Marill Re-Reads "The Resurrection"

"Oh for fucking sake!!! One of you is coming with me!" Morgan screamed, her yelling nearly blew the two guys away. They didn't say anything, they looked incredibly freaked.


Trivia Time: Remember when I said Resurrection was a "movie event". It "needed" to stand out amongst the sea of episodes. So instead of doing the obvious; making it longer (if FV pretends its episodes are Voyager length, then at least 2 episodes long. Season One wise would've been probably 10 lol) and a bigger/more grand plot, Resurrection thought the only details that would make a fanfic more movie-esque were centre alignment text and uncensored swear words.

Omg the edge, that papercut's gonna get annoying

Further boring trivia; the F word is probably my least favourite swearword. Why I picked that one first? Beats the hell out of me. To show that Morgan's not herself? OHNOES SELF INSERT HINTS AGAIN, HALP

Anyway, this is how Part 2 starts. No context, an edgy F bomb, and ... that's it really.

"What about Rock, Paper, Scissors?" Craig asked.

"Sounds good," James replied.

Morgan rolled her eyes, she placed her hands on her face and groaned.

Well how can they decide which of them go if they don't know where? Besides, even if they did, James would still need to ippy dippy on whether or not he needs to be cowardly or not.

Craig wins so James is lumped with the *has to look this up cos I forgot* Princess Sue of Edge. Oh and if you're curious

"Geez, we're only going to go around a bloody city, I don't see what the problem is," Morgan groaned.

"Cities are big," James replied.

Damn, James landed on Lazy in his ippy dippy. Not bad, not bad. And so they go to one of the abandoned old cities and decide the best way is through an underground passage.

"We're in luck, it seems that the natives got their water from here," Morgan said.

"I don't see any water," James muttered.

"Stop being dumb. I mean there's a well underground. This passage leads to it," Morgan said and she headed inside the passage.

They could've had indoor plumbing, you don't know!

Doubly whoosh of sarcasair over heads, boy it's getting windy in here

"I don't know, I have a bad feeling about this," James said.

"It's only an underground tunnel, stop being a coward," Morgan's voice echoed from the passage.



But lol, I'm having flashforwards to a later episode with an eerily similar exchange and it made me smile for a moment. And no it wasn't intentional, happy accident

"I'm not being a coward, I'm being cautious. All of these kind of horror movie's are the same," James said.

And I'm back to frowning. When will the fourth wall jokes become tolerable?

"Oh look a mummy!" Morgan yelled, her voice made James jump slightly. She started laughing.

"That was not funny," James pouted.


Though to be fair, many would probably jump "slightly" but hopefully few would pout afterwards.

"Oh it was," Morgan laughed. She turned a corner, James followed. The corridor was pitch black.


hey both entered a small room which had a stone well in the centre. Morgan put the tricorder on the edge of the well and she looked down it. James walked over.

"Well, is there any water down there?" he asked.

"Good question, it's too dark to tell," Morgan replied. 

If only there was a way of finding out the answer. I guess we'll never know

She picked the tricorder back up and she scanned the well. It started making beepy noises. "Yup, there's water, and lots of it. Maybe this is the reason why they built a city nearby a mountain," Morgan said

Gee really?

"Er, there should be a bucket somewhere around here," Morgan replied, she looked around the small room, but she couldn't see anything.

"Maybe the natives kept their own buckets," James said.

And I bet the poor had to dive into the well, drink what they needed and climb out, Sadako style. Now that s$$$ is scary

"Maybe, we'll have to go back and find a few," Morgan said, she saw another door leading to a different passage. She headed towards it.

"That's not the way we came," James muttered.

"So? This looks interesting," Morgan said and she disappeared down the passage. James groaned and he followed.

Yeah it's too early for the Ring ripoffs. Marill hasn't even heard of it yet.


"Er, yeah, I suppose so. By the way have you seen Harry around anywhere?" Naomi asked. Emma started daydreaming. Naomi groaned and she walked away.

Yeah, here we go. I hope James and Morgan find buckets soon, we're gonna need em

"Eew, gross," Morgan groaned as they walked into another small room.

"It's just a room, Morgan. What's so disgusting about it?" James asked.

"No, it's not the room. For some icky reason I started thinking about Harry," Morgan replied.

I'm starting to think this Emma link is one way. Though then again, Emma's scenes are blink if you miss em.

"You don't want to know, or rather I don't want to say. Just forget it," Morgan replied and she walked into a stone object that was in the corner of the room.

That's gotta hurt

"I have no idea," Morgan replied as she looked at the strange, but big object in front of her. "It looks like some sort of container," she said. She walked around it, using her hand to feel the surface. She found what felt like a crack or an opening. "Here, give me a hand here," Morgan said.

Or not? Now that's some endurance the girl has.

Oh and why?

"Are you sure this is a good idea? You don't know what's inside it," James asked.

"Exactly, that's why I'm opening it," Morgan replied.

James is argumentative, snarky and usually does his own thing so thankfully Morgan has to give up and go look for buckets.

She started to lift the top of the container, James helped her.


And question? What the hell is this container made of that it takes both of these two to lift it? Surely that's a hint NOT TO OPEN IT. Clearly whoever did this chucked a massive stone one Slayer cannot lift on her tod FOR A REASON. Though I'm quite impressed and wondering how

Then I remember this is FV and these kind of details get forgotten about.

And yeah just having Morgan lift it would've avoided all that, but I have a feeling James has to be involved in the opening cos PLOT DEMANDS which makes me wonder why the Maji are so xenophobic. Just tell visitors not to visit the city and open heavy ass stone contraptions.

"Aw, cool!" Morgan giggled when the dust settled. Inside the container was a decomposing humanoid. "Here's our mummy," Morgan said and she held up the corpse's arm.

Um yeah. I'll talk about this, and all of the related this later. I just think it's a good idea to get the examples/proof bits quoted first.

"Ok, let's go. This is getting too creepy," James said.

"It's only a dead body, stop being a wimp," Morgan said.

No, I'm on James' side here. That's not being a wimp, that's being someone with a lick of sense and where was he when Morgan needed to not open a heavy coffin.

"Yeah but think about it, why would the natives plant some guy's coffin in the middle of a public tunnel?" James asked.


"Well you could at least stop playing with the thing, don't you have any respect for the dead?" James said. Morgan giggled for no reason. "Oh, what now?" James asked.

Okay, why bring James here as a voice of reason if he's just gonna be ignored or give in easily? It's annoying me

Suddenly the body sat up! James backed against the nearest wall, but Morgan just burst out laughing.

"Damn, you didn't scream," Morgan laughed.

Yeah, I'm just gonna... I'm just save this for later

She moved her hand to the side, and the body fell back into it's coffin. She moved her hand again and it sat back up. "Telekinetic powers, remember," Morgan giggled.


and no it's not a FFS James is not a coward shot, so put down your glass. Modern era James likely would've backed off from a previously really dead corpse bolting upright. What kind of ninny stays still and gawks? The kind that get bumped off first, that's who

Morgan turned the wrong corner and ended up in a different room. James stopped when he heard her giggling again. He headed back the way he came and went into the room that Morgan had gone in.

"Look what I found!" Morgan exclaimed as she picked up two medium sized bottles. James took a hold of her arm and dragged her out of the room. "Looks like wine," Morgan giggled

Oh yeah, there's the first sign of the other problem I remembered with this "movie". We'll get there though

"Why the hell am I thinking of Harry?" Morgan replied.

"I don't know, and I don't want to know," James said.

"Ew, that feels strange," Morgan groaned.

Oh god, I'm actually worried about what's coming next. Why, I've read worse, I know it. This'll also be a moment I talk about later, so look forward to that. For now though, ready the buckets and I'll ready the appropriate image reaction. Yes there will be spoilers and you will be warned when to look away.

Suddenly Morgan pushed James against the wall, and she started kissing him. James quickly pushed her away in panic.

"Morgan, what the hell are you doing!" he yelled. Morgan stared at him in shock.

"Oh... my... god, did I just do that," Morgan muttered. She hid her face with her hands. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me," she said in a shaky voice.


And lets talk about one of the ones shall we? James has once again been kissed against his will, and had his back pushed against the wall to do it. He really, badly needs to walk around with a forcefield cos this s$$$ is getting beyond creepy.

But at least he pushed her away *cough* which again, proves my earlier "he doesn't even push the girl away in fear of hurting her" comment. This is Morgan, she's at least equal strength, he's not gonna hurt her doing this... YAY proof

As for Morgan... we'll talk about this later, young lady.

"Anderson to Morgan & Stuart."

James slowly tapped his commbadge. "What?" he replied.

"We have some visitors, you guys better get up here now."

"Gladly," James said and he headed up the steps

You know what, no wonder I made James a random dickhead (more than usual) sometimes. I'm so, so awful to him and I was probably subconsciously trying to justify it to myself. See, he deserves to be molested every other episode cos he says stupid s$$$ and is a murderer. SIGH

A less fourth wall comment though is, no wonder he's f$$$ed up enough to say stupid s$$$ and kill sometimes. LOOK AT WHAT HE HAS TO PUT UP WITH. Even with that earlier, now gone comment and bloody Interactions (offending bit also gone), he's still too good for this series, at least until it gets better. I'm sorry, it's true

James and Morgan arrived at the camp site. About ten Maji officers were standing near Craig and Jessie. The Maji Captain walked up to Morgan and James.

I wonder if these are the same idiots that shot down a shuttle into the place they were trying to keep them from, clearly didn't scan them to check if they made it, and left for lunch. Cos if so, the awayteam have nothing to worry about. He'll give them a day just to make sure they have time to properly kick off the curse, then guilt trip them later.

This is The Mummy so, the odds are too crap to bother betting on, you'd probably lose money for winning.

"Which one of you is in charge of this group?" the Maji Captain asked.

"Who cares," Morgan groaned.

"I think I am, now," James muttered.

You know, I'm all for it but rank wise, it's Craig. Yeah. That's why I'm all for it.

"I will only give you a word of warning. You have until midnight to leave this area.


Though he said midnight, so he's already better than Ardeth. One day is still too dumb for words

Any later then you'll be risking not just your lives but everyone else's on this planet," the Maji Captain said. Craig walked over.

"That isn't as simple as it seems, our shuttle is damaged and we can't leave without it," he said.

"You have until midnight to leave this area, no excuses," the Maji Captain said.

Then he beams away. Nope, I take it back, this guy is stupider. What the hell are these four meant to do exactly? If they leave, they die in either blistering heat or minus temperatures. FU, you shot them down, at least lend them a spanner or something. They even have transporters. Beam them somewhere else!?!?!?!

and midnight, now that looks even stupider than one day. There's never been a reset button in the Flyer. Now, there maybe a Make New Flyer button but that won't help them

"What's her problem?" Craig asked.

"Believe me, you don't want to know," James replied.

You really, really don't

"Here, knock yourself out," Morgan said and she opened the bottle she was still holding.

"Where did you get this from?" Jessie asked as she looked at the bottle's label.

"From an underground pathway, believe me I'm going to need this," Morgan replied, she took a drink from the bottle.

Am I the only one impressed by Morgan's gall here? Sure neither know, but she shoves Craig out of the way huffily but sits next to Jessie to drink with her, after assaulting James. If Jessie doesn't shove the bottle down her throat when she does find out, or something to that effect, she's getting sinned a lot.

Yes I realise that she still hasn't given Tani a garbage GIF, but Morgan's meant to be James' friend, which IMO makes this so much worse. There's more to it sure but they don't know that.

"I don't think it's a good idea to drink alcohol in the day. Why don't you wait about ten minutes, the sun will have set then," Craig pointed out. Morgan stood back up.

"You don't tell me what to do, ok!" she yelled. She took another drink. "I'm going to the Flyer," she said quietly and she headed towards the shuttle.

Again, so much gall. Craig's getting an awful lot of abuse here. I get it, she's angry at herself. Still doesn't rub off well.

And no, it's not because she's not herself here. This is Morgan and has been ever since James pushed her away.

As for the alcohol advice. Eeeh. Somebody help me out here. Day or night, that's not going to help them stay hydrated. BUT I keep hearing that alcohol keeps you warm, so. I keep thinking of that Titanic survivor story, I dunno if it's true though, only he did *shrug*

"Morgan, what on earth's wrong with you?" Jessie asked.

"Why don't you ask him? I can't be bothered," Morgan replied. Jessie and Craig looked over at James.

Move over Jessie, Morgan needs a Sin counter.


"She says that like it was my fault," James muttered.


"What was?" Jessie asked.

"It was partially your fault! You shouldn't have been there!" Morgan yelled.



"You told me to come," James pointed out.

No James no, that's not a good comeback. Even if you volunteered to go, and even if it were a date we were talking about, not some awaymission into Hamunaptra Wannabe, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT *sobs*

Craig walked up to her and he took away the bottle.

"What happened?" he asked calmly.

Now look at this, Craig has quite the backbone. I've been telling you guys for ages, and you wouldn't believe me. Or you did, but I don't know

"It's nothing, I just kissed him," Morgan muttered.

Just A Little Bit More: 1

At least, I hope for Morgan's sake that it was my just abuse. If not then, we're gonna have a Upendi Round 2 here. GO JESSIE, I'M ROOTING FOR YOU THIS TIME

Okay, if you think I'm being hard on her here as it's been suggested and blatantly thrown in your face that it's Emma's thoughts that prompted her to actually assault James (and believe me, that rant is coming!), then you're wrong. That's not what I'm mad at. Sure Morgan's angry and I guess it is in character for her to deflect it elsewhere (see Bittersweet for plenty of examples of this behaviour), it doesn't excuse that she deflected blame to James. That's not on. No excuses.

"What!" Craig and Jessie yelled and they looked back at James, then at Morgan.

Why do you guys look at James first? I can only judge from what I see, and it doesn't look good from here.

"I don't know. First I was thinking about Harry, then I got this weird feeling in me. Then I felt this really big urge to kiss the nearest guy to me," Morgan replied and she took another drink.

Twice she's said something vague like "weird feeling in me," and it gives me bigger heebie jeebies and TMI shouts in my brain. I really hope that's not what I was implying, cos ^^

yeahyeahEmma thinking about Harryyeah

"Damn, if I had played paper it would have been me," Craig muttered.

"I wish I had played paper now," James said quietly.


1) She's already surprise kissed you twice so far. Love Spell and Disconnected. Greedy/gross much?

2) You saying this makes me think you'd be one of those guys that would respond to an adult woman molesting a male kid with "awesome, I wish that hot science teacher had done that to me." Which pisses me off a lot, toxic masculinity in a nutshell. I don't care what gender that is, it's gross and very wrong, cut it out you flipping weirdos. You're not helping and this is why guys generally don't report this crap. No wonder I've lost count on how many times James has been assaulted, F$$$

3) Morgan and James didn't have a spontaneous make out session (insert gross Caim pic here). She pushed him into the wall and violated his mouth against his will. He reacted with panic, he didn't enjoy it and that's a sign he wouldn't have consented to it if she asked. F$$$ off wishing that was you

"Now if you'll excuse me," Morgan said and she headed towards the shuttle. Jessie and Craig looked back at James.

"Stop looking at me like that. It wasn't my fault," James moaned and he sat down.



"You know, you've just made an enemy," Craig muttered and he folded his arms.

I remember this too well, however it still makes me...

You don't want to get mad at Morgan or you lose any shot you didn't have with her, right Craig? So you have to be mad at James for being on the receiving end, that way you can still be angry and not lose out on dating Morgan.

"Hos" before bros huh

Why James still acts like his friend for at least the rest of the season, no I don't know. I know where I'd tell him to stick something sharp

"I didn't do anything wrong, it was her that did it," James protested.

"Yeah, yeah," Craig muttered.



(andyeah, another example of Craig having probably too much backbone. Piss off the killer of the group Craig, go on, no one saw anything *cackle*)

"Tell me, did you kiss her back?" Jessie asked.

Okay, I can feel the spiteful blamey tone. It doesn't say it so I can't sin it. Though the fact that she asked this question when they're "just friends", well

Jessie's Sin Points: +1

So what if he did, Jess huh?

Oh and yes, she didn't take anything out on Morgan so as promised, and I promised that before I knew Morgan blames James for what she did.

Jessie's Sin Points: +5

Why is James friends with these people? GET NEW FRIENDS

"No, of course not!" James snapped.

"You don't need to yell, I can hear you fine," Jessie muttered.


Jessie's Sin Points: +1

James can yell all he bloody wants after all the s$$$ I've read. Gets assaulted and everyone, including best friend who he saved from an attempted rape, gets mad at him. PFFT

"Anyway she was acting really strangely down there," James said.

"In what way, moron?" Craig asked.

"I don't answer to moron," James replied.



"A dead body, and she wasn't bothered about it, that's strange," Craig said in mid thought.

"Far from bothered, it was like she had found a new toy," James said.

Only part of this malarky that I like, even if the why she did this is a load of upcoming rantable bulls$$$

Kinda ruined anyway because the Doctor already revealed it to the readers and Janeway back in Part 1. Better to not show that, have Morgan act OOC with no visible reason, except for maybe rubbing the burn wound and mentioning the Harry thoughts, then this Craig remark and reveal, and only then have the Doc technocrapbabble why.

"As you know Morgan doesn't have many weaknesses, but one of her biggest ones is dead bodies. She can't stand the sight of them. Once the body has been dead for a day, she can't bear to look at it," Craig replied.

Lol, as you know Morgan is perfect but her only character flaw is a phobia.


Apart from that, I kinda like this. I just wish it had been handled better. What I said in the last paragraph, and maybe more hints to this phobia between when it was first hinted and now.

psst Spirits

psst yeah that long ago

"Actually she reminded me more of Emma than Morgan," James muttered.

psst we already know this, so watching the characters painstakingly figure this out is... yeah, I already complained. Change the damn order of events

"That's not possible. Emma is lightyears away, and this wouldn't explain her behaviour change," James said.


Not worth quoting(i know rite): They discuss the water they can't get, remind us they have wine, decide to drink it and ignore the midnight deadline. Jessie points out the stupidity of it like I did, then James tempts fate like any tv/movie character does

"She's right, we'll have to stay here. I think that captain was just exaggerating when he said we're risking the lives of the people on the planet," James said.

That's okay, I'll let you off cos ..... *grinds teeth*

"Janeway to Astrometrix," she said.

"Anderson here."

"Triah, can you trace the Delta Flyer's flight path, we need to know where they are," Kathryn asked.

Having the Astrometrics person as Triah so she answers as Anderson, you know like Craig, who is missing, is just... GAH. It's like when I insisted that the Erona Jessie be the medical officer during Jessie's near death scene, or giving Lilly's brother the name James. I hate everything

"One of our shuttles is missing, have you seen it?" Kathryn replied.

"Was it in our space?" the Maji Captain asked.

"No, it wasn't," Kathryn replied.

"Well then you must have two missing shuttles because we detected one near Thairo," the Maji Captain said.

oops busted


"It was vaporised when it entered the atmosphere, those storms over our North Continent are pretty hazardous," the Maji Captain replied.

I'm not even going to humour this with any kind of response. other than this

Kathryn, Chakotay & Tuvok walked into the Astrometrix Lab. Kathryn & Chakotay stood at Triah's right side, and Tuvok stood at Triah's left side.


"This was the original flight path of the Flyer," Triah said and she typed in some more commands. A yellow line came onto the screen, it followed the red line exactly. Triah typed in some more commands. The screen zoomed in on the planet. "The Flyer was supposed to land in the Northern Continent, as you can see they didn't," Triah said. The yellow line was no where near the red line. It went down into the southern part of the planet.

okay, further reinforces my Maji are stupid thoughts

"Easier said than done, the Maji have really powerful weapons at their disposal," Triah said.

I dunno, the Flyer only crashed. It's still a shuttle so that's normal. Voyager can take a few hits from these chumps

"The Maji have the fire power I suppose, but with the Dellia Fleet at our side we have a bigger chance at succeeding," Kathryn said.

"Captain, may I remind you of the Prime Directive..." Tuvok said.

Where was Tuvok when the bridge crew were blatantly saying we need to trade with these people who don't want to trade with us, LETS GO ANYWAY. napping?

"I don't give a crap about the Prime Directive, Mr Tuvok! T

okay, it's no longer funny

 Those people attacked our shuttle, and if we don't rescue it I may lose my daughter, and several other members of my crew. I cannot allow that to happen!" Kathryn yelled. Tuvok just raised his eyebrow in response.

I'm gonna let Tuvok off with that just, cos just raising his eyebrow after that rant is being far too nice



It was now night time on the planet


i need a break

when's the Mummy stuff kicking off?

Craig held the bottle out to James.

"Want some?" he asked in a drunken manner.

No matter what James says in response, he's bound to be thinking "f$$$ off"

"No, I told you, I don't like wine," James replied.

Yeah, James has to be sober for this scene because... *shrug* Truthfully, I think he's only sober for this cos my subsconscious is saying "you've been really bad to James, so time for him to deserve it."

though if I were to write this again, I'd make his reason (and though I do actually think it is here) for not drinking the wine is because he's too mad at everyone.

But anyway, back to bad FV DRUNK SCENES notwoohoo

"Somebody's thinking about my dad, is it you Jessie?" Morgan yelled.

"Nah, I don't fancy a monkey right now," Jessie replied while she was still giggling.

I still don't remember the context of the monkey jokes

"I hope it isn't one of the lads, coz if it is I'm going to be sick," Morgan said.

Gah, I need a homophobic counter

She's drunk but I'm still mad at her, FU Morgan

James does his defensive not gay routine, but I'm still feeling sorry for him, so not FU James

"Er, whoever's thinking about my dad is now thinking he has a cute butt," Morgan said.

"That's more than I wanted to know," James groaned.

Could be worse, at least she's not feeling weird inside again. I'd be arming myself with a few rocks

"Monkeys aren't cute, but I know what is," Jessie said in the middle of a giggle.

"What, me?" Craig asked.

"Nah, you're goofy looking," Jessie replied.

"I think he looks adorable!" Morgan cooed.

"Pass me a bucket," James muttered.

No James, you couldn't find any remember. Sheesh, some continuity would be nice

"Oh yuck, somebody is imagining themselves kissing Harry," Morgan said.

"Who?" James asked.

Have you already repressed the last time Morgan mentioned thinking about Harry, and obviously it involved kissing cos yeh... I wouldn't be curious about this

and also haven't we already cleared up the who?

"Emma, eew gross. I need to get that picture out of my head," Morgan replied, she looked at Craig. "I know!" Morgan yelled.

"What?" Craig asked. Morgan pulled Craig to her, and she started kissing him.

Suddenly Oasis of Abatua isn't that bad of a movie.

wtf is this?


I know it's Craig and he thinks being kissraped is awesome, but still!

"Let me know when you get those images again," Craig said and he winked at her.


Craig waved at her again. He tried to sit down but instead he fell flat on his back. He sat back up again as he burst out laughing. Then he collapsed. Jessie burst out laughing again, and she pointed her finger at him.

If they burst out laughing anymore, they'll fly themselves back into orbit

"Now I know why we get drunk at the same time," James muttered. Jessie just giggled again.

"I'm bored. Can I have a kiss?" she asked and she giggled.

at least she asks???????????

i dunno anymore guys, help me

James responds as he should

"No," James replied.

"Why not?" Jessie asked.

"I've had enough for today," James replied. Jessie looked at her watch, it said 23:58.




"Nah, that's boring," Jessie giggled as she continued to watch her watch. "One minute, aw to hell with it," Jessie said, she quickly kissed him. "See, that wasn't so bad was it," she said, and she giggled. She looked at him, and she stopped giggling. "Can I have another one?"


Jessie's Sin Points: +1

She's drunk, otherwise it would've been 10

Yeah I haven't been a fan of this scene for a while. I may edit it, watch this space. It's not romantic and/or cute or even funny like The Mummy's version, it's pathetic and sad. The sad part being that from what I remember of it, it just looks like James gives in and lets her, or worse... the words advantage and take come to mind.

"No, go to sleep," James replied.

"Oh come on, that last one only killed two seconds of my time," Jessie moaned.

"If you go to sleep, it'll kill a few hours," James said.

"I'm going to kiss you, O'Connel."

"Call me Rick."

"Oh... *leans in* Rick." *leans in almost close enough, then passes out*

*kisses air*

No comparison

"Oh come on, what's the problem. I know you have a crush on me," Jessie said.

Oh god, so bad. so bad

"Go to sleep," James said.

"Oh please," Jessie moaned.



"Please, just one, and I'll go to sleep," Jessie said.

"Jessie, you're drunk," James said.

Oh okay. Good night / *passes out*


yeah right :(

"So?" Jessie muttered, she put her other arm around his neck. She started kissing him, a few seconds later he kissed her back. They stopped a few seconds later, then she fell asleep on his shoulder.

Bloody hell, that scene was more painful than the JAMES IS AT FAULT FOR WOMEN THROWING THEMSELVES AT HIM scene

I know The Mummy takes half a movie before the mummy actually shows up, but doesn't mean Resurrection has to waste two parts on really abusive and gross soap opera crap

"Sorry, but Morgan was kissing Craig last night," Emma said. B'Elanna looked at her strangely. "She was drunk," Emma said quickly. B'Elanna picked her fork back up and she continued eating. "She kissed James yesterday too," Emma blurted out. B'Elanna dropped her fork onto her plate.

I like the way the Morgan/Craig kiss barely bats an eye, and it's the James one that's a drop the phone moment. Like begrudingly

"I was thinking about, er, Harry at the time," Emma muttered.

"That explains everything. Now if you'll excuse me," B'Elanna said as she stood up.


Oh yeah, I owe everyone a rant, like I haven't tortured you enough

before we move on, why were B'Elanna and Emma sitting together?

Did she actually kiss James?" Bryan asked. Emma went pale again.

"Yeah, that was disgusting. I'll think twice next time I look at Harry from now on," Emma said.

I can't hold the rantyness in...coffeeneed, must wait until later

"I wonder if she did it on purpose, I know what she's like," Kiara said.

um I'm sorry, WHAT

"Eew, who'd want to do that to James on purpose," Bryan said.

Too many people Bryan, it's getting to be a serious problem

"I mean to get Emma back," Kiara groaned.

For what? Before then all Emma "made her do" was grope a dead guy and you don't know about that

"Oh, right," Bryan muttered. Suddenly Emma screamed for no reason. Everyone looked her way. She stood up, but she quickly collapsed.


"Emma's in a coma, but there's nothing physically wrong with her," the Doctor replied.

"Do you think Morgan could be in danger?" Kathryn asked.

*eyebrow twitches*

"Yes, no doubt. As far as I can tell Morgan is in the same state as Emma is in now," the Doctor replied.

"We cannot wait for the Dellia any longer. Tuvok send them a message, tell them to get here immediately," Kathryn ordered and she walked out of Sickbay.


okay okay, it's okay, I remember parts 3 and 4 being better

though I didn't remember all of the gross stuff in this episode so... halp

as if this has a shot at beating Resistance now, PFFT


Before I get onto the link to Part 3 and the midway counter results, lets have a look at this stupid Emma/Morgan connected plot, shall we? I don't think it really causes much ruckus for the rest of the movie, at least not in the same "style" as it has been so far.

Its number one problem pretty much narrows down all of my problems with it, kinda, and it's this; it doesn't really need to be there. Janeway already has an incentive for breaking the prime directive (again), so we don't need Emma mimicking what's happened to Morgan. All that brings to the table is a "wtf happened to Morgan?" cliffhanger and really, that can also be written around. While later entries to the Iinan/Unu saga do actually need the James/Jessie/Morgan triangle, it didn't need to be at all like this. It's too much too soon. It could be done without this stupid idea anyway, earlier episodes have foreshadowed it so there's something there. Besides, Morgan didn't do it under normal circumstances so it's less proof of a triange and/or Morgan/James shipping than the rumour spreading.

Problem 2 is well, it didn't start it but it's certainly sparked a lot of this very teenager writes her first fanfic-esque writing. The Resurrection isn't actually that bad of a movie, once it gets going. At least that's how I remember it. I didn't remember that half of it was shipper bait. My brain's mostly dribbled out of my ear after reading this.

Problem 3; obviously it's lead to another James gets kissed against his will scene (and that lead to another, but "it's okay" he kissed back, sigh).

Problem 4: The idea is that Morgan and Emma are supposed to hear each other's thoughts because they're like an extremely mini collective. This doesn't mean they'll act as one, and it certainly doesn't mean they'll act like the other. Again as I pointed out in Part 1, Emma thinking about a cute butt doesn't mean Morgan will grab the nearest one. She'll just be thinkinng about it too. Emma thinking the dead guy is super cool and so Morgan does is fine, and I'm not that objective to her laughing about it, but if seeing rotting corpses is that much of a phobia to Morgan, how come neither of the girls are scared?

Have you also noticed the only time Emma "acts" differently is when something horrible happens to Morgan to knock her out? Why does Emma have the dominant personality and/or thoughts here? Both are pretty much strong willed, so you'd think there'd be a see saw of thoughts and actions. For example, with the body Morgan could've been laughing at it one minute and freaking out the next, meanwhile Emma's randomly wigging out over nothing in front of everyone. The make the body sit upright with telekenesis I definitely call foul on because it's a mental ability which Morgan shouldn't have much control over yet, but she's a sue and she does, however since this is meant to be Emma steering, she definitely shouldn't know how.

And finally, the kiss again. Yep. I can't think of a single example of the Emma character kissing Harry, Tom or Chakotay abruptly. Emma thinking about how cute Harry is and the um "weird feeling inside", Morgan getting that makes some sense. However the fact is if Emma doesn't actually physically do anything about it, why would Morgan? I do already have a million problems with Morgan doing this to Craig now three times, so I hope that isn't the only reason since it wasn't even Craig she did this to, it was James. Not only that, if that is the reason Morgan acts when Emma doesn't, then Morgan does actually get full blame for the kissing James scene which makes her blaming him even worse and it was bad enough. Even worserer is that Emma's getting the blame too when all the poor girl is doing is having fantasies about her crushes, and she clearly isn't harming anyone by doing so.

If that's not the reason Morgan does and Emma doesn't, then I dunno what it is other than a stupidly not thought out excuse to spark off the triangle, once again make Jessie jealous and now Craig... basically ship stir and waste so much time not developing the plot of the so called film. I'm bored and annoyed with it. You can tell a 16 year old girl wrote this, can't you? Season Two on a whole feels like that. At least Season One had an innocent feel to it, like someone even younger than a 15 year old on Cherry Coke and orange juice wrote it. This, I feel dirty and quite ashamed reading it and I apologise if you have the same trouble. Hopefully if I can stop wasting my time here and get my act together, I'll get to Reboot Season Two and this can be toned down quite a bit.

For now, the movie goes on sadly... I just I hope my memories of a superior Parts 3/4 aren't that old, or I'm going to be very disappointed.

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Spoilers: and yes we're still talking about the infamous kiss that still was getting mentioned in the final season, so no it can't be removed from canon, so don't ask. I have mentioned at least once that my memories of 2001 aren't in the right order, or coherent at times, so I'm not sure when certain plot developments were figured out. The biggie involving James and Morgan that's stilll half a season away is the one I'm the most uncertain of, since my memories of coming up with and deciding to do the idea was later than episodes where there's proof it was already in the pipelines. There's also the prequels which more original entries, or original scenes in Voyager eps, were planned quite early on and in some cases were written before Caretaker was finished. This also casts doubt on my own memory of how things went down.

I think that's more than enough "filler" to avoid anyone not interested in spoilers from stumbling across while scrolling. You have been warned. You don't know Season Three and/or the prequels, click either of the Page 3 time links.


I keep thinking that I didn't come up with the James being a Janeway twist until very late in Season Two, roughly around Man Out Of You. The scene with her saying "you're like a son to me" despite no evidence of this, keeps sticking in my mind. But you might have noticed the same things I did that cast doubts on this.

Now I know what some may be thinking. Wouldn't it look better if I went with the first real early sign this was developed, ie Games Resistance (or heck even the sister joke in Interactions if you'd like), instead of insisting that my memory thinks it was episode 28, only two episodes before the reveal? Yes, yes it would but I'm really trying to be honest in these things. Plus I want to know myself for certain, just like how I'm eager for Damien's first yoghurt as that'll be truly him and not his past self.

I can't really shrug off the hints I keep seeing as lucky coincidences. One, sure. I've seen quite a lot though, and that's before I look at the early prequel episodes. I definitely can't ignore the possibility that by The Resurrection, James was a Janeway and Morgan's half brother. There's no visible hints in this one so far, even Janeway's reaction to James being a possible harassee was more of a "he's a good kid, he wouldn't kiss her back or more if she did" thought. So why bring it up other than to make an already gross scene grosser? While I keep thinking Man Out Of You sparked this idea, I still remember doing this to them because I really wanted to shake things up, mislead, heck even start up a rival 'ship to the main two of my cast knowing full well they'd never happen. As I said already, my memories can't be trusted at all.

If you've missed the alleged clues so far, I'll have a look through them. Starting with Interactions, James tells Morgan about his prequel behaviour because I'd recently wrote two episodes of B4FV1 (Parallax and Eye of Ramn), or to be more accurate, I wrote what became Parallax and Eye of Ramn. It was written as only Parallax. I don't think Eye of Ramn existed then as a concept, and Parallax FYI still was based during the original episode, not after like its released version (yeah, don't get me started). What's there is pretty much what James said; him and Jessie pretending to be J/C, James calling her mum but when she reacts he pretends he said "ma'am." Morgan replies with the "not your bloody sister" line. While yeah, on its own that could be just a joke at Janeway's expense because it wouldn't be the first time a fanfic writer called her this via a character (usually Harry I've noticed), but up until this moment, Janeway hasn't acted particularly motherly with anyone. It's there for a reason I think, sometimes.

I could ignore and have a good "oh really" laugh at it, but then Games Resistance comes along. James and Morgan are already getting closer despite the age gap (which is brought up quite a bit, always by them), so when Shady Watcher mentions a possible bond between them, Janeway and Chakotay react in horror. Fine right, James is a 27 year old man despite his behaviour sometimes saying otherwise, while Morgan's 17 at most. Coupled with the previous hint though, it's starting to feel more like foreshadowing to me.

Resistance has a minor one where Janeway wonders why Morgan was hanging around in a 27 year old man's bedroom, but hey what parent wouldn't panic at that? Seriously. So why bring it up? It's another example of Janeway panicking because she thinks Morgan and James are dating, or they might date later. While I still haven't seen much concern over Craig. Disconnected she mostly shrugs that off with indifference. I doubt it was the age factor tbh, despite my remarks, because only Morgan really mentions it as an insult, no one else does. While James' age doesn't come across a lot, you'd think he and Craig are of similar ages, and only slightly older than Morgan by the way they behave. And no, this isn't me saying Morgan dating either at this point is okay cos the two act young (bleurgh! I say to that), I'm only narrowing out a reason for Janeway's panic. The only other explanation to me why she'd panic more about one man over another, would be if one was more pushy, disrespectful and gross. No offense to Craig but that'd be him, not James. So why panic more about James? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

Back to the draft Parallax (and Eye of Ramn) written in between Love Spell and Interactions, Janeway does spend a lot of time wondering/worrying over whether James is who she thinks, and while it's not confirmed (or even blatantly said because the episodes were released before New Earth), she does tell Chakotay. Eye of Ramn has a few moments from scenes that were I'm sure in the Parallax draft, where she turns a blind eye to James' behaviour, basically giving him preferential treatment (and promoting him to Ensign randomly) and Chakotay comments on it since he knows why. Yeah it's possible the released versions could've added those in, but the only thing I remember about the drafts were Tom pissing everyone off (and I mean everyone), James/Jessie's J/C impressions, the birthday party scene which has the James V Tom moment that's talked about in at least Resistance and its aftermath, Jessie and Tom meeting and yes him pissing her off. Basically very little about the original story unsuprisingly, which is probably why the released version decided not to bother with it all...sigh. So, you never know.

Not to mention that Resistance has quite a bit of proof that Eye of Ramn's ending and the soap opera dramatics opening to Time and Again were either written, or planned out detailed enough for me to canonise the events in advance. Those events are not related to this reveal, until a certain brig scene anyway (which again, James mentioned happening back in Interactions during his prequel tales), but as mentioned the hints for the reveal were meant to happen before them.

2001 seems to have more evidence on its side than I thought, and my self hating pessimistic side probably will never accept any of them for sure until it's written in stone. Or a notebook saying "James can be Janeway's son, omg" with a date next to it. I doubt that, I don't write that s$$$ down, I'd never need to. Who forgets that?

So yeah in a nutshell, there's a very good chance that I wrote this so called love triangle and really messed up one sided kiss knowing full well they were related. Yes, wow.

Spoilers End

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One-Off Counter "Edgy" Swearing Uncensored: 1

Muttered Count: 21 + 22 (43)

Sexist Crap Count: 2 + 1 (I gotta count the James being blamed, cos we all know if he were a girl he'd get sympathy instead) (3)

Jessie's Sin Points: +8 (+9 so far)

Morgan the Sue Count: 0 + 1 (1)

Annika Dies Count: 0 + 0 (0)

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Marill's Playing With Her Dolls Again: 2 + oh boy.... Morgan/James bit 1, Craig wishing Morgan did it to him 2, scene only there to make Craig and Jessie jealous 3, drunken kisses (x3) (8)

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