Part Two

Guest Stars
Marill as herself
Firera as herself
Raichu as herself
Vulpix as herself
Desmond Harrington as Damien
?? as The Old Man
?? as Riley Frasier
Nancy Hower as Samantha Wildman
Scarlett Pomers as Naomi Wildman

Written By
Marill & Firera

17th December 2000

30th November 2003

Episode Based In
July 2372 to March 2373


Last time on Fifth Voyager
On a shuttle mission, Kathryn & Chakotay's shuttle was caught in a storm and it crashed landed on a deserted planet. Kathryn died. Voyager came to the rescue. The Doctor discovered an alien parasite in Kathryn's cerebral cortex, luckily Kathryn fought back against it and she recovered. Once scanned in Sickbay the Doctor discovered that she is somehow pregnant with Chakotay's child.

And now the conclusion
"But...how?" Kathryn stuttered. The Doctor gave her a puzzled look.

"Well, it all starts when..." the Doctor started blabbering.

"Doctor!" Chakotay exclaimed.

"Oh of course, you know all that already," the Doctor said. Kes tried not to laugh. Kathryn gave the Doctor the 'deathglare.' The Doctor looked scared.

"I think she means how could it of happened when we haven't... er... you know," Chakotay said quietly.

"Oh, I get it! Well if that's the situation then I don't know how it could of happened," the Doctor said.

"Maybe we should evaluate those scans again, Doctor," Kes suggested. The Doctor nodded and they both headed for the Doctor's office.

"Well, any bright ideas?" Kathryn asked.

"Nope. It maybe just what people call a miracle," Chakotay said.

"A miracle!" Kathryn exclaimed.

"Kathryn, it's not that bad, you know," Chakotay said quietly.

"That's easy for you to say, you don't have to put up with anything," Kathryn said huffily.

"Yes I do, I'll have to put up with you complaining about not having enough coffee," Chakotay said.


"The Doctor said that you'll have to cut down to one cup of coffee a day," Chakotay said as he got ready to duck.

"What!" Kathryn yelled.

"I'm sure you can live with decaffeinated," Chakotay said quietly. Suddenly the doors opened and this strange girl with brown hair walked in.

"Okay, I'm sure we can fast forward through this next bit," she said as she pulled out a note pad and pen. The doors opened again and a younger girl with dark red hair walked in.

"No! Don't do that!" she exclaimed.

"Hey, we agreed that I write this scene," the first girl said.

"But you're doing a crap job of it!" the second girl exclaimed.

"Because it's not my kind of scene," the first girl said angrily.

"Well you can do the scenes that are based on the episode Scorpion, and remember don't kill anyone or have lots of blood all over the place!" the second girl said angrily.

"Since when do you decide everything?" the first girl asked.

"Shut up! Anyway I have a brilliant idea to finish this teaser that'll please you and me," the second girl said.

"How are you going to do that?" the first girl asked.

"Just watch and see," the second girl said.

"Do I have too?" the first girl moaned. The doors opened again and a strange old man walked in. The two girls looked frightened.

"What the hell is going on?" Kathryn asked.

"Hello everybody, I'm the Old Man, I remember when I first came into other peoples stories. I woke up in the morning and I made a piece of toast, which in those days..." the Old Man blabbered on.

"Firera, did you write this?" the first girl asked with the Old Man blabbering on in the background.

"No, Marill, did you?" Firera replied as the Old Man finally got past the bit with the toast.

"No, so who did?" Marill asked.

"Who else," Firera moaned. Right on cue a strange looking guy walked into Sickbay, holding two toy rabbits.

"Hello everybody!" the guy yelled. Suddenly Marill & Firera collapsed in animé (Pokémon) style. The Old Man continued to blabber on. Firera & Marill got back up.

"Damien, what are you doing here!" Marill yelled.

"It's not Damien, it's Mewtwo, the ultimate Pokémon," Damien said with a deep voice and with his left arm over his mouth. Suddenly the Pokémon song, Together Forever, came on, just when Misty & Ash were arguing.

Firera mimicked Brock from the song, "ohno not this again!" Pikachu's voice said, "Pika-chu," then the music went off.

"Damien will you go away!" Marill yelled.

"Why should I?" Damien said.

"Coz, we don't like you," Firera yelled.

"Oh fine, but we'll be back," Damien said. Suddenly he and the Old Man disappeared.

"Right, we can get on with the teaser," Firera said.

"Lets get it over with...oh crap we've ran out of time. Oh well here's the credits animation," Marill moaned.

"There is no credits animation," Firera said.

"Shut up, this was not in the original episode!" Marill yelled.

"Whatever, just delete your credits animation line and get on with the episode," Firera said. She walked away.

"Why bother," Marill muttered.

Sickbay (where we left off):
Marill & Firera stepped out of sight, behind the console. Kathryn & Chakotay continued to talk.

"Well this is interesting," Marill muttered.

"Shut up," Firera said quietly. The pair must of missed something because the other pair started to get closer. Firera looked at Marill who was pretending to be sick. Suddenly a mallet appeared out of no where so Firera whacked Marill on the head with it.

Some boring music came on but...Tuvok had walked in just before anything happened and the music cut off.

"Tuvok, what are you doing here?" Kathryn said.

"I wanted to see if you were all right," Tuvok replied.

"So this is your brilliant idea," Marill muttered while rubbing her head.

"It's like SMTV Live, you know in Chums. Dec and Cat are always interrupted when they're about to kiss. I thought we can do something similar in nearly every episode," Firera replied.

"Oh, that's good, that means there will be no soppiness," Marill said.

"Sort of. C'mon lets go," Firera said.

"Okay, lets get on with the next scene!" Marill said happily. Firera & Marill disappeared.

The Conference Room (the dreaded Unity episode):
Everyone was sitting at the table. For some strange reason, Craig was sitting at the table too. Probably because he's now a main character.

"Commander, you and Ensign Kaplan take Shuttle Sacajawea on some sort of stupid mission," Kathryn said.

"Stupid mission?" Firera's voice said.

"Well if you're the expert, tell me why Chakotay takes a shuttle out in the first place," Marill's voice said.

"I don't know, just make one up," Firera's voice said.

""Commander, you and Ensign Kaplan take Shuttle Sacajawea to look for some dilithium," Kathryn said.

"But they always seem to do that!" Firera's voice yelled.

"Can you think of a better idea?" Marill's voice said.

"What about a survey mission," Firera's voice said.

"No, I've just thought of one," Marill's voice said.

"Commander, you and Ensign Kaplan take Shuttle Sacajawea so you can crash it and then we can get some more insurance so we can finally build the cool Delta Flyer," Kathryn said.

"Marill! What insurance!!" Firera's voice yelled.

"Oh chill Firera, it was only a joke. He, he, he, the Delta Flyer, it's so cool!" Marill's voice laughed.

"Just use the survey mission excuse and for crying out loud don't mention either the Delta Flyer or the Enterprise E!" Firera's voice yelled.

"He, he, he, he, the Enterprise E, it kicks butt and it looks so cool! Ooooh, if Riker blows that ship up too I'll kill him in the next episode," Marill's voice said.

"Commander, you and Ensign Kaplan take Shuttle Sacajawea on a survey mission to several planets in the Negretive Expanse," Kathryn said.

"Yes ma'am," Chakotay said.

"And don't crash it again!" Tom joked.

"Shut up, Paris!" Chakotay threatened.

"Yeah, that was only two episodes ago," Craig said.

"Er Marill, problem. Number One: Craig shouldn't know that this is a program and not real life. Number Two: I'm sure Shuttle Sacajawea was left behind in Coda," Firera's voice said.

"Hey, this is my scene I can write what I want. Anyway this is the fifth dimension so the shuttle could of been recovered. Craig's remark was a joke, so loosen up!" Marill's voice said angrily.

"Captain, it isn't a good idea for Commander Chakotay to leave Voyager. You can easily fall ill. If that would happen, he has to take command of Voyager," Tuvok said in his boring voice.

"I hate to say this, but Tuvok is right," B'Elanna said.

"I volunteer to go in his place," Tom said.

"Yeah and I'll go in Ensign Kaplan's place," B'Elanna said.

"Why?" Kathryn asked.

"I haven't left the ship in ages," B'Elanna replied.

"But you were off the ship in the last episode," Chakotay said.

"Not exactly, in this Fifth Voyager episode the events in Blood Fever didn't happen," B'Elanna said. Tom looked huffy.

"But it must of coz you remember it," Harry said.

"Remember what?" B'Elanna lied.

"Fine, Tom, B'Elanna, take shuttle Sacajawea on the survey mission," Kathryn said.

On the planet (instead of the boring/soppy scene):
"What are you talking about, B'Elanna?" Tom asked.

"That Riley was always next to you and touching you when you were asleep," B'Elanna said angrily.

"Eeew, in what way, Firera?" Marill's voice said.

"Oh shut up, Marill. She was probably just touching his face or something, now lets get on with the episode," Firera's voice replied.

"If she was, why would you care?" Tom asked.

"Er...if you must know, I care about you," B'Elanna stuttered.

"Oh, I see. Does that mean you..." Tom said.

"Yes I suppose it does!" B'Elanna interrupted.

"So you do love me?" Tom said.

"Er.. um I suppose so," B'Elanna said. Riley walked up to the pair.

"Oooh, I hate that Riley. She's so girly and her voice annoys the hell out of me!" Marill's voice said.

"Don't worry she gets hurt at some point," Firera's voice said.

"So, how are you feeling, Tom," Riley said in her annoying soft voice.

"Get away from him, you slut!" B'Elanna yelled.

"What are you talking about, B'Elanna?" Riley asked.

"Ooh, kill her, I can hear her voice!" Marill's voice said.

"I said, you'd better stay away from him! Is there something about that sentence that you don't understand?" B'Elanna yelled.

"But, B'Elanna, I don't know what you mean," Riley said.

"AAAAGGHH! That's it, give me that pad, I'm going to kill her myself!" Marill's voice yelled.

"No, leave it, I've nearly finished," Firera's voice said.

"B'Elanna, just leave it," Tom said.

"Ooooh, Riley, you're dead!" B'Elanna yelled as she picked up a dagger that appeared out of nowhere.

"Marill, give me that pad and pen back!" Firera's voice yelled.

"Oh, this is annoying!" Marill's voice said.

"B'Elanna, if it wasn't for me, Tom would be dead so put down that dagger," Riley said.

B'Elanna raised the dagger and slashed Riley in the face. Blood poured down her face.

"Is that all you're going to do, give me that here!" Marill's voice yelled.

Suddenly B'Elanna stabbed Riley in the stomach. Riley dropped to the ground.

"B'Elanna, you've killed her!" Tom exclaimed.

"Oh Marill, look what you've done!" Firera's voice said.

"Oh, boohoo!" Marill's voice said.

Later on another shuttle (probably the Cochrane):
Tom, for some reason, was sitting in the co-pilots seat. B'Elanna was sitting in the pilots seat.

"Are you okay, Tom?" B'Elanna asked.

"Huh?" Tom asked as he sprung back to life.

"I said are you okay," B'Elanna said.

"Oh my god! You killed Riley and your asking me if I'm okay?" Tom exclaimed.

"Oh my god! You sounded like those kids from South Park," B'Elanna exclaimed. Suddenly the wavefile I got off the net started playing.

"We are the Borg we will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own." Phaser fire and explosions replaced the Borg's eery voice. "God dammit don't shoot me!" And again. "Ohno!" "Oh my god, they killed Kenny, you b******!"

"Okay, that was disturbing," B'Elanna said.

"God, I don't like these new writers," Tom said.

"WHAT!" Firera yelled.

"WHAT!" Marill yelled.

Suddenly the Borg voices started talking in Tom's head.

"You see that dagger over there, go and stab yourself with it," the voices said.

"Is this a dagger I see before me?" Marill's voice said sarcastically.

"Aaagh! Macbeth! Stop, you're interrupting the 'be nasty to Tom bit'" Firera's voice screamed.

"What did you say, B'Elanna?" Tom asked.

"Do I sound like Borg drones?" B'Elanna asked.

"Yes," Tom said. WHACK!! An iron bar had just appeared out of nowhere so B'Elanna could hit Tom with it. Tom heard the voices again.

"Go to the Borg cube or we will kill you. We can control your mind," the voices said.

"Oh my god, I'm hearing the voices again!" Tom said.

"I see," B'Elanna said..

"This is all those damn writers fault! Especially the one with the red butcher chopped hair!" Tom exclaimed. Suddenly Firera appeared behind Tom. Team Rocket music started playing

"HOW DARE YOU INSULT MY HAIR! PREPARE FOR TROUBLE!" she yelled. Marill appeared with a silly grin on her face.

"It used to be there but now it's stubble," she said. Firera threw a poke ball (that conveniently appears).

"To protect my head from humiliation!" she yelled. Suddenly a purple Cobra appeared.

"Charbok-a!" it hissed. Marill threw another pokeball (that also conveniently appeared).

"To bad her hair went on vacation," she yelled. Suddenly a cute blue mouse appeared.

"Marill, mar-marill!" it squeaked. Firera threw another poke ball.

"My gorgeous hair was my one true love!" she yelled. A yellow mouse appeared.

"Pika!" it squeaked. Marill threw another ball into the air.

"They went together like an hand and glove!" she yelled. A red dragon appeared.

It roared and a flame of fire came out of it's mouth and it hit Marill. Somehow she was still okay, just a little black.

"Firera," Firera said. Marill suddenly wasn't black anymore.

"Marill," she said. The two stood facing away from Tom & B'Elanna.

"Now my hair's short but it won't be for long," Firera said as the two turned to face Tom.

"And it won't stop our Fire from killing Tom," Marill said. Suddenly Raichu appeared in front of Firera & Marill.

"Hairy," she said.

"Get lost, Rai!" Firera yelled. Raichu disappeared.

"Who are you two?" B'Elanna yelled.

"Be quiet! I'm getting sick of you!" Firera yelled. Suddenly a phaser appeared in her hand and she shot her.

"Er...Firera, your suppose to kill Tom, not B'Elanna," Marill said.

"I know, she was just getting on my nerves. You're dead Tom!" Firera yelled.

"Why don't we beam him to the Borg cube like in the draft, but he can get assimilated or get shot by the rescue team," Marill said.

"Even better, goodbye Tom," Firera said. Tom disappeared.

"Oh wait, we haven't got much time. We still have to do the scenes from Scorpion, we haven't go the time to finish this scene," Marill said.

"Fine, he can be the one who gets attacked by Species 8472 instead of Harry," Firera said.

The Bridge (the last one in Part 2):
Seven Of Nine walked across the Bridge and faced Kathryn.

"Unacceptable, blah, blah, blah, blah," Seven blabbered on. Neelix ran onto the Bridge.

"Captain, some crewmembers are saying they've been seeing a girl with brown hair and a girl with red short hair wandering around the ship causing trouble," Neelix said. Seven continued to blabber on.

"Oh it's that Firera & Marill again, Neelix. They're just the new writers," Kathryn said. Suddenly Seven stopped talking when the Team Rocket music came on again.

"Oh, this is getting tiring," Tom said.

"Prepare for trouble from a girl with brown hair," Marill's voice said. Firera's head popped out from behind Tom's console.

"And make it double from a girl with chopped red hair," she said. Suddenly Marill appeared from behind the conn.

"To protect Voyager from devastation," she said. Firera jumped up to stand beside her.

"To protect...er...my hair looks alright doesn't it?" she asked.

"To announce the evils of rabbits and love," Marill said.

"To make our site a more popular one," Firera said.



Suddenly a giant 5 appeared on the view screen. Firera fell over as Marill jumped onto her back.

"Fifth Voyager blasts off at warp speed," Marill said. Firera from the floor started moaning.

"Get off, get off!" Firera said but no one understood her, she was all muffled. Suddenly a teenaged girl appeared.

"What's the matter, Fox caught your tongue," she said. Marill lost her balance and fell off Firera's back. Firera sat up from her lying position.

"Vulpix, get lost," she said.

"Oh, sorry, I love the Team Rocket motto," Vulpix said.

"It's not the Team Rocket motto, it's our motto," Marill said.

"No it isn't, the first motto you did was from 'Tracey Gets Bugged' and the last one you did was you own version of the one from 'Make Room For Gloom.' They are all from Pokémon," Vulpix said. Firera got her pad out and started writing. Vulpix disappeared in a flash of light and she appeared on the Isle Of Man.

"Can we just get back to the episode?" Harry asked.

"Oh sure, we just couldn't resist it," Marill said.

"Bye bye, see ya next episode," Firera said. The pair disappeared. Seven walked up to Tom. He fired his phaser but it bounced straight of her Borg shields. She pushed him away from his console and she started assimilating the conn.

"Harry, lock her out," Kathryn ordered.

"I can't," Harry said.

"Janeway to Paris." Tom stood up.

"Yes Captain," he said.

"Tom, you idiot! You are suppose to be in the Cargo Bay!" Kathryn yelled.

"But I thought it was Chakotay...oh yeah I was on that Borg planet... oops sorry, I'll go now!" Tom said. He ran out of the room.

Ten minutes later:
"Seven wait a few more minutes," Kathryn said.

"This is irrelevant," Seven said.

"Paris to Janeway."

"Alright. Doctor get started," Kathryn said.

"Yes Captain."

Seven started talking to herself, "hair is irrelevant"

"Tom, what are you telling her?" Kathryn asked.

"Ooops, I was telling her she would suit black hair. Sorry I'll get on with what I'm suppose to be doing."

"Irrelevant Saying that I must of been a cute kid is irrelevant," Seven said.

"TOM!" Kathryn yelled.

"Sorry, Captain, I couldn't resist it."

Suddenly Seven screamed and she fell unconscious. Tuvok walked over to her. He scanned her with a tri-corder.

"Her connection to the collective has been severed," Tuvok said.

"Take her to Sickbay," Kathryn said. She herself started to look faint.

"I'll take you too," Chakotay said.

"What! Why?" Kathryn exclaimed.

"You look ill," Chakotay said.

"I'm fine," Kathryn said before she collapsed.

The Doctor was scanning Kathryn with a tri-corder. Seven was on another bio bed being scanned by Kes. The Doctor walked up to Chakotay.

"If my scans are accurate, she is suffering from psychological trauma, she'll have to stay on light duty," the Doctor said.

"She doesn't even know what that means," Chakotay said.

"True, but she'll have to live with it for the time being," the Doctor said.

The following day, in the Ready Room:
Kathryn was sitting at her desk with a cup of coffee. The door chime sounded.

"Come in," Kathryn said angrily. Chakotay walked in. "What do you want?"

"The Doctor told me to keep checking up on you," Chakotay said.

"Well I'm fine, so you can go away," Kathryn said.

"Why are you angry with me?" Chakotay asked.

"I don't know, now just leave me alone," Kathryn said.

"Wait a minute, how many cups of coffee have you had?" Chakotay asked.

"Three, what's it to you?" Kathryn replied icily.

"The Doctor told you only one cup a day. This is probably why your so irritated," Chakotay said. Kathryn stood up and walked up to him.

"You're starting to sound like my mother, get out!" Kathryn yelled.

"Gladly, but your going back to Sickbay," Chakotay said.

"No, I'm bloody well not!" Kathryn yelled.

One hour later (at Marill's house):
"Web Express has performed an Illegal Operation!"

"Son of a b**ch!" Marill yelled.

Later that night in Sickbay:
Kathryn woke up. She sat up and headed for the console. Sickbay was dark. She noticed a hypospray so she picked it up.

Meanwhile on the Bridge:
"Oooh, I wish that red headed girl would come back," Craig said.

"Ohno not this again," Firera's voice moaned.

"Oh c'mon Firera, just pretend we haven't done this scene yet," Marill's voice said.

"Well can we change it, it'll help a lot," Firera's voice said.

"Who might that be?" Harry asked.

"That writer," Craig said dreamily.

"I thought you only liked black & brown haired girls," Tom pointed out.

"Oh come on Tom, anybody can tell she's not a natural red head," Craig said.

"I don't think you can get a natural red head, the only way you can get your hair dark red is if you dye it," Harry muttered.

"Oh be quiet, that girl's after me because I said she had butchered chopped hair. Goodness knows what she'll do to you because of you saying she's not a natural red head," Tom said.

"I can't take it any more!" Firera's voice yelled.

"Not again," Marill's voice moaned.

Firera appeared. Her face matched her hair colour.

"I'm sick of this. This is the second attempt at this scene and your still insulting my hair! Prepare..." Firera said angrily.

"For trouble?" Tom interrupted.

"No, prepare to die!" Firera exclaimed.

"Oh, I love a girl with a bad temper," Craig said dreamily.

"Well go and bother Marill then, she explodes when the computer crashes, has an Illegal Operation, or doesn't log onto the Internet," Firera said. Marill appeared.

"Hey it wasn't me that swore at the computer and raised an axe at it," Marill said.

"But it was you," Firera said.

"Will you go away now?" Tom asked. Firera snatched the notepad off Marill and started writing. Tom disappeared and reappeared in Sickbay, he saw an hypospray and injected himself with it.

"Paris to Bridge. The Captain's beaten me to it."

"What! How can that happen again?" Marill exclaimed.

"Why the hell does she keep doing it?" Firera asked angrily. Firera started writing again. Tom activated the Doctor and then injected himself with what was left of the Doctor's experiment.

"Computer, activate the EMH."

"Please state the nature of the medical...Mr Paris, what are you doing with my experiment?"

"I can't help it Doc, that new writer is forcing me to do it, aaagh!"

"Firera, what about the Captain, we have to torment her in the Year Of Hell episode," Marill asked.

"So you said the last time," Firera moaned.

"Oh come on Firera, make an effort, this hasn't happened before, remember?" Marill said.

"Of course it has," Firera said as she continued writing on the notepad. Kes was called to Sickbay but because of her increasing telepathic powers she had thought up a promising way to save Kathryn's life.

"And Tom's," Marill said.

"Oh fine, we can torment him next episode," Firera said.

Meanwhile in Sickbay:
Kes walked into Sickbay.

"What happened, Doctor?" Kes asked.

"Suicide attempts I would think," the Doctor replied. An alarm went off near Kathryn's bio bed. Kes and the Doctor ran over to her.

"Web Express has performed an Illegal Operation!"

"AAAAGGHH! NOT AGAIN!" Marill yelled. Axe ready.

"Hey, it was this point it crashed last time!" Firera exclaimed.

"Only Kidding!"3

"Her blood pressure is dropping, Doctor!" Kes exclaimed. The Doctor picked up a hypo spray from the Instrument tray and he injected it in Kathryn's neck.

"No affect," the Doctor muttered. Kes stared at the bio bed console.

"Wait, Doctor, I can see it," Kes muttered.

"See what?" the Doctor asked.

"I know what the problem is Doctor. We have to transport the baby out," Kes said.

"Oh yeah, I forgot about that," Marill's voice said.

"Shut up!" Firera's voice said.

"Why?" the Doctor asked.

"Because whatever she injected herself with is killing the baby and it's causing her blood pressure to drop," Kes replied.

"Alright, prepare for a fetal transport," the Doctor said.

"What's that?" Marill's voice asked.

"I don't know, it was mentioned in Deadlock the episode when Naomi was born," Firera's voice replied.

"Oh yeah," Marill's voice said.

"Locking on...energizing," Kes said as she worked on the console.

"Er... Firera, where's Chakotay at?" Marill's voice asked.

"Oh crap, er I'll sort that out," Firera's voice said.

Chakotay, who had been in Sickbay ever since Tom injected himself with the hypospray, decided to say something so somebody would notice him.

"What's going on, Doc?" he asked.

"You know what's going on," the Doctor moaned.

"I know, I just wanted to get some attention," Chakotay said.

"Doctor, the transport was successful, her blood pressure is rising again," Kes said.

"Good," the Doctor said. He and Chakotay walked up to Kes who was holding the baby.

"Congratulations, Commander, it's a girl," Kes said. Naomi ran into Sickbay.

"Yey! A friend!" she yelled. Samantha walked in and picked Naomi up.

"C'mon, you're suppose to be in bed," she said as she walked out. Meanwhile Tom was in extreme pain.

"Firera, can't you stop tormenting him for a while," Marill's voice said.

"Fine! I'm totally sick of this!" Firera's voice said.

Two days later:
Security Chief's Log Stardate 50???.?: Life onboard Voyager is slowly returning to normal. The two writers have finally left us alone for the time being, much to the relief of the entire crew. On another note, our new crewmember, Seven Of Nine, has been released from Sickbay. On another note the Captain & Chakotay's baby girl has been named Kiara Morgan Janeway.

The Mess Hall:
"Kiara, where did you get that name from?" Kathryn asked.

"Oh, it's from a 20th century film called Lion King 2. You see, Kiara was the daughter of Simba. She fell in love with the heir of another pride and they both brought the two prides together as one pride," Tom replied.

"I like that name," Naomi said.

"The point is Naomi, that Kiara is an appropriate name for the daughter of two leaders of two different, factions, am I making any sense here?" Tom asked.

"Sort of," Chakotay said.

"Where did the Morgan part come from...oh that Captain who sounds like Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons," Tom said.

"Who, what?" Chakotay asked.

"Doesn't matter," Tom replied.

"I miss Kes," Naomi moaned.

"We all do, Naomi," Kathryn said.


****THE END****

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