Episode 1.03: Year Of Hell Part 1


Year of Hell
Part One

Episode Synopsis
The original writers of Year Of Hell return to take over the episode and this means a year of hell for the crew.

Guest Stars
Firera as herself
Marill as herself
Raichu as herself
Brannon Braga as Himself
Joe Menosky as Himself
Kurtwood Smith as Annorax
?? as Obris
Scarlett Pomers as Naomi Wildman

Written By
Firera, Marill & Raichu

7th January 2001

30th November 2003

Episode Based In
May 2373 (early season 4)


Day One - The Astrometrix Lab:
Everyone was gathered inside the new lab. Even Naomi was there, standing next to the Doctor who was for some reason holding Kiara. Craig was standing nearby. Tom & B'Elanna were standing on the other side of the lab. Seven & Harry stood behind the main console. Tuvok & Neelix were standing behind them, and Kathryn & Chakotay next to the viewscreen.

"Seven, will you do the honours?" Harry said. Seven pressed a few controls. The viewscreen image of the galaxy changed view and a course was shown going across the Delta Quadrant. "We've plotted a new course home."

"By my estimates this path will eliminate two years from your journey," Seven said. Neelix walked over to her.

"Our journey, nice work Seven," he said happily.

"That region of space we're about to enter, it looks like there's a lot of M-Class planet," B'Elanna said.

"It does," Seven said, the viewscreen zoomed into an area of space. "Spacial Grid 005, primary species the Zaal."

"What do we know about this species?" Tuvok asked.

"Technologically advanced but none confrontational," Seven replied.

"Thank you all for coming, we've got a lot of work to do so..." Chakotay started to say. The Doctor butted in.

"I'd like to say a few things if I may. I've prepared a speech for this occasion," the Doctor started to say.

"Hang on, Doc, I'll just put my glasses on," Craig said as he put some glasses on with pretend eyes on. "Okay, now you can continue."

"Craig, give me those," the Doctor said with his hand out. Craig sighed and give him the glasses but he snuck another pair on. "And those." Craig sighed again.

"Doctor can I go to the loo?" Naomi asked. The Doctor handed Kiara to Craig.

"No, you'll miss my brilliant speech," the Doctor said. The Doctor started blabbering on.

Ten minutes later:
"Bridge to Janeway."

"Go ahead," Kathryn replied. Everyone woke up.

"A ship is heading for us."

"On our way," Chakotay said. Everyone quickly escaped the lab leaving the Doctor talking to himself.

The Bridge:
Kathryn, Chakotay, Tuvok, Tom, Harry & Craig entered through the turbo lift.

"They're firing on us, Captain," Ensign Thingymajig said.

"Raichu, is that the best you can do?" Firera's voice said.

"No, I had a better one but I thought you might want to keep this story a PG or something," Raichu's voice replied.

"C'mon you can at least tell me," Marill's voice said.

"No, it's a 15," Raichu's voice replied.

"Just whisper it in my ear so Firera can't hear it, she's only 13," Marill's voice said.

"Hey, 15!" Firera's voice said.

"Rai! That's an 18!" Marill's voice yelled.

"Exactly, you shouldn't of heard it," Raichu's voice said.

"Hey, Harry did you hear something?" Tom asked.

"Oh! Now who's hearing the console talking to him," Harry said sarcastically.

"Forget it Harry, that was the last episode," Tom said.

"They're hailing, Captain," Tuvok said.

"On screen," Kathryn ordered. The viewscreen came on showing a man that we forgot to put in the guest cast list. "Have we offended you in some way?"

"You will reverse course immediately, this region is in dispute, you have no business in Krenim space!" the man snarled.

"I thought we were entering Zaal territory," Kathryn said.

"The Zaal do not own this space! Reverse course or be destroyed," the man said. Craig laughed.

"You probably might stand a better chance in an escape pod! No offence," he said.

"Says a man with a baby in his hands," the Krenim guy muttered.

"Ooops, I forgot about her," Craig muttered.

"Craig, be quiet," Chakotay said.

"We're certainly willing to discuss this issue with you," Kathryn said.

"No discussion! No compromise!" the Krenim guy yelled. The viewscreen switched off.

"They're retreating, Captain," Tuvok said.

"His bark is much worse than his bite," Chakotay said. Kathryn walked down to the command area.

"He seems rather intent, stay at yellow alert. Maybe the Zaal can give us some answers," Kathryn said.

Day Thirty Two, Deck 12:
Joe Menosky walked down the corridor to where Brannon Braga were standing.

"Any sign of them, Joe?" Brannon asked.

"No," Joe replied.

"They must be on this ship, do you think they know we're here?" Brannon asked.

"Probably," Joe replied.

"Good, they probably make their move soon, they better be quick," Brannon said.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Joe asked.

"I've got a date with Seven," Brannon said.

"Which one? The one from this dimension?" Joe asked.

"No you dimwit! The one in our dimension," Brannon replied.

"Taylor to Braga."

"Jeri, give me some good news," Brannon replied.

"Three girls have been spotted on Deck Twelve, it's definitely the new writers, two of them look fifteen and the other one looks about nineteen."

"That's them," Brannon said. Brannon and Joe walked down the corridor.

Meanwhile Marill, Firera & Raichu were standing in the turbolift. Raichu was fiddling with the controls.

"Hopefully, no one will be able to break in," Raichu said.

"It better work, the last time you did this we got stuck in the turbolift," Marill said.

"Don't worry about it, only writers can get in and out of here," Raichu said. The turbolift started moving and then it stopped. The doors opened.

"HEY! I just fiddled with that!" Raichu exclaimed. Suddenly the lights dimmed. Brannon & Joe appeared.

"It's our old friends," Firera said.

"What are you talking about Fire?" Marill asked.

"I don't know why I said that," Firera replied.

"Hey Marill, rumour has it that you're getting sued for skitting and stealing from Pokémon," Brannon said.

"WHAT!" Marill exclaimed.

"It's just a rumour of course, it's not official yet," Brannon said. Firera ran over to Brannon.

"I bet he was the one who started the rumour. I thought we got you locked up in jail for dating cast members," Marill said angrily,

"Yeah, Rick Berman came down to the station himself and bailed us out," Joe said.

"He payed in person!" Firera exclaimed.

"Berman would never do anything like that for us," Raichu said.

"Of course, you just invited yourself into the writing staff and got the rest of us fired, what do you expect," Brannon said.

"Um guys, what are you talking about this is Fifth Voyager, remember we're the boss' remember?" Marill said.

"Oh yeah!" Raichu and Firera said in unison.

"Oh and by the way, we have a surprise for the three of you," Joe said. He clicked his fingers and and a horde of Pokémon appeared from around the corner, a Drownzee was right behind them.

Raichu woke up, Craig and the Doctor were standing over her. She bolted up. Tom was treating Firera's arm. Marill was sitting on a bio bed.

"This is a nightmare!" Raichu exclaimed.

"Sorry it's real," Craig said.

"Aaaaggghh! Don't be so rough will ya!" Firera yelled. Tom threatened her with a hypospray. "Never mind, I'll be quiet." Tom started patting her bad arm.

"Okay, you're all set!" Tom said. Firera screamed in his ear.

"I think that hurt," Chakotay said.

"How did we get here?" Marill asked.

"Tuvok and Seven found you lying on Deck Twelve and you were unconscious," the Doctor said. Tuvok walked over to Marill.

"I suspect it's not a coincidence that there's a lot of strange going's on and these three suddenly show up," Tuvok said.

"Yeah, and where's your usual notepad?" Craig asked.

"We're no longer writing this episode," Firera said.

"That's right, Brannon & Joe have taken over," Marill said.

"So you're not responsible for everything that's happened in this episode," the Doctor said.

"We're responsible up until you got contacted by the Krenim," Raichu said.

"Where's the writers hideout?" Chakotay asked.

"We can't tell you, it'll break the Fifth Voyager code," Firera said.

"Huh? We never made any rules, Fire," Raichu said.

"I know, it's just we're not writing this episode any more so we shouldn't help the crew," Firera said.

"Yeah, thanks for the help," Marill said. The three headed towards the door.

"Wait! I know you're upset about losing control of this situation! That's just how the rest of the crew feel," Tom yelled.

"What do you think, guys?" Raichu asked.

"It couldn't hurt to help them this once," Firera said.

"But only this once," Marill said.

The ship shook.

"All hands to battle stations, Krenim vessels approaching, repeat, all hands to battle stations."

"Lets go," Chakotay said.

The Bridge:
The Bridge was in shambles. There were black consoles everywhere. A support beam had collapsed near Harry's station. The floor was covered in ash and fallen deck plates.

Chakotay, Tuvok, Craig, Tom, Raichu, Firera & Marill entered through the turbolift.

"What the hell are you doing?" Kathryn yelled at the girls.

"Captain, they're not responsible for what's happening here," Tuvok said.

"Then who is?" Kathryn asked as the Bridge shook violently.

"The ex writers of this episode, we had a completely different storyline planned so the creeps attacked us with our own Pokémon so they could take over," Marill said.

"Shields down to 60%!" Harry exclaimed.

"What do you have in mind?" Kathryn asked.

"We can get into our hideout, those morons have to be there to write the episode," Firera said. The science console exploded, killing innocent Ensign Thingymajig.

"Do it!" Kathryn ordered. Marill brought out her padd and started writing something.

"It's not working," Marill said.

"Why?" Raichu and Firera asked in unison.

"Those creeps have guessed our password and they've changed it!" Marill exclaimed.

"How did they guess our unguessable password?" Firera asked.

"What was the password?" Tom asked even though he knew what was coming.

"Fifth Voyager," Raichu replied.

"Oh, I don't know how they could of guessed your password," Tom said sarcastically.

"What do we do?" Firera asked fearfully.

"I got an idea. In the Third dimension version of this episode, the Captain ordered Tuvok to fire four torpedoes as mines, maybe you could do that," Marill said.

"Tuvok, do it," Kathryn ordered.

"I think Brannon's forgotten the Deck Five blows up bit..." Raichu started to say.

"Sickbay to Bridge, there's an overload, I need an Engineer down here right away."

"Oh there we go," Raichu said.

"Harry, can you handle it from here?" Chakotay asked.

"Nope," Raichu said.

"No sir, the overload is spreading. Half that deck is going to blow in less than five minutes!" Harry replied.

"Doctor get your patients out of there. All hands this is the Bridge, emergency evacuation deck five!" Chakotay ordered.

"Firing torpedoes," Tuvok said.

The ship shook as the shockwave from the destroyed Krenim ship hit them.

"Got em!" Tom exclaimed.

"Fifteen seconds till deck five blows!" Harry yelled.

"All hands brace for impact," Kathryn ordered.

The ship shook extremely violently as the deck exploded.

"It's happening," Firera muttered.

"What?" Kathryn asked.

"The Year Of Hell is starting," Firera replied.

Day 73 (or something like that):

Captains Log Stardate 51???.?: Voyager has suffered severe damage. Life support won't last long so I've ordered the crew except the senior staff to abandon ship.

"Escape pods have been launched," Harry said.

"Harry set a course to a place we can hide while we make repairs," Kathryn ordered. B'Elanna walked onto the Bridge followed by the writers.

"Captain, Raichu has found a way to contact the new writers," B'Elanna said.

"Do it," Kathryn ordered. Raichu walked over to the console behind the command chairs and started pressing some buttons. The viewscreen came on.

"Let us talk to them, Captain," Firera said.

"Fine," Kathryn said. Marill & Firera walked over to the command area. Brannon appeared on the screen.

"I can't believe you're back!" Brannon exclaimed.

"Hello there," Firera said sweetly. B'Elanna summoned Kathryn over to her and she said something quietly to her.

"We've brought a little peace offering," Marill said.

"We've turned over a new leaf and we've decided that we should work together like fellow Voyager writers should," Firera said.

"Just to prove ourselves too you we've got something that could come in handy," Marill said and she brought out a new script.

"What do you think?" Joe whispered into Brannon's ear.

"I think we could use some help with the script. Very well, we'll transport you lot over here in a few minutes," Brannon said.

"Lets go, guys, we've got our fanfic series to win back," Marill said.

"YEAH!" Firera & Raichu exclaimed as they hi-fived each other.

"I'm lost, what's going on?" Harry asked. The look on everyone's faces made Harry turn back to his console.

Will the gang win back their fanfic series? Will Voyager survive the torment on having Brannon & Joe in charge and will Harry ever get what's going on? Find out next time on Fifth Voyager!



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