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Craig's eyes lit up when he spotted exactly what he was looking for. So he ran over to them.

"... It is clear that this city has not changed their day to day routine. Turnout for the polls seem to be about average for..." a woman with a microphone said toward a camera crew. At least until Craig stuck his head in front of her and waved at the camera. The woman stepped aside, the cameraman followed to get him out of the shot. "For the city. The police meanwhile are content the attacker is working alone and has definitely left the area."

"Oh hey, I know him. He and the Boss are actually..." Craig said, once more forcing himself into the shot. He was immediately dragged off by the reporter's staff.

"Push off kid, have some respect," one of them grunted.

Craig didn't dare struggle against the two men who were bigger than him. Still he protested verbally, "wait, I have information. I figured you'd want first dibs." They let go once he was far enough out of their way. He pouted in their direction, "can I at least get an asselfi with the reporter?" The question lead to the poor boy being pushed butt first into a puddle.

In the shopping centre quite a distance away from him, a slender figure dressed in all black with a bag over their shoulder casually strolled out of a huge clothes shop. They immediately brought out their phone, turned around and pointed it at the store, which alarms were blaring by that point. "So there it is," they said in the Boss' modulated voice. "Now you know my dress to success secrets. Grab all that is black, and flattering. Now my loyal idiot followers, this is the important part. Make sure you're not wearing your flipflops and socks..."

"Hey, there he is!" a security guard shouted toward them. A few more hurried after them.

"Perfect timing," the cloaked figure grinned, then made sure to get a good shot of them. "Say cheese boys, you're on Boss Camera." They were put off for a second by the blatant strangeness, allowing the figure to run off.

They chased them down the busy corridors, dodging the crowds that didn't or couldn't get out of the way. The figure slipped into a smaller corridor, leading to a dead end with a fire exit. Only one guard spotted them and pursued, only to get a clobber to the ribs then hurled over the figure's shoulder onto the hard floors.

"Sorry," B'Elanna's voice said to the dazed man on the floor. The bags were dropped beside him. She turned around to return to the main corridor while slipping off the cloak to show her normal clothing. It dropped to the floor as she ran off.

With no one in pursuit, B'Elanna walked into a coffee shop to sit down and fiddle with the phone. The screen showed a different website and a login prompt, to which she typed in thegreatdb in one box and a password in the other. Upload video was her next task, she chose the most recent. She left it on the table for it to finish beside the little device Harry had recovered from his tussle with the Boss.

Not far away Jessie had plonked herself down on a bench, looking bored to tears as she watched a building with the sign Polling Station stuck to its door. She was about to give up when she spotted a young man head for it wearing a cloak like jacket. The people outside stopped him, he begrudgingly lowered the hood and was allowed inside.

Five minutes passed before he stepped out and walked off, all while unzipping his cloak. Jessie spotted the DUD tshirt he was wearing underneath. She quickly followed him into a variety of shops until he finally turned into a quiet street. Then she grabbed his hood and roughly yanked him into an alley. "Hey," she said sweetly. The man wasn't sure what to make of this, he stared gormlessly. "You voted for Boss?"

"Duh, the others are all the same. Get out of my way lady," he replied smugly.

Jessie narrowed her eyes dangerously. Minutes later he was lying in a foetal position on the ground and she was walking off with the sandwich he bought from one of the twenty shops he visited. "B'Elanna did warn me. Use the buffet," she scolded herself quietly. Then something clicked in her head, reminding her of their get the Boss' attention plan. "Oh shoot," she complained, turning back around to return to the polling station.

Harry meanwhile sat in the hotel reception, racking his brains for a different idea that would have a chance at working without angering Jessie again. A good hour of nothing and he sat back into the sofa with a heavy sigh. A light vibration brought his attention to the phone in his pocket. He brought it out expecting a phone call or text from the others or even Voyager. Only instead it was a notification on the webpage Craig left open. A little tapping brought up what he was being notified about, he couldn't help but scoff in disbelief.

"He followed the Boss, with his real name. Idiot," Harry whispered to himself. He thought to close it but couldn't figure out how to do that. Then he read the first few words of the message left by the Boss. What it said compelled him to finish it.

A pansy attacks a great man from behind in daylight, then hides in the dark behind his bodyguard. #irony #expose

"What?" Harry accidentally said aloud in surprise. He shook off the obvious stares he got for that. "Wait, if he knew there were two there, why...?" He scrolled further down the page until he read a reply to someone else that riled his blood.

Why bother? My Kimbles does a far better job & he spends most of his time writing console love poems. The replies to that were mostly one word or lols, the most common one was rekd. The Boss replied himself with; u should see the vid of him crying at killing every1, I've seen digital books with more spine than Harry Kimbles.

"I'll show you spine," Harry muttered as he pressed the empty text box. A digital keyboard appeared on the screen.


The PADD sitting on Damien's armrest bleeped, waking him up from a nap. Before he checked it he made sure he wasn't on the TV. Since he wasn't he picked it up. A normal LCARS system greeted him first, with a window in the centre that showed the website Harry was looking at, an icon there was flashing. One finger flick slid the LCARS menu away, bringing the window to full screen. "Huh? Who's Andy Craigson?" he asked, not noticing the username craiganderson15 beside it.

"Probably a new follower, sir," one of his guards replied.

Damien shrugged, pressing the command to open the message. His eyes turned stone cold as he read it; I have Fuzzlenuzzle. If you don't want anything to happen to it, you'd better quit your campaign and call off the manhunt.

"Sir?" the worried minion beside him said, noticing his clenching jaw, then the screen. "Who is Fuzzlenuzzle?"

He soon found the PADD slammed into his stomach making him double over and grunt. "Track his IP. Bring him to me."


James didn't look impressed one little bit and yet Emma was smirking, confident and a little giddy. His eyes slowly fell to one side to look at his voluntary teammate, doing so didn't make him feel any better. "This is it? I was expecting something a little more... hideout-y."

Emma snorted a bit in derision. "You talk way too much."

"Well, at least we're on the same page for once," James said, looking back ahead at the massive dilapidated looking warehouse ahead of them.

It looked like it hadn't been visited by humans in decades, and yet they both heard some shuffling about inside it. "Ok fine, you wait here. I'll..." he said, glancing back at Emma, only she was no longer there beside him. She was charging ahead to the barricaded doors. He rushed forward to get in front of her and turned to face her, dodging side to side whenever she tried to get by him. "No," he repeated every single time.

Emma seemed to give up but he already knew better and kept his guard up. "What's the big deal? You're not one of those sexist pigs who think girls need protecting and crap?" she hissed.

"No, I'm more the annoying type who thinks fifteen year olds shouldn't be going into dangerous places first, or at all," James replied.

"Sixteen, and..." Emma huffed before trying again, once more blocked. Her tactics changed thanks to his response, her eyes widened, lips pouting, trying her best to look innocently cute. "I'll be good, I'm always good. Please let me go with you."

For a second it seemed to work, James felt a bit sorry for her which he instantly grew annoyed with himself over. "Oh my god. I argue you can't go in cos duh, kid, and you prove my point. Does that ever work?"

"You'd be surprised," Emma smirked with a twinkle in her eye. "Lamien hurt me too you know. Come on, I'll even let you go in first."

James laughed as he turned around, "how nice," he continued toward the building.

"Yup nice, and angelic. That's me," Emma said, her face falling into a wary frown. She followed carefully.

"Fine, stay behind me," James whispered since he was directly in front of the door. Emma silently acknowledged with a nod.

Both on their guard, they entered the building and were immediately confused as to what they saw. Nothing. The large open area was for the most part baron, with the exception of a few boxes and some junk bundled in the corner.

"Huh, what the... I swear, this is where that creep and his toys hung out," Emma complained, using James' confusion to get by and ahead of him.

Slight movement where the only objects were caught both of their attention. Emma ran over abruptly, leaving James to give chase. Halfway down they both noticed the movement was a startled homeless man gathering his only things, frozen on the spot at the sight of them running his way. James stopped, mumbling an apology but Emma continued toward the boxes far to his right.

"One sec, hopefully he left it," she said, sounding apologetic despite that.

James sighed, deciding to give the man a wide berth so to not freak him out further, on his way back to Emma's side. "Left what? A map with a star labelled you are here with an arrow pointing to his new place, a photo of it, the last ten minutes of my life back?"

Emma scowled over her shoulder at him. "God, keep your annoying knickers on. It's not my fault, he must've moved lairs." She turned to try another box. Her eyes lit up as soon as she opened it, "yes, thought so! Bossy wouldn't bother dragging my stuff with him."

"Oh," James sighed in realisation. It didn't last, he was confused again. "Kidnappers let you pack some clothes first?"

Emma carried out a huge bag from inside the box, then dropped it to the ground. The heaviness of it created an almighty bang that echoed around the warehouse a few times. The poor homeless man was startled once more. Emma dropped to her knees to open the bag eagerly.

"Or big rocks, can't leave home without them, right?" James said to clear the awkward air. Emma wasn't really listening, she was too busy trying to yank a long, what looked like plastic contraption out of the bag. Once done her eyes widened quite a bit. James' did too for completely different reasons, he hoped anyway. "Um okay. I really should screen my hitchhikers from now on."

Emma narrowed one of her eyes while raising the eyebrow of the other. "You're a bit of a weirdo, aren't you?"

James laughed in disbelief, then gestured towards the thing she was carrying. "Me? I'm not the one packing a whatever that is."

"I call it the finger trimmer," Emma giggled, pointing the bottom of the odd device in his face. Only then he spotted the little blade hidden underneath a circular guard. His instincts told him to back off and disarm her, he quickly did both making her whine innocently.

"Are you sure it wasn't you who Damien wanted, not this friend of yours?" James asked suspiciously.

Emma stared at him similarly. "I'm not the one he's gotten the whole police force searching for, up your own ass... man."

"Yeah, but only because Harry wanted to play be the emo he..." James said, trailing off as his mind wandered elsewhere. "Wait, didn't you say he liked tinkering with contraptions, toys you called them."

"Uh huh. He acted like some sort of mad scientist with his bwahahahaha-ing, which was only funny when he slopped yoghurt onto them," Emma replied with a slight snigger. "So?"

"So, I don't see any power outlets, marks on the floor or anything that makes this place look like an ex lab," James answered.

Emma's narrowed eyed stare turned into an eyebrow raising, are you an idiot type one. "Why would it? He did all that crap on his ship. This is just a parking and rubbish dumping lot."

To her surprise James reacted to that with a knowing smile, not embarrassment or annoyance. "Then he'll need another place this size in or near his new hideout. Preferably somewhere in the middle of nowhere like this, so he can take the ship out for a spin without getting on the news."

"Well yeah," Emma said. "I haven't a clue where to look for somewhere like that, and you're from the future so... how does knowing that help us?"

James seemed puzzled, she assumed because of her point, but he didn't hesitate with his answer, "all I need is a computer hooked up to the 'net."


A couple of Engineering personnel had joined Tom in Astrometrics, all of them tinkering with the computers at the right side wall. Tom sighed, feeling useless as he had tried everything and now had nothing else to do. Neelix stood behind him occasionally trying to offer him what he called a Talaxian supper. Tom wasn't eager to die yet, so had chosen to pretend he hadn't heard or seen him as a defense mechanism.

The large screen only showed a recorded video clip version of the buildings draped over the island's hills that Chakotay brought to his attention. Only the lighting was better and it enhanced various details he didn't pick up before. The faint image of the antenna shaped tower, its tip turning invisible before his eyes over and over every few minutes. He couldn't tear his eyes off it.

"What are you? It's got to be behind this. Our people could be in there though so I can't..." he mumbled as a tray gradually creeped its way into his line of sight. To avoid it he pushed his chair to one side. "It can't be this Boss guy, if we can't push a signal through, he can't either. So what...?"

"Nope," one engineer said loudly enough to startle the helmsman. "There's nothing wrong on our end. It's almost as if the entire island has a signal proof dome around it."

Tom's eyes glazed over as a thought occurred to him. "Let's test that theory shall we." He hurried out of his seat, bumping into Neelix in the process and to his relief made the tray topple onto the floor, and spin towards the door.

"Tom," he heard a voice scolding him quietly. It wasn't Neelix as he was too busy pouting angrily while picking up the hardened slop on the floor. It was also a female voice, so definitely couldn't be him anyway. Tom stopped, confused and a little unnerved by it.

"Yes?" he warily said.

"Look for the highest hill. We're there. You'll see something refle..."

Tom frowned suspiciously, "who is this?"

He heard an angered sigh. "Oh my god, it's Morgan you divvy."

"Oh," Tom blushed. Then he had a realisation, "oh you figured out what was blocking our communications?"

"Not really. But bashing this one's head on the console did the trick."

"Really?" Tom looked worried. "You mean you convinced him?"

"Nyeh. Sure, whatever you want."

Tom laughed a little nervously. "Okeydoke, so we're back on the air then." He ran back to his station, giddy and refreshed. His foot skid for barely a second on the food on the floor though. He tapped one part of the station, "Paris to transporter room. Can you get a lock on Chakotay's team yet?"

"No, we're still having trouble isolating their lifesigns."

Morgan's voice quickly followed theirs, "you would, this thing was clogging our scans all along. All I did was turn the strength of it back down to normal. Dad and Tuvok are looking for a power generator to shut it down."

"They left you on your own?" Neelix was more than a little horrified.


Morgan heard him clearly, rolling her eyes in response. "Yeah," she said slowly, looking down at the leader struggling underneath her hand, pinned to a computer station. "I think I'll get by, somehow. I'd be more worried about what you tell mum, cos she didn't have to go anywhere and I know how much she hates time travel."


Tom inhaled sharply through his clenched teeth, enough to give him a sensitivity twinge. "Oh I'm always more worried about your mother. Don't worry about that. Keep in touch." He hurriedly tapped away at the main computer to bring up fresh new windows on the big screen. "Yep we're definitely back online."

His eyes drifted up as if he were afraid of what would be there. On first glance there was nothing new that was earth shattering. Still he gulped a lot of air before he tapped his commbadge. "Voyager to Janeway." He waited a minute but got no response. "Voyager to Doctor. Seven of Nine?"

Neelix joined him back at the station to help him out. He noticed a small aerial view of Earth on the right side, two commbadge symbols flashed in completely different spots; one in England and the other in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. "Um, maybe you should take a look at this."

Tom panicked, hesitating a moment before looking to see what he was talking about. When he spotted it he was more than relieved.

"Great. We won't be able to get in touch with them for a while," Tom pretended to be upset. He instantly perked up to try again. "Voyager to Torres."


Kathryn squeezed her eyes into the narrowest eye glare she had ever performed. Her target, the back of someone elses chair mere inches from her face. To make matters worse her own chair shook, something on the other side of it managed to poke her hard in the back.

Lilly sat beside her, worrying that yet another plane would be diverted and/or delayed, this time due to air rage. That was the best case scenario as she heard a growl come from the frazzled Captain.

"Perhaps someone should swap seats with her before..." Lilly suggested.

Seven half smiled, "I disagree. There is very little stimulus on this vessel."

"Huh?" Lilly was naturally confused.

The Doctor chuckled from the next aisle, his attention on a screen directly in front of him, earphones over his head. "Oh how absurd, a baby in a suit. Look at him, he's already sitting up right and talking. Oh my goodness. We are definitely living in a stupid time." A few of the passengers were staring at him at this point.

Lilly turned her head away and pretend she didn't know him. "I beg to differ."


The England team had reconvened in the hotel reception, joining Harry tapping away at the phone.

Jessie groaned as she collapsed on a nearby sofa, even putting her legs up on it but left her feet dangling over the edge. "Sheesh, intimidating already paranoid idiots is exhausting."

"I told you to stuff your face at breakfast," B'Elanna smiled. "You're not supposed to smack them around, you know."

"Oh yes I did," Jessie sighed sadly, resting her eyes for a moment.

Craig looked on in sympathy, then glanced toward B'Elanna. "Try telling that to the camera crews. They're a tad on edge."

Jessie sat back up only to elbow the seat cushions to soften them up, "so what did you end up doing?"

"Oh just some tampering here and there, small stuff only he'd notice," B'Elanna replied.

"Hmm, and here I thought that was you who clobbered the Square security guards," Jessie seemed disappointed. She lay back down.

B'Elanna cleared her throat absentmindedly. "I wanted to do something which would get minimal exposure that he'd still notice, quickly, that would tell him where we still were. I thought it would take a while to do it, but the moron thought using his name with numbers instead of a few letters and a dash on the end was a secure password."

"That is stupid, really," Craig stuttered while reaching into his inside pocket. The women stared with bemusement at him. He started to look nervous but not because of that. "Where's my..." he said, then eyed what Harry was holding. He reached over to snatch it off him.

Harry jumped out of his skin, then darted around to find out what happened. He looked around at his team with a confused frown on his face. "Did you guys just get back? Say something next time."

B'Elanna laughed quietly. "We did, ten minutes ago. Way to fit in Harry," she said the last line genuinely, pointing at others in the reception who were engrossed in their phones.

"Thanks?" Harry wasn't sure though.

Craig stared slackjawed at the screen, then glared at the former Ensign. "Have you been slagging people off with my account?"

"No!" Harry snapped in response. "I've been taunting that Boss idiot. Learn to read."

"That's what you've been doing all day? Wish I thought of it," Jessie said in a blank tone.

"Enough. We need to pool our heads together and come up with a plan that will work. Maybe..." B'Elanna said, interrupted by her phone ringing. She eagerly answered it. "Tom?" The rest of the team watched on hopefully. She nodded and smiled, prompting sighs of relief. "I'll put you on speaker, so be careful, speak in code or something."

Jessie scoffed, "yeah, Tom speaking carefully. I'll go try on my dresses, shall I?"

B'Elanna winced a little as she placed the phone on the table, seemingly agreeing with her. The rest of the team huddled around the table.

"I'm not sure how you expect me to censor this. Chakotay spotted something odd in our um, quiet picnic spot. Turns out we didn't get there first." The team all frowned. "They weren't too happy, I think they got into some kind of tussle. And from what I gather, they turned up their music so we couldn't hear Chakotay shouting for help. Morgan seemingly returned the favour and turned it down."

Jessie smirked at the others, "actually, he's not too bad."

B'Elanna chuckled, "nope. So how come you haven't tried to call us until now?"

They heard an irritated sigh. "You're doing this on purpose, aren't you? Alright um." Some silence followed while he thought about how to answer. "These thugs had camped next to the cell tower, they've probably vandalised it. We've had no cell service for hours. And before you ask, no we didn't know there was a cell service tower in our secluded picnic area where we only go to because it's usually got nothing there."

"You're saying that someone's built a tower there?" Craig asked.

"Not only that, but a big honking town. Last time we go there," Tom's voice replied.

"That shouldn't be possible," B'Elanna said. "A few people being there, that I understand. A whole town though. How long has that been there?"

"I dunno, a while is all I can guess. At least it's not very popular, the place is deader than the Mess Hall after Neelix makes his broths."


Jessie sniggered, "ah hem, losing it."

"No I'm... whatever, fine. You know about this Boss stuff at least, right?"

"We have no way of finding out where he is, not without trying to bait him," B'Elanna whispered whilst leaning over to barely an inch away from the phone.

"And fishy ain't biting," Harry muttered. He tried to ignore the blank stares he got for that comment. "Can't you narrow it down?"

"If I did, I would've beam um... dropped you off there in the first place."

Jessie mouthed a duh before replying, "we know his online accounts, we even have access to one. Can't we trace him through that?"

B'Elanna nodded, "you might be onto something. Tom, I'll text you the information." Craig got the hint and handed her his own phone so she could work on it.

"Right. Any word from James?"

Jessie's face fell, "I was hoping you would've."

"Nope. It's a little worrying he's managed to keep a low profile. Maybe Boss has him," Tom's voice said as someone walked by the group. The stares made Jessie cough on purpose. "Hired him. Or has him... running errands."

"Slipping off a cliff here," Craig quietly mocked him.

A few more people walked by. The team weren't that concerned about it until they doubled back and one of them grabbed B'Elanna's phone straight out of her hand. "So, you must be Andy Craigson. Come with us and no fuss will be made," they said.

B'Elanna scowled, jumping to her feet to take the phone back. They slipped it into their jacket before she could. "What are you talking about? You don't go stealing things from people in the middle of a hotel, and what kind of name is..." Her eyes fell onto Craig, his widened in horror. Harry meanwhile looked far too sheepish for his own good. "I swear to god," she growled.

Jessie used the commotion to slide her leg over to the table and nudge the second phone toward her. It ended up on the floor beside her.

"The last thing you people need is another televised assault. You won't get away so easily here," the phone stealer said to B'Elanna.

"Another, what? We're not doing anything, you're the aggravators. I'm telling you, they'll let any idiot into the police these days," she snarled.

The group smiled smarmily. "Oh, we're not police. Think of us as private security." The group looked more than a little worried. "Come. Mr Boss is extremely eager to meet you and discuss terms."

"Terms?" Jessie asked, carefully sitting up in a way that helped her slip the phone into her pocket.

"For the safe release of his comrade, naturally. Do not play any more games," the man said in a threatening tone.

B'Elanna glanced toward Craig, he shrugged nervously. "We don't have any of your people. You on the otherhand..."

Harry stood up abruptly. "Okay fine. Don't think for a second that we'll cave at the littlest of things." The others stared at him, confused and a little annoyed. "Something this important we expect a high cost."

"Of course. Our Boss is nothing but fair," the man said, still with the malicious smile on his face. He gestured to the door. The team reluctantly got up to walk towards it, two of the private security made sure to lead the way, the remainder followed closely behind them.

"Who on earth are they talking about?" B'Elanna whispered.

Harry bit his lip in an attempt to look nervous, fighting the need to smile. "Perhaps I would have been equally as ignorant if the competent Boss hadn't been sleeptalking on the keeping us in holo-timeloop stasis job." One of the private security elbowed him discreetly in the side.

"And here I thought you spent all day trolling on twit," Craig commented.

Jessie sniggered to herself, "who are we to underestimate Mr Shooty's beau?" Harry scowled in her direction.


"Hey!" Emma complained, once more reaching out to press a button on the radio. Music started blasting around the car.

James sighed irritably as he used his thumb resting on the wheel to press the button, switching it back off. "No."

"Oh ok, no, I'm convinced," Emma grumbled. She switched it back on. "Too bad, I like this one."

"I should think so, it's your music player," James said, turning it off again.

Emma rolled her eyes, "oh lighten up grandpa. One more and you can listen to whatever whiny droll crap you want. K?" Her hand barely reached the radio when James reached out to pull the cable that was inserted into the radio. What it was attached to then was hurtled over his shoulder, almost hitting the rear window. To his annoyance she laughed at him for it. "Oooh, cranky pants needs that stick removed from his ass. Bit sensitive, huh?"

"No, we're trying not to stand out. Don't you remember?" James groaned in response.

"It's not that loud. Grow a set," Emma huffed back.

James snickered a bit at the insult, "little tip. If you want to hurt my feelings, maybe lay off the cliche insults." Emma stared at him blankly, yet there was a dangerous glint in her eye. "Do you want to get the height jokes out of the way now, or save it for two hours later?"

"You really think you're funny, don't you? News flash, you're not," Emma muttered.

"I'm just annoying. Yeah, you mentioned that during the first hour," James said.

"Well maybe it's not enough to tell you once. That's how irritating you are," Emma said, reaching for the radio. James frowned, he figured she forgot and was doing it out of habit but she didn't seem to mind that an annoying song started playing from it. "This is better. Drown out the crazy for the next few hundred miles."

James shook his head, this time he only turned the radio down a touch so it wasn't so deafening. "I could've, should've left you behind back at the pub, the warehouse, the petrol station, anywhere really."

Emma glanced at him with forced indifference. "So?"

"So," James said with a tired sigh. "So I didn't. You've already lied to me once, so maybe I should let you off at the next services station if you're going to be nothing but a headache."

Emma scowled, "you wouldn't dare. I helped anyway, and when the hell did I lie?"

"Well fine, lie is a strong word. Avoided the truth more like," James replied, annoying her further. "Are you from the future, something like that. I don't know a place like that, so a future guy wouldn't have a clue."

"Ookay, those weren't lies wise guy," Emma said.

"You're not from the future, are you?" James asked bluntly, and with a straight face so she knew he was serious.

It worked a treat, her face fell. "Does it really matter?"

"Yes it matters. I took a huge chance bringing you along as it is. If it turns out you're some sci-fi fangirl from this time, my head will roll," James answered.

Emma didn't respond. She stared glumly out of the window to her left. The music did nothing to help the awkward silence, the warbling was making it far more tense. Emma shut it off since it was annoying her.

"You're right. I'm not," she finally said quietly after ten or so minutes.

James lightly nodded, he knew that anyway. "So how did you end up mixing in with Damien? Is that why you know about ships and..."

"He... he destroyed my home. Well, took it is more accurate," Emma replied, her voice so low James barely made it out. "I was bait to lure my friend to him. She's who he really wants."

He instantly felt bad for pushing the subject after hearing that. "You got away, and you didn't need the finger trimmer," he said lightly to try and cheer her up.

"Damien's a poser, a sad little boy," Emma said bitterly. She turned away from the window to stare ahead. "But he's got idiots who follow him, willingly, even though they know that. And ships, a lot of ships, all stolen mostly from us. I dunno why he's so interested in this country when he has starships, I'm sure it has nothing of use to him. It makes no sense."

"I dunno, but we can ask him that ourselves," James said, smiling a little darkly toward her, "can't we?"

Emma more than matched it, "so does that mean you'll let me have my toy back?"

"No," James replied with a shudder.

Emma rolled her eyes, "we'll see. Pansy."

James once more sniggered at her, "crazy kid."

"Annoying prat," Emma countered.

"I thought we were doing insults," James said in a confused voice.

"Old man," Emma corrected herself.

"Again with the old, aren't you technically older than me by what, a few hundred years?" James laughed.

Emma sighed, "could've fooled me, you drive like an old codger."

James' eyes fell to the speedometre, they were doing over 90 miles an hour. "Oh, I'm sure that last sign I saw said seventy. Must've missed one. Should I be going faster?"

"We're not trying to stand out, remember," Emma said mockingly.

"So, that doesn't answer my question," James uneasily said.

Emma snickered in response.


Tom had trimmed his fingernails to the bed and yet he still nibbled away, nervously staring at one particular window on the screen; the one barely showing the tower he knew Chakotay, Morgan and Tuvok were inside. They had been silent for far too many hours, he didn't dare contact them first in case they were sneaking around.

"You know, I've got much more nutritious snacks that you can have," Neelix said in a helpful voice.

Tom stopped for the moment and stared at his hands. "I doubt it."

Neelix shrugged and got back to browsing the windows. One of them got his attention, "hmm exit polls. What are those?"

"Not sure," Tom admitted without looking. "Which one..." Neelix pointed so he knew where to focus on. "Strange, I thought they'd have the results tomorrow. Let me turn the sound on." He pressed a few commands in which made the window a little bigger.

A man on that one was forced to share the screen with a bar graph that appeared beside him. "This is definitely not the results anyone were expecting, and if accurate will be a massive blow to our prime minister. The opposition was far more capable than she expected."

"I doubt Mr Boss is who they're talking about," Neelix said.

Tom shook his head, "no, if I understand correctly the one with the biggest bar is the current government, the second is someone el..."

"Then why would they be worried?" Neelix asked.

"Politics were never my thing so... hang on," Tom said, quickly looking down to type something into a search engine.

The man continued, "this election is shaping up to be a disaster for them as they'll be losing many seats to the opposition. If these polls are correct, we're looking at a minority, not a majority like expected. For anyone who isn't sure what that means, they will have to form a coalition with another party that has the right amount of seats to stay in power..."

Tom nodded like he understood, Neelix looked over his shoulder curiously. "I'm so confused," Tom said, dashing Neelix's hopes of an explanation. Still the helmsman brightened up, "no biggie, the Boss isn't making a dent so it doesn't matter."

"That doesn't leave them with many options, does it Greg?" a woman asked from offscreen.

The man on the screen nodded, "that's right, Michelle. The smaller parties have repeatedly insisted they wouldn't work with her. No one's going to be lining up to help her out. We're expecting a massive shakeup tomorrow morning."


Damien watched the same news report, a dark smile spread across his face. "No one huh? I wouldn't say that," he chuckled. Popcorn crumbs scattered everywhere when he leapt to his feet and swung around to point at his minions. "Prepare the brainwashing device." Two nodded and hurried out of the room. "It's time we add a little touch of compliance into this sad little country, mmhmm."

"Why didn't he do this to make people vote for him?" one of his guards whispered to another.

They shrugged, "he probably did, that's why we have nine seats."

Damien narrowed his eyes, they thought he overheard. "Where's Patches the Second?" He looked around the office frantically.

"Uh I don't know. We'll search for him immediately," one of the minions squeaked fearfully.

A woman's screams rang out from outside the room, putting everyone but Damien on edge. He smiled knowingly. "Ah our guests have arrived," he sneered toward the guards at the door. "Send them in."

"Okay," they said with uncertainty. They turned to leave.

Damien waited with crossed arms, then changed his mind and decided to put his hands on his hips. He looked disgusted and returned to crossing his arms, this time with a sneer on his face.

His guards returned with B'Elanna's awayteam, flanked by the private security men. They hinted at the group to stop as soon as they were in the door, but Jessie shuffled further forward with her eyes extremely wide, her head darting around fearfully and her arms holding herself.

Harry scoffed as soon as he laid eyes on Damien. "Wait, Damien? You're the Boss? You've got to be kidding."

Jessie still managed to look annoyed despite shaking in fear, "what, we're surprised by this?" One of the guards pushed by from the corridor holding a rabbit in his arms. He had to slip by Jessie, making her yelp and side step a few metres until a guard stopped her.

"She's right, only Damien would have bunnies running around," Craig said.

Damien chuckled as the guard handed the rabbit to him. He made sure to stare at Jessie while he stroked it, at least until she shuddered and looked away, then he eyed the others. "Welcome to my lair. May I get you some torture."

B'Elanna shook her head in disbelief, "actually yes, I am surprised at this. Apart from his choice of wardrobe, this plan is too competent to be his."

That wiped the smirk from Damien's face, his eyebrow twitched excessively. "I'll admit," he said, beginning to pace. "This plan is too subtle for my tastes."

"I said competent," B'Elanna said sternly.

Damien ground his teeth, visibly flinching from her remark. "Ideally, I'd take this country in one grand sweep. However, the downfall of the United Kingdom by alien spaceships would garner far too much attention."

"You meant to say rabbits right?" Harry seriously asked.

Damien stepped closer, staring and smirking at him directly. "Oh I love a bit of ignorance in the evening. Delicious. Like chocolate. That reminds me." The remaining minion ran off to a fridge on the other side of the room.

"What's the point? Not only is this three hundred plus years in the past, but only idiots who are afraid of their own shadow would vote for a gigantic ego with no backbone," Jessie snapped. "Really, it's insulting that you think my country or any country would pick somebody so clearly up his own ass he can tickle his tiny brain. No wonder you always gloat about it when you can see it everyday."

B'Elanna cleared her throat awkwardly. She noticed a few of Damien's people were smirking or laughing behind their hands. Jessie was more than confused by it. "What? she asked innocently.

Damien laughed to hide his annoyance with her, the minion meanwhile handed him a yoghurt pot. "Brush up on your history, Bessie. This world right now is inhabited by fools. Fear, stupidity, all ripe for the stirring," he said while literally stirring the pot. "You'll see the results of that personally soon enough."

"That still doesn't change the fact that even if you do win, whatever influence you make now will create a different future. A one where you wouldn't have any incentive to travel back, or even a one where you might not exist..." Harry said.

Jessie smiled, "ah, silver linings."

"Don't talk to me like I'm some time travel simpleton," Damien hissed, eyes narrowing. "I'm well aware of all of that twaddle. It's you that are naive and misunderstanding, but that's okay, I don't expect everyone to be as brilliant as I." He stretched one arm overdramatically, all while snuggling the rabbit still. "No, I am no mere time traveller. I am Damien, master of dimensional travel. Nothing I do here will change a thing, at least not until I bring in my newly convinced chumps into your pathetic lives and seize what is rightfully mine."

None of the awayteam looked particularly impressed.


Unknown to Damien, Tom and Neelix had heard the whole muffled thing from the phone in Jessie's pocket. They were too engrossed to notice the video screen showing the island hillside distorted until the strange antenna shaped tower reappeared.

"Wait, we've already established that Seventh Voyager's dimension and ours are the same in this time period. And we're the idiots?" Harry's voice said.

Tom nodded, that turned into a massive yawn. "Yeah you tell him, Har," he said unenthusiastically.

"I thought we were supposed to be engrossed," Neelix was confused.

"I am," Tom yawned once more as he pointed to the screen on his console. Neelix only then heard music playing from it. He started bopping his head to the beat, a smile spread across his face. "I know right," Tom grinned in return.

"You narrow minded fools. There are gazillions of dimensions, infinite possibilities. This one served my purpos..."

"Chakotay to Paris," overlapped the other voice.

Tom's eyes flew wide open in a panic. Yawns were a thing of the past. "Paris here," he said after slapping the console until he got the right panel.

"What took you so long?" Chakotay's annoyed voice grumbled. "Never mind. We've powered down this tower temporarily, now would be a good time."

Tom sat up in a hurry, "say no more. Transporter Room. Get a lock on Chakotay's team. After you've done that, keep a lock on the other teams' signals, just in case."

"What did I tell you? Keep that pissing furball away from me!" Jessie's voice screeched.

"Uh what the fu..." Chakotay's voice said before it was cut off by the transporter beam.

Tom stared at Neelix curiously, "what did I miss?"

Neelix looked pained, Tom got a headache from just looking at him. "Something about a secret society, spaceships, washing heads and a nuzzle that's fuzzy."

"I don't even know where to begin with that," Tom said hesitantly.

"I didn't even know who or what it was. I just wanted to get my own back after this," Harry's voice said.

"Ah yes, and while we're on the subject, how is overdramatic blond bimbo? It's too bad he ran, I'd have liked him to witness this moment before I scrubbed his free will out," Damien's voice sneered.

Tom's face brightened up to Neelix's confusion, "oh I do know. He said brainwashing, not head washing didn't he?" Neelix shrugged. "That's what this election's about."

"I'm not sure I follow," Neelix stammered.

"How else would he get a bunch of us to man his Voyager copy? He was never gonna win, he didn't have to. He can still get his foot in the door by making that coalition," Tom said.


B'Elanna's face twisted as she went over what had been said so far. "If you can control people, or make them lose their free will so they'll obey you, why couldn't you do this to the whole country's population, or the world's? Why an election? In this time and dimension. It makes no sense."

"I'm flattered if you think I'm that omnipotent. I'll admit the technology hasn't been perfected enough yet to pierce through more, resistant and interfering minds. I can't go zap everyone unfortunately. Some can be convinced by a press of a button, but others need wearing down first," Damien chuckled deviously.

Jessie's face softened and her brow raised, "huh, explains why Seventh Voyager are such idiots."

"Yes, they were merely the guinea pigs for my new invention. You on the other hand will be their willing replacements, leading the flagship of the all powerful Rabbien Coalition into domination of worlds. Bwahahahaha," Damien's obnoxious laughter filled the room.

He didn't notice though that nobody was really intimidated, or reacting in anyway. Harry though did look a little thoughtful, a question sprung to mind that he had to ask even if Damien was still laughing. "Why Seventh?"

Damien was thrown completely off, he glared at him for ruining his moment, "what?"

"They called us Fifth when we met them. I know they're dumb and all but they do know what a six is. Their Seven of Nine was called that," Harry thought aloud. "So why Seventh Voyager? Surely Sixth would be..."

Damien looked a little distraught. It was funny to everyone, even his own people. "That... that is an unpleasant tale I never hope to share with anyone. It'll only open a can of worms that is best left in the past. It is rare I make mistakes, and that was one of one."

Three Years Earlier
"Would you like some tea, Mr Damien sir?" Kathryn said in a tooth achingly sweet voice and manner.

Damien shuddered so much he nearly had an out of body experience.

Jessie stared at him blankly, "yeah that's horrifying."

"No good, she had to go. Fortunately her sister was more than willing to..." Damien snickered briefly, "take her place."

"Oh cut it out," B'Elanna snapped. "You're not an evil super villain with an IQ of five hundred. You're an edgy little boy in a man's body, thinking he's cool but he's really a moron quoting cliche lines, cuddling his bunnies with yoghurt all over his face."

Damien checked his mouth, just in case. It was clear, still her comment stung. "Then why is it that you're here, huh? Oh that's right," he pretended to have a realisation. "You can't go back to your dimension. Only I know how."

"To be fair, we haven't tried yet. We're only here because we thought Seventh left a mess behind in the past," Harry said.

Jessie smiled, "well we weren't wrong."

Harry chuckled while Damien's face hardened. "So we're only here to clean it up and be on our way," Harry finished.

"I'd like to see you try, Mr Overcompensating Shooty," Damien snarled.

"Hey I..." Harry stuttered for a while, then glared at Craig. He averted his eyes away. "How does he know about that?"

"I know everything," Damien chuckled. "It'd be wise not to underestimate me further."

"Funny. I figured we were overestimating this Boss character with this," Jessie said, bringing the phone out of her pocket.

Damien laughed at her for it, "ohno, what are you going to do? Plug it in and hope this is the time it sets on fire?"

"What?" Jessie frowned. "No, just going to open this app thing."

Her thumb pressed the screen. An ear piercing screech emanated from it, forcing everyone to cover their ears. It was excruciating for everyone even with that, but Damien's people were brought to their knees from the pain. B'Elanna noticed this and tried to turn her painful head toward Jessie.

"That's enough. Off, off!" she ended up screaming.

Jessie pressed it again, ending the noise.

"Ugh, that wasn't very smart, was it?" Damien grumbled, still pressing one hand against an ear. "Maybe you should leave your plan making to someone brighter than her, perhaps that furball who makes snot stew."

Jessie clenched her fists so much they were white. B'Elanna carefully put an arm out in front of her. "Then perhaps you should get your minions to lock us up before we do."

"You're right. There's plenty of time before the results tomorrow," Damien snickered. He turned to his still recovering on the floor guards and security. "Take them to the cells."

His people groggily got back to their feet, dazed and some were a little shocked and annoyed. Damien's face drained as he glanced around at them all. "What are you waiting for?" he snapped desperately.

"I'm sorry sir," one minion said. "Let me get you another yoghurt." She hurried off to the fridge.

Damien relaxed for a moment, a one short lived as his people were either glaring at him or walking out with annoyed grumbles. "What, I am your leader. Bow to my whims you worthless..." a yoghurt pot slapped into the side of his face. The contents slithered down to his shoulder and chest.

His trembling angry face got a few laughs from his remaining ex servants before they filed out, not even thinking he was worth anymore than a withering glare. Soon all that was left were the awayteam.

"How?" he growled.

"Maybe you shouldn't put all your specs in this cloudy server," B'Elanna said. "And maybe change your password."

Damien backed away and yet his hands balled into fists. "None of this matters! I have more than enough votes to help keep that witch in power. Then she will relinquish full control of this country to me. You will never get close enough to pull this off again. Not when you're rotting in jail for terrorism."

"You keep throwing that word around, but I don't think you know what it means," Craig said.

"My word against yours Andy Craigson. So long, good riddance," Damien said with a confident smile. The team were following his backwards steps now, he was almost at the wall.

"Uh look around, you're not getting out of this room," Harry warned.

Damien laughed, "I'm touched. I thought you didn't think I was threatening enough. Oh well, on that note." He bumped into the wall, which turned into a turnstile. He was gone in seconds.

"Oh for god's sake," Jessie complained.

B'Elanna shook her head, sighing tiredly. "Spread out, find him. I'm sure even Harry can take him on one on one."

Harry nodded, then gasped angrily, "hey! Surely Craig is the least threatening of us."

Jessie rolled her eyes and ran out. Craig muttered something irritably as he instead walked to the door.

"Harry," B'Elanna said sympathetically. "Damien did win that fight, you know. I was being polite."

"Fine, let me redeem myself," Harry huffed. He ran out after the others.


James walked through the now open double doors, still swinging and squeaking from the abrupt opening, with Emma right behind him. She wasn't there for long, what with her attempting to push past him every now and then. He sighed irritably after five tries.

"Will you cut that out?" he whispered.

"You're going too slow," Emma whispered back as she tried again.

This attempt made him stop and glance over his shoulder. "This is a big place. I'll go upstairs, you check out the ship yard."

"But you said his ship was still in your dimension," Emma said suspiciously.

"That was days ago," James said, averting his wider eyes. Emma wasn't convinced, she narrowed hers and tried to push past again. This time James stepped to one side so she had plenty of room to get by. "I'm serious, they could've easily come back. I dunno, I haven't heard from anyone."

"Fine," Emma said but her tone was snippy.

James wandered away towards some spiral stairs anyway, occasionally glancing back to check on her. He was relieved that she turned off into a different corridor. Still he kept that up until he got to the next floor.

Approaching footsteps and lots of them made James hurry through the closest door, which turned out to be for a cupboard, then closed it leaving a tiny gap so he could still see into the corridor. Moments later the people Damien had working for him rushed by.

"Come on, couldn't be as bad as what he made me do," one said.

"Really, something more demeaning than cleaning poop out of Patches and Fuzzlenuzzle's hutch?" another groaned. The pair's conversation faded out of earshot when they reached the stairs.

James wasn't surprised to hear that, still he grimaced. After a couple of minutes of silence he slipped out from the cupboard to continue on his way. The next corner he turned, the view ahead of him stopped him in his tracks.

"You! You couldn't resist playing the hero again, could you?" Damien snapped, pointing a phaser at him.

"Hardly. It's better than playing the cartoon villain though," James scoffed.

Damien tapped the settings, the phaser sounded like it powered up. "I'll make this very easy for you. Join my ship willingly, or die here like a pathetic chump."


Meanwhile Jessie stepped out of what looked to her like a conference room, which to her disgust had posters of Damien and rabbits all over the walls. It took her a few minutes to stop shuddering. Once she was done she continued on, ignoring the next door she came to.

Typically it opened though and someone ran out. To her disappointment and annoyance it was only Harry. He looked at her similarly. "You're a sight for traumatised eyes," he said.

"Posters," Jessie guessed. Harry nodded, holding back a whimper.

Shouting and thuds echoed down the corridor, startling them both. It was close, but not close enough to hear what was being shouted. They ran towards where it was coming from. The shouts turned into screams, pained and angry from two different voices.

"Don't tell me," Harry stuttered. "There are worse rooms than that?" he said as lightly as possible but his voice trembled.

Jessie wasn't sure if he was serious so she didn't reply, she kept going. So did he. What they saw when they turned the corner made their jaws drop.

Damien lay slumped, face down on the floor in a pool of his own blood, his back stained red. Behind him they found out where one of the screams was coming from; Emma struggled to get out of James' arms as he pulled her backwards away from the body. She dropped a knife onto the floor in the struggle.

"What are you doing? He deserves it, he destroyed everything," her screams turned into angered cries.

"Stop it, you got him okay," James tried to say calmly. It wasn't working, she stomped on his foot as hard as she could and tried to elbow him. He let her go only to stand in her way when she tried to rush forward and get the knife back. "Calm down!"

Jessie was the first to budge from her frozen shocked position. She stepped forward and crouched down to pick up a discarded phaser lying quite a few feet from the body and them. When she straightened back to a standing position she noticed it was one of theirs, but on a customised stun setting she hadn't seen before. James meanwhile picked up the blood stained knife.

"Pfft, this is the thanks I get for saving you, again?" Emma grumbled. "Get stuffed then."

James breathed deeply to try and calm himself down. "You didn't need to, I was fine, he was..."

"James? What the hell?" Jessie said, getting both of their attention. James swung around on the spot to see her and Harry. "What happened, who is this?"

"This," James began to answer but hesitated. "Is Emma, she claims to be from some hidden island, more advanced than humans now. Damien, he..."

"You're a member of the secret society Damien was talking about?" Harry questioned.

Emma looked at him, thankfully a lot calmer than a few minutes ago. "Was. He took it. Apparently it's wrong to stab a guy who laughs as he tries to enslave and kill an entire race."

"I was just..." James said quickly and defensively. "You went a little overboard. Once was enough." Emma narrowed her eyes at him.

"Good god Jessie, did he shove a rabbit in your face or something?" Craig stuttered from behind Jessie and Harry. B'Elanna was with him, struggling to find words.

Jessie's mouth dropped wide open, "I didn't do this."

"What's going on. Who did Jessie hit this time?" Tom's voice rang out from her pocket.

"You when I get back," Jessie said through gritted teeth. She took the phone out, "the rubbish has been taken out. You can beam us back now."

"Yeah about that, I tracked you to a shielded building. You're going to have to..."

B'Elanna groaned, "stop trying to drag this out."

"I wouldn't do that, I'm not suicidal," Tom's voice whimpered.

"I wasn't talking about you," B'Elanna said, her eyes drifting to Damien. Seeing him that way made her feel guilty for saying that. She shook it off, "we'll just have to go back outside. There's nothing left here. Prepare the ship for take off."

Everyone were on their guard when they heard more footsteps approaching. They looked around in time to see Kathryn and her team appear from around the corner, all of them but the Doctor looking like they were sleepwalking.

"Hello everyone," the Doctor said brightly. Then he spotted the body which soured his mood, he hurried over to tend to him.

Emma pulled a disgusted face in his direction, "what's this asshole doing?"

"I'm a doctor, I heal anyone regardless of their crimes. Stand back," the Doctor replied.

Lilly slowly walked up to them, glancing toward Emma. "Is this?"

"Yup, good riddance," Emma replied bitterly.

"Nice," Lilly laughed briefly, prompting a few blank stares from some. It made her uncomfortable, "I mean, no I can't lie, I mean nice. This guy was a monster."

"He was a deluded tryhard, unfortunately with access to decent technology," B'Elanna muttered.

The Doctor sighed despondently, "without my equipment I can't do anything for him. He's lost too much blood."

Kathryn jumped for no reason anyone can see, "oh Damien's dead? Shame, I owed him a slap."

"Um, it's been a long day," Lilly laughed awkwardly. "Leave him, you revive him and he'll stab you in the back." Emma smiled knowingly.

"Didn't you say he would have the means to open the portal back to our dimension?" Seven said in Lilly's direction.

Kathryn groaned and rolled her eyes, "oh for the love of god." She walked over to kneel beside Damien on the opposite side the Doctor was. "Get his legs," she barked to no one in particular. "He's coming back with us. We'll search him on Voyager."

"You just want to revive and slap him," James said.

"And you don't?" Kathryn smirked. "Come on, help me carry him."

"Don't look at me. He already made me woozy," Jessie said.

Some arguing later the awayteams headed back out the building, lugging Damien with them. As soon as they stepped outside they felt energy crackle around them.

"Great, Tom energise," B'Elanna said.

There was a light clatter. A few members of the team looked down to see a PADD like device beside Damien's feet, a little cracked from its journey from his pocket to the ground.

Kathryn breathed in deeply through her nose to contain her temper. Whoever wasn't holding Damien inched away. James quickly grabbed it before they all transported away.


Voyager flew into the sky, intentionally toward brewing storm clouds. Its shields fluctuated constantly.


"Status?" Kathryn said as she entered the Bridge.

"We're almost on top of the portal's supposed co-ordinates," Tom meekly replied.

Kathryn wasn't surprised when she only saw the grey clouds on the viewscreen. "Is the deflector ready yet?" She got a nod from Harry. "Re-open the portal. Tuvok, you better make sure the shields are up. Ready weapons. I have a feeling those morons are still waiting for us. Or trying to figure out how to open it themselves."

"Yes Captain," Tuvok responded.


A beam from Voyager's deflector sliced through the clouds so deeply they could see the blue on the other side. Once the beam let up the ship flew straight through the gap it opened, only instead of blue skies they emerged into the black of space. Not only that, but their mirror image lay in wait straight ahead of them with their allies.


"We're being hailed," Harry said.

"They're changing their course to surround us," Tuvok followed him.

Kathryn smirked, "turn us about, invert the deflector frequency and standby. But first, open a channel." Harry understood, smiled and nodded.

Phoebe and her crew quickly appeared on the viewscreen, she with her hands on her hips sporting a deathglare. It wasn't anywhere near as powerful as Kathryn's, but it still gave shivers to a few members of the Bridge.

"Did you miss us, Kathy?" Phoebe asked.

Kathryn walked over to the viewscreen to close the gap between them. Tom was more than thankful he wasn't in between them anymore. "Your Boss is dead. He's lying in our morgue."

Phoebe's face drained, she looked more than shook. "You're lying." A few of the Bridge tried not to laugh at their evil selves looking giddy. Seventh Tuvok even high fived some random crewmember a little too hard, they ended up on the floor.

"Your plan has failed. I'll give you five minutes to go back home, or you'll be next," Kathryn warned.

"You still don't know?" Phoebe said maliciously, still with a tear in her eye. "That is the home of the cowards, the Liger pacifists, selfishly hogging their technology from Humans. They're more advanced than us you know, even in that time. Today, you might be able to get your crew home. You just need to find them. Think about it."

Kathryn sighed, "I know. I know that your friends are traitors who you convinced to chase innocent people from their homes, leaving them to wander aimlessly. So maybe you should be the one to think about it, while I return the favour. And you know me Phoebs, I'm not the bluffing kind. Try me."

Phoebe's eyes narrowed, she swung around to shout at her Tactical. "For god's sake Tuvok, put that booze away... what's wrong with you, and target them!"

Seventh Tuvok was in the middle of chugging a bottle with a party hat on his head. He wasn't the only one either. A couple people were already passed out on the floor.

Kathryn looked at them with silent judgement before turning her back on them. "Do it."

Harry smirked as he pressed the two panels he needed.

"Captain, the console tells me they're attacking the portal," Seventh Harry whimpered.

"Closing it is more accurate," Harry said directly to him.

"What!?" Phoebe roared.

Kathryn signalled her Harry to turn the viewscreen off. "Get us out of here, warp nine."


Seventh Voyager and its fleet increased speed, heading toward the planet. Meanwhile Voyager got out of their way and immediately jumped to warp. As before the closest ship bumped into an invisible wall. Inside it Phoebe seethed, "you'll pay for this, dear sister."


Captains Log Supplemental: I have no idea how I'm going to sum up all this craziness, so I won't. I'm off to bed. But first, I've got some unfinished business to attend to.

"So um, you beamed them up because?" Kathryn asked icily.

Tom tugged on his collar, "I didn't know about them. I just thought, it'd be easier... no commbadges, had to do it on mass. Transporter room's fault!" he stammered until he turned to goo.

Beside him stood Lilly and Emma, both of which found this very amusing. Emma giggled the most, "he's cute when he sweats."

"Huh?" Tom was more thrown by that than Kathryn's scolding.

It threw her off too, she forgot where she was up to. "Oh forget it. Get out of my sight."

Tom was more than happy to listen to that order. He jumped into warp to get away from her.

Kathryn groaned as she squeezed the bridge of her nose, "ugh, well... the portal home's closed so erm." She tried to smile politely but her head throbbed way too much. "Welcome to Voyager."

Lilly laughed awkwardly, "yeah thanks. I'm sure we'll find some of our people somewhere along the line."

"What? I thought that fleet of yours went into Seventh's dimension," Kathryn muttered, a dangerous glint appeared in her eye.

"Right. What's the food like here, I'm starved," Emma asked, briefly glancing at Lilly.

Lilly was more than grateful for the change of subject, "me too. Let's check out the food hall place."

The two hurried out before Kathryn had a chance to even think about warning them. Kathryn tapped her commbadge, "Janeway to Sickbay. You wanted to get your new crewmember's medicals? Standby, ten minutes tops."

"Um, acknowledged," the Doctor's voice responded uneasily.



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