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Episode Synopsis
The Voyager crew quickly come to a planet's aid when the vampire Masters plan to block out all it's sunlight.

1st, 27th, 30th & 31st October 2004

Episode Based In
May 2372 (late season 2)


Ligod's Quarters:
Two guys were busy working on an alien console, that was attached to one of the replicators. Ligod was watching with his arms folded.

"I don't see why this is necessary sir," one of the guys muttered.

"I need to know for sure. I want it the old fashioned way remember," Ligod said.

"Fine, but it's not necessary," the guy said quietly.

"I'll be the judge of that. Let me know when it's ready," Ligod said.

Later, The Mess Hall:
Neelix sat himself down in front of his video camera. "Good morning Voyager. I have an extra special show for you this morning, which is music free too. Bet you're all glad about that. Now on with the show."

Kathryn's Quarters:
Kathryn and Chakotay were sitting at her table having breakfast. Neelix's show was playing on the screen on the computer.

"I just know it," Kathryn was saying. She took a bite out of her toast.

Chakotay watched her, trying to pretend she was eating normal toast. "What makes you think today will be any good?"

"Well I feel good. I slept well, we're travelling through quiet space, I woke up with a great guy, and nobody is singing," Kathryn replied.

"You've just seriously jinxed yourself," Chakotay said.

"Oh right, nah. People who believe in jinxing are paranoid and unlucky people," Kathryn said.

Meanwhile, Zare's Quarters:
Zare yawned as she walked over to the computer on the desk, she reached over to switch it on. Kathryn's face, complete with a brown face mask on, appeared on the screen, making her jump a mile.

"Keep it on for ten minutes and, oh screw it," Kathryn said, wiping her face with her hand. Then she licked it, "mmm, it's good for the pores."

The screen changed to show Neelix looking confused, "ok, that was not the fashion show I did earlier. Janeway must have stole the camera again."

Zare raised one eyebrow, "ookay, it's a wonder anyone gets up at all on this ship." She shook it off.

Meanwhile again, James/Jessie's Quarters:
James walked into the living room. He spotted Jessie rushing into the bathroom. Just then he heard the computer with Neelix's show playing on it.

"Neelix must have lost his clothes earlier than usual," he muttered to himself.

You get the idea by now
Craig/Lee's Quarters:
"Lee!" Craig screamed.

Lee rushed out of the bathroom, with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth. "What?"

"What did I tell you about leaving your horror movies paused and everything?" Craig grumbled.

Lee frowned, he took the brush out of his mouth. "I didn't," he said, looking at the screen. "That's just Neelix dude." He walked off.

Craig looked at the screen. Neelix was doing a fashion show, dressed up in a tight purple jogging suit. Two crewmen stood behind him, trying not to laugh.

"Maybe we shouldn't try on the size ten's," he muttered.

Craig shuddered, "that's worse than any horror I've ever seen."

And again
Harry's Quarters:
Harry walked into his quarters looking half asleep. His computer was sitting on the table nearby.

"I'm so tired, need sleep," he muttered to himself. He switched the computer on. Kathryn's face appeared on the screen, a little too close up. He of course jumped in shock.

"Hello anyone who's watching this. Remember coffee is good, but it's mine. There's not enough to share so find something else," she said. She backed away a little, you could now see James coming up behind her. She didn't notice him until he snatched one of the cups she had next to her, and walked away.

"What did I just say, get here!" she screamed, jumping up to her feet.

Neelix appeared instead looking confused again, "once again, that was the wrong file."

Harry turned off the computer, "no sleep for me after all."

Meanwhile, on a planet nearby:
Inside a dark underground cavern, the two Vampire Masters stood waiting.

"It's almost time," Yuji said.

"What if there's no truth to the legend?" Tryce asked.

"Then we'll just take the planet anyway. It'll just take longer," Yuji sighed. "No worries, I'm sure it's true."

Three goons wandered in, they all bowed. "We've just got word, the second watcher ship met up with Voyager. The watcher and one of the Slayers transferred to it."

"And the first ship?" Yuji demanded.

"In orbit," goon 2 replied.

"So they're desperate enough to send trainees, how pathetic," goon 3 sneered.

"No, what's pathetic is that they're sending us what we need as well as a buffet," Tryce said.

Yuji smiled, "it's not pathetic, it's just insanely generous."

Voyager, the Conference Room:
Zare waited patiently nearby the window, with her arms folded. Two Security guys guided Ligod and his two companions into the room, they walked out.

"Now that we've almost arrived, I think it's time you were told about the mission," Ligod said.

"Ok, I'm listening," Zare said.

"The Masters are planning to do the Citzarian Ritual on the third planet of the Tendaran system," Ligod said.

"But, that's just a legend," Zare said, frowning.

"A legend we can't just ignore," Ligod sighed.

"But I'm sure a Chosen's blood is what starts the ritual, this is the last ship we should have travelled on," Zare muttered.

"It's all that's needed. You and James are the potentials, but we still don't have any proof of who is the Chosen," Ligod said.

"I think me getting rejected for being a fake by those demons is proof enough," Zare said.

"No, they may have been confused as well," Ligod said.

"Right," Zare rolled her eyes. "If you're unsure why get both of us here. That's rather dangerous considering there's already vampires aboard," Zare questioned.

"We have no choice. All Naturals are on missions, the trainees are all we have," Ligod replied.

"A lot of them would do just fine without us," Zare commented.

"But they can't go down there on their own with goons and Masters," Ligod sighed. "Don't worry, I have a plan that won't go wrong."

The Bridge:
Kathryn raised her eyebrow, glancing at Chakotay. He was staring into space, twiddling his thumbs. Tom and Harry were talking at opps. Tuvok was absent.

Jessie stepped off the turbolift, looking a little pale. Kathryn glanced back at her, "that's the second time you've left your post. Is something wrong?"

Jessie sat down at her usual station, "yeah, I think Neelix's food has taken it's toll, that's all."

"You should go to Sickbay," Chakotay pointed out.

"No, it'll go away, it always does by the afternoon," Jessie said.

Kathryn raised her eyebrow again, "you mean you feel sick probably every morning, and it goes away later?"

Chakotay came back to life, eyes widening. He shook his head, "nah."

"Yeah, I should stop eating Neelix's food," Jessie muttered, resting her head in her hand.

"Uh huh," Kathryn sighed.

Jessie groaned, "no, not again." She placed her hand over her mouth, whilst standing up.

"Again?" Kathryn shook her head. Jessie ignored her, and ran into the turbolift again. "Great, it better not be what I think it is."

"Same here," Chakotay said.

Kathryn turned to him, "what do you think it is?"

"Well I ate that Mystery Stew yesterday, I hope she didn't eat that too or I'm in trouble," Chakotay replied.

"I don't think that's it. Last time the victims all had fits," Kathryn said, not caring at all. Chakotay's eyes widened but she didn't notice.

Jessie walked back in, "damn, if I could sue, I would."

Kathryn rolled her eyes as she stood up, "I doubt you could sue anyone for this Jessie."

"I said, if I could," Jessie muttered.

Kathryn sighed, "can I see you in my Ready Room?"

"It's not my fault ok. If you really insist on me staying on the bridge, I can be sick on the floor here," Jessie grumbled.

"Please?" Kathryn calmly said, she headed for her Ready Room. Jessie groaned as she followed.

"Wow, you get told off being ill now. Neelix will be devastated," Tom commented.

The Ready Room:
Kathryn sat down uneasily behind her desk, Jessie sat down opposite looking a little confused.

"How long's this been going on?" Kathryn asked.

"All morning," Jessie replied.

"No, you've had to leave your post on lots of other days," Kathryn said.

"Oh, well it hasn't been as bad as today. It's been about a month," Jessie replied.

"Shouldn't you see the Doctor, or have you?" Kathryn questioned.

"No. It's just Neelix's food. By the time I go to Sickbay to get treated, it'll be lunch time again. There's no point," Jessie replied.

"So you're sick later in the day too?" Kathryn questioned.

Jessie shrugged, "actually no, it seems to save it all for the morning. James must think I'm on those weird no food diets or something."

"He knows about this, does he?" Kathryn asked.

"Not exactly. He saw me go to the bathroom once, and I think he noticed today," Jessie replied.

"Uh huh," Kathryn sighed. She folded her arms on the desk. "You see the thing is, no one else is having these symptoms. Last week ten crewmembers had fits, but that's it."

"Oh yeah, that was the day I decided to plead James to give me some rations. I wasn't going to eat that crap," Jessie said.

"Good thing you did. Anyway it's obviously not Neelix's food, unless he's cooking something different just for you," Kathryn said.

"Oh right, I wonder what it is then. I can't be ill for this long," Jessie muttered.

Kathryn sighed, "no, but I think I know what it is. You just have to tell me some things."

Jessie stood back up, "hold onto that thought." She rushed out the other door.

Kathryn tapped her commbadge, "Kes, please come to my Ready Room."

In: "On my way now."

A little while later Jessie came back, she sat back down. "Ok, what were you saying?"

"I just need to know a few things so I know for sure," Kathryn replied.

Jessie shrugged, "um ok."

"Ok how can I put this without annoying you?" Kathryn muttered to herself. "Have you and James, been um, putting it politely as I can, intimate physically since New Earth?"

Jessie stared at her with wide eyes, "what!?"

"It's about this, just answer," Kathryn stuttered.

"Oh my god, what does that have to do with anything?" Jessie said, bewildered.

"Jessie, I just need to know so I know for sure what's wrong. Believe me, I'd sleep better if I didn't know," Kathryn said.

"Just once, but it's really sick that you're asking," Jessie grumbled.

"Was this before or after your sickness began?" Kathryn asked.

"Before," Jessie replied.

Kathryn quickly butt in, "did you ask Kes or the Doctor for something? You know those hypospray injections you're supposed to have before..."

"What injection?" Jessie replied, looking confused.

Kathryn groaned into her hand, "oh god."

"Hang on, are you suggesting that James was secretly ill and he's infected me or something?" Jessie questioned, looking confused still.

"No," Kathryn groaned. "But you're getting closer."

"Well he couldn't have passed on anything else, those kind of illnesses were cured a century or so ago. I know that much," Jessie said.

"Jessie, did you even do first or second year senior school Science?" Kathryn muttered.

"Yes, but when it came to that subject, Danny liked to be my teacher," Jessie replied.

"Did she not tell you of the risks?" Kathryn asked.

"No, infact I thought because of the way she taught me, you know was for nothing. Years later James told me the truth," Jessie muttered.

"Oh, that's ironic," Kathryn groaned.

"It was a bit of a mixed up way to get told," Jessie said.

"That's not what I meant," Kathryn groaned again.

"What did you mean then? I've never gotten irony," Jessie questioned.

"It's obvious," Kathryn muttered. "I just find it ironic that the person who taught you how to get pregnant, has gotten you pregnant. It's the most disturbing homework I've ever heard of."

Jessie raised her eyebrow, "what?"

"God, how stupid can a girl get," Kathryn groaned. "Jessie, you're having morning sickness. Plus you've been a lot more moody, and at some points you've been easily pushed around, not literally. You have to be pregnant."

"Uh, no I'm not," Jessie muttered.

"Yes you are. If James told you already then you'd know, I've been there. I should know," Kathryn said.

"But, we've only just properly got together two months ago," Jessie stuttered.

"That's not how it works, and you should know it," Kathryn said. The door chimed. "Come in, please."

Kes strolled in, "you wanted to see me?"

"Yes. Jessie has been sick a lot, can you scan her to settle an argument we're having?" Kathryn asked.

"Sure," Kes replied, she opened up a tricorder.

"Besides I can't be. When I was um, with him, I got the usual pain I get everytime. It was obviously too late, so there," Jessie said.

Kathryn frowned, "that's interesting."

Kes looked a little uneasy, "ok I'm done."

"Well, what is it?" Kathryn asked.

"Jess, um you're a month pregnant," Kes replied.

"What, you're in on this too!?" Jessie snapped. She took the tricorder off her, "let me see that."

"If that's the case, why did she get the pain?" Kathryn asked.

"Um I'm not fully understanding the whole subject yet, so I'm not really sure," Kes replied.

Jessie was turning pale again, "oh god, I was wondering why I only got the pain and that's it. Also why it was early." She put the tricorder down on the desk.

"I'm so glad we got there in the end, but it's not good news," Kathryn grumbled.

"Actually it's good news, isn't it?" Kes questioned.

"No, they're not ready to be parents. Especially just two months or so after working things out, or whatever they did," Kathryn replied. Jessie got out of the chair, and headed over to the window.

"Well I think it's great news. Humans obviously don't realise how lucky they are. You can have as many children as you want, while we only have one chance," Kes said.

"Yes but it's possible to have a child from the ages eleven to about fourteen, doesn't mean we should. It isn't good now as they're still very young, and immature. If they really want one, it's best to wait until they're older," Kathryn said. "At least Ocampans have their children at the right age or not at all."

"I see what you mean," Kes sighed. "As far as I'm aware, there are four things she can do. One is to keep it, two is to put it into stasis until they are ready. Three is to get another couple to adopt. Four is to kill it, which I'm not in favour of."

"Stasis one is out, we'd lose power a lot and that's just going to kill it anyway," Kathryn said. "She can't let someone else adopt her baby, it'll be more painful than actually giving birth."

"So you're suggesting that they abort it?" Kes asked, looking bewildered.

"That's up to her," Chakotay butted in.

"Yes but," Kathryn stuttered. She noticed Chakotay, "wait, when did you come in?"

"About a minute ago," Chakotay replied.

"Next time, press the chime," Kathryn grumbled.

"Sorry," Chakotay meekly said.

"I don't think that's the answer," Kes said.

"Well she can't do anything else," Kathryn groaned.

"Um, it's not up to us, is it? It's up to her and James," Chakotay pointed out.

"I knew you'd say that," Kathryn sighed.

Chakotay sighed too, "I know it's hard to accept but Ja... they, are both grown ups and," Kathryn cleared her throat whilst glaring at him. "And it's inevitable that more children will be born on board. We discussed this already."

"I know but they're too young to have children," Kathryn groaned.

"Actually no they're not. There have been younger parents, like their own for example," Chakotay said.

"I'm well aware of that," Kathryn grumbled. "Those are usually the tarts who don't give a damn, and have one IQ. Oh and there's the poor ones who get too drunk, and are taken advantage of. Of course, you can't forget rape."

Kes raised her eyebrow, "your species is strange."

"Ok, who asked you?" Kathryn snapped.

"Now now Kathryn, remember the Prime Directive just once," Chakotay said.

"I do respect other cultures, you should have said that to her not me!" Kathryn grumbled.

"I think you should have a coffee and calm down," Chakotay gently said.

"I am calm!" Kathryn snapped. "I've only just got over the Seska thing."

"No offense but James and Jessie are nothing but crewmembers to you. It's none of your business, so you shouldn't really be mad," Kes said.

"Ok, you out," Kathryn snapped.

"I was just saying," Kes muttered.

"Kathryn, I," Chakotay said.

"Aaah, stop taking everyone else's side. They're too young, no adoption or stasis, the case is closed," Kathryn snapped.

"No it's not," Jessie said.

"Who asked... oh wrong person," Kathryn muttered, embarrassed. She turned to look in her direction, "I hope you're siding with me."

"Half yes, half no," Jessie replied as she turned back to face the others.

"What do you mean?" Kathryn asked.

"Well stasis will kill it during a power down. Also I couldn't have someone adopt my baby, I wouldn't be any better than my mother then," Jessie replied.

Kathryn sighed, "no, you have to fully side with me. You're way too young to raise a child."

"Sorry, but the others are right. It is none of your business," Jessie said.

"So you're just going to keep it, now? I don't agree with that," Chakotay said.

"And what makes you think it's your business?" Jessie muttered.

"I know it's not, and I accept that. I only want to advise," Chakotay replied. "The Captain is right, you aren't mature enough to handle this, let alone James. Maybe you might get lucky and do just fine, but he has no chance."

"What does that mean exactly?" Jessie asked.

"Yeah Chakotay," Kathryn said, narrowing her eyes.

"Well I'm not saying he'll be like his own parents, but something will rub off. He's too bad tempered," Chakotay replied.

Jessie interrupted, "so am I, but it doesn't mean we'll hurt our child."

"I'm not saying you would. That child will watch you two lose your tempers, and think it's ok to use violence," Chakotay said.

"We'll try and tame it down when he or she's around," Jessie muttered.

"Ok but he is violent enough to murder people. He's also rude, sarcastic, doesn't respect authority, has a huge ego and thinks and can get away with anything. Hardly a good role model for a child," Chakotay said.

"Well, for a man, James has a very small ego. Yes he think he's tough, but he is. About everything else he's always putting himself down," Jessie said.

"What do you mean by for a man?" Chakotay grumbled. He shook it off, "fine, he's only proud of his Slayer-ness, but someone with no ego is just as bad. Besides the other things are the biggest factor here."

"That's not really fair. You're forgetting that he's also kind, considerate, sweet, yeah a little sarcastic but he can be funny. He's also caring and can be very selfless. All good qualities," Jessie said.

"Right, he's only like that with you for obvious reasons," Chakotay muttered.

"Actually he's not," Kes said.

Kathryn nodded, "yes she's right. Everyone has their bad and good sides. James' good side out weighs the bad."

"Oh best of all he's not afraid to open up like some guys, and isn't afraid to cry in front of people. Also unlike a lot of men, he does respect women," Jessie muttered.

"Right? A lot of guys cry, all you have to do is kick Tom somewhere and he'll cry like a baby," Chakotay said, shaking his head.

"All my points are valid. He's only violent because of his past, and obviously Slayers have to have a temper. He's only rude to people when they're rude, and nosey. Sarcasm is annoying, I'll give you that. He doesn't respect authority cos Janeway's mostly always high, and no one can respect that," Jessie said.

Kathryn stood up with her hands on her hips, "hey, I was on your side."

"All right but I still think he's too rude, sarcastic and thinks he can get away with murder. That's probably cos he already has before. I don't believe he's kind, considerate, caring or sweet. Selfless I suppose," Chakotay said.

"Fine, you don't believe me?" Jessie muttered. "James and I were in the same primary school classes, filled with bimbo girls and boys who all loved to bully me. They all tried to get me to cry, they all wanted to do that. The only way the boys could do that was pretend they liked me, try and kiss me a lot. Sometimes them coming near me was enough.

"So when all the boys had to choose the lead angel for the school play, they picked me. They knew I was very shy and would probably burst out crying on stage. Not to mention one of the boy's parts was to kiss the lead angel on the cheek at the end."

"What kind of play is that?" Kathryn asked.

"Just some dumb Christmas play about angels. It was pretty crap," Jessie replied. "Anyway James was the only one who didn't audition for the part of the boy. Everytime the others auditioned for it, they tried to kiss my cheek. By the end of the audition my face was waterlogged from all the crying.

"The teacher was at a total loss so she had to pick one of them, but James stepped up for it. He just pretended to do it, the teacher liked that as it was cry free, and she cast him."

"He only pretended, that's weird," Chakotay muttered. Kathryn turned to glare at him.

"Yes cos he knew I would be humiliated in front of everyone every night of the play, so he came to my rescue. He hated the school plays, and vowed to never do them, but he still did it. I call that considerate, sweet and selfless," Jessie said.

"I don't," Chakotay muttered.

"Fine, this one should convince you," Jessie grumbled. "One night when I was twelve, I woke up in pain and it was so bad I was crying. That was then I had my first. James knew what it was, when I didn't. He got me a hot water bottle, and tried to take my mind off it.

"A normal thirteen year old boy probably would have been disgusted, avoided me, or would have made fun of me. He just had me talking and giggling all night so I forgot about it, until I tried to get to sleep. I couldn't turn over as it hurt more to do that, so he held me still for the rest of the night. We didn't sleep though, we just continued to talk.

"Before then he was just a normal friend, but that night we got to actually know each other, and we've been close ever since."

Chakotay groaned, "yes close, you're pregnant now, what does that tell you?"

"It tells me that I found him worthy enough to date, and I hated men. In a way I still do. If someone like me can befriend, get close to, and date him, and most of all let him, you know touch me, then he must be a decent guy. I want him to father my child, as there's no one better for the job. Now that's the case closed." Jessie walked out.

Kes smiled, "well, at least she's ok now." She followed her.

Chakotay looked bewildered, "ookay, that was um."

"Shut up will you," Kathryn mumbled, wiping tears from her eyes.

"You're crying?" Chakotay questioned.

"Yes, I've never been so proud of him," Kathryn sniffed.

"Proud? Hasn't he just gotten the girlfriend he's properly had for two months, pregnant?" Chakotay questioned.

"As far as I'm concerned they've been together for a year and a half. It's all good," Kathryn replied.

"Yes but you're going to be a grandmother. Didn't that bother you before?" Chakotay asked.

"Yes but it's good. I'll still be alive when there's great grandchildren at this rate," Kathryn replied.

"Ok, I'll give you that," Chakotay said. "I still think a lot of kids are more mature than your son though."

The Security Office:
Tuvok was blabbering on behind the desk, while James was sitting opposite scraping something on the desk.

"That's mainly it. Of course some people might call in, instead of reporting it. Now remember, you have to prioritise. Violent outbursts are more important than a missing PADD," Tuvok said. "This should keep you out of trouble for once. Only join a team if I tell you or you think you're needed in an emergency." He looked down to catch James still drawing on the desk. "Mr Taylor."

He looked up, "what?"

"What are you doing?" Tuvok asked.

"Well making notes. That's why I asked for a padd," James replied. "What do you think?"

Tuvok raised his eyebrow, "did you listen to me at all?"

"Yes I understood it ten minutes ago when you went through it then. I'm not stupid," James replied.

"Then what is your duty?" Tuvok asked.

James tried not to laugh, "what?"

"What's so funny?" Tuvok asked.

"Nothing," James replied. "My job is to look through the computer security complains, get teams assigned to whatever, or deal with stuff myself. Also assign teams when someone calls Security, and deal with visitors. In other words cover for you while you do nothing at Tactical."

"I do not do nothing. I'm not trying to get out of doing my job. The Captain just thinks that your old job got you into more trouble than before you were punished, this should keep you out of it," Tuvok said.

"I wouldn't hold my breath, if I were you," James muttered.

Tuvok's eyebrow went higher, "indeed. Call me if you get stuck or have trouble with something." He stepped out.

"Now this is punishment," James said to himself. He turned to the computer on the desk.

Zare and Ligod walked in. "Finally, I thought he'd never leave," Zare grumbled.

"No, I was wrong, this is punishment," James muttered.

"I'll ignore that," Ligod grumbled.

Zare smirked, "don't worry, it gets better."

"No, that makes me worry more," James said.

"That planet we're heading to, Ligod wants you to come along, which is a stupid idea," Zare said.

"It's a good idea!" Ligod snapped.

"Oh yey, what is it this time?" James muttered.

"The masters are planning to block out a planet's star by doing a ritual. It has to be done at a certain time, and in the place the Masters are now, underground. All we know is that it involves draining a Chosen's blood," Zare said.

"We don't know when, but when they do this the planet will be overrun a lot more quickly than before. This planet's sun is up for 80% of the day, it's a dry world but it's inhabitance is in the billions," Ligod said.

"So, what do you want me to do?" James asked.

"We think they have their army underground already. We have trainees Slayers, no Naturals, and you two," Ligod said.

"So you mean you have one Natural, one Chosen?" James said.

Ligod stared blankly, "yes, exactly."

"Unfortunately Ligod now is unsure who the Chosen is. He thought it was you, now he thinks it still could be either one of us," Zare said.

"We have to send a Natural into battle with the goons and possibly the Masters, the trainees will have no chance if they're attacked. But we can't risk sending you two down until we know for sure. I have a backup plan in case we don't find out, but it's very risky," Ligod said.

"Of course it is, it's your plan," James said.

"I knew you'd say something like that," Ligod grumbled.

Zare shrugged, "there are only a few things we could do to find out who's Chosen, and who's not. But I think it's a waste of time."

"Nonsense. You are the one with the younger brother, James' only sibling was older than him," Ligod said.

"So that's it then, it's Zare. I thought we already sorted that out," James said.

"Yes but that demon rejected me for being a fake Chosen, then it went after you," Zare muttered, folding her arms. "We're not forgetting that the eldest Watcher said there was a temporal paradox going on, that's causing all this trouble."

"Yes but that could mean that the timeline was changed so James would replace you as Chosen, or vice versa. Until we know what the paradox is, we cannot use that as evidence," Ligod said.

"He has a point for once," James said.

Zare rolled her eyes, "well maybe originally I didn't have a brother in another reality or something."

"Actually, if we're going to guess like that, my mother got pregnant when I was three, and she aborted it. Maybe originally she didn't," James said.

Ligod sighed, "like I said, there is no point in using it until we know more."

"So, how are you going to prove who's the Chosen, and who isn't?" James asked.

"Simple. Only the Chosen should have a clear Chosen mark, like a bruise or tattoo," Ligod replied.

"Ligod, we already did this. I got a tattoo that screwed up," Zare said.

James shrugged, "I've got a few bruises if that helps."

Ligod sighed, "oh yes that's right. The eldest watcher already was clear on that one. The next thing is a test of strength. No matter how much a Natural trains, their strength never exceeds a Chosens."

"How are we going to test that?" Zare asked with a raised eyebrow.

"What about an arm wrestle?" James suggested.

Zare frowned, "what's that?"

"It's just a test of strength. The idea is that you have to pull the other's arm down, whoever does it wins," James replied.

"I was more thinking of a practise fight or something," Ligod muttered.

"That's not really fair. Zare's a girl, and I'd probably take it easy on her," James said.

"Don't you say something like that when you lose," Zare said, smirking a little.

James stared at her, narrowing his eyes, "only once, and it wasn't a fight."

"If it wasn't a fight, what was it?" Zare asked, looking confused.

James looked nervous, "ok, arm wrestle or not?"

"Ok, you're on," Zare said. She sat opposite him.

Ligod groaned, "this should be interesting."

James rested his right elbow on the table, Zare got it and did the same. They took a hold of each other's hands, the match begun.

Ten minutes later:
Ligod sighed, "well I was wrong."

"Come on, this is hurting my arm," Zare moaned.

James rolled his eyes, "it's not my fault you're a weak Chosen."

Zare narrowed her eyes, "I'm not a Chosen or weak!"

"Then why are we still playing?" James asked, shrugging.

"Because you're probably cheating, I've never played this before," Zare grumbled.

Ligod rested his hands on the table, "ok both of you stop it, this is not proving anything."

"Look stop trying to make yourself look like a Natural, so you can be right, and just win will you!" Zare snapped.

"For god's sake, I am," James groaned.

"Why do you two ignore me?" Ligod asked.

Zare let go of James' hand, "I can't take it anymore, he really hurt my arm."

"Does that mean I win or what?" James questioned.

Ligod rolled his eyes, "there's only one test left that I can think of."

"Doesn't your arm hurt?" Zare asked, rubbing her arm.

"A tiny bit," James replied.

"Well that's proof enough for me," Zare muttered.

"Will you two listen to me!" Ligod yelled at the top of his voice.

Zare groaned, "ok, what's the last test?"

The Holodeck:
"A Chosen will always have better senses, more speed with training and more accuracy," Ligod said. "Computer, activate the training program I just finished."

"Will this take any longer? I think skiving on my first day as, whatever my job title is, isn't a good start at all," James questioned.

The holodeck disappeared, a large open field appeared instead.

"Oh, pretty," Zare said sarcastically.

"It's the best I could do in a hurry," Ligod said. He turned to James. "You shouldn't even be doing a job like that anyway, this is more important."

"Fine," James muttered.

"Now as James will have less training than Zare, there's no point in doing a speed test," Ligod said, folding his arms.

"What makes you think she's had more training than me?" James asked.

"You don't have a watcher, you shouldn't have had any training at all," Ligod replied.

"Actually I did a lot of training in Manchester, and I do plenty here," James said.

"All right, but I still think it would be an ineffective test," Ligod said. "Now, the game of Hikatama will solve this mystery."

"Ohno, that game sucks, it's too easy," Zare groaned.

James looked confused, "um, what's Hityorma?"

"It's Hikatama," Ligod muttered. Zare tried to keep a straight face but failed. "Hit your ma sounds an awful game though."

"Is that what I said?" James muttered, still confused.

Zare giggled, "yeah you did. The game is just a simple ball game. The computer aims a ball at you, it throws it but you don't know where it's throwing it from. You don't have much time to catch it so you have to know where it's coming from very quickly."

"It is in fact a difficult game which always has more people getting hit by the ball, than catching it," Ligod said. "It's an excellent test of the senses."

"It's good for accuracy too as you have to throw it back to the place it was thrown from. You're allowed to get it one metre away from where it was thrown from, and no further," Zare said.

"It does sound like a bad game," James said.

Zare shrugged, "yep."

Ligod clasped his hand together, "now then, let's get started."

Meanwhile, the Transporter Room:
Kathryn stood by the station, arms folded, looking very impatient. The transporter girl was just filing her nails.

"Where is that girl?" Kathryn grumbled. She tapped her commbadge. "Janeway to O'Tani."

In: "Yes Captain, where are you?"

"I was going to ask you the same thing. Why aren't you at the Transporter Room?" Kathryn asked.

In: "Because I don't want to beamed into space."

Kathryn glanced at the transporter girl, "oh we're still flying."

"Yep, there's nowhere to beam to," transporter girl said.

"Why didn't you say so before?" Kathryn snapped. The transporter girl shrugged. "Sorry Faye, I'll be at the shuttle bay as soon as I can."

In: "Okay, can I fly by the way?"

"Hell no," Kathryn grumbled as she tapped her commbadge. She walked out.

Ligod paced back and forth looking a bit annoyed himself. "This is not getting us anywhere. Computer what are the stats?"

The computer responded, "21 to 21."

Ligod groaned, "end game."

James and Zare looked confused as they turned to Ligod. "Why did you do that? Do you know who it is?" Zare asked.

"No I'm afraid not. All I can do is guess from what I've seen so far," Ligod said. "If James is the Chosen, then Zare has obviously had very good training. If Zare is the Chosen, then I'll have to retire. You're both equally matched from what I've seen."

"But that's not possible," Zare said.

"Well I suppose James was doing better at the arm wrestling, but he's probably done it before. As for the game, you both play it very well," Ligod said.

"Yeah but James has never played it before," Zare pointed out.

James shrugged, "you've never arm wrestled before."

Ligod nodded, "exactly. Zare has been trained since she was a little girl, she's fast, strong, you get the idea. I'm not sure how much training James has had, so right now I'm more confused than before. We'll have to go to our back up plan."

"Which is?" James questioned.

"At sunrise tomorrow morning, you both will lead the trainees into battle. We'll let the goons let us know who is the Chosen," Ligod replied.

"What makes you think they'll know?" James asked.

"They're telepathic, I'd imagine they have other abilities as well. They can obviously sense who's a Slayer and who's not," Ligod replied.

"It's a stupid plan that'll get an entire planet's population killed," Zare muttered.

"There's no alternative. We can't just let the trainees go into battle on their own. My plan will work, I'll explain it fully tomorrow. In the mean time I suggest you both prepare," Ligod said. He headed for the exit.

Shuttle Sacajawea:
Faye and Kathryn were sitting at the front of the shuttle. Kathryn was working, while Faye looked like she was playing a game on her console.

"I don't think I have been spending time with my crew, you see. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know you and," Kathryn was saying. She noticed what Faye was doing. "Um, you're supposed to be working."

Faye stared at her, blushing a little. "Yes I am," she said as she pressed some buttons, turning off her game.

Kathryn sighed, "were you listening to me then?"

"Yeah, you want to get to know some of the crewmembers you don't really see or talk to," Faye replied.

"Yes, so um," Kathryn stuttered nervously. "Um, how are you?"

Faye tried to keep a straight face, "ok I guess."

"You had that invisibility and self harm incident a while ago. How do you feel about it now?" Kathryn quietly asked.

Faye's console started beeping, "ok that doesn't sound good." Kathryn moved her chair over to her side. "That's one of our escape pods."

"That's odd, hail it," Kathryn ordered.

Faye frowned as she looked over the so many panels, "ok, um." She pressed a few of them, hoping one of them would do it. The lights went off, and came back on seconds later. "Oops."

Kathryn sighed, she leaned over to press one of the panels. Justin appeared on the small monitor, making the two girls back off a little in fear.

"Hi guys, um I know we're enemies but you don't mind helping me out, do you?" he stuttered.

"What happened?" Kathryn asked.

"Well last thing I remember was singing for you guys on Voyager," Justin replied.

"If you call it that," Faye muttered.

"Then some guy shot me. I woke up in this pod, and I can't find my ship," Justin said.

Faye glanced at Kathryn, "what should we do, destroy it?"

"Faye, how could you be so inhumane?" Kathryn snapped.

"He unleashed crap like Rock Your Body and Cry Me A River onto the world, and you're calling me inhumane?" Faye grumbled, turning her head away in a huff.

"We may as well beam you aboard until we find your ship, Mr Timberlake," Kathryn muttered.

Faye shuddered, "ohno."

"Oh thank you Captain," Justin said cheerfully. The screen changed back to black.

"Please tell me that was just for show," Faye said.

"We have to help anyone in need, it's our duty as Starfleet officers," Kathryn said.

Faye looked nervous, "but, if you rescue him you'll just have to rescue me instead."

Voyager, the Mess Hall:
Kes and Jessie were sitting at a table nearby the window. Neelix was serving more of his Mystery Stew to crewmembers, every one of them kept throwing it out the door everytime somebody walked through the doors.

One bowl nearly hit Sid as he walked in, "hey, don't waste that. Fits sound like fun." He went over to Neelix. "Can I have three bowls please."

"Have you told James yet?" Kes asked, fiddling with her real food with her fork.

"No, I don't know if I can," Jessie replied. She scooped up some of her food with her own fork. She was about to put it into her mouth but she noticed that she had blue carrots on it. "I won't have to if I keep eating this stuff."

Kes tried to keep a straight face, "why don't you have enough rations for food anyway?"

"I saw this really nice necklace in the database, so I'm saving up for it. I guess I can scrap that idea, you know with a baby coming," Jessie replied.

"Yeah well, I think your health's more important than a necklace," Kes said.

"I suppose you're right. It'll always be in that database anyway," Jessie said.

Kes smiled, "so why do you think you won't be able to tell him?"

"Well while you guys were arguing about it, I was more thinking of what it would be like. I never thought about how much he'll freak out when I tell him," Jessie replied.

"Jess, he has every right to know as much as you do," Kes said.

"I know that. It's just this is a lot sooner than I planned, well actually I didn't have a plan," Jessie said. "The point is, we're still new to the whole couple thing, there's a lot we haven't done yet."

"He'll find out anyway and it's going to be a lot better coming from you. Get it over with, then you won't have to dread it any longer," Kes said.

Jessie nodded, "you're right, good idea."

Kes smiled, "I have my moments."

James and Zare were walking down a corridor, arguing about something. Zare had a hold of an alien phaser rifle.

"I don't care how cool it is, if someone catches you with that and with me, we're both in trouble," James snapped.

"But it has heat sensors, oh and it even came with a knife," Zare said.

"Look I've warned you, and you won't listen so I have no choice," James muttered as he stepped in front of her, forcing her to stop. "I'll take that off your hands."

Zare shook her head, "no, it's mine."

"But if you're not Security, you're not allowed weapons," James said.

"I've got a battle tomorrow, so you can't do that," Zare grumbled, keeping a tight hold of the rifle.

James grabbed a hold of it, and tried to pull it off her, failing miserably. "Come on, if you don't co-operate I'll put you in the brig."

"I'd like to see you try," Zare muttered, glaring icily at him.

"Come on Zare, be a sport," James groaned.

Zare kicked him in the leg, "get off it!"

"Ow, that actually hurt," James grumbled. He pulled at the rifle again, she pulled it back.

"You just want it for yourself," Zare muttered.

"Yeah, so?" James said, pulling the rifle towards him again.

They continued playing tug of war with it as Tuvok passed them. He stopped to watch them.

"Give it, it's mine!" Zare snapped.

"You're not supposed to have it out in corridors," James muttered. "I'm confiscating it, so there."

"Confiscating it doesn't mean keeping it for yourself, so give it!" Zare snapped. She kicked him again.

"Stop doing that, I haven't hurt you," James groaned.

"You're lucky I'm not kicking you somewhere else!" Zare snapped.

Tuvok raised his eyebrow, "Mr Taylor, aren't you supposed to be in the Security Office?"

James and Zare slowly glanced in his direction. "Yes, I'm doing work now. Look if I can't take a weapon off another Slayer, how can anyone else?" James said.

Zare rolled her eyes, "he's trying to steal it away from me."

"Well I'd better take it then," Tuvok said.

"But it's mine, and I need it for tomorrow," Zare moaned.

"And I want to do my job without help," James muttered.

"Please Miss Zare. He is right about you having weapons on this ship, please hand it over," Tuvok asked calmly.

Zare groaned, "I'm not letting go until he does."

James sighed, "fine." He let go of the rifle, Zare then handed it to Tuvok.

"Just come to me tomorrow morning, I'll give it back for your awaymission," Tuvok said. He walked off.

"I'd better get it back," Zare grumbled, folding her arms.

"You will, stop acting like a baby," James said.

"Oh I'm the baby? You're the one who wanted to steal it from me," Zare grumbled.

"I was messing with you, I have enough weapons," James said.

Zare rolled her eyes, "yeah I'm sure you were."

"Fine, believe what you want," James said.

Zare sighed, "how did we end up fighting like that anyway?"

"I think I started it," James replied.

Jessie turned the corner and stopped nearby them, but neither of them noticed her.

Zare nodded, "yeah probably." She smiled cheekily, "Tuvok didn't get the free knife the gun came with, you know."

"That's a point, why would you need a rifle like that to fight vampires?" James asked.

"It was an excuse ok," Zare muttered.

"Yeah I'm sure, you just forgot that they don't work on vamps," James said.

"No I didn't," Zare grumbled. She pushed him lightly, "I would never forget something like that."

"God, you have no sense of humour do you?" James commented.

"Well, you have no sense of seriousness or whatever," Zare said. "Argh, why do I keep talking like an idiot in front of you?"

"I don't know, have you been around Tom lately?" James replied.

"Yeah but explain why it's just around you then," Zare said.

"Maybe it's me then," James said, shrugging. "I didn't really know that idiocy was contagious though."

"Well that's because you're infected, stupid," Zare said, smiling cheekily again.

Jessie just rolled her eyes in disgust. She was about to go up to them, but changed her mind. Zare chose that moment to move closer to James, like she was going to kiss him. Instead of going up to them, Jessie turned and ran back the way she came.

James and Zare quickly separated just after she gave him a very brief kiss. "What the hell are you doing!" they both yelled at each other.

"God, you cheating pervert," Zare snapped.

"Me? I wouldn't cheat, you just jumped at me," James snapped back.

"No I didn't, why would I? Unlike you, I don't break all the Slayer rules!" Zare snapped. She turned around and stormed off.

James looked rather bewildered, "but I didn't do it." He pulled a disgusted face, wiping his mouth with his hand. He walked away.

Jessie ran around another corner, which lead to a dead end. She stopped to lean on the wall, and get her breath back. Tears were now streaming down her face, wiping some away with her left hand she collapsed onto her knees.

Danny walked around the corner looking confused, "Jess was that you running at fifty miles an hour?" The confused look on her face immediately turned to a concerned one. "Jess, what's wrong?"

"Zare, I knew it, I just knew it," Jessie stuttered, trying desperately to dry her eyes.

Danny knelt down next to her, "what about her?"

Jessie glanced at her, "you, Kes, everyone, even James thought I was just imagining it. I was right."

"I don't understand," Danny said.

"She liked James, still does. She just made a move," Jessie muttered. "I didn't want to see anymore so I ran."

"Ok, what happened?" Danny asked calmly.

"I was looking for James, and I found him and Zare talking. She was flirting with him a bit, he was just being his usual teasing self so it was hard to tell if he was responding to it," Jessie muttered, still trying to dry her eyes. "I was just about to go up to them when I saw her go to kiss him. That's when I ran."

Danny's eyes widened, "woah really?"

"Yes really," Jessie replied.

"Did you see the actual kiss?" Danny asked.

Jessie shook her head, "no I was probably half way down the corridor when that happened."

"Jess, it may not have happened. He probably noticed it and stopped it," Danny said.

"What if he didn't?" Jessie questioned.

"Well then he would have pushed her away," Danny replied, shrugging.

"No," Jessie groaned, closing her eyes. "What if he let her."

"Jess, we are still talking about your boyfriend here," Danny said. "Come on, it's James, he wouldn't do that. He's too obsessed about you to even notice another girl hitting on him, let alone cheat on you."

"You think so?" Jessie quietly said.

Danny nodded, "I know so. He's probably hitting himself now or something for letting that happen. Go find him, and talk to him about it."

"I guess so, I mean of course he wouldn't do that," Jessie muttered. "Why did I get so upset over nothing, it's not like it's the first time this has happened."

"Correct me if I'm wrong but this hasn't happened while you've been dating him. I would be upset too after seeing something like that, don't worry about it," Danny said.

Jessie weakly smiled, "yeah you're right." She pulled herself to her feet. Danny stood up too. "Thanks Dan."

"Anytime, I don't want to see you guys break up or anything," Danny said. "By the way, if we ever get a running team, I know who to suggest."

Jessie raised her eyebrow, "you'd better not."



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