Marill Re-Reads Suicidal

Last-last-last..etc time on Marill Re-Reads:

Halloween: Okay, I'll admit it. Hi I'm Halloween and I really am a s$$$y episode even by Fifth Voyager's standards

Everyone: Hi Halloween

Halloween: *sobs quietly*

It seems fitting that I've quite recently went back into Halloween to give it my version of a spring clean, in preparation for its lack of a reboot. I was going to remove it and reboot its sequel so it wouldn't need it, but hey *shrug* Why mention it here? Suicidal is unfortunately the said sequel, and I honestly have no idea how they're linked other than which characters are involved. I also know that it was checked out many years ago since a pre-comeback Season Five episode had a homage to it. SO without further ado lets jump into yet another reason for my anxiety.


Everything seemed normal on the Bridge, but it wasn't.


James The Third Johnstone saunters in to argue with Lilly's ex stalker Scot over who gets to sit in her chair. Carly does instead and gives James The Third Harry's mop the floor gag to steal. He thankfully doesn't and wonders why Lilly isn't glued into her seat already.

Emma meanwhile wonders why and how she got lumped in with the Kidz Trek kidz

Scot was wandering down the corridors getting more worried by the minute. He hated having to talk to Lilly since she was still at his throat.

what's this right here? Really. Sure it's telling not showing, but at least it's a step up from Scot walked down the corridor. He tapped on the door chime. He entered.

Anyway, he gets no answer. LUCKILY he used to break in all the time to sniff things so he knows her password. Then again, it doesn't take much time to guess lillyiaf9.

The room was dark as he made his way in. He headed straight for the bedroom, the door opened and he went inside.

He instantly rushed over to the computer and he pressed in a few commands.

In: "Transporter Room here."

"Listen, you're going to have to beam the Captain to Voyager's Sickbay, we have a medical emergency," Scot said in a frantic way. He looked back over at Lilly, she was lying on her bed with blood on her throat. He then saw a blood covered knife in her left hand. "Actually, beam me there too," Scot said.

You know, I don't get this. Season Two has no qualms about "showing" all the gorry bodies, blood and all, despite what it says. And yet it has Scot run in, react, call for help as if the body had to be censored or something. Then it's described anyway.

Also, ffs, stop trying to keep up Bittersweet's "oh the Ligers medical know how is s$$$" lies. It was meant to be an alien planet, not Liger, stop covering for it retcon gods.

Meanwhile on Voyager

"Are you ok, Tom?" she asked.

"Yeah, it's just a little hot in here that's all," Tom replied.

Janeway being nice to Tom? I'm scared

Kathryn looked around the Bridge, she noticed that a few people were missing. She walked over to Chakotay.

"Chakotay, where is Harry, James and Jessie?" Kathryn asked.

James is in Security and shouldn't be there anyway.

Jessie is tied to him again (Danny: ooh kinky)

Harry is on the Lillyia getting his mop back from Carly.

You're welcome.

Doctor Jones has his hands full. Lilly was lying dead on one biobed, Harry was unconscious on another, and so was Jessie.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it

Not this one

"Would both of you just go into my office. I can't treat them if you're talking to me!" Doctor Jones yelled angrily. James and Scot backed off, and they quickly headed to the office.

Doctor Jones rolled his eyes and he shook his head. "Why can't it be single people, and people who don't have close friends who come into Sickbay," he muttered to himself.


and lol poor Doc. Lee arrives to rescue him.

"Finally, I want you to scan Harry and Jessie. For some weird reason they won't wake up from what looks like to be nightmares. Find out what's wrong, and tell those idiots in my office. I'll treat Lilly," Doctor Jones said.

cut throat versus bad dreams. Yeah priorities here people.

Lee then headed into the office. "Ok boyfriends.. " Lee started. He laughed nervously as the two guys just glared at him. "Forget I said that," Lee said.


Lee has not learned his lesson from the last time, lets hope he doesn't go off screen.

"Why can't they wake up?" James asked.

"God only knows, I'll find out if you want," Lee replied.

"Wake them up first," James said.

Something tells me this emergency interrupted Lee's super pre-lunch snack #2.

"Ah, ok then. Who is that other guy then, I thought he was a friend of Harry's," Lee asked.

"Lilly's boyfriend," James replied quietly.

You're treading thin ice here, both of you. I'll forgive the two of you since you weren't around for the Scot confesses his love in front of the bridge crew, ignores her uncomfortableness and smooches her in the turbolift story. Anyone who was there for that, boo you.

Scot pretends to be outraged, Lee laughs at the familiarness of that. James is never amused.

"Just thought that I should tell you that Lilly is in our Sickbay, and so is your first officer," Kathryn said.


"Doctor Jones believes that she attempted suicide," Kathryn replied.


Lilly has had her throat slit. If I wanted it to seem like she did this to herself, why her throat and not her wrists?


Meanwhile Emma thinks that is cool, forgetting that she's meant to be Lilly's BFF in this series instead of mine. It'd be worrying but I wrote this and we all know I can't get anyone right.

Harry and Jessie looked around all confused.

"How did I end up here?" Harry asked.

"We had a bit of trouble waking you up," Lee replied.

Harry doesn't sleep walk during his nap. No wonder they called Sickbay.


Jessie and Harry went bright red.

"What happened?" James asked.

Jessie blushed even more, but Harry seemed to calm down.

"Remember in original Voyager, when me and Tom were in that prison camp. It was like I was reliving it," Harry replied.

Orrrr you were living it, cos it never happened to you. pfft

We know Jessie's nightmare was embarrassing, so that narrows it down to all the episodes

"Maybe you'd feel better if you just told me," James said.

Jessie laughed nervously, but shook her head.


"Seriously though, you're going to have to tell us. It might have something to do with why you and Harry couldn't wake up," Lee said.

"Well it was like Harry's, it was like reliving something that's happened in my life which I'm not going to tell about," Jessie said.

If it's like Harry's then it's an incident that didn't actually happen because of my time travel/dimension fiddling.


"I got it!" Lee exclaimed suddenly. Everyone looked at him. "Maybe, for some odd reason, she's remembering what happened during the love spell. That's why she won't even tell Jamesy here."

Jessie went bright red again, and she shook her head. "Good theory, but the wrong one," she said.

Well that sorta fits, it happened but she shouldn't remember, so no wonder it was I originally thought

"Damn, I would of considered sleeping with James during a lovespell, after a lot of vodka, a nightmare," Lee said.

"Hey!" James snapped.

"Well it's probably true," Lee said. James hit him in the back of the head.

At least James has learned to smack him with witnesses. No murder accusation today!

Oh and project much Lee? After so many Re-Reads I'm starting to think everyone wants James.

Lilly instinctly felt the front of her neck. "Who the hell did it?" she asked.

"Erm, I found the knife in your hand," Scot replied.

"You're not thinking I did it?" Lilly asked in disbelief.

Yes Lilly, they are. The title has spoken.

"My guess is they were having flashbacks, while still asleep," Lee replied.

"Hmm, this is strange. Give them one of those monitors, I want to see what they see," Doctor Jones said.

Um wtf why?

"I don't think you should with Jessie, she was so embarrassed by what she saw that she didn't want to tell us," Lee said.

"Well I want to know why we couldn't wake them up. I'm thinking these flashbacks will have something to do with it," Doctor Jones said.

But... you know Harry's, isn't that enough to go with?

Thinking the Doc wants to see some pron.

"The Chute? But in Fifth Voyager, he and Tom weren't the ones in prison, it was James and Jessie," Kathryn said.

"What do you expect, they're the writers favourite characters," Doctor Jones muttered.

They are??? Or rather "they were, back in 2002?" I've seen equally as much evidence to the contrary.

"Yes, and I'm finding it difficult to believe that it was suicide. For one thing there is no reason why she should, and secondly I scanned her, she doesn't seem to be suffering from depression," Doctor Jones replied.

ho boy

I'm actually struggling to quote this one. Not that it's bad, it isn't. Not yet anyway. There's nothing hugely stupid and/or great to talk about. Most of my quotes are to keep the story going.

Triah was lying in the middle of the floor, trying desperately to breath. Doctor Jones pulled a tricorder out and he scanned her quickly.

These incidents are very, very random I must say. Ranging from meh to horrific. If you're curious though, how do they rank so far.

#1 Lilly with her throat cut
#2 Triah suffocating to death
#3 Harry dreaming of being in a violent prison he's never been in
#4 Jessie dreaming of something embarrassing

Who do we have left, knowing that this is a Halloween sequel. Who is next?

Tom was just about to leave his station when it suddenly set a light. He backed away quickly, but a strange mini lightning bolt came from the console and it hit him in the face. He screamed and he collapsed onto the ground. Horrific burns covered his face and neck.

Lilly doesn't remember hers so....

#1 Tom getting struck in the face by lightning
#2 Lilly with her throat cut
#3 Triah suffocating to death
#4 Harry dreaming of being in a violent prison he's never been in
#5 Jessie dreaming of something embarrassing

Tom's winning, of course he is.... just wait until James' turn. He'll ace this one.

Chakotay went over to the helm, and he worked at it.

"I don't understand, there's nothing wrong with it," he said.

"But we saw it set alight, how come it's acting normally now?" Kathryn asked.

Hmm, so why was Lilly's knife still in her hand then? One rule for one

"So how come nothing's happened to me and James yet? I want something to happen to me," Emma moaned.

Emma's been hanging out with Sid far too much.

"I certainly don't want anything happening to me," James said.

Yeah, you getting hurt is like the Power Rangers summoning their megazords. It happens in every episode.

Since Lena isn't around OMGWHAT the Doc Jones is forced to recap for the Halloween lot, just in case.

"I'm going to give you all monitors so I will be notified when something is happening. I can't keep you in Sickbay because I don't know how long it'll be until something happens," Doctor Jones said.

I know the Halloween cast was quite large, and that was before James and Jessie decided to crash the party, but good god, I'm sure they can all fit in Sickbay, especially when 5/7 have already been injured.

"I don't see why you can't even tell me. We've known each other for a long time so I should know about it," James said.

"You do, but I just don't want to mention it," Jessie said.

Tsk, maybe she will but so far other people have been around to eavesdrop. impatient sod

The group sat in silence for about five minutes. Jessie stood up and she went over to stand behind James. She looked around nervously, the others stared at her oddly.

"Are you ok?" James asked as he looked up at her.

"Stupid question, of course I'm ok," Jessie replied. She walked over to the galley and she looked around for something.

Heh this is a little odd, I'll admit

Jessie came back over to the others, she put something in her pocket as she did so. She watched everyone who went passed her. Harry stood up and he walked over to her.

Harry wonders (probably) if Jessie's pushed in the line ahead of Emma and James to get her second weird event. Then...

Jessie quickly pulled whatever she put in her pocket back out again, and she pointed it at Harry's neck.

"Er... a simple yes would of been better," Harry muttered as he looked down at the small kitchen knife that was being held in front of his neck. Everyone else at the table stood up quickly.

Well why not, she's been on the receiving end of one often enough. This also doesn't narrow down her dream either hehheh

"What the hell's wrong?" James asked her. Jessie turned around quickly and she slapped him hard in the face.

"You idiot! You know exactly what's going on?" Jessie screeched.

We do?

James tried to put his hands on her arms to calm her down.

"What are you doing? They're all going to kill us!" Jessie yelled.

"Who are?" James asked nervously.

"Everyone, we have to escape," Jessie replied.

No comment, not yet

Suddenly James felt like something sharp was hammered into his left hand. He slowly removed his hand from Jessie's arm, which was now covered in blood. Suddenly the same feeling came over his right hand too.

"Cool!" Emma squealed. Suddenly the same thing happened to her left hand. She looked at it, blood was gushing from a large hole that was starting to form in her hand. "Ok, not so cool," she muttered. The same hammering feeling came over her right hand.

Kudos, this isn't actually that bad...

Since James has that weak


Jessie was close to collapsing herself when she felt something punch through her lower back. She fell forward onto the ground. People behind her saw a horrific knife wound in her back.

Here's an idea. Edit out the weakness comment, James collapses because he's got holes in his hands. Jessie then is punched through her lower back and drops. This part is good then, real good.

Oh yeah, almost forgot

#1 Tom getting struck in the face by lightning
#2 James and Emma with their hands hole punched
#3 Jessie has weird embarrassing dream, gets paranoid and then stabbed in the back AGAIN
#4 Lilly with her throat cut
#5 Triah suffocating to death
#6 Harry dreaming of being in a violent prison he's never been in

#2 and #3 is debatable, I only put Emma and James higher because I'm squeamish for hand injuries, having had one myself. Jessie's is brutal, but the violent part is quicker than theirs.

Doctor Jones used a regenerator to heal James' hand, but nothing happened. Doctor Jones tried the other hand, but the same thing happened.

Oh, I like this kind of weird.

Doctor Jones went over to Lee and Emma. "If we don't seal the wounds they'll bleed to death," he said.

"We should do it the old fashioned way. I'll get replicating," Lee said and he rushed over to the replicator. Doctor Jones went over to treat Jessie.

Lee came back over with armfuls of bandages. "Good, you do both of them while I treat Jessie," Doctor Jones said.

Lee is the hero of the hour, what a guy. I bet the Doctor is internally grumbling about him thinking of that first

"They've all lost a lot of blood, lets hope I'll be able to replicate enough blood for them," Lee muttered in response.

Doctor Jones sighed when he finished reviving Jessie. He turned to Lee as he finished with the replicator. "You did check to see.." Doctor Jones asked.

"Yeah, yeah I checked their blood types this time," Lee muttered. He handed a certain amount to Doctor Jones, and he went back over to James.


I wonder if Jessie having a rare type is even a factor this early on. probablynot

Doc calls J/C to Sickbay to expositional recap to them as well, he's almost giddy about it (might be my imagination).

"Can I talk to any of the three?" Kathryn asked.

"Emma & Jessie's still unconscious, you can talk to James if you want," Doctor Jones replied. He headed over to James' biobed.

Interesting. He and Emma suffered the same thing, I wonder why that is.

"Damn," Chakotay muttered. They followed Doctor Jones.

Ok I'll admit to a small snigger

"How long will it take, if one of your ships went at it's highest speed, to get back to the planet in Halloween?" Kathryn asked.

"The fastest the Z5 can go is warp 9.9, I'd say two days," Lilly replied.

Yeah some fun trivia for you, cough. The Lillyia Fleet in KT were god damned fast, I think they used either slipstream or transwarp. I remember KT's version of Voyager gets lost in the Zeta Quadrant or galaxy *shrug*, the latter makes more sense than quadrant cos, well yeah, so it'll likely be a Z quadrant in some random galaxy.

Of course if the Lillyias had transwarp/slipstream, Voyager's problems would be over so that had to go. Which is why the head honcho Lillyia, the F9 was given the only transwarp drive, only to lose it to Damien and co.

Then we get Janeway querying their speed as if it's gonna help, and yeah, you just gotta laugh

"Probably not, but the episode wouldn't work too well if it would take weeks," Lilly replied.

It... could? You have no imagination

As if on cue Marill appears to "unintentionally" share that she's been to therapy.

Suicidal: Hey so far so good, bad stuff's happening which is supposed to, everything's going to pla..
Suicidal: sigh
Resistance: haha nice try wench

"How come you didn't do that motto, I thought you were going to do it in every episode now?" Chakotay asked. Everyone groaned.

"Did you have to mention that," Kathryn muttered.


Marill stopped and she looked around. "Crap, is this why I lose friends?" she asked herself. Her two imaginary friends appeared out of nowhere (yes I am high on Cherry Coke again).

"No, it's that talking to yourself thing," one said.

"No, it's that stupid Fifth Voyager and Kidz Trek obsession," the other said.

Hey this is based on true events. It still happens

I should go back to therapy

"No wonder this episode is a bit, er I can't think of the word," Harry said.

He says once she's gone, and I start to pity this poor episode. It was doing so well. It still can, lets be optimistic

"Fine, I'll send over a main character who for some bizarre reason hasn't appeared yet," Kathryn said. She and Chakotay walked out.

Phew, was having Lena withdrawals

"Get mopping, or I'll turn you into a rug," Lena growled.

"How are you going to do that, he doesn't have any fur," Scot asked.

"Very easily, I tie him to a railway line on the holodeck. Take the safeties off, and send in about five trains," Lena replied.

wow, still a bitch huh Lena?

and yikes at that imagery.

Lee rushed out of the room, and he looked around. He was about to go back in when he saw that Lilly was on the ground, unconscious. Both of her wrists had been slit, and a few hyposprays were surrounding her body.

Lee dragged her back into Sickbay. "Suicide again, Doc," he said.

Okay so Lilly redoes hers, but Jessie's is different everytime. Yup I buy it

Triah suddenly collapsed, like she did before. Lee rushed over to her. "Aw crap, not again," he moaned. He was about to pick her up when Harry rushed over and pushed him away. He was holding a strange pipe thing.

"Stay away, I won't let you hurt her," he said in a threatening voice.

Okay, okay fine, I can admit to missing a pattern that was clearly obvious. Jessie didn't repeat hers, her paranoia and backstab was hers. Dunno why the dreams had to happen first then.

James and Emma backed off when Harry kept turning around threatening them with the pipe. He then knocked Lee out with it. He picked up Triah, who was now unconscious, and he ran off.

Emma: pfft that's boring, I'll wait till you get something sharp and messy


Emma and James looked at each other briefly. Emma shrugged and she folded her arms. James tapped his commbadge. "Stuart to Tuvok, Harry's gone loopy and he's taken Triah," he said.

In: "Loopy?"

"Just find them you stupid pile of s**t!" Emma snapped.


Poor Tuvok deserves no abuse

Emma knocked it out of his hands. "You stupid d***head! You don't need a bloody tricorder!" she screamed. Doctor Jones looked at her, looking for a sign of a wound. He saw blood coming from her lower right leg. She screamed again, and blood started to come from her lower right leg too.

"Get me some more bandages," Doctor Jones commanded.

James looked around, and he spotted what was left of the pile of bandages. Suddenly he fell onto the ground too. Doctor Jones groaned, "I really need more assistants."

I'm sure you mean patients. I'll let you off this time.

Tuvok, and his Security team were wandering around the corridors. Mick was with the team, but he wasn't in his usual Kick A** mode.

"I don't see the point of the guns, Mr Poovok. There is no need for violence," Mick said.



"It's The Stone to you, pal," Mick said.

"I don't see the point of naming yourself after a natural object," Tuvok said.

Pfftsnigger, stones are usually smaller than rocks

"Where?" Jessie asked. She tried to sit up, but the pain in her back forced her to lie down again. "What happened to me?" she asked nervously.

"Don't you remember? You were stabbed," James replied.

"No, I don't," Jessie said quietly. She looked around the room, she started shaking uncontrollably. She suddenly put her right hand on the back of his neck and she pushed him closer to her. They were only about a centimetre (or less) apart. "Please don't leave me here.. please!" she said in a begging voice.


"This is strange, according to the tricorder she has a strange implant in her head, but when I try a different scan it isn't there," Doctor Jones said.

well well

"I see now. Harry said he was reliving Third Voyager's version of The Chute in his nightmare. Jessie must be reliving Fifth Voyager's version, but when she's awake. The same with Harry," Doctor Jones said.

gotta hate fourth wall explanations

this can easily be edited

"Well the tricorder said it's there, but another scan said it wasn't. Maybe it's a solid illusion," James said.

"That sounds similar to that Red Dwarf episode," Doctor Jones muttered.

These attempts to sabotage Suicidal are really starting to bore me more than anything else.

James went red a little. "Well, er, I didn't take that idea from that. I don't watch it," he said nervously.

"Don't be stupid, you're not as smart as you think you are.



It may explain Lilly's suicide attempts, the weapons she used on herself always disappear not long afterwards. Plus this explains the helm's brief fire accident," Doctor Jones said.

We've got an interesting premise here that's actually being written well for a Season Two entry. I know, lets make the reason for it something from another show


You read that right. Everything that's happened is a solid hallucination brought on by a mutated illness from 3 million years in the future.

I suppose it's better than Halloween caused it because...?

What they all didn't notice was Jessie fiddling with the nearest console. Suddenly she beamed away.

"What the...?" Doctor Jones muttered.

"Uhoh, that can't be good," James said.

What, did Jessie escape The Chute prison via a transporter, leaving you behind? What a crafty lass.

"Somebody should go and find her before she causes any trouble," Doctor Jones said. As soon as he said that James walked out, or rather limped out (I keep forgetting about injuries, silly me). "I didn't mean you," Doctor Jones muttered.

Yeah the forgetting does not surprise me

But it is James and he's so used to being battered, it's easier for him to follow the plot than others.

"Don't worry Doc. Emma and James get the same injuries at the same time. If something happens to Emma we can beam him back here," Lee said.

"I suppose so," Doctor Jones said.

Or, you could beam him back now and forcefield him

They saw Harry standing near Triah, who was lying probably dead on the ground.

Oh Harry, you need a gorry bodies patch or two

"Stay away!" Harry screamed.

"Mr Kim, protecting Triah will only do her more harm," Tuvok said.

"She's my friend, I won't let anyone touch her," Harry said.

"Mr Kim, she is dead. Can't you tell?" Tuvok asked.

Oh my, I actually have a gripe with the story. I knew one was coming

Jessie's re-living her Chute experiences (and yes with the wrong stab wound, but that's the prequel's fault, not Suicidal), that's her "illness" in this one. Harry is too, but he never did experience it in this dimension/timeline. James is getting random holes punched into him. He was there in The Chute as well.

Wouldn't it have made more sense for Jessie and James to be having the same issues, while Harry gets his gorry body fetish with the hole punches?

I've seen nothing major so far that justifies the episode doing it the wrong way. Minorly, the scenes with James dealing with a paranoid Jessie are a highlight. Torn. Speaking of which...

"No, I want to stay here," Jessie said in a childish tone of voice.

"Then I'll go, shall I?" James asked, and he pretended to leave. Jessie grabbed his arm.

"No don't leave me on my own!" she cried.

I was gonna whine about the direct copy of Tom and Harry in the original Chute, and then Jessie does this.

"Nobody, it just happened. We don't know how it happened," James replied. Jessie stared angrily at him.

"It must of been you!" she yelled.

"Me? Don't be stupid," James said in disbelief.

Sigh, it was good while it lasted. She's ill, be nicer...ffs

"You did it," Jessie said angrily. Totally forgetting about the pain in her back, she jumped on him, and she began shaking him roughly. "You twisted little b****rd!" she kept yelling as she did so.

"Jessie, stop it, why would I hurt you," James tried to say while being shaken. Jessie suddenly stopped, and she sat back where she was.

That was easy

She closed her eyes, and she sat quietly for a while.

"Am I going to die?" she asked.

"No," James muttered.

"I don't like it here anymore," Jessie said. She opened her eyes, and she looked back at James. "You won't leave me here, will you?"

Poor, poor Jessie. Maybe she should go to number #1? or #2

especially when James acts like it's such a bother

"I'm scared," Jessie whispered.

James just groaned. "This is like watching old re-runs."

Yeah Suicidal, stop trying to be funny, this isn't funny. he needs a slap for this

"Everytime one of their kinds of injuries comes up, they lose a lot of blood. We can't keep replicating it. One other thing, James and Jessie have disappeared," Doctor Jones replied.

"Don't worry Doc, they're probably doing some smoochy somewhere," Tom said, and he laughed. He looked around like if he was expecting everyone else to laugh, but no-one did.

Doing some smoochy, how old are you?

at least no one humours him with any kind of reaction *thumbs up*

"It was only a joke," Tom muttered.

"A very sad one too," Lilly said.


"Well the Lillyia will be back in three days. Do you think you'll be able to last this long?" Kathryn asked.

"Providing that Emma and James don't get anymore of these injuries, yes," Doctor Jones replied.

One day later:

Jessie had fallen unconscious after re-living everything from the episode. James was sitting doing nothing.


He thought, "if I didn't have those damn holes in my legs, I'd be out of here by now. It's really cramped."

*If you remember, James is a little claustrophobic, just thought I'd mention that*

You know what, if this was in dialogue and/or description of how he felt instead of the worst kind of TOLD I've seen since probably a few episodes ago, I'd be on board and not nitpicking. I imagine it is tough to carry someone through a small tube when your wrists and ankles have holes in them that don't heal, still a day later. That'd be fine.

This is so so lazy and easily avoided.

Jessie wakes up with the Chute amnesia Tom got near the end, before he blamed Harry for his stab wound and attacked him. Jessie's already attacked him twice, but my money's still on that happening.

"Please say the F9, there's no way the Z5 can contact us when they're two days away," Kathryn said.

"It is the Z5," Tuvok said.


"Hey, mum. Good news," Lena said.

"Wait a sec, how can you contact us from this distance?" Kathryn asked.

"Those aliens on the planet gave us this thing to boost our communications systems

OHhhh, that's why Lena was put on the Lillyia. Say no more

"What's happening to Tom and everyone is the result of a curse. My guess is that shapeshifter guy placed it on them, it just took two and a half months for it to kick in. Anyway, the people know how to destroy it. You may have noticed something so far," Lena replied.

I did say at the beginning of this that I planned to reboot Suicidal and delete Halloween. I could still do that, sorta. It'd work. Look at this s$$$

"Just wait, according to the aliens you'll see the curse leaving," Lena replied.

"Erm, ok," Chakotay muttered.

I agree Chakotay.

Both James and Jessie were sitting in silence, completely bored, you get my point. James put his hand to his forehead. Jessie watched him.


Jessie's no longer paranoid, she's bored apparently. James is still injured sure, but he doesn't have to carry anyone. Why are they still in there?

"Just a headache coming on," James replied. The pain in his head got worse and worse, it started to feel like something sharp was hitting him.

um... WTF, this isn't what I think it is

James felt the side of his head, blood was starting to pour down each side of his head as the pain got worse. It started to feel like somebody was slowly sticking knives in his head. It wasn't long until he collapsed himself.

OOooookay it is. New ranking I think

#1 James and Emma with holes in their hands/wrists, legs and now their heads
#2 Jessie re-living a traumatic prison attack and the paranoia causing implant, plus a back stab
#3 Tom getting thunderbolted in the face
#4 Lilly throat and later wrists slashed
#5 Triah drowning twice
#100 Harry a tad paranoid seeing similar stuff to Jessie

Meanwhile Emma was getting the same thing, she collapsed on the biobed. Suddenly Tom, Harry, Triah and Lilly collapsed. Some weird red misty thing came out of each of their bodies. The mist disappeared. Doctor Jones tapped his commbadge.


In: "Captain, I think the curse is gone."

Hurray! What song should Virus sing

"Sorry Lena. This is my ship. We can't take turns in commanding it since you're not even a Liger," Lilly said.

"That's racial discrimination," Lena muttered and she pouted.

That's common sense

"Hi, just thought I'd visit," Annika said sweetly. Lena, Lilly and Emma gaped at her in shock. She was wearing normal clothes, her hair was down, and she was smiling.

Annika Dies on standby??

"I was wondering, can I join your crew?" Annika asked.

Everyone who was conscious gaped at her in shock.

Will the Lillyia Crew let Annika join them?

I'm tired and my head hurts

Why are Carly and James 2 always fighting?

Because neither of them have any kind of character traits, and they know it

Why was Jessie and James the main stars in The Chute, and not Tom and Harry?

Is this a rhetorical question?

Will Mick get to kick somebody's a** anytime soon?

No. The Stone on the other matter... no

Why was Lena only in a little when she's usually in a lot?

Why was Lena only in a little of Halloween? Hmm?? This series can avoid using her, it's James/Jessie it can't. 0_0 WHO IS THE SUES NOW HUH

Find out the answers to maybe some of these questions next time on Fifth Voyager.


Counter Results:

Muttered Count: the magic number 47 (1452)

Sexist Crap Count: 0 (68)

Jessie's Sin Points: earned 0, lost 0 (1) Remember, she has 36 from Season One to still erase.

Lena the Sue Count: 1 (38)

Lena (Child)Abuses Her Power: 0 (35)

Annika Dies Count: 0 (10)

James Dies Count: 0 (5)

James Kill Count: 0 (4)

James Badasses Off Screen For Our Sins: 0 (17)

Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 1 (52)

Just A Little Bit More: 0 (37)

J/C are the worst (grand)parents ever: 0 (27)




1) If Lilly's injuries are meant to look like suicidal, why does the first one slit her throat? And how come it's only her? The others drown, are burnt, hole punched and re-live trauma.

2) The incident during Halloween is meant to be the cause of the incidents, this is supposed to be a sequel to it, and yet it feels like the majority of the episode was planned and written as an unrelated one off. The characters are the same, and the Halloween link tries to excuse the lazy resolution. The characters are affected differently, I'd assume Lilly to be treated the worst just like in Halloween, James and Jessie should've been an afterthought since they showed up near the end of it. I dunno. It feels like Halloween was a last minute addition and since it was a special it probably was, and so Suicidal was picked at random to link to it, to give it meaning. As I always thought, Halloween could be deleted and with some slight edits, Suicidal can go on and no one would notice.

3) As stated earlier, James should've had The Chute drama along with Jessie, not Harry. For all the reasons I blabbed already.

4) I noticed Tom gets forgotten, though that's probably a good thing since his injury was so brutal. Come to think of it, he only gets this because of the picture I used for him on the original banner. hmm

5) Minor inconsistencies with the way in which the victims are harmed. Tom's console burns him, but shows no signs of damage. James and Emma are hole punched by nothing. Jessie is stabbed by nothing. Triah drowns with no water around. Lilly though is suicided by a knife that can be seen, and again with visible medication lying around her. Don't give me she had the weird visions and whatnot in Halloween, the others didn't, excuse. It doesn't make sense.

While I like the weirdness, some characters can't be treated but Lilly once again can be. Jessie and her back stab. I assume Triah too since the same thing happens. Tom's burns comes back, the holes don't heal.

6) Lena doesn't take over and star etc, so again a minor complaint, but she's still dragged into the story to take command of the Lillyia's. Lilly even explains exactly why that's stupid at the end, and is called racist/xenophobic in response.

7) James is such a d$$$head to Jessie in this one. Wah, tell me what you dreamed. Wah your paranoid routine is boring me. Wah I wouldn't hurt you, you stupid ninny.

8) The sooner James stops hogging Jessie's blood weakness the better.

9) Marill cameo.

10) Series staple, the rushed ending strikes again.

Sub-total: 10


1) There's quite a bit more effort in the descriptions I've noticed. Scot's trip to Lilly's quarters, the description of James, Emma and then Jessie's injuries in the Mess Hall, Jessie's paranoia in Sickbay. We're getting there, it's a slow burn. 2 points.

2) The overused Lena gets a little break, in a way.

3) Jessie's story is quite good, I enjoyed it quite a bit.

4) Harry kidnapping the dying Triah to protect her cos he did the same for Tom in the Chute, and not its FV copycat Bad Coffee Week, I'll admit that was a good idea. Too bad it's dropped quickly.

5) Suicidal's problems are mostly minor and as a whole the episode's not too bad. It's a huge improvement to the vast majority of the last few episodes. Interesting premise, written well for me at times, doesn't go off the rails as much. Yeah it deserves a point just for that generality.

Sub-total: 6

Marill's Rating: 37.5%

Oh you just had to sit in the bloody middle, didn't you. Now, do I go up or down? (with .5 I usually narrow up). To be fair, checking the rest of the season. Either way it's secure in the Top 5(6/7 thanks to the ties), a surprise for sure.

The Love Spell 9.5% was narrowed up to 10%. The Curse of Voyager was miscalculated as 32% when it was 30.7, so that's been fixed to 31%. Ooopsie. YWF meanwhile scored 45.45% and was given 46%. Tsk, there's already inconsistencies here. I've amended that to 45%. Why oh Why scored 19.51% and was narrowed up to 20%. Bittersweet scored 37.5 and was narrowed down to 37%.

Two out of four were narrowed up from .5, while one wasn't, and the fourth cheated. That's the decider. The scoreboard has been adjusted for Bittersweet and Curse of Voyager's wrong scores. Meanwhile Suicidal's score has been decided.

Marill's Rating: 38%

Rankings So Far:

#01 Resistance: 53%
#02 YWF: 45%
#03 Disconnected: 40%
#04 Kiss of Death, Bittersweet & Suicidal: 38%
#05 Interactions: 37%
#06 The Resurrection: 36%
#07 True Q: 35%
#08 Cause & Effect: 33%
#09 Saturday Night, Precise Timings, The Curse of Voyager: 31%
#10 Games Resistance: 29%
#11 Thrown Key Part 2: 23%
#12 F9: Control Failure: 21%
#13 Why oh Why: 20%
#14 An Apple A Day: 17%
#15 I Know What You've Done This Season: 16%
#16 Halloween: 15%
#17 Dimension Jump: 14%
#18 The Slayers: 12%
#19 The Love Spell: 10%

Next Time: Kidz Trek: The Voyager Original Series continues to be butchered so it fits into Fifth Voyager's universe, and Lena has a tantrum over not being the star two episodes in a row.

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