudly.

Suddenly the wall broke away, water came bursting through.

"Oh shit!" they both yelled, they ran back the way they came as fast as they could.

They ran into a dead end, they both turned around. A wave was only a metre in front of them.

Duncan threw another rock and it hit the first guy in the butt. Duncan giggled. The second guy heard him.

"Yash, do something... something hit my ass!" the first guy yelled.

"I know, keep quiet," the second guy, Yash, said.

Duncan threw another rock, but Yash caught it. He turned to look Duncan's way, so did the other guy. Yash pulled out a knife and he headed towards Duncan. He looked around, there was nowhere else to go.

The room James and Jessie were in was nearly entirely flooded. They both had gotten a hold of the ceiling railings, while trying to keep their heads above the water. It was no use the water was getting higher by the second. The water level reached the ceiling.

Yash was only a metre away from Duncan when they heard yelling.

"Come on, let's get out of here!" the original guy yelled as he emerged from the corridor. The other guy followed.

Yash climbed down, but he cut one of the supports for the higher level. He followed the others out.

The level collapsed onto a pillar, Duncan got a hold of it but it collapsed too. It hit it's neighbour causing it to collapse, and so on until all but one of the pillars had collapsed.

The last one finally collapsed and it smashed a hole in the wall. Water came bursting out of the hole. Duncan screamed and he ran out of the way.

Once the water had died down Duncan looked around the room. He looked down and he saw his parents lying soaking wet on the ground, with water rushing passed them.

"It wasn't me," Duncan muttered.

Two hours later, Thairo, Naptwo
There were hundreds of different kinds of aliens digging up the ruins. A girl who looked exactly like Lena, only with short brown hair, was carrying the Book of Death. She walked up to a taller man.

"There is no sign of the Book of the Living. Those people must of took it with them," the man said.

"We don't need that book, Lartinan," the Lena lookalike said.

They both heard screaming rushed over to the digging area.

"We're getting extremely close, they've hit the Sbaracs nest," Lartinan said.

Hundreds of Sbaracs were busy eating away at all the diggers. A lot managed to get away, but an odd few were eaten alive. The survivors fired phasers at the bugs, which killed them all.

"That was rather entertaining," the girl said.

"For once Tanaia, I agree with you," Lartinan said.

"How much of his ashes did they take?" the girl asked.

"A lot, but there has to be still enough left behind to revive him. 20% and above is enough, but he will need at the most three sacrifices to get him fully regenerated for a few days," Lartinan said.

"That can be arranged," Tanaia said, she saw a small Borg like shuttlecraft landing near the digging site. Yash and the other two guys stepped out of it and they headed towards Tanaia and Lartinan. An older man with Borg implants on his face rushed over to the group.

"Have you got the key?" he asked.

"I don't know why but another Human ship was in orbit. Two of their crewmembers took it. We'll take care of them," the fatter man replied.

"Leave it to us. We have a different chore for you," the older man said.

"Where is the key?" Tanaia demanded.

"It was in the temple of Atini on Abatua, but I have no idea where it is now," the fatter man said.

"How long did it take to get back here?" Lartinan asked.

"Nearly two hours," Yash replied.

Another guy with Borg implants ran over. "We've found him!" He ran back the way he came. The older guy, Tanaia, Lartinan, Yash and the other two guys followed him. A man was carrying a small container. Tanaia took it off him.

"Prepare the ship for transwarp, we're going to Abatua," the older man said.