Tragedy (Drunken Version)

Here I fly, in a lost and lonely part of space
Once again, Tom is a creep, I'll smash his face

Going home, I just can't hold it back no more
I really should be judging you, ignoring you
Mocking you, throttling you

Tragedy! When the coke is gone and Tom is pissing you off it's tragedy
When Seven cries and you don't care why, it's hard to hear
With so much annoying you, we're going nowhere

Tragedy! When aliens invade and Thirteen's on fire, it's tragedy
When Harry phasers an alien's puppy, it's hard, don't stare
With no piece of shh, we're going nowhere

Sight of you, there's a yearning down inside of me
Oh burned the cake, with mould as icing, Neelix wants us dead

Down they go, I just can't take your crap no more
I really should be hating you, ignoring you
Slapping you, smacking you

Tragedy! When the coffee is gone and Seven's wanting attention it's tragedy
When the power is off and you don't know why, it's hard to care
With Janeway binging buckets, we're going nowhere

Tragedy! When I lose control and Tom won't shut up, it's tragedy
When stupid stuff happens and no one cries, it's hard to fare
With no end in sight, we're going nowhere