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The Dark Page of the Book

1st - 3rd April 2004

Episode Based In
March 2380


Two days later
San Francisco:
The large court room was slowly filling up. The judge used the hammer to get everyone's attention, "can everyone please sit down. The trial will begin."

"Ohno," Kathryn whispered.

Chakotay glanced back at her, "what?"

"I know the accuser's lawyer, very well too," Kathryn replied.

"Ohno, you've slept with him haven't you?" James muttered.

Kathryn stared at him with a raised eyebrow. "No, he used to bully me at school."

"The trial will begin. Defendant, what does your client plead?" the judge asked.

Chakotay looked worried, "um, kinda guilty but kinda innocent."

"Explain," the judge said.

"Well what would a possessed crewmember who killed someone plead?" Chakotay asked.

"I wasn't actually possessed," James muttered.

"It's a similar principle," Chakotay whispered.

The judge sighed, "very well, the accused pleads kinda innocent but kinda guilty." He used the hammer. "Accuser, you may begin."

The lawyer stood up smiling smugly, "kinda innocent, kinda guilty? Interesting but I am here to prove that Mr Taylor or whatever he is called now is 100% guilty."

The audience, who were not Voyager or Enterprise crewmembers by the way, gasped.

"Oh god, it's the same audience from our trial," Kathryn muttered.

"Not only will I prove that he killed two innocent Cardassians..." the lawyer said. All the Marquis crewmembers laughed quietly. "Fine, killed two Cardassians, but I also prove that he is a menace to society and should be locked up for the rest of his life."

"Mr Parker, would you please call your first witness," the judge said, looking half asleep.

The lawyer frowned, "as you wish your honour but I had a whole speech prepared."

The judge yawned, "yes that is a shame."

"Ok, my first witness is one of the Cardassians that were lucky not to be killed by the accused, Gul Palain," Mr Parker said.

One of the Cardassians who were sitting at the accusers table stood up, he sat in the witness box.

"Gul Palain, please tell the court what you saw on the night of 18th December 2369," Mr Parker said.

"I'm not familiar with human dates," Gul Palain said.

Mr Parker groaned, "use your common sense, the night your two friends died."

"Oh of course," Gul Palain said, looking embarrassed. "The group I was with were innocently walking through a shopping centre."

December 2369
Manchester, the Trafford Centre:
A group of Cardassians were walking around one of the centre fountains, on the top floor. They were humming innocently, some even had linked arms.

"Mr Palain, please be realistic."

"Oh, I'm sorry."

The Cardassians stopped humming, the ones who had linked arms seperated. They all started talking amongst themselves.

"We heard a scream coming from nearby."

The sound of a woman screaming caught everyone's attention. People started gathering around nearby the Cardassians.

"Of course we were curious, you can't blame anyone for that. We decided to see what was going on."

"Should we see what's going on?" one Cardassian asked.

"Yes we should," Gul Palain replied.

The group made their way over to the crowd.

"I managed to push through some people, of course gently. I saw a human woman lying on the ground, her throat had been cut."

"Please can you not narrate the damn flashbacks."

"That's not realistic."


Gul Palain had now gotten to the middle of the crowd, several other members of the group could now see Susy lying on the ground, blood pouring from her neck. A few people were trying to help.

"It wasn't long before medical help arrived, she was still alive but obviously in a lot of pain."

"There's nothing we can do," one nurse said quietly.

The doctor sighed, "don't give up too easily."

"We should have left then, little did we know staying around would lead to the deaths of two of our closest friends."

"Good good, keep it dramatic."

"It was dramatic Mr Parker. Anyway not long later a human male, probably late teens or early twenties, pushed to the middle of the crowd. We all figured he was a relative, we were obviously wrong."

March 2380:
"What's that supposed to mean?" James asked quietly.

Kathryn cleared her throat, "she wasn't remember."

"Please Mr Stuart, we need to listen to the rest of the testimony," the judge said.

December 2369:
"Please son, you should keep away," the doctor said.

"It's ok," Susy managed to say in a damaged voice.

"The woman slowly started to fade away. The doctor's pronounced her dead only a minute later. It was so sad."

"What happened next?"

"The human stood up just as we were going to leave. I mentioned to my friends that it was none of our business."

"It's none of our business, we should go," Gul Palain said.

March 2380:
"I'm sorry, it was quite a traumatic experience. I can't go on," Gul Palain said.

"Oh please, that is so fake," Jessie commented.

"Jessie, keep quiet," Kathryn whispered to her.

"Please try Mr Palain, this is important," Mr Parker said.

Gul Palain nodded, "we were just leaving when the human suddenly attacked us. Well originally I thought he was human, but he so obviously wasn't."

"Please explain," Mr Parker said.

"He was stronger than normal humans, plus I've never seen a human with such dark eyes before," Gul Palain said.

Chakotay stood up, "objection your honour, I..."

"Mr Chakotay, you will get your chance to testify," the judge said.

"I just wanted to say that he is human, a lot of planets in the Alpha Quadrant know about Game Cubes and the Slayers that fight them and..." Chakotay quickly said.

"If he is a protector, why did he totally slaughter us ten years ago?" Gul Palain snapped.

"Mr Chakotay please sit down," the judge said.

"Slaughter is an exaggeration," James muttered.

Chakotay sat back down, "don't worry, I'll get my chance."

"Mr Palain please continue," Mr Parker sighed.

Gul Palain sighed, "very well. We all did what any sensible Cardassian would have done, we defended ourselves. Starfleet security tried to stop the fight, some of us were pulled out of it. In the end there was just me and my two doomed friends."

"Can you remember how badly injured the others were?" Mr Parker asked.

"The others got out with a bruise each at least," Gul Palain replied.

Mr Parker nodded, "how did you survive?"

"I was lucky. I fought back skillfully and stopped holding back. I was doing so as he was a young human after all. I only survived because the last blow he made I managed to avoid, not entirely. I just wasn't hit in a place that could knock me over. A security female and one male managed to pull me away. I blacked out not long later," Gul Palain replied.

"Why did you blackout?" Mr Parker asked.

Gul Palain sighed, "because after one of the first blows, I fell onto the ground and hit my head. I was losing a lot of blood."

"What happened when you woke up?" Mr Parker questioned.

"I woke up in a human medical place. I made one of the nurses tell me what happened to the other two in the fight, she told me that they had hit their heads so hard they suffered serious brain damage," Gul Palain replied. "Like I said, I was luckier than them."

"Is there anything else you can tell me?" Parker asked.

"Yes. That human killed my two friends in cold blood, he deserves to be locked up for that," Gul Palain replied.

"You may sit down," Parker said.

Gul Palain nodded, he headed back to his original seat.

"Now I do have plenty of other witnesses who will all have the same story. It would waste the court's time to go through them all, I do believe we should hear what the killer's story is like in comparison," Mr Parker said. The audience gasped.

"Oh my god, this is annoying," B'Elanna groaned.

"Your honour I'd like to call to the stand, Mr Taylor-Stuart," Mr Parker said.

Chakotay looked worried, "he'll probably try to trick you, try to avoid stupid questions."

"Damn, I like answering stupid questions," James muttered sarcastically as he stood up. He sat down in the witness box.

"Now, please tell the court what happened," Mr Parker said.

"Where do you want me to start?" James asked.

Mr Parker shrugged, "well start with before the murder. What were you doing?"

Chakotay cleared his throat. "That's a stupid question," he whispered.

Kathryn shook her head, "just think it, he may hear you." Chakotay nodded his head.

"Ok I'll start there. I'll try not to tell a story involving humming and innocently skipping in a shopping centre," James said.

Gul Palain glared at him as he jumped to his feet, "I don't need a trial you know, I could kill you where you stand or sit."

Mr Parker looked worried, "please do not anger Mr Palain."

"Why, can he hurt me?" James said, trying to keep a straight face.

"Please Mr Palain, sit down," Mr Parker calmly said.

The judge used the hammer, "order in the court room." Gul Palain sat down, not looking any happier than before.

Mr Parker sighed, "please tell your version of events."

"Ok then," James said.

December 2369
Susy was busy folding up some clothes, she placed the folded ones onto a pile on the bed. James appeared in the doorway, "you called?"

Susy glanced at him, "yeah I did. I am going out in a minute, I was wondering if you wanted to come along."

"Trafford Centre again?" James muttered.

"Yes," Susy sighed. "Are you interested?"

"Well unless they've installed a system that shocks anyone who comes in the centre too much, no," James replied.

Susy groaned, she dropped what she was folding onto the bed. "You know I'm tired of this, you got what you wanted, you don't have to marry Dannielle."

"I know, but sometimes I just think that you don't want me to be happy," James said.

Susy turned to him, "what are you talking about?"

"Well first you take me away from my home, and then when my best friend comes back you scare her off," James replied.

"She was a bad example to you," Susy muttered.

"I don't think so, I was always like this, you know that," James said.

"No you weren't. Because of her you became a nasty piece of work," Susy grumbled. "I tried my best to make you feel at home here, but all you've done is throw it all in my face. I'll go to the Trafford on my own." She walked out of the room.

"Ooh that's interesting, a nasty piece of work you say."

"Do you mind?"

"Sorry, continue."

Half an hour later:
John sat down on the sofa as James came into the room. "Susy went on her own?" John asked.

"Yeah," James muttered in response.

John looked up at him, "something wrong?"

"No, we just argued again," James replied.

John sighed, "I wish you two would sort it out. She has tried very hard to..." James walked back out of the room. "Hmph that was rude." The computer nearby started beeping, John climbed off the sofa and went over to it.

March 2380:
"Hmm, what happened there?" Mr Parker asked.

"I had a weird feeling that I should get to the Trafford, I heard the computer beeping while I was leaving," James replied. "Anyway, can I go on?"

Mr Parker sighed, "is your story getting to the proper point now?"

"You asked me to start before the murder," James muttered.

"Very well," Mr Parker sighed.

"I looked around the Trafford for a while. It didn't take long to find a crowd gathered around the murder scene. I talked to my stepmum for a minute or two, then she died," James said.

"Did she not tell you who did this to her?" Mr Parker asked.

"No, she just had time to tell me that she was sorry and was about to tell me something else," James replied. He glanced over at Kathryn, "she was probably going to tell me about my real mum."

Mr Parker nodded, "ok go on."

"Well I overheard some people talking, then laughing quietly. I stood up to see who it was, it was the group of Cardassians," James said.

"I object, I was not laughing!" Gul Palain snapped.

"Please Mr Palain, let him finish his story. We can object about it later," Mr Parker calmly said.

"The rest of the incident is pretty vague to me, all I remember is fighting the whole group," James said.

"Mr Palain described some of it to us, does it sound about right?" Mr Parker asked.

"I guess so," James replied.

Mr Parker sighed, he leaned on the desk in front of him. "Do you remember why you attacked them?"

"All I can remember is being very angry, I figured since they were laughing they were responsible for her death," James replied.

Gul Palain gasped, "I didn't even see the woman until after the murder, that is outrageous!"

"Was it your intention to kill them, or did you just want to hurt them?" Mr Parker asked.

"I just wanted to hurt them," James replied.

"Ok I think I've finished here. But I still have some questions for you," Mr Parker said. He started pacing. "This isn't the only time this has happened, has it Mr Stuart?"

"Oh crap, here we go," Chakotay muttered.

"On several occasions you have threatened to and tried to kill Mr Tom Paris," Mr Parker said.

The audience gasped, some glanced at Tom. He pretended to look upset, "he wouldn't lie, not at a time like this."

Harry rolled his eyes, "oh stop it Tom."

"Is this true?" Mr Parker asked.

"I only tried to kill him once," James muttered. The audience gasped again. "But I was being controlled by a chip in my head."

"I see, did you have a chip in your head when you tried to rape your wife, who was just your pregnant girlfriend back then?" Mr Parker asked. Several people collapsed.

Jessie looked really annoyed, "no, that's not what happened."

Chakotay groaned, "shh, be quiet."

James covered his face with his hand, "crap."

"Excuse me, I take that as a no then," Mr Parker sneered.

"Yes I did, but..." James muttered. Some more people collapsed.

Jessie glanced in Tom's direction, "I feel like punching someone."

Tom turned pale, "what, I didn't even know about this, I swear."

"I see," Mr Parker said, shaking his head. "Let me think, hmm. The next incident was the murder of a prison inmate on an alien planet."

"He was insane and he stabbed Jessie," James muttered.

"And he was annoying," Jessie commented.

Mr Parker rolled his eyes, "moving on. Next there was somebody called Simon."

"I wasn't what killed him," James commented.

"I see," Mr Parker said. "Your niece Kiara was the next victim, in something called the YWF." More collapsing ensued.

"Ok I'm not proud of that one either. One thing I didn't know she was my niece, next she..." James said.

"She cheated at the match, yes I know. Jessie was easily revived afterwards. You should have known that," Mr Parker said.

"I think it would have been better if I didn't exist," Jessie whispered.

Chakotay shook his head, "Jessie I'm trying to panic here, stop distracting me."

"Now the next victim was his own biological parents," Mr Parker said. The remaining people in the audience collapsed, just leaving all of the ex Voyager and Enterprise crewmembers. "I know what you're going to say Mr Stuart, Jessie was murdered and you were angry again."

Kathryn shook Chakotay's arm, "please god interfere."

"It's ok, nearly all of those are incidents of evillness, which I plan to explain," Chakotay said quietly.

"Then why are you panicking?" Jessie asked.

"Because some aren't," Chakotay replied.

"Would you say that you have a violent nature, Mr Stuart?" Mr Parker sneered.

"There's a good explanation for that," James muttered.

"Care to enlighten us?" Mr Parker sneered.

Chakotay stood up, "I can explain that."

"That's nice but I'd like to hear it from him," Mr Parker said.

"The worst incidents, well all but one, I was evil. I'm not now," James said quietly.

"Yes some would argue that you still are evil," Mr Parker said.

"You don't get what I mean," James said.

"No I do, the Accuser rests," Mr Parker said. He sat down next to Gul Palain.

The judge yawned, "ok, Mr Chakotay you may begin the defence."

Half an hour later:
The conscious audience were heading out of the court room.

"Well we're screwed," Jessie commented.

Chakotay sighed, "I didn't want to bring out the big guns so early."

Lena folded her arms, "what do you mean?"

"Sorry Lena, but my attack plan is to get the watchers to explain the Slayer side of everything, and everyone else to testify on behalf of James himself," Chakotay replied.

"You think that'll work?" Kathryn questioned.

"Yes I think it will," Chakotay replied.

"What do you have planned next?" Jessie asked.

"Well I think you should be next," Chakotay replied.

"Me, great," Jessie said.

"There's something I want you to do. When I start asking you too many questions you pretend to get upset, and mention you don't want to be a single mother with two kids," Chakotay said.

Jessie raised her eyebrow, "you want me to act soft?"

"Yes, it's a good tactic. My backup plan is to make the jury feel sorry for you guys," Chakotay replied.

Jessie put her hands on her hips, "I can do much more than pretend to cry. I have known James since I was little, so I'm more useful than most of your interviewee people. If you want someone to cry like a baby, I'll kick Tom in the balls before he goes up to testify."

Tom turned pale again, "um no, that won't prove anything, it won't help you."

"You could always use Sasha," Lena said, trying to keep a straight face.

"No Sasha and Duncan are not coming anywhere near this," Jessie said.

Chakotay groaned, "fine, I'll ask some proper questions. I'll leave the blubbering to Tom."

Tom pouted, "hey, me crying in a very manly way won't affect the trial in your favour."

"Whatever happened to crying is not a sign of weakness?" Jessie asked.

"Shut up," Tom muttered.

Nearby Kevin was leaving the court room, he bumped into Nikki who was coming back in. "Hi, sorry," he said.

"It's ok," Nikki said.

"Why are you going back in for?" Kevin asked.

"Oh I thought I left something," Nikki replied, she picked up a bag off one of the seats. "I did."

Kevin nodded his head. "So, how you doing?"

Nikki raised her eyebrow, "that doesn't work anymore does it?"

Kevin pouted, "no."

Nikki tried not to laugh, "would you like to go out sometime?"

Kevin smiled, "you took the words right out of mouth. Sure." He and Nikki headed out of the room.

A little while later:
Everyone were in their places again, the old audience had been replaced by new people.

"Mr Chakotay, you may continue from where you left off," the judge said.

"Thank you, your honour," Chakotay said. "I don't think many people in this room, can safely say that they know the accused well enough, to say he is naturally violent. Only one person in this room knows him well enough to say that, I'd like to call to the stand Mrs Stuart."

Jessie got up, she headed over to the witness box and sat down in it. "Can I just say that Mrs makes me sound really old."

Chakotay tried to keep a straight face, "yes, I apologise."

"Apology accepted," Jessie said.

"Is this scripted or something?" Lena whispered to Kathryn. She shrugged.

"Jessie, how long have you known the accused?" Chakotay asked.

"Twenty six years, my god I sound really old again," Jessie muttered in response. Chakotay tried not to laugh. "There were a few years during that time where we were apart so it's actually twenty one years."

"When you first met him, what was your first impression of him?" Chakotay asked.

"Objection, this is futile," Mr Parker said.

"No, I'll allow this," the judge said.

"He should have a trial himself, he sounds Borg to me," Jessie said.

Mr Parker raised her eyebrow, "hey, you were Borg."

"No I meant still," Jessie said.

Chakotay cleared his throat, "please answer the question."

"Ok first impression. Back then I wasn't very keen on guys, I thought all of them were creeps. James was a little different, he didn't try to bully me plus he was actually friendly and a little shy actually," Jessie replied.

Kathryn nodded, "it's true."

James glanced back at her, "shh." Kathryn giggled quietly.

"Did he seem violent to you?" Chakotay asked.

Jessie shook her head, "no."

"He had lost his half sister a year previously, right?" Chakotay questioned.

"Yeah, but I didn't know that then," Jessie replied.

"Well Mr Parker made it clear that James is only violent when somebody dies, gets hurt, you get the idea, but he wasn't violent at all after his sister's murder," Chakotay said.

"That doesn't prove anything," Mr Parker muttered.

"I am aware he was only a child at the time but it is obvious at this age that he isn't violent by nature. His mother told us earlier that the only thing he did that was violent, was throw a cat away from him, that cat was attacking him. One year olds do silly things, especially when they're scared, this is no different," Chakotay said.

"Children don't always grow up with the same personality, they grow up and some are even the total opposite in the end," Mr Parker said.

"If you say so," Chakotay said. He turned back to Jessie. "Now what was the first violent incident that you can remember?"

"Uh, his dad just died and he kept pushing kids who were making fun of him. Some were joking about his dad, some were joking about how he was bullied by a ten year old," Jessie replied.

"I see, he only got violent when his father died. Interesting," Chakotay said.

"Can I remind the court that his father was violent as well, Mr Stuart may have been violent all along because he inherited that trait," Mr Parker said.

"Mr Parker, can you please not interrupt," the judge snapped.

Chakotay smiled, "thank you, your honour." He started pacing. "Mr Parker is right, James' father was violent and he was charged with child abuse when he was four years old. A lot of people who were bullied by their own parents tend to act violent themselves."

"Plus he probably just got his mum's temper, not his dad's," Jessie added on.

Kathryn tried to look innocent, "what?"

James glanced back at her, "got coffee granules in your pocket, haven't you?"

"No," Kathryn said innocently.

Chakotay tried not to laugh, "anyway." He turned back to Jessie. "You said you've known him for twenty one years in total now. At any time in your friendship or relationship has he shown any sign of being evil?"

"You mean the normal kind?" Jessie questioned. Chakotay nodded his head. "Not really, he always was sweet, sensitive, a little sarcastic, and he always felt guilty after a lot of the incidents Parker described, and other minor ones."

"Evil people seem to have a large ego, don't they? Does James strike you as someone with a large ego?" Chakotay asked.

Everyone glanced at Danny who was sniggering. "He said ego Dan, my god," Ian groaned.

Jessie tried not to laugh herself, "no, he always used to doubt why I was with him, and friends with him."

"Last question Jessie. Does the fact that James is responsible for a few deaths make you doubt your relationship with him?" Chakotay asked.

"No, even though most of the murders weren't his fault he always feels guilty. Besides I'm not perfect either," Jessie replied.

Tom sniggered, "yeah she's probably killed more people, why isn't she on trial?"

Jessie glared in full strength over in Tom's direction.

James tried to keep a straight face, "just avoid eye contact."

Jessie instantly calmed down and tried to look innocent. Tom briefly glanced at her, he figured it was safe to look back.

"What are you doing, I said avoid eye contact," James said. He then released what he was saying and who he was saying it to, "what the hell's wrong with me?"

Kathryn put her hand nearby his face, she had coffee granules in her palm. "Want some?"

"No, you have those," James replied.

Kathryn giggled, "oh you are such a sweetie." She licked the granules off her hand.

Chakotay stared blankly at her, "uh, Jessie you can sit down now." He turned to the jury, "defence rests for now."

Parker stood up, "well I must apologise on behalf of my rival, I know that you're all eager to go home so I won't keep you. Now I call to the stand, Mr Tom Paris."

Tom stood up, he headed over to the witness box. He sat down nervously.

"Mr Paris, do you remember the incident where Mr Stuart killed his own dad?" Parker asked.

Tom nodded, "yes I do, I remember it like it was yesterday."

"Please tell the court what happened," Parker said.

"Objection, this has nothing to do with the Cardassian and Trafford incident," Chakotay said.

"Oh and asking the accused's wife what she thought of him when they were kids, is?" Parker sneered.

"Continue Mr Parker," the judge said.

"Thank you, your honour. Now Mr Paris, tell us your version of events," Parker said.

Tom nodded, "yes but you'll have to excuse the way I tell it, as you will tell by the story my greatest skill isn't story telling."

April 2378
The Enterprise:
Chakotay tapped his commbadge. "Yes, what is it?"

In: "We were just contacted by Janeway, then the signal was cut off. We don't know where she is. What should we do?"

"Stand by," Chakotay said. He turned to opps.

"According to the sensors she's in James' quarters," Harry said.

Tom's eyes widened, he jumped to his feet. "Don't worry, I'll handle this." He rushed into the turbolift.

James' Quarters:
Tom kicked down the door, "stop!"

James smiled as he turned his head to look at the newcomer. "Oh it's my favourite action man wannabe. How ya doing?"

"I cannot let you do this. It is wrong," Tom boldly said.

"You mean it's right," James said.

"Don't correct me with your rubbish Evil Slayer logic. I hate evil in all forms," Tom said.

"And I hate being interrupted," James said. He pushed Peter towards Tom, he caught him and gently put him to one side.

"This ends now, no one hurts members of this crew on my shift," Tom said.

March 2380:
"And then I started to kick his ass and..." Tom stopped his story. Everyone in the room was laughing. "Hey, why are you laughing?"

"Tom, you said storytelling is not one of your skills," James said, he continued laughing.

Tom pouted, "it's true." Everyone laughed louder.

"Oh stop it, you're killing me," B'Elanna laughed.

"Fine, I'll tell the right story," Tom said, still pouting.

April 2378:
James and Lena looked towards the door. James groaned, "oh great, it's action man wannabe."

Tom was standing nearby them, pointing a phaser at James. "I'm warning you, I'll shoot if you don't get away from her."

"Don't let me stop you, go ahead," James said.

"You asked for it. Say goodnight bitch," Tom said boldly.

March 2380:
"Mr Paris, I demand that you stop... lying to the court," the judge managed to say in between laughs.

"Why does no one believe me?" Tom moaned.

"Well for one thing I did that, not you, and I don't remember saying that last line," Craig laughed.

"Oh yeah, if I wasn't there how come I know what was said?" Tom said smugly.

Lena rolled her eyes, "Tom everyone knows you were eavesdropping on the whole thing."

Tom pouted, "fine. James got locked in the brig, he managed to escape as he could walk through the force field."

"How could he do that?" Parker asked, while still trying to recover from the laughing fit.

"Cos he was Evil Slayer," Tom replied.

"What is that?" Parker asked.

"Well it's when a Slayer goes psycho after somebody dying or something," Tom replied.

"I see, thank you, you may sit down," Parker said.

"But I'm not finished the story," Tom moaned.

"Believe me, we've all had enough laughs for one day," Parker said.

Tom headed back to his seat muttering under his breath.

"I'd like to call to the stand Miss Yasmin Stuart," Parker said.

"Oh not again," Yasmin groaned. She headed for the witness box.

"Please tell the court how you came to be," Parker said.

Danny burst out laughing again, "disgusting pervert."

Everyone glanced over at her. Ian looked rather embarrassed, "uh Dan, she wasn't born that way."

"Oh," Danny muttered, blushing slightly.

Yasmin pulled a face, "fine. Voyager's main enemy cloned me from James' DNA."

"I see, so the only difference is your age and sex, am I correct?" Parker questioned.

Danny burst out laughing again, "oh that's priceless."

Parker shook his head, "please ignore the insane blonde and answer the question."

"Well I think I'm different in more ways than that," Yasmin muttered.

"Explain," Parker said.

"Well I grew up differently, plus I can probably get away with the stuff he's done," Yasmin said.

James shook his head, "great, thanks Yassy."

Yasmin grinned, "oh and I have nice hair."

"Uh yes. I hear that you have an obsession with death," Parker said.

"Well I liked the idea of killing but I don't now, but seeing dead bodies is cool," Yasmin said.

"I see. I find it strange that a clone of James, who is technically three or four years old, is obsessed with seeing dead bodies and wanted to kill people herself. I mean according to his wife when he was four he was shy, not violent, friendly and not a bully. Very strange indeed," Parker said. He turned to Yasmin, "you may sit down."

"Fine, annoying b***ard," Yasmin muttered under her breath. She headed back to her seat.

The judge used his hammer, "the court is in recess until tomorrow morning. We will continue then."

The audience started to clear the room, James was guided away by security to another door.

Naomi was just leaving when she caught sight of Kevin, she rushed over to him. "Hiya, I haven't seen you in ages."

"Hey Naomi, so..." Kevin said.

"Do you want to go out sometime?" Naomi butted in.

Kevin grinned, "sure."

August 2364
Susy opened up one of the bedroom doors, she walked straight inside. She looked confused as she glanced at James, he had a computer in front of him as he lay on the bed.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

James glanced at her, "talking to someone on instant messenger."

Susy frowned, "who?"

"Who do you think?" James snapped, he turned back to the computer.

Susy groaned, she made her way over to him. She stood on the opposite side of the computer. "I think it's time you move on, you live here now."

"Shh, I'm talking," James said.

Susy rolled her eyes, "don't give me that. You'll never get over that girl and your old life if you continue talking to her."

"Did I say I wanted to get over anything?" James muttered.

"Look you're ill, you should talk to her later," Susy said.

James looked confused, "do you even know you're saying these words?"

"I don't want you talking to her, ok!" Susy snapped.

"Well I didn't want to come here but I had to anyway," James said.

"Fine," Susy grumbled. She grabbed the computer off the bed, and dropped it onto the ground. "Now that you're done with that, I need your help with something down stairs."

James stared at her, "you're crazy."

"Well it must run in the family, now I want you downstairs in five minutes," Susy said.

James climbed off the bed, he knelt down next to the computer. "Thanks, it's broken."

"Well that was the point," Susy muttered.

James stood back up, he was shaking a little as he did. "You do realise that I have no way of talking to her now?"

"I told you, it's for your own good," Susy said. She then noticed he was shaking slightly, "wait, are you ok?"

"You know I hate a lot of people, but I've never hated any of them as much as I..." He then collapsed onto the ground, he managed to hit his head off the side of the wardrobe on the way down.

"Oh crap," Susy stuttered.

March 2380:
The doors to the brig opened up, Gul Palain and Gal Satai walked through them. Gul Palain glanced at the guard, "can we be alone please?"

"No sorry sir," the guard replied.

"Fine," Palain grumbled. Satai remained near the door while Palain walked over to the forcefield.

James noticed his new visitors, he stood up and walked over to the forcefield. "What do you want?"

"I just wanted to be a little closer to the freak who murdered my friends," Palain grumbled.

"It's only murder if I meant to do it, it was an accident," James said.

Satai shook her head, "nobody would hit that hard just to hurt somebody."

"You're wrong, I'm not the only human that's had this problem," James said.

"Really?" Palain said, looking amused.

"Stuff like this happens a lot," James said.

"I'm sure," Palain muttered. "I still don't know how you did it."

"Do your research Palain, I'm a Slayer," James said.

"Right, that's just some fairytale Starfleet told us to trick us into this stupid trial," Satai said.

"Right, fairytales involve vampires, people with extra strength and telepathy, weird cubes coming from the sky and very evil shapeshifters," James commented.

Satai shrugged, "well humans like to make up silly stuff like that."

"Are you seriously telling me that you've never had a Game Cube attack?" James questioned.

"No," Palain replied.

"Not even on one of your colonies?" James asked.

"Game Cubes are not real," Satai muttered.

"Wow you people are so annoying that the Softmicron don't even want to go near you, that's funny," James commented.

Palain growled, "no it's not funny, do you see me laughing?"

James rolled his eyes, "no, do I want to?"

"You will though, when the security guards start dragging your sorry human arse to one of our worst prisons," Palain muttered.

"Your prisons?" James muttered.

Satai smiled, "nobody told you I take it. If we win the case, Starfleet will hand over custody to us for punishment."

"Where are your sarcastic jokes now, hmm?" Palain sniggered. He and Satai walked out of the brig, they passed Kathryn as they went though the doors.

"Ensign, you're dismissed," Kathryn said. The guard nodded his head, he followed the Cardassians out of the room. "What were they doing here?"

"I think they were trying to intimidate me," James replied.

"Ah, they do that a little too well sometimes. Did they succeed?" Kathryn asked.

"Eventually yeah, will I be going to a Cardassian prison?" James replied.

Kathryn sighed, "I don't know what will happen."

"Can you find out?" James asked.

Kathryn frowned, "I suppose I could try but I wouldn't worry about losing the case."

"That's easy for you to say," James said.

"How can this be easy for me? You're not going to lose this ok," Kathryn snapped.

"Why do I get the feeling you already know?" James muttered.

Kathryn sighed, "damn telepathy."

James just raised his eyebrow, "I didn't need telepathy."

"Well it won't be that bad," Kathryn sighed. "You're strong enough to survive those prisons. A Cardassian prison should be easy for you."

"I would prefer it if I didn't have to go to any prison, I have other people to think about," James said. "I know I'll have to go anyway and I'd accept that, but a Cardassian one is the only type I'd be willing to escape from and die trying."

"I don't understand," Kathryn said.

"I still think that Palain and his buddies where the ones who murdered Susy," James said.

"Oh," Kathryn said.

"I know, she wasn't my real mum but she seemed that way when it happened. I hated her for what she did to me, but everything she did was to help me not her," James mumbled.

Kathryn frowned as she folded her arms. "Why are you telling me this?"

"I dunno, I probably took it so hard cos I treated her so badly. At least a Cardassian prison sentence couldn't be given to a more deserving person," James muttered. He then glanced at Kathryn, she looked uncomfortable. "My god I knew this when I was younger, and I'm doing it again to you."

Kathryn smiled weakly, "you really shouldn't worry about that."

"I am now. I regretted treating Susy so badly and not getting a chance to apologise before she died. Here I am ten years later doing the exact same thing to you, insulting you, ranting at you, and hurting you," James said.

"It's not that bad, we've had some friendly incidents," Kathryn said.

"Ok, name one where I didn't finish the conversation with an insult or something," James said.

March 2372 (eight years ago)
New Earth:
Kathryn headed towards the lake, she sighed as she looked around the area. She then spotted James sitting on the grass not far from the lake itself.

"It's beautiful isn't it?" Kathryn said.

James glanced up at her, "huh what?"

"I said it's beautiful," Kathryn smiled.

"Yeah, I guess," James mumbled.

"How's your head?" Kathryn asked carefully, she sat down next to him.

"It's been through worse," James replied.

"I'm not relieved to hear that," Kathryn said. "What happened?"

"Oh I had a fight with my mum," James replied. Kathryn's eyes widened. "No just an argument."

"Oh good," Kathryn sighed in relief.

"That was round about the time of my second hunger strike, don't ask," James said.

Kathryn looked uneasy, "I won't."

"Anyway I collapsed in the wrong place, the wardrobe was in the way," James said.

"Oh that's not good," Kathryn muttered.

"Yeah it's not. They got me to the hospital. Luckily I have a tough head," James said.

"I see," Kathryn said.

"Like I said, the head's been through worse," James said.

Kathryn nodded her head. "Look I've been thinking, you know about our current situation. It was wrong of me to interfere in your personal life and..."

"Well I've been think about it too. I guess Jessie and I took it too seriously. My mum always interfered with us, despite us just being friends then. I thought that I was at an age where I'm not supposed to be overprotected," James said. He smiled, "god if my mum were here and it was her that saw me instead of you, she'd be mad as hell."

"Maybe a little," Kathryn smiled. "She'd probably be upset because she'd know now that her son isn't a child anymore, despite his behaviour sometimes." He glanced at her with a raised eyebrow. "But later she'd probably accept it, be happy that he is happy now, and a little proud that he didn't rush into it like a lot of young people."

"You think so?" James said.

Kathryn nodded her head, "trust me, I'm sure of it."

Meanwhile, a coffee shop in San Francisco:
"What do you think will happen?" Lena asked, folding her arms on a table.

"I dunno, this is my first trial so I don't know if it's going good or not," Daniel replied.

"Well I don't know either," Lena said.

A waitress walked over to their table, she put two cups of coffee in front of them.

"What would your mum think if she knew you were with a guy at a coffee place?" Daniel questioned.

"She'd probably go nuts. It would be best if nobody knew about this for now," Lena replied.

A shadow came over the table, they both looked up at the source. "Well aren't we a little cosy?" Craig muttered.

"What are you doing here?" Lena groaned.

"It's a public place, you know," Craig replied.

Daniel looked uncomfortable, "oh my god you guys, we're just having coffee."

"Yeah but why with you, this is very sudden," Craig said.

"Quicker than you and Zare getting together, nah that's not possible," Lena commented.

"Oh so this is what this is about," Craig said. "You're trying to get me back for going with Zare."

Lena laughed, "oh you're so full of yourself, aren't you? I'm not as petty as you, you know."

"What's that supposed to mean?" Craig asked. Daniel rolled his eyes.

"You should know what I mean. You and Zare are together because you're just so meant for each other," Lena said sarcastically.

Craig raised his eyebrow, "fine Lena, I'm getting a little old for these kind of games. I'll leave you to it." He walked out of the cafe.

"Wow that could have been awkward," Daniel muttered.

Later that night, Indiana:
Gretchen watched as everyone else came into the living room. "Not going so well I take it?" she said.

"Well it could be better," Jessie muttered.

"Oh well, would any of you like a drink?" Gretchen asked.

"Coffee," Yasmin and Phoebe said in unison.

Gretchen nodded, "Lena, Chakotay?" Lena shook her head.

"I'll have a tea, if you don't mind," Chakotay replied.

Gretchen glanced at Jessie, "coffee?"

"Uh, yeah please, just don't give any coffee to the kids. Last time Duncan stole James' coffee, he was awake for three days," Jessie replied as she sat down.

Gretchen smiled, "it's ok I wouldn't, they're both asleep anyway."

"What time is it?" Lena asked.

"Nine," Gretchen replied.

Lena sighed, "oh thank god, I figured it was really late."

"Actually I'd better not have a coffee, I'd rather be awake just in case I get interviewed again," Jessie said.

Chakotay nodded his head, "good idea."

"Where is Kathryn anyway?" Gretchen asked.

"She went to see James, it's typical that only she is allowed right now," Jessie replied.

"That's a recipe for disaster," Lena commented.

The next day:
The court was in session again, well kind of, everyone was waiting around. The judge was asleep, of course the trial couldn't really start with him asleep.

"This is why judges should retire earlier," Chakotay muttered.

"Meh, let's just start without him," Parker said. He started to stand up.

"No Parker it's my turn," Chakotay blurted out. He rushed out of his seat, Parker pouted and he sat down. "I have tried to prove my clients innocence or whatever you call it to the best of my ability. I have tried to prove that he is not a danger to society and shouldn't be locked up in prison, by just getting people who know him and are related to him to testify. I believe it's time to finish this once and for all, I'd like to call to the stand Mr Ligod Geenewell."

Ligod's eyes lit up, "oh goodie, I love interviews." He stood up and headed over to the witness box.

"What is he doing?" James muttered.

Chakotay glanced at him, "I am bringing out the big guns." He turned to Ligod. "Now Mr Geenewell, what is a Games Slayer?"

"A Games Slayer is a person who is either born with abnormal strength, or trains to be strong, to fight the anomaly known as Game Cubes," Ligod replied.

"I see, now what is a Game Cube?" Chakotay asked.

"In layman's terms it is a large cube that lands on cities and colonies. It is a weapon created by one of the most dangerous species in the galaxy. The cubes all have a basic function. They land on a city, transport everyone who was in the area inside it and it plays out a virtual reality game. If the people inside wins, the game leaves and everything is fine. If they lose, it kills the people inside it and destroys the area it landed on," Ligod replied.

"Ok, now explain to me what an Evil Slayer is," Chakotay said.

Ligod sighed, "that is a complicated topic and I will try to explain it the best I can. Every Slayer gets their strength from 'evil' inside them, and they all train to keep it inside them. However when a Slayer isn't properly trained, the evil can be let out if something traumatic happens like a death of a family member. When that happens the Slayer gets stronger and feels the need for vengeance. If he or she kills they lose control completely."

"So is this what happened to James?" Chakotay asked.

"We think so, no watchers were around to train him you see. The death of his mother, or who he thought was anyway, made him seek vengeance," Ligod replied.

"But he said before that he just wanted to hurt them, and he did accidentally kill two of the Cardassians. Can you explain this?" Chakotay questioned.

"Yes I can. Part of him must have had doubts that they were responsible, or it's possible he felt partially guilty himself. He wasn't entirely angry at them to kill them, and a Slayer can only turn fully evil if he kills who he wants vengeance on. Besides he was injured himself and unconscious for a day, that helps calm him down," Ligod replied.

Parker stood up, "that's interesting. How did he get injured?"

"Isn't it obvious," Palain sneered.

"Oh please," James muttered. Palain glared at him.

"I do not know how he got injured, that is irrelevant anyway," Ligod replied.

"I see but he has killed and been violent when he wasn't evil. Explain that," Parker said.

"Mr Stuart is an unique Slayer, he was not trained at all so it's pretty obvious why he'd have a bad temper. It's probably a constant battle between good and evil," Ligod said.

"Well can he be trained to not be like that?" Parker asked.

"Not at this age no," Ligod replied.

"Then wouldn't it be a good idea to keep him restrained before something like this happens again?" Parker questioned.

"I believe I was questioning him, Parker," Chakotay grumbled.

"That's fine, I don't think I need the answer anyway," Parker said, he smiled as he sat back down.

Chakotay sighed, "Ligod, you can sit back down." Ligod did as he was told. "Now I'd like Wesley to come to the stand."

Wesley made his way over to the witness box, "can I just say something first?"

"Yes if you wish," Chakotay replied.

"Mr Ligod is technically a fired watcher considering that he sent one Natural to his death and a lot of Trainees, and almost caused the deaths of James and several innocents on two occasions," Wesley said.

"Your point?" Parker muttered.

"My point is he doesn't know what he's talking about sometimes," Wesley said.

"I see, what did he get wrong?" Parker asked.

Chakotay cleared his throat, "Mr Parker, you will get your turn." Parker rolled his eyes. "Ok Wesley, what else can you tell me about Slayers or James himself that is relevant to this trial?"

Wesley sighed, "well it is the council's fault that James wasn't trained. They should have been aware of him and tried to get to him when he was a lot younger. If they had of done this he wouldn't have turned evil and he probably wouldn't be disobedient."

"So the incident at the Trafford wouldn't have happened?" Chakotay questioned.

"Exactly," Wesley replied.

Parker stood back up, "the man is still very violent when not evil, are these 'watchers' to be blamed for that too?"

"Slayers are meant to be short tempered by nature anyway. All the watchers do is train them to be a little more in control, tell them what not to do for their own good and send them out on missions," Wesley replied.

"You didn't answer my question," Parker said.

"In a way yes we are responsible. If we hadn't of left him out by accident, most of the things he gets angry about would have been avoided too," Wesley said.

"What does that mean?" Chakotay asked.

"Even though Slayers are trained so they don't turn evil, they are all told not to get involved with people just in case. Mr Stuart did and well that did not help matters," Wesley replied.

"Right I'm not the only one, but I'm the only one who gets told off for it," James said.

Lena and Zare glared in his direction, Kevin didn't notice as he was too busy winking at Nikki.

"Yes but the others are trained, you are not. The others were careful and have obviously not gotten too intimate with whoever they went out with," Ligod pointed out.

Some of the guys glanced at Kevin smirking. "Hey, hey, the Slayer thing is my only reason."

"Ah so as long as Mr Stuart stays with this wife of his, he will remain a potential threat no matter what you do," Parker said.

"No, he is a bigger threat if she dies or something. You are not listening," Ligod snapped.

Jessie looked rather annoyed, "would anyone mind if I turned evil?"

"Oh yes she can turn 'evil' too, that's interesting," Parker said.

"Ok let's sort this out right now," James muttered as he stood up. "Unless you plan on breaking the time directive or whatever it's called by changing the past, there's nothing any of you can do about Jessie and I now. I have been training to stop myself turning evil and I think I can control it now."

"Right but we don't need a time machine, you just have to do the right thing and be single again. Slayers aren't supposed to be involved let alone have a wife and children," Wesley said.

"I told you there is nothing anybody can do about this now. If I leave her it'll just get worse, putting it mildly. If something happens to her if I'm with her or not, it's going to be the same result," James said.

Parker smiled, "so you don't think you have control then?"

James rolled his eyes, "for crying out loud, I didn't say that."

The judge woke up suddenly, "no don't take my goldfish!" Everyone stared at him. "Oh I'm sorry, I must have dozed off for a second. Trial continue."

"It already has your honour," Parker said.

Chakotay sighed, "my client is right Parker. He has been training and that's all he can do for now. I checked the logs and he hasn't been as bad tempered since the training. Putting him in jail with lots of Cardassians who will only tempt him will make everything worse." He turned to the judge. "Your honour he has a family who do need him, and without them I am sure he may lose his control and attack the other inmates. If he has his freedom, he will probably continue to train and won't be a threat. This isn't about punishing him for mistakes in the past remember, it was about doing what's best for everyone's safety."

The judge nodded his head, "I agree Commander."

"If you don't mind your honour, I'd like to bring out a few more 'witnesses'?" Parker muttered.

Chakotay shrugged, "go right ahead, you're only wasting your time." He sat back down.

"Such arrogance. I'd like to call to the stand, Mr Anderson," Parker said.

Craig swallowed hard, "oh crap." He headed for the witness box.

"Now you've been Mr Stuart's partner in Security for a while, haven't you?" Parker questioned.

"Yes that's right," Craig replied.

"Didn't you think that somebody so violent should be in another job?" Parker asked.

"Not really, he's good at what he does," Craig replied.

"Didn't he give you a hard time or anything?" Parker asked.

Craig looked worried, "kinda yeah, but some guys are like that with other guys. I did the same to him after all."

"Yes but you went out with his half sister, surely that didn't make him treat you any worse?" Parker questioned.

"Look if it was the other way round and he was dating my stepsister, I'd be the same way," Craig replied.

Triah meanwhile pulled a face, "oh god no, I wouldn't date him. Slayer's are messy."

"I see," Parker muttered.

"I know why you're questioning me though. I'm somebody who he doesn't like, I know that. So you think I'll do everything I can to get rid of him, well you're wrong. He and I used to be friends and I wouldn't do that to him. I do like him, I just didn't like the fact that he and Lena were closer than I was to her before they knew the truth. Plus I agreed with what Chakotay was saying before," Craig said.

Parker sighed, "very well Anderson, you may sit down." Craig sat down looking rather proud of himself. "Now can I question Mr Kim?"

Harry sat down in the witness box, "ok can I just say kinda ditto and sit back down?"

"No," Parker muttered. "You and Mr Stuart used to be roommates, right?"

"For a brief time yeah," Harry replied.

"I hear you and him didn't get along during that time," Parker said.

"He and I are very different people. It was a little like sharing quarters with Tom, except James wouldn't hide porn under my pillow and try to chat up strange girls at my doorway," Harry said.

B'Elanna glared at Tom, he was turning slightly pale. She elbowed him hard in the ribs, "pervert."

"What I was different back then and single," Tom moaned.

"You and him had a physical fight, didn't you?" Parker questioned.

"Well yeah but I did start it kind of, I was trying to annoy him and that wasn't like me at all," Harry replied.

"You two must have passed the time with some interesting conversations, Mr Kim. Anything worth mentioning?" Parker questioned.

Harry furrowed his brow as he started to think back.

January 2372 (eight years previously)
Voyager, Harry's Quarters:
"James can you be quiet about that," Harry muttered as he climbed into his bed.

"What, you wanted a story," James said innocently, he leaned on the wall.

"Yeah cos I couldn't sleep, you telling me about people getting cut into bits doesn't help," Harry grumbled.

James tried not to laugh, "right sorry."

"I could have nightmares you know, I don't want ones like yours," Harry said.

James shrugged, "well it would make a change from your childhood dreams and dreams about you coming onto Libby."

"What, oh for god's sake, I do not sleep talk, ok!" Harry snapped.

"Harry, I'm the first person who's shared a room with you, right?" James said.

Harry shook his head, "no, in the Academy I shared quarters with a guy who never slept. As a matter of fact he was called James as well."

"Did he not sleep because he was worried that he'd find you in his bed with him in the morning?" James asked.

"What, no. Where are you getting that from?" Harry grumbled.

"Oh nothing," James replied.

March 2380:
"I don't think that was important," Parker sniggered.

Harry blushed, "well no but he was lying about that."

"I'm sure, you can sit down," Parker said.

Harry wasn't a happy chappie as he headed for his seat.

The judge used his hammer, "ok I'm falling asleep again, we'll finish up tomorrow."

Later that day:
Jessie sighed, "what are you talking about, it looks like you're winning."

"Yeah dad totally outwitted Parker," Lena said.

"I guess so but Parker's got a long time to think of a comeback," James said.

Kathryn shook her head, "you've got to stop thinking so negative. Chakotay had a good point, the trial is all about whether it's safe for you to remain free. He'll have to keep thinking about that and we'll still win no matter what Parker says."

"Yeah I suppose," James said.

"Look it's going to be ok, you'll be out of here soon enough," Jessie said.

"Mum, did anyone ever find out who killed Susy?" Lena asked.

Kathryn shook her head, "no, it was a complete mystery. They didn't recognise the DNA on the body, and it was like the murderer just disappeared."

"In other words it could have been anyone that's not a member of the Federation," Lena said.

"Yes that's right, what are you getting at?" Kathryn asked.

"Well as a backup we can get proof of who did it, we solve mysteries involving murders all the time right? If it's the Cardassians we can mention that anyway," Lena replied.

"Didn't the DNA indicate what species this guy was?" James questioned.

"I don't know, I only asked around and that's all I got," Kathryn replied.

"Wait a minute, it's easy to solve a mystery that's days or weeks old," Jessie said.

"Obviously you have never worked with Craig before," James muttered.

Jessie rolled her eyes, "not really no, but that's not my point. What I mean is this mystery is ten years old, we can't examine the body as it'll be rotting by now."

Lena shuddered, "thanks Jess."

"Oh sorry," Jessie said. "Her body won't be any use to us, and they spent ages on the mystery and they didn't find anything."

"Oooh I know, let's resurrect her like we did with Jessie," Yasmin's eyes lit up. Everyone stared at her. "What?"

"We need somebody evil who hasn't done the ritual before," Lena muttered.

"And a sacrifice," James said.

Yasmin's face dropped, "oh."

Kathryn sighed, "Jessie's right, this isn't going to be easy and we haven't got weeks or even days to solve it. We can't solve this in one night."

"Perhaps we can," Chakotay said from the doorway. Everyone looked over at him, he had a younger woman standing beside him.

"Chakotay, what do you have in mind?" Kathryn questioned.

Chakotay glanced at the woman beside her, "everyone this is my sister, Taiya. Taiya, this is my ex-wife Kathryn, my daughter Lena, Kathryn's daughter Yasmin, and her son James, oh and that's his wife Jessie."

"Wait, did you just say I was James' mum?" Yasmin asked.

Chakotay groaned, "Yasmin, shut up."

Taiya laughed, "it's nice to meet you all."

"Taiya has a plan that'll help the case. We already have the judge on our side, and we've convinced everyone that the watchers lack of responsibility made James turn evil. But we still need to convince the jury that James was not responsible," Chakotay said.

"I don't understand," Kathryn muttered.

Taiya stepped forward, "I have a way of seeing into the past without actually affecting the timeline. We can see who murdered Susy for ourselves."

"You're not making this up right?" James said.

Taiya shook her head, "no. Chakotay told me about this whole thing and it occurred to me that it may help the case if we expose the murderer. He or she or they will be punished instead I'd imagine. The watchers may get a telling off for not training you."

"How is this possible?" Lena asked.

"Well it's a combination of a vision quest and a spell," Taiya replied. Everyone stared blankly at her. "The vision quest will be the part that'll help who ever sees the incident be invisible. The spell will take the person back in time."

"Are you certain it won't pollute the timeline?" Kathryn asked.

"Very certain," Taiya replied.

"Oh well, let's get started then," James said.

Everyone stared at him instead. "You've got to be crazy?" Jessie grumbled. "For one thing when Tuvok helped you see what your dad did to you it freaked you out completely. Seeing your mum get killed won't be any better."

"She's right, get one of us to do it," Kathryn said.

"Actually can I interrupt?" Taiya interrupted "Somebody who was actually at the scene has to do it, and it would help if whoever did it could share what they saw telepathically. As I can see, James is the only one who can do it."

"Can I just pretend I was there?" Lena asked.

"It doesn't work that way. I need the exact position of the murder, exact time," Taiya replied.

"Well he can tell me," Lena said.

"You don't understand, the spell won't work since you were not at the scene. You have never even been to that place," Taiya said.

"Hang on, will James turn evil again if he sees this?" Kathryn asked.

"No he shouldn't. I heard he's been controlling it, once he realises it's not really real, he'll snap out of it as soon as the spell's finished if he does," Taiya replied.

"I dunno, I don't think this is a good idea," Jessie muttered.

"Guys, this will work. All James has to do afterwards is get a Vulcan or a Betazoid that's neutral in all this to share the memories of it. They can testify to the court," Chakotay said.

"It would be a lot harder if the one who does this wasn't telepathic really," Taiya said.

"So what else do you need?" James asked.

Taiya glanced at Chakotay, "just information, you can give that to me when we do this."

"When is this going to happen?" Kathryn asked carefully.

"We can do this now. But I'd appreciate it if there wasn't a crowd," Taiya replied.

Chakotay nodded, "that's a good idea, me, Taiya and James only."

"Um, you missed my name out," Jessie said.

"I meant to. It's obvious why James and Taiya have to stay, and I'm staying just in case Taiya needs any help," Chakotay said.

Jessie groaned, "this is typical."

"Come on, let's go," Lena said.

"When should we come back?" Kathryn asked.

"We'll contact you," Chakotay replied. Kathryn, Lena, Jessie and Yasmin headed out.

A little while later:
Taiya was now behind the forcefield with James, with the usual Indian stuff. Chakotay was standing behind the forcefield looking rather tense.

"I don't see why the field is necessary," Taiya muttered.

"It's a precaution. James only thinks he's trained himself to calm down," Chakotay said.

"I know where you're going with this. I was able to turn evil because mum was singing, get through a forcefield and help the others escape those clones. Afterwards I turned back because she had stopped," James said.

"Ok but turning evil over bad singing, she can't be that bad now," Chakotay commented.

Taiya looked amused, "she must be. Chakotay I heard you at the trial, what's up with you?"

"Well you're in the forcefield with him and it's kind of worrying," Chakotay replied.

"Well let's hope there's no security cameras in here that Parker can watch," James commented.

Chakotay looked around the room, "no I think we're ok."

"If you're worried about my well being, lower the forcefield," Taiya said.

Chakotay sighed, "fine." He pressed a button on the station.

"Ok so I've got all the information I need, let's begin," Taiya said, she knelt down. She looked up at James who looked rather tense too. "Ok whenever you're ready, I can wait as long as you need."

"No," James shook his head. "I'd rather get it over with."

"Right, just kneel down in front of me," Taiya said.

James did as he was told. "Ok, what do I have to do?"

"Just put your hand on the Akoonah, and close your eyes. I'll do the rest," Taiya replied.

James laughed quietly as he put his hand on the Akoonah, "hakuna matata."

Taiya groaned, "Chakotay warned me about that."

"Sorry," James said.

"Ok close your eyes and we'll begin," Taiya sighed. She closed her own eyes, "ah koo chee moya, we are far from the sacred places of our grandfathers. We are far from the bones of our people. But perhaps there is a powerful being who will give us the answers we seek. I need your other hand now." James took a hold of her left hand.

"Aiena, aseena, mareena, please take us back to 2369, the twelve month on the eighteenth day, eight pm. Lasaina, maheia, take us to the Trafford Centre, above ground and around the centre fountain."

Chakotay raised an eyebrow, "great spell."

"And please shut up my brother," Taiya muttered, smiling evilly. "Ah koo chee moya, embrace the spell and allow us to see, but not to be seen, heard or touched."

December 2369:
James appeared nearby the fountain, he looked around. "It worked," he said to himself. He tried to touch the nearby banister but his hand went straight through it, "yep it really worked." He pulled a face, "why am I talking to myself?"

He then caught sight of Susy walking out of the girls toilets nearby. She stopped to look inside the only carrier bag she had. She rummaged through the bag but decided to continue walking.

A man dressed in black clothes and a hat covering parts of his face, came up behind her, he put his arm around her neck. She screamed as he did, he brought out a knife and slit her throat with it. She fell to the ground after dropping her bag. James didn't react straight away, he just stared in shock.

The man then looked around, and ran towards the escalator. Several people started coming around the corner, a lot of them gathered around to see what was going on. The Cardassians did the same not long later. James tried to get passed them all, "wait, I can't touch them." He walked through everyone, and headed towards the banister.

Looking over to the ground floor he saw the dark man just walking like everyone else. He then rushed over to the escalator and ran down. He kept running until he caught up. The man glanced briefly to his left and that's when James saw his face.

March 2380:
James opened his eyes, "oh god."

"What, who is it?" Taiya asked.

He slowly stood up, "guys, I'm sorry but..." He pushed Taiya to the floor.

"What the hell are you doing?" Chakotay snapped as he headed over. James easily knocked him down too.

"I said I'm sorry ok," he said to them both. Then he ran out of the room.

Meanwhile, the coffee shop:
"I really should be there for him," Jessie said.

"It's ok, there's nothing you can do," Kathryn said.

In: "Paris to Janeway."

Kathryn tapped her commbadge, "what is it?"

In: "James escaped confinement, we don't know where he is."

Kathryn quickly downed her coffee, "what!?"

"He said he's escaped and they can't find him, god," Yasmin muttered.

Kathryn stared blankly at her, "I heard that."

"I have an idea. Look for any human lifesigns that do not have the usual commbadge signature," Lena said.

In: "Good idea."

"Yeah, how come we've never used that before?" Jessie questioned.

"Cos I just thought of it," Lena replied.

In: "We have his position. He's in the quarters area, he's in a hurry so he must be looking for someone."

"He probably knows who did the murder and is looking for them," Jessie said.

Kathryn and Lena turned pale. "Oh god, if I know him as well as I think I do," Lena stuttered.

Kathryn nodded, "yes, but that's not going to help him win this case, quite the opposite." Three of the girls got up and hurried out of the cafe. Yasmin looked confused, she finished off Lena and Jessie's coffee and followed them.

Quarters area:
Daniel was walking down the corridor, he passed the two Cardassians.

In: "Paris to all guests. Be advised there is a prisoner on the loose, if you see him try and avoid him, unless you have a phaser on stun."

Daniel raised his eyebrow, "right, that's not going to help any court cases."

The Cardassians stopped nearby him. "Oh that's good, we'll be seeing him in jail after all," Palain sneered.

Daniel turned around, "oh my god, you two need a life stat."

"We're needing it more than you think," Satai commented, glancing at something behind Daniel.

"What, what is it?" Daniel asked, he turned around. "Oh that makes sense."

James was now nearby them just staring, looking rather angry too.

"Oh great not again," Palain grumbled.

"You killed her, you killed my stepmother," James muttered.

"No I didn't," all three said unison. They all glanced at each other afterwards looking more confused.

James walked closer to the group, "she didn't do anything wrong, but you still slashed her throat."

"Well this obviously has nothing to do with me," Daniel said. The other two nodded in agreement.

James narrowed his eyes, he grabbed a hold of Daniel by the neck and pushed him into the wall. "Why did you do it!?"

Daniel struggled in his group, "I don't know what you are talking about."

The two Cardassians seemed rather shocked. "Well I wasn't expecting that," Palain muttered.

Daniel was pulled a little away from the wall and then pushed back into it harder than before. "You were all dressed up in black and hid your face, you were planning this. Why would a watcher kill my stepmother!" James yelled at Daniel.

"I don't know, I really don't," Daniel muttered.

Lena, Jessie, Kathryn and Yasmin appeared on the scene. Yasmin's eyes lit up, "oh cool." Lena slapped her across the back of the head.

"James, what are you doing?" Jessie asked.

"It was Daniel, he killed her," James replied.

"I didn't," Daniel said.

Lena walked closer to the scene, "calm down James, Daniel wasn't Daniel back then. He was Ronnie, if he did it he won't remember it."

"I never thought about that," Daniel muttered.

James slowly let go of him, Daniel got away from him as quickly as he could.

"That's good, let's just calm down ok," Kathryn said.

"He didn't even give her a chance to fight back, he just slit her throat," James muttered.

Jessie walked over to him, "it's ok, it was a long time ago." She put her arms around him, they hugged each other.

"Well we've got a problem. Everyone will know about this, the trial is screwed," Kathryn said.

Lena glanced at her, "not really. Ronnie is a watcher, if it was planned there must be a reason right?"

"How would we find out, I mean Daniel doesn't remember anything," Kathryn said.

Jessie pulled away from James, "wait. Ian said a while ago that there was a watcher type guy, you know who visited James when he was in the hospital afterwards."

"He probably thought it was one," Kathryn said.

"Either way he had knowledge of Evil Slayers and he knew about the murder, maybe he knows something else," Jessie said.

Later, Conference Room 1:
Chakotay nursed a sore arm as everyone looked on. "There was still no need to push us."

"We should have guessed that he'd react like that," Kathryn sighed.

"That doesn't matter now. We could look for that watcher type guy and get him to tell us everything he knows," Lena said.

"Yes but how do we find him?" Danny asked.

Ian shrugged, "I remember what he looks like, he might have a file somewhere."

Chakotay moved a computer towards him, "be my guest."

"James did join a weird gym back in Manchester, he thinks now that it was a Slayer gym," Jessie said. Everyone looked over at her. "Supposedly Ian's little sister helped him join, and the guy in charge seemed a bit watcher like."

"Ok what if he's just as clueless about this as we are? Wesley and Ligod said that nobody knew about James back then," Kathryn questioned.

"Well that's a lie, Ronnie did and how would he know more than the guys who always know who the Chosens are?" Lena replied.

"Just because he killed James' stepmother, doesn't mean that he knew about him. It was a random killing, right?" Kathryn said.

"It seems awfully convenient," Lena said.

"It seems awfully stupid more like. Why would a watcher intentionally kill a family member of a Slayer with no training?" Jessie pointed out.

"You were the one that brought this up," Lena muttered.

"I know but I just suggested that he may know more about it," Jessie said.

"Watchers don't tend to just kill random people anyway," Lena said. "It had to be planned out, there must have been a reason."

Daniel looked up at everyone, "I feel awful, I wish I could help out here."

Lena glanced at him, "it's ok, we'll figure it out."

"Yeah but what do we tell the court either way? They may lock him up," Jessie said.

"Not if he doesn't remember it. People get locked up to get punished so how can they punish him if he doesn't remember it?" Lena said.

"I found him," Ian blurted out. Jessie leaned over to see the file.

"Yeah that's him," she said.

"Where is he?" Lena asked.

Ian pressed a few buttons, "oh my god."

"What?" Lena questioned

"I knew I recognised that guy. He's a regular at our new club, why didn't I notice that before?" Ian replied.

"This guy is a regular at our club?" Danny muttered.

"You have a club?" Jessie questioned.

"Yeah on the Newcastle Quayside," Danny replied.

Kathryn sighed, "well that's nice but does he live in the area?"

"Yeah but he usually comes by this time at night. We should get there now," Ian replied.

"Ok, Lena and I will go with them two to the club," Jessie said, taking command.

"Jessie, you're not in charge you know," Kathryn grumbled.

Jessie used her strong scary glare on her, "well I'm going, you can't stop that."

Kathryn sighed, "ok, Lena, Jessie and Daniel, you go with Danny and Ian."

"Why me?" Daniel asked.

"You wanted to help didn't you, now's your chance," Kathryn replied.

Yasmin pouted, "I want to go."

Kathryn groaned, "fine."

Newcastle Quayside:
The awayteam walked inside a busy club, dance music was of course blasting.

"Can you see him anywhere!?" Jessie asked.

Ian looked around, "yeah I see him!" He lead the way to the bar, where a middle aged man was sitting. "Excuse me?"

The guy turned to the group, "yes can I help you?"

"Can we talk?" Danny asked.

"No, not until later," the man replied.

Lena grabbed a hold of his arm tightly, "how's this for later?" She dragged him out his chair and headed into a backroom. The others followed her.

Once they were in a quieter room Lena let go of the man. "Ok I haven't done anything wrong, do you always treat your customers like this?"

"What do you know about Slayers, watcher guy?" Lena asked.

The man pretended to look confused, "what do you mean?"

"Don't give me that, I am telepathic and I can hear you," Lena grumbled.

"You don't need telepathy Lena," Jessie muttered.

"No I don't," Lena said. She grabbed a hold of the guy by the front of his shirt. "Now tell me what you know."

The guy laughed, "listen young lady, I really do have no idea what you are on about."

"Really?" Lena said, she pushed the guy onto the table and leaned over him.

"Careful, that's a new table," Danny muttered.

"Listen I am not in the mood. My brother is going to go to jail if you don't stop playing these games," Lena snapped.

"You want to know about Slayers?" the man asked.

"Well yeah kind of, you owned your own gym for them didn't you?" Lena replied.

"Excuse me?" the man laughed.

"Lena, let me do this," Jessie said.

Lena glanced back at her, "no offense Jess, but I think I can hurt him more."

Jessie rolled her eyes, "why does everyone assume that I'm soft, let me handle this."

"In a minute," Lena muttered. She turned back to the man. "You trained a guy called James Taylor, remember him?"

"I knew a guy called that yes, but I didn't train anybody," the man muttered.

"That's bull, I saw you in that gym when James took me there once," Jessie said.

"Well you're obviously mistaken," the man muttered.

"My god, you can't lie very well. Just give it up and tell us," Daniel said as he went closer to Lena.

The man looked shocked when he saw Daniel, "Ron?"

"Ah see, you know me," Daniel said.

"I didn't think you were working for Ronnie," the man said.

Lena laughed, "no we're not working for him, and it's Daniel now."

"You're obviously a Slayer, Chosen right?" the man questioned.

"Right I already knew that, so tell me something I don't know," Lena grumbled.

"Your brother, he's going to jail?" the man said.

"That's right, you were at the hospital when he was there after the incident ten years ago," Lena said.

"He was a student, I had to visit him. Is that what this is about?" the man mumbled.

"I don't get it, why did you lie to us earlier?" Jessie asked.

"The gym was supposed to be confidential. Only members were supposed to know about it," the man replied.

"Yeah but the Slayer thing is out in the open now. Why hide it?" Jessie questioned.

"You don't understand, you never did," the man replied.

"Maybe if you explain it to us," Lena said.

The man sighed, "I'm sorry James is getting locked up for the accident, but threatening me is not going to do anything."

"We know that Ronnie murdered his stepmother," Jessie said.

The man turned pale, "what... you? You did Ron? Bad, bad."

Daniel rolled his eyes, "for crying out loud."

"Let me take over," Jessie said.

Lena groaned, she stood back up. "Be my guest Jess."

Jessie smiled sweetly, "great."

"Well this should be interesting," the man sniggered as he stood back up.

"No, this is going to be painful," Jessie muttered. She kneed him in the usual place as hard as she could. "Now you knew Ronnie killed Susy, how?"

The man leaned on the table, "he did tell me."

"Did he tell you I killed somebody in the Trafford, or did he say I killed James' stepmother?" Jessie asked.

"What kind of question is that?" the man asked.

Jessie hit him in the face, he had a nice new bruise on his face afterwards. "All you have to do is answer them, no asking questions of your own."

"It was the second one," the man muttered.

"Ok, so it was planned then?" Jessie said.

"No," the man replied.

"Oh did I tell you, there are right and wrong answers. Whichever ones you get wrong you get..." Jessie hit him again, this time in the nose. "Now give me the right answer."

"She's good," Danny whispered to Ian.

The man felt under his nose, which was now lightly bleeding. "Yes it was planned."

"Why, what did James do to you, or maybe what did Susy do to you?" Jessie asked.

"I never met Susy," the man grumbled.

"Ok then, what did James do to you?" Jessie asked.

"Nothing, he was a promising student," the man replied.

Jessie was about to hit him again but Lena grabbed her wrist. "So why did you get Ronnie to kill her? What was the plan?"

"I really can't remember," the man replied.

"Wrong answer," Jessie muttered, she kicked him in the leg.

"That's getting annoying," the man grumbled.

"Really? I'm just getting warmed up. Some say I'm a lot more dangerous than James is," Jessie said with an evil glint in her eye, not the usual evil kind though. "Now what was the plan?"

"It was a silly plan that went wrong, what's the point?" the man replied.

Lena rolled her eyes, she pushed the guy into the wall. Jessie and her walked over to him. "Come on, the watchers wanted Susy dead. Why?" Lena asked.

"Because James told me he didn't like her, why else," the man sniggered.

Lena grabbed his left arm and twisted it a little, "you do realise we're both very dangerous girls when pissed."

"Well I must say, he's very lucky to have you both," the man said sarcastically.

"Oh, I really want to join in," Yasmin said.

"Watching is fun enough," Danny said.

Daniel walked closer to Lena and Jessie. "Listen Mr whatever your name is. You're in a room with a very strong Chosen, an ex evil witch, a psychopath clone of James, me, a really dirty minded girl, and some big fat guy. If I were you I'd talk."

"I'm not really dirty minded," Danny pouted.

"Hey, I own this club. Don't make me throw you out," Ian muttered.

"Guys, later," Jessie said.

"What's it going to be watcher guy? Tell us the truth or get a really nasty beating?" Lena questioned.

The man sighed, "fine. There were a group of watchers who were curious about the evil side of a Slayer. They wanted to see what happens when one turns evil."

"That's why Susy died, you were experimenting?" Jessie questioned.

The man laughed, "that's why nobody went to Earth to train James. We put forward the proposal to the council, they agreed to it."

"Great, you're coming with us," Lena said.

"Going with you where?" the man asked.

"To San Francisco, you're going to tell everyone in the court room what you just told us," Lena replied.

"And if I refuse?" the man questioned.

"Geez, does watchers have terrible memory naturally?" Jessie muttered.

"You probably gave him a concussion Jess," Lena said. She dragged the man out of the room, everyone followed.

The next morning:
"I do not understand," the judge said.

"It's simple your honour. We made him go back in time, without having the ability to alter anything, and he saw the murder himself," Taiya said. Everyone gasped. "It is my fault this happened."

"So who was it?" the judge asked.

Chakotay glanced over at the audience. "It was none other than one of the watchers." The non Voyager crewmembers gasped. "Taiya please sit down, I'd like to question one of the watchers behind this disgusting murder, Mr Harrison."

Security people guided the man over to the witness box.

"You sent Ronnie, aka Daniel now, to murder Mrs Taylor-Stuart, didn't you?" Chakotay questioned.

Harrison sighed, "yes." Most of the audience collapsed.

"Please explain," Chakotay said.

"The watchers council had decided to allow three watchers, myself, Mr Ronnie Lavine and Mr Ligod Geenewell to monitor James, as he was an experiment," Harrison said.

Everyone looked at Ligod, James glanced at him with a really annoyed glare. He looked rather uncomfortable, "oh crap."

"Experiment in what?" Chakotay questioned.

"The council wanted to see what an Evil Slayer was like and of course how to treat the condition," Harrison replied.

Wesley looked rather shocked, "why wasn't I told about this?"

"Hang on, why was I picked out for this little experiment?" James asked.

"Firstly not all watchers were told, and neither were the Slayers. Secondly, we had the perfect excuse as you were at the other side of the galaxy," Harrison replied. "Also Zare lost her brother a few years ago, that proved a good opportunity to do more research."

Zare looked rather annoyed, "that's why I spent eight years in a nut house!?"

The judge used the hammer, "that is enough, order in the court room now." He rubbed his forehead, "this is a very complicated case but I have reached a verdict on my own. Mr Ronnie did murder the stepmother of Mr Taylor-Stuart, but he does not remember it. However Mr Geenewell and Harrison have technically caused the deaths of a lot of people, they will be arrested."

"Oh great," Ligod groaned.

"Even though Mr Taylor-Stuart did the killings himself, it is obvious he wasn't responsible so won't be punished for the murders of the two Cardassians and others in future experiences," the judge said. "However, he had control of himself when he started fights with crewmembers, disobeyed many orders and of course made fun of the command team."

"Um no he didn't, we were just joking around," Chakotay lied.

The judge ignored him, "he will not go to jail for this, since he is a Slayer we do need him over in Manchester in England and in other areas too. As punishment he will do three months of community service."

"Is that all!? Judge I protest," Palain grumbled.

"I'm sorry, I have reached my verdict. Mr Stuart will be released in a few days as he did escape confinement during the case. Now, the case is closed," the judge said, he used the hammer.

Later that night:
James was now sitting on his own inside the brig. There were two guards playing Settlers Two on the computer nearby.

"No no, that's my territory. Stop using those catapults!" one of the security guys snapped.

"Hey if you can't handle the game, don't even try playing it," the other security guy sniggered.

Craig walked into the room, "hey guys."

"Hey," the two guys said without taking their eyes off the game.

Craig walked over to the forcefield, "congrats on the case."

"Thanks," James said.

"Look I wanted to wait until you left the prison but your sister is dating Daniel," Craig blurted out.

"What? You're kidding," James said.

Craig shook his head, "oh btw, I mean Lena, not Yasmin."

"I know, Lena has a thing for stupidly bright blonde haired guys," James said.

Craig stared at him looking amused, "yeh she does."

"Right, for the last time, she doesn't and never did like me," James rolled his eyes.

"Ok, but it did take you about twenty odd years to figure out that Jessie liked you," Craig said.

James stared blankly at him, "Craig, Lena's my sister you disgusting freak."

Craig looked rather nervous, "ok ok,. by the way can I remind you of the Lena and Daniel age difference?"

"Craig, you're going to have to wait. I've already tried to kill him once this week," James muttered.

"Oh, what time in a few days?" Craig questioned.

"I dunno, I've just got cleared for countless murders so I don't think I should... how's dinner time for you?" James replied.

Craig grinned, "perfect."


****THE END****

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